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timestamp origin comment / pkg-descr
2010-12-31T17:13:44+00:00 www/py-poster Streaming HTTP uploads and multipart/form-data encoding
The modules in the Python standard library don't provide a way to upload large
Files via HTTP without having to load the entire file into memory first.

poster provides support for both streaming POST requests as well as
multipart/form-data encoding of string or file parameters.

2010-12-31T16:54:30+00:00 graphics/php5-swfed PHP extension to edit SWF file
SWF Editor is an extension for PHP that edits contents in SWF file.

2010-12-31T13:57:09+00:00 www/testlink Web based test management and test execution system
TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test
specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification
and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.

2010-12-31T06:35:59+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DateTime DateTime support for Catalyst
This module makes DateTime easily accesible within a Catalyst application
via the Catalyst::Plugin interface.

2010-12-31T06:29:08+00:00 mail/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Email Simple email handling for Dancer applications
Dancer::Plugin::Email provides an easy way of handling text or html email
messages with or without attachments. Simply define how you wish to send the
email in your application's YAML configuration file, then call the email keyword
passing the necessary parameters.

2010-12-31T03:36:02+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-neutral-white-theme White cursor theme based on neutral
Cursor theme based on Neutral (and jaguarx) theme,
which changes all black cursors to white.

2010-12-29T20:39:31+00:00 multimedia/xbmc Award winning media center application
XBMC Media Center (formerly named "XBox Media Center")
is a free and open source cross-platform media-player
and entertainment hub.

2010-12-29T08:50:40+00:00 science/p5-Geo-Coordinates-Converter Simple converter of geo coordinates
Geo::Coordinates::Converter is a simple converter of geo coordinates, the
format and datum of geo coordinates are simply converted. when it is
insufficient in the coordinate system and the format of the standard, it
is possible to add it easily.

2010-12-28T20:16:19+00:00 sysutils/cronolog-devel Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
"cronolog" is a simple program that reads log messages from its input
and writes them to a set of output files, the names of which are
constructed using template and the current date and time.

"cronolog" is intended to be used in conjunction with a Web server, such
as Apache to split the access log into daily or monthly logs. E.g.:

TransferLog "|/www/sbin/cronolog /www/logs/%Y/%m/%d/access.log"
ErrorLog "|/www/sbin/cronolog /www/logs/%Y/%m/%d/errors.log"

would instruct Apache to pipe its access and error log messages into
separate copies of cronolog, which would create new log files each day
in a directory hierarchy structured by date, i.e. on 31 December 1996
messages would be written to:


After midnight the following files would be used:


2010-12-28T18:56:07+00:00 textproc/ast-aspell Aspell Asturian dictionary
Aspell Asturian dictionary.

2010-12-28T02:48:59+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-MultiMethods Multi Method Dispatch based on Moose type constraints
MooseX::MultiMethods provides multi method dispatch based on Moose type
constraints. It does so by providing a multi keyword that extends the
method keyword provided by MooseX::Method::Signatures.

When invoking a method declared as multi a matching variant is being searched
in all the declared multi variants based on the passed parameters and the
declared type constraints. If a variant has been found, it will be invoked.
If no variant could be found, an exception will be thrown.

2010-12-27T20:38:14+00:00 www/rubygem-rest-client Simple Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby
A simple Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra
microframework style of specifying actions: get, put, post, delete.

2010-12-27T12:15:19+00:00 games/instead Simple Text Adventure, The Interpreter
INSTEAD was designed to interpret the games that are the mix of visual novels,
text quests and classical 90'ss quests.

2010-12-27T09:26:44+00:00 databases/p5-Test-Fixture-DBI Perl extension to load fixture data into database
Test::Fixture::DBI is fixture test library for DBI.

2010-12-27T08:37:42+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Types-VariantTable Type constraint based variant table
MooseX::Types::VariantTable implements a simple dispatch table based on
Moose type constraints.

Subtypes will be checked before their parents, meaning that the order of
the declaration does not matter.

2010-12-27T06:54:48+00:00 databases/py-riak Python client for Riak
The official Python client for Riak.

Riak is a Dynamo-inspired key/value store that scales predictably and easily.
Riak also simplifies development by giving developers the ability to quickly
prototype, test, and deploy their applications. A truly fault-tolerant system,
Riak has no single point of failure. No machines are special or central in
Riak, so developers and operations professionals can decide exactly how
fault-tolerant they want and need their applications to be.

2010-12-27T06:33:26+00:00 net/p5-XML-Compile-SOAP-WSA SOAP message messages with WSA fields
The Web Service Addressing protocol is used to select certain service
and port on a SOAP server, just like the "Host" header in "HTTP".

The basic SOAP design uses the URI and the "soapAction" header of HTTP
(in case it uses HTTP, by far the most often used transport mechanism)
However, when the server is hidden behind firewalls and proxies, these
fields are rewritten or replaced. This means that the definitions by
the WSDL for the client can differ from the configuration of the

2010-12-27T01:02:12+00:00 astro/py-RO Package of Python astronomical utilities
RO is a package of python utilities with an emphasis on cross-platform support
(MacOS X, Windows and unix), Astronomy, Tkinter GUI extensions and
Tkinter-compatible networking. It was developed to support a telescope user
interface (TUI).

2010-12-26T15:45:15+00:00 devel/p5-Regexp-Assemble-Compressed Perl extension to compress Regular Expression
Regexp::Assemble::Compressed is a subclass of Regexp::Assemble. It
assembles more compressed regular expressions.

2010-12-26T15:26:05+00:00 databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Plugin-InsertMulti Perl extension to add bulk insert for SQL::Abstract
SQL::Abstract::Plugin::InsertMulti is enable bulk insert support for
SQL::Abstract. Declare 'use SQL::Abstract::Plugin::InsertMulti;' with
'use SQL::Abstract;', exporting insert_multi() and update_multi()
methods to SQL::Abstract namespace from

Plugin system is depends on 'into' options of Sub::Exporter.

2010-12-26T15:13:51+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Inspector Perl extension to get information from $dbh
Get information from $dbh.

2010-12-26T15:10:20+00:00 databases/p5-Test-postgresql Perl extension of postgresql runner for tests
Test::postgresql automatically setups a postgresql instance in a
temporary directory, and destroys it when the perl script exits.

2010-12-26T07:48:10+00:00 devel/pecl-dio PECL extension that provides direct access to low level IO
DIO provides functions and stream wrappers which provide raw and serial low
level IO support. The use of the DIO functions should be considered only when
direct control of a device is needed. In all other cases, the standard
filesystem functions are more than adequate.

2010-12-25T21:49:12+00:00 deskutils/vnc2flv Captures a VNC desktop session and saves as a flv
Vnc2flv is a cross-platform screen recording tool for UNIX, Windows or Mac.
It captures a VNC desktop session (either your own screen or a remote computer)
and saves as a Flash Video (FLV) file.

2010-12-25T11:12:16+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-TransactionManager Perl extension for database transaction handling
DBIx::TransactionManager is a simple transaction manager. Like

2010-12-25T01:28:32+00:00 devel/p5-DateTime-Event-Zodiac Return zodiac for a given date
DateTime::Event::Zodiac returns the latin zodiac name or alternatively
the unicode zodiac symbol for the given date. The zodiac may be calculated
using either fixed dates or using the longitude/position of the sun.

2010-12-24T19:10:30+00:00 security/log2timeline Log file parser for computer forensic investigations
log2timeline is a computer forensic tool to parse various log files and
artifacts found on suspect systems and produce a timeline that can be
analyzed by computer forensic examiners.

2010-12-24T19:01:10+00:00 devel/p5-Mac-PropertyList Perl extension for parsing Mac OS X property lists
Mac-PropertyList is a Perl extension for parsing Mac OS X property lists.

2010-12-24T18:58:56+00:00 devel/p5-Parse-Win32Registry Perl extension for parsing Win32Registry
Parse::Win32Registry is a module for parsing Windows Registry files,
allowing you to read the keys and values of a registry file without
going through the Windows API.

2010-12-24T18:56:08+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Hexify Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data
Hexify formats arbitrary (possible binary) data into a format suitable for hex
dumps in the style of xd or hexl.

2010-12-24T18:50:05+00:00 security/ssdeep Tool for computing context triggered piecewise hashes
ssdeep is a tool for computing context triggered piecewise hashes.
Unlike other hash calculators such as md5, it supports partial match between
the original file and modified/truncated files. It can also compute the
degree of similarity between files.

2010-12-23T16:41:19+00:00 sysutils/downtimed System downtime monitoring and reporting tool
downtimed is a program that monitors operating system downtime, uptime,
shutdowns and crashes and keeps records of those events.

downtimed(8) is a daemon process which is intended to be started
automatically from system boot scripts every time when the operating
system of a server starts. First the daemon logs its findings about the
previous downtime to a specified logging destination as well as in a
database file which can be displayed with downtimes(1). After that the
daemon just keeps waiting in the background and periodically updates
a time stamp file on the disk.

downtimes(1) is a command-line tool which can be used to inspect previous
downtime records.

2010-12-23T15:31:12+00:00 devel/libzrtp ZRTP library from the Zfone SDK
ZRTP library from the Zfone SDK.

2010-12-23T02:01:46+00:00 databases/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Database Easy database connections for Dancer applications
Dancer::Plugin::Database provides an easy way to obtain a connected DBI database
handle by simply calling the database keyword within your Dancer application.

Returns a Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle object, which is a subclass of DBI's
DBI::db connection handle object, so it does everything you'd expect to do with
DBI, but also adds a few convenience methods. See the documentation for
Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle for full details of those.

2010-12-22T18:38:32+00:00 security/p5-POE-Filter-SSL Esiest and flexiblest way to SSL in POEIntegrate SSL into POE
This module allows to secure connections of POE::Wheel::ReadWrite with OpenSSL
by a POE::Filter object, and behaves (beside of SSLing) as POE::Filter::Stream.

2010-12-22T14:40:12+00:00 devel/p5-POE-Component-Cron Schedule POE Events using a cron spec
This component extends POE::Component::Schedule by adding an easy way t specify
event schedules using a simple cron spec.

2010-12-22T10:31:37+00:00 devel/p5-POE-Component-Schedule Schedule POE Events using a cron spec
This component extends POE::Component::Schedule by adding an easy way t specify
event schedules using a simple cron spec.

2010-12-21T04:03:39+00:00 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DataFu Dancer HTML Form and Grid/Table engine with Input Validation
Dancer::Plugin::DataFu is an HTML form and table rendering engine with data
validation support.

2010-12-21T04:03:18+00:00 devel/p5-Oogly A Data validation idea that just might be ideal
Oogly is a different approach to data validation, it attempts to simplify
and centralize data validation rules to ensure DRY (don't repeat yourself)
code. It is not the intent of this module to provide validation
routines but instead to provide a simplistic validation flow-control and
promote code reuse.

2010-12-21T04:02:56+00:00 net-p2p/p5-Net-DirectConnect-TigerHash Perl Direct Connect TigerHash module
TigerHash module

2010-12-21T04:02:34+00:00 net-p2p/p5-Net-DirectConnect Perl Direct Connect lib and client
Direct Connect perl module with sharing client

2010-12-21T02:53:39+00:00 devel/p5-Jonk Perl extension for simple job tank manager
Jonk is simple job tanking system.

Job is saved and taken out. Besides, nothing is done.

You may use Jonk to make original Job Queuing System.

2010-12-20T22:37:17+00:00 devel/bzr-upload Bzr plugin to incrementally upload changes to a dumb server
Web sites are often hosted on servers where bzr can't be installed.
In other cases, the web site must not give access to its corresponding
branch (for security reasons for example). Finally, web hosting
providers often provides only ftp access to upload sites.

This plugin uploads only the relevant changes in your working tree
since the last upload using ftp or sftp protocols.

2010-12-20T17:41:43+00:00 french/tvdownloader Download podcasts and videos from French websites
This project uses Python and Qt to create a small software to download podcasts
and videos from French websites. It uses plugins to enlarge software

TVDownloader est un projet qui a pour but de permettre le téléchargement de
podcasts et d'émissions librement disponibles sur Internet. On retrouvera, en
autre, les podcasts de grands groupes radio comme Radio France ou télévisuel
comme France Télévision.

2010-12-20T13:00:28+00:00 net-im/pidgin-skype Plugin to use Skype chat from Pidgin (with Skype running)
This is a Skype Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium. It lets you view and
chat with all your Skype buddies from within Pidgin/Adium. You still
need Skype to be running to be able to use it, but it lets you keep a
consistent user interface and use all the other nifty Pidgin/Adium
plugins with it, like spell-checking or OTR encryption. -- Eion Robb

2010-12-20T09:06:28+00:00 databases/firebird21-client Firebird-2 database client
2010-12-20T09:05:05+00:00 databases/firebird21-server Firebird-2 relational database (server)
Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features
that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird
offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language
support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in
production systems, under a variety of names since 1981.

Firebird is completely free of any registration, licensing or deployment
fees. It may be deployed freely for use with any third-party software,
whether commercial or not.

2010-12-20T08:49:59+00:00 databases/firebird25-client Firebird-2 database client
2010-12-20T08:48:54+00:00 databases/firebird25-server Firebird-2 relational database (server)
Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features
that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird
offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language
support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in
production systems, under a variety of names since 1981.

Firebird is completely free of any registration, licensing or deployment
fees. It may be deployed freely for use with any third-party software,
whether commercial or not.

2010-12-20T00:17:58+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-eooorg preload module for e17
Preloads the openoffice process to save start time
with the costs of some memory.

2010-12-18T21:32:03+00:00 games/hexglass Tetris-like puzzle game based on a hexagonal grid
The HexGlass is a Tetris-like puzzle game. Ten different types of
blocks continuously fall from above and you must arrange them to
make horizontal rows of hexagonal bricks. Completing any row causes
those hexagonal blocks to disappear and the rest above move downwards.
The blocks above gradually fall faster and the game is over when
the screen fills up and blocks can no longer fall from the top.

2010-12-17T22:48:55+00:00 dns/bind98 BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and DNS64
BIND version 9 is a major rewrite of nearly all aspects of the underlying BIND
architecture. Some of the important features of BIND 9 are:

DNS Security: DNSSEC (signed zones), TSIG (signed DNS requests)
IP version 6: Answers DNS queries on IPv6 sockets, IPv6 resource records (AAAA)
Experimental IPv6 Resolver Library
DNS Protocol Enhancements: IXFR, DDNS, Notify, EDNS0
Improved standards conformance
Views: One server process can provide multiple "views" of the DNS namespace,
e.g. an "inside" view to certain clients, and an "outside" view to others.
Multiprocessor Support

BIND 9.8 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.7 and earlier releases,
Preliminary DNS64 support (AAAA synthesis only initially)

See the CHANGES file for more information on features.

2010-12-17T16:10:43+00:00 databases/py-htsql Database Query Language (Core & SQLite Backend)
HTSQL ("Hyper Text Structured Query Language") is a high-level query
language for relational databases. The target audience for HTSQL is the
accidental programmer -- one who is not a SQL expert, yet needs a usable,
comprehensive query tool for data access and reporting.

2010-12-17T14:07:17+00:00 devel/jwasm Fork of OpenWatcom x86 assembler with AMD64 support
JWasm is a MASM v6 compatible assembler. It's a fork of Open Watcom's WASM
and released under the Sybase Open Watcom Public License, which allows
free commercial and non-commercial use. JWasm is written in C, source code
is open.

JWasm Features:

- JWasm natively supports output formats Intel OMF, MS Coff (32- and
64-bit), Elf (32- and 64-bit), Bin and DOS MZ.
- precompiled JWasm binaries are available for DOS, Windows and Linux. For
OS/2 and FreeBSD, makefiles are supplied.
- Instructions up to SSSE3 are supported.
- The JWasm source is portable and has successfully been tested with Open
Watcom, MS VC, GCC and more.
- As far as programming for Windows is concerned, JWasm can be used with
both Win32Inc and Masm32.
- C header files can be converted to include files for JWasm with h2incX.

2010-12-17T09:27:10+00:00 mail/claws-mail-address_keeper Recipient addresses keeper plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin allows saving outgoing addresses to a designated folder
in the address book. Addresses are saved only if not found in the
address book to avoid unwanted duplicates.

2010-12-17T09:24:56+00:00 mail/claws-mail-clamd ClamAV based antivirus plugin for Claws Mail
his plugin uses Clam AntiVirus to scan all messages that are
received from an IMAP, LOCAL or POP account.

When a message attachment is found to contain a virus it can be
deleted or saved in a specially designated folder.

Options can be found in /Configuration/Preferences/Plugins/Clam AntiVirus.

2010-12-17T08:40:31+00:00 graphics/mahotas Computer vision and image processing library for Python
Mahotas is a computer vision and image processing library for Python. It
includes many algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in
numpy arrays and with a very clean Python interface.

Notable algorithms:

- Watershed
- Convex points calculations
- Hit & miss thinning
- Zernike & Haralick, LBP, and TAS features
- Freeimage-based numpy image loading
- Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF), a form of local features
- Thresholding
- Convolution
- Sobel edge detection

2010-12-17T03:48:09+00:00 print/rubygem-prawn-svg SVG renderer for Prawn PDF library
An SVG renderer for the Prawn PDF library. This will take an SVG file as
input and render it into your PDF. prawn-svg is in its infancy and does not
support the full SVG specifications.

2010-12-17T03:47:54+00:00 print/rubygem-prawn-js Simplifies embedding JavaScript in your PDF files
A small extension to prawn that simplifies embedding JavaScript in your PDF

2010-12-17T03:47:18+00:00 print/rubygem-prawn-graph Draw basic graphs and charts natively in your PDFs
Prawn::Graph aims to add this functionality to Prawn by using the
native PDF drawing tools Prawn exposes and a friendly single-method
call to draw the graph.

The graphs and the values plotted and drawn are all relatively sized
within the bounds of the width and height you have set and should
scale pretty well to any size of value. Of course, if things do end
up looking too squashed, you can always just make your graph bigger.

At the moment, only Bar and Line charts are implemented, with others
coming soon. Both charts work in mostly the same way.

2010-12-17T03:47:02+00:00 print/rubygem-prawn-flexible-table Create tables with *span attributes for each cell with Prawn
An extension to Prawn that provides flexible table support, that means be able
to create tables with rowspan and colspan attributes for each cell

2010-12-17T03:14:17+00:00 net-im/openfetion An open source client for China Mobile's Fetion IM
Fetion is an IM provided by China Mobile with features like text chat,
voice call, file sharing, etc.
Openfetion is an open source client of Fetion with limited features.
It's small and fast, and it looks better.

2010-12-16T22:16:00+00:00 net/py-libcloud Standard client library for many popular cloud providers
libcloud is a client library for interacting with many of the popular
cloud server providers. It was created to make it easy for developers
to build products that work between any of the services that it

2010-12-16T18:24:45+00:00 databases/pecl-handlersocket PECL extension for HandlerSocket
A PECL extension for HandlerSocket

2010-12-16T18:23:34+00:00 databases/libhsclient Client Library of HandlerSocket Plugin
libhsclient is the client library of HandlerSocket for MySQL,
which is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL.

2010-12-16T17:57:01+00:00 editors/jupp Portable version of Joe's Own Editor from MirBSD
Jupp is the portable version of Joe's Own Editor. This version has been
enhanced by several functions intended for programmers or other professional
users, and has a lot of bugs fixed. It is based upon an older version of
joe because these behave better overall.

Jupp also does come with the editor flavours known from joe, specifically,
jmacs, joe, jpico, jstar, and rjoe. Not all features of jupp are available
for these though (but all the bugfixes, and syntax highlighting is still
enabled by default for these, while it is not auto-enabled in jupp).

2010-12-16T16:31:52+00:00 sysutils/moreutils-parallel Run programs in parallel
The 'parallel' utility from the moreutils suite. Runs multiple jobs
at once.

Made available as a separate port so the rest of the suite can be
installed without conflicting with sysutils/parallel.

moreutils is a growing collection of the unix tools that nobody
thought to write thirty years ago.

2010-12-16T08:33:05+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Signal Type to represent valid UNIX or Perl signals
MooseX::Types::Signal exports a type, Signal, that recognizes valid signals
on your platform. The underlying type is a non-negative number, but there is
a coercion from strings to numbers that recognizes signals by name.

There are also more restrictive types, PerlSignal and UnixSignal. UnixSignal
only understands signals that are in your system's signal.h header file.
PerlSignal only understands signals that are in Perl's %Config hash. Signal
is either/or, with preference to UnixSignal over PerlSignal when coercing.

2010-12-16T02:55:19+00:00 www/webtrees Online genealogy viewer (for PHP 5.3-7.3)
webtrees is the web's leading online collaborative genealogy
application. webtrees works from standard GEDCOM files, and is
therefore compatible with every major desktop application. webtrees
aims to be efficient and effective by using the right combination
of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.

2010-12-15T23:37:33+00:00 mail/rubygem-vmail Vim interface to Gmail
Vmail is a Vim interface to Gmail.

Why vmail? Because some people love using Vim 1000 times more than
using a web browser or a GUI mail program.

2010-12-15T23:06:53+00:00 devel/ros-nxt Robot Operating System - LEGO NXT interface
This stack has basic interfaces for interacting with ROS and NXT. The software
in this stack is intended to run on top of the default NXT firmware provided by

The following is currently not ported:
- suport for communication over Bluetooth, in case if USB is not available
- the nxt_rviz_plugin package, this requires the visualization stack which
in turn requires the NVidia CG Toolkit to be ported.

2010-12-15T18:36:41+00:00 net/appkonference High-performance Asterisk voice/video conferencing plugin
App_konference is a channel-independent conference application.
It features efficient audio mixing algorithms as well as video selection
support based on VAD, DTMF or CLI.

2010-12-15T16:48:09+00:00 math/parmgridgen Library for obtaining a sequence of successive coarse grids
ParMGridGen-1.0 is a highly optimized serial and parallel library
for obtaining a sequence of successive coarse grids that are well suited
for geometric multigrid methods.
The quality of the elements of the coarse grids is optimized using a
multilevel framework.
The parallel library is based on MPI and is portable to
a wide range of architectures.

2010-12-15T08:14:48+00:00 textproc/pdfgrep Tool to search text in PDF files
Pdfgrep is a tool to search text in PDF files. It works similar to grep.


* search for regular expressions.
* support for some important grep options, including:
o filename output.
o page number output.
o optional case insensitivity.
o count occurrences.
* and the most important feature: color output!

2010-12-14T15:29:43+00:00 security/xml-security Java library for XML Signature and Encryption
The Apache-XML-Security-J supports XML-Signature Syntax and Processing,
W3C Recommendation 12 February 2002 and XML Encryption Syntax and
Processing, W3C Recommendation 10 December 2002.

The Java library supports the standard Java API JSR-105: XML Digital
Signature APIs for creating and validating XML Signatures. A standard
Java API for XML Encryption JSR-106: XML Digital Encryption APIs is
in progress and is not final, so this API is not yet supported.

2010-12-14T14:39:50+00:00 graphics/zbar ZBar barcode reader
ZBar Bar Code Reader is an open source software suite for reading bar codes
from various sources, such as video streams, image files and raw intensity
sensors. It supports EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 93, Code 39,
Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Code and SQ Code.

Included with the library are basic applications for decoding captured bar
code images and using a video device (eg, webcam) as a bar code scanner. For
application developers, language bindings are included for C, C++, Python 2
and Perl as well as GUI widgets for Qt, GTK and PyGTK 2.0.

Zbar also supports sending the scanned codes via dbus, allowing its integration
with other applications.

2010-12-14T13:18:04+00:00 x11-themes/gtk3-oxygen-engine Oxygen GTK+ 3 engine and theme
Oxygen-Gtk is a port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen) to gtk.

2010-12-14T13:18:04+00:00 x11-themes/gtk-oxygen-engine Oxygen-Gtk engine and theme
Oxygen-Gtk is a port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen) to gtk.

2010-12-14T08:08:43+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Script-Run Test the script with run
Test::Script::Run exports some subs to help test and run scripts in your
dist's bin/ directory, if the script path is not absolute.

Nearly all the essential code is stolen from Prophet::Test, we think subs
like those should live below Test:: namespace, that's why we packed them
and created this module.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11/ecore-input_evas Enlightenment core abstraction library (evas input module)
A core event abstracter layer and X abstraction layer that makes doing
selections, Xdnd, general X stuff, and event loops, timeouts and idle handlers
fast, optimised, and convenient.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11/ecore-input Enlightenment core abstraction library (input module)
A core event abstracter layer and X abstraction layer that makes doing
selections, Xdnd, general X stuff, and event loops, timeouts and idle handlers
fast, optimised, and convenient.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-modules Meta-port for e17 modules
Meta-port for enlightenment 0.17 modules.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-wlan E17 wlan devices monitoring module
AN e17 gadget to monitor wlan devices.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-tiling A tiling-like windows control module for e17
An e17 module that allows you to control windows like tiling window
managers do.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-tclock Digital clock gadget module for e17
A digital clock gadget for e17.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-taskbar Classic taskbar module for e17
An e17 taskbar module.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-quickaccess An e17 module to provide quick access to applications
This module aims to provide quick access to some applications given
its name/class pair.

It is based on the widely known "yakuake" (,
that drops konsole (kde's terminal emulator) instances from top just
like Quake did.

Unlike yakuake, this module should be extensible and fit any
application, like urxvt to provide same functionality, but could also
fit emacs/gvim, firefox or similar.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-places E17 module to manage disk volumes
This module manages the volumes devices attached to the system.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-photo E17 photo slideshow module
An e17 module to view photos or a mini slideshow within the gadget.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-penguins E17 module that displays fancy penguins walking around your desktop
An e17 module to display fancy penguins walking around your desktop.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-notification An e17 notification daemon module
This module provides a notification daemon for E17.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-net E17 NIC monitoring module
An e17 NIC montoring module.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-mpdule MPD module for e17
Simple MPD module.
Load it into your shelf. Set it to "Able to be Resized", and
resize to a good size for best experience.

To see more than just the artist and title, edit the theme
(see comments in the theme for more info).

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-itask-ng MacOS X like taskbar module for e17
This is the MacOS X like taskbar module for Enlightenment.

It will hold all of your open applications for fast switching.

There are three basic functionalities that you don't want to miss:
1. If you click on an icon it will be shown and raised to the top
and if its on another desk, then you will be switched to it.
2. If you drag an icon out of ITask the App will be shown on the
current desktop.
3. Drag an icon to a pagers desk to send it.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-iiirk Taskbar-like module for e17
This module act like a taskbar for selected applications only. The purpose of
this, is having a module behaving like a tray would dock some icons. Due to the
status of the system tray specification this module don't rely on it, but on
.desktop and netwm icons only instead.

It's highly recommended to make sure a .desktop match the border you want to
dock in this module.
for further explanation on how do this matching.

In order to add an icon to the module you have two ways. You can either drag
and drop the border icon on it, or configure the "Iiirk source". Which is a
list of .desktop to match automatically.

Once the icon is in the module, a click on it will toggle show/hide on the
corresponding window. Don't close your windows, what does the window when
closed is up to the application, not to the module. Use the minimize instead.
If the option "Hide window from any list when iconified" is enabled, minimize
it even by using the border button will active the skip window list on it.

Drop an icon outside the box will remove the match on the corresponding

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-forecasts E17 weather forecast display module
The forecasts gadget will display the current weather conditions
and a few days forecast.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-execwatch E17 module to show state of a periodically executed command
Shows the last state of a periodically executed command.
Useful as an update checker or for checking if a remote host
is available (through ping).

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-exebuf Exebuf program launcher module for e17
Exebuf program launcher module for e17.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-everything-websearch E17 websearch plugin for the "everything" module
Helps to find stuff on Wikipedia, use Google suggestions
and 'Google for it'(tm) action.
Triggers can be configured, defaults are 'g ' and 'w '.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-everything-wallpaper E17 wallpaper plugin for the "everything" module
An e17 wallpaper plugin for the "everything" module.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-everything-places E17 places plugin for the "everything" module
An e17 places plugin for the "everything" module.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-everything-pidgin E17 pidgin plugin for the "everything" module
An e17 module that allows to open chat windows and send
files to buddies in Pidgin.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-everything-mpris E17 frontend module for mediaplayers that support mpris
Everything-mpris plugin is a frontend for mediaplayers that support mpris.

Supported players/daemons:
- Amarok, Audacious, Exaile, Totem...
- corn, simple sound server:
- xmms2, via xmms2-mpris-bridge.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-engage MacOS X like taskbar module for e17
This is the MacOS X like taskbar module for Enlightenment.

It will hold all of your open applications for fast switching.

There are three basic functionalities that you don't want to miss:
1. If you click on an icon it will be shown and raised to the top
and if its on another desk, then you will be switched to it.
2. If you drag an icon out of ITask the App will be shown on the
current desktop.
3. Drag an icon to a pagers desk to send it.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-efm_pathbar An e17 module that provides a pathbar gadget
A module that provide a pathbar gadget to navigate through the filesystem.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-efm_path An e17 module that allows a user to type a location into the filemanager
A module that allows a user to type a location into the filemanager.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-efm_nav An e17 module that allows a user to navigate through the filesystem
A module that allows a user to navigate through the filesystem.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-drawer An e17 module to display/organize different types of information
A module to display/organize different types of information.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-diskio Disk I/O visualization module for E17
Disk I/O visualization module for e17.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-wm/e17-module-alarm Module to set Alarms in Enlightenment 17
A module to set Alarms in Enlightenment 17.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 x11-toolkits/elementary Simple widget toolkit using EFL
This is a VERY SIMPLE toolkit.
It is not meant for writing extensive desktop applications (yet).
Small simple ones with simple needs.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 graphics/evas-loader-tga Hardware accelerated canvas API (TGA loader)
A hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows that can draw anti-aliased
text, smooth super and sub-sampled images, alpha-blend, as well as drop down to
using normal X11 primitives such as pixmaps, lines and rectangles for speed if
your CPU or graphics hardware is too slow.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 graphics/evas-loader-pmaps Hardware accelerated canvas API (PMAPS loader)
A hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows that can draw anti-aliased
text, smooth super and sub-sampled images, alpha-blend, as well as drop down to
using normal X11 primitives such as pixmaps, lines and rectangles for speed if
your CPU or graphics hardware is too slow.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 graphics/evas-loader-bmp Hardware accelerated canvas API (BMP loader)
A hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows that can draw anti-aliased
text, smooth super and sub-sampled images, alpha-blend, as well as drop down to
using normal X11 primitives such as pixmaps, lines and rectangles for speed if
your CPU or graphics hardware is too slow.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 graphics/ethumb Thumbnail generator library
Ethumb -- thumbnail generation library for e17.

Create thumbnails with a predefined frame (possibly an edje frame).
Have an option to create fdo-like thumbnails.
Have a client/server utility.

2010-12-14T07:30:56+00:00 devel/eina Enlightenment API for data types
Eina is a multi-platform library that provides optimized data types
and a few tools that could be used for projects.

2010-12-14T06:11:04+00:00 net/minidlna Media-server compatible with "Digital Life Network Alliance"
MiniDLNA (aka ReadyDLNA) is server software with the aim of being
fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP-AV clients.

The media files are listed in an SQLite database allowing prompt

This is Gleb Smirnoff's fork of original project by Justin Maggard,
created [temporarily] due to low activity of main project.

2010-12-13T08:09:40+00:00 emulators/mupen64plus-ui-console UI for Mupen64plus
2010-12-12T22:07:45+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor Plack middleware to handle X-Forwarded-For headers
Plack::Middleware::XForwardedFor will look for X-Forwarded-For header in the
incomming request and change REMOTE_ADDR to the real client IP.

2010-12-12T21:38:33+00:00 devel/p5-Const-Fast Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes
This module was written because I stumbled on some serious issues of Readonly
that aren't easily fixable without breaking backwards compatibility in subtle
ways. In particular Readonly's use of ties is a source of subtle bugs and bad
performance. Instead, this module uses the builtin readonly feature of perl,
making access to the variables just as fast as any normal variable without
the weird side-effects of ties. Readonly can do the same for scalars when
Readonly::XS is installed, but chooses not to do so in the most common case.

2010-12-12T21:37:25+00:00 devel/p5-File-SearchPath Search for a file in an environment variable path
This module provides the ability to search a path-like environment variable
for a file (that does not necessarily have to be an executable).

2010-12-12T04:12:05+00:00 multimedia/grake Command line tool for scanning webpages for Youtube links
grake is a command line tool for scanning webpages for Youtube links.

2010-12-12T04:10:34+00:00 databases/ruby-oci8 Ruby interface to Oracle OCI8
Ruby/OCI8 is a ruby interface for Oracle using OCI8 API.
2010-12-11T21:54:28+00:00 www/p5-Tatsumaki Non-blocking web framework based on Plack and AnyEvent
Tatsumaki is a toy port of Tornado for Perl using Plack (with
non-blocking extensions) and AnyEvent.

It allows you to write a web application that does a immediate
response with template rendering, IO-bound delayed response (like
fetching third party API or XML feeds), server push streaming and
long-poll Comet in a clean unified API.

2010-12-11T21:54:08+00:00 www/p5-Perlanet Program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds
Perlanet is a program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds
(both RSS and Atom). Web pages like this are often called "Planets"
after the Python software which originally popularised them. Perlanet
is a planet builder written in Perl - hence "Perlanet".

2010-12-11T21:09:43+00:00 sysutils/py-stdiff Spot The Difference is a file integrity checker
Spot The Difference is a file integrity checker. Its goal is to detect signs of
intrusion by looking for suspicious changes in system files. Crackers, in fact,
to do their evil or just to make sure they can work their way back into the
system, often change some configuration files, executables and/or log files
(usually with rootkits); thus leaving signs of the break-in.

2010-12-11T18:18:03+00:00 graphics/rubygem-image_science Ruby library that generates thumbnails
ImageScience is a Ruby library that generates
thumbnails. Supports square and proportional
thumbnails, as well as arbitrary resizes.

2010-12-11T16:50:46+00:00 sysutils/graid5 RAID5 geom class
FreeBSD GEOM class for RAID5.

This is RAID5 geom class, originally written by
Arne Worner <>.

Now maintained by Lev Serebryakov <>

2010-12-11T08:46:05+00:00 www/qooxdoo Comprehensive and innovative Ajax application framework
qooxdoo is a comprehensive and innovative Ajax application
framework. Leveraging object-oriented JavaScript allows developers to
build impressive cross-browser applications. No HTML, CSS nor DOM
knowledge is needed.

It includes a platform-independent development tool chain, a
state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and an advanced client-server
communication layer.

2010-12-10T16:40:22+00:00 comms/umcs7840 MosChip MCS7820 and MCS7840 USB to RS-232/485 gates driver
FreeBSD driver for MosChip 7820/7840-based 2- and 4-ports USB serial ports

This driver supports all basic operations and all baud speeds for 2- or
4-port devices.

Support for advanced features, such as IrDA or RS-485 modes and fine-tuning
will be added later.

Note that this driver will work with FreeBSD 8.0 (with USB2) or superior only.

2010-12-10T14:04:46+00:00 multimedia/avidemux2-plugins Simple GUI based video editor (Plugins)
2010-12-10T13:25:20+00:00 devel/scalatest Regression testing utility for use with the Scala Language
ScalaTest is a testing framework for Scala developed by Bill Venners, George
Berger, Josh Cough, and other contributors starting in late 2007.

2010-12-10T04:51:42+00:00 net-mgmt/nagiosql Web based administration tool for Nagios
NagiosQL is a web based administration tool for Nagios.
It helps you to easily build a complex configuration with all options,
manage and use them. NagiosQL is based on a webserver with PHP, MySQL and
file access to the Nagios configuration files.

2010-12-10T04:51:19+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_hdd_health Nagios plug-in to check HDD health from S.M.A.R.T
Check_hdd_health is a Nagios plug-in written in shell to check HDD health.

This script check HDD from this S.M.A.R.T values:

- Spin Retry Count
- Reallocated Sector Ct
- Reallocated Event Count
- Current Pending Sector
- Offline Uncorrectable
- Total health test
2010-12-10T04:50:56+00:00 net/p5-Net-SMS-Clickatell Access to Clickatell SMS messaging service
Net::SMS::Clickatell - Access to Clickatell SMS messaging service.
Clickatell is a commercial service that allows its users to send SMS messages
to anyone in the world. This service supports many ways to send messages, for
example HTTP, SMTP and SMPP, among others.

2010-12-10T04:50:32+00:00 www/trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro Trac macro to embed Ohloh widgets
OhlohWidgetsMacro is a plugin for Trac which embeds Ohloh widgets.

2010-12-10T03:53:07+00:00 converters/p5-URI-UTF8-Punycode Punycode conversion of UTF-8 string
Punycode conversion of UTF-8 string.

2010-12-10T01:33:59+00:00 converters/p5-Encode-Punycode Encode plugin for Punycode
This module provides an easy-to-use interface for encoding and decoding
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) via Encode interface.

2010-12-10T01:22:19+00:00 textproc/p5-Net-IDN-Encode Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (RFC 3490)
This module provides an easy-to-use interface for encoding and decoding
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

IDNs use characters drawn from a large repertoire (Unicode), but IDNA
allows the non-ASCII characters to be represented using only the ASCII
characters already allowed in so-called host names today (letter-digit-
hypen, "/[A-Z0-9-]/i").

2010-12-10T01:08:12+00:00 converters/p5-Net-IDN-Nameprep Normalization of domain names (Nameprep, RFC 3491)
This module implements the nameprep specification, which describes how
to prepare internationalized domain name (IDN) labels in order to
increase the likelihood that name input and name comparison work in
ways that make sense for typical users throughout the world. Nameprep
is a profile of the stringprep protocol and is used as part of a suite
of on-the-wire protocols for internationalizing the Domain Name System

2010-12-10T00:39:46+00:00 converters/p5-Unicode-Stringprep Preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454)
This module implements the stringprep framework for preparing
Unicode text strings in order to increase the likelihood that
string input and string comparison work in ways that make sense
for typical users throughout the world. The stringprep protocol
is useful for protocol identifier values, company and personal
names, internationalized domain names, and other text strings.

The stringprep framework does not specify how protocols should
prepare text strings. Protocols must create profiles of
stringprep in order to fully specify the processing options.

2010-12-09T15:59:31+00:00 www/googlebook_dl Command-line utility for downloading books from Google Books
googlebook_dl is a command-line utility for downloading books from Google Books.
2010-12-09T08:27:57+00:00 textproc/p5-XML-Compile-Dumper Dump Compiled XML Translators
p5-XML-Compile-Dumper is a perl module to dump compiled
XML translators.

2010-12-09T07:22:41+00:00 textproc/p5-XML-Rewrite XML processing and rewriting
Often, XML messages and schemas are created by automatic tools. These
tools may provide very nice user interfaces, but tend to produce
horrible XML. If you have to read these ugly products, you are in for
pain. The purpose of this module (and the script "xmlrewrite" which is
part of this distribution) is to be able to rewrite XML messages and
Schema's into something maintainable.

The main difference between this module and other beautifiers is that
the clean-up is based on schema rules. For instance, it is permitted
to remove blanks around and inside integers, but not in strings.
Beautifiers which do not look into the schema have only limited
possibilities for cleanup, or may accidentally change the message

2010-12-08T21:03:20+00:00 textproc/p5-File-Inplace Perl module for in-place editing of files
File::Inplace is a Perl module intended to ease the common task of
editing a file in-place. Inspired by variations of Perl's -i option,
this module is intended for somewhat more structured and reusable
editing than command line Perl typically allows.

File::Inplace endeavors to guarantee file integrity; that is, either
all of the changes made will be saved to the file, or none will.
It also offers functionality such as backup creation, automatic
field splitting per-line, automatic chomping/unchomping, and aborting
edits partially through without affecting the original file.

2010-12-08T20:03:48+00:00 devel/rubygem-fast-stemmer Fast Porter stemmer based on a C version of algorithm
Fast-stemmer is simply a wrapping around multithreaded Porter stemming

This gem adds a String#stem method, and it conflicts with the stemmer gem. It's
in order of magnitude faster (and uses much less memory) than the latter.

For the original work please see:

2010-12-08T19:18:29+00:00 www/rubygem-cgi_multipart_eof_fix Fix an exploitable bug in CGI multipart parsing
Fixes an exploitable bug in CGI multipart parsing which affects Ruby <= 1.8.5.
When multipart boundary attributes contain non-halting regular
expression strings, the boundary searcher in the CGI module does not properly
escape the parameter and will execute arbitrary regular expressions.
This fix adds escaping for the user data.

* Affected application servers: standalone CGI, Mongrel, WEBrick
* Unaffected: FastCGI, Ruby 1.8.6 (all servers)
* Unknown: mod_ruby

This fix will not modify versions of Ruby greater than 1.8.5, and is
cumulative with previous CGI multipart vulnerability fixes.

2010-12-08T09:57:43+00:00 www/rubygem-less The LESS Ruby gem compiles LESS code to CSS
LESS extends CSS with: variables, mixins, operations and nested rules.
Best of all, LESS uses existing CSS syntax. This means you can rename
your current .css files to .less and they'll just work.

2010-12-08T09:55:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-mutter Tiny command-line interface library
This Ruby gem is a tiny command-line interface library with lots of style.

2010-12-07T19:25:08+00:00 www/apache22-itk-mpm
Apache 2.2 with the itk MPM enabled.

2010-12-07T19:24:44+00:00 www/apache22-event-mpm
Apache 2.2 with the event MPM enabled.

2010-12-07T19:24:30+00:00 www/apache22-worker-mpm
Apache 2.2 with the worker MPM enabled.

2010-12-07T19:24:16+00:00 www/apache22-prefork-mpm
Apache 2.2 with the prefork MPM enabled.

2010-12-07T19:18:48+00:00 devel/rubygem-image_science Ruby library that generates thumbnails
ImageScience is a Ruby library that generates
thumbnails. Supports square and proportional
thumbnails, as well as arbitrary resizes.

2010-12-07T19:18:29+00:00 www/p5-FCGI-Engine Flexible engine for running FCGI-based applications
This module helps manage FCGI based web applications by providing a wrapper
which handles most of the low-level FCGI details for you. It can run FCGI
programs as simple scripts or as full standalone socket based servers who
are managed by FCGI::Engine::ProcManager.

2010-12-07T19:18:08+00:00 devel/p5-Declare-Constraints-Simple Declarative Validation of Perl Data Structures
The main purpose of this module is to provide an easy way to build a profile
to validate a data structure. It does this by giving you a set of declarative
keywords in the importing namespace.

2010-12-07T06:13:59+00:00 databases/java-mybatis SQL Mapping Framework
MyBatis is a first class persistence framework with support for custom
SQL, stored procedures and advanced mappings. MyBatis eliminates almost
all of the JDBC code and manual setting of parameters and retrieval of
results. MyBatis can use simple XML or Annotations for configuration and
map primitives, Map interfaces and Java POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects)
to database records.

2010-12-07T04:11:05+00:00 net/p5-Net-PubSubHubbub-Publisher Client library to ping a PubSubHubbub hub
Net::PubSubHubbub::Publisher is a client library to ping a PubSubHubbub hub.

2010-12-07T04:10:42+00:00 math/p5-Math-BigInt-FastCalc Math::BigInt::Calc with some XS for more speed
Provides support for big integer calculations. Not intended to be used
by other modules. Other modules which sport the same functions can
also be used to support Math::BigInt, like Math::BigInt::GMP or

2010-12-07T04:10:22+00:00 devel/p5-ShipIt-Step-Manifest ShipIt step for recreating the MANIFEST
This step recreates the MANIFEST by effectively running make manifest, or the
equivalent in your build process.

I use this as I don't have superfluous files lying around in the distribution
directories, and have set the relevant svk ignore properties.

To use it, just list in your .shipit file.

2010-12-07T04:09:47+00:00 devel/p5-Dist-Joseki Tools for the prolific module author
"Joseki" is a japanese term from the game Go and means "a formulaic sequence of
moves which is established for giving equal outcomes to both players", but it
has come into general use to describe any fixed form of behaviour.

Dist::Joseki offers you tools that help you in developing Perl module
distributions if you stick to a certain formulaic style of structuring your

2010-12-07T04:09:28+00:00 devel/p5-Getopt-Attribute Attribute wrapper for Getopt::Long
This module provides an attribute wrapper around Getopt::Long. Instead of
declaring the options in a hash with references to the variables and subroutines
affected by the options, you can use the Getopt attribute on the variables and
subroutines directly.

As you can see from the Synopsis, the attribute takes an argument of the same
format as you would give as the hash key for Getopt::Long. See the Getopt::Long
manpage for details.

2010-12-07T04:09:03+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Accessor-Complex Arrays, hashes, booleans, integers, sets, and more
This module generates accessors for your class in the same spirit as
Class::Accessor does. While the latter deals with accessors for scalar values,
this module provides accessor makers for arrays, hashes, integers, booleans,
sets and more.

As seen in the synopsis, you can chain calls to the accessor makers. Also,
because this module inherits from Class::Accessor, you can put a call to one of
its accessor makers at the end of the chain.

The accessor generators also generate documentation ready to be used with

2010-12-07T04:08:11+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Rmap Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure
Recursively evaluate a BLOCK over a list of data structures (locally setting $_
to each element) and return the list composed of the results of such
evaluations. $_ can be used to modify the elements.

Data::Rmap currently traverses HASH, ARRAY, SCALAR and GLOB reference types and
ignores others. Depending on which rmap_* wrapper is used, the BLOCK is called
for only scalar values, arrays, hashes, references, all elements or a
customizable combination.

2010-12-07T04:07:44+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Miscellany Collection of miscellaneous subroutines
This is a collection of miscellaneous subroutines useful in wide but varying
scenarios; a catch-all module for things that don't obviously belong anywhere
else. Obviously what's useful differs from person to person, but this particular
collection should be useful in object-oriented frameworks, such as
Class::Scaffold and Data::Conveyor.

2010-12-07T01:47:56+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-NoSQL NoSQL-ish overlay for an SQL database
DBIx::NoSQL is a layer over DBI that presents a NoSQLish way to store and
retrieve data. It does this by using a table called __Store__. Once connected
to a database, it will detect if this table is missing and create it if

When writing data to the store, the data (a HASH reference) is first
serialized using JSON and then inserted/updated via DBIx::Class to (currently)
an SQLite backend.

Retrieving data from the store is done by key lookup or by searching an
SQL-based index. Once found, the data is deserialized via JSON and returned.

2010-12-06T04:08:24+00:00 databases/gomysql A MySQL client library written in Go
A MySQL client library written in Go. The aim of this project is to
provide a library with a high level of usability, good interal error
handling and to emulate similar libraries available for other languages
to provide an easy migration of MySQL based systems into the Go language.

2010-12-05T21:09:41+00:00 www/trac-TracGoogleAnalytics Trac plugin to enable logging by Google Analytics
Previously known as Google Analytics Plugin, this plugin will enable
your trac environment to be logged by Google Analytics.

It adds the necessary javascript code to log your environment, plus, it
also logs the downloads of regular filenames which end with a specific
extension; these extensions are defined by you; and also external links.

2010-12-05T08:32:42+00:00 graphics/lcms2 Accurate, fast, and small-footprint color management engine
Little CMS intends to be a small-footprint color management engine, with
special focus on accuracy and performance. It uses the International Color
Consortium standard (ICC), which is the modern standard when regarding to
color management. The ICC specification is widely used and is referred to
in many International and other de-facto standards. It was approved as an
International Standard, ISO 15076-1, in 2005.

Since version 2.1, Little CMS fully implements ICC specification 4.2 plus
all addendums; it fully supports all kind of V2 and V4 profiles, including
abstract, devicelink, and named color profiles.

Color management refers to techniques that ensure consistent colors while
images are transferred from scanners or cameras to monitors and printers.

2010-12-03T21:52:49+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_cpu_usage Nagios plug-in to check CPU usage
check_cpu_usage is a plugin intended for use with the Nagios network
monitoring system. This plugin checks the current CPU load and
compares the current state to given thresholds, returning the result.
It is written as shell script.
2010-12-03T19:53:54+00:00 textproc/p5-String-Flogger String munging for loggers
String::Flogger::flog() args are mostly just like sprintf arguments, but
non-strings (like references, objects, and undef) are converted to JSON,
and we can defer evaluation of bits of the message so that it won't be
evaluated unless needed.

2010-12-03T14:54:04+00:00 devel/insight Gnu debugger with the Insight GUI front-end
2010-12-03T06:27:39+00:00 devel/p5-Parse-PlainConfig Perl module to use plain config files
This perl module allows you to use generic config files in Perl applications.
Syntax of the configuration file(s) to read is fully configurable including
delimiters, maximum config size, ends of lines, and features include comments,
associative arrays, types of variables with coercion

2010-12-02T19:47:17+00:00 x11/qt4-graphicssystems-opengl Qt OpenGL rendering engine (experimental)
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

This port provides the OpenGL graphics backend, which is used for
on-screen widgets and QPixmaps. See for details:

2010-12-02T19:47:17+00:00 devel/qt4-declarative Qt4 framework for building highly dynamic user interfaces
Qt is a C++ toolkit for application development. It lets application
developers target all major operating systems with a single application
source code.

Qt provides a platform-independent API to all central platform functionality:
GUI, database access, networking, file handling, etc. The Qt library
encapsulates the different APIs of different operating systems, providing
the application programmer with a single, common API for all operating systems.
The native C APIs are encapsulated in a set of well-designed, fully
object-oriented C++ classes.

2010-12-02T19:47:17+00:00 devel/py-qt4-declarative Python bindings for the Qt4 toolkit, QtDeclarative module
PyQt4 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt4 application framework.
This package provides the QtDeclarative module.

2010-12-02T15:08:15+00:00 www/dwoo Dwoo is a PHP5 template engine
Dwoo is a PHP5 Template Engine that was started in early 2008. The idea came
from the fact that Smarty, a well known template engine, is getting older and
older. It carries the weight of it's age, having old features that are
inconsistent compared to newer ones, being written for PHP4 its Object Oriented
aspect doesn't take advantage of PHP5's more advanced features in the area,
etc. Hence Dwoo was born, hoping to provide a more up to date and stronger
engine. So far it has proven to be faster than Smarty in many areas, and it
provides a compatibility layer to allow developers that have been using Smarty
for years to switch their application over to Dwoo progressively.

2010-12-02T13:55:59+00:00 ftp/p5-Net-FTPSSL FTP over SSL/TLS class
Net::FTPSSL is a class implementing a simple FTP client over a Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection written
in Perl as described in RFC959 and RFC2228. It will use TLS by default.

2010-12-02T05:54:54+00:00 databases/p5-AnyEvent-DBD-Pg Perl extension for AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg async interface
AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg's async interface.

2010-12-01T15:47:47+00:00 devel/py-bitstring Simple construction, analysis, and modification of binary data
bitstring is a pure Python module designed to help make the creation and
analysis of binary data as simple and natural as possible.

BitStrings can be constructed from integers (big and little endian), hex, octal,
binary, strings or files. They can be sliced, joined, reversed, inserted into,
overwritten, etc. with simple functions or slice notation. They can also be
read from, searched and replaced, and navigated in, similar to a file or stream.

bitstring is open source software, and has been released under the MIT licence.

2010-11-30T21:48:49+00:00 www/py-django-profiles User-profile application for Django
A user-profile application for Django.

2010-11-30T07:25:00+00:00 net/lvwimax Userland driver for Samsung WiMAX modems
A userland driver for wimax modems:
. Samsung SWC-U200;
. Samsung SWC-E100.
2010-11-29T15:37:26+00:00 devel/ros-laser_pipeline Robot Operating System - laser data processing utilities
Libraries from processing laser data, including converting laser data into 3D

2010-11-29T15:36:23+00:00 devel/ros-image_common Robot Operating System - common image routines
Common code for working with images in ROS:

camera_calibration_parsers contains routines for reading and writing camera
calibration parameters.

camera_info_manager provides a C++ interface for camera calibration information.
It provides CameraInfo, and handles SetCameraInfo service requests, saving and
restoring the camera calibration data.

image_transport should always be used to subscribe to and publish images. It
provides transparent support for transporting images in low-bandwidth
compressed formats. Examples (provided by separate plugin packages) include
JPEG/PNG compression and Theora streaming video.

polled_camera contains a service and C++ helper classes for implementing a
polled camera driver node and requesting images from it. The package is
currently for internal use as the API is still under development.

2010-11-29T12:20:42+00:00 devel/violet Easy to learn and use UML editor
Violet is a UML editor with these benefits:
* It is very easy to learn and use
* It draws nice-looking class, sequence, state, object and use-case diagrams
* It is completely free (distributed under the GNU General Public License)
* It is cross-platform

Violet is intended for students, teachers, and authors who need to produce
simple UML diagrams quickly. It is not intended as an industrial strength
tool. Here are some of the features that industrial-strength UML programs have
and that Violet does not have:
* Code generation. Violet does not generate any source code from UML diagrams.
* Reverse engineering. Violet does not generate UML diagrams from source code
* Semantic checking of models. You can use Violet to draw contradictory
diagrams XMI export or import. Violet does not generate files that can be
imported into other UML tools, nor can it read model files from other tools

If you just want to draw simple UML diagrams without too much fuss, chances
are you'll like Violet. If you have more serious needs, check out one of the
other programs.

2010-11-29T10:27:24+00:00 lang/dmd2 D 2.0 compiler, not officially validated for FreeBSD
D is a systems programming language. Its focus is on combining the power and
high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern
languages like Ruby and Python. Special attention is given to the needs of
quality assurance, documentation, management, portability and reliability.

The D language is statically typed and compiles directly to machine code. It's
multiparadigm, supporting many programming styles: imperative, object oriented,
and metaprogramming. It's a member of the C syntax family, and its appearance
is very similar to that of C++.

It is not governed by a corporate agenda or any overarching theory of
programming. The needs and contributions of the D programming community form
the direction it goes.

This is an unofficial port that compiles directly from source, so it has not
been officially validated or tested on the FreeBSD platform by the developer.

This Software is copyrighted and comes with a single user license, and may not
be redistributed. If you wish to obtain a redistribution license, please
contact Digital Mars.

2010-11-29T10:27:24+00:00 lang/dmd Official compiler for the D 1.0 programming language
D is a systems programming language. Its focus is on combining the power and
high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern
languages like Ruby and Python. Special attention is given to the needs of
quality assurance, documentation, management, portability and reliability.

The D language is statically typed and compiles directly to machine code. It's
multiparadigm, supporting many programming styles: imperative, object oriented,
and metaprogramming. It's a member of the C syntax family, and its appearance
is very similar to that of C++.

It is not governed by a corporate agenda or any overarching theory of
programming. The needs and contributions of the D programming community form
the direction it goes.

2010-11-28T23:04:14+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Skinny-Mixin-DBHResolver Perl extension of DBIx::DBHResolver mixin for DBIx::Skinny
DBIx::DBHResolver mixin for DBIx::Skinny.

2010-11-28T22:39:15+00:00 net-im/psimedia Voice and video API for Psi-like IM clients
PsiMedia is an abstraction layer for providing audio and video
RTP services to Psi-like IM clients. The implementation is based
on GStreamer.

2010-11-27T17:19:54+00:00 devel/ros-common Robot Operating System - common utilities
This stack contains tools built on top of ROS core which are commonly used
throughout the ROS ecosystem. It contains three types of packages:

* bfl: the Bayesian Filtering Library from the Orocos project
* filters: a standardized C++ API for filters. It also has a class to chain
filters at runtime based on parameters.

Helper libraries:
* actionlib: provides C++ and Python libraries for interacting with the Action
API used by the executive.
* bond: with C++ and Python bindings (bondcpp and bondpy).
* nodelet: a way to run multiple algorithms within the same process abstracted
with a ROS interface.
* pluginlib: providea a C++ API for dynamically loading plugin classes.

* tinyxml: a C interface to the third-party tinyxml parser for ROS.
* xacro: an XML macro language.
* yaml_cpp: a C++ to the third-party YAML parser for ROS.

2010-11-27T06:01:33+00:00 mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole Sieve plugin for the Dovecot 'deliver' LDA and LMTP
Sieve language support by a plugin for the Dovecot deliver LDA&LMTP

* Mail filtering
* Mail forwarding
* Vacation auto-reply

2010-11-27T05:53:35+00:00 mail/dovecot2 Secure, fast and powerful IMAP and POP3 server
Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux/UNIX-like
systems, written with security primarily in mind. Dovecot is an excellent
choice for both small and large installations. It's fast, simple to set up,
requires no special administration and it uses very little memory.

Dovecot is high-performing, self-optimizing, self-healing, and easily
extensible. It includes IMAP4rev1 and POP3 support. IPv6, SSL and TLS are
supported. It supports multiple commonly used IMAP extensions, including SORT,

2010-11-27T03:32:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/ruby-vte Ruby binding for VTE
Ruby/VTE is a Ruby binding for VTE.

2010-11-27T03:32:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/ruby-poppler Ruby binding for Poppler
Ruby/Poppler is a Ruby binding for Poppler.

2010-11-27T03:32:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/ruby-gtksourceview2 Ruby binding for GtkSourceView2
Ruby/GtkSourceView2 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-2.0.x.

2010-11-27T03:32:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/ruby-gstreamer Ruby binding for GStreamer
Ruby/GStreamer is a Ruby binding for GStreamer.

2010-11-27T03:32:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/ruby-goocanvas Ruby binding for goocanvas
Ruby/Goocanvas is a Ruby binding of Goocanvas.

2010-11-27T02:07:50+00:00 devel/py-mercurialserver Software for hosting mercurial repositories
mercurial-server gives your developers remote read/write access to centralized
Mercurial repositories using SSH public key authentication; it provides
convenient and fine-grained key management and access control.

All of the repositories controlled by mercurial-server are owned by a single
user (the "hg" user in what follows), but many remote users can act on them,
and different users can have different permissions. We don't use file
permissions to achieve that - instead, developers log in as the "hg" user
when they connect to the repository host using SSH, using SSH URLs of the
form "ssh://hg@repository-host/repository-name". A restricted shell prevents
them from using this access for unauthorized purposes. Developers
are authenticated only using SSH keys; no other form of authentication is

To give a user access to the repository, place their key in an
appropriately-named subdirectory of "/usr/lcoal/etc/mercurialserver/keys"
and run "refresh-auth". You can then control what access they have to what
repositories by editing the control file
"/usr/local/etc/mercurialserver/access.conf", which can match the names of
these keys against a glob pattern.

For convenient remote control of access, you can instead (if you have the
privileges) make changes to a special repository called "hgadmin", which
contains its own "access.conf" file and "keys" directory. Changes pushed to
this repository take effect immediately. The two "access.conf" files are
concatenated, and the keys directories merged.

2010-11-27T02:02:23+00:00 www/py-flask-uploads Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
Flask-Uploads allows your application to flexibly and efficiently handle file
uploading and serving the uploaded files.

2010-11-27T02:01:59+00:00 devel/py-flask-babel Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Add i18n/l10n support to Flask applications with the help of the Babel library.

2010-11-27T02:01:35+00:00 databases/py-flask-sqlalchemy Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask
Flask-SQLAlchemy adds support for SQLAlchemy to your Flask application.

2010-11-27T02:00:57+00:00 www/py-flask Micro web framework
Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja2.

2010-11-27T00:37:30+00:00 www/mod_tsa Time stamping authority (RFC 3161) module for apache
Time stamping authority module for apache20 and apache22

2010-11-27T00:17:47+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rchardet Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby
Library to perform character encoding auto-detection in Ruby.

2010-11-26T21:23:50+00:00 devel/p5-App-GitHub GitHub Command Tools
A command line tool wrap Net::GitHub.

2010-11-26T21:16:38+00:00 dns/p5-Net-DNS-Lite Pure-Perl DNS resolver with support for timeout
This module provides a replacement function for Socket::inet_aton,
with support for timeouts.

2010-11-26T19:32:24+00:00 editors/komodo-ide Multi-language editor from ActiveState
IDE specialized in dynamic languages like TCL, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl
Also a web editor (JS/CSS/HTML/XML)

Syntax highlighting, autocomplete, debug features, external tools.

Built on the top of Mozilla.

This port installs the linux commercial version.

2010-11-26T17:38:22+00:00 textproc/uim-kde4 KDE4 panel applet of uim input method
KDE4 panel applet of uim input method.

2010-11-26T14:47:08+00:00 net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-qt EiskaltDC++ Direct Connect client Qt GUI
EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect
and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the
original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also
interoperates with all common DC hub software.

This port is Qt GUI that uses eiskaltdcpp-lib.

2010-11-26T14:47:08+00:00 net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-lib EiskaltDC++ shared library and header files
EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect
and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the
original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also
interoperates with all common DC hub software.

This port is DC++ core (customized) compiled as shared library.

2010-11-26T14:47:08+00:00 net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-gtk EiskaltDC++ client GTK graphic interface
EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect
and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the
original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also
interoperates with all common DC hub software.

This port is GTK GUI that uses eiskaltdcpp-lib.

2010-11-26T14:47:08+00:00 net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-data Shared data for EiskaltDC++ client GUIs
EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect
and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the
original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also
interoperates with all common DC hub software.

This port contains shared data for EiskaltDC++ GUIs.

2010-11-26T13:53:56+00:00 www/redmine-http-auth HTTP authentication plugin for Redmine
HTTP authentication plugin for Redmine.

2010-11-26T09:32:21+00:00 graphics/boxer GUI for Box the figure description language
A graphical user interface for the Box vector graphics language

2010-11-26T02:13:58+00:00 x11-themes/qt4-style-phase Widget style for Qt 4 and KDE 4
Phase is a widget style for Qt 4 and KDE 4. It is designed to be
functional but not drab, and aesthetic but not distracting.

Artistic design draws upon the genius of earlier masters. This is
particularly true for minimalistic designs. Therefore I cannot in
good conscience claim this look to be truly original. But I have
done my best. I hope you like it!

Phase is now being maintained in kdeartwork. These are only "snapshot"
releases. This is a "pure" Qt style, in that it does not require

2010-11-26T02:11:45+00:00 x11-themes/qt4-style-float Style for Qt 4 and KDE
Style for Qt 4 and KDE.

2010-11-26T02:10:43+00:00 x11-themes/qt4-style-quantumstyle SVG themeable style for Qt 4 and KDE
QuantumStyle is an SVG themable style for Qt 4 and KDE.

2010-11-25T22:38:01+00:00 graphics/box Compiler for box, the figure description language
Box is a programming language that puts special emphasis on graphics.
It is intended to be for vector graphics what LaTeX is for writing
scientific documents.

2010-11-25T15:29:19+00:00 games/openarena-oax OpenArena Mod: OpenArena Xpanded
OpenArena Expanded is the development version of OpenArena. Its purpose is both
to create improve the basic OpenArena gameplay but also to create a good
starting point for any OpenArena or Quake III:Arena mods.

It does not include engine or platform specific code. The source code is
GPL v2 or later but some of the tools are not.

2010-11-25T15:29:19+00:00 games/openarena-data OpenArena game data files
This is the game data port for the ioquake3 engine based game OpenArena.

2010-11-25T08:27:57+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Attribute-ENV Set default of an attribute to a value from %ENV
MooseX-Attribute-ENV is a Moose attribute trait that you use when
you want the default value for an attribute to be populated from
the %ENV hash.

2010-11-25T06:23:27+00:00 www/webgo Simplest way to write web applications in the Go programming language
web.go is the simplest way to write web applications in the Go programming
language. It's ideal for writing simple, performant backend web services.

web.go should be familiar to people who've developed websites with higher-level
web frameworks like sinatra, pylons, or It is designed to be a
lightweight web framework that doesn't impose any scaffolding on the user.

Some features include:

* Routing to url handlers based on regular expressions
* Secure cookies
* Support for fastcgi and scgi
* Web applications are compiled to native code. This means very fast
execution and page render speed
* Serving static files

2010-11-25T04:12:51+00:00 accessibility/redshift Adjusts the color temperature of your screen
Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according
to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you
are working in front of the screen at night.

2010-11-24T17:24:37+00:00 games/corsix-th Open source clone of Theme Hospital
This project aims to reimplement the game engine of Theme Hospital, and be
able to load the original game data files. This means that you will need
a purchased copy of Theme Hospital, or a copy of the demo, in order to use
CorsixTH. After most of the original engine has been reimplemented, the
the project will serve as a base from which extensions and improvements to
the original game can be made.

2010-11-24T16:06:52+00:00 math/ros-geometry Robot Operating System - geometric and math libraries
The basic geometry and math libraries used in ROS.

angles: Provides a set of simple math utilities to work with angles. The
utilities cover simple things like normalizing an angle and conversion between
degrees and radians, but also functions to calculate things like the shortest
angular distance between two joinst space positions of your robot, with the
joint motion constrained by joint limits.

bullet: Contains the Bullet professional free 3D Game Multiphysics Library. The
Bullet library provided by this ROS package is slightly different from the
official Bullet release.

eigen: This package contains the Eigen C++ template library for linear algebra.

KDL: This package contains the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL),
distributed by the Orocos Project.

tf: This package lets you keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time.
tf maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree structure
buffered in time, and lets the user transform points, vectors, etc between any
two coordinate frames at any desired point in time.

2010-11-24T16:06:52+00:00 math/geometry Robot Operating System - geometric and math libraries
The basic geometry and math libraries used in ROS.

Provides a set of simple math utilities to work with angles. The utilities cover
simple things like normalizing an angle and conversion between degrees and
radians, but also functions to calculate things like the shortest angular
distance between two joinst space positions of your robot, with the joint motion
constrained by joint limits.

Contains version 2.76 of the Bullet professional free 3D Game Multiphysics
Library. The Bullet library provided by this ROS package is slightly different
from the official Bullet release.

This package contains version 2.0.15 of the Eigen C++ template library for
linear algebra.

This package contains a recent version of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library
(KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project. For stability reasons, this package
is currently locked to revision 31715, but this revision will be updated on a
regular basis to the latest available KDL trunk.

tf is a package that lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames
over time. tf maintains the relationship between coordinate frames in a tree
structure buffered in time, and lets the user transform points, vectors, etc
between any two coordinate frames at any desired point in time.

2010-11-24T10:25:51+00:00 mail/spamass-ixhash Plugin for SpamAssassin supporting iXhash
iXhash is a plugin for the popular spam filter SpamAssassin.

It computes MD5 checksums of fragments of the body of an e-mail and compares
them to those of know spam. As such it works similar to the now standard
plugins that use the Pyzor, Razor and DCC software packages from within

2010-11-24T05:31:08+00:00 devel/p5-Object-Destroyer Make objects with circular references DESTROY normally
Object::Destroyer allows for the creation of "Destroy" handles. The
handle is "attached" to the circular relationship, but is not a part
of it. When the destroy handle falls out of scope, it will be cleaned
up correctly, and while being cleaned up, it will also force the data
structure it is attached to be destroyed as well. Object::Destroyer
can call a specified release method on an object (or method DESTROY by
default). Alternatively, it can execute an arbitrary user code passed
to constructor as a code reference.

2010-11-24T05:21:18+00:00 net-mgmt/2ping Bi-directional ping utility
2ping is a bi-directional ping utility. It uses 3-way pings (akin to TCP SYN,
SYN/ACK, ACK) and after-the-fact state comparison between a 2ping listener and a
2ping client to determine which direction packet loss occurs.

2010-11-24T05:20:58+00:00 lang/p5-Parse-Perl Interpret string as Perl source
This module provides the capability to parse a string at runtime as
Perl source code, so that the resulting compiled code can be later
executed. This is part of the job of the string form of the eval
operator, but in this module it is separated out from the other jobs
of eval. Parsing of Perl code is generally influenced by its lexical
context, and this module provides some explicit control over this
process, by reifying lexical environments as Perl objects.

2010-11-24T05:20:36+00:00 www/p5-Blog-Spam Blog & Forum SPAM Detection
The blogspam site exists to provide a service which allows you to test whether a
submitted blog/forum comment is SPAM or not, in real-time.

We can identify many common SPAM characteristics and using them allow comments
to be blocked - cutting down on the SPAM that might otherwise affect your site.

2010-11-24T05:20:16+00:00 net/p5-Net-Dropbox-API Dropbox API interface
The Dropbox API is a OAuth based API. I try to abstract as much away
as possible so you should not need to know too much about it.

2010-11-24T05:19:50+00:00 net/p5-Net-Riak Interface to Riak
Interface to Riak.

2010-11-23T15:58:03+00:00 mail/davmail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway
DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway

DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP exchange gateway
allowing users to use any mail/calendar client (e.g. Thunderbird
with Lightning or Apple iCal) with an Exchange server, even from
the internet or behind a firewall through Outlook Web Access.

2010-11-23T14:53:51+00:00 www/p5-Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI Perl extension for PSGI web server on Perlbal
This is a Perlbal plugin to allow any PSGI application run natively
inside Perlbal process.

2010-11-23T13:05:11+00:00 devel/ros-common_msgs Robot Operating System - common messages
common_msgs contains messages that are widely used by other ROS packages.
These includes messages for actions (actionlib_msgs), diagnostics
(diagnostic_msgs), geometric primitives (geometry_msgs), robot navigation
(nav_msgs), and common sensors (sensor_msgs), such as laser range finders,
cameras, point clouds.

2010-11-23T13:05:11+00:00 devel/common_msgs Robot Operating System - common messages
common_msgs contains messages that are widely used by other ROS packages.
These includes messages for actions (actionlib_msgs), diagnostics
(diagnostic_msgs), geometric primitives (geometry_msgs), robot navigation
(nav_msgs), and common sensors (sensor_msgs), such as laser range finders,
cameras, point clouds.

2010-11-23T11:17:16+00:00 www/p5-Flea Perl extension for minimalistic sugar for your Plack
PSGI/Plack is where it's at. Dancer's routing syntax is really cool,
but it does a lot of things I don't usually want. What I really want
is Dancer-like sugar as an extremely thin layer over my
teeth^H^H^H^H^H PSGI apps.

2010-11-23T10:26:40+00:00 archivers/pxz Parallel LZMA compressor using liblzma
Parallel XZ is a compression utility that takes advantage of running LZMA
compression of different parts of an input file on multiple cores and
processors simultaneously.
Its primary goal is to utilize all resources to speed up compression time
with minimal possible influence on compression ratio.

2010-11-23T09:50:13+00:00 chinese/phpbb3-tw The Traditional Chinese version of phpBB3
phpBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution
that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or
can power your entire website. With an extensive database of
user-created modifications and styles database containing
hundreds of style and image packages to customise your board,
you can create a very unique forum in minutes.

No other bulletin board software offers a greater complement
of features, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use.
Best of all, phpBB is completely free. We welcome you to test
it for yourself today*. If you have any questions please visit
our Community Forum where our staff and members of the community
will be happy to assist you with anything from configuring the
software to modifying the code for individual needs. Learn more
about phpBB.

2010-11-23T09:32:02+00:00 www/sit PHP incident tracking system / Helpdesk
Support Incident Tracker (or SiT!) is a Free Software/Open Source (GPL)
web based application which uses PHP and MySQL for tracking technical support
calls/emails (also commonly known as a 'Help Desk' or 'Support Ticket System').
Manage contacts, sites, technical support contracts and support incidents in
one place. Send emails directly from SiT!, attach files and record every
communication in the incident log. SiT is aware of Service Level Agreements and
incidents are flagged if they stray outside of them.

2010-11-23T07:42:11+00:00 devel/p5-Exporter-Declare Perl extension for exporting done right
Exporter::Declare is a meta-driven exporting tool. Exporter::Declare
tries to adopt all the good features of other exporting tools, while
throwing away horrible interfaces. Exporter::Declare also provides
hooks that allow you to add options and arguments for import. Finally,
Exporter::Declare's meta-driven system allows for top-notch

2010-11-23T06:54:34+00:00 finance/prestashop Open-Source e-Commerce Software for Web 2.0
Conceived in PHP and MySQL, PrestaShop is a really modular and customizable
solution, as well as technically than graphically. Find on the PrestaShop
official marketplace,, an unlimited quantity of
extensions or templates for our e-commerce solution.

2010-11-23T05:08:57+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-Declare-Parser Perl extension for higher level interface to Devel-Declare
Devel-Declare-Parser is a higher-level API sitting on top of
Devel::Declare. It is used by Devel::Declare::Exporter to simplify
exporting of Devel::Declare magic. Writing custom parsers usualy only
requires subclassing this module and overriding a couple methods.

2010-11-23T03:36:18+00:00 devel/p5-Meta-Builder Perl extension for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics
Meta::Builder is designed to be a generic tool for writing Meta
objects. Unlike specialized tools, Meta::Builder makes no assumptions
about what metrics you will care about. Meta::Builder also mkaes it
simple for others to extend your meta-object based tools by providing
hooks for other packages to add metrics to your meta object.

2010-11-23T03:22:17+00:00 devel/p5-Fennec-Lite Perl extension for minimalist Fennec, the commonly used bits
Fennec does a ton, but it may be hard to adopt it all at once. It also
is a large project, and has not yet been fully split into component
projects. Fennec::Lite takes a minimalist approach to do for Fennec
what Mouse does for Moose.

Fennec::Lite is a single module file with no non-core dependencies. It
can easily be used by any project, either directly, or by copying it
into your project. The file itself is less than 300 lines of code at
the time of this writing, that includes whitespace.

2010-11-23T00:12:21+00:00 net/rubygem-tweetstream TweetStream provides simple Ruby access to Twitter Streaming API
TweetStream provides simple Ruby access to Twitter's Streaming API

2010-11-22T22:20:44+00:00 www/p5-HTML-TableContentParser Do interesting things with the contents of tables
This module can be used to parse the content of tables in HTML text. The
parser returns an arrayref consisting of data for each table found within the
passed-in text.

2010-11-22T18:01:07+00:00 www/p5-CGI-Thin Lightweight Parser for CGI Forms
This module is a very lightweight parser of CGI forms. And it has a special
feature that it will return an array if the same key is used twice in the
form. You can force an array even if only one value returned to avoid

The hash %cgi_data will have all the form data from either a POST or GET form
and will also work for "multipart/form-data" forms necessary for uploading

2010-11-22T15:01:55+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-BeginLift Perl extension to make selected sub calls evaluate at compile time
Devel::BeginLift 'lifts' arbitrary sub calls to running at compile
time - sort of a souped up version of "use constant". It does this via
some slightly insane perlguts magic.

2010-11-22T14:58:19+00:00 www/p5-AnyEvent-Mojo Perl extension to start async Mojo servers easily
This module allows you to integrate Mojo applications with the
AnyEvent framework. For example, you can run a web interface for a
long-lived AnyEvent daemon.

2010-11-22T02:33:54+00:00 www/p5-HTTP-Exception Perl extension to throw HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions
Every HTTP::Exception is a Exception::Class - Class. So the same
mechanisms apply as with Exception::Class-classes. In fact have a look
at Exception::Class' docs for more general information on exceptions
and Exception::Class::Base for information on what methods a caught
exception also has.

HTTP::Exception is only a factory for HTTP::Exception::XXX (where X is
a number) subclasses. That means that HTTP::Exception->new(404)
returns a HTTP::Exception::404 object, which in turn is a
HTTP::Exception::Base - Object.

2010-11-22T02:14:39+00:00 devel/p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-EntersubForCV Perl extension to invoke callback on construction of entersub OPs
Invoke callbacks on construction of entersub OPs for certain CVs.

2010-11-22T00:24:31+00:00 devel/p5-Sub-Signatures Use proper signatures for subroutines, including dispatching
One of the strongest complaints about Perl is its poor argument handling.
Simply passing everything in the @_ array is a serious limitation. This
module aims to rectify that.

With this module, we can specify subroutine signatures and automatically
dispatch on the number of arguments.

2010-11-21T18:15:00+00:00 textproc/qgoogletranslator Qt gui for google translate based on ajax api
Qt gui for google translate based on ajax api

2010-11-21T15:18:57+00:00 devel/p5-B-Compiling Perl extension to expose PL_compiling to perl
This module exposes the perl interpreter's PL_compiling variable to perl.

2010-11-21T12:17:40+00:00 audio/p5-Audio-Ecasound Perl extension for ecasound sampler, recorder, fx-processor
Audio::Ecasound provides perl bindings to the ecasound control
interface of the ecasound program. You can use perl to automate or
interact with ecasound so you don't have to turn you back on the
adoring masses packed into Wembly Stadium.

Ecasound is a software package designed for multitrack audio
processing. It can be used for audio playback, recording, format
conversions, effects processing, mixing, as a LADSPA plugin host and
JACK node. Version >= 2.2.X must be installed to use this
package. "SEE ALSO" for more info.

2010-11-21T11:52:42+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Class-MooseColumns Allow write DBIC add_column definitions as attribute options
This module allows you to put the arguments to "add_column" in
DBIx::Class::ResultSource right into your attribute definitions and will
automatically call it when it finds an add_column attribute option. It also
replaces the DBIx::Class-generated accessor methods (these are
Class::Accessor::Grouped-generated accessor methods under the hood) with the
Moose-generated accessor methods so that you can use more of the wonderful
powers of Moose (eg. type constraints, triggers, ...).

2010-11-20T22:22:58+00:00 www/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Apache Provides easy access to Apache::* modules for CGI::Application
CGI::Application::Plugin::Apache provides easy access to Apache::* modules
for CGI::Application.

2010-11-20T18:25:22+00:00 www/htmlcompressor HTML/XML Compressor
Java HTML/XML Compressor is a very small, fast and easy to use library
that minifies given HTML or XML source by removing extra whitespaces,
comments and other unneeded characters without breaking the content
structure. As a result pages become smaller in size and load faster.

A command-line version of the compressor is also included.

2010-11-20T18:03:28+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Rx Perl implementation of Rx schema system
Data::Rx is the perl implementation of Rx schema system.

2010-11-20T17:52:43+00:00 www/p5-HTML-GenerateUtil Perl5 module for generating HTML on the fly
HTML::GenerateUtil is a module provides C language version of various helper
routines for generating HTML output.

2010-11-20T17:40:04+00:00 devel/dconf Configuration database system for GNOME
GConf extends the concept of a configuration registry. It provides
a simple way for applications and administrators to store data;
often GConf is used to store preferences for applications.

Some of the features of GConf are:
GConf provides:

* Documentation for each configuration key, so that administrators
can better modify the value.

* Notifications to interested applications when configuration data
is changed. The notification service works across networks,
affecting all login sessions for a single user.

* Proper locking so that configuration data doesn't get corrupted
when accessed by multiple applications at the same time.

2010-11-20T16:35:31+00:00 devel/p5-Number-Tolerant Provides inexact number comparisons with tolerance ranges
Number::Tolerant provides tolerance ranges for inexact numbers.

2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 net-im/telepathy-logger Logger utility library for the Telepathy framework
Logger utility library for the Teleparthy framwork.

2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 net-im/folks Library to aggregates people from multiple sources
libfolks is a library that aggregates people from multiple sources
(eg, Telepathy connection managers and eventually evolution data server,
Facebook, etc.) to create metacontacts. It's written in Vala (in part to
evaluate Vala). The initial goal is for GObject/C support, though the Vala
bindings should basically automatic.

2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 lang/vala-vapigen The vapigen program from vala
vapigen is a utility which generates Vala API (vapi) from
gobject-introspection (GI) files.

2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 Graphic library for GTK+
The GdkPixBuf library provides a number of features:

- Image loading facilities.
- Rendering of a GdkPixBuf into various formats:
drawables (windows, pixmaps), GdkRGB buffers.
- A cache interface

2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 devel/libsoup-gnome GNOME wrapper for libsoup
Soup is a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation in C.

It provides a queued asynchronous callback-based mechanism for sending and
servicing SOAP requests, and a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) for C
compilers which generates client stubs and server skeletons for easily
calling and implementing SOAP methods. It uses GLib and is designed to work
well with GTK applications.

* Completely Asynchronous
* Connection cache
* HTTP chunked transfer and persistent connections
* Authenticated HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy support
* SSL Support using OpenSSL
* Apache module server support
* Client digest authentication
2010-11-20T15:37:08+00:00 accessibility/atkmm C++ wrapper for ATK API library
C++ wrapper for Atk.

2010-11-20T11:30:22+00:00 textproc/groonga Open-source fulltext search engine and column store
Groonga is an open-source fulltext search engine and column store.

It lets you write high-performance applications that requires fulltext

2010-11-20T11:23:10+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Skinny-InflateColumn-DateTime Perl extension to inflate/deflate DateTime for DBIx::Skinny
DBIx::Skinny::InflateColumn::DateTime provides inflate/deflate
settings for *_at/*_on columns.

If you want to set created_XX and updated_XX automatically, you can
use DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTime::Auto.

2010-11-20T10:52:36+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Skinny-Schema-Loader Perl extension to load schema for DBIx::Skinny
DBIx::Skinny::Schema::Loader is schema loader for DBIx::Skinny. It
can dynamically load schema at run-time or statically publish them.

It supports MySQL and SQLite, and PostgreSQL.

2010-11-20T10:24:00+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Skinny-Pager Perl extension of resultset pager for DBIx::Skinny
DBIx::Skinny::Pager is resultset pager interface for
DBIx::Skinny. This module is not support for search_by_sql or

2010-11-19T19:44:49+00:00 net/gogoc GogoCLIENT, connect to Freenet6 tunnel
gogoc is gogoCLIENT, which is needed to connect to Freenet6 tunnel.

Freenet6 Tunnel is an IPv6 access service which enables thousands of people
from all over the world to experience the best solution for a smooth and
incremental deployment of IPv6. Freenet6 Tunnel users can get IPv6 connectivity
from anywhere, including from behind any NAT device or from outside of their
home network.

2010-11-19T17:34:51+00:00 sysutils/hfsexplorer HFSExplorer read Mac-formatted harddisks and disk images
HFSExplorer is an application that can read Mac-formatted hard disks and disk
images. It can read the file systems HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS
Extended) and HFSX (Mac OS Extended with case sensitive file names).

HFSExplorer allows you to browse your Mac volumes with a graphical file system
browser, extract files (copy to hard disk), view detailed information about the
volume and create disk images from the volume.
HFSExplorer can also read most .dmg disk images created on a Mac, including zlib
/ bzip2 compressed images and AES-128 encrypted images. It supports the
partition schemes Master Boot Record, GUID Partition Table and Apple Partition
Map natively.

2010-11-19T12:30:22+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Skinny Perl extension for simple DBI wrapper/ORMapper
DBIx::Skinny is simple DBI wrapper and simple O/R Mapper. It aims to
be lightweight, with minimal dependencies so it's easier to install.

2010-11-19T09:44:17+00:00 sysutils/goaccess Real-time Apache web log analyzer
GoAccess is an open source real-time Apache web log analyzer and interactive
viewer that runs in a terminal and provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics
for system administrators that require a visual report on the fly.

2010-11-19T06:32:11+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ErrorCatcher Catch application errors and emit them somewhere
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher allows you to do More Stuff with the
information that would normally only be seen on the Catalyst Error
Screen courtesy of the Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace plugin.

2010-11-19T06:24:17+00:00 www/p5-Rose-HTML-Objects Object-oriented interfaces for HTML
Rose::HTML::Objects is a framework for creating a reusable set of HTML
widgets as mutable Perl objects that can be serialized to HTML or XHTML
for display purposes.

The Rose::HTML::Object class may be used directly to represent a generic
tag with an explicitly set element name and arbitrary attributes. There
are also methods for parent/child manipulation.

2010-11-18T16:12:37+00:00 deskutils/x-tile GNOME applet to tile the opened windows
X-tile is a gnome applet for your panel (or optionally a standalone
application, working with kde as well) that allows you to select a number of
windows and tile them in different ways. This is especially useful for
comparing products in separate web pages, or for programmers refering to
documentation as they are programming.

2010-11-18T14:51:28+00:00 devel/bzr-pipeline Bzr tools for working with a sequence of branches
The Bazaar pipeline plugin helps you organize your changes into
sections called "pipes". Pipelines can help you:

* focus on each set of changes as a coherent piece, without being
distracted by other sets of changes.
* respect diff size limits when submitting changes
* avoid reviewer fatigue when submitting changes for code review
* maintain a set of patches against an upstream branch

2010-11-18T14:02:45+00:00 net/p5-Rose-URI Easy and efficient manipulation of URI components
Rose::URI is an alternative to URI. It provides a rich set of query string
manipulation methods. Query parameters can be added, removed, and checked
for their existence. URI allows the entire query to be set or returned as
a whole via the query_form or query methods, and the URI::QueryParam module
provides a few more methods for query string manipulation.

2010-11-18T13:43:33+00:00 devel/p5-Time-Out Easily timeout long running operations
Time::Out provides an easy interface to alarm(2) based timeouts. Nested
timeouts are supported.

2010-11-18T04:49:48+00:00 net/asio Cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming
Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming
that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern
C++ approach.

2010-11-18T00:17:40+00:00 misc/p5-Array-LineReader Access lines of a file via an array
Array::LineReader gives you the possibility to access lines of some file by
the elements of an array. This modul inherites methods from Tie::Array (see
Tie::Array). You save a lot of memory, because the file's content is read
only on demand, i.e. in the case you access an element of the array. The
offset and length of all the lines is hold in memory as long as you tie your

2010-11-17T16:57:21+00:00 databases/mariadb A database server - drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for
MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a
rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server
optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by
Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but this is not the
whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you will find more
information about all participants in the MariaDB community, including storage
engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2010-11-17T16:57:21+00:00 databases/mariadb-server Database server - drop-in replacement for MySQL
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for
MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a
rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server
optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by
Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but this is not the
whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you will find more
information about all participants in the MariaDB community, including storage
engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2010-11-17T16:57:21+00:00 databases/mariadb-scripts Scripts for mariadb - drop-in replacement for MySQL
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for
MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a
rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server
optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by
Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but this is not the
whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you will find more
information about all participants in the MariaDB community, including storage
engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2010-11-17T16:57:21+00:00 databases/mariadb-client Database client - drop-in replacement for MySQL
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for
MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a
rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server
optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by
Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but this is not the
whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you will find more
information about all participants in the MariaDB community, including storage
engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2010-11-17T14:10:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-yajl-ruby Streaming JSON parsing and encoding library for Ruby
This gem is a C binding to the excellent YAJL JSON parsing and generation

* JSON parsing and encoding directly to and from an IO stream (file, socket,
etc) or String. Compressed stream parsing and encoding supported for Bzip2,
Gzip and Deflate.
* Parse and encode multiple JSON objects to and from streams or strings
* JSON gem compatibility API - allows yajl-ruby to be used as a drop-in
replacement for the JSON gem
* Basic HTTP client (only GET requests supported for now) which parses JSON
directly off the response body *as it's being received*
* ~3.5x faster than JSON.generate
* ~1.9x faster than JSON.parse
* ~4.5x faster than YAML.load
* ~377.5x faster than YAML.dump
* ~1.5x faster than Marshal.load
* ~2x faster than Marshal.dump

2010-11-17T12:44:25+00:00 net-p2p/transmission-qt4 Fast and lightweight Qt4 BitTorrent client
A fast and lightweight Qt4 BitTorrent client, loosely based on the GTK+ client.

This is the only Transmission client that can act as its own self-contained
session (as the GTK+ and Mac clients do), and can also connect to a remote
session (as the web client and transmission-remote terminal client do).

Transmission has been built from the ground up to be a lightweight, yet
powerful BitTorrent client. Its simple, intuitive interface is designed
to integrate tightly with whatever computing environment you choose to
use. Transmission strikes a balance between providing useful functionality
without feature bloat. Furthermore, it is free for anyone to use or modify.

2010-11-17T08:40:48+00:00 devel/elfkickers Collection of programs to manipulate ELF files
This distribution is a collection of programs that are generally
unrelated, except in that they all deal with the ELF file format.

The main purpose of these programs is to be illustrative and
educational -- to help fellow programmers understand the ELF file
format and something of how it works under the Linux platform.

2010-11-16T20:39:48+00:00 devel/gdb GNU Project Debugger
GDB is a source-level debugger for Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal and
many other languages. GDB can target (i.e., debug programs running on)
more than a dozen different processor architectures, and GDB itself can
run on most popular GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows variants.

2010-11-16T19:28:37+00:00 net/ptpd2 Implementation of the precision time protocol IEEE 1588-2008
PTP daemon (PTPd) is an implementation the Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
version 2 as defined by 'IEEE Std 1588-2008'.

PTP provides precise time coordination of Ethernet LAN connected computers. It
was designed primarily for instrumentation and control systems.

2010-11-16T06:13:59+00:00 devel/py-speaklater Lazy string Python module for translations
Speaklater is a Python module that provides lazy strings for translations.

2010-11-16T03:04:48+00:00 devel/p5-Array-Unique Tie-able array that allows only unique values
This package lets you create an array which will allow only one occurrence of
any value.

In other words no matter how many times you put in 42 it will keep only the
first occurrence and the rest will be dropped.

You use the module via tie and once you tied your array to this module it will
behave correctly.

Uniqueness is checked with the 'eq' operator so among other things it is case

As a side effect the module does not allow undef as a value in the array.

2010-11-16T03:04:20+00:00 math/p5-Math-CDF Generate probabilities and quantiles
This module provides a perl interface to the DCDFLIB. See the section on DCDFLIB
for more information.

Functions are available for 7 continuous distributions (Beta, Chi-square, F,
Gamma, Normal, Poisson and T-distribution) and for two discrete distributions
(Binomial and Negative Binomial). Optional non-centrality parameters are
available for the Chi-square, F and T-distributions. Cumulative probabilities
are available for all 9 distributions and quantile functions are available for
the 7 continuous distributions.

2010-11-16T02:53:29+00:00 devel/p5-App-GitGot Tool to make it easier to manage multiple git repositories
got is a script to make it easier to manage all the version
controlled repositories you have on all the computers you use. It can
operate on all, some, or just one repo at a time, to both check the
status of the repo (up to date, pending changes, dirty, etc.) and
sync it with any upstream master.

2010-11-16T02:53:09+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-App-Cmd Mashes up MooseX::Getopt and App::Cmd
This module marries App::Cmd with MooseX::Getopt.

Use it like App::Cmd advises (especially see App::Cmd::Tutorial),
swapping App::Cmd::Command for MooseX::App::Cmd::Command.

Then you can write your moose commands as moose classes, with
MooseX::Getopt defining the options for you instead of opt_spec
returning a Getopt::Long::Descriptive spec.

2010-11-16T02:52:43+00:00 devel/p5-Git-Wrapper Wrap git(7) command-line interface
Git::Wrapper provides an API for git(7) that uses Perl data
structures for argument passing, instead of CLI-style --options as
Git does.

2010-11-15T20:11:25+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Fatal Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions
Test::Fatal is an alternative to the popular Test::Exception.
It does much less, but should allow greater flexibility in
testing exception-throwing code with about the same amount of

2010-11-15T16:38:24+00:00 audio/gstreamer-plugins-gme Gstreamer game-music-emu (libgme) frontend
2010-11-15T16:03:49+00:00 net/p5-Phone-Info Provides a nicer CLI interface to Net::WhitePages
Phone::Info provides a nicer CLI interface to Net::WhitePages.

2010-11-15T13:55:04+00:00 net/rubygem-ipaddress IP address manipulation library for rubygems
IPAddress is a Ruby library designed to make manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6
addresses both powerful and simple. It mantains a layer of compatibility
with Ruby's own IPAddr, while addressing many of its issues

2010-11-15T08:43:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-ncurses Wrapper to the ncurses library
This Gem provides access to the functions, macros,
global variables and constants of the ncurses library.
These are mapped to a Ruby Module named "Ncurses".
Functions and external variables are implemented as
singleton functions of the Module Ncurses.

2010-11-15T07:44:50+00:00 devel/pecl-libevent Libevent extension for PHP
This is a PHP binding for libevent library.

2010-11-14T11:57:11+00:00 net/rubygem-twitter-stream Twitter realtime API client
Simple Ruby client library for twitter streaming API. Uses EventMachine for
connection handling. Adheres to twitter's reconnection guidline.

JSON format only.

2010-11-14T07:28:47+00:00 security/rubygem-roauth Simple Ruby OAuth library
A simple OAuth library that supports OAuth header signing, and header verifying.

2010-11-13T21:40:45+00:00 science/py-biolccc Python bindings for BioLCCC
libBioLCCC is an open source library for prediction of peptide and
protein retention time in liquid chromatography. It is based on
BioLCCC model (Liquid Chromatography of Biomacromolecules at Critical

pyBioLCCC is set of Python wrappings around libBioLCCC.

2010-11-13T15:38:25+00:00 devel/svnmerge Python script to managing merges in a Subversion repository
This is a python script to help manage merges in the repository.

This script is part of the Subversion distribution and it is assumed
that it can be used under the same license terms as Subversion itself.

2010-11-13T13:40:40+00:00 net/p5-Net-uFTP Universal interface for FTP-like modules (FTP, SFTP, SCP)
NET::uFTP is a Perl5 module providing a universal interface for FTP-like
modules (FTP, SFTP, SCP), in most cases Net::FTP compatible.

2010-11-13T13:22:10+00:00 net/p5-Net-WhitePages Provides access to the XML API for
Provides access to the XML API for

2010-11-13T12:53:15+00:00 sysutils/p5-File-Stat-ModeString Converts file stat(2) mode to/from string representation
File::Stat::ModeString is a Perl5 module provides a few functions for
conversionbetween binary and literal representations of file mode bits,
including file type.

2010-11-12T10:19:04+00:00 deskutils/x026 IBM 026 Keypunch Emulator for the X Window System
IBM 026 Keypunch Emulator for the X Window System.

* Requires slow, deliberate typing or input will be lost
(typeahead can be enabled if you insist)
* Overpunches available by backspacing or holding down Alt or Meta
* Tab set for FORTRAN
* Automatic sequence numbers in columns 73-80 (can be disabled)
* Paste X11 selection with middle mouse button
* Can save deck in file, either in ASCII or in Douglas Jones's standard format
* Can select from several card and keypunch types

2010-11-12T08:23:49+00:00 deskutils/horde-klutz Comic strip viewer for horde
Horde-Klutz is a comic strip aggregator and viewer.
It lets you browse comic strips by date or by strip.
Features include automatic updating of comics, and
various methods for obtaining the strips.

2010-11-12T08:20:54+00:00 net/p5-Net-FTP-AutoReconnect Perl5 FTP client class with automatic reconnect on failure
Net::FTP::AutoReconnect is a Perl5 module providing a FTP client class
with automatic reconnect on failure.

2010-11-11T20:55:31+00:00 devel/pire Perl Incompatible Regular Expressions library
This is PIRE, Perl Incompatible Regular Expressions library.

This library is aimed at checking a huge amount of text against
relatively many regular expressions. Roughly speaking, it can just
check whether given text maches the certain regexp, but can do it
really fast (more than 400 MB/s on our hardware is common). Even
more, multiple regexps can be combined together, giving capability
to check the text against apx.10 regexps in a single pass (and
mantaining the same speed).

Since Pire examines each character only once, without any lookaheads
or rollbacks, spending about five machine instructions per each
character, it can be used even in realtime tasks.

On the other hand, Pire has very limited functionality (compared
to other regexp libraries). Pire does not have any Perlish conditional
regexps, lookaheads & backtrackings, greedy/nongreedy matches;
neither has it any capturing facilities.

2010-11-11T20:04:54+00:00 sysutils/p5-File-Signature Detect changes to a file's content or attributes
This perl library uses perl5 objects to assist in determining whether a
file's contents or attributes have changed. It maintains several pieces
of information about the file: a digest (currently only MD5 is
supported), its inode number, its mode, the uid of its owner, the gid of
its group owner, and its last modification time.

2010-11-11T15:45:20+00:00 devel/bzr-rewrite Bzr plugin that provides rewriting existing revisions
Plugin for Bazaar that provides various ways of rewriting existing
revisions, including a rebase command similar to git's rebase.

2010-11-11T15:36:18+00:00 java/jta Java Transaction API (JTA)
Java Transaction API (JTA) specifies standard Java interfaces between a
transaction manager and the parties involved in a distributed transaction
system: the resource manager, the application server, and the
transactional applications.

The JTA specification was developed by Sun Microsystems in cooperation
with leading industry partners in the transaction processing and database
system arena. See JSR 907.

2010-11-11T06:08:16+00:00 net/p5-Net-IP-RangeCompare Perl extension for IP Range Comparisons
Fast scalable ip range aggregation and summary tool kit. Find intersections
across multiple lists of IP ranges, fast.

Although similar in functionality to Net::CIDR::Compare, Net::Netmask and
NetAddr::IP, Net::IP::RangeCompare is a completely range driven ip management
and evaluation tool allowing more flexibility and scalability when dealing with
the somewhat organic nature of IP-Ranges.

If you have a large number of ipv4 ranges and need to inventory lists of ranges
for intersections, this is the Module for you!

2010-11-11T06:07:52+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Range-Compare Find gaps and intersections in lists of ranges
This package provides a universal framework for calculating the intersections
and gaps in/of 2 dimensional ranges.

2010-11-11T06:07:26+00:00 net/p5-Data-IPV4-Range-Parse Perl extension parsing IPv4 ranges
Simple Interface for getting start and ending address of ranges as integers.

2010-11-11T06:07:07+00:00 net/p5-Net-Todoist Todoist API
Todoist API. Read for more details.

2010-11-11T06:06:44+00:00 graphics/p5-Image-Imgur Perl extension for uploading images to
Image::Imgur intends to make programmatically possible to upload image files to
the website

2010-11-11T05:09:03+00:00 www/mod_auth_mellon Apache module with a simple SAML 2.0 service provider
mod_auth_mellon is an authentication module for Apache. It authenticates
the user against a SAML 2.0 IdP, and grants access to directories
depending on attributes received from the IdP.

2010-11-11T05:08:40+00:00 www/mod_whatkilledus Logs a report when a child process crashes
mod_whatkilledus is an experimental module for Apache httpd 2.x which
tracks the current request and logs a report of the active request
when a child process crashes.

Requirements: Apache httpd >= 2.0.49 must be built with the
--enable-exception-hook configure option and mod_so enabled.

Activating mod_whatkilledus:

1. Load it like any other DSO.
LoadModule whatkilledus_module modules/

2. Enable exception hooks for modules like mod_whatkilledus:
EnableExceptionHook On

3. Choose where the report on current activity should be written. If
you want it reported to some place other than the error log, use the
WhatKilledUsLog directive to specify a fully-qualified filename for
the log. Note that the web server user id (e.g., "nobody") must
be able to create or append to this log file, as the log file is
not opened until a crash occurs.

2010-11-11T05:08:18+00:00 www/mod_backtrace Collects backtraces when a child process crashes
mod_backtrace is an experimental module for Apache httpd 2.x which
collects backtraces when a child process crashes. Currently it is
implemented only on Linux and FreeBSD, but other platforms could be
supported in the future.

Requirements: Apache httpd >= 2.0.49 must be built with the
--enable-exception-hook configure option and mod_so enabled.

Activating mod_backtrace:

1. Load it like any other DSO:
LoadModule backtrace_module modules/

2. Enable exception hooks for modules like mod_backtrace:
EnableExceptionHook On

3. Choose where backtrace information should be written.
If you want backtraces from crashes to be reported some place other
than the error log, use the BacktraceLog directive to specify a
fully-qualified filename for the log to which backtraces will be
written. Note that the web server user id (e.g., "nobody") must
be able to create or append to this log file, as the log file is

2010-11-11T03:19:27+00:00 devel/rubygem-daemon_controller Library for implementing daemon management capabilities
A library for implementing daemon management capabilities.

2010-11-10T08:15:48+00:00 textproc/tralics LaTeX to XML translator
Tralics is a free software whose purpose is to convert a LaTeX
document into an XML file.

2010-11-09T09:02:35+00:00 sysutils/p5-Tail-Stat Real-time log statistics server
Real-time log statistics server.

2010-11-09T01:48:00+00:00 devel/kdevelop-pg-qt Parser-generator from KDevplatform
KDevelop-PG-Qt is a parser generator written in readable source-code
and generating readable source-code. Its syntax was inspirated by
AntLR. It implements the visitor-pattern and uses the Qt library. That
is why it is ideal to be used in Qt-/KDE-based applications like

2010-11-08T21:46:57+00:00 games/tbe The Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect is a physics game about cause and effect.
You build complex mechanical systems using levers, rocket-like cola
bottles and ordinary objects like tennis balls and bikes to
accomplish simple tasks like toppling a Bowling Pin. This is also
known as a Rube Goldberg machine or a Heath Robinson contraption.
This type of game was pioneered by the game series The Incredible
Machine in the 1990s.

2010-11-08T16:57:58+00:00 net-mgmt/check_mysql_health Nagios plugin to check various parameters of a MySQL database
Plugin to check various parameters of a MySQL database.

The english site is at /en/, but not as up2date.

2010-11-08T13:51:36+00:00 www/p5-Facebook-Graph Perl extension to integrate your apps with Facebook
A fast and easy way to integrate your apps with Facebook.

This is a Perl interface to the Facebook Graph API With this module you can
currently query public Facebook data, query privileged Facebook data,
and build a privileged Facebook application. See the TODO for all
that this module cannot yet do.

2010-11-07T12:11:13+00:00 security/openssl_tpm_engine OpenSSL TPM engine
This is a forked version of OpenSSL TPM engine from the original
upstream, TrouSerS project.

This package contains two sets of code, a command-line utility used to
generate a TSS key blob and write it to disk and an OpenSSL engine which
interfaces with the TSS API.

2010-11-07T12:10:03+00:00 security/tpm-tools Provides a basic set of TPM tools
tpm-tools package provides a basic TPM management suite.

2010-11-07T12:08:52+00:00 emulators/tpm-emulator Trusted Platform Module (TPM) emulator
The project aims to create a fully working Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
emulator follwing the specifications of the Trusted Computing Group. The
port provides a driver library libtddl which can be linked against programs
providing a Trusted Software Stack to redirect TPM calls to the emulator.

2010-11-07T12:07:17+00:00 security/opencryptoki Open PKCS\#11 implementation library
openCryptoki is a PKCS#11 implementation.

2010-11-07T12:05:27+00:00 security/trousers Open-source TCG Software Stack
TrouSerS is an CPL (Common Public License) licensed Trusted Computing
Software Stack. It is mostly compliant with the TSS 1.2 specification.

2010-11-06T19:13:24+00:00 audio/rubyripper Digital audio CD extraction tool for accurate ripping
Rubyripper is a digital audio extraction tool that uses cdparanoia error
correcting power and its own secure ripping algorithm to ensure that the
rip is done successfully and accurately. It is very similar to and much
inspired by EAC for Windows, the golden standard of CD ripping software.

Some of the main features:

- Graphical (GTK+2) and command line interfaces
- Secure (accurate) ripping method
- Editable FreeDB tag fetching
- FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, WAV format support; more codecs can be passed
- Multiple codec encoding in one run
- Drive offset support (
- Playlist and cue sheet creation
- Logfile with analysis of corrected and impossible to correct positions
- MD5 sum for each track included in the logfile

2010-11-05T15:49:20+00:00 textproc/clucene-contrib CLucene Contrib Code and Tools
CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene: the high-performance,
full-featured text search engine written in Java.
CLucene is faster than lucene as it is written in C++.

2010-11-05T08:24:39+00:00 devel/py-apipkg Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
With apipkg you can control the exported namespace of a python package
and greatly reduce the number of imports for your users. It is a small
pure python module that works on virtually all Python versions, including
CPython2.3 to Python3.1, Jython and PyPy. It co-operates well with
Python's help() system, custom importers (PEP302) and common command
line completion tools.

2010-11-05T01:14:44+00:00 sysutils/p5-File-Log Simple Object Orientated Logger
File::Log is a class providing methods to log data to a file. There are
a number of parameters that can be passed to allow configuration of the

2010-11-04T21:08:20+00:00 www/ach Free, open source tool for complex research problems
A software companion to a 30+ year-old CIA research methodology,
Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) will help you
think objectively and logically about overwhelming amounts of data
and hypotheses. It can also guide research teams toward more
productive discussions by identifying the exact points of contention.

2010-11-04T19:19:08+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Inter Framework for more readable interactive test scripts
This is another framework for writing test scripts. It is loosely
inspired by Test::More, and has most of its functionality, but it
is not a drop-in replacement.

2010-11-04T19:17:48+00:00 games/opensfx Free alternative sounds for OpenTTD game engine
OpenSFX is free alternative sounds for OpenTTD game engine.

2010-11-04T19:17:44+00:00 games/openmsx Free alternative music for OpenTTD game engine
OpenMSX is free alternative music for OpenTTD game engine.

2010-11-04T19:17:39+00:00 games/opengfx Free alternative graphics for OpenTTD game engine
OpenGFX is free alternative graphics for OpenTTD game engine.

2010-11-04T05:20:41+00:00 devel/pear-HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless Implementation of Tableless Renderer for HTML_QuickForm
Replacement for the default renderer of HTML_QuickForm that uses only XHTML and
CSS but no table tags, and generates fully valid XHTML output.

2010-11-04T05:13:17+00:00 databases/pecl-dbase dBase database file access functions for PHP
These functions allow you to access records stored
in dBase-format (dbf) databases from within PHP.
2010-11-04T00:57:22+00:00 lang/rexx-regutil Implementation of IBM's RexxUtil function library for Regina
RegUtil is an implementation of IBM's RexxUtil for Regina. According to
the author, it is not complete; however, it implements a large number of
the RexxUtil functions, and is very useful.

Note that any scripts which load RegUtil must be run with the 'regina'
command, rather than 'rexx'; the latter does not support the use of
external function packages.

2010-11-03T16:34:25+00:00 devel/py-sysv_ipc System V IPC for Python
Sysv_ipc gives Python programs access to System V semaphores,
shared memory and message queues.

2010-11-03T08:06:45+00:00 textproc/p5-XML-Entities Generic classes for simplistic and perlish handling of XML data
XML::Entities provides a mapping from the standard XML entities
to their Unicode characters. A function for decoding is provided.
The mapping can be generated from a DTD file with entity definitions.

2010-11-02T17:39:02+00:00 devel/eclipse-eclemma Java code coverage tool for Eclipse
EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the
Eclipse Public License. Internally it is based on the great EMMA Java code
coverage tool, trying to adopt EMMA's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench.

2010-11-02T09:51:12+00:00 sysutils/pam_mount PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module that can mount volumes for a
user session.
This module is aimed at environments with central file servers that a user
wishes to mount on login and unmount on logout, such as (semi-)diskless
stations where many users can logon and where statically mounting the entire
/home from a server is a security risk, or listing all possible volumes in
/etc/fstab is not feasible.

2010-11-02T07:18:55+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-AddDefaultCharset Perl extension to port Apache2 AddDefaultCharset for Plack
Plack::Middleware::AddDefaultCharset is a port of the
AddDefaultCharset configuration directive of the Apache HTTP server.

2010-11-02T03:31:50+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Status Perl extension to map urls to status code-driven responses for Plack
Plack Middleware for mapping urls to status code-driven responses.

2010-11-01T20:45:55+00:00 net-mgmt/nagvis Visualization addon for Nagios
NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known
network managment system Nagios.

NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT
processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.

Key features
* Display of single Hosts and Services
* Visualize a complete Host- or Servicegroup with one icon
* Display the summary state of a Host and all its services
* Display only the real problems
* Sub-map icons which represent a complete NagVis Map in one icon
* Visualization of complete IT processes using self drawn graphics
* Online documentation of IT environments including current states
* Multilingual capabilities
* Web configuration interface (WUI)

2010-11-01T14:11:20+00:00 sysutils/hextools Useful tools for dealing with hex files
reversible hexdump is a hexdump/hex2bin-toolkit that dumps to a special
readable and reversible hexadecimal byte-dump, where you can not only change
bytes, but also insert or delete bytes. It has a flush-switch, where it will
output hexbytes for each single char it reads. This is especially useful for
watching output from slow devices (e.g., serial devices like mice). The
hex2bin-utility (the reverse-hexdump) not only accepts hexbytes for input,
but also double-quoted strings with most of the escape-chars known
from C and makes good attempts at undumping even hexdumps with repetition-lines
(a "*" on its own line). It's written in ANSI C.

2010-11-01T13:52:47+00:00 misc/amanda-perl-wrapper Perl wrapper to use with Amanda (with* linked)
Simple wrapper for perl5 with LD_PRELOAD=libthr.
2010-11-01T12:47:33+00:00 devel/ros_tutorials Robot Operating System - tutorials
ros_tutorials contains packages that demonstrate various features of ROS,
as well as support packages which help demonstrate those features.
This includes using messages, servers, parameters, etc.

This package accompagnies the tutorials at

2010-11-01T03:17:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-holidays Collection of Ruby methods to deal with statutory and other holidays
The Ruby Holidays Gem allows you to look up holidays in
multiple regions based on customisable definition lists.

It also extends Ruby's built-in Date class.

2010-11-01T03:04:40+00:00 devel/bzr-git Plugin for bzr to work with git trees
bzr-git is a plugin for bzr to work with git trees. All operations except for
"push" are supported.

2010-10-30T23:27:31+00:00 net/liboauth C library implementing the OAuth Core standard
OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authorization in
a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.

liboauth is a collection of POSIX-c functions implementing the OAuth
Core RFC 5849 standard. liboauth provides functions to escape and
encode parameters according to OAuth specification and offers
high-level functionality to sign requests or verify OAuth signatures
as well as perform HTTP requests.

2010-10-30T21:23:47+00:00 audio/mangler Ventrilo VOIP compatible client
Mangler is an open source VOIP client capable of connecting to
Ventrilo 3.x servers.

2010-10-30T21:22:50+00:00 x11-themes/gtk-equinox-engine Equinox GTK+ 2.x engine and themes
A heavily modified version of the beautiful Aurora engine 1.4.

2010-10-29T13:31:41+00:00 devel/dragon Combined C++ scanner/parser generator for LR compliant grammars
Combined scanner/parser generator for LR compliant grammar definitions.

The generated C++ parser class is used as a super class from which a parser
implementation class must be derived. The implementation class implements the
scanner feed methods but also all required semantic action method. dragon has
been used for several large projects with complex grammar definitions (about
200 productions/ 80 tokens ). Since for those grammar defintions, the analyse
phase to build up the parse table is quite CPU intensive, it is recommended to
use state of the art hardware. dragon requires the base package to get compiled
but also for the compilation of the generated C++ code.

It can be used for databases/cego and probably other applications.

Many more details are available at:

2010-10-29T10:37:59+00:00 devel/pep8 Python style guide checker
pep8 is a tool to check your Python code against some of the style conventions
in PEP 8.

2010-10-29T06:32:40+00:00 devel/p5-perlbrew Perl Environment manager
perlbrew is a program to automate the building and
installation of perl in the users HOME.

By default, it installs everything to $ENV{HOME}/perl5/perlbrew,
and requires you to tweak your PATH by including
a bashrc/cshrc file it provides.

You then can benefit from not having to run 'sudo' commands
to install cpan modules because those are installed inside
your HOME too.

It's a completely separate perl environment.

2010-10-29T00:55:21+00:00 graphics/uniconvw Gtk+ frontend for UniConvertor
Gtk+ frontend for UniConvertor - a universal vector graphics

2010-10-28T16:14:05+00:00 textproc/p5-CSS-Simple Interface through which to read/write/manipulate CSS files
CSS::Simple is an interface through which to read/write/manipulate CSS
files while respecting the cascade order.

2010-10-28T13:20:08+00:00 math/py-apgl Fast python graph library with some machine learning features
Another Python Graph Library is a simple, fast and easy to use graph library
with some machine learning features. The main features are as follows:

* Directed, undirected and multigraphs designed under a hierarchical
class structure
* Sparse and Dense graph structures using numpy and scipy for fast linear
algebra computations
* Many operations on graphs such as subgraphs, search, Floyd-Warshall,
Dijkstras algorithm
* Erdos-Renyi, Small-World and Albert-Barabasi random graphs
* Write to Pajek, and simple CSV files
* Some machine learning features - data preprocessing, kernels, PCA, KCCA,
wrappers for LibSVM, and some mlpy learning algorithms
* Unit tested using the Python unittest framework

2010-10-28T09:37:55+00:00 www/kplaylist PHP based music database
kPlaylist is a free PHP system that makes your music collection
available via the Internet.
kPlaylist is a music database that you manage via the web. With kPlaylist
you can stream your music (ogg, mp3, wav, wma, etc.), you can upload,
make playlists, share, search, download and a lot more.

2010-10-27T13:18:13+00:00 mail/imaptools Tools and scripts to use with IMAP servers
A number of tools and scripts for use with IMAP servers.

2010-10-27T10:40:13+00:00 www/jinzora Web based media streaming and management system
Jinzora is the premiere web based media management system.
It allows you to easily stream your media, both audio and video
from your webserver to virtualy any media player that supports
streaming (WMP, Winamp, Foobar, XMMS, iTunes, etc).

2010-10-27T01:26:24+00:00 dns/pear-Net_DNS2 PHP5 Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server
pear-Net_DNS2 provides (roughly) the same functionality as Net_DNS, but
using PHP5 objects, exceptions for error handling, better sockets support.

This release is (in most cases) 2x - 10x faster than Net_DNS, as well as
includes more RR's (including DNSSEC RR's), and improved sockets and streams

2010-10-27T00:27:31+00:00 graphics/sk1libs Set of python libraries for sK1 Project
sk1libs is a set of python libs for sK1 Project. The package includes
multiplatform non-GUI extensions which are usually native extensions.

2010-10-26T14:28:21+00:00 www/node-devel V8 JavaScript for client and server
node - evented I/O for V8 javascript

2010-10-26T02:41:58+00:00 net/samba35 A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX
The Samba suite is a set of programs which run under the FreeBSD
operating system. These programs deliver most of the important
functionality of a Microsoft Lan Manager server. That is, they support
remote access to FreeBSD filespace and FreeBSD printers from Lan Manager
compatible clients. In practical terms, this means that such clients can
connect to and use FreeBSD filespace as if it was a local disk drive, or
FreeBSD printers as if they were local printers.

Some of the most popular Lan Manager compatible clients include Lan
Manager itself, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2 and Windows NT.

2010-10-25T18:03:59+00:00 x11-fonts/proggy_fonts-ttf The perfect monospaced bitmap programming fonts, TTF version
The proggy programmer's fonts (Proggy Clean, Proggy Square, Proggy Small,
and Proggy Tiny) are a set of fixed-width screen fonts that are designed
for code listings. Each font only comes in one size that it looks good at.
The fonts were optimized while coding in C or C++. For this reason,
characters like the '*' were placed vertically centered, as '*' usually
means dereference or multiply, but never 'to the power of' like in Fortran.
The {}s are centered horizontally (as the author's coding style aligns
braces vertically), the zero looks different from the capital oh, and there
is never any confusion between ells, ones, and eyes. Additionally, the
arithmetic operators (+ - * < >) are all axis aligned.

2010-10-25T15:08:10+00:00 devel/dissy Graphical frontend to the objdump disassembler
Dissy is a graphical frontend to the objdump disassembler. Dissy can be used
for debugging and browsing compiler-generated code.

2010-10-25T13:13:41+00:00 net/hexinject Versatile packet injector and sniffer
HexInject is a very versatile packet injector and sniffer, that provide a
command-line framework for raw network access.

It's designed to work together with others command-line utilities, and for this
reason it facilitates the creation of powerful shell scripts capable of reading,
intercepting and modifying network traffic in a transparent manner.

2010-10-25T06:18:51+00:00 multimedia/mkclean Clean and optimize Matroska and WebM files
mkclean is a command line tool to clean and optimize Matroska files that have
already been muxed.

2010-10-25T04:20:23+00:00 net/wackford-squeers Plain text network hypertext server and client
Wackford and Squeers are the client and server, respectively, of the SHYTE
plain text network hypertext system. SHYTE is a plain text alternative to
the web. The very first SHYTE site may be visited via wackford at

SHYTE is _S_imple _HY_per_TE_xt. Read the wackford(1), squeers(8), and
shyte(5) manuals for details.

2010-10-22T09:13:00+00:00 devel/ros_comm Robot Operating System - communication-related utilities
The ros_comm stack contains the ROS middleware/communications packages.
This packages are collectively known as the ROS "Graph" layer. They provide
implementations and tools for topics, nodes, services, and parameters. This
includes the supported ROS client libraries: roscpp, rospy, and roslisp.

2010-10-22T09:13:00+00:00 devel/ros Robot Operating System - core utilities
Robot Operating System (ROS) is a meta-operating system for your robot.
It provides several services for a robot control system, including but
not limited to:
* language-independent and network-transparent communication
* hardware abstraction
* low-level device control
* implementation of commonly-used functionality
* message-passing between processes
* package management
* visualizers

This port provides the core part of ROS: the base system and the tools
to develop additional nodes. These additional nodes can be installed
manually or via the Ports Collection.

2010-10-22T09:13:00+00:00 devel/ros-rx Robot Operating System - GUI related tools
The rx stack contains GUI-related tools for using ROS, including:
* rxbag: ROS bag recording, playback and visualization
* rxgraph: ROS graph visualization
* rxplot: ROS topic data visualization
* rxconsole: ROS/rosout logging output

2010-10-22T09:13:00+00:00 devel/ros-documentation Robot Operating System - documentation utilities
The documentation stack houses documentation tools for ROS. This stack
exists separately from the main ros stack in order to minimize heavyweight
dependencies, such as Doxygen, LaTeX, Epydoc, and Sphinx.

2010-10-21T09:07:53+00:00 graphics/p5-Graphics-GnuplotIF Dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot
Graphics::GnuplotIF is a simple and easy to use dynamic Perl interface
to gnuplot. gnuplot is a freely available, command-driven graphical
display tool for Unix.

2010-10-20T21:31:54+00:00 net-mgmt/p5-Nagios-Object Perl objects to represent Nagios configuration
Nagios::Object - Creates perl objects to represent Nagios objects

2010-10-20T09:09:33+00:00 sysutils/zfs-stats Display human-readable ZFS statistics
zfs-stats displays ZFS statistics in human-readable format including
ARC, L2ARC, zfetch (DMU) and vdev cache statistics.

This script is a fork of Jason J. Hellenthal's <>

2010-10-20T08:43:59+00:00 www/p5-URI-Encode Simple URI Encoding/Decoding
This modules provides simple URI (Percent) encoding/decoding.

2010-10-20T08:17:42+00:00 devel/p5-File-Path-Tiny Lightweight File::Path alternative
Provides recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir()
with as little code and overhead as possible.

2010-10-19T18:09:06+00:00 devel/p5-Perl-Unsafe-Signals Allow unsafe handling of signals in selected blocks
In Perl 5.8.0 the so-called "safe signals" were introduced. This means that Perl
no longer handles signals immediately but instead "between opcodes", when it is
safe to do so. The earlier immediate handling easily could corrupt the internal
state of Perl, resulting in mysterious crashes.

It's possible since perl 5.8.1 to globally disable this feature by using the
PERL_SIGNALS environment variables (as specified in "PERL_SIGNALS" in perlrun);
but there's no way to disable it locally, for a short period of time. That's
however something you might want to do, if, for example, your Perl program calls
a C routine that will potentially run for a long time and for which you want to
set a timeout.

This module therefore allows you to define UNSAFE_SIGNALS blocks in which
signals will be handled "unsafely".

2010-10-19T15:50:02+00:00 ports-mgmt/distilator Command-line script to check the availability of a ports distfiles
A command-line script to check the availability of a FreeBSD ports
distfiles in parallel.

2010-10-19T14:53:51+00:00 www/py-surl URL shortening command line application
surl is a URL shortening command line application that supports
various sites. It supports stdin or filename input. It grabs the
URLs, converts them, and returns the same text that was used in the
input. It is known to work with a wealth of services, such as,, and

2010-10-19T11:00:55+00:00 math/libtsnnls Fast Sparse Nonnegative Least Squares Solver
libtsnnls is a fast solver for least-squares problems in the
form Ax = b under the constraint that all entries in the
solution vector x are non-negative.

2010-10-19T02:47:42+00:00 devel/p5-Git-Repository Perl interface to Git repositories
Git::Repository is a Perl interface to Git, for scripted interactions
with repositories. It's a low-level interface that allows calling any
Git command, whether porcelain or plumbing, including bidirectional
commands such as git commit-tree.

A Git::Repository object simply provides context to the git commands
being run. Is it possible to call the command()and run() methods against
the class itself, and the context (typically current working directory)
will be obtained from the options and environment.

2010-10-19T00:28:57+00:00 net/p5-Net-CascadeCopy Rapidly propagate files to many servers in multiple locations
This module implements a scalable method of quickly propagating files
to a large number of servers in one or more locations via rsync or

This module and the included script, ccp, take a much more efficient
approach that is O(log n). Once the file(s) are been copied to a
remote server, that server will be promoted to be used as source
server for copying to remaining servers. Thus, the rate of transfer
increases exponentially rather than linearly.

Servers can be specified in groups (e.g. datacenter) to prevent
copying across groups. This maximizes the number of transfers done
over a local high-speed connection (LAN) while minimizing the number
of transfers over the WAN.

The number of multiple simultaneous transfers per source point is
configurable. The total number of simultaneously forked processes is
limited via Proc::Queue, and is currently hard coded to 32.

2010-10-19T00:28:31+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Std-Utils Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects
This module provides three utility subroutines that simplify the creation of
"inside-out" classes. See Chapters 15 and 16 of "Perl Best Practices" (O'Reilly,
2005) for details.

2010-10-18T19:06:23+00:00 devel/bzr-colo Plugin for bzr to support colocated branches
In order to provide a faster and simpler working model, this plugin
tries to support a configuration similar to git and Mercurial's
colocated branches, where there is a single working tree that can
be switched between multiple branches that all co-exist in the same
directory. This working model is entirely possible using Bazaar's
existing technology, and this plugin aims to make it as simple as
possible to use that model.

2010-10-17T12:47:23+00:00 german/mediathek Filme der oeff. rechtlichen Sender herunterladen und ansehen
Mediathek searches the archives of several German speakingTV stations (ARD,
ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, MDR, NDR, ORF, SF), downloads, manages and plays their
archived video footage and podcasts.
Das Programm durchsucht die Mediathek verschiedener Sender (ARD, ZDF, Arte,
3Sat, MDR, NDR, ORF, SF), laedt Beitraege mit einem Programm eigener Wahl und
kann Themen als Abos anlegen und neue Beitraege automatisch downloaden. Es gibt
auch eine Moeglichkeit, Podcast zu verwalten und zu downloaden.

2010-10-17T00:45:25+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-DBHResolver Perl extension to resolve DB connection with many database servers
DBIx::DBHResolver resolves database connection on the environment has
many database servers. The resolution algorithm is extensible and
pluggable, because of this you can make custom strategy module easily.

This module can retrieve DBI's database handle object or connection
information (data source, user, credential...) by labeled name and
treat same cluster consists many nodes as one labeled name, choose
fetching strategy.

2010-10-16T19:51:03+00:00 games/colorcode Advanced MasterMind game and solver
ColorCode is a free advanced MasterMind clone with lots of different
game variants, from the very easy up to really challenging ones.
You can combine any color count from 2-10 with any column count
from 2-5 and allow or not pegs of the same color. Or you may select
one of the 5 predefined levels of difficulty. ColorCode has also a
rather intelligent built-in MasterMind solver.

2010-10-16T07:03:34+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Connector Perl extension for fast, safe DBI connection management
DBIx::Connector provides a simple interface for fast and safe DBI
connection and transaction management. Connecting to a database can
be expensive; you don't want your application to re-connect every time
you need to run a query. The efficient thing to do is to hang on to a
database handle to maintain a connection to the database in order to
minimize that overhead. DBIx::Connector lets you do that without
having to worry about dropped or corrupted connections.

2010-10-15T04:56:04+00:00 deskutils/sshmenu GNOME panel applet for managing ssh connections
SSHMenu is a GNOME panel applet that keeps all your regular SSH connections
within a single mouse click

2010-10-14T00:58:43+00:00 devel/p5-ReadLine-TTYtter Perl5 module for Term::ReadLine allowing rich editing
ReadLine::TTYtter is a fork of the Term::ReadLine::Perl module, allowing
to edit a command line.

This module have UTF-8 support, let erase or repaint the prompt and
to hook a process to further line control.

2010-10-13T18:54:31+00:00 www/chromium Google web browser based on WebKit
Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer,
faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.

The Chromium website contains design documents, architecture overviews,
testing information, and more to help you learn to build and work with
the Chromium source code.

2010-10-13T16:41:24+00:00 lang/libobjc2 Replacement Objective-C runtime supporting modern Objective-C features
Replacement for the GNU Objective-C runtime supporting the features
of modern dialects of Objective-C for use with GNUstep and other Objective-C

This runtime is based on the Etoile Objective-C Runtime, an earlier
research prototype, and includes support for non-fragile instance
variables, type-dependent dispatch, and object planes. It is fully
compatible with the FSF's GCC Objective-C ABI and also implements
a new ABI that is supported by Clang and is required for some of
the newer features.
2010-10-12T06:21:13+00:00 www/trac-announcer A plugin for making user-customizable notifications
The AnnouncerPlugin is meant to provide an extensible,
user-customizable notification system that can be used
to completely replace Trac's default notifications.

2010-10-12T03:11:42+00:00 devel/rubygem-pkg-config pkg-config implementation for Ruby
A pkg-config implementation for Ruby

2010-10-12T02:54:01+00:00 devel/py-pycerberus Highly flexible, no magic input validation library
Pycerberus is a framework to check user data thoroughly so that you can
protect your application from malicious (or just garbled) input data.

* Remove stupid code which converts input values: After values are
validated, you can work with real Python types instead of strings -
e.g. 42 instead of '42', convert database IDs to model objects
* Implement custom validation rules: Writing custom validators is
straightforward, everything is well documented and pycerberus only
uses very little Python magic.
* Focus on your value-adding application code: Save time by
implementing every input validation rule only once, but 100% right
instead of implementing a dozen different half-baked solutions.
* Ready for global business: i18n support (based on GNU gettext) is
built in, adding custom translations is easy.
* Tune it for your needs: You can implement custom behavior in your
validators, e.g. fetch translations from a database instead of using
gettext or define custom translations for built-in validators.
* Use it wherever you like: pycerberus is used in a SMTP server, trac
macros as well as web applications - there are no dependecies on a
specific context like web development.

2010-10-11T21:20:56+00:00 lang/rubinius LLVM based ruby language implementation
Rubinius is an implementation of the Ruby programming language.

The Rubinius bytecode virtual machine is written in C++, incorporating
LLVM to compile bytecode to machine code at runtime. The bytecode compiler
and vast majority of the core classes are written in pure Ruby.

To interact with the rest of the system, the VM provides primitives which can
be attached to methods and invoked. Additionally, FFI provides a direct call
path to most C functions.

Rubinius uses a precise, compacting, generational garbage collector. It
includes a compatible C-API for C extensions written for the standard Ruby
interpreter (often referred to as MRI Matz's Ruby Implementation).

2010-10-11T18:25:02+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SQLite Deliver mail to an SQLite db for testing
This transport makes deliveries to an SQLite database, creating it if needed.
The SQLite transport is intended for testing programs that fork or that
otherwise can't use the Test transport. It is not meant for robust, long-term
storage of mail.

2010-10-11T08:20:25+00:00 devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Syslog Send Log::Any logs to syslog
Log::Any is a generic adapter for writing logging into Perl modules; this
adapter uses the Unix::Syslog module to direct that output into the standard
Unix syslog system.

2010-10-11T02:14:48+00:00 www/p5-WebService-GData Google data protocol v2 base object to inherit from
WebService::GData is a blueprint that you should inherit and extend. It offers a
basic hashed based object creation via the word new.

All sub classes should be hash based. If you want to pock into the instance,
it's easy but everything that is not documented should be considered private. If
you play around with undocumented properties/methods and that it changes,
upgrading to the new version with all the extra new killer features will be very
hard to do.

2010-10-11T02:09:53+00:00 devel/pear-Validate_US PEAR data validation class for US
A PEAR data validation class for US. The package includes SSN, Postal Code,
Regions (States), Phone Numbers.

2010-10-11T01:55:13+00:00 graphics/py-openexr Python module for ILM's OpenEXR image format and library
OpenEXR is an image format developed by ILM. Its main innovation
is support for high dynamic range; it supports floating point pixels.

This Python module provides bindings for the OpenEXR C++ libraries.
They allow you to read and write OpenEXR files from Python.

2010-10-10T18:50:32+00:00 www/xpi-tagzilla Lets you add a tagline to the end of an email or newsgroup posting
TagZilla is an add-on to Mozilla that lets you add a tagline, random or
specifically chosen by you, to the end of an email or newsgroup posting,
or to the clipboard for pasting into a Web-based email or message board.

What is a tagline?
A tagline is a one-line joke, witticism, factoid, what have you. It can
be about any subject (although it's good to ensure it's appropriate to
the forum in question). The random quotes that can be found at the end
of web pages like Slashdot or the MozDev home page could be considered

2010-10-10T18:50:02+00:00 www/xpi-jslib Library of common useful routines for XPI developers
Mozilla gives a great flexibility and power to Javascript. This popular
client side scripting language can be used to create application level
logic and services for cross platform application development.

By creating libraries of common useful routines, application developers can
focus on creating original functionality for their own applications instead
of dealing w/ complex xpconnect wrapper objects and worrying about which
IDL methods do what and which are implemented on what platforms.

Goal: jslib has a simple goal, "Make life easier for Mozilla Application
Development by creating logical, easy to use API's for general purpose
routines that lend themselves to living in library code."

2010-10-10T12:51:06+00:00 devel/p5-Method-Signatures-Simple Basic method declarations with signatures, without source filters
Basic method declarations with signatures, without source filters

2010-10-10T11:04:23+00:00 www/p5-POEx-Role-PSGIServer Perl extension for encapsulated PSGI server behaviors for POE
POEx::Role::PSGIServer encapsulates the core PSGI server behaviors
into an easy to consume and extend role. It is based on previous POEx
work such as POEx::Role::TCPServer which provides basic TCP socket
multiplexing via POE::Wheel::SocketFactory and POE::Wheel::ReadWrite,
and POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation which transforms plain Moose
objects into POE sessions.

2010-10-10T05:56:04+00:00 net/p5-POEx-Role-TCPServer Perl extension for TCPServer Moose role on POE
POEx::Role::TCPServer bundles up the lower level
SocketFactory/ReadWrite combination of wheels into a simple
Moose::Role. It builds upon other POEx modules such as
POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation and POEx::Types.

The events for SocketFactory for and for each ReadWrite instantiated
are methods that can be advised in any way deemed fit. Advising these
methods is actually encouraged and can simplify code for the consumer.

The only method that must be provided by the consuming class is

2010-10-10T05:40:39+00:00 devel/p5-POEx-Role-Streaming Perl extension for streaming from one filehandle to another
POEx::Role::Streaming provides a common idiom for streaming data from
one filehandle to another. It accomplishes this by making good use of
sysread and POE::Wheel::ReadWrite. This Role errs on the side of
doing as many blocking reads of the "input_handle" as possible up
front (until the high water mark is hit on the Wheel). If this
default isn't suitable for the consumer, simply override
"get_data_from_input_handle". After Streamer has exhausted the
source, and flushed the last of the output, it will clean up after
itself by closing the wheel, the handles, and sending all of them out
of scope. If an exception happens, it will clean up after itself, and
let the DIE signal propagate.

2010-10-10T01:15:10+00:00 devel/p5-POEx-Role-SessionInstantiation Perl extension of Moose role for turning objects into POE sessions
POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation provides a nearly seamless
integration for non-POE objects into a POE environment. It does this
by handling the POE stuff behind the scenes including allowing per
instances method changes, session registration to the Kernel, and
providing some defaults like setting an alias if supplied via the
attribute or constructor argument, or defining a _default that warns
if your object receives an event that it does not have.

This role exposes your class' methods as POE events.

2010-10-10T00:36:34+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-CompileTime-Traits Perl extension to allow compile time traits for classes/roles
MooseX::CompileTime::Traits allows role application at compile time
via use statements. What this class does is provide an import method
that will apply each of the roles (along with any arguments for
parameterized roles).

Roles and their arguments should be provided as an ArrayRef of tuples.

Simply 'with' the role to gain the functionality.

2010-10-09T22:29:11+00:00 devel/qconf Tool to create configure script for qmake-based project
QConf allows you to have a nice configure script for your qmake-based
project. It is intended for developers who don't need (or want) to
use the more complex GNU autotools. With qconf/qmake, it is easy
to maintain a cross-platform project that uses a familiar configuration
interface on Unix.

2010-10-09T18:10:19+00:00 deskutils/xfce4-volstatus-icon Notification area icon that allows safe removal of removable devices
xfce4-volstatus-icon is a program that sits around and does nothing until
a removable device is inserted. It becomes an icon in the systray, which
allows you to unmount/eject this device.

2010-10-09T15:20:04+00:00 devel/p5-POEx-Types Perl extension to provide MooseX::Types types for modern POE
This modules exports the needed subtypes, and coercions for POEx
modules and is based on Sub::Exporter, so see that module for options
on importing.

2010-10-08T23:37:46+00:00 audio/pianobar Command-line Pandora online radio player
pianobar is a free/open-source, console-based client for the personalized
online radio Pandora. It offers the following features:

- Play and manage stations (create, add music, delete, rename, etc.)
- Rate songs and explain why they have been selected
- Upcoming songs/song history
- Customize key bindings and text output
- Remote control and eventcmd interface (e.g., send tracks to
- Proxy support for listeners outside the USA

2010-10-08T20:14:58+00:00 x11/cl-clx X11 client library for Common Lisp
CLX is to Common Lisp as Xlib is to C - it provides low-level X calls
on top of which a Graphics Toolkit can be based.

2010-10-08T20:14:58+00:00 x11/cl-clx-sbcl X11 client library for Common Lisp
CLX is to Common Lisp as Xlib is to C - it provides low-level X calls
on top of which a Graphics Toolkit can be based.

This package contains the fasl files generated by SBCL.

2010-10-08T17:49:58+00:00 astro/gpxloggerd Daemon that connects to the GPSD daemon and logs GPS traces
The gpxloggerd is a tiny daemon that connects to gpsd(8) and logs
received fix information in the GPX format.
2010-10-08T14:21:50+00:00 net/p5-Net-TcpDumpLog Read tcpdump/libpcap network packet logs
Read tcpdump/libpcap network packet logs.

2010-10-08T10:59:20+00:00 www/p5-HTML-Declare Very simple micro language to generate HTML
HTML::Declare is a very simple micro language to generate HTML.

2010-10-08T07:19:54+00:00 graphics/commons-utilities Wikimedia Commons (MediaWiki) utilities for bulk image uploading
This is a port for Wikimedia Commons, or MediaWiki similar installations
power users, to allow bulk images upload to a wiki from the command line.

* commons-csv-creator allows to get metadata from images Exif tags
* commons-upload allows to upload in batch images to Wikimedia Commons
or MediaWiki site

2010-10-08T06:51:16+00:00 devel/p5-Object-Pluggable Base class for creating plugin-enabled objects
Object::Pluggable is a base class for creating plugin enabled objects. It is
a generic port of POE::Component::IRC's plugin system.

If your object dispatches events to listeners, then Object::Pluggable may be
a good fit for you.

2010-10-07T15:45:18+00:00 devel/php5-thrift PHP interface to Thrift
PHP interface to Thrift.

2010-10-07T08:44:28+00:00 lang/gnustep-libobjc GNUstep Objective-C runtime for GCC and LLVM
GNUstep Objective-C Runtime

The GNUstep Objective-C runtime is designed as a drop-in replacement for the
GCC runtime. It supports both a legacy and a modern ABI, allowing code
compiled with old versions of GCC to be supported without requiring
recompilation. The modern ABI adds the following features:
- Non-fragile instance variables.
- Protocol uniquing.
- Object planes support.
- Declared property introspection.

Both ABIs support the following feature above and beyond the GCC runtime:
- The modern Objective-C runtime APIs, introduced with OS X 10.5.
- Blocks (closures).
- Low memory profile for platforms where memory usage is more important than
- Synthesised property accessors.
- Efficient support for @synchronized()
- Type-dependent dispatch, eliminating stack corruption from mismatched

2010-10-07T00:21:56+00:00 devel/p5-Parallel-Iterator Simple parallel execution
This module provides a 'parallel map'. Multiple worker processes are
forked so that many instances of the transformation function may be
executed simultaneously.

2010-10-06T12:42:24+00:00 textproc/ruby-rttool RT into HTML and plain text converter
RT is a simple and human-readable table format.
RTtool is a converter from RT into various formats.
RT can be incorporated into RD.

At this time, RTtool can convert RT into HTML and plain text.
To convert into plain text, you need w3m.

2010-10-06T09:09:02+00:00 devel/p5-Uniq Perl extension for managing a uniq list of values
Perl extension for managing list of values.

2010-10-06T05:16:46+00:00 games/inform7 Inform 7 programming language (CLI edition)
Inform7 for FreeBSD is a CLI implementation of the Inform 7 programming
language and environment by Graham Nelson. Inform is a design system
for interactive fiction (IF) based on natural language.

2010-10-05T06:23:11+00:00 ftp/atftp Advanced TFTP server and client
Atftp is a client/server implementation of the TFTP protocol that
implements RFCs 1350, 2090, 2347, 2348, and 2349. The server is
multi-threaded and the client presents a friendly interface using
libreadline. The current server implementation lacks IPv6 support.
2010-10-04T10:32:45+00:00 devel/jzmq Java bindings for ZeroMQ
Java bindings for the ZeroMQ message queue library.

2010-10-03T13:24:47+00:00 mail/archiveopteryx Advanced PostgreSQL-based IMAP/POP server
Archiveopteryx is an Internet mail server, optimised to support
long-term archival storage. It seeks to make it practical not only to
manage large archives, but to use the information therein on a daily
basis instead of relegating it to offline storage.

2010-10-03T10:05:15+00:00 devel/jna Java access to native shared libraries
JNA provides Java programs easy access to native shared libraries
without writing anything but Java code - no JNI or native code is
required. This functionality is comparable to Windows' Platform/Invoke
and Python's ctypes. Access is dynamic at runtime without code

JNA allows you to call directly into native functions using natural
Java method invocation. The Java call looks just like it does in
native code. Most calls require no special handling or configuration;
no boilerplate or generated code is required.

2010-10-01T15:21:07+00:00 graphics/webp Google WebP image format conversion tool
WebP is a new image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for
images on the web. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to
PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEG images at
equivalent SSIM index. WebP supports lossless transparency (also known as alpha
channel) with just 22% additional bytes. Transparency is also supported with
lossy compression and typically provides 3x smaller file sizes compared to PNG
when lossy compression is acceptable for the red/green/blue color channels.

Webmasters and web developers can use the WebP image format to create smaller
and richer images that can help make the web faster.

2010-10-01T13:35:36+00:00 irc/rubygem-net-irc Ruby library for implementing IRC server and client
IRC library.
This is mostly conform to RFC 1459 but partly not for convenience.

2010-10-01T12:27:11+00:00 print/latex-logreq Support for automation of the LaTeX workflow
A package to support the automation of LaTeX workflows.

2010-10-01T11:21:23+00:00 math/jtransforms Multithreaded FFT library written in pure Java
JTransforms is the first, open source, multithreaded FFT library
written in pure Java. Currently, four types of transforms are
available: Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), Discrete Cosine Transform
(DCT), Discrete Sine Transform (DST) and Discrete Hartley Transform
(DHT). The code is derived from General Purpose FFT Package written
by Takuya Ooura and from Java FFTPack written by Baoshe Zhang.

2010-09-30T20:57:21+00:00 print/pdfmod A tool for modifying PDF documents
PDF Mod can rotate, extract, and remove pages, and supports reordering pages
via drag and drop. You can edit the title, subject, author, and keywords, and
you can combine documents via drag and drop.

2010-09-30T20:55:30+00:00 devel/hyena Library of GUI and non-GUI C-sharp code
This is a library of GUI and non-GUI C# code, originally used in Banshee.

2010-09-30T18:23:42+00:00 security/gnome-keyring-sharp Fully managed implementation of gnome-keyring
gnome-keyring-sharp is a fully managed implementation of libgnome-keyring.

When the gnome-keyring-daemon is running, you can use this to retrieve/store
confidential information such as passwords, notes or network services user

2010-09-30T18:20:48+00:00 devel/flickrnet Flickr .Net API Library
The Flickr.Net API is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API, written
entirely in C#.

2010-09-30T15:33:11+00:00 devel/bzr-svn Plugin for bzr to work with svn
bzr-svn is a plugin that adds support for foreign Subversion
repositories. This allows committing changes to Subversion branches
as if they were native Bazaar branches.

2010-09-30T14:39:33+00:00 sysutils/lxterminal Lightweight terminal emulator from the LXDE project
LXterminal is a VTE-based terminal emulator with support for multiple tabs.
It is completely desktop-independent and does not have any unnecessary
dependencies. In order to reduce memory usage and increase the performance
all instances of the terminal are sharing a single process.

2010-09-30T14:34:47+00:00 sysutils/lxinput Keyboard and mouse settings
LXInput is a program to configure keyboard and mouse settings for LXDE.

2010-09-30T14:27:00+00:00 x11/lxmenu-data Menu data used by lxpanel
This package provides files required to build
menu spec-compliant desktop menus for LXDE.

2010-09-30T14:22:59+00:00 x11/libfm Core library of PCManFM file manager
Library which provides the core functionality to PCManFM.

2010-09-30T14:20:22+00:00 devel/p5-Regexp-Grammars Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes
Regexp-Grammars adds grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes.

2010-09-30T14:17:21+00:00 x11/menu-cache Library used to read menus
Libmenu-cache is a library creating and utilizing caches to speed up the
manipulation for defined application menus.

2010-09-30T13:55:53+00:00 x11-themes/lxde-icon-theme LXDE Icon Theme
LXDE icon-theme used by the LXDE desktop.

2010-09-29T20:36:31+00:00 sysutils/massadmin Send system commands to a group of remote servers simultaneously
This program is used to send multiple system commands to a group of UNIX-like
remote servers simultaneously using concurrent processes. Supported protocols:
FTP, SFTP, TELNET, SSH and SCP. With telnet and ssh all system command are
supported provided that they are not interactive.

Its main usage is to send repetitive sysadmin tasks to a group of servers but
you can also use it for automatic ftp or scp backup and much more.

Commands are exactly those you type on your terminal. It also allow you to use
'su -' to execute your commands under the TELNET and SSH protocols.

2010-09-29T13:11:08+00:00 sysutils/duply Shell front end for the duplicity backup tool
Duply is a shell front end for the duplicity backup tool.
It greatly simplifies its usage by implementing backup
job profiles, batch commands and more. Who says secure
backups on non-trusted spaces are no child's play.

2010-09-27T09:02:56+00:00 games/daimonin-music Music for daimonin client
Daimonin is a free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game
(MMORPG) under the GPL license. Daimonin was created in the year 2002 by using
the Crossfire project source as a base. The original idea was to create a
isometric branch of Crossfire but soon Daimonin appeared as its own project.
In the years Daimonin has become a very unique game and one of the very few
open source MMORPGs which are fully playable and still growing.

2010-09-26T22:11:22+00:00 graphics/linux-f10-glew OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (Linux Fedora 10)
The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is a cross-platform open-source
C/C++ extension loading library. GLEW provides efficient run-time mechanisms
for determining which OpenGL extensions are supported on the target platform.
OpenGL core and extension functionality is exposed in a single header file.
GLEW has been tested on a variety of operating systems, including Windows,
Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Irix, and Solaris.

This is the linux verson.

2010-09-26T10:07:50+00:00 devel/safe-iop Safe integer operation library for C
This library provides a collection of (macro-based) functions for
performing safe integer operations across platform and architecture
with a straightforward API.

It supports two modes of use: header-only and linked dynamic library.
The linked, dynamic library supplies a format-string based interface
which is in pre-alpha. The header-only mode supplies integer and sign
overflow and underflow pre-condition checks using checks derived from
the CERT secure coding guide. The checks do not rely on twos complement
arithmetic and should not at any point perform an arithmetic operations
that may overflow. It also performs basic type agreement checks to
ensure that the macros are being used (somewhat) correctly.

2010-09-26T08:48:39+00:00 net/sqtop Console-based display of Squid proxy connections
sqtop is a console applicaton to display information about currently active
client connections for a Squid proxy in a convenient way.

2010-09-24T19:06:26+00:00 multimedia/vdpauinfo Tool to query VDPAU capabilities
VDPAU is the Video Decode and Presentation API for UNIX. It provides
an interface to video decode acceleration and presentation hardware
present in modern GPUs.

This port provides a tool to query VDPAU capabilities.

2010-09-24T19:06:00+00:00 multimedia/libvdpau VDPAU wrapper and tracing library
VDPAU is the Video Decode and Presentation API for UNIX. It provides
an interface to video decode acceleration and presentation hardware
present in modern GPUs.

2010-09-24T01:34:07+00:00 net/qoauth Qt 4 support for OAuth-powered network services
QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services
in a Qt way

2010-09-23T21:35:22+00:00 devel/py-subvertpy Python bindings for subversion
This is an implementation of Python bindings for the Subversion
version control system, aiming to be complete, fast and feel native
to Python programmers.

Bindings are provided for the working copy, client, delta, remote
access and repository APIs. A hookable server side implementation
of the custom Subversion protocol (svn_ra) is also provided.

2010-09-23T17:30:03+00:00 www/ckeditor WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web page
CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG editor,
which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the
results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing
features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and

2010-09-23T15:59:11+00:00 databases/c3p0 Library for augmenting JDBC drivers with JNDI-bindable DataSources
c3p0 is an easy-to-use Java library for augmenting traditional
(DriverManager-based) JDBC drivers with JNDI-bindable DataSources,
including DataSources that implement Connection and Statement
Pooling, as described by the jdbc3 spec and jdbc2 std extension.

2010-09-23T15:17:17+00:00 audio/decibel-audio-player Fast GTK+ audio player with an clean and user friendly interface
Decibel audio player is a very fast GTK+ audio player
with an emphasis on being very clean and user friendly.

* Utilizes the GStreamer plugins system
* Lighter footprint than most audio players
* Follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines
* Has quite a few plugins of it's own

2010-09-23T03:52:13+00:00 devel/py-yum-metadata-parser Fast metadata parser for yum
Fast metadata parser for yum implemented in C.

2010-09-23T03:46:37+00:00 sysutils/parallel Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel
GNU Parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one
or more machines. A job is typically a single command or a small
script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The
typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, or
a list of tables.

If you use xargs today you will find GNU Parallel very easy to use. If
you write loops in shell, you will find GNU Parallel may be able to
replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running jobs in
parallel. If you use ppss or pexec you will find GNU Parallel will
often make the command easier to read.

GNU Parallel also makes sure output from the commands is the same
output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This
makes it possible to use output from GNU Parallel as input for other

2010-09-23T03:44:32+00:00 sysutils/backuppc Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
BackupPC is a fast, enterprise-grade backup system. It provides
a web-based user interface. It supports several platforms (Unix-like,
Windows, MacOSX) to backup to a disk-based storage.

No client-side software is necessary, as the BackupPC server uses
several protocols (smb, rsync, tar and ftp) native to the client OS.

File-level deduplication combined with optional compression minimizes
the disk space needed to store the backups and disk I/O and enables
synthetic backups to reduce network traffic.

BackupPC is not a block-level backup system but performs file-based
backup and restore. Thus it is not suitable for backup of disk
images or raw disk partitions.

BackupPC supports laptop environments with clients on dynamic
IP addresses (DHCP) not always connected to the network.

2010-09-23T03:36:00+00:00 x11/keyboardcast Broadcast keystrokes to multiple X windows for Gnome2
The purpose of keyboardcast is to allow you to send keystrokes to multiple
X windows at once. This allows you, for example, to control a number of
terminals connected to different but similar hosts for purposes of mass-

You can also select non-terminals. If you come up with a reasonable use
for this ability I'd be interested in hearing about it.

The program can select windows to send to either by matching their titles
(using a substring) or by clicking on them (in a method similar to GIMP's
screenshot feature).

The program also features the ability to spawn off multiple instances of
gnome-terminal executing a single command on multiple arguments (for example
executing 'ssh' on several hosts). The gnome-terminals are invoked with
the profile 'keyboardcast' if it exists (so, for example, your font size
can be smaller).

2010-09-23T02:41:19+00:00 www/p5-WebService-Linode Perl Interface to the API
This module implements the api methods. Linode methods have
had dots replaced with underscores to generate the perl method name.
All keys and parameters have been lower cased but returned data
remains otherwise the same.

2010-09-23T02:40:26+00:00 www/CKeditor CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web page
CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG
editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar
as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to
the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications
like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

2010-09-23T02:40:02+00:00 www/tt-rss Tiny Tiny RSS: web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator
Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator,
designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to
a real desktop application as possible.

It can be seen as a replacement for Google Reader.

2010-09-23T02:38:51+00:00 security/spass Secure password generator with a true random number generator
spass is a random password generator written by Guy Rutenberg

2010-09-23T02:38:24+00:00 security/ccsrch Is a tool that searches for credit card numbers (PAN) and track data
ccsrch is a tool that searches for and identifies unencrypted and
contiguous credit card numbers (PAN) and track data on Windows and
UNIX operating systems. It will also identify the location of the
PAN data in the files and record MAC times.

2010-09-23T02:37:55+00:00 devel/p5-Getopt-Compact Getopt processing in a compact statement with long and short options
This is yet another Getopt related module. Getopt::Compact is geared towards
compactly and yet quite powerfully describing an option syntax. Options can
be parsed, returned as a hashref of values, and/or displayed as a usage string
or within the script POD.

2010-09-23T02:36:19+00:00 net/gnu-dico Flexible modular implementation of DICT server
GNU Dico is a flexible modular implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229).
It handles database accesses using loadable modules, and does not depend
on particular database format. The package includes several loadable
modules for interfacing with various database formats, among them a
module for databases. New modules can be written in C, Guile or
Python. The package also includes a console client program for querying
remote dictionary servers.

2010-09-23T02:35:54+00:00 databases/mysql-xql Library provides XML output functions to MySQL server
The lib_mysqludf_xql library provides an array of functions,
which can be used to create XML output directly from MySQL
using a single SQL query. This prevents having to convert a
MySQL result to XML in a PHP script, Ruby script, etc.

The library provides the same functionality as SQL/XML, seen
in MS SQL server and Oracle. However it uses normal functions.
By using subqueries the same results as SQL/XML can be generated.

2010-09-23T02:34:14+00:00 audio/jokosher Multi-track non-linear audio editing
Jokosher is a simple yet powerful multi-track studio. With it you can
create and record music, podcasts and more, all from an integrated
simple environment.

2010-09-23T00:44:23+00:00 audio/libaacplus HE-AAC+ Codec as Shared Library
HE-AAC+ Codec as Shared Library

2010-09-22T22:49:16+00:00 german/MT German localization of the MovableType publishing system
Movable Type is a web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to
ease maintenance of regularly-updated news, journal sites and weblogs.

Author: Ben & Mena Trott
2010-09-22T22:49:16+00:00 french/MT French localization of the MovableType publishing system
Movable Type is a web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to
ease maintenance of regularly-updated news, journal sites and weblogs.

Author: Ben & Mena Trott
2010-09-22T14:15:17+00:00 devel/py-crcmod Module for Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) calculations
This is a Python module for generating objects that compute the Cyclic
Redundancy Check (CRC). It includes a (optional) C extension for fast
calculation, as well as a pure Python implementation. 8, 16, 24, 32,
and 64 bit CRC are supported.

2010-09-22T03:44:54+00:00 devel/rubygem-deprecated2 Version 2 of this library intended to aid working with deprecated code
rubygem-deprecated is a small library intended to aid developers working
with deprecated code. The idea comes from the 'D' programming language,
where developers can mark certain code as deprecated, and then
allow/disallow the ability to execute deprecated code.

This is a legacy copy in ports of the 2.x series for compatibility with
some other Ruby ports.

2010-09-22T02:53:52+00:00 devel/rubygem-gemcutter Extensions to RubyGems for managing gems and more on
Adds several commands to RubyGems for managing gems and more on

2010-09-22T02:53:18+00:00 devel/rubygem-shoulda Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes

2010-09-22T02:52:47+00:00 www/rubygem-webmock Allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on the requests
WebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.

2010-09-22T02:51:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-rr Double framework with lots of double techniques and terse syntax
RR (Double Ruby) is a double framework that features a rich selection of double
techniques and a terse syntax.

2010-09-22T01:14:24+00:00 devel/libserver Generic TCP server in a library
Libserver provides generic multi-process, multi-threaded, and event-driven
TCP or UNIX-domain servers. The libraries handle network and concurrency
tasks. You write code to service connections.

2010-09-22T00:19:40+00:00 devel/qoauth QT support for OAuth-powered network services
QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services
in a Qt way

2010-09-21T15:29:52+00:00 math/giacxcas Computer algebra system
General purpose computer algebra system released under GPLv3. French
documentation by Renee De Graeve is for non-commercial use only. The
package consists of:

- C++ library (libgiac). It is build on C and C++ libraries: PARI,
NTL (arithmetic), CoCoA (Groebner basis), GSL (numerics), GMP
(big integers), MPFR (bigfloats) and provides algorithms for basic
polynomial operations (product, GCD) and symbolic computations
(simplifications, limits/series, symbolic integration, summation,
...). The library can be configured to accept Maple or TI syntax
to ease the transition for users of these systems.
- Command line interpreter (icas or giac). It can be called from
- FLTK-based GUI (xcas). It is a GUI for symbolic computation with
several modules added: 2-d and 3-d graphics, dynamic 2-d and 3-d
geometry (exact or numeric), spreadsheet, programming environment.

2010-09-21T14:59:50+00:00 www/speedtest-mini Mini bandwidth speed test on your own server Mini is a package that allows to free speed test on
your own server that uses the same technology as

2010-09-21T14:17:23+00:00 benchmarks/netperfmeter Network Performance Meter
NetPerfMeter is a network performance meter for the UDP,
TCP, SCTP and DCCP transport protocols over IPv4 and IPv6.
It simultaneously transmits bidirectional flows to an endpoint
and measures the resulting flow bandwidths and QoS. The
results are written as vector and scalar files. The vector
files can e.g. be used to create plots of the results.

2010-09-21T07:26:28+00:00 archivers/p5-IO-Compress Perl5 compression modules (bzip2, deflate, gzip, zlib, zip)
This module contains the base, bzip2, deflate, gzip, zip and zlib classes for
IO::Compress and IO::Uncompress modules and the Compress::Zlib module.

2010-09-20T13:46:47+00:00 databases/postgresql90-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-09-20T13:46:47+00:00 databases/postgresql90-client PostgreSQL database (client)
2010-09-20T08:51:42+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-CSV-Encoded Perl module for Encoding aware CVS files parsing
Text::CSV::Encoded is a perl module of encoding aware Text::CSV.
It inherits Text::CSV and is aware of input/output encodings.

2010-09-19T13:33:44+00:00 graphics/jogamp-jogl Java bindings for OpenGL
The JOGL project hosts the development version of the Java (TM) Binding for the
OpenGL API (JSR-231), and is designed to provide hardware-supported 3D graphics
to applications written in Java. JOGL provides full access to the APIs in the
OpenGL 1.3 - 3.0, >= 3.1, ES 1.x and ES 2.x specification as well as nearly all
vendor extensions. It integrates with the AWT and Swing widget sets, as well
with custom windowing toolkits using the NativeWindow API. It is part of a
suite of open-source technologies initiated by the Game Technology Group at Sun

2010-09-19T13:01:45+00:00 multimedia/gtk-recordmydesktop GTK+ frontend to recordMyDesktop
GTK+ frontend to recordMyDesktop.

2010-09-19T07:38:32+00:00 japanese/rubygem-jpmobile-terminfo Carrier terminal information List for jpmobile
jpmobile-terminfo is a plugin for jpmobile.
It is used to get terminal informations as bellows.

* display width
* display height

2010-09-19T07:34:57+00:00 japanese/rubygem-jpmobile-ipaddresses Carrier IP Address List for jpmobile
jpmobile-ipaddresses is a plugin for jpmobile.
It is used to validate an access from a mobile carrier IP address.

2010-09-18T04:33:05+00:00 devel/p5-Hash-AutoHash Object-oriented access to real and tied hashes
This is yet another module that lets you access or change the elements
of a hash using methods with the same name as the element's key. It
follows in the footsteps of Hash::AsObject, Hash::Inflator,
Data::OpenStruct::Deep, Object::AutoAccessor, and probably others. The
main difference between this module and its forebears is that it
supports tied hashes, in addition to regular hashes. This allows a
modular division of labor: this class is generic and treats all hashes
the same; any special semantics come from the tied hash.

2010-09-17T23:42:11+00:00 audio/p5-Test-Corpus-Audio-MPD Automate launching of fake mdp for testing purposes
Test::Corpus::Audio::MPD will try to launch a new mpd server for
testing purposes. This mpd server will then be used during
POE::Component::Client::MPD or Audio::MPD tests.

In order to achieve this, the module will create a fake mpd.conf
file with the correct pathes (ie, where you untarred the modulE
tarball). It will then check if some mpd server is already running,
and stop it if the MPD_TEST_OVERRIDE environment variable is true
(die otherwise). Last it will run the test mpd with its newly
created configuration file.

2010-09-17T03:13:32+00:00 databases/py-swift Highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store
Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent
object/blob store.

2010-09-16T19:41:13+00:00 www/monast Monitoring and an operator panel interface for AsteriskTM
Monast is a monitoring interface which acts as an operator panel for AsteriskTM
to display extensions status and calls details going through your IP-PBX.

It was develop in Python, PHP and uses prototype.js to handle AJAX calls and YUI
(Yahoo User Interface).

Monast can originate, transfer, park and hangup calls, Manage queue members
(add, remove, pause and unpause members) and meetme conference rooms.
(all using drag&drop feature from YUI)

Licensed under BSD, it has been created by Diego Aguirre (DagMoller).

2010-09-16T10:38:39+00:00 math/R-cran-psych Psych package for the R project
R-psych provides a number of routines for personality, psychometrics and
experimental psychology. Functions are primarily for scale construction using
factor analysis, cluster analysis and reliability analysis, although others
provide basic descriptive statistics. Functions for simulating particular item
and test structures are included. Several functions serve as a useful front end
for structural equation modeling. Graphical displays of path diagrams, factor
analysis and structural equation models are created using basic graphics. Some
of the functions are written to support a book on psychometrics as well as
publications in personality research.

2010-09-15T22:42:51+00:00 deskutils/tnote Small note taking program for the terminal
A small note taking program for the terminal.

Tnote aims to be a small, quick and easy to use note taking app for
the terminalsimilar to sticky style gui note taking apps such as
Tomboy notes.

2010-09-15T22:37:41+00:00 emulators/visualboyadvance-m Game Boy Advance emulator with GTK frontend
VisualBoyAdvance-M is an emulator of the Game Boy, Super Game Boy,
Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. The -M fork is a collection
of community patches to the original VisualBoyAdvance. It includes an
optional GTK frontend.

2010-09-15T18:35:24+00:00 devel/automake111 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.11)
Automake is a tool for automatically generating Makefiles compliant with
the GNU Coding Standards. It was inspired by the 4.4BSD make and include
files, but aims to be portable and to conform to the GNU standards for
Makefile variables and targets. Automake is a Perl script. The input files
are called The output files are called; They are
intended for use with Autoconf. Automake requires certain things to be done
in your This package also includes the "aclocal"
program. aclocal is a program to generate an 'aclocal.m4' based on the
contents of ''. It is useful as an extensible, maintainable
mechanism for augmenting autoconf.


-- AlanE <>
2010-09-15T16:36:09+00:00 devel/py-distribute Python packages installer and Setuptools replacement
Distribute is intended to replace Setuptools as the standard method for working
with Python module distributions.

The project has two goals:
- Providing a backward compatible version to replace Setuptools and make all
distributions that depend on Setuptools work as before, but with less bugs and
behavioral issues.
- Re-factoring the code, and releasing it in several distributions. This work is
being done in the 0.7.x series but not yet released.

2010-09-15T13:27:01+00:00 databases/soci C++ Database Access Library
SOCI is a database access library for C++ that makes the illusion of embedding
SQL queries in the regular C++ code, staying entirely within the Standard C++.
The idea is to provide C++ programmers a way to access SQL databases in the most
natural and intuitive way. If you find existing libraries too difficult for your
needs or just distracting, SOCI can be a good alternative.

2010-09-14T20:46:48+00:00 games/openpref Preferans game
OpenPref is an open source implementation of European trick-taking game
Preferans (also known as Preference). It is written using cross-platform
Qt4 framework and is portable between many operating systems including
Windows and major Unix flavours.

2010-09-14T13:33:53+00:00 net/vblade Virtual EtherDrive(R) blade AoE target
The vblade is the virtual EtherDrive (R) blade, a program that makes a
seekable file available over an ethernet local area network (LAN) via
the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol.

The seekable file is typically a block device like /dev/md0 but even
regular files will work. Sparse files can be especially convenient.
When vblade exports the block storage over AoE it becomes a storage
target. Another host on the same LAN can access the storage if it has
a compatible aoe kernel driver.

2010-09-14T13:30:54+00:00 net/aoe FreeBSD driver for ATA over Ethernet (AoE)
FreeBSD driver for ATA over Ethernet (AoE)

2010-09-14T11:16:24+00:00 devel/coccinelle Program matching and transformation engine
Coccinelle is a program matching and transformation engine which provides the
language SmPL (Semantic Patch Language) for specifying desired matches and
transformations in C code. Coccinelle was initially targeted towards performing
collateral evolutions in Linux. Such evolutions comprise the changes that are
needed in client code in response to evolutions in library APIs, and may
include modifications such as renaming a function, adding a function argument
whose value is somehow context-dependent, and reorganizing a data
structure. Beyond collateral evolutions, Coccinelle is successfully used (by us
and others) for finding and fixing bugs in systems code.

2010-09-14T09:27:53+00:00 print/dot2tex Graphviz to LaTeX converter
The purpose of dot2tex is to give graphs generated by Graphviz a more LaTeX
friendly look and feel. This is accomplished by converting xdot output from
Graphviz to a series of PSTricks or PGF/TikZ commands. This approach allows:

- Typesetting labels with LaTeX, allowing mathematical notation.
- Using native PSTricks and PGF/TikZ commands for drawing arrows (optional).
- Using backend specific styles to customize the output

2010-09-13T22:42:14+00:00 www/py-dojango Django application for building dojo
Dojango is a reusable django application that helps you to
use the client-side framework dojo within your django project.
It provides capabilites to easily switch between several dojo
versions and sources (e.g. aol, google, local)
Delivers helping utilities, that makes the development of rich
internet applications in combination with dojo more comfortable.
It makes the building of your own packed dojo release easier.

2010-09-13T16:05:50+00:00 x11/gstreamer-plugins-vdpau Gstreamer nvidia vdpau plugin
2010-09-13T16:05:50+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-vp8 Gstreamer vp8 codec plugin
2010-09-13T16:05:50+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-schroedinger Gstreamer Dirac high-speed codec plugin
2010-09-13T16:05:50+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-resindvd Gstreamer resindvd plugin
2010-09-13T02:10:09+00:00 sysutils/pcpustat Per-CPU usage statistics
pcpustat provides per-cpu usage statistics in a format that can be piped.

2010-09-12T23:40:56+00:00 french/fortune-mod-zarathoustra Compilation of quotes from Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra
fortune-mod-zarathoustra is a collection of quotes from Nietzsche's
"Thus spoke Zarathustra", processed into the fortune format.
Original text is in the public domain.

2010-09-12T23:31:50+00:00 games/caph Physics-based sandbox game
It is a sandbox game, based on physics. The game aim is to make
contact red object with green object. You can use various objects,
solid, wire (rope), and bendable objects. Gravitation will help

2010-09-11T20:14:41+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-mysql-adapter MySQL Adapter for DataMapper
MySQL Adapter for DataMapper

2010-09-11T20:14:14+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-do-adapter DataObjects Adapter for DataMapper
DataObjects Adapter for DataMapper

2010-09-11T19:49:14+00:00 www/p5-WebService-Google-Reader Perl interface to Google Reader
WebService::Google::Reader provides an interface to the Google Reader
service through the unofficial (as-yet unpublished) API.

2010-09-11T14:07:18+00:00 devel/p5-Log-Log4perl-Appender-RabbitMQ Perl module which allows logging to RabbitMQ via log4perl
Perl module which allows logging to RabbitMQ

2010-09-11T13:31:06+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Net-RabbitMQ Perl mock RabbitMQ implementation for use when testing
A Perl mock RabbitMQ implementation for use when testing.

2010-09-11T11:23:24+00:00 www/trac-keywords Plugin for using pre-configured keywords
This plug-in allows you to add entries to the Keywords entry field
from a configured list of keywords by clicking on them.

2010-09-11T04:24:31+00:00 devel/p5-Tie-Hash-MultiValue Store multiple values per key
Tie::Hash::MultiValue allows you to have hashes which store their values
in anonymous arrays, appending any new value to the already-existing ones.
This means that you can store as many items as you like under a single key,
and access them all at once by accessing the value stored under the key.

2010-09-11T00:02:13+00:00 games/steelstorm Old school top down arcade shooter
Steel Storm is an old school top down arcade shooter with score
oriented competitive gameplay, and is designed for people who like
fast paced action and have limited amounts of time to play computer

The events take place in an alternative universe where you control
an advanced hovertank, packed with the most advanced and sophisticated
weapons. Your task is simple, but, nevertheless, is not trivial.
In the fight with presumed extraterrestrial invaders, you must

2010-09-10T20:16:08+00:00 audio/spek Acoustic spectrum analyser
Spek helps to analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram.
Spek supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats.

2010-09-10T14:10:54+00:00 misc/sssnips Shell script snippets written by Peter Pentchev
From sssnips's README file:
Peter Pentchev's Shell Script Snippets

This is a collection of simple - and, in a couple of cases,
simply trivial - shell scripts that I use in my day-to-day work.

2010-09-10T06:31:09+00:00 textproc/sigil WYSIWYG ePub editor
Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor with the following features:

* Free and open source software under GPLv3
* Multi-platform
* Full UTF-16 support
* EPUB 2 spec support with limited EPUB 3 support
* Multiple Views: Book View, Code View and Preview View
* WYSIWYG editing in Book View
* Complete control over directly editing EPUB syntax in Code View
* Table of Contents generator with multi-level heading support
* Metadata editor
* User interface translated into many languages
* Spell checking with default and user configurable dictionaries
* Full Regular Expression (PCRE) support for Find & Replace
* Supports import of EPUB and HTML files, images, and style sheets
* Documents can be validated for EPUB compliance with the integrated
* All imported files have their formatting corrected, and your editing
can be optionally cleaned
* Plugins!

2010-09-09T22:28:03+00:00 devel/pecl-xhprof Hierarchical Profiler for PHP
XHProf is a function-level hierarchical profiler for PHP and has a simple HTML
based navigational interface. The raw data collection component is implemented
in C (as a PHP extension). The reporting/UI layer is all in PHP. It is capable
of reporting function-level inclusive and exclusive wall times, memory usage,
CPU times and number of calls for each function. Additionally, it supports
ability to compare two runs (hierarchical DIFF reports), or aggregate results
from multiple runs.

2010-09-09T21:19:13+00:00 lang/algol68g Algol 68 Genie compiler
The development of Algol played an important role in establishing
computer science as an academic discipline. The Algol 68 Genie project
preserves Algol 68 out of educational as well as scientific-historical
interest, by making available Algol 68 Genie; a recent, well-featured
implementation written from scratch.

2010-09-09T09:56:24+00:00 net/yconalyzer TCP Traffic Analyzer
Yconalyzer is a low-overhead pcap utility that provides a bird's eye
view of traffic on a particular TCP port, displaying a distribution of
duration, volume and throughput over all connections while being able
to narrow down to a connection as well.

2010-09-09T03:21:49+00:00 www/mod_rivet Embeds a Tcl interpreter in the Apache server
mod_rivet brings together the full power of the Tcl programming language
and the Apache HTTP server. You can use Tcl to manage Apache, respond to
requests for web pages and much more.

mod_rivet gives you a persistent Tcl interpreter embedded in your web
server. This lets you avoid the overhead of starting an external interpreter
and avoids the penalty of Tcl start-up time, giving you super-fast
dynamic content.

As you'd expect from the Tcl community, there are hundreds of modules
written for mod_rivet, everything from persistent database connections, to
templating sytems, to complete XML content delivery systems. Web sites like
FlightAware use mod_rivet.

2010-09-09T00:26:13+00:00 science/p5-Physics-Unit Manipulate Physics units and dimensions
Objects of class Physics::Unit define units of measurement that correspond
to physical quantities. This module allows you to manipulate these units,
generate new derived units from other units, and convert from one unit
to another.

2010-09-08T21:26:18+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-cache Rack middleware to enable HTTP caching
Rack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component
to enable HTTP caching for Rack-based applications
that produce freshness (Expires, Cache-Control)
and/or validation (Last-Modified, ETag) information.

* Standards-based (see RFC 2616 / Section 13).
* Freshness/expiration based caching
* Validation
* Vary support
* Portable: 100% Ruby / works with any Rack-enabled framework.
* Disk, memcached, and heap memory storage backends.

2010-09-08T20:42:19+00:00 mail/rubygem-smtp_tls Provides SMTP STARTTLS support for Ruby 1.8.6
Provides SMTP STARTTLS support for Ruby 1.8.6, this
functionality is built-in for Ruby 1.8.7+.

To use simply: require 'smtp_tls' and use the
Net::SMTP#enable_starttls method to talk to
servers that use STARTTLS.

2010-09-08T18:06:51+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-proctable Ruby interface for getting process information
The sys-proctable library provides an interface for gathering information about
processes on your system, i.e. the process table. Most major platforms are
supported and, while different platforms may return different information, the
external interface is identical across platforms.

2010-09-08T15:27:32+00:00 www/twms Tiny WMS server
tWMS is a tiny WMS server written in Python and using tiles as a
backend storage

2010-09-08T14:09:57+00:00 devel/magit Interface to Git for Emacs
Magit is an interface to the version control system Git, implemented
as an Emacs extension.

Unlike Emacs' native Version Control package which strives to provide
a unified interface to various version control systems, Magit only
supports Git and can therefore better take advantage of its native

2010-09-08T10:33:43+00:00 textproc/ml1 Original general purpose macro processor
This is a port of ML/I (Macro Language I) which is the grand-daddy of nearly
all macro processors. It is still maintained and ported to a large number
of systems.

2010-09-08T03:44:23+00:00 net/p5-Net-RabbitMQ Perl module to interact with RabbitMQ over AMQP using librabbitmq
Perl interface to RabbitMQ

2010-09-08T03:09:31+00:00 science/epte Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
epte is a curses-based periodic table of the elements. It provides a
set of examples of the basic sets of constants and procedures needed
to understand the behavior of matter.

2010-09-08T02:18:02+00:00 textproc/py-MarkupSafe Implements XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
MarkupSafe implements a text object that escapes characters so it is safe to use
in HTML and XML. Characters that have special meanings are replaced so that they
display as the actual characters. This mitigates injection attacks, meaning
untrusted user input can safely be displayed on a page.

2010-09-07T22:40:58+00:00 textproc/py-Pootle Python Translation Suite
Pootle is used to create program translations.
It uses the Translate Toolkit to get access to translation files and
therefore can edit a variety of files (including PO and XLIFF files).

2010-09-07T21:37:02+00:00 devel/libfreefare MIFARE contactless tag access library
A library for easy manipulation of MIFARE NFC targets.

2010-09-07T20:47:41+00:00 graphics/shotwell Open source photo manager for GNOME
Shotwell is an image organizer designed to provide personal photo management
for the GNOME desktop environment.

Shotwell can import photos and videos from a digital camera directly, group
photos and videos automatically by date, and supports tagging. Its image
editing features allow users to straighten, crop, eliminate red eye, and
adjust levels and color balance. It also features an auto "enhance" option
that will attempt to guess appropriate levels for the image.

Shotwell allows users to publish their images and videos to Facebook, Flickr,
Picasa Web Albums, Piwigo, and YouTube.

2010-09-07T14:30:03+00:00 sysutils/php5-fileinfo
2010-09-07T06:52:39+00:00 graphics/gstreamer-plugins-gl GStreamer OpenGL video plugin
This port provides OpenGL video elements for Gstreamer.

2010-09-07T02:49:13+00:00 graphics/gexiv2 GObject-based wrapper around Exiv2 library
gexiv2 is a GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library.
It allows for GNOME applications to easily inspect and update EXIF, IPTC,
and XMP metadata in photo and video files of various formats.

2010-09-06T21:10:50+00:00 audio/gstreamer-plugins-twolame Gstreamer High-quality free MP2 encoder plugin
2010-09-06T21:10:50+00:00 audio/gstreamer-plugins-amrwbdec Gstreamer OpenCore based Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide-Band Decoder plugin
2010-09-06T21:10:50+00:00 audio/gstreamer-plugins-amrnb Gstreamer OpenCore based Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow-Band plugin
2010-09-06T13:57:51+00:00 print/gnome-specimen Gnome Specimen is a simple tool to preview and compare installed fonts
Gnome Specimen is a simple tool to preview and compare installed fonts.

2010-09-06T08:28:59+00:00 mail/firetray System tray add-on for firefox, thunderbird, seamonkey, etc
Firetray is a system tray add-on for firefox.

2010-09-04T14:22:29+00:00 www/p5-Template-Stash-AutoEscape Perl extension to escape automatically in Template-Toolkit
Escape automatically in Template-Toolkit.

2010-09-04T13:45:20+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Throttle Perl extension of rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests for Plack
A Plack Middleware for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests.

2010-09-03T18:09:49+00:00 devel/py-testtools Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework
testtools is a set of extensions to the Python standard library's unit testing
framework. These extensions have been derived from years of experience with unit
testing in Python and come from many different sources.

2010-09-03T16:02:57+00:00 devel/vxlog C++ logging library
C++ logging library.

2010-09-03T15:43:42+00:00 net-im/zephyr Enterprise-scale distributed messaging system
This is an enterprise-class instant messaging/notification system.
It was developed as part of MIT's Project Athena, and has a
unique design that leads to the ability to develop a unique
sense of community.

2010-09-03T12:40:47+00:00 lang/picoc Very small C interpreter for scripting
PicoC is a very small C interpreter for scripting. It was
originally written for scripting a UAV's on-board flight
system and it's also very suitable for other robotic,
embedded and non-embedded applications too.

2010-09-03T11:52:00+00:00 www/p5-WWW-GitHub-Gist Perl interface to Gist
Perl interface to Gist.

2010-09-02T21:06:27+00:00 misc/kde4-l10n-ia Interlingua messages and documentation for KDE SC 4
Localized messages and documentation for KDE4.

2010-09-02T16:30:20+00:00 games/avp-demo Aliens versus predator unofficial port from
Unofficial port from of
"Aliens versus predator" game, demo from Alien.

2010-09-02T02:43:28+00:00 www/rubygem-railties Rails internals bootup, plugins, generators, and rake tasks
Rails internals: application bootup, plugins, generators, and rake tasks.

2010-09-02T02:43:28+00:00 databases/rubygem-arel Relational Algebra for Ruby
A toolkit for building modeling frameworks like Active Record and
Active Resource. Rich support for attributes, callbacks,
validations, observers, serialization, internationalization,
and testing.

2010-09-02T02:43:28+00:00 databases/rubygem-activemodel Toolkit for building modeling frameworks
A toolkit for building modeling frameworks like Active Record and
Active Resource. Rich support for attributes, callbacks,
validations, observers, serialization, internationalization,
and testing.

2010-09-02T02:26:18+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-mount Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router
Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router

2010-09-02T02:25:21+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-test Small, simple testing API for Rack apps
Rack::Test is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps. It can be used on its
own or as a reusable starting point for Web frameworks and testing libraries
to build on. Most of its initial functionality is an extraction of Merb 1.0's
request helpers feature.

2010-09-02T02:23:53+00:00 devel/rubygem-i18n New wave Internationalization support for Ruby
New wave Internationalization support for Ruby.

2010-09-02T02:22:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-thor Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake, and rubigen
A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen

2010-09-01T21:39:33+00:00 devel/re2 Fast C++ regex library
RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular
expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python. It is a C++

RE2 uses automata theory to guarantee that regular expression searches run in
time linear in the size of the input. RE2 implements memory limits, so that
searches can be constrained to a fixed amount of memory. RE2 is engineered to
use a small fixed C++ stack footprint no matter what inputs or regular
expressions it must process; thus RE2 is useful in multithreaded environments
where thread stacks cannot grow arbitrarily large.

2010-09-01T21:19:27+00:00 net-p2p/libktorrent Torrent library from KTorrent project
KTorrent has been split into the application ktorrent and the library
libktorrent. Libktorrent contains all the torrent downloading code,
and ktorrent contains all application code and plugins. The goal
is to make libktorrent an independent library (though still closely
related to ktorrent), which can be used by other applications.

2010-09-01T21:17:04+00:00 net/cagibi KDE SSDP/uPNP proxy
Cagibi is an experimental cache/proxy system for the SSDP* (Simple
Service Discovery Protocol) part of UPnP.

Cagibi aims to be to SSDP what Avahi is to DNS-SD/Zeroconf: a cache
caching all service/device announcements on the network in a local
process as well as being a broker serving local announcements to
the network. Both should be done by a single daemon process,
accessable via D-Bus on the system bus. The cache should offer
active queries, so another process is only informed about changes
about UPnP devices it is interested in.
2010-09-01T21:14:34+00:00 devel/libdbusmenu-qt Qt5 implementation of the DBusMenu protocol
A library that provides Qt4 implementation of the DBusMenu protocol.
The DBusMenu protocol makes it possible for applications to export
and import their menus over DBus.

2010-09-01T19:02:38+00:00 net-im/pidgin-privacy-please Privacy plugin for the pidgin instant messenger
Privacy please is a pidgin plugin to stop spammers from annoying you.

It currently offers the following features:

* Block individual users (with an optional auto-reply)
* Block messages from people who are not on your contact list
(with an optional auto-reply)
* Suppress repeated authorization requests

This plugin was formerly known as gaim-blocky.

2010-09-01T17:54:57+00:00 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping Mind Mapping tool with Reference and PDF Management
SciPlore MindMapping is based on FreeMind but extended with features for
students & researchers. It integrates mind maps with reference and pdf
management (BibTeX support & PDF Bookmark import).

2010-09-01T15:31:52+00:00 security/suricata High Performance Network IDS, IPS and Security Monitoring engine
The Suricata Engine is an Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and
Prevention Engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF).

This engine is not intended to just replace or emulate the existing tools in
the industry, but will bring new ideas and technologies to the field.

OISF is part of and funded by the Department of Homeland Security's Directorate
for Science and Technology HOST program (Homeland Open Security Technology),
by the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), as well as
through the very generous support of the members of the OISF Consortium.

More information about the Consortium is available, as well as a list of our
current Consortium Members.

2010-09-01T14:36:07+00:00 devel/geany-plugins Geany plugins (meta port)
Plenty of plugins for different purposes from the Geany-Plugins project.

2010-09-01T10:35:12+00:00 astro/fowsr Fine Offset Weather Station Reader
fowsr is an application that reads from wireless weather stations
* WH1080 / WH1081 / WH1090 / WH1091 / WH2080 / WH2081
* Watson W-8681
* Scientific Sales Pro Touch Screen Weather Station
* PCE-FWS 20
* ...
and other similar USB devices from Fine Offset Electronics Co., LTD.
compatible with the EasyWeather application .

The result is a weather history log file that can be uploaded to a central
server for further processing. Example script files for uploads is included.
So far the following formats are supported:
* Weather Underground
* pywws

fowsr performs a complete read out of the weather station memory using its
USB port, and stores the result in a cache file to speed up later read-outs.
Rain data is then calculated per hour, day, week and month if data for these
periods exist. No further data processing is performed. This makes fowsr
very small and well suited for running in embedded devices at remote

2010-09-01T07:15:59+00:00 dns/dnscheckengine DNS checker from the folks that run the .SE top level domain
DNSCheck is a program that is designed to help people check, measure and
hopefully also understand the workings of the Domain Name System. When
used to check an domain (aka zone) is submitted to DNSCheck, it will
investigate the general health by performing various tests and sanity

2010-08-31T02:04:59+00:00 textproc/simplexml C++ XML parser library
A C++ XML parser library.

2010-08-30T23:24:57+00:00 security/p5-Auth-YubikeyDecrypter Decrypting the output from the yubikey token
Decrypt the output from the yubikey token

The hardware can be found at

The decryption module does only one thing - decrypt the AES encrypted
OTP from the Yubikey. To this, it requires the OTP, and the AES

Please note - this module does not perform authentication - it is
a required component to decrypt the token first before authentication
can be performed.

2010-08-30T21:49:13+00:00 mail/rubygem-pony Express way to send mail from Ruby
The express way to send mail from Ruby.

Send email in one command:
Pony.mail(:to => '', :body => 'hello')

Pony uses /usr/sbin/sendmail to send mail if it
is available, otherwise it uses SMTP to localhost.

Also, you may need rubygem-smtp_tls if you want to
send via tls/ssl and are using ruby < 1.8.7

2010-08-30T21:48:50+00:00 mail/rubygem-mail Ruby email handler
Mail is an library for Ruby to handle email generation,
parsing and sending in a simple, rubyesque manner.

2010-08-30T21:26:48+00:00 devel/bzr-externals Support external branches like svn:externals
This is a plugin for bzr. Using hooks, this plugin supports external branches
for the following commands:
* branch
* checkout
* commit
* pull
* push
* update

2010-08-29T15:34:55+00:00 math/octave-forge-dataframe Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is dataframe.

Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame.

2010-08-28T15:56:43+00:00 textproc/jarnal Tool to take notes, annotate documents (including PDF), and more
Jarnal is an open-source application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a
journal, making a presentation, annotating a document - including pdf - or
collaborating using a stylus, mouse or keyboard. It is similar to Microsoft
Windows Journal and to the earlier Mimeo whiteboarding and Palm notepad

2010-08-27T18:50:23+00:00 www/lighttpd-mod_h264_streaming H264 streaming module for lighttpd
This is the H264 Streaming Module for the lighttpd webserver.
Its features are as follows:

* Timeshifting seek
* Virtual video clips
* Network efficiency
* Encoding

2010-08-27T18:49:00+00:00 www/lighttpd-mod_geoip GeoIP module for lighttpd
mod_geoip is a lighttpd module that looks up the country code
for the IP address making the request without using reverse DNS.

2010-08-27T01:29:50+00:00 databases/rubygem-bigrecord Intended to work as a drop-in for Rails applications
BigRecord is built from ActiveRecord, and intended to seamlessly integrate
into your Ruby on Rails applications.

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-validations Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object
Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-transactions Makes transaction support available for adapters that support them
Makes transaction support available for adapters that support them

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-timestamps DataMapper plugin for magical timestamps
DataMapper plugin for magical timestamps

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-serializer DataMapper plugin for serializing Resources and Collections
DataMapper plugin for serializing Resources and Collections

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-migrations DataMapper plugin for writing and specifying migrations
DataMapper plugin for writing and speccing migrations

2010-08-27T01:09:44+00:00 databases/rubygem-dm-constraints DataMapper plugin constraining relationships
DataMapper plugin constraining relationships

2010-08-26T14:57:15+00:00 mail/scam-backscatter Address verification milter to prevent spam backscatter
scam-backscatter milter

Scam-backscatter prevents spam backscatter (accept and bounce) on
mail servers which don't host mailboxes locally. It validates
mailboxes by verifying the recipient addresses hosted on a different
mail server.

2010-08-26T13:40:11+00:00 security/strongswan Open Source IKEv2 IPsec-based VPN solution
Strongswan is an open source IPsec-based VPN solution.
Strongswan for FreeBSD implements both the IKEv1 and IKEv2 (RFC 5996) key
exchange protocols.

2010-08-26T13:20:17+00:00 textproc/exmpp Fast and scalable library for XMPP written in Erlang/OTP
exmpp is a fast and scalable library for the Extensible Messaging and Presence
Protocol (XMPP) written in Erlang/OTP.

Main features:
- Based on Erlang message reception and pattern matching. The programming
style is close to Erlang approach and lead to very short pieces of code.
- Support for both formating of client and server packets.
- Based on Erlang atoms and binary to limit memory consumption. It can be
used to write a highly scalable XMPP proxy or XMPP server.
- SSL support.
- Several different XML parsers can be used (expat, libxml2).

2010-08-26T13:12:40+00:00 net/p5-Net-Google-Code Simple client library for Google code
Net::Google::Code is a simple client library for projects hosted in
Google Code.

2010-08-26T10:49:27+00:00 devel/lua-alien Lua -> C FFI
Alien lets a Lua application call load dynamic libraries and call C
functions in a portable way, using libffi.

2010-08-26T08:20:47+00:00 deskutils/hebcal Perpetual Jewish calendar
Jewish holidays calendar and date converter.

2010-08-25T13:42:26+00:00 www/trac-downloads Trac plugin providing a downloads section
This plugin provides downloads section which may contain releases or
other files. It is administrated via WebAdminPlugin and there is an
interface to the trac-admin tool that may help during automatic server
maintenance. The Downloads section of Trac displays a table with
information about the uploaded files such as description, component,
version, size, architecture, type and optionally assigned tags which the
download is related to. It also collects information about number of
downloads which can be displayed on wiki page together with direct links
to the specified download.

2010-08-25T06:42:48+00:00 math/levmar GPL-licensed library implementing the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
levmar is a GPL-licensed library written in C, that implements the
Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) optimization algorithm, one of the most
effective methods for solving nonlinear least squares problems.

2010-08-24T13:58:14+00:00 x11-toolkits/fox17 Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit (development version)
FOX is a C++ based Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces easily and
effectively. It offers a wide, and growing, collection of Controls, and
provides state of the art facilities such as drag and drop, selection, as well
as OpenGL widgets for 3D graphical manipulation. FOX also implements icons,
images, and user-convenience features such as status line help, and tooltips.
Tooltips may even be used for 3D objects!

2010-08-24T07:53:40+00:00 editors/fxite Advanced cross-platform text editor
FXiTe is an advanced cross-platform text editor built with the Fox GUI
toolkit and the FXScintilla text widget. It features built-in syntax
highlighting for 40+ languages, an embedded Lua scripting engine, macro
recording and playback, multi-line regular expression search and
replace, rudimentary ctags and calltip support, a flexible interface to
external tools, and a built-in "message window" to capture the output of
external commands such as compiler error messages, etc.

2010-08-23T11:20:59+00:00 benchmarks/randomio Multithreaded disk i/o microbenchmark
Randomio is a multithreaded disk i/o microbenchmark. It
requires O_DIRECT, pread/pwrite, and pthreads.

2010-08-23T04:11:32+00:00 devel/rubygem-unicode Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby
Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby. This library is based on UTR #15
Unicode Normalization Forms[1].


2010-08-23T04:08:53+00:00 www/rubygem-domainatrix Library for parsing domain names and canonicalizing URLs
The Domainatrix library is used for parsing domain names,
canonicalizing URLs, and a few other things. It uses the
list of domain names from the Public Suffix List to know
what constitutes a subdomain, domain, and public suffix.

2010-08-23T02:40:15+00:00 sysutils/swapmon Add/remove swapspace as needed
swapmon will check the current swapusage and if more than SWAP_HIGH per-
cent of swapspace is in use it will create a new swapfile with a size of
size of SWAP_STEP percent of the current swapspace and activate it. If
less than SWAP_LOW percent of swapspace is in use it will deactivate a
previously added swapspace file and remove it.

2010-08-22T21:34:57+00:00 devel/bzr-builder Bzr plugin to construct a bzr branch based on a "recipe"
A "recipe" specifies a number of branches to combine in a certain way. This
plugin will take the recipe and give you the resulting branch.

It also has a command to then build a source package from the resulting branch
and optionally upload it somewhere.

2010-08-22T21:34:28+00:00 devel/bzr-loom Bazaar plugin to assist in developing focused patches
Loom is a Bazaar plugin to assist in developing focused patches. It adds a
'loom' to a bzr branch. A loom allows the development of multiple patches at
once, while still giving each patch a branch of its own.

2010-08-22T21:33:27+00:00 textproc/libcue CUE Sheet Parser Library
Libcue is intended to parse a so called cue sheet from a char string or a file
pointer. For handling of the parsed data a convenient API is available. This
project is meant as a fork of cuetools by Svend Sorensen which saw it last
release in 02/2006.

2010-08-22T16:54:24+00:00 sysutils/gdisk GPT fdisk
GPT fdisk (aka gdisk) by Roderick W. Smith,

This software is intended as a (somewhat) fdisk-workalike program for
GPT-partitioned disks. Specific advantages of gdisk, cgdisk and
sgdisk include:

* Edit GUID partition table (GPT) definitions in Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X,
or Windows
* Convert MBR to GPT or back without data loss
* Convert BSD disklabels to GPT without data loss
* Create hybrid MBR, which permits GPT-unaware
OSes to access up to three GPT partitions on the disk
* Repair damaged GPT data structures
* The ability to specify sector-exact partition sizes
* Clear identification of the number of unallocated sectors on a disk

2010-08-22T16:28:30+00:00 security/clamd-stream-client Standalone clamav client
Small client to ask a clamav antivirus server
if a file containt a virus. May be used with
procmail or maildrop rules. Clamav library
is not required to be installed on the running

2010-08-22T15:07:57+00:00 devel/maven-ant-tasks Allows Maven artifact handling to be used from within an Ant build
The Maven Ant Tasks allow several of Maven's artifact handling features to be
used from within an Ant build. These include:

- Dependency management - including transitive dependencies, scope
recognition and SNAPSHOT handling
- Artifact deployment - deployment to a Maven repository (file
integrated, other with extensions)
- POM processing - for reading and writing a Maven 2 pom.xml file

2010-08-22T14:49:17+00:00 x11-fonts/droid-fonts-ttf Droid typeface family
The Droid typeface family was designed in the fall of 2006 by Ascender's
Steve Matteson, as a commission from Google to create a set of system fonts
for its Android platform. The goal was to provide optimal quality and
comfort on a mobile handset when rendered in application menus, web
browser and for other screen text.

2010-08-22T14:27:13+00:00 devel/p5-indirect Lexically warn about using the indirect object syntax
indirect - Lexically warn about using the indirect object syntax in Perl 5

My working version of this port is at:

2010-08-22T14:15:00+00:00 emulators/pcsxr Playstation (PSX) emulator
Pcsx-reloaded is a Playstation (PSX) emulator.

It is an improved version of pcsx-df, which is
itself of fork of pcsx.

2010-08-22T13:00:09+00:00 net/rubygem-net-ldap Pure Ruby LDAP support library with most client features
Net::LDAP is an LDAP support library written in pure Ruby. It supports most
LDAP client features and a subset of server features as well.

* Standards-based (going for RFC 4511)
* Portable: 100% Ruby

2010-08-22T12:52:07+00:00 databases/my2cego Imports mysqldump files into cego
my2cego is a tool to import mysql database dumps into Cego, a
Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

Many more details are available at:

2010-08-22T12:29:38+00:00 net-p2p/py-transmissionrpc Python module that communicates with Transmission through JSON-RPC
This is a python module that can communicate with Transmission through json-rpc.

2010-08-22T11:41:18+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-fusexmp_fh Dummy driver from fusefs-libs example
fusexmp_fh is a example from fusefs-libs, could be a dummy driver for using
fuse modules.
For example: `fusexmp_fh

2010-08-22T07:28:00+00:00 multimedia/bangarang Media player for KDE 4
A light media player for KDE 4, fully integrated with Nepomuk
semantic desktop.

2010-08-22T03:41:56+00:00 net/py-eventlet Highly concurrent networking library
Eventlet is a concurrent networking library for Python that allows you to change
how you run your code, not how you write it.

It uses epoll or libevent for highly scalable non-blocking I/O. Coroutines
ensure that the developer uses a blocking style of programming that is similar
to threading, but provide the benefits of non-blocking I/O. The event dispatch
is implicit, which means you can easily use Eventlet from the Python
interpreter, or as a small part of a larger application.

2010-08-21T22:24:43+00:00 www/py-rssdler Automatically grab link elements of an RSS feed
A utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects
linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts,
videocasts, and torrents.

2010-08-21T16:04:45+00:00 math/x12arima X-12-ARIMA seasonal adjustment program
X-12-ARIMA is seasonal adjustment software produced, distributed,
and maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau, where it is used for
all official seasonal adjustments.

2010-08-21T15:42:26+00:00 sysutils/hatop Interactive real-time monitoring tool for the HAProxy unix socket
HATop is an interactive ncurses client and real-time monitoring
statistics displaying tool for the HAProxy Unix socket.

HATop's appearance is similar to top. It supports various modes for
detailed statistics of all configured proxies and services in near
realtime. In addition, it features an interactive CLI for the haproxy
Unix socket. This allows administrators to control the given haproxy
instance (change server weight, put servers into maintenance mode,
etc.) directly out of hatop (using keybinds or the CLI) and monitor the
results immediately.

2010-08-21T09:27:45+00:00 security/blindelephant Fingerprint the web applications used by a web site
The BlindElephant Web Application Fingerprinter attempts to discover
the version of a (known) web application by comparing static files
at known locations against precomputed hashes for versions of those
files in all available releases. The technique is fast,
low-bandwidth, non-invasive, generic, and highly automatable.

2010-08-20T13:56:30+00:00 audio/mp3-archive-tools Set of tools to ease organising a collection of audio files
MP3 Archive Tools is a set of tools to ease organising a collection of mp3 (and
other audio) files.

2010-08-20T13:48:23+00:00 audio/mp3lint Configurable tool to check collections of audio files
mp3lint is a tool to check collections of audio files for various problems. It
is highly configurable, allowing you to specify your preferred format for
filenames, minimum bitrate, tests to ignore, etc.

Formats checked are currently mp3, ogg, wav, flac, au, and m3u playlists.
mp3lint is implemented as separate tools (perl modules), each of which
implements a set of tests. There are a total of 32 different tests.

2010-08-20T13:42:22+00:00 audio/libmp3-archive-perl Perl module to manipulate filenames containing music metadata
MP3::Archive (packaged as libmp3-archive-perl) is a perl module to encapsulate
the parsing and creation of filenames containing music metadata (artist, album,

It is used by mp3-archive-tools and mp3lint.

2010-08-20T12:06:27+00:00 editors/wordgrinder Simple Unicode-aware console and X11-based word processor
WordGrinder is an ultra-clean and uncluttered word processor
that runs in a terminal or an X11 window.

The author made WordGrinder to have something to write novels
on. It supports just enough character and paragraph style support
to let you get the job done, while not enough to let you waste
time configuring them.

2010-08-20T11:13:23+00:00 databases/hypertable High performance distributed data storage system
Hypertable is a high performance distributed data storage system
designed to support applications requiring maximum performance,
scalability, and reliability.

Hypertable will be particularly invaluable to any organization that
needs to manage rapidly evolving data to support demanding real-time
applications. Modeled after Google's well known Bigtable project,
Hypertable is designed to manage the storage and processing of
information on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing
resilience to machine and component failures. Hypertable seeks to set
the open source standard for highly available, petabyte scale, database

2010-08-20T01:31:47+00:00 devel/p5-Child Object oriented simple interface to fork()
Child - a Perl 5 OO interface to fork()

My working version of this port is at:

2010-08-19T20:09:06+00:00 audio/linux-f10-openal-soft A 3D positional spatialized sound library (Linux Fedora 10)
2010-08-19T15:39:16+00:00 lang/ldc-devel D frontend for llvm, with the Tango standard library
LDC is a compiler for the D programming Language. It is based on the DMD
frontend and uses LLVM as the backend. LLVM provides a fast and modern backend
for high quality code generation. LDC is released under a BSD license with
exceptions for the DMD frontend and code from GDC.

The development takes place mostly on x86-32 and x86-64 Linux and that is where
LDC works best. Support for other platforms and architectures is under
development, but we are still looking for people to help test and adjust LDC
for those platforms!

LDC already compiles a lot of D code, but should still be considered beta
quality. Take a look at the tickets to get a better impression of what still
needs to be implemented.

2010-08-19T14:43:59+00:00 devel/checkheaders Checks headers in C/C++ programs
This software checks the headers in a C/C++ program, and detects unnecessary
inclusions. A "#include" is needed if any symbol names match. If there are no
matching symbol names, it is not needed. This tool will work best if all
classes, variables, constants, functions, etc. have unique names.

2010-08-19T01:29:41+00:00 audio/ctronome Programmable console-based metronome
A very simple yet powerful programmable console metronome.

2010-08-18T19:16:50+00:00 net/rsplib RSerPool Framework and Example Applications
RSerPool client/server API library for load distribution and
Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool) is the IETF's standard (RFC 5351 to
RFC 5356) for a lightweight server pool and session management framework.
It provides highly available pool management (that is registration
handling and load distribution/balancing) by components called Registrar
and a client-side/server-side API for accessing the service of a pool.

2010-08-18T19:14:53+00:00 x11-fonts/mondulkiri Mondulkiri Khmer fonts
A collection of Mondulkiri Opentype fonts. The package contains:
- Mondulkiri Normal text font
- Mondulkiri Bold form of normal text font
- Mondulkiri Very bold font for titles etc.
- Mondulkiri 4 characters have the shapes found in the Chuon Nath dictionary
- Mondulkiri high line-spacing font
- Mondulkiri diagnostic font showing spaces and zero-width (non-)joiner

2010-08-18T18:12:02+00:00 devel/htable Lightweight implementation of hash tables in C
htable is a lightweight implementation of hash tables in C, greatly
inspired by the implementations of spray and red-black trees found in
*BSD kernels. To use it, you only need to copy the header file
"htable.h" into your project.

2010-08-18T17:43:31+00:00 sysutils/monitorix Web based monitoring system
Monitorix is a free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool designed
to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. It has been
created to be used under production UNIX/Linux servers, but due to its
simplicity and small size may also be used to monitor embedded devices as

It mainly consists mainly of two programs: a collector, called monitorix, which
is a Perl daemon that is started automatically like any other system service,
and a CGI script called monitorix.cgi.

2010-08-18T16:56:10+00:00 multimedia/youtube-viewer Search and play YouTube videos streaming in MPlayer
Youtube Viewer is a CLI application dedicated for searching and streaming
Youtube Videos with MPlayer. It has been written in Perl and plays videos
from Youtube at the best quality available without using a flash player.

2010-08-18T15:45:03+00:00 audio/jack_mixer Mixer for the jack audio connection kit
jack_mixer is a GTK+ JACK audio mixer app with a look similar
to its hardware counterpart. It has lot of useful features,
apart from being able to mix multiple JACK audio streams.

2010-08-18T13:41:08+00:00 devel/bzr-grep Bazaar plugin to grep files
bzr-grep is a plugin for bzr to grep files. Its purpose is to print lines
matching PATTERN for specified files and revisions.

2010-08-18T07:44:33+00:00 sysutils/plasma-applet-apcups Plasma applet to monitor the status of APC UPS
A KDE Plasma applet that monitors uninterruptible power supplies
controlled by apcupsd <>. It can connect to
any UPS (or more precisely: any apcupsd daemon) which is reachable
over the network.

2010-08-17T23:00:22+00:00 sysutils/sievelog Syslog message filter
Sievelog is a message dispatcher inspired by swatch but more focused on the
following problems:

* Having a clean syntax
* Directing a raw syslog stream to different files based on content
* Mailing out alerts based on content
* Being fast

Sievelog's syntax is as simple as "<regex>" -> /some/file.

2010-08-17T20:32:16+00:00 devel/cmph Minimal perfect hashes for C
A perfect hash function maps a static set of n keys into a set of m integer
numbers without collisions, where m is greater than or equal to n. If m is
equal to n, the function is called minimal.

Minimal perfect hash functions are widely used for memory efficient storage
and fast retrieval of items from static sets, such as words in natural
languages, reserved words in programming languages or interactive systems,
universal resource locations (URLs) in Web search engines, or item sets in
data mining techniques. Therefore, there are applications for minimal
perfect hash functions in information retrieval systems, database systems,
language translation systems, electronic commerce systems, compilers,
operating systems, among others.

2010-08-17T19:56:28+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Accessor-Lite Minimalistic variant of p5-Class-Accessor
Class::Accessor::Lite is a variant of Class::Accessor. It is fast and requires
less typing, has no dependencies to other modules, and does not mess up the

2010-08-17T10:27:36+00:00 devel/libdisorder Simple C library for entropy measurement
Disorder and chaos are interesting phenomena. Calculating the amount
of entropy, information, or disorder in an information stream or data
collection has many interesting applications.
libdisorder provides a simple C library for calculating classic Shannon
entropy (more to come in future releases).

2010-08-16T19:02:43+00:00 net/x2goclient Qt client for the X2Go system
x2goclient is a GUI application for launching server-side X2Go sessions.

2010-08-16T18:37:33+00:00 sysutils/fpc-uuid Free Pascal uuid unit
2010-08-16T18:35:46+00:00 audio/fpc-sndfile Free Pascal Interface to sndfile library
2010-08-16T18:34:01+00:00 graphics/fpc-rsvg Free Pascal interface to librsvg2 library
2010-08-16T18:31:59+00:00 lang/fpc-rexx Free Pascal interface to the rexx-regina library
2010-08-16T18:30:13+00:00 graphics/fpc-proj4 Free Pascal interface to proj library
2010-08-16T18:28:34+00:00 audio/fpc-openal Free Pascal interface to openal library
2010-08-16T18:26:44+00:00 audio/fpc-oggvorbis Free Pascal interface to ogg & vorbis libraries
2010-08-16T18:24:16+00:00 devel/fpc-newt Free Pascal interface to newt library
2010-08-16T18:22:32+00:00 audio/fpc-modplug Free Pascal interface to modplug library
2010-08-16T18:20:37+00:00 multimedia/fpc-matroska Free Pascal interface to matroska library
2010-08-16T18:18:47+00:00 audio/fpc-mad Free Pascal interface to mad library
2010-08-16T18:17:11+00:00 lang/fpc-lua Free Pascal interface to the lua interpreter
2010-08-16T18:14:38+00:00 textproc/fpc-libxml2 Interface to xml2 library
2010-08-16T18:12:29+00:00 net/fpc-ldap Free Pascal interface to OpenLDAP
2010-08-16T18:10:02+00:00 graphics/fpc-hermes Free Pascal hermes unit
2010-08-16T18:07:49+00:00 math/fpc-gmp Free Pascal interface to gmp library
2010-08-16T18:05:28+00:00 graphics/fpc-fpvectorial Free Pascal fpvectorial unit
2010-08-16T18:02:33+00:00 devel/fpc-fcl-res Free Pascal resource handlers (FCL)
2010-08-16T17:58:39+00:00 multimedia/fpc-dts Free Pascal interface to the dts library
2010-08-16T17:56:07+00:00 devel/fpc-dbus Free Pascal interface to dbus library
2010-08-16T17:53:02+00:00 audio/fpc-a52 Free Pascal interface to a52 library
2010-08-16T17:51:09+00:00 archivers/fpc-bzip2 Free Pascal bzip2 unit
2010-08-16T17:46:57+00:00 www/fpc-fastcgi Free Pascal fastcgi unit
2010-08-16T15:43:58+00:00 www/trafficserver Fast, scalable and extensible HTTP proxy server
Apache Traffic Server is a high-performance web proxy
cache that improves network efficiency and performance
by caching frequently-accessed information at the edge
of the network.

2010-08-15T08:47:04+00:00 archivers/p5-IO-Compress-Lzma Write lzma files / buffers
IO::Compress::Lzma is a perl module for reading/writing lzma files/buffer.

2010-08-15T08:46:24+00:00 archivers/p5-Compress-Raw-Lzma Low-Level Interface to lzma compression library
Compress::Raw::Lzma is a low-Level interface to lzma compression library.

2010-08-15T08:44:23+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-TraitFor-Controller-DBIC-DoesPaging Helps you paginate, search, sort, and more easily using DBIx::Class
Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::DBIC::DoesPaging - Helps you paginate,
search, sort, and more easily using DBIx::Class.

This module helps you to map various DBIx::Class features to CGI
parameters. For the most part that means it will help you search,
sort, and paginate with a minimum of effort and thought.

2010-08-14T19:31:02+00:00 misc/freeswitch-pizzademo FreeSwitch pizza demo
FreeSwitch PockectSphinx Pizza Demo
2010-08-14T19:06:13+00:00 misc/freeswitch-scripts FreeSwitch Scripts
port for Various Freeswitch scripts .
2010-08-14T15:48:51+00:00 security/openvpn-beta Secure IP/Ethernet tunnel daemon
This is a BETA build for OpenVPN. This means that this port may not function
properly in a production environment, but we've made strong efforts toward
making this as releasble as possible. Please use this port to aid OpenVPN
to test and make this next release as stable as possible.

OpenVPN is a robust, scalable and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private
Network) daemon which can be used to securely link two or more private networks
using an encrypted tunnel over the internet. It can operate over UDP or TCP,
can use SSL or a pre-shared secret to authenticate peers, and in SSL mode, one
server can handle many clients.


2010-08-14T12:02:48+00:00 games/atanks 2D tank game with large, cartoonish weapons
This is a port of Atomic Tanks, a 2D tank game where small tanks use
cartoonishly large weapons to blow up each other. Atomic Tanks is loosely
based on the classic DOS game, Scorched Earth. The game is very
flexible, allowing anywhere from two to ten players, variable environments
and a wide range of weapons and other items.

To work, this game requires that the Allegro graphics library be installed.

2010-08-13T14:02:57+00:00 vietnamese/x-unikey Vietnamese input method for X
UniKey is a very small and easy-to-use Vietnamese keyboard for Windows.

X-Unikey is Unikey ported to Linux and FreeBSD. X-Unikey lets you type
Vietnamese in X Window environment.

2010-08-13T05:55:54+00:00 archivers/squeeze Squeeze is a modern and advanced archive manager
Squeeze is a modern and advanced archive manager for the Xfce Desktop
Environment. Its design adheres to the Xfce philosophy, which basically
means Squeeze is designed to be both fast and easy to use.

2010-08-12T20:51:33+00:00 security/dradis Opensource framework to enable effective information gathering
dradis is an open source framework to enable effective information sharing.

dradis is a self-contained web application that provides a centralised
repository of information to keep track of what has been done so far,
and what is still ahead.

Features include:

* Easy report generation.
* Support for attachments.
* Integration with existing systems and
tools through server plugins.
* Platform independent.

2010-08-12T20:20:23+00:00 net/gpxe Open Source (GPL) gPXE network bootloader
gPXE is an open-source PXE implementation and bootloader.

Create network booting code that allows computers to load
their operating system from a network or to extend an
existing PXE implementation with support for additional
protocols, such iSCSI, HTTP, TFTP, NFS, FTP and ATA
over Ethernet.

2010-08-12T12:47:33+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-CheckLib Check that a library is available
Devel::CheckLib provides a way of checking whether a particular library and
its headers are available, by attempting to compile a simple program and
link against it.

2010-08-12T12:32:38+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-FollowPBP Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo()
This module does not provide any methods. Simply loading it changes the
default naming policy for the loading class so that accessors are
separated into get and set methods. The get methods are prefixed with
"get_" as the accessor, while set methods are prefixed with "set_".
This is the naming style recommended by Damian Conway in Perl Best

2010-08-11T14:39:09+00:00 databases/sqlite-ext-mobigroup Mobigroup functions library for SQLite
These SQLite extension libraries provide the following functions:

Compress content into a blob using libz
(loaded with ".load"):

IPv4 functions (loaded with ".load"):

Shell environment functions (loaded with ".load"):

MD5 message-digest algorithm functions (loaded with ".load"):

2010-08-10T21:50:13+00:00 textproc/uim-qt4 Qt4 modules of uim input method
Qt4 IM modules of uim input method.

2010-08-10T03:21:10+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-xdmcp Remmina plugin for XDMCP protocol
2010-08-10T03:17:50+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-vnc Remmina plugin for VNC protocol
2010-08-10T03:14:29+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-telepathy Remmina plugin for Telepathy support
2010-08-10T03:09:05+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-rdp Remmina plugin for RDP protocol
2010-08-10T03:05:13+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-i18n Localized messages for Remmina plugins
2010-08-10T02:56:20+00:00 net/remmina-plugins Remmina plugin system
Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK+, aiming to be useful for
system administrators and travellers, who need to work with lots of remote
computers in front of either large monitors or tiny netbooks. Remmina supports
multiple network protocols in an integrated and consistant user interface.

2010-08-09T05:41:22+00:00 devel/buildbot-slave Continuous Integration Framework (Slave)
This port is the slave part of BuildBot. For the buildmaster, install the
devel/buildbot port

For more information, please see:

2010-08-09T05:38:04+00:00 devel/p5-Package-DeprecationManager Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution
This module allows you to manage a set of deprecations for one or more

2010-08-09T05:36:37+00:00 www/rubygem-sinatra-respond_to Respond_to style Rails block for Sinatra
A respond_to style Rails block for baked-in web service support in Sinatra.

2010-08-09T05:36:05+00:00 www/rubygem-emk-sinatra-url-for Construct absolute paths and full URLs for a Sinatra application
sinatra-url-for constructs absolute paths and full URLs for
handlers in a Sinatra application. Assuming that your application
is running on, and that it has been mapped to /myapp,
you should be able call url_for from within a handler as follows:

url_for "/" # Returns "/myapp/"
url_for "/foo" # Returns "/myapp/foo"
url_for "/foo", :full # Returns ""

2010-08-09T05:33:56+00:00 irc/p5-POE-Session-Irssi Emit POE events for Irssi signals
This POE::Session subclass helps you integrate POE and Irssi scripting. It
connects the signals and commands handlers you define as POE events with the
Irssi machinery.

2010-08-09T05:33:25+00:00 devel/p5-POE-Loop-Glib Bridge that supports Glib event loop from POE
A bridge that supports Glib's event loop from POE.

2010-08-09T05:30:51+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-ArgNames Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines
Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines.

2010-08-09T04:54:33+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-uptime Provides uptime and boot time information
The sys-uptime library is a simple interface for gathering uptime information.
You can retrieve data in seconds, minutes, days, hours, or all of the above.

2010-08-09T04:53:54+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-admin Unified, cross platform replacement for the Etc module
A unified, cross-platform replacement for the Etc module that allows you to get
information about users and groups.

2010-08-09T04:52:14+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-filesystem Ruby interface for getting filesystem information
The sys-filesystem library provides an interface for gathering filesystem
information, such as disk space and mount point data.

2010-08-09T04:51:45+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-uname Ruby interface for getting system information
A Ruby interface for getting system information along the lines of the uname
Unix command

2010-08-09T04:51:12+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-host Provides hostname, IP address, and other information for a given host
Provides hostname, ip address, and other information for a given host.

2010-08-09T04:50:27+00:00 devel/rubygem-test-unit Improved version of Test::Unit bundled in Ruby
An xUnit family unit testing framework for Ruby.

Test::Unit (test-unit) is unit testing framework for Ruby, based on xUnit
principles. These were originally designed by Kent Beck, creator of extreme
programming software development methodology, for Smalltalk's SUnit. It allows
writing tests, checking results and automated testing in Ruby.

2010-08-08T18:04:52+00:00 games/stonesoup-sdl
2010-08-08T13:36:48+00:00 audio/linux-musicipserver Application for generating playlists based upon musical content
This is an application for generating playlists based upon musical content.

2010-08-08T04:11:09+00:00 www/linux-libgtkembedmoz HTML rendering library
This port is for providing Linux version of library used by
some applications such as Adobe Reader.
2010-08-07T16:07:21+00:00 graphics/py-aafigure ASCII art to image converter written in Python
aafigure is an ASCII art to image converter.

ASCII art figures can be parsed and output as SVG, PNG, JPEG, PDF and more.
This project provides a Python package, a command line script as well as
Docutils and MoinMoin plugins.

2010-08-07T12:35:37+00:00 graphics/visionworkbench General purpose image processing and computer vision library
The NASA Vision Workbench (VW) is a general purpose image processing and
computer vision library.

2010-08-06T08:46:05+00:00 editors/paredit-mode.el Minor mode for performing editing of S-expression data
ParEdit (paredit.el) is a minor Emacs mode for performing structured
editing of S-expression data. The typical example of this would be
Lisp, Scheme or Clojure source code.

ParEdit helps keep parentheses balanced and adds many keys for
moving S-expressions and moving around in S-expressions.

2010-08-05T22:55:13+00:00 audio/libfishsound Programming interface to decode/encode audio data
libfishsound provides a simple programming interface for decoding and encoding
audio data using the codecs (FLAC, Speex and Vorbis).

libfishsound by itself is designed to handle raw codec streams from a lower
level layer such as UDP datagrams. When these codecs are used in files, they
are commonly encapsulated in Ogg to produce Ogg FLAC, Speex and Ogg Vorbis

libfishsound is a wrapper around the existing codec libraries and provides a
consistent, higher-level programming interface. It has been designed for use in
a wide variety of applications; it has no direct dependencies on Ogg
encapsulation, though it is most commonly used in conjunction with liboggz to
decode or encode FLAC, Speex or Vorbis audio tracks in Ogg files, including Ogg
Theora and Annodex.

2010-08-05T17:41:00+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Version Get module versions
This module fetches the version of any other module.

2010-08-05T15:48:51+00:00 devel/p5-File-ShareDir-Install Install read-only data files from a distribution
File::ShareDir::Install allows you to install read-only data files from a
distribution. It is a companion module to File::ShareDir, which allows you to
locate these files after installation.

It is a port Module::Install::Share to ExtUtils::MakeMaker with the improvement
of only installing the files you want; .svn and other source-control junk will
be ignored.

2010-08-05T14:13:30+00:00 mail/squirrelmail-squirrel_logger-plugin Logging functionality for your webmail interface
This plugin implements logging functionality for your webmail interface.
You can choose to log to a database, a file, your system log, or any
combination thereof. You can also choose which kinds of events to log,
including login events, logout events, login error events, all outgoing
messages, possible outgoing spam messages, and other error events.

Also included is monitoring functionality that will send alert emails to
the administrator when certain events trigger.

If you use the timeout_user plugin, logout events caused by user timeouts
will be captured.

Log message format is also completely custom-defined to meet your needs
in the configuration file.

2010-08-04T20:00:20+00:00 net/subnetcalc IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator
SubNetCalc is an IPv4/IPv6 subnet address calculator. For given IPv4 or IPv6
address and netmask or prefix length, it calculates network address, broadcast
address, maximum number of hosts and host address range. The output is
colourized for better readability (e.g. network part, host part). Also, it
prints the addresses in binary format for better understandability.

Furthermore, it can identify the address type (e.g. multicast, unique local,
site local, etc.) and extract additional information from the address
(e.g. type, scope, interface ID, etc.). Finally, it can generate IPv6 unique
local prefixes.

2010-08-04T11:36:51+00:00 x11-themes/gnome-icons-dropline-neu Dropline Neu Icons for Gnome
The Dropline Neu iconset for Gnome.

2010-08-04T07:54:37+00:00 devel/p5-ParseTemplate Processor for templates containing Perl expressions
The Parse::Template class evaluates Perl expressions placed within
a text. This class can be used as a code generator, or a generator
of documents in various document formats (HTML, XML, RTF, etc.).

Parse::Template was initially created to serve as a code generator
for the Parse::Lex class. The class is now available as a separate

2010-08-04T04:08:04+00:00 net/freerdp Free implementation of Remote Desktop Protocol
FreeRDP is a free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP),
released under the Apache license. Enjoy the freedom of using your
software wherever you want, the way you want it, in a world where
interoperability can finally liberate your computing experience.

2010-08-03T17:39:21+00:00 sysutils/zfsnap Simple sh script to make zfs rolling snaphosts with cron
zfSnap is a simple sh script for creating ZFS snapshots. When called from
cron rolling snapshots can be created and deleted automatically. The main
advantage of zfSnap is that it is written in 100% pure /bin/sh, does not
require any additional software to run, and is simple to use.

zfSnap keeps all information about snapshot in snapshot name. zfs snapshot
names are in form: Timestamp--TTL where timestamp is date and time of
snapshot creation and TTL is Time To Live in human readable form.

2010-08-03T13:45:22+00:00 misc/kbdscan Show scancodes of keys pressed and released
kbdscan is a small program to set the FreeBSD console keyboard in
raw scancode mode and show scancodes of keys pressed and released.

Five seconds of inactivity resets the console to the original mode
and quits the program.

2010-08-03T11:47:04+00:00 x11-fonts/moveable-type-fonts Collection of open source fonts
We're done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. Enough with
the limitations of the web, we won't have it. It's time to raise
our standards. Here, you'll find only the most well-made, free &
open-source, @font-face ready fonts.

2010-08-03T11:01:40+00:00 sysutils/zfSnap Simple sh script to make zfs rolling snaphosts with cron
zfSnap is very simple sh script to make periodic zfs snapshots with cron.
It will also delete old snapshots.


-- Aldis Berjoza
2010-08-03T10:26:57+00:00 graphics/libecwj2 Erdas ECW and JPEG2000 support library
ECW JPEG2000 Codec SDK allows software developers to add support
for the JPEG200 and ECW image formats into their own applications
(commercial, internal, server based workflow, etc).

JPEG2000 is an International Organization of Standardization (ISO)
image format. ECW is an industry standard for handling large
geospatial imagery.

2010-08-03T10:19:19+00:00 devel/buildapp A simple wrapper for creating executables with sbcl
Allows building executables simply from sbcl.
Also allows for ARGV so programs generated
behave like normal unix programs.

2010-08-03T09:45:10+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-chameleon-white Chameleon Xcursors theme
Collection of smooth semitransparent cursors with shadows.

2010-08-03T09:45:10+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-chameleon-skyblue Chameleon Xcursors theme
Collection of smooth semitransparent cursors with shadows.

2010-08-03T09:45:10+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-chameleon-pearl Chameleon Xcursors theme
Collection of smooth semitransparent cursors with shadows.

2010-08-03T09:45:10+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-chameleon-darkskyblue Chameleon Xcursors theme
Collection of smooth semitransparent cursors with shadows.

2010-08-03T09:45:10+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-chameleon-anthracite Chameleon Xcursors theme
Collection of smooth semitransparent cursors with shadows.

2010-08-02T20:55:31+00:00 net/scribe Aggregating log data streamed in real time
Scribe is a server for aggregating log data streamed in real time from a large
number of servers. It is designed to be scalable, extensible without
client-side modification, and robust to failure of the network or any specific

This is an archived project and is no longer supported or updated by Facebook.
Please do not file issues or pull-requests. If you wish to continue to develop
this code yourself, we recommend you fork it.

2010-08-02T20:17:37+00:00 x11-fonts/khmeros Khmer OS fonts
A collection of Khmer OS TrueType fonts. The package contains:
- KhmerOS
- KhmerOS Battambang
- KhmerOS Bokor
- KhmerOS Content
- KhmerOS Fasthand
- KhmerOS Freehand
- KhmerOS Metalchrieng
- KhmerOS Muol
- KhmerOS Muollight
- KhmerOS Muolpali
- KhmerOS Siemreap
- KhmerOS Sys

2010-08-02T20:17:17+00:00 x11-fonts/padauk Unicode font supporting all the Myanmar characters
Padauk is a fully capable Unicode 5.1 font supporting all the Myanmar
characters in the standard. Thus it provides support for minority languages
as well, in both local and Burmese rendering style.

2010-08-02T20:15:46+00:00 x11-fonts/pingwi PingWi Typography fonts
PingWi Typography (PWT) font package contains PWT Tahion, PWT Arion,
PWT Courant, PWT Verde and PWT Timer fonts that are supposed
to substitute Microsoft's Tahoma, Arial, Courier, Verdana and
Times New Roman respectively. They are designed to resolve formatting
problems with documents created in MS Office, when they are opened

2010-08-02T19:45:30+00:00 sysutils/dtpstree Display a tree of processes
DT PS Tree shows running processes as a tree. It is a reimplementation of
pstree from PSmisc for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, and possibly
other modern BSD variants. It also works without /proc and will show the full
set of processes in a jail even if init is not present.

2010-08-02T18:38:06+00:00 textproc/scim-kmfl-khmer KMFL SCIM IMEngine keyboard for Khmer language
This is an KMFL keyboard for Khmer language. It use the same keyboard layout
as the "Khmer Unicode" provided for MS Windows by

2010-08-02T12:43:49+00:00 devel/libtpl Library for serializing C data
You can use tpl to store and reload your C data quickly and easily.
Tpl works with files, memory buffers and file descriptors so it's
suitable for use as a file format, IPC message format or any scenario
where you need to store and retrieve your data.

2010-08-02T10:18:44+00:00 graphics/php-libpuzzle PHP extension for Puzzle library to find similar pictures
This is the PHP extension of the Puzzle library, which is designed to
quickly find visually similar images (GIF, PNG, JPG), even if they have been
resized, recompressed, recolored or slightly modified.
The library is free, lightweight yet very fast, configurable, easy to use
and it has been designed with security in mind.

2010-08-01T11:18:47+00:00 www/p5-HTTP-Session-State-MobileAgentID Perl extension to maintain session IDs using mobile phone unique id
Maintain session IDs using mobile phone's unique id.

2010-08-01T01:06:50+00:00 misc/rabbit An RD-document-based presentation application
Rabbit is an RD-document-based presentation application.
Rabbit has some features which set it apart from other presentation tools:
* Use plain Ruby to define the look of your slides
* Lots of keyboard commands
* Mouse gesture support
* and more...

2010-07-31T18:34:32+00:00 japanese/font-migmix Mixed Japanese font with IPA Gothic and M-plus outline
This package includes a mixed font consisting of Japanese TrueType
fonts distributed by Infomation-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
Japan and M+ outline font.

2010-07-31T10:07:19+00:00 graphics/aeskulap Medical image viewer
Aeskulap is a medical image viewer. It is able to load a series of
special images stored in the DICOM format for review. Additionally
Aeskulap is able to query and fetch DICOM images from archive nodes
(also called PACS) over the network. The goal of this project is to
create a full open source replacement for commercially available DICOM

2010-07-31T03:08:34+00:00 devel/google-styleguide Tool to assist with Google style guide compliance
This project holds the C++ Style Guide, Objective-C Style Guide, Java Style
Guide, Python Style Guide, R Style Guide, Shell Style Guide, HTML/CSS Style
Guide, JavaScript Style Guide, AngularJS Style Guide, Common Lisp Style Guide,
and Vimscript Style Guide. This project also contains:
- cpplint, a tool to assist with style guide compliance
- google-c-style.el, an Emacs settings file for Google style
- google_python_style.vim, a Vim settings to indent Python in the Google way

If your project requires that you create a new XML document format, the XML
Document Format Style Guide may be helpful. In addition to actual style rules,
it also contains advice on designing your own vs. adapting an existing format,
on XML instance document formatting, and on elements vs. attributes.

2010-07-30T14:58:58+00:00 textproc/p5-PPIx-Utilities Extensions to PPI
This is a collection of functions for dealing with PPI objects, many of
which originated in Perl::Critic. They are organized into modules by
the kind of PPI class they relate to, by replacing the "PPI" at the
front of the module name with "PPIx::Utilities", e.g. functionality
related to PPI::Nodes is in PPIx::Utilities::Node.

2010-07-28T23:07:06+00:00 net/p5-Net-CIDR-MobileJP Perl extension for mobile IP address in Japan
Net::CIDR::MobileJP is an utility to detect an ip address is mobile
(cellular) ip address or not.

2010-07-28T18:37:00+00:00 www/p5-Google-Code-Upload Uploading files to a Google Code project
Google::Code::Upload uploads files to a Google Code project.

2010-07-28T14:27:05+00:00 japanese/asterisk16-sounds Japanese sound files for Asterisk 1.6
This is a port of Japanese sound files for Asterisk 1.6.
Under the restriction of using Asterisk(tm) The Open Source PBX only,
you can use them royalty-free.
For more information about the license, you have to refer to
README.txt written in Japanese.

2010-07-28T09:45:02+00:00 devel/dcmtk Toolkit to work with DICOM objects
DCMTK is a collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts
of the DICOM standard. DCMTK includes software for examining, constructing and
converting DICOM image files, handling offline media, sending and receiving
images over a network connection, as well as demonstrative image storage and
worklist servers. DCMTK comes in complete source code and is written in a
mixture of ANSI C and C++.

2010-07-28T07:01:13+00:00 multimedia/audiopreview Command-line tool to play previews of audio and video files
Audiopreview is a command-line tool that can play previews of your
audio files as well as video files, and even internet media streams.
It will play your whole media library without any problem and can
also be used as a regular media player.

2010-07-28T00:31:52+00:00 security/ncrack High-speed network authentication cracking tool
Ncrack is a high-speed network authentication cracking tool. Ncrack was
designed using a modular approach, a command-line syntax similar to
Nmap and a dynamic engine that can adapt its behaviour based on network
feedback. It allows for rapid, yet reliable large-scale auditing of
multiple hosts.

2010-07-27T08:23:28+00:00 www/phpvirtualbox AJAX Web Interface for VirtualBox
An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user
interface written in PHP. As a modern web interface, it allows
you to access and control remote VirtualBox instances

2010-07-26T22:26:37+00:00 devel/hexcompare Compare and identify differences between two binary files
hexcompare is a curses-based utility to compare and identify differences between
two binary files. These differences are then represented visually with an
interactive block diagram.

2010-07-24T21:37:21+00:00 net-p2p/qbittorrent-23 Bittorrent client using Qt4 and libtorrent-rasterbar
qBittorrent v2 is the closest open source (GNU GPL v2 license) equivalent
to utorrent. It is based on the Qt4 toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar.


Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine
Simultaneous search in most famous BitTorrent search sites
Per-category-specific search requests (e.g. Books, Music, Movies)
All Bittorrent extensions
* DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet URI
Remote control through a Web user interface
* Nearly identical to the regular UI, all in Ajax
Advanced control over trackers, peers and torrents
* Torrents queueing and prioritizing
* Torrent content selection and prioritizing
UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
Available in ~25 languages (Unicode support)
uTorrent spoofing to bypass private trackers whitelisting
Advanced RSS support with download filters (inc. regex)
IP Filtering (eMule and PeerGuardian compatible)

2010-07-24T21:34:59+00:00 games/oldrunner Textmode remake of Broderbund's LodeRunner
Oldrunner is a remake of Broderbund's Loderunner which contains the 150
original game levels. It is written in C and has a textmode interface.

2010-07-24T21:15:00+00:00 multimedia/phonon-vlc VLC backend for Phonon
Phonon is the multimedia framework for KDE Software Compilation.
This port provides the VLC backend.

2010-07-24T16:14:32+00:00 deskutils/epoch Small and handy timeline application
Epoch is small and handy timeline application. The time scale is
accurate in the range from 1sec to several million years. Events
can be positioned absolutely or relatively linked to another era.

2010-07-24T15:59:51+00:00 x11-toolkits/qwt6-designerplugin Qt Designer plugin for Qwt
The Qwt library contains GUI Components and utility classes which
are primarily useful for programs with a technical background.
Beside a 2D plot widget it provides scales, sliders, dials, compasses,
thermometers, wheels and knobs to control or display values, arrays,
or ranges of type double.

This port installs Qt Designer plugin for Qwt library version 6.

2010-07-24T15:59:51+00:00 x11-toolkits/qwt5-designerplugin Qt Designer plugin for Qwt
The Qwt library contains GUI Components and utility classes which
are primarily useful for programs with a technical background.
Beside a 2D plot widget it provides scales, sliders, dials, compasses,
thermometers, wheels and knobs to control or display values, arrays,
or ranges of type double.

This port installs Qt Designer plugin for Qwt library version 5.

2010-07-24T09:27:27+00:00 devel/cutter Unit Testing Framework for C and C++
Cutter is a xUnit family Unit Testing Framework for C and C++.

This is a list of features of Cutter:
- easy to write tests;
- outputs result with useful format for debugging;
- tests are built as shared libraries.

2010-07-24T08:52:02+00:00 devel/lcov Linux Test Project GCOV extension
LCOV is a graphical front-end for GCC's coverage testing tool gcov. It collects
gcov data for multiple source files and creates HTML pages containing the
source code annotated with coverage information. It also adds overview pages
for easy navigation within the file structure.

2010-07-23T20:05:17+00:00 games/sea-defender Simple missile command clone
Simple missile command clone in 96k for Linux/Windows/OS X.

2010-07-22T21:17:27+00:00 games/searchandrescue Flight simulator in which the player rescues people
This is a 3D flight simulator in which the player flies around
the map rescuing people. The game has a selection of several different
helicoptors and a jet airplane to choose from. The game includes
training missions, more complete missions and a campaign mode as
well as a free flight option for people who just want to explore.

2010-07-22T21:17:14+00:00 games/searchandrescue-data The data files for SearchAndRescue flight simulator
This port contains the data files the SearchAndRescue flight simulator needs.

2010-07-21T09:57:57+00:00 cad/qelectrotech Application to design electric diagrams
QElectroTech is a Qt4 application to design electric diagrams. It uses XML
files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram editor and an
element editor.

2010-07-21T03:27:25+00:00 science/qelectrotech QElectroTech is application to design electric diagrams
QElectroTech is a Qt4 application to design electric diagrams. It uses XML
files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram editor and an
element editor.

2010-07-20T13:03:00+00:00 www/fcgiwrap Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts
fcgiwrap is a simple server for running CGI applications over FastCGI. It hopes
to provide clean CGI support to Nginx (and other web servers that may need it).

* very lightweight (84KB of private memory per instance)
* fixes broken CR/LF in headers
* handles environment in a sane way (CGI scripts get HTTP-related env. vars
* from FastCGI parameters and inherit all the others from fcgiwrap's
* environment)
* no configuration, so you can run several sites off the same fcgiwrap pool
* passes CGI stderr output to fcgiwrap's stderr (this is by design but
* stderr could be also passed to FastCGI stderr stream)

2010-07-20T11:31:42+00:00 www/p5-Google-Search Interface to the Google AJAX Search API and suggestion API
Google::Search is an interface to the Google AJAX Search API. Currently, their
API looks like it will fetch you the top 64 results for your search query.

2010-07-18T13:30:18+00:00 www/py-formalchemy Toolkit for creating HTML form elements
FormAlchemy greatly speeds development with SQLAlchemy mapped classes
(models) in a HTML forms environment.

FormAlchemy eliminates boilerplate by autogenerating HTML input fields
from a given model. FormAlchemy will try to figure out what kind of
HTML code should be returned by introspecting the model's properties
and generate ready-to-use HTML code that will fit the developer's

2010-07-17T19:17:42+00:00 irc/kvirc-qt4 Qt 4 based IRC client
2010-07-17T14:53:07+00:00 converters/drg2sbg Convert proprietary .drg file format into SBaGen format
This program converts the .drg propiatary file format into the open source
SBaGen format.

2010-07-16T21:18:23+00:00 x11-themes/linux-f10-qtcurve-gtk2 QtCurve GTK2 Theme Engine (Linux Fedora 10)
QtCurve is a set of widget styles for Qt4/KDE4, KDE3 and Gtk2 based apps.
This port provides Linux version of GTK2 theme engine.

2010-07-16T14:18:48+00:00 www/cblog Simple weblog in C using markdown
simple weblog written in C using markdown to write posts and tinycdb to store

2010-07-16T09:19:34+00:00 devel/lamson Python mail server built like a web application server
Lamson is a modern Pythonic mail server built like a web application server.

2010-07-16T01:32:15+00:00 games/frogatto Old-school 2D classic adventure platformer game
Frogatto is a "platformer", or "jump-and-run" videogame. Like many classic
games, the world is viewed as a cross-section seen from the side, and your
character walks and jumps between solid platforms, whilst avoiding monsters.

Frogatto is not a clone of any specific game; although, being a platformer,
it is impossible not to have something in common with titles like Mario or
Sonic, but authors are trying to innovate a bit.

Frogatto is also the protagonist's name. It's eponymous.

2010-07-15T16:32:04+00:00 www/trac-discussion Discussion forum plugin for Trac
The DiscussionPlugin adds discussion forums to Trac. An arbitrary number
of forums can be added, organised to forum groups. Users can create
topics in forums and reply to them which together creates discussion
threads. Threaded or flat view to topics and its replies is supported.
Each forum has a list of moderators who can delete topics, replies,
etc. Appending new forums and topics either as new replies shows up in
timeline. Searching capability in topics and replies is supported too.

2010-07-15T15:39:45+00:00 devel/p5-File-Tail-Dir Tail all matching files in a given set of directories
This module monitors and processes any lines appended to the end of one
or more files in a given list of directories and keeping state between

2010-07-15T08:50:08+00:00 devel/p5-Log-Dispatch-File-Stamped Logging to date/time stamped files
This module provides a Log::Dispatch style interface to log to date/time
stamped files.

2010-07-14T02:18:53+00:00 net/kwooty Usenet binary downloader for KDE4
Kwooty is a .nzb usenet binary downloader for KDE4.

It supports automatic file verifying/repairing
with par2 files and automatic .rar archive extraction.

2010-07-11T18:57:42+00:00 misc/py-xdelta3 Python module for xdelta3
2010-07-11T10:16:10+00:00 sysutils/py-zfs Python ZFS library
The Python ZFS library is a Python interface to ZFS functions.

Since ZFS v15, the following functionality of the "zfs" command
requires this library and the pyzfs utility:

zfs allow
zfs unallow
zfs userspace
zfs groupspace
2010-07-10T11:08:45+00:00 graphics/jbig2dec Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
jbig2dec is a decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format.
JBIG2 is designed for lossy or lossless encoding of 'bilevel' (1-bit monochrome)
images at moderately high resolution, and in particular scanned paper documents.
In this domain it is very efficient, offering compression ratios on the order of

2010-07-09T20:53:12+00:00 devel/py-mock Rolling backport of unittest.mock for all Pythons
mock is a library for testing in Python. It allows you to replace parts of
your system under test with mock objects and make assertions about how
they have been used.

mock is now part of the Python standard library, available as
unittest.mock in Python 3.3 onwards.

This package contains a rolling backport of the standard library mock code
compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.4 and up.

2010-07-09T18:59:18+00:00 devel/py-daemon Well-behaved daemon framework for Python
Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process.

This library implements the well-behaved daemon specification of PEP 3143,
"Standard daemon process library".

A well-behaved Unix daemon process is tricky to get right, but the required
steps are much the same for every daemon program. A DaemonContext instance holds
the behaviour and configured process environment for the program; use the
instance as a context manager to enter a daemon state.

2010-07-09T18:29:51+00:00 sysutils/etcupdate Manage updates to /etc automatically
The etcupdate utility is a tool for managing updates to files that are
not updated as part of `make installworld' such as files in /etc. It
manages updates by doing a three-way merge of changes made to these files
against the local versions. It is also designed to minimize the amount
of user intervention with the goal of simplifying upgrades for clusters
of machines.

The primary difference from mergemaster is that etcupdate requires less
manual work. The primary difference from etcmerge is that etcupdate
updates files in-place similar to mergemaster rather than building a
separate /etc tree.
2010-07-09T03:47:44+00:00 devel/p5-Sys-Trace Interface to system call tracing interfaces
Sys::Trace provides a way to programmatically run or trace a program
and see the system calls it makes.

This can be useful during testing as a way to ensure a particular file
is actually opened, or another hard to test interaction actually occurs.

Currently supported tracing mechanisms are ktrace, strace and truss.

2010-07-07T15:27:20+00:00 audio/minitunes Just another music player
Minitunes is just another music player, only better.
Minitunes unclutters your music listening experience with a clean and
innovative interface.

2010-07-07T14:43:26+00:00 multimedia/p5-Audio-M4P M4P / MP4 / m4a Quicktime audio and video tools
Slice, dice, deconstruct, markup, and decrypt
MP4 / M4P / M4V / M4A (Apple Quicktime) audio and video.

2010-07-07T14:06:02+00:00 databases/p5-DBD-cego Cego DBI driver for Perl 5
A DBI driver for the Cego database for Perl 5

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-06T00:13:06+00:00 net-p2p/mktorrent Command-line utility for creating BitTorrent metainfo files
mktorrent is a simple command-line utility to create BitTorrent
metainfo files. It supports multiple trackers, private trackers,
custom comments, and is multi-threaded to support multiple CPUs.

2010-07-05T17:36:12+00:00 graphics/zathura Customizable lightweight pdf viewer
zathura is a highly customizable and functional PDF viewer based on the poppler
rendering library and the gtk+ toolkit. The idea behind zathura is an
application that provides a minimalistic and space saving interface as well as
an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction.

2010-07-05T08:18:12+00:00 math/py-numexpr Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy
numexpr - Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy.

The numexpr package evaluates multiple-operator array expressions many times
faster than NumPy can. It accepts the expression as a string, analyzes it,
rewrites it more efficiently, and compiles it to faster Python code on the fly.
It's the next best thing to writing the expression in C and compiling it with a
specialized just-in-time (JIT) compiler, i.e. it does not require a compiler at

Also, numexpr has support for the Intel VML (Vector Math Library) -- integrated
in Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library) --, allowing nice speed-ups when computing
transcendental functions (like trigonometrical, exponentials...) on top of
Intel-compatible platforms. This support also allows to use multiple cores in
your computations.

2010-07-05T07:43:03+00:00 www/shellinabox Publish command line shell through AJAX interface
Shell In A Box is a web server that can export arbitary command line tools
to a web based terminal emulator.

2010-07-04T10:01:00+00:00 textproc/ibus-el IBus client for GNU Emacs
ibus.el is IBus client for GNU Emacs. ibus.el provides ibus-mode
minor mode, which allows users on-the-spot style input with IBus on
Emacs. The input statuses are individually kept for each buffer, and
prefix-keys such as C-x and C-c can be used even if IBus is active.
So you can input various languages fast and comfortably.

2010-07-04T03:36:12+00:00 databases/p5-PostgreSQL-PLPerl-Trace Simple way to trace execution of Perl statements in PL/Perl
PostgreSQL::PLPerl::Trace is a simple way to trace execution of
Perl statements in PL/Perl.

2010-07-04T02:55:25+00:00 databases/p5-PostgreSQL-PLPerl-Call Simple interface for calling SQL functions from PostgreSQL PL/Perl
PostgreSQL::PLPerl::Call is a simple interface for calling SQL functions
from PostgreSQL PL/Perl.

2010-07-02T20:29:18+00:00 textproc/p5-Validator-Custom Validator::Custom for simple data validation
Validator::Custom validate HTML form data easy and flexibly. The features are
the following ones.
- Many constraint functions are available by default, such as not_blank, int,
defined, in_array, length.
- Several filter functions are available by default, such as trim,
datetime_to_timepiece, date_to_timepiece.
- You can register your constraint function.
- You can set error messages for invalid parameter value. The order of messages
is keeped.
- Support OR condtion constraint and negativate constraint.

2010-07-02T17:23:30+00:00 net/x2goclient-cli The x2go perl client
CLI client for x2go

2010-07-02T17:18:31+00:00 net/nxproxy Helper program for x2go
NXProxy is a program required by the x2go client.

2010-07-02T13:46:19+00:00 russian/MT Russian localization of the MovableType publishing system
Movable Type is a web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to
ease maintenance of regularly-updated news, journal sites and weblogs.

2010-07-02T08:54:56+00:00 textproc/p5-HTML-HTML5-Parser Named entity list for HTML parser
HTML::HTML5::Parse is substantially the same as the non-CPAN module
Whatpm::HTML. Changes include:
* Provides an XML::LibXML-like DOM interface. If you usually use
XML::LibXML's DOM parser, this should be a drop-in solution for tag
soup HTML.
* Constructs an XML::LibXML::Document as the result of parsing.
* Via bundling and modifications, removed external dependencies
on non-CPAN packages.

2010-07-01T07:19:44+00:00 net-p2p/libtorrent-rasterbar-15-python Python bindings for libtorrent-rasterbar-15
2010-07-01T05:49:29+00:00 databases/cego Relational and transactional database system
Cego is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Cego
supports transactional SQL query requests in a multithreaded
architecture. For high availability requirements, Cego supports a
database shadowing feature. Several compute nodes can be defined in
a Cego database configuration, where each node is able to manage a
number of so called table sets. For each tableset, a backup node
can be defined, which runs is recover mode for the corresponding
tableset. If required, the tableset can be switched to the backup
node and this node gets the active node for the tableset.

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-01T05:48:51+00:00 devel/lfcxml C++ XML library, used for databases/cego
This is a C++ XML library, used for databases/cego and probably
other applications

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-01T05:48:51+00:00 devel/cego-xml C++ XML library, used for databases/cego
This is a C++ XML library, used for databases/cego and probably
other applications

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-01T05:47:37+00:00 devel/lfc Collection of basic c++ classes, used for databases/cego
This is a collection of basic c++ classes, used for devel/lfcxml
and databases/cego and probably other applications.

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-01T05:47:37+00:00 devel/cego-base A collection of basic c++ classes, used for databases/cego
This is a collection of basic c++ classes, used for devel/cego-xml
and databases/cego and probably other applications.

Many more details are available at:

2010-07-01T05:27:58+00:00 net-im/mbpurple Integrate Twitter with Pidgin (AKA microblog-purple)
This plugin allows you to set up your twitter accounts as buddies
in pidgin. It supports OAuth authentication and HTTPS.

You will see messages from your timeline which you can reply to,
retweet, etc.

2010-07-01T04:16:41+00:00 math/p5-Algorithm-KMeans Clustering multi-dimensional data with a pure-Perl implementation
Algorithm::KMeans is a perl5 module for the clustering of numerical data
in multidimensional spaces. Since the module is entirely in Perl (in the
sense that it is not a Perl wrapper around a C library that actually does
the clustering), the code in the module can easily be modified to experiment
with several aspects of automatic clustering. For example, one can change
the criterion used to measure the "distance" between two data points, the
stopping condition for accepting final clusters, the criterion used for
measuring the quality of the clustering achieved, etc.

2010-06-30T15:45:35+00:00 editors/yasnippet YASnippet is a template system for Emacs
YASnippet is a template system for Emacs. It allows you to type an
abbreviation and automatically expand it into function templates.

Bundled language templates includes: C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby,
SQL, LaTeX, HTML, CSS and more. The snippet syntax is inspired from
TextMate's syntax, you can even import most TextMate templates to

2010-06-29T12:08:25+00:00 math/octave-forge-gnuplot Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repository project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is gnuplot.

Scripts to save data in gnuplot-readable formats, specify gnuplot commands
that will be used to produce graphics, and call gnuplot. See help g_ez
quickly produce the most common plots.

2010-06-29T12:03:07+00:00 math/octave-forge-fenv Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is fenv.

On supported architectures, change the rounding mode of the floating point
arithmetics (to nearest, up, down, to zero) or change the precision of the
arithmetical operations (single, double, double extended). Experimentally
test the properties of the floating point arithmetics.

2010-06-29T11:58:05+00:00 math/octave-forge-es Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is es.

Spanish package for the construction of native language translations of
Octave functions.

2010-06-29T11:53:37+00:00 math/octave-forge-octproj Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is octproj.

This package allows to call functions of PROJ.4 library for cartographic
projections transformations.

2010-06-29T08:48:24+00:00 www/drupal6-content_access Drupal 6.x Content Access module
This module allows you to manage permissions for content types by
role and author. It allows you to specifiy custom view, edit and
delete permissions for each content type. Optionally you can enable
per content access settings, so you can customize the access for
each content node.

2010-06-29T08:47:32+00:00 www/drupal6-ckeditor Drupal 6.x Ckeditor WYSIWYG HTML editor
This module will allow Drupal to replace textarea fields with the CKEditor -
a visual HTML editor, sometimes called WYSIWYG editor.
This HTML text editor brings many of the powerful WYSIWYG editing functions
of known desktop editors like Word to the web. It's very fast and doesn't
require any kind of installation on the client computer.

2010-06-29T07:40:56+00:00 devel/jiic Streaming-based Java implementation of ISO 9660
JIIC is a Java-based implementation for creating CD-ROM filesystem
images according to ISO 9660, also known as ECMA-119. It provides
support for the El Torito, Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions.

2010-06-29T01:22:16+00:00 science/jstrack Freeware hurricane tracking program
JStrack is written by and for people who are in areas that are prone to
hits from tropical systems (currently only in the Tropical Atlantic).
It's intended to display the NHC/TPC data and give you what you need to
make decisions, etc. It does NOT, nor will it ever, attempt to do any
forecasting on its own -- I leave that to the gurus at the NHC/TPC.

2010-06-28T10:58:49+00:00 devel/sabre Simple API for Binary REpresentations and an UDF Library
This project provides the Java-based implementation of the
Simple API for Binary REpresentations (SABRE). The library
defines observer-pattern interfaces for processing hierarchically
structured, binary-oriented documents, comparable to the Simple
API for XML (SAX). Processing can be modularized into a streaming
pipeline composed of separate stages, enabling the parsing,
transformation and serialization of large binary documents.

UDFLib is a Java-based implementation for creating UDF filesystem
images for DVDs according to ISO 13346, also known as ECMA-167.

2010-06-28T07:58:08+00:00 net/bird6 Dynamic IP routing daemon (IPv6 version)
The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon.

- Both IPv4 and IPv6
- Multiple routing tables
- Static routes
- IPv6 Router Advertisements
- Inter-table protocol
- Command-line interface
- Soft reconfiguration
- Powerful language for route filtering

2010-06-28T02:22:18+00:00 devel/fossil DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
Fossil is an easy-to-use Distributed Source Control Management system (DSCM)
which supports access and administration over HTTP CGI or via a built-in HTTP
server, has a built-in wiki, file browser, ticket system, and more.

2010-06-27T01:21:47+00:00 dns/p5-Net-DNS-TestNS Perl extension for simulating simple Nameservers
Class to setup a number of nameservers that respond to specific DNS queries
(QNAME,QTYPE) by prespecified answers. This class is to be used in test suites
where you want to have servers to show predefined behavior.

If the server will do a lookup based on QNAME,QTYPE and return the specified
data. If there is no QNAME, QTYPE match the server will return a SERVFAIL.

A log will be written to STDERR it contains time, IP/PORT, QNAME, QTYPE, RCODE.

2010-06-26T10:20:28+00:00 japanese/scim-mozc Mozc engine for SCIM
Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform
such as Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This open-source project
originates from Google Japanese Input.

2010-06-26T08:08:01+00:00 japanese/mozc-tool Mozc tool for IBus, SCIM, and others
Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform
such as Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This open-source project
originates from Google Japanese Input.

2010-06-26T08:06:48+00:00 japanese/mozc-server Mozc Japanese Input Method, Server
Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform
such as Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This open-source project
originates from Google Japanese Input.

2010-06-26T03:13:24+00:00 japanese/mozc-additions Additional tools and images for Mozc Japanese Input Method
Additional tools and images for Mozc Japanese Input Method.
2010-06-26T01:36:06+00:00 devel/py-gyp-devel Generate Your Projects
gyp - Generate Your Projects - a python based build tool

2010-06-25T16:49:48+00:00 devel/luafilesystem Library to access directory structure and file attributes
LuaFileSystem is a Lua library developed to complement the
set of functions related to file systems offered by the
standard Lua distribution.

LuaFileSystem offers a portable way to access the underlying
directory structure and file attributes.

2010-06-25T16:46:20+00:00 net-im/komclean Web based LysKOM client
KOMclean as a LysKOM client gives you a tray icon which can be used
to open your browser to view the UI. The UI is HTML based.

2010-06-25T07:32:02+00:00 devel/py-iterpipes Library for running shell pipelines using shell-like syntax
A library for running shell pipelines using shell-like syntax

2010-06-24T12:49:39+00:00 multimedia/libvpx VP8/VP9 reference encoder/decoder
libvpx is the VP8/VP9 Codec SDK.

2010-06-23T01:00:29+00:00 devel/p5-AnyEvent-DBus Seamlessly integrate Net::DBus into AnyEvent
Loading this module will install the necessary magic to seamlessly
integrate Net::DBus into AnyEvent. It does this by quite brutally
hacking Net::DBus::Reactor so that all dbus connections created after
loading this module will automatically be managed by this module.

2010-06-22T01:55:00+00:00 math/liblbfgs Library of Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno
This library is a C port of the implementation of Limited-memory
Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno (L-BFGS) method written by Jorge Nocedal.
The original FORTRAN source code is available at:

2010-06-21T14:02:19+00:00 multimedia/mythplugin-mythvideo Video playback and browsing plugin for MythTV
MythVideo allows for cataloguing and playback of a variety of video
file formats. It can perform automatic metadata look ups on or The TV DB as well as retrieve poster, fanart,
banner, and screenshot artwork. You can also add your own Meta data
to your own videos and add custom poster artwork to videos.

2010-06-21T13:47:26+00:00 audio/mythplugin-mythmusic Music playing plugin for MythTV
MythMusic is a sophisticated MythTV plugin that allows you to
play and manage music and audio files .i.e MP3, Ogg, FLAC,
wav etc. It is specifically designed to be operated by a normal
remote control.

2010-06-21T10:58:30+00:00 devel/p5-Directory-Queue Object oriented interface to a directory based queue in Perl
The goal of this module is to offer a simple queue system using the
underlying filesystem for storage, security and to prevent race
conditions via atomic operations. It focuses on simplicity, robustness
and scalability.

2010-06-19T21:50:18+00:00 multimedia/sms1xxx-kmod Native FreeBSD driver for Siano-based USB DVB devices
Native FreeBSD driver for Siano-based USB DVB devices.

This driver have been tested with the following devices :

* Terratec Cinergy Piranha
* Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick (HD)

However, other Siano-based USB devices should work, just give a try
(you may want to add new VIDs/PIDs to make your device detected) !

2010-06-19T21:48:29+00:00 math/octave-forge-actuarial Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is actuarial.

Actuarial functions for Casualty and Property lines.

2010-06-19T07:13:58+00:00 net/googlecl Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
The Google Data APIs allow programmatic access to various Google services.
This package wraps a subset of those APIs into a command-line tool that makes
it easy to do things like posting to a Blogger blog, uploading files to Picasa,
or editing a Google Docs file.

2010-06-17T13:27:18+00:00 devel/swank-clojure Swank/SLIME support for Clojure
Swank Clojure is a server that allows SLIME (the Superior Lisp
Interaction Mode for Emacs) to connect to Clojure projects.

To use it you must launch a swank server, then connect to it from
within Emacs using M-x slime-connect.

For example:

(ns user (:use [swank.swank :as swank]))

(swank/ignore-protocol-version "2010-06-04")
(swank/start-server "/dev/null" :port 4005))

Just replace "user" with your preferred namespace.

2010-06-15T20:03:33+00:00 ftp/plasma-applet-ftpmonitor KDE4 Plasma applet, which monitors connections to ftp daemons
Ftpmonitor is a simple plasmoid for KDE 4, which monitors incoming
connections to ftp daemons. It acts as a frontend to pure-ftpwho,
ncftpd_spy and ftpwho for pure-ftpd, ncftpd and proftpd ftp daemons.
For vsftpd it looks for output of ps ax.

2010-06-15T17:28:05+00:00 ports-mgmt/wanted-ports Just depend on a configurable, arbitrary set of other ports
A special meta-port to do nothing but register dependencies on those
ports you specifically want to have installed. The normal dependency
checking in programs like pkg_delete(1) will prevent easy deletion of
ports that other ports depend on. Keeps egg off face. Protects feet
from being shot.
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 russian/gimp-help GIMP User Manual in Russian
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 polish/gimp-help The GIMP User Manual in Polish
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-sv GIMP User Manual in Swedish
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-nn GIMP User Manual in Norwegian:Ninorsk
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-nl GIMP User Manual in Dutch
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-it GIMP User Manual in Italian
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-es GIMP User Manual in Spanish
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 misc/gimp-help-en GIMP User Manual in English
GIMP-Help is a help system designed for use with the internal
GIMP help browser, external web browser and HTML renderers, and
human eyeballs. Docbook is used to create a highly customizable
system for all needs.

2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 korean/gimp-help GIMP User Manual in Korean
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 japanese/gimp-help GIMP User Manual in Japanese
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 german/gimp-help GIMP User Manual in German
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 french/gimp-help GIMP User Manual in French
2010-06-14T20:47:50+00:00 chinese/gimp-help-zh_CN GIMP User Manual in Simplified Chinese
2010-06-14T10:30:14+00:00 devel/build Massively-parallel build system implemented on top of GNU make
build is a massively-parallel software build system implemented on
top of GNU make. Build is designed with the following tasks in mind:
* configuration
* building
* testing
* installation

Some of its features include:

* position-independent makefiles.
* non-recursive multi-makefile include-based structure.
* leaf makefiles are full-fledged GNU makefiles, not just variable definitions.
* complete dependency graph.
* inter-project dependency tracking.
* extensible language/compiler framework.

2010-06-14T00:42:52+00:00 security/libassuan-1 IPC library used by GnuPG and gpgme
This is the IPC library used by GnuPG 1.9, gpgme and the old newpg
2010-06-12T16:39:54+00:00 lang/clojure-contrib Extensions and enhancements to the Clojure libraries
Extensions and enhancements to the Clojure libraries. Contributions
are made here only under the Clojure Contributor Agreement, and may
become part of the main Clojure distribution.

2010-06-12T01:11:12+00:00 net/activemq Messaging and Integration Patterns provider
Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular and powerful open source messaging
and Integration Patterns provider.

2010-06-11T22:33:44+00:00 audio/freeswitch-sounds FreeSwitch Sounds (All Bitrates)
FreeSwitch Sounds for English Russian and French Canadian
2010-06-11T22:30:12+00:00 audio/freeswitch-music FreeSwitch Music - All Bitrates
FreeSWITCH Music

This port installs default music files for FreeSWITCH music-on-hold.
2010-06-11T22:26:45+00:00 net/freeswitch-core FreeSwitch SoftSwitch Port
FreeSwitch Voip SoftSwitch & OpenSource PBX

2010-06-11T20:44:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-uuidtools Simple universally unique ID generation library
A simple universally unique ID generation library.

2010-06-11T20:42:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-stringex Some useful extensions to the Ruby String class
Some [hopefully] useful extensions to Ruby's String class. Stringex is made up
of three libraries: ActsAsUrl [permalink solution with better character
translation], Unidecoder [Unicode to Ascii transliteration], and
StringExtensions [miscellaneous helper methods for the String class].

2010-06-11T11:06:20+00:00 sysutils/grub2 Multiboot boot loader
GNU GRUB is a multiboot boot loader. It was derived from GRUB, the GRand
Unified Bootloader, which was originally designed and implemented by Erich
Stefan Boleyn.

This port does not install GRUB on the master boot record of your hard drive.
To do this you will need to read the info page that is installed by the port.

2010-06-10T18:30:26+00:00 textproc/ibus-kmfl KMFL IMEngine for IBus framework
This is the KMFL IMEngine for IBus (Intelligent Input Bus) framework.
It allows you to use layouts written in KMN keyboard language through
standard IBus interface, through KMFL compiler (textproc/kmflcomp) and
KMFL library (textproc/libkmfl).

KMFL aims to bring Tavultesoft Keyman functionality to *nix operating
systems. KMFL is being jointly developed by SIL International
( and Tavultesoft (

The powerful KMN keyboard language supports contextual deadkeys, pre-
and post-processing of keystrokes, rules grouping, 'storing' of
character classes for use in similar rules, custom and Unicode character
constants, SIL Ethnologue language codes, etc.

Official Tavultesoft repository contains keyboards that cover more
than 220 languages. Significant number of them are open source.
The keyboard ports are textproc/kmfl-*.

2010-06-10T08:14:17+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Xslate High performance template engine
Text::Xslate is a template engine tuned for persistent applications.
This engine introduces the virtual machine paradigm. That is, templates
are compiled into xslate intermediate code, and then executed by the
xslate virtual machine.

2010-06-09T18:21:20+00:00 net/rabbitmq-c-devel RabbitMQ C AMQP client library
This is a C-language AMQP client library for use with AMQP servers
speaking protocol versions 0-8 and 0-9-1. This port only speaks the
0-9-1 protocol version, for 0-8 use net/rabbitmq-c.

2010-06-09T18:03:54+00:00 net/rabbitmq-c RabbitMQ C AMQP client library
This is a C-language AMQP client library for use with AMQP servers
speaking protocol versions 0-8 and 0-9-1. This port only speaks the
0-9-1 protocol version, for 0-8 use net/rabbitmq-c.

2010-06-09T13:22:00+00:00 ports-mgmt/portshaker-config Simple configuration manager for portshaker
The portshaker-config port provides a simple config-based interface to generate
and maintain a portshaker configuration throught the ports system.

It is designed to ease using portshaker for users who want to merge portshaker
powered ports overlays in their FreeBSD ports tree.
2010-06-09T13:21:18+00:00 ports-mgmt/portshaker Maintain ports tree using multiple sources
portshaker(8) is a tool designed for merging partial ports trees into the
FreeBSD ports tree. In other words, it implements some kind of overlay for the
FreeBSD ports.

2010-06-09T08:10:14+00:00 www/py-django-extensions Global custom management extensions for the Django Framework
Global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

2010-06-09T05:44:52+00:00 databases/p5-Ima-DBI-Contextual Lightweight context-aware dbi handle cache and utility methods
If you like Ima::DBI but need it to be more context-aware i
(eg: tie dbi connections to more than the name and process id)
then you need Ima::DBI::Contextual.

2010-06-09T03:26:36+00:00 devel/p5-Package-Stash Routines for manipulating stashes
Manipulating stashes (Perl's symbol tables) is occasionally necessary, but
incredibly messy, and easy to get wrong. This module hides all of that behind a
simple API.

2010-06-08T22:51:42+00:00 www/rubygem-feedzirra Feed fetching and parsing library
Feedzirra is a feed library that is designed to get
and update many feeds as quickly as possible.

The fetching and parsing logic have been de-coupled
so that either of them can be used in isolation if you'd
prefer not to use everything that Feedzirra offers.

2010-06-07T11:18:02+00:00 www/thundersnarf Web reporting and trending analysis for Thunder Cache Pro
ThunderSnarf is a web reporting and trending tool for Thunder Cache Pro which
has the main goal to provide a strategic overview of how Thunder is caching and
what it is caching, aggregating value and helping on decision making regarding
the real web acceleration rates and allowing one to identify unefficient cache
patterns, plugins, as well as domains which should have a plugin written for
and, off course, the top efficient domains and caching patterns as well.

2010-06-07T06:59:09+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-PBKDF2 PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm
PBKDF2 is a secure password hashing algorithm that uses the techniques of
"key strengthening" to make the complexity of a brute-force attack arbitrarily
high. PBKDF2 uses any other cryptographic hash or cipher (by convention,
usually HMAC-SHA1, but Crypt::PBKDF2 is fully pluggable), and allows for an
arbitrary number of iterations of the hashing function, and a nearly unlimited
output hash size (up to 2**32 - 1 times the size of the output of the backend
hash). The hash is salted, as any password hash should be, and the salt may
also be of arbitrary size.

See also: RFC2898, PKCS#5 version 2.0:

2010-06-07T06:07:04+00:00 net-mgmt/mk-livestatus Nagios event broker module
MK Livestatus - a Nagios event broker module that allows quick,
direct and comfortable access to your status data.

Livestatus is concepted and tuned to reduce disk, memory and cpu loads
caused by live-data processing on the Nagios system. Just as NDO,
Livestatus makes use of the Nagios Event Broker API and loads a binary
module into the Nagios process. But other than NDO, Livestatus does not
actively write out data e.g. to the disk. Instead, it opens a socket for
external applications to connect to and fetch the current status
information from Nagios.

2010-06-07T03:58:17+00:00 devel/hs-vector-algorithms Efficient algorithms for vector arrays
Efficient algorithms for vector arrays.

2010-06-07T03:55:25+00:00 devel/hs-vector Efficient Arrays
An efficient implementation of Int-indexed arrays (both mutable and
immutable), with a powerful loop fusion optimization framework.


2010-06-07T03:51:31+00:00 net/hs-network-bytestring Fast, memory-efficient, low-level networking
Fast, memory-efficient, low-level socket functions that use
'Data.ByteString's instead of 'String's.

2010-06-07T03:47:52+00:00 devel/hs-Boolean Generalized Booleans and numbers
Some classes for generalized boolean operations.

2010-06-07T03:44:28+00:00 devel/hs-primitive Primitive memory-related operations
This package provides wrappers for primitive memory-related operations.

2010-06-06T20:46:20+00:00 net/rubygem-whois Ruby whois library
Whois is an intelligent pure Ruby WHOIS client and parser.

It provides a flexible and programmable API to query WHOIS
servers and look up IP/domain WHOIS information. It also
offers command-line interface to run WHOIS queries from
the console.

It is a OS-independent library and does not require external
C libraries or Gems.

2010-06-06T15:52:12+00:00 deskutils/xfce4-generic-slider Slider plugin to adjust and/or monitor any numeric variable
A slider for the Xfce panel that can be used to adjust and/or monitor any
numeric variable. You set whatever "variable" this is by setting an adjust
command which will run when the slider is clicked or scrolled. An option is
provided to pass the value of the slider (the fraction times an adjustable
normalization factor) to the command. You get the value of the "variable" by
setting a sychronize command. The command should return a numeric value and this
value will be regarded as a fraction of a second adjustable normalization

2010-06-06T08:37:10+00:00 devel/py-mongoengine Object-Document-Mapper for working with MongoDB
MongoEngine is an ORM-like layer on top of PyMongo. It allows you to define
schemas for documents and query collections using syntax inspired by the
Django ORM.

2010-06-06T08:26:56+00:00 www/py-django-livesettings Configure Django project settings via admin interface
Django-Livesettings is a project split from the 'Satchmo Project'. It provides
the ability to configure settings via an admin interface, rather than by
editing "".

2010-06-06T08:26:32+00:00 www/py-django-keyedcache Simplified, speedy way to manage caching in Django apps
Django-keyedcache provides a simplified, speedy way to manage caching in Django

2010-06-05T22:06:01+00:00 irc/p5-POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Blowfish POE::Component::IRC plugin tthat provides blowfish encryption
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Blowfish is a POE::Component::IRC plugin
that provides blowfish encryption.

2010-06-05T21:57:56+00:00 devel/p5-File-Iterator Module for iterating across files in a directory tree
File::Iterator wraps a simple iteration interface around the files in a
directory or directory tree. It builds a list of filenames, and maintains a
cursor that points to one filename in the list. The user can work through the
filenames sequentially by repeatedly doing stuff with the next filename that
the cursor points to until their are no filenames left.

2010-06-05T21:22:25+00:00 security/retranslator The update utility for Kaspersky applications
The update utility is designed to download and save updates and modules
of the Kaspersky Lab's applications into a separate folder.

With the help of the utility you can download updates for selected
Kaspersky Lab's applications installed either in your network or at
a home PC. The utility has a function for saving downloaded updates
and autopatches in a local folder, a network folder connected as a
disc to the computer file system, or onto a flash-carrier.

2010-06-05T16:19:03+00:00 graphics/geglmm C++ bindings for GEGL
C++ bindings for GEGL.

2010-06-05T16:15:34+00:00 devel/p5-Config-Wrest Perl module for reading and writing configuration data
This module allows you to read configuration data written in a
human-readable and easily-editable text format and access it as
a perl data structure. It also allows you to write configuration
data from perl back to this format.

The data format allows key/value pairs, comments, escaping of
unprintable or problematic characters, sensible whitespace
handling, support for Unicode data, nested sections, or blocks,
of configuration data.

2010-06-05T16:14:51+00:00 mail/p5-CGP-CLI CommunigatePro Command Line Interface perl module
CommunigatePro Command Line Interface perl module.

2010-06-05T16:14:15+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-Simple Perl encrypt stuff simply
Perl encrypt stuff simply

2010-06-05T16:12:49+00:00 net/p5-IPC-Session Drive ssh or other interactive shell, local or remote (like 'expect')
Drive ssh or other interactive shell, local or remote (like 'expect')

2010-06-05T16:10:31+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Average Hold Data Set To Calculate Average
Hold Data Set To Calculate Average

2010-06-05T14:08:01+00:00 irc/smuxi Smart MUltipleXed Irc
Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC
client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop.

Smuxi is based on the client-server model: The core application (engine) can
be placed onto a server which is connected to the Internet around-the-clock;
one or more frontends then connect to the core. This way, the connection to
IRC can be kept up even when all frontends have been closed. The combination
of screen and irssi served as example for this architecture.

Smuxi also supports the regular single application mode. This behaves like a
typical IRC client; it doesn't need separate core management and utilizes a
local engine that is used by the local frontend client.

2010-06-05T13:13:38+00:00 irc/smartirc4net Multi-layered IRC library
SmartIrc4net is a multi-threaded and thread-safe IRC library written in C#. It
allows you to communicate with IRC servers. The API features full channel
syncing and is splitted in 3 layers: IrcConnection, IrcCommands and IrcClient.

2010-06-05T13:00:22+00:00 devel/nini NET configuration library
Nini is an uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library designed to help
build highly configurable applications quickly.

2010-06-05T12:49:01+00:00 audio/alsa-utils ALSA compatibility utilities
The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utils

2010-06-05T12:46:16+00:00 audio/alsa-plugins ALSA compatibility library plugins
The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) plugins

2010-06-05T12:43:25+00:00 audio/alsa-lib ALSA compatibility library
The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library

2010-06-05T09:40:21+00:00 net/libfb FoneBRIDGE configuration library
A foneBRIDGE configuration library.

2010-06-05T09:40:21+00:00 net/fonulator FoneBRIDGE configuration utility
A foneBRIDGE configuration utility.

2010-06-04T21:23:08+00:00 deskutils/silence Information management tool
Silence is an information management tool. It does not just store
your data, it provides sophisticated search mechanisms so you are
able to find the information you are looking for.

2010-06-04T21:22:15+00:00 audio/kstreamripper Program for recording streams for KDE4
KStreamRipper is a program for recording Internet radios and other
streams. For streams that provide information about the song title,
it can split the stream and create an own file for each track with
a corresponding file name and corresponding metadata.

2010-06-04T01:54:58+00:00 graphics/py-graphy Simple chart library for Python
Graphy is a simple Python library for generating charts. It tries
to get out of the way and let you just work with your data. At the
moment, it produces charts using the Google Chart API.

2010-06-03T17:08:20+00:00 sysutils/retail Program for incremental logfile reader
Re-Tail is a command line program which is intended as an intelligent
incremental logfile reader. It will read a file or group of files
given on the command line, and output any changes since last time it
read the file(s) in question. It will attempt to compensate if the
filesize changes unexpectedly, and will also attempt to compensate if
the file contents changes as well. It is not a very complex program.

2010-06-03T17:07:57+00:00 databases/mysqlsniffer Tcpdump clone specifically for MySQL
mysqlsniffer is a tcpdump clone specifically for dumping/sniffing/watching MySQL
network protocol traffic over TCP/IP networks.
mysqlsniffer is coded in C using the pcap library and works with MySQL version
4.0 and newer. mysqlsniffer is the only MySQL-specific network sniffer.

2010-06-03T17:07:13+00:00 textproc/rubygem-sax-machine Declarative sax parsing library backed by Nokogiri
A declarative SAX parsing library backed by Nokogiri.

2010-06-03T17:06:22+00:00 textproc/rubygem-loofah Library for manipulating HTML/XML documents and fragments
Loofah is a general library for manipulating HTML/XML documents and fragments.
It's built on top of Nokogiri and libxml2, so it's fast and has a nice API.
Loofah excels at HTML sanitization (XSS prevention). It includes some nice HTML
sanitizers, which are based on HTML5lib's whitelist.

2010-06-03T17:05:50+00:00 mail/listadmin Command-line alternative to Mailman Web interface
listadmin is a command-line alternative to Mailman's Web interface
for administering mailing lists. It allows you to inspect messages
or subscription requests, approve or discard them manually, or
discard messages automatically when certain conditions are true.
listadmin can also be configured to run out of cron to do routine cleaning.

2010-06-03T01:58:07+00:00 astro/p5-GPS-OID Package for GPS PRN - Object ID conversions
GPS::OID maps GPS PRN number to Satellite OID and vice versa.

2010-06-02T21:01:10+00:00 sysutils/ckl A command line tool for noting when something was changed on a machine
A command line tool for noting when something was changed on a machine.
The contents of the message are POST'ed to another server for logging.

2010-06-02T16:49:51+00:00 textproc/rubygem-augeas Ruby bindings for Augeas
Ruby bindings for Augeas

2010-06-02T16:48:12+00:00 textproc/augeas Configuration editing tool
Augeas is a configuration editing tool. It parses configuration files in their
native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration changes are made
by manipulating this tree and saving it back into native config files.

2010-06-02T16:35:17+00:00 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-wordcount Counts lines, words, and characters in your notes
Tomboy-Wordcount is a Tomboy plugin (or “addin”) which will count the lines,
words, and characters in a note, much like the Unix “wc” (word count) tool.

2010-06-02T16:33:55+00:00 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-todo Highlight FIXME, TODO, and XXX in your notes
A Tomboy addin for highlighting FIXME, TODO and XXX markers in your notes.

2010-06-02T16:32:44+00:00 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-reminder Automatically open notes at a given date and time
This plugin looks for notes with lines like ``Remind 23 october'' and will open
the note containing this on the corresponding date and time.

2010-06-02T16:28:12+00:00 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-latex LaTeX math plugin for Tomboy
Tomboy-LaTeX is a plugin for the desktop note-taking application Tomboy. It
automatically converts LaTeX math code enclosed in \[...\] into inline images.
Clicking on the image or moving the cursor over the image reveals the markup

2010-06-02T16:27:50+00:00 www/uwsgi Developer-friendly WSGI server which uses uwsgi protocol
uWSGI is a fast (pure C), self-healing, developer-friendly WSGI server,
aimed for professional python webapps deployment and development. Over
time it has evolved in a complete stack for networked/clustered python
applications, implementing message/object passing, RPC and process

2010-06-02T15:41:16+00:00 ftp/rubygem-curb Ruby bindings for libcurl
Curb (probably CUrl-RuBy or something) provides Ruby-language
bindings for libcurl, a fully-featured client-side URL
transfer library.

2010-06-02T15:40:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-spruz Small Ruby library of mixed utils/extensions
This is a small mixed library of some useful
stuff for and extensions of Ruby that are not
really good/big enough for a real library.

2010-06-02T15:33:46+00:00 archivers/plzip Parallel, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
Plzip is a massively parallel (multi-threaded), lossless data
compressor based on the LZMA algorithm, with very safe integrity
checking and a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2.
Plzip uses the lzip file format; the files produced by plzip are
fully compatible with lzip-1.4 or newer.

2010-06-02T15:33:22+00:00 archivers/lzlib In-memory LZMA compression and decompression library
The lzlib compression library provides in-memory LZMA compression
and decompression functions, including integrity checking of the
uncompressed data. The compressed data format used by the library
is the lzip format.

2010-06-02T15:30:23+00:00 www/drupal6-services Provide an API for creating drupal web services
A standardized solution of integrating external applications with Drupal.
Service callbacks may be used with multiple interfaces like XMLRPC, JSON,
JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP, AMF, etc. This allows a Drupal site to provide web
services via multiple interfaces while using the same callback code.

2010-06-02T12:33:13+00:00 x11-drivers/xf86-input-egalax eGalax touch screen input driver for X.Org
This package contains the X.Org xf86-input-egalax driver. See also uep(4).
2010-06-02T10:51:00+00:00 astro/weather Utility to provide current weather conditions and forecasts
This command-line utility is intended to provide quick access to current weather
conditions and forecasts. Presently, it is capable of returning data for
localities throughout the USA by retrieving and formatting decoded METARs
(Meteorological Aerodrome Reports) from NOAA (the USA National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration) and forecasts from NWS (the USA National Weather
Service). The tool is written to function in the same spirit as other command-
line informational utilities like cal(1), calendar(1) and dict(1). It can
retrieve arbitrary weather data via specific command-line switches (station ID,
city, state), or aliases can be configured system wide and on a per-user basis.
It can be freely used and redistributed under the terms of a BSD-like License.

2010-06-02T07:18:07+00:00 ports-mgmt/kpackagekit KDE interface for PackageKit
KPackageKit is the KDE interface for PackageKit. It features
everything Gnome PackageKit does except:
- install catalog;
- service pack;
- a D-Bus session interface.
These items are not mandatory since they are more features of the GUI
itself than a feature in PackageKit.

2010-06-02T06:42:42+00:00 devel/bzr-explorer Desktop application for using bzr
Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for using the Bazaar Version Control
System. It provides a high level interface to all commonly used features,
launching "applets" from the QBzr plug-in to provide most of the functionality.
Alternatively, the applets from the bzr-gtk plug-in can be used if it is

2010-06-02T02:32:18+00:00 audio/ipod-sharp Manipulate iTunesDB used in Apple iPod devices
ipod-sharp is a library that allows manipulation of the iTunesDB used in Apple
iPod devices.
2010-06-02T01:55:45+00:00 devel/google-gdata DOT NET library for the Google Data API
The GData .NET Client Library includes source code to make it easy to
access data through Google Data APIs (e.g. Contacts, Calendar).

2010-06-02T01:53:28+00:00 misc/ipod-sharp Manipulate iTunesDB used in Apple iPod devices
ipod-sharp is a library that allows manipulation of the iTunesDB used in Apple
iPod devices.
2010-06-02T01:50:01+00:00 misc/podsleuth Tool to discover detailed model information about an iPod
PodSleuth aims to probe, identify, and expose properties and metadata bound to
2010-06-01T21:35:38+00:00 devel/kdebindings4-python-pykdeuic4 An enhanced version of pyuic4
Python bindings for KDE. This port provides pykdeuic4 utility.
pykdeuic4 is an enhanced version of pyuic4 which supports KDE4
widgets and i18n. It compiles Designer Qt .ui files to Python

2010-06-01T21:35:38+00:00 astro/marble Virtual globe and world atlas for KDE
Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn
more about Earth: You can pan and zoom around and you can look up
places and roads.

2010-06-01T15:16:46+00:00 security/quantis Libraries and utilities to access Quantis devices
Quantis is a physical random number generator exploiting
an elementary quantum optics process.

This port contains the user library and a CLI/GUI application
to access such devices.

2010-06-01T15:16:12+00:00 security/quantis-kmod Kernel driver for Quantis PCI/PCIe random number generator
Quantis is a physical random number generator exploiting
an elementary quantum optics process.

This port contains the kernel driver to access Quantis
PCI and PCIe devices.

2010-06-01T05:50:11+00:00 math/p5-Math-RPN Reverse polish math expression evaluation
The rpn function will take a scalar or list of sclars which
contain an RPN expression as a set of comma delimited values and
operators, and return the result or stack, depending on context.

2010-06-01T03:04:53+00:00 devel/qbzr Qt interface for bzr
QBzr is a simple Qt cross-platform frontend for some of Bazaar commands.

Purpose of this plugin is to provide a graphical user interface for those
Bazaar commands where it can simplify the usage. Highlighting of differences
between files, "browsable" log view, possibility to commit only some files
without listing them all on the command line, etc.

2010-05-31T21:21:31+00:00 games/jfsw Jonathon Fowler's Shadow Warrior Port
This is JonoF's Shadow Warrior port.

2010-05-31T14:42:33+00:00 devel/runawk Wrapper for AWK interpreter to write standalone programs in AWK
A small wrapper for AWK interpreter that helps to write
the standalone programs in AWK. It provides MODULES for AWK
similar to PERL's "use" command and other powerful
features. Dozens of ready to use modules are also provided.

Author: Aleksey Cheusov (cheusov at
2010-05-31T13:01:23+00:00 textproc/irstlm The IRST Language Modeling Toolkit
The IRST Language Modeling Toolkit features algorithms and data structures
suitable to estimate, store, and access very large LMs.

2010-05-30T04:41:50+00:00 databases/flare Flare - distributed and persistent key-value storage
Flare is distributed, and persistent key-value storage compatible
w/ memcached, and has more features(as follows):

* persistent storage (you can use flare as persistent memcached)
* pluggable storage (currently only Tokyo Cabinet is available, though:)
* data replication (synchronous or asynchronous)
* data partitioning (automatically partitioned according to # of master
servers (clients do not have to care about it))
* dynamic reconstruction, and partitioning (you can dynamically (I mean,
without any service interruption) add slave servers and partition
master servers)
* node monitoring and failover (if any server is down, the server is
automatically isolated from active servers and another slave server
is promoted to master server)
* request proxy (you can always get same result regardless of servers
you connect to. so you can think flare servers as one big key-value
* over 256 bytes keys, and over 1M bytes values are available

2010-05-28T06:10:55+00:00 devel/p5-File-SafeDO Safer do file for perl
This is a fancy 'do file'. A safer one even!
2010-05-27T08:47:16+00:00 textproc/p5-Pod-Elemental Treating a Pod document as a tree of elements
Pod::Elemental is a system for treating a Pod (plain old documentation)
documents as trees of elements. This model may be familiar from many other
document systems, especially the HTML DOM. Pod::Elemental's document
object model is much less sophisticated than the HTML DOM, but still makes
a lot of document transformations easy.

2010-05-27T08:09:17+00:00 devel/p5-Sub-Exporter-ForMethods Helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods
Sub::Exporter::ForMethods is helper routines for using Sub::Exporter
to build methods.

2010-05-27T06:19:49+00:00 multimedia/mp4split Converts MP4 files to Fragmented MP4 and creates manifest files
This tool converts MP4 files to Fragmented MP4 and also creates the
necessary manifest files.

2010-05-26T22:37:46+00:00 sysutils/p5-Plugtools-Plugins-HomeOU Automatically handles the home OU for when adding/removing users
Adds/removes the home OU for when adding/removing a user.

2010-05-26T20:46:28+00:00 sysutils/p5-Samba-SIDhelper Create SIDs based on G/UIDs
A simple automated system for choosing SIDs from posix G/UIDs.

2010-05-26T02:17:35+00:00 textproc/p5-POD2-Base Base module for translations of Perl documentation
p5-POD2-Base is an abstraction of the code in POD2::IT and
POD2::FR. These modules belong to the Italian and the French
translation projects of core Perl pods.

2010-05-26T02:14:37+00:00 textproc/p5-PPIx-Regexp PPI regular expression parser
The purpose of the PPIx-Regexp package is to parse regular expressions
in a manner similar to the way the PPI package parses Perl.

2010-05-25T21:12:46+00:00 www/mod_smooth_streaming Apache smooth streaming module
Smooth Streaming Module for Apache. Encode your content once
and playback on Silverlight, iPhone and Flash 10.1.

Advantages & features:

* It's HTTP-based, so no problems with firewalls.
* It's cache/proxy friendly, so you can use generic HTTP caches/proxies.
* It's cheap, there is no need for additional media streaming
services offered by hosting providers.
* The end user will appreciate the fast starting and seeking
anywhere in the video.
* The video dynamically adapts to network conditions.
* It uses the industry standard MPEG4 file format.
* Use your favourite open source software (X264) to encode your videos.
* Encoded content is compatible with both Smooth Streaming for Silverlight
as well as for HTTP Streaming to the iPhone.

2010-05-25T20:14:18+00:00 net-im/pwytter Free multi-platform Twitter client written in Python
Pwytter is a multi-platform, standalone Twitter client written in Python
using Tkinter. It currently features:

- Switchable timelines: User (own tweets), Friends, Public, Replies,
Direct messages, Composite
- Clean and compact, themable user interface
- Full Unicode support for all languages
- Friends and Followers list display
- Easy Replies and Direct Messages
- In message URL detection
- Image and request caching for fast UI response
- Automatic and manual refresh
- Pwytter update autodetection

2010-05-25T19:05:47+00:00 x11-themes/qtcurve-qt4 QtCurve widget style for Qt 4
QtCurve is a set of widget styles for Qt4/KDE4, KDE3 and Gtk2 based apps.
This port provides Qt4 style plugin.

2010-05-25T18:12:15+00:00 databases/xtrabackup OpenSource version of InnoDB backup with support of Percona extensions
Percona XtraBackup is OpenSource online (non-blockable) backup solution for
InnoDB and XtraDB engines. It can back up data from InnoDB, XtraDB, and MyISAM
tables on unmodified MySQL 5.1, 5.5 and 5.6 servers, as well as Percona Server
with XtraDB.

2010-05-25T16:58:53+00:00 mail/squirrelmail-askuserinfo-plugin Ask user to enter Full name and Email address at initial logon
User is asked to enter Full Name and Email Address prior to reading or
composing after logging in. This is used for users who log in for the
first time and need to set up their preferences prior to getting started.

2010-05-24T21:54:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-ruby-sdl-ffi Low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using Ruby-FFI
Ruby-SDL-FFI is a low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using
Ruby-FFI. It provides very basic access to SDL from Ruby without the
need for a compiled C wrapper. It aims to be platform and Ruby
implementation independent.

2010-05-24T21:54:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-nice-ffi Convenience layer atop Ruby-FFI
Nice-FFI is a layer on top of Ruby-FFI (and compatible FFI systems) to augment
it with features to aid development of FFI-based libraries.

2010-05-24T21:53:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-ffi Extension for dynamic libraries and binding functions
Ruby-FFI is a ruby extension for programmatically loading dynamic libraries,
binding functions within them, and calling those functions from Ruby code.

2010-05-24T21:36:32+00:00 x11-fonts/isabella Font by John Stracke based on the Isabella Breviary
This font is called Isabella because it is based on the calligraphic
hand used in the Isabella Breviary, made around 1497, in Holland,
for Isabella of Castille, the first queen of united Spain.

2010-05-24T14:00:19+00:00 cad/kicad-library Schematic and 3D libraries supported by KiCad team
This port installs the official schematic and 3D libraries supported by the
KiCad library team.

The footprint libraries are the *.pretty repos themselves and are used online by
default. If you want to download them locally, the library-repos-install.bat and scripts in the KiCad source can do this automatically.

2010-05-24T10:09:04+00:00 sysutils/backupme Flexible and easy backup utility
Flexible and easy backup utility.
It can be used to backup your file system files, directories or even to
backup databases.

** Can be used with different types of archiveres (tar, rar, zip, 7z etc.);
** Send backuped files using FTP or SCP protocol;
** Backup MySQL and PostgreSQL databases;
** Generate and send report via email or/and jabber.


2010-05-24T00:33:07+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-T_e_a The Tiny Encryption Algorithm in Perl and JavaScript
The Tiny Encryption Algorithm in Perl and JavaScript.

2010-05-23T19:01:05+00:00 multimedia/szap-s2 Simple zapping tool for the Linux DVB S2 API
szap-s2 is a command line channel zapping (i.e. tuning) utility similar
to szap but including support for S2API a.k.a. DVB API version 5, which
supports DVB-S2. When using szap-s2, one instructs it to change the channel
to one of a list of channels supplied in a channels.conf type file.

There is no manpage yet, but you can run szap-s2 without args to get a
usage message.

location of channel list file is ~/.szap/channels.conf

one line of the szap channel file has the following format:


one line of the VDR channel file has the following format:


2010-05-23T18:59:54+00:00 multimedia/w_scan Perform frequency scans for DVB and ATSC transmissions
w_scan is a small channel scan tool for vdr which generates ATSC, DVB-C,
DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T channels.conf files.
It's 50% "scan" from linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.1.0, the differences are:

- no initial tuning data needed, because scanning without this data is exactly
what a scan tool like this should do
- it detects automatically which DVB/ATSC card to use.
2010-05-23T08:55:44+00:00 japanese/ibus-mozc Mozc engine for IBus
Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform
such as Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This open-source project
originates from Google Japanese Input.

2010-05-22T21:41:52+00:00 textproc/hs-libxml Binding to libxml2
Minimal binding to libxml2. Additional functions will be added when

2010-05-22T15:18:29+00:00 devel/p5-File-BOM Perl module to handle Unicode byte order marks
This module provides functions for handling unicode byte order
marks, which are to be found at the beginning of some files and

The intention of File::BOM is for files with BOMs to be readable
as seamlessly as possible, regardless of the encoding used.

2010-05-22T04:42:32+00:00 audio/libbs2b Bauer Stereophonic-to-Binaural DSP
The Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) is designed
to improve headphone listening of stereo audio records.
2010-05-22T01:02:46+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-AMF Perl extension to use AMF with Plack
The great new Plack::Middleware::AMF!

2010-05-21T22:03:36+00:00 devel/hs-test-framework-quickcheck2 QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package
QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package.

2010-05-21T22:00:21+00:00 devel/hs-test-framework-hunit HUnit support for the test-framework package
HUnit support for the test-framework package.

2010-05-21T21:57:42+00:00 devel/hs-test-framework Framework for running and organising tests, with HUnit and QuickCheck support
Allows tests such as QuickCheck properties and HUnit test cases to be
assembled into test groups, run in parallel (but reported in deterministic
order, to aid diff interpretation) and filtered and controlled by command
line options. All of this comes with colored test output, progress reporting
and test statistics output.

2010-05-21T21:53:38+00:00 devel/hs-ansi-wl-pprint Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output
This is a pretty printing library based on Wadler's paper "A Prettier
Printer". It has been enhanced with support for ANSI terminal colored
output using the ansi-terminal package.

2010-05-21T21:49:50+00:00 devel/hs-ansi-terminal Simple ANSI terminal support, with Windows compatibility
ANSI terminal support for Haskell: allows cursor movement, screen
clearing, color output showing or hiding the cursor, and changing the
title. Compatible with Windows and those Unixes with ANSI terminals, but
only GHC is supported as a compiler.

2010-05-21T21:44:44+00:00 net/hs-hostname Cross-platform means of determining the hostname
A very simple package providing a cross-platform means of determining
the hostname.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql84-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql83-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql82-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql81-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql80-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T15:43:39+00:00 databases/postgresql74-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2010-05-20T14:21:43+00:00 science/netcdf3-ftn NetCDF (network Common Data Form), with Fortran support
2010-05-20T09:43:14+00:00 science/massxpert Software suite for (bio)chemists
The massXpert project aims at providing (bio)chemists with a software
package allowing the following:

* User-specific atom definitions and polymer chemistry definitions;
* Powerful sequence editing with user-defined glyphs for each monomer
and monomer chemical modification. Multi-region selections;
* Polymer sequence chemical/enzymatic cleavage;
* Intramolecular cross-linking, like disulfide bonds with total resolution
of the peptides generated upon enzymatic cleavage;
* Gas-phase fragmentation of oligomers;
* Mass-to-charge ratio calculations with inline change of ionization agent;
* Calculation of net electrical charge and of isoelectric point (even by
taking into account monomer modifications if polymer is a protein);
* Simulation of isotopic patterns for any chemical formula and z charge;
* A number of plugins allow 1) translation of the sequence from one format
to another (using a dictionary, like between the 1-letter code and the 3-letter
code of proteins) 2) conversion of number format according to any localized
number format 3) sort mass lists.

2010-05-19T20:43:02+00:00 audio/tepsonic TepSonic is a simple and fast audio player
TepSonic is a simple and fast audio player but it has all the basic functions
that every good audio player should have. TepSonic is not trying to be
like Amarok or Banshee, it stays small and simple.

2010-05-19T16:04:25+00:00 graphics/lightspark-devel An alternative Flash Player implementation
Lightspark is an alternative Flash Player implementation with
llvm-based ActionScript JIT compiler and support for hardware
accelerated rendering.

2010-05-19T13:09:45+00:00 devel/dreampie Python shell which is designed to be reliable and fun
DreamPie is a Python shell which is designed to be reliable and fun.

2010-05-19T12:38:10+00:00 japanese/p5-Encode-JP-Emoji Perl extension for Emoji encodings and cross-mapping tables
Encode::JP::Emoji - Emoji encodings and cross-mapping tables in pure Perl.

This module provides encodings which support emoji picture characters.

2010-05-19T12:10:17+00:00 net/hs-pcap System-independent interface for user-level packet capture
A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture.

2010-05-19T10:42:54+00:00 audio/pms ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon
Practical Music Search is an open source ncurses client for Music
Player Daemon, written in C++. The target audience are power users who
need an MPD client that is highly configurable and accessible. PMS
features a simple but powerful interface similar to Vim, and runs on
(at least) Linux and Mac OS X.

2010-05-19T06:00:57+00:00 dns/p5-Net-DNS-RR-SRV-Helper Orders SRV records by priority and weight for Net::DNS
Net::DNS::RR::SRV::Helper is a perl module to order SRV records
by priority and weight for Net::DNS.

2010-05-19T05:31:44+00:00 science/pynn Simulator-independent language for building neuronal network models
PyNN (pronounced 'pine') is a simulator-independent language for
building neuronal network models.

2010-05-18T08:14:12+00:00 science/pyNN A simulator-independent language for building neuronal network models
PyNN(pronounced 'pine') is a simulator-independent language for
building neuronal network models.

2010-05-18T03:20:55+00:00 astro/mkgmap Convert OpenStreetMap data into a Garmin format
This program converts OpenStreetMap data into a map that can be
loaded onto a Garmin GPS device. It does the conversion in one step
without depending on any other program.

2010-05-17T23:53:03+00:00 mail/spmfilter-clamav ClamAV plugin for spmfilter
spmfilter-clamav is a plugin for spmfilter that enables spmfilter
to check mails with the Clam AntiVirus open source toolkit for
viruses. The major goal of this plugin is to provide an easy way
for virus-scanning emails. If ClamAV detects malicious software
like viruses the affected email is discarded by the plugin.
Optionally notifications can be enabled to inform the recipients
and sender (configurable) about the discarded message.

2010-05-17T23:51:50+00:00 mail/spmfilter-spamassassin Spamassassin plugin for spmfilter
spmfilter-spamassassin is a plugin for spmfilter that enables spmfilter to
spam-check emails with the help of the daemonized version of Spamassassin
(spamd). The major goal of this plugin is to provide an easy way for
spam-checking messages.

2010-05-17T22:13:40+00:00 devel/xc3sprog Free programmer for Xilinx Spartan S3E Starter Kit
This tool should let you to program your Xilinx Spartan-3E Starter Kit and
similar boards based on Xilinx USB programmers.

2010-05-16T18:05:28+00:00 audio/hs-libmpd MPD client library
A client library for MPD, the Music Player Daemon.

2010-05-16T12:40:17+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-ConsoleLogger Perl extension to write logs to Firebug or Webkit Inspector
Write logs to Firebug or Webkit Inspector.

2010-05-16T09:23:35+00:00 textproc/tidyp Library and program to validate and fix HTML
tidyp is a fork of tidy on SourceForge at The library name
is "tidyp", and the command-line tool is also "tidyp" but all internal API stays
the same.

tidyp will validate your HTML, and output cleaned-up HTML.

2010-05-16T09:16:46+00:00 graphics/scantailor Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages
Scan Tailor Advanced is an interactive post-processing tool for
scanned pages. It performs operations such as page splitting,
deskewing, and removing garbage. All operations can be done
automatically, however it's still possible to manually correct their

2010-05-16T09:15:38+00:00 audio/rubygem-librmpd Is a simple yet powerful Music Player Daemon library
librmpd is a simple yet powerful Music Player Daemon library written
entirely in Ruby. It provides callback functionality to create an
event/listener type of setup, along with thread safety for threaded apps.

2010-05-15T22:14:30+00:00 textproc/hs-citeproc-hs Citation Style Language implementation in Haskell
citeproc-hs is a library for rendering bibliographic reference citations
into a variety of styles using a macro language called Citation Style
Language (CSL) [1].


2010-05-15T22:10:48+00:00 textproc/hs-hxt Collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell
The Haskell XML Toolbox bases on the ideas of HaXml and HXML, but
introduces a more general approach for processing XML with Haskell. The
Haskell XML Toolbox uses a generic data model for representing XML
documents, including the DTD subset and the document subset, in Haskell.
It contains a validating XML parser, a HTML parser, namespace support,
an XPath expression evaluator, an XSLT library, a RelaxNG schema
validator and funtions for serialization and deserialization of user
defined data. The library makes extensive use of the arrow approach for
processing XML.

2010-05-15T19:41:48+00:00 misc/fxload Firmware download for Cypress EZ-USB devices
The utility allows you to download firmware into and upload firmware from
the memory of a Cypress EZ-USB/FX2/FX3 chips. It is a de facto standard
for programming this family of devices.

This port is based on original fxload(8) program available from Linux
Hotplug Project. Libusb support has been provided to correctly work on
FreeBSD and patches for the FX3 have been merged in.

2010-05-15T19:23:21+00:00 textproc/hs-hs-bibutils Bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities
Haskell bindings to Chris Putnam's bibutils, a library that
interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common
MODS-format XML intermediate.

2010-05-15T19:14:33+00:00 ftp/hs-curl Haskell binding to libcurl
libcurl is a client-side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, FTPS,
libcurl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading,
HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication
(Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate, Kerberos4), file transfer resume, http
proxy tunneling and more! This package provides a Haskell binding to

2010-05-15T19:11:40+00:00 devel/hs-terminfo Haskell bindings to the terminfo library
This library provides an interface to the terminfo database (via
bindings to the curses library). Terminfo allows POSIX systems to
interact with a variety of terminals using a standard set of

2010-05-15T19:06:57+00:00 devel/hs-hashed-storage Hashed file storage support code
Support code for reading and manipulating hashed file storage (where
each file and directory is associated with a cryptographic hash, for
corruption-resistant storage and fast comparisons).

The supported storage formats include darcs hashed pristine, a plain
filesystem tree and an indexed plain tree (where the index maintains
hashes of the plain files and directories).

2010-05-15T18:56:33+00:00 converters/hs-dataenc Data encoding library
Data encoding library currently providing Base16, Base32, Base32Hex,
Base64, Base64Url, Base85, Python string escaping, Quoted-Printable, URL
encoding, uuencode, xxencode, and yEncoding.

2010-05-15T15:24:06+00:00 textproc/bibutils Program set interconverts between various bibliography formats
The bibutils program set interconverts between various bibliography formats
using a common MODS-format XML intermediate. For example, one can convert
RIS-format files to Bibtex by doing two transformations: RIS->MODS->Bibtex. By
using a common intermediate for N formats, only 2N programs are required and not
N^2-N. These programs operate on the command line and are styled after standard
UNIX-like filters.

2010-05-14T17:15:19+00:00 deskutils/wammu GUI manager of contacts, todos, calendar, and messages in your phone
Wammu Mobile Phone Manager

It works with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models from
Nokia, Siemens, and Alcatel. It has complete support (read, edit,
delete, copy) for contacts, todo, and calendar. It can read, save, and
send SMS. It includes an SMS composer for multi-part SMS messages, and
it can display SMS messages that include pictures. Currently, only text
and predefined bitmaps or sounds can be edited in the SMS composer. It
can export messages to an IMAP4 server (or other email storage).

This program does not support browsing files in phone.

2010-05-14T15:08:54+00:00 comms/gammu-python
2010-05-14T13:56:24+00:00 math/p5-GIS-Distance-Lite Calculate geographic distances in geodetic WGS84 format
The module provides a method to calculate geographic distances
between coordinates in geodetic WGS84 format using the Haversine

It is similar to GIS::Distance, but without the extra bells and
whistles and without the additional dependencies. Same great taste,
less filling. It exists for those who cannot, or prefer not to
install Moose and its dependencies.

2010-05-14T08:42:00+00:00 sysutils/openipmi Complex IPMI management software
OpenIPMI was designed to aid building "complex IPMI management software".
OpenIPMI library will connect with an IPMI controller, detect any
management controllers on the bus, get their SDRs, manage all the
entities in the system, manage the event log, and a host of other
things. OpenIPMI is also dynamic and event-driven. It will come up
and start discovering things in the managed system. As it discovers
things, it will report them to the software using it (assuming the
software has asked for this reporting).

2010-05-14T05:21:57+00:00 devel/kdevplatform Set of libraries for KDE IDE-like programs
Open source set of libraries that can be used as a foundation for
IDE-like programs. It is programming-language independent, and
it's planned to be used by programs like KDevelop, Quanta, Kile,
KTechLab, etc.

2010-05-14T05:21:57+00:00 devel/kdevelop-php PHP support for KDevelop
Open source, feature-full, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and other
programming languages. It is based on KDevPlatform and the KDE and
Qt libraries, and it's under development since 1998.

This package contains the PHP support plugin.

2010-05-14T05:21:57+00:00 devel/kdevelop-php-docs PHP documentation for KDevelop
Open source, feature-full, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and other
programming languages. It is based on KDevPlatform and the KDE and
Qt libraries, and it's under development since 1998.

This package integrates online documentation.

2010-05-14T05:21:57+00:00 devel/kdevelop-kde4 Plugin extensible IDE for KDE
Open source, feature-full, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and other
programming languages. It is based on KDevPlatform and the KDE and
Qt libraries, and it's under development since 1998.

2010-05-13T14:47:58+00:00 graphics/apngasm Create Animated PNG from a sequence of files
Standalone version of the popular APNG Assembler. Simple command-line
interface. No size limits.

2010-05-13T07:51:02+00:00 textproc/p5-Pod-Perldoc Look up Perl documentation in Pod format
Look up Perl documentation in Pod format.

2010-05-13T06:05:30+00:00 audio/cuberok Music player and collection manager based on Qt4
Cuberok is a music player and a collection manager based on Qt4. It has
lightweight interface, music collection support and many features, e.g.
music autorating and Last.FM scrobbler.

-CUE support. Codepage selection for CUE sheets
-Shoutcast/icecast support (for GStreamer and Phonon)
-Support internet services Jamendo and MagnaTune (New in v.0.0.9)
-Last.FM and Libre.FM scrobblers
-Downloading images for albums and artists from Last.FM
-Loading artist and album info from Last.FM, loading lyrics from
-Auto rating for songs. Rating for albums, artists and genres automatically
calculated from rating of songs.
-Easy collection browsing. Just double click on genre to view all artist in
this genre.
-Smart playlists (custom SQL requests)
-Support for AlbumArt as separate file on disk. Art can be assinged to genre
and atrist too.
-And etc...

2010-05-13T03:38:12+00:00 net-im/pickwick Small group plain-text chat server and client
Pickwick is a plain text small group chat server. It uses a simple
obfuscation scheme to keep traffic to and from the server unintelligible to
casual perusal. A client program, named weller(1) is also provided.

2010-05-13T03:38:12+00:00 net-im/chattahoochie Small group plain-text chat server
Chattahoochie is a plain text small group chat server.

2010-05-12T22:49:44+00:00 www/mod_remoteip Replaces the client IP address/hostname with that given by a proxy
Backport of the Apache 2.3 module that replaces the apparent client
remote IP address and hostname for the request with the IP address
list presented by a proxy or load balancer via the request headers.

2010-05-12T18:37:41+00:00 www/rssdler Automatically grab link elements of an RSS feed
A utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects
linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts,
videocasts, and torrents.

2010-05-12T13:25:37+00:00 science/bddsolve BDD-based satisfiability and reachability solver
Bddsolve is a BDD-based tool for solving satisfiability and reachability
problems. It uses the BDD package Buddy as a backend.

2010-05-12T09:32:42+00:00 textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Phrase Perl extension to inflect short English Phrases
Inflect short English Phrases.

2010-05-11T15:31:01+00:00 x11/plasma-scriptengine-ruby Plasma scriptengine for Ruby
Plasma scriptengine for Ruby.

2010-05-11T15:31:01+00:00 x11/plasma-scriptengine-python Plasma scriptengine for Python
Plasma scriptengine for Python.

2010-05-11T14:41:11+00:00 editors/koffice-kde4-l10n-ca_valencia Valencian (southern Catalan) messages and documentation for KOffice2
Localized messages and documentation for koffice.

2010-05-11T14:41:11+00:00 editors/calligra-l10n-ca_valencia Valencian (southern Catalan) messages and documentation for Calligra
Localized messages and documentation for Calligra.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 misc/kde4-l10n-si Sinhalese messages and documentation for KDE SC 4
Localized messages and documentation for KDE4.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 misc/kde4-l10n-id Indonesian messages and documentation for KDE SC 4
Localized messages and documentation for KDE4.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 misc/kde4-l10n-ca_valencia Valencian (southern Catalan) messages and documentation for KDE SC 4
Localized messages and documentation for KDE4.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 devel/kdebindings4-smoke Meta port of SMOKE bindings for KDE
SMOKE bindings for KDE.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 devel/kdebindings4-ruby Meta port of Ruby bindings for KDE
Ruby bindings for KDE.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 accessibility/ktts KDE text-to-speech subsystem
KTTS -- KDE Text-to-Speech -- is a subsystem within the KDE desktop
for conversion of text to audible speech. KTTS is currently under
development and aims to become the standard subsystem for all KDE
applications to provide speech output.

2010-05-11T14:21:05+00:00 accessibility/jovie KDE text-to-speech system
KTTS -- KDE Text-to-Speech -- is a subsystem within the KDE desktop
for conversion of text to audible speech. KTTS is currently under
development and aims to become the standard subsystem for all KDE
applications to provide speech output.

2010-05-11T12:53:49+00:00 www/kwebkitpart Web browser component for KDE SC based on QtWebKit
KWebKitPart is a web browser component for KDE SC (KPart). You can use
it for example for browsing the web in Konqueror.

KWebKitPart is still in early development and thus not guaranteed to
be in production quality yet.

2010-05-11T12:46:44+00:00 sysutils/polkit-qt Qt5 wrapper around Polkit libraries
Polkit-Qt is a library that lets developers use the Polkit API through
a nice Qt-styled API. It is mainly a wrapper around QAction and
QAbstractButton that lets you integrate those two component easily
with Polkit.

2010-05-11T12:46:44+00:00 sysutils/polkit-kde Polkit authentication UI for KDE Workspaces
Polkit-KDE-agent provides a graphical authentication prompt so
non-priviledged users can authenticate themselves for performing
administrative tasks in KDE Workspaces.

2010-05-11T12:36:52+00:00 x11-toolkits/attica Open Collaboration Services API library
Attica is a Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration
Services API version 1.4. The REST API is defined here:

It grants easy access to the services such as querying information
about persons and contents. The library is used in KNewStuff3 as
content provider. In order to integrate with KDE's Plasma Desktop,
a platform plugin exists in kdebase.

2010-05-11T06:43:46+00:00 misc/p5-Software-License Packages that provide templated software licenses
Software::License - packages that provide templated software licenses

2010-05-11T03:08:58+00:00 ftp/py-tftpy Pure Python TFTP library
Tftpy is a TFTP library for the Python programming language. It includes client
and server classes, with sample implementations. Hooks are included for easy
inclusion in a UI for populating progress indicators. It supports RFCs 1350,
2347, 2348 and the tsize option from RFC 2349.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 textproc/libxml++26-reference
This port contains the programming reference for textproc/libxml++26.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 sysutils/upower D-Bus daemon for simplifying power management tasks
UPower is an abstraction for enumerating power devices,
listening to device events and querying history and statistics.
Any application or service on the system can access the
org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power service via the system message bus.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 security/libgnome-keyring Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
Gnome-keyring is a program that keep password and other secrets for
users. The library libgnome-keyring is used by applications to integrate
with the gnome keyring system.
2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 print/cups-pk-helper Helper that makes system-config-printer use PolicyKit
Cups-pk-helper is an application which makes cups configuration interfaces
available under control of PolicyKit.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 ports-mgmt/packagekit DBUS packaging abstraction layer
PackageKit is a DBUS abstraction layer that allows the session user to manage
packages in a secure way using a cross-distro, cross-architecture API.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 ports-mgmt/packagekit-qt4 Qt4 bindings to packagekit
2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 ports-mgmt/gnome-packagekit PackageKit client programs for the GNOME desktop
gnome-packagekit is the name of the collection of graphical
tools for PackageKit to be used in the GNOME desktop.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 misc/gnome-icon-theme-extras Additional collection of icons for the GNOME desktop
gnome-icon-theme-extras is a collection of extra device and mime-type icons
for use by the GNOME 2 desktop.
2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 accessibility/py-atspi Python API for the D-BUS based SPI framework
This is the Gnome Accessibility Project's Assistive Technology
Service Provider Interface. It allows accessibility applications
and assistive technologies to announce their respective existence
to each other.

This port is the Python API to interface with the D-BUS based SPI framework.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 accessibility/at-spi2-core Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
This is the Gnome Accessibility Project's Assistive Technology
Service Provider Interface. It allows accessibility applications
and assistive technologies to announce their respective existence
to each other.

This version of at-spi is a major break from previous versions.
It has been completely rewritten to use D-Bus rather than
ORBIT / CORBA for its transport protocol.

2010-05-10T21:19:08+00:00 accessibility/at-spi2-atk Assisted Technology Provider module for GTK+
This is the Gnome Accessibility Project's Assistive Technology
Service Provider Interface. It allows accessibility applications
and assistive technologies to announce their respective existence
to each other.

This port contains the GTK+ module needed to interface with the SPI

2010-05-10T15:59:09+00:00 deskutils/conkyforecast Weather forecast script for conky
conkyForecast is a python script created to provide weather forecast
information to be displayed in Conky. It uses the XOAP
service to retrieve data for all over the world.

2010-05-10T13:11:35+00:00 deskutils/fet Free timetabling software
FET is open source free software for automatically scheduling the
timetable of a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast
and efficient timetabling algorithm.

Usually, FET is able to solve a complicated timetable in maximum
5-20 minutes. For simpler timetables, it may take a shorter time,
under 5 minutes (in some cases, a matter of seconds). For extremely
difficult timetables, it may take a longer time, a matter of hours.

FET can mean "Free Educational Timetabling" (the "E" in the middle
may also stand for other words, based on your personal preference).

2010-05-10T05:53:48+00:00 security/pam_jail PAM module dropping users in jails after login
This is a adaptation of pam_chroot to BSD jails : it drops users in jails
after login.
2010-05-10T05:47:48+00:00 audio/libgme Collection of video game music emulators
Game_Music_Emu is a collection of video game music file emulators that
support the following formats and systems:

AY ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC
GBS Nintendo Game Boy
GYM Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
HES NEC TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
KSS MSX Home Computer/other Z80 systems (doesn't support FM sound)
NSF/NSFE Nintendo NES/Famicom (with VRC 6, Namco 106, and FME-7 sound)
SAP Atari systems using POKEY sound chip
SPC Super Nintendo/Super Famicom
VGM/VGZ Sega Master System/Mark III, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive,BBC Micro

2010-05-10T02:53:35+00:00 security/pulledpork Script to update snort-2.8+ rules
pulledpork is a Perl script which helps to update your Snort 2.9+ rules.

-= Features and Capabilities =-

* Automated downloading, parsing, state modification and rule
modification for all of your snort rulesets.
* Checksum verification for all major rule downloads
* Automatic generation of updated file
* Capability to include your local.rules in file
* Capability to pull rules tarballs from custom urls
* Complete Shared Object support
* Complete IP Reputation List support
* Capability to download multiple disparate rulesets at once
* Maintains accurate changelog
* Capability to HUP processes after rules download
* Aids in tuning of rulesets
* Verbose output so that you know EXACTLY what is happening
* Minimal Perl Module dependencies
* A sweet smokey flavor throughout the pork!

2010-05-10T02:39:55+00:00 devel/p5-Cache-AgainstFile Cache data structures parsed from files, watching for updates
A module that caches a data structure against a filename, statting the
file to determine whether it has changed and needs to be re-parsed.
You supply a routine to generate the data structure given the filename.

This module is recommended for files which change infrequently but
are read often, especially if they are expensive to parse.

This approach has the advantage over lazy caching that multiple
processes holding a cache will all update at the same time so you
will not get inconsistent results if you request data from different

The module itself is simply a factory for various backend modules.
The distribution includes backends for in-memory caching or file
caching using Storable, plus an adaptor to use any modules offering
the Cache or Cache::Cache interfaces as the cache implementation.

Data structures are automatically serialised/deserialised by the
backend modules if they are being persisted somewhere other than
in memory (e.g. on the filesystem).

2010-05-10T02:24:54+00:00 net/onioncat IP-transparent Tor Hidden Service connector
OnionCat is a VPN-adapter which allows to connect two or more computers or
networks through VPN-tunnels. It is designed to use the anonymization networks
Tor or I2P as its transport, hence, it provides location-based anonymity while
still creating tunnel end points with private unique IP addresses.

OnionCat uses IPv6 as native layer 3 network protocol. The clients
connected by it appear as on a single logical IPv6 network as being connected
by a virtual switch. OnionCat automatically calculates and assigns unique IPv6
addresses to the tunnel end points which are derived from the hidden service
ID (onion ID) of the hidden service of the local Tor client, or the local I2P
server destination, respectively. This technique provides authentication
between the onion ID and the layer 3 address, hence, defeats IP spoofing
within the OnionCat VPN.

If necessary, OnionCat can of course transport IPv4 as well. Although it has
native IP support, the suggested way to do this is to configure an
IPv4-in-IPv6 tunnel.

2010-05-10T02:23:59+00:00 devel/api-sanity-autotest Quickly generate sanity tests for the API of a C/C++ shared library
API Sanity Autotest is a test generator for shared C/C++ libraries. It can
quickly generate simple ("sanity" or "shallow"-quality) tests for functions from
the library API, using the signatures and data type definitions from the library
header files. The tests can detect critical errors in simple use cases, and can
be improved with highly reusable specialized types. API Sanity Autotest can
execute generated tests and detect all kinds of emitted signals, early program
exits, program hanging and specified requirement failures. API Sanity Autotest
also supports tests in the Template2Code format, and has a random test
generation mode and other useful features.

2010-05-09T20:15:49+00:00 sysutils/tren Powerful File And Directory Batch Renaming Tool
tren is a general purpose file and directory renaming tool. Unlike
commands like mv, tren is particularly well suited for renaming
batches of files and/or directories with a single command line
invocation. tren eliminates the tedium of having to script simpler
tools to provide higher-level renaming capabilities.

2010-05-09T10:55:55+00:00 www/p5-WWW-Tumblr Perl interface for the Tumblr API
Perl interface for the Tumblr API

2010-05-09T08:26:50+00:00 math/libranlip Random variate generator for Lipschitz-continuous densities
libranlip is a C++ library created by G. Beliakov, which generates random
variates with arbitrary Lipschitz-continuous densities via the acceptance /
rejection method. The density should have a dimension of no more than about
five. The user needs to supply the density function using a simple syntax, and
then call the methods of construction and generation provided in libranlip.

2010-05-09T08:13:28+00:00 sysutils/cdeploy Deploy a set of configuration files to a target file system
This is a port of the cdeploy utility, a tool which can be used to deploy a
directory sub-tree into another directory tree. cdeploy is currently
maintained by the community.

2010-05-09T07:53:16+00:00 audio/mp3val Program for MPEG audio stream validation
MP3val is a small, high-speed, free software tool for checking MPEG audio
files' integrity. It can be useful for finding corrupted files (e.g.
incompletely downloaded, truncated, containing garbage). MP3val is also able
to fix most of the problems. Being a multiplatform application, MP3val can be
runned both under Windows and under Linux (or BSD).

The most common MPEG audio file type is MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), but MP3val
supports also other MPEG versions and layers. The tool is also aware of the
most common types of tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2).

The core component of MP3val is an application with command-line interface.
There are also two graphical frontends for it: MP3val-frontend is a native
Windows application (it is also included in the latest binary releases for
Windows), mp3valgui is a multi-platform Python script (can be downloaded
separately), written by an independent developer. Installing the latter under
Windows is a bit tricky, so for Windows the first frontend is recommended.

2010-05-09T07:52:10+00:00 net-im/vacuum-im Crossplatform Jabber client
Vacuum IM - modular, crossplatform Jabber client
The core program is just a plugin loader - all functionality is made available
via plugins. This enforces modularity and ensures well defined component
interaction via interfaces.

2010-05-09T07:50:34+00:00 deskutils/conkyemail Email script for conky
conkyemail Email inbox count script with ssl capabilities, for use in Conky

2010-05-09T07:49:36+00:00 x11-themes/cursor-ecliz Ecliz X cursor theme
This is only a port from a cursorxp theme made by JJ. Ying. All credit goes to

2010-05-09T07:48:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-elif Read file in reverse order
A port of File::ReadBackwards, the Perl module by Uri Guttman,
for reading a file line by line in reverse order. This can
often be helpful for things like log files, where the
interesting information is usually at the end.

2010-05-08T10:21:48+00:00 www/p5-WWW-iTunesConnect Client interface for Apple's iTunes Connect service
A Perl5 client interface for Apple's iTunes Connect service.

2010-05-08T10:21:06+00:00 www/p5-Apache-Htgroup Manage Apache authentication group files
Manage Apache htgroup files. Please note that this is not a mod_perl
module. Please also note that there is another module that does similar
things (HTTPD::UserManage) and that this is a more simplistic module, not
doing all the things that one does.

2010-05-08T10:20:40+00:00 devel/p5-Data-JavaScript-Anon Dump big dumb Perl structs to anonymous JavaScript structs
Data::JavaScript::Anon provides the ability to dump large
simple data structures to JavaScript. That is, things that
don't need to be a class, or have special methods or whatever.

2010-05-08T08:54:22+00:00 devel/p5-File-Pid-Quick Associates a PID file with your script
This module associates a PID file with your script for the purpose
of keeping more than one copy from running (concurrency prevention).
It creates the PID file, checks for its existence when the script
is run, terminates the script if there is already an instance running,
and removes the PID file when the script finishes.

This module's objective is to provide a completely simplified
interface that makes adding PID-file-based concurrency prevention
to your script as quick and simple as possible; hence File::Pid::Quick.
For a more nuanced implementation of PID files, please see File::Pid.

2010-05-08T08:13:40+00:00 math/R-cran-inline Inline C, C++, Fortran function calls from R
R-cran-inline is a functionality to dynamically define R functions
and S4 methods with in-lined C, C++ or Fortran code supporting .C
and .Call calling conventions.

2010-05-08T07:25:26+00:00 mail/smtp-cli Powerful SMTP command line client
smtp-cli is a powerful SMTP command line client with a support for
advanced features, such as STARTTLS, SMTP-AUTH, or IPv6 and with a
scriptable message composition capabilities supporting anything
from simple plain-text messages right up to building complex HTML
emails with alternative plain-text part, attachments and inline
images. The MIME-Type of the attachments can either be guessed
automatically or alternatively set on the command line, separately
for each attachment if required.

2010-05-07T03:01:21+00:00 www/p5-Nginx-ReadBody Nginx embeded perl module to read and evaluate a request body
Nginx::ReadBody is a nginx web server embeded perl module to read
and evaluate a request body.

2010-05-06T20:37:48+00:00 devel/py-virtualenvwrapper Enhancements to virtualenv
virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to Ian Bicking's `virtualenv
<>`_ tool. The extensions include
wrappers for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise
managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more
than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their

2010-05-06T20:24:01+00:00 net/isc-dhcp41-server The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution provides a
freely redistributable reference implementation of all aspects of the
DHCP protocol, through a suite of DHCP tools:

* A DHCP server (this port)
* A DHCP client
* A DHCP relay agent

2010-05-06T20:24:01+00:00 net/isc-dhcp41-relay The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol relay
The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution provides a
freely redistributable reference implementation of all aspects of the
DHCP protocol, through a suite of DHCP tools:

* A DHCP server
* A DHCP client
* A DHCP relay agent (this port)

2010-05-06T20:24:01+00:00 net/isc-dhcp41-client The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client
The ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution provides a
freely redistributable reference implementation of all aspects of the
DHCP protocol, through a suite of DHCP tools:

* A DHCP server
* A DHCP client (this port)
* A DHCP relay agent

2010-05-06T16:29:43+00:00 graphics/gimp-resynthesizer Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis
Resynthesizer is a Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis. Given a
sample of a texture, it can create more of that texture. This has
a surprising number of uses:

* Creating more of a texture
* Removing objects from images
* Creating themed images

2010-05-06T08:14:51+00:00 math/ann Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching
ANN is a library written in C++, which supports data structures
and algorithms for both exact and approximate nearest neighbor
neighbor searching in arbitrarily high dimensions.

2010-05-05T23:20:21+00:00 devel/libunwind Generic stack unwinding library
The primary goal of this project is to define a portable and efficient C
programming interface (API) to determine the call-chain of a program. The API
additionally provides the means to manipulate the preserved (callee-saved) state
of each call-frame and to resume execution at any point in the call-chain
(non-local goto). The API supports both local (same-process) and remote
(across-process) operation. As such, the API is useful in a number of
applications. Some examples include:

- exception handling
The libunwind API makes it trivial to implement the stack-manipulation aspects
of exception handling.
- debuggers
The libunwind API makes it trivial for debuggers to generate the call-chain
(backtrace) of the threads in a running program.
- introspection
It is often useful for a running thread to determine its call-chain. For
example, this is useful to display error messages (to show how the error came
about) and for performance monitoring/analysis.
- efficient setjmp()
With libunwind, it is possible to implement an extremely efficient version of
setjmp(). Effectively, the only context that needs to be saved consists of the

2010-05-05T18:19:43+00:00 sysutils/squashfs-tools Set of tools to manipulate squashfs images
Squashfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. Squashfs is
intended for general read-only filesystem use, for archival use (i.e.
in cases where a .tar.gz file may be used), and in constrained block
device/memory systems (e.g. embedded systems) where low overhead is
needed. The filesystem is currently stable, and has been tested on
PowerPC, i586, Sparc and ARM architectures.

squashfs-tools are the set of tools to manipulate squashfs images.

2010-05-05T15:29:36+00:00 deskutils/notify-osd On-screen-display notification agent using libnotify
Notify OSD presents on-screen-display notifications as ephemeral overlays, which
can be clicked through so they don't block your work. It queues notifications,
to prevent them from flooding your screen. And as well as handling standard
notification updates, Notify OSD introduces the idea of appending - allowing
notifications to grow over time, for example in the case of instant messages
from a particular person.

2010-05-05T13:08:26+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-CAST5 CAST5 block cipher
This module provides an implementation of the CAST5 block cipher using
compiled C code for increased speed. CAST5 is also known as CAST-128. It
is a product of the CAST design procedure developed by C. Adams and
S. Tavares.

2010-05-05T12:58:33+00:00 net/p5-Net-Appliance-Session Run command-line sessions to network appliances
Use this module to establish an interactive command-line session with a
network appliance. There is special support for moving into privileged
mode and configure mode, with all other commands being sent through a
generic call to your session object.

2010-05-05T12:29:16+00:00 net/p5-Net-Appliance-Phrasebook Network appliance command-line phrasebook
If you use Perl to manage interactive sessions with the
command-line interfaces of networked appliances, then you might find
this module useful.

Net::Appliance::Phrasebook is a simple module that contains a number of
dictionaries for the command-line interfaces of some popular network

It also supports the use of custom phrasebooks, and of hiearchies of
dictionaries within phrasebooks.

2010-05-05T12:07:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-notify Desktop notify for many platform
rubygem-notify provides notification functionalities on cross platforms.

2010-05-05T11:54:02+00:00 textproc/p5-Data-Phrasebook-Loader-YAML Loader class for phrasebook implementations using YAML
This class loader implements phrasebook patterns using YAML.

Phrases can be contained within one or more dictionaries, with each phrase
accessible via a unique key. Phrases may contain placeholders, please see
Data::Phrasebook for an explanation of how to use these. Groups of phrases are
kept in a dictionary. In this implementation a single file is one complete

2010-05-05T11:39:03+00:00 dns/p5-BIND-Config-Parser Parse BIND Config files
BIND::Config::Parser provides a lightweight parser to the configuration
file syntax of BIND v8 and v9 using a Parse::RecDescent grammar.

2010-05-05T11:34:27+00:00 textproc/p5-Data-Phrasebook Accessing phrasebooks from various data sources
Data::Phrasebook is a collection of modules for accessing phrasebooks
from various data sources.

Common uses of phrasebooks are in handling error codes, accessing
databases via SQL queries and written language phrases. Examples are the
mime.types file and the hosts file, both of which use a simple
phrasebook design.

2010-05-05T11:31:02+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Accessor-Fast-Contained Fast accessors with data containment
This module does two things differently to the venerable

- Fields are stored at arms-length within a single hash value of $self, rather
than directly in the $self blessed referent.

- new() allows mixin into an existing object, rather than creating and
returning a new blessed hashref.

2010-05-05T11:20:55+00:00 net/p5-Net-IRR Perl interface to the Internet Route Registry Daemon
This module provides an object oriented perl interface to the Internet
Route Registry. The interface uses the RIPE/RPSL Tool Query Language as
defined in Appendix B of the IRRd User Guide. The guide can be found at, however an understanding of the query language is
not required to use this module.

2010-05-05T07:05:56+00:00 sysutils/py-psutil Process utilities module for Python
psutil is a module providing an interface for retrieving information on running
processes and system utilization (CPU, memory) in a portable way by using
Python, implementing many functionalities offered by tools like ps, top and
Windows task manager.

2010-05-05T06:45:58+00:00 devel/hs-bsd-sysctl Access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface
This module provides efficient access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface via
the Haskell FFI. It allows to read and write both basic sysctl types, as
well as complex opaque types (typically C structures) described via Storable

2010-05-04T11:41:50+00:00 databases/p5-TokyoCabinet Perl extension for TokyoCabinet
Perl extension for TokyoCabinet.

2010-05-04T03:23:13+00:00 graphics/apvlv PDF/DJVU Viewer that behaves like Vim
Apvlv is a PDF/DJVU Viewer and its behaviour is like Vim's.

2010-05-02T12:10:21+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-sys-cpu Interface for getting information about the CPU
The sys-cpu library provides an interface for gathering information about your
system's CPU. This includes not only technical data such as processor type, but
also CPU statistics, such as load average information.

It is part of a library of a set libraries for various system administration
tasks, such as gathering information about users, processes, your CPU, the
filesystem, and so on.

2010-05-02T12:09:12+00:00 devel/pecl-ncurses PECL extension for ncurses
ncurses (new curses) is a free software emulation of curses in
System V Rel 4.0 (and above). It uses terminfo format, supports
pads, colors, multiple highlights, form characters and function
key mapping. Because of the interactive nature of this library,
it will be of little use for writing Web applications, but may
be useful when writing scripts meant using PHP from the command

2010-05-02T12:08:37+00:00 www/mawstats MAWStats is a Free Web Site Statistics tool
MAWStats is a free site statistics and analytics package.
It runs in conjunction with AWStats and produces clear and informative charts,
graphs and tables about your website visitors.

2010-05-02T08:30:09+00:00 www/drush Drupal command line and scripting interface
Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for the Drupal CMS
and is designed to make life easier for those who spend some of their working
hours hacking away at the command prompt.

2010-05-02T06:21:22+00:00 editors/textroom Full screen text editor
TextRoom and all other similar editors share one goal: to get you
writing right away by providing distraction free environment to
your liking, as well as familiar set of keyboard shortcuts to control
its behavior. If you don't feel comfortable already with your editor
of choice, you may find it useful.

2010-05-01T14:02:01+00:00 audio/p5-Net-LibLO Perl extension for liblo Lightweight OSC library
Perl interface for liblo Lightweight OSC library.

2010-04-30T21:50:24+00:00 databases/pecl-drizzle PHP wrapper for the libdrizzle library
This PHP extension provides a wrapper for libdrizzle, the
client and protocol library for the Drizzle database.

2010-04-30T05:56:49+00:00 devel/p5-Regexp-Subst-Parallel Perform multiple substitutions on a string in parallel
Regexp::Subst::Parallel is a module that allows you to make multiple
simultaneous substitutions safely. Using the sole exported "subst"
function has a rather different effect from doing each substitution

2010-04-30T05:01:28+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Match-FastAlternatives Efficient search for many strings
This module allows you to search for any of a list of substrings
("keys") in a larger string. It is particularly efficient when the set
of keys is large.

2010-04-30T03:38:20+00:00 devel/p5-Tie-RegexpHash Use regular expressions as hash keys
Tie::RegexpHash module allows one to use regular expressions
for hash keys, so that values can be associated with anything
that matches the key.

2010-04-30T01:57:58+00:00 devel/p5-CPAN-Meta Distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
Software distributions released to the CPAN include a META.json or,
for older distributions, META.yml, which describes the distribution,
its contents, and the requirements for building and installing the
distribution. The data structure stored in the META.json file is
described in CPAN::Meta::Spec.

CPAN::Meta provides a simple class to represent this distribution
metadata (or distmeta), along with some helpful methods for
interrogating that data.

2010-04-29T15:29:32+00:00 databases/drizzle A database optimized for Cloud and Net applications
Drizzle is a high-performance microkernel DBMS for scale-out
applications. It is a community-driven project based on the popular
MySQL DBMS and focused on MySQL's original goals of ease-of-use,
reliability and performance.

2010-04-29T11:27:00+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_memcached_paranoid Nagios plugin for checking memcached
This program checks memcached (or compatible) server by memcached
protocol: SET, GET, DELETE and GET.

2010-04-29T11:18:25+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_kumofs Nagios plugin for kumofs manager/server
This "check_kumofs" is Nagios plugin for monitoring kumofs server node
and manager node.

2010-04-29T06:40:30+00:00 games/gbrainy Brain teaser game and trainer
Gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to
keep your brain trained.

2010-04-29T06:17:49+00:00 devel/p5-Version-Requirements A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
Version::Requirements object models a set of version constraints like those
specified in the META.yml or META.json files in CPAN distributions. It can
be built up by adding more and more constraints, and it will reduce them to
the simplest representation.

2010-04-29T06:02:39+00:00 devel/p5-Paranoid Paranoia support for safer programs
Paranoid is a collection of modules started out as modules which perform
things (debatably) in a safer and taint-safe manner. Since then it's also
grown to include functionality that fit into the same framework and
conventions of the original modules, including keeping the debug hooks
for command-line debugging.

2010-04-28T05:28:59+00:00 databases/ruby-kyotocabinet Ruby (1.9.1+) binding to Kyoto Cabinet
This is a Ruby (1.9.1+) binding to Kyoto Cabinet, a straightforward
implementation of DBM.

Since the library is licensed under GPLv3 which is incompatible with
the ruby runtime, binary distribution is inhibited.

Author: Mikio Hirabayashi <>
2010-04-27T07:19:57+00:00 editors/gwrite Simple HTML format editor
gwrite is an HTML format text editor.


1. HTML5 file format
2. Standard word processing user interface
3. Content structure oriented word processing
4. Title style table of contents production
5. Similar navigation/documentation views in Microsoft Word
6. Paragraph selection when double or right click in navigation view
7. Word count: for document or selections, count the words(with and
without spaces), paragraphs, lines, English words, Chinese characters.
8. Images inclusion via Base64

2010-04-27T02:31:59+00:00 mail/spmfilter High-performance mail filtering framework written in C
spmfilter is a high-performance mail filtering framework, written in C.

It attempts to be a general filtering framework for any purposes.
Filtering mechanisms are provided by plugins, the API enables spmfilter
plugins to access messages as they are being processed by the MTA.
This allows them to examine and modify message content and
meta-information during the SMTP transaction. Plugins are loaded at
runtime and can be processed in any sequence, the processing chain
can also be altered by a single plugin

2010-04-26T19:27:02+00:00 graphics/libjpeg-turbo SIMD-accelerated JPEG codec library, provides libTurboJPEG
This is the libjpeg-turbo library.

libjpeg-turbo is a high-speed version of libjpeg for x86 and x86-64 processors
which uses SIMD instructions (MMX, SSE2, etc.) to accelerate baseline JPEG
compression and decompression.
libjpeg-turbo is generally 2-4x as fast as the unmodified version
of libjpeg, all else being equal.

libjpeg-turbo was originally based on libjpeg/SIMD by Miyasaka Masaru,
but the TigerVNC and VirtualGL projects made numerous enhancements to the codec,
including improved support for Mac OS X, 64-bit support,
support for 32-bit and big endian pixel formats (RGBA, ABGR, etc.),
accelerated Huffman encoding/decoding, and various bug fixes.
The goal was to produce a fully open source codec that could replace
the partially closed source TurboJPEG/IPP codec used by VirtualGL and TurboVNC.
libjpeg-turbo generally achieves 80-120% of the performance of TurboJPEG/IPP.
It is faster in some areas but slower in others.

2010-04-26T08:31:41+00:00 www/py-webkitgtk Python bindings for the WebKit GTK+ port
Python bindings for the WebKit GTK+ port.

2010-04-26T07:40:15+00:00 databases/db51 The Oracle Berkeley DB, revision 5.1
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of open source embeddable databases
that allows developers to incorporate within their applications a
fast, scalable, transactional database engine with industrial grade
reliability and availability. As a result, customers and end-users
will experience an application that simply works, reliably manages
data, can scale under extreme load, but requires no ongoing database
administration. As a developer, you can focus on your application and
be confident that Oracle Berkeley DB will manage your persistence

2010-04-26T07:40:15+00:00 databases/db50 The Oracle Berkeley DB, revision 5.0
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of open source embeddable databases
that allows developers to incorporate within their applications a
fast, scalable, transactional database engine with industrial grade
reliability and availability. As a result, customers and end-users
will experience an application that simply works, reliably manages
data, can scale under extreme load, but requires no ongoing database
administration. As a developer, you can focus on your application and
be confident that Oracle Berkeley DB will manage your persistence

2010-04-26T07:40:15+00:00 databases/db5 Oracle Berkeley DB, revision ${BDBVER}
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of open source embeddable databases
that allows developers to incorporate within their applications a
fast, scalable, transactional database engine with industrial grade
reliability and availability. As a result, customers and end-users
will experience an application that simply works, reliably manages
data, can scale under extreme load, but requires no ongoing database
administration. As a developer, you can focus on your application and
be confident that Oracle Berkeley DB will manage your persistence

2010-04-26T06:57:14+00:00 www/p5-Pod-Site Build browsable HTML documentation for your app
Pod::Site searches a list of directories and generates a jQuery-powered
documentation site from all of the POD files it finds. It was originally
designed for the Bricolage project but is has evolved for general use.
Have a look at the Bricolage API Browser to see a sample documentation
site in action. The generated documentation site supports Safari, Firefox,
and IE7 and up.

2010-04-26T06:44:49+00:00 www/py-jswebkit WebKit/JavaScriptCore Python bindings
python-jswebkit is an cython wrapper for JSContextRef
in pywebkitgtk, which makes it able to call JavaScript
functions with WebKit/JavaScriptCore.

2010-04-25T15:14:43+00:00 lang/p5-Test-XPath Test XML and HTML content and structure with XPath expressions
This library's module, Test::XPath, provides an interface for testing the
content and structure of XML and HTML documents using XPath query expressions.
This will be most useful for those who need to write TAP-emitting unit tests
for HTML or XML output.

2010-04-25T12:07:11+00:00 games/brainparty Family-friendly set of 36 puzzle games
Brain Party is a fun, free puzzle game for all the family that's
made up of 36 minigames designed to push your brain to its limits
by testing memory, logic, mathematics, reaction time and more! Brain
Party is split into two modes: test mode gives you five minigames
in a row and adds up your brain weight to see how smart you are,
and practise mode lets you play your favourite minigames as often
as you want. If you do well enough, there are six extra minigames
that can be unlocked as well as a new game mode designed to keep
you playing and enjoying your favourite games even longer.

2010-04-25T04:57:38+00:00 lang/cdent Portable Module Programming Language
C'Dent is a new Acmeist programming language for writing portable modules.
It is based on the computer programming principle known as H.O.P.E.
(Hack Once, Please Everyone)

2010-04-25T00:00:11+00:00 lang/p5-TryCatch First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters
This module aims to provide a nicer syntax and method to catch errors in
Perl, similar to what is found in other languages (such as Java, Python
or C++). The standard method of using eval {}; if ($@) {} is often prone
to subtle bugs, primarily that its far too easy to stomp on the error in
error handlers. And also eval/if isn't the nicest idiom.

2010-04-24T20:03:03+00:00 devel/libdombey SCGI application server in a library
Libdombey provides multi-process and multi-threaded TCP or UNIX-domain SCGI
application servers. The libraries handle network and concurrency tasks.
You write code to service connections.

2010-04-24T15:08:16+00:00 textproc/p5-Vroom Slide Shows in Vim
Vroom lets you create your slides in a single file using a Wiki-like
style, much like Spork and Sporx do. The difference is that your slides
don't compile to HTML or JavaScript or XUL. They get turned into a set
of files that begin with '0', like '03' or '07c' or ''.

The slides are named in alphabetic order. That means you can bring them
all into a Vim session with the command: vim 0*. vroom --vroom does
exactly that.

Vroom takes advantage of Vim's syntax highlighting. It also lets you run
slides that contain code.

Since Vim is an editor, you can change your slides during the show.

2010-04-24T15:07:23+00:00 www/p5-Template-Toolkit-Simple Simple Interface to Template Toolkit
Template Toolkit is the best Perl template framework. The only problem
with it is that using it for simple stuff is a little bit cumbersome.
Also there is no good utility for using it from the command line.

This module is a simple wrapper around Template Toolkit. It exports a
function called tt which returns a new Template::Toolkit::Simple object.
The object supports method calls for setting all the Template Toolkit

This module also installs a program called tt-render which you can use
from the command line to render templates with all the power of the Perl
object. All of the object methods become command line arguments in the
command line version.

2010-04-24T11:55:45+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-ohai Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON
Ohai detects data about your operating system. It can be used standalone, but
it's primary purpose is to provide node data to Chef.

Ohai will print out a JSON data blob for all the known data about your system.
When used with Chef, that data is reported back via node attributes.

2010-04-24T11:55:10+00:00 devel/rubygem-mixlib-cli Simple mixin for CLI interfaces, including option parsing
Mixlib::CLI provides a class-based command line option parsing object, like the
one used in Chef, Ohai and Relish.

2010-04-24T11:54:06+00:00 devel/rubygem-mixlib-config Class based config mixin, similar to the one found in Chef
Mixlib::Config provides a class-based configuration object, like the one used
in Chef.

2010-04-24T11:53:38+00:00 devel/rubygem-mixlib-authentication Mixes in simple per-request authentication
Mixlib::Authentication provides a class-based header signing authentication
object, like the one used in Chef.

2010-04-24T11:52:48+00:00 devel/rubygem-mixlib-log Provides a simple mixin for log functionality
Mixlib::Log provides a mixin for enabling a class based logger object, a-la
Merb, Chef, and Nanite.

2010-04-24T11:52:07+00:00 devel/rubygem-systemu Portable replacement for popen4
systemu is a portable replacement for popen4 in ruby.

systemu can be used on any platform to return status, stdout, and stderr of
any command. unlike other methods like open3/popen4 there is zero danger of
full pipes or threading issues hanging your process or subprocess.

2010-04-24T11:50:59+00:00 net/rubygem-bunny Another synchronous Ruby AMQP client
Bunny is an AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) client, written in Ruby,
that is intended to allow you to interact with AMQP-compliant message
brokers/servers such as RabbitMQ in a synchronous fashion.

It is based on a great deal of useful code from amqp by Aman Gupta and Carrot
by Amos Elliston.

You can use Bunny to :
* Create and delete exchanges
* Create and delete queues
* Publish and consume messages

Bunny is known to work with RabbitMQ versions 1.5.4 and above with version 0-8
of the AMQP specification.

2010-04-24T05:38:34+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_firebird
2010-04-24T05:38:34+00:00 databases/php52-interbase
2010-04-23T23:58:28+00:00 lang/php52-extensions A "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
This is a "meta-port" to install the extensions for PHP 5.

Defaults to:
ctype, dom, iconv, pcre, posix, session, simplexml, sqlite, tokenizer and xml.

2010-04-23T23:46:14+00:00 textproc/php52-xsl
2010-04-23T23:46:14+00:00 net/php52-xmlrpc
2010-04-23T23:43:41+00:00 textproc/php52-wddx
2010-04-23T22:34:59+00:00 archivers/php52-zlib
2010-04-23T22:34:59+00:00 archivers/php52-zip
2010-04-23T22:33:48+00:00 textproc/php52-xmlwriter
2010-04-23T22:33:48+00:00 textproc/php52-xmlreader
2010-04-23T22:31:51+00:00 textproc/php52-xml
2010-04-23T22:30:46+00:00 devel/php52-sysvshm
2010-04-23T22:30:46+00:00 devel/php52-sysvsem
2010-04-23T22:28:09+00:00 devel/php52-sysvmsg
2010-04-23T22:27:15+00:00 devel/php52-tokenizer
2010-04-23T22:25:27+00:00 www/php52-tidy
2010-04-23T22:25:27+00:00 databases/php52-sybase_ct
2010-04-23T22:25:27+00:00 databases/php52-sqlite
2010-04-23T22:21:56+00:00 net/php52-sockets
2010-04-23T22:21:56+00:00 net/php52-soap
2010-04-23T22:21:56+00:00 devel/php52-spl
2010-04-23T22:18:48+00:00 www/php52-session
2010-04-23T22:18:48+00:00 textproc/php52-simplexml
2010-04-23T22:18:48+00:00 net-mgmt/php52-snmp
2010-04-23T22:18:48+00:00 devel/php52-shmop
2010-04-23T22:18:48+00:00 converters/php52-recode
2010-04-23T22:10:37+00:00 textproc/php52-pspell
2010-04-23T22:10:37+00:00 devel/php52-readline
2010-04-23T16:34:39+00:00 sysutils/php52-posix
2010-04-23T16:34:39+00:00 databases/php52-pgsql
2010-04-23T16:34:39+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_sqlite
2010-04-23T16:30:34+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_pgsql
2010-04-23T16:29:44+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_odbc
2010-04-23T16:28:07+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_oci
2010-04-23T16:27:19+00:00 databases/php52-pdo_mysql