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# git -C /usr/ports log --diff-filter=A --name-status --pretty="format:%aI %H" origin/master | perl -nlE '/^\d/ ? $d=$_ : print "$d\t$_"' | ack "\t[0-9a-z-]+/[^/ ]+/Makefile$"
timestamp origin comment / pkg-descr
2017-12-31T22:22:54+00:00 textproc/rubygem-liquid-tag-parser Parse liquid tags easily
Liquid Tag parser provides a robust interface to parsing your tag syntax in a
way that makes sense, it uses Shellwords, along with escapes to allow users to
do extremely robust arguments, giving you back a hash, that you get to play
with. It also has the concept of argv1, deep hashes, and even defaults if you
give them to us.

2017-12-31T19:30:35+00:00 net-im/purple-hangouts Hangouts plugin for libpurple
Hangouts Plugin for libpurple is a replacement purple for hangouts in
Pidgin/libpurple to support the proprietary protocol that Google
uses for its Hangouts service. So far it supports all the fun things
that aren't part of the XMPP interface, such as Group Chats,
synchronised history between devices and SMS support via Google

2017-12-31T19:15:49+00:00 chinese/ibus-cangjie IBus engine for users of the Cangjie and Quick
This is an IBus engine for users of the Cangjie and
Quick input methods.

It is primarily intended to Hong Kong people
who want to input Traditional Chinese,
as they are (by far) the majority of Cangjie and Quick users.

2017-12-31T19:14:12+00:00 chinese/libcangjie C library implementing the Cangjie input method
This is a C library implementing the Cangjie input method.
This library is based on Wan Leung Wong's original libcangjie
with some updated API.

2017-12-31T19:12:25+00:00 chinese/pycangjie Python wrapper to libcangjie
This is a Python wrapper to libcangjie,
the library implementing the Cangjie input method.

2017-12-31T18:59:36+00:00 textproc/pdfsandwich Command line tool generating "sandwich" OCR pdf files
pdfsandwich generates "sandwich" OCR pdf files, i.e. pdf files which contain
only images (but no editable text) will be processed by optical character
recognition (OCR) and the text will be added to each page invisibly "behind"
the images.

2017-12-31T17:57:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-googleapis-common-protos-types Common protocol buffer types used by Google APIs
Interface definitions for a small (but growing) set of Google APIs

2017-12-31T16:20:42+00:00 net/rubygem-mqtt Implementation of the MQTT protocol
Pure Ruby gem that implements the MQTT protocol, a lightweight protocol for
publish/subscribe messaging.

2017-12-31T03:46:09+00:00 sysutils/py-distro Linux OS platform information API
distro (for: Linux Distribution) provides information about the Linux
distribution it runs on, such as a reliable machine-readable ID, or version

It is a renewed alternative implementation for Python's original
platform.linux_distribution function, but it also provides much more
functionality which isn't necessarily Python bound like a command-line

2017-12-30T20:23:12+00:00 net-p2p/py-tremc Console client for the BitTorrent client Transmission
Curses interface for transmission.

Python3 fork of the no longer maintained transmission-remote-cli. Some
extra modifications have been included and development will follow the
original project as much as possible.

2017-12-30T19:45:33+00:00 math/flann Library for fast nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional spaces
FLANN is a library for performing fast approximate nearest neighbor searches in
high dimensional spaces. It contains a collection of algorithms we found to
work best for nearest neighbor search and a system for automatically choosing
the best algorithm and optimum parameters depending on the dataset.

FLANN is written in C++ and contains bindings for the following languages: C,
MATLAB and Python.

2017-12-30T08:12:01+00:00 www/py-lesscpy Python LESS compiler
A compiler written in Python for the LESS language. For those of us
not willing or able to have node.js installed in our environment.
Not all features of LESS are supported (yet).

2017-12-29T18:47:11+00:00 misc/p5-asterisk-perl Asterisk perl library
asterisk-perl is a collection of perl modules to be used with the Asterisk PBX,
an open source pbx system developed by Mark Spencer.

2017-12-29T18:46:49+00:00 devel/py-ejson Extensible JSON serializers and deserializers
ejson provides an API to extend the json library to make it easy to register new
serializers and new deserializers.

2017-12-28T13:41:23+00:00 devel/p5-PkgConfig-LibPkgConf Interface to .pc file interface via libpkgconf
Many libraries in compiled languages such as C or C++ provide ".pc" files to
specify the flags required for compiling and linking against those libraries.
Traditionally, the command line program "pkg-config" is used to query these
files. PkgConfig::LibPkgConf provides a Perl level API using "libpkgconf" to
these files.

PkgConfig::LibPkgConf provides a simplified interface for getting the existence,
version, cflags and library flags needed for compiling against a package, using
the default compiled in configuration of "pkgconf". For a more powerful, but
complicated interface see PkgConfig::LibPkgConf::Client. In addition,
PkgConfig::LibPkgConf::Util provides some useful utility functions that are also
provided by "pkgconf".

2017-12-27T20:54:20+00:00 mail/py-alot Terminal MUA using Notmuch mail
Alot is a terminal-based mail user agent based on the Notmuch mail indexer.
It is written in Python using the Urwid toolkit and features a modular and
command prompt driven interface to provide a full MUA experience as an
alternative to the Emacs mode shipped with Notmuch.

2017-12-27T19:51:11+00:00 lang/ruby25 Object-oriented interpreted scripting language
Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and
easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to
process text files and to do system management tasks (as in
Perl). It is simple, straight-forward, and extensible.

Features of Ruby are shown below.

+ Simple Syntax
+ *Normal* Object-Oriented features(ex. class, method calls)
+ *Advanced* Object-Oriented features(ex. Mix-in, Singleton-method)
+ Operator Overloading
+ Exception Handling
+ Iterators and Closures
+ Garbage Collection
+ Dynamic Loading of Object files(on some architecture)
+ Highly Portable(works on many UNIX machines, and on DOS,
Windows, Mac, BeOS etc.)

2017-12-27T17:47:29+00:00 misc/nnn Missing terminal file browser for X
nnn is a fast and resource-sensitive file browser which integrates well with
your DE and favorite GUI utilities, works with the desktop opener, supports
bookmarks, has smart navigation shortcuts, has navigate-as-you-type mode,
disk usage analyzer mode, comprehensive file details and much more.

nnn can:

- open any file in the default desktop application or a custom one
- navigate-as-you-type (search-as-you-type enabled even on directory
- check disk usage with number of files in current directory tree
- run desktop search utility (gnome-search-tool or catfish) in any
- copy absolute file path to clipboard, spawn a terminal and use the file
- navigate instantly using shortcuts like ~, -, & or handy bookmarks
- use cd ..... at chdir prompt to go to a parent directory
- show detailed file stats, media info, list and extract archives
- pin a directory you may need to revisit and jump to it anytime
- lock the current terminal after a specified idle time
- change directory on exit

2017-12-27T13:17:17+00:00 archivers/py-acefile Read/test/extract ACE 1.0 and 2.0 archives in pure python
acefile is an implementation of the ACE archive format. It is intended to be
used as a library, but also provides a stand-alone unace utility. As mostly
pure-python implementation, it is significantly slower than native
implementations, but more robust against vulnerabilities.

This implementation supports up to version 2.0 of the ACE archive format,
including the EXE, DELTA, PIC and SOUND modes of ACE 2.0, password protected
archives and multi-volume archives. It does not support writing to archives.
It is an implementation from scratch, based on the 1998 document titled
"Technical information of the archiver ACE v1.2" by Marcel Lemke, using unace
2.5 and WinAce 2.69 by Marcel Lemke as reference implementations.

2017-12-27T07:47:30+00:00 math/sundials SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic Equation Solvers
SUNDIALS is a SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers.
It consists of the following six solvers: CVODE, solves initial value problems
for ordinary differential equation (ODE) systems; CVODES, solves ODE systems and
includes sensitivity analysis capabilities (forward and adjoint); ARKODE, solves
initial value ODE problems with additive Runge-Kutta methods, include support
for IMEX methods; IDA, solves initial value problems for differential-algebraic
equation (DAE) systems; IDAS, solves DAE systems and includes sensitivity
analysis capabilities (forward and adjoint); KINSOL, solves nonlinear algebraic

2017-12-26T23:19:57+00:00 textproc/p5-RDF-Query Complete SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for RDF::Trine
RDF::Query allows SPARQL and RDQL queries to be run against an RDF model,
returning rows of matching results.

2017-12-26T20:52:14+00:00 sysutils/snooze Run a command at a particular time
Snooze waits until a particular time and then runs a command.
Together with a service supervision system such as runsv(8) (from
sysutils/runit), this can be used to replace cron(8).

Benefits over cron(8):

- mnemonic syntax
- no overlapping job runs possible
- filtering by ISO week and day of year
- no centralized daemon required (no fuzzing with multiple
- can easily disable jobs or force their execution
- have custom logs
- very robust with respect to external time changes
- can use a file timestamp to ensure minimum waiting time between two
runs, even across reboots
- randomized delays
- variable slack
- ad-hoc usage possible, just run the program from command line

2017-12-26T18:33:18+00:00 www/py-flup6 Random assortment of WSGI servers
This Python package is a random collection of WSGI modules

It is a fork of Allan Saddi's flup package, and is intended to
support both python2 and python3 from a single code base.

2017-12-26T18:26:08+00:00 security/titan Command line password manager and file encryption program
titan is designed based on the belief that password management belongs
to the command line, deep into the Unix heartland, the shell.

Titan is more than "just a password manager". It also supports encrypting
individual files, so Titan can be used as a file encryption program as well
as a password manager.

2017-12-26T17:43:40+00:00 math/adept Combined array and automatic differentiation library in C++
Adept (Automatic Differentiation using Expression Templates) is a free C++
software library that enables algorithms to be automatically differentiated,
very useful for a wide range of applications that involve mathematical
optimization. It uses an operator overloading approach, so very little code
modification is required. Moreover, the way that expression templates have
been used and several other important optimizations mean that reverse-mode
differentiation is significantly faster than other C++ libraries that provide
equivalent functionality.

2017-12-26T14:09:13+00:00 textproc/diff-so-fancy Fancier diff output formatter
diff-so-fancy strives to make your diff's human readable instead of machine
readable. This helps improve code quality and help you spot defects faster.

2017-12-26T10:50:37+00:00 devel/py-Faker Python package that generates fake data for you
*Faker* is a Python package that generates fake data for you. Whether
you need to bootstrap your database, create good-looking XML
documents, fill-in your persistence to stress test it, or anonymize
data taken from a production service, Faker is for you.

Faker is heavily inspired by PHP's [Faker][php-faker], Perl's
[Data::Faker][perl-faker], and by ruby's [Faker][ruby-faker].

2017-12-26T04:40:27+00:00 x11-fonts/meslo Customized version of the Apple Menlo font
Meslo LG is a customized version of Apple's Menlo-Regular font
(which is a customized Bitstream Vera Sans Mono).

2017-12-25T21:31:55+00:00 math/zimpl Language to translate the LP models into .lp or .mps
Zimpl is a little language to translate the mathematical model of a problem
into a linear or nonlinear (mixed-) integer mathematical program expressed
in .lp or .mps file format which can be read and (hopefully) solved by a LP
or MIP solver.

2017-12-25T19:03:30+00:00 math/SCIP Solver for mixed integer, mixed integer nonlinear programming
SCIP is currently one of the fastest non-commercial solvers for mixed integer
programming (MIP) and mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP). It is also
a framework for constraint integer programming and branch-cut-and-price. It
allows for total control of the solution process and the access of detailed
information down to the guts of the solver.

* very fast standalone solver for linear programming (LP), mixed integer
programming (MIP), and mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP)
* framework for branching, cutting plane separation, pricing, and propagation
* large C-API, C++ wrapper classes for user plugins
* interfaces to other applications and programming languages
* open LP solver support
* highly flexible through many possible user plugins

2017-12-25T18:47:47+00:00 math/SoPlex Optimization package for solving linear programming problems (LPs)
SoPlex is an optimization package for solving linear programming problems (LPs)
based on an advanced implementation of the primal and dual revised simplex
algorithm. It provides special support for the exact solution of LPs with
rational input data. It can be used as a standalone solver reading MPS or LP
format files via a command line interface as well as embedded into other
programs via a C++ class library. The main features of SoPlex are:

* presolving, scaling, exploitation of sparsity, hot-starting from any regular
* column- and row-oriented form of the simplex algorithm
* an object-oriented software design written in C++
* a compile-time option to use 80bit extended ("quad") precision for numerically
difficult LPs
* an LP iterative refinement procedure to compute high-precision solution
* routines for an exact rational LU factorization and continued fraction
approximations in order to compute exact solutions.

2017-12-25T17:05:22+00:00 devel/py-vine Promise library for Python
Promise library for Python.

This library is used internally by the AMQP framework provided by the
Celery project.

2017-12-25T13:53:21+00:00 devel/py-deprecation Library to handle automated deprecations
The deprecation library provides a deprecated decorator and a
fail_if_not_removed decorator for your tests. Together, the two enable the
automation of several things:
- The docstring of a deprecated method gets the deprecation details appended to
the end of it. If you generate your API docs direct from your source, you
don't need to worry about writing your own notification. You also don't need
to worry about forgetting to write it. It's done for you.
- Rather than having code live on forever because you only deprecated it but
never actually moved on from it, you can have your tests tell you when it's
time to remove the code. The @deprecated decorator can be told when it's time
to entirely remove the code, which causes @fail_if_not_removed to raise an
AssertionError, causing either your unittest or py.test tests to fail.

2017-12-24T20:27:59+00:00 sysutils/glogg GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files
glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or
complex log files. It is designed with programmers and system administrators in
mind. glogg can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of grep and

2017-12-24T13:11:41+00:00 security/snuffleupagus Security module for PHP 7+
Snuffleupagus is a PHP7+ module designed to drastically raise the cost
of attacks against websites. This is achieved by killing entire bug
classes and providing a powerful virtual-patching system, allowing the
administrator to fix specific vulnerabilities without having to touch
the PHP code.

2017-12-23T10:14:10+00:00 net-p2p/xmrig High performance Monero (XMR) CPU miner
XMRig is a high performance Monero (XMR) CPU miner written in C++.

2017-12-23T04:54:42+00:00 www/py-cheroot Highly-optimized, pure-python HTTP server
Cheroot is a highly-optimized, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy.

2017-12-23T04:44:29+00:00 deskutils/showdown Simple markdown viewer, written in Vala and GTK 3
Showdown is a simple Markdown viewer written in Vala and GTK 3, featuring:

- GitHub inspired default stylesheet.
- Table of contents navigation.
- Integrated search bar
- User styles (~/.config/showdown/stylesheet.css)
- User scripts (~/.config/showdown/script.js)

2017-12-23T02:51:49+00:00 net/py-libstorj Python bindings for libstorj
Python bindings for libstorj

2017-12-23T02:16:57+00:00 net/libstorj C library and CLI for encrypted file transfer on the Storj network
C library for encrypted file transfer on the Storj network

2017-12-22T15:33:50+00:00 security/obfs4proxy-tor Pluggable transport proxy for Tor (obfs4, The Obfuscator)
obfs4 (a.k.a. The Obfuscator) is a transport with the same features as
ScrambleSuit but utilizing Dan Bernstein's elligator2 technique for public
key obfuscation, and the ntor protocol for one-way authentication.

2017-12-22T13:51:41+00:00 devel/py-apns2 Python client for Apple Push Notification service
Python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification
service (APNs) via HTTP/2 protocol.

2017-12-22T13:45:31+00:00 devel/py-pyfcm Python client for Firebase Cloud Messaging
Python client for FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging (Android & iOS)

2017-12-22T02:49:17+00:00 audio/pc-mixer QT5 based audio mixer for FreeBSD
TrueOS QT5 based audio mixer

2017-12-22T02:16:50+00:00 deskutils/lumina-pdf PDF viewer from the Lumina Desktop
PDF viewing and presentation utility from the Lumina Desktop.

2017-12-22T01:30:26+00:00 biology/canu Single molecule sequence assembler
Canu is a fork of the Celera Assembler, designed for high-noise single-molecule
sequencing (such as the PacBio RS II/Sequel or Oxford Nanopore MinION).

Canu is a hierarchical assembly pipeline which runs in four steps:

Detect overlaps in high-noise sequences using MHAP

Generate corrected sequence consensus

Trim corrected sequences

Assemble trimmed corrected sequences

2017-12-21T18:12:11+00:00 sysutils/twmn Notification system for tiling window managers
twmn is a notification system for tiling window managers. It consists of the
two programs:

twmnc: command line tool to send notifications to twmnd. You can also use
notify-send for a similar purpose, but twmnc is more powerful. See
twmnc --help for more information.

twmnd: daemon listening to notification requests and showing them one after
another. Configure it at ~/.config/twmn/twmn.conf. The file is generated the
first time twmnd is launched.

Notifications are shown in a one-line bar called the notification slide.
They can be navigated through and activated with shortcuts.

2017-12-21T17:40:35+00:00 textproc/py-elasticsearch Official Python low-level client for Elasticsearch
Official low-level client for Elasticsearch. Its goal is to provide common
ground for all Elasticsearch-related code in Python; because of this it tries to
be opinion-free and very extendable.

For a more high level client library with more limited scope, have a look at
elasticsearch-dsl - a more pythonic library sitting on top of elasticsearch-py.

It provides a more convenient and idiomatic way to write and manipulate queries.
It stays close to the Elasticsearch JSON DSL, mirroring its terminology and
structure while exposing the whole range of the DSL from Python either directly
using defined classes or a queryset-like expressions.

It also provides an optional persistence layer for working with documents as
Python objects in an ORM-like fashion: defining mappings, retrieving and saving
documents, wrapping the document data in user-defined classes.

2017-12-20T21:07:40+00:00 audio/faust Functional programming language for realtime audio signal processing
FAUST (Functional Audio Stream) is a functional programming language
specifically designed for real-time signal processing and synthesis.
FAUST targets high-performance signal processing applications and audio
plug-ins for a variety of platforms and standards.

2017-12-20T20:36:19+00:00 math/libmesh Numerical simulation of partial differential equations
The libMesh library provides a framework for the numerical simulation of partial
differential equations using arbitrary unstructured discretizations on serial
and parallel platforms. A major goal of the library is to provide support for
adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) computations in parallel while allowing a
research scientist to focus on the physics they are modeling.

libMesh is based on this publication:
A C++ Library for Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement/Coarsening Simulations,"
Engineering with Computers, vol. 22, no. 3-4, pp. 237-254, 2006,

2017-12-20T20:35:49+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-a64-olinuxino
U-Boot loader and related files for the A64-Olinuxino.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-a64-olinuxino/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=128k seek=1 conv=sync

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-12-19T21:42:36+00:00 dns/powerdns-recursor40 Advanced DNS recursor
PowerDNS recursor is a high performance, simple and secure recursing
nameserver. It currently powers over two million internet connections.

2017-12-19T19:49:17+00:00 science/py-pymol OpenGL-based molecular visualization system
PyMOL is a Python-enhanced molecular graphics tool. It excels at
3D visualization of proteins, small molecules, density, surfaces,
and trajectories. It also includes molecular editing, ray tracing,
and movies. Open Source PyMOL is free to everyone!

This version represents the community-supported open source distribution
of the closed source commercial product PyMOL.

2017-12-19T16:04:34+00:00 science/MOOSE-neural-simulator Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment
MOOSE is designed to simulate neural systems ranging from biochemical signaling
to complex models of single neurons, circuits, and large networks. A typical
use case is to model neural activity-driven synaptic plasticity, in which
network activity to synapses triggers biochemical reaction-diffusion events,
which in turn modulate ion channels to give rise to synaptic plasticity.
MOOSE can operate at many levels of detail, from stochastic chemical
computations, to multicompartment single-neuron models, to spiking neuron
network models.

2017-12-19T15:53:19+00:00 sysutils/usbtop Utility that shows an estimated instantaneous USB bandwidth
usbtop is a top-like utility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth
on USB buses and devices.

It uses pcap(3) to capture USB traffic data, which in turn relies on /dev/bpf*.

2017-12-19T00:03:01+00:00 science/PETSc Suite of data structures and routines from Argonne National Laboratory
A suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of
scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations. It supports
MPI, and GPUs through CUDA or OpenCL, as well as hybrid MPI-GPU parallelism.
PETSc (sometimes called PETSc/Tao) also contains the Tao optimization software

2017-12-18T23:35:45+00:00 net-im/telegram-desktop Telegram Desktop messaging app
Telegram Desktop is a messaging app. It is the fast and functional open source
desktop app connected to the closed source Telegram server.

* accounts tied to telephone numbers
* cloud-based messaging
* bots for third party developers
* channels
* secret chats featuring with client-to-client encryption
* stickers
* voice calls

2017-12-18T22:43:44+00:00 misc/libpostal Library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world
C library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world, powered
by statistical NLP and open geo data. This library helps convert the
free-form addresses that humans use into clean normalized forms suitable for
machine comparison and full-text indexing.

2017-12-18T22:39:38+00:00 x11/hhpc Small X11 utility to hide the mouse pointer when unused
hhpc is an utility that hides the mouse pointer in X11. It functions by
grabbing your mouse pointer at startup and replacing its bitmap with an
empty one (thus hiding it). Then, it waits for the X server to notify it
when a user tries to move or click the pointer. At this point, hhpc
relinquishes control, replays the action the user just tried to execute and
waits for the specified number of seconds (flag -i) before trying to grab
the pointer and hide it again.

Should hhpc not work out for you, unclutter is a good alternative. hhpc was
created because unclutter doesn't seem to interoperate properly with
hardware accelerated surfaces like those of video players using VAAPI.

2017-12-18T21:43:15+00:00 graphics/libQGLViewer C++ library based on Qt5 that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers
libQGLViewer is a C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL
3D viewers.

It provides some of the typical 3D viewer functionalities, such as the
possibility to move the camera using the mouse, which lacks in most of the
other APIs. Other features include mouse manipulated frames, interpolated
keyFrames, object selection, stereo display, screenshot saving and much more.
It can be used by OpenGL beginners as well as to create complex applications,
being fully customizable and easy to extend.

2017-12-18T19:20:08+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-tools U-boot related tools
U-Boot tools for creating and analyzing u-boot images.

U-Boot images are used to embed kernels into a know format for u-boot.
It can also be FIT (Flattened Image Tree) images when the source describing
the image is written like a DTS (Device Tree Source).

2017-12-18T19:12:34+00:00 ftp/php72-fastdfs PHP 7.2 module for accessing a FastDFS cluster
2017-12-18T12:31:46+00:00 science/R-cran-fastICA FastICA Algorithms to Perform ICA and Projection Pursuit
Implementation of FastICA algorithm to perform Independent Component Analysis
(ICA) and Projection Pursuit.

2017-12-17T21:42:29+00:00 security/rubygem-openssl20 Ruby gem that wraps around the OpenSSL library
OpenSSL provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography. This gem wraps the
OpenSSL library.

2017-12-17T15:53:53+00:00 net/rubygem-asset_sync Synchronizes Assets between Rails and S3
Asset Sync is built to run with the new Rails Asset Pipeline feature introduced
in Rails 3.1. After you run bundle exec rake assets:precompile your assets will
be synchronised to your S3 bucket, optionally deleting unused files and only
uploading the files it needs to.

This was initially built and is intended to work on Heroku but can work on any

2017-12-17T15:53:48+00:00 databases/rubygem-arel8 Relational Algebra for Ruby
A toolkit for building modeling frameworks like Active Record and
Active Resource. Rich support for attributes, callbacks,
validations, observers, serialization, internationalization,
and testing.

2017-12-17T11:25:13+00:00 databases/postgis24 Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL databases
PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL
object-relational database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables"
the PostgreSQL server, allowing it to be used as a backend spatial
database for geographic information systems (GIS), much like ESRI's
SDE or Oracle's Spatial extension. PostGIS follows the OpenGIS
"Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been certified as
compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.

PostGIS development was started by Refractions Research as a project
in open source spatial database technology. PostGIS is released
under the GNU General Public License. PostGIS continues to be
developed by a group of contributors led by a Project Steering
Committee and new features continue to be added.

2017-12-17T06:36:15+00:00 net/samba47 Free SMB/CIFS and AD/DC server and client for Unix
Samba4 is an attempt to implement an Active Directory compatible Domain

In short, you can join a WinNT, Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 member server
to a Samba4 domain, and it will behave much as it does in AD, including
Kerberos domain logins where applicable.

2017-12-16T20:54:23+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper-active_support_cache_store ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper
ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper

2017-12-15T01:04:48+00:00 audio/GxSwitchlessWah-lv2 Analog wah emulation with switchless activation
Analog wah emulator allowing to alter sound in a way to create a distinctive
sound, mimicking the human voice saying the onomatopoeic name "wah-wah".

See the corresponding article on Wikipedia:

2017-12-14T20:42:56+00:00 www/rubygem-jekyll-watch1 Handles rebuilding of Jekyll sites when a file changes
Handles rebuilding of Jekyll sites when a file changes

2017-12-14T20:16:06+00:00 devel/py-PyODE Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine
PyODE is a set of open-source Python bindings for The Open Dynamics
Engine, an open-source physics engine. PyODE also includes an XODE
parser. Like ODE, PyODE may be distributed under the terms of either
the GNU Lesser General Public License or a BSD-style license.

2017-12-14T18:41:43+00:00 devel/youcompleteme Code-completion engine for Vim
YouCompleteMe is a fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion
engine for Vim. It has several completion engines:

* an identifier-based engine that works with every programming language,
* a Clang-based engine that provides native semantic code completion for
C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ (from now on referred to as "the C-family
* a Jedi-based completion engine for Python 2 and 3 (using the JediHTTP wrapper)
* an OmniSharp-based completion engine for C#
* a combination of Gocode and Godef semantic engines for Go
* a TSServer-based completion engine for TypeScript
* a Tern-based completion engine for JavaScript
* a racer-based completion engine for Rust
* an omnifunc-based completer that uses data from Vim's omnicomplete system
to provide semantic completions for many other languages (Ruby, PHP etc.)

2017-12-14T18:37:29+00:00 devel/omnisharp-server HTTP wrapper around NRefactory for C\# editor plugins
HTTP wrapper around [NRefactory] allowing C# editor plugins
to be written for any editor in any language.

This is the server component for the Vim OmniSharp plugin,
YouCompleteMe, Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text 3, Emacs
OmniSharp plugin and Atom plugin

2017-12-14T17:08:01+00:00 dns/dynip Dynamic IP Address Updater
dynip is a daemon that monitors your host system ISP assigned dynamic IP
address. If it changes, dynip automatically updates the dynamic DNS IP
address at your dynamic DNS hosting provider then posts an informational
message to the host system log followed by sending an informational email
to user root.

The dynip daemon and the daily script are very simple Bourne Shell type
scripts containing self documenting embedded comments. They use the
"fetch" command to issue the standard browser style URL format used by
most dynamic DNS hosting providers for the purpose of actual updating
the registered IP address with the new IP address. There are some small
variations in the URL format depending on the dynamic DNS hosting
provider being used.

Mandatory requirements. The host that is running dynip "MUST" be cabled
directly to the ISP modem and be using the public routable dynamic IP
address assigned by the ISP.

Includes templates for these dynamic DNS hosting providers
and is simple to configure for other providers that use a variation
of the URL format.

2017-12-13T20:49:04+00:00 devel/rubygem-rainbow2 Extends ruby String class enabling coloring text on ANSI terminals
Rainbow extends ruby String class adding methods to wrap the string
with ANSI escape codes.

Rainbow adds following methods to String class:

* foreground(color) (with color and colour aliases)
* background(color)
* reset
* bright
* italic (not well supported by terminal emulators).
* underline
* blink
* inverse
* hide.

2017-12-13T20:32:39+00:00 security/snort3 Lightweight network intrusion detection system
Snort 3 is the next major release of the Snort utility:

Here are some key features of Snort 3:

Support multiple packet processing threads
Use a shared configuration and attribute table
Use a simple, scriptable configuration
Make key components pluggable
Autodetect services for portless configuration
Support sticky buffers in rules
Autogenerate reference documentation
Provide better cross platform support
Facilitate component testing

Additional features on the roadmap include:

Use a shared network map
Support pipelining of packet processing
Support hardware offload and data plane integration
Support proxy mode
Windows support

2017-12-13T18:42:44+00:00 x11/lilyterm Lightweight, but functional terminal emulator
A lightweight, but functional terminal emulator.

2017-12-13T17:44:38+00:00 www/Stikked PHP-based Pastebin, with a simple and easy to use user interface
Stikked is an Open-Source PHP Pastebin, with the aim of keeping a simple and
easy to use user interface. Stikked allows you to easily share code with anyone
you wish. Based on the original Stikked with lots of bugfixes and improvements.


* Webservers: Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Cherokee
* Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
* PHP version 5.6 or newer
* PHP-GD for the creation of QR-codes

Here are some features:

* Easy setup
* Syntax highlighting for many languages
* Paste replies
* Diff view between the original paste and the reply
* An API
* Search pastes
* Encrypted pastes
* Burn on reading
* Anti-Spam features

2017-12-13T16:00:37+00:00 multimedia/kodi-devel Award winning media center application
Kodi is a free and open source cross-platform media-player and
entertainment hub. It allows users to play and view most videos,
music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network
storage media and the internet.

This is a development snapshot of the upcoming Kodi v19 with
Python 3 support.

2017-12-13T07:23:10+00:00 math/gnuplot-lite Command-line driven graphing utility (lite package)
Gnuplot is a portable multi-platform command-line driven graphing utility. It
was originally created to allow scientists and students to visualize
mathematical functions and data interactively, but has grown to support many
non-interactive uses such as web scripting. It is also used as a plotting engine
by third-party applications like Octave. Gnuplot has been supported and under
active development since 1986.

Gnuplot supports many types of plots in either 2D or 3D. It can draw using
lines, points, boxes, contours, vector fields, surfaces, and various associated
text. It also supports various specialized plot types. Gnuplot supports many
different types of output: interactive screen terminals (with mouse and hotkey
input), direct output to pen plotters or modern printers, and output to many
file formats (eps, emf, fig, jpeg, LaTeX, pdf, png, postscript, ...). Gnuplot is
easily extensible to include new output modes. Recent additions include
interactive terminals based on wxWidgets (usable on multiple platforms), and Qt.
Mouseable plots embedded in web pages can be generated using the svg or HTML5
canvas terminal drivers.

This is the lite version of the package, which doesn't support rendering
directly on graphical terminals and other graphical feaures.

2017-12-13T07:09:09+00:00 www/mediawiki130 Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2017-12-12T21:46:39+00:00 devel/racerd Rust semantic analysis server powered by Racer
JSON/HTTP Server based on racer for adding Rust support
to editors and IDEs

* Find definition & list completions support via racer
* Searches rust standard library and dependency crates
* HMAC authentication
* Usable as both library and executable
* Library API offers direct calls to avoid HTTP overhead

2017-12-12T20:20:34+00:00 devel/go-godef Print where symbols are defined in Go source code
Godef - find symbol information in Go source

Godef, given an expression or a location in a source file, prints
the location of the definition of the symbol referred to.

Known limitations:

- it does not understand about "." imports
- it does not deal well with definitions in tests.

2017-12-12T19:13:30+00:00 devel/py-bullet3 Python version of 3D collision detection library Bullet
The Python version of Bullet, a professional open source multi-threaded
3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library. It is free for
commercial use under the ZLib license.

2017-12-12T18:06:35+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-pc2
U-Boot loader and related files for the OrangePi PC2

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-orangepi-pc2/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=128k seek=1 conv=sync

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-12-12T13:32:48+00:00 www/rubygem-http2 Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
The HTTP Gem is an easy-to-use client library for making requests from Ruby. It
uses a simple method chaining system for building requests, similar to Python's

Under the hood, The HTTP Gem uses http_parser.rb, a fast HTTP parsing native
extension based on the Node.js parser and a Java port thereof.

2017-12-12T13:32:09+00:00 www/rubygem-http-form_data1 Build form data request bodies
HTTP::FormData is utility-belt to build form data request bodies. It provides
support for 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' and 'multipart/form-data' types.

2017-12-12T06:33:58+00:00 devel/py-IBMQuantumExperience Python library for the Quantum Experience API
The official API Client to use IBM Quantum Experience in Python.

It allows to explore the world of quantum computing, check out user guides
and interactive demos to learn more about quantum principles.

2017-12-11T20:08:13+00:00 textproc/py-parso Python Parser
Parso is a Python parser that supports error recovery and round-trip
parsing for different Python versions (in multiple Python versions).
Parso is also able to list multiple syntax errors in your python file.

Parso has been battle-tested by jedi. It was pulled out of jedi to be
useful for other projects as well.

Parso consists of a small API to parse Python and analyse the syntax tree.

2017-12-11T16:08:56+00:00 databases/py-sqlparse020 Non-validating SQL parser for Python (version 0.2.0)
sqlparse is a non-validating SQL parser module.
It provides support for parsing, splitting and formatting SQL statements.

This is version 0.2.0 which is needed by calendarserver.

2017-12-10T19:55:16+00:00 multimedia/libuvc Cross-platform library for USB video devices
libuvc is a cross-platform library for USB video devices, built atop libusb.
It enables fine-grained control over USB video devices exporting the standard
USB Video Class (UVC) interface, enabling developers to write drivers for
previously unsupported devices, or just access UVC devices in a generic fashion.

2017-12-10T17:38:46+00:00 graphics/drawpile Collaborative drawing program
Drawpile is a Free/Libre networked drawing program that allows multiple people
to sketch on the same image simultaneously. It supports the OpenRaster image
file format and thus works well with applications such as MyPaint, Krita and

2017-12-10T16:00:12+00:00 security/base-audit Daily periodic check of vulnerabilities in base system
Audit base system against known vulnerabilities and generate reports
including references to security advisories.
It uses pkg audit and Vuxml database as is used for packages but this script
checks base system.
2017-12-10T13:39:34+00:00 www/py-django20 High-level Python Web Framework
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.

Developed and used over the past two years by a fast-moving online-news
operation, Django was designed from scratch to handle two challenges: the
intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of experienced
Web developers. It has convenient niceties for developing content-management
systems, but it's an excellent tool for building any Web site.

2017-12-10T13:22:00+00:00 devel/rubygem-micromachine2 Minimal Finite State Machine
There are many finite state machine implementations for Ruby, and they all
provide a nice DSL for declaring events, exceptions, callbacks, and all kinds
of niceties in general.

But if all you want is a finite state machine, look no further: this has less
than 50 lines of code and provides everything a finite state machine must have,
and nothing more.

2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/unit-php72
2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/unit-php71
2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/unit-php70
2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/unit-php56 PHP module for NGINX Unit
2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/unit-go Go module for NGINX Unit
2017-12-09T19:46:42+00:00 www/py-unit Python module for NGINX Unit
2017-12-09T16:08:45+00:00 www/py-flask-migrate Database schema migrations for Flask applications
Flask-Migrate is an extension that handles SQLAlchemy database migrations for
Flask applications using Alembic. The database operations are provided as
command line arguments for Flask-Script.

2017-12-09T13:23:32+00:00 biology/p5-TrimGalore Wrapper around Cutadapt and FastQC for adapter and quality trimming
Wrapper around Cutadapt and FastQC to consistently apply adapter and quality
trimming to FastQ files, with extra functionality for RRBS data.

2017-12-09T11:55:44+00:00 security/u2f-devd Devd hotplug rules for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) tokens
Automatic device permission handling for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) USB
authentication tokens.
2017-12-08T19:36:14+00:00 www/p5-AnyEvent-WebSocket-Client WebSocket client for AnyEvent
This class provides an interface to interact with a web server that
provides services via the WebSocket protocol in an AnyEvent context.
It uses Protocol::WebSocket rather than reinventing the wheel. You could
use AnyEvent and Protocol::WebSocket directly if you wanted finer grain
control, but if that is not necessary then this class may save you some

2017-12-08T19:02:43+00:00 net-mgmt/metronome Client-side java script to render graphs w/o depending on graphite
Mini-graphite that uses client-side java script to render graphs w/o
depending on graphite.

metronome implements the carbon protocol, so anything that can feed
Graphite can feed metronome. We also accept submissions via POST.

2017-12-08T17:41:56+00:00 sysutils/nq Unix command line queue utility
These small utilities allow creating very lightweight job queue
systems which require no setup, maintenance, supervision, or any
long-running processes.

The intended purpose is ad-hoc queuing of command lines (e.g. for
building several targets of a Makefile, downloading multiple files one
at a time, running benchmarks in several configurations, or simply as
a glorified nohup), but as any good Unix tool, it can be abused for
whatever you like.

2017-12-08T07:00:12+00:00 audio/fluidplug-lv2 SoundFonts as LV2 plugins via FluidSynth
Several soundfonts represented as LV2 plugins via FluidSynth
soft-midi conversion.

2017-12-08T06:37:54+00:00 misc/py-palettable Library of color palettes for Python
Palettable (formerly brewer2mpl) is a library of color palettes for Python.
It's written in pure Python with no dependencies, but it can supply color maps
for matplotlib. You can use Palettable to customize matplotlib plots or supply
colors for a web application.

2017-12-07T18:23:15+00:00 audio/padthv1-lv2 Old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer
An old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer with stereo fx.

Based on the PADsynth algorithm, by Paul Nasca, as a special
variant of additive synthesis.

* pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session, NSM and both JACK MIDI
and ALSA MIDI input support
* LV2 instrument plugin.

2017-12-07T18:20:46+00:00 audio/screcord-lv2 LV2 capture plugin
A simple LV2 capture plugin that is able to capture mono and a stereo streams,
saving them to files of any audio format supported by libsndfile.

2017-12-07T17:17:44+00:00 games/minilens Puzzle platformer for gravity-oblivious aliens
A thousand years into post-apocalyptic Earth, many forms of life
have gone extinct, including humans. An alien robot series, called
Minilens, is cleaning up the Earth and collecting the surviving
flora for research purposes.

The robots' duty is to destroy all radioactive barrels and to collect
all flora.

Aliens forgot that Earth has gravity, therefore Minilens can't jump.

2017-12-07T15:59:09+00:00 databases/php72-memcache Memcached extension for PHP 7.2
Memcached is a caching daemon designed especially for dynamic web applications
to decrease database load by storing objects in memory. This extension allows
you to work with memcached through handy OO and procedural interfaces.

Note that this port uses unofficial development from (NON_BLOCKING_IO_php7 branch).

2017-12-06T20:42:13+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng313 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2017-12-06T15:55:46+00:00 devel/aphpbreakdown Code-Analyzer for PHP for Compatibility Check-UP
This software analyzes all files of your project and collect all
PHP classes, functions and constants found in your project. For the
collection of classes, functions and constants it determined all
modules of PHP needed to be installed on the webserver for your

To display the result of the analysis you can choose different ways.
One way is to display an output on your command line. But what do
you do if you don't have a command line access on the server you
want to test? Then you use the testfile generator of aPHPbreakdown!
It generates a testfile you can upload to the webserver, or sent
it to you customer to upload it, and run it very simple in the

2017-12-06T12:49:51+00:00 www/nextcloud-tasks Tasks app for Nextcloud
Tasks app for Nextcloud adds a Tasks menu to your Nextcloud.
Add the task lists as remote calendar.

2017-12-06T04:18:14+00:00 security/krb5-116 MIT implementation of RFC 4120 network authentication service
Kerberos V5 is an authentication system developed at MIT.

Abridged from the User Guide:
Under Kerberos, a client sends a request for a ticket to the
Key Distribution Center (KDC). The KDC creates a ticket-granting
ticket (TGT) for the client, encrypts it using the client's
password as the key, and sends the encrypted TGT back to the
client. The client then attempts to decrypt the TGT, using
its password. If the client successfully decrypts the TGT, it
keeps the decrypted TGT, which indicates proof of the client's
identity. The TGT permits the client to obtain additional tickets,
which give permission for specific services.
Since Kerberos negotiates authenticated, and optionally encrypted,
communications between two points anywhere on the internet, it
provides a layer of security that is not dependent on which side of a
firewall either client is on.
The Kerberos V5 package is designed to be easy to use. Most of the
commands are nearly identical to UNIX network programs you are already
used to. Kerberos V5 is a single-sign-on system, which means that you
have to type your password only once per session, and Kerberos does
the authenticating and encrypting transparently.

Jacques Vidrine <>
2017-12-05T21:05:12+00:00 www/nextcloud-notes Notes app for Nextcloud
The Notes app is a distraction free notes taking app. It supports
formatting using Markdown syntax. Notes are saved as files in your
Nextcloud, so you can view and edit them with every Nextcloud client.
Furthermore, a separate RESTful API allows for an easy integration into
third-party apps (currently, there are notes apps for Android and iOS which
allow convenient access to your Nextcloud notes). Further features include
marking notes as favorites and future versions will provide categories for
better organization.

2017-12-05T19:15:49+00:00 science/mcxtrace Monte Carlo X-ray tracing package
McXtrace - Monte Carlo ray tracing simulations of X-ray experiments.

McXtrace is a tool for simulating X-ray instrumentation and experiments using a
ray-tracing formalism. Currently the main use of McXtrace is in the field of
synchrotron beamline instrumentation design, but various other uses have been
found, such as designing X-ray telescopes or for laboratory source-based

2017-12-05T19:12:08+00:00 security/libhijack Runtime process infection made easy
Libhijack is a tool that enables easy injection of arbitrary code during
runtime. Injection is done into newly-created anonymous memory mappings,
providing stealth. An API is provided for hooking the PLT/GOT, hence the
"hijack" part of libhijack.

2017-12-05T18:53:42+00:00 multimedia/chilitags Robust fiducial markers for augmented reality and robotics
Chilitags are a C++ cross-platform software library for the detection and
identification of 2D fiducial markers (a.k.a. tags). Their purpose is to be
printed and placed on objects from the real world, to form the basis of
Robotics or Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Using a camera, the position
of the tagged objects can be acquired by a computer.

Chilitags were developed by Pixar internally for projects of the CHILI lab
(Computer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction, formerly CRAFT),
such as Metroscope or TapaCarp. There are already many alternatives
(e.g. ARToolKit, or reacTIVision, among many others), but we decided to
release Chilitags anyway, as there seemed to be a demand for it.

2017-12-05T15:00:03+00:00 devel/py-backports Shared namespace shim for py-backports.* ports
shared namespace shim for py-backports.* ports

py-backports provides a common backports/,
which is shared among all py-backports.* ports.
2017-12-03T23:12:34+00:00 math/nfft Nonequispaced fast Fourier transform
NFFT is a software library, written in C, for computing non-equispaced fast
Fourier transforms and related variations. It implements the following

1. Non-equispaced fast Fourier transform (NFFT)
- forward transform (NFFT), i.e. frequency to time/space domain
- adjoint transform (adjoint NFFT), i.e. time/space to frequency domain

2. Generalisations
- to arbitrary nodes in time and frequency domain (NNFFT)
- to real-valued data, i.e. (co)sine transforms, (NFCT, NFST)
- to the sphere S^2 (NFSFT)
- to the rotation group (NFSOFT)
- to the hyperbolic cross (NSFFT)
3. Generalised inverse transformations based on iterative methods, e.g.

2017-12-03T21:26:18+00:00 science/aircraft-datcom Modified USAF Aircraft Stability and Control Data Compendium
This computer program calculates static stability, high lift and control, and
dynamic derivative characteristics using the methods contained in the USAF
Stability and Control Datcom (Data Compendium). Configuration geometry,
attitude, and Mach range capabilities are consistent with those accommodated by
the Datcom. The program contains a trim option that computes control
deflections and aerodynamic increments for vehicle trim at subsonic Mach


This project is a modified version of the publically released USAF aircraft
datcom. The goal of the project is to update the code and make it more usable
by the end user.

2017-12-03T20:33:50+00:00 net/rubygem-fog-aws1 Module for the 'fog' gem to support Amazon Web Services
Fog::Aws is a module for the 'fog' gem to support Amazon Web Services.

2017-12-03T20:33:44+00:00 devel/rubygem-batch-loader Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries
BatchLoader provides a generic lazy batching mechanism to avoid N+1 DB queries,
HTTP queries, etc.

2017-12-03T19:29:13+00:00 science/ALPSCore Generic algorithms and utilities for condensed matter physics
The open source ALPSCore project, which is based on ALPS (Algorithms and
Libraries for Physics Simulations) project, provides a collection of physics
libraries and applications, with a focus on simulations of lattice models and
strongly correlated systems. This project strives to provide a convenient set of
maintained, well-documented, and reusable components for developing condensed
matter physics simulation code, to help application developers make commonly
used and proven computational algorithms available to a non-expert community.

2017-12-03T19:20:35+00:00 cad/sumo Traffic simulation suite for road vehicles, public transportation, etc
Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO) is an open source, highly portable,
microscopic and continuous road traffic simulation package designed to handle
large road networks.

2017-12-03T18:02:41+00:00 devel/libtsm Terminal-emulator state machine
TSM is a state machine for DEC VT100-VT520 compatible terminal emulators. It
tries to support all common standards while keeping compatibility to existing
emulators like xterm, gnome-terminal, konsole, etc.

TSM itself does not provide any rendering nor window management. It is a simple
plain state machine without any external dependencies. It can be used to
implement terminal emulators, but also to implement other applications that
need to interpret terminal escape sequences.

This library is very similar to libvte of the gnome project. However, libvte is
highly bound to GTK+, which makes it unsuitable for non-graphics projects that
need to parse escape sequences. Instead, TSM tries to restrict its API to
terminal emulation only. Furthermore, TSM does not try to establish a new
terminal emulation standard, but instead keeps compatibility as close to xterm
as possible. This is why the TERM variable can be set to xterm-color256 with
any TSM based terminal emulator.

2017-12-03T17:55:33+00:00 multimedia/webcamoid Full featured webcam suite
Webcamoid is a full featured and multiplatform webcam suite.

* Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows)
* Take pictures and record videos with the webcam.
* Manages multiple webcams.
* Written in C++ and Qt.
* Custom controls for each webcam.
* Add funny effects to the webcam.
* +60 effects available.
* Translated to many languages.
* Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
* Capture from desktop.
* Many recording formats.
* Virtual webcam support for feeding other programs.

2017-12-03T17:38:09+00:00 net/py-portend Monitors TCP ports for bound or unbound states
Portend monitors TCP ports for bound or unbound states.
It can wait with a timeout for a port to be occupied or free.

2017-12-03T16:53:46+00:00 graphics/py-photocollage Graphical tool to make photo collage posters
PhotoCollage allows you to create photo collage posters. It assembles the input
photographs it is given to generate a big poster. Photos are automatically
arranged to fill the whole poster, then you can change the final layout,
dimensions, border or swap photos in the generated grid. Eventually the final
poster image can be saved in any size.

2017-12-03T10:00:09+00:00 audio/hts_engine-API HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS) engine and API
hts_engine is software to synthesize speech waveform from HMMs trained
by the HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS).

2017-12-02T20:46:28+00:00 biology/py-macs2 Identify transcription factor binding sites
MACS is a tool for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) sequence analysis.
MACS empirically models the length of the sequenced ChIP fragments, which
tend to be shorter than sonication or library construction size estimates,
and uses it to improve the spatial resolution of predicted binding sites.

2017-12-02T20:44:28+00:00 biology/kallisto Quantify abundances of transcripts from RNA-Seq data
Kallisto is a program for quantifying abundances of transcripts from RNA-Seq
data, or more generally of target sequences using high-throughput sequencing
reads. It is based on the novel idea of pseudoalignment for rapidly determining
the compatibility of reads with targets, without the need for alignment.

2017-12-02T03:32:16+00:00 devel/RStudio Integrated development environment (IDE) for R
RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R.
It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct
code execution, as well as tools for plotting, history, debugging and
workspace management.

2017-12-01T21:38:03+00:00 devel/arduino-bsd-mk Build Arduino sketches from the command line on FreeBSD
Arduino from the command line on FreeBSD

This is a makefile written by Craig Leres that makes it possible
to build Arduino sketches with FreeBSD make from the command line.
It includes an example sketch and Makefile which is optionally
installed in share/examples/arduino-bsd-mk

2017-12-01T19:13:02+00:00 games/lightyears Steampunk-themed strategy game: manage a steam supply network
20,000 Light Years Into Space is a steampunk-themed strategy game
where you have to manage a steam supply network.

2017-11-30T22:54:29+00:00 biology/fastqc Quality control tool for high throughput sequence data
FastQC aims to provide a simple way to do some quality control checks on raw
sequence data coming from high throughput sequencing pipelines. It provides a
modular set of analyses which you can use to give a quick impression of whether
your data has any problems of which you should be aware before doing any
further analysis.

2017-11-30T15:50:30+00:00 textproc/py-pager Terminal/console pager module
Python module that pages output to the screen, reads keys and console
dimensions without executing external utils.

2017-11-30T15:50:30+00:00 net-mgmt/py-dnsdiag DNS Diagnostics and measurement tools (ping, traceroute)
DNSDiag provides a handful of tools to measure and diagnose your DNS
performance and integrity. Using dnsping, dnstraceroute and dnseval
tools you can measure your DNS response quality from delay and loss
perspective as well as tracing the path your DNS query takes to get
to DNS server.

2017-11-30T15:50:30+00:00 devel/py-threema-msgapi Threema Gateway Message SDK for Python
Threema Gateway Message SDK for Python

2017-11-30T15:50:30+00:00 accessibility/py-speech-dispatcher Python bindings for Speech Dispatcher
2017-11-30T15:32:44+00:00 sysutils/ansible23
2017-11-30T11:36:55+00:00 games/spacezero 2D Real Time Strategy space combat game
SpaceZero is a Real Time Strategy 2D space combat game for two
players over a network.

The objective is to conquer the universe, defeating all enemies.

At starting point you have only one ship and one planet, but you
have gold to buy more ships to conquer more planets.

All ships can be controlled by the computer (automatic mode) or by
the player (manual mode). You can easily change among your ships,
controlling all of them independently.

2017-11-30T06:53:07+00:00 www/py-ddgr Command line tool for performing DuckDuckGo web searches
ddgr is a cmdline utility to search DuckDuckGo from the terminal.
Unlike the web interface, you can specify the number of search results
you would like to see per page. It's more convenient than skimming
through 30-odd search results per page. The default interface is
carefully designed to use minimum space without sacrificing readability.

2017-11-29T22:17:43+00:00 biology/py-cutadapt Trim adapters from high-throughput sequencing reads
Cutadapt finds and removes adapter sequences, primers, poly-A tails and other
types of unwanted sequences from your high-throughput sequencing reads.

2017-11-29T21:48:34+00:00 audio/carla Audio LV2 plugin host for Jack and PulseAudio
Carla is a fully-featured audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers
and plugin formats.

* LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST plugin formats
* GIG, SF2 and SFZ sound banks
* Internal audio and midi file player
* Automation of plugin parameters via MIDI CC
* Full OSC control
* Rack and Patchbay engine modes, plus Single and Multi-Client if using JACK
* Native audio drivers (ALSA, DirectSound, CoreAudio)
and low-latency (ASIO and JACK)
* Transport sync with JACK or Ableton Link

2017-11-29T21:25:30+00:00 misc/crosti Convert custom image to cross stitch design, edit stitch designs
This tool allows you to make your own unique cross stitch design from custom
image. You can resize and rotate image, reduce the number of colors, change
image palette, make cross stitch design, preview it, save and print. Cross
stitch design edition available: colors and icons changing, new color addition,
color fill, pixel draw, lines and half-stitches.

* Convert custom image to cross stitch design
* Edit cross stitch design
* Save and print the design that you created
* Input pictures: BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, MNG, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, SVG, TIF,
* Output cross stitch design: BMP, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPM, TIF, TIFF, XBM,
XPM, PDF, CST (crosti scheme text file)

2017-11-29T21:22:14+00:00 devel/py-backports.tempfile Backports of new features in the Python tempfile module
Yet another general purpose Naive Bayesian classifier.
(under heavy development)

Naive Bayes Classifier is probably the most widely used text classifier,
it's a supervised learning algorithm. It can be used to classify blog posts
or news articles into different categories like sports, entertainment and
so forth.

Naive Bayes is a simple technique for constructing classifiers: models that
assign class labels to problem instances, represented as vectors of feature
values, where the class labels are drawn from some finite set. It is not a
single algorithm for training such classifiers, but a family of algorithms
This package provides backports of new features in Python???s tempfile module
under the backports namespace.

2017-11-29T21:14:02+00:00 graphics/py-sk1 Professional quality illustration program
sK1 2.0 is professional quality illustration program. sK1 2.0 is a powerful
and mature application that makes users more productive and provides them
professional and free solution even for exotic *nix OSes. Whether you are
a newbie user or an experienced designer, sK1 2.0 makes it easy to get started.
With its professional color-management engine and wide-range file format
compatibility, sK1 2.0 provides color accuracy and drawing flexibility you
need for all types of projects.

2017-11-29T21:00:24+00:00 devel/py-daemon-runner Simple command line runner on top of python-daemon
Simple command line runner on top of python-daemon, a library which implements
the well-behaved daemon specification of PEP 3143, ???Standard daemon process

A well-behaved Unix daemon process is tricky to get right, but the required
steps are much the same for every daemon program. A DaemonContext instance
holds the behaviour and configured process environment for the program; use
the instance as a context manager to enter a daemon state.

Simple example of usage:

import daemon

from spam import do_main_program

with daemon.DaemonContext():

Customisation of the steps to become a daemon is available by setting options
on the DaemonContext instance; see the documentation for that class for each

2017-11-29T20:15:20+00:00 devel/py-fuzzywuzzy Fuzzy string matching using Levenshtein Distance
Fuzzy string matching like a boss. It uses Levenshtein Distance to calculate
the differences between sequences in a simple-to-use package.

Simple Ratio

>>> fuzz.ratio("this is a test", "this is a test!")

Partial Ratio

>>> fuzz.partial_ratio("this is a test", "this is a test!")

Token Sort Ratio

>>> fuzz.ratio("fuzzy wuzzy was a bear", "wuzzy fuzzy was a bear")
>>> fuzz.token_sort_ratio("fuzzy wuzzy was a bear", "wuzzy fuzzy was a bear")

2017-11-29T19:54:33+00:00 devel/py-python-Levenshtein Fast computation of Levenshtein distance and string similarity
The Levenshtein Python C extension module contains functions for fast
computation of:

* Levenshtein (edit) distance, and edit operations
* string similarity
* approximate median strings, and generally string averaging
* string sequence and set similarity

It supports both normal and Unicode strings.

Python 2.2 or newer is required; Python 3 is supported.

2017-11-29T16:17:57+00:00 www/ddgr DuckDuckGo from the terminal
ddgr is a cmdline utility to search DuckDuckGo from the terminal.

Unlike the web interface, you can specify the number of search
results you would like to see per page. It's more convenient than
skimming through 30-odd search results per page. The default interface
is carefully designed to use minimum space without sacrificing

ddgr isn't affiliated to DuckDuckGo in any way.

2017-11-29T16:00:39+00:00 archivers/py-xopen Open compressed files transparently
This small Python module provides a xopen function that works like the built-in
open function, but can also deal with compressed files. Supported compression
formats are gzip, bzip2 and xz. They are automatically recognized by their file
extensions .gz, .bz2 or .xz.

2017-11-28T16:20:18+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch Integrate Elasticsearch into Icinga Web 2
The Elasticsearch Module for Icinga Web 2 integrates your Elastic stack into
Icinga Web 2. Based on Elasticsearch instances and event types you configure,
the module allows you to display data collected by Beats, Logstash and any
other source. After you've installed and configured the module, you can browse
events via the host action Elasticsearch Events.

2017-11-28T16:12:32+00:00 devel/py-naiveBayesClassifier Yet another general purpose naive bayesian classifier
Yet another general purpose Naive Bayesian classifier.
(under heavy development)

Naive Bayes Classifier is probably the most widely used text classifier,
it's a supervised learning algorithm. It can be used to classify blog posts
or news articles into different categories like sports, entertainment and
so forth.

Naive Bayes is a simple technique for constructing classifiers: models that
assign class labels to problem instances, represented as vectors of feature
values, where the class labels are drawn from some finite set. It is not a
single algorithm for training such classifiers, but a family of algorithms
based on a common principle: all naive Bayes classifiers assume that the value
of a particular feature is independent of the value of any other feature,
given the class variable. For example, a fruit may be considered to be an apple
if it is red, round, and about 10 cm in diameter. A naive Bayes classifier
considers each of these features to contribute independently to the probability
that this fruit is an apple, regardless of any possible correlations between
the color, roundness, and diameter features.

2017-11-28T16:01:14+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-graphite Graphite integration into Icinga Web 2
This module integrates an existing Graphite installation in your Icinga Web 2

It provides a new menu section with two general overviews for hosts and
services as well as an extension to the host and service detail view of the
monitoring module.

2017-11-28T15:52:13+00:00 security/rubygem-rbnacl-libsodium Port rbnacl with bundled libsodium
rbnacl with bundled libsodium

2017-11-28T15:41:22+00:00 security/rubygem-bcrypt_pbkdf This gem implements bcrypt_pdkfd
This gem implements bcrypt_pdkfd (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF)

2017-11-28T15:16:38+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-kerberos OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos
An OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos.

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot Continuous Integration Framework
The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most
software projects to validate code changes. By automatically rebuilding and
testing the tree each time something has changed, build problems are
pinpointed quickly, before other developers are inconvenienced by the
failure. The guilty developer can be identified and harassed without human
intervention. By running the builds on a variety of platforms, developers who
do not have the facilities to test their changes everywhere before checkin will
at least know shortly afterwards whether they have broken the build or not.

Warning counts, lint checks, image size, compile time, and other build
parameters can be tracked over time, are more visible, and are therefore
easier to improve.

The overall goal is to reduce tree breakage and provide a platform to run tests
or code-quality checks that are too annoying or pedantic for any human to waste
their time with. Developers get immediate (and potentially public) feedback
about their changes, encouraging them to be more careful about testing before

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-www Buildbot UI
This port is the Web UI part of BuildBot. For the buildmaster, install the
devel/buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-worker Buildbot Worker Daemon
This port is the worker part of BuildBot. For the buildmaster, install the
devel/py-buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-waterfall-view Buildbot Waterfall View plugin
This port is the Waterfall View Plugin for BuildBot. For the buildmaster,
install the devel/buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-pkg Buildbot packaging tools
This port is the Web UI part of BuildBot. For the buildmaster, install the
devel/buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T10:15:46+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-console-view Buildbot Console View plugin
This port is the Console View Plugin for BuildBot. For the buildmaster,
install the devel/buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-11-28T03:09:27+00:00 graphics/py-gizeh Simple vector graphics in Python
Cairo graphics made easy for use from the Python language.
You can draw beautiful vector graphics consisting of gradient-filled
circles, ellipses, polygons.

2017-11-28T03:06:58+00:00 misc/py-colorbrewer Constants from Cynthia Brewer's ColorBrewer
An easy way to get access to ColorBrewer schemes from within a Python program.

2017-11-27T13:25:12+00:00 www/waterfox Distilled fork of Firefox
The Waterfox source code is a specialised modification of the Mozilla
platform, designed for privacy and user choice in mind. You should be
able to install it and compile Waterfox without any issues. Other
modifications and patches that are more upstream have been implemented
as well to fix any compatibility/security issues that Mozilla may lag
behind in implementing (usually due to not being high priority). High
request features removed by Mozilla but wanted by users are retained
(if they aren't removed due to security).


o Disabled Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
o Disabled Web Runtime (deprecated as of 2015)
o Removed Pocket
o Removed Telemetry
o Removed data collection
o Removed startup profiling
o Allow running of all 64-Bit NPAPI plugins
o Allow running of unsigned extensions
o Removal of Sponsored Tiles on New Tab Page
o Addition of Duplicate Tab option (toggle with browser.tabs.duplicateTab)
o Locale selector in about:preferences > General

2017-11-27T11:28:54+00:00 devel/py3-asttokens
2017-11-27T11:28:54+00:00 devel/py-asttokens Annotate AST trees with source code positions
The asttokens module annotates Python abstract syntax trees (ASTs)
with the positions of tokens and text in the source code that
generated them.

It makes it possible for tools that work with logical AST nodes to
find the particular text that resulted in those nodes, for example
for automated refactoring or highlighting.

2017-11-27T06:49:04+00:00 audio/sorcer-lv2 Wavetable LV2 plugin synth targeted at the electronic/dubstep genre
Sorcer is a polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin. Its sonic fingerprint is
one of harsh modulated sub-bass driven walls of sound. Two morphing wavetable
oscillators and one sine oscillator provide the generation routines. The LFO
can be mapped to wavetable modulation as well as filter cutoff. An ADSR allows
for shaping the resulting sound, while a master volume finishes the signal
chain. Easily creating a variety of dubstep basslines and harsh pad sounds.

2017-11-26T21:18:04+00:00 lang/chez-scheme Chez Scheme system
Chez Scheme is both a programming language and an implementation
of that language, with supporting tools and documentation.

As a superset of the language described in the
[Revised<sup>6</sup> Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme]
(, Chez Scheme supports all standard
features of Scheme, including first-class procedures, proper treatment
of tail calls, continuations, user-defined records, libraries,
exceptions, and hygienic macro expansion.

Chez Scheme also includes extensive support for interfacing with C
and other languages, support for multiple threads possibly running
on multiple cores, non-blocking I/O, and many other features.

2017-11-25T20:34:37+00:00 x11-themes/xfce-evolution Complete Xfce Evolution Gtk2, Gtk3, Qt5, wxWidgets, Xfce themes
The Xfce Evolution theme attempts to rid the Xfce desktop of visual
distractions by providing a more consistent look (buttons, scrollbars,
menus, etc) across older and newer applications.

Blends well with 'elementary Xfce darkER' icon set and 'Noto Sans 9'

Based on Ambiance gtk2, Adwaita gtk3, and Greybird xfwm.

2017-11-25T10:16:31+00:00 misc/fortune-mod-freebsd-classic Classic FreeBSD fortunes (including offensives)
fortune-mod-freebsd-classic contains of all the "classic" FreeBSD
fortunes, including offensives.

2017-11-25T03:05:46+00:00 security/kbfs Keybase Filesystem (KBFS)
kbfs is the official Keybase implementation of the client-side code for the
Keybase filesystem (KBFS).

This client allows you to mount KBFS as a proper filesystem at some mountpoint
on your local device (by default, /keybase/). It communicates locally with the
Keybase service, and remotely with three types of KBFS servers (block servers,
metadata servers, and key servers).

2017-11-24T23:45:17+00:00 www/nextcloud-contacts Contacts app for Nextcloud
The Nextcloud contacts app is a user interface for Nextcloud's CardDAV
server. Easily sync contacts from various devices with your Nextcloud
and edit them online.
* Integration with other Nextcloud apps! Currently Mail and Calendar -
more to come.
* Never forget a birthday! You can sync birthdays and other recurring
events with your Nextcloud Calendar.
* Sharing of Adressbooks! You want to share your contacts with your
friends or coworkers? No problem!
* We're not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great and open SabreDAV

2017-11-24T23:45:17+00:00 www/nextcloud-calendar Calendar app for Nextcloud
The Calendar app is a user interface for Nextcloud's CalDAV server. Easily
sync events from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.

* Integration with other Nextcloud apps! Currently Contacts - more to come.
* WebCal Support! Want to see your favorite team's matchdays in you
calendar? No problem!
* Attendees! Invite people to your events.
* We're not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great davclient.js,
ical.js and fullcalendar libraries.

2017-11-24T23:45:17+00:00 security/nextcloud-twofactor_u2f U2F multi-factor auth app for Nextcloud
A two-factor provider for U2F devices

2017-11-24T23:45:17+00:00 security/nextcloud-twofactor_totp TOTP multi-factor auth app for Nextcloud
A Two-Factor-Auth Provider for TOTP (RFC 6238)

2017-11-24T23:45:17+00:00 mail/nextcloud-mail Mail app for Nextcloud
Easy to use email client which connects to your mail server via IMAP and SMTP.

2017-11-24T22:12:52+00:00 x11/xcape Configure modifier keys to act as other keys when pressed on their own
xcape allows you to use a modifier key as another key when pressed and released
on its own. The default behaviour is to generate the Escape key when Left
Control is pressed and released on its own.

2017-11-24T21:32:05+00:00 security/py-ssh-audit SSH server auditing
ssh-audit is a tool for ssh server & client configuration auditing.

* SSH1 and SSH2 protocol server support;
* analyze SSH client configuration;
* grab banner, recognize device or software and operating system,
detect compression;
* gather key-exchange, host-key, encryption and
message authentication code algorithms;
* output algorithm information
(available since, removed/disabled, unsafe/weak/legacy, etc);
* output algorithm recommendations
(append or remove based on recognized software version);
* output security information (related issues, assigned CVE list, etc);
* analyze SSH version compatibility based on algorithm information;
* historical information from OpenSSH, Dropbear SSH and libssh;
* no dependencies, compatible with Python 2.6+, Python 3.x and PyPy.

2017-11-24T20:32:43+00:00 multimedia/py-pretty_midi Utility functions for handling MIDI data in a nice/intuitive way
Functions and classes which make handling MIDI data easy in Python.
Provides methods for parsing, modifying, and analyzing MIDI files.

2017-11-24T20:07:45+00:00 sysutils/hstr Bash and Zsh shell history suggest box
HSTR is a command line utility that brings improved shell command completion
based on command history. It aims to make completion easier and more efficient
than Ctrl+R.

2017-11-24T19:08:18+00:00 multimedia/ccextractor Closed caption extractor for MPEG and H264 files
CExtractor is a tool that produces subtitles from TV use.
Global accessibility (all users, all content, all countries) is the goal.

2017-11-24T19:02:50+00:00 devel/blitz Blitz++ Multi-Dimensional Array Library for C++
Blitz++ is a C++ template class library that provides array objects for
scientific computing. It is not a linear algebra or fft library.

2017-11-24T18:59:04+00:00 security/2fa Two-factor authentication on the command line
2fa is a command-line two-factor authentication agent.

2017-11-24T18:31:18+00:00 devel/pycanberra Very basic wrapper for libcanberra
A very basic wrapper for libcanberra.

Ensure all strings passed to libcanberra are byte strings.

2017-11-24T16:02:29+00:00 games/taisei Open source Touhou clone
Taisei (lit. Occident) is a fan-made Open Source clone of the Touhou
series, written in C using SDL/OpenGL.

Basically, it is a shoot'em up game with lots of bullets (the genre
is literally called bullet hell). The game is mostly done and very
playable, so feel free to give it a try!

2017-11-23T19:08:06+00:00 www/rubygem-jekyll-sanity Patches to make Jekyll less insane and easier
Jekyll Sanity provides surface patches for Jekyll that provide useful methods
for plugin authors, and site authors as well. Moves some insane instance methods
to the class so that they can be used without having to store the entire site.

2017-11-23T16:51:13+00:00 chinese/ibus-array Array 30 input method for IBus
Implementation of fully functional Array 30 input method engine for iBus.
Array 30 is a traditional Chinese input method used in Taiwan.

2017-11-23T13:30:11+00:00 graphics/largetifftools Process very large TIFF files
This is a collection of software that can help managing (very) large TIFF files,
especially files that are too large to fit entirely into your computer's memory.

2017-11-23T05:58:51+00:00 science/chemps2 Spin-adapted implementation of DMRG for ab initio quantum chemistry
CheMPS2 is a scientific library which contains a spin-adapted implementation
of the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) for ab initio quantum
chemistry. This wavefunction method allows to obtain numerical accuracy in
active spaces beyond the capabilities of full configuration interaction (FCI),
and allows to extract the 2-, 3-, and 4-particle reduced density matrices
(2-, 3- and 4-RDM) of the active space.

For general active spaces up to 40 electrons in 40 orbitals can be handled with
DMRG, and for one-dimensional active spaces up to 100 electrons in 100 orbitals.
The 2-RDM of these active spaces can also be easily extracted, while the 3- and
4-RDM are limited to about 28 orbitals.

2017-11-23T00:58:52+00:00 www/palemoon Open-source web browser
Pale Moon(TM) offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built
from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from
Firefox/Mozilla code a number of years ago, with carefully selected features
and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user experience, while
offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes
to make the browser truly your own.

Some of the main features:
- Based on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP) containing our own optimized layout
and rendering engine (Goanna).
- Safe: Forked from mature Mozilla code and regularly updated with the latest
security patches.
- Secure: Additional security features and security-aware development
- Zero ads; no telemetry, spyware or data gathering
- Familiar, efficient, fully customizable interface

2017-11-22T20:04:01+00:00 games/openclaw Reimplementation of Captain Claw (1997) platformer
A multiplatform C++ reimplementation of original Captain Claw (1997) platformer
game using SDL2 and Box2D.

2017-11-22T18:51:37+00:00 databases/pspg Tabular data pager designed to be used with psql
pspg is a small specialized pager designed to work with tables. Its primary
purpose is to work as PostgreSQL pager, but MySQL is supported too. Main
features include the ability to freeze first few rows/columns, possibility to
sort data by specified numeric column and configurable color themes.

2017-11-22T14:55:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper010 Act of enabling/disabling features in your application
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling features or parts of your
application, ideally without re-deploying or changing anything in your code

The goal of this gem is to make turning features on or off so easy that everyone
does it. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping
should be easy and have minimal impact on your application.

2017-11-22T14:55:05+00:00 databases/rubygem-flipper-active_record010 ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper
Flipper ActiveRecord is an ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper.

2017-11-22T11:31:17+00:00 games/xptools X-Plane Scenery Tools
The X-Plane Scenery Tools (XPTools) code base is the source code tree for all
of the Laminar Research scenery creation/editing tools. This code does not
include X-Plane and the "X-Apps" (PlaneMaker, WorldMaker, AirfoilMaker, and
Briefer). It does include source to the ac3d x-plane plugin, WED, the various
tools, and our global scenery generator.

2017-11-22T07:52:48+00:00 devel/p5-Pthread-GetThreadId Access to kernel level POSIX thread id
Pthread::GetThreadId is FreeBSD specific Perl module
providing single non-portable function getthreadid_np()
that returns kernel level POSIX thread id as integer value.

It may be useful for Perl code running as hook/callback functions
in embedded threaded Perl environment when code has no direct control
on thread creation. For example, rlm_perl module of FreeRADIUS
that may use multiple embedded Perl instances.

2017-11-22T07:16:51+00:00 www/py-buku Powerful command-line bookmark manager
Powerful bookmark manager written in Python3 and SQLite3. A flexible cmdline
solution with a private, portable, merge-able database along with browser

buku fetches the title of a bookmarked web page and stores it along with any
additional comments and tags. You can use your favourite editor to compose and
update bookmarks. With multiple search options, including regex and a deep scan
mode (particularly for URLs), it can find any bookmark instantly. Multiple
search results can be opened in the browser at once.

2017-11-22T06:28:01+00:00 devel/clthreads C++ wrapper library around the POSIX threads API
A C++ threading library by Fons Adriaensen <>.

2017-11-22T06:01:27+00:00 misc/free42 Simulation of the HP-42S scientific calculator and HP-82240 printer
Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S Scientific Programmable Calculator
and HP-82240 Printer. It is a complete rewrite, not using any HP code. It does
not require an HP-42S ROM image.

2017-11-21T22:16:42+00:00 www/rubygem-rack_csrf Anti-CSRF Rack middleware
This is just a small Rack middleware whose only goal is to lessen the hazards
posed by CSRF attacks by trying to ensure that all requests of particular types
come from the right client, not from a mischievous impersonator.

Rack::Csrf is not tailored to any particular web framework, so it can be used
with your preferred Rack-based framework.

2017-11-21T17:59:25+00:00 devel/geany-plugin-workbench Geany plugin: ${${GEANY_PLUGIN}_DESC}
The Workbench plugin is an extension that makes it possible to
manage multiple projects in geany. You can add geany projects to a
workbench. From there you can add directories to the project to
manage the files belonging to the project.

2017-11-21T17:59:25+00:00 devel/geany-plugin-utilslib Geany plugin: ${${GEANY_PLUGIN}_DESC}
Utility library required by some Geany plugins.

2017-11-21T15:47:53+00:00 databases/arangodb32 Distributed NoSQL database with multiple data models
ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for
documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications
using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions

2017-11-21T15:13:31+00:00 textproc/elasticsearch5-search-guard Elasticsearch Search Guard plugin
Search Guard() is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption,
authentication, and authorization. It builds on Search Guard SSL and provides
pluggable authentication and authorization modules in addition.
Search Guard is fully compatible with Kibana, Logstash and Beats.

As an alternative to other security solutions for Elasticsearch,
Search Guard offers the following main features:

TLS on transport- and REST-layer
Fine-grained role- and index-based access control
HTTP Basic Authentication
LDAP / Active Directory
Kerberos / SPNEGO
JSON web token
Document- and Field-level security
Audit logging
Kibana multi-tenancy
REST management API
Proxy support
User impersonation

2017-11-20T17:52:35+00:00 devel/gogs Painless self-hosted Git service
Gogs (Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git service.

2017-11-20T13:51:23+00:00 databases/ldb13 LDAP-like embedded database
ldb is a LDAP-like embedded database.

ldb provides a fast database with an LDAP-like API designed to be used
within an application.

In some ways it can be seen as a intermediate solution between key-value
pair databases and a real LDAP database.

2017-11-20T06:40:28+00:00 databases/ldb12 LDAP-like embedded database
ldb is a LDAP-like embedded database.

ldb provides a fast database with an LDAP-like API designed to be used
within an application.

In some ways it can be seen as a intermediate solution between key-value
pair databases and a real LDAP database.

2017-11-20T04:31:30+00:00 www/npm-node8
2017-11-20T04:31:19+00:00 www/npm-node6
2017-11-20T04:31:04+00:00 www/npm-node4
2017-11-19T21:59:32+00:00 math/eprover Theorem prover for full first-order logic with equality
A saturating theorem prover for full first-order logic with equality. It accepts
a problem specification, typically consisting of a number of first-order clauses
or formulas, and a conjecture, again either in clausal or full first-order
form. The system will then try to find a formal proof for the conjecture,
assuming the axioms.

2017-11-19T21:55:20+00:00 graphics/goxel Free and Open Source 3D Voxel Editor
A 3D program that lets you create voxel volumes, a bit similar to minecraft.

2017-11-19T21:48:19+00:00 mail/py-pyzmail Easy mail library to parse, compose and send emails
pyzmail is a high level mail library for Python 2.x & 3.x. It provides functions
and classes that help to parse, compose and send emails. pyzmail exists because
their is no reasons that handling mails with Python would be more difficult than
with Outlook or Thunderbird. pyzmail hides the difficulties of managing the MIME
structure and of the encoding/decoding for internationalized emails.

2017-11-18T23:35:22+00:00 net/py-shodan Python library and command-line utility for Shodan
Shodan is a search engine for Internet-connected devices. Google lets you search
for websites, Shodan lets you search for devices. This library provides
developers easy access to all of the data stored in Shodan in order to automate
tasks and integrate into existing tools.

2017-11-18T23:34:19+00:00 devel/py-click-plugins Click extension to register CLI commands via setuptools
An extension module for click to enable registering CLI commands via setuptools

2017-11-18T21:57:55+00:00 math/ambit C++ library for tensor product calculations
C++ library for the implementation of tensor product calculations through
a clean, concise user interface.

2017-11-18T16:45:49+00:00 x11-fonts/google-fonts Collection of freely redistributable TrueType fonts from Google
Collection of more than 2000 freely redistributable TrueType fonts from the
Google Fonts project, installed locally and suitable for use in X.Org

2017-11-18T16:41:06+00:00 devel/fuzzylite Fuzzy logic control library in C++
fuzzylite is a free and open-source fuzzy logic control library programmed in
C++ for multiple platforms (e.g., Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS). jfuzzylite is the
equivalent library for Java and Android platforms.
Together, they are the FuzzyLite Libraries for Fuzzy Logic Control.

2017-11-18T15:43:45+00:00 audio/pms-devel Rewrite of pms, an ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon
Practical Music Search (PMS) is an interactive console client for the Music
Player Daemon, written in Go. Its interface is similar to Vim, and aims to be
fast, configurable, and practical. PMS has many features that involve sorting,
searching, and navigating. It is designed to let you navigate your music
collection in an effective way.
This is a complete rewrite of the previously existing pms which was written in

2017-11-18T09:41:18+00:00 www/qutebrowser Keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI
Qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI.
It's based on Python and PyQt5 and free software, licensed under the GPL.

It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl.

2017-11-18T05:38:04+00:00 devel/apitrace Tools for tracing OpenGL and other graphics APIs
apitrace is a set of tools to:
- trace OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Direct3D, and DirectDraw APIs calls to a file
- replay OpenGL and OpenGL ES calls from a file
- inspect OpenGL state at any call while retracing
- visualize and edit trace files

2017-11-18T05:12:35+00:00 science/gdma Anthony Stone's Gaussian Distributed Multipole Analysis
GDMA has been in the ab initio quantum chemistry package Psi4.

It is written by Prof. Anthony J. Stone of Cambridge University
in fortran.

2017-11-18T00:10:32+00:00 devel/p5-Clone-Choose Choose appropriate clone utility
Clone::Choose checks several different modules which provides a clone() function
and selects an appropriate one. The default preference is:
- Clone
- Storable
- Clone::PP

This list might evolve in future. Please see ["EXPORTS"](#exports) how to pick a
particular one.

2017-11-17T23:11:07+00:00 deskutils/latte-dock Launcher for Qt and Plasma desktops
Latte is a dock based on plasma frameworks that provides an elegant
and intuitive experience for your tasks and plasmoids. It animates
its contents by using parabolic zoom effect and trys to be there only
when it is needed.

2017-11-17T15:11:59+00:00 www/moodle34 Course management system based on social constructionism
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

2017-11-17T05:30:33+00:00 www/rubygem-roda Routing tree web toolkit
Roda is a high-performance, minimalistic Ruby web framework. It's based
on a routing-tree paradigm, and comes with a huge set of plugins (many
of which will require installing other gems).

2017-11-16T20:02:08+00:00 databases/lua-resty-redis Redis client driver for the ngx_lua nginx module
This Lua library is a Redis client driver for the ngx_lua nginx module:

This Lua library takes advantage of ngx_lua's cosocket API, which ensures 100%
nonblocking behavior.

2017-11-16T18:41:01+00:00 misc/owrep Weather reporting program using
This is a basic weather reporting program. It uses data from, and uses a worldwide database.

2017-11-16T18:27:47+00:00 science/py-scoria Lightweight molecule manipulation codebase
The scoria library is a lightweight python code base designed for
importing, manipulating, and exporting molecular models.

2017-11-16T16:27:30+00:00 security/rubygem-rbnacl Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
The Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library provides a high-level toolkit for
building cryptographic systems and protocols.

2017-11-16T12:24:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-rake-compiler-dock Cross compiler environment for building Windows binary gems
Easy to use and reliable cross compiler environment for building Windows binary
gems. Use rake-compiler-dock to enter an interactive shell session or add a task
to your Rakefile to automate your cross build.

2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 www/php72-tidy
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 www/php72-session
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 www/php72-opcache
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 www/mod_php72
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-xsl
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-xmlwriter
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-xmlreader
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-xml
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-wddx
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-simplexml
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-pspell
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-enchant
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-dom
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 textproc/php72-ctype
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 sysutils/php72-posix
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 sysutils/php72-fileinfo
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 security/php72-sodium
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 security/php72-openssl
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 security/php72-hash
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 security/php72-filter
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 net/php72-xmlrpc
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 net/php72-sockets
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 net/php72-soap
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 net/php72-ldap
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 net-mgmt/php72-snmp
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 misc/php72-calendar
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 math/php72-gmp
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 math/php72-bcmath
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 mail/php72-imap
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 lang/php72 PHP Scripting Language
PHP, which stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" is a widely-used Open
Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for
Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C,
Java, and Perl, and is easy to learn. The main goal of the language is to
allow web developers to write dynamically generated webpages quickly, but
you can do much more with PHP.

2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 lang/php72-extensions "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
This is a "meta-port" to install the extensions for PHP 7.2.

Defaults to:
ctype, dom, filter, hash, iconv, json, pdo, pdo_sqlite, phar, posix,
session, simplexml, sqlite3, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader and xmlwriter.

2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 graphics/php72-gd
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 graphics/php72-exif
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 ftp/php72-ftp
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 ftp/php72-curl
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-tokenizer
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-sysvshm
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-sysvsem
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-sysvmsg
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-shmop
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-readline
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-pcntl
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-json
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-intl
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 devel/php72-gettext
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-sqlite3
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pgsql
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_sqlite
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_pgsql
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_odbc
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_mysql
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_firebird
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo_dblib
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-pdo
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-odbc
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-mysqli
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-interbase
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 databases/php72-dba
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 converters/php72-recode
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 converters/php72-mbstring
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 converters/php72-iconv
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 archivers/php72-zlib
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 archivers/php72-zip
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 archivers/php72-phar
2017-11-16T10:48:48+00:00 archivers/php72-bz2
2017-11-16T00:19:13+00:00 www/unit Dynamic web application server
NGINX Unit is a dynamic web application server, designed to run applications
in multiple languages. Unit is lightweight, polyglot, and dynamically
configured via API. The design of the server allows reconfiguration of
specific application parameters as needed by the engineering or operations.

2017-11-15T22:43:20+00:00 net-mgmt/triton-guesttools FreeBSD guest tools for use with SmartOS
FreeBSD guest tools to enabled compatibility with SmartOS and Triton.

2017-11-15T19:31:55+00:00 net-mgmt/mdata-client Metadata tools for use within guests of the SmartOS
Metadata retrieval and manipulation tools for use within guests of the SmartOS
(and SDC) hypervisor. These guests may be either SmartOS Zones or KVM virtual

2017-11-15T12:41:37+00:00 sysutils/fd Simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
fd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find.
While it does not seek to mirror all of find's powerful functionality,
it provides sensible (opinionated) defaults for 80% of the use cases.

2017-11-15T08:08:12+00:00 audio/eq10q-lv2 Parametric equalizer LV2 audio plugin
EQ10Q is an audio plugin bundle over the LV2 standard, implementing a powerful
and flexible parametric equalizer and more.

All audio processing developed in this project is written in C language and
highly optimized focusing on DSP load reduction yet keeping a superb audio
quality, the audio engine is always working in 64 bits floating point maths but
interfacing with LV2 ports using the standard 32 bits numbers. We believe that
a good plugin is not completely useful without a full featured graphical user
interface (GUI) that provides the correct way to set it up. For this reason,
each plugin distributed in this bundle is supplied with a nice GUI. These GUI's
are written in C++ and Gtkmm libraries to gain a great control over the

The project is licensed under GPL so feel free to copy, redistribute and modify.
Although, if your are really convinced of doing some possible interesting
changes in the source code, please mail me and we can discuss about
incorporating your awesome ideas in the main project.

2017-11-14T23:11:11+00:00 devel/rubygem-resque Redis-backed Ruby library for queuing jobs
Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on
multiple queues, and processing them later.

2017-11-14T23:10:19+00:00 www/rubygem-vegas Wraps Rack/Sinatra applications
Vegas aims to solve the simple problem of creating executable versions of
Sinatra/Rack apps. It includes a class Vegas::Runner that wraps Rack/Sinatra
applications and provides a simple command line interface and launching

2017-11-14T22:57:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-mono_logger Lock-free logger compatible with Ruby 2.0
Ruby's stdlib Logger wraps all IO in mutexes. Ruby 2.0 doesn't allow you to
request a lock in a trap handler because that could deadlock. This gem fixes
this issue by giving you a lock-free logger class.

2017-11-14T18:44:05+00:00 science/erd AcesIII electron repulsion integrals
Efficient electronic integrals in quantum chemistry, and their generalized
derivatives for object oriented implementations of electronic structure

Based on the paper:

2017-11-14T18:29:22+00:00 math/mumps-edf MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver for Code_Aster
MUMPS is a Distributed Multifrontal Solver (F90, MPI based) with Dynamic
Distributed Scheduling to accomodate both numerical fill-in and multi-user

- Solution of large linear systems with symmetric positive definite
matrices; general symmetric matrices; general unsymmetric matrices.
- Version for complex arithmetic.
- Parallel factorization and solve phases (uniprocessor version also
- Iterative refinement and backward error analysis.
- Various matrix input formats: assembled format; distributed assembled
format; elemental format.
- Partial factorization and Schur complement matrix.
- Several orderings interfaced : AMD, AMF, PORD, METIS

2017-11-14T18:05:42+00:00 science/pcmsolver API for the Polarizable Continuum Model
PCMSolver is a quantum chemistry library that aims to:
* Provide a plug-and-play library for adding the Polarizable Continuum Model
functionality to any quantum chemistry program
* Create a playground for easily extending the implementation of the model

2017-11-14T04:31:58+00:00 science/libefp Effective fragment potential method in quantum chemistry
LIBEFP is a full implementation of the Effective Fragment Potential (EFP)
method (EFP can be viewed as an advanced first-principles-based force-field,
see Kaliman et al., JCC, 2013). LIBEFP facilitates extension of unique
electronic structure methodologies designed for accurate simulations in the
gas phase to condensed phases via QM/EFP. LIBEFP is designed to give developers
of quantum chemistry software an easy way to add EFP support to their favourite

2017-11-13T13:10:51+00:00 www/newsboat RSS feed reader for the text console
Newsboat is a fork of Newsbeuter, an RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console.
The only difference is that Newsboat is actively maintained while Newsbeuter

2017-11-13T06:08:40+00:00 science/dkh Wolf, Reiher, and Hess's Douglas-Kroll-Hess relativistic correction
Computation of Wolf, Reiher, and Hess's Douglas-Kroll-Hess relativistic
correction at 2nd-4th order wrapped in CMake for the Psi4 project.

It is based on these publications:
* A. Wolf, M. Reiher, B. A. Hess, J. Chem. Phys. 117, 9215 (2002);
* M. Reiher, A. Wolf, J. Chem. Phys. 121, 10945 (2004);

2017-11-13T02:03:34+00:00 sysutils/incron Handle filesystem-events the way cron handles time ones
This program is an "inotify cron" system. It consists of a daemon
and a table manipulator. You can use it a similar way as the regular
cron. The difference is that the inotify cron handles filesystem
events rather than time periods.

Written to use (and named after) Linux' "inotify", on BSD it uses
the libinotify compatibility layer.

2017-11-12T19:27:53+00:00 lang/owl-lisp Functional dialect of Scheme
Owl Lisp is a functional dialect of the Scheme programming language.
It is mainly based on the applicative subset of the R7RS standard.

2017-11-12T19:09:33+00:00 devel/p5-Method-Signatures Method and function declarations with signatures and no source filter
Method::Signatures provides two new keywords, func and method, so that you can
write subroutines with signatures instead of having to spell out my $self =
shift; my($thing) = @_

func is like sub but takes a signature where the prototype would normally go.
This takes the place of my($foo, $bar) = @_ and does a whole lot more.

method is like func but specifically for making methods. It will automatically
provide the invocant as $self (by default). No more my $self = shift.

It also allows signatures, very similar to Perl 6 signatures.

It also does type checking, understanding all the types that Moose (or Mouse)
would understand.

And it does all this with no source filters.

2017-11-12T09:35:29+00:00 x11-fonts/font-awesome Suite of pictographic icons from Font Awesome (free version)
Font Awesome is a suite of pictographic icons for easy scalable vector

This package installs only free OTF fonts suitable for use in X.Org
applications. The corresponding web fonts aren't installed. You can find
them installed by a lot of other ports.

2017-11-11T21:04:08+00:00 audio/sc3-plugins Extension plugins for the SuperCollider3 audio synthesis server
Extension plugins for the SuperCollider3 audio synthesis server. These
third-party plugins provide additional synthesis, analysis, and other
capabilities for the sound server.

2017-11-11T20:01:20+00:00 audio/vmpk Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesn't
produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer
(either hardware or software, internal or external). You can use the computer's
keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI
Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI
file player. To do so, connect the other MIDI port to the input port of VMPK.

2017-11-11T19:57:17+00:00 net/czmq4 High-level C Binding for ZeroMQ (Version 4)
High-level C bindings for ZeroMQ, version 4.

2017-11-11T18:32:46+00:00 security/botan2 Portable, easy to use and efficient C++ crypto library
Botan is a crypto library written in C++. It provides a variety of
cryptographic algorithms, including common ones such as AES, MD5, SHA,
HMAC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and ECDSA, as well as many others that
are more obscure or specialized. It also offers X.509v3 certificates
and CRLs, and PKCS #10 certificate requests. A message processing
system that uses a filter/pipeline metaphor allows for many common
cryptographic tasks to be completed with just a few lines of code.
Assembly optimizations for common CPUs, including x86, x86-64, and
PowerPC, offers further speedups for critical tasks such as SHA-1
hashing and multiple precision integer operations.

Botan is licensed under the same permissive terms as FreeBSD itself.

2017-11-11T18:26:15+00:00 audio/abgate-lv2 Noise gate LV2 plugin
abGate is LV2 noise gate plugin.

2017-11-11T17:08:49+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-sopine
U-Boot loader and related files for the Sopine.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-sopine/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=128k seek=1 conv=sync

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-11-11T14:49:27+00:00 audio/yoshimi Sophisticated software synthesizer
Yoshimi is an algorithmic MIDI software synthesizer, originally forked
from ZynAddSubFX. It synthesizes in real time, can run polyphonic or
monophonic, with multiple simultaneous patches on one or more MIDI
channels, and has broad microtonal capability. It includes extensive
addititive, subtractive, and pad synth capabilities which can be run
simultaneously within the same patch. It also has eight audio effects

2017-11-11T14:43:33+00:00 audio/amsynth Analog modelling software synth
Amsynth is an analog modelling (a.k.a virtual analog) software

It mimics the operation of early analog subtractive synthesizers with
classic oscillator waveforms, envelopes, filter, modulation and

2017-11-11T08:38:39+00:00 audio/libmusicxml Library and tools for the MusicXML format
The MusicXML format represents common Western musical notation from the
17th century onwards. It is an xml format that organizes the music into
a header followed by the core music data.

2017-11-11T08:35:55+00:00 audio/gxplugins-lv2 Set of LV2 plugins from the guitarix project
This repository contains several LV2 plugins.
* GxBottleRocket.lv2
* GxGuvnor.lv2
* GxHotBox.lv2
* GxHyperion.lv2
* GxQuack.lv2
* GxSD1.lv2
* GxSD2Lead.lv2
* GxSVT.lv2
* GxSaturator.lv2
* GxSlowGear.lv2
* GxSuperFuzz.lv2
* GxSuppaToneBender.lv2
* GxToneMachine.lv2
* GxUVox720k.lv2
* GxVBassPreAmp.lv2
* GxVintageFuzzMaster.lv2
* GxVmk2.lv2
* GxVoodoFuzz.lv2

2017-11-11T08:32:25+00:00 audio/polyphone Graphical user interface for editing soundfont (sf2 and sfz) files
Polyphone is a free software for editing soundfonts in format sf2. These
files contain a multitude of audio samples put together and configured so
as to form musical instruments that can be used by synthesizers such as
fluidsynth and played using a MIDI keyboard.

2017-11-11T08:15:42+00:00 multimedia/py-mido MIDI Objects for Python
Mido is a library for working with MIDI messages and ports. It's designed
to be as straightforward and Pythonic as possible.

2017-11-11T08:11:36+00:00 audio/invada-studio-plugins-lv2 Set of LV2 audio effect plugins, ported from VST
The following plugins are included:
* Delay Plugins
- Delay Munge - Mono and Stereo
* Distortion Plugins
- Tube - Mono and Stereo
* Dynamics Plugins
- Compressor - Mono and Stereo
* Filter Plugins
- Low Pass Mono and Stereo
- High Pass Mono and Stereo
* Phaser Plugins
- Stereo Phaser - Mono In / Stereo In / Sum L+R In
* Reverb Plugins
- ER Reverb - Mono In / Sum L+R In
* Utility Plugins
- Input Module
- Meters
- Test Tones

2017-11-11T08:08:16+00:00 multimedia/simplescreenrecorder Screen video recorder
A program that can record programs and games.

* Graphical user interface (Qt-based).
* Faster than VLC and ffmpeg/avconv.
* Records the entire screen or part of it, or records OpenGL
applications directly (similar to Fraps on Windows).
* Synchronizes audio and video properly (a common issue with
VLC and ffmpeg/avconv).
* Reduces the video frame rate if your computer is too slow
(rather than using up all your RAM like VLC does).
* Fully multithreaded: small delays in any of the components
will never block the other components, resulting is smoother
video and better performance on computers with multiple processors.
* Pause and resume recording at any time (either by clicking
a button or by pressing a hotkey).
* Shows statistics during recording (file size, bit rate, total
recording time, actual frame rate, ...).
* Can show a preview during recording, so you don't waste time
recording something only to figure out afterwards that some setting was wrong.
* Supports many different codecs and file formats (adding more is trivial).
* Can also do live streaming (experimental).

2017-11-11T08:01:16+00:00 audio/drumstick MIDI libraries for Qt5/C++
Drumstick is a tool to play music. This is a set of C++ MIDI libraries using
Qt5 objects, idioms and style. It contains a C++ wrapper around software
support for MIDI. A complementary library provides classes for SMF
(Standard MIDI files: .MID/.KAR), Cakewalk (.WRK), and Overture (.OVE) file
formats processing. A multiplatform realtime MIDI I/O library is also provided.

2017-11-11T07:31:58+00:00 misc/unicode-emoji Unicode emoji data files
The collection of emoji data files for UTR #51 Unicode Emoji.

Emoji are pictographs (pictorial symbols) that are typically presented
in a colorful form and used inline in text. They represent things such
as faces, weather, vehicles and buildings, food and drink, animals and
plants, or icons that represent emotions, feelings, or activities.

2017-11-10T22:21:18+00:00 audio/triceratops-lv2 Polyphonic synthesizer LV2 plugin
Triceratops is an analogue style polyphonic subtractive synthesizer plugin,
for use with the LV2 plug architecture, at this time there is no standalone
version. An up to date version of the LV2 library is required along with a
suitable host (e.g. Qtractor, Jalv, Ardour), I highly recommend either the
KXstudio distro or the KXstudio ubuntu repositories! The intention is for
this synth to be part of a suite including a drum machine (Stegosaurus) and
a wavetable synth (Dracorex), watch this space.

2017-11-10T22:16:48+00:00 audio/jalv-select Little app to select lv2 plugins to run with jalv
A little gtkmm GUI to select lv2 plugins from a list and run them with jalv.

* select jalv interpreter from combo box
* select LV2 plugin from list
* select preset to load from menu
* search plugins by regex or plugin class
* reload lilv world to catch new installed plugins or presets
* load plugin with selected preset
* minimize app to systray (global Hotkey SHIFT+ESCAPE)
* wake up app from systray (global Hotkey SHIFT+ESCAPE)
* left mouse click on systray to show or hide app
* right mouse click to show quit menu item
* command-line start-up options
* command-line runtime options
* keyboard shortcuts

2017-11-10T21:55:26+00:00 science/py-qspin Learn quantum spin and entanglement
This is a little package that will help with learning how quantum spin and
entanglement work. It is meant to complement some of the "theoretical
minimum" lectures and other web resources.
* Book: Quantum Mechanics - The Theoretical Minimum, Leanoard Susskind and
Art Friedman, Basic Books, 2014. (mostly chapters 6&7)
and lecture 7

2017-11-10T21:51:07+00:00 audio/fomp-lv2 LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons Adriaensen
Fomp is an LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons Adriaensen.

There are 13 plugins in total: 1 auto-wah, 1 EQ, 3 chorus, 5 filters, and
3 oscillators.

The plugin implementations are identical to their LADSPA forebears, except the
primary frequency port of oscillators and filters has been converted to Hz to
facilitate use in any host without assuming the hidden tuning frequency of
AlsaModularSynth. All other frequency ports remain as they were, using octaves
for faithful Moog-like modulation.

Aside from that, the main benefit of these LV2 ports is improved metadata: CV
ports are distinguishable from audio ports, controls have units where
applicable, documentation is built-in for display in host UIs, and so on.

The oscillators and filters are mainly useful in modular synthesizers, but since
CV ports are distinct from audio ports, they should work fine in non-modular
hosts as well.

2017-11-10T18:57:07+00:00 devel/pybind11 Seamless interoperability between C++11 and Python (cmake part)
A lightweight header-only library to create Python bindings of existing
C++ code. Its goals and syntax are similar to the excellent Boost.Python
library by David Abrahams: to minimize boilerplate code in traditional
extension modules by inferring type information using compile-time

This is the cmake part of pybind11.

2017-11-09T21:17:14+00:00 www/libresonic-standalone Subsonic streaming media server, standalone version
Libresonic is a web-based media streamer and jukebox fork of Subsonic.

Libresonic instantly transports your media to any HTTP connected device
regardless of bitrate. You can stream to multiple players simultaneously.
Libresonic is designed to handle very large music collections. By using
transcoder plug-ins, Libresonic supports on-the-fly conversion and streaming
of virtually any audio format, including MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, APE and more.

2017-11-09T07:21:44+00:00 net-p2p/monero-cli Private, secure, untraceable, decentralised digital currency (CLI)
Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. It is
open-source and accessible to all. With Monero, you are your own bank.
Only you control and are responsible for your funds. Your accounts and
transactions are kept private from prying eyes.

This is the command line interface from

2017-11-09T05:49:40+00:00 misc/cldr-emoji-annotation Emoji annotation files in CLDR
This package contains copies of CLDR annotation files for the versioned tarball:

2017-11-08T21:43:21+00:00 finance/electrum2 Easy to use Bitcoin client (legacy version)
Electrum is an easy to use Bitcoin client. It protects you from
losing coins in a backup mistake or computer failure, because your
wallet can be recovered from a secret phrase. There is no waiting
time when you start the client, because it does not download the
Bitcoin blockchain.

2017-11-08T18:53:49+00:00 www/py3-httplib2
2017-11-08T18:53:49+00:00 textproc/py3-qrcode
2017-11-08T18:53:49+00:00 security/py3-pyaes
2017-11-08T18:53:49+00:00 security/py3-pbkdf2
2017-11-08T18:53:49+00:00 devel/py3-protobuf
2017-11-08T07:58:51+00:00 sysutils/py-superlance Superlance plugins for supervisord
Superlance is a package of plugin utilities for monitoring and controlling
processes that run under supervisor.

2017-11-07T22:42:40+00:00 devel/libsimdpp Header-only zero-overhead C++ wrapper of SIMD instructions
libsimdpp is a portable header-only zero-overhead C++ wrapper around
single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) intrinsics found in many compilers.
The library presents a single interface over several instruction sets in
such a way that the same source code may be compiled for different instruction
sets. The resulting object files then may be hooked into internal dynamic
dispatch mechanism.

2017-11-07T22:38:01+00:00 audio/eteroj-lv2 OSC injection/ejection from/to UDP/TCP/Serial for LV2
LV2 plugin bundle from OpenMusicKontrollers:
* (De)Cloak
Embed OSC in MIDI Sysex messages. Use this to smuggle arbitrary OSC packets
via MIDI to a given destination.
* Control
This is an OSC learn plugin. It translates OSC messages directly to LV2
Control ports and features automatic range detection.
* Disk
Record/Playback of OSC to/from disk. Record all incoming OSC message with
sample accuracy and play them back later from disk.
* IO
A plugin able to inject/eject OSC packets into/from the plugin graph to/from
network and serial lines.
* Ninja
Embed Turtle RDF in OSC as string. Use this to smuggle arbitrary LV2 atom
messages via OSC to a given destination.
* (Un)Pack
Embed arbitrary 1-3 byte MIDI commands (but Sysex) in OSC messages. Use this
to send MIDI commands via OSC to a given destination.
* Query
This plugin implements our OSC Introspect specification. It thus exports any
methods and parameters of a given OSC device transparently to LV2 properties.

2017-11-07T22:22:11+00:00 audio/luppp Live looping music creation tool
Luppp is a music creation tool, intended for live use. The focus is on real
time processing and a fast and intuitive workflow. With extensive MIDI mapping
support, you can get looping just how you like! Luppp was formally announced
at the Linux Audio Conference 2012 at CCRMA, Stanford University.

2017-11-07T21:50:50+00:00 security/nyx Command-line monitor for Tor
Nyx is a command-line monitor for Tor. With this you can get detailed real-time
information about your relay such as bandwidth usage, connections, logs, and
much more.

2017-11-07T20:34:37+00:00 security/py-btchip-python Python communication library for Ledger Hardware Wallet
Python communication library for Ledger Hardware Wallet.

2017-11-07T19:07:07+00:00 devel/py-jsonrpclib-pelix JSON-RPC over HTTP that mirrors xmlrpclib syntax
This project is an implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification
(backwards-compatible) as a client library. This version is a fork of jsonrpclib
by Josh Marshall, usable with Pelix remote services.

2017-11-07T11:11:48+00:00 devel/aphpunit Testing framework for unit tests
APHPUnit is a regression testing framework for PHP unit tests.
It removes many limitations the standard literature about
testing declares for years while making tests very fast.

2017-11-06T18:51:08+00:00 textproc/fzy Interactive fuzzy text selector for the terminal
Fuzzy finder written on C. fzy is faster and shows better results than other
fuzzy finders. Most other fuzzy matchers sort based on the length of a match.
fzy tries to find the result the user intended. It does this by favouring
matches on consecutive letters and starts of words. This allows matching using
acronyms or different parts of the path. fzy is designed to be used both as an
editor plugin and on the command line. Rather than clearing the screen, fzy
displays its interface directly below the current cursor position, scrolling
the screen if necessary.

2017-11-06T14:17:56+00:00 www/node8 V8 JavaScript for client and server (8.x LTS)
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript
engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that
makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js' package ecosystem,
npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

2017-11-06T07:53:40+00:00 x11/pcdm QT5 based display manager for FreeBSD
QT5 based display manager for FreeBSD

2017-11-06T07:51:57+00:00 sysutils/trueos-libqt5 TrueOS QT5 Library
TrueOS QT5 Library

2017-11-06T07:50:18+00:00 sysutils/qsudo Qt sudo front-end
TrueOS Qt sudo front-end.

2017-11-06T07:48:22+00:00 sysutils/pc-networkmanager TrueOS Qt based network manager
TrueOS Qt Network Manager

2017-11-06T07:43:50+00:00 x11-themes/lumina-themes Lumina desktop wallpapers/colors
Collection of high-resolution wallpapers and Qt5 color schemes
from the Lumina desktop project.

2017-11-06T07:40:23+00:00 net-im/gitterdone Gitter Client based on Qt5
GitterDone: A Qt5 front-end to the "Gitter" communications system

2017-11-06T06:40:39+00:00 devel/py-grpcio-tools Protobuf code generator for gRPC
Protobuf code generator for gRPC.

2017-11-05T11:40:37+00:00 security/tinc-devel Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunnelling and
encryption to create a secure private network between hosts on the Internet.

Because the tunnel appears to the IP level network code as a normal network
device, there is no need to adapt any existing software. This tunnelling
allows VPN sites to share information with each other over the Internet
without exposing any information to others.

A single tinc daemon can accept more than one connection at a time, thus
making it possible to create larger virtual networks, because some
limitations are circumvented.

Instead of most other VPN implementations, tinc encapsulates each network
packet in its own UDP packet, instead of encapsulating all into one TCP or
even PPP over TCP stream. This results in lower latencies, less overhead,
and in general better responsiveness and throughput.

LICENSE: GPL3 or later with execption to link with OpenSSL

2017-11-04T20:57:49+00:00 audio/infamous-plugins-lv2 LV2 plugins for various sound effects
Infamous Plugins is a collection of open-source LV2 plugins. It fills some
holes, supplying non-existing plugins for linux audio.

* Cellular Automaton Synth
* Envelope Follower
* Hip2B
* Cheap Distortion
* Stuck
* Power Cut
* Power Up
* EWham
* Duffer
* Lush Life
* Bent Delat

2017-11-04T19:48:14+00:00 x11-toolkits/ntk Fork of FLTK 1.3.0 which adds graphics rendering via Cairo, etc
NTK is a fork of FLTK 1.3.0 which adds graphics rendering via
Cairo, support for transparent/overlapping widgets, streamlining
of internals, and some new/improved widgets.

2017-11-04T13:53:23+00:00 audio/rtaudio C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio input/output
A set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio input/output
across Linux (native ALSA, JACK, PulseAudio and OSS), Macintosh OS X
(CoreAudio and JACK), and Windows (DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI) operating

2017-11-04T13:49:06+00:00 devel/py-fastnumbers Super-fast and clean conversions to numbers
py-fastnumbers provides:
* drop-in replacements for the Python built-in int and float that on
average are up to 2x faster
* a set of convenience functions that wrap the above int and float replacements
and provides easy, concise, powerful, fast and flexible error handling
* a set of functions that can be used to rapidly identify if an input could be
converted to int or float

2017-11-04T13:35:45+00:00 devel/py-pybloomfiltermmap Fast Python Bloom Filter using Mmap
The goal of pybloomfiltermmap is simple: to provide a fast, simple,
scalable, correct library for Bloom Filters in Python.

2017-11-03T17:09:20+00:00 games/tty-solitaire Play solitaire in your terminal
Ncurses-based klondike solitaire game

2017-11-03T16:27:30+00:00 www/privatebin Simple end-to-end encrypting zero-knowledge paste-bin server
PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server
has zero knowledge of pasted data.

Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256bit AES in Galois
Counter mode.

This is a fork of ZeroBin, originally developed by Sebastien Sauvage.
It was refactored to allow easier and cleaner extensions and has now much
more features than the original. It is however still fully compatible to
the original ZeroBin 0.19 data storage scheme. Therefore such installations
can be upgraded to this fork without losing any data.

Since the Javascript code that performs the encryption must be protected
during transmission, access to PrivateBin must only be possible over
HTTPS (e.g. enforced by use of HSTS and/or HPKP).

See for
configuration options available in "cfg/conf.php".

2017-11-02T16:28:06+00:00 www/UniversalFeedCreator RSS and Atom feed generator by Kai Blankenhorn
RSS and Atom feed generator by Kai Blankenhorn

2017-11-02T06:09:42+00:00 sysutils/py-filelock Platform independent file lock
This package contains a single module, which implements a platform
independent file lock in Python.

The lock includes a lock counter and is thread safe. This means,
when locking the same lock object twice, it will not block.

2017-11-01T23:03:20+00:00 deskutils/gpicker Program allowing to quickly pick a file in a large project
gpicker is a program that allows you to quickly and conveniently pick file
in a (possibly very large) project. You type significant letters of file name
(typically from the start of words) and gpicker provides you with a list of
files you most likely mean to pick. The program filters and orders project's
list of files in real-time as you type.

2017-11-01T22:59:24+00:00 audio/foo-yc20 Faust implementation of a 1969-designed Yamaha combo organ, the YC-20
This is a Faust implementation of a 1969-designed Yamaha combo organ, the
YC-20. In addition to the Faust code, it has a Gtkmm UI with Jack audio
and midi support.

Original YC-20 organs have a touch vibrato control, which is vibrato induced by
horizontal movement of the keys. As there very few (almost none) midi keyboards
which produce such information, this feature has been left out of the emulation.
Instead of the touch vibrato control, the control panel hosts a "realism"

2017-11-01T20:20:45+00:00 audio/py-pysndfile Cython wrapper class for reading/writing soundfiles using libsndfile
pysndfile is a python package providing PySndfile, a Cython wrapper class
around libsndfile. PySndfile provides methods for reading and writing a
large variety of soundfile formats on a variety of plattforms. PySndfile
provides a rather complete access to the different sound file manipulation
options that are available in libsndfile.

Due to the use of libsndfile nearly all sound file formats, (besides mp3
and derived formats) can be read and written with PySndfile.

The interface has been designed such that a rather large subset of the
functionality of libsndfile can be used, notably the reading and writing of
strings into soundfile formats that support these, and a number of sf_commands
that allow to control the way libsndfile reads and writes the samples. One of
the most important ones is the use of the clipping command.

2017-10-31T22:55:39+00:00 sysutils/smart Output disk SMART values
The format and location of SMART / health data varies across protocols. To
simplify the output, this application uses a Dumb Unified Model of SMART
Buffers. In this model, SMART data is located in one or more log pages. Each
page contains one or more values ("attributes") differentiated by an ID. Note
that ID's are only unique within a log page. Thus, the application outputs:

<Log Page ID> <Attribute ID> <Attribute value>

for each selected attribute.

See the shell scripts atasmart, nvmesmart, and scsismart for examples of parsing
the output.

2017-10-31T20:30:15+00:00 java/wildfly11 Replacement for JBoss Application Server
WildFly is a flexible, lightweight, managed application
runtime that helps you build amazing applications.
WildFly - new name for JBoss Application Server

Fast Startup
Small Footprint
Modular Design
Unified Configuration and Management

And of course Java EE!

2017-10-31T15:45:59+00:00 www/p5-WebService-MusicBrainz0 Perl interface to MusicBrainz
This is a Perl interface to the MusicBrainz API.

2017-10-30T09:44:12+00:00 audio/cava Console-based Audio Visualizer for MPD, PulseAudio, and sndio
C.A.V.A. is a bar spectrum audio visualizer for the terminal using
PulseAudio, sndio or fifo buffer for input.

This program is not intended for scientific use. It's written to look
responsive and aesthetic when used to visualize music.

2017-10-30T07:36:01+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-ext2 FUSE module to mount ext2, ext3 and ext4 with read write support
Fuse-ext2 is a multi OS FUSE module to mount ext2, ext3 and ext4 file system
devices and/or images with read write support.

2017-10-29T17:54:47+00:00 net/p5-IPv6-Address IPv6 Address Manipulation Library
IPv6 Address Manipulation Library

2017-10-29T09:20:57+00:00 graphics/gmic-qt Versatile Qt front-end to GMIC
G'MIC-Qt is a versatile front-end to the image processing framework G'MIC.
It is in fact a plugin for GIMP, as well as a standalone application.

2017-10-28T12:17:49+00:00 astro/sunwait Calculate sunrise and sunset
Sunwait is a small C program for calculating sunrise and sunset, as well as
civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights. It has features that make it
useful for home automation tasks.

2017-10-27T15:52:10+00:00 java/jattach JVM dynamic attach utility
The utility to send commands to remote JVM via Dynamic Attach mechanism.
All-in-one jmap + jstack + jcmd + jinfo functionality in a single tiny program.
No installed JDK required, works with just JRE.

This is the lightweight native version of HotSpot Attach API

2017-10-27T15:48:10+00:00 x11-toolkits/qtermwidget-l10n Translations of Qtermwidget
Translations of QTermWidget

2017-10-27T15:31:57+00:00 comms/tio Simple TTY terminal I/O application
Simple TTY terminal application which features a straightforward
commandline interface to easily connect to TTY devices for basic

2017-10-27T11:58:20+00:00 devel/hexd Colourful, human-friendly hexdump tool
hexd prints a human-readable hexdump of the specified files, or
standard input if omitted. Its main distinguishing feature is the use
of colours to visually indicate which range of values an octet belongs
to, aiding in spotting patterns in binary data.

2017-10-27T10:15:27+00:00 devel/codeblocks-devel Open source, cross-platform, free C/C++ IDE
Code::Blocks is an open source, cross-platform and free C/C++ IDE.
It is build using the wxWidgets GUI library.

The WEB site states:
"Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built specifically to meet
the most demanding needs of its users. It was designed, right
from the start, to be extensible and configurable."

2017-10-26T22:34:30+00:00 devel/llbuild Low-level build system, used by the Swift Package Manager
llbuild is a set of libraries for building build systems. Unlike most build
system projects which focus on the syntax for describing the build, llbuild
is designed around a reusable, flexible, and scalable general purpose build
engine capable of solving many "build system"-like problems. The project
also includes additional libraries on top of that engine which provide
support for constructing bespoke build systems (like swift build) or for
building from Ninja manifests.

2017-10-26T11:34:01+00:00 www/py-requests-cache Persistent cache for requests library
Requests-cache is a transparent persistent cache for requests (version
>= 1.1.0) library.


* Transparent caching
* Persistence (with support for SQLite, MongoDB or Redis)
* Cached object expiration

2017-10-25T16:12:04+00:00 dns/bind912 BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and DNS64
BIND version 9 is a major rewrite of nearly all aspects of the underlying BIND
architecture. Some of the important features of BIND 9 are:

DNS Security: DNSSEC (signed zones), TSIG (signed DNS requests)
IP version 6: Answers DNS queries on IPv6 sockets, IPv6 resource records (AAAA)
Experimental IPv6 Resolver Library
DNS Protocol Enhancements: IXFR, DDNS, Notify, EDNS0
Improved standards conformance
Views: One server process can provide multiple "views" of the DNS namespace,
e.g. an "inside" view to certain clients, and an "outside" view to others.
Multiprocessor Support

See the CHANGES file for more information on new features.

2017-10-25T15:08:50+00:00 net/file2pcap Tool to make packet captures containing the content of specified file
The File2pcap tool allows you to make various types of packet captures
containing the content of any file that you specify.

Supported protocols: HTTP, HTTP/2, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP

2017-10-25T03:01:56+00:00 sysutils/mkdesktop Set up any desktop under FreeBSD with ease
Easily set up a desktop under FreeBSD using ncurses.

2017-10-23T20:46:08+00:00 security/pwned-check Check whether password is known to have been exposed in a data breach
Pwned Passwords are hundreds of millions of real world passwords exposed in
data breaches. This exposure makes them unsuitable for ongoing use as they
are at much greater risk of being used to take over other accounts.

This script offers 2 methods to check whether a password has been exposed
in an uncovered breach:

1) Online check implemented in such a way that the password to be checked
does not need to be sent to the remote database server.

2) Local check against a copy of the pawned passwords database.

Since the local copy of the database requires nearly 20 GB of disk space
(and a download of more than 10 GB of compressed data) the access via the
online check should be preferred, if the compatible with operational and
security requirements.

2017-10-23T06:49:03+00:00 net/deviceatlas-enterprise-c DeviceAtlas Device Detection C API
DeviceAtlas Device Detection C API

DeviceAtlas provides industrial grade device identification using HTTP
headers, and by adding device intelligence to HAProxy a richer
configuration is possible, allowing administrators to make decisions
based on device type amongst other properties.

2017-10-22T15:35:25+00:00 graphics/pixd Visualize binary data in terminal
Pixd visualizes binary data by mapping each octet to a colour
according to a palette, displaying the octet at a given number of
columns per line.

2017-10-22T01:34:21+00:00 mail/spfmilter SPF milter for sendmail
Spfmilter implements the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) as a sendmail
milter, using either the libspf or libspf2 libraries.

2017-10-21T21:12:03+00:00 www/elixir-html_sanitize_ex HTML sanitizer for Elixir
html_sanitize_ex provides a fast and straightforward HTML Sanitizer
written in Elixir which lets you include HTML authored by third-parties
in your web application while protecting against XSS.

2017-10-21T20:22:31+00:00 devel/elixir-trailing_format_plug Elixir plug to support rails-like trailing format in APIs
An Elixir plug to support legacy APIs that use a rails-like trailing

2017-10-21T19:59:00+00:00 devel/elixir-cachex Caching library for Elixir
A powerful caching library for Elixir with support for transactions,
fallbacks, and expirations.

2017-10-21T19:55:38+00:00 devel/elixir-eternal Elixir supervisor for ETS tables
Keep your ETS tables running forever using bouncing GenServers in

2017-10-21T19:53:08+00:00 devel/elixir-deppie Deprecation logger for Elixir
Deppie is a minimal deprecation logger for Elixir. The intent is
to provide a very fast way to emit a deprecation message the first
time a function is called.

2017-10-21T16:57:53+00:00 biology/iqtree Efficient phylogenomic software by maximum likelihood
IQ-TREE is efficient and versatile phylogenomic software, created as the
successor of IQPNNI and TREE-PUZZLE (thus the name IQ-TREE). Development was
motivated by the rapid accumulation of phylogenomic data, leading to a need for
efficient phylogenomic software that can handle a large amount of data and
provide more complex models of sequence evolution. To this end, IQ-TREE can
utilize multicore computers and distributed parallel computing to speed up the
analysis. IQ-TREE automatically performs checkpointing to resume an interrupted

As input IQ-TREE accepts all common sequence alignment formats including PHYLIP,
FASTA, Nexus, Clustal and MSF. As output IQ-TREE will write a self-readable
report file (name suffix .iqtree), a NEWICK tree file (.treefile) which can be
visualized by tree viewer programs such as FigTree, Dendroscope or iTOL.

2017-10-20T16:01:58+00:00 net-im/pidgin-rocketchat Rocket.Chat Plugin for libpurple
pidgin-rocketchar is libpurple plugin which adds support for Rocket.Char
to the users who use pidgin

2017-10-20T06:52:03+00:00 games/open-adventure Modernized version of the original Colossal Cave Adventure game
The original Colossal Cave Adventure from 1976 was the origin of all text
adventures, dungeon-crawl (computer) games, and computer-hosted role-playing

This is the last version released by Crowther & Woods, its original authors,
in 1995. It has been known as "adventure 2.5" and "430-point adventure".

2017-10-20T00:01:04+00:00 devel/py-cdg Library for working with call- and data-flow graphs
``cdg`` is a library for working with call- and data-flow graphs.

2017-10-19T20:35:31+00:00 dns/p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Mock Mock a DNS Resolver object for testing
Net::DNS::Resolver::Mock is a subclass of Net::DNS::Resolver which parses a
zonefile for it's data source. Primarily for use in testing.

2017-10-19T17:41:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-strong_migrations Catch unsafe migrations at dev time
This gem catches the following unsafe migrations:
- adding a column with a non-null default value to an existing table
- changing the type of a column
- renaming a table
- renaming a column
- removing a column
- adding an index non-concurrently (Postgres only)
- adding a json column to an existing table (Postgres only)

2017-10-19T17:41:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-statsd-ruby Ruby Statsd client that is not port of the Python implementation
statsd-ruby is statsd client, written in, you guessed it, Ruby. Is is not a
direct port of the Python example code. Statsd is a daemon for easy, but
powerful stats aggregation.

2017-10-19T17:41:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-nsa-rails5 Deliver Rails ActiveSupport::Notifications to a Statsd backend
Listen to Rails ActiveSupport::Notifications and deliver to a Statsd backend.
This gem also supports writing your own custom collectors.

2017-10-19T13:10:48+00:00 graphics/ptex Per face texture library
Ptex is a per-face texture mapping system developed
by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Ptex applies a separate texture to each face of a polygon mesh.
It's file format can efficiently store hundreds of thousands
of texture images in a single file.

2017-10-18T22:48:43+00:00 mail/py-afew Initial tagging script for Notmuch mail
This is an initial tagging script for notmuch mail.

Its basic task is to provide automatic tagging each time new
mail is registered with notmuch. In a classic setup, you might
call it after 'notmuch new' in an offlineimap post sync hook.

It can do basic thing such as adding tags based on email headers
or maildir folders, handling killed threads and spam.

In move mode, afew will move mails between maildir folders
according to configurable rules that can contain arbitrary
notmuch queries to match against any searchable attributes.

2017-10-18T14:47:06+00:00 deskutils/noti Trigger notifications when a process completes
Trigger notifications when a process completes.

Never sit and wait for some long-running process to finish! noti will
alert you when it's done-on your computer or smartphone-so you can
stop worrying about constantly checking the terminal.

2017-10-17T09:12:06+00:00 devel/tokei Display statistics about your code
Tokei is a program that displays statistics about your code. Tokei
will show number of files, total lines within those files and code,
comments, and blanks grouped by language.

It is fast, supports over 100 languages, and correctly handles multi
line comments, nested comments, while ignoring comments that are in
strings, providing accurate code statistics.

2017-10-17T07:37:56+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-libs3 FUSE library version 3 for filesystems implemented in userspace
FUSE makes it possible to implement a filesystem in a userspace program.

This version 3 of the fuse library is not compatible with file-systems
developed for version 2.

2017-10-14T18:43:15+00:00 java/linux-oracle-jre9 Oracle Java ${JRE_VERSION} Runtime Environment for Linux
The Oracle Java 9 Runtime Environment for Linux.

2017-10-14T18:41:06+00:00 java/linux-oracle-jdk9 Oracle Java ${JDK_VERSION} Development Kit for Linux
The Oracle Java Development Kit 9 for Linux.

2017-10-14T13:15:15+00:00 dns/dns2blackhole Malware Prevention through Domain Blocking
Malware Prevention through Domain Blocking (Black Hole)

dns2blackhole is a set of Bourne Shell csh scripts that fetch host files
from public host file providers that contain the FQDN [ Fully Qualified
Domain Names ] of sites that fall into the following categories, adware,
malware, exploit, hijackers, harvesters, tracking, phishing, fake news,
fraud, spam, sex, porn, gambling, advertisements, misleading marketing,
illegal pharmacy, warez/piracy and others. The output of the dns2blackhole
scripts is fed directly into the ports/package versions of unbound, named,
and dnsmask DNS servers to block those FQDN thus protecting user
devices from being compromised or bothered seeing things of no interest.
The base built-in version of unbound titled "local_unbound" can also be
configured to work using the dns2blackhole method. This black hole method
is another layer of protection that you can customize to your needs.

2017-10-14T12:58:24+00:00 net/traefik High availability reverse proxy and load balancer
Traefik (pronounced like traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load
balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends
(Docker, Swarm mode, Kubernetes, Marathon, Consul, Etcd, Rancher, Amazon ECS,
and a lot more) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.

2017-10-14T10:49:43+00:00 devel/arduino-openglcd GLCD Graphical LCD Library
A Graphical LCD library for Arduino

openGLCD makes it easy to use Graphical LCDs (GLCD) with Arduino.
The library supports several different Arduino platforms and is
easy to integrate with different glcd panels. The configuration
mechanism allows using a broad range of GLCD panels and Arduino

2017-10-14T07:21:17+00:00 mail/py-premailer Turns CSS blocks into style attributes
Python module to support CSS and HTML-based email formatting.

2017-10-14T07:09:11+00:00 net-mgmt/py-pynsca Python NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) library
Implements an NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) client in Python.

2017-10-13T06:12:53+00:00 net/cppzmq C++ bindings for 0MQ
C++ bindings for 0MQ

2017-10-13T00:37:31+00:00 math/rexx-regmath Two mathematics libraries for Rexx
RxMath duplicates the interface of IBM's RxMath library, as well as the
library that comes with ARexx (known here as RexxMath).

Note that any scripts which load RxMath or RexxMath must be run with the
'regina' command, rather than 'rexx'; the latter does not support the use
of external function packages.

2017-10-12T19:30:51+00:00 comms/flcluster Management tool for accessing dxcluster nodes
flcluster is a stand alone dx cluster client that will also connect to fldigi
and act as the dx cluster client for fldigi. Multiple instances of flcluster
can simultaneously connect to fldigi, and fldigi's internal dx cluster client
can also be connected at the same time. Connectivity is via a socket interface,
so flclient can reside on the same or a different computer on the LAN or WAN
so long as it is possible to establish the socket (xmlrpc) connection.

Join linuxham or NBEMSham at or win-fldigi at Yahoo group for
support, news and updates on W1HKJ software:

2017-10-12T19:00:13+00:00 databases/py-zodbpickle Python pickling interface for ZODB
zodbpickle presents a uniform pickling interface for ZODB:
- Under Python2, this package forks both Python 2.7's pickle and cPickle
modules, adding support for the protocol 3 opcodes. It also provides a new
subclass of bytes, zodbpickle.binary, which Python2 applications can use to
pickle binary values such that they will be unpickled as bytes under Py3k.
- Under Py3k, this package forks the pickle module (and the supporting C
extension) from both Python 3.2 and Python 3.3. The fork add support for the
noload operations used by ZODB.

2017-10-12T18:34:47+00:00 www/py-requests-file Transport adapter for use with the Requests Python library
Requests-File is a transport adapter for use with the Requests Python
library to allow local filesystem access via file:// URLs.

2017-10-12T17:53:12+00:00 devel/py-pid Pidfile management for Python
Pidfile featuring stale detection and file-locking, can also be used as
context-manager or decorator.

2017-10-12T17:41:24+00:00 devel/py-dateutils Various utilities for working with date and datetime objects
Various utilities for working with date and datetime objects

2017-10-12T17:30:49+00:00 archivers/py-czipfile Fast C-based zipfile decryption for Python
czipfile is a replacement for Python's builtin "zipfile" module, and
provides much faster, C-based zipfile decryption. The code is actually
95% identical to Python 2.6.5's Lib/, with some very minor
modifications to allow it to compile in Cython, and the _ZipDecrypter
class adapted to take advantage of native C datatypes.

2017-10-12T14:02:39+00:00 databases/zabbix34-libzbxpgsql Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
This project provides comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a
natively compiled Zabbix agent module, written in C.

The module enables discovery and monitoring of tablespaces, databases,
namespaces, tables, indexes, etc.

2017-10-12T13:20:23+00:00 textproc/xsv-rs Fast CSV toolkit
xsv is a suite of command line utilities for indexing, slicing,
analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files.

2017-10-12T11:00:49+00:00 security/cvechecker Check CVE database for vulnerabilities affecting installed packages
The goal of cvechecker is to report about possible vulnerabilities on your
system, by scanning a list of installed software and matching results with
the CVE database.

This is not a bullet-proof method and you may have many false positives (ie:
vulnerability is fixed with a revision-release, but the tool isn't able to
detect the revision itself), yet it is still better than nothing, especially
if you are running a distribution with little security coverage.

2017-10-12T08:12:13+00:00 www/caddy Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS
Caddy is a powerful, enterprise-ready, open source web server with automatic
HTTPS written in Go.


- Easy configuration with the Caddyfile
- Powerful configuration with JSON config
- Dynamic configuration with a JSON API
- Config adapters if you don't like JSON
- Automatic HTTPS by default
- ACME (Let's Encrypt) for public sites
- Fully-managed local CA for internal names and IPs
- Can coordinate with other Caddy instances in a cluster
- HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and experimental HTTP/3 support
- Actually fun to use

2017-10-12T06:44:55+00:00 security/py-btchip Python communication library for Ledger Hardware Wallet
Python communication library for Ledger Hardware Wallet.

2017-10-11T22:35:28+00:00 security/py-trezor Client side implementation for TREZOR Bitcoin hardware wallets
Client side implementation for TREZOR-compatible Bitcoin hardware wallets.

2017-10-11T22:35:04+00:00 security/py-mnemonic Implementation of Bitcoin BIP-0039
This BIP describes the implementation of a mnemonic code or mnemonic sentence (a
group of easy to remember words) for the generation of deterministic wallets.

It consists of two parts: generating the mnenomic, and converting it into a
binary seed. This seed can be later used to generate deterministic wallets using
BIP-0032 or similar methods.

2017-10-11T22:34:31+00:00 comms/py-hidapi Cython interface to comms/hidapi
Cython interface to comms/hidapi.

2017-10-10T11:47:19+00:00 security/openssl-unsafe Unsafe SSL and crypto library
The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust,
commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing
the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security
(TLS v1) protocols with full-strength cryptography world-wide. The
project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use
the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenSSL tookit
and its related documentation.

OpenSSL is based on the excellent SSLeay library developed by Eric
A. Young and Tim J. Hudson. The OpenSSL toolkit is licensed under
an Apache-style licence, which basically means that you are free
to get and use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes subject
to some simple license conditions.

This version of OpenSSL enables all possible features of OpenSSL.
The libraries and binaries in this port must be considered vulnerable
with known exploits available. Use for testing/scanning only.

2017-10-10T11:16:33+00:00 textproc/p5-String-Tagged-Terminal Format terminal output using String::Tagged
The subclass of String::Tagged provides a method, build_terminal, for outputting
the formatting tags embedded in the string as terminal escape sequences, to
render the the output in the appropriate style.

2017-10-10T11:16:12+00:00 textproc/p5-String-Tagged Sstring buffers with value tags on extents
String::Tagged implements an object class, instances of which store a (mutable)
string buffer that supports tags. A tag is a name/value pair that applies to
some non-empty extent of the underlying string.

The types of tag names ought to be strings, or at least values that are
well-behaved as strings, as the names will often be used as the keys in hashes
or applied to the eq operator.

The types of tag values are not restricted - any scalar will do. This could be a
simple integer or string, ARRAY or HASH reference, or even a CODE reference
containing an event handler of some kind.

Tags may be arbitrarily overlapped. Any given offset within the string has in
effect, a set of uniquely named tags. Tags of different names are independent.
For tags of the same name, only the latest, shortest tag takes effect.

2017-10-10T11:16:07+00:00 graphics/p5-Convert-Color-XTerm Indexed colors used by XTerm
This subclass of Convert::Color::RGB8 provides lookup of the colors that xterm
uses by default. Note that the module is not intelligent enough to actually
parse the XTerm configuration on a machine, nor to query a running terminal for
its actual colors. It simply implements the colors that are present as defaults
in the XTerm source code.

It implements the complete 256-color model in XTerm.

2017-10-08T15:37:03+00:00 security/git-remote-gcrypt PGP-encrypt git remotes
git-remote-gcrypt is a git remote helper to push and pull from
repositories encrypted with GnuPG. It works with the standard git
transports, including repository hosting services like GitHub.

2017-10-08T12:33:16+00:00 devel/py-subprocess32 Backport of the subprocess module from Python 3
This is a backport of the Python 3 subprocess module for use on Python 2. This
code has not been tested on Windows or other non-POSIX platforms.

subprocess32 includes many important reliability bug fixes relevant on POSIX
platforms. The most important of which is a C extension module used internally
to handle the code path between fork() and exec(). This module is reliable when
an application is using threads.

2017-10-07T18:40:56+00:00 converters/ Bencoding and bdecoding implementation
This package simply re-packages the existing bencoding and bdecoding
implementation from the 'official' BitTorrent client as a separate,
light-weight package for re-using them without having the entire BitTorrent
software as a dependency.

2017-10-07T18:31:16+00:00 x11/urxvt-font-size Perl extension for rxvt-unicode terminal emulator to change font size
A perl extension for rxvt-unicode that allows changing the font size on the fly
with keyboard shortcuts

2017-10-05T18:35:51+00:00 net-mgmt/pdagent-integrations PagerDuty integrations for monitoring monitoring tools
This project contains integrations for various monitoring tools with
the PagerDuty Agent.

It currently includes support for:


2017-10-05T16:35:17+00:00 emulators/mgba Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator/debugger
A modern open source Game Boy Advance emulator, with support for Game
Boy and Game Boy Color games as well. The project started in April
2013 with the goal of being fast enough to run on lower end hardware
than other emulators support, without sacrificing accuracy or
portability. Other goals include accurate enough emulation to provide
a development environment for homebrew software, a good workflow for
tool-assist runners, and a modern feature set for emulators that older
emulators may not support.

2017-10-04T17:12:42+00:00 java/openjfx8-scenebuilder JavaFX Scene Builder
JavaFX Scene Builder provides a visual layout environment that lets
you quickly design user interfaces for JavaFX applications without
needing to write any code.

It allows simple drag-and-drop positioning of GUI components onto a
JavaFX scene. As you build the layout of your UI, the FXML code for
the layout is automatically generated. It provides a simple yet
intuitive interface that can help even non-programmers to quickly
prototype interactive applications that connect GUI components to the
application logic.

2017-10-03T23:37:18+00:00 sysutils/puppetserver5 Puppet Server running in the JVM
Puppet master is a Ruby application that compiles configurations
for any number of Puppet agent nodes, using Puppet code and various
other data sources. (For more info, see Overview of Puppet's

Puppet Server is an application that runs on the Java Virtual Machine
(JVM) and provides the same services as the classic Puppet master
application. It mostly does this by running the existing Puppet
master code in several JRuby interpreters, but it replaces some
parts of the classic application with new services written in

2017-10-03T17:33:35+00:00 devel/p5-Util-Any Export any utilities and create your own utility module
For the people like the man who cannot remember uniq function is in
whether List::Util or List::MoreUtils. And for the newbie who don't know
where useful utilities is.

2017-10-03T17:21:17+00:00 devel/p5-List-Pairwise Map/grep arrays and hashes pairwise
List::Pairwise provides functions to map and grep lists two elements at
a time, setting $a and $b to each pair instead of setting $_ to each

2017-10-03T16:55:20+00:00 devel/p5-ExportTo Export any function/method to any namespace
This module allow you to export/override subroutine/method to one
namespace. It can be used for mix-in, for extension of modules not using

2017-10-02T18:24:00+00:00 www/py-requests-mock Mock out responses from the requests package
requests-mock provides a building block to stub out the HTTP requests portions
of your testing code.

2017-10-02T17:47:28+00:00 net/quagga-esr Free RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv2, BGP4, IS-IS route software
Quagga is a routing software suite, providing implementations of
OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1 and v2, RIPv3, BGPv4 and experemental ISIS
for Unix platforms, particularly FreeBSD and Linux and also NetBSD,
to mention a few. Quagga is a fork of GNU Zebra which was developed
by KunihiroIshiguro. The Quagga tree aims to build a more involved
community around Quagga than the current centralised model of GNU Zebra.

2017-10-01T14:44:15+00:00 sysutils/zrepl ZFS dataset replication tool
Cross-platform ZFS replication tool written in Go that supports
feature detection, bookmarks, and other new features.

2017-10-01T09:15:53+00:00 emulators/ppsspp-qt5-devel
2017-09-30T15:37:11+00:00 devel/py-testinfra Testinfra python module Serverspec-like for infrastructure testing
Testinfra test your infrastructures.

With Testinfra you can write unit tests in Python to test *actual state* of
your servers configured by management tools like Salt, Ansible, Puppet,
Chef and so on.

Testinfra aims to be a Serverspec equivalent in python and is written as
a plugin to the powerful Pytest test engine.

2017-09-30T15:13:32+00:00 security/sandsifter Processor fuzzer for x86 CPUs
The sandsifter audits x86 processors for hidden instructions and
hardware bugs, by systematically generating machine code to search
through a processor's instruction set, and monitoring execution for
anomalies. Sandsifter has uncovered secret processor instructions from
every major vendor; ubiquitous software bugs in disassemblers,
assemblers, and emulators; flaws in enterprise hypervisors; and both
benign and security-critical hardware bugs in x86 chips.

Run this program under sudo so that it will use the correct directories
to store its data.

2017-09-30T11:46:05+00:00 net/rubygem-fog-ovirt Module for the 'fog' gem to support oVirt platform
Fog::Ovirt is a module for the 'fog' gem to support oVirt virtualization
management platform.

2017-09-30T11:45:43+00:00 www/rubygem-rbovirt Ruby client for oVirt REST API
rubygem-rbovirt is a Ruby client for oVirt REST API.

2017-09-30T11:09:19+00:00 net-mgmt/py-msrestazure Azure-specific AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime
AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime. Azure-specific module.

2017-09-30T10:59:11+00:00 net-mgmt/py-msrest AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime
The runtime library "msrest" for AutoRest generated Python clients.

2017-09-30T10:50:14+00:00 net-mgmt/py-adal Authentication to Azure Active Directory for Python applications
Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for Python

The ADAL for python library makes it easy for python applications to
authenticate to AAD in order to access AAD protected web resources.

2017-09-30T09:07:09+00:00 devel/R-cran-sfsmisc Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich
Useful utilities ['goodies'] from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich,
quite a few related to graphics; some were ported from S-plus.

2017-09-29T11:52:28+00:00 sysutils/lscpu Display information about the CPU architecture
lscpu gathers CPU architecture information about the current CPU. The
command output is optimized for parsing or for easy readability by
humans. The information includes, for example, the number of CPUs,
threads, cores, and sockets.

There is also information about the CPU caches, family, model,
byte order, and stepping.

2017-09-29T09:07:40+00:00 java/jakarta-commons-lang3 Jakarta library with helper utilities for the java.lang API
The standard Java libraries fail to provide enough methods for
manipulation of its core classes. The Lang Component provides
these extra methods.

The Lang Component provides a host of helper utilities for the
java.lang API, notably String manipulation methods, basic
numerical methods, object reflection, creation and serialization,
and System properties. Additionally it contains an inheritable
enum type, an exception structure that supports multiple types of
nested-Exceptions and a series of utlities dedicated to help with
building methods, such as hashCode, toString and equals.

2017-09-28T20:12:51+00:00 java/bootstrap-openjdk8 Java Development Kit 8
OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition.

Much of the OpenJDK code is licensed under the GPL version 2 with the
Classpath exception. The Java Hotspot virtual machine source code is
licensed under the GPL version 2 only.

2017-09-28T10:39:37+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-expressions Cucumber Expressions for Ruby
Cucumber Expressions are simple patterns for matching Step Definitions with
Gherkin steps.

Cucumber Expressions offer similar functionality to Regular Expressions, with
the following improvements:
- Improved readability
- Custom parameter types
- Expression generation

2017-09-28T10:38:58+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-tag_expressions Cucumber tag expressions for Ruby
Tag Expressions provide a simple query language for tags. The simplest tag
expression is simply a single tag.

2017-09-27T19:53:20+00:00 www/py-google-cloud-storage Python Client for Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage allows you to store data on Google infrastructure with
very high reliability, performance and availability, and can be used to
distribute large data objects to users via direct download.

2017-09-27T19:48:32+00:00 www/py-google-resumable-media Utilities for Google Media Downloads and Resumable Uploads
Utilities for Google Media Downloads and Resumable Uploads.

This package has some general purposes modules, e.g. common, but the majority
of the public interface will be contained in subpackages.

2017-09-27T19:37:31+00:00 www/py-google-cloud-core API Client library for Google Cloud: Core Helpers
This library is not meant to stand-alone. Instead it defines common helpers
(e.g. base Client classes) used by all of the google-cloud-* packages.

2017-09-27T19:21:52+00:00 devel/py-googleapis-common-protos Common protobufs used in Google APIs
googleapis-common-protos contains the python classes generated from the common
protos in the googleapis repository.

2017-09-27T18:58:58+00:00 www/py-google-auth Google Authentication Library
This library simplifies using Google's various server-to-server
authentication mechanisms to access Google APIs.

2017-09-27T16:00:42+00:00 x11-themes/sddm-freebsd-black-theme Simple SDDM theme inspired on the FBSD SLiM theme
Simple SDDM theme inspired on the FBSD SLiM theme.

This theme was created to make available an option to have a
branded x11/sddm. It is following the official FreeBSD logo and
colors. The FBSD SLiM theme was used as inpiration.

2017-09-27T05:02:16+00:00 java/bootstrap-openjdk6 Java Development Kit 6
OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition.

Much of the OpenJDK code is licensed under the GPL version 2 with the
Classpath exception. The Java Hotspot virtual machine source code is
licensed under the GPL version 2 only.

2017-09-26T19:16:02+00:00 devel/libght GeoHashTree library for storing and accessing multi-dimensional point clouds
A file format and library for storing and rapidly accessing point cloud data, in
particular LIDAR data.

GeoHashTree organizes points into a tree structure for fast spatial access. The
tree structure itself encodes the significant bits of at each node, so child nod
es can omit them. The result is a smaller file than if all the points were store
d with full precision. Each node includes statistical information about the chil
dren below (e.g. average/median Z value) permitting fast overview generation. Ad
ditional attributes are attached to the tree at parent nodes, below which all ch
ildren share the attribute value. This reduces duplicate data storage further.

The advantage of a GeoHashTree file over a LAS file is fast access and filtering
, since the tree encodes useful information at each node to speed searches over
the full set of points in the file. LASZ zipped files can be smaller, but will b
e less efficient at overviews, searching and sub-setting. GHT is a good working
format for applications that will be filtering and querying large sets of LIDAR

2017-09-26T19:13:49+00:00 archivers/lazperf Alternative LAZ implementation for C++ and JavaScript
Alternative LAZ implementation. It supports compilation and usage in JavaScript,
usage in database contexts such as pgpointcloud and Oracle Point Cloud, and it
executes faster than the LASzip codebase.

2017-09-26T17:51:47+00:00 databases/pointcloud LIDAR types for PostgreSQL
A PostgreSQL extension for storing point cloud (LIDAR) data.

2017-09-26T15:55:36+00:00 dns/p5-Net-LibIDN2 Perl bindings for GNU Libidn2
Net::LibIDN2 provides bindings for GNU Libidn2, a C library for handling
internationalized domain names based on IDNA 2008, Punycode and TR46.

2017-09-26T04:56:04+00:00 devel/py-buildbot-grid-view Buildbot Grid View plugin
This port is the Grid View Plugin for BuildBot. For the buildmaster,
install the devel/buildbot port.

For more information, please see:

2017-09-25T18:51:17+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng312 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2017-09-24T19:04:33+00:00 devel/rubygem-reentrant_flock Reentrant/recursive flock for Ruby
ReentrantFlock is a reentrant/recursive flock.

2017-09-24T19:03:53+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Util Moose::Util extensions
MooseX::Util is a utility module that handles all of the same functions that
Moose::Util handles. In fact, most of the functions exported by this package are
simply re-exports from Moose::Util, so you're recommended to read the
documentation of that module for a comprehensive view.

2017-09-24T19:03:25+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-TraitFor-Meta-Class-BetterAnonClassNames Metaclass trait to demystify generated anonymous class names
MooseX::TraitFor::Meta::Class::BetterAnonClassNames is a metaclass trait to
attempt to demystify generated anonymous class names.

2017-09-23T14:29:58+00:00 chinese/gcin-qt5 Traditional Chinese input utility in X
gcin is a Gtk Chinese INput application in X, well support in Traditional
Chinese(Big5) charsets.

2017-09-23T14:29:14+00:00 chinese/gcin-qt4 Traditional Chinese input utility in X
gcin is a Gtk Chinese INput application in X, well support in Traditional
Chinese(Big5) charsets.

2017-09-23T14:26:43+00:00 chinese/gcin-gtk3 Traditional Chinese input utility in X
gcin is a Gtk Chinese INput application in X, well support in Traditional
Chinese(Big5) charsets.

2017-09-22T22:03:32+00:00 devel/xtoolchain-llvm50
2017-09-22T15:49:40+00:00 net/rubygem-gitaly-proto Protobuf specifications and client libraries for Gitaly
Gitaly is part of GitLab. It is a server application that uses its own gRPC
protocol to communicate with its clients. This repository contains the protocol
definition and automatically generated wrapper code for Go and Ruby.

The .proto files define the remote procedure calls for interacting with Gitaly.
We keep auto-generated client libraries for Ruby and Go in their respective

Use the make generate script from the root of the repository to regenerate the
client libraries after updating .proto files.

2017-09-22T15:49:35+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape_logging Request logging for Grape
This gem provides simple request logging for Grape with just few lines of code
you have to put in your project! In return you will get response codes, paths,
parameters and more!

2017-09-22T14:57:41+00:00 shells/xonsh Python-ish BASH-wards shell
xonsh is a Python-ish, BASHwards-looking shell language and command prompt.

The language is a superset of Python 3.4+ with additional shell primitives.
xonsh (pronounced conch) is meant for the daily use of experts and novices

2017-09-21T14:33:48+00:00 devel/rubygem-bootstrap_form Form builder using Twitter Bootstrap 3+
Rails Bootstrap Forms is a rails form builder that makes it super easy to
integrate twitter bootstrap-style forms into your rails application.

2017-09-21T14:30:35+00:00 devel/rubygem-rails-i18n-4 Common locale data and translations for Rails i18n
A set of common locale data and translations to internationalize and/or localize
your Rails applications.

2017-09-20T16:31:19+00:00 devel/rubygem-xdg XDG Base Directory Standard Library for Ruby
XDG provides an easy to use Ruby library for working with XDG standards.

Presently, it only supports the XDG Base Directory Standard.

If your program utilizes user or system-wide support files (e.g. configuration
files), you owe it to yourself to checkout the XDG base directory standard.

You can learn more about the standard at:

2017-09-20T01:55:00+00:00 net/py-wmi-query Python scripts to get wmi data classes in a dict
Simple Python lib to get wmi data classes in a dict.
The script wmi_query make a query and print on the screen the wmi class object.
Both keys and values will be printed for each object returned by the query.

2017-09-19T19:48:30+00:00 databases/pgroonga Open-source fulltext search engine for PostGRESQL
PGroonga is a PostgreSQL extension. PGroonga provides a new index access
method that uses Groonga.

Groonga is an embeddable super fast full text search engine. It can be
embedded into MySQL. Mroonga is a storage engine that is based on Groonga.
Groonga can also work as standalone search engine.

PostgreSQL supports full text search against languages that use only
alphabet and digit. It means that PostgreSQL doesn't support full text
search against Japanese, Chinese and so on. You can use super fast full
text search feature against all languages by installing PGroonga into your

2017-09-19T16:49:12+00:00 databases/mroonga Open-source fulltext search engine for MySQL
Mroonga is a storage engine for MySQL. It provides fast fulltext search
feature for all languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean to all
MySQL users. Mroonga was called Groonga storage engine.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 x11/lumina-coreutils Lumina Desktop Environment
Core utilities for the Lumina Desktop.
This includes the following utilities:
* lumina-config (graphical interface for the desktop settings)
* lumina-xconfig (graphical interface for monitor settings)
* lumina-search (file/utility find and launch)

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 x11/lumina-core Lumina Desktop Environment
The Lumina Desktop Environment is a lightweight system interface that is
designed for use on any Unix-like operating system. It takes a
plugin-based approach, allowing the entire interface to be assembled or
arranged by each individual user as desired, with a system-wide default
layout which can be customized by the system administrator. This allows
every system (or user session) to be designed to maximize the individual
user's productivity.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-xdg-entry XDG desktop entry creator from the Lumina Desktop
XDG desktop entry creator from the Lumina Desktop.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-textedit Plaintext editor from the Lumina Desktop
Plaintext editor from the Lumina Desktop.
* Syntax highlighting for various file formats
* Multiple file support via tabs.
* Find/replace support
* Line numbers and line wrap support

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-screenshot Screenshot utility from the Lumina Desktop
Screenshot utility from the Lumina Desktop.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-notify Alarm/notification utility from the Lumina Desktop
Notification utility from the Lumina Desktop

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-mediaplayer Streaming media player from the Lumina Desktop
Streaming media player from the Lumina Desktop.
* Stream music from the Pandora online radio service (requires "pianobar")
* Find and play local audio/video file formats

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-fm Insight file manager from the Lumina Desktop
The Insight file manager from the Lumina Desktop.
* Standard File Manager Stuff (cut/copy/paste/move/rename files and directories)
* Bookmarks for commonly used locations on your system (great for saving
network shares accessed through /net)
* ZFS snapshot browsing - view/restore files from the past via a "time-slider"
* Multiple tab browser, with up to two side-by-side directories per tab
* Image slideshow - click through all the image files in a directory
* Multimedia Player - play multimedia files from a directory

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-fileinfo File properties utility from the Lumina Desktop
The file information utility from the Lumina Desktop.
This can be used to view details about individual files in addition to
permitting the user to easily modify XDG *.desktop entries.

NOTE: Installing this utility will enable more options within the insight file
manager lumina-fm, as well as the Lumina desktop itself lumina-core.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-calculator Scientific calculator from the Lumina Desktop
Scientific calculator from the Lumina Desktop.

2017-09-18T17:45:33+00:00 deskutils/lumina-archiver Archive manager from the Lumina Desktop
The archive manager from the Lumina desktop environment.
This is a graphical front-end to a couple base OS utilities:
* "tar" is used for all archive/file interactions
* "dd" is used for burning IMG files to removable devices.

2017-09-17T20:59:37+00:00 devel/pijul Distributed version control system
Pijul is a version control system based on patches, that can mimic the
behaviour and workflows of both Git and Darcs, but contrarily to those systems,
Pijul is based on a mathematically sound theory of patches.

Pijul was started out of frustration that no version control system was at the
same time fast and sound:

- Git has non-associative merges, which might lead to security problems.
Concretely, this means that the commits you merge might not be the same as
the ones you review and test.

- Handling of conflicts: Pijul has an explicit internal representation of
conflicts, a rock-solid theory of how they behave, and super-fast data
structures to handle them.

- Speed! The complexity of Pijul is low in all cases, whereas previous attempts
to build a mathematically sound distributed version control system had huge
worst-case complexities. The use of Rust additionally yields a blazingly fast

2017-09-17T18:38:38+00:00 print/epson-inkjet-printer-201601w CUPS filter for Seiko Epson Color Ink Jet Printers
This software is a filter program used with Common UNIX Printing
System (CUPS) from the Linux. This can supply the high quality print
with Seiko Epson Color Ink Jet Printers.

This printer driver is supporting the following printers.

2017-09-17T11:10:45+00:00 devel/py-pytest-cov Pytest plugin for measuring coverage
This plugin produces coverage reports. It supports centralised testing and
distributed testing in both load and each modes. It also supports coverage of

All features offered by the coverage package should be available, either through
pytest-cov or through coverage's config file.

2017-09-17T04:13:49+00:00 www/py-treq Requests-like API built on top of twisted.web's Agent
An HTTP library inspired by requests but written on top of Twisted's Agents.

It provides a simple, higher level API for making HTTP requests when using

2017-09-15T19:17:17+00:00 biology/p5-Bio-FeatureIO Handler for FeatureIO
Bio::FeatureIO is an iterator subsystem for genomic sequence features.

Bio::FeatureIO is a handler module for the formats in the FeatureIO set (eg,
Bio::FeatureIO::GFF). It is the officially sanctioned way of getting at the
format objects, which most people should use.

The Bio::FeatureIO system can be thought of like biological file handles. They
are attached to filehandles with smart formatting rules (eg, GFF format, or BED
format) and can either read or write feature objects (Bio::SeqFeature objects,
or more correctly, Bio::FeatureHolderI implementing objects, of which
Bio::SeqFeature is one such object). If you want to know what to do with a
Bio::SeqFeatureI object, read Bio::SeqFeatureI.

The idea is that you request a stream object for a particular format. All the
stream objects have a notion of an internal file that is read from or written
to. A particular FeatureIO object instance is configured for either input or
output. A specific example of a stream object is the Bio::FeatureIO::gff object.

2017-09-15T17:36:01+00:00 www/rubygem-rdf-normalize RDF Graph normalizer for Ruby
This is a Ruby implementation of a RDF Normalize for RDF.rb. It is a Graph
normalizer for the RDF.rb library suite. It generates normalized output for an
RDF Dataset using the algorithm defined in RDF Normalize. It also implements an
RDF Writer interface, which can be used to serialize normalized statements.

2017-09-15T17:32:31+00:00 textproc/rubygem-iso-639 ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 language code entries and convenience methods
ISO-639A is a Ruby gem that provides the ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-1 data sets along
with some convenience methods for accessing different entries and entry
fields. The data comes from the LOC ISO 639-2 UTF-8 data set.

The ISO 639-1 specification uses a two-letter code to identify a language and is
often the recommended way to identify languages in computer applications. The
ISO 639-1 specification covers most developed and widely used languages. The
ISO 639-2 (Wikipedia) specification uses a three-letter code, is used primarily
in bibliography and terminology and covers many more languages than the ISO
639-1 specification.

2017-09-15T17:27:35+00:00 converters/rubygem-json-ld JSON-LD reader/writer for Ruby
This gem parses and serializes JSON-LD into RDF and implements expansion,
compaction and framing API interfaces. It can now be used to create a context
from an RDFS/OWL definition, and optionally include a JSON-LD representation of
the ontology itself.

2017-09-15T17:27:35+00:00 converters/rubygem-json-ld-preloaded JSON-LD with preloaded contexts
This gem uses the preloading capabilities in JSON::LD::Context to create ruby
context definitions for common JSON-LD contexts to dramatically reduce
processing time when any preloaded context is used in a JSON-LD document. As a
consequence, changes made to these contexts after the gem release will not be

2017-09-15T14:17:03+00:00 net-mgmt/openbmp OpenBMP Server Collector
OpenBMP is part of the Open BGP Monitoring Protocol collection framework.
OpenBMP is an open source project that implements draft-ietf-grow-bmp-17.
BMP protocol version 3 is defined in draft 08, while versions 1 and 2 are
defined in the previous revisions of the draft.

2017-09-15T00:20:37+00:00 games/nxengine Engine-rewrite of the classic platformer Cave Story
NXEngine is a complete open-source clone/rewrite of the masterpiece
jump-and-run platformer Doukutsu Monogatari (also known as Cave Story).
This is a somewhat upgraded/refactored version of nxengine.

2017-09-14T23:49:31+00:00 www/py-planet Python client library and CLI for Planet's public API #'
This library provides a command-line-interface (CLI) and Python library to make
access to Planet's public API easy to use.

The command line interface is intended to be functional for many tasks but is
just a thin layer on the lower level Python API.

2017-09-14T21:13:19+00:00 devel/libzim Reference implementation of the ZIM specification
The openZIM project proposes offline storage solutions for content coming from
the Web.

2017-09-14T19:30:32+00:00 devel/llvm50 LLVM and Clang
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang (a C/C++/Objective-C compiler), LLD (a linker),
LLDB (a debugger), an OpenMP runtime library, and the LLVM infrastructure
these are built on.

2017-09-14T18:20:28+00:00 net-mgmt/nstat Replacement for bw/netstat/vmstat/pcm-memory.x
nstat is a replacement for the most frequently used parts of vmstat, netstat
(bw), and pmc-memory.x The advantage of using nstat is that it can run all in a
single session, rather than having to use 3 terminal sessions to monitor a

2017-09-14T17:37:53+00:00 net-mgmt/py-pdagent PagerDuty Agent software
The PagerDuty Agent is a program that lets you easily integrate your
monitoring system with PagerDuty.

2017-09-14T17:17:53+00:00 games/gzdoom GL-enhanced source port for Doom-engine games
GZDoom is a GL-enhanced fork of ZDoom, a source port of ID Software's DOOM
engine. It is based on the source code of id Software's DOOM. GZDoom boasts
enhanced modding support, as well as support for the following games:

* Ultimate Doom
* Doom II
* Final Doom
* Heretic
* Hexen
* Strife
* Chex Quest (1 & 3)
* Action Doom II
* Harmony v1.1
* Hacx
* The Adventures of Square

2017-09-14T16:03:11+00:00 games/sdlpop Open-source port of Prince of Persia
An open-source port of Prince of Persia, based on the disassembly of the DOS

2017-09-14T03:05:09+00:00 net-im/py-unmessage Privacy enhanced instant messenger
unMessage is a peer-to-peer instant messaging application designed to enhance
privacy and anonymity.

* Transport makes use of Twisted, Tor Onion Services and txtorcon
* Encryption is performed using the Double Ratchet Algorithm implemented in
pyaxo (using PyNaCl)
* Authentication makes use of the Socialist Millionaire Protocol implemented
in Cryptully
* Transport metadata is minimized by Tor and application metadata by the
unMessage protocol
* User interfaces are created with Tkinter (graphical) and curses

2017-09-14T03:01:52+00:00 audio/py-opuslib Python bindings to the libopus, IETF low-delay audio codec
Python bindings to the libopus, IETF low-delay audio codec.

It allows python applications to use the Opus audio codec to encode
and decode audio, usually in order to reduce the network bandwidth
that is used by the application.

2017-09-13T17:48:05+00:00 sysutils/znapzend ZFS-centric backup tool
ZnapZend is a ZFS centric backup tool.
It relies on snapshot, send and recieve to do its work.
It has the built-in ability to manage both local
snapshots as well as remote copies by thinning them out
as time progresses.

The ZnapZend configuration is stored as properties in
the ZFS filesystem itself.

2017-09-13T02:04:45+00:00 www/mod_auth_openidc OpenID Connect Relying Party and OAuth 2.0 Resource Server for Apache
mod_auth_openidc is an authentication/authorization module for the Apache 2.x
HTTP server that functions as an OpenID Connect Relying Party, authenticating
users against an OpenID Connect Provider. It can also function as an OAuth 2.0
Resource Server, validating OAuth 2.0 access tokens presented by OAuth 2.0

2017-09-12T21:25:57+00:00 www/p5-Mojo-IOLoop-ForkCall Run blocking functions asynchronously by forking
Mojo::IOLoop::ForkCall - run blocking functions asynchronously by forking

2017-09-12T19:22:01+00:00 graphics/xpdf3 Display PDF files and convert them to other formats
Xpdf is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. These are
also sometimes also called 'Acrobat' files, from the name of Adobe's
PDF software.

It can also convert PDF input to ps, text, and info formats; and
split out fonts and images.

2017-09-12T19:01:10+00:00 graphics/xpdf4 Display PDF files and convert them to other formats
Xpdf is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. These are
also sometimes also called 'Acrobat' files, from the name of Adobe's
PDF software.

It can also convert PDF input to ps, text, and info formats; and
split out fonts and images.

2017-09-11T21:13:54+00:00 security/py-pyaxo Python implementation of the Axolotl ratchet protocol
The Double Ratchet Algorithm is a protocol (similar to OTR) that provides for
perfect forward secrecy in (a)synchronous communications. It uses triple
Diffie-Hellman for authentication and ECDHE for perfect forward secrecy. The
protocol is lighter and more robust than the OTR protocol - providing better
forward and future secrecy, as well as deniability.

The protocol was developed by Trevor Perrin and Moxie Marlinspike. Its chief
use currently is in the Open Whisper Systems Signal package.

2017-09-11T21:02:27+00:00 security/py-txtorcon Twisted-based Tor controller client
txtorcon is an implementation of the control-spec for Tor using the Twisted
networking library for Python.

This is useful for writing utilities to control or make use of Tor in
event-based Python programs. If your Twisted program supports endpoints (like
twistd does) your server or client can make use of Tor immediately, with no
code changes. Start your own Tor or connect to one and get live stream, circuit,
relay updates; read and change config; monitor events; build circuits; create
onion services; etcetera (ReadTheDocs).

2017-09-11T14:40:12+00:00 sysutils/consul_exporter Exporter for Consul metrics
Export Consul service health to Prometheus.

2017-09-11T14:30:17+00:00 databases/py-lmdb Python bindings for LMDB
This is a port of py-lmdb, which provides bindings for OpenLDAP's Lightning
Memory-mapped Database (LMDB).

2017-09-11T09:00:01+00:00 devel/elixir-gen_stage Producer and consumer pipelines with back-pressure for Elixir
GenStage is a specification for exchanging events between producers
and consumers.

2017-09-11T06:30:53+00:00 x11-toolkits/tk87 Graphical toolkit for Tcl
This is Tk version 8.7, a GUI toolkit for Tcl.

Tk is a graphical user interface toolkit that takes developing desktop
applications to a higher level than conventional approaches. Tk is the
standard GUI not only for Tcl, but for many other dynamic languages, and can
produce rich, native applications that run unchanged across Windows, Mac OS X,
Linux and more.

A full set of manual pages is also provided with this port.

2017-09-10T14:45:29+00:00 devel/R-cran-withr Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State
A set of functions to run code 'with' safely and temporarily modified
global state. Many of these functions were originally a part of the
'devtools' package, this provides a simple package with limited
dependencies to provide access to these functions.

2017-09-10T14:19:58+00:00 math/R-cran-recipes Preprocessing Tools to Create Design Matrices
An extensible framework to create and preprocess design matrices.
Recipes consist of one or more data manipulation and analysis
"steps". Statistical parameters for the steps can be estimated from
an initial data set and then applied to other data sets. The resulting
design matrices can then be used as inputs into statistical or
machine learning models.

2017-09-10T12:56:19+00:00 math/R-cran-gower Gower's Distance
Compute Gower's distance (or similarity) coefficient between records.
Compute the top-n matches between records. Core algorithms are
executed in parallel on systems supporting OpenMP.

2017-09-10T12:42:37+00:00 math/R-cran-RcppRoll Efficient Rolling / Windowed Operations
Provides fast and efficient routines for common rolling / windowed
operations. Routines for the efficient computation of windowed mean,
median, sum, product, minimum, maximum, standard deviation and
variance are provided.

2017-09-10T12:08:13+00:00 math/R-cran-ddalpha Depth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
Contains procedures for depth-based supervised learning, which are
entirely non-parametric, in particular the DDalpha-procedure (Lange,
Mosler and Mozharovskyi, 2014). The training data sample is transformed
by a statistical depth function to a compact low-dimensional space,
where the final classification is done. It also offers an extension
to functional data and routines for calculating certain notions of
statistical depth functions. 50 multivariate and 5 functional
classification problems are included.

2017-09-10T11:25:08+00:00 math/R-cran-robustbase Basic Robust Statistics
"Essential" Robust Statistics. Tools allowing to analyze data with
robust methods. This includes regression methodology including model
selections and multivariate statistics where we strive to cover the
book "Robust Statistics, Theory and Methods" by 'Maronna, Martin
and Yohai'; Wiley 2006.

2017-09-10T10:58:13+00:00 math/R-cran-DEoptimR Differential Evolution Optimization in Pure R
Differential Evolution (DE) stochastic algorithms for global
optimization of problems with and without constraints. The aim is
to curate a collection of its state-of-the-art variants that (1)
do not sacrifice simplicity of design, (2) are essentially tuning-free,
and (3) can be efficiently implemented directly in the R language.
Currently, it only provides an implementation of the 'jDE' algorithm
by Brest et al. (2006) <doi:10.1109/TEVC.2006.872133>.

2017-09-10T10:18:11+00:00 devel/R-cran-lubridate Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier
Functions to work with date-times and time-spans: fast and user
friendly parsing of date-time data, extraction and updating of
components of a date-time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, and
seconds), algebraic manipulation on date-time and time-span objects.
The 'lubridate' package has a consistent and memorable syntax that
makes working with dates easy and fun.

2017-09-10T09:31:11+00:00 math/R-cran-dimRed Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
A collection of dimensionality reduction techniques from R packages
and provides a common interface for calling the methods.

2017-09-10T08:32:31+00:00 math/R-cran-DRR Dimensionality Reduction via Regression
An Implementation of Dimensionality Reduction via Regression using
Kernel Ridge Regression.

2017-09-10T07:56:14+00:00 math/R-cran-CVST Fast Cross-Validation via Sequential Testing
This package implements the fast cross-validation via sequential
testing (CVST) procedure. CVST is an improved cross-validation
procedure which uses non-parametric testing coupled with sequential
analysis to determine the best parameter set on linearly increasing
subsets of the data. By eliminating underperforming candidates
quickly and keeping promising candidates as long as possible, the
method speeds up the computation while preserving the capability
of a full cross-validation. Additionally to the CVST the package
contains an implementation of the ordinary k-fold cross-validation
with a flexible and powerful set of helper objects and methods to
handle the overall model selection process. The implementations of
the Cochran's Q test with permutations and the sequential testing
framework of Wald are generic and can therefore also be used in
other contexts.

2017-09-10T07:06:04+00:00 science/R-cran-kernlab Kernel-Based Machine Learning Lab
Kernel-based machine learning methods for classification, regression,
clustering, novelty detection, quantile regression and dimensionality
reduction. Among other methods 'kernlab' includes Support Vector
Machines, Spectral Clustering, Kernel PCA, Gaussian Processes and
a QP solver.

2017-09-10T04:38:29+00:00 math/R-cran-ipred Improved Predictors
Improved predictive models by indirect classification and bagging
for classification, regression and survival problems as well as
resampling based estimators of prediction error.

2017-09-10T02:04:26+00:00 math/R-cran-prodlim Product-Limit Estimation for Censored Event History Analysis
Fast and user friendly implementation of nonparametric estimators
for censored event history (survival) analysis. Kaplan-Meier and
Aalen-Johansen method.

2017-09-10T00:45:51+00:00 math/R-cran-lava Latent Variable Models
A general implementation of Structural Equation Models with latent
variables (MLE, 2SLS, and composite likelihood estimators) with
both continuous, censored, and ordinal outcomes (Holst and
Budtz-Joergensen (2013) <doi:10.1007/s00180-012-0344-y>). The package
also provides methods for graph exploration (d-separation, back-door
criterion), simulation of general non-linear latent variable models,
and estimation of influence functions for a broad range of statistical

2017-09-07T15:29:35+00:00 net/kafka Distributed streaming platform
Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps.
It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, wicked fast,
and runs in production in thousands of companies.

2017-09-07T14:32:28+00:00 databases/pecl-rrd1 PHP bindings to rrd tool system
Procedural and simple OO wrapper for rrdtool - data logging and graphing system
for time series data.

2017-09-07T12:12:52+00:00 net/flower Label-based networking daemon
Flower is a label-based networking daemon.

CloudABI applications are not permitted to call bind or connect on
sockets directly, as that would conflict with CloudABI's security model.
Instead, they can send RPCs to fulfill such requests to a separate
daemon, called Flower.

Like CloudABI, Flower makes use of a capability-based security model.
This makes it easy to spawn applications in such a way that they can
only have a limited view of the network, without requiring separate
users or complex access control policies.

2017-09-07T05:53:27+00:00 devel/arpc GRPC-like RPC library that supports file descriptor passing
ARPC is a GRPC-like library that supports file descriptor passing.

ARPC ships with a script, aprotoc, that works similar to Protobuf/GRPC's
protoc. It generates message and service bindings, taking a .proto file
as an input. Where ARPC differs from GRPC is that messages may contain
file descriptors. These file descriptors are passed on to the remote
side transparently. This makes ARPC useful for implementing privilege
separation between processes.

2017-09-06T23:42:09+00:00 textproc/R-cran-readr Read Rectangular Text Data
The goal of 'readr' is to provide a fast and friendly way to read
rectangular data (like 'csv', 'tsv', and 'fwf'). It is designed to
flexibly parse many types of data found in the wild, while still
cleanly failing when data unexpectedly changes.

2017-09-06T22:50:07+00:00 security/1password-client 1Password CLI client
This is a command-line interface to the 1Password password management

2017-09-06T22:35:41+00:00 devel/R-cran-hms Pretty Time of Day
Implements an S3 class for storing and formatting time-of-day values,
based on the 'difftime' class.

2017-09-06T20:04:30+00:00 textproc/py3-pyPEG2
2017-09-06T20:04:30+00:00 devel/py3-toposort
2017-09-06T19:32:40+00:00 x11/sddm QML based login manager
QML based X11 and Wayland display manager.

2017-09-06T18:52:44+00:00 textproc/py3-feedparser
2017-09-06T12:00:27+00:00 devel/yaml2argdata Helper classes for parsing YAML into Argdata
Argdata is a binary serialisation format similar to FreeBSD's nvlists.
It differs from nvlists in that it uses data types that are more similar
to YAML.

Argdata is used by CloudABI as a replacement for string command line
arguments and environment variables. CloudABI processes can start new
processes by passing them a YAML-like tree of arguments, having file
descriptors of resources annotated to the tree.

This package provides a series of helper classes that are used by
utilities like cloudabi-run to parse and translate YAML to Argdata.
These classes are useful when building custom utilities for launching
CloudABI processes, such as CloudABI's Kubernetes daemon.

2017-09-06T11:49:43+00:00 www/novnc-websockify Websockify implementation for noVNC
Websockify is a WebSocket to TCP proxy/bridge.
This allows a browser to connect to any application/server/service.
Implementations in Python, C, Node.js and Ruby.

It also includes a wrap program that uses a LD_PRELOAD library to
proxying from a source address to a target address.

2017-09-06T06:29:52+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng311 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2017-09-06T05:50:12+00:00 www/novnc HTML5 VNC client
noVNC is a HTML5 VNC client that runs well in any modern
browser including mobile browsers (iOS and Android).

2017-09-05T23:09:55+00:00 devel/R-cran-tidyselect Select from a Set of Strings
A backend for the selecting functions of the 'tidyverse'. It makes
it easy to implement select-like functions in your own packages in
a way that is consistent with other 'tidyverse' interfaces for

2017-09-05T17:15:34+00:00 devel/R-cran-glue Interpreted String Literals
An implementation of interpreted string literals, inspired by
Python's Literal String Interpolation and Docstrings and Julia's
Triple-Quoted String Literals.

2017-09-05T15:36:09+00:00 devel/R-cran-purrr Functional Programming Tools
A complete and consistent functional programming toolkit for R.

2017-09-05T14:48:17+00:00 www/R-cran-downloader Download Files over HTTP and HTTPS
Provides a wrapper for the download.file function, making it possible
to download files over HTTPS on Windows, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like
platforms. The 'RCurl' package provides this functionality (and
much more) but can be difficult to install because it must be
compiled with external dependencies. This package has no external
dependencies, so it is much easier to install.

2017-09-05T04:26:57+00:00 devel/py-logfury Toolkit for logging of library method calls
Logfury is for python library maintainers. It allows for responsible,
low-boilerplate logging of method calls.

2017-09-04T19:32:33+00:00 misc/ptsort Prioritized topological sort
The ptsort utility is a variant of the standard tsort (topological
sort) utility which allows nodes to be prioritized, moving them and
all their predecessors up in the final order.

2017-09-03T08:29:57+00:00 net/ceph Ceph delivers object, block, and file storage in a unified system
Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide
excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

* Object Storage
Ceph provides seamless access to objects using native language bindings or
radosgw, a REST interface for applications written with S3 and Swift.
* Block Storage
Ceph's RADOS Block Device (RBD) provides access to block device images
that are striped and replicated across the entire storage cluster.
* File System
Ceph provides a POSIX-compliant network file system aiming for large data
storage, high performance, and maximum compatibility with legacy applications.

This FreeBSD build will build most of the tools in Ceph:
* Mon, OSD, rados, RadosGW, rbd
* init-ceph, and etc/rc.d/ceph on top of that
* ceph-disk {prepare, activate}
With these tools one can build a multi server, multi osd cluster fully
running on FreeBSD and do some testing...

2017-09-02T12:57:20+00:00 print/pdfstitch Crop and stitch pages from PDF to larger, single-page PDF
Pdfstitcher can transform a regular multi-page PDF into a single-page PDF,
which displays the pages in a grid.

While there are other tools that do the same, pdfstitcher focuses on the
following features:
- Crop pages to a certain size
- Adjust the crop position per page

2017-09-01T18:23:06+00:00 sysutils/unetbootin Bootable Live USB creator for various Linux distributions
UNetbootin allows to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora,
and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. This is useful when
supplied ISO image cannot be directly written to USB drive or SD card to
get a bootable media.

2017-09-01T18:10:09+00:00 devel/py-pydevd Debugger used in PyDev and PyCharm
The sources for the PyDev.Debugger (used in PyDev & PyCharm)

It is available so that it can be installed for doing remote debugging.

2017-09-01T07:40:33+00:00 devel/rubygem-prometheus-client-mmap Suite of instrumentation metric primitives
This Prometheus library is fork of Prometheus Ruby Client that uses mmap'ed
files to share metrics from multiple processes. This allows efficient metrics
processing for Ruby web apps running in multiprocess setups like Unicorn.

A suite of instrumentation metric primitives for Ruby that can be exposed
through a HTTP interface. Intended to be used together with a Prometheus server.

2017-09-01T07:38:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-mmap2 Implement memory-mapped file objects for Ruby 2.x
The Mmap class implement memory-mapped file objects for Ruby 2.x.

2017-08-31T12:33:46+00:00 games/epiphany-game Multiplatform clone of Boulderdash
Epiphany is a multiplatform clone of Boulderdash.

The player must collect all valuable minerals scattered in levels,
avoiding being hit by a falling boulder, or (worst) by a bomb.

2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 sysutils/bacula9-server Network backup solution (server)
Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of
computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program.
Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many
advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and
recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is
scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of
hundreds of computers located over a large network.

2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 sysutils/bacula9-docs Bacula document set
Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of
computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program.
Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many
advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and
recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is
scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of
hundreds of computers located over a large network.

This port installs the latest documentation for Bacula.

2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 sysutils/bacula9-client Network backup solution (client)
2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 sysutils/bacula9-client-static Network backup solution (static client)
2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 sysutils/bacula9-bat Network backup solution (GUI)
bat is the GUI inteface for Bacula.

Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of
computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program.
Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many
advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and
recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is
scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of
hundreds of computers located over a large network.

2017-08-30T18:11:06+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_bacula9 Nagios plugin for Bacula
check_bacula is a plugin intended for use with the
Nagios network monitoring system to monitor Bacula.
2017-08-30T03:40:04+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-websupport Sphinx API for Web Apps
sphinxcontrib-webuspport provides a Python API to
easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your Web application.

2017-08-30T00:47:59+00:00 devel/py-gtfslib Library for reading GTFS-based transit data in Python
An open source library in python for reading GTFS files and computing various
stats and indicators about Public Transport networks.

2017-08-30T00:25:10+00:00 devel/py-pyqtree Pure Python quad tree spatial index for GIS or rendering usage
Pyqtree is a pure Python spatial index for GIS or rendering usage. It storesand
quickly retrieves items from a 2x2 rectangular grid area, and grows in depth and
detail as more items are added. The actual quad tree implementation is adapted
from Matt Rasmussen's compbio library and extended for geospatial use.

2017-08-30T00:17:03+00:00 devel/py-lazr.config Create configuration schemas, and process and validate configurations
The LAZR config system is typically used to manage process configuration.
Process configuration is for saying how things change when we run
systems on different machines, or under different circumstances.

This system uses ini-like file format of section, keys, and values.
The config file supports inheritance to minimize duplication of
information across files. The format supports schema validation.

2017-08-30T00:15:45+00:00 devel/py-lazr.delegates Easily write objects that delegate behavior
The lazr.delegates package makes it easy to write objects that delegate
behavior to another object. The new object adds some property or behavior on
to the other object, while still providing the underlying interface, and
delegating behavior.

2017-08-30T00:12:23+00:00 devel/py-flufl.lock NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems
This package is called flufl.lock. It is an NFS-safe file-based lock with
timeouts for POSIX systems.

2017-08-30T00:11:10+00:00 devel/py-flufl.i18n High-level API for Python internationalization
This package provides a high level, convenient API for managing
internationalization translation contexts in Python application. There is a
simple API for single-context applications, such as command line scripts which
only need to translate into one language during the entire course of their
execution. There is a more flexible, but still convenient API for multi-context
applications, such as servers, which may need to switch language contexts for
different tasks.

2017-08-30T00:08:50+00:00 devel/py-pyshp Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format
The Python Shapefile Library (pyshp) provides read and write support for the
Esri Shapefile format. The Shapefile format is a popular Geographic Information
System vector data format created by Esri.

2017-08-30T00:06:39+00:00 mail/py-flufl.bounce API for detecting the original bouncing email addresses from a bounce message
The flufl.bounce library provides a set of heuristics and an API for detecting
the original bouncing email addresses from a bounce message. Many formats
found in the wild are supported, as are VERP and RFC 3464 (DSN).

2017-08-30T00:02:43+00:00 devel/py-atpublic Very simple decorator and function of module's all
This is a very simple decorator and function which populates a module's
__all__ and optionally the module globals. This provides both a pure-Python
implementation and an optional C implementation.

2017-08-29T23:59:25+00:00 mail/py-aiosmtpd Asyncio based SMTP server
This is a server for SMTP and related protocols, similar in utility to the
standard library's module, but rewritten to be based on asyncio for
Python 3.

2017-08-29T16:32:19+00:00 graphics/drm-next-kmod DRM modules for the linuxkpi-based KMS components
amdgpu, i915, and radeon DRM modules for the linuxkpi-based KMS components.
Currently corresponding to Linux 4.11 DRM. Experimental state. amdgpu and
radeonkms are known to fail with EFI boot.

2017-08-29T05:40:51+00:00 x11-toolkits/kf5-kirigami2 QtQuick based components set
A QtQuick based components set

2017-08-28T21:28:17+00:00 sysutils/aptly Debian repository management tool
aptly is a swiss army knife for Debian repository management: it allows you to
mirror remote repositories, manage local package repositories, take snapshots,
pull new versions of packages along with dependencies, publish as Debian

2017-08-28T19:27:28+00:00 games/aklabeth Remake of Richard Garriott's Ultima prequel
Aklabeth is effectively Ultima 0. This is a port of original version,
written in Basic for the Apple II.

It's a RPG - sort of. You wander the top world, visit 3D (sort of)
dungeons, beat up monsters and perform tasks for the legendary Lord
British (AKA Richard Garriott).

2017-08-28T13:02:24+00:00 security/gnupg22 The GNU Privacy Guard (modern version)
GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. This is the "stable"

GnuPG allows encrypting and signing your data and communication, and
features a versatile key management system as well as access modules
for many public key directories. GnuPG, also known as GPG, is a command
line tool with features for easy integration with other applications.

2017-08-28T09:17:13+00:00 devel/R-cran-repr Serializable Reprensentations
String and binary representations of objects for several formats /
mime types.

2017-08-26T19:06:01+00:00 databases/zabbix32-libzbxpgsql Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
This project provides comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a
natively compiled Zabbix agent module, written in C.

The module enables discovery and monitoring of tablespaces, databases,
namespaces, tables, indexes, etc.

2017-08-26T18:39:50+00:00 databases/zabbix22-libzbxpgsql Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
This project provides comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a
natively compiled Zabbix agent module, written in C.

The module enables discovery and monitoring of tablespaces, databases,
namespaces, tables, indexes, etc.

2017-08-26T18:14:55+00:00 databases/zabbix3-libzbxpgsql Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
This project provides comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a
natively compiled Zabbix agent module, written in C.

The module enables discovery and monitoring of tablespaces, databases,
namespaces, tables, indexes, etc.

2017-08-26T07:39:53+00:00 net/pkt-gen Packet sink/source using the netmap API
Packet sink/source using the netmap API useful for perforamce testing
networks. This is the upstream version of the program by the same name
that lives in /usr/src/tools/tools/netmap, maintained by Luigi Rizzo.

2017-08-26T01:18:16+00:00 mail/smfsav-devel Sendmail Sender Address Validator
It's a lightweight, fast and reliable Sendmail milter that implements
a real-time Sender e-Mail Address Verification technology. This technology
can stop some kinds of SPAM with a spoofed sender's e-Mail address.
Also it implements a real-time Recipient e-Mail Address Verification
technology. It can be useful if your machine is a backup MX for the recipient's
domains or if your machine forwards all e-Mail messages as a relay host for your
domains to another internal or external e-Mail servers.
It's a lite alternative for the spamilter, milter-sender and milter-ahead

This is a fork of smf-sav which was originally written by Eugene Kurmanin.
It is a "reloaded" version with heavy bugfixes maintained by Gabriele
Maria Plutzar.

2017-08-25T23:25:42+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix34-server Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (${PKGNAMESUFFIX:S/^-//})
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the
health and integrity of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible notification
mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based alerts for virtually
any event. This allows a fast reaction to server problems. Zabbix offers
excellent reporting and data visualisation features based on the stored
data. This makes Zabbix ideal for capacity planning.

2017-08-25T23:25:42+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix34-proxy
2017-08-25T23:25:42+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix34-frontend
2017-08-25T23:25:42+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix34-agent
2017-08-25T17:56:42+00:00 www/py-pyweblib Yet another web programming framework for Python
PyWebLib is yet another web programming framework for Python.

2017-08-24T19:22:07+00:00 games/openrct2 Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
An open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. A construction and
management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management.

2017-08-24T15:04:51+00:00 devel/breakpad Client/server based crash-reporting system
Breakpad is a set of client and server components which implement
a crash-reporting system.

2017-08-24T13:05:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-rails4 Take a peek into your Rails application
This is a profiling tool originally built at GitHub to help us get an insight
into our application. Now, we have extracted this into Peek, so that other Rails
application can experience the same benefit.

Peek puts a little bar on top of your application to show you all sorts of
helpful information about your application. From the screenshot above, you can
see that Peek provides information about database queries, cache, Resque workers
and more. However, this is only part of Peek's beauty.

The true beauty of Peek lies in the fact that it is an extensible platform. If
there are some performance metrics that you need but are not available on Peek,
you can find it from the list of available Peek Views and integrate it into
Peek. Even if you do not find what you want on Peek Views, you can always create
your own.

2017-08-24T09:40:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-rblineprof Peek into how much each line of your Rails application takes
Peek into how much time each line of your Rails application takes throughout a

Things this peek view provides:
- Total time it takes to render individual lines within your codebase
- Total network time spent waiting per line

You can also drill down to only certain parts of your codebase like:
- app, everything within Rails.root/(app|lib)
- views, everything within Rails.root/app/view
- gems, everything within Rails.root/vendor/gems
- all, everything within Rails.root
- stdlib

2017-08-24T09:34:59+00:00 devel/rubygem-rblineprof Shows you lines of code that are slow
rblineprof shows you lines of code that are slow.

2017-08-24T09:25:06+00:00 devel/rubygem-debugger-ruby_core_source Provide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them
Provide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.

Fork of ruby_core_source that uses included Ruby headers (*.h and *.inc) instead
of downloading them. Used by debugger.

2017-08-24T09:16:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-redis Provide a peek into the Redis calls made
Take a peek into the Redis calls made within your Rails application.

Things this peek view provides:
- Total number of Redis commands called during the request
- The duration of the calls made during the request

2017-08-24T09:12:58+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-sidekiq Provide a peek into the Sidekiq calls made
Provide a peek into the Sidekiq calls made within your Rails application.

Things this peek view provides:
- Duration spent in Sidekiq calls
- Number of calls this page created

2017-08-24T09:06:59+00:00 databases/rubygem-peek-pg Take a peek into the MySQL queries made
Take a peek into the Postgres queries made during your application's requests.

Things this peek view provides:
- Total number of Postgres queries called during the request
- The duration of the queries made during the request

2017-08-24T09:02:01+00:00 databases/rubygem-peek-mysql2 Take a peek into the MySQL queries made
Take a peek into the MySQL queries made during your application's requests.

Things this peek view provides:
- Total number of MySQL queries called during the request
- The duration of the queries made during the request

2017-08-23T19:40:53+00:00 devel/gogland-eap JetBrains Gogland IDE (Preview Edition)
Gogland is the codename for a new commercial IDE by JetBrains aimed
at providing an ergonomic environment for Go development.

The new IDE extends the IntelliJ platform with the coding assistance
and tool integrations specific for the Go language.

2017-08-23T18:42:19+00:00 devel/pycharm-ce JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition IDE
PyCharm is an advanced IDE developed by JetBrains and focused on
developer productivity. PyCharm provides smart code completion,
code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick-fixes,
along with automated code refactorings and rich navigation capabilities.

2017-08-23T16:54:08+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-performance_bar Take a peek into the window.performance timing behind your app
Take a peek into the window.performance timing behind your app.

Things this peek view provides:
- Frontend
- Latency / Receiving
- Backend
- Redirect
- DNS Lookup

2017-08-22T16:33:59+00:00 misc/lazyread Lazyread can auto-scroll files on your screen in movie credit fashion
Lazyread is a C program that auto-scrolls files on your screen
in movie credit fashion. It allows the user to read without having
to manually scroll down to see new pages. There are lots of
features, such as being able to choose the speed at which it
scrolls, pause, dynamic speed up, the ability to highlight lines
that contain a specified string, and much more.

2017-08-22T14:48:14+00:00 textproc/kibana46 Browser based analytics and search interface to ElasticSearch
Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search
dashboard for Elasticsearch. Kibana is a snap to setup and start using. Kibana
strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful,
just like Elasticsearch.

Kibana 4.6 is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.4.x.

2017-08-21T20:43:57+00:00 security/rubygem-gpgme Ruby interface to GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME)
Ruby-GPGME is a Ruby language binding of GPGME (GnuPG Made Easy). GnuPG Made
Easy (GPGME) is a library designed to make access to GnuPG easier for
applications. It provides a High-Level Crypto API for encryption, decryption,
signing, signature verification and key management.

2017-08-21T20:43:52+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape-route-helpers Route helpers for Grape
grape-route-helpers provides named route helpers for Grape APIs, similar to
Rails' route helpers.

2017-08-21T14:11:33+00:00 databases/cockroach Cloud-native SQL database that survive disasters
CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built on a transactional
and strongly-consistent key-value store. It scales horizontally;
survives disk, machine, rack, and even datacenter failures with
minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention; supports
strongly-consistent ACID transactions; and provides a familiar SQL
API for structuring, manipulating, and querying data.

CockroachDB is inspired by Google's Spanner and F1 technologies, and
it's completely open source.

2017-08-21T07:05:51+00:00 audio/caps-lv2 LV2 version of the C* Audio Plugin Suite
The C* Audio Plugin Suite, is a collection of highly refined LV2
units capable of (and intended for) realtime operation. The suite
includes DSP units emulating instrument amplifiers, stomp-box
classics, versatile 'virtual analogue' oscillators, fractal
oscillation, reverb, equalization and others.

2017-08-21T07:04:36+00:00 audio/tap-plugins-lv2 LV2 port for the TAP (Tom's Audio Processing) plugins
This is the LV2 porty of Tom's Audio Processing plugins.
Tom's Audio Processing plugins is a selection of LADSPA plugins for audio
engineering on the Linux platform. Intended for use in a professional DAW
environment such as Ardour, it includes high quality reverberation, echo,
eq, limiter & more.

2017-08-21T07:02:57+00:00 audio/synthpod-lv2 Lightweight Nonlinear LV2 Plugin Container
Synthpod is an LV2 host. It can be run as a standalone app and be used as a
tool for live performances or general audio and event filtering.

It was conceptualized to fill the gap between pure textual (e.g. SuperCollider)
and pure visual flow (e.g. Pure Data) audio programming paradigms.

Potential fields of application may include:
* Live audio synthesis
* Real-time event scripting
* Non-linear signal routing
* Advanced control automation
* Advanced event filtering
* Live mixing
* Live coding
* Algorithmic composition
* Interfacing to expressive controllers

2017-08-21T02:27:27+00:00 math/alglib Numerical analysis and data processing library
A cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing library. It supports
several programming languages (C++, C#, Pascal, VBA) and several operating
systems. ALGLIB features include:
* Data analysis (classification/regression, including neural networks)
* Optimization and nonlinear solvers
* Interpolation and linear/nonlinear least-squares fitting
* Linear algebra (direct algorithms, EVD/SVD), direct and iterative linear
solvers, Fast Fourier Transform and many other algorithms (numerical
integration, ODEs, statistics, special functions)

This is a free edition of alglib.

2017-08-20T23:21:18+00:00 x11/alttab Task switcher for minimalistic window managers
X11 window switcher designed for minimalistic window managers (ratpoison,
xmonad and others) or standalone X11 session. It is lightweight and depends
only on basic X11 libs, conforming to the usage of lightweight WM.

2017-08-20T23:00:26+00:00 audio/vm-lv2 Virtual machine LV2 plugin bundle
Currently the following plugins are contained in this plugin bundle:
* Control VM
Virtual machine for LV2 Control ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
Virtual machine for LV2 Control Voltage ports. Features 8 inputs
and 8 outputs.
* Audio VM
Virtual machine for LV2 Audio ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
* Atom VM
Virtual machine for LV2 Atom event ports. Features 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

2017-08-20T18:33:15+00:00 audio/py-py-jack Python bindings for the Jack Audio Server
PyJack is a module written in C which exposes the Jack API to Python.
For information about Jack see This
enables a Python program to connect to and interact with pro-audio
applications which use the Jack Audio Server.

2017-08-20T17:35:18+00:00 mail/mailhog MailHog development mail server
MailHog is an email testing tool for developers:

Configure your application to use MailHog for SMTP delivery
View messages in the web UI, or retrieve them with the JSON API
Optionally release messages to real SMTP servers for delivery

2017-08-20T15:23:11+00:00 sysutils/rpi-firmware Firmware for RaspberryPi Single Board Computer
Firmware files for RaspberryPi Single Board Computer

2017-08-20T13:30:48+00:00 devel/py-pysparklines Unicode sparkline generation library in Python
pysparklines is a unicode sparkline generation library. Python clone of Takes series data via stdin, command line, or
API and prints a sparkline representation. Output is always UTF-8 encoded.

2017-08-20T11:49:06+00:00 www/py-jsonfield Reusable JSONField model for Django to store validated JSON
django-jsonfield is a reusable Django field that allows you to store validated
JSON in your model. It silently takes care of serialization. To use, simply
add the field to one of your models.

This port is not a duplicate of www/py-django-jsonfield, both ports have
distinct but upstreams.

2017-08-20T11:01:21+00:00 sysutils/neofetch Fast, highly customizable system info script
This script gathers info about your system and prints it to the
terminal next to an image, your distro's logo or any ascii art of
your choice!

2017-08-19T18:02:55+00:00 sysutils/py-google-compute-engine Guest Environment for Google Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine offers scripts and daemons which run in the
background and provides the following services:

- Accounts daemon to setup and manage user accounts, and to enable SSH key based
- Clock skew daemon to keep the system clock in sync after VM start and stop
- Instance setup scripts to execute VM configuration scripts during boot.
- IP forwarding daemon that integrates network load balancing with forwarding
rule changes into the guest.
- Metadata scripts to run user provided scripts at VM startup and shutdown.
- Network setup service to enable multiple network interfaces on boot.

2017-08-19T17:52:59+00:00 audio/rtmidi Set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime MIDI I/O
RtMidi is a set of C++ classes (RtMidiIn, RtMidiOut, and API specific classes)
that provide a common API (Application Programming Interface) for realtime MIDI
input/output across Linux (ALSA, JACK), Macintosh OS X (CoreMIDI, JACK), and
Windows (Multimedia Library) operating systems. RtMidi significantly simplifies
the process of interacting with computer MIDI hardware and software. It was
designed with the following goals:
* object oriented C++ design
* simple, common API across all supported platforms
* only one header and one source file for easy inclusion in programming projects
* MIDI device enumeration

2017-08-19T17:51:20+00:00 audio/py-jack PyJack is a Python bindings for the Jack Audio Server
PyJack is a module written in C which exposes the Jack API to Python.
For information about Jack see This
enables a Python program to connect to and interact with pro-audio
applications which use the Jack Audio Server.

2017-08-19T17:49:43+00:00 audio/sherlock-lv2 Investigative LV2 plugin bundle
A set of utilities to inspect other plugins:
* The Atom Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
host authors. It captures all Atom events sent to its event input port
and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.
* The MIDI Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
host authors. It captures all MIDI events sent to its event input port
and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.
* The OSC Inspector is meant as a monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and
host authors. It captures all OSC events sent to its event input port
and presents them on its user interface for convenient nested browsing.

2017-08-19T17:48:03+00:00 audio/swh-lv2 SWH Plugins in LV2 format
Steve Harris' LV2 version of Plugin Collection.

2017-08-19T14:22:28+00:00 www/py-django-bulk-update Bulk update using a single query over Django ORM
Simple bulk update over Django ORM or with helper function.

This project aims to bulk update the given objects using a single query
over Django ORM.

2017-08-19T09:51:22+00:00 devel/chromium-gn Gn meta build framework
GN is a meta-build system that generates NinjaBuild files so that you can build
Chromium with Ninja.

2017-08-18T09:23:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-host Take a peek into the host which served your Rails request
Take a peek into the host which serves your reuest.

Things this peek view provides:
- Hostname of the instance which served your request.

Its an addition to the Peek profiling tool.

2017-08-18T08:14:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek-gc Take a peek into the GC info of your Rails application
Take a peek into the GC info of your Rails application.

Its an addition to the Peek profiling tool.

2017-08-17T21:53:30+00:00 audio/lv2file Simple program that apples LV2 effects to audio files
lv2file is a simple program which you can use to apply effects to your audio
files without much hassle. Possible use cases are:
* When you want to apply an effect without having to open a GUI or start
a project.
* When you want to apply effects to a large number of files, or in
an automated manner.
* When you need a deterministic environment to debug a plugin.
* You like everything to be on the command line.

lv2file uses the LV2 plugin format ( for the effects it uses.

2017-08-17T20:00:47+00:00 audio/qmidiarp MIDI arpeggiator, sequencer and LFO for JACK
QMidiArp is an advanced MIDI arpeggiator, programmable step sequencer and LFO.
It can hold any number of arpeggiator, sequencer, or LFO modules running in

Arpeggiator modules produce sequences depending on the notes sent to their input
port, which is typically connected to a keyboard or another sequencer.

Step sequencer modules allow you to create simple linear, monophonic and
globally transposable sequences similar to the first analog sequencers.

MIDI LFO modules independently produce MIDI controller data of adjustable
waveform, time resolution, amplitude and duration.

A Global Storage Tool can store different setups and switch between them at a
given time. It allows you to dynamically combine patterns and LFO wave forms.

2017-08-17T19:59:06+00:00 audio/blop-lv2 Bandlimited oscillator plugins for LV2-aware audio applications
Bandlimited oscillator plugins for LV2-aware audio applications.
Sawtooth, Square, Variable Pulse and Slope- variable triangle waves.

2017-08-17T19:56:46+00:00 audio/jalv Simple but fully featured LV2 plugin host for Jack
Jalv runs LV2 plugins and exposes their ports as Jack ports, essentially
making any LV2 plugin function as a Jack application.

Jalv is a small program which is useful, but also intended to be an appropriate
test host for plugin development. It runs plugins from the command line with no
user interaction, is light enough to run in valgrind, and is capable of dumping
all plugin to/from UI communication in a human readable format.

2017-08-17T19:53:52+00:00 audio/ir-lv2 LV2 impulse response plugin for reverb and cabinet simulation
LV2 Impulse response (convolution) plugin (for reverb and cabinet simulation).
This fork adds LV2 State extenstion support for proper storing of internal
plugin data.

IR is a no-latency/low-latency, realtime, high performance signal
convolver especially for creating reverb effects. Supports impulse
responses with 1, 2 or 4 channels, in any soundfile format supported
by libsndfile.

2017-08-17T19:50:26+00:00 audio/midi-matrix-lv2 LV2 'Midi Matrix' plugin bundle: 'Channel Filter'
The Midi Matrix (Channel Filter) is a 3-in-1 filter plugin with a simple UI
enabling you to easily accomplish:
* MIDI channel filtering (e.g. blocking of specific channels)
* MIDI channel multiplication (e.g. send events from channel X to channels
X, Y and Z)
* MIDI channel rerouting (e.g send events from channel X to channel Y)
* And any possible combination thereof

2017-08-17T19:47:34+00:00 audio/moony-lv2 Realtime Lua as programmable glue in LV2
Moony is a collection of LV2 plugins to easily add realtime programmable
logic glue in LV2 plugin graphs.

2017-08-17T19:42:59+00:00 audio/stk Synthesis ToolKit in C++
The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK) is a set of open source audio signal
processing and algorithmic synthesis classes written in the C++ programming

2017-08-17T16:31:48+00:00 devel/py-pyral Python toolkit for Agile Central (Rally) REST API
The pyral package enables you to push, pull and otherwise wrangle the data in
your Agile Central (formerly named Rally) subscription using the popular and
productive Python language. The pyral package provides a smooth and easy to use
veneer on top of the Agile Central (Rally) REST Web Services API using JSON.

2017-08-17T15:56:11+00:00 www/qt5-webengine Qt 5 library to render web content
2017-08-17T09:45:13+00:00 textproc/py-pyPEG2 Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) parser for Python
PyPEG2 is a parser-interpreter for Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs).

PEGs look similar to context-free grammars (CFGs), except that the choice
operator always picks the first matching option. This allows for parsing
in linear time.

2017-08-16T18:55:15+00:00 databases/postgres-xl Scalable open source PostgreSQL-based database cluster
Postgres-XL is an open source project to provide both write-scalability and
massively parallel processing transparently to PostgreSQL. It is a collection
of tightly coupled database components which can be installed on more than one
system or virtual machine.

Write-scalable means Postgres-XL can be configured with as many database
servers as you want and handle many more writes (updating SQL statements) than
a single standalone database server could otherwise do. You can have more than
one database server that provides a single database view. Any database update
from any database server is immediately visible to any other transactions
running on different servers. Transparent means you do not necessarily need
to worry about how your data is stored in more than one database servers

2017-08-16T15:56:26+00:00 devel/py-toposort Topological sorting algorithm for Python
Implementation of a topological sorting algorithm for Python.

2017-08-16T13:23:12+00:00 net/sshping SSH-based ping to measure character echo latency and bandwidth
Utility to test the performance of interactive ssh sessions or scp file
transfers. It uses ssh to log into a remote system, then runs two tests: the
first test sends one character at a time, waiting for each character to be
returned while it records the latency time for each. The second test sends a
dummy file over scp to /dev/null on the remote system.

2017-08-15T21:21:47+00:00 audio/mda-lv2 LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett
MDA-LV2 is an LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett. It contains
36 high-quality plugins for a variety of tasks.

This is a more or less faithful port of both the effects and instrument
plugins. The only functional difference in code is to support LV2-style
toggle ports (> 0.0 is on, rather than 0.5). All the plugins have been
tested, and thanks to several bug fixes this collection should be more
reliable than the original.

2017-08-15T14:17:54+00:00 sysutils/doctl Command line tool for DigitalOcean services
doctl is a command line interface for the DigitalOcean API. It is able to
interact with all of your DigitalOcean resources. To learn more about the
features available, see the full tutorial on the DigitalOcean community site.

2017-08-15T12:08:02+00:00 science/py-tensorflow Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning
TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using
data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while
the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors)
communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy
computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device
with a single API. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and
engineers working on the Google Brain Team within Google's Machine Intelligence
research organization for the purposes of conducting machine learning and deep
neural networks research, but the system is general enough to be applicable in
a wide variety of other domains as well.

2017-08-15T00:18:22+00:00 cad/calculix-ccx Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
A Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program

CalculiX Finite Element Models can be built, calculated, and

Notice: The authors acknowledge that naming conventions and input style
formats for CalculiX are based on those used by ABAQUS, a proprietary,
general purpose finite element code developed and supported by Hibbitt,
Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc (HKS) and are used with kind permission from HKS.
Results obtained from CalculiX are in no way connected to ABAQUS.

2017-08-15T00:13:32+00:00 audio/orbit-lv2 LV2 plugin bundle from Open Music Kontrollers
Several LV2 plugin bundled together:
* Beatbox
Creates MIDI events based on LV2 time position events, e.g. to drive a
drum machine. Bars and beats can be disabled/enabled separately.
* Cargoship
Record/Playback of arbitrary LV2 atoms to/from disk. Record all incoming atom
messages with sample accuracy and play them back later from disk. Stored atom
event data is part of the plugin state and is preserved across instantiations.
* Click
Synthesizes click tracks based on LV2 time position events (bars and beats).
Bars and beats can be disabled/enabled separately.
* Looper
Loops arbitrary LV2 atom events on a ping-pong buffer. E.g. loops MIDI, OSC
or anything else that can be packed into LV2 atoms with sample accuracy.
Needs to be driven by LV2 time position events.
* Pacemaker
Creates LV2 time position events from scratch to drive other plugins.
* Quantum
Quantizes incoming events to whole beats.
* Subspace
Subdivide or multiply incoming time signals by whole fractions, e.g. to speed
up time x2, x3, ... or slow it down to x1/2, x1/3, ...

2017-08-14T23:20:34+00:00 lang/gcc7 GNU Compiler Collection 7
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages.
This port installs the C, C++, and Fortran front ends as gcc7, g++7,
and gfortran7, respectively.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
2017-08-14T19:21:04+00:00 net-p2p/transmission-qt5 Fast and lightweight Qt5 BitTorrent client
A fast and lightweight Qt5 BitTorrent client, loosely based on the GTK+ client.

This is the only Transmission client that can act as its own self-contained
session (as the GTK+ and Mac clients do), and can also connect to a remote
session (as the web client and transmission-remote terminal client do).

Transmission has been built from the ground up to be a lightweight, yet
powerful BitTorrent client. Its simple, intuitive interface is designed
to integrate tightly with whatever computing environment you choose to
use. Transmission strikes a balance between providing useful functionality
without feature bloat. Furthermore, it is free for anyone to use or modify.

2017-08-14T15:47:55+00:00 devel/gitaly Smart reverse proxy for GitLab
Gitaly is a Git RPC service for handling all the git calls made by GitLab.

2017-08-14T02:46:31+00:00 x11/screen-message Very simple tool to display some text as large as possible
If you just want to disply a word or a short, possilby multi-line, text as
large and as quickly as possible on your screen, then screen-message is the
right tool for you.

2017-08-13T22:35:18+00:00 security/highwayhash Fast strong hash functions: SipHash/HighwayHash
Strong (well-distributed and unpredictable) hashes:
* Portable implementation of SipHash
* HighwayHash, a 5x faster SIMD hash with security claims

2017-08-13T22:34:00+00:00 audio/lvtk Wraps the LV2 C API and extensions into easy to use C++ classes
This toolkit contains libraries that wrap the LV2 C API and extensions into
easy to use C++ classes. The original work for this was mostly done by
Lars Luthman in lv2-c++-tools.

2017-08-13T13:15:10+00:00 www/mod_md-devel Early experience LetsEncrypt module for Apache httpd
mod_md a module for Apache httpd that adds support for Let's Encrypt
(and other ACME CAs) as an early experience version.

This port is here to help people review and comment and test before
it is put into the main Apache httpd repository. Issues you can raise
on the project's website. General discussion is probably best at the
apache httpd-dev mailing list.

2017-08-12T15:56:09+00:00 audio/py-gmusicproxy Proxy for streaming Google Play Music using any media-player
This program permits the use of Google Play Music with All Access
subscription with any music player that is able to stream MP3 files and to
manage M3U playlists (e.g., MPD server, VLC, ...). It can work also with a
free account without All Access extras.

This project is based on the great Unofficial Google Play Music API
(gmusicapi) of Simon Weber: it already permits to create URLs to stream the
tracks as regular MP3 but they expire in 1 minute! Keeping this proxy
running, it can generate persistent local URLs that never expire and that
can be used in any media-player.

This project is not supported nor endorsed by Google. Its aim is not the
abuse of the service but the one to improve the access to it. I'm not
responsible of its misuse.
2017-08-12T14:19:04+00:00 databases/puppetdb-terminus5 PuppetDB storeconfigs backend terminus module
The PuppetDB storeconfigs backend terminus module.

2017-08-12T14:14:12+00:00 databases/puppetdb5 PuppetDB storeconfigs backend
The PuppetDB storeconfigs backend

2017-08-12T13:53:05+00:00 sysutils/puppet5 Configuration management framework written in Ruby
Puppet lets you centrally manage every important aspect of your system using
a cross-platform specification language that manages all the separate
elements normally aggregated in different files, like users, cron jobs, and
hosts, along with obviously discrete elements like packages, services, and

2017-08-12T13:20:51+00:00 devel/rubygem-hocon Ruby port of the Typesafe Config library
This is a port of the Typesafe Config library to Ruby.

The library provides Ruby support for the HOCON configuration file format.

2017-08-12T05:43:46+00:00 print/py-stapler Manipulate PDF documents from the command line
Stapler is a pure Python alternative to PDFtk, a tool for manipulating PDF
documents from the command line. Like pdftk, stapler is a command-line tool.

With the select command, you can cherry-pick pages from pdfs and concatenate
them into a new pdf file.

The delete command works almost exactly the same as select, but inverse.
It uses the pages and ranges which you didn't specify.

The split command splits the specified pdf files into their single pages and
writes each page into it's own pdf file.

With the zip command, you can cherry-pick pages from pdfs (like select).
The pages from each pdf are merged together in an interleaving manner.
This can be used to collate a pdf with odd pages and a pdf with even pages
into a single file.

The info command shows information on the metadata stored inside a PDF file.

2017-08-11T18:47:20+00:00 security/cyrus-sasl2-sql SASL SQL plugins
SASL SQL database plugin support

2017-08-11T17:07:11+00:00 audio/x42-plugins-lv2 Collection of LV2 plugins (submodules)
A collection of professional lv2 audio plugins written by Robin Gareus.

2017-08-11T13:59:57+00:00 sysutils/cfengine311 Systems administration tool for networks
Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and
maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays
of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of
organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the
first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating
systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a
change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security
and adaptability.

2017-08-11T13:59:57+00:00 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles311 cfengine sample policies for installations and upgrades
CFEngine 3 is a popular open source configuration management system.
Its primary function is to provide automated configuration and
maintenance of large-scale computer systems.

The repository is intended to provide a stable base policy for
installations and upgrades, and is used by CFEngine 3.6 and newer.
The port installs the repository as examples which should be copied by
the user to the masterfiles directory (usually /var/cfengine/masterfiles).

2017-08-11T09:26:25+00:00 databases/pg_partman PostgreSQL Partition Manager
pg_partman is an extension to create and manage both time-based and
serial-based table partition sets. Sub-partitoning is also supported.
Child table & trigger function creation is all managed by the extension
itself. Tables with existing data can also have their data partitioned in
easily managed smaller batches. Optional retention policy can automatically
drop partitions no longer needed. A background worker (BGW) process is
included to automatically run partition maintenance without the need of an
external scheduler (cron, etc) in most cases.

2017-08-11T08:28:11+00:00 audio/libltc Linear/Logitudinal Time Code (LTC) Library
Linear (or Longitudinal) Timecode (LTC) is an encoding of SMPTE timecode data
as a Manchester-Biphase encoded audio signal. The audio signal is commonly
recorded on a VTR track or other storage media.

libltc provides functionality to encode and decode LTC audio from/to SMPTE or
EBU timecode, including SMPTE date support.

2017-08-11T08:26:31+00:00 audio/zita-convolver Fast, partitioned convolution engine library
A C++ library implementing a real-time convolution matrix for up to 64 inputs
and outputs. It uses multiple partition sizes to provide both low delay and
efficient CPU use.

2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-server
PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting
almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and
user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source
database available anywhere. Commercial Support is also available.

The original Postgres code was the effort of many graduate students,
undergraduate students, and staff programmers working under the direction of
Professor Michael Stonebraker at the University of California, Berkeley. In
1995, Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen took on the task of converting the DBMS query
language to SQL and created a new database system which came to known as
Postgres95. Many others contributed to the porting, testing, debugging and
enhancement of the Postgres95 code. As the code improved, and 1995 faded into
memory, PostgreSQL was born.

PostgreSQL development is presently being performed by a team of Internet
developers who are now responsible for all current and future development. The
development team coordinator is Marc G. Fournier (scrappy@PostgreSQL.ORG).
Support is available from the PostgreSQL developer/user community through the
support mailing list (questions@PostgreSQL.ORG).

PostgreSQL is free and the complete source is available.

2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-pltcl
2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-plpython
2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-plperl
2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-pgtcl
2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-docs
2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2017-08-10T14:23:31+00:00 databases/postgresql10-client PostgreSQL database (client)
2017-08-09T21:00:12+00:00 devel/evemu Records and replays EVDEV descriptions and events
Tools and bindings for kernel input event device emulation and data capture
and replay.

Evemu provides a programmatic API to access the kernel input event devices.
The original and intended purpose is for supporting multi-touch input,
especially with regard to the Ubuntu touch and gesture stack.

2017-08-09T18:58:59+00:00 security/py3-ecdsa
2017-08-09T15:21:42+00:00 devel/universal-ctags Fork of Exuberant Ctags to generate index/tag files
universal-ctags has the objective of continuing the development from what
existed in the Sourceforge area. Github exuberant-ctags repository was
started by Reza Jelveh and was later moved to the universal-ctags organization.

The goal of the project is preparing and maintaining common/unified space
where people interested in making ctags better can work together.

2017-08-09T12:08:39+00:00 sysutils/chvt Change foreground virtual terminal
The command chvt N makes /dev/ttyv(N-1) the foreground terminal.
The key combination Ctrl-Alt-FN (with N in the range 1-12) has a similar effect.

2017-08-09T08:27:32+00:00 devel/R-cran-bindrcpp Rcpp Interface to Active Bindings
Provides an easy way to fill an environment with active
bindings that call a C++ function.

2017-08-09T07:45:02+00:00 sysutils/dsblogoutmgr Graphical logout manager
DSBLogoutmgr is a Qt utility that allows you to leave your current window
manager-session, reboot, suspend or shutdown your system. Furthermore, it
supports time-controlled shutdown.

2017-08-09T06:30:49+00:00 devel/R-cran-pkgconfig Private Configuration for 'R' Packages
Set configuration options on a per-package basis. Options set by a
given package only apply to that package, other packages are

2017-08-09T00:46:32+00:00 x11/dsbautostart Manage commands to be executed at X session start
DSBAutostart is a Qt program that allows you to manage commands to be executed
at X session start.

2017-08-09T00:44:05+00:00 archivers/c-blosc Blocking, shuffling and loss-less compression library
Blosc is a high performance compressor optimized for binary data.
It has been designed to transmit data to the processor cache faster
than the traditional, non-compressed, direct memory fetch approach
via a memcpy() OS call. Blosc is the first compressor (that I'm aware of)
that is meant not only to reduce the size of large datasets on-disk or
in-memory, but also to accelerate memory-bound computations.

2017-08-08T22:06:40+00:00 net/ndproxy Implementation of IPv6 Neighbor Discovery proxy
The ndproxy(4) kernel module implements IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
proxying with many options to handle several use-cases.

It replies to a neighbor solicitation with a specific neighbor
advertisement, in order to let the PE uplink router send further
packets to a CPE downlink router, that may or may not be the same
node that the one which runs ndproxy.

The main difference with the ndp(8) command-line tool is that, with
ndproxy(4), the host running ndp can be used only to redirect
packets to another IPv6 internal router, for instance a dedicated
one with hardware support of IPv6 routing processes.

2017-08-08T18:07:56+00:00 x11/enventor Dynamic EDC Editor
Enventor, which is also known as EDC (Edje Data Collections) Editor, is a EDC
script editor tool that supports text editing and previewing functions for the
EDC source code.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 www/hs-http-api-data Convert Haskell data types to and from HTTP API data
This package defines typeclasses used for converting Haskell data types to
and from HTTP API data.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-uri-bytestring Haskell URI parsing as ByteStrings
uri-bytestring aims to be an RFC3986 compliant URI parser that uses
efficient ByteStrings for parsing and representing the URI data.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-uri-bytestring-aeson The uri-bytestring-aeson package
uri-bytestring aims to be an RFC3986 compliant URI parser that uses
efficient ByteStrings for parsing and representing the URI data.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-skylighting Syntax highlighting library with support for over one hundred languages
Skylighting is a syntax highlighting library with support for over one hundred
languages. It derives its tokenizers from XML syntax definitions used by KDE's
KSyntaxHighlighting framework, so any syntax supported by that framework can be
added. An optional command-line program is provided. Skylighting is intended to
be the successor to highlighting-kate.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-scanner Parser combinator library designed to be fast
Parser combinator library designed to be fast. It doesn't support backtracking.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-regex-pcre The PCRE backend to accompany regex-base
The PCRE backend to accompany regex-base, see

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-pretty-show Library and an executable for working with derived Show instances
We provide a library and an executable for working with derived Show instances.
By using the library, we can parse derived Show instances into a generic data
structure. The ppsh tool uses the library to produce human-readable versions
of Show instances, which can be quite handy for debugging Haskell programs.
We can also render complex generic values into an interactive Html page, for
easier examination.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-magic Interface to C file/magic library
This package provides a Haskell interface to the C libmagic library. With it,
you can determine the type of a file by examining its contents rather than its
name. The Haskell interface provides a full-featured binding.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-doctemplates The doctemplates package
The doctemplates package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 textproc/hs-attoparsec-iso8601 Parsing of ISO 8601 dates
Parsing of ISO 8601 dates, originally from aeson.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 sysutils/hs-mountpoints List mount points
Lists currently mounted filesystems.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 sysutils/hs-disk-free-space Retrieve information about disk space usage
A cross-platform library for retrieving information about disk space usage.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-tls-session-manager TLS session manager with limitation, automatic pruning, energy saving and replay resistance
TLS session manager with limitation, automatic pruning, energy saving and replay resistance

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-hackage-security The hackage security library provides both server and client utilities for securing the Hackage package server
The hackage security library provides both server and client utilities for
securing the Hackage package server ( It is based on
The Update Framework (, a set of recommendations
developed by security researchers at various universities in the US as well as
developers on the Tor project (

The current implementation supports only index signing, thereby enabling
untrusted mirrors. It does not yet provide facilities for author package

The library has two main entry points: Hackage.Security.Client is the main entry
point for clients (the typical example being cabal), and Hackage.Security.Server
is the main entry point for servers (the typical example being hackage-server).

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-ed25519 A simple, fast, self-contained copy of the Ed25519 public-key signature system
This package provides a simple, fast, self-contained copy of the Ed25519
public-key signature system with a clean interface. It also includes support
for detached signatures, and thorough documentation on the design and
implementation, including usage guidelines.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-cryptohash-sha256 A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the SHA-256 hash algorithm
A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the SHA-256 hash algorithm
(including HMAC support) with performance close to the fastest implementations
available in other languages.

The implementation is made in C with a haskell FFI wrapper that hides the C

NOTE: This package has been forked off cryptohash-0.11.7 because the cryptohash
package has been deprecated and so this package continues to satisfy the need for
a lightweight package providing the SHA256 hash algorithm without any dependencies
on packages other than base and bytestring.

Consequently, this package can be used as a drop-in replacement for cryptohash's
Crypto.Hash.SHA256 module, though with a clearly smaller footprint.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-cryptohash-sha1 A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the SHA-1 hash algorithm
A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the SHA-1 hash algorithm
(including HMAC support) with performance close to the fastest implementations
available in other languages.

The implementation is made in C with a haskell FFI wrapper that hides the C

NOTE: This package has been forked off cryptohash-0.11.7 because the cryptohash
package has been deprecated and so this package continues to satisfy the need
for a lightweight package providing the SHA1 hash algorithm without any
dependencies on packages other than base and bytestring.

Consequently, this package can be used as a drop-in replacement for cryptohash's
Crypto.Hash.SHA1 module, though with a clearly smaller footprint.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 security/hs-cryptohash-md5 A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the MD5 hash algorithm
A practical incremental and one-pass, pure API to the MD5 hash algorithm
(including HMAC support) with performance close to the fastest implementations
available in other languages.

The implementation is made in C with a haskell FFI wrapper that hides the C

NOTE: This package has been forked off cryptohash-0.11.7 because the cryptohash
package has been deprecated and so this package continues to satisfy the need
for a lightweight package providing the MD5 hash algorithm without any
dependencies on packages other than base and bytestring.

Consequently, this package can be used as a drop-in replacement for cryptohash's
Crypto.Hash.MD5 module, though with a clearly smaller footprint.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 math/hs-integer-logarithms The integer-logarithms package
Math.NumberTheory.Logarithms and Math.NumberTheory.Powers.Integer from the
arithmoi package.

Also provides GHC.Integer.Logarithms.Compat and Math.NumberTheory.Power.Natural
modules, as well as some additional functions in migrated modules.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 math/hs-half Half-precision floating-point
Half-precision floating-point

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 math/hs-fixed Signed 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic
Signed 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 graphics/hs-graphviz This library provides bindings for the Dot language used by the Graphviz
This library provides bindings for the Dot language used by the Graphviz
( suite of programs for visualising graphs, as well
as functions to call those programs.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-wl-pprint-text A clone of wl-pprint for use with the text library
A clone of wl-pprint for use with the text library

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-unexceptionalio IO without any non-error, synchronous exceptions
When you've caught all the exceptions that can be handled safely,
this is what you're left with.

It is intended that you use qualified imports with this library.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-typed-process The typed-process package
The typed-process package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-th-lift Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes.
Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-th-lift-instances Some more Lift instances for common haskell data types
Most data types in haskell platform do not have Lift instances. This package provides orphan instances for containers, text, bytestring and vector.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-th-abstraction This package normalizes variations in the interface for inspecting datatype information via Template Haskell
This package normalizes variations in the interface for inspecting datatype
information via Template Haskell so that packages and support a single, easier
to use informational datatype while supporting many versions of Template Haskell.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-text-short This package provides the ShortText type which is suitable for keeping many short strings in memory
This package provides the ShortText type which is suitable for keeping many
short strings in memory. This is similiar to how ShortByteString relates to

The main difference between Text and ShortText is that ShortText uses UTF-8
instead of UTF-16 internally and also doesn't support slicing (thereby
saving 2 words). Consequently, the memory footprint of a (boxed) ShortText
value is 4 words (2 words when unboxed) plus the length of the UTF-8 encoded

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-terminal-size Get terminal window height and width
Get terminal window height and width without ncurses dependency.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-say The say packagae
The say package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-safe-exceptions The safe-exceptions package
The safe-exceptions package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-refact This library provides a datatype which can be interpreted by apply-refact
This library provides a datatype which can be interpreted by apply-refact.
It exists as a seperate library so that applications can specify refactorings
without depending on GHC

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-readable Reading data types from ByteString and Text
Provides a Readable type class for reading data types from ByteString and Text.
Also includes efficient implementations for common data types.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-psqueues Provides Priority Search Queues
The psqueues package provides Priority Search Queues in three different flavors.

* OrdPSQ k p v, which uses the Ord k instance to provide fast insertion,
deletion and lookup. This implementation is based on Ralf Hinze's A Simple
Implementation Technique for Priority Search Queues. Hence, it is similar to
the PSQueue library, although it is considerably faster and provides a
slightly different API.

* IntPSQ p v is a far more efficient implementation. It fixes the key type to
Int and uses a radix tree (like IntMap) with an additional min-heap property.

* HashPSQ k p v is a fairly straightforward extension of IntPSQ: it simply
uses the keys' hashes as indices in the IntPSQ. If there are any hash
collisions, it uses an OrdPSQ to resolve those. The performance of this
implementation is comparable to that of IntPSQ, but it is more widely
applicable since the keys are not restricted to Int, but rather to any
Hashable datatype.

Each of the three implementations provides the same API, so they can be used interchangeably. The benchmarks show how they perform relative to one another, and also compared to the other Priority Search Queue implementations on Hackage: PSQueue and fingertree-psqueue.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-process-extras Read process input and output as ByteStrings or Text
Extends Read process input and
output as ByteStrings or Text, or write your own ProcessOutput instance. Lazy
process input and output. ProcessMaker class for more flexibility in the
process creation API.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-newtype-generics Full replacement for the original newtype package
Per Conor McBride, the Newtype typeclass represents the packing and unpacking
of a newtype, and allows you to operatate under that newtype with functions
such as ala. Generics support was added in version 0.4, making this package a
full replacement for the original newtype package, and a better alternative to

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-mono-traversable-instances The mono-traversable-instances package
The mono-traversable-instances package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-monadplus Haskell98 partial maps and filters over MonadPlus
Filtering and folding over arbitrary MonadPlus instances. This package
generalizes many common stream operations such as filter, catMaybes etc.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-monad-unlift The monad-unlift package
The monad-unlift package

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-microstache Mustache templates for Haskell
Mustache templates for Haskell.

Based on stache library, which uses megaparsec.
This library uses parsec, thus the name: microstache.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-microlens The microlens package
This library is an extract from lens (with no dependencies). It's not a toy
lenses library, unsuitable for “real world”, but merely a small one. It is
compatible with lens, and should have same performance. It also has better

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-microlens-th This package lets you automatically generate lenses for data types
This package lets you automatically generate lenses for data types; code was
extracted from the lens package, and therefore generated lenses are fully
compatible with ones generated by lens (and can be used both from lens and

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-io-streams Simple and easy-to-use primitives for I/O using streams
The io-streams library contains simple and easy-to-use primitives for I/O using

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-io-streams-haproxy HAProxy protocol version 1.5 support for I/O using streams
HAProxy protocol version 1.5 support
(see for
applications using io-streams. The proxy protocol allows information about a
networked peer (like remote address and port) to be propagated through a
forwarding proxy that is configured to speak this protocol.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-haskell-lexer A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-gitrev Compile git revision info into Haskell projects
Some handy Template Haskell splices for including the current git hash and
branch in the code of your project. Useful for including in panic messages,
--version output, or diagnostic info for more informative bug reports.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-foundation A custom prelude with no dependencies apart from base
This package has the following goals:
* provide a base like sets of modules that provide a consistent set of
features and bugfixes across multiple versions of GHC (unlike base).
* provide a better and more efficient prelude than base's prelude.
* be self-sufficient: no external dependencies apart from base.
* provide better data-types: packed unicode string by default, arrays.
* Better numerical classes that better represent mathematical thing
(No more all-in-one Num).
* Better I/O system with less Lazy IO
* Usual partial functions distinguished through type system

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-fmlist FoldMap lists are lists represented by their foldMap function
FoldMap lists are lists represented by their foldMap function. FoldMap lists
have O(1) cons, snoc and append, just like DLists, but other operations might
have favorable performance characteristics as well. These wild claims are
still completely unverified though.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-dbus A client library for the D-Bus IPC system
D-Bus is a simple, message-based protocol for inter-process communication,
which allows applications to interact with other parts of the machine and the
user's session using remote procedure calls.

D-Bus is a essential part of the modern Linux desktop, where it replaces
earlier protocols such as CORBA and DCOP.

This library is an implementation of the D-Bus protocol in Haskell. It can be
used to add D-Bus support to Haskell applications, without the awkward
interfaces common to foreign bindings.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-data-endian Endian-sensitive data
This package provides helpers for converting endian-sensitive data.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-concurrent-output Ungarble output from several threads or commands
Lets multiple threads and external processes concurrently output to the
console, without it getting all garbled up.

Built on top of that is a way of defining multiple output regions, which are
automatically laid out on the screen and can be individually updated by
concurrent threads. Can be used for progress displays etc.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-colour This package provides a data type for colours and transparency
This package provides a data type for colours and transparency.
Colours can be blended and composed. Various colour spaces are
supported. A module of colour names (Data.Colour.Names) is provided.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-code-page A cross-platform module that exports functions which adjust code pages on Windows
This library provides two modules:

* System.IO.CodePage: a cross-platform module that exports functions which
adjust code pages on Windows, and do nothing on other operating systems.

* System.Win32.CodePage: On Windows, this exports functions for getting,
setting, and analyzing code pages. On other operating systems, this module
exports nothing.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-clock A package for convenient access to high-resolution clock and timer functions
A package for convenient access to high-resolution clock and timer functions of
different operating systems via a unified API.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-call-stack The call-stack package
Use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-base-compat Provides functions available in later versions of base to a wider range of compilers
Provides functions available in later versions of base to a wider range of
compilers, without requiring you to use CPP pragmas in your code. See the README
for what is covered. Also see the changelog for recent changes.

Note that base-compat does not add any orphan instances. There is a separate
package, base-orphans, for that.

In addition, base-compat does not backport any data types or type classes.
See this section of the README for more info.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-Only This package provides a canonical anonymous 1-tuple type
This package provides a canonical anonymous 1-tuple type missing from Haskell
for attaching typeclass instances.

NOTE: There is also the OneTuple package which by using a boxed data-type
provides a 1-tuple type which has laziness properties which are more faithful
to the ones of Haskell's native tuples; whereas the primary purpose of Only is
to provide the traditionally so named type-wrapper for attaching typeclass


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-ListLike Generic support for list-like structures in Haskell
Generic support for list-like structures in Haskell.

The ListLike module provides a common interface to the various Haskell types
that are list-like. Predefined interfaces include standard Haskell lists,
Arrays, ByteStrings, and lazy ByteStrings. Custom types can easily be made
ListLike instances as well.

ListLike also provides for String-like types, such as String and ByteString,
for types that support input and output, and for types that can handle
infinite lists.

2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-EdisonCore A library of efficent, purely-functional data structures (Core Implementations)
This package provides the core Edison data structure implementations,
including multiple sequence, set, bag, and finite map concrete implementations
with various performance characteristics. The implementations in this package
have no dependencies other than those commonly bundled with Haskell compilers.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 devel/hs-EdisonAPI A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (API)
Edison is a library of purely functional data structures written by Chris
Okasaki. It is named after Thomas Alva Edison and for the mnemonic value
EDiSon (Efficient Data Structures). Edison provides several families of
abstractions, each with multiple implementations. The main abstractions
provided by Edison are: Sequences such as stacks, queues, and dequeues;
Collections such as sets, bags and heaps; and Associative Collections such
as finite maps and priority queues where the priority and element are


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 deskutils/hs-fdo-notify Desktop Notifications client
A library for issuing notifications using's Desktop
Notifications protcol. This protocol is supported by services such
as Ubuntu's NotifyOSD.


2017-08-08T17:21:45+00:00 converters/hs-aeson-compat Fast JSON parsing and encoding
Compatibility layer for aeson

2017-08-08T15:12:13+00:00 security/rubygem-hashie-forbidden_attributes Hashie compatibility layer for forbidden attributes protection
Hashie compatibility layer for forbidden attributes protection.

2017-08-07T21:44:00+00:00 mail/dovecot-pigeonhole Sieve plugin for the Dovecot 'deliver' LDA and LMTP
Sieve language support by a plugin for the Dovecot deliver LDA&LMTP

* Mail filtering
* Mail forwarding
* Vacation auto-reply

2017-08-07T15:33:51+00:00 audio/py-aubio Python bindings for aubio music analysis
2017-08-07T13:46:50+00:00 databases/pgloader3 Data loading and migration tool for PostgreSQL using the COPY command
pgloader loads data from various sources into PostgreSQL. It can transform the
data it reads on the fly and submit raw SQL before and after the loading.
It uses the COPY PostgreSQL protocol to stream the data into the server,
and manages errors by filling a pair of reject.dat and reject.log files.

Thanks to being able to load data directly from a database source, pgloader
also supports migrations from other productions to PostgreSQL. In this mode of
operation, pgloader handles both the schema and data parts of the migration in a
single unmanned command, allowing to implement Continuous Migration.

2017-08-07T10:14:08+00:00 devel/rubygem-hike1 Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths
A Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths.

2017-08-06T06:57:44+00:00 security/openvas9 openvas 9 vulnerability scanner (metaport)
This is the metaport to install OpenVAS 9 applications and libraries.

2017-08-06T06:54:47+00:00 security/openvas8 openvas 8 vulnerability scanner (metaport)
This is the metaport to install OpenVAS 8 applications and libraries.

2017-08-05T23:10:37+00:00 dns/rubygem-public_suffix2 Ruby domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List
PublicSuffix can parse and decompose a domain name into top level domain,
domain and subdomains.

2017-08-05T10:58:48+00:00 sysutils/consolekit2 Framework for defining and tracking users
ConsoleKit2 is a framework for defining and tracking users, login
sessions, and seats. It allows multiple users to be logged in at the
same time and share hardware for their graphical session. ConsoleKit2
will keep track of those resources and whichever session is active
will have use of the hardware at that time.

What is a seat?
A seat is a collection of sessions and a set of hardware (usually at
least a keyboard and mouse). Only one session may be active on a
seat at a time.

What is a session?
A session is a collection of all processes that originate from a single
common ancestor and retain knowledge of a secret. As an implementation
detail, this secret may be stored in the process environment by the
login manager under the name XDG_SESSION_COOKIE.

2017-08-05T02:48:54+00:00 mail/rubygem-mini_mime Lightweight mime type lookup toy
MiniMime is a minimal mime type implementation for use with the mail and
rest-client gem. It is optimised to minimize memory usage. It keeps a cache of
100 mime type lookups (and 100 misses).

2017-08-04T16:01:40+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-zedboard
U-Boot loader for the Xilinx Zynq-based Zedboard.

To install this bootloader, copy the files in the share/u-boot/u-boot-zedboard
directory to the first partition, formatted as FAT16 or FAT32, on an SD card.

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.

For information about running FreeBSD on Xilinx Zynq SoCs, see

2017-08-04T01:00:13+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-zybo
U-Boot loader for the Xilinx Zynq-based Zedboard.

To install this bootloader, copy the files in the share/u-boot/u-boot-zedboard
directory to the first partition, formatted as FAT16 or FAT32, on an SD card.

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.

For information about running FreeBSD on Xilinx Zynq SoCs, see

2017-08-03T22:45:13+00:00 security/greenbone-security-assistant9 OpenVAS 9 web interface
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the Greenbone Security Assistant, a web interface for
the OpenVAS Manager.

2017-08-03T22:43:53+00:00 security/openvas9-manager OpenVAS 9 manager
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the OpenVAS Manager which provides services on top of
the OpenVAS Scanner to manage scan results, configurations and user access

2017-08-03T22:41:13+00:00 security/openvas9-scanner OpenVAS 9 scanner
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the OpenVAS Scanner which executes Network Vulnerability
Tests (NVTs) provided by the OpenVAS NVT Feed or a commercial feed service.

2017-08-03T22:38:10+00:00 security/openvas9-cli OpenVAS 9 command-line interface and Nagios plugin
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains a command-line tool to control the OpenVAS Manager and
a Nagios plugin.

2017-08-03T22:36:54+00:00 security/openvas9-libraries OpenVAS 9 libraries
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains core libraries.

2017-08-03T22:21:37+00:00 security/openvas8-scanner OpenVAS 8 scanner
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the OpenVAS Scanner which executes Network Vulnerability
Tests (NVTs) provided by the OpenVAS NVT Feed or a commercial feed service.

2017-08-03T22:21:37+00:00 security/openvas8-manager OpenVAS 8 manager
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the OpenVAS Manager which provides services on top of
the OpenVAS Scanner to manage scan results, configurations and user access

2017-08-03T22:21:37+00:00 security/openvas8-libraries OpenVAS 8 libraries
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains core libraries.

2017-08-03T22:21:37+00:00 security/openvas8-cli OpenVAS 8 command-line interface and Nagios plugin
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains a command-line tool to control the OpenVAS Manager and
a Nagios plugin.

2017-08-03T22:21:37+00:00 security/greenbone-security-assistant8 OpenVAS 8 web interface
The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several
services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability
scanning and vulnerability management solution.

This package contains the Greenbone Security Assistant, a web interface for
the OpenVAS Manager.

2017-08-03T21:44:51+00:00 games/moonlight-embedded Gamestream client
Moonlight Embedded is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's
GameStream, as used by the NVIDIA Shield.

Moonlight Embedded allows you to stream your full collection of games
from your powerful Windows desktop to your FreeBSD system.

2017-08-03T16:47:31+00:00 net-p2p/jackett Torznab proxy implementation of the Newznab API
Jackett works as a proxy server: it translates queries from apps
(Sonarr, Radarr, SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar, etc) into
tracker-site-specific http queries, parses the html response, then sends
results back to the requesting software. This allows for getting recent
uploads (like RSS) and performing searches. Jackett is a single
repository of maintained indexer scraping & translation logic - removing
the burden from other apps.

2017-08-03T12:20:38+00:00 math/form Symbolic Manipulation System
FORM is a Symbolic Manipulation System. It reads symbolic expressions from files
and executes symbolic/algebraic transformations upon them. The answers are
returned in a textual mathematical representation. As its landmark feature, the
size of the considered expressions in FORM is only limited by the available disk
space and not by the available RAM.

2017-08-02T19:24:54+00:00 graphics/openicc-config Color configuration data base management
The OpenICC configuration data base allows to store, share and
manipulate colour management informations.

Part of that is a file format based on JSON and a implementation
of an according library for easy access.

* access to OpenICC device JSON DB

2017-08-02T18:30:59+00:00 net/rubygem-fog-joyent Module for the 'fog' gem to support Joyent
Fog::Joyent is a module for the fog gem to support Joyent.

2017-08-02T18:30:41+00:00 net/rubygem-fog-internet-archive Module for the 'fog' gem to support Internet Archive
Fog::InternetArchive is a module for the fog gem to support Internet Archive

2017-08-02T18:16:52+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-nanopi-neo-air
U-Boot loader for NanoPi Neo Air.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-nanopi-neo-air/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-08-02T18:16:52+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-nanopi-m1plus
U-Boot loader for NanoPi M1 Plus.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-nanopi-m1plus/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-08-02T17:53:05+00:00 devel/codequery Code understanding, browsing and search tool
This is a tool to index, then query or search C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Go
and Javascript source code. It builds upon the databases of cscope and
Exuberant ctags. It can also work with Universal ctags, which is a drop-in
replacement for Exuberant ctags.

The databases of cscope and ctags would be processed by the cqmakedb tool
to generate the CodeQuery database file.

The CodeQuery database file can be viewed and queried using the codequery
GUI tool.

2017-08-02T17:47:11+00:00 graphics/qt5-wayland Qt5 wrapper for Wayland
2017-08-02T16:13:43+00:00 devel/p5-Paranoid-Log-Syslog Syslog support for Paranoid::Log
Paranoid::Log::Syslog provides syslog support from within the Paranoid::Log

2017-08-02T15:36:30+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-nanopi-neo
U-Boot loader for NanoPi Neo.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-nanopi-neo/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-08-02T14:07:49+00:00 devel/py-amalgamate Collapse Python packages into a single module
A package-based, source code amalgamater for collapsing Python
packages into a single module.

The big idea here is to glue most of the source files in a package or
subpackage together into a single module, called Combined with some hooks in the, this
should dramatically reduce the number of files that are being searched
for inside of the package. This is critical in larger projects where
import times are the major startup time cost.

2017-08-02T11:37:08+00:00 devel/p5-Paranoid-Log-Email SMTP support for Paranoid::Log
Paranoid::Log::Email provides SMTP support from within the Paranoid::Log

2017-08-01T18:22:02+00:00 textproc/rubygem-sass34 Extension of CSS3
Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector
inheritance, and more. It's translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using
the command line tool or a web-framework plugin.

2017-08-01T17:57:54+00:00 textproc/rubygem-sass-listen Listens to file modifications
The Listen gem listens for file modifications and notifies about changes.

- OS-optimized adapters on MRI for Mac OS X 10.6+, Linux, *BSD and Windows
- Detects file modification, addition and removal
- You can watch multiple directories
- Regexp-patterns for ignoring paths for more accuracy and speed
- Increased change detection accuracy on OS X HFS and VFAT volumes

2017-08-01T16:39:29+00:00 x11-fonts/ohsnap Monospaced font based on Artwiz Snap
Monospaced font based on Artwiz Snap with bold support and
a version with status icons.

There are ISO8859-1, a version with status icons,
consolefonts and ISO10646-1.
Available sizes are: 6x11, 7x12, 6x13 and 7x14.

2017-08-01T05:09:51+00:00 devel/py3-verboselogs
2017-07-31T16:22:20+00:00 www/py-html5-parser Fast implementation of the HTML 5 parsing spec for Python
A fast implementation of the HTML 5 parsing spec for Python. Parsing
is done in C using a variant of the gumbo parser. The gumbo parse
tree is then transformed into an lxml tree, also in C, yielding
parse times that can be a thirtieth of the html5lib parse times.
That is a speedup of 30x. This differs, for instance, from the gumbo
python bindings, where the initial parsing is done in C but the
transformation into the final tree is done in python.

2017-07-31T15:50:30+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-chef-config Default configuration and config loading library for Chef
ChefConfig is the default configuration and config loading library for Chef.

2017-07-30T21:46:10+00:00 devel/bazel-clang38
2017-07-30T14:18:29+00:00 databases/grass7 Open source Geographical Information System (GIS)
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System

An open source Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster,
topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality
that operates on various platforms through a graphical user interface and
shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

2017-07-30T14:18:29+00:00 databases/grass6 Open source Geographical Information System (GIS)
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System

An open source Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster,
topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality
that operates on various platforms through a graphical user interface and
shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

2017-07-28T18:58:24+00:00 devel/libffcall Foreign function call libraries
This is a collection of four libraries which can be used to build
foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters.

The four packages are:

avcall - calling C functions with variable arguments

vacall - C functions accepting variable argument prototypes

trampoline - closures as first-class C functions

callback - closures with variable arguments as first-class C functions
(a reentrant combination of vacall and trampoline)

2017-07-28T18:28:41+00:00 security/vuls Agentless vulnerability scanner
Vuls is an agentless vulnerability scanner written in golang.
It can scan localhost or remote hosts via SSH. Vuls has a Terminal-Based User
Interface(TUI) to display the scan results.

Vuls' features include:
- scan for vulnerabilitie in Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux, RHEL, Oracle
Linux, FreeBSD and Raspbian;
- scan middleware that are not included in OS package management;
- nondestructive testing;
- email and slack notification.

2017-07-28T18:22:22+00:00 security/go-cve-dictionary Build local copies of vulnerabilities from NVD and JVN
go-cve-dictionary builds a a local copy of the National Vulnerabilities
Database(NVD) and Japan Vulnerability Notes(JVN). NVD and JVN contain security
vulnerabilities according to their CVE identifiers including exhaustive
information and a risk score. The local copy is generated in sqlite format.
A server is included for easy querying.

2017-07-28T17:05:10+00:00 www/mod_security-devel Intrusion detection and prevention engine
ModSecurity is an embeddable web application firewall. It provides
protection from a range of attacks against web applications and allows
for HTTP traffic monitoring and real-time analysis with no changes to
existing infrastructure.

It is also an open source project that aims to make the web application
firewall technology available to everyone.

2017-07-27T19:52:03+00:00 devel/mdb Solaris Modular Debugger
This is a port of the Solaris Modular Debugger to FreeBSD. Currently it
only supports debugging of FreeBSD/amd64 kernels via kernel crashes
(vmcores) or live systems via /dev/mem. It does not include a port of the
in-kernel kmdb debugger.

2017-07-27T18:24:15+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-vsphere Automated import of your VMs and Physical Host from VMware Sphere
In case you want to have an automated import of your Virtual Machines and/or
Physical Host from VMware Sphere (vCenter) into your Icinga monitoring system
this module might be what you have been looking for.

At the time of this writing, the main purpose of this module is being a Import
Source provider for the Icinga Director.

2017-07-27T18:21:21+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-grafana Add Grafana graphs into Icinga Web 2 to display performance metrics
Add Grafana graphs into Icinga Web 2 to display performance metrics.

2017-07-27T18:21:15+00:00 textproc/kibana5-search-guard Kibana 5.3 Search Guard plugin
This plugin for Kibana adds session management and multi tenancy
to a Search Guard secured cluster.

2017-07-27T18:12:58+00:00 sysutils/atf-allwinner Arm Trusted Framework for Allwinner SoCs
Arm Trusted Framework for Allwinner 64 Bits SoCs

Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) provides a reference implementation of secure world
software for Armv7-A and Armv8-A, including a Secure Monitor executing at
Exception Level 3 (EL3).

2017-07-27T17:39:35+00:00 security/py-first-server Function Identification and Recovery Signature Tool
The main idea behind FIRST is to preserve an engineer's analysis of
certain functions (name, prototype, comment, etc) by using methods
like opcode hashing, mnemonic hashing, locality sensitive hashing,
etc. By collecting and storing these signatures centrally the framework
can provide them later to the community via the API/Plugin. The goal is
to provide quick lookups for similar functions (see Fig. A) to avoid
losing time with analysing a function which was already analysed before
in another sample or by another engineer.

2017-07-27T16:37:21+00:00 security/rubygem-hkdf HMAC-based Key Derivation Function
A ruby implementation of RFC5869: HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key
Derivation Function (HKDF). The goal of HKDF is to take some source key
material and generate suitable cryptographic keys from it.

2017-07-27T16:19:16+00:00 audio/drumgizmo Multichannel drum sampler
DrumGizmo is an open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum
plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums in midi and
mix them with a multichannel approach. It is comparable to that of mixing a real
drumkit that has been recorded with a multimic setup.

Features include:
* Stand-alone, Lv2 and VSTi versions available
* Open drumkit file format, allowing the community to create their own drumkits
* Drum velocity, allowing for several different hit velocities for each drum
* Multichannel output, making it possible to mix it just the way you would a
real drumkit
* Optional built-in humanizer, analyzing the midi notes, adjusting velocities
* Stand-alone midi renderer, generating .wav files, 1 for each channel
* Stand-alone midi input, making it possible to use DrumGizmo as a software
sampler for an electronic drumkit

2017-07-27T09:19:00+00:00 databases/pg_dirtyread Read dead but unvacuumed tuples from a PostgreSQL relation
The pg_dirtyread extension provides the ability to read dead but unvacuumed rows
from a relation.

2017-07-27T07:48:56+00:00 devel/py-verboselogs Verbose logging level for Python logging module
The verboselogs package extends Python logging module to add the log

2017-07-27T06:56:08+00:00 devel/libhyve-remote Library to abstract vnc, rdp and spice protocols
The libhyve-remote aims to abstract functionalities from other third party
libraries such like libvncserver, freerdp and spice to be used in hypervisor

With a basic data structure it is easy to implement any remote desktop
protocol without dig into the protocol specification or third part
libraries, you can check some of our examples.

2017-07-26T22:31:37+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-map Display hosts on OpenStreetMap
The Icinga Web 2 Module Map displays hosts and their status on
OpenStreetMap using

2017-07-26T20:55:14+00:00 emulators/qemu-ppcnv Fork of QEMU with experimental PowerPCNV emulation support
Fork of QEMU with experimental PowerPC NV emulation support.

2017-07-26T18:19:38+00:00 net/drive Tiny program to pull or push Google Drive files
drive is a tiny program to pull or push Google Drive files.

drive was originally developed by Burcu Dogan while working on the Google Drive
team. Since she is very busy and no longer able to maintain it, I took over
drive on Thursday, 1st January 2015. This repository contains the latest version
of the code.

2017-07-26T18:19:33+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Address-XS Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups
This module implements RFC 2822 parser and formatter of email addresses and
groups. It parses an input string from email headers which contain a list of
email addresses or a groups of email addresses (like From, To, Cc, Bcc,
Reply-To, Sender, ...). Also it can generate a string value for those headers
from a list of email addresses objects.

Parser and formatter functionality is implemented in XS and uses shared code
from Dovecot IMAP server.

It is a drop-in replacement for the Email::Address module which has several
security issues. Existing applications that use Email::Address module could be
easily switched to Email::Address::XS module. In most cases only changing use
Email::Address to use Email::Address::XS and replacing every Email::Address
occurrence with Email::Address::XS is sufficient.

So unlike Email::Address, this module does not use regular expressions for
parsing but instead native XS implementation parses input string sequentially
according to RFC 2822 grammar.

Additionally it has support also for named groups and so can be use instead of
the Email::Address::List module.

2017-07-26T16:44:40+00:00 dns/nsnotifyd Handle DNS NOTIFY messages by running a command
The nsnotifyd daemon monitors a set of DNS zones and runs a command
when any of them change. It listens for DNS NOTIFY messages so it can
respond to changes promptly. It also uses each zone's SOA refresh and
retry parameters to poll for updates if nsnotifyd does not receive
NOTIFY messages more frequently.

2017-07-26T08:44:49+00:00 math/R-cran-combinat Routines for combinatorics
Routines for combinatorics.

2017-07-25T21:11:02+00:00 databases/rubygem-active_model_serializers Conventions-based JSON generation for Rails
This gem is an ActiveModel Serializer implementation with Rails hooks.
It provides a means to generate JSON in an object-oriented and
convention-driven manner.

2017-07-25T20:42:02+00:00 devel/rubygem-jsonapi-renderer Render JSONAPI documents
This gem efficiently renders JSON API documents. Given a resource that
implements a certain interface, a JSON-API-compliant hash representing the
described document is returned.

2017-07-25T20:25:35+00:00 textproc/rubygem-case_transform Extraction of the key_transform abilities of ActiveModelSerializers
This gem implements a simple extraction of the key_transform abilities of
ActiveModelSerializers. For example, it will transform the key to camel case,
dash, or underscore.

2017-07-25T20:08:07+00:00 security/rubygem-webpush Encryption utilities for Web Push payload
This gem makes it possible to send push messages to web browsers from Ruby
backends using the Web Push Protocol. It supports Message Encryption for Web
Push to send messages securely from server to user agent. Payload is supported
by Chrome50+, Firefox48+.

2017-07-25T19:57:49+00:00 databases/rubygem-mario-redis-lock Ruby distributed lock using Redis, with emphasis in transparency
This is yet another Ruby distributed lock using Redis, with an emphasis on
transparency. It requires Redis version 2.6.12 or later, because it uses the
syntax for SET introduced in that version to easily implement the robust
algorithm described in the SET command documentation.

2017-07-25T19:46:46+00:00 dns/rubygem-idn-ruby LibIDN Ruby Bindings
Ruby Bindings for the GNU LibIDN library, an implementation of the
Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications defined by the IETF
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) working group.

Included are the most important parts of the Stringprep, Punycode and
IDNA APIs like performing Stringprep processings, encoding to and
decoding from Punycode strings and converting entire domain names to and
from the ACE encoded form.

2017-07-25T17:41:46+00:00 security/crackpkcs12 Multithreaded program to crack PKCS#12 files
Multithreaded program to crack PKCS#12 files.

2017-07-25T15:53:12+00:00 comms/sunxi-tools Tools to help hacking Allwinner devices
Tools to help hacking Allwinner A10 (aka sun4i) based devices and possibly
it's successors, that's why the 'x' in the package name.

2017-07-25T10:22:17+00:00 games/stuntrally 3D racing game based on VDrift and OGRE with track editor
Stunt Rally is a racing game with rally style of driving, mostly
on gravel.

It features a rich variety of 172 tracks in 34 sceneries also on
other planets.

Track difficulty ranges from short and easy to very difficult stunt
tracks including jumps, skewed loops, pipes winding in 3D, obstacles
or all at once.

There are 20 cars to choose, 1 motorbike, 3 hovering spaceships and
1 bouncing sphere.
The latter provide a fast and easier gameplay on flat tracks.

Game modes include:
Single Race, Tutorials, Championships, Challenges, Multiplayer and
Split Screen. Also Replays and Ghost drive are present.

The Track Editor allows creating and modifying tracks. It uses a
3D spline generated road.

2017-07-25T04:40:01+00:00 devel/py-pyxb Python XML schema bindings
PyXB is a pure Python package that generates Python code for classes that
correspond to data structures defined by XMLSchema. In concept it is similar
to JAXB for Java and CodeSynthesis XSD for C++.

2017-07-25T02:16:05+00:00 www/p5-Net-UPS Perl Client library for UPS XML Shipping API
Implementation of UPS Online Tools API in Perl

2017-07-24T15:26:58+00:00 sysutils/goss Quick and Easy server validation
Goss is a YAML based serverspec alternative tool for validating a server's
configuration. It eases the process of writing tests by allowing the user to
generate tests from the current system state. Once the test suite is written
they can be executed, waited-on, or served as a health endpoint.

2017-07-23T05:25:09+00:00 lang/dlang-tools Ancillary tools for the D programming language compiler
This repository hosts various tools redistributed with DMD or used internally
during various build tasks.

2017-07-23T05:14:10+00:00 devel/dfmt Formatter for D source code
dfmt is a formatter for D source code. dfmt is beta quality. Make backups of
your files or use source control when using the --inplace option.

2017-07-23T04:45:46+00:00 www/mediawiki129 Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2017-07-23T02:54:33+00:00 editors/dlangide D language IDE based on DlangUI
Cross platform D language IDE written using DlangUI library.
- Uses DUB (dub.json or dub.sdl) project format
- Shows tree with project source files
- Can open and edit source files from project or file system in multi-tab editor
- Build and run project with DUB
- Build log highlight and navigation to place of error or warning by clicking on
log line (contributed by Extrawurst)
- DUB dependencies update
- DUB package configuration selection (contributed by NCrashed)
- Dependency projects are shown in workspace tree
- New project wizard
- Toolchain settings for DMD, LDC, GDC
- Project specific settings
- Basic debugger support using GDB (work in progress)
- D language source code, json, dml syntax highlight
- Indent / unindent text with Tab and Shift+Tab or Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]
- Toggle line or block comments by Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+Shift+/
- D source code autocompletion by Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Shift+G (using DCD)
- D source code Go To Definition by Ctrl+G or F12 (using DCD)
- D source Doc comments display on mouse hover (using DCD)
- D source code Smart Indents
- Select word by mouse double click

2017-07-23T02:47:41+00:00 devel/dlangui Cross Platform GUI for D programming language
Cross platform GUI for D. Widgets, layouts, styles, themes, unicode, i18n,
OpenGL based acceleration

- Crossplatform (Win32, OSX, Linux, FreeBSD and Android are supported in
current version)
- Mostly inspired by Android UI API (layouts, styles, two phase layout, ...)
- Supports highly customizable UI themes and styles
- Supports internationalization
- Hardware acceleration using OpenGL (when built with version USE_OPENGL)
- Fallback to pure Win32 API / SDL / X11 when OpenGL is not available (e.g.
opengl dynamic library cannot be loaded)
- Actually it's a port (with major refactoring) of GUI library for cross
platform OpenGL based implementation of Cool Reader app project from C++.
- Non thread safe - all UI operations should be preformed in single thread
- Simple 3d engine - allows to embed 3D scenes within GUI

2017-07-23T02:43:37+00:00 print/derelict-ft Dynamic binding to the FreeType library for the D lang
A dynamic binding to version 2.6 and 2.7 of the FreeType library for the D
Programming Language

2017-07-23T02:42:03+00:00 graphics/derelict-gl3 Dynamic binding to OpenGL for the D Programming Language
A dynamic binding to OpenGL for the D Programming Language

2017-07-23T02:34:07+00:00 devel/derelict-sdl2 Dynamic bindings to SDL2 and its libraries for the D lang
Dynamic bindings to SDL 2 version 2.0.5, SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_ttf, and
SDL2_net for the D Programming Language.

2017-07-23T02:33:04+00:00 devel/derelict-util The base library for all Derelict packages
The base library for all Derelict packages

2017-07-23T02:31:33+00:00 devel/dlib Math, XML, I/O streams, image and audio processing for D
dlib is a growing collection of native D language libraries useful for various
higher-level projects - such as game engines, rendering pipelines and
multimedia applications. It is written in D2 and has no external dependencies
aside D's standard library, Phobos.

2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 x11-toolkits/gstreamer1-plugins-gtk GStreamer gtksink plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 net/gstreamer1-plugins-srtp GStreamer srtp plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-ttml GStreamer ttml subtitle plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-smoothstreaming GStreamer parse and demuliplex a Smooth Streaming manifest into audio/video streams plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-mplex GStreamer mplex plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-dash GStreamer Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP demuxer plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 graphics/gstreamer1-plugins-openexr GStreamer OpenExr codec plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 graphics/gstreamer1-plugins-kms GStreamer video sink via KMS plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-spc Gstreamer OpenSPC plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-sndfile Gstreamer sndfile plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-musepack Gstreamer musepack mpc encoder/decoder plugin
2017-07-22T11:35:44+00:00 audio/gstreamer1-plugins-ladspa Gstreamer ladspa (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) plugin
2017-07-22T03:38:18+00:00 editors/coedit IDE for the D programming language
Coedit is an IDE for the D programming language, its compilers, tools and
- available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.
- supports all the D compilers (DMD-GDC-LDC).
- supports the DUB projects (JSON + SDL) and also Coedit own project format.
- support the DUB scripts (aka single file packages) and Coedit own script
format (aka runnable modules).
- full D Completion Daemon integration (completion, ddoc display, call tips,
jump to declaration, rename identifier).
- Dynamic D-Scanner linting with results displayed in the editor gutter.
- single click to compile and to unittest a module.
- advanced editor with D2 syntax highlighter, folds, regions, identifier markup,
macros, sync-edit, etc.
- edition helpers: comment blocks, local identifier renaming, brace
auto-closing, ddoc templates, etc.
- Explorable list of symbols of the current module.
- static libraries manager that supports auto-registration from local DUB
projects, from online DUB packages or from Coedit custom project format.
- todo list based on the todo comments located in a project or in the current
- user-defined tools powered by a string interpolation system.
- mini file browser, dfmt interface, search & replace and more

2017-07-22T03:34:26+00:00 devel/dcd-client Auto-complete program for the D programming language (client)
2017-07-22T03:33:36+00:00 devel/dcd-server Auto-complete program for the D programming language (server)
DCD is not an IDE. DCD is designed to provide autocompletion for your favorite
text editor. If you are looking for an IDE, try one of these.

DCD consists of a client and a server. The client (dcd-client) is almost always
used through a text editor script or plugin, though it can be used from the
command line. The server (dcd-server) is responsible for caching imported
files, calculating autocomplete information, and sending it back to the client.

2017-07-22T03:31:33+00:00 devel/d-scanner Swiss-army knife for D source code
D-Scanner is a tool for analyzing D source code

2017-07-22T03:29:52+00:00 devel/msgpack-d Pure D implementation of MessagePack
MessagePack is a binary-based JSON-like serialization library. MessagePack for
D is a pure D implementation of MessagePack.

2017-07-22T03:28:13+00:00 devel/libdparse Library for lexing and parsing D source code
Library for lexing and parsing D source code.

2017-07-22T03:26:45+00:00 devel/libddoc D implementation of the DDoc macro system
D implementation of the DDoc macro system

2017-07-22T03:25:14+00:00 devel/iz General purpose library for the D programming language
iz is a general purpose library for the D programming language. It includes
streams, containers, a serializer, property binder, Pascal-like sets,
Pascal-like properties and more

2017-07-22T03:23:59+00:00 devel/inifiled Compile-time .ini file parser and writer generator for D
A compile time ini file parser and writter generator for D. inifile.d takes
annotated structs and create ini file parser and writer. The ini file format
always comments and section and to some degree nesting.

2017-07-22T03:22:36+00:00 devel/dsymbol Symbol lookup support for libdparse
Basic symbol lookup/resolution for libdparse

2017-07-22T03:19:47+00:00 devel/containers Containers backed on dlang by std.experimental.allocator
Containers backed on dlang by std.experimental.allocator

2017-07-21T13:37:51+00:00 x11-themes/adapta-gtk-theme Adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines
Adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines.

Supported Desktop Environments:

* GNOME-Shell >= 3.20.0
* GNOME-Flashback >= 3.20
* Cinnamon >= 3.2.0
* XFce4 >= 4.12.2
* Mate >= 1.14.0
* LXDE >= 0.99.1 (Gtk+ 2.x only)

2017-07-21T13:37:04+00:00 x11-themes/adapta-backgrounds Wallpaper collection for adapta-project
A wallpaper collection for adapta-project.

2017-07-20T11:54:28+00:00 www/fgallery Modern, static javascript photo gallery generator
fgallery is a static photo gallery generator with no frills that has a stylish,
minimalist look. fgallery shows your photos, and nothing else.

There is no server-side processing, only static generation. The resulting
gallery can be uploaded anywhere without additional requirements and works with
any modern browser.

Key features:

* Automatically orients pictures without quality loss
* Adapts to the current screen size and proportions, switching from
horizontal/vertical layout and scaling thumbnails automatically
* Supports face detection for improved thumbnail centering
* Loads fast
* Includes original (raw) pictures in a zip file for downloading
* Panoramas can be seen full-size by default

2017-07-20T11:53:59+00:00 graphics/facedetect Simple face detector for batch processing
facedetect is a simple face detector for batch processing. It answers the basic
question: "Is there a face in this image?" and gives back either an exit code or
the coordinates of each detected face in the standard output.

The aim is to provide a basic command-line interface that's consistent and easy
to use with software such as ImageMagick, while progressively improving the
detection algorithm over time.

2017-07-20T09:13:28+00:00 devel/rubygem-re2 Ruby bindings to re2
Ruby bindings to re2, "an efficient, principled regular expression library".

2017-07-20T04:15:24+00:00 multimedia/gnome-mpv Simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
GNOME MPV is a simple GTK+ frontend for mpv. GNOME MPV interacts with
mpv via the client API exported by libmpv, allowing access to mpv's
powerful playback capabilities.

2017-07-19T17:20:36+00:00 security/sha2wordlist Create SHA256 digests as PGP words
This program takes data on stdin and outputs the SHA256 checksum of that
data together with the PGP Wordlist representation of the checksum.
This could be very useful when verifying checksums verbally.

2017-07-19T05:40:13+00:00 security/veracrypt Open-source disk encryption software based on Truecrypt
VeraCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OSX,
FreeBSD and Linux. Brought to you by IDRIX ( and based on
TrueCrypt 7.1a.

VeraCrypt main features:

- Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.
- Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or
hard drive.
- Encrypts a partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot
- Encryption is automatic, real-time(on-the-fly) and transparent.
- Parallelization and pipelining allow data to be read and written as fast as
if the drive was not encrypted.
- Encryption can be hardware-accelerated on modern processors.
- Provides plausible deniability, in case an adversary forces you to reveal the
password: Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system.
- More information about the features of VeraCrypt may be found in the

2017-07-18T23:40:21+00:00 databases/py-pyodbc ODBC connections for python
pyodbc is a Python module that allows you to use ODBC to connect to
almost any database from Windows, Linux, OS/X, and more.

It implements the Python Database API Specification v2.0, but
additional features have been added to simplify database
programming even more.

2017-07-18T16:50:59+00:00 devel/npm-minidump Node module to process minidump files
Node.js module to process minidump files.

2017-07-17T22:26:33+00:00 net-mgmt/unbound_exporter Prometheus metrics exporter for the Unbound DNS resolver
Unbound_exporter connects to Unbounds TLS control socket and sends the
stats_noreset command, causing Unbound to return metrics as key-value
pairs. The metrics exporter converts Unbound metric names to Prometheus
metric names and labels by using a set of regular expressions.

2017-07-17T22:10:38+00:00 net-mgmt/mysqld_exporter Prometheus exporter for MySQL server metrics
node_exporter is a prometheus exporter for MySQL server metrics

2017-07-17T21:39:37+00:00 net-mgmt/pushgateway Prometheus push acceptor for ephemeral and batch jobs
The Prometheus Pushgateway exists to allow ephemeral and batch jobs to
expose their metrics to Prometheus. Since these kinds of jobs may not
exist long enough to be scraped, they can instead push their metrics to
a Pushgateway. The Pushgateway then exposes these metrics to Prometheus.

2017-07-17T21:12:41+00:00 net-mgmt/alertmanager Alert routing for prometheus
The Alertmanager handles alerts sent by client applications such
as the Prometheus server. It takes care of deduplicating, grouping,
and routing them to the correct receiver integrations such as email,
PagerDuty, or OpsGenie. It also takes care of silencing and inhibition
of alerts.

2017-07-17T20:30:12+00:00 net-mgmt/blackbox_exporter Prometheus exporter for endpoints over HTTP(S), DNS, TCP and ICMP
blackbox_exporter is a prometheus exporter. The blackbox exporter
allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and

2017-07-17T11:15:51+00:00 databases/postgresql-orafce Oracle's compatibility functions and packages for PostgreSQL
The "orafce" is a module of PostgreSQL. It implements of some functions from
the Oracle database. The functionality was verified on Oracle 10g, and the
module is useful for production work. This module contains some useful function
which can help with porting Oracle application to PostgreSQL or can be useful

2017-07-17T10:20:42+00:00 databases/postgresql-zhparser PostgreSQL extension for full-text search of Chinese
Zhparser is a PostgreSQL extension for full-text search of Chinese. It use
Simple Chinese Word Segmentation (SCWS) as driver and highly configurable and
easy to use. The default dictionary of Zhparser is for Simplified Chinese. If
you use Tranditional Chinese,you can download the dicionary from SCWS offical

2017-07-17T10:16:04+00:00 textproc/scws Simple Chinese word segmentation program and lib
SCWS (Simple Chinese Word Segmentation) is a frequency dictionary based Chinese
word segmentation engine, it can cut a whole section of the Chinese text into
words. Word is the smallest unit of morpheme in Chinese, but in Chinese words
are not separated by spaces,so word segmentation is an important step for
Chinese language process.SCWS is written in C without other dependencies and
accept GBK and UTF-8 encoding for both the Simple Chinese (zh_CN) and the
Traditional Chinese (such as zh_TW).

2017-07-16T16:09:41+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-cors0 Middleware that will make Rack-based apps CORS compatible
Rack::Cors provides support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for
Rack compatible web applications. The CORS spec allows web applications
to make cross domain AJAX calls without using workarounds such as JSONP.

2017-07-16T00:47:40+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-syslog-logger Improved Logger replacement that logs to syslog
Logger::Syslog is a Logger replacement that logs to syslog. It is almost drop-in
with a few caveats. You can add Logger::Syslog to your Rails production
environment to aggregate logs between multiple machines.

2017-07-16T00:46:34+00:00 www/rubygem-fuzzyurl Non-strict parsing, composition, and wildcard-matching of URLs in Ruby
Fuzzyurl provides two related functions: non-strict parsing of URLs or URL-like
strings into their component pieces (protocol, username, password, hostname,
port, path, query, and fragment), and fuzzy matching of URLs and URL patterns.

Specifically, URLs that look like this:
[protocol ://] [username [: password] @] [hostname] [: port] [/ path] [? query] [# fragment]

Fuzzyurls can be constructed using some or all of the above fields, optionally
replacing some or all of those fields with a * wildcard if you wish to use the
Fuzzyurl as a URL mask.

2017-07-16T00:46:18+00:00 net/rubygem-proxifier Add HTTP or SOCKS proxies support and force TCPSocket to use
This gem was created for 2 purposes.

First is to enable ruby programmers to use HTTP or SOCKS proxies interchangeably
when using TCPSockets. Either manually with Proxifier::Proxy#open or by require

The second purpose is to use ruby code that doesn't use proxies for users that
have to use proxies. The pruby and pirb executables are simple wrappers for
their respective ruby executables that support proxies from environment

2017-07-16T00:45:56+00:00 devel/rubygem-mixlib-archive Simple interface to various archive formats
Mixlib::Archive is a simple interface to various archive formats.

2017-07-16T00:45:21+00:00 devel/rubygem-rspec_junit_formatter Formatter of RSpec results for Jenkins
RSpec JUnit Formatter is a formatter of RSpec results for Jenkins and probably a
few other CI services.

2017-07-16T00:45:02+00:00 devel/rubygem-iso8601 Simple implementation of the ISO 8601 standard
ISO8601 is a simple implementation of the ISO 8601 (Data elements and
interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and
times) standard.

2017-07-16T00:43:59+00:00 devel/rubygem-iniparse Pure Ruby library for parsing INI documents
IniParse is a pure Ruby library for parsing INI configuration and data files.

2017-07-15T17:21:22+00:00 devel/rubygem-hashie-forbidden_attributes Hashie compatibility layer for forbidden attributes protection
If you're using Rails 4 strong parameters, you will get a
ForbiddenAttributesProtection exceptions when mass-assigning attributes. This
gem allows mass assignment. It prevents Mash from responding to :permitted? and
therefore triggering this behavior in ForbiddenAttributesProtection.

2017-07-15T17:20:26+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape0 Framework for rapid API development with great conventions
A Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.

2017-07-14T22:22:46+00:00 sysutils/anvil Tools for distributing ssl certificates
Tools for distributing ssl certificates

Designed for FreeBSD (it uses fetch, not wget or curl [yet]).

It also uses sudo, with the goal of this running as non-root
and only allowing the cp & mv via sudo.

These tools were designed with & Let's Encrypt in mind,
but they should with with any certificates generated by any

2017-07-14T14:15:11+00:00 print/epson-inkjet-printer-201401w CUPS filter for Seiko Epson Color Ink Jet Printers
This software is a filter program used with Common UNIX Printing
System (CUPS) from the Linux. This can supply the high quality print
with Seiko Epson Color Ink Jet Printers.

This printer driver is supporting the following printers.

2017-07-14T09:14:11+00:00 databases/postgresql-tds_fdw PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper to connect to TDS databases
Tds_fdw is a PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper that can connect to databases that
use the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol, such as Sybase databases and
Microsoft SQL server.

This foreign data wrapper requires a library that implements the DB-Library
interface, such as FreeTDS. This has been tested with FreeTDS, but not the
proprietary implementations of DB-Library.

The current version does not yet support JOIN push-down, or write operations.

It does support WHERE and column pushdowns when match_column_names is enabled.

2017-07-13T18:55:27+00:00 converters/rubygem-xdr XDR Helper Library
XDR is an open data format, specified in RFC 4506. This library provides a way
to read and write XDR data from ruby. It can read/write all of the primitive
XDR types and also provides facilities to define readers for the compound XDR
types (enums, structs and unions)

2017-07-13T18:12:39+00:00 devel/pecl-pthreads2 Compatible Threading API for PHP5.3+
A compatible Threading API for PHP5.3+

2017-07-13T18:07:04+00:00 devel/py-cli-helpers Helpers for building command-line apps
CLI Helpers is a Python package that makes it easy to perform common tasks when
building command-line apps. It’s a helper library for command-line interfaces.

Libraries like Click and Python Prompt Toolkit are amazing tools that help you
create quality apps. CLI Helpers complements these libraries by wrapping up
common tasks in simple interfaces.

CLI Helpers is not focused on your app’s design pattern or framework – you can
use it on its own or in combination with other libraries. It’s lightweight and
easy to extend.

What’s included in CLI Helpers?
- Prettyprinting of tabular data with custom pre-processing
- [in progress] config file reading/writing

2017-07-13T18:06:28+00:00 devel/py-backports.csv Backport of Python 3 csv module
The API of the csv module in Python 2 is drastically different from the csv
module in Python 3. This is due, for the most part, to the difference between
str in Python 2 and Python 3.

The semantics of Python 3's version are more useful because they support unicode
natively, while Python 2's csv does not.

2017-07-13T17:50:12+00:00 devel/papilio-loader Load bit files to the Open Source Papilio FPGA boards
Papilio Loader - Current Version 2.7

The Papilio Loader is a branch of xc3sprog ( that
is used to load bit files to the Open Source Papilio FPGA boards (
made by Gadget Factory (

2017-07-12T23:59:59+00:00 www/p5-HTTP-XSCookies Fast XS cookie mangling for Perl
HTTP::XSCookies implements cookie creation (baking) and parsing (crushing) using
XS, therefore improving the speed of a pure Perl implementation.

2017-07-12T19:07:59+00:00 databases/py-sispy Python client library for interacting with the SIS RESTful API
Client library for interacting with the SIS RESTful API.

2017-07-12T18:40:59+00:00 x11/py-pyvirtualdisplay Python wrapper for Xvfb, Xephyr and Xvnc
PyVirtualDisplay is a python wrapper for Xvfb, Xephyr and Xvnc.

2017-07-12T17:10:20+00:00 devel/py-easyprocess Easy to use python subprocess interface
EasyProcess is an easy to use python subprocess interface.

2017-07-12T15:55:52+00:00 devel/py-backports.weakref Backport of the weakref module from Python 3.4
This package provides backports of new features in Python's weakref module under
the backports namespace.

2017-07-12T02:33:36+00:00 devel/py-setuptools-pkg Plugin for setuptools to build FreeBSD pkg
Plugin for setuptools that provides bdist_pkg command for building FreeBSD
package artifact.

2017-07-11T16:59:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-ddplugin Plugin management for Ruby projects
ddplugin is a library for managing plugins.

Designing a library so that third parties can easily extend it greatly improves
its usefulness. ddplugin helps solve this problem using plugins, which are
classes of a certain type and with a given identifier (Ruby symbol).

This code was extracted from Nanoc, where it has been in production for years.

2017-07-11T16:50:03+00:00 net-mgmt/nrpe3 Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
nrpe is used to execute Nagios plugins on remote hosts and report the results
to the main Nagios server. From the Nagios homepage:

Allows you to execute "local" plugins (like check_disk, check_procs, etc.) on
remote hosts. The check_nrpe plugin is called from Nagios and actually makes
the plugin requests to the remote host. Requires that nrpe be running on the
remote host (either as a standalone daemon or as a service under inetd).

2017-07-11T10:10:14+00:00 databases/mysqlwsrep57-server MySQL database enhanced with Galera replication (server package)
MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and robust SQL
(Structured Query Language) database server.

Modified to support replication using the Galera library.

2017-07-11T04:13:11+00:00 security/krb5-devel MIT implementation of RFC 4120 network authentication service
Kerberos V5 is an authentication system developed at MIT.

Abridged from the User Guide:
Under Kerberos, a client sends a request for a ticket to the
Key Distribution Center (KDC). The KDC creates a ticket-granting
ticket (TGT) for the client, encrypts it using the client's
password as the key, and sends the encrypted TGT back to the
client. The client then attempts to decrypt the TGT, using
its password. If the client successfully decrypts the TGT, it
keeps the decrypted TGT, which indicates proof of the client's
identity. The TGT permits the client to obtain additional tickets,
which give permission for specific services.
Since Kerberos negotiates authenticated, and optionally encrypted,
communications between two points anywhere on the internet, it
provides a layer of security that is not dependent on which side of a
firewall either client is on.
The Kerberos V5 package is designed to be easy to use. Most of the
commands are nearly identical to UNIX network programs you are already
used to. Kerberos V5 is a single-sign-on system, which means that you
have to type your password only once per session, and Kerberos does
the authenticating and encrypting transparently.

Jacques Vidrine <>
2017-07-10T11:45:10+00:00 security/libu2f-host Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library
Libu2f-host provides a C library and command-line tool that implements the
host-side of the U2F protocol. There are APIs to talk to a U2F device and
perform the U2F Register and U2F Authenticate operations.

2017-07-08T22:24:33+00:00 sysutils/powermon Displays the CPUs current power consumption
Powermon is a small utility that reads the CPU internal power counters,
calculates the current power consumption and displays it together with
some nice statistics on an interactive curses interface.

All Intel CPUs starting with Sandy Bridge are supported. Older Intel
CPUs and CPUs from other vendors don't expose the necessary performance
counters. Additionally some server CPUs like those based on Haswell and
Broadwell do not provide the necessary data.

2017-07-08T17:04:28+00:00 security/rubygem-metasploit-aggregator Proxy for Meterpreter sessions
The Metasploit Aggregator is a proxy for Meterpreter sessions.

2017-07-08T06:17:46+00:00 x11-toolkits/qt5pas Qt5 binding for FreePascal
Provide a Qt5 binding for FreePascal that may be of use to provide the Lazarus
LCL library with a Qt interface

This binding does not aim to cover the whole Qt5 framework, but only just
enough to satisfy the LCL needs. If any LCL/Qt developer needs an extra class,
just ask and it will be added promptly. Some of the methods that have parameters
based upon templates have been omitted.

If however you need any of those, just ask.

2017-07-08T03:14:31+00:00 games/rubygem-vimgolf CLI client for
CLI client for

2017-07-08T03:03:18+00:00 devel/rubygem-baf Basic Application Framework
baf is a toolkit for building command line programs. It also provides cucumber
helpers and steps for writing user acceptance tests.

2017-07-08T02:56:12+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-serverspec Test suite for server configuration
Serverspec tests your servers' actual state by executing command local,
via SSH, via WinRM, via Docker API and so on.
So you don't need to install any agent software on your serves
and can use any configuration management tools,
Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine, Itamae and so on.

2017-07-08T02:44:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-rspec-its RSpec extension gem for attribute matching
RSpec::Its provides the `its` method as a short-hand
to specify the expected value of an attribute.

2017-07-08T00:49:52+00:00 devel/rubygem-jenkins_api_client Jenkins JSON API Client
This is a simple and easy-to-use Jenkins Api client with features focused on
automating Job configuration programaticaly and so forth

2017-07-08T00:24:05+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-hiera-eyaml Backend for Hiera that provides encryption/decryption for properties
hiera-eyaml is a backend for Hiera that provides per-value encryption of
sensitive data within yaml files to be used by Puppet. The Hiera eyaml
backend uses yaml formatted files with the .eyaml extension. The encrypted
strings are prefixed with the encryption method, wrapped with ENC[] and
placed in an eyaml file. You can mix your plain values in as well or
separate them into different files.

2017-07-08T00:12:53+00:00 deskutils/timewarrior Track time from the command line
Timewarrior is Free and Open Source Software that tracks time from the command

2017-07-07T23:32:00+00:00 deskutils/tasksh Shell command that wraps Taskwarrior commands
Tasksh is a shell command that wraps Taskwarrior commands. It is intended to
provide simpler Taskwarrior access, and add a few new features of its own.

2017-07-07T13:29:08+00:00 devel/etcd32 Highly-available key value store and service discovery
A highly-available key value store for shared
configuration and service discovery. etcd is
inspired by zookeeper and doozer, with a focus on:

* Simple: curl'able user facing API (HTTP+JSON)
* Secure: optional SSL client cert authentication
* Fast: benchmarked 1000s of writes/s per instance
* Reliable: Properly distributed using Raft

Etcd is written in Go and uses the raft consensus
algorithm to manage a highly-available replicated log.

2017-07-07T13:12:54+00:00 devel/etcd31 Highly-available key value store and service discovery
A highly-available key value store for shared
configuration and service discovery. etcd is
inspired by zookeeper and doozer, with a focus on:

* Simple: curl'able user facing API (HTTP+JSON)
* Secure: optional SSL client cert authentication
* Fast: benchmarked 1000s of writes/s per instance
* Reliable: Properly distributed using Raft

Etcd is written in Go and uses the raft consensus
algorithm to manage a highly-available replicated log.

2017-07-07T12:30:45+00:00 security/linux-c7-trousers Open-source TCG Software Stack (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2017-07-07T12:22:31+00:00 security/linux-c7-p11-kit Library for loading and enumerating of PKCS\#11 modules (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2017-07-07T12:16:48+00:00 devel/linux-c7-libffi Foreign Function Interface (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2017-07-07T11:58:36+00:00 security/linux-c7-nettle Low-level cryptographic library (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2017-07-07T08:59:19+00:00 games/mrboom 8 players Bomberman clone
Mr.Boom is an 8 players Bomberman clone.

2017-07-07T07:51:52+00:00 games/ballerburg Two players, two castles, and a hill in between
Ballerburg SDL is a classical castle combat game. Two castles, separated by a
mountain, try to defeat each other with their cannonballs, either by killing the
opponent's king or by weakening the opponent enough so that the king

Ballerburg was originally written 1987, for the Atari ST machines.

2017-07-06T20:40:51+00:00 www/qt5-websockets-qml Qt implementation of WebSocket protocol (QML bindings)
2017-07-06T15:18:01+00:00 sysutils/signon-ui Component for handling accounts-sso user interactions
Sign-on UI is the component responsible for handling the user interactions
which can happen during the login process of an online account.
It can show password dialogs and dialogs with embedded web pages.

2017-07-06T15:18:01+00:00 sysutils/signon-qt5 D-Bus service performing user authentication
The SignOn daemon is a D-Bus service which performs user authentication
on behalf of its clients. There are currently authentication plugins
for OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, SASL, Digest-MD5, and plain username/password

2017-07-06T15:18:01+00:00 net-im/telepathy-accounts-signon Telepathy libaccounts and libsignon plugin
A mission control plugin for Telepathy, integrating with libaccounts and libsignon
to provide IM accounts and authentication. This code is based on Nemo Mobile's
fork of the plugin from Empathy's ubuntu-online-account support.

2017-07-06T15:18:01+00:00 net-im/libsignon-glib GLib-based client library for applications handling account authentication
Single signon authentication library for GLib applications

This project is a library for managing single signon credentials which can be
used from GLib applications. It is effectively a GLib binding for the D-Bus
API provided by signond. It is part of the accounts-sso project:

2017-07-06T14:17:31+00:00 devel/racer Rust code completion helper
RACER = Rust Auto-Complete-er. A utility intended to provide Rust code
completion for editors and IDEs. Maybe one day the 'er' bit will be
exploring + refactoring or something.

2017-07-06T13:59:02+00:00 www/rubygem-toml-rb TOML parser using Citrus parsing library
A TOML parser using Citrus parsing library.

2017-07-06T13:49:54+00:00 textproc/rubygem-citrus Parsing Expressions for Ruby
Parsing Expressions for Ruby

2017-07-06T13:47:14+00:00 net/rubygem-grpc Ruby implementation of gRPC
A Ruby implementation of gRPC.

2017-07-06T10:10:08+00:00 databases/pg_repack Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks
Pg_repack is a PostgreSQL extension which lets you remove bloat from tables and
indexes, and optionally restore the physical order of clustered indexes. Unlike
CLUSTER and VACUUM FULL it works online, without holding an exclusive lock on
the processed tables during processing. pg_repack is efficient to boot, with
performance comparable to using CLUSTER directly.

2017-07-05T23:55:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-mize Memoziation for methods and functions for Ruby
Mize provides memoize methods/functions in Ruby.

2017-07-05T23:53:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-protocol Method Protocols for Ruby Classes
This library offers an implementation of protocols against which you can check
the conformity of your classes or instances of your classes. They are a bit like
Java Interfaces, but as mixin modules they can also contain already implemented
methods. Additionally you can define preconditions/postconditions for methods
specified in a protocol.

2017-07-05T18:02:02+00:00 security/hardening-check Check binaries for security hardening features
Hardening-check is a perl script to verify that the resulting binary
does, in fact, have hardening features enabled, you can use it to
test each ELF binary and the output will show if the binary has
position independent executable, stack protected, fortify source
functions(not supported on FreeBSD now), read only relocations or
immediate binding supported.

2017-07-05T13:08:12+00:00 databases/pgFormatter PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier
This SQL formatter/beautifier supports keywords from SQL-92, SQL-99, SQL-2003,
SQL-2008, SQL-2011 and PostgreSQL specifics keywords. May works with any other
databases too.

pgFormatter can work as a console program or as a CGI. It will automatically
detect his environment and output as text or as HTML following the context.

Keywords highlighting will only be available in CGI context.

2017-07-05T10:45:42+00:00 devel/cppcheck-gui
2017-07-05T09:24:14+00:00 databases/plpgsql_check PostgreSQL extension to check PL/pgSQL code
plpgsql_check is next generation of plpgsql_lint. It allows to check source code
by explicit call plpgsql_check_function. PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 10, 11 are
supported (Develop 12 is supported too). The SQL statements inside PL/pgSQL
functions are checked by validator for semantic errors. These errors can be
found by plpgsql_check_function.

- check fields of referenced database objects and types inside embedded SQL
- using correct types of function parameters
- unused variables and function argumens, unmodified OUT argumens
- partially detection of dead code (due RETURN command)
- detection of missing RETURN command in function
- try to identify unwanted hidden casts, that can be performance issue like
unused indexes
- possibility to collect relations and functions used by function
- possibility to check EXECUTE stmt agaist SQL injection vulnerability

2017-07-03T17:35:16+00:00 devel/rubygem-bootsnap Boot large ruby/rails apps faster
Bootsnap makes booting large ruby/rails apps faster. It is a library that plugs
into a number of Ruby and (optionally) ActiveSupport and YAML methods to
optimize and cache expensive computations.

2017-07-03T17:31:02+00:00 archivers/rubygem-snappy Snappy binding for Ruby
This Gem provides a Ruby libsnappy binding.

2017-07-01T18:30:30+00:00 benchmarks/typometer Text/code editor typing latency analyzer
Typometer is a tool to measure and analyze visual latency of text/code
editors. Its features:

- Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Unix)
- Native API calls for faster screen access
- Synchronous and asynchronous modes
- Import and export of CSV data
- Summary statistics, frequency distribution
- Line/bar charts (including comparative ones)
- Chart image export (with legend)

Editor latency is delay between an input event and a corresponding screen
update, in particular -- delay between keystroke and character appearance.
While there are many kinds of delays (caret movement, line editing, etc.),
typing latency is a major predictor of editor usability.

Java 8 or later is required to run the program.

2017-07-01T09:07:19+00:00 net/bsdrcmds FreeBSD rcmds (rcp/rlogin/rlogind/rsh/rshd)
This is a port of the BSD "rcmds", which were formerly part of the
FreeBSD base system. This port includes the following binaries:
2017-06-30T22:32:50+00:00 print/p5-XML-Handler-AxPoint XML Based Presentations
AxPoint is a Perl module that uses the PDFLib module and the pdflib library
to generate PDF based presentations from XML data sources.
It has the following features:
- Ability to create slideshows with your choice of background image
- Slideshows break down into slidesets, or not at your choice.
- Slides can show bullet points, source code (fixed font), or images.
- Slides can have transition effects (dissolve, box, wipe, etc)
- All elements of a slide can transition in too.
- Text on slides supports bold, italics, and colours. Colours can be any
one of the 16 HTML colours, or defined as hex RGB values.
- Output uses the standard XML::SAX::Writer consumer classes, allowing you
to output direct to a file, or to a string, or however you need to. Very
useful for dynamic web based presentations.
- PDF bookmarks allow direct navigation to any slide.
- Using PDF allows you to go "Full Screen", even on Linux
- Image formats supported include GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF

2017-06-30T21:08:46+00:00 databases/timescaledb Time-series database built on PostgreSQL
An open-source time-series database optimized for fast ingest and complex
queries built on PostgreSQL.

2017-06-30T15:15:59+00:00 security/ Analyze and report TLS/SSL configuration/misconfiguration is a command line tool which checks a server's service on
any port for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers, protocols as well as some
cryptographic flaws. Key features:

- Clear output: you can tell easily whether anything is good or bad
- Machine readable output (CSV, two JSON formats)
- Flexibility: You can test any SSL/TLS enabled and STARTTLS service,
not only webservers at port 443
- Toolbox: Several command line options help you to run your test and
configure your output
- Reliability: features are tested thoroughly
- Privacy: It's only you who sees the result, not a third party

2017-06-29T21:05:33+00:00 net/frr IP routing protocol suite including BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and RIP
FRRouting (FRR) is an IP routing protocol suite for Linux and Unix platforms
which includes protocol daemons for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and RIP. FRR has its roots
in the Quagga project.

2017-06-29T15:51:01+00:00 security/boringssl Fork of OpenSSL
Fork of OpenSSL that is designed to meet Google's needs

2017-06-29T15:38:19+00:00 devel/py-logutils Handlers for the Python standard library logging package
The logutils package provides a set of handlers for the Python standard
library's logging package.

Some of these handlers are out-of-scope for the standard library, and so
they are packaged here. Others are updated versions which have appeared
in recent Python releases, but are usable with older versions of Python
and so are packaged here.

2017-06-29T10:06:12+00:00 devel/py-asn1crypto ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API
A fast, pure Python library for parsing and serializing ASN.1 structures.

2017-06-29T01:11:52+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng310 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2017-06-28T23:53:04+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng39 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2017-06-28T08:59:02+00:00 mail/p5-Net-LMTP Local Mail Transfer Protocol Client
This module implements a client interface to the LMTP protocol,
enabling a perl5 application to talk to LMTP servers.

2017-06-28T08:54:10+00:00 net/rubygem-gitaly Auto-generated gRPC client for gitaly
Gitaly is a Git RPC service for handling all the git calls made by GitLab.

2017-06-27T22:13:12+00:00 devel/codesearch-py Python library for accessing Chromium CodeSearch
The codesearch Python library provides an interface for talking to the
Chromium CodeSearch backend.

The primary entry point into the library is the codesearch class. Various
message classes you are likely to encounter are defined in

In addition, the library also includes facilities for maintaining an
ephemeral or persistent cache in order to minimize generated network

2017-06-27T08:03:09+00:00 math/R-cran-sf Simple Features for R
Support for simple features, a standardized way to encode spatial
vector data. Binds to GDAL for reading and writing data, to GEOS
for geometrical operations, and to Proj.4 for projection conversions
and datum transformations.

2017-06-27T06:31:26+00:00 math/R-cran-units Measurement Units for R Vectors
Support for measurement units in R vectors; automatic propagation,
conversion, derivation and simplification of units; raising errors
in case of unit incompatibility. Compatible with the difftime class.
Uses the UNIDATA udunits library and unit database for unit conversion
and compatibility checking.

2017-06-27T03:36:03+00:00 science/R-cran-udunits2 Udunits-2 Bindings for R
Provides simple bindings to Unidata's udunits library.

2017-06-26T10:32:24+00:00 devel/py-pytest-mock Thin wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
Thin wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test.

2017-06-25T23:47:24+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-plus-2e
U-Boot loader for OrangePi Plus2E.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-orangepi-plus-2e/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-06-25T23:16:44+00:00 databases/pldebugger PostgreSQL pl/pgsql Debugger API
This module is a set of shared libraries which implement an API for
debugging pl/pgsql functions on PostgreSQL 8.4 and above.

2017-06-25T22:51:23+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-chip
U-Boot loader for NextThingCo CHIP.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-chip/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2017-06-25T20:02:56+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-imx-serial-loader Load u-boot via USB or UART on i.MX5, i.MX6, i.MX7, and Vybrid
This program boots an i.MX or Vybrid system using a copy of U-Boot
transferred to the system over an OTG or UART connection. It can be
used to "unbrick" a system which has a corrupted or missing copy of
U-Boot in nonvolatile media such as nand flash or eeprom. i.MX systems
use the OTG port, Vybrid systems use the UART port.

To use this, connect the OTG port of your i.MX board to a USB host
port on your computer, power on the board, then run imx_usb <filename>
where filename is the board-specific u-boot.imx file to boot with.

2017-06-24T16:16:33+00:00 sysutils/dsbmc-cli Command-line client for DSBMD
dsbmc-cli is a command-line client for DSBMD that provides a simple interface
to query information about storage devices, and to send requests to mount,
unmount and eject these. Furthermore, it can be used as automounter and

2017-06-23T21:18:42+00:00 databases/rubygem-flipper-active_record ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper
Flipper ActiveRecord is an ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper.

2017-06-23T21:18:28+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper Act of enabling/disabling features in your application
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling features or parts of your
application, ideally without re-deploying or changing anything in your code

The goal of this gem is to make turning features on or off so easy that everyone
does it. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping
should be easy and have minimal impact on your application.

2017-06-23T21:17:52+00:00 devel/rubygem-peek Take a peek into your Rails application
This is a profiling tool originally built at GitHub to help us get an insight
into our application. Now, we have extracted this into Peek, so that other Rails
application can experience the same benefit.

Peek puts a little bar on top of your application to show you all sorts of
helpful information about your application. From the screenshot above, you can
see that Peek provides information about database queries, cache, Resque workers
and more. However, this is only part of Peek's beauty.

The true beauty of Peek lies in the fact that it is an extensible platform. If
there are some performance metrics that you need but are not available on Peek,
you can find it from the list of available Peek Views and integrate it into
Peek. Even if you do not find what you want on Peek Views, you can always create
your own.

2017-06-23T21:17:17+00:00 devel/rubygem-concurrent-ruby-ext C extensions to optimize the concurrent-ruby
Potential performance improvements may be achieved under MRI by installing
optional C extensions. To minimize installation errors the C extensions are
available in the concurrent-ruby-ext extension gem. concurrent-ruby and
concurrent-ruby-ext are always released together with same version.

The concurrent-ruby gem will automatically detect the presence of the
concurrent-ruby-ext gem and load the appropriate C extensions.

2017-06-23T09:02:17+00:00 databases/postgresql-mysql_fdw PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper for MySQL
This PostgreSQL extension implements a Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) for MySQL.
The following enhancements are added to the mysql_fdw:
Write-able FDW
Connection Pooling
Where clause push-down
Column push-down
Prepared Statment
Please note that this version of mysql_fdw works with PostgreSQL
9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 10, and 11.

2017-06-23T08:55:39+00:00 lang/erlang-runtime20 Functional programming language from Ericsson
Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft
real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its
uses are in telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and
instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for
concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

This port contains a standalone runtime environment of Erlang 20
to be used during the development of OTP applications.

2017-06-22T21:53:06+00:00 math/octave-forge-bsltl Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is bsltl.

The BSLTL package is a free collection of OCTAVE/MATLAB routines for working
with the biospeckle laser technique.

2017-06-21T18:07:19+00:00 sysutils/qt5-qtplugininfo Qt5 plugin metadata dumper
2017-06-21T18:07:19+00:00 sysutils/qt5-qtdiag Tool for reporting diagnostic information about Qt and its environment
2017-06-21T16:39:39+00:00 devel/bingrep Grep through binaries
Greps through binaries from various OSs and architectures, and colors
them. Current backends:

- ELF 32/64, arm, x86, openrisc - all others will parse and color, but
relocations won't show properly
- Mach 32/64, arm, x86
- PE (debug only)

2017-06-21T16:30:48+00:00 editors/xi-core Modern editor backend written in Rust
The xi editor project is an attempt to build a high quality text
editor, using modern software engineering techniques.

Goals include:
- Incredibly high performance. All editing operations should commit
and paint in under 16ms. The editor should never make you wait for
- Beauty. The editor should fit well on a modern desktop, and not look
like a throwback from the '80s or '90s. Text drawing should be done
with the best technology available (Core Text on Mac, DirectWrite on
Windows, etc.), and support Unicode fully.
- Reliability. Crashing, hanging, or losing work should never happen.
- Developer friendliness. It should be easy to customize xi editor,
whether by adding plug-ins or hacking on the core.

2017-06-21T16:28:50+00:00 x11/alacritty GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
Alacritty is the fastest terminal emulator in existence. Using the
GPU for rendering enables optimizations that simply aren't possible in
other emulators.

Alacritty is focused on simplicity and performance. The performance
goal means it should be faster than any other terminal emulator
available. The simplicity goal means that it doesn't have many
features like tabs or scroll back as in other terminals. Instead, it
is expected that users of Alacritty make use of a terminal multiplexer
such as tmux.

2017-06-21T16:26:30+00:00 sysutils/flowgger Fast data collector
Flowgger is a fast, simple and lightweight data collector. It reads
log entries over a given protocol, extracts them, decodes them using a
given format, re-encodes them into a different format, and
asynchronously pushes the result into a remote data store.

Flowgger is designed to be:

- Paranoid: it carefully validates input data to prevent injection of
malformed/incomplete records down the chain.
- Safe: written in Rust, without any unsafe code.
- Fast: even though messages are systematically parsed and validated,
Flowgger is orders of magnitude faster than Logstash and Fluentd.
- Standalone: it comes as a single executable file, and doesn't require a JVM.

Flowgger supports common input types: stdin, UDP, TCP, TLS and Redis,
as well as multiple input formats: JSON (GELF), LTSV, Cap'n Proto and
RFC5424. Normalized messages can be sent to Kafka, Graylog, to
downstream Flowgger servers, or to other log collectors for further

2017-06-21T16:25:07+00:00 sysutils/exa Modern replacement for ls
Exa is a modern replacement for ls. It uses colours for information
by default, helping you distinguish between many types of files, such
as whether you are the owner, or in the owning group. It also has
extra features not present in the original ls, such as viewing the Git
status for a directory, or recursing into directories with a tree
view. Exa is written in Rust, so it's small, fast, and portable.

2017-06-21T16:23:52+00:00 textproc/ripgrep Command line search tool
ripgrep is a command line search tool that combines the usability of
The Silver Searcher (an ack clone) with the raw speed of GNU grep.
ripgrep is fast, cross platform and written in Rust.

2017-06-21T15:09:44+00:00 misc/unclutter-xfixes Rewrite of unclutter using the x11-xfixes extension
This is a rewrite of the popular tool unclutter, but using the x11-xfixes
extension. This means that this rewrite doesn't use fake windows or
pointer grabbing and hence causes less problems with window managers
and/or applications.

2017-06-20T13:05:41+00:00 x11/pantheon-terminal Lightweight, beautiful, and simple terminal from Elementary OS
A super lightweight, beautiful, and simple terminal. Comes with
sane defaults, browser-class tabs, sudo paste protection, smart
copy/paste, and little to no configuration.

2017-06-20T10:15:28+00:00 databases/pecl-cassandra Extension to access Cassandra
A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable PHP client
library for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

Using exclusively Cassandra's binary protocol and
Cassandra Query Language v3.

2017-06-19T20:47:00+00:00 emulators/rpcs3 PS3 emulator/debugger
RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger
written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The project began development on
May 23rd, 2011 and currently sports modern Vulkan, Direct3D 12 and
OpenGL graphic APIs. The emulator is capable of booting and playing
hundreds of commercial games. With each and every contribution and
donation, more and more games are becoming closer and closer to either
booting or full playability.

2017-06-19T14:08:34+00:00 x11/flruler On-screen pixel ruler
A program for measuring the pixel size of on-screen elements. Intended for
GUI debugging to verify widget separations and sizes, though may also be
used for general computer graphics debugging purposes, including measuring
pixel distances of images, web applications, etc.

You can easily make copies of the ruler and reoriented it via either the
keyboard or mouse.

2017-06-19T13:43:36+00:00 devel/p5-List-Regexp Convert list of strings to a regular expression
Returns a regular expression that will match any string from the input
list @strings. First argument can be a reference to a hash, which
controls how the regular expression is built.

2017-06-18T19:28:40+00:00 devel/py-bsd Python wrappers for various BSD libc and system calls
Python wrappers for various BSD libc and system calls.

2017-06-18T10:10:03+00:00 sysutils/rex Remote EXecution utility
REX is a remote execution utility that runs a supplied command or shell
script on several hosts in succession. It is also able to copy a file
(or files) to several hosts.

Rex is written in Tcl and provides extensive scripting facilities. It
provides a convenient way to administrate multiple servers.

2017-06-18T05:51:14+00:00 www/npm4 Node package manager
npm is a package manager for node. You can use it to install and publish your
node programs. It manages dependencies and does other cool stuff.

2017-06-18T02:56:09+00:00 www/py-hyperlink Featureful, correct URL for Python
Hyperlink provides a pure-Python implementation of immutable URLs. Based on RFC
3986 and 3987, the Hyperlink URL makes working with both URIs and IRIs easy.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 x11-toolkits/kproperty Property editing framwork
A property editing framework with editor widget similar to what is known
from Qt Designer.

It is useful in applications such as IDEs where large amounts of properties
are available for the user to edit.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 textproc/kreport Framework for creation of reports in multiple formats
The KReport framework implements reporting functionality for creation of
reports in MS Access style. They are also similar to SAP Crystal Reports
and FileMaker reports.

Reports can be created interactively and programmatically. They can be
previewed on screen, printed, and saved in a variety of formats such
as HTML, PDF and OpenDocument.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 graphics/krita Sketching and painting program
Krita is a FREE and open source painting tool designed for concept artists,
illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 graphics/kdiagram Library to create business diagrams
Powerful libraries (KChart, KGantt) for creating business diagrams.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 databases/kexi Visual database applications creator
Kexi is an open source visual database applications creator,
a long-awaited competitor for programs like MS Access
or Filemaker.

2017-06-17T13:44:51+00:00 databases/kdb Database connectivity and creation framework
KDb is a database connectivity and creation framework, consisted of a
general-purpose C++ Qt library and set of plugins delivering support for
various database vendors.

It is a part of the Kexi project and the general Calligra Suite.

2017-06-16T17:28:05+00:00 devel/py3-voluptuous
2017-06-16T16:45:43+00:00 devel/py-async_timeout Timeout context manager for asyncio programs
Timeout context manager for asyncio programs.

2017-06-16T16:36:51+00:00 www/py-yarl Yet another URL library
Yet another URL library.

2017-06-16T16:27:34+00:00 www/py-multidict Multidict implementation
Multidicts are useful for working with HTTP headers, URL query args etc.

2017-06-16T15:33:49+00:00 textproc/p5-Apache-Solr High level interface to the Solr server
Apache::Solr provides an high level interface to access solr servers.

2017-06-16T09:20:07+00:00 games/pentobi Computer opponent for the board game Blokus
Pentobi is a computer opponent for the board game Blokus.

* Supported game variants: Classic, Duo, Trigon, Junior, Nexos,
GembloQ, Callisto
* Strong Blokus engine with 9 different playing levels
* Player rating by playing rated games against the computer
* Game analysis function
* Save and load games in Smart Game Format including comments and
move variations
* Source code is available under the GNU General Public License
* System requirements: 1 GB RAM, 1 GHz CPU (4 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz
dual-core or faster CPU recommended for playing level 9)

2017-06-16T04:11:43+00:00 emulators/mupen64plus-qt Basic launcher for Mupen64Plus
Mupen64Plus-Qt is a basic launcher for the mupen64plus-ui-console frontend. It
was adapted from CEN64-Qt to work with Mupen64Plus.

See the README at for a detailed
description of its features and usage.

2017-06-16T00:31:52+00:00 graphics/vapoursynth-fmtconv Format conversion tools for Vapoursynth
Fmtconv is a format-conversion plug-in for the Vapoursynth video
processing engine.

It does:
* Resizing.
* Bitdepth conversion with dithering.
* Colorspace conversion (matrix, transfer characteristics and
chromatic adaptation).

It supports:
* Pixel data types: 8--12-, 14- and 16-bit integer, 32-bit float.
* Colorspaces: RGB, Y, YUV in 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, 4:1:1 and YCgCo
with the same chroma subsampling factors.
* Progressive and interlaced content.

Fmtconv is focussed primarily on quality and exactness rather than
execution speed. This does not mean it is slow or unoptimized, but
fmtconv is clearly not on par with the fastest equivalent 8-bit

2017-06-15T21:52:06+00:00 www/rubygem-dropzonejs-rails07 JS File upload by Matias Meno
Adds Dropzone, a great JS File upload by Matias Meno, to the Rails Asset

2017-06-15T20:52:52+00:00 benchmarks/hey Tiny program that sends some load to a web application
hey is tool to to test HTTP/HTTP2 performance.

2017-06-15T19:43:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-webpacker1-rails5 Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
Webpacker makes it easy to use the JavaScript preprocessor and bundler Webpack
to manage application-like JavaScript in Rails. It coexists with the asset
pipeline, as the primary purpose for Webpack is app-like JavaScript, not images,
css, or even JavaScript Sprinkles (that all continues to live in app/assets). It
is, however, possible to use Webpacker for CSS and images assets as well, in
which case you may not even need the asset pipeline. This is mostly relevant
when exclusively using component-based JavaScript frameworks.

2017-06-15T19:37:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-sidekiq-bulk-rails5 Augment Sidekiq job classes with a push_bulk method
Augments Sidekiq job classes with a push_bulk method for easier bulk pushing.

2017-06-14T17:19:32+00:00 www/py-aiohttp-wsgi WSGI adapter for aiohttp
WSGI adapter for aiohttp.


* Run WSGI applications (e.g. Django, Flask) on aiohttp.
* Handle thousands of client connections, using asyncio.
* Add websockets to your existing Python web app!

2017-06-14T01:34:17+00:00 devel/R-cran-plogr Plog C++ Logging Library
A simple header-only logging library for C++. Add 'LinkingTo: plogr'
to 'DESCRIPTION', and '#include <plogr.h>' in your C++ modules to use

2017-06-13T21:02:46+00:00 textproc/py-stemming Algorithms for stemming
Python implementations of the Porter, Porter2, Paice-Husk, and Lovins stemming
algorithms for English. These implementations are straightforward and
efficient, unlike some Python versions of the same algorithms available on the
Web. This package is an extraction of the stemming code included in the Whoosh
search engine.

Note that these are *pure Python* implementations. Python wrappers for, e.g.
the Snoball stemmers and the C implementation of the Porter stemmer are
available on PyPI and will be faster if using compiled code is an option for

Stemming algorithms attempt to automatically remove suffixes (and in some
cases prefixes) in order to find the "root word" or stem of a given word. This
is useful in various natural language processing scenarios, such as search.

In general ``porter2`` is the best overall stemming algorithm, but not
necessarily the fastest or most aggressive.

2017-06-13T19:53:58+00:00 www/py-vcrpy Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing simplifies and speeds up tests that make HTTP requests. The
first time you run code that is inside a context manager or
decorated function, records all HTTP interactions that take
place through the libraries it supports and serializes and writes them
to a flat file (in yaml format by default). This flat file is called a
cassette. When the relevant piece of code is executed again,
will read the serialized requests and responses from the
aforementioned cassette file, and intercept any HTTP requests that it
recognizes from the original test run and return the responses that
corresponded to those requests. This means that the requests will not
actually result in HTTP traffic, which confers several benefits

* The ability to work offline
* Completely deterministic tests
* Increased test execution speed

If the server you are testing against ever changes its API, all you
need to do is delete your existing cassette files, and run your tests
again. will detect the absence of a cassette file and once
again record all HTTP interactions, which will update them to
correspond to the new API.

2017-06-13T19:15:43+00:00 net-im/linux-telegram-desktop Official desktop client for Telegram messenger (Linux version)
This port provides Linux version of the official Telegram desktop client.

Telegram is a messaging application with a focus on speed and security;
it is super-fast, simple, and free. You can use Telegram on all your
devices at the same time -- your messages synchronize seamlessly across
any number of your phones, tablets, or computers.

With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos, and files of any
type, as well as create groups for up to 1000 people or channels for
broadcasting to unlimited audiences.

2017-06-13T16:39:43+00:00 ftp/netdumpd UDP server capable of handling netdump transfers
UDP server capable of handling netdump transfers

This package contains a daemon which is used to receive
kernel dumps over a network from a panicking kernel. The
protocol uses UDP and is similar to TFTP.

2017-06-13T16:29:40+00:00 sysutils/modman Modularize extensions using symlinks
Developing extensions for software that doesn't allow you to separate
your files from core files, and keeping that extension under version
control and making it easy to deploy is now much, much easier.
Development of this script was inspired by Magento which forces you
to mix your extension files all throughout the core code directories.
With modman, you can specify in a text file where you want your
directories and files to be mapped to, and it will maintain symlinks
for you so that your code is easy to hack and deploy.

2017-06-13T10:44:52+00:00 devel/R-cran-bindr Parametrized Active Bindings
Provides a simple interface for creating active bindings where
the bound function accepts additional arguments.

2017-06-13T10:28:30+00:00 databases/postgresql-cstore_fdw Columnar store for analytics with PostgreSQL
Cstore_fdw is a extension of PostgreSQL. This extension uses the Optimized Row
Columnar (ORC) format for its data layout. ORC improves upon the RCFile format
developed at Facebook, and brings the following benefits:
- Compression: Reduces in-memory and on-disk data size by 2-4x. Can be
extended to support different codecs.
- Column projections: Only reads column data relevant to the query.
Improves performance for I/O bound queries.
- Skip indexes: Stores min/max statistics for row groups, and uses them
to skip over unrelated rows.
Further, cstore_fdw used the Postgres foreign data wrapper APIs and type
representations with this extension. This brings:
- Support for 40+ Postgres data types. The user can also create new types
and use them.
- Statistics collection. PostgreSQL's query optimizer uses these stats to
evaluate different query plans and pick the best one.
- Simple setup. Create foreign table and copy data. Run SQL.

2017-06-13T03:30:51+00:00 databases/ora2pg Oracle to PostgreSQL database schema converter
Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL
compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, scan it automatically
and extracts its structure or data, it then generates SQL scripts that you
can load into your PostgreSQL database. Ora2Pg can be used from reverse
engineering Oracle database to huge enterprise database migration or simply
to replicate some Oracle data into a PostgreSQL database. It is really easy
to used and doesn't need any Oracle database knowledge than providing the
parameters needed to connect to the Oracle database.

2017-06-12T10:39:27+00:00 devel/py3-tzlocal
2017-06-12T10:39:07+00:00 devel/py3-icalendar
2017-06-12T10:30:09+00:00 security/rubygem-doorkeeper-openid_connect OpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper
Implements an OpenID Connect authentication provider for Rails applications on
top of the Doorkeeper OAuth 2.0 framework.

OpenID Connect is a single-sign-on and identity layer with a growing list of
server and client implementations. If you're looking for a client in Ruby check
out omniauth-openid-connect.

2017-06-12T10:24:33+00:00 www/rubygem-json-jwt JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby
JSON Web Token and its family (JSON Web Signature, JSON Web Encryption and JSON
Web Key) in Ruby

2017-06-12T10:20:17+00:00 converters/rubygem-url_safe_base64 Converts strings to/from base64 that contains only url-safe characters
Converts strings to/from a slightly modified base64 that contains only url-safe

2017-06-12T10:14:08+00:00 security/rubygem-securecompare Constant time string comparison
securecompare borrows the secure_compare private method from
ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier which lets you do safely compare strings without
being vulnerable to timing attacks. Useful for Basic HTTP Authentication in your
rack/rails application.

2017-06-10T03:13:28+00:00 devel/py3-enum34
2017-06-10T02:52:09+00:00 devel/py3-mock
2017-06-10T02:47:41+00:00 devel/libtrue You can't handle the truth
You can't handle the truth.
libtrue is the definitive library for handling the truth. It is
a quickly growing project with a lot of plans for the future.

2017-06-10T02:43:14+00:00 devel/py3-pbr
2017-06-10T02:37:12+00:00 devel/py3-tox
2017-06-10T02:32:08+00:00 devel/py3-pluggy
2017-06-10T02:19:04+00:00 devel/py3-pip
2017-06-10T02:07:56+00:00 devel/py3-freezegun
2017-06-10T02:01:12+00:00 devel/py3-pretend
2017-06-10T01:56:43+00:00 devel/py3-scripttest
2017-06-10T01:50:05+00:00 devel/py3-virtualenv
2017-06-10T01:25:30+00:00 devel/py3-pytest-timeout
2017-06-09T20:08:54+00:00 lang/spidermonkey38 Standalone JavaScript based from Mozilla 38-esr
Spidermonkey is the JavaScript interpreter from the Mozilla project.

2017-06-09T18:47:56+00:00 news/py-sabyenc Python yEnc package optimized for use within SABnzbd
Modified the original yenc module by Alessandro Duca
for use within SABnzbd.

The module was extended to do header parsing and full yEnc decoding from a
Python list of chunks, the way in which data is retrieved from usenet. This is
particularly beneficial when SSL is enabled, which limits the size of each
chunk to 16K. Parsing these chunks in Python is much more costly. Additionally,
this module releases Python's GIL during decoding, greatly increasing
performance of the overall download process.

2017-06-09T13:45:20+00:00 games/OpenTomb Open-source Tomb Raider 1-5 engine remake
OpenTomb is an open-source engine reimplementation project intended to
play levels from all classic-era Tomb Raider games (TR 1-5) and custom
TRLE levels. The project does not use any old Tomb Raider source
code, because all attempts to retrieve sources from Eidos / Core were
in vain.

2017-06-09T07:04:06+00:00 sysutils/ndmpd Network Data Management Protocol daemon
The ndmpd daemon handles client Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

NDMP is an open, enterprise-wide, network-based data management protocol
used for backup and recovery. The ndmpd daemon enables users to manage
data backup and recovery using Data Management Application (DMA) clients.

The NDMP protocol is used to coordinate data movement and control
between a DMA and an NDMP server or between two NDMP servers.

2017-06-09T00:04:38+00:00 devel/py3-pytest-capturelog
2017-06-08T17:25:47+00:00 misc/compat11x Convenience package to install the compat11x libraries
This package allows you to install the compat11x libraries on your
system, so you can use legacy binaries that depend on them.

Ports usage example:

.include <>

.if ${OSVERSION} >= 1100000
2017-06-08T14:43:45+00:00 textproc/py3-numpydoc
2017-06-08T14:28:21+00:00 devel/py3-dateutil
2017-06-08T14:11:43+00:00 textproc/py3-sphinx
2017-06-08T14:07:31+00:00 net/rubygem-gitlab_omniauth-ldap1 LDAP strategy for OmniAuth
A LDAP strategy for OmniAuth.

2017-06-08T13:21:39+00:00 www/py-utidylib Python interface to tidy-lib
This is fork of uTidylib with permission with original author. Originally it
incorporated patches from Debian and other distributions, now it also brings
compatibility with recent html-tidy versions and works with Python 3.

This is uTidylib, the Python wrapper for the HTML cleaning library named
TidyLib. It supports both original Tidy and new HTML5 enabled Tidy.

2017-06-08T03:22:39+00:00 science/hypre Scalable Linear Solvers and Multigrid Methods
HYPRE: Scalable Linear Solvers and Multigrid Methods

HYPRE is a library of high performance preconditioners and solvers featuring
multigrid methods for the solution of large, sparse linear systems of equations
on massively parallel computers.

2017-06-07T17:11:30+00:00 devel/boost-python3-libs Framework for interfacing Python 3 and C++
2017-06-07T15:51:07+00:00 devel/py3-pytest-xdist
2017-06-07T15:43:29+00:00 misc/py3-pexpect
2017-06-07T15:39:37+00:00 sysutils/py3-ptyprocess
2017-06-07T15:21:19+00:00 sysutils/py3-execnet
2017-06-07T15:14:00+00:00 devel/py3-apipkg
2017-06-07T14:47:29+00:00 net/py3-urllib3
2017-06-07T14:32:40+00:00 security/py3-openssl
2017-06-07T14:22:58+00:00 security/py3-cryptography
2017-06-07T11:01:05+00:00 net/py3-pysocks
2017-06-07T10:56:40+00:00 devel/py3-pyasn1
2017-06-07T10:49:23+00:00 security/py3-certifi
2017-06-07T10:34:30+00:00 dns/py3-idna
A library to support the Internationalised Domain Names in Applications
(IDNA) protocol as specified in RFC 5891. This version of the protocol
is often referred to as "IDNA2008" and can produce different res
lts from the earlier standard from 2003.

The library is also intended to act as a suitable drop-in replacement
for the "encodings.idna" module that comes with the Python standard
library but currently only supports the older 2003 specification.

2017-06-06T17:15:36+00:00 games/auralquiz Simple music quiz game using your own music files
Auralquiz is a simple music quiz game for GNU/Linux, using your own
music files.

The game plays short pieces of music files from your folders (in
Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Opus or MP3 formats), and presents a question and
several answers about the current song. The fastest the answer, the
more points you receive.

Up to 8 people can play in a turn-based mode.

In the highest difficulty level there are no answer buttons, and
instead, you have to type the answer yourself.

2017-06-06T13:30:11+00:00 devel/py-pydispatcher Multi-producer-multi-consumer signal dispatching mechanism
Dispatcher mechanism for creating event models

PyDispatcher is an enhanced version of Patrick K. O'Brien's original module. It provides the Python programmer with a robust mechanism
for event routing within various application contexts.

Included in the package are the robustapply and saferef modules, which provide
the ability to selectively apply arguments to callable objects and to reference
instance methods using weak-references.

2017-06-06T01:10:34+00:00 net-mgmt/cacti88-spine Multithreaded poller for Cacti written in C
Spine, formerly Cactid, is a poller for Cacti that primarily strives to be as
fast as possible. For this reason it is written in native C, makes use of POSIX
threads, and is linked directly against the net-snmp library for minmumal SNMP
polling overhead. Spine is a replacement for the default cmd.php poller so you
must decide if using Spine makes sense for your installation.

2017-06-06T00:47:24+00:00 net-mgmt/cacti88 Web-driven graphing interface for RRDTool
Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of the necessary
information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database.
The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being able to maintain
Graphs, Data Sources, and Round Robin Archives in a database, cacti handles
the data gathering. There is also SNMP support for those used to creating
traffic graphs with MRTG.

2017-06-05T14:55:47+00:00 archivers/rubygem-minitar-cli Library and command-line utility for tar archives
The minitar (previously called Archive::Tar::Minitar) library is a pure-Ruby
library that provides the ability to deal with POSIX tar(1) archive files.

This is release 0.6+, providing a number of bug fixes including a directory
traversal vulnerability, CVE-2016-10173. This release starts the migration and
modernization of the code:
- the minitar command-line program has been separated into the minitar-cli gem;
- the archive-tar-minitar gem now points to the minitar and minitar-cli gems and
discourages its installation.

2017-06-05T13:58:48+00:00 www/rubygem-jquery-ui-rails-rails5 Packaged JavaScript, CSS and image files of jQuery UI for Rails
jQuery UI's JavaScript, CSS, and image files packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset

2017-06-05T13:00:21+00:00 audio/py-soundscrape SoundCloud downloader in python
SoundScrape makes it super easy to download artists from SoundCloud, Bandcamp
and MixCloud. It automatically creates ID3 tags as well (including album art),
which is handy.

2017-06-04T16:49:20+00:00 net/libmdf Millistream Data Feed API library
libmdf is the Millistream Data Feed API library with which developers
can connect to the Millistream Market Data system and subscribe to
streaming realtime or delayed market data such as stocks, indices,
currencies, bonds, derivatives and news services.

2017-06-03T19:44:31+00:00 textproc/py-yapf Formatter for Python code
A formatter for Python code.

2017-06-03T14:18:18+00:00 math/viennacl Linear algebra and solver library using CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP
ViennaCL is a free open-source linear algebra library for computations on
many-core architectures (GPUs, MIC) and multi-core CPUs. The library is
written in C++ and supports CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP (including switches
at runtime).

The highlights of the latest 1.7.x release family are:

* Fast sparse matrix-matrix multiplications, outperforming CUBLAS and MKL.
* Fine-grained parallel algebraic multigrid preconditioners for CPUs, Xeon
Phis, and GPUs.
* Fine-grained parallel incomplete LU factorization preconditioners for
CPUs, Xeon Phis, and GPUs.

2017-06-02T11:05:54+00:00 textproc/py3-humanfriendly
2017-06-02T11:03:31+00:00 devel/py3-pygit2
2017-06-02T11:02:50+00:00 devel/py3-pycparser
2017-06-02T11:02:08+00:00 devel/py3-cffi
2017-06-02T11:01:16+00:00 devel/py3-coloredlogs
2017-06-02T00:18:06+00:00 devel/cltune Library to tune OpenCL kernels
CLTune is a C++ library which can be used to automatically tune your OpenCL
and CUDA kernels. The only thing you'll need to provide is a tuneable kerne
and a list of allowed parameters and values.

2017-06-02T00:14:04+00:00 math/clblast Modern, lightweight, performant and tunable OpenCL BLAS library
Modern, lightweight, performant and tunable OpenCL BLAS library. Tuned for
Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA accelerators.

2017-05-31T19:25:55+00:00 net-p2p/torrent-file-editor GUI tool for creating and editing .torrent files
Cross-platform Qt-based GUI program intended to create and edit .torrent
and uTorrent .dat files; replacement for BEncode Editor which has modern
design and extra features:

- Create .torrent file from scratch; add, remove, change file
order in the existing .torrent file
- Change main .torrent file information: name, comment, publisher,
URL, creation date, tracker list, and author
- Edit .torrent file in JSON format or as a binary tree
- Support for different encodings
- Translated to many languages; has command line mode

2017-05-31T17:29:41+00:00 devel/py-ddt Data-Driven Tests for Python Unittest
DDT (Data-Driven Tests) allows you to multiply one test case by
running it with different test data, and make it appear as multiple
test cases.

2017-05-31T15:20:16+00:00 sysutils/py-gmailfs-fuse Use an IMAP server (like gmail) as normal storage
FUSE-based filesystem for using an IMAP server (like gmail)
as normal storage like a hard disk.

2017-05-31T13:09:27+00:00 net/py-python-swiftclient OpenStack Object Storage API Client Library
This is a python client for the Swift API. There's a Python API (the swiftclient
module), and a command-line script (swift).

Development takes place via the usual OpenStack processes as outlined in the
OpenStack wiki.

This code is based on the original client previously included with OpenStack's
Swift The python-swiftclient is licensed under the Apache License like the rest
of OpenStack.

2017-05-31T12:59:08+00:00 misc/unicode-ucd Unicode Character Database
The Unicode Character Database (UCD) consists of a number of data files
listing Unicode character properties and related data. It also includes
data files containing test data for conformance to several important
Unicode algorithms.

This package contains which contains the data files for the
Unified Han database of Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja Chinese characters.

2017-05-31T09:02:11+00:00 lang/perl5.26 Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and
shell. See the manual page for more hype. There are also many books
published by O'Reilly & Assoc. See pod/perlbook.pod for more

2017-05-31T07:15:20+00:00 mail/py-pymailq Postfix queue control python tool
The pymailq module makes it easy to view and control Postfix mails
queue. It provide several classes to store, view and interact with
mail queue using Postfix command line tools. This module is provided
for automation and monitoring developments.

2017-05-30T18:21:35+00:00 audio/gstreamer-plugins-sndio Sndio audio sink and source for GStreamer 0.10
The GStreamer sndio plugin allows applications that use GStreamer 0.10
to play and record through sndio.

This includes several games, audio players like Exaile, and audio
editors like Jokosher.

2017-05-30T18:20:17+00:00 editors/jucipp Lightweight C++-IDE with support for C++11, C++14 and C++17
juCI++, is a platform independent and lightweight C++ IDE designed towards
libclang with speed, stability, and ease of use in mind.

It supports syntax highlighting for more than 100 different file types.
Furthermore, it supports CMake and Meson as build systems. juCI++ implements
Git support through libgit2. It provides debug integration, both local and
remote through lldb.

Other supported featured are: fast C++ autocompletion, tooltips showing type
information and doxygen documentation, rename refactoring across files,
automated documentation search, find symbol through Ctags, spell checking
depending on file context, runnig shell commands within JuCi++, regex search
and replace, smart paste, keys and indentation, source minimap, split view,
full UTF-8 support; just to name a few.

2017-05-30T15:20:57+00:00 net/py-python-cloudfiles Python language bindings for Cloud Files API
Python language bindings for Cloud Files API

2017-05-30T09:44:52+00:00 x11/xkbind Minimal keyboard layout indicator program
XkbInd program (X Keyboard Extension Indicator) is a minimal indicator of
keyboard layout (XKB group) for the X Window System; it outputs information
about current keyboard layout attached to each top-level window through
their captions via prefixes to original title strings. It also allows to
simulate an independent keyboard layout for each handled window and works
with most of the window managers.

2017-05-30T01:50:00+00:00 security/rubygem-pundit Object oriented authorization for Rails applications
Pundit provides a set of helpers which guide you in leveraging regular Ruby
classes and object oriented design patterns to build a simple, robust and
scaleable authorization system.

2017-05-30T01:49:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails_js Make gettext_i18n_rails .po files as JSON
GettextI18nRailsJs extends gettext_i18n_rails, making your .PO files available
to client side Javascript as JSON. It will find translations inside your .js,
.coffee, .handlebars and .mustache files, then it will create JSON versions of
your .PO files so you can serve them with the rest of your assets, thus letting
you access all your translations offline from client side Javascript.

2017-05-30T01:49:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails Simple FastGettext Rails integration
gettext_i18n_rails is simple FastGettext Rails integration. Translate via
FastGettext, use any other I18n backend as extension/fallback.

Rails does: I18n.t('syntax.with.lots.of.dots') with nested yml files. We do:
_('Just translate my damn text!') with simple, flat mo/po/yml files or directly
from db. To use I18n, calls add a syntax.with.lots.of.dots translation.

2017-05-30T01:48:55+00:00 converters/rubygem-po_to_json Convert gettext PO files to JSON objects
PoToJson converts gettext PO files to JSON to use in your javascript app, based
on by DuckDuckGo, Inc.. Ideally you'll use this on a Rake task that
creates JSON versions of your PO files, which can later be used from javascript
with Jed.

2017-05-30T01:48:40+00:00 devel/py3-urwid
2017-05-29T20:05:21+00:00 x11-wm/cde Common Desktop Environment
CDE - The Common Desktop Environment is X Windows desktop environment
that was commonly used on commercial UNIX variants such as Sun Solaris,
HP-UX and IBM AIX. Developed between 1993 and 1999, it has now been
released under an Open Source licence by The Open Group.

2017-05-29T08:18:31+00:00 devel/erlang-unicode_util_compat Compatibility library for unicode_util from Erlang R20
This library allows the usage of unicode_util from Erlang R20 in
older erlang >= R18.

2017-05-28T20:52:49+00:00 databases/mariadb102-server Multithreaded SQL database (server)
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality
for MySQL. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers
a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines,
server optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company
founded by Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but
this is not the whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you
will find more information about all participants in the MariaDB community,
including storage engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2017-05-28T20:52:49+00:00 databases/mariadb102-client Multithreaded SQL database (client)
2017-05-27T19:30:39+00:00 sysutils/py3-pkginfo
2017-05-27T08:57:39+00:00 dns/dnsforwarder Simple DNS forwarder
Dnsforwarder is A simple DNS forwarder.Main fetures:

1.Forwarding queries to customized domains (and their subdomains) to
specified servers over a specified protocol (UDP or TCP).non-standard
ports are supported;
2.DNS cache and its controls(including modifying TTL for different domains);
3.Ignoring DNS responses from upstream servers containing particular IPs;
4.Loading hosts from file (including the support for wildcards, CName
redirections and remote hosts files);
5.Refusing queries to specified domains (for ads blocking);
6.Cross-platform (Windows, Linux);

2017-05-27T03:16:40+00:00 x11/gxkb X11 keyboard layout indicator and switcher
gxkb is a little indicator applet which allows one to quickly switch
between different keyboard layouts in X11. A flag corresponding to
the country of the active layout is shown in the system tray area.

The applet is written in C and uses GTK+ 2.0 library (and therefore
does not depend on any GNOME components) and can maintain separate
per-window, per-application, or global layout states.

2017-05-26T21:22:38+00:00 net-im/mastodon GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
Mastodon is an alternative implementation of GNU social, a free,
open-source social network. It is a decentralized alternative to
commercial platforms based on ActivityStreams, Webfinger, PubsubHubbub
and Salmon. The project focuses on creating a clean REST API and a good
user interface. Ruby on Rails is used for the back-end, while React.js
and Redux are used for the dynamic front-end.

2017-05-25T21:03:07+00:00 dns/packetq Basic SQL-frontend to PCAP-files
PacketQ is a command line tool to run SQL queries directly on PCAP
files, the results can be outputted as JSON (default),
formatted/compact CSV and XML. It also contain a very simplistic
web-server in order to inspect PCAP files remotely.
PacketQ was known as DNS2db but renamed in 2011.

2017-05-25T13:25:35+00:00 devel/aws-sdk-php PHP interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS SDK for PHP makes it easy for developers to access Amazon WebServices in
their PHP code, and build robust applications and software using services like
Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, etc.

2017-05-25T03:45:45+00:00 databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack-rails50 Redis session store for ActionPack
Redis session store for ActionPack

2017-05-25T03:02:59+00:00 devel/rubygem-spring-rails50 Rails application preloader
Rails application preloader

2017-05-25T02:41:52+00:00 www/rubygem-turbolinks-rails50 Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster
Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails
Asset Pipeline)

2017-05-25T02:39:56+00:00 www/rubygem-redis-rails-rails50 Redis for Ruby on Rails
Redis for Ruby on Rails

2017-05-25T02:38:23+00:00 www/rubygem-rails-settings-cached-rails50 Rails settings plugin for easily managing key-value pairs table
Rails-settings-cached is a settings plugin that makes managing a table of global
key-value pairs easy. Think of it like a global hash stored in your database
that uses simple ActiveRecord-like methods for manipulation.

You can keep track of any global setting that you do not want to hard code into
your rails application. You can store any kind of object including strings,
numbers, and arrays.

2017-05-25T02:36:00+00:00 www/rubygem-rails50 Full-stack web application framework
Rails is a web-application framework for the MVC pattern that includes
both a template engine, controller framework, and object-relational
mapping package. Everything needed to develop web-apps that can run on
CGI, FastCGI, and mod_ruby

Being a full-stack framework means that all layers are built to work
seamlessly together. That way you Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) and you
can use a single language from top to bottom. Everything from templates
to control flow to business logic is written in Ruby - The language of
love for industry heavy-weights.

2017-05-25T02:33:21+00:00 www/rubygem-lograge-rails50 Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request #'
Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request

Lograge is an attempt to bring sanity to Rails' noisy and unusable, unparsable
and, in the context of running multiple processes and servers, unreadable
default logging output. Rails' default approach to log everything is great
during development, it's terrible when running it in production.

2017-05-25T02:32:08+00:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-rails50 Sophisticated paginator for Rails 4+
Kaminari is a Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, agnostic, customizable and
sophisticated paginator for Rails 3

2017-05-25T02:30:26+00:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-activerecord-rails50 Kaminari Active Record adapter
kaminari-activerecord lets your Active Record models be paginatable.

2017-05-25T02:29:08+00:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-actionview-rails50 Kaminari Action View adapter
kaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates.

2017-05-25T02:27:21+00:00 www/rubygem-jquery-rails-rails50 Provides a Rails generator for jQuery
This gem provides a Rails generator to install jQuery and the jQuery-ujs
driver into your Rails 5 application, and then have them included
automatically instead of Prototype.

2017-05-25T02:25:10+00:00 www/rubygem-hamlit-rails-rails50 Hamlit (haml) generators for Rails 5
hamlit-reails provides hamlit generators for Rails 4. It also enables hamlit as
the templating engine and "hamlit:html2haml" rake task that converts erb files
to haml.

2017-05-25T02:23:01+00:00 textproc/rubygem-sass-rails-rails50 Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.

2017-05-25T02:20:07+00:00 security/rubygem-doorkeeper-rails50 OAuth2 provider for Rails and Grape
Doorkeeper is a Ruby gem that makes it easy to introduce OAuth 2
provider functionality to a Rails or Grape application.

2017-05-25T02:18:03+00:00 security/rubygem-devise-two-factor-rails50 Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise
Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise

2017-05-25T02:15:51+00:00 multimedia/rubygem-paperclip-av-transcoder-rails50 Audio/Video transcoder for Paperclip using FFMPEG/Avconv
Audio/Video Transcoder for Paperclip using FFMPEG/Avconv.

With a few lines of code, your application can produce

- a transcoded FLV file with the requested dimensions if they will match the
aspect ratio of the original file, otherwise, width will be maintained and
height will be recalculated to keep the original aspect ratio

- a screenshot thumbnail with the requested dimensions regardless of the aspect

2017-05-25T02:13:54+00:00 misc/rubygem-dotenv-rails-rails50 Autoload dotenv in Rails
Autoload dotenv in Rails.

2017-05-25T02:11:02+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rails-dom-testing-rails50 Analyse and compare DOMs using Nokogiri
This gem is responsible for comparing HTML doms and asserting that DOM elements
are present in Rails applications. Doms are compared via assert_dom_equal and
assert_dom_not_equal. Elements are asserted via assert_select,
assert_select_encoded, assert_select_email and a subset of the dom can be
selected with css_select. The gem is developed for Rails 4.2 and above, and
will not work on previous versions.

2017-05-25T02:06:33+00:00 devel/rubygem-webpacker-rails50 Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
Webpacker makes it easy to use the JavaScript preprocessor and bundler Webpack
to manage application-like JavaScript in Rails. It coexists with the asset
pipeline, as the primary purpose for Webpack is app-like JavaScript, not images,
css, or even JavaScript Sprinkles (that all continues to live in app/assets). It
is, however, possible to use Webpacker for CSS and images assets as well, in
which case you may not even need the asset pipeline. This is mostly relevant
when exclusively using component-based JavaScript frameworks.

2017-05-25T02:05:17+00:00 devel/rubygem-web-console-rails50 Debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
A debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.

2017-05-25T02:01:59+00:00 devel/rubygem-sprockets-rails-rails50 Sprockets Rails integration
Sprockets Rails integration

2017-05-25T01:58:46+00:00 devel/rubygem-simple_form-rails50 Forms made easy
Forms made easy!

2017-05-25T01:57:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-simple-navigation-rails50 Create navigations for Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications
With the simple-navigation gem installed you can easily create multilevel
navigations for your Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications. The navigation is
defined in a single configuration file. It supports automatic as well as
explicit highlighting of the currently active navigation through regular

2017-05-25T01:54:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-redis-activesupport-rails50 Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache
Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache

2017-05-25T01:53:09+00:00 devel/rubygem-rails-i18n-rails50 Common locale data and translations for Rails i18n
A set of common locale data and translations to internationalize and/or localize
your Rails applications.

2017-05-25T01:51:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-rails-deprecated_sanitizer-rails50 Deprecated sanitizer API extracted from Action View
In Rails 4.2 HTML sanitization has been rewritten using a more secure library.
This gem includes the old behavior shipping with Rails 4.2 and before. It is
strictly provided to ease migration. It will be supported until Rails 5.

2017-05-25T01:50:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-rabl-rails50 General ruby templating with json, bson, xml and msgpack support
RABL (Ruby API Builder Language) is a Rails and Padrino ruby templating system
for generating JSON, XML, MessagePack, PList and BSON. It provides a more
expressive and powerful solution for generating APIs than ActiveRecord's
'to_json' method. It is particularly helpful when the JSON representation is
complex or doesn't match the exact schema defined within the database.

With it, one can easily:

- Create arbitrary nodes with names based on combining data in an object
- Pass arguments to methods and store the result as a child node
- Render partial templates and inherit to reduce code duplication
- Rename or alias attributes to change the name from the model
- Append attributes from a child into a parent node
- Include nodes only if a certain condition has been met

2017-05-25T01:47:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-paperclip-rails50 Easy upload management for ActiveRecord
Easy upload management for ActiveRecord

2017-05-25T01:45:30+00:00 devel/rubygem-jbuilder-rails50 Create JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL
Create JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL

2017-05-25T01:43:37+00:00 devel/rubygem-devise-rails50 Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

2017-05-25T01:41:34+00:00 www/rubygem-responders-rails50 Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
Responders provides a set of responders modules to dry up your Rails app.

2017-05-25T01:36:28+00:00 devel/rubygem-coffee-rails-rails50 Coffee Script adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
Coffee Script adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.

2017-05-25T01:32:24+00:00 databases/rubygem-pghero-rails50 Performance dashboard for Postgres
PgHere is a performance dashboard for Postgres. It includes health checks,
suggested indexes, and more.

2017-05-25T01:14:55+00:00 databases/rubygem-globalid-rails50 URIs for your models makes it easy to pass references around
URIs for your models makes it easy to pass references around.

2017-05-24T15:01:17+00:00 textproc/py-parsel Library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS selectors
Parsel is a library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS

- Extract text using CSS or XPath selectors
- Regular expression helper methods

2017-05-24T14:51:00+00:00 devel/py-PyDispatcher Multi-producer-multi-consumer signal dispatching mechanism
Dispatcher mechanism for creating event models

PyDispatcher is an enhanced version of Patrick K. O’Brien’s original module. It provides the Python programmer with a robust mechanism
for event routing within various application contexts.

Included in the package are the robustapply and saferef modules, which provide
the ability to selectively apply arguments to callable objects and to reference
instance methods using weak-references.

2017-05-23T18:52:24+00:00 www/rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on5 Tag a single model on several contexts
With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts,
such as skills, interests, and awards. It also provides other
advanced functionality.

2017-05-21T15:32:53+00:00 net/madonctl CLI client for the Mastodon social network API
madonctl is a Golang command line interface for the Mastodon API.

2017-05-21T14:56:44+00:00 net/go-madonctl CLI client for the Mastodon social network API
madonctl is a Golang command line interface for the Mastodon API.

2017-05-20T23:09:23+00:00 math/blis Software framework for high-performance BLAS-like libraries
software framework for high-performance BLAS-like libraries

BLIS is a portable software framework for instantiating high-performance
BLAS-like dense linear algebra libraries. The framework was designed
to isolate essential kernels of computation that, when optimized,
immediately enable optimized implementations of most of its commonly
used and computationally intensive operations.

2017-05-20T21:50:46+00:00 www/rubygem-deckar01-task_list1 Markdown TaskList components
Provides various components necessary for integrating Task Lists
into GitHub-flavored-Markdown user content.

2017-05-20T21:50:21+00:00 devel/rubygem-semantic_puppet0 Library for working with Semantic Versions and module dependencies
Library of tools used by Puppet to parse, validate, and compare Semantic
Versions and Version Ranges and to query and resolve module dependencies.

2017-05-20T09:29:06+00:00 net/grilo2 Grilo is a framework focused on making media discovery and browsing
Grilo is a framework focused on making media discovery and browsing easy for application developers.

2017-05-20T09:29:06+00:00 net/grilo-plugins2 Plugins for net/grilo
This port installs plugins for the net/grilo.

2017-05-20T02:27:45+00:00 security/ ACME protocol client written in shell
ACME protocol client written in shell

- Full ACME protocol implementation.
- Support ACME v1 and ACME v2.
- Support ACME v2 wildcard certs.
- Simple, powerful and very easy to use. You only need 3 minutes to learn it.
- Bash, dash and sh compatible.
- Simplest shell script for Let's Encrypt free certificate client.
- Purely written in Shell with no dependencies on python or the official Let's
Encrypt client.
- Just one script to issue, renew and install your certificates automatically.
- DOES NOT require root/sudoer access.
- Docker friendly.
- IPv6 support.

2017-05-19T15:56:44+00:00 net/py-cloudflare-scrape Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page
A simple Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page (also known as "I'm
Under Attack Mode", or IUAM), implemented with Requests. Cloudflare changes
their techniques periodically, so I will update this repo frequently.

This can be useful if you wish to scrape or crawl a website protected with
Cloudflare. Cloudflare's anti-bot page currently just checks if the client
supports Javascript, though they may add additional techniques in the future.

2017-05-19T15:55:35+00:00 devel/py-PyExecJS Run JavaScript code from Python
PyExecJS is a porting of ExecJS from Ruby. PyExecJS automatically picks the
best runtime available to evaluate your JavaScript program.

Supported runtimes
* PyV8 - A python wrapper for Google V8 engine,
* Node.js
* Apple JavaScriptCore - Included with Mac OS X
* Mozilla SpiderMonkey
* Microsoft Windows Script Host (JScript)
* SlimerJS
* Nashorn - Included with Oracle Java 8

2017-05-19T14:47:44+00:00 devel/rubygem-generator_spec-rails5 Test Rails generators with RSpec
Test Rails generators with RSpec

2017-05-19T02:01:51+00:00 devel/flang Fortran compiler targeting LLVM
Fortran compiler targeting LLVM (modified clang part)

2017-05-19T02:01:51+00:00 devel/flang-clang Fortran compiler targeting LLVM (modified clang part)
Fortran compiler targeting LLVM (modified clang part)

2017-05-19T01:34:59+00:00 devel/R-cran-rlang Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features
A toolbox for working with base types, core R features like the
condition system, and core 'Tidyverse' features like tidy evaluation.

2017-05-18T21:19:31+00:00 net/radcli Simple RADIUS client library
The radcli library is a library for writing RADIUS Clients. The library's
approach is to allow writing RADIUS-aware application in less than 50 lines of C

The freeradius-client library was undocumented, had too much legacy code
centered around radlogin, a tool which is of no significance today, was
IPv4-only and had no releases for several years.

This library addresses these shortcomings, adds package management via
pkg-config, adds support for TCP, TLS and DTLS, provides documentation of the
API, and will include any new features for the task. It is provided as a shared
library in case it is useful to other projects as well, and is also made source
compatible with radiusclient-ng and freeradius-client.

2017-05-18T16:03:17+00:00 devel/py-gitdb2 Git Object Database
GitDB allows you to access bare git repositories for reading and writing. It
aims at allowing full access to loose objects as well as packs with performance
and scalability in mind. It operates exclusively on streams, allowing to handle
large objects with a small memory footprint.

2017-05-18T16:02:57+00:00 devel/py-smmap2 Sliding-window memory map manager
Smmap wraps an interface around mmap and tracks the mapped files as well as the
amount of clients who use it. If the system runs out of resources, or if a
memory limit is reached, it will automatically unload unused maps to allow
continued operation.

To allow processing large files even on 32 bit systems, it allows only portions
of the file to be mapped. Once the user reads beyond the mapped region, smmap
will automatically map the next required region, unloading unused regions using
a LRU algorithm.

2017-05-18T16:02:38+00:00 devel/py-rwt RWT (Run With This) provides on-demand dependency resolution
RWT (Run With This) provides on-demand dependency resolution.

- Allows declaration of dependencies at runtime. - Downloads missing
dependencies and makes their packages available for import.
- Installs packages to a special staging location such that they're not
installed after the process exits.
- Relies on pip to cache downloads of such packages for reuse.
- Supersedes installed packages when required.
- Relies on packages already satisfied.
- Re-uses the pip tool chain for package installation and pkg_resources for
working set management.

2017-05-18T13:38:12+00:00 devel/rubygem-oj2 Fast JSON parser and serializer
The fastest JSON parser and object serializer.

2017-05-17T23:02:41+00:00 security/pecl-ssh2-0 PECL extension to the libssh2 library
PHP bindings to the libssh2 library which provide access to resources
(shell, remote exec, tunneling, file transfer) on a remote machine using a
secure cryptographic transport.

2017-05-17T22:02:23+00:00 textproc/libstaroffice Library to build a filter for old StarOffice's documents
The purpose of libstaroffice is to build a filter for old StarOffice's
documents (.sdc, .sdw, ...) based on librevenge.

2017-05-17T21:03:28+00:00 graphics/libzmf Library that parses the file format of Zoner Callisto/Draw documents
Libzmf is a library that parses the file format of Zoner Callisto/Draw