FreeBSD New Ports Index

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# git -C /usr/ports log --diff-filter=A --name-status --pretty="format:%aI %H" origin/master | perl -nlE '/^\d/ ? $d=$_ : print "$d\t$_"' | ack "\t[0-9a-z-]+/[^/ ]+/Makefile$"

2020-12-03T22:01:50+00:00 www/lychee Link checker
A fast, async, resource-friendly link checker written in Rust.
For GitHub links, it can optionally use a GITHUB_TOKEN to avoid
getting blocked by the rate limiter.

2020-12-02T21:48:25+00:00 databases/py-aesqlapius Manage SQL queries as a Python API
So you don't want to use ORM, and want to organize your SQL queries
in a convenient way. Don't mix them with your python code, don't
write `execute` and `fetchrow`s by hand for each query. With

- Store your SQL queries separate from the code, in a dedicated
file or directory hierarchy
- Annotate each query with python-like function definition specifying
input arguments and output types and patterns

aesqlapius builds a class out of this, where you can call your
queries as plain methods. It handles arguments (pass positional
or keyword arguments as you like, default values are also handled) and
output types and patterns (you may specify whether a method returns
iterator, list, dict of rows, or a single row, where row may
be represented as a tuple, list, dict, single value or a custom
type such as a dataclass).

2020-12-02T14:39:04+00:00 textproc/lookatme Interactive, terminal-based markdown presenter
lookatme is an interactive, extensible, terminal-based markdown
presentation tool.

* Markdown rendering
* Live (input file modification time watching) and manual reloading
* Live terminals embedded directly in slides
* Syntax highlighting using Pygments
* Loading external files into code blocks
* Support for contrib extensions
* Smart slide splitting

2020-12-02T08:15:01+00:00 textproc/cast2gif Tool to render Asciinema cast files to GIFs
A tool to convert Asciinema cast files to GIFs without using
Electron or a web browser.

2020-12-02T00:09:14+00:00 databases/db18 Oracle Berkeley DB, Release ${BDBVER}
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of open source embeddable databases
that allows developers to incorporate within their applications a
fast, scalable, transactional database engine with industrial grade
reliability and availability. As a result, customers and end-users
will experience an application that simply works, reliably manages
data, can scale under extreme load, but requires no ongoing database
administration. As a developer, you can focus on your application and
be confident that Oracle Berkeley DB will manage your persistence

2020-12-01T13:21:13+00:00 math/py-mathics General-purpose computer algebra system (CAS)
Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS).
It is an open-source alternative to Mathematica.

It contains:
- mathicsscript: a text interface;
- mathicsserver: a Django-based Web interface.

2020-12-01T13:21:06+00:00 textproc/py-langid Standalone Language Identification (LangID) tool is a standalone Language Identification (LangID) tool.

The design principles are as follows:

Pre-trained over a large number of languages (currently 97)
Not sensitive to domain-specific features (e.g. HTML/XML markup)
Single .py file with minimal dependencies
Deployable as a web service

Remark: the main script langid/ is cross-compatible with both Python2
and Python3, but the accompanying training tools are still Python2-only, hence
not installed by this port.

See also the port textproc/py-langdetect for a similar program.

2020-12-01T13:15:48+00:00 games/eureka Map editor for various Doom-derived games
Eureka is a map (WAD etc.) editor (based on Yadex) for the classic
DOOM games, and a few related games such as Strife, Harmony, HACX,
Heretic, and Hexen.

It features multiple-level undo and redo, a 3D preview, texture and
thing browsers, a built-in nodes builder, panels for directly editing
the properties of map objects, a flexible key binding system, and low
system requirements (e.g. a 3D card is not required).

2020-11-30T20:26:50+00:00 net/haproxy23 Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high
availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based
applications. It is particularly suited for web sites crawling under
very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.

2020-11-30T16:10:46+00:00 emulators/wine-proton Wine with a bit of extra spice
The Wine ( fork used by Proton, a Windows compatibility
tool for the Linux Steam client.

2020-11-30T13:46:54+00:00 www/eolie Simple web browser for GNOME
Eolie is a new GNOME web browser. Some of its features:

* Adblock and more: Block ads, JS, popups, and phishing URLs
* Navigation profiles
* Firefox sync: Allows one to sync their bookmarks, history, and
passwords with Firefox
* Fullscreen view: Fullscreen content access
* Download images/videos: Download all medias from a webpage
* Private browsing: Do not leave information on the web; per-page
private browsing
* Reader view: Clutter-free web pages
* Smart search bar: Search for bookmarks, history, or the web from
the same place
* Docking your laptop with a 4K screen? Eolie remembers default
zoom level per screen

2020-11-30T12:12:43+00:00 ports-mgmt/fastest_pkg Script to find the fastest pkg mirror
By default pkg uses DNS-based load balancing. This method does not necessarily
choose the fastest mirror. This script can help you to find the fastest pkg
mirror near you.

2020-11-29T01:00:19+00:00 misc/xd-rust Tool that dumps binary input in a variety of formats
xd is a tool that dumps binary input in a variety of formats.

2020-11-28T23:52:12+00:00 databases/xls2txt Utilities to convert spreadsheet files to text and csv formats
xls2txt and xsl2csv allow converting spreadsheet files to text for compatibility
with terminals and command-line utilities (e.g. diff or less). Despite the name,
they should work with both excel (xls, xlsx or xlsb) and OpenDocument (ods)

2020-11-28T13:37:22+00:00 databases/mdbx Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (Extended)

libmdbx is an extremely fast, compact, powerful, embedded, transactional
key-value database, with permissive license. libmdbx has a specific set of
properties and capabilities, focused on creating unique lightweight solutions.

Historically, libmdbx is a deeply revised and extended descendant of the
amazing Lightning Memory-Mapped Database. libmdbx inherits all benefits from
LMDB, but resolves some issues and adds a set of improvements.

2020-11-28T06:14:00+00:00 sysutils/stressdisk Stress test your disks before trusting your valuable data to them
This is a program designed to stress test your disks and
find failures in them.

- Use it to soak test your new disks / memory cards / USB
sticks before trusting your valuable data to it.

- Use it to soak test your new PC hardware also for the same reason.

2020-11-27T22:11:12+00:00 x11-servers/xarcan X11 server as Arcan client
This is a patched Xserver with a KDrive backend that uses the
arcan-shmif to map Xlib/Xcb/X clients to a running Arcan instance.

It currently works as a 'desktop in a window', where you supply the
window manager and so on, and use the X side as normal. Some Arcan
features will be lost, particularly any customizations done to the
keybindings - normal X controls for defining keyboard maps and
overrides are needed.

2020-11-27T17:42:04+00:00 x11-wm/durden Desktop Environment for Arcan
Durden is a desktop environment for the Arcan Display Server. It
serves both as a reference showcase on how to take advantage of some
of the features in Arcan, and as a very competent entry to the
advanced-user side of the desktop environment spectrum. The basic
premise is to absorb most, if not all, features from current desktop
environments in a modular and configurable way - then let user
selected profiles actually cherry- pick the configuration, visuals and
tunning that reflects the desktop the user wants or is familiar
with. Internally, it is based around a file-system like structure
("the menu") and everything else is references to paths within this

2020-11-27T17:41:57+00:00 multimedia/arcan Display Server, Multimedia Framework, Game Engine
Arcan is a powerful development framework for creating virtually anything from
user interfaces for specialized embedded applications all the way to full-blown
standalone desktop environments.

At its heart lies a robust and portable multimedia engine, with a well-tested
and well-documented Lua scripting interface. The development emphasizes
security, debuggability and performance -- guided by a principle of least
surprise in terms of API design.

2020-11-27T13:39:31+00:00 accessibility/sctd Set color temperature (sct) daemon
sctd is based on sct (accessibility/sct) by Ted Unangst.
It calculates sunrise and sunset based on latitude
and longitude and sets the temperature accordingly.
The transition logic is based on Redshift.

2020-11-26T23:22:11+00:00 www/py-postorius Django app provoding web user interface to access GNU Mailman
Postorius Django provides a web user interface to access GNU Mailman

2020-11-26T23:22:11+00:00 www/py-django-gravatar2 Lightweight app for interacting with gravatars
A lightweight django-gravatar app. Includes helper methods for interacting with
gravatars outside of template code.

Use in code:

from django_gravatar.helpers import get_gravatar_url, has_gravatar, get_gravatar_profile_url, calculate_gravatar_hash

url = get_gravatar_url('', size=150)
gravatar_exists = has_gravatar('')
profile_url = get_gravatar_profile_url('')
email_hash = calculate_gravatar_hash('')

2020-11-26T23:22:11+00:00 mail/py-mailmanclient Official Python bindings for the GNU Mailman 3 REST API
The mailmanclient library provides official Python bindings for the GNU
Mailman 3 REST API.

2020-11-26T23:22:11+00:00 mail/py-django-mailman3 Libraries and templates for Django-based interfaces interacting with Mailman
This package contains libraries and templates for Django-based interfaces
interacting with Mailman.

2020-11-26T21:16:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-mwaa Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA).

2020-11-26T20:46:02+00:00 science/tfel-edf Code generation tool dedicated to material knowledge
The aim of this version is to work with Code_Aster. If you want to use TFEL/
MFront alone, you could get a newer version from science/tfel.

`MFront` is a code generator which translates a set of closely related
domain specific languages into plain C++ on top of the `TFEL`
library. Those languages covers three kind of material knowledge:

- material properties (for instance the
Young modulus, the thermal conductivity, etc.)
- mechanical behaviours. Numerical performances of
generated mechanical behaviours was given a particular
attention. Various benchmarks shows that `MFront`
implementations are competitive with native implementations
available in the `Cast3M`, `Code-Aster` and `Cyrano3` solvers.
- simple point-wise models, such as material swelling
used in fuel performance codes.

`MFront` comes with an handy easy-to-use tool called `MTest` that can
test the local behaviour of a material, by imposing independent
constraints on each component of the strain or the stress. This tool
has been much faster (from ten to several hundred times depending on
the test case) than using a full-fledged finite element solver.

2020-11-25T23:26:47+00:00 mail/py-authheaders Generate email authentication headers
This is a Python library for the generation of email authentication headers.

The library can perform DKIM, SPF, and DMARC validation, and the results are
packaged into the Authentication-Results header.

authenticate_message(message, "", ip='',
mail_from="", helo="")

Authentication-Results:; spf=none;
dkim=pass; dmarc=pass

2020-11-25T19:29:36+00:00 devel/viewvc-devel Web-based Version Control Repository Browsing
ViewVC is a browser interface for CVS and Subversion version control
repositories. It generates templatized HTML to present navigable directory,
revision, and change log listings. It can display specific versions of files as
well as diffs between those versions. Basically, ViewVC provides the bulk of the
report-like functionality you expect out of your version control tool, but much
more prettily than the average textual command-line program output.

2020-11-25T02:45:55+00:00 x11-fonts/fpc-libfontconfig Free Pascal interface to fontconfig
2020-11-25T02:44:51+00:00 www/fpc-webidl Free Pascal webidl unit
2020-11-25T02:43:25+00:00 security/fpc-gnutls Free Pascal unit for GnuTLS
2020-11-25T02:42:29+00:00 print/fpc-libcups Free Pascal interface to CUPS
2020-11-25T02:41:27+00:00 net/fpc-libenet Free Pascal unit for libenet library
2020-11-25T02:40:13+00:00 lang/fpc-rtl-generics Free Pascal generics unit
2020-11-25T02:39:03+00:00 lang/fpc-pastojs Pascal to javascript transpiler
2020-11-25T02:37:42+00:00 graphics/fpc-vcl-compat Free Pascal interface to VCL components
2020-11-25T02:35:16+00:00 devel/fpc-odata Free Pascal interface to odata
2020-11-25T02:33:52+00:00 devel/fpc-libmagic Free Pascal interface to magic library
2020-11-25T02:32:26+00:00 devel/fpc-fcl-report Free Pascal report (FCL)
2020-11-24T20:47:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-networkfirewall Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Network Firewall (Network Firewall)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Network Firewall (Network Firewall).

2020-11-24T20:15:58+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-pine-h64
U-Boot loader and related files for the Pine H64

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-pine-h64/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=128k seek=1 conv=sync

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2020-11-24T20:14:24+00:00 sysutils/atf-sun50i_h6
Arm Trusted Framework for Allwinner H6 SoCs

Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) provides a reference implementation of secure world
software for Armv7-A and Armv8-A, including a Secure Monitor executing at
Exception Level 3 (EL3).

2020-11-24T05:06:52+00:00 devel/grcov Code coverage information aggregator
grcov collects and aggregates code coverage information for multiple source
files. grcov processes .profraw and .gcda files which can be generated from
llvm/clang or gcc. grcov also processes lcov files (for JS coverage) and
JaCoCo files (for Java coverage). Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

2020-11-23T21:35:10+00:00 benchmarks/inferno Stack trace visualizer, a Rust port of flamegraph
Inferno is a port of parts of the flamegraph toolkit to Rust, with the aim of
improving the performance of the original flamegraph tools. The primary focus is
on speeding up the stackcollapse-* tools that process output from various
profiling tools into the "folded" format expected by the flamegraph plotting
tool. So far, the focus has been on parsing profiling results from perf and

2020-11-23T18:56:32+00:00 graphics/gifski Highest-quality GIF encoder based on pngquant
gifski converts video frames to GIF animations using pngquant's fancy features
for efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering. It produces animated
GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame.

2020-11-23T09:13:28+00:00 databases/ods2sql Create SQLite3 database from ODS spreadsheet
ods2sql creates SQLite database out of your ODS spreadsheet.

2020-11-22T23:41:08+00:00 devel/py-pytest-datadir pytest plugin for test data directories and files
pytest plugin for manipulating test data directories and files.

2020-11-21T18:15:24+00:00 x11-themes/nordic-theme Dark GTK & KDE theme created using the Nord color palette
Dark Gtk3.20+ & KDE theme created using the awesome Nord color palette.

2020-11-21T09:37:16+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-appregistry Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Service Catalog App Registry (AppRegistry)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Service Catalog App Registry (AppRegistry).

2020-11-21T09:17:11+00:00 www/rubygem-erubi19 ERB template engine for Ruby
Erubi is a ERB template engine for Ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis,
using the same basic algorithm, with the following differences:
- Handles postfix conditionals when using escaping (e.g. <%= foo if bar %>)
- Supports frozen_string_literal: true in templates via :freeze option
- Works with Ruby's -enable-frozen-string-literal option
- Automatically freezes strings for template text when Ruby optimizes it (on
Ruby 2.1+)
- Escapes ' (apostrophe) when escaping for better XSS protection
- Has 6x faster escaping on Ruby 2.3+ by using cgi/escape
- Has 86% smaller memory footprint
- Does no monkey patching (Erubis adds a method to Kernel)
- Uses an immutable design (all options passed to the constructor, which returns
a frozen object)
- Has simpler internals (1 file, <150 lines of code)
- Has an open development model (Erubis doesn't have a public source control
repository or bug tracker)
- Is not dead (Erubis hasn't been updated since 2011)

2020-11-21T09:17:02+00:00 graphics/py-beziers Bezier curve manipulation library
Beziers provides a variety of classes for constructing, manipulating and drawing
Bezier curves and paths. Principally designed for font design software, it
allows you to join, split, offset, and perform many other operations on paths.

2020-11-21T08:07:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-graphql-client Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries
A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries.

2020-11-21T08:07:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-graphlient Friendlier Ruby client for consuming GraphQL-based APIs
A friendlier Ruby client for consuming GraphQL-based APIs.

2020-11-21T08:07:20+00:00 databases/rubygem-gitlab-pg_query Parses SQL queries using a copy of the PostgreSQL server query parser
This Ruby extension uses the actual PostgreSQL server source
to parse SQL queries and return the internal PostgreSQL parsetree.

In addition the extension allows you to normalize queries (replacing constant
values with ?) and parse these normalized queries into a parsetree again.

2020-11-21T08:07:20+00:00 databases/libpg_query C library for accessing the PostgreSQL parser outside of the server
C library for accessing the PostgreSQL parser outside of the server.

This library uses the actual PostgreSQL server source to parse SQL
queries and return the internal PostgreSQL parse tree.

2020-11-21T03:47:30+00:00 sysutils/cfengine317 Systems administration tool for networks
Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and
maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays
of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of
organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the
first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating
systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a
change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security
and adaptability.

2020-11-21T03:47:30+00:00 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles317 cfengine sample policies for installations and upgrades
CFEngine 3 is a popular open source configuration management system.
Its primary function is to provide automated configuration and
maintenance of large-scale computer systems.

The repository is intended to provide a stable base policy for
installations and upgrades, and is used by CFEngine 3.6 and newer.
The port installs the repository as examples which should be copied by
the user to the masterfiles directory (usually /var/cfengine/masterfiles).

2020-11-20T22:23:30+00:00 net-im/neochat Glossy Matrix IM client based on KDE technologies
Neochat is a client for Matrix, the decentralized communication protocol
for instant messaging. It is a fork of Spectral, using KDE frameworks,
most notably Kirigami, KConfig and KI18n.

2020-11-20T21:13:13+00:00 audio/abx Simple ABX tester to compare audio files with GUI
abx is a program for performing software-based audio ABX testing. ABX test is a
statistical method for assessing whether you are able to tell for audible
differences between two samples. For example, one sample could be compressed
audio, such as Ogg Vorbis, and another one its uncompressed variant. You could
then use abx to infer whether you are able to separate the two samples due to
compression artifacts.

2020-11-20T20:35:54+00:00 net-im/libquotient Matrix IM support library using Qt technologies
libQuotient is a Qt5-based library to make IM clients for the
Matrix protocol. It is the backbone of Quaternion, Spectral and some
other projects. (Previously, libQuotient was known as libQMatrixClient)

2020-11-20T17:04:18+00:00 graphics/jpeg-xl JPEG XL reference encoder/decoder
The JPEG XL Image Coding System (ISO/IEC 18181) has a rich feature set
and is particularly optimised for responsive web environments, so that
content renders well on a wide range of devices. Moreover, it includes
several features that help transition from the legacy JPEG format.

WARNING: Until further notice, do not depend on future decoders being
able to decode the output of a current encoder.

2020-11-20T05:12:24+00:00 devel/libunit Development kit for dynamic web application server
Development kit for NGINX Unit, a dynamic web application server, designed
to run applications in multiple languages.

2020-11-19T13:02:03+00:00 audio/hpsjam Online jamming client and server tool
An online audio collaboration tool for low latency audio with lyrics and
chat support. The tool contains both server and client.

2020-11-19T05:16:26+00:00 x11-clocks/wlclock Digital analog clock for Wayland desktops
wlclock is inspired by xclock and the default configuration has been
chosen to mimic it. However unlike xclock, wlclock is not a regular
window but a desktop-widget.

A Wayland compositor must implement the Layer-Shell and XDG-Output for
wlclock to work.

2020-11-19T00:36:13+00:00 x11/remontoire Keybinding viewer for i3 and other programs
Remontoire is a small (~71Kb) GTK app for presenting keybinding hints
in a compact form suitable for tiling window environments. It is
intended for use with the i3 window manager but it's also able to
display keybindings from any suitably formatted config file.

The program functions by scanning and parsing comments in a specific
format (described directly below), then displaying them in a one-layer
categorized list view. The program stores the state of which sections
are expanded, allowing for use on screens with limited resolution.

2020-11-18T21:52:02+00:00 graphics/art Raw image processing program
ART is a free, open-source, cross-platform raw image processing program. ART is
a derivative of the popular RawTherapee, trading a bit of customization and
control over various processing parameters for a simpler and (hopefully) easier
to use interface, while still maintaining the power and quality of RawTherapee.

2020-11-18T19:00:01+00:00 devel/py-sentry-sdk Client for Sentry
Sentry SDK is a Python client for Sentry (

It enables automatic reporting of errors and exceptions as well as identifies
performance issues in the application.

It is intended to replace Raven.

2020-11-18T17:50:25+00:00 textproc/py-readchar Python library to read characters and key strokes
Library to easily read single chars and key strokes. The idea is to have a
portable way to read single characters and key-strokes.

2020-11-18T16:33:56+00:00 devel/py-case Python unittest utilities
Python testing framework by Celery project that includes mocks and unit tests

2020-11-18T11:33:05+00:00 games/libretro-play Play! - PlayStation 2 Emulator
Play! is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows, macOS, UNIX,
Android & iOS platforms.

Game capability tracker:

2020-11-18T10:04:26+00:00 editors/mg-static Small, fast Emacs-like editor (rescue(8) version)
2020-11-18T08:11:21+00:00 cad/stm32flash Flash program for STM32 using the ST serial bootloader
Open source cross platform flash program for the STM32 ARM microcontrollers
using the built-in ST serial bootloader over UART or I2C.

2020-11-17T18:36:04+00:00 devel/libibuddy C loadable library and CLI tool to control an i-buddy device
libibuddy is a C library to control the i-buddy
USB device. The i-Buddy is a small USB figure
in the form of an MSN messenger contact with
butterfly wings.

To start plug your i-buddy, and run the ibuddy_test

2020-11-16T16:53:37+00:00 net/gerbera Media server compatible with DLNA and UPnP
Gerbera is a DLNA compatible media server and a continuation of MediaTomb
It allows you to browse and playback your media via your network, supports
metadata extraction, media thumbnail support and generation, media transcoding
and offers a Web UI.

2020-11-16T13:05:05+00:00 x11/swaylock-effects Screen locker for Wayland with fancy effects
Swaylock-effects is a fork of swaylock which adds built-in screenshots
and image manipulation effects like blurring. It's inspired by
i3lock-color, although the feature sets aren't perfectly overlapping.

2020-11-16T12:32:51+00:00 multimedia/mpvpaper Video wallpaper for wlroots compositors
MPVPaper is a wallpaper program for wlroots-based Wayland compositors,
such as Sway. That allows you to play videos with mpv as your

2020-11-16T12:28:05+00:00 x11/wayland-logout Simple logout on Wayland
wayland-logout is a simple program that sends SIGINT to a wayland
compositor by looking up the pid for the wayland socket file. The path
to the socket file is derived from WAYLAND_DISPLAY and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
environment variables.

2020-11-16T10:35:59+00:00 x11/wlr-randr xrandr clone for wlroots compositors
Utility to manage outputs of a Wayland compositor.

2020-11-16T03:52:30+00:00 x11-wm/gamescope Micro-compositor from SteamOS
In an embedded session usecase, gamescope does the same thing as
steamcompmgr, but with less extra copies and latency:

- It's getting game frames through Wayland by way of Xwayland, so
there's no copy within X itself before it gets the frame.
- It can use DRM/KMS to directly flip game frames to the screen, even
when stretching or when notifications are up, removing another copy.
- When it does need to composite with the GPU, it does so with async
Vulkan compute, meaning you get to see your frame quick even if the
game already has the GPU busy with the next frame.

It also runs on top of a regular desktop, the 'nested' usecase
steamcompmgr didn't support.

- Because the game is running in its own personal Xwayland sandbox
desktop, it can't interfere with your desktop and your desktop can't
interfere with it.
- You can spoof a virtual screen with a desired resolution and refresh
rate as the only thing the game sees, and control/resize the output
as needed. This can be useful in exotic display configurations like
ultrawide or multi-monitor setups that involve rotation.

2020-11-16T01:15:03+00:00 sysutils/gitwatch Bash script to watch a file or folder and commit changes to a git repo
A bash script to watch a file or folder and commit changes to a git repo

What to use it for?

* config files: some programs auto-write their config files, without waiting
for you to click an 'Apply' button; or even if there is such a button, most
programs offer you no way of going back to an earlier version of your settings.
If you commit your config file(s) to a git repo, you can track changes and go
back to older versions. This script makes it convenient, to have all changes
recorded automatically.
* document files: if you use an editor that does not have built-in git support
(or maybe if you don't like the git support it has), you can use gitwatch to
automatically commit your files when you save them, or combine it with the
editor's auto-save feature to fully automatically and regularly track your

2020-11-15T20:29:52+00:00 x11/wtype Programmatically simulate keyboard input on Wayland
Programatically (or manually) simulate keyboard input using
virtual-keyboard Wayland protocol.

2020-11-15T18:50:17+00:00 biology/pooler Optimise DNA sequencing primer-set combinations
Optimise combinations of primers and minimise the formation of dimers in
multiplexed PCR.

Primer Pooler can:

* Check through each proposed pool for combinations that are likely to form

* Automatically move prospective amplicons between proposed pools to reduce
dimer formation

* Automatically search the genome sequence to find which amplicons overlap, and
place their corresponding primers in separate pools

* Optionally keep pool sizes within a specified range

* Handle thousands of primers without being slow (useful for high-throughput
sequencing applications)

* Do all of the above with degenerate primers too.

2020-11-15T17:56:26+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rouge324 Simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments
Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for

2020-11-15T17:56:21+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-gluedatabrew Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Glue DataBrew
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Glue DataBrew.

2020-11-15T17:56:15+00:00 www/py-pylsqpack Python wrapper for the ls-qpack QPACK library
pylsqpack is a wrapper around the ls-qpack library. It provides Python Decoder
and Encoder objects to read or write HTTP/3 headers compressed with QPACK.

2020-11-15T17:56:10+00:00 www/py-hypercorn ASGI Server based on Hyper libraries
Hypercorn is an ASGI web server based on the sans-io hyper, h11, h2, and wsproto
libraries and inspired by Gunicorn. Hypercorn supports HTTP/1, HTTP/2,
WebSockets (over HTTP/1 and HTTP/2), ASGI/2, and ASGI/3 specifications.
Hypercorn can utilise asyncio, uvloop, or trio worker types.

Hypercorn can optionally serve the current draft of the HTTP/3 specification
using the aioquic library.

2020-11-15T17:56:04+00:00 www/py-aioquic Implementation of QUIC and HTTP/3
aioquic is a library for the QUIC network protocol in Python. It features a
minimal TLS 1.3 implementation, a QUIC stack and an HTTP/3 stack.

2020-11-15T17:55:59+00:00 security/py-webauthn WebAuthn Python module
PyWebAuthn is a Python module which can be used to handle WebAuthn registration
and assertion. Currently, WebAuthn is supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

2020-11-15T17:55:53+00:00 graphics/openjph Open-source implementation of JPEG2000 Part-15
Open source implementation of High-throughput JPEG2000 (HTJ2K), also known as
JPH, JPEG2000 Part 15, ISO/IEC 15444-15, and ITU-T T.814. Here, we are
interested in implementing the HTJ2K only, supporting features that are defined
in JPEG2000 Part 1 (for example, for wavelet transform, only reversible 5/3 and
irreversible 9/7 are supported).

2020-11-15T17:55:48+00:00 devel/py-virtualenv-api API for virtualenv/pip
virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments. Unfortunately, it
does not expose a native Python API. This package aims to provide an API in the
form of a wrapper around virtualenv.

It can be used to create and delete environments and perform package management
inside the environment.

2020-11-15T17:55:42+00:00 devel/py-pytest-mypy Mypy static type checker plugin for pytest
pytest-mypy provides mypy static type checker plugin for pytest.

- Runs the mypy static type checker on your source files as part of your pytest
test runs.
- Does for mypy what the pytest-flake8 plugin does for flake8.

2020-11-15T17:55:37+00:00 databases/py-sqlalchemy14 Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper 1.4.x
The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that gives
application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL.

It provides a full suite of well known enterprise-level persistence patterns,
designed for efficient and high-performing database access, adapted into a
simple and Pythonic domain language.

2020-11-15T17:55:32+00:00 graphics/p5-GraphViz2-Parse-XML Visualize XML as a graph
GraphViz2::Parse::XML takes an XML file and converts it into a graph, using the
pure-Perl XML::Tiny.

2020-11-15T17:55:26+00:00 graphics/p5-GraphViz2-Parse-RecDescent Visualize a Parse::RecDescent grammar as a graph
GraphViz2::Parse::RecDescent takes a Parse::RecDescent grammar and converts it
into a graph.

2020-11-15T17:55:21+00:00 graphics/p5-GraphViz2-Parse-ISA Visualize N Perl class hierarchies as a graph
GraphViz2::Parse::ISA takes a class name and converts its class hierarchy into a
graph. This can be done for N different classes before the graph is generated.

2020-11-15T17:55:15+00:00 graphics/p5-GraphViz2-DBI Visualize a database schema as a graph
GraphViz2::DBI takes a database handle, and graphs the schema.

2020-11-15T17:55:10+00:00 graphics/p5-GraphViz2-Data-Grapher Visualize a data structure as a graph
GraphViz2::Data::Grapher takes a Perl data structure and recursively converts it
into Tree::DAG_Node object, and then graphs it.

2020-11-15T17:55:04+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Snapshot Test against data stored in automatically-named file
Test::Snapshot implements a function to automate the storing and updating of
expected test outputs. This is based on the idea known in frontend development
circles as "snapshot testing", hence the module name.

2020-11-15T17:54:57+00:00 www/ls-qpack QPACK compression library for use with HTTP/3
QPACK is the compression mechanism used by HTTP/3 to compress HTTP headers. It
is in the process of being standardazed by the QUIC Working Group. The QPACK
Internet-Draft is has been stable for some time and we don't expect functional
changes to it before the final RFC is released.

ls-qpack is a full-featured, tested, and fast QPACK library. The QPACK encoder
produces excellent compression results based on an innovative mnemonic technique
(to be described in a future article). It boasts the fastest Huffman encoder and

The library is production quality. It is used in OpenLiteSpeed, LiteSpeed Web
Server, and LiteSpeed Web ADC.

2020-11-15T16:04:02+00:00 devel/gradle-completion Gradle tab completion for Bash and Zsh
Bash and Zsh completion support for Gradle.

This provides fast tab completion for:

- Gradle tasks for the current project and sub-projects
- Gradle CLI switches (e.g. --parallel)
- Common Gradle properties (e.g. -Dorg.gradle.debug)

It also handles custom default build files, so rootProject.buildFileName =
'build.gradle.kts' is supported.

2020-11-15T12:31:00+00:00 databases/courier-authlib-sqlite SQLite support for the Courier authentication library
2020-11-15T07:03:05+00:00 devel/py-doctest-ignore-unicode Add flag to ignore unicode literal prefixes in doctests
doctest-ignore-unicode is a plugin (currently only for Nose) that adds a flag
to ignore unicode literal prefixes in doctests.

2020-11-14T19:48:48+00:00 net/py-saltyrtc.server SaltyRTC compliant signalling server
This is a SaltyRTC server implementation for Python 3.5+ using asyncio.

2020-11-14T19:42:39+00:00 textproc/py-collective.checkdocs View and validate restructured text in package's long_description
collective.checkdocs adds new distutils commands checkdocs and showdocs to
validate restructured text in long_description field of Python eggs. This
package aims to make Python egg help page publishing and editing easier.

Eggs' long description field, which is usually also the README.txt file of
the package, is reST formatted text. This text is converted to HTML to show on
the package page when package is published in distribution repositories like
PyPI or Unfortunately, since repositories do poor job to validate
incoming reST text, errors in the text will result to broken published
package pages.

Unpublishing is usually very cumbersome. We save our time by validating reST
input using checkdocs and showdocs commands before submitting eggs to PyPi.

2020-11-14T19:39:23+00:00 www/threema-web Threema Web application
Threema's web client allows you to use Threema on the desktop without
compromising security.

* Complete synchronization: By scanning a QR code, desktop and mobile
device are connected at once, and all conversations are fully accessible
on the desktop.

* Security and data restraint: All communication between phone and PC is
fully end-to-end encrypted. After the session is terminated, all
synchronized messages are immediately deleted in the browser.

* Open Source: Threema Web is open source and uses open standards. It is
also possible to host Threema Web on your own server.

2020-11-14T17:49:42+00:00 math/py-amply Load and manipulate AMPL data as Python data structures
Amply allows you to load and manipulate AMPL data as Python data structures.

Amply only supports a specific subset of the AMPL syntax:
* set declarations
* set data statements
* parameter declarations
* parameter data statements

2020-11-14T05:28:58+00:00 sysutils/cfengine316 Systems administration tool for networks
Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and
maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays
of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of
organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the
first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating
systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a
change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security
and adaptability.

2020-11-14T05:28:58+00:00 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles316 cfengine sample policies for installations and upgrades
CFEngine 3 is a popular open source configuration management system.
Its primary function is to provide automated configuration and
maintenance of large-scale computer systems.

The repository is intended to provide a stable base policy for
installations and upgrades, and is used by CFEngine 3.6 and newer.
The port installs the repository as examples which should be copied by
the user to the masterfiles directory (usually /var/cfengine/masterfiles).

2020-11-13T17:13:13+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-sopine-spi
U-Boot loader and related files for the Sopine SPI Flash.

To install this bootloader on the spi flash just do from a running sopine system:
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-sopine-spi/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/flash/spi0 bs=64k conv=sync

U-boot environment variables are save in the flash and not in the fat partition.

You can also use the flasher image
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-sopine-spi/sopine-spi-flasher.img of=/path/to/sdcard
Boot the sdcard on the sopine/pine64-lts and it will erase and populate the spi flash
with this u-boot.
Since there is no led that we can flash do indicate that flashing is done the best way to
know it to connect an uart adapter or hdmi monitor.

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2020-11-13T09:47:09+00:00 www/chisel Fast TCP tunnel over HTTP
Chisel is a fast TCP tunnel, transported
over HTTP, secured via SSH. Single executable
including both client and server. Written in Go
(golang). Chisel is mainly useful for passing
through firewalls, though it can also be used to
provide a secure endpoint into your network.

2020-11-13T00:09:36+00:00 devel/xcscope.el Emacs minor mode for using cscope
xcscope is a wrapper around cscope that can be used to navigate source
files in GNU Emacs.

2020-11-12T17:37:19+00:00 dns/encrypted-dns-server High-performance, zero maintenance encrypted DNS proxy
An easy to install, high-performance, zero maintenance proxy to run an
encrypted DNS server.

2020-11-12T14:07:06+00:00 x11/evtest Input device event monitor and query tool
evtest is a tool to print evdev kernel events. It reads directly from the
kernel device and prints a device description and the events with the value
and the symbolic name.

2020-11-11T20:25:33+00:00 sysutils/datadog Datadog Server and Application monitoring agent
Cloud-Scale Monitoring

The Datadog Agent faithfully collects events and metrics and brings them
to Datadog on your behalf so that you can do something useful with your
monitoring and performance data.

2020-11-11T19:03:59+00:00 x11/xdo Utility to perform elementary actions on windows
Apply the given action to the given windows.

If no window IDs and no options are given,
the action applies to the focused window.

2020-11-11T15:51:57+00:00 security/spectre-meltdown-checker Checks your system for the speculative execution CVEs
A shell script to tell if your system is vulnerable against the several
"speculative execution" CVEs that were made public since 2018.

* CVE-2017-5753 [bounds check bypass] aka 'Spectre Variant 1'
* CVE-2017-5715 [branch target injection] aka 'Spectre Variant 2'
* CVE-2017-5754 [rogue data cache load] aka 'Meltdown' aka 'Variant 3'
* CVE-2018-3640 [rogue system register read] aka 'Variant 3a'
* CVE-2018-3639 [speculative store bypass] aka 'Variant 4'
* CVE-2018-3615 [L1 terminal fault] aka 'Foreshadow (SGX)'
* CVE-2018-3620 [L1 terminal fault] aka 'Foreshadow-NG (OS)'
* CVE-2018-3646 [L1 terminal fault] aka 'Foreshadow-NG (VMM)'
* CVE-2018-12126 [microarchitectural store buffer data sampling (MSBDS)] aka
* CVE-2018-12130 [microarchitectural fill buffer data sampling (MFBDS)] aka
* CVE-2018-12127 [microarchitectural load port data sampling (MLPDS)] aka 'RIDL'
* CVE-2019-11091 [microarchitectural data sampling uncacheable memory (MDSUM)]
aka 'RIDL'
* CVE-2019-11135 [TSX asynchronous abort] aka 'TAA' aka 'ZombieLoad V2'
* CVE-2018-12207 [machine check exception on page size changes (MCEPSC)] aka 'No
eXcuses' aka 'iTLB Multihit'
* CVE-2020-0543 [Special Register Buffer Data Sampling (SRBDS)]

2020-11-10T19:31:40+00:00 x11-themes/flat-remix-icon-themes Flat Remix is an icon theme inspired by material design
Flat Remix is an icon theme inspired by material design.

2020-11-10T14:54:17+00:00 www/screego Screen sharing server based on WebRTC
Screego allows to share a screen with good quality and low latency.
It is just an addition to existing software and only helps to share a screen,
nothing else.

- Multi user screenshare
- Secure transfer via WebRTC
- Low latency / High resolution
- Integrated TURN server (see NAT Traversal documentation)

2020-11-10T12:56:42+00:00 devel/py-maturin Build and publish crates with pyo3, rust-cpython and cffi bindings
Build and publish crates with pyo3, rust-cpython and cffi bindings as well as
Rust binaries as Python packages.

This project is meant as a zero configuration replacement for setuptools-rust
and milksnake. It supports building wheels for Python 3.5+ on FreeBSD and
various other platforms, can upload them to PyPI and has basic PyPy support.

2020-11-10T09:05:11+00:00 devel/py-hg-evolve Changeset Evolution with Mercurial
evolve is a Mercurial extension for faster and safer mutable history. It
implements the changeset evolution concept for Mercurial.

- It offers a safe and simple way to refine changesets locally and
propagate those changes to other repositories.
- It can automatically detect and handle the complex issues that can
arise from exchanging draft changesets.
- It even makes it possible for multiple developers to safely rewrite
the same parts of history in a distributed way.
- It fully respects the Phases concept so users will only be able to
rewrite parts of the history that are safe to change. Phases have been
part of Mercurial since early 2012.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-drf-yasg Yet Another Swagger Generator
Generate real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 specifications from a Django Rest
Framework API.


- full support for nested serializers and schemas
- response schemas and descriptions
- model definitions compatible with codegen tools
- customization hooks at all points in the spec generation process
- JSON and YAML format for spec
- bundles latest version of swagger-ui and redoc for viewing the generated
- schema view is cacheable out of the box
- generated Swagger schema can be automatically validated by
swagger-spec-validator or flex
- supports Django REST Framework API versioning with URLPathVersioning
and NamespaceVersioning (other DRF or custom versioning schemes are
not currently supported)

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-djangorestframework Django REST framework
Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit that makes
it easy to build Web APIs.

Note: This is the 3.9.x branch which supports Django 1.11 and later

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-timezone-field Provides database and form fields for pytz timezone objects for Django
Provides database and form fields for pytz timezone objects for Django.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-taggit Reusable Django application for simple tagging
django-taggit a simpler approach to tagging with Django.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-tables2 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tables2 simplifies the task of turning sets of data into HTML tables.
It has native support for pagination and sorting, does for HTML tables what
django.forms does for HTML forms.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-redis Full featured Redis cache/session backend for Django
Django-redis is a BSD Licensed, full featured Redis cache/session
backend for Django.

Why use django-redis?

* Modular client system (pluggable clients).
* Master-Slave support in the default client.
* Used in production in several projects as cache and session storage.
* Supports infinite timeouts.
* Python 3 support in same code base.
* Facilities for raw access to Redis client/connection pool.
* Highly configurable (can emulate memcached exception behavior, for
* Unix sockets supported by default.
* Pluggable parsers.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-prometheus Export Django monitoring metrics for
This library exports Django monitoring metrics for

It provides support to monitor the following databases types:

* SQLite (via Django)
* PostgreSQL

In addition, caches can also be monitored:

* memcached
* Redis

It's even possible to export metrics of Django models and migrations.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-mptt Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal in Django
Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal with your Django
Models and working with trees of Model instances.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-js-asset Insert script tags with additional attributes for django.forms.Media
Insert script tags with additional attributes (such as "id" and "data" for
CSP-compatible data injection) for the django.forms.Media package.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-filter Dynamic filtering for querysets with Django
A generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-debug-toolbar Configurable set of panels to display debug information
The Django Debug Toolbar is a configurable set of panels that display various
debug information about the current request/response and when clicked, display
more details about the panel's content.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-cors-headers Handles server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
A Django App that adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers to

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-cacheops Slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation
A slick app that supports automatic or manual queryset caching and automatic
granular event-driven invalidation.

It uses redis as backend for ORM cache and redis or filesystem for simple
time-invalidated one.

And there is more to it:

* Decorators to cache any user function or view as a queryset or by time
* Extensions for django and jinja2 templates
* Transparent transaction support
* Dog-pile prevention mechanism
* A couple of hacks to make django faster

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 www/py-dj31-django-auth-ldap LDAP integration for django.contrib.auth
This is a Django authentication backend that authenticates against an LDAP
service. Configuration can be as simple as a single distinguished name template,
but there are many rich configuration options for working with users, groups,
and permissions.

2020-11-10T08:47:03+00:00 devel/py-dj31-django-rq Provides Django integration for RQ (Redis Queue)
Django integration with RQ, a Redis based Python queuing library. Django-RQ is a
simple app that allows you to configure your queues in django's and
easily use them in your project.

2020-11-10T06:57:50+00:00 graphics/azpainterb 8-bit RGB color dot editing program
AzPainterB is a painting application for Unix-like systems for pixel-art,
or "dot editing" in the 8-bit color space. It is not very suitable for
general-purpose illustration drawing with high color accuracy, AzPainter
should be used for that instead.

2020-11-09T23:47:36+00:00 x11-wm/river Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor
river is a dynamic tiling wayland compositor that takes inspiration
from dwm and bspwm.

Note: river is currently early in development. Expect breaking changes
and missing features. If you run into a bug don't hesitate to open an
issue upstream.

2020-11-09T21:25:15+00:00 accessibility/wlsunset Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland
Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland compositors supporting

2020-11-09T17:34:46+00:00 math/py-mixsimulator Calculate and simulate the least cost of an energy mix under constraints
MixSimulator is an application with an optimization model for calculating and
simulating the least cost of an energy mix under certain constraints. The
optimizers used are based on the Nevergrad library.

The primary objective of the simulator is to study the relevance of an energy
mix connected to each Inter-connected Grid through the coefficient of usage of
each unit in the production cost.

2020-11-09T17:34:41+00:00 math/py-iohexperimenter Experimenter for Iterative Optimization Heuristic
IOHexperimenter is the benchmarking platform for Iterative Optimization
Heuristics (IOHs).

IOHexperimenter provides:
- A framework for straightforward benchmarking of any iterative optimization
- A suite consisting of 23 pre-made Pseudo-Boolean benchmarking function, with
easily accessible methods for adding custom functions and suites
- Logging methods to effortlesly store benchmarking data in a format compatible
with IOHanalyzer, with future support for additional data logging options
- (Soon to come:) A framework which significantly simplifies algorithm design

2020-11-09T11:47:00+00:00 www/moodle310 Course management system based on social constructionism
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

2020-11-09T11:20:15+00:00 dns/dog Command-line DNS client
Command-line DNS client, like dig.

It has colourful output, understands normal command-line argument syntax,
supports the DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols, and can emit JSON.

2020-11-09T10:54:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-bootsnap14 Boot large ruby/rails apps faster
Bootsnap makes booting large ruby/rails apps faster. It is a library that plugs
into a number of Ruby and (optionally) ActiveSupport and YAML methods to
optimize and cache expensive computations.

2020-11-09T07:08:15+00:00 math/py-benford_py Library for testing data sets with Bendford's Law
The library to test data sets with Benford's Law for abnormalities and
statistical irregularigties.

2020-11-08T21:27:00+00:00 deskutils/birdtray System tray new mail notification for Thunderbird
Birdtray is a free system tray notification for new mail for Thunderbird

2020-11-08T17:50:06+00:00 www/npm-node14
2020-11-08T17:11:12+00:00 devel/rubygem-fiber-local Provide a class-level mixin to make fiber local state easy
Fiber::Local is a module to simplify fiber-local state.

2020-11-08T17:11:06+00:00 www/py-sentinelhub Sentinel Hub Utilities
The sentinelhub Python package allows users to make OGC (WMS and WCS) web
requests to download and process satellite images within your Python scripts. It
supports Sentinel-2 L1C and L2A, Sentinel-1, Landsat 8, MODIS and DEM data

The package also supports obtaining data from Amazon Web Service. It can either
provide data from public bucket with Sentinel-2 L1C imagery or requester pays
bucket with Sentinel-2 L2A imagery. If specified the downloaded data can be
stored in ESA .SAFE format (all types of .SAFE format are supported).

2020-11-08T17:11:01+00:00 textproc/py-petl Extract, transform and load tables of data
petl is a general purpose Python package for extracting, transforming and
loading tables of data.

2020-11-08T17:10:56+00:00 textproc/py-furo Clean customizable Sphinx documentation theme
Furo provides a clean customizable theme for Sphinx.

2020-11-08T17:10:51+00:00 security/py-pyspnego Windows Negotiate Authentication Client and Server
Library to handle SPNEGO (Negotiate, NTLM, Kerberos) authentication. Also
includes a packet parser that can be used to decode raw NTLM/SPNEGO/Kerberos
tokens into a human readable format.

2020-11-08T17:10:45+00:00 net/py-smbprotocol Interact with a server using the SMB 2/3 Protocol
SMB is a network file sharing protocol and has numerous iterations over the
years. This library implements the SMBv2 and SMBv3 protocol based on the MS-SMB2

- Negotiation of the SMB 2.0.2 protocol to SMB 3.1.1 (Windows 10/Server 2016)
- Authentication with both NTLM and Kerberos
- Message signing
- Message encryption (SMB 3.x.x+)
- Connect to a Tree/Share
- Opening of files, pipes and directories
- Set create contexts when opening files
- Read and writing of files and pipes
- Sending IOCTL commands
- Sending of multiple messages in one packet (compounding)
- Experimental support for both standalone and DFS server shares

2020-11-08T17:06:58+00:00 devel/py-build PEP517 package builder
build is a simple, correct PEP517 package builder.

2020-11-08T02:56:09+00:00 science/py-segyio Python binding for segyio, the seismic data library
Pythin binding for segyio, a small LGPL licensed C library for easy interaction
with SEG-Y and Seismic Unix formatted seismic data.

2020-11-08T00:27:18+00:00 science/segyio Library to interact with SEG-Y & Seismic Unix formatted seismic data
Segyio is a small LGPL licensed C library for easy interaction with SEG-Y and
Seismic Unix formatted seismic data, with language bindings for Python and
Matlab. Segyio is an attempt to create an easy-to-use, embeddable,
community-oriented library for seismic applications. Features are added as they
are needed; suggestions and contributions of all kinds are very welcome.

2020-11-07T16:40:29+00:00 graphics/kmscube Example KMS/GBM/EGL application
kmscube is a little demonstration program for how to drive bare metal
graphics without a compositor like X11, Wayland or similar, using
DRM/KMS (kernel mode setting), GBM (graphics buffer manager) and EGL
for rendering content using OpenGL or OpenGL ES.

2020-11-07T11:31:28+00:00 graphics/py-mpl-interactions Simple interactive Matplotlib plots
mpl_interactions aims to simplify creation of interactive Matplotlib plots.
It provides:
- sliders to control the output of pyplot functions (e.g. plot and hist)
- function to compare horizontal and vertical slices of heatmaps
- zooming with the scroll wheel

2020-11-07T11:30:03+00:00 devel/py-ipympl Matplotlib Jupyter extension
Jupyter extension which enables interactive functionality of Matplotlib in
Jupyter Notebook and Lab.

2020-11-07T08:06:18+00:00 net/gsocket Allows two users behind NAT/Firewall to establish a TCP connection
Global Socket allows two users behind NAT/Firewall to establish a TCP
connection with each other. Securely. Abandon the thinking that an IP Address
is needed to communicate with somebody. Instead start thinking that two users
should be able to communicate with each other as long as they know the same
secret (key/password). The Global Socket library handles the rest.

2020-11-07T05:24:06+00:00 sysutils/ethname MAC-based network name pinning
An rc-script for pinning an ethernet network name to a MAC address.

2020-11-06T20:37:46+00:00 databases/xtrabackup8 Open-source backup tool for InnoDB and XtraDB
Percona XtraBackup is an open-source hot backup utility for MySQL that
doesn't lock your database during the backup. It can back up data from
InnoDB, XtraDB and MyISAM tables on MySQL/Percona Server/MariaDB
servers, and has many advanced features.

2020-11-06T20:34:34+00:00 audio/cyanrip Audio CD ripper with command-line interface and focus on accuracy
Audio CD ripper with command-line interface (CLI) that focuses on accuracy
over speed and offers many advanced features without any bloat.
Supports AccurateRip(tm) and MusicBrainz.

2020-11-06T11:12:07+00:00 textproc/py-anyascii Unicode to ASCII transliteration
AnyAscii converts Unicode text to a reasonable representation using only ASCII.

For most characters in Unicode, AnyAscii provides an ASCII-only replacement
string. Text is converted character-by-character without considering the
context. The mappings for each script are based on popular existing romanization
schemes. Symbolic characters are converted based on their meaning or appearance.
All ASCII characters in the input are left unchanged, every other character is
replaced with printable ASCII characters. Unknown characters are removed.

2020-11-06T11:12:02+00:00 security/py-sshpubkeys SSH public key parser
sshpubkeys provides a native implementation for validating OpenSSH public keys.

2020-11-06T11:11:56+00:00 net/py-gdown Google Drive direct download of big files
gdown downloads a large file from Google Drive. If you use curl/wget, it fails
with a large file because of the security warning from Google Drive.

2020-11-06T11:11:50+00:00 devel/py-pre-commit-hooks Some out-of-the-box hooks for pre-commit
pre-commit-hooks provides some out-of-the-box hooks for pre-commit.

2020-11-06T11:11:44+00:00 devel/py-moto Allow your python tests to easily mock out the boto library
Moto is a library that allows your tests to easily mock out AWS Services.

2020-11-06T11:11:39+00:00 devel/py-filedepot Toolkit for storing files and attachments in web applications
DEPOT is a framework for easily storing and serving files in web applications.

DEPOT supports storing files in multiple backends, like:
- Local Disk
- In Memory (for tests)
- On GridFS
- On Amazon S3 (or compatible services)
and integrates with database by providing files attached to your SQLAlchemy or
Ming/MongoDB models with respect to transactions behaviours (files are rolled
back too).

2020-11-06T11:11:33+00:00 devel/py-aioitertools Itertools and builtins for AsyncIO and mixed iterables
aioitertools provides implementation of itertools, builtins, and more for
AsyncIO and mixed-type iterables.

2020-11-05T17:52:35+00:00 print/miktex Implementation of TeX/LaTeX
MiKTeX is a cross-platform implementation of TeX/LaTeX and related programs.
Its main features include an integrated package manager that installs missing
components from the Internet, if required.

2020-11-05T11:50:39+00:00 sysutils/tiramisu Desktop notifications, the UNIX way
tiramisu is a notification daemon based on dunst that outputs
notifications to STDOUT in order to allow the user to process
notifications any way they prefer.

2020-11-05T11:50:32+00:00 x11/xnotify Read notifications from stdin and display them on the screen
XNotify displays a notification on the screen. XNotify receives a
notification specification in stdin and shows a notification for the
user on the screen.

2020-11-04T20:13:09+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-rock-pi-4
U-Boot loader and related files for the Radxa Rock Pi 4.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-rock-pi-4/idbloader.img of=/path/to/sdcarddevice seek=64 bs=512 conv=sync
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-rock-pi-4/u-boot.itb of=/path/to/sdcarddevice seek=16384 bs=512 conv=sync

2020-11-03T14:40:39+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix52-server Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (${PKGNAMESUFFIX:S/^-//})
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the
health and integrity of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible notification
mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based alerts for virtually
any event. This allows a fast reaction to server problems. Zabbix offers
excellent reporting and data visualisation features based on the stored
data. This makes Zabbix ideal for capacity planning.

2020-11-03T14:40:39+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix52-proxy
2020-11-03T14:40:39+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix52-java
2020-11-03T14:40:39+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix52-frontend
2020-11-03T14:40:39+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix52-agent
2020-11-03T00:40:58+00:00 net/py-whois Python package for retrieving WHOIS information of domains
A Python package for retrieving WHOIS information of domains.

- Python wrapper for Linux "whois" command
- simple interface to access parsed WHOIS data for a given domain
- able to extract data for all the popular TLDs (com, org, net, biz, info, pl,
jp, uk, nz, ...)
- query a WHOIS server directly instead of going through an intermediate web
service like many others do
- works with Python 2.4+ and Python 3.x
- all dates as datetime objects
- possibility to cache results

2020-11-03T00:11:50+00:00 sysutils/chaoskube Chaoskube periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster
chaoskube periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster.
Running it will kill a pod in any namespace every 10 minutes by default.

$ chaoskube
INFO[0000] starting up dryRun=true interval=10m0s version=v0.21.0
INFO[0000] connecting to cluster master="" serverVersion=v1
INFO[0000] setting pod filter annotations= labels= minimumAge=0s namespaces=
INFO[0000] setting quiet times daysOfYear="[]" timesOfDay="[]" weekdays="[]"
INFO[0000] setting timezone location=UTC name=UTC offset=0
INFO[0001] terminating pod name=kube-dns-v20-6ikos namespace=kube-system
INFO[0601] terminating pod name=nginx-701339712-u4fr3 namespace=chaoskube

chaoskube allows to filter target pods by namespaces, labels, annotations and
age as well as exclude certain weekdays, times of day and days of a year from

2020-11-02T23:01:50+00:00 x11/mate-dock-applet Application dock applet for the MATE panel
The applet works with both GTK2 and GTK3 versions of MATE and allows you to:
* Place a dock on any MATE panel, of any size, on any side of the desktop
you desire.
* Pin and unpin apps to the dock. Pinned apps can be shown in the dock on
all workspaces or only the workspace where they were pinned (allowing the
dock to be customised for each particular workspace).
* Rearrange application icons on the dock
* Launch apps by clicking on their icons in the dock
* Minimize/unminimize running app windows by clicking the app's dock icon
* Detect changes in the current icon theme and update the dock accordingly
* Use an indicator by each app to show when it is running
* Optionally, use multiple indicators for each window an app has open
* Use different styles of indicators, or turn indicators off altogether
* Change the colour of MATE panels to the dominant colour (i.e. the most
common colour) of the desktop wallpaper. The colour can be applied to all
panels or just the panel containing the dock.

2020-11-02T16:16:54+00:00 sysutils/jail_exporter Prometheus exporter for FreeBSD jail metrics
Jail Exporter is a Prometheus exporter for FreeBSD jail metrics as reported by

2020-11-02T15:58:27+00:00 devel/wasi-libcxx C++ standard library for WebAssembly System Interface
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang builting for WASI
(WebAssembly System Interface).

2020-11-02T15:58:27+00:00 devel/wasi-libc C standard library for WebAssembly System Interface
libc/sysroot for WASI (WebAssembly System Interface)

WASI Libc is a libc for WebAssembly programs built on top of WASI system calls.
It provides a wide array of POSIX-compatible C APIs, including support
for standard I/O, file I/O, filesystem manipulation, memory management, time,
string, environment variables, program startup, and many other APIs.

2020-11-02T15:58:27+00:00 devel/wasi-compiler-rt11 Clang builtins library for WebAssembly System Interface
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang builtins for WASI
(WebAssembly System Interface).

2020-11-02T11:40:12+00:00 dns/py-dnspython2 DNS toolkit for Python - 2.X branch
dnspython is a DNS toolkit for Python. It supports almost all record
types. It can be used for queries, zone transfers, and dynamic
updates. It supports TSIG authenticated messages and EDNS0.

dnspython provides both high and low level access to DNS. The high
level classes perform queries for data of a given name, type, and
class, and return an answer set. The low level classes allow direct
manipulation of DNS zones, messages, names, and records.

2020-11-01T22:21:18+00:00 games/neo-cowsay Neo Cowsay written in Go
cowsay is a configurable talking ASCII cow (and other characters),
written in Go. It operates much as the figlet program does, and
is written in the same spirit of silliness.

2020-10-31T23:20:45+00:00 devel/py-azure-synapse-artifacts Microsoft Azure Synapse Artifacts Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Synapse Artifacts Client Library.

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise
data warehousing and Big Data analytics.

2020-10-30T12:40:20+00:00 www/py-httpretty HTTP client mocking tool for Python
HTTP client mocking tool for Python. Provides a full fake TCP socket
module. Inspired by FakeWeb.

2020-10-29T19:00:18+00:00 sysutils/qjail54 Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails
This qjail version only supports RELEASE-11.0 and newer.

Qjail [ q = quick ] is a 4th generation wrapper for the basic chroot jail
system that includes security and performance enhancements. Plus a new level
of "user friendliness" enhancements dealing with deploying just a few jails or
large scale jail environments consisting of 100's of jails.

Qjail uses the jail(8) jail.conf method. This provides the ability to enable
the following options on a per-jail basis. exec.fib, securelevel, allow.sysvipc,
devfs_rulesets, allow.raw_sockets, allow.quotas, allow.mount.nullfs,
allow.mount.tmpfs, allow.mount.zfs, vnet.interface, and vnet. The vnet option
gives a jail its own network stack using the experimental vimage kernel module.
The vnet option has only been tested on i386 and amd64 equipment.

Qjail requires no knowledge of the jail command usage. It uses "nullfs" for
read-only system executables, sharing one copy of them with all the jails.

Uses "mdconfig" to create sparse image jails. Sparse image jails provide a
method to limit the total disk space a jail can consume, while only occupying
the physical disk space of the sum size of the files in the image jail.

Ability to assign ip address with their network device name,
so aliases are auto created on jail start and auto removed on jail stop.

Ability to create "ZONE"s of identical qjail systems, each with their own
group of jails.

Ability to designate a portion of the jail name as a group prefix so the
command being executed will apply to only those jail names matching that prefix.

Qjail has been incorporated into the Finch open source project,
see for details.

2020-10-29T17:57:36+00:00 www/varnish-libvmod-querystring Varnish Module (vmod) for querystring manipulation
The purpose of this module is to give you a fine-grained control over a URL's
query-string in Varnish Cache. It's possible to remove the query-string,
clean it, sort its parameters or filter it to only keep a subset of them.

This can greatly improve your hit ratio and efficiency with Varnish, because
by default two URLs with the same path but different query-strings are also
different. This is what the RFCs mandate but probably not what you usually
want for your web site or application.

2020-10-29T13:57:50+00:00 www/node14 V8 JavaScript for client and server
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript
engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that
makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js' package ecosystem,
npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

2020-10-29T04:39:42+00:00 multimedia/libndi Cross-platform, open-source library done to interact with NDI streams
libNDI is a new NDI cross-platform, open-source library done to interact with
NDI streams.

NDI is a royalty-free but proprietary standard for high quality video delivery
in a low-latency manner. The official NDI SDK is offered for multiple platforms
including Linux but is closed-source. NDI is already very widely used as an IP
video standard while VideoLAN's libndi library aims to offer a free software
solution for decoding NDI video streams.

Libndi is cross-platform and aims to provide a means of interacting with NDI
video streams without relying upon any closed-source components.

2020-10-29T04:37:21+00:00 dns/libmicrodns DNS library focused on being simple and cross-platform
microdns is an mDNS resolver (and announcer) library focused on being simple
and cross-platform.

2020-10-28T19:48:50+00:00 devel/sd-mux Utility for controlling sd-mux and sd-wire
Utility for controlling sd-mux and sd-wire

2020-10-28T18:50:38+00:00 x11/tilix Tiling terminal emulator using GTK+ 3
Tilix is a tiling terminal emulator which uses the VTE GTK+ 3 widget with the
following features:

* Layout terminals in any fashion by splitting them horizontally or vertically
* Terminals can be re-arranged using drag and drop both within and between
* Terminals can be detached into a new window via drag and drop
* Tabs or sidebar list current sessions
* Input can be synchronized between terminals so commands typed in one terminal
are replicated to the others
* The grouping of terminals can be saved and loaded from disk
* Terminals support custom titles
* Color schemes are stored in files and custom color schemes can be created by
simply creating a new file
* Transparent background
* Background images
* Quake mode support (i.e. drop-down terminal)
* Custom hyperlinks
* Automatic (triggered) profile switches based on hostname and directory

2020-10-28T18:40:13+00:00 x11-toolkits/gtkd D binding and OO wrapper of GTK+
GtkD is a D binding and OO wrapper of GTK+ and is released on the LGPL license.

GTK+ is a highly usable, feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces which boasts cross platform compatibility and an easy to use API.

2020-10-28T17:15:33+00:00 java/openjfx14 JavaFX SDK overlay for OpenJDK 11
OpenJFX is an open source, next generation client application platform for
desktop and embedded systems based on JavaSE. It is a collaborative effort by
many individuals and companies with the goal of producing a modern, efficient,
and fully featured toolkit for developing rich client applications.

2020-10-27T21:34:54+00:00 news/rntrack FTN Messages tracker
FTN Messages tracker

What is this program for?
It is so called netmail "tracker". It's puprose is to process netmail
on netmail hubs, though it can be useful for an ordinary node.

How does it work?
It takes a letter, compares it with a mask and if comparison was successful
it executes corresponding operation with this letter.

This product is Freeware. It is distributed in accordance to principle
As Is, and I can't provide any guarantee. The only thing I promise is
to correct founded mistakes more or less regulary and to produce new

-- Alex Soukhotine

2020-10-27T18:06:25+00:00 net-mgmt/bosun Time series alerting framework developed by Stack Exchange
Bosun is an open-source, MIT licensed, monitoring and alerting system by
Stack Exchange.

It has an expressive domain specific language for evaluating alerts
and creating detailed notifications.
It also lets you test your alerts against history
for a faster development experience.

2020-10-27T17:47:30+00:00 textproc/rubygem-jekyll-archives Archive pages for Jekyll tags and categories
Jekyll Archives is a plugin for Jekyll which can automate the generation of
post archives by dates, tags, and categories.

2020-10-27T17:41:55+00:00 textproc/rubygem-jekyll-email-protect Email protection Liquid filter for Jekyll
Jekyll Email Protect is an email protection liquid filter which can be used to
obfuscate mailto: links to protect an email address from spam bots.

2020-10-27T04:42:33+00:00 games/openbve Realistic 3D train/railway simulator
OpenBVE is a railway train-driving simulator with an emphasis on in-
cab driving, realistic physics, braking system, and train safety
system modelling.

Technically, the simulator handles detailed per-car simulation of the
brake systems, friction, air resistance, toppling and more. In trains
supplied with 3D cabs, the driving experience is augmented with forces
that shake the driver's simulated body upon acceleration and braking,
as well as through curves.

Compared to other rail-based simulators, OpenBVE has its main focus on
realism -- not necessarily on user-friendliness. There may be a need
to study operational manuals for the routes and trains chosen, rather
than merely memorising a few keystrokes.

The simulator is designed to be backwards-compatible with existing
"BVE Trainsim" routes and cab interiors, allowing a wide range of
existing scenarios to be loaded by a single-program (BVE1, BVE2, BVE4,
and extended OpenBVE route formats).

OpenBVE uses OpenGL for 3D graphics rendering, OpenAL for positional
surround sound, and is written in the C# language. Note that binary
train extension plugins are not currently supported on Unix, because
these would require Win32 emulation.

2020-10-27T04:08:27+00:00 sysutils/terraform-switcher Tool to switch between different versions of terraform
A command line tool to switch between different versions of terraform

2020-10-26T17:44:24+00:00 security/rustscan Faster Nmap Scanning with Rust
Faster Nmap Scanning with Rust

Turns a 17 minutes Nmap scan into 19 seconds.
Find all open ports fast with RustScan, automatically pipe them into Nmap.

2020-10-26T15:36:38+00:00 databases/cutelyst-asql Qt async SQL library (for Postgres)
Qt Async Sql library

* Thread local Connection pool
* Scoped transactions objects
* Navigate on your data with iterators
* Prepared queries
* Cancellable queries
* Notifications

Supports database migrations and queries both as JSON and QVariantHash.

2020-10-26T13:32:47+00:00 audio/headsetcontrol Tool to setup sidetone for various gaming headsets
HeadsetControl allows you to setup sidetone for various of gaming headsets.

2020-10-26T08:32:42+00:00 www/youtube_dlc Program for downloading videos from various streaming services
youtube-dlc is an active fork of youtube-dl with several enhancements.
It is a command-line program for downloading videos from and
other video streaming services.

2020-10-26T06:12:13+00:00 x11/wlrctl Utility for miscellaneous wlroots extensions
wlrctl is a command line utility for miscellaneous wlroots Wayland extensions.

At this time, wlrctl supports the foreign-toplevel-mangement (window/toplevel command),
virtual-keyboard (keyboard command), and virtual-pointer (pointer command) protocols.

2020-10-25T22:31:56+00:00 devel/yuck Bog-standard command line option parser for C
yuck is a bog-standard command line option parser for C that works with only
household ingredients (a C compiler and the m4 macro processor).

2020-10-25T15:53:59+00:00 devel/bit Bit is a modern Git CLI
bit is an experimental modernized git CLI built on top of git that
provides happy defaults and other niceties:

- command and flag suggestions to help you navigate the plethora of
options git provides you
- autocompletion for files and branch names when using bit add or bit
- automatic fetch and branch fast-forwarding reducing the likelihood
of merge conflicts
- suggestions work with git aliases
- new commands like bit sync that vastly simplify your workflow
- commands from git-extras such as bit release & bit info
- fully compatible with git allowing you to fallback to git if need be
- update using bit update
- get insight into how bit works using bit --debug

2020-10-25T11:46:49+00:00 deskutils/calendar Port of the FreeBSD calendar program
This is the calendar program from FreeBSD converted into a port.

The purpose of this port is to make upgrades to the calendar program
available independently of the FreeBSD release cycle.

2020-10-25T10:46:11+00:00 deskutils/calendar-data Calendar files for the BSD calendar program
Calendar files extracted from FreeBSD SVN rev. 366901

The purpose of this port is to decouple the calendars from the calendar
program sources, to allow updates outside of the release cycle, and to
make their installation optional.

Files installed by this port will take precedence over similarily named
calendars in the base system.

2020-10-25T10:43:01+00:00 x11/gtk-app-menu GTK module for putting application menubar in a global menubar
The appmenu-gtk-module is a GTK Module that strips menus from all GTK
programs, converts to them MenuModel and send to them AppMenu
(sometimes called a global menu bar) of a desktop environment like
Plasma or Gnome. This module was originally used in Ubuntu's Unity
Desktop Environment, but it lives on as part of the Vala project.
2020-10-24T20:05:44+00:00 devel/py-fastjsonschema Fastest Python implementation of JSON schema
fastjsonschema implements validation of JSON documents by JSON schema. The
library implements JSON schema drafts 04, 06 and 07. The main purpose is to
have a really fast implementation. See some numbers:

- Probably most popular jsonschema can take up to 5 seconds for valid inputs
and 1.2 seconds for invalid inputs.
- Second most popular json-spec is even worse with up to 7.2 and 1.7 seconds.
- Last validictory, now deprecated, is much better with 370 or 23 milliseconds,
but it does not follow all standards and it can be still slow for some

With this library you can gain big improvements as fastjsonschema takes only
about 25 milliseconds for valid inputs and 2 milliseconds for invalid ones.

2020-10-24T20:03:48+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-Argon2 Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions
Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions

2020-10-24T16:24:26+00:00 misc/calendar-data Calendar files for the BSD calendar program
Calendar files extracted from FreeBSD SVN rev. 366901

The purpose of this port is to decouple the calendars from the calendar
program sources, to allow updates outside of the release cycle, and to
make their installation optional.

Files installed by this port will take precedence over similarily named
calendars in the base system.

2020-10-24T12:26:45+00:00 devel/easyexif Tiny ISO-compliant C++ EXIF parsing library
EasyEXIF is a tiny, lightweight C++ library that parses basic information out of
JPEG files. It uses only the std::string library and is otherwise pure C++. You
pass it the binary contents of a JPEG file, and it parses several of the most
important EXIF fields for you.

Why use this library? Include one .h file, compile one .cc file, and that's it.

2020-10-24T07:44:13+00:00 net-mgmt/phpfpm_exporter Export php-fpm metrics in Prometheus format
Export php-fpm metrics in Prometheus format.

2020-10-23T19:50:54+00:00 audio/ SDR DAB/DAB+ Receiver is a graphical SDR DAB/DAB+ receiver built with Qt5 with extensive
hardware support. Possible backends are RTL-SDR, RTL_TCP, AirSpy, SoapySDR,
raw files as well as gr-osmosdr and uhd.

2020-10-23T16:24:33+00:00 devel/librttopo RT Topology Library
The RT Topology Library exposes an API to create and manage standard (ISO 13249
aka SQL/MM) topologies using user-provided data stores and released under the
GNU GPL license (version 2 or later).

The code is derived from PostGIS liblwgeom library enhanced to provide
thread-safety, have less dependencies and be independent from PostGIS release

2020-10-23T08:13:57+00:00 net/asterisk18 Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit. It is, in a
sense, middleware between Internet and telephony channels on the bottom,
and Internet and telephony applications at the top.

2020-10-22T22:01:41+00:00 www/unit-java Java module for NGINX Unit
2020-10-22T17:54:32+00:00 net/py-errbot Chatbot designed to be simple to extend with plugins
Errbot is a chatbot. It allows you to start scripts interactively from your
chatrooms for any reason: random humour, chatops, starting a build, monitoring
commits, triggering alerts...

2020-10-22T17:54:26+00:00 devel/py-vcver Provide package versions with version control data
vcver is an approach for versioning that heavily relies on the version control
system of choice for determining version strings.

2020-10-22T17:54:21+00:00 devel/py-beniget Extract semantic information about static Python code
Beniget is a collection of Compile-time analyse on Python Abstract Syntax Tree
(AST). It's a building block to write static analyzer or compiler for Python.

2020-10-22T17:54:15+00:00 devel/py-deepmerge Toolset to deeply merge python dictionaries
deepmerge provides tools to handle merging of nested data structures in python.

2020-10-22T17:54:09+00:00 devel/py-datapackage Utilities to work with Data Packages
datapackage-py is a library for working with Data Packages as defined on

2020-10-22T14:57:14+00:00 devel/glab Open-source GitLab command line tool
GLab is an open source Gitlab Cli tool written in Go (golang) to help work
seamlessly with Gitlab from the command line. Work with issues, merge requests,
watch running pipelines directly from your CLI among other features. Inspired
by gh, the official GitHub CLI tool.

2020-10-22T12:56:32+00:00 www/rubygem-rack21 Rack, a Ruby Webserver Interface
Rack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web
applications in Ruby. By wrapping HTTP requests and responses in the simplest
way possible, it unifies and distills the API for web servers, web frameworks,
and software in between (the so-called middleware) into a single method call.

2020-10-22T12:56:32+00:00 textproc/rubygem-terser Terser minifies JavaScript files for Ruby
Terser minifies JavaScript files by wrapping TerserJS to be accessible in Ruby

2020-10-22T12:56:32+00:00 devel/rubygem-to_regexp Provides a safe way to convert strings to regexps
Basically a safe way to convert strings to regexps (with options).

2020-10-22T12:56:32+00:00 devel/rubygem-jsonpath JsonPath is a way of addressing elements within a JSON object
JsonPath is a way of addressing elements within a JSON object. Similar
to xpath of yore, JsonPath lets you traverse a json object and manipulate
or access it.

This is an implementation of

2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 www/php80-tidy
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 www/php80-session
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 www/php80-opcache
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 www/mod_php80
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-xsl
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-xmlwriter
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-xmlreader
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-xml
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-simplexml
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-pspell
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-enchant
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-dom
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 textproc/php80-ctype
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 sysutils/php80-posix
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 sysutils/php80-fileinfo
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 security/php80-sodium
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 security/php80-openssl
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 security/php80-filter
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 net/php80-sockets
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 net/php80-soap
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 net/php80-ldap
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 net-mgmt/php80-snmp
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 misc/php80-calendar
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 math/php80-gmp
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 math/php80-bcmath
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 mail/php80-imap
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 lang/php80 PHP Scripting Language
PHP, which stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" is a widely-used Open
Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for
Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C,
Java, and Perl, and is easy to learn. The main goal of the language is to
allow web developers to write dynamically generated webpages quickly, but
you can do much more with PHP.

2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 lang/php80-extensions "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
This is a "meta-port" to install the extensions for PHP 8.0

Defaults to:
ctype, dom, filter, iconv, json, opcache, pdo, pdo_sqlite, phar, posix,
session, simplexml, sqlite3, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader and xmlwriter.

2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 graphics/php80-gd
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 graphics/php80-exif
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 ftp/php80-ftp
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 ftp/php80-curl
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-tokenizer
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-sysvshm
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-sysvsem
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-sysvmsg
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-shmop
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-readline
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-pcntl
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-intl
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-gettext
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 devel/php80-ffi
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-sqlite3
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pgsql
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_sqlite
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_pgsql
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_odbc
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_mysql
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_firebird
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo_dblib
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-pdo
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-odbc
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-mysqli
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 databases/php80-dba
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 converters/php80-mbstring
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 converters/php80-iconv
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 archivers/php80-zlib
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 archivers/php80-zip
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 archivers/php80-phar
2020-10-21T22:58:51+00:00 archivers/php80-bz2
2020-10-21T15:54:22+00:00 www/unit-python Python module for NGINX Unit
2020-10-21T15:43:44+00:00 www/unit-ruby Ruby module for NGINX Unit
2020-10-19T03:54:22+00:00 math/coinmumps MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver (MUMPS)
An autotools-based build system to build and install MUltifrontal Massively
Parallel sparse direct Solver (MUMPS). This installation of MUMPS is used by
some other COIN-OR projects.

2020-10-19T03:29:21+00:00 net/megacmd Command Line Interactive and Scriptable Application to access MEGA
MEGAcmd is a command line interactive and scriptable application.
MEGAcmd provides non UI access to MEGA services. It intends to offer
all the functionality with your MEGA account via commands.
It features synchronization, backup of local folders into your MEG
account and a webdav/streaming server.

2020-10-18T15:34:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-faraday_middleware-aws-sigv403 Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4
FaradayMiddleware::AwsSigV4 is a faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4
using aws-sigv4.

2020-10-18T09:04:04+00:00 games/OpenDiablo2 Diablo II engine for modern operating systems
OpenDiablo2 is an ARPG game engine in the same vein of the 2000's
games, and supports playing Diablo 2. The engine is written in
golang and is cross platform.

2020-10-18T06:47:57+00:00 editors/setzer LaTeX editor written in Python with Gtk
Simple yet full-featured LaTeX editor, written in Python with Gtk.

2020-10-17T00:25:18+00:00 audio/spotify-qt Lightweight Spotify client using Qt
A Spotify client using Qt as a simpler, lighter alternative to the official
client, inspired by spotify-tui. Much like spotify-tui, you need an actual
Spotify client running, for example spotifyd, which can be configured from
within the app. Also like other clients, controlling music playback requires
Spotify Premium.

2020-10-16T02:50:07+00:00 textproc/py-elementpath XPath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for ElementTree and lxml
The proposal of this package is to provide XPath 1.0 and 2.0 selectors for
Python's ElementTree XML data structures, both for the standard ElementTree
library and for the lxml.etree library.

For lxml.etree this package can be useful for providing XPath 2.0 selectors,
because lxml.etree already has it's own implementation of XPath 1.0.

2020-10-15T19:59:36+00:00 textproc/py-ttp Template Text Parser
TTP is a Python library for semi-structured text parsing using templates.

In essence, TTP can help to:
- Prepare, sort and load text data for parsing
- Parse text using regexes dynamically derived out of templates
- Process matches on the fly using broad set of built-in or custom functions
- Combine match results in a structure with arbitrary hierarchy
- Transform results in desired format to ease consumption by humans or machines
- Return results to various destinations for storage or further processing

2020-10-15T17:55:20+00:00 lang/lua54 Powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language
Lua is a programming language originally designed for extending applications,
but also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. Lua
combines simple procedural syntax (similar to Pascal) with powerful data
description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.
Lua is dynamically typed, interpreted from bytecodes, and has automatic memory
management with garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration,
scripting, and rapid prototyping.

A fundamental concept in the design of Lua is to provide meta-mechanisms for
implementing features, instead of providing a host of features directly in
the language. For example, although Lua is not a pure object-oriented
language, it does provide meta-mechanisms for implementing classes and
inheritance. Lua's meta-mechanisms bring an economy of concepts and keep the
language small, while allowing the semantics to be extended in unconventional
ways. Extensible semantics is a distinguishing feature of Lua.

Lua is implemented as a small library of C functions, written in ANSI C, and
compiles unmodified in all known platforms. The implementation goals are
simplicity, efficiency, portability, and low embedding cost.

2020-10-15T02:54:33+00:00 sysutils/plasma5-plasma-disks Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure
Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure.

2020-10-14T23:59:40+00:00 devel/lua-argparse Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
Argparse is a feature-rich command line parser for Lua inspired by argparse for

Argparse supports positional arguments, options, flags, optional arguments,
subcommands and more. Argparse automatically generates usage, help, and error
messages, and can generate shell completion scripts.

2020-10-14T23:56:38+00:00 www/castor Browser for text-based protocols like Gemini and Gopher using GTK+
Castor is a graphical browser for text-based protocols written in Rust with
GTK+. As of version 0.8.16 it supports the Gemini, Gopher and Finger

2020-10-13T18:41:37+00:00 textproc/py-parse-type Simplify to build parse types based on the parse module
parse_type extends the parse module (opposite of string.format()) with the
following features:
- build type converters for common use cases (enum/mapping, choice)
- build a type converter with a cardinality constraint (0..1, 0..*, 1..*)
from the type converter with cardinality=1.
- compose a type converter from other type converters
- an extended parser that supports the CardinalityField naming schema
and creates missing type variants (0..1, 0..*, 1..*) from the primary type

2020-10-13T18:41:32+00:00 devel/py-behave Behaviour-driven development in Python style
Behave is behavior-driven development in Python style.

Behavior-driven development (or BDD) is an agile software development technique
that encourages collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical or
business participants in a software project.

behave uses tests written in a natural language style, backed up by Python code.

2020-10-13T09:27:42+00:00 x11-wm/yeahwm Minimal X11 window manager with BeOS-like tabbed titles
YeahWM is a minimalist window manager for X11 based on evilwm and aewm.
It features:

* Sloppy focus
* BeOS-like tabbed titles, which can be repositioned
* Support for Xinerama
* Simple appearance
* Good keyboard control
* Creative usage of the mouse
* Respects aspect size hints
* Solid resize and move operations
* Virtual desktops
* "Magic" screen edges for desktop switching
* Snapping to other windows and screen borders when moving windows
* Small binary size (ca. 23KB)
* Little resource usage

2020-10-13T08:40:35+00:00 devel/libfsext Library and tools to access the Extended File System
Library and tools to access the Extended File System

2020-10-13T08:34:51+00:00 devel/libcreg Library and tools to access the Windows 9x/Me Registry File format
Library and tools to access the Windows 9x/Me Registry File (CREG) format.

2020-10-12T23:15:19+00:00 math/py-ssm Bayesian learning and inference for state space models
This package has fast and flexible code for simulating, learning, and performing
inference in a variety of state space models. Currently, it supports:
* Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
* Auto-regressive HMMs (ARHMM)
* Input-output HMMs (IOHMM)
* Hidden Semi-Markov Models (HSMM)
* Linear Dynamical Systems (LDS)
* Switching Linear Dynamical Systems (SLDS)
* Recurrent SLDS (rSLDS)
* Hierarchical extensions of the above
* Partial observations and missing data

It supports the following observation models:
* Gaussian
* Student's
* Bernoulli
* Poisson
* Categorical
* Von Mises

2020-10-12T13:52:42+00:00 lang/python39 Interpreted object-oriented programming language
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, and is
often compared to Tcl, Perl or Scheme.

2020-10-12T13:32:28+00:00 devel/py-tiamat Single binary builder for Python projects
Tiamat is the single binary builder for Python projects and based on pop.

2020-10-12T10:45:12+00:00 devel/py-pop Plugin Oriented Programming interface for Python
Pop is used to express the Plugin Oriented Programming Paradigm. The Plugin
Oriented Programming Paradigm has been designed to make pluggable software
easy to write and easy to extend.

Plugin Oriented Programming presents a new way to scale development teams
and deliver complex software. This is done by making the applications entirely
out of plugins, and also making the applications themselves natively pluggable
with each other.

Using Plugin Oriented Programming it then becomes easy to have the best of both
worlds, software can be build in small pieces, making development easier to
maintain. But the small pieces can then be merged and deployed in a single
binary, making code deployment easy as well.

2020-10-12T10:44:13+00:00 devel/py-pop-config Tool for creating configuration options for pop projects
Pop-config is the official tool to allow for creating and app-merging
configuration options for pop projects. Plugin Oriented Programming
presents a means to merge multiple applications together dynamically.
This capabilities requires that the startup of these applications needs
to be managed from within the programming paradigm. Since this is the case
pop-config becomes a critical and hard requirement of pop.

Pop-config is not just about being able to work with pop projects
to facilitate app-merging, it has also been designed to make the startup
of an application much simpler, and to make the expensive boiler plate
of startup and configuration as transparent as possible. When making
pop projects the idea is that projects are developed in very small
chunks and are then dynamically merged together. So the creation of
these mergeable apps needs to be quick and easy!

Pop-config also solves a problem with configuration of applications,
when making a new application, if you want robust configuration
loading, you need to be able to take options from the command line,
environment variables, and configuration files. Pop-config does all
of this for you, and loads them in the correct order, all behind the
scenes, making your life easier.

2020-10-12T08:30:54+00:00 graphics/mesa-gallium-vdpau Mesa Gallium VDPAU drivers
Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that
of OpenGL*. To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or
state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics,
Inc. However, the author makes no claim that Mesa is in any way a
compatible replacement for OpenGL or associated with Silicon Graphics, Inc.

VDPAU is a Gallium driver for video decoding on AMD hardware.

2020-10-12T08:30:54+00:00 graphics/mesa-gallium-va Mesa Gallium VAAPI drivers
Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that
of OpenGL*. To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or
state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics,
Inc. However, the author makes no claim that Mesa is in any way a
compatible replacement for OpenGL or associated with Silicon Graphics, Inc.

VA is a Gallium driver for video decoding on AMD hardware.

2020-10-12T07:34:20+00:00 graphics/mesa-gallium-xa Mesa XA state tracker
Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that
of OpenGL*. To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or
state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics,
Inc. However, the author makes no claim that Mesa is in any way a
compatible replacement for OpenGL or associated with Silicon Graphics, Inc.

XA is a new state tracker designed by VMWare for their virtual GPU driver "vmwgfx".

2020-10-12T03:02:34+00:00 lang/ruby30 Object-oriented interpreted scripting language
Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and
easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to
process text files and to do system management tasks (as in
Perl). It is simple, straight-forward, and extensible.

Features of Ruby are shown below.

+ Simple Syntax
+ *Normal* Object-Oriented features(ex. class, method calls)
+ *Advanced* Object-Oriented features(ex. Mix-in, Singleton-method)
+ Operator Overloading
+ Exception Handling
+ Iterators and Closures
+ Garbage Collection
+ Dynamic Loading of Object files(on some architecture)
+ Highly Portable(works on many UNIX machines, and on DOS,
Windows, Mac, BeOS etc.)

2020-10-11T11:10:11+00:00 security/ffuf Fast web fuzzer written in Go
Fast web fuzzer written in Go

2020-10-10T17:54:38+00:00 textproc/py-arabic-reshaper Reconstruct Arabic sentences to be used in applications that do not support Arabic
Python Arabic Reshaper reconstruct Arabic sentences to be used in applications
that do not support Arabic script.

2020-10-10T11:53:46+00:00 x11/inputplug XInput event monitor daemon
inputplug is a very simple daemon which monitors XInput events and runs
arbitrary scripts on hierarchy change events (such as a device being attached,
removed, enabled or disabled).

For example, inputplug can be used in shell scripts which monitor attachments
of keyboards in order to run change keyboard mappings with commands like
"setxkbmap -option ctrl:nocaps".

2020-10-10T07:44:04+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape140 Framework for rapid API development with great conventions
A Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.

2020-10-10T07:43:58+00:00 mail/py-flanker Email address and MIME parsing library
Flanker is an open source parsing library written in Python by the Mailgun Team.
Flanker currently consists of an address parsing library (flanker.addresslib) as
well as a MIME parsing library (flanker.mime).

2020-10-10T07:43:53+00:00 graphics/py-utm Bidirectional UTM-WGS84 converter for Python
utm provides bidirectional UTM-WGS84 converter for Python.

2020-10-10T07:43:48+00:00 graphics/py-tifffile Read and write TIFF(r) files
Tifffile is a Python library to
- store numpy arrays in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files, and
- read image and metadata from TIFF-like files used in bioimaging.

Image and metadata can be read from TIFF, BigTIFF, OME-TIFF, STK, LSM, SGI,
NIHImage, ImageJ, MicroManager, FluoView, ScanImage, SEQ, GEL, SVS, SCN, SIS,
ZIF (Zoomable Image File Format), QPTIFF (QPI), NDPI, and GeoTIFF files.

Image data can be read as numpy arrays or zarr arrays/groups from strips, tiles,
pages (IFDs), SubIFDs, higher order series, and pyramidal levels.

Numpy arrays can be written to TIFF, BigTIFF, OME-TIFF, and ImageJ hyperstack
compatible files in multi-page, volumetric, pyramidal, memory-mappable, tiled,
predicted, or compressed form.

A subset of the TIFF specification is supported, mainly 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit
integer, 16, 32 and 64-bit float, grayscale and multi-sample images.
Specifically, CCITT and OJPEG compression, chroma subsampling without JPEG
compression, color space transformations, samples with differing types, or IPTC
and XMP metadata are not implemented.

2020-10-10T07:43:42+00:00 devel/py-poetry-core Poetry PEP 517 Build Backend
Poetry Core is a PEP 517 build backend implementation developed for Poetry. This
project is intended to be a light weight, fully compliant, self-contained
package allowing PEP 517 compatible build frontends to build Poetry managed

2020-10-09T23:38:43+00:00 audio/murmur-cli GRPC client for Murmur server
murmur-cli provides an interface to a grpc-enabled murmur server.

2020-10-09T20:47:17+00:00 devel/py-aiologger Asynchronous logging for python and asyncio
Asynchronous logging for python and asyncio

2020-10-09T19:01:54+00:00 devel/py-prettytable0 Library for displaying tabular data in an ASCII table format
PrettyTable is a simple Python library designed to make it quick and
easy to represent tabular data in visually appealing ASCII tables.
It was inspired by the ASCII tables used in the PostgreSQL shell psql.
PrettyTable allows for selection of which columns are to be printed,
independent alignment of columns (left or right justified or centred)
and printing of "sub-tables" by specifying a row range.

2020-10-09T18:00:42+00:00 sysutils/py-dict-toolbox Collection of python dictionary management tools
A collection of python dictionary management tools

2020-10-09T14:19:52+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-spanner-v1 Ruby Client for the Cloud Spanner V1 API
API Client library for the Cloud Spanner V1 API

Cloud Spanner is a managed, mission-critical, globally consistent and scalable
relational database service.

2020-10-09T14:19:46+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-spanner-admin-instance-v1 Ruby Client for the Cloud Spanner Instance Admin V1 API
API Client library for the Cloud Spanner Instance Admin V1 API

Cloud Spanner is a managed, mission-critical, globally consistent and scalable
relational database service.

2020-10-09T14:19:41+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-spanner-admin-database-v1 Ruby Client for the Cloud Spanner Database Admin V1 API
API Client library for the Cloud Spanner Database Admin V1 API

Cloud Spanner is a managed, mission-critical, globally consistent and scalable
relational database service.

2020-10-09T14:19:35+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 Ruby Client for the Cloud Pub/Sub V1 API
API Client library for the Cloud Pub/Sub V1 API

Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that allows you to
send and receive messages between independent applications.

2020-10-09T14:19:30+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-logging-v2 Ruby Client for the Cloud Logging V2 API
API Client library for the Cloud Logging V2 API

The Cloud Logging API lets you programmatically read and write log entries, set
up exclusions, create logs-based metrics, and manage export sinks.

2020-10-09T14:19:25+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-bigtable-v2 Ruby Client for the Cloud Bigtable V2 API
API Client library for the Cloud Bigtable V2 API

Cloud Bigtable is a fully managed, scalable NoSQL database service for large
analytical and operational workloads.

2020-10-09T14:19:19+00:00 net/rubygem-google-cloud-bigtable-admin-v2 Ruby Client for the Cloud Bigtable Admin V2 API
API Client library for the Cloud Bigtable Admin V2 API

Cloud Bigtable is a fully managed, scalable NoSQL database service for large
analytical and operational workloads.

2020-10-09T14:19:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-gapic-common Common code for GAPIC-generated API clients
Create Ruby clients from a protocol buffer description of an API.

2020-10-09T10:36:18+00:00 audio/mpz Music player for big local collections
Music player for big local collections.

Features 3 columns UI: directory tree (aka library), playlists and tracks
from selected playlist. Middle-click on folder or track in the directory
view and it will become a playlist an its content will be loaded into
tracks view. Create multiple playlists from folders in your library and
switch between them quickly. Similar to "Album list" in Foobar2000.

Built with C++ and Qt framework -- lightweight and fast. Open Source and
cross-platform. Uses audio codecs installed on your system (GStreamer
though QtMultimedia). Follows you desktop theme.

Supports radio streams in .pls and .m3u playlsts. Supports CUE. Has a
playback log which is helpful for radio stream -- never miss a track you
liked. Supports MPRIS -- ability to control playback remotely, for
example, via KDE Connect.

2020-10-09T03:42:21+00:00 science/axom Infrastructure for development of multi-physics applications and tools
Axom provides robust, flexible software infrastructure for the development of
multi-physics applications and computational tools.

2020-10-09T01:46:53+00:00 devel/gammaray Debugging tool for Qt-application
GammaRay is a software introspection tool for Qt applications developed by
KDAB. Leveraging the QObject introspection mechanism it allows you to observe
and manipulate your application at runtime. This works both locally on your
workstation and remotely on an embedded target.

2020-10-08T19:30:08+00:00 science/conduit Simplified data exchange for HPC simulations
Conduit is an open source project from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
that provides an intuitive model for describing hierarchical scientific data in
C++, C, Fortran, and Python. It is used for data coupling between packages
in-core, serialization, and I/O tasks.

2020-10-08T14:39:34+00:00 textproc/R-cran-rbibutils Convert Between Bibliography Formats
Converts between a number of bibliography formats, including 'BibTeX',
'BibLaTeX' and 'Bibentry'. Includes a port of the 'bibutils' utilities
by Chris Putnam <>.
Supports all bibliography formats and character encodings implemented
in 'bibutils'.

2020-10-08T01:45:01+00:00 emulators/linux-power10-functional-sim IBM POWER10 Functional Simulator (mambo) (CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
The IBM POWER10 Functional Simulator is a simulation environment developed by
IBM. It is designed to provide enough POWER10 processor complex functionality to
allow the entire software stack to execute, including loading, booting and
running a little endian Linux environment. The intent for this tool is to
educate, enable new application development, and to facilitate porting of
existing Linux applications to the POWER10 architecture. While the IBM POWER10
Functional Simulator serves as a full instruction set simulator for the POWER10
processor, it may not model all aspects of the IBM Power Systems POWER10
hardware and thus may not exactly reflect the behavior of the POWER10 hardware.

2020-10-06T18:32:42+00:00 net-mgmt/unifi6 UniFi Controller v6
The UniFi Controller allows you to manage Wireless, Routing & Switching,
VoIP and Video of Ubiquiti Networks.

2020-10-06T16:13:51+00:00 multimedia/vvdec Versatile Video Coding (VVC) decoder
Versatile Video Coding (VVC) is the most recent international video coding
standard, developed by the Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) of the ITU-T Video
Coding Experts Group (VCEG) and the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).
VVC is the successor of the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard and
will be released by ITU-T as H.266 and by ISO/IEC as MPEG-I Part 3
(ISO/IEC 23090-3). The new standard targets a 50% bit-rate reduction over HEVC
at the same visual quality. In addition, VVC proves to be truly versatile by
including tools for efficient coding of video content in emerging applications,
e.g. high dynamic range (HDR), adaptive streaming, computer generated content as
well as immersive applications like 360 degree video and augmented reality (AR).

The Fraunhofer Versatile Video Decoder (VVdeC) is a fast VVC x86 software
decoder implementation. The decoder supports most standard features available in
the Main10 profile, with support for some high-level features still pending.

2020-10-06T11:33:29+00:00 x11/xclickroot Run a command every time a given mouse button is pressed on the root window
xclickroot runs a command every time a given mouse button is pressed
on the root window.

2020-10-06T11:24:59+00:00 x11/pmenu Pie menu for X
Pmenu is a pie menu utility for X. Pmenu receives a menu specification
in stdin, shows a menu for the user to select one of the options,
and outputs the option selected to stdout.

Pmenu comes with the following features:

- Pmenu reads something in and prints something out, the UNIX way.
- Submenus (some pie-menu slices can spawn another menu).
- Icons (pie-menu slices can contain icon image).
- X resources support (you don't need to recompile pmenu for configuring it).

Check out my other project, xclickroot for an application that can spawn pmenu
by right clicking on the root window (i.e. on the desktop).

2020-10-05T19:11:21+00:00 sysutils/py-resolve-march-native Command line tool to resolve -march=native into explicit flags
resolve-march-native is a small command line tool to resolve -march=native into
explicit GCC flags.

2020-10-05T18:04:17+00:00 x11-fonts/fontobene Header-only C++/Qt5 FontoBene font parser library
A header-only library to parse FontoBene stroke fonts with C++/Qt5.

2020-10-05T17:24:14+00:00 devel/p5-ColorThemes-Standard Standard collection of generic color themes
ColorThemes::Standard provides a standard collection of generic color themes.

2020-10-05T17:24:08+00:00 devel/p5-BorderStyles-Standard Standard collection of border styles
BorderStyles::Standard provides a standard collection of border styles.

2020-10-05T17:24:02+00:00 devel/p5-BorderStyleBase Suitable base class for most BorderStyle::* modules
BorderStyleBase provides a suitable base class for most BorderStyle::* modules.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 x11-toolkits/py-qt5-quick3d Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtQuick3D module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtQuick module.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 net/py-qt5-networkauth Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtNetworkAuth module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtNetworkAuth module.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 devel/py-qtbuilder The PEP 517 compliant PyQt build system
SIP is a tool for generating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 devel/py-qt5-sip Python to C and C++ bindings generator
SIP is a tool for generating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 devel/py-qt5-remoteobjects Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtRemoteObjects module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtRemoteObjects module.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 devel/py-qt5-location Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtLocation module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtLocation module.

2020-10-05T15:50:03+00:00 comms/py-qt5-sensors Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtSensors module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtSensors module.

2020-10-04T14:12:47+00:00 databases/py-sqlalchemy-json JSON type with nested change tracking for SQLAlchemy
SQLAlchemy-JSON provides mutation-tracked JSON types to SQLAlchemy.

2020-10-04T13:29:37+00:00 textproc/fmtlatex Reformat LaTeX documents suitable for version control
fmtlatex is able to put a LaTeX document into a canonical formatting form,
which is then suitable for comparing genuine content differences between
various revisions of the same document rather than just formatting differences.

2020-10-04T10:29:36+00:00 dns/knot3-lib Knot3 lib (required by knot-resolver)
This port allows to install only libknot, which comes along with
Knot DNS (authoritative), but also is a depency of knot-resolver

2020-10-04T10:18:00+00:00 dns/knot3 High performance authoritative-only DNS server
Knot DNS is a high-performance authoritative-only DNS server which
supports all key features of the domain name system including zone
AXFR and IXFR, DDNS and DNSSEC. Its key features:

* Open source
* High-performance, multi-threaded, and mostly lock-free
implementation which scales well on SMPs
* Object-oriented design
* Support for all important DNS protocols:
- Full and incremental zone transfers
- EDNS0 and DNSSEC extensions, including NSEC3

2020-10-03T03:08:19+00:00 sysutils/choria Server to host Choria agents, networks, federations and discovery
Choria is a framework for building Control Planes, Orchestration Systems and
Programmable Infrastructure.

This is a daemon and related tools written in Go that hosts services,
autonomous agents and generally provide a secure hosting environment for
callable logic that you can interact with from code.

2020-10-03T01:49:58+00:00 graphics/dbow2 C++ Library for converting images into a bag-of-word representation
DBoW2 is an improved version of the DBow library, an open source C++ library for
indexing and converting images into a bag-of-word representation. It implements
a hierarchical tree for approximating nearest neighbours in the image feature
space and creating a visual vocabulary. DBoW2 also implements an image database
with inverted and direct files to index images and enabling quick queries and
feature comparisons.

2020-10-03T01:20:04+00:00 x11-toolkits/pangolin Lightweight rapid development library for managing OpenGL display
Pangolin is a lightweight portable rapid development library for managing OpenGL
display/interaction and abstracting video input. At its heart is a simple OpenGl
viewport manager which can help to modularise 3D visualisation without adding to
its complexity, and offers an advanced but intuitive 3D navigation handler.
Pangolin also provides a mechanism for manipulating program variables through
config files and ui integration, and has a flexible real-time plotter for
visualising graphical data.

The ethos of Pangolin is to reduce the boilerplate code that normally gets
written to visualise and interact with (typically image and 3D based) systems,
without compromising performance. It also enables write-once code for a number
of platforms, currently including Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and IOS.

2020-10-02T21:26:37+00:00 sysutils/terraform-docs Generate documentation from Terraform modules
A utility to generate documentation from Terraform modules in various output

terraform-docs asciidoc ./my-terraform-module # asciidoc table
terraform-docs asciidoc table ./my-terraform-module # asciidoc table
terraform-docs asciidoc document ./my-terraform-module # asciidoc document
terraform-docs json ./my-terraform-module # json
terraform-docs markdown ./my-terraform-module # markdown table
terraform-docs markdown table ./my-terraform-module # markdown table
terraform-docs markdown document ./my-terraform-module # markdown document
terraform-docs pretty ./my-terraform-module # colorized pretty
terraform-docs tfvars hcl ./my-terraform-module # hcl format of
terraform-docs tfvars json ./my-terraform-module # json format of
terraform-docs toml ./my-terraform-module # toml
terraform-docs xml ./my-terraform-module # xml
terraform-docs yaml ./my-terraform-module # yaml

2020-10-02T13:15:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-s3outposts Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon S3 on Outposts (Amazon S3 Outposts)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon S3 on Outposts (Amazon S3 Outposts).

2020-10-02T13:14:51+00:00 sysutils/py-python-consul2 Python client for Consul
python-consul2 is a Python client for Consul (

2020-10-02T13:14:46+00:00 devel/py-pytest-twisted Twisted plugin for pytest
pytest-twisted is a plugin for pytest, which allows to test code, which uses the
twisted framework. test functions can return Deferred objects and pytest will
wait for their completion with this plugin.

2020-10-02T13:14:40+00:00 devel/py-dpcontracts Simple implementation of contracts for Python
This module provides a collection of decorators that makes it easy to write
software using contracts.

Contracts are a debugging and verification tool. They are declarative statements
about what states a program must be in to be considered "correct" at runtime.
They are similar to assertions, and are verified automatically at various
well-defined points in the program. Contracts can be specified on functions and
on classes.

Contracts serve as a form of documentation and a way of formally specifying
program behavior. Good practice often includes writing all of the contracts
first, with these contract specifying the exact expected state before and after
each function or method call and the things that should always be true for a
given class of object.

Contracts consist of two parts: a description and a condition. The description
is simply a human-readable string that describes what the contract is testing,
while the condition is a single function that tests that condition. The
condition is executed automatically and passed certain arguments (which vary
depending on the type of contract), and must return a boolean value: True if the
condition has been met, and False otherwise.

2020-10-02T07:29:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-timestreamwrite Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Timestream Write (Timestream Write)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Timestream Write (Timestream Write).

2020-10-02T07:29:31+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-timestreamquery Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Timestream Query (Timestream Query)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Timestream Query (Timestream Query).

2020-10-01T12:17:27+00:00 www/mediawiki135 Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2020-10-01T11:43:23+00:00 textproc/mdbook Create book from markdown files (like Gitbook but implemented in Rust)
mdBook is a utility to create online books from Markdown (CommonMark) files.
It's very similar to Gitbook but written in Rust.

2020-09-30T06:41:24+00:00 sysutils/duf Disk Usage/Free Utility
Simple Disk Usage/Free Utility featuring:

* User-friendly, colorful output
* Adjusts to your terminal's width
* Sort the results according to your needs
* Groups & filters devices
* Can conveniently output JSON

2020-09-30T03:05:41+00:00 security/digestpp Experimental C++11 header-only message digest library
digestpp is an experimental C++11 header-only message digest library.

Derived from cppcrypto in an attempt to devise a more modern yet flexible and
universal C++ API for cryptographic hash functions.

2020-09-30T02:35:35+00:00 security/hash C++14 header-only easy-to-use hash library
Hash is a C++14 header-only easy-to-use hash library. It includes SHA-1, SHA-2,
SHA-3, MD2, MD4, MD5, and many other algorithms.

2020-09-30T02:04:23+00:00 emulators/qemu42 QEMU CPU Emulator - 4.2.X branch
QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator using dynamic translation to achieve
good emulation speed.
QEMU has two operating modes:

* Full system emulation. In this mode, QEMU emulates a full system
(for example a PC), including a processor and various peripherials.
It can be used to launch different Operating Systems without rebooting
the PC or to debug system code.
* User mode emulation (Linux host only). In this mode, QEMU can launch
Linux processes compiled for one CPU on another CPU. It can be used to
launch the Wine Windows API emulator or to ease cross-compilation and

As QEMU requires no host kernel patches to run, it is very safe and easy to use.

See also the preconfigured system images on
Many live cd isos also work.

2020-09-29T18:14:46+00:00 devel/rubygem-rubocop-ast RuboCop Node and NodePattern classes
RuboCop AST contains the classes needed by RuboCop to deal with Ruby's AST, in
- RuboCop::AST::Node
- RuboCop::AST::NodePattern (doc)

This gem may be used independently from the main RuboCop gem.

2020-09-29T18:14:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-azure_mgmt_digitaltwins Microsoft Azure Digital Twins Client Library for Ruby
Microsoft Azure Digital Twins Client Library for Ruby.

2020-09-29T18:14:31+00:00 devel/rubygem-azure_mgmt_automanage Microsoft Azure Automanage Client Library for Ruby
Microsoft Azure Automanage Client Library for Ruby.

2020-09-29T14:21:43+00:00 x11-toolkits/amtk Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit
Amtk is the acronym for "Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit". It is a basic
GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction. It is suitable for both a traditional
UI or a modern UI with a GtkHeaderBar

2020-09-29T12:33:30+00:00 net/py-python-socks Core proxy (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP tunneling) functionality for Python
The python-socks package provides a core proxy client functionality for
Python. Supports SOCKS4(a), SOCKS5, HTTP (tunneling) proxy and provides sync
and async (asyncio, trio, curio) APIs. You probably don't need to use
python-socks directly. It is used internally by aiohttp-socks and httpx-socks

2020-09-28T21:49:31+00:00 deskutils/mate-indicator-applet Applet to display information from various applications in the panel
The indicator applet exposes Ayatana Indicators in the MATE Panel. Ayatana
Indicators are an initiative by Canonical to provide crisp and clean system
and application status indication. They take the form of an icon and
associated menu, displayed (usually) in the desktop panel. Existing indicators
include the Message Menu, Battery Menu and Sound menu.

2020-09-28T20:16:00+00:00 textproc/wikiman Offline interactive documentation search
Wikiman is an offline search engine for manual pages, Arch Wiki, Gentoo Wiki and
other documentation.

Wikiman provides an easy interface for browsing documentation without the need
to be exact and connected to the internet. This is achieved by utilizing full
text search for wikis, partial name and description matching for man pages,
and fuzzy filtering for search results.

2020-09-28T04:25:22+00:00 archivers/nfpm Simple deb, rpm and apk packager written in Go
NFPM is a simple, 0-dependency, as-little-assumptions-as-possible program that
is able to create deb, rpm, apk archives.

2020-09-27T21:24:17+00:00 net/samba413 Free SMB/CIFS and AD/DC server and client for Unix
Samba4 is an attempt to implement an Active Directory compatible Domain

In short, you can join a WinNT, Win2000, WinXP or Win 2003 - 2016 member
server to a Samba4 domain, and it will behave much as it does in AD,
including Kerberos domain logins where applicable.

2020-09-27T20:53:31+00:00 devel/py-azure-keyvault-administration Microsoft Azure Key Vault Administration Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure KeyVault Administration client library for Python

Azure Key Vault helps solve the following problems:
- Vault administration (this library) - role-based access control (RBAC), and
vault-level backup and restore options
- Cryptographic key management (azure-keyvault-keys) - create, store, and
control access to the keys used to encrypt your data
- Secrets management (azure-keyvault-secrets) - securely store and control
access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets
- Certificate management (azure-keyvault-certificates) - create, manage, and
deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates

2020-09-27T20:52:39+00:00 devel/py-azure-appconfiguration Microsoft App Configuration Data Library for Python
Azure App Configuration is a managed service that helps developers centralize
their application configurations simply and securely.

Modern programs, especially programs running in a cloud, generally have many
components that are distributed in nature. Spreading configuration settings
across these components can lead to hard-to-troubleshoot errors during an
application deployment. Use App Configuration to securely store all the
settings for your application in one place.

2020-09-27T19:30:12+00:00 dns/rubygem-zonefile Library to manipulate BIND compatible Zonefiles (RFC1035)
Ruby Zonefile - Parse and manipulate DNS Zone Files

This class can read, manipulate and create DNS zone files. It supports A, AAAA,
MX, NS, SOA, TXT, CNAME, PTR and SRV records. The data can be accessed by the
instance method of the same name. All except SOA return an array of hashes
containing the named data. SOA directly returns the hash since there can only be
one SOA information.

2020-09-27T19:30:02+00:00 dns/rubygem-google-cloud-dns Official library for Google Cloud DNS
Google Cloud DNS is a high-performance, resilient, global DNS service that
provides a cost-effective way to make your applications and services available
to your users. This programmable, authoritative DNS service can be used to
easily publish and manage DNS records using the same infrastructure relied upon
by Google.

2020-09-27T13:52:40+00:00 devel/py-cson Coffescript Object Notation (CSON) parser for Python 2 and Python 3
A Python parser for the Coffeescript Object Notation (CSON).

2020-09-27T13:51:48+00:00 devel/py-speg PEG-based parser interpreter with memoization (Python module)
A PEG-based parser interpreter with memoization (Python module).

2020-09-26T23:36:13+00:00 net/samba412 Free SMB/CIFS and AD/DC server and client for Unix
Samba4 is an attempt to implement an Active Directory compatible Domain

In short, you can join a WinNT, Win2000, WinXP or Win 2003 - 2016 member
server to a Samba4 domain, and it will behave much as it does in AD,
including Kerberos domain logins where applicable.

2020-09-26T11:19:10+00:00 devel/taskctl Simple modern alternative to GNU Make
taskctl is a concurrent task runner that allows you to design routine
tasks and development pipelines in a human-readable format (YAML,

2020-09-26T10:57:54+00:00 benchmarks/ali Load testing tool aimed to perform real-time analysis
A load testing tool aimed to perform real-time analysis, inspired
by vegeta and jplot.

ali comes with a simple terminal based UI, lets you generate HTTP
requests and plot the results in real-time. With it, real-time
analysis can be done on the terminal.

2020-09-26T10:52:58+00:00 net/croc Tool to simply and securely transfer files and folders
croc is a tool that allows any two computers to simply and securely
transfer files and folders.


* allows any two computers to transfer data (using a relay)
* provides end-to-end encryption (using PAKE)
* enables easy cross-platform transfers (Windows, Linux, Mac)
* allows multiple file transfers
* allows resuming transfers that are interrupted
* local server or port-forwarding not needed
* ipv6-first with ipv4 fallback

2020-09-26T10:15:17+00:00 textproc/py-rich Rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal
Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the

The Rich API makes it easy to add color and style to terminal
output. Rich can also render pretty tables, progress bars, markdown,
syntax highlighted source code, tracebacks, and more -- out of the

2020-09-26T09:08:01+00:00 databases/mongodb-tools Tools for MongoDB 4.4.x and up
Useful utilities for managing a MongoDB instance written in Go.

- bsondump - display BSON files in a human-readable format
- mongoimport - Convert data from JSON, TSV or CSV and insert them
into a collection
- mongoexport - Write an existing collection to CSV or JSON format
- mongodump/mongorestore - Dump MongoDB backups to disk in .BSON
format, or restore them to a live database
- mongostat - Monitor live MongoDB servers, replica sets, or sharded
- mongofiles - Read, write, delete, or update files in GridFS
- mongotop - Monitor read/write activity on a mongo server

2020-09-26T07:44:00+00:00 sysutils/p5-App-ZFSCurses Curses UI to query/modify a ZFS dataset/snapshot properties
App::ZFSCurses - Curses UI to query and modify a ZFS dataset properties.

2020-09-26T07:01:41+00:00 sysutils/dnf Dandified YUM, the next-generation version of YUM
Dandified YUM (DNF) is the next upcoming major version of YUM. It does package
management using RPM, libsolv and hawkey libraries. For metadata handling and
package downloads it utilizes librepo. To process and effectively handle the
comps data it uses libcomps.

2020-09-26T06:54:52+00:00 misc/libcomps Comps XML file manipulation library
Libcomps is alternative for yum.comps library. It's written in pure C as library
and there's bindings for python.

2020-09-26T03:01:14+00:00 sysutils/libdnf Dandified YUM, the next-generation version of YUM
libdnf provides a high level package-manager. It's core library of dnf,
PackageKit and rpm-ostree. It's replacement for deprecated hawkey library which
it contains inside and uses librepo under the hood.

2020-09-26T01:45:11+00:00 devel/util-linux Random collection of Linux utilities
util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities.

2020-09-25T23:16:11+00:00 misc/libmodulemd C Library for manipulating module metadata files
C Library for manipulating module metadata files.

2020-09-25T22:30:11+00:00 misc/librepo Library downloading repository metadata
A library providing C and Python (libcURL like) API for downloading linux
repository metadata and packages.

2020-09-25T21:38:13+00:00 archivers/zchunk Compressed file format that splits the file into independent chunks
zchunk is a compressed file format that splits the file into independent chunks.
This allows you to only download changed chunks when downloading a new version
of the file, and also makes zchunk files efficient over rsync.

zchunk files are protected with strong checksums to verify that the file you
downloaded is, in fact, the file you wanted.

2020-09-25T19:44:49+00:00 deskutils/clipmenu Clipboard management using dmenu, rofi or fzf
clipmenu is a simple clipboard manager using dmenu (or rofi with
CM_LAUNCHER=rofi) and xsel.

2020-09-25T19:43:32+00:00 deskutils/clipnotify Program to notify on new X clipboard events
clipnotify is a simple program that, using the XFIXES extension to X11,
waits until a new selection is available and then exits.

It was primarily designed for clipmenu, to avoid polling for new selections.

2020-09-25T12:54:38+00:00 sysutils/nix Purely functional package manager
Nix is a purely functional package manager. This means that it treats packages
like values in purely functional programming languages such as Haskell -- they
are built by functions that don't have side-effects, and they never change
after they have been built. Nix stores packages in the Nix store, usually the
directory /nix/store, where each package has its own unique subdirectory such


where b6gvzjyb2pg0... is a unique identifier for the package that captures all
its dependencies (it's a cryptographic hash of the package's build dependency
graph). This enables many powerful features.

2020-09-25T09:27:06+00:00 devel/py-genson GenSON is a powerful, user-friendly JSON Schema generator
GenSON's core function is to take JSON objects and generate schemas that
describe them, but it is unique in its ability to merge schemas. It was
originally built to describe the common structure of a large number of
JSON objects, and it uses its merging ability to generate a single
schema from any number of JSON objects and/or schemas.

2020-09-25T08:26:25+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs
Organize changelogs generated by versionadded, versionchanged,
deprecated directives.
The log will be sorted by newest to oldest version. For HTML docs,
older versions will be collapsed by default.

2020-09-25T08:24:59+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx-issues Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker
A Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker. Includes roles
for linking to issues, pull requests, user profiles, with built-in support
for GitHub (though this works with other services).

2020-09-25T08:23:36+00:00 textproc/py-pallets-sphinx-themes Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects
Themes for the Pallets projects. If you're writing an extension,
use the appropriate theme to make your documentation look consistent.

Available themes:


2020-09-25T05:59:36+00:00 shells/switchBashZsh Portable shell setup for Bash/Zsh across FreeBSD/Linux/Cygwin
You want your shell stuff to work the same way even when you use a
different shell, or even a different box. Right?

If you use switchBashZsh you can attain at least most of what you
desire, perhaps even all. You can log out of Bash and log in with Zsh
(or vice versa) - and your aliases/exports/functions will continue to
work as before.

It gets better - if someday you need to use a different box with a
different OS, you can get your shell to work your 'normal' way in a
jiffy. Just save your $HOME/.shell directory on your primary box, and
paste it over your second box's $HOME/.shell (after running
switchBashZsh setup script on the second box). The second box need not
be the same operating system - switchBashZsh works across FreeBSD /
Linux / Cygwin.

2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-server PostgreSQL is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere
PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting
almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and
user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source
database available anywhere. Commercial Support is also available.

The original Postgres code was the effort of many graduate students,
undergraduate students, and staff programmers working under the direction of
Professor Michael Stonebraker at the University of California, Berkeley. In
1995, Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen took on the task of converting the DBMS query
language to SQL and created a new database system which came to known as
Postgres95. Many others contributed to the porting, testing, debugging and
enhancement of the Postgres95 code. As the code improved, and 1995 faded into
memory, PostgreSQL was born.

PostgreSQL development is presently being performed by a team of Internet
developers who are now responsible for all current and future development. The
development team coordinator is Marc G. Fournier (scrappy@PostgreSQL.ORG).
Support is available from the PostgreSQL developer/user community through the
support mailing list (questions@PostgreSQL.ORG).

PostgreSQL is free and the complete source is available.

2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-pltcl Module for using Tcl to write SQL functions
2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-plpython Module for using Python to write SQL functions
PL/Python allows one to write PostgeSQL stored functions and
procedures in Python (

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-plperl Write SQL functions for PostgreSQL using Perl5
2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-pgtcl
2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-docs The PostgreSQL documentation set
2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2020-09-24T13:33:10+00:00 databases/postgresql13-client PostgreSQL database (client)
2020-09-24T13:13:27+00:00 devel/py-cppheaderparser Parse C++ header files and generate a data structure representing the class
CppHeaderParser can be used to parse C++ header files and generate a data
structure representing the class.

2020-09-23T21:59:07+00:00 sysutils/terragrunt Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform
Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for
keeping your Terraform configurations DRY, working with multiple Terraform
modules, and managing remote state.

2020-09-23T19:18:00+00:00 www/py-httpx013 Next generation HTTP client
HTTPX is a fully featured HTTP client for Python 3, which provides sync and
async APIs, and support for both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

2020-09-23T18:27:45+00:00 devel/pystring Collection of C++ functions which match python's string class
Pystring is a collection of C++ functions which match the interface and
behavior of python's string class methods using std::string. Implemented in
C++, it does not require or make use of a python interpreter. It provides
convenience and familiarity for common string operations not included in the
standard C++ library. It's also useful in environments where both C++ and
python are used.

2020-09-23T18:27:30+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx_press_theme Them for py-sphinx based on VuePress
A modern responsive theme for python's Sphinx documentation generator.

This theme is based on VuePress. It uses Vue.js & Stylus managed by webpack
(through vue-cli).

2020-09-23T14:34:23+00:00 www/py-fqdn RFC-compliant FQDN validation and manipulation for Python
Validates a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN), in full compliance with
RFC 1035, and the "preferred form" specified in RFC 3696 section 2.

2020-09-23T09:40:50+00:00 sysutils/hexpeek Hex file editor
hexpeek is a binary editor designed for efficient operation on huge files,
but works on any file.

Operations supported are searching, patching, and insertions and deletions
of binary data in a file. An undo feature allows to revert changes made in

2020-09-23T00:46:02+00:00 databases/ldb22 LDAP-like embedded database
ldb is a LDAP-like embedded database.

ldb provides a fast database with an LDAP-like API designed to be used
within an application.

In some ways it can be seen as a intermediate solution between key-value
pair databases and a real LDAP database.

2020-09-23T00:15:27+00:00 databases/ldb21 LDAP-like embedded database
ldb is a LDAP-like embedded database.

ldb provides a fast database with an LDAP-like API designed to be used
within an application.

In some ways it can be seen as a intermediate solution between key-value
pair databases and a real LDAP database.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-webauthn WebAuthn ruby server library
WebAuthn ruby server library.
Make your application a W3C Web Authentication conformant Relying Party
and allow your users to authenticate with U2F and FIDO2 authenticators.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-tpm-key_attestation TPM Key Attestation verifier
TPM Key Attestation verifier

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-safety_net_attestation SafetyNet attestation response verification
SafetyNet attestation response verification

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-openssl-signature_algorithm ECDSA, RSA-PSS and RSA-PKCS for ruby
ECDSA, RSA-PSS and RSA-PKCS#1 algorithms for ruby.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-omniauth-atlassian-oauth2 An Atlassian OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth
An Atlassian OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x.
This allows you to login to Atlassian with your ruby app.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-cose Ruby implementation of RFC 8152 CBOR Object Signing and Encryption
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 security/rubygem-android_key_attestation Android key attestation verification
A Ruby gem to verify Android Key attestation statements on your server.
Key attestation allows you to verify that the cryptographic keys you use
in apps are stored the a hardware keystore of an Android device.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 devel/rubygem-cbor Library for CBOR binary object representation
CBOR is a library for the CBOR binary object representation format,
based on Sadayuki Furuhashi's MessagePack library.

2020-09-22T21:08:54+00:00 devel/rubygem-awrence Convert snake_case to CamelCase and more
Have you ever needed to automatically convert Rubyish snake_case
to JSON-style camelBack or CamelCase hash keys?

Awrence to the rescue.

This gem recursively converts all snake_case keys in a hash structure
to camelBack or CamelCase.

2020-09-21T19:45:42+00:00 deskutils/dstask Single binary terminal-based TODO manager with git-based sync
Dstask is a personal task tracker designed to help you focus. It is
similar to taskwarrior but uses git to synchronise instead of a
proprietary protocol.

Dstask is mature enough for daily use.

o Powerful context system (automatically applies filter/tags to
queries and new tasks)
o Git powered sync/undo/resolve ( style) which means
no need to set up a sync server, and sync between devices is easy!
o Task listing won't break with long task text (unlike taskwarrior,
o note command -- edit a full markdown note for each task. Checklists
are useful here.
o open command -- open URLs found in specified task (including notes)
in the browser
o zsh/bash completion for speed
o A single statically-linked binary

2020-09-21T15:43:19+00:00 mail/mailman3 GNU Mailing List Management System, Core
Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion
and e-newsletter lists. Mailman is integrated with the web, making
it easy for users to manage their accounts and for list owners to
administer their lists. Mailman supports built-in archiving, automatic
bounce processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters,
and more.

2020-09-21T15:01:23+00:00 textproc/bibclean Prettyprinter, portability verifier, and syntax checker for BibTeX
Bibclean is a prettyprinter, portability verifier, and syntax checker for
BibTeX bibliography databases. It can be used to find errors in .bib files, as
well as to standardize their format for readability and editing convenience. It
can also be used to convert Scribe-format bibliographies to BibTeX form.

2020-09-21T09:57:53+00:00 misc/concourse Automation system written in Go
Concourse is an automation system written in Go. It is most commonly used for
CI/CD, and is built to scale to any kind of automation pipeline, from simple to

Concourse is very opinionated about a few things: idempotency, immutability,
declarative config, stateless workers, and reproducible builds.

2020-09-21T04:22:54+00:00 textproc/py-pygments-25 Syntax highlighter written in Python
Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python.

It is a generic syntax highlighter for general use in all kinds of software
such as forum systems, wikis or other applications that need to prettify
source code. Highlights are:

* a wide range of common languages and markup formats is supported
* special attention is paid to details, increasing quality by a fair amount
* support for new languages and formats are added easily
* a number of output formats, presently HTML, LaTeX, RTF and ANSI sequences
* it is usable as a command-line tool and as a library

2020-09-21T03:42:40+00:00 audio/alo-lv2 Looper LV2 plugin
ALO is an LV2 plugin primarily targeted at the MOD Duo but hopefully it should
work on other systems too. It's based on the amp.c and metro.c lv2 example
plugins, plus some study of the loopor code.

The idea is to provide an easy, mistake-proof way to create and trigger live
music loops in sync with a click track.

2020-09-20T23:20:01+00:00 math/py-numpy-stl Simple library to make working with STL files fast and easy
Simple library to make working with STL files
(and 3D objects in general) fast and easy.

Due to all operations heavily relying on numpy this is one of the fastest
STL editing libraries for Python available.

2020-09-20T04:51:43+00:00 misc/libsolv Package dependency solver using a satisfiability algorithm
This is libsolv, a free package dependency solver using a satisfiability

The code is based on two major, but independent, blocks:
1. Using a dictionary approach to store and retrieve package and dependency
information in a fast and space efficient manner.
2. Using satisfiability, a well known and researched topic, for resolving
package dependencies.

The sat-solver code has been written to aim for the newest packages, record the
decision tree to provide introspection, and also allows to provide the user with
suggestions on how to deal with unsolvable problems. It also takes advantage of
the repository storage to minimize memory usage.

2020-09-20T02:13:54+00:00 security/py-sequoia Python binding of sequoia
Sequoia is a cool new OpenPGP implementation. It consists of several crates,
providing both a low-level and a high-level API for dealing with OpenPGP data.

2020-09-20T02:13:26+00:00 security/sequoia Modern PGP implementation, written in rust
Sequoia is a cool new OpenPGP implementation. It consists of several crates,
providing both a low-level and a high-level API for dealing with OpenPGP data.

2020-09-20T00:43:03+00:00 net/libnpupnp C++ base UPnP library, derived from Portable UPnP, a.k.a libupnp
libpnupnp is a C++ reimplementation of the venerable libupnp,
a.k.a. Portable UPnP* library.

2020-09-19T13:10:26+00:00 math/py-matplotlib2 Plotting library uses a syntax familiar to MATLAB users (legacy)
matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library which produces publication quality
figures using in a variety of hardcopy formats (PNG, JPG, PS, SVG) and
interactive GUI environments (WX, GTK, Tkinter) across platforms. matplotlib
can be used in python scripts, interactively from the python shell (ala matlab
or mathematica), in web application servers generating dynamic charts, or
embedded in GTK, Tk or WX applications; see backends.

This is the legacy version.

2020-09-19T12:41:26+00:00 www/rubygem-vcr Record test suite HTTP interactions and replay
vcr records your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future
test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests.

2020-09-19T12:41:06+00:00 www/rubygem-jekyll-seo-tag Add metadata tags for search engines and social networks
Jekyll SEO Tag is a Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and
social networks to better index and display your site's content.

2020-09-19T12:41:01+00:00 textproc/rubygem-minima Beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll
Minima is a one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for writers. It's Jekyll's default
(and first) theme. It's what you get when you run jekyll new.

2020-09-19T12:40:55+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-guard-cucumber Automatically run your features
Guard::Cucumber allows you to automatically run Cucumber features when files are

2020-09-19T12:40:50+00:00 devel/rubygem-emoji_regex Regular expressions for matching Unicode Emoji symbols
Ruby Emoji Regex provides a pair of Ruby regular expressions for matching
Unicode Emoji symbols.

This is based upon the fantastic work from Mathias Bynens' emoji-regex
Javascript package. emoji-regex is cleverly assembled based upon data from the
Unicode Consortium.

The regular expressions provided herein are derived from that pacakge.

2020-09-19T07:38:49+00:00 audio/ncpamixer Ncurses PulseAudio mixer
An ncurses mixer for PulseAudio inspired by pavucontrol.

2020-09-19T01:20:52+00:00 security/stegify Steganography software
stegify is a simple command line tool capable of fully transparent hiding any
file within an image or set of images. This technique is known as LSB (Least
Significant Bit) steganography

2020-09-18T18:09:28+00:00 net-im/zoom Zoom videoconferencing client (CAVEAT: Sound doesn't yet work)
Zoom is a free videotelephony software program.

2020-09-18T09:39:26+00:00 mail/tmpmail CLI for the creation and use of temporary mail addresses
tmpmail is a command line utility that allows you to create a temporary
email address and receive emails to the temporary email address. It uses
1secmail's API to receive emails.

By default w3m is used to render the HTML emails on the terminal. But if
you prefer another text based web browser or would rather view the email
in a GUI web browser such as Firefox, simply use the --browser argument
followed by the command needed to launch the web browser of your choice.

2020-09-18T04:41:44+00:00 benchmarks/linux-gputest GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark
GpuTest is a cross-platform GPU stress test and benchmarking utility, based
on OpenGL. It comes with a number of different tests, including the famous
stress test based on FurMark (OpenGL 2.1 or 3.2), a tessellation test based
on TessMark (OpenGL 4.0), and geometry instancing test (OpenGL 3.3).

An optional GUI (graphical user interface) program made with Python/Tkinter
is available since GpuTest version 0.6.0.

2020-09-17T19:36:47+00:00 devel/got Game of Trees version control system
Game of Trees (Got) is a version control system which prioritizes
ease of use and simplicity over flexibility.

Got uses Git repositories to store versioned data. Git can be used
for any functionality which has not yet been implemented in Got.
It will always remain possible to work with both Got and Git on the
same repository.

2020-09-17T17:47:23+00:00 x11-toolkits/guile-gnome-platform Guile bindings for Gnome libraries
Guile-Gnome is a Guile wrapper collection for most of the GNOME core
libraries. Guile-Gnome brings the power of Scheme to your graphical
application: from Pango to GnomeCanvas, Gtk+ to GStreamer, Glade to
GtkSourceView, you will find in Guile-Gnome a comprehensive
environment for developing modern applications.

2020-09-17T11:45:30+00:00 x11-toolkits/libhandy0 Library with GTK+ widgets for mobile phones
The aim of The handy library is to help with developing UI for mobile devices
using GTK+/GNOME.

2020-09-16T17:08:45+00:00 www/deno Secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime
Deno is a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime with secure defaults and a great
developer experience.

Deno aims to provide a productive and secure scripting environment for the
modern programmer. It is built on top of V8, Rust, and TypeScript.

2020-09-16T04:29:57+00:00 cad/ecpprog Driver for FTDI based JTAG probes, to program ECP5 FPGAs
ecpprog is a basic driver for FTDI based JTAG probes, to program ECP5 FPGAs.

* Flash programing via JTAG link to ECP5 part
* Validate ECP5 IDCODEs
* Read/Decode ECP5 status register

2020-09-16T01:20:58+00:00 devel/fatal Library for fast software prototyping in modern C++
Fatal (Facebook Template Library) is a library for fast prototyping software in
modern C++.

It provides facilities heavily based on template meta-programming, while keeping
most of the complexity under-the-hood, to enhance the expressive power of C++.

Fatal also provides lessons on how to write meta-programs, as well as on how to
make the best use of the library, starting at beginner levels.

The goal is make its benefits available to a wider audience other than just
hard-core library writers.

2020-09-15T22:12:40+00:00 net/fb303 Base Thrift service and a common set of functionality
fb303 is a base Thrift service and a common set of functionality for querying
stats, options, and other information from a service.

2020-09-15T19:58:54+00:00 misc/tlci Tiny Lambda Calculus interpreter
The tiny lambda calculus interpreter is a portable interpreter
for an untyped lambda calculus in C99.

2020-09-15T13:41:50+00:00 x11/havoc Minimal terminal emulator for Wayland
Havoc is a minimal terminal emulator for wayland environment.

2020-09-14T23:56:44+00:00 security/heaan Library that implements homomorphic encryption
HEAAN is software library that implements homomorphic encryption (HE) that
supports fixed point arithmetics. This library supports approximate
operations between rational numbers. The approximate error depends on some
parameters and almost same with floating point operation errors. The scheme in
this library is on the paper "Homomorphic Encryption for Arithmetic of
Approximate Numbers".

2020-09-14T22:20:53+00:00 lang/spidermonkey78 Standalone JavaScript based from Mozilla 78-esr
Spidermonkey is the JavaScript interpreter from the Mozilla project.

2020-09-14T20:34:26+00:00 security/pam_pkcs11 PAM module using crypto tokens for auth
pam_pkcs11 is a login module allowing a X.509 certificate
based user login. The certificate and its dedicated private
key are thereby accessed by means of an appropriate PKCS#11
module. For the verification of the users' certificates,
locally stored CA certificates as well as either online or
locally accessible CRLs are used.

PAM-PKCS#11 package provides:

A PAM module able to:
Use certificates to get user credentials
Deduce a login based on provided certificate
Several tools:
Standalone cert-to-login finder tool
Certificate contents viewer
Card Event status monitor, to trigger actions on card insert/removal

2020-09-14T19:59:04+00:00 devel/py-nosexcover Extends nose cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports
A companion to the built-in nose.plugins.cover, this plugin will write
out an XML coverage report to a file named coverage.xml. It will honor all
the options you pass to the Nose coverage plugin, especially --cover-package

2020-09-14T17:46:00+00:00 devel/p5-Regexp-Pattern-Perl Regexp patterns related to Perl
Regexp::Pattern::Perl provides Regexp patterns related to Perl.

2020-09-14T17:45:54+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Load-Util Some utility routines related to module loading
Module::Load::Util provides some utility routines related to module loading.

2020-09-14T17:45:48+00:00 devel/p5-ColorThemeUtil-ANSI Utility routines related to color themes and ANSI code
ColorThemeUtil::ANSI provides utility routines related to color themes and ANSI

2020-09-14T17:45:42+00:00 devel/p5-ColorThemeBase-Static Base class for color theme modules with static list of items
ColorThemeBase::Static provides base class for color theme modules with static
list of items.

2020-09-14T16:15:44+00:00 cad/openroad ASIC physical design tool
OpenROAD is a chip physical design tool. It uses the OpenDB database as a design
database and representation. OpenSTA is used for static timing analysis.

2020-09-14T03:30:34+00:00 graphics/py-openshadinglanguage OpenShadingLanguage python bindings
2020-09-13T19:55:43+00:00 science/py-geometric Geometry optimization for quantum chemistry
This is a geometry optimization code for molecular structures. The code works
by calling external software for the energy and gradient through wrapper
functions. Q-Chem, TeraChem, Psi4, Molpro, and Gaussian 09/16 are supported
quantum chemistry codes through the command line interface. The PySCF and
QCArchive packages also provide interfaces to geomeTRIC for optimization.
MM optimizations using OpenMM and Gromacs are also supported through the
command line interface.

2020-09-13T19:42:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-ssoadmin Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Single Sign-On Admin (SSO Admin)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Single Sign-On Admin (SSO Admin).

2020-09-13T15:30:33+00:00 net/py-tacacs_plus Client for TACACS+ authentication
A TACACS+ client that supports authentication, authorization and

Unlike RADIUS, which was designed for similar purposes, the TACACS+
protocol offers basic packet encryption but, as with most crypto
designed back then, it's not secure and definitely should not be used
over untrusted networks.

This package has been successfully used with the free tac_plus TACACS+
server on a variety of operating systems.

2020-09-13T12:57:07+00:00 devel/p5-Process-Status Provides a few simple methods to make it easier to inspect $?
Perl's system command, qx``, etc. the process termination status gets put into
$? as an integer. Process::Status just provides a few simple methods to make
it easier to inspect $?.

2020-09-13T12:52:17+00:00 security/intel-ipsec-mb Intel(R) Multi-Buffer Crypto for IPsec Library
Intel Multi-Buffer Crypto for IPsec Library is highly-optimized software
implementations of the core cryptographic processing for IPsec, which
provides industry-leading performance on a range of Intel(R) Processors.

2020-09-13T05:56:34+00:00 graphics/libdssim
2020-09-13T05:56:27+00:00 graphics/dssim Image similarity comparison simulating human perception
This tool computes (dis)similarity between two or more PNG images
using an algorithm approximating human vision.

Comparison is done in L*a*b* color space (D65 white point, sRGB gamma)
using a multi-scale variant of the SSIM algorithm.

- Supports alpha channel
- Supports gamma correction
- No OpenCV or MATLAB needed: uses safe Rust without external dependencies

2020-09-12T18:07:38+00:00 devel/py-azure-synapse-spark Microsoft Azure Synapse Spark Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Synapse Spark Client Library.

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise
data warehousing and Big Data analytics.

2020-09-12T18:07:08+00:00 devel/py-azure-synapse-accesscontrol Microsoft Azure Synapse AccessControl Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Synapse AccessControl Client Library.

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise
data warehousing and Big Data analytics.

2020-09-12T18:06:40+00:00 devel/py-azure-mgmt-synapse Microsoft Azure Synapse Management Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Synapse Management Client Library.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that
replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

2020-09-12T13:29:10+00:00 databases/p5-Redis-RateLimit Sliding window rate limiting with Redis
A Perl library for efficient rate limiting using sliding windows
stored in Redis.

This is a port of RateLimit.js without the non-blocking goodness.

2020-09-12T12:07:34+00:00 www/rubygem-protocol-websocket Low level implementation of the WebSocket protocol
Protocol::WebSocket provides a low-level implementation of the WebSocket
protocol according to RFC6455. It only implements the latest stable version

2020-09-12T12:07:29+00:00 www/rubygem-async-websocket Async websocket library on top of websocket-driver
Async::WebSocket is an asynchronous websocket client/server implementation for
HTTP/1 and HTTP/2.

2020-09-12T12:07:23+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-redshiftdataapiservice Official AWS Ruby gem for Redshift Data API Service
Official AWS Ruby gem for Redshift Data API Service.

2020-09-12T12:07:17+00:00 graphics/py-s2 Python binding of S2 Geometry Library
S2 Geometry Library is a package for manipulating geometric shapes. Unlike many
geometry libraries, S2 is primarily designed to work with spherical geometry,
i.e., shapes drawn on a sphere rather than on a planar 2D map. This makes it
especially suitable for working with geographic data.

This port is the Python binding of S2 Geometry Library.

2020-09-12T12:07:11+00:00 graphics/py-h3 Python binding of H3 library
H3 is a geospatial indexing system using a hexagonal grid that can be
(approximately) subdivided into finer and finer hexagonal grids, combining the
benefits of a hexagonal grid with S2's hierarchical subdivisions.

This port is the Python binding for H3 core library.

2020-09-12T12:07:05+00:00 graphics/s2 S2 Geometry Library
S2 Geometry Library is a package for manipulating geometric shapes. Unlike many
geometry libraries, S2 is primarily designed to work with spherical geometry,
i.e., shapes drawn on a sphere rather than on a planar 2D map. This makes it
especially suitable for working with geographic data.

2020-09-12T12:06:59+00:00 graphics/h3 Hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system
H3 is a geospatial indexing system using a hexagonal grid that can be
(approximately) subdivided into finer and finer hexagonal grids, combining the
benefits of a hexagonal grid with S2's hierarchical subdivisions.

2020-09-11T17:28:43+00:00 graphics/glx-utils List GLX capabilities and simple renderer
A few popular OpenGL X11 demos from Mesa:

- glxinfo prints capabilities of OpenGL driver
- glxgears draws rotating gears and prints FPS

2020-09-11T08:04:14+00:00 lang/hermes JavaScript engine
Hermes is a JavaScript engine optimized for fast start-up of React Native apps
on Android. It features ahead-of-time static optimization and compact bytecode.

2020-09-10T01:35:13+00:00 net/fbzmq Framework for writing services in C++ while leveraging libzmq
fbzmq provides a framework for writing services in C++ while leveraging the
awesomeness of libzmq (message passing semantics). At a high level it provides:

* Lightweight C++ wrapper over libzmq which leverages newer C++ constructs and
stricter type checking. Most notably it provides the ability to send/receive
thrift objects as messages over wire without worrying about wire
encoding/decoding protocols.
* Powerful Async Framework with EventLoop, Timeouts, SignalHandler and more to
enable developers to write asynchronous applications efficiently.
* Suite of monitoring tools that make it easy to add logging and counters to
your service.
* RPC, and some storage systems use Thrift for serializing records on disk.

2020-09-10T01:33:13+00:00 devel/fbthrift Facebook's branch of Apache Thrift, including a new C++ server
Thrift is a serialization and RPC framework for service communication. Thrift
enables these features in all major languages, and there is strong support for
C++, Python, Hack, and Java. Most services at Facebook are written using Thrift
for RPC, and some storage systems use Thrift for serializing records on disk.

2020-09-09T09:54:05+00:00 sysutils/evisum EFL process monitor and system monitor
Evisum is a process monitor and system monitor written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

2020-09-08T18:50:24+00:00 www/proxygen Collection of C++ HTTP libraries including easy way to use HTTP server
Proxygen comprises the core C++ HTTP abstractions used at Facebook. Internally,
it is used as the basis for building many HTTP servers, proxies, and clients.
This release focuses on the common HTTP abstractions and our simple HTTPServer
framework. Future releases will provide simple client APIs as well. The
framework supports HTTP/1.1, SPDY/3, SPDY/3.1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3. The goal is
to provide a simple, performant, and modern C++ HTTP library.

2020-09-08T17:48:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-azure_mgmt_hybrid_compute Microsoft Azure Hybrid Compute Client Library for Ruby
Microsoft Azure Hybrid Compute Client Library for Ruby.

2020-09-08T17:48:34+00:00 textproc/p5-String-TtyLength Calculate length of string excluding ANSI tty codes
String::TtyLength provides a single function, tty_length, which returns the
length of a string excluding any ANSI tty / terminal escape codes. I.e. the
number of characters that will appear on screen. This is useful if you're
working out the width of columns, or aligning text.

2020-09-08T17:48:28+00:00 net/p5-URI-cpan URLs that refer to things on the CPAN
URI::cpan handles URLs that refer to things on the CPAN.

2020-09-08T17:39:55+00:00 net/mvfst Implementation of the QUIC transport protocol
mvfst (Pronounced move fast) is a client and server implementation of IETF QUIC
protocol in C++ by Facebook. QUIC is a UDP based reliable, multiplexed transport
protocol that will become an internet standard. The goal of mvfst is to build a
performant implementation of the QUIC transport protocol that applications could
adapt for use cases on both the internet and the data-center. mvfst has been
tested at scale on android, iOS apps, as well as servers and has several
features to support large scale deployments.

2020-09-08T17:13:29+00:00 net/wangle Framework building services in a consistent/modular/composable way
Wangle is a library that makes it easy to build protocols, application clients,
and application servers.

It's like Netty + Finagle smooshed together, but in C++.

2020-09-08T07:16:45+00:00 net-mgmt/bandwhich Terminal bandwidth utilization tool
Bandwhich is a CLI utility for displaying current network utilization
by process, connection and remote IP/hostname.

2020-09-07T12:46:48+00:00 x11/glcapsviewer OpenGL hardware capability viewer
The OpenGL hardware capability viewer collects information on one's graphics
card OpenGL implementation, including hardware capabilities, extensions,
compressed texture formats, etc. and displays them in an easy to browse way.

This data can then be uploaded to online database that developers can use to
check on OpenGL features and support for different graphics cards available
on the market.

2020-09-06T00:50:03+00:00 java/openjdk15 Java Development Kit ${JDK_MAJOR_VERSION}
An open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition,

2020-09-05T23:41:22+00:00 games/coronapoker Texas Holdem poker game
Texas Holdem poker game written in Java.

2020-09-05T21:27:57+00:00 www/py-mechanicalsoup Python library for automating interaction with websites
MechanicalSoup is a Python library for automating interaction with websites. It
automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects, and can follow links
and submit forms. It doesn't do JavaScript.

2020-09-05T21:27:09+00:00 textproc/py-markuppy HTML/XML generator
MarkupPy is a Python module that attempts to make it easier to generate HTML/XML
from a Python program in an intuitive, lightweight, customizable and pythonic

2020-09-05T21:26:49+00:00 graphics/py-piexif Simplify exif manipulations with Python
Piexif simplifies exif manipulations with Python, including writing, reading,
and more. Piexif is pure Python.

2020-09-05T21:26:38+00:00 astro/py-astlib Astronomy modules for Python
astLib is a set of Python modules that provides some tools for research
astronomers. It can be used for simple plots, statistics, common calculations,
coordinate conversions, and manipulating FITS images with World Coordinate
System (WCS) information through PyWCSTools - a simple wrapping of WCSTools by
Jessica Mink. PyWCSTools is distributed (and developed) as part of astLib.

2020-09-05T21:26:12+00:00 astro/py-ro Package of Python astronomical utilities
RO is a package of python utilities with an emphasis on cross-platform support
(MacOS X, Windows and unix), Astronomy, Tkinter GUI extensions and
Tkinter-compatible networking. It was developed to support a telescope user
interface (TUI).

2020-09-05T18:29:18+00:00 devel/kirigami-gallery Kirigami component gallery application
Example application which uses all features from kirigami, including links to
the sourcecode, tips on how to use the components and links to the
corresponding HIG pages and code examples on cgit

2020-09-05T15:32:01+00:00 x11/screenkey Screencast tool to display pressed keys
This is a screencast tool to display pressed keys, inspired by Screenflick.
Its most notable features are:

- Several keyboard translation methods
- Key composition/input method support
- Configurable font/size/position
- Highlighting of recent keystrokes
- Improved backspace processing
- Normal/Emacs/Mac caps modes
- Multi-monitor support
- Dynamic recording control
- Switch for visible shift and modifier sequences only

2020-09-05T10:08:19+00:00 www/py-pysmartdl Smart download manager for Python
pySmartDL strives to be a full-pleged smart download manager for Python.

2020-09-05T10:08:14+00:00 devel/py-pip-tools4 Keep your pinned dependencies fresh
pip-tools = pip-compile + pip-sync

It is a set of command line tools to help you keep your pip-based packages
fresh, even when you've pinned them.

2020-09-05T10:08:08+00:00 textproc/p5-PDF-API2-XS Optional PDF::API2 add-on using XS to speed up expensive operations
PDF::API2 will make use of this distribution, if it's installed, to speed up
some operations that are significantly faster in C than in Perl.

2020-09-05T10:08:02+00:00 x11-fonts/noto-hk Google Noto Fonts family (Traditional Chinese Hong Kong)
Noto Sans CJK and Noto Serif CJK comprehensively cover Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a unified font family. This
includes the full coverage of CJK Ideographs with variation support for 4
regions, Kangxi radicals, Japanese Kana, Korean Hangul, and other CJK symbols
and letters in the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode. It also provides limited
coverage of CJK Ideographs in Plane 2 of Unicode as necessary to support
standards from China and Japan.

This port is the set of Traditional Chinese Hong Kong fonts.

2020-09-05T10:07:57+00:00 x11-fonts/noto-emoji Google Noto Fonts family (Emoji)
When text is rendered by a computer, sometimes characters are displayed as
"tofu". They are little boxes to indicate your device doesn't have a font to
display the text.

Google has been developing a font family called Noto, which aims to support all
languages with a harmonious look and feel. Noto is Google's answer to tofu. The
name noto is to convey the idea that Google's goal is to see no more "tofu".
Noto has multiple styles and weights, and is freely available to all. The
comprehensive set of fonts and tools used in our development is available in our
GitHub repositories.

This port provides the emoji fonts set.

2020-09-04T21:52:56+00:00 games/NBlood Reverse-engineered ports of Build games using EDuke32 engine
Reverse-engineered ports of Build games using EDuke32 engine technology and
development principles.

2020-09-04T02:00:09+00:00 devel/cargo-generate Quickly generate Rust project templates from existing git repositories
Developer tool to help you get up and running quickly with a new Rust project
by leveraging a pre-existing git repository as a template.

2020-09-04T01:38:54+00:00 www/beehive Flexible event/agent & automation system with lots of bees
Event and agent system, which allows you to create your own agents that perform
automated tasks triggered by events and filters.

It is modular, flexible and really easy to extend for anyone. It has modules
(we call them Hives), so it can interface with, talk to, or retrieve
information from Twitter, Tumblr, Email, IRC, Jabber, RSS, Jenkins, Hue - to
name just a few.

2020-09-04T01:29:37+00:00 editors/kibi Tiny text editor written in Rust
Configurable text editor with UTF-8 support, incremental search, syntax
highlighting, line numbers and more, written in less than 1024 lines of Rust
with minimal dependencies.

2020-09-04T01:19:53+00:00 x11/xob Lightweight overlay volume (or anything) bar for the X Window System
Lightweight configurable overlay (volume/backlight/ progress/anything) bar for
the X Window System (and Wayland compositors with XWayland).

Each time a new value is read on the standard input, it is displayed as a
tv-like bar over other windows. It then vanishes after a configurable amount
of time. A value followed by a bang '!' is displayed using an alternate color
to account for special states (e.g. muted audio). There is also support for
overflows (when the value exceeds the maximum).

2020-09-04T00:58:39+00:00 textproc/angle-grinder Slice and dice logs on the command line
Parse, aggregate, sum, average, min/max, percentile, and sort your data. You
can see it, live-updating, in your terminal. Angle grinder is designed for
when, for whatever reason, you don't have your data in
graphite/honeycomb/kibana/sumologic/splunk/etc. but still want to be able to
do sophisticated analytics.

Angle grinder can process well above 1M rows per second (simple pipelines as
high as 5M), so it's usable for fairly meaty aggregation. The results will live
update in your terminal as data is processed. Angle grinder is a bare bones
functional programming language coupled with a pretty terminal UI.

2020-09-04T00:25:11+00:00 x11/xmenu X11 menu utility
XMenu is a menu utility for X. XMenu receives a menu specification in stdin,
shows a menu for the user to select one of the options, and outputs the option
selected to stdout. XMenu can be controlled both via mouse and via keyboard.

2020-09-03T12:08:03+00:00 editors/textadept Fast, minimalist, extensible cross-platform text editor
Textadept is a fast, minimalist, and remarkably extensible cross-platform
text editor for programmers. Written in a combination of C and Lua, and
relentlessly optimized for speed and minimalism over the years, Textadept
is an ideal editor for programmers who want endless extensibility without
sacrificing speed or succumbing to code bloat and featuritis.

2020-09-02T18:30:05+00:00 sysutils/inxi Full featured CLI system information tool
inxi is a command line system information tool. It was forked
from the ancient and mindbendingly perverse yet ingenius
infobash, by locsmif.

The primary purpose of inxi is for support, and sys admin use.
inxi is used widely for forum and IRC support.

2020-09-02T14:29:43+00:00 sysutils/ansible-iocage Ansible module for iocage
Ansible module for the iocage utility: convenient, lightweight
and easy jail management.

2020-09-02T14:12:59+00:00 sysutils/ansible-kld Ansible module to load kernel modules or update /boot/loader.conf
Ansible module to load kernel modules and manipulate
/boot/loader.conf on a FreeBSD system.

2020-09-01T20:58:02+00:00 devel/gcem C++ header-only library for Generalized Constant Expression Math
GCE-Math (Generalized Constant Expression Math) is a templated C++ library
enabling compile-time computation of mathematical functions.

* The library is written in C++11 constexpr format, and is C++11/14/17
* Continued fraction expansions and series expansions are implemented using
recursive templates.
* The gcem:: syntax is identical to the C++ standard library (std::).
* Tested and accurate to floating-point precision against the C++ standard
* Released under a permissive, non-GPL license.

2020-09-01T00:59:31+00:00 graphics/vulkan-caps-viewer Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer
Client application to display hardware implementation details for GPUs
supporting the new Vulkan API by Khronos.

The hardware reports can be submitted to a public online database that
allows comparing different devices, browsing available features,
extensions, formats, etc.

2020-09-01T00:53:27+00:00 games/blockattack Puzzle game inspired by Tetris
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks is a puzzle/blockfall game inspired
by Nintendo's Tetris Attack (or "Panel de Pon") for the Super
Nintendo. It might seem like any other match-3 style game but it is
generally much faster. The game requires fast decisions compared to
other puzzle games. While you can setup the perfect chain it is much
more likely that you will construct chains while blocks are still
dropping around you.

In addition to traditional game types like endless, time trial and
stage clear the game does also feature a VS-mode. The VS mode is a
dual like you rarely see in a puzzle game.

- No loot boxes
- 5 single player modes: Endless, Time Trial, Puzzle Mode, Stage Clear
and Vs. Mode
- 2 two player options: Time Trial and Vs. Mode
- Puzzle mode with 27 puzzles
- Custom keymapping
- High scores are saved
- Gamepad support
- Mouse support
- Touch support
- Music and sound effects
- Animations

2020-08-31T23:42:23+00:00 audio/dragonfly-reverb-lv2 Bundle of free audio effects
Dragonfly Reverb is a bundle of free audio effects.

2020-08-31T22:35:08+00:00 sysutils/diskonaut Terminal disk space navigator
Given a path on your hard-drive, diskonaut scans it and indexes its metadata to
memory so that you could explore its contents (even while still scanning).

Once completed, you can navigate through subfolders, getting a visual treemap
representation of what's taking up your disk space. You can even delete files or
folders and diskonaut will track how much space you've freed up in this session.

2020-08-31T17:53:59+00:00 devel/reproc C/C++ library to simplify running external programs
reproc (Redirected Process) is a cross-platform C/C++ library that simplifies
starting, stopping and communicating with external programs. The main use case
is executing command line applications directly from C or C++ code and
retrieving their output.

reproc consists out of two libraries: reproc and reproc++. reproc is a C99
library that contains the actual code for working with external programs.

2020-08-31T16:38:01+00:00 devel/gitleaks Tool for detecting hardcoded secrets in git repositories
Gitleaks is a SAST tool for detecting hardcoded secrets like passwords,
api keys, and tokens in git repos. Gitleaks aims to be the easy-to-use,
all-in-one solution for finding secrets, past or present, in your code.

2020-08-31T14:44:11+00:00 graphics/geeqie-devel Lightweight image viewer forked from GQview
Geeqie is a lightweight Gtk+ based image viewer for Unix operating systems.

Main features
o EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata browsing and editing.
o Interoperability, easy integration with other software.
o geeqie works on files and directories, there is no need to import images.
o Fast preview for many raw image formats.
o Tools for image comparison, sorting and managing photo collection.

Geeqie has been forked from gqview project, because it was not possible to
contact gqview author and the only maintainer. Geeqie projects goal is to move
the development forward and also integrate the existing patches.

2020-08-31T03:57:11+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng329 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2020-08-31T01:18:05+00:00 math/faiss Library for efficient similarity search & clustering of dense vectors
Faiss is a library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense
vectors. It contains algorithms that search in sets of vectors of any size,
up to ones that possibly do not fit in RAM. It also contains supporting code
for evaluation and parameter tuning.

2020-08-31T00:42:06+00:00 devel/taskflow Header-only library for parallel tasks in modern C++
Taskflow is faster, more expressive, and easier for drop-in integration than
many of existing task programming frameworks in handling complex parallel

2020-08-30T20:19:10+00:00 devel/py-csv23 Python 2/3 unicode CSV compatibility layer
csv23 provides the unicode-based API of the Python 3 csv module for Python 2 and
3. Code that should run under both versions of Python can use it to hide the
bytes vs. text difference between 2 and 3 and stick to the newer unicode-based

It uses utf-8 as default encoding everywhere.

2020-08-30T07:12:54+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-appflow Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Appflow
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Appflow.

2020-08-30T07:12:48+00:00 www/py-forcediphttpsadapter Use IP address when connecting via SSL
This module implements a set of requests TransportAdapter, PoolManager,
ConnectionPool and HTTPSConnection with one goal only: to use a specific IP
address when connecting via SSL to a web service without running into SNI

The usual technique to force an IP address on an HTTP connection with Requests
is (assuming I want on IP
requests.get("", headers={'Host': ''})

This is useful if I want to specifically test how is responding; for
instance, if is DNS round-robined to several IP addresses and I want
to hit one of them specifically.

2020-08-30T07:12:43+00:00 security/py-uhashring Full featured consistent hashing python library
uhashring implements consistent hashing in pure Python.

Consistent hashing is mostly used on distributed systems/caches/databases as
this avoid the total reshuffling of your key-node mappings when adding or
removing a node in your ring (called continuum on libketama).

2020-08-30T07:12:37+00:00 databases/py-python-binary-memcached Pure python module to access memcached via its binary protocol
bmemcached is a pure python module (thread safe) to access memcached via it's
binary with SASL auth support.

The main purpose of this module it to be able to communicate with memcached
using binary protocol and support authentication, so it can work with Heroku for

2020-08-29T23:48:08+00:00 devel/py-pytest-mutagen Add the mutation testing feature to pytest
Mutagen is a plugin to pytest that makes it easy to do mutation
testing. Mutation testing is a method of testing your tests. Mutagen
helps you to define "mutant" versions of your code - code which is
intentionally buggy - then you run your test suite on these mutants
and verify that your tests actually catch the bugs. Mutation testing
helps you to gauge test coverage and verify that your tests are
good enough to exercise interesting behaviors in your code.

2020-08-29T22:24:07+00:00 audio/ardour6 Multichannel digital audio workstation
Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit, and
mix multi-track audio. Produce your own CD's. Mix video soundtracks.
Experiment with new ideas about music and sound. Generate sound
installations for 12 speaker gallery shows.

Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-linear, non-
destructive region based editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation
support, a mixer whose capabilities rival high end hardware consoles, lots
of plugins to warp, shift, and shape your music, and controllable from
hardware control surfaces at the same time as it syncs to timecode. If you
have been looking for a tool similar to ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, Digital
Performer, Samplitude, or Sequoia, you might have found it.

2020-08-29T20:34:32+00:00 databases/p5-DBD-MariaDB MariaDB driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
DBD::mysql is the Perl5 Database Interface driver for the MySQL
database. In other words: DBD::mysql is an interface between the Perl
programming language and the MySQL programming API that comes with the
MySQL relational database management system. Most functions provided by
this programming API are supported. Some rarely used functions are
missing, mainly because noone ever requested them.

2020-08-29T18:53:24+00:00 graphics/linux-c7-librsvg2 Parse and render SVG vector graphics (CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-08-29T17:34:39+00:00 textproc/linux-c7-libcroco CSS2 parsing library (CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-08-29T16:10:03+00:00 math/universal Header-only C++ template library for universal number arithmetic
The goal of Universal Numbers, or unums, is to replace IEEE floating-point with
a number system that is more efficient and mathematically consistent in
concurrent execution environments.

The motivation to replace IEEE floating-point had been brewing in the HPC
community since the late 90's as most algorithms became memory bound. The
inefficiency of IEEE floating-point has been measured and agreed upon, but it
was the AI Deep Learning community that moved first and replaced IEEE with
number systems that are tailored to the application to yield speed-ups of two
to three orders of magnitude.

The Universal library is a ready-to-use header-only library that provides
plug-in replacement for native types, and provides a low-friction environment
to start exploring alternatives to IEEE floating-point in your own algorithms.

2020-08-29T15:02:11+00:00 graphics/gmt-gshhg Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography
We present a high-resolution geography data set amalgamated from three data
bases in the public domain:

World Vector Shorelines (WVS).
CIA World Data Bank II (WDBII).
Atlas of the Cryosphere (AC).

2020-08-29T15:02:11+00:00 graphics/gmt-dcw Digital Chart of the World for GMT 5 or later
The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) is a comprehensive 1:1,000,000 scale vector
basemap of the world. The charts were designed to meet the needs of pilots and
air crews in medium-and low-altitude en route navigation and to support military
operational planning, intelligence briefings, and other needs.

2020-08-29T00:38:42+00:00 multimedia/libgav1 Main profile (0) & High profile (1) compliant AV1 decoder
libgav1 is a Main profile (0) & High profile (1) compliant AV1 decoder.

2020-08-29T00:38:34+00:00 graphics/qt-avif-image-plugin Qt image plugin to read/write AV1 Image File Format (AVIF)
Qt plug-in to allow Qt and KDE applications to read/write AVIF images.

2020-08-29T00:38:27+00:00 www/gallery-dl Command-line program to download image galleries and collections
gallery-dl is a command-line program to download image-galleries and
-collections from several image hosting sites. It is a cross-platform
tool with many configuration options and powerful filenaming

2020-08-27T21:22:04+00:00 net-im/chatterino2 Twitch chat client
Chatterino is a chat client for twitch chat. It aims to be an improved/extended
version of the twitch web chat.

2020-08-27T18:42:30+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape-entity07 Simple facade to use with your models and APIs
Entities - a simple Facade to use with your models and API - extracted from

2020-08-27T18:42:24+00:00 devel/rubygem-azure_mgmt_azurestack_hci Microsoft Azure Azure Stack HCI Client Library for Ruby
Microsoft Azure Azure Stack HCI Client Library for Ruby.

2020-08-27T18:42:18+00:00 devel/py-pytzdata Olson timezone database for Python
The Olson timezone database for Python.

2020-08-27T18:42:13+00:00 devel/py-astunparse AST unparser for Python
This is a factored out version of unparse found in the Python source

2020-08-27T18:42:07+00:00 devel/py-ansi ANSI cursor movement and graphics
It provides various ANSI escape codes, used in moving the cursor in a text
console or rendering coloured text.

2020-08-24T22:04:08+00:00 devel/py-pyinquirer Collection of common interactive command line user interfaces
PyInquirer strives to be an easily embeddable and
beautiful command line interface for Python. PyInquirer
wants to make it easy for existing Inquirer.js users
to write immersive command line applications in Python.

Note: PyInquirer provides the user interface and the inquiry session flow.

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 net/rubygem-uri_template Templating system for URIs
A templating system for URIs, which implements RFC6570 and
Colon based URITemplates in a clean and straight forward way.

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 net/rubygem-gitlab-fog-azure-rm Stripped-down fork that enables Azure Blob Storage
This is a stripped-down fork of fog-azure-rm that enables Azure Blob Storage
to be used with CarrierWave and Fog.

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-json_schemer Ruby JSON schema validator
This library is intended to provide Ruby with an interface for validating JSON
objects against a JSON schema conforming to JSON Schema Draft 4. Legacy support
for JSON Schema Draft 3, JSON Schema Draft 2, and JSON Schema Draft 1 is also

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-hana Ruby JSON-Patch and JSON-Pointer implementation
Implementation of [JSON Patch][1] and [JSON Pointer][2] RFC.

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-ecma-re-validator Regular expresionn validator against ECMA-262
Validate a regular expression string against what ECMA-262 can actually do.

2020-08-24T21:03:49+00:00 databases/rubygem-redis-namespace17 Ruby client class for Redis with namespace support
Adds a Redis::Namespace class which can be used to namespace calls to Redis.
This is useful when using a single instance of Redis with multiple, different

2020-08-24T11:20:18+00:00 benchmarks/mangohud Vulkan/OpenGL overlay for CPU/GPU monitoring
MangoHud is a Vulkan/OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures,
CPU/GPU load, and more.

2020-08-23T19:35:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-thor0 Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake, and rubigen
A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen

2020-08-23T19:35:00+00:00 devel/rubygem-highline1 High-level IO library for command-line interfaces
A high-level IO library that provides validation, type conversion, and more
for command-line interfaces. HighLine also includes a complete menu system
that can crank out anything from simple list selection to complete shells
with just minutes of work.

2020-08-23T19:34:54+00:00 databases/rubygem-redis-namespace16 Ruby client class for Redis with namespace support
Adds a Redis::Namespace class which can be used to namespace calls to Redis.
This is useful when using a single instance of Redis with multiple, different

2020-08-23T19:34:50+00:00 databases/rubygem-brpoplpush-redis_script Bring your own LUA scripts into redis
Bring your own LUA scripts into redis.

2020-08-23T12:02:36+00:00 graphics/tikzit PGF/TikZ diagram editor
TikZiT is a graphical tool for rapidly creating graphs and string diagrams
using PGF/TikZ. It was used, for example, to make all of the 2500+ diagrams in
this book: .

2020-08-23T05:13:33+00:00 finance/hs-hledger-web Web interface for hledger, the accounting software
Web interface for hledger, a computer program for easily tracking money, time,
or other commodities.

2020-08-23T05:10:24+00:00 finance/hs-hledger-ui UI for hledger, the accounting software package
UI for hledger, a computer program for easily tracking money, time, or other

2020-08-22T19:59:51+00:00 finance/hs-hledger Accounting software for both power users and folks new to accounting
hledger is a computer program for easily tracking money, time, or other

2020-08-22T16:08:11+00:00 multimedia/w_scan2 Perform frequency scans for DVB and ATSC transmissions
w_scan2 is a small channel scan tool which generates ATSC, DVB-C,
DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2 channels.conf files.

It's based on the old "scan" tool from linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.1.0. The
differences are:
* no initial tuning data needed, because scanning without this data
is exactly what a scan tool like this should do.
* it detects automatically which DVB/ATSC card to use.
* much more output formats, interfacing to other dtv software.

w_scan2 is a fork of the original w_scan from

Main changes from w_scan to w_scan2:
* keep duplicate transponders by default because a stronger transponder
with the same ID might have a higher frequency and be discarded simply
because it's scanned later. Also don't replace the current transponder
with an advertised one by default. The latter may have a lower signal
strength. More details here:
The old behaviour can be enabled with -d (--delete-duplicate-transponders).
* re-enable VHF band III in Europe

2020-08-22T12:07:45+00:00 security/nextcloud-end_to_end_encryption End-to-End Encryption app for Nextcloud
Provides the necessary endpoint to enable end-to-end encryption

2020-08-21T21:20:57+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rouge321 Simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments
Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for

2020-08-21T21:20:51+00:00 math/rubygem-bigdecimal Arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point number class
BigDecimal provides an arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point number class.

2020-08-21T21:20:46+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-identitystore Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS SSO Identity Store (IdentityStore)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS SSO Identity Store (IdentityStore).

2020-08-21T14:20:12+00:00 security/nitrokey-app Nitrokey App is an application created to manage Nitrokey devices
Nitrokey App is a cross-platform (runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS)
application created to manage Nitrokey devices. Lately developed under
Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 with Qt5.9. Underneath it uses libnitrokey to
communicate with the supported devices. Both Nitrokey App and libnitrokey
are available under GPLv3 license.

2020-08-21T14:18:43+00:00 security/libnitrokey Libnitrokey is a project to communicate with Nitrokey devices
libnitrokey is a project to communicate with Nitrokey Pro and Storage devices
in a clean and easy manner. Written in C++14, testable with py.test
and Catch frameworks, with C API, Python access
(through CFFI and C API, in future with Pybind11).

2020-08-21T09:30:37+00:00 emulators/dosbox-staging DOS/x86 emulator based on DOSBox
Modernized fork of DOSBox emulator.

2020-08-21T05:48:28+00:00 misc/hs-hascard Minimal command line utility for reviewing notes
A minimal commandline utility for reviewing notes. 'Flashcards' can be written
in markdown-like syntax.

2020-08-20T12:37:33+00:00 x11-toolkits/qt5-quicktimeline Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick Timeline
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

The Qt Quick Controls module provides a set of controls that can be
used to build complete interfaces in Qt Quick Timeline.

2020-08-20T12:37:33+00:00 x11-toolkits/qt5-quick3d Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick3D
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

The Qt Quick Controls module provides a set of controls that can be
used to build complete interfaces in Qt Quick3D.

2020-08-20T02:23:07+00:00 java/openjdk11-jre Java Runtime Environment ${JDK_MAJOR_VERSION}
2020-08-19T16:18:12+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-braket Official AWS Ruby gem for Braket
Official AWS Ruby gem for Braket.

2020-08-19T16:18:06+00:00 www/py-django-jsonview Always return JSON from your Django view
django-jsonview is a simple decorator that translates Python objects to JSON and
makes sure your view will always return JSON.

2020-08-18T19:10:44+00:00 mail/getmail6 POP3/IMAP4 mail retriever (Python3 fork)
POP3/IMAP4 mail retriever with Maildir and command delivery (python3 fork).

Summary of features:
- Retrieve mail from an unlimited number of POP3/IMAP4 mailboxes and servers.
- Support for POP3-over-SSL and IMAP-over-SSL, as well as SDPS
WARNING: even with SSL, "no certificate or key validation is done." so
that getmail does not detect or protect from man-in-the-middle attacks.
- Support for multidrop or domain mailboxes.
- Safe and reliable delivery to qmail-style Maildirs, as well as program
(pipe) delivery for use with arbitrary external MDAs. Includes an MDA
for mbox files that supports mboxrd format and fcntl-type flock locking.
- Does not destroy information by rewriting mail headers.
- Does not cause mail loops by doing SMTP injection, and therefore does
not require that you run an MTA (like qmail or sendmail) on your host.
- Can remember which mail it has already retrieved, and can be set to
only download new messages.
- Written in Python, and therefore easy to extend or customize.
- Simple to install, configure, and use.

2020-08-18T05:32:55+00:00 devel/string_theory Modern C++ library for string manipulation and storage
String Theory is a flexible modern C++ library for string manipulation
and storage. It stores data internally as UTF-8, for ease of use
with existing C/C++ APIs. It can also handle conversion to and
from UTF-16, UTF-32, and Latin-1, and has a variety of methods to
simplify text manipulation.

In addition, String Theory includes a powerful and fast type-safe
string formatter (ST::format), which can be extended with custom
type formatters by end-user code.

2020-08-17T13:18:15+00:00 devel/py-urwid-readline Textbox edit widget for Urwid that supports readline shortcuts
Text input widget for urwid, a curses-based user interface library,
that supports readline shortcuts.

2020-08-17T03:39:04+00:00 devel/athens Proxy server for the Go Modules download API
Athens provides a server for Go Modules that you can run. It serves public code
and your private code for you, so you don't have to pull directly from a
version control system (VCS) like GitHub or GitLab.

2020-08-16T13:15:17+00:00 sysutils/p5-Proc-ProcessTable-ncps Searches the process table and displays the results
An advanced ps(1) like utility with search capabilities.

For example:

ncps -c firefox --stats

Show all firefox processes and the cumulative stats for them.

2020-08-16T12:54:34+00:00 cad/py-cq-editor CadQuery GUI editor based on PyQT
CQ-editor is a CadQuery GUI editor based on PyQT.

Graphical debugger for CadQuery scripts
- Step through script and watch how your model changes

CadQuery object stack inspector
- Visual inspection of current workplane and selected items
- Insight into evolution of the model

Export to various formats

2020-08-16T12:54:13+00:00 cad/py-cadquery Python module for building parametric 3D CAD models
CadQuery is an intuitive, easy-to-use Python module for building parametric 3D
CAD models. Using CadQuery, you can write short, simple scripts that produce
high quality CAD models. It is easy to make many different objects using a
single script that can be customized.

2020-08-16T12:53:47+00:00 cad/py-ocp Python wrapper for OCCT generated using pywrap
OCP is a Python wrapper for OCCT (OpenCascade) generated using pywrap
primarily used by CadQuery.

2020-08-16T12:41:23+00:00 editors/libreoffice-fur
2020-08-16T12:41:23+00:00 editors/libreoffice-ckb
2020-08-16T12:18:17+00:00 editors/libreoffice6 Full integrated office productivity suite
LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for
Windows, Macintosh and Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for
all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress,
Draw, Math and Base.

2020-08-16T09:27:18+00:00 devel/cmakedoc Command-line tool to read CMake documentation
CMakeDoc is a command-line tool to read CMake documentation. It lets you search
through CMake commands, modules, variables and properties before displaying the
selected topic with less or the pager defined in $PAGER.

2020-08-16T00:38:02+00:00 x11/lavalauncher Simple launcher for Wayland
LavaLauncher serves a single purpose: Letting the user execute shell
commands by clicking on icons on a dynamically sized bar, placed at
one of the screen edges.

Unlike most popular launchers, LavaLauncher does not care about
.desktop files or icon themes and it does not track open applications;
It is not a dock. To create a button, you simply provide the path to
an image and a shell command. This makes LavaLauncher considerably
more flexible: You could have buttons not just for launching
applications, but also for ejecting your optical drive, rotating your
screen, sending your cat an email, playing a funny sound, muting all
audio, toggling your lamps, etc. You can turn practically anything you
could do in your shell into a button.

2020-08-16T00:37:14+00:00 x11/phosh Pure Wayland shell prototype for mobile devices
Phosh aims to be a Wayland shell for mobile phones. Currently, only
useful for developers.

- a lockscreen
- brightness control and nighlight
- the gcr system-prompter interface
- acting as a polkit auth agent
- enough of org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig to make gnome-settings-daemon happy
- a homebutton that toggles a simple favorites menu
- status icons for battery, wwan and wifi (WARNING: network is N/A on FreeBSD)

2020-08-15T22:48:42+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Build-WithXSpp XS++ enhanced flavour of Module::Build
This subclass of Module::Build adds some tools and processes
to make it easier to use for wrapping C++ using XS++ (ExtUtils::XSpp).

2020-08-15T22:39:44+00:00 sysutils/p5-Proc-ProcessTable-InfoString Creates a PS like stat string showing the flags/state/wchan
Creates a PS like stat string showing various symbolic represenation of
various flags/state as well as the wchan.

2020-08-15T22:27:53+00:00 sysutils/p5-Proc-ProcessTable-Match Matches a Proc::ProcessTable::Process against a stack of checks
Matches a Proc::ProcessTable::Process against a stack of checks.

This can include cmndline, command fname, EGID, and more.

2020-08-15T22:14:21+00:00 devel/p5-Data-Unixish Implementation for Unixish, a data transformation framework
This distribution implements Unixish, a data transformation framework
inspired by Unix toolbox philosophy.

2020-08-15T21:54:07+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-sprintfn Drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support
Drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support

2020-08-15T21:23:53+00:00 textproc/p5-Search-Sitemap Perl extension for managing Search Engine Sitemaps
The Sitemap Protocol allows you to inform search engine crawlers about URLs on
your Web sites that are available for crawling. A Sitemap consists of a list of
URLs and may also contain additional information about those URLs, such as when
they were last modified, how frequently they change, etc.

2020-08-15T21:03:44+00:00 textproc/p5-Business-IS-PIN Validate Icelandic ID numbers

Validate Icelandic ID numbers
2020-08-15T16:28:28+00:00 devel/py-google-crc32c0 Wrapper of the C library Google CRC32C
google-crc32c wraps the google/crc32c hardware-based implementation of the
CRC32C hashing algorithm. Multiple wheels are distributed as well as source. If
a wheel is not published for the python version and platform you are using, you
will need to compile crc32c using a C toolchain.

2020-08-15T05:46:18+00:00 audio/squeezelite Lightweight headless squeezebox player for Logitech Media Server
Lightweight headless squeezebox player for Logitech Media Server

2020-08-15T05:30:41+00:00 www/gwsocket RFC6455 compliant WebSocket Server
gwsocket is a simple, standalone, language-agnostic, RFC6455 compliant
WebSocket Server, written in C.

2020-08-14T07:07:12+00:00 devel/py-BTrees Scalable persistent object containers
This package contains a set of persistent object containers built around
a modified BTree data structure. The trees are optimized for use inside
ZODB's "optimistic concurrency" paradigm, and include explicit resolution
of conflicts detected by that mechanism.

2020-08-14T06:50:18+00:00 devel/py-persistent Translucent persistent objects
This package contains a generic persistence implementation for Python.
It forms the core protocol for making objects interact "transparently"
with a database such as the ZODB.

2020-08-14T03:02:07+00:00 devel/py-enlighten Console progress bar module for Python
Enlighten Progress Bar is a console progress bar module for Python.

The main advantage of Enlighten is it allows writing to stdout and stderr
without any redirection.

2020-08-14T02:57:14+00:00 devel/py-blessed Easy, practical library for making terminal apps
Blessed is an easy, practical library for making terminal apps, by providing
an elegant, well-documented interface to Colors, Keyboard input, and screen
position and Location capabilities.

2020-08-13T19:37:32+00:00 audio/py-hsaudiotag3k Read metdata (tags) of mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files
hsaudiotag is a pure Python library that lets you read metadata (bitrate,
sample rate, duration and tags) from mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files.
It can only read tags, not write to them, but unlike more complete libraries
(like Mutagen), it is BSD licensed, making it suitable for most projects.
It is also backed by a nifty test suite.

2020-08-13T19:10:56+00:00 www/py-html3 Simple, elegant HTML, XHTML and XML generation
Simple, elegant HTML, XHTML and XML generation.

2020-08-13T15:25:02+00:00 sysutils/py-zfs-autobackup Periodicly backup zfs filesystems to other locations
This is a tool written to make replicating ZFS datasets easy and reliable.

You can either use it as a backup tool, replication tool or snapshot tool.
You can select what to backup by setting a custom ZFS property. This allows you
to set and forget: Configure it so it backups your entire pool, and you never
have to worry about backupping again. Even new datasets you create later will be
backupped. Other settings are just specified on the commandline. This also makes
it easier to setup and test zfs-autobackup and helps you fix all the issues you
might encounter. When you're done you can just copy/paste your command to a cron
or script.
Since its using ZFS commands, you can see what its actually doing by specifying
--debug. This also helps a lot if you run into some strange problem or error.
You can just copy-paste the command that fails and play around with it on the
commandline. (also something I missed in other tools)
An important feature thats missing from other tools is a reliable --test option:
This allows you to see what zfs-autobackup will do and tune your parameters. It
will do everything, except make changes to your zfs datasets. Another nice
thing is progress reporting: Its very useful with HUGE datasets,
when you want to know how many hours/days it will take. zfs-autobackup tries to
be the easiest to use backup tool for zfs.

2020-08-12T21:00:47+00:00 mail/py-notmuch2 Pythonic bindings for the notmuch mail database using CFFI
Pythonic bindings for the notmuch mail database using CFFI. This module makes
the functionality of the notmuch library ( available to
python using CFFI

2020-08-11T22:52:43+00:00 sysutils/watchman450 File alteration monitoring service
Watchman exists to watch files and record when they change. It can also
trigger actions (such as rebuilding assets) when matching files change.

2020-08-11T21:04:32+00:00 devel/py-fastprogress Nested progress with plotting options
A fast and simple progress bar for Jupyter Notebook and console.

2020-08-11T16:53:31+00:00 games/py-pysol-cards Deal PySol FC Cards
The pysol-cards python modules allow the python developer to generate
the initial deals of some PySol FC games. It also supports PySol
legacy deals and Microsoft FreeCell / Freecell Pro deals.

2020-08-11T11:27:34+00:00 net-im/scli Simple terminal user interface for the Signal messenger (using signal-cli)
scli is a simple TUI (terminal user interface) for Signal, the messaging
platform. It relies on signal-cli to connect to Signal services and urwid.

2020-08-11T10:13:42+00:00 net/quiche Savoury implementation of the QUIC transport protocol and HTTP/3
quiche is an implementation of the QUIC transport protocol and HTTP/3
as specified by the IETF.

It provides a low level API for processing QUIC packets and handling
connection state. The application is responsible for providing I/O
(e.g. sockets handling) as well as an event loop with support for timers.

2020-08-11T08:29:53+00:00 cad/openfpgaloader Universal utility for programming FPGA
Universal utility for programming FPGA.

It supports many FPGA development kits.

2020-08-11T05:21:36+00:00 accessibility/feedbackd Haptic/visual/audio feedback for GNOME
feedbackd provides a DBus daemon (feedbackd) to act on events to provide
haptic, visual and audio feedback. It offers a library (libfeedback) and
GObject introspection bindings to ease using it from applications.

2020-08-11T01:31:11+00:00 textproc/apache-commons-csv Java support for Comma Separated Value format
Apache Commons CSV

Commons CSV reads and writes files in variations of the Comma Separated Value
(CSV) format.

2020-08-10T16:44:04+00:00 math/py-mip Python MIP (Mixed-Integer Linear Programming) Tools
Python-MIP is a modelling tool developed to provide:
- Ease of use
- High performance
- Extensibility

2020-08-10T16:20:42+00:00 textproc/py-j2cli Jinja2 Command-Line Tool, reworked
j2cli is a command-line tool for templating in shell-scripts, leveraging the
Jinja2 library

2020-08-10T16:19:49+00:00 math/minizinc-ide IDE for MiniZinc, a constraint modeling language
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MiniZinc, a free and open-source
constraint modeling language.

2020-08-10T14:36:48+00:00 textproc/ugrep NEW ultra fast grep with interactive query UI
NEW ultra fast grep with interactive query UI: search file systems,
source code, text, binary files, archives (cpio/tar/pax/zip),
compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz/lz4), documents, fuzzy search,
and more. A faster, user-friendly replacement for GNU/BSD grep.

2020-08-10T08:25:53+00:00 graphics/akira Graphical UI/UX design tool
Akira is a native design application built in Vala and GTK for Unix-like
systems. Akira focuses on offering a modern and fast approach to UI and
UX design, mainly targeting web designers and graphic designers.

2020-08-10T05:27:33+00:00 math/minizinc Constraint modeling language
MiniZinc is a free and open-source constraint modeling language.

You can use MiniZinc to model constraint satisfaction and optimization problems
in a high-level, solver-independent way, taking advantage of a large library of
pre-defined constraints. Your model is then compiled into FlatZinc, a solver
input language that is understood by a wide range of solvers.

MiniZinc is developed at Monash University in collaboration with Data61 Decision
Sciences and the University of Melbourne.

2020-08-09T17:31:52+00:00 sysutils/edk2 EDK2 Firmware for ${FLAVOR}
EDK II Project

A modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the
UEFI and PI specifications from
2020-08-09T09:35:20+00:00 sysutils/seatd Minimal seat management daemon and universal library
seatd is a seat management deamon, that does everything it needs to
do. Nothing more, nothing less. Depends only on libc.

libseat is a seat management library allowing applications to use
whatever seat management is available.

- seatd
- (e)logind
- embedded seatd for standalone operation

Each backend can be compile-time included and is runtime auto-detected
or manually selected with the `LIBSEAT_BACKEND` environment variable.

Which backend is in use is transparent to the application, providing a
simple common interface.

2020-08-08T20:14:36+00:00 security/rubygem-openssl-cmac Implementation of RFC 4493, 4494, 4615 - AES-CMAC Algorithm
rubygem-openssl-cmac is an implementation of RFC 4493, 4494, 4615 - AES-CMAC

2020-08-08T14:35:32+00:00 sysutils/bpytop Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
Resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks,
network and processes.

Python port of bashtop. (

2020-08-08T12:12:47+00:00 www/mod_http2 HTTP/2 modules for Apache httpd
This Apache module supports the "h2" (HTTP2 over TLS) and "h2c" (HTTP2
over plain HTTP connections via Upgrade). You can enable it for the
whole server or for specific virtual hosts only. More on this below on
2020-08-08T10:28:19+00:00 devel/py-proto-plus Beautiful, Pythonic protocol buffers
Proto Plus for Python

This is a wrapper around protocol buffers. Protocol buffers is a specification
format for APIs, such as those inside Google. This library provides protocol
buffer message classes and objects that largely behave like native Python types.

2020-08-08T08:00:33+00:00 devel/R-cran-cpp11 C++11 Interface for R's C Interface
Provides a header only, C++11 interface to R's C interface. Compared
to other approaches 'cpp11' strives to be safe against long jumps
from the C API as well as C++ exceptions, conform to normal R
function semantics and supports interaction with 'ALTREP' vectors.

2020-08-07T09:33:11+00:00 sysutils/bashtop Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
Resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks,
network and processes.

2020-08-07T04:03:30+00:00 cad/horizon-eda EDA package for printed circuit board design
Horizon EDA is an Electronic Design Automation package supporting an integrated
end-to-end workflow for printed circuit board design including parts management
and schematic entry.

2020-08-06T12:54:18+00:00 www/nextcloud-groupfolders Groupfolders app for Nextcloud
Nextcloud app for Admin configured folders shared by everyone in a group.

2020-08-05T23:52:56+00:00 security/isal-kmod Kernel crypto driver using Intel(R) ISA-L crypto
ISA-L crypto is a collection of optimized low-level functions
targeting cryptography applications.

This port provides a driver for the in-kernel opencrypto framework
that uses routines in the ISA-L crypto library.

2020-08-05T04:21:10+00:00 www/py-django31 High-level Python Web Framework
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.

Developed and used over the past two years by a fast-moving online-news
operation, Django was designed from scratch to handle two challenges: the
intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of experienced
Web developers. It has convenient niceties for developing content-management
systems, but it's an excellent tool for building any Web site.

2020-08-04T21:37:52+00:00 x11-wm/wayfire-plugins-extra Additional plugins for Wayfire
Plugins that have external dependencies, debugging purposes or
otherwise will not be included with Wayfire core.

2020-08-04T02:30:22+00:00 math/py-seriate Optimal ordering of elements in a set given their distance matrix
This is a Python implementation of Seriation algorithm. Seriation is
an approach for ordering elements in a set so that the sum of the sequential
pairwise distances is minimal. We state this task as a Travelling Salesman
Problem (TSP) and leverage the powerful Google's or-tools to do heavy-lifting.
Since TSP is NP-hard, it is not possible to calculate the precise solution for
a big number of elements. However, the or-tools' heuristics work very well in
practice, and they are used in e.g. Google Maps.

2020-08-03T21:11:02+00:00 math/py-or-tools Google's Operations Research tools (Python binding)
Python bindings for Google Optimization Tools (a.k.a., OR-Tools).

2020-08-03T20:40:06+00:00 net/read_bbrlog Decode BBR log dumps generated with tcplog_dumper
The read_bbrlog is a utility that knows how to read the pcapng[.xz] files
created by the net/tcplog_dumper from BBR.

2020-08-03T20:37:03+00:00 devel/bbparse Library to parse Blackbox-created PCAPng files
This library parses a PCAPng file which contains black box records, such as the
PCAPng files produced by net/tcplog_dumper.

2020-08-03T20:34:18+00:00 net/tcplog_dumper Dump data from the tcp_log device
The tcplog_dumper utility pulls data from the tcp_log device and writes
it to disk. net/read_bbrlog can be use to read those pcapng files.

2020-08-03T16:46:46+00:00 security/py-merkletools Tools for working with Merkle trees
Tools for creating Merkle trees, generating merkle proofs, and verification
of merkle proofs.

2020-08-03T16:34:27+00:00 security/py-coincurve Cross-platform Python CFFI bindings for libsecp256k1
The coincurve python library provides well-tested Python CFFI bindings for
libsecp256k1, the heavily optimized C library used by Bitcoin Core for
operations on elliptic curve secp256k1.

2020-08-03T15:10:01+00:00 sysutils/mstflint-lite Firmware Burning and Diagnostics Tools for Mellanox devices (lite version)
MSTFLINT Package - Firmware Burning and Diagnostics Tools
This package contains a burning tool and diagnostic tools for Mellanox
manufactured HCA/NIC cards.

This package is the lite version (static compiled with essential tools only).

2020-08-03T06:13:13+00:00 misc/hxtools Collection of miscellaneous tools and scripts
This is the collection of tools and scripts for different tasks written
by Jan Engelhardt, each of which seems to be too small to warrant their
own project.

Some of these utilities need linprocfs(5) and linsysfs(5) to be mounted
under /compat/linux/{proc,sys} to operate.

2020-08-02T14:53:04+00:00 x11-fonts/libertinus Libertinus Open Fonts
The Libertinus fonts project began as a fork of the Linux Libertine and Linux
Biolinum fonts. The original impetus was to add an OpenType math companion to
the Libertine font family. Over time it grew into to a full-fledged fork
addressing many of the bugs in the Libertine fonts.

2020-08-02T01:47:49+00:00 graphics/wayland-utils Display information about protocols supported by Wayland compositor
wayland-info is a utility for displaying information about the Wayland
protocols supported by a Wayland compositor.

It can be used to check which Wayland protocols and versions are advertised
by the Wayland compositor.

wayland-info also provides additional information for a subset of Wayland
protocols it knows about, namely Linux DMABUF, presentation time, tablet and
XDG output protocols.

2020-07-31T17:06:21+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-qemu-riscv64
U-Boot loader for QEMU RISC-V 64-bit

To use this bootloader to boot a FreeBSD RISC-V image, install
emulators/qemu50 and sysutils/opensbi and execute it as:

qemu-system-riscv64 -machine virt -m 2048m -smp 2 -nographic \
-bios /usr/local/share/opensbi/lp64/generic/firmware/fw_jump.elf \
-kernel /usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-qemu-riscv64/u-boot.bin \
-drive file=/path/to/freebsd.img,format=raw,id=hd0 \
-device virtio-blk-device,drive=hd0

2020-07-31T00:40:43+00:00 www/varnish-ip2location Varnish Module (vmod) for ip2location
A Varnish module that enables the website or server admins to find the
country, region, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, time zone, ISP,
domain name, connection type, area code, weather, mobile network,
elevation, usage type by IP address. The module reads the geo location
information from IP2Location BIN data file.

2020-07-30T23:44:09+00:00 www/varnish-ip2proxy Varnish Module (vmod) for ip2proxy
A Varnish module that enables the user to find the country, region, city,
ISP and proxy information by IP address. The module reads the proxy
information from IP2Proxy BIN data file.

2020-07-30T20:05:27+00:00 lang/spidermonkey68 Standalone JavaScript based from Mozilla 68-esr
Spidermonkey is the JavaScript interpreter from the Mozilla project.

2020-07-30T19:55:18+00:00 math/py-pdal PDAL Python bindings
PDAL Python support allows you to process data with PDAL into Numpy arrays.
It supports embedding Python in PDAL pipelines with the readers.numpy and
filters.python stages, and it provides a PDAL extension module to control
Python interaction with PDAL.

Additionally, you can use it to fetch schema and metadata from PDAL operations.

2020-07-30T19:43:42+00:00 cad/py-ezdxf Create and modify DXF drawings
A Python package to create and modify DXF drawings, independent from the DXF
version. You can open/save every DXF file without losing any content (except
comments), Unknown tags in the DXF file will be ignored but preserved for
saving. With this behavior it is possible to open also DXF drawings that
contains data from 3rd party applications.

2020-07-30T19:18:12+00:00 textproc/py-googletrans Free Google Translate API that translates totally free of charge
Googletrans is a free and unlimited Python library that implemented the
Google Translate API. This uses the Google Translate Ajax API to make calls to
such methods as detect and translate.


* Fast and reliable - it uses the same servers that uses
* Auto language detection
* Bulk translations
* Customizable service URL
* HTTP/2 support

2020-07-30T19:18:12+00:00 security/py-gtts-token Calculates a token to run the Google Translate text to speech
Google Translate requires a tk param when making a request to its translate
API. This project provides an implementation for that algorithm in Python.

2020-07-30T19:18:12+00:00 audio/py-gtts Library/CLI tool to interface with Google Translate text-to-speech API
gTTS (Google Text-to-Speech), a Python library and CLI tool to interface with
Google Translate's text-to-speech API. Write spoken mp3 data to a file, a
file-like object (bytestring) for further audio manipulation, or stdout.

Or simply pre-generate Google Translate TTS request URLs to feed to an external

Customizable speech-specific sentence tokenizer that allows for unlimited
lengths of text to be read, all while keeping proper intonation, abbreviations,
decimals and more; Customizable text pre-processors which can, for example,
provide pronunciation corrections; Automatic retrieval of supported languages.

2020-07-30T09:48:35+00:00 www/rubygem-cgi Support for the Common Gateway Interface protocol
CGI is a large class, providing several categories of methods, many of which are
mixed in from other modules. Some of the documentation is in this class, some in
the modules CGI::QueryExtension and CGI::HtmlExtension. See CGI::Cookie for
specific information on handling cookies, and cgi/session.rb (CGI::Session) for
information on sessions.

For queries, CGI provides methods to get at environmental variables, parameters,
cookies, and multipart request data. For responses, CGI provides methods for
writing output and generating HTML.

2020-07-30T09:48:22+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-chef-vault Data encryption support for Chef Infra using data bags
Gem that allows you to encrypt a Chef Data Bag Item using the public keys of a
list of chef nodes. This allows only those chef nodes to decrypt the encrypted

2020-07-30T09:48:13+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-chef-utils Basic utility functions for Core Chef development
Chef Utils gem contains common code and mixins for the core Chef Infra Ruby
gems. This is intended to be a "core" or "foundations" library for the chef
ecosystem (and external related gems) which allows the use of core code and
utility functions of the chef gem without requiring all the heaviness of the
chef gem.

2020-07-30T09:48:04+00:00 net/rubygem-train-winrm Allow applictaions using Train to speak to Windows using Remote Management
This plugin allows applications that rely on Train to communicate with the WinRM
API. This plugin relies on the winrm and winrm-fs gems for implementation.

2020-07-30T09:47:55+00:00 net/rubygem-train-core Minimal Train with a backends for ssh and winrm
Train lets you talk to your local or remote operating systems and APIs with a
unified interface.

2020-07-30T09:47:46+00:00 net/rubygem-train Transport interface to talk to different backends
Train lets you talk to your local or remote operating systems and APIs with a
unified interface.

It allows you to:
- execute commands via run_command
- interact with files via file
- identify the target operating system via os
- authenticate to API-based services and treat them like a platform

Train supports:
- Local execution
- WinRM
- Docker
- Mock (for testing and debugging)
- AWS as an API
- Azure as an API
- VMware via PowerCLI
- Habitat

2020-07-30T09:47:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-zlib Ruby interface for the zlib compression/decompression library
This module provides access to the zlib library. Zlib is designed to be a
portable, free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered -- that is, not covered by
any patents -- lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any
computer hardware and operating system.

The library also supports reading and writing files in gzip (.gz) format with an
interface similar to that of IO. The gzip format is described in RFC 1952 which
is also a wrapper around a deflate stream.

2020-07-30T09:47:27+00:00 devel/rubygem-timeout Auto-terminate potentially long-running operations in Ruby
Timeout provides a way to auto-terminate a potentially long-running operation if
it hasn't finished in a fixed amount of time.

2020-07-30T09:47:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-singleton Implement the Singleton pattern
The Singleton module implements the Singleton pattern.

2020-07-30T09:47:10+00:00 devel/rubygem-fileutils Several file utility methods for copying, moving, removing, etc
Namespace for several file utility methods for copying, moving, removing, etc.

2020-07-30T09:47:02+00:00 devel/rubygem-ffi-libarchive Ruby FFI binding to libarchive
This library provides Ruby FFI bindings to the well-known libarchive library.

2020-07-30T09:46:53+00:00 devel/rubygem-etc Provide access to information typically stored in UNIX /etc directory
The Etc module provides access to information typically stored in files in the
/etc directory on Unix systems.

The information accessible consists of the information found in the /etc/passwd
and /etc/group files, plus information about he system's temporary directory
(/tmp) and configuration directory (/etc).

The Etc module provides a more reliable way to access information about the
logged in user than environment variables such as +$USER+.

2020-07-30T09:46:44+00:00 devel/rubygem-english Reference global variables with less cryptic names
Include the English library file in a Ruby script, and you can reference the
global variables such as $_ using less cryptic names.

2020-07-30T09:46:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-delegate Provide three abilities to delegate method calls to an object
This library provides three different ways to delegate method calls to an
object. The easiest to use is SimpleDelegator. Pass an object to the constructor
and all methods supported by the object will be delegated. This object can be
changed later.

Going a step further, the top level DelegateClass method allows you to easily
setup delegation through class inheritance. This is considerably more flexible
and thus probably the most common use for this library.

Finally, if you need full control over the delegation scheme, you can inherit
from the abstract class Delegator and customize as needed. (If you find yourself
needing this control, have a look at Forwardable which is also in the standard
library. It may suit your needs better.)

2020-07-30T09:46:26+00:00 devel/rubygem-date Subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates
Date is a subclass of Object that includes the Comparable module and easily
handles date.

2020-07-30T09:46:19+00:00 benchmarks/rubygem-benchmark Performance benchmarking library
The Benchmark module provides methods for benchmarking Ruby code, giving
detailed reports on the time taken for each task.

2020-07-30T09:46:11+00:00 security/py-cert-human SSL Certificates for Humans
I wanted to incorporate a method to get an SSL certificate from a server, show
the user the same kind of information as you'd see in a browser, prompt them for
validity, then write it to disk for use in all requests to a server.

I was unable to find any great / easy ways that incorporated all of these
concepts into one neat thing. So I made a thing.

Originally this was based off of yet another lovely over-engineered solution in
get-ca-py by Josh Peak.

2020-07-30T05:41:12+00:00 audio/bliss Multithreaded C library used to compute distance between songs
Bliss music library is a multithreaded C library used to compute distance
between songs. It is especially usable through MPD with Blissify. It is can be
useful for creating "intelligent" playlists and/or continuous play, a la
Spotify/Grooveshark Radio.

Bliss is really useful when used as a plug-in for audio players.

2020-07-30T05:06:00+00:00 devel/gitui Terminal UI for git
Blazing fast terminal client for git written in Rust.

* Fast and intuitive keyboard only control
* Context based help (no need to memorize tons of hot-keys)
* Inspect, commit, and amend changes (incl. hooks: commit-msg/post-commit)
* Stage, unstage, revert and reset files and hunks
* Stashing (save, apply, drop, and inspect)
* Browse commit log, diff committed changes
* Scalable terminal UI layout
* Async input polling
* Async git API for fluid control

2020-07-29T15:45:29+00:00 devel/simde Header-only library for SIMD intrinsics
The SIMDe header-only library provides fast, portable implementations of SIMD
intrinsics on hardware which doesn't natively support them, such as calling SSE
functions on ARM. There is no performance penalty if the hardware supports the
native implementation (e.g., SSE/AVX runs at full speed on x86, NEON on ARM,

2020-07-29T12:39:22+00:00 www/nextcloud-appointments Appointments app for Nextcloud
The Appointments app lets you book appointments into your calendar via
secure online form. Attendees can confirm or cancel their appointments via
an email link.

2020-07-29T12:36:59+00:00 www/nextcloud-forms Forms app for Nextcloud
The Nextcloud Forms app is a self-hosted surveys and questionaires app.

* Simple design: No mass of options, only the essentials. Works well on mobile
of course.
* View & export results: Results are visualized and can also be exported as CSV
in the same format used by Google Forms.
* Data under your control: The survey info and responses are kept private on
your instance.

2020-07-29T05:17:07+00:00 sysutils/quickjail Utility to quickly create transient single-command jails
Quickjail is a utility to create transient single-command jails.

This utility operates much like jail(8) -c, but the jails it creates are not
persistent, unlike with jail(8). This makes quickjail more convenient for
cases where the command may need termination, which may prevent jail(8) from
cleaning up the jail.

2020-07-28T22:22:00+00:00 www/py-django-bootstrap-pagination Bootstrap pagination for django
Render Django Page objects as Bootstrap 3.x/4.x Pagination compatible HTML

This application serves to make using Twitter's Bootstrap Pagination styles
work seamlessly with Django Page objects. By passing in a Page object and one
or more optional arguments, Bootstrap pagination bars and pagers can be
rendered with very little effort.

2020-07-28T20:21:04+00:00 devel/llvm11 LLVM and Clang
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang (a C/C++/Objective-C compiler), LLD (a linker),
LLDB (a debugger), an OpenMP runtime library, and the LLVM infrastructure
these are built on.

2020-07-27T01:58:33+00:00 editors/nvi2 Updated implementation of the ex/vi text editor
nvi is an implementation of the ex/vi text editor.

The original vi was written by William Joy. Later Mark Horton added
a number of enhancements.

nvi was written by Keith Bostic and was distributed as part of the
Fourth Berkeley Software Distribution (4BSD) by the University of
California, Berkeley.

This version is based on a fork of nvi by Sven Verdoolaege.

2020-07-27T01:30:39+00:00 editors/nvi2-port Updated implementation of the ex/vi text editor
nvi is an implementation of the ex/vi text editor.

The original vi was written by William Joy. Later Mark Horton added
a number of enhancements.

nvi was written by Keith Bostic and was distributed as part of the
Fourth Berkeley Software Distribution (4BSD) by the University of
California, Berkeley.

This version is based on a fork of nvi by Sven Verdoolaege.

2020-07-26T09:04:41+00:00 games/black-hole-solver Black Hole Solitaire Solver
This is a solver, written in C, to solve Golf solitaire, the Solitaire variant
called "Black Hole" and the one called "All in a Row". It provides a portable C
library, and a command line application that after being fed with a layout will
emit the cards to move.

2020-07-26T09:03:11+00:00 devel/rinutils C11 / gnu11 utilities C library
This is a set of C headers containing macros and static functions that are
expected to work on Unix-like systems and MS Windows that have been extracted
from Shlomi Fish's projects.

They are quite random and task specific and may not work for you.

2020-07-26T07:55:23+00:00 net/haproxy20 Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high
availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based
applications. It is particularly suited for web sites crawling under
very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.

2020-07-25T01:07:38+00:00 sysutils/openshift-install-devel RedHat OpenShift installer
Install a Red Hat Openshift 4.x cluster

2020-07-25T01:06:56+00:00 sysutils/openshift-install46 RedHat OpenShift 4.6 installer
Install a Red Hat Openshift 4.x cluster

2020-07-25T01:05:50+00:00 sysutils/openshift-install45 RedHat OpenShift 4.5 installer
Install a Red Hat Openshift 4.x cluster

2020-07-24T11:22:31+00:00 www/rt50 Industrial-grade ticketing system written in Perl
RT is a battle-tested issue tracking system which thousands of
organizations use for bug tracking, help desk ticketing, customer
service, workflow processes, change management, network operations,
youth counselling and even more. Organizations around the world have
been running smoothly thanks to RT for over 10 years.

2020-07-24T10:08:15+00:00 www/p5-HTTP-Headers-ActionPack HTTP Action, Adventure and Excitement
This is a module to handle the inflation and deflation of complex HTTP header
types. In many cases header values are simple strings, but in some cases
they are complex values with a lot of information encoded in them. The goal
of this module is to make the parsing and analysis of these headers as easy as
calling inflate on a compatible object.

2020-07-24T10:06:55+00:00 www/p5-Web-Machine Perl port of Webmachine
Web::Machine provides a RESTful web framework modeled as a state machine.
You define one or more resource classes. Each resource represents a single
RESTful URI end point, such as a user, an email, etc. The resource class can
also be the target for POST requests to create a new user, email, etc.

Each resource is a state machine, and each request for a resource is handled by
running the request through that state machine.

Web::Machine is built on top of Plack, but it handles the full request and
response cycle.

2020-07-24T10:05:02+00:00 www/p5-HTML-Gumbo HTML5 parser based on gumbo C library
Gumbo is an implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm implemented as a pure
C99 library with no outside dependencies.

Goals and features of the C library:
- Fully conformant with the HTML5 spec.
- Robust and resilient to bad input.
- Simple API that can be easily wrapped by other languages.
(This is one of such wrappers.)
- Support for source locations and pointers back to the original text.
(Not exposed by this implementation at the moment.)
- Relatively lightweight, with no outside dependencies.
- Passes all html5lib-0.95 tests.
- Tested on over 2.5 billion pages from Google's index.

2020-07-24T10:03:40+00:00 devel/p5-Alien-LibGumbo Gumbo parser library
This distribution installs libgumbo:
on your system for use by perl modules like HTML::Gumbo.

2020-07-24T07:08:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-stringio Pseudo IO class from/to String
StringIO is the pseudo IO class from/to String. This library is based on
MoonWolf version written in Ruby.

2020-07-24T07:08:23+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-ivs Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS).

2020-07-24T07:08:17+00:00 devel/rubygem-amazing_print Great Ruby debugging companion
AmazingPrint is a fork of AwesomePrint which became stale and should be used in
its place to avoid conflicts. It is a Ruby library that pretty prints Ruby
objects in full color exposing their internal structure with proper indentation.
Rails ActiveRecord objects and usage within Rails templates are supported via
included mixins.

2020-07-24T07:08:11+00:00 biology/rubygem-bio-shell Command-line interface on BioRuby
bio-shell, providing BioRuby Shell, is a command-line interface for BioRuby, an
open source bioinformatics library for Ruby.

This code has historically been part of the BioRuby gem, but has been split into
its own gem as part of an effort to modularize BioRuby. bio-shell and many more
plugins are available at

2020-07-24T07:08:05+00:00 biology/rubygem-bio-old-biofetch-emulator Emulate Bio::Fetch object
bio-old-biofetch-emulator emulates Bio::Fetch object in BioRuby as if
discontinued BioRuby BioFetch server were still alive. It overrides methods and
objects in Bio::Fetch, and if the old BioRuby BioFetch server's URL is given, it
intercepts all requests and converts them into existing web services such as
TogoWS, KEGG REST API, NCBI E-Utilities, and GenomeNet(

2020-07-24T07:08:00+00:00 biology/rubygem-bio-executables Collection of miscellaneous utilities for bioinformatics
bio-executables is a collection of miscellaneous utilities for bioinformatics
that were formerly part of the BioRuby core ("bio" gem). Because of reducing
complexity, they were moved to this gem.

This code has historically been part of the BioRuby gem, but has been split into
its own gem as part of an effort to modularize BioRuby. bio-executables and many
more plugins are available at

2020-07-24T07:07:54+00:00 devel/py-google-crc32c Wrapper of the C library Google CRC32C
google-crc32c wraps the google/crc32c hardware-based implementation of the
CRC32C hashing algorithm. Multiple wheels are distributed as well as source. If
a wheel is not published for the python version and platform you are using, you
will need to compile crc32c using a C toolchain.

2020-07-24T07:07:48+00:00 databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Classic Generate SQL from Perl data structures
SQL::Abstract::Classic was inspired by the excellent DBIx::Abstract. However, in
using that module I found that what I really wanted to do was generate SQL, but
still retain complete control over my statement handles and use the DBI
interface. So, I set out to create an abstract SQL generation module.

While based on the concepts used by DBIx::Abstract, there are several important
differences, especially when it comes to WHERE clauses. I have modified the
concepts used to make the SQL easier to generate from Perl data structures and,
IMO, more intuitive. The underlying idea is for this module to do what you mean,
based on the data structures you provide it. The big advantage is that you don't
have to modify your code every time your data changes, as this module figures it

2020-07-24T03:47:34+00:00 devel/py-mac-vendor-lookup Find the vendor for a given MAC address
This library provides an easy way to get vendor information from a MAC address.
It contains a local copy of the IEEE's OUI prefix list. It has an asynchronous
interface using Python 3's asyncio as well as a regular synchronous interface
for old-school usage.

2020-07-23T20:24:04+00:00 net/frr7-pythontools Provide configuration reload functionality for FRR
2020-07-23T18:19:30+00:00 math/py-numpoly Create/manipulate/evaluate polynomial arrays based on numpy.ndarray
Numpoly is a generic library for creating, manipulating and evaluating arrays
of polynomials based on numpy.ndarray objects.

2020-07-23T02:47:58+00:00 audio/opustags View and edit Ogg Opus comments
opustags is designed to be fast and as conservative as possible, to the point
that if you edit tags then edit them again to their previous values, you should
get a bit-perfect copy of the original file. No under-the-cover operation like
writing "edited with opustags" or timestamp tagging will ever be performed.

2020-07-22T20:56:43+00:00 editors/cpeditor Lightweight and cross-platform code editor for competitive programming
CP Editor is a Qt-based, lightweight and cross-platform code editor specially
designed for competitive programming.
It makes your competitive coding life easier grin by automating many things
for you.

2020-07-22T19:07:53+00:00 x11-toolkits/color-widgets-qt5 Qt (C++) widgets to manage color inputs
Qt-Color-Widgets is a color dialog that is more user-friendly than the default
QColorDialog and several other color-related widgets.

The provided widgets are:
* ColorWheel, An analog widget used to select a color
* ColorPreview, A simple widget that displays a color
* GradientSlider, A slider that has a gradient background
* HueSlider, A variant of GradientSlider that has a rainbow background
* ColorSelector, A ColorPreview that shows a ColorDialog when clicked
* ColorDialog, A dialog that uses the above widgets to provide a better user
experience than QColorDialog
* ColorListWidget, A widget to edit a list of colors
* Swatch, A widget to display a color palette
* ColorPaletteWidget, A widget to use and manage a list of palettes
* Color2DSlider, An analog widget used to select 2 color components
* ColorLineEdit, A widget to manipulate a string representing a color
* HarmonyColorWheel, A ColorWheel which allows defining multiple colors,
separated by hue
* GradientListModel, A QAbstractListModel used to list gradients (useful for
comboboxes, list views and the like)

2020-07-22T12:45:26+00:00 textproc/rubygem-kramdown22 Yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby
kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby, using a strict
syntax definition and supporting several common extensions.

2020-07-22T12:45:26+00:00 devel/rubygem-multi_json114 Ruby library provide swappable JSON backends
MultiJSON is a generic swappable back-end for JSON handling.

Lots of Ruby libraries parse JSON and everyone has their favorite JSON coder.
Instead of choosing a single JSON coder and forcing users of your library to be
stuck with it, you can use MultiJSON instead, which will simply choose the
fastest available JSON coder.

2020-07-22T03:53:51+00:00 textproc/R-cran-commonmark High Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R
The CommonMark specification defines a rationalized version of
markdown syntax. This package uses the 'cmark' reference implementation
for converting markdown text into various formats including html,
latex and groff man. In addition it exposes the markdown parse tree
in xml format. Also includes opt-in support for GFM extensions
including tables, autolinks, and strikethrough text.

2020-07-21T17:33:03+00:00 net/py-siosocks Sans-io socks proxy client/server library/framework
Sans-io socks 4/5 client/server library/framework.


* Only tcp connect (no bind, no udp)
* Both client and server
* Socks versions: 4, 4a, 5
* Socks5 auth: no auth, username/password
* Couple io backends: asyncio, trio, socketserver
* One-shot socks server (python -m siosocks)

2020-07-21T17:28:24+00:00 devel/py-pytest-trio Pytest plugin for trio
This is a pytest plugin to help you test projects that use Trio, a
friendly library for concurrency and async I/O in Python.

2020-07-21T17:15:38+00:00 net/kf5-kdav DAV protocol implementation with KJobs
2020-07-21T17:15:07+00:00 devel/py-trio Friendly Python library for async concurrency and I/O
The Trio project’s goal is to produce a production-quality,
permissively licensed, async/await-native I/O library for Python.
Like all async libraries, its main purpose is to help you write
programs that do multiple things at the same time with parallelized
I/O. A web spider that wants to fetch lots of pages in parallel, a
web server that needs to juggle lots of downloads and websocket
connections at the same time, a process supervisor monitoring
multiple subprocesses… that sort of thing. Compared to other
libraries, Trio attempts to distinguish itself with an obsessive
focus on usability and correctness. Concurrency is complicated; we
try to make it easy to get things right.

2020-07-21T14:36:15+00:00 archivers/tar-stream-chunker Splits stdin of unknown size onto chunks packed as a TAR to stdout
Splits stdin of unknown size onto chunks of given size and collects such chunk
files as a TAR archive what is written to stdout.

Initial motivation was to use it as a packer of a data stream what pipes it to for backup purposes, with a requirement of low and more
predictable memory consumption. And the problem solved here is that TAR file
header should specify size of a file, but it's unknown due to the nature of
input data stream.

The following real case could be an example:
$ pg_dump ... | tar_stream_chunker ... | tarsnap -c ... @-

2020-07-21T05:42:29+00:00 misc/ruut Print arbitrary trees on the command line
ruut prints trees on the terminal based on their description.

2020-07-21T02:30:30+00:00 devel/py-pytest-freezegun Wrap tests with fixtures in freeze_time
Wrap tests with fixtures in freeze_time

2020-07-21T02:29:45+00:00 devel/py-pytest-randomly Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed
Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed. (Also available
for nose).

2020-07-21T02:29:12+00:00 devel/py-pytest-env Py.test plugin that allows you to add environment variables
py.test plugin that allows you to add environment variables.

2020-07-21T01:54:42+00:00 devel/py-coverage_enable_subprocess Enable python coverage for subprocesses
This package installs a pth file that enables the coveragepy process_startup
feature in this python prefix/virtualenv in subsequent runs.

2020-07-21T01:31:15+00:00 devel/py-proselint Linter for prose
Writing is notoriously hard, even for the best writers, and it's not for lack of
good advice - a tremendous amount of knowledge about the craft is strewn across
usage guides, dictionaries, technical manuals, essays, pamphlets, websites, and
the hearts and minds of great authors and editors.

2020-07-21T01:30:53+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx-argparse Sphinx extension that automatically documents argparse
A sphinx extension that automatically documents argparse commands and options.

For installation and usage details, see the documentation.

2020-07-21T01:23:18+00:00 math/or-tools Google's Operations Research tools
Google Optimization Tools (a.k.a., OR-Tools) is an open-source, fast and
portable software suite for solving combinatorial optimization problems.

The suite contains:
* A constraint programming solver
* A linear programming solver
* Wrappers around commercial and other open source solvers, including mixed
integer solvers
* Bin packing and knapsack algorithms
* Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem and Vehicle Routing Problem
* Graph algorithms (shortest paths, min cost flow, max flow, linear sum

2020-07-20T12:40:40+00:00 devel/zydis Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library
Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library.

2020-07-20T07:41:11+00:00 astro/py-astropy-helpers Utilities for building and installing packages in Astropy ecosystem
The astropy-helpers package includes many build, installation, and
documentation-related tools used by the Astropy project, but packaged
separately for use by other projects that wish to leverage this work.
The motivation behind this package and details of its implementation
are in the accepted Astropy Proposal for Enhancement (APE) 4.

2020-07-18T22:48:23+00:00 emulators/qemu50 QEMU CPU Emulator - 5.0.X branch
QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator using dynamic translation to achieve
good emulation speed.
QEMU has two operating modes:

* Full system emulation. In this mode, QEMU emulates a full system
(for example a PC), including a processor and various peripherials.
It can be used to launch different Operating Systems without rebooting
the PC or to debug system code.
* User mode emulation (Linux host only). In this mode, QEMU can launch
Linux processes compiled for one CPU on another CPU. It can be used to
launch the Wine Windows API emulator or to ease cross-compilation and

As QEMU requires no host kernel patches to run, it is very safe and easy to use.

See also the preconfigured system images on
Many live cd isos also work.

2020-07-18T09:35:16+00:00 graphics/wdune Graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool
wdune is a graphical VRML97/X3D editor, simple NURBS/Superformula 3D
modeller, animation tool and VRML97/X3DV commandline compiler.

It is a low level tool, it can read VRML97 files, display them and let
the user change the scenegraph/fields. Unlike most highlevel tools, it uses
a lightning model based on the VRML97 standard.

2020-07-18T07:32:22+00:00 graphics/qtqr GUI that makes easy creating and decoding the QR Codes
QtQR is a Qt based software that let's you generate QR Codes easily, scan an
image file for QR Codes and decode them or use your webcam to scan a printed

2020-07-18T07:31:28+00:00 graphics/py-zbar-py Interface to the zbar bar-code reading library
zbar-py is a module that provides an interface to the zbar bar-code reading
library, which can read most barcode formats as well as QR codes. Input images
must be 2D numpy arrays of type uint8 (i.e. 2D greyscale images).

2020-07-18T03:20:36+00:00 x11-wm/phoc Phone compositor
Phoc aims to be a Wayland compositor targeted at mobile phones but
also works for desktops and tablets.

2020-07-18T01:22:20+00:00 net-im/purple-plugin-pack Collection of libpurple plugins
The Purple Plugin Pack was originally created by Gary Kramlich and Stu
Tomlinson as a way to distribute their ever growing lists of simple Pidgin
plugins. It has since grown from its origins of about 6 plugins to over 50.

2020-07-18T01:20:24+00:00 net/wlvncc Wayland Native VNC Client
This is a work-in-progress implementation of a Wayland native VNC
client. Expect bugs and missing features.

2020-07-17T04:36:30+00:00 sysutils/tmate-ssh-server Instant terminal sharing server
Instant terminal sharing - server

2020-07-16T23:31:42+00:00 x11/nwg-launchers GTK-based launchers: application grid, button bar, dmenu for sway and other window managers
nwg-launchers is C++ rewrite of sgtk-menu, an application launcher
primarily developed for Sway but also works on other window managers.

2020-07-16T17:34:19+00:00 sysutils/p5-File-Cmp Perl module to compare two files character by character
This module provides Perl function that checks whether the contents
of two files are identical, in the spirit of the Unix cmp(1) utility.

2020-07-16T17:34:19+00:00 sysutils/p5-File-BackupCopy Create a backup copy of the file with Perl
The File::BackupCopy module provides functions for creating backup copies of
files. Two backup schemes are supported: simple and numbered backups. In
simple (or single) backup scheme, only one backup copy is maintained for the
given file. Its name is created by appending a single tilde character to the
original file name. In numbered backup scheme, arbitrary number of backup
copies can be created. The name of each backup copy is created by suffixing
the original file name with '.~N~', where N is a decimal number starting with
1. Additionally, the automatic backup name scheme is implemented. In this
naming scheme, numbered backups are created if at least one numbered backup
copy already exists and simple backups are created otherwise.

2020-07-16T16:49:32+00:00 devel/aml Another Main Loop
Andri's Main Loop

* Portability
* Utility
* Simplicity

* MS Windows (TM) support
* Solving the C10K problem

* File descriptor event handlers
* Timers
* Tickers
* Signal handlers
* Idle dispatch callbacks
* Thread pool
* Interoperability with other event loops

2020-07-16T14:04:41+00:00 net/py-trio Library for async concurrency and I/O
A permissively licensed, async/await-native I/O library for Python. Its main
purpose is to help you write programs that do multiple things at the same time
with parallelized I/O. A web spider that wants to fetch lots of pages in
parallel, a web server that needs to juggle lots of downloads and websocket
connections at the same time, a process supervisor monitoring multiple
subprocesses. Compared to other libraries, Trio attempts to distinguish itself
with an obsessive focus on usability and correctness. Concurrency is
complicated; trio tries to make it easy to get things right.

Trio was built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest Python
features, and draws inspiration from many sources, in particular Dave Beazley's
Curio. The resulting design is radically simpler than older competitors like
asyncio and Twisted, yet just as capable.

2020-07-16T06:09:16+00:00 net/realtek-re-kmod Kernel driver for Realtek PCIe Ethernet Controllers
Realtek PCIe FE / GBE / 2.5G / Gaming Ethernet Family Controller
kernel driver.

This is the official driver from Realtek and can be loaded instead of
the FreeBSD driver built into the GENERIC kernel if you experience
issues with it (eg. watchdog timeouts), or your card is not supported.

Supported devices:

* 2.5G Gigabit Ethernet
- RTL8125 / RTL8125B(S)

* 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
- RTL8111B / RTL8111C / RTL8111D / RTL8111E / RTL8111F / RTL8111G(S)
RTL8111H(S) / RTL8118(A)(S) / RTL8119i / RTL8111L / RTL8111K
- RTL8168B / RTL8168E / RTL8168H
- RTL8111DP / RTL8111EP / RTL8111FP
- RTL8411 / RTL8411B

* 10/100M Fast Ethernet
- RTL8101E / RTL8102E / RTL8103E / RTL8105E / RTL8106E / RTL8107E
- RTL8401 / RTL8402

2020-07-15T19:52:34+00:00 www/samdruckerserver Installs the server side of SamDrucker
SamDrucker is a collection of small components which create a centralized list
of all packages on all hosts.

This port installs the server component of SamDrucker.

At present, only PHP and Apache are implemented.

2020-07-15T13:08:48+00:00 devel/py-outcome Capture the outcome of Python function calls
Capture the outcome of Python function calls. Extracted from the
Trio project.

2020-07-14T17:09:02+00:00 devel/py-jailconf Parse and edit your FreeBSD jail.conf with python
Parse and edit your FreeBSD jail.conf with python.

2020-07-14T13:11:38+00:00 misc/far2l Port of FAR v2 to Unix-like systems
Linux port of the FAR Manager v2 (; also work on macOS
and *BSD systems. ALPHA VERSION. Currently interesting only for enthusiasts!

Plugins that currently work: NetRocks (SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/SMB/NFS/WebDAV),
colorer, multiarc, tmppanel, align, autowrap, drawline, editcase, SimpleIndent,
Python (optional scripting support).

2020-07-14T08:28:19+00:00 devel/p5-autobox-Transform Autobox methods to transform Arrays and Hashes
This module, autobox::Transform, provides higher level and more specific
methods to transform and manipulate arrays and hashes, in particular when
the values are hashrefs or objects.

2020-07-14T02:32:03+00:00 sysutils/py-focker FreeBSD image orchestration tool in the vein of Docker
Focker is a FreeBSD image orchestration tool in the vein of Docker.

It provides powerful containerization primitives (images, volumes and
containers) first introduced by the Docker platform without taking up
the significantly more challenging task of achieving Docker


* Image creation
* Jail creation
* Storage volumes
* Container composition

2020-07-14T02:26:34+00:00 sysutils/py-jailconf Parse and edit your FreeBSD jail.conf file
Parse and edit your FreeBSD jail.conf file with Python.

2020-07-13T18:32:50+00:00 net-mgmt/unifi-poller Collect unifi controller data
Unifi-poller collects your UniFi controller data and reports it to
an InfluxDB instance, or export it for Prometheus collection.

2020-07-11T20:45:27+00:00 textproc/py-hieroglyph Sphinx extension which builds HTML presentations
Hieroglyph is an extension for Sphinx which builds HTML presentations from
ReStructuredText documents.

2020-07-11T20:29:29+00:00 devel/pycharm-pro JetBrains PyCharm Professional Edition IDE
PyCharm Professional is an advanced IDE developed by JetBrains and focused on
developer productivity. PyCharm provides smart code completion, code
inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick-fixes, along with
automated code refactorings and rich navigation capabilities.

In addition to the features provided by the Community Edition, PyCharm
Professional has scientific, database & SQL tools, support for web development,
Python web development frameworks, the Python profiler and remote development.

2020-07-11T20:17:08+00:00 databases/mariadb105-server Multithreaded SQL database (server)
MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality
for MySQL. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with
assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software
developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers
a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines,
server optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company
founded by Michael "Monty" Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but
this is not the whole story about MariaDB. On the "About MariaDB" page you
will find more information about all participants in the MariaDB community,
including storage engines XtraDB and PBXT.

2020-07-11T20:17:08+00:00 databases/mariadb105-client Multithreaded SQL database (client)
2020-07-11T18:08:50+00:00 devel/py-pint Physical quantities module
Pint is a Python package to define, operate and manipulate physical
quantities: the product of a numerical value and a unit of measurement. It
allows arithmetic operations between them and conversions from and to
different units.

It is distributed with a comprehensive list of physical units, prefixes and
constants. Due to its modular design, you can extend (or even rewrite!) the
complete list without changing the source code. It supports a lot of numpy
mathematical operations without monkey patching or wrapping numpy.

2020-07-11T16:53:32+00:00 databases/ateam_mysql57_ldap_auth A-Team MySQL LDAP authentication plugin
A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator (ateam_mysql_ldap_auth) is an authentication
plugin for MySQL 5.5.7 and up, and has been tested with 5.6 under FreeBSD.
This module allows you to create MySQL users that are then authenticated
against an LDAP server. This reduces administrative overhead and eliminates
your users having to remember a seperate username and password for MySQL.
Just like MySQL Enterprise's PAM module, for client side authentication
this plugin uses the clear_text password module as the LDAP server must
perform the password hashing and comparison. For command line clients this
is done by setting the following environment variable:


In MySQL Workbench this is acheived by going to go to the "Advanced" tab and
checking "Enable Cleartext Authentication Plugin" when editing a connction.

!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
!!! By default MySQL does not use SSL so additional steps and network design
!!! are needed to ensure you're not exposing your credetials.
2020-07-11T13:02:35+00:00 graphics/wayland-info Display information about protocols supported by Wayland compositor
wayland-info is a utility for displaying information about the Wayland
protocols supported by a Wayland compositor.

It can be used to check which Wayland protocols and versions are advertised
by the Wayland compositor.

wayland-info also provides additional information for a subset of Wayland
protocols it knows about, namely Linux DMABUF, presentation time, tablet and
XDG output protocols.

2020-07-11T11:40:15+00:00 math/R-cran-conquer Convolution-Type Smoothed Quantile Regression
Fast and accurate convolution-type smoothed quantile regression.
Implemented using Barzilai-Borwein gradient descent with a Huber
regression warm start. Construct confidence intervals for regression
coefficients using multiplier bootstrap.

2020-07-11T10:27:23+00:00 math/R-cran-matrixStats Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices
High-performing functions operating on rows and columns of matrices,
e.g. col / rowMedians(), col / rowRanks(), and col / rowSds().
Functions optimized per data type and for subsetted calculations
such that both memory usage and processing time is minimized. There
are also optimized vector-based methods, e.g. binMeans(), madDiff()
and weightedMedian().

2020-07-11T07:44:31+00:00 databases/py-litecli CLI for SQLite Databases with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
LiteCLI is a command-line client for SQLite databases that has auto-completion
and syntax highlighting.

2020-07-10T16:13:06+00:00 emulators/qemu41 QEMU CPU Emulator - 4.1.X branch
QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator using dynamic translation to achieve
good emulation speed.
QEMU has two operating modes:

* Full system emulation. In this mode, QEMU emulates a full system
(for example a PC), including a processor and various peripherials.
It can be used to launch different Operating Systems without rebooting
the PC or to debug system code.
* User mode emulation (Linux host only). In this mode, QEMU can launch
Linux processes compiled for one CPU on another CPU. It can be used to
launch the Wine Windows API emulator or to ease cross-compilation and

As QEMU requires no host kernel patches to run, it is very safe and easy to use.

See also the preconfigured system images on
Many live cd isos also work.

2020-07-10T06:02:35+00:00 graphics/f3d Fast and minimalist 3D viewer
F3D is a VTK-based 3D viewer following the KISS principle, so it is minimalist,
efficient, has no GUI, has simple interaction mechanisms and is fully
controllable using arguments in the command line.

It supports a range of file formats, rendering and texturing options.

2020-07-09T18:12:06+00:00 devel/py-absl-py Abseil Python Common Libraries
Abseil Python Common Libraries is a collection of Python library code for
building Python applications. The code is collected from Google's own Python
code base, and has been extensively tested and used in production.

- Simple application startup
- Distributed commandline flags system
- Custom logging module with additional features
- Testing utilities

2020-07-09T18:08:11+00:00 math/py-flax Neural network library for JAX designed for flexibility
Flax is a high-performance neural network library for JAX that is designed for
flexibility: Try new forms of training by forking an example and by modifying
the training loop, not by adding features to a framework.

2020-07-09T18:08:06+00:00 math/py-jax Differentiate, compile, and transform Numpy code
JAX is Autograd and XLA, brought together for high-performance machine learning

With its updated version of Autograd, JAX can automatically differentiate native
Python and NumPy functions. It can differentiate through loops, branches,
recursion, and closures, and it can take derivatives of derivatives of
derivatives. It supports reverse-mode differentiation (a.k.a. backpropagation)
via grad as well as forward-mode differentiation, and the two can be composed
arbitrarily to any order.

What's new is that JAX uses XLA to compile and run your NumPy programs on GPUs
and TPUs. Compilation happens under the hood by default, with library calls
getting just-in-time compiled and executed. But JAX also lets you just-in-time
compile your own Python functions into XLA-optimized kernels using a
one-function API, jit. Compilation and automatic differentiation can be composed
arbitrarily, so you can express sophisticated algorithms and get maximal
performance without leaving Python. You can even program multiple GPUs or TPU
cores at once using pmap, and differentiate through the whole thing.

Dig a little deeper, and you'll see that JAX is really an extensible system for
composable function transformations. Both grad and jit are instances of such
transformations. Others are vmap for automatic vectorization and pmap for
single-program multiple-data (SPMD) parallel programming of multiple
accelerators, with more to come.

2020-07-09T18:08:00+00:00 math/py-opt-einsum Optimizing numpys einsum function
Optimized einsum can significantly reduce the overall execution time of
einsum-like expressions (e.g., np.einsum, dask.array.einsum, pytorch.einsum,
tensorflow.einsum, ) by optimizing the expression's contraction order and
dispatching many operations to canonical BLAS, cuBLAS, or other specialized
routines. Optimized einsum is agnostic to the backend and can handle NumPy,
Dask, PyTorch, Tensorflow, CuPy, Sparse, Theano, JAX, and Autograd arrays as
well as potentially any library which conforms to a standard API.

2020-07-09T15:23:02+00:00 textproc/p5-Template-Plugin-Data-Printer Template Toolkit dumper plugin using Data::Printer
This is a dumper plugin for Template::Toolkit which uses Data::Printer
instead of Data::Dumper.

Data::Printer is a colorised pretty-printer with nicely human-readable
object output.

2020-07-09T12:52:27+00:00 textproc/p5-HTML-FromANSI-Tiny Easily convert colored command line output to HTML
Convert the output from a terminal command that is decorated with ANSI
escape sequences into customizable HTML (with a small amount of code).

Parse::ANSIColor::Tiny returns a data structure that's easy to reformat
into any desired output. Reformatting to HTML seemed simple and common
enough to warrant this module as well.

2020-07-09T11:36:36+00:00 textproc/p5-Parse-ANSIColor-Tiny Determine attributes of ANSI-colored string
Parse a string colored with ANSI escape sequences into a structure suitable
for reformatting (into HTML, for example).

The output of terminal commands can be marked up with colors and formatting
that in some instances you'd like to preserve.

2020-07-08T18:54:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-jira-ruby20 API for JIRA
This gem provides access to the Atlassian JIRA REST API.

2020-07-08T18:54:15+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-create-meta Produce the meta message for Cucumber Ruby
Utility function for creating system-specific meta messages.

2020-07-08T09:54:52+00:00 shells/ohmyzsh Community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration
Oh My Zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your zsh

Sounds boring. Let's try again.

Oh My Zsh will not make you a 10x developer...but you may feel like one.

Once installed, your terminal shell will become the talk of the town or your
money back! With each keystroke in your command prompt, you'll take advantage of
the hundreds of powerful plugins and beautiful themes. Strangers will come up to
you in cafes and ask yo, "that is amazing! are you some sort of genis?"

Finally, you'll begin to get the sort of attention that you have always felt you
deserved. ...or maybe you'll use the time that you're saving to start flossing
more often.

2020-07-07T23:49:16+00:00 games/abstreet Game exploring how changes to city affect drivers/cyclists/pedestrians
A/B Street is a game exploring how small changes to a city affect the movement
of drivers, cyclists, transit users, and pedestrians.

2020-07-07T19:11:41+00:00 sysutils/bsdfan Utility to manage fans on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops
This is a simple utility to manage Lenovo ThinkPad fans on FreeBSD.
It automatically regulates the fan speed by the sensor temperature
and user configuration.

2020-07-06T19:03:52+00:00 devel/libffi321 Foreign Function Interface (stripped down compat version)
The libffi library provides a portable, high level programming
interface to various calling conventions. This allows a programmer to
call any function specified by a call interface description at run

This version has the old shared library version from libffi 3.2.1.
It is stripped down and only brings in the shared library. It is
not meant to build against.

2020-07-06T11:34:07+00:00 textproc/p5-String-Pad String padding routines for Perl
This Perl module provides string padding routines.

2020-07-05T16:44:42+00:00 audio/exhale xHE-AAC (Extended HE-AAC) encoder
exhale is a lightweight library and application to encode uncompressed
WAVE-format audio files into ISO/IEC 23003-3 (MPEG-D) Unified Speech and Audio
Coding (xHE-AAC/Extended HE-AAC/USAC) format.

2020-07-05T07:58:22+00:00 devel/p5-Sort-Sub Collection of Perl sort subroutines
Sort::Sub and "Sort::Sub::*" are a convenient packaging of any kind of
subroutine which you can use for "sort()".

2020-07-05T07:56:55+00:00 devel/p5-Package-Util-Lite Package-related utilities for Perl
This Perl module provides package-related utilities.

2020-07-05T06:54:12+00:00 devel/p5-Complete-Sequence Complete string from a sequence of choices
This module provides routine to complete string from a sequence of choices,
that is, where its parts (sequence items) are formed from various pieces.

2020-07-05T06:54:12+00:00 devel/p5-Complete-Path Perl routine for completing anything path-like
Complete path, for anything path-like. Meant to be used as backend for
other completing functions provided by Complete::* modules. Provides
features like case-insensitive matching, expanding intermediate paths,
and case mapping.

Algorithm is to split path into path elements, then list items (using
the supplied list_func) and perform filtering (using the supplied
filter_func) at every level.

2020-07-05T06:31:01+00:00 graphics/katarakt Simple PDF viewer uses as much available screen space as possible
katarakt is a simple PDF viewer. It is designed to use as much available screen
space as possible.

2020-07-05T06:27:26+00:00 devel/pecl-APCu_bc APCu Backwards Compatibility Module
APCu Backwards Compatibility Module.
It provides a backwards APC compatible API
using APCu for PHP 7.x.

2020-07-05T06:25:22+00:00 x11-toolkits/py-guietta Simple GUI for Python
Guietta is a tool that makes simple GUIs simple

2020-07-05T06:20:41+00:00 devel/p5-Complete-Util General completion Perl routines
This package provides some generic completion routines that follow the
Complete convention. The main routine is complete_array_elem which
tries to complete a word using choices from elements of supplied array.

The routine will first try a simple substring prefix matching; if that
fails, will try some other methods like word-mode, character-mode, or
fuzzy matching.

2020-07-05T06:20:41+00:00 devel/p5-Complete-Sah Sah-related completion Perl routines
This module provides Sah-related completion routines for Perl.

2020-07-05T06:20:41+00:00 devel/p5-Complete-Common Common stuff for completion Perl routines
This module defines some common arguments and settings. Other Complete::*
modules should use the default from these settings, to make it convenient
for users to change some behaviors globally.

The defaults are optimized for convenience and laziness for user typing
and might change from release to release.

2020-07-03T19:46:02+00:00 devel/lua-cqueues Constant queues lib
cqueues is a type of event loop for Lua, except it's not a classic
event loop. It doesn't use callbacks, neither as part of the API nor
internally, but instead you communicate with an event controller by
the yielding and resumption of Lua coroutines using objects that
adhere to a simple interface.

2020-07-03T19:17:39+00:00 print/pdfchain Graphical user interface for the PDF Toolkit (PDFtk)
This is a port of pdfchain, a graphical user interface for the PDF Toolkit
(PDFtk). The GUI supports all common features of the command line tool in a
comfortable way.

External Dependencies =====================

The PDF Chain GUI creates a PDFTK command with all required parameters and
starts the PDFTK console program that interprets the parameters and processes
the files. PDFTK must therefore installed at the system and executeable by the
command "pdftk".

(PDF Chain starting from version 0.4.0 is compatible with PDFtk 1.45)

2020-07-03T17:23:58+00:00 net-im/cordless Discord TUI client
Cordless is supposed to be a custom Discord client
that aims to have a low memory footprint and be aimed
at power-users.

The application only uses the official Discord API and
doesn't send data to any third party. However, this
application is not a official product by Discord Inc.

2020-07-03T16:42:26+00:00 devel/rubygem-rsec Easy and extreme fast dynamic PEG parser combinator
Easy and extreme fast dynamic PEG parser combinator.

2020-07-03T16:30:55+00:00 x11/nezd General purpose messaging, notification and menuing program for X11
nezd is a general purpose messaging, notification and menuing program
for X11. It is a fork of dzen that aims to add polish and features.

2020-07-03T08:31:49+00:00 x11-wm/berry Byte-sized, Xlib-based window manager
Minimal window manager, controlled via a powerful command-line client,
allowing users to control windows via a hotkey daemon such as sxhkd or
expand functionality via shell scripts.

2020-07-01T18:38:02+00:00 net/rpki-client Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) implementation from OpenBSD
rpki-client is a FREE, easy-to-use implementation of the Resource Public Key
Infrastructure (RPKI) for Relying Parties (RP) to facilitate validation of the
Route Origin of a BGP announcement. The program queries the RPKI repository
system and outputs Validated ROA Payloads in the configuration format of either
OpenBGPD or BIRD, but also as CSV or JSON objects for consumption by other
routing stacks.

This version is based on the portable version of rpki-client.

2020-07-01T09:32:13+00:00 emulators/elliott-803 Emulator and compilers for Elliott 803 computer
Elliott-803 contains an emulator for this 1960s 39 bit computer.
Also provided are tape files of some programs, including:
* The Algol60 compiler
* Two versions of the H-Code compiler
* T2 and T102 sources

2020-07-01T08:51:09+00:00 mail/courier-analog Courier log analyzer
The courier log analyzer. courier-analog generates log summaries
for incomming and outgoing SMTP connections, and IMAP and POP3
activity. courier-analog can generate output in text or
HTML format.

2020-07-01T07:21:08+00:00 emulators/Elliott-803 Emulator and compilers for Elliott 803 computer
Elliott-803 contains an emulator for this 1960s 39 bit computer.
Also provided are tape files of some programs, including:
* The Algol60 compiler
* Two versions of the H-Code compiler
* T2 and T102 sources

2020-06-30T12:53:24+00:00 net/sacc Simple console Gopher client
Sacc(omys) is fast and small terminal Gopher client written in C.

2020-06-29T22:06:57+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-securefs Filesystem in userspace with transparent encryption and decryption
securefs mounts a regular directory onto a mount point. The mount point appears
as a regular filesystem, where one can read/write/create files, directories and
symbolic links. The underlying directory will be automatically updated to
contain the encrypted and authenticated contents.

2020-06-29T19:11:36+00:00 devel/py-ttictoc Time execution of blocks of code
Time execution of blocks of code.

Tested against python 3.6+, but should work with other versions.

The easiest way to time something is with tic and toc:

import time
from ttictoc import tic,toc
elapsed = toc()
print('Elapsed time:',elapsed)

2020-06-29T16:15:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper-ui017 Rack middleware that provides a fully featured web interface
Rack middleware that provides a fully featured web interface for the flipper

2020-06-29T16:15:19+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper-active_support_cache_store017 ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper
ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper

2020-06-29T16:15:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-flipper017 Act of enabling/disabling features in your application
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling features or parts of your
application, ideally without re-deploying or changing anything in your code

The goal of this gem is to make turning features on or off so easy that everyone
does it. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping
should be easy and have minimal impact on your application.

2020-06-29T16:14:31+00:00 databases/rubygem-flipper-active_record017 ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper
Flipper ActiveRecord is an ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper.

2020-06-29T15:38:32+00:00 devel/py-srsly Modern high-performance serialization utilities for Python
This package bundles some of the best Python serialization libraries into one
standalone package, with a high-level API that makes it easy to write code
that's correct across platforms and Pythons. This allows us to provide all the
serialization utilities we need in a single binary wheel. Currently supports
JSON, JSONL, MessagePack, Pickle and YAML.

2020-06-29T08:22:17+00:00 editors/elementary-code Code editor designed for elementary OS
Code editor designed for elementary OS

Tailor-made with autosaving, project folders, Git integration,
multiple panes, smart whitespace, EditorConfig support, Mini Map,
Vala symbols, and extensions like Terminal, Web Preview, and
Vim Emulation. Code will be the last editor you'll ever need.

2020-06-29T06:32:14+00:00 graphics/elementary-photos Photo viewer and organizer designed for elementary OS
Import, organize, and edit photos. Make a slideshow.
Share with Facebook or Flickr.

Photo viewer and organizer designed by elementary OS.

2020-06-28T14:23:58+00:00 games/shockolate Open source and cross-platform remake of a cult game System Shock
Shockolate is an opensource remake of System Shock, a 1994 FPS game in
cyberpunk setting.

You will need original System Shock data files to run the game.

2020-06-28T11:39:28+00:00 security/py-xkcdpass Password generator as in XKCD 936
A flexible and scriptable password generator which generates
strong diceword-style passphrases, inspired by XKCD 936.

$ xkcdpass
> correct horse battery staple

Usable as standalone script or a module within a larger
Python project.

2020-06-28T08:09:57+00:00 www/oneshot First-come-first-serve single-fire HTTP server
Standalone first-come-first-serve HTTP server.
Easily transfer files to and from your terminal
and any browser.

2020-06-28T08:05:55+00:00 multimedia/elementary-videos Elementary OS video player
Smart and simple video viewing with a library,
thumbnail previews on the seekbar, playlists,
subtitle support, smart fullscreen,
and the ability to resume what was last playing.

This Video player and library app
has been designed by elementary OS.

2020-06-27T23:24:36+00:00 emulators/libretro-ppsspp
2020-06-27T09:41:08+00:00 math/py-python-igraph High performance graph data structures and algorithms
This module extends Python with a Graph class which is capable of handling
arbitrary directed and undirected graphs with thousands of nodes and millions
of edges. Since the module makes use of the open source igraph library
written in almost 100% pure C, it is blazing fast and outperforms most other
pure Python-based packages around.

2020-06-27T09:39:28+00:00 devel/py-pyusb Python wrapper around libusb
PyUSB aims to be an easy to use Python module to access USB devices. PyUSB
relies on a native system library for USB access.

2020-06-27T09:37:50+00:00 comms/py-pyserial Serial port encapsulation library for Python
This module encapsulates the access to the serial port. It provides
backends for Python running on Windows, Linux, BSD (possibly any POSIX
compliant system), Jython, and IronPython (.NET and Mono). The module
named "serial" automatically selects the appropriate backend.

2020-06-27T07:11:51+00:00 graphics/qvge Qt Visual Graph Editor
qvge is a multi-platform graph editor written in C++/Qt. Its main goal
is to make possible visually edit two-dimensional graphs in a simple and
intuitive way.

2020-06-27T06:40:52+00:00 databases/mongodb44 Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database (4.4.x Branch)
Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

2020-06-26T20:14:35+00:00 math/e-antic Real Embedded Algebraic Number Theory In C
E-ANTIC is a C/C++ library to deal with real embedded number fields built on
top of ANTIC (ports/math/antic). Its aim is to have as fast as possible exact
arithmetic operations and comparisons.

2020-06-26T12:29:23+00:00 devel/jgoodies-looks Improved appearance for Java Swing applications
The JGoodies Looks make Swing applications and applets look better.
The package consists of a Windows look&feel and the Plastic look&feel family
optimized for readability, precise micro-design and usability.

2020-06-26T11:55:23+00:00 devel/p5-IO-Stringy Use IO handles with non-file objects
This toolkit primarily provides modules for performing both traditional and
object-oriented i/o) on things other than normal filehandles; in particular,
IO::Scalar, IO::ScalarArray, and IO::Lines.

In the more-traditional IO::Handle front, we have IO::AtomicFile which may be
used to painlessly create files which are updated atomically.

And in the "this-may-prove-useful" corner, we have IO::Wrap, whose exported
wraphandle() function will clothe anything that's not a blessed object in an
IO::Handle-like wrapper... so you can just use OO syntax and stop worrying about
whether your function's caller handed you a string, a globref, or a FileHandle.

2020-06-26T08:42:03+00:00 devel/rubygem-sentry-raven2 Client interface for the Sentry error logger
The official Ruby-language client and integration layer for the Sentry error
reporting API.

2020-06-26T08:41:57+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-honeycode Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Honeycode (Honeycode)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Honeycode (Honeycode).

2020-06-26T08:41:51+00:00 www/py-betamax VCR imitation for python-requests
Betamax is a VCR imitation for requests. This will make mocking out requests
much easier.

2020-06-26T08:41:45+00:00 devel/py-openstacksdk043 SDK for building applications to work with OpenStack
openstacksdk is a client library for building applications to work with
OpenStack clouds. The project aims to provide a consistent and complete set of
interactions with OpenStack's many services, along with complete documentation,
examples, and tools.

It also contains an abstraction interface layer. Clouds can do many things, but
there are probably only about 10 of them that most people care about with any
regularity. If you want to do complicated things, the per-service oriented
portions of the SDK are for you. However, if what you want is to be able to
write an application that talks to clouds no matter what crazy choices the
deployer has made in an attempt to be more hipster than their self-entitled
narcissist peers, then the Cloud Abstraction layer is for you.

2020-06-25T19:49:20+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng328 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2020-06-25T05:20:02+00:00 www/grafana7 Dashboard and graph editor for multiple data stores
Grafana is an open source, feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor for
Graphite, ElasticSearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus and InfluxDB.

2020-06-25T04:24:02+00:00 graphics/swappy Snapshot editing for Wayland (a la Snappy on macOS)
A Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on
macOS. Works great with grim, slurp and sway. But can easily work with
other screen copy tools that can output a final PNG image to stdout.

2020-06-25T04:17:52+00:00 x11/swappy Snapshot editing for Wayland (a la Snappy on macOS)
A Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on
macOS. Works great with grim, slurp and sway. But can easily work with
other screen copy tools that can output a final PNG image to stdout.

2020-06-24T11:17:44+00:00 graphics/ksnip Screenshot and annotation tool
Ksnip is a Qt based cross-platform screenshot tool that provides
many annotation features for your screenshots.

2020-06-23T12:25:16+00:00 x11-themes/slim-freebsd-dark-theme Minimalist FreeBSD black/red colors theme for SLiM
SLiM is an acronym for "Simple Login Manager".

Lightweight and easily configurable, SLiM requires minimal dependencies,
and none from the GNOME or KDE desktop environments. It therefore contributes
towards a lightweight system for users that also like to use lightweight
desktops such as Xfce, Openbox, and Fluxbox.

This package is a minimalist FreeBSD black/red colors theme, using
the colors defined by the FreeBSD Foundation.

2020-06-23T03:28:42+00:00 sysutils/oc OpenShift Command Line
Create applications and manage OpenShift resources

2020-06-22T21:42:44+00:00 sysutils/openshift-install RedHat OpenShift 4.5 installer
Install a Red Hat Openshift 4.x cluster

2020-06-22T19:34:12+00:00 devel/py-rush Library for throttling algorithms
This library is a small collection of algorithms that can be reused when
throttling user interactions with a resource (e.g., an API).

This library strives to allow any limiter and backing store to be used together
without needing to be worried about potential compatibility.

2020-06-22T18:22:38+00:00 graphics/acidwarp-sdl Eye candy program which displays various patterns
Acidwarp is an eye candy program which displays various patterns and animates
them by changing the palette.

2020-06-22T16:06:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-childprocess3 External background process controller
This gem aims at being a simple and reliable solution for controlling
external programs running in the background on any Ruby / OS

The code originated in the selenium-webdriver gem, but should prove
useful as a standalone library.

2020-06-21T18:43:11+00:00 security/py-certbot-dns-cpanel CPanel DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
Plugin to allow acme dns-01 authentication of a name managed in cPanel. Useful
for automating and creating a Let's Encrypt certificate (wildcard or not) for a
service with a name managed by cPanel, but installed on a server not managed in

2020-06-21T17:35:05+00:00 print/simple-fb2-reader Simple FB2 format book reader
Simple tool to read books in the FB2 format. Developed using GTK+3.
Its features:

- Supports *.fb2 and * files
- Full 2.1 format support (without stylesheet and partial
table tag support)
- Saving reading position, window state, size, and position
- Search for specific text in the book
- Russian and English GUI, user themes, autoscrolling, hotkeys

2020-06-20T14:47:12+00:00 textproc/p5-JSON-Validator Validate data against a JSON schema
JSON::Validator validates a data structure against a schema. It can
load schemas from JSON, YAML, and perl data structures, and includes a
powerful schema-building DSL.

JSON is processed by Mojo::JSON (which will use p5-Cpanel-JSON-XS
if it's installed). YAML uses p5-YAML-LibYAML (YAML::XS).

2020-06-19T20:07:01+00:00 textproc/linux-c7-libxslt XSLT C library for GNOME (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-06-19T19:31:06+00:00 x11/linux-c7-xcb-util libxcb/libX11 extension/replacement libraries (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-06-19T19:31:06+00:00 x11/linux-c7-xcb-util-keysyms Port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage functions (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-06-19T19:31:06+00:00 x11/linux-c7-xcb-util-image Port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage functions (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-06-19T19:29:15+00:00 net/nbdkit NBD server toolkit with stable ABI and permissive license
nbdkit is a toolkit for creating NBD servers.

The key features are:

* Multithreaded NBD server written in C with good performance.

* Minimal dependencies for the basic server.

* Liberal license (BSD) allows nbdkit to be linked to proprietary
libraries or included in proprietary code.

* Well-documented, simple plugin API with a stable ABI guarantee.
Lets you export "unconventional" block devices easily.

* You can write plugins in C, Go, Lua, Perl, Python, OCaml, Ruby,
Rust, shell script or Tcl.

* Filters can be stacked in front of plugins to transform the output.

2020-06-18T17:41:16+00:00 graphics/qcustomplot-qt5 Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization
QCustomPlot is a Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization.
It has no further dependencies and is fully documented. This plotting
library focuses on making good looking, publication quality 2D plots,
graphs and charts, as well as offering high performance for realtime
visualization applications.

2020-06-18T06:57:44+00:00 security/vigenere Vigenere cipher cryptography tool
vigenere is an implementation of the Vigenere cipher encryption
algorithm with an extension to all printable ASCII characters.
The utility is capable of encrypting/decrypting arguments that
are passed to it upon invocation or process input- and outputfiles.

2020-06-18T06:55:33+00:00 lang/silq Silq from ETH Zürich
Silq is a high-level programming language for quantum computing with a strong
static type system.

The compiler is accompanied by a large collection of example files, some of
them implementing solutions to Microsoft's Q# Summer 2018 and Winter 2019
coding contest on Codeforces.

The project web-site provides detailed information on the language and its
concepts and use.

2020-06-18T06:02:31+00:00 www/py-tuir Browse Reddit from your terminal
Text-based interface (TUI) to view and interact
with Reddit from your terminal.

2020-06-17T18:17:45+00:00 devel/swig Generate wrappers for calling C/C++ code from other languages
SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++
with a variety of high-level programming languages. SWIG is used with different
types of target languages including common scripting languages such as
Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl and Ruby. The list of supported languages
also includes non-scripting languages such as C#, Common Lisp (CLISP, Allegro
CL, CFFI, UFFI), D, Go language, Java, Lua, Modula-3, OCAML, Octave and R. Also
several interpreted and compiled Scheme implementations (Guile, MzScheme/Racket,
Chicken) are supported. SWIG is most commonly used to create high-level
interpreted or compiled programming environments, user interfaces, and as a tool
for testing and prototyping C/C++ software. SWIG is typically used to parse
C/C++ interfaces and generate the 'glue code' required for the above target
languages to call into the C/C++ code. SWIG can also export its parse tree in
the form of XML and Lisp s-expressions.

2020-06-17T12:36:41+00:00 www/py-flask-restx Extension for Flask that adds support for quickly building REST APIs
Flask-RESTX is an extension for Flask that adds support for quickly
building REST APIs. Flask-RESTX encourages best practices with minimal
setup. If you are familiar with Flask, Flask-RESTX should be easy to
pick up. It provides a coherent collection of decorators and tools to
describe your API and expose its documentation properly using Swagger.

Flask-RESTX is a community driven fork of Flask-RESTPlus.

2020-06-17T10:23:39+00:00 audio/linux-c7-gsm GSM audio codec (CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2020-06-17T08:11:25+00:00 games/cdogs-sdl Classic overhead run-and-gun game
C-Dogs SDL is a classic overhead run-and-gun game, supporting up to 4 players
in co-op and deathmatch modes. Customize your player, choose from many weapons,
and blast, slide and slash your way through over 100 user-created campaigns.
Have fun!

2020-06-17T05:14:08+00:00 devel/aixlog Header-only C++ logging library
Header-only C++ logging library

* Single header file implementation
* No dependcies, just vanilla C++11
* Use ostream operator <<
* Unobtrusive, typesafe and expressive
* Easy to switch from existing "cout logging"
* Native support for various platforms (through Sinks)

2020-06-17T04:51:49+00:00 misc/ezc3d C3D (biomechanics data format) reader/writer for C++
EZC3D is an easy to use reader, modifier and writer for C3D format files. It is
written en C++ with proper binders for Python and MATLAB scripting langages.

C3D ( is a format specifically designed to store biomechanics
data. Hence many biomechanics softwares can produce C3D files in order to share
data. However, there is a lack in the biomechanics community of an easy to use,
free and open source library to read, modify and write them as needed when it
gets to the data analysis.

2020-06-17T04:39:51+00:00 math/cglm Highly optimized graphics math (glm) for C
cglm is optimized 3D math library written in C99 (compatible with C89).
It is similar to original glm library except this is mainly for C

This library stores matrices as column-major order but in the future row-major
is considered to be supported as optional.

Currently only float type is supported for most operations.

2020-06-16T11:12:23+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-bindfs FUSE based bindfs implementation way more powerful than nullfs
This port features a fuse implementation of bindfs. Bindfs is like nullfs exept
for the fact that it features more options and filters. The most important
difference is that you may overwrite the ownership of files when mounting the
desired directory somewhere else.

2020-06-16T07:53:28+00:00 security/rubygem-net-ssh5 Non-interactive SSH processing
Net::SSH is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It
supports the following features:

- User authentication via explicit username/password, or using a
public-key/private-key pair.
- Port forwarding, both from the local host to a remote computer via
the remote host, and from the remote host to the local host.
- Execute processes on the remote machine, both interactively and
non-interactively ("batch").

2020-06-16T06:52:27+00:00 x11-themes/sierra-gtk-themes MacOS High Sierra like theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc
MacOS High Sierra like theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc.

2020-06-16T05:38:01+00:00 www/monolith CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
Data hoarder's dream come true: bundle any web page into
a single HTML file. You can finally replace that gazillion
of open tabs with a gazillion of .html files stored somewhere
on your precious little drive.

Unlike the conventional "Save page as", monolith not only saves
the target document, it embeds CSS, image, and JavaScript assets
all at once, producing a single HTML5 document that is a joy to
store and share.

If compared to saving websites with wget -mpk, this tool embeds all
assets as data URLs and therefore lets browsers render the saved page
exactly the way it was on the Internet, even when no network connection
is available.

2020-06-16T02:19:24+00:00 net/librespeed-cli CLI interface to run librespeed speedtests
This is the CLI part of LibreSpeed which is a very lightweight speedtest.
With the CLI it's possible to run a speedtest from the command line interface.
The server part can be found in www/librespeed.

2020-06-16T02:06:51+00:00 net/librespeed-go GO backend for LibreSpeed
LibreSpeed-go is a very lightweight speed test.
Is is implemented in JavaScript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers.
This port uses GO as backend for hosting. And this in comparison to
www/librespeed where PHP and a web server are required.

2020-06-16T00:47:32+00:00 audio/lenticular-lv2 LV2 plugins based on Mutable Instrument's Clouds
LV2 plugins based on Mutable Instrument's Clouds.

* Implements the alternative modes and quality options of Clouds as
a menu options
* Inputs and knobs for the 3 addition 'Blend' parameters (Stereo Spread,
Feedback, and Reverb)
* Dedicated Freeze button

2020-06-15T22:50:54+00:00 databases/arrow Columnar in-memory analytics layer for big data
Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. It
specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for flat
and hierarchical data, organized for efficient analytic operations on modern
hardware. It also provides computational libraries and zero-copy streaming
messaging and interprocess communication. Languages currently supported include
C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Python, R, Ruby, and Rust.

2020-06-15T22:23:54+00:00 www/moodle39 Course management system based on social constructionism
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

2020-06-15T18:50:56+00:00 math/mpsolve Multiprecision rootfinder for complex roots of univariate polynomials
MPSolve stands for Multiprecision Polynomial SOLVEr.
It is a software that aims to provide an easy to use (hopefully) universal
blackbox for solving polynomials and secular equations.

Among its features you can find:
* Arbitrary precision approximation.
* Guaranteed inclusion radii for the results.
* Exploiting of polynomial structures: it can take advantage of sparsity as
well as coefficients in a particular domain (i.e. integers or rationals).
* It can be specialized for specific classes of polynomials. As an example,
see the roots of the Mandelbrot polynomial of degree 2.097.151 computed in
about 10 days on a dual Xeon server.

2020-06-15T18:39:52+00:00 www/rubygem-rate_throttle_client Handle rate throttling on the client and measure performance
Rate limiting is for servers, rate throttling is for clients. This library
implements a number of strategies for handling rate throttling on the client and
a methodology for comparing performance of those clients. We don't just give you
the code to rate throttle, we also give you the information to help you figure
out the best strategy to rate throttle as well.

2020-06-15T18:39:47+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rouge319 Simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments
Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for

2020-06-15T18:39:41+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-codeartifact Official AWS Ruby gem for CodeArtifact
Official AWS Ruby gem for CodeArtifact.

2020-06-15T18:39:35+00:00 devel/p5-Term-App-Util-Size Determine the sane terminal size (width, height)
Term::App::Util::Size tries to determine the sane terminal height and width.

2020-06-15T18:39:29+00:00 devel/p5-Term-App-Util-Interactive Determine whether terminal application is running interactively
Term::App::Util::Interactive tries to determine whether terminal application is
running interactively.

2020-06-15T18:39:22+00:00 devel/p5-Term-App-Util-Color Determine color depth and whether to use color or not
Term::App::Util::Color tries to determine the suitable color depth to use.

2020-06-15T17:54:33+00:00 sysutils/pwol Peter's Wake-on-LAN Tool
This is a port of pwol, Peter's Wake-on-Lan tool

This is a simple tool to send WoL packets to wake up
hosts. No more, no less.


- Peter Eriksson
2020-06-15T09:00:12+00:00 textproc/qr Generate textual QR codes using terminal
Print Unicode-friendly QR codes straight in
your terminal.

2020-06-15T07:50:02+00:00 x11-themes/numix-gtk-theme Gtk flat themes
Numix is a modern flat theme with a combination of light and dark elements.

2020-06-14T17:11:48+00:00 net/ooni-mini Small command line client that tests OONI's functionality
The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software
project and a Global community measuring Internet censorship since 2012.

OONI's miniooni is a small command line client useful to test the
functionality without integrating with full features of OONI Probe CLI.

miniooni can use tunnels provided by Tor, if you like to. The use of regular
HTTP proxies is also possible.

2020-06-14T17:01:54+00:00 net/ooni-probe-cli Next generation OONI Probe CLI
The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software
project and a Global community measuring Internet censorship since 2012.

This port provides the next generation OONI Probe, a tool used for the
measurement of Internet censorship around the world.

2020-06-14T15:34:41+00:00 sysutils/pnscan Parallel Network Scanner
This is a port of pnscan, a Parallel Network Scanner

This is a pretty basic tool to scan IPv4 networks for TCP
services. No more, no less.


- Peter Eriksson
2020-06-14T14:19:48+00:00 textproc/rubygem-cucumber-html-formatter HTML formatter for Cucumber
Cucumber HTML Formatter is a cross-platform formatter that produces a HTML
report for Cucumber runs. It is built on top of cucumber-react and works with
any Cucumber implementation with a protobuf formatter that outputs cucumber

2020-06-14T14:19:42+00:00 textproc/rubygem-cucumber-gherkin Fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler
A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.

2020-06-14T14:19:37+00:00 devel/rubygem-protobuf-cucumber Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Cucumber
Protobuf is an implementation of Google's protocol buffers in ruby, This is the
cucumber-modified fork.

2020-06-14T14:19:31+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-messages4 Protocol Buffer messages for Cucumber
Cucumber Messages is a message protocol based on Protocol Buffers. It allows one
process to construct message objects and send them to another process. Protobuf
takes care of serialising those messages to a binary format, and deserialise
them on the other end.

2020-06-14T14:19:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-cucumber-expressions Cucumber Expressions for Ruby
Cucumber Expressions are simple patterns for matching Step Definitions with
Gherkin steps.

Cucumber Expressions offer similar functionality to Regular Expressions, with
the following improvements:
- Improved readability
- Custom parameter types
- Expression generation

2020-06-13T20:53:15+00:00 emulators/simh-hp3000 Emulates classic HP 3000 computers
hp3000 is a simulator for the classic SIO machines. This group consists
of the 3000 CX, the Series I, Series II, and the HP 3000 Series III that
is simulated here. A large variety of CPU options, device interface
cards, and peripherals are provided.

2020-06-13T20:50:40+00:00 emulators/simh-hp2100 Emulates classic HP 2100 computers
hp2100 is a simulator for the HP 2116/15/14, 2100, and 1000 M/E/F-Series
machines (hereafter referred collectively as the HP 2100 simulator). A
large variety of CPU options, device interface cards, and peripherals
are provided.

2020-06-13T20:34:55+00:00 sysutils/nss_ndb BerkeleyDB-based nsswitch backend for passwd & groups
This project consists of a NSS module ( and a CLI
utility (makendb) that enables big passwd & group files to be
handled efficiently via BTree BerkeleyDB databases.

To activate and use this you must (after installation):

1. Manually add a symbolic link:

/usr/lib/ -> /path/to/lib/<version>

2. Populate the databases in /var/db/nss_ndb via "makendb" (or some
other tool).

3. Activate it in /etc/nsswitch.conf:

passwd: files ndb
group: files ndb


- Peter Eriksson
2020-06-13T13:54:47+00:00 biology/picard-tools CLI tools for manipulating high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data
Picard is a set of command line tools for manipulating high-throughput
sequencing (HTS) data and formats such as SAM/BAM/CRAM and VCF. These file
formats are defined in the Hts-specs repository.

2020-06-12T20:11:28+00:00 sysutils/acltool ACL manipulation utility
This is a port of acltool, an ACL manipulation CLI tool.

This is a tool to manage NFSv4/ZFS/SMB (also known as Extended on MacOS)
style ACLs of filesystems. That is listing, creating, editing, searching,
stripping, sorting, removing redundant entries and more.

2020-06-12T19:11:33+00:00 www/nextcloud-circles Cicrles app for Nextcloud
Nextcloud circles allows your users to create their own groups of
users/colleagues/friends on your Nextcloud instance. Those groups of users (or
'circles') can then be used by any other app for sharing purpose (files, social
feed, status update, messaging, ...).

2020-06-12T09:02:18+00:00 security/yubikey-agent Seamless ssh-agent for YubiKeys
yubikey-agent is a seamless ssh-agent for YubiKeys.

(*) Easy to use. A one-command setup, one environment variable,
and it just runs in the background.
(*) Indestructible. Tolerates unplugging, sleep, and suspend.
Never needs restarting.
(*) Compatible. Provides a public key that works with all services
and servers.
(*) Secure. The key is generated on the YubiKey and can't be
extracted. Every session requires the PIN, every login requires a
touch. Setup takes care of PUK and management key.

2020-06-11T22:14:11+00:00 sysutils/conan C/C++ package manager
Conan is a MIT-licensed, Open Source package manager for C and C++ development,
allowing development teams to easily and efficiently manage their packages and
dependencies across platforms and build systems.

2020-06-11T22:07:13+00:00 devel/py-node-semver Python version of node-semver
python version of [node-semver]

2020-06-11T21:44:32+00:00 devel/py-patch-ng Library to parse and apply unified diffs
Library to parse and apply unified diffs.

* Python 2 and 3 compatible
* Automatic correction of
- Linefeeds according to patched file
- Diffs broken by stripping trailing whitespace
- a/ and b/ prefixes
* Single file, which is a command line tool and a library
* No dependencies outside Python stdlib
* Patch format detection (SVN, HG, GIT)
* Nice diffstat histogram
* Linux / Windows / OS X
* Test coverage

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-tnef_parse TNEF attachment format parser plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin enables reading application/ms-tnef attachments
used by Microsoft Outlook.

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-spam_report Spam report plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin reports spam to various places.

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-plugins claws-mail plugins meta-port
This add-on provides joystick drivers and button mapping services
for Kodi. It uses Kodi's Peripheral API.

This port is for multimedia/kodi-devel only.

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-litehtml_viewer Viewer plugin for HTML emails, using the litehtml library
Viewer plugin for HTML emails, using the litehtml library.

litehtml is lightweight HTML/CSS rendering engine. The main goal of the
litehtml library is to give the developers the easy way to show the HTML
pages in theirs applications. The popular HTML engines like WebKit are
too complicated for some tasks. For example, it may be too cumbersome
to use WebKit to show some tooltips or pages in HTML format.

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-dillo Viewing of html messages using the Dillo web browser
The Dillo HTML Viewer plugin is an HTML renderer plugin for Claws Mail.

It features:
- Basic rendering of HTML message parts
- Optional fetching and displaying of remote images
- Browsing the web from within of Claws Mail

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-attachwarner Not attached file warning plugin for Claws Mail
Warns when the user composes a message mentioning an attachment in
the message body without attaching any files to the message.

2020-06-11T17:49:58+00:00 mail/claws-mail-archive Mail archiver plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin adds archiving features to Claws Mail.

2020-06-11T16:02:21+00:00 sysutils/rtsx-kmod FreeBSD driver for Realtec card readers
Development version of rtsx FreeBSD driver for Realtek card readers

2020-06-11T13:15:34+00:00 www/py-django-formset-js-improved Fork of django-formset-js that adds support for reordering and nested formsets
This is a fork of django-formset-js that adds support for reordering and nested

A wrapper for a JavaScript formset helper.

2020-06-11T11:12:09+00:00 www/py-django-jquery-js jQuery, bundled up so apps can depend upon it
jQuery, bundled up so apps can depend upon it

2020-06-11T07:25:08+00:00 x11-themes/matcha-gtk-themes Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell
Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell.

2020-06-11T01:40:55+00:00 math/symengine Fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++
SymEngine is a standalone fast C++ symbolic manipulation library.
Optional thin wrappers allow usage of the library from other languages, e.g.:

* C wrappers allow usage from C, or as a basis for other wrappers (the
symengine/cwrapper.h file)
* Python wrappers allow easy usage from Python and integration with SymPy and
Sage (the repository)
* Ruby wrappers (the symengine.rb repository)
* Julia wrappers (the SymEngine.jl repository)
* Haskell wrappers (the symengine.hs repository)

2020-06-10T16:11:32+00:00 devel/libgnt Toolkit based on glib and ncurses for text-mode user interfaces
GNT is an ncurses toolkit for creating text-mode graphical user interfaces in a
fast and easy way. It is based on GLib and ncurses.

It was born out of the console-based UI, Finch, for the libpurple project, but
has now been split into its own independent repository.

2020-06-10T13:25:33+00:00 databases/mongodb42-tools Tools for MongoDB 4.2.x
Useful utilities for managing a MongoDB instance written in Go.

- bsondump - display BSON files in a human-readable format
- mongoimport - Convert data from JSON, TSV or CSV and insert them
into a collection
- mongoexport - Write an existing collection to CSV or JSON format
- mongodump/mongorestore - Dump MongoDB backups to disk in .BSON
format, or restore them to a live database
- mongostat - Monitor live MongoDB servers, replica sets, or sharded
- mongofiles - Read, write, delete, or update files in GridFS
- mongotop - Monitor read/write activity on a mongo server
- mongoreplay - Capture, observe, and replay traffic for MongoDB

2020-06-10T11:50:04+00:00 www/py-django-csp Adds Content-Security-Policy headers to Django
Django-CSP adds Content-Security-Policy headers to Django.

2020-06-10T05:56:28+00:00 audio/ganv Interactive Gtk canvas widget for audio topologies representation
Ganv is an interactive Gtk canvas widget for graph-based interfaces (patchers,
modular synthesizers, finite state automata, interactive graphs, etc).

2020-06-10T03:32:12+00:00 audio/tamgamp-lv2 LV2 guitar amp simulator
Tamgamp (Rhymes with: "Damage Amp") is LV2 guitar amp simulator that provides
two plugins:
* Tamgamp - a plugin based on Guitarix DK Builder simulated chains.
* TamgampGX - a plugin based on tuned Guitarix internal amplifiers

The key features of this project according to initial technical requirements are
* Simplicity of the interface, no UI (use generic one), minimum knobs/sliders.
* Preamplifier simulation only, for simplicity and flexibility (use a separate
cab simulator).
* Smooth bypass/automation. No pops, spikes or clicks.
* Normalized output level: different amplifiers should sound almost of the same
output loudness with different gain settings.

2020-06-09T19:10:51+00:00 audio/din Open source, cross-platform sound synthesizer
DIN Is Noise is a program for making sound, music and noise. Use
bezier curves to edit waveforms, envelopes, modulators and FX
components; use the keyboard (computer and MIDI) to trigger notes (or
noise), use the mouse to sound like the theremin, create drones on
microtones, launch, orbit and drag them around; bounce balls on walls
to trigger notes in a mondrian inspired drawing and also make binaural
beats. Supports MIDI input and scripting through TCL.

2020-06-09T18:53:01+00:00 science/py-pygmo2 Python platform to perform parallel computations of optimisation tasks
pygmo is a scientific Python library for massively parallel optimization. It is
built around the idea of providing a unified interface to optimization
algorithms and problems, and to make their deployment in massively parallel
environments easy.

Efficient implementantions of bio-inspired and evolutionary algorithms are sided
to state-of-the-art optimization algorithms (Simplex Methods, SQP methods,
interior points methods, ...) and can be easily mixed (also with your
newly-invented algorithms) to build a super-algorithm exploiting algorithmic
cooperation via the asynchronous, generalized island model.

pygmo can be used to solve constrained, unconstrained, single objective,
multiple objective, continuous and integer optimization problems, stochastic and
deterministic problems, as well as to perform research on novel algorithms and
paradigms, and easily compare them to state-of-the-art implementations of
established ones.

2020-06-09T15:47:33+00:00 x11/plasma5-kwayland-server Wayland Server Components built on KDE Frameworks
Plasma Wayland Protocols

This project should be installing only the xml files of the non-standard
wayland protocols we use in Plasma.

They are installed to $PREFIX/share/plasma-wayland-protocols.

2020-06-09T11:04:05+00:00 sysutils/angrysearch Quick search GUI tool for Unix systems
Clone of the David Carpenter's "Everything" search engine, which locates
files and folders by their name instantly, for Unix-like systems.

This simple file search crawls available disks creating a database that
can be searched using quick and responsive graphical interface.
Notable difference is that by default, the entire paths are searched,
not just file and folder names.

2020-06-09T08:07:20+00:00 irc/srain Modern IRC client written in GTK
Srain is a modern IRC client written in GTK.


o Fully open source
o RFC {1459,2812} compatible
o Partial IRCv3 support
o Multi-platform support (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD)
o Act like modern IM client
- Graphical user interface
- Convenient connection panel
- Interactive channel search
- Forward message in one click
- URL preview
- Desktop notificaion
- Special optimization for bridge/relay bot
o Act like geek IRC client
- Anything can be done via commands
- Fine-grained configuration with hot update support
- Regex based message render and filter mechanisms
- IPC based plugin system (TODO)

2020-06-08T14:08:29+00:00 lang/perl5.32 Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and
shell. See the manual page for more hype. There are also many books
published by O'Reilly & Assoc. See pod/perlbook.pod for more

2020-06-07T21:21:31+00:00 sysutils/beats7 Send logs, network, metrics and heartbeat to elasticsearch or logstash
Beats is the platform for building lightweight, open source data
shippers for many types of operational data you want to enrich with
Logstash, search and analyze in Elasticsearch, and visualize in Kibana.
Whether you're interested in log files, infrastructure metrics, network
packets, or any other type of data, Beats serves as the foundation for
keeping a beat on your data.

Filebeat is a lightweight, open source shipper for log file data. As the
next-generation Logstash Forwarder, Filebeat tails logs and quickly
sends this information to Logstash for further parsing and enrichment or
to Elasticsearch for centralized storage and analysis.

Metricbeat Collect metrics from your systems and services. From CPU to memory,
Redis to Nginx, and much more, Metricbeat is a lightweight way to send system
and service statistics.

Packetbeat is a lightweight network packet analyzer that sends data to Logstash
or Elasticsearch.

2020-06-07T17:45:11+00:00 sysutils/beats6 Collect logs locally and send to remote logstash
Beats is the platform for building lightweight, open source data
shippers for many types of operational data you want to enrich with
Logstash, search and analyze in Elasticsearch, and visualize in Kibana.
Whether you're interested in log files, infrastructure metrics, network
packets, or any other type of data, Beats serves as the foundation for
keeping a beat on your data.

Filebeat is a lightweight, open source shipper for log file data. As the
next-generation Logstash Forwarder, Filebeat tails logs and quickly
sends this information to Logstash for further parsing and enrichment or
to Elasticsearch for centralized storage and analysis.

Metricbeat Collect metrics from your systems and services. From CPU to memory,
Redis to Nginx, and much more, Metricbeat is a lightweight way to send system
and service statistics.

Packetbeat is a lightweight network packet analyzer that sends data to Logstash
or Elasticsearch.

2020-06-07T09:50:02+00:00 databases/mongodb42 Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database (4.2.x Branch)
Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

2020-06-07T06:36:03+00:00 www/annie Fast, simple and clean video downloader
Command-line video downloader written in Go, supporting over 20 sites
and includes features such as resumable downloads, multiple downloads
and auto-retry.

2020-06-06T18:15:57+00:00 textproc/py-docrepr Generate rich representations for docstrings
docrepr renders Python docstrings in HTML. It is based on the sphinxify module
developed by Tim Dumol for the Sage Notebook and the module
developed for the Spyder IDE.

2020-06-06T16:23:06+00:00 sysutils/py-liquidctl Cross-platform tool and drivers for liquid coolers and other devices
Cross-platform tool and drivers for liquid coolers and other devices.

2020-06-06T14:24:22+00:00 comms/opencbm-plugin-xa1541 OpenCBM plugin for parallel-port cables
OpenCBM plugin for parallel-port cables

The OpenCBM package contains user space support programs and development
libraries to control and use CBM serial IEC/IEEE-488 bus devices as used by
most Commodore (CBM) 8-bit machines.

This port contains the xa1541 plugin for parallel-port cables.

2020-06-06T14:21:38+00:00 comms/opencbm-kmod OpenCBM driver module for parallel-port X[MA]-1541 cables
OpenCBM driver module for parallel-port X[MA]-1541 cables

The OpenCBM package contains user space support programs and development
libraries to control and use CBM serial IEC/IEEE-488 bus devices as used by
most Commodore (CBM) 8-bit machines.

This port contains the FreeBSD driver for parallel-port cables for OpenCBM.

2020-06-06T14:20:30+00:00 comms/opencbm Commodore CBM serial IEC/IEEE-488 bus utilities
Commodore CBM serial IEC/IEEE-488 bus utilities

The OpenCBM package contains user space support programs and development
libraries to control and use CBM serial IEC/IEEE-488 bus devices as used by
most Commodore (CBM) 8-bit machines.

OpenCBM allows for access to Commodore seriel IEC bus devices such as CBM
1540, 1541, 1570, 1571 and 1581 floppy disk drives.

OpenCBM allows for access to Commodore (parallel) IEEE-488 bus devices such as
CBM 2031, 2040, 3040, 4031, 4040, 8050, 8250, 8280 and SFD-1001 floppy disk

The devices are connected via a custom USB adapter (called xu1541 or xum1541).
A fast .d64 disk copier/transfer program is included.

2020-06-06T12:06:46+00:00 www/py-djangoql Advanced search language for Django, with auto-completion
Advanced search language for Django, with auto-completion.
Supports logical operators, parenthesis, table joins, works
with any Django models

2020-06-05T16:12:19+00:00 multimedia/playerctl MPRIS command-line controller and library
Playerctl is a command-line utility and library for controlling media players
that implement the MPRIS D-Bus Interface Specification. Playerctl makes it easy
to bind player actions, such as play and pause, to media keys. You can also get
metadata about the playing track such as the artist and title for integration
into statusline generators or other command-line tools.

For more advanced users, Playerctl provides an introspectable library available
in your favorite scripting language that allows more detailed control like the
ability to subscribe to media player events or get metadata such as artist and
title for the playing track.

2020-06-05T02:45:33+00:00 biology/bioawk BWK awk modified for biological data
Bioawk is an extension to Brian Kernighan's awk, adding the support of several
common biological data formats, including optionally gzip'ed BED, GFF, SAM,
VCF, FASTA/Q and TAB-delimited formats with column names. It also adds a few
built-in functions and an command line option to use TAB as the input/output
delimiter. When the new functionality is not used, bioawk is intended to behave
exactly the same as the original BWK awk.

2020-06-05T01:55:49+00:00 biology/subread High-performance read alignment, quantification and mutation discovery
The Subread package comprises a suite of software programs for processing
next-gen sequencing read data including:

Subread: a general-purpose read aligner which can align both genomic
DNA-seq and RNA-seq reads. It can also be used to discover genomic
mutations including short indels and structural variants.

Subjunc: a read aligner developed for aligning RNA-seq reads and for the
detection of exon-exon junctions. Gene fusion events can be detected as

featureCounts: a software program developed for counting reads to genomic
features such as genes, exons, promoters and genomic bins.

Sublong: a long-read aligner that is designed based on seed-and-vote.

exactSNP: a SNP caller that discovers SNPs by testing signals against local
background noises.

2020-06-04T19:51:11+00:00 mail/rubygem-valid_email ActiveModel Validation for email
ActiveModel Validation for email.
It validates email for application use (registering a new account for example).

2020-06-04T18:56:20+00:00 sysutils/terraform-provider-gridscale Terraform provider for gridscale
A community developed provider to support gridscale's cloud with Terraform.

Terraform is used to create, manage, and update infrastructure resources such as
physical machines, VMs, network switches, containers, and more.
Almost any infrastructure type can be represented as a resource in Terraform.

A provider is responsible for understanding API interactions and exposing
resources. Providers generally are an IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS services.

2020-06-04T18:28:13+00:00 biology/vt Discovers short variants from Next Generation Sequencing data
vt is a variant tool set that discovers short variants from Next Generation
Sequencing data.

2020-06-03T22:50:18+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix5-server Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (${PKGNAMESUFFIX:S/^-//}) LTS
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the
health and integrity of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible notification
mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based alerts for virtually
any event. This allows a fast reaction to server problems. Zabbix offers
excellent reporting and data visualisation features based on the stored
data. This makes Zabbix ideal for capacity planning.

2020-06-03T22:50:18+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix5-proxy
2020-06-03T22:50:18+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix5-java
2020-06-03T22:50:18+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix5-frontend
2020-06-03T22:50:18+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix5-agent
2020-06-03T17:50:12+00:00 devel/roswell Common Lisp installer and launcher
Roswell is a lisp implementation manager that aids in installing and using lisp

2020-06-03T05:32:50+00:00 net/p5-URI-Based Define a base URI and then generate variations on it
URI::Based perl module - Define a base URI and then generate variations on it

2020-06-03T03:51:30+00:00 databases/pg_ed25519 PostgreSQL extension for ed25519 sign and verify
PostgreSQL extension for ed25519 sign and verify.

2020-06-02T19:13:48+00:00 databases/py-txredisapi Non-blocking redis client for python
txredisapi is a non-blocking client driver for the redis database, written in
python. It uses twisted for the asynchronous communication with redis.

2020-06-02T18:41:59+00:00 www/logswan Fast Web log analyzer
Logswan is a fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures. It is
targeted at very large log files, typically APIs logs. It has constant memory
usage regardless of the log file size, and takes approximatively 4MB of RAM.

Project design goals include: speed, memory-usage efficiency, and keeping
the code as simple as possible.

2020-06-02T13:12:22+00:00 textproc/py-iso3166 Standalone ISO 3166-1 country definitions
Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions.

2020-06-02T13:00:01+00:00 devel/py3c Py3c helps you port C extensions to Python 3
py3c helps you port C extensions to Python 3.

It provides a detailed guide, and a set of macros
to make porting easy and reduce boilerplate.

2020-06-02T11:23:53+00:00 sysutils/py-salt-2019 Distributed remote execution and configuration management system
Salt : Remote Execution and State Manager

Salt is a powerful remote execution and state manager that can be
used to administer servers in a fast and efficient way.

2020-06-02T08:44:30+00:00 x11/jgmenu Simple X11 menu
Simple, independent and contemporary-looking X11 menu, designed for
scripting, ricing and tweaking.

2020-06-01T21:59:33+00:00 lang/gcc10 GNU Compiler Collection 10
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages.
This port installs the C, C++, and Fortran front ends as gcc10, g++10,
and gfortran10, respectively.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
2020-06-01T17:31:11+00:00 net/pwnat NAT punching tool based on udptunnel
pwnat, pronounced "poe-nat", is a tool that allows any
number of clients behind NATs to communicate with a
server behind a separate NAT with *no* port forwarding
*no* DMZ setup, and *no* 3rd party involvement. The server
does not need to know anything about the clients trying
to connect.

Simply put, this is a proxy server that works behind a NAT,
even when the client is behind a different NAT, without any
3rd party or network changes.

There is no middle man, no proxy, no 3rd party,
no UPnP/STUN/ICE required, no spoofing, and no DNS tricks.

More importantly, the client can then connect to any
host or port on any remote host or to a fixed host and
port decided by the server.

2020-06-01T07:49:40+00:00 games/libretro-yabause Saturn emulator for libretro
Saturn Emulator for libretro.

2020-06-01T07:47:27+00:00 games/libretro-fbneo Final Burn Alpha fork for libretro
Final Burn Alpha fork for libretro.

2020-05-31T21:48:24+00:00 databases/couchdb3 JSON document database with HTTP API and scalable multi-master sync
Apache CouchDB lets you access your data where you need it by defining the
Couch Replication Protocol that is implemented by a variety of projects and
products that span every imaginable computing environment from globally
distributed server-clusters, over mobile phones to web browsers.

2020-05-31T18:15:03+00:00 devel/rubygem-aliyun-sdk Ruby program to facilitate accessing Aliyun Object Storage Service
Alibaba Cloud OSS SDK for Ruby is a Ruby client program for convenient access to
Alibaba Cloud OSS (Object Storage Service) RESTful APIs.

2020-05-31T13:49:28+00:00 mail/py-spf-engine SPF engine for Postfix policy server and milter implemented in Python
This project provides the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) back-end for both
pypolicyd-spf (for which it was originally developed) and an future SPF
milter using pymilter. The goal is to provide a common back-end for common
features for support SPF integration with Postfix and Sendmail using both
the Postfix policy service and the Sendmail milter protocol (also available
with Postfix).

2020-05-31T13:10:32+00:00 graphics/tslib Touchscreen access library
tslib consists of the library *libts* and tools that help you
calibrate and use it in your environment.

2020-05-31T09:23:52+00:00 graphics/mesa-devel Bleeding edge Mesa drivers (OpenGL, Vulkan)
Development branch of Mesa 3D graphics library. Only some drivers are
enabled, so it can co-exist with the stable version.

2020-05-31T07:59:18+00:00 x11-toolkits/py-qt5-chart Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtChart module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the extra QtChart module.

2020-05-30T01:51:29+00:00 www/ilias6 Powerful, dynamic, PHP and MySQL based e-learning platform
ILIAS is a powerful web-based learning management
system that allows users to create, edit and publish
learning and teaching material in an integrated
system with their normal web browsers.

2020-05-30T00:31:39+00:00 net/libiscsi Client-side library to implement the iSCSI protocol
Libiscsi is a client-side library to implement the iSCSI protocol
that can be used to access the resources of an iSCSI target.

The library is fully asynchronous with regards to iSCSI commands
and SCSI tasks, but a synchronous layer is also provided for ease
of use for simpler applications.

2020-05-29T15:45:17+00:00 www/py-djangorestframework311 Django REST framework
Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit that makes
it easy to build Web APIs.

Note: This is the 3.9.x branch which supports Django 1.11 and later

2020-05-29T14:55:14+00:00 math/sympow Mathematical program for SYMmetric POWer elliptic curve L-functions
SYMPOW is a package to compute special values of symmetric power elliptic curve
L-functions. It can compute up to about 64 digits of precision.

2020-05-29T14:52:50+00:00 math/palp Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes
A Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes (PALP) is a set of C programs for
calculations with lattice polytopes and applications to toric geometry.

It contains routines for vertex and facet enumeration, computation of incidences
and symmetries, as well as completion of the set of lattice points in the convex
hull of a given set of points. In addition, there are procedures specialised to
reflexive polytopes such as the enumeration of reflexive subpolytopes, and
applications to toric geometry and string theory, like the computation of Hodge
data and fibration structures for toric Calabi-Yau varieties. The package is
well tested and optimised in speed as it was used for time consuming tasks such
as the classification of reflexive polyhedra in 4 dimensions and the creation
and manipulation of very large lists of 5-dimensional polyhedra.

While originally intended for low-dimensional applications, the algorithms work
in any dimension and our key routine for vertex and facet enumeration compares
well with existing packages.

2020-05-29T03:50:59+00:00 devel/doctest Header-only C++ unit-testing
A fast, feature-rich C++11/14/17/20 single-header testing framework for
unit tests and TDD, inspired by Catch.

2020-05-29T03:46:52+00:00 security/fizz C++14 implementation of the TLS-1.3 standard
Fizz is a TLS 1.3 implementation.

Fizz currently supports TLS 1.3 drafts 28, 26 (both wire-compatible with the
final specification), and 23. All major handshake modes are supported, including
PSK resumption, early data, client authentication, and HelloRetryRequest.

2020-05-29T03:05:51+00:00 www/rubygem-faraday_middleware0 Collection of Ruby Faraday middlewares
Faraday Middleware

Various Faraday middlewares for Faraday-based API wrappers

2020-05-29T03:04:35+00:00 www/rubygem-faraday0 HTTP/REST API client library in Ruby
Faraday is an HTTP client lib that provides a common interface over many
adapters (such as Net::HTTP) and embraces the concept of Rack middleware when
processing the request/response cycle.

2020-05-29T01:56:20+00:00 print/py-pycups1 CUPS bindings for Python
CUPS bindings for Python

2020-05-29T01:27:16+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-rpi3-32
U-Boot loader and related files for the RPi3

For general information about U-Boot see WWW:
2020-05-28T22:05:42+00:00 science/xtb Semiempirical Extended Tight-Binding Program Package
Semiempirical Extended Tight-Binding Program Package

xtb implements a variety of semiempirical, tight-binding, and force field
methods for computational chemistry and materials science.

2020-05-28T20:23:47+00:00 devel/py-hypothesmith Hypothesis strategies for generating Python programs
Hypothesis strategies for generating Python programs, something like CSmith.

2020-05-27T16:18:56+00:00 games/libretro-paralleln64 Improved Nintendo 64 core for libretro
Improved Nintendo 64 core for libretro.

2020-05-27T12:25:16+00:00 devel/py-hvac HashiCorp Vault API client
HVAC is Python client for Hashicorp Vault.

Tested against the latest release, HEAD ref, and 3 previous minor versions
counting back from the latest release of Vault.
Current official support covers Vault v1.1.5 or later.

2020-05-27T07:41:40+00:00 graphics/libglvnd GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
libglvnd is a vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls
between multiple vendors. It allows multiple drivers from different vendors to
coexist on the same filesystem, and determines which vendor to dispatch each
API call to at runtime.

Both GLX and EGL are supported, in any combination with OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

2020-05-26T16:45:24+00:00 science/fastjet Package for jet finding in pp and e+e- collisions
FastJet is a software package for jet finding in pp and e+e- collisions. It
includes fast native implementations of many sequential recombination clustering
algorithms, plugins for access to a range of cone jet finders and tools for
advanced jet manipulation.

2020-05-26T16:21:23+00:00 science/hepmc3 Event record for High Energy Physics Monte Carlo generators/simulation
The HepMC package is an object oriented, C++ event record for High Energy
Physics Monte Carlo generators and simulation. The original code was written
by M. Dobbs and J.B. Hansen (Comput. Phys. Commun. 134 (2001) 41). Since the
first implementation, the package has undergone several modifications and in
particular, the latest HepMC3 series is a completely new rewrite using
currently available C++11 techniques.

2020-05-26T14:02:59+00:00 devel/libantlr4 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (C runtime)
ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, is a language tool that
provides a framework for constructing recognizers, interpreters,
compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing
actions in a variety of target languages. ANTLR provides excellent
support for tree construction, tree walking, translation, error
recovery, and error reporting.

This package provides the ANTLR vv C/C++ runtime library.

2020-05-26T12:11:15+00:00 textproc/py-parse Opposite of format()
parse() is the opposite of format(). It parses strings using a specification
based on the Python format() syntax. The module is set up to only export
parse(), search(), findall(), and with_pattern() when import * is used.

2020-05-26T12:11:05+00:00 net/py-python-glanceclient2 OpenStack Image API Client Library
This is a client library for Glance built on the OpenStack Images API. It
provides a Python API (the glanceclient module) and a command-line tool
(glance). This library fully supports the v1 Images API, while support for the
v2 API is in progress.

2020-05-26T09:00:00+00:00 sysutils/hw-probe Probe for hardware, check operability, and find drivers
A tool to check operability of computer hardware and upload result
to the Linux/*BSD hardware database.

Probe is a snapshot of your computer hardware state and system
logs. The tool checks operability of devices by analysis of logs
and returns a permanent URL to view the probe of the computer.

The tool is intended to simplify collecting of logs necessary for
investigating hardware related problems. Just run one simple
command in the console to check your hardware and collect all the
system logs at once:

sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload

By creating probes you contribute to the HDD/SSD Desktop-Class
Reliability Test study:

2020-05-26T06:55:36+00:00 www/hs-postgrest PostgREST create a REST API to an existing Postgres database
PostgREST is a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database
directly into a RESTful API. The structural constraints and permissions
in the database determine the API endpoints and operations.

2020-05-25T18:00:32+00:00 www/py-httpcore Minimal low-level HTTP client
The HTTP Core package provides a minimal low-level HTTP client, which does one
thing only. Sending HTTP requests.

It does not provide any high level model abstractions over the API, does not
handle redirects, multipart uploads, building authentication headers,
transparent HTTP caching, URL parsing, session cookie handling, content or
charset decoding, handling JSON, environment based configuration defaults, or
any of that Jazz.

Some things HTTP Core does do:
- Sending HTTP requests.
- Provides both sync and async interfaces.
- Supports HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.
- Async backend support for asyncio and trio.
- Automatic connection pooling.
- HTTP(S) proxy support.

2020-05-25T16:36:19+00:00 deskutils/just Just a command runner: handy way to save/run project-specific commands
just is a handy way to save and run project-specific commands.

2020-05-25T11:40:23+00:00 www/py-django-compat For- and backwards compatibility layer for different Django versions
Forward and backwards compatibility layer for different Django versions.

Reasons to use django-compat:

* Be able to use LTS versions of Django and support newer versions in an app
* Use features from newer Django versions in an old one
* Manage and master the gap between different framework versions

2020-05-25T04:17:23+00:00 sysutils/ipget Retrieve files over IPFS and save them locally
ipget is a standalone program analogous to GNU wget. Unlike wget though, ipget
specializes in downloading files and directory structures from the IPFS network.

ipget includes its own IPFS node, so you don't need IPFS installed on your
system. This makes it ideal for users and projects that want a simple utility
for whenever they want to retrieve files from IPFS.

2020-05-24T18:44:31+00:00 www/threejs JavaScript 3D library
The aim of this JavaScript 3D library is to create an easy to use, lightweight,
3D library with a default WebGL renderer. The library also provides Canvas 2D,
SVG and CSS3D renderers in the examples.

2020-05-24T09:13:34+00:00 devel/electron5 Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It's easier than you think.

If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app. Electron is a
framework for creating native applications with web technologies like
JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can
focus on the core of your application.

2020-05-24T06:20:38+00:00 multimedia/get_iplayer Search, index, or stream archive video from BBC iPlayer
This tool allows you to search, index, and record/stream:

BBC iPlayer TV - up to 5200 kbps HD 720p H.264 / Quicktime / MP4
BBC iPlayer Radio - up to 340 kbps AAC / MP4
BBC iPlayer TV subtitles - SubRip / srt

None of the above content is /protected/ by DRM. get_iplayer cannot remove DRM.

2020-05-23T21:13:46+00:00 textproc/py-jc Converts output of popular command-line tools and file-types to JSON
JSONifies the output of many CLI tools and file-types
for easier parsing in scripts.

2020-05-23T20:55:15+00:00 misc/py-onnx Open Neural Network eXchange
Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) is an open ecosystem that empowers AI
developers to choose the right tools as their project evolves. ONNX provides an
open source format for AI models, both deep learning and traditional ML. It
defines an extensible computation graph model, as well as definitions of
built-in operators and standard data types. Currently we focus on the
capabilities needed for inferencing (scoring).

ONNX is widely supported and can be found in many frameworks, tools, and
hardware. Enabling interoperability between different frameworks and
streamlining the path from research to production helps increase the speed of
innovation in the AI community. We invite the community to join us and further
evolve ONNX.

2020-05-23T18:28:12+00:00 security/cfssl CloudFlares PKI and TLS toolkit
CFSSL is CloudFlare's PKI/TLS swiss army knife. It is both a command line tool
and an HTTP API server for signing, verifying, and bundling TLS certificates.

2020-05-23T16:31:33+00:00 math/rubiks Several programs for working with Rubik's cubes
There are several programs for working with Rubik's cubes, by three
different people. These are required by SageMath.

2020-05-23T10:39:50+00:00 devel/golangci-lint Linters Runner for Go
GolangCI-Lint is a linters aggregator. It's fast, on average 5 times
faster than gometalinter. It's easy to integrate and use, has nice
output and has a minimum number of false positives. It supports go

2020-05-23T10:32:56+00:00 games/cataclysm-dda-tiles
2020-05-23T10:28:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-request_store14 RequestStore gives you per-request global storage
RequestStore gives you per-request global storage.

2020-05-23T06:57:49+00:00 cad/ifcopenshell Open source IFC library and geometry engine
IfcOpenShell is an open source (LGPL) software library for working with the
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format. Currently supported IFC
releases are IFC2x3 TC1 and [IFC4 Add2 TC1].

2020-05-23T06:22:07+00:00 devel/py-loguru Python logging made (stupidly) simple
Loguru is a library which aims to bring enjoyable logging in Python.

Did you ever feel lazy about configuring a logger and used print() instead?... I
did, yet logging is fundamental to every application and eases the process of
debugging. Using Loguru you have no excuse not to use logging from the start,
this is as simple as from loguru import logger.

Also, this library is intended to make Python logging less painful by adding a
bunch of useful functionalities that solve caveats of the standard loggers.
Using logs in your application should be an automatism, Loguru tries to make it
both pleasant and powerful.

2020-05-23T00:50:20+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx-autodoc-typehints Type hints (PEP 484) support for the Sphinx autodoc extension
This extension allows you to use Python 3 annotations for documenting
acceptable argument types and return value types of functions. This allows you
to use type hints in a very natural fashion.

2020-05-23T00:47:50+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx-autoapi Sphinx API documentation generator
Sphinx AutoAPI provides "autodoc" style documentation for multiple
programming languages without needing to load, run, or import the
project being documented.

2020-05-22T00:34:33+00:00 lang/halide Halide, a language for fast and portable data-parallel computation
Halide is a new programming language designed to make it easier to write
high-performance image processing code on modern machines. Its current front
end is embedded in C++. Compiler targets include x86/SSE, ARM v7/NEON, CUDA,
and OpenCL.

Rather than being a standalone programming language, Halide is embedded in C++.
This means you write C++ code that builds an in-memory representation of a
Halide pipeline using Halide's C++ API. You can then compile this representation
to an object file, or JIT-compile it and run it in the same process.

2020-05-21T21:46:56+00:00 devel/tllist C header file only implementation of a typed linked list
Most C implementations of linked list are untyped. That is, their data carriers
are typically void *. This is error prone since your compiler will not be able
to help you correct your mistakes (oh, was it a pointer-to-a-pointer... I
thought it was just a pointer...).

tllist addresses this by using pre-processor macros to implement dynamic types,
where the data carrier is typed to whatever you want; both primitive data types
are supported as well as aggregated ones such as structs, enums and unions.

Being a double-linked list, most operations are constant in time (including
pushing and popping both to/from front and back).

The memory overhead is fairly small; each item carries, besides its data, a
prev and next pointer (i.e. a constant 16 byte overhead per item on 64-bit

The list itself has a head and a tail pointer, plus a length variable
(typically 8 bytes on 64-bit architectures) to make list length lookup constant
in time.

Thus, assuming 64-bit pointers (and a 64-bit size_t type), the total overhead
is 3*8 + n*2*8 bytes.

2020-05-21T20:26:36+00:00 net/gscloud Official command-line interface for gridscale's API written in Go
The official command-line interface for the gridscale API. Currently it has
support to control Kubernetes (k8s) services.

2020-05-21T20:15:05+00:00 devel/py-gs_api_client Official Python wrapper for gridscale's API
This the official Python wrapper for gridscale's API. It allows you to manage
your own infrastructure from your own applications, or from the command line.

2020-05-21T05:40:11+00:00 sysutils/hostctl Command-line tool to manage your hosts file
CLI tool to manage your hosts file with ease. You can have multiple
profiles, enable/disable exactly what you need each time with a simple

2020-05-21T05:33:00+00:00 textproc/git-chglog CHANGELOG generator implemented in Go
Easily generate CHANGELOGs for Git repositories with high flexibility
and customizability to your likings.

2020-05-21T01:28:34+00:00 devel/py-azure-loganalytics Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Client Library.

Log Analytics is the primary tool in the Azure portal for writing log queries
and interactively analyzing their results. Even if a log query is used
elsewhere in Azure Monitor, you'll typically write and test the query first
using Log Analytics.

2020-05-20T09:21:57+00:00 sysutils/xpipe Split input and feed it into the given utility
The xpipe command reads input from stdin and splits it by the given number of
bytes, lines, or if matching the given pattern. It then invokes the given
utility repeatedly, feeding it the generated data chunks as input. You can
think of it as a Unix love-child of the split(1), tee(1), and xargs(1)

2020-05-20T05:16:15+00:00 games/libretro-cap32 Amstrad CPC computers emulator core for libretro API
Amstrad CPC computers emulator core for libretro API

2020-05-20T05:13:38+00:00 games/libretro-fmsx Port of fMSX to the libretro API
Port of fMSX to the libretro API.

2020-05-20T05:10:25+00:00 games/libretro-mu PalmOS emulator to the libretro API
Palm OS emulator for libretro API

2020-05-20T01:52:05+00:00 net-p2p/transmission-utils
Transmission-utils iclude the tools to create and manipulate torrent files.

Transmission has been built from the ground up to be a lightweight, yet
powerful BitTorrent client. Its simple, intuitive interface is designed to
integrate tightly with whatever computing environment you choose to use.
Transmission strikes a balance between providing useful functionality
without feature bloat. Furthermore, it is free for anyone to use or modify.

2020-05-19T23:29:31+00:00 devel/py-jupyterlab-server JupyterLab Server
The application author creates a JupyterLab build on their machine using the
core JupyterLab application. They can then serve their files by subclassing the
LabServerApp with the appropriate configuration and creating a Python entry
point that launches the app.

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 textproc/rubygem-unicode_plot Plot your data by Unicode characters
UnicodePlot provides the feature to make charts with Unicode characters.

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 textproc/gitlab-elasticsearch-indexer Elasticsearch indexer for GitLab
Indexes Git repositories into Elasticsearch for GitLab.

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 security/rubygem-lockbox Modern encryption for Rails
Modern encryption for Rails.
- Uses state-of-the-art algorithms
- Works with database fields, files, and strings
- Makes migrating existing data and key rotation easy

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 math/rubygem-ruby-statistics Library with statistical capabilities
This gem is intended to accomplish the same purpose as jStat js
library: to provide ruby with statistical capabilities without the
need of a statistical programming language like R or Octave.
Some functions and capabilities are an implementation from other
authors and are referenced properly in the class/method.

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 math/rubygem-enumerable-statistics Statistics features for Enumerable
Enumerable::Statistics provides some methods to calculate statistical
summary in arrays and enumerables.

2020-05-19T19:04:53+00:00 devel/rubygem-mini_histogram Makes histograms out of Ruby data
It makes histograms out of Ruby data.

2020-05-19T18:24:13+00:00 textproc/py-fastavro Fast AVRO for Python
Fast Avro support for Python provides:
* Rich data structures.
* A compact, fast, binary data format.
* A container file, to store persistent data.
* Remote procedure call (RPC).
* Simple integration with dynamic languages.

2020-05-19T05:10:42+00:00 devel/py-copier Library for rendering project templates
Copier is a library for rendering project templates.
- Works with local paths and git URLs.
- Your project can include any file and Copier can dynamically replace values in
any kind of text file.
- It generates a beautiful output and takes care of not overwrite existing files
unless instructed to do so.

2020-05-18T22:05:38+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-napoleon Sphinx extension that parses both NumPy and Google style docstrings
Napoleon is a pre-processor that parses NumPy and Google style docstrings and
converts them to reStructuredText before Sphinx attempts to parse them. This
happens in an intermediate step while Sphinx is processing the documentation,
so it doesn't modify any of the docstrings in your actual source code files.

2020-05-18T22:05:00+00:00 devel/py-pockets Collection of helpful Python tools
Pockets is full of highly tested, well maintained Python helper functions.

2020-05-18T07:36:40+00:00 graphics/viu Simple terminal image viewer written in Rust
Small command-line application to view images from the terminal
written in Rust. It uses lower half blocks (\u2584) to fit 2 pixels
into a single cell by adjusting foreground and background colours

When run, viu will check the value of $COLORTERM. If it contains
either truecolor or 24bit, truecolor (16 million colors) will be
used. If not, it will fallback to using only ansi256.

2020-05-17T20:31:16+00:00 math/py-pplpy Python wrapper to the C++ Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL)
This Python package provides a wrapper to the C++ Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL).

The whole package started as a fork of a tiny part of the Sage software.

2020-05-17T20:28:46+00:00 math/py-gmpy2-devel GMP, MPFR, and MPC interface to Python - devel version
C-coded Python extension module that supports multiple-precision arithmetic.
In addition to supporting GMP or MPIR for multiple-precision integer and
rational arithmetic, gmpy2 adds support for the MPFR (correctly rounded real
floating-point arithmetic) and MPC (correctly rounded complex floating-point
arithmetic) libraries.

This is the -devel version, to be removed when 2.1 will be the new stable.

2020-05-17T20:19:09+00:00 audio/strawberry Fork of clementine with many features
Strawberry is a fork of clementine with many features.

2020-05-17T18:25:23+00:00 devel/py-pytest-black-multipy Allow --black on older Pythons
pytest-black-multipy is a wrapper around pytest-black to allow projects on older
Python versions to use the --black paremeter.

2020-05-17T18:25:14+00:00 devel/py-oslo.utils3 Oslo Utility library
The oslo utils library provides support for common utility type functions, such
as encoding, exception handling, string manipulation, and time handling.

2020-05-17T18:07:12+00:00 textproc/rubygem-sassc22 Use libsass with Ruby
SassC combines the speed of libsass, the Sass C implementation, with the ease of
use of the original Ruby Sass library.

2020-05-17T08:35:19+00:00 sysutils/py-rdiff-backup Easy to use and efficient backup and restore utility
rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another, possibly over a network. The
target directory ends up a copy of the source directory, but extra reverse
diffs are stored in a special subdirectory of that target directory, so you
can still recover files lost some time ago. The idea is to combine the best
features of a mirror and an incremental backup. rdiff-backup also preserves
subdirectories, hard links, dev files, permissions, uid/gid ownership (if it
is running as root), and modification times. Finally, rdiff-backup can operate
in a bandwidth efficient manner over a pipe, like rsync. Thus you can use
rdiff-backup and ssh to securely back a hard drive up to a remote location,
and only the differences will be transmitted.

2020-05-17T05:29:22+00:00 deskutils/hs-arbtt Completely automatic time tracker for X11 desktop
The Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker is a desktop daemon that runs in
the background and, every minute, records what windows are open on
your desktop, what their titles are, which one is active. The
accompanied statistics program lets you derive information from this
log file, i.e. what how much of your time have you been spending with
e-mail, or what projects are your largest time wasters. The mapping
from the raw window titles to sensible "tags" is done by a
configuration file with an powerful syntax.

2020-05-16T21:28:35+00:00 audio/jacktrip Multi-machine audio network performance over the Internet
JackTrip is a multi-machine audio system used for network music performance
over the Internet.

It supports any number of channels (as many as the computer/network can handle)
of bidirectional, high quality, uncompressed audio signal streaming.

You can use it between any combination of machines e.g., one end using Linux
can connect to another using Mac OSX.

2020-05-16T19:47:32+00:00 x11/virglrenderer VirGL virtual OpenGL renderer
Virgil is a research project to investigate the possibility of creating a
virtual 3D GPU for use inside qemu virtual machines, that allows the guest
operating system to use the capabilities of the host GPU to accelerate 3D
rendering. The plan is to have a guest GPU that is fully independent of the
host GPU.

2020-05-16T15:45:35+00:00 irc/komanda-cli Komanda command-line IRC client
Sister app of, an IRC
client for developers built in go.

Sister app of, an IRC
client for developers built in go.

2020-05-16T10:50:07+00:00 net/rubygem-uri Provide classes to handle Uniform Resource Identifiers
URI is a module providing classes to handle Uniform Resource Identifiers (RFC

2020-05-16T10:50:02+00:00 math/rubygem-matrix Implementation of Matrix and Vector classes
Matrix is an implementation of Matrix and Vector classes.

The Matrix class represents a mathematical matrix. It provides methods for
creating matrices, operating on them arithmetically and algebraically, and
determining their mathematical properties (trace, rank, inverse, determinant,
eigensystem, etc.).

The Vector class represents a mathematical vector, which is useful in its own
right, and also constitutes a row or column of a Matrix.

2020-05-16T10:49:56+00:00 devel/rubygem-strscan Provide lexical scanning operations on a String
StringScanner provides for lexical scanning operations on a String.

2020-05-16T10:49:50+00:00 devel/rubygem-getoptlong GetoptLong for Ruby
The GetoptLong class allows you to parse command line options similarly to the
GNU getopt_long() C library call. Note, however, that GetoptLong is a pure Ruby

GetoptLong allows for POSIX-style options like --file as well as single letter
options like -f

The empty option -- (two minus symbols) is used to end option processing. This
can be particularly important if options have optional arguments.

2020-05-16T10:49:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-macie2 Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Macie 2
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Macie 2.

2020-05-16T10:49:37+00:00 science/py-liac-arff Read and write ARFF files in Python
The liac-arff module implements functions to read and write ARFF files in
Python. It was created in the Connectionist Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(LIAC), which takes place at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
(UFRGS), in Brazil.

ARFF (Attribute-Relation File Format) is an file format specially created for
describe datasets which are used commonly for machine learning experiments and
softwares. This file format was created to be used in Weka, the best
representative software for machine learning automated experiments.

2020-05-16T10:49:17+00:00 devel/py-oslo.i18n3 Oslo i18n library
The oslo.i18n library contain utilities for working with internationalization
(i18n) features, especially translation for text strings in an application or

2020-05-16T04:35:22+00:00 print/py-frescobaldi Music score editor for lilypond
Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music text editor for KDE4. It aims to be
powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use. Frescobaldi is Free Software,
available under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).

2020-05-16T03:11:05+00:00 biology/py-hits Utilities for processing high-throughput sequencing experiments
Utilities for processing high-throughput sequencing experiments.

2020-05-16T02:25:35+00:00 biology/py-scikit-bio Data structures, algorithms, educational resources for bioinformatics
scikit-bio is an open-source python package providing data structures,
algorithms, and educational resources for bioinformatics.

2020-05-16T00:40:53+00:00 math/py-hdmedians High-dimensional medians
High-dimensional medians (medoid, geometric median, etc.).
Fast implementations in Python.

2020-05-16T00:14:16+00:00 biology/py-pandas-charm Library for getting character matrices into and out of pandas
pandas-charm is a small Python package for getting character matrices
(alignments) into and out of pandas. Use this library to make pandas
interoperable with BioPython and DendroPy.

2020-05-16T00:13:09+00:00 biology/py-ete3 Framework for the analysis and visualization of trees
ETE is a Python programming toolkit that assists in the automated manipulation,
analysis and visualization of phylogenetic trees. It provides a wide range of
tree handling options, node annotation features and specialized features to deal
with phylogenetic trees (i.e automatic orthology and paralogy detection,
phylostratigraphy, tree reconciliation, etc). ETE implements also an interactive
tree visualization system based on a a highly customizable tree drawing engine
(PDF and SVG tree images). Although ETE is developed as a tool for phylogenetic
analysis, it is also used to handle other types of hierarchical trees
(i.e. clustering results).

2020-05-15T21:05:52+00:00 math/py-cypari2 Python interface to the number theory library PARI/GP
A Python interface to the number theory library PARI/GP.

2020-05-15T04:58:27+00:00 biology/scrm Coalescent simulator for biological sequences
scrm simulates the evolution of genetic sequences. It takes a neutral
evolutionary model as input, and generates random sequences that evolved under
the model. As coalescent simulator, it traces the ancestry of the sampled
sequences backwards in time and is therefore extremely efficient. Compared to
other coalescent simulators, it can simulate chromosome-scale sequences without
a measureable reduction of genetic linkage between different sites.

2020-05-15T03:33:39+00:00 science/py-moltemplate Tool to prepare simulations of molecules, complex molecular assemblies
Moltemplate is a general cross-platform text-based molecule builder for LAMMPS,
an extremely flexible and customizable molecular dynamics engine.

Moltemplate was designed for inventing new kinds of complex coarse-grained toy
models of molecules, molecular machines, and assemblies. However it is well
suited for preparing realistic all-atom simulations as well. It supports a wide
variety of existing force fields and models including: OPLS, AMBER(GAFF,GAFF2),
COMPASS, LOPLS(2015), EFF, TraPPE(1998), MOLC, mW, ELBA(water), and oxDNA2.
However it can be used to build molecules using any of the force fields (and
atom styles) available in LAMMPS, including new force fields created by
modifying the LAMMPS source code. Molecules can be copied, combined, and linked
together as building-blocks to define new molecules (hierarchically). Once
built, individual molecules and subunits can be customized (atoms, bonds, and
subunits can be moved and deleted). Moltemplate is currently interoperable with:
VMD , PACKMOL , OVITO , CellPACK , VIPSTER , and the ATB molecule server
(by using the converter).

2020-05-14T17:52:40+00:00 x11/plasma-wayland-protocols Plasma Specific Protocols for Wayland
Plasma Wayland Protocols

This project should be installing only the xml files of the non-standard
wayland protocols we use in Plasma.

They are installed to $PREFIX/share/plasma-wayland-protocols.

2020-05-14T01:05:34+00:00 science/ergo Quantum chemistry program for large-scale atomic calculations
Ergo is a quantum chemistry program for large-scale self-consistent
field calculations.

Key features of the Ergo program:
* Performs electronic structure calculations using Hartree-Fock and
Kohn-Sham density functional theory.
* Written in C++.
* Uses Gaussian basis sets.
* Both core and valence electrons are included in the calculations.
* Both restricted and unrestricted models are implemented for energy
* Implements a broad range of both pure and hybrid Kohn-Sham density
* Employs modern linear scaling techniques like fast multipole
methods, hierarchic sparse matrix algebra, density matrix
purification, and efficient integral screening.
* Linear scaling is achieved not only in terms of CPU usage but also
memory utilization.
* The time consuming parts of the code are currently parallelized
using the shared-memory paradigm.

2020-05-13T20:37:00+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rouge318 Simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments
Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for

2020-05-13T20:36:55+00:00 devel/py-oslo.serialization2 Oslo Serialization library
The oslo.serialization library provides support for representing objects
in transmittable and storable formats, such as Base64, JSON and MessagePack.

2020-05-13T20:22:50+00:00 textproc/py-line-protocol-parser Parses InfluxDB line protocol strings into Python dictionaries
The InfluxDB line protocol is a text based format for writing points to
InfluxDB. This library can read this format and convert line strings to
Python dicitonaries.

2020-05-13T20:10:01+00:00 math/py-fpylll Python interface for fplll
A Python wrapper for fplll.

2020-05-13T20:08:42+00:00 devel/py-cysignals Interrupt and signal handling for Cython
When writing Cython code, special care must be taken to ensure that the code can
be interrupted with CTRL-C. Since Cython optimizes for speed, Cython normally
does not check for interrupts. For example, code like the following cannot be
interrupted in Cython:

while True:

The cysignals package provides mechanisms to handle interrupts (and other
signals and errors) in Cython code.

2020-05-13T14:45:49+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng327 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2020-05-13T07:34:51+00:00 net-p2p/openethereum Fast and feature-rich multi-network Ethereum client
OpenEthereum is a fast and feature-rich multi-network Ethereum client.

Built for mission-critical use: miners, service providers, and
exchanges need fast synchronisation and maximum uptime.

OpenEthereum provides the core infrastructure essential for
speedy and reliable services.

* Clean, modular codebase for easy customisation
* Advanced CLI-based client
* Minimal memory and storage footprint
* Synchronise in hours, not days with Warp Sync
* Modular for light integration into your service or product

2020-05-12T22:25:55+00:00 devel/rubygem-webpacker4-rails50 Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
Webpacker makes it easy to use the JavaScript preprocessor and bundler Webpack
to manage application-like JavaScript in Rails. It coexists with the asset
pipeline, as the primary purpose for Webpack is app-like JavaScript, not images,
css, or even JavaScript Sprinkles (that all continues to live in app/assets). It
is, however, possible to use Webpacker for CSS and images assets as well, in
which case you may not even need the asset pipeline. This is mostly relevant
when exclusively using component-based JavaScript frameworks.

2020-05-12T22:25:00+00:00 devel/rubygem-webpacker4-rails5 Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
Webpacker makes it easy to use the JavaScript preprocessor and bundler Webpack
to manage application-like JavaScript in Rails. It coexists with the asset
pipeline, as the primary purpose for Webpack is app-like JavaScript, not images,
css, or even JavaScript Sprinkles (that all continues to live in app/assets). It
is, however, possible to use Webpacker for CSS and images assets as well, in
which case you may not even need the asset pipeline. This is mostly relevant
when exclusively using component-based JavaScript frameworks.

2020-05-12T22:24:22+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-websupport11 Sphinx API for Web Apps
sphinxcontrib-webuspport provides a Python API to
easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your Web application.

2020-05-12T08:26:29+00:00 sysutils/lsd Pretty ls alternative with support for icons
LSD (LSDelux) is an alternative to ls that supports icons. This project is
heavily inspired by the super colorls project but with some little differences.
For example it is written in rust and not in ruby which makes it much faster.

2020-05-11T23:51:58+00:00 textproc/py-sphinx18 Python documentation generator
Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful
documentation for Python projects, written by Georg Brandl and licensed
under the BSD license.

2020-05-11T23:21:52+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-qthelp Sphinx extension which outputs QtHelp document
sphinxcontrib-qthelp is a sphinx extension which outputs QtHelp document.

2020-05-11T23:19:52+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp Sphinx extension which renders HTML help files
sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp is a sphinx extension which renders HTML help files.

2020-05-11T23:17:42+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml Sphinx extension which outputs serialized HTML files (json and pickle)
sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml is a sphinx extension which outputs serialized
HTML files (json and pickle).

2020-05-11T20:22:35+00:00 net/py-python-keystoneclient3 Client Library for OpenStack Identity
This is a client for the OpenStack Identity API, implemented by the Keystone
team; it contains a Python API (the keystoneclient module) for OpenStack's
Identity Service. For command line interface support, use OpenStackClient.

2020-05-10T03:43:26+00:00 www/gophernicus Modern full-featured and secure Gopher daemon
Gophernicus is a modern full-featured and secure Gopher daemon

- runs under various super-servers (inetd, xinetd)
- optionally provides executable gophermaps and scripts
- optionally provides access to user's ~/public_gopher/

2020-05-09T15:15:00+00:00 databases/py-pymemcache Comprehensive, fast, pure-Python memcached client
A comprehensive, fast, pure-Python memcached client.

pymemcache supports the following features:

* Complete implementation of the memcached text protocol.
* Configurable timeouts for socket connect and send/recv calls.
* Access to the "noreply" flag, which can significantly increase the speed of
* Flexible, modular and simple approach to serialization and deserialization.
* The (optional) ability to treat network and memcached errors as cache

2020-05-09T13:47:28+00:00 devel/py-keystoneauth13 Authentication Library for OpenStack Identity
This package contains tools for authenticating to an OpenStack-based cloud.
These tools include:

- Authentication plugins (password, token, and federation based)
- Discovery mechanisms to determine API version support
- A session that is used to maintain client settings across requests
(based on the requests Python library)

2020-05-09T13:46:57+00:00 devel/py-contextvars PEP 567 backport
contextvars implements a backport of Python 3.7 contextvars module (see PEP 567)
for Python 3.6.

2020-05-09T12:20:57+00:00 www/gopherus Classic text interface to the gopherspace
Gopherus is a free, multiplatform, console-mode gopher client that
provides a classic text interface to the gopherspace.

2020-05-09T10:04:31+00:00 devel/dtool Command-line tool collection to assist development
Plethora of development tools for different conversions e.g. numeric,
hex, hash, AES encrypt/decrypt, ECDSA, regex matching and much more.

2020-05-09T08:53:51+00:00 devel/notcurses TUI library for modern terminal emulators
notcurses is a library for building complex, vibrant textual user interfaces
(TUIs) on modern terminal emulators. It does not use Ncurses (though it does
make use of libtinfo from that package), nor is it an X/Open Curses
source-compatible replacement. It is written in C, with C++-safe headers.
Rust, C++, and Python wrappers are available.

2020-05-08T20:46:51+00:00 www/py-beautifulsoup448 HTML/XML Parser for Python
Beautiful Soup parses arbitrarily invalid XML- or HTML-like substance
into a tree representation. It provides methods and Pythonic idioms
that make it easy to search and modify the tree.

A well-formed XML/HTML document will yield a well-formed data
structure. An ill-formed XML/HTML document will yield a
correspondingly ill-formed data structure. If your document is only
locally well-formed, you can use this library to find and process the
well-formed part of it. The BeautifulSoup class has heuristics for
obtaining a sensible parse tree in the face of common HTML errors.

2020-05-08T20:46:45+00:00 math/py-snuggs S-expressions for Numpy
Snuggs are s-expressions for Numpy.

2020-05-08T20:46:40+00:00 math/py-affine Matrices describing affine transformation of the plane
Affine package is derived from Casey Duncan's Planar package.

2020-05-08T20:46:34+00:00 graphics/py-rasterio Fast and direct raster I/O for use with Numpy and SciPy
Rasterio reads and writes geospatial raster data.

Geographic information systems use GeoTIFF and other formats to organize and
store gridded, or raster, datasets. Rasterio reads and writes these formats and
provides a Python API based on N-D arrays.

2020-05-08T20:46:28+00:00 graphics/py-cogdumper Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) dumper
COG Dumper is a python utility to extract a tile from a Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF
(COG) without decompressing the contained data. Tiff data can be hosted locally,
on a web server or S3.

This can be useful for serving compressed tiles from a TIFF without invoking
Rasterio and GDAL. This utility has been tested with Tiff that have JPEG

2020-05-08T20:46:23+00:00 devel/py-oslo.log3 Oslo Log library
The oslo.log (logging) configuration library provides standardized
configuration for all openstack projects. It also provides custom formatters,
handlers and support for context specific logging.

2020-05-08T16:49:28+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-qemu-arm64
U-Boot loader for QEMU arm64

To use this bootloader to boot a FreeBSD aarch64 image, install emulators/qemu
and execute it as eg:

qemu-system-aarch64 -M virt -cpu cortex-a57 -m 512m -nographic -bios /usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-qemu-arm64/u-boot.bin -hda FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT-arm64-aarch64-RPI3-20200409-r359731.img

For general information about U-Boot see WWW:
2020-05-08T12:13:44+00:00 sysutils/go-btfs First Scalable Decentralized Storage System
BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a protocol forked from IPFS that utilizes
the TRON network and the BitTorrent Ecosystem for integration with DApps and
smart contracts.

2020-05-08T08:47:26+00:00 www/py-httpx Next generation HTTP client
HTTPX is a fully featured HTTP client for Python 3, which provides sync and
async APIs, and support for both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

2020-05-08T08:47:20+00:00 devel/py-sniffio Sniff out which async library your code is running under
sniffio is a tiny package whose only purpose is to let you detect which async
library your code is running under.

2020-05-08T08:47:14+00:00 devel/py-pyperf Run and analyze benchmarks
The Python pyperf module is a toolkit to write, run and analyze benchmarks.

- Simple API to run reliable benchmarks
- Automatically calibrate a benchmark for a time budget.
- Spawn multiple worker processes.
- Compute the mean and standard deviation.
- Detect if a benchmark result seems unstable.
- JSON format to store benchmark results.
- Support multiple units: seconds, bytes and integer.

2020-05-08T08:47:08+00:00 devel/py-os-brick2 OpenStack Cinder brick library for managing local volume attaches
OpenStack Cinder brick library for managing local volume attaches

- Discovery of volumes being attached to a host for many transport protocols.
- Removal of volumes from a host.

2020-05-08T08:47:02+00:00 devel/py-curio
Curio is a coroutine-based library for concurrent Python systems programming. It
provides standard programming abstractions such as as tasks, sockets, files,
locks, and queues. It works on Unix and Windows. You'll find it to be familiar,
small, fast, and fun.

2020-05-08T08:46:55+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Metrics-Any Assert that code produces metrics via Metrics::Any
Test::Metrics::Any helps write unit tests which assert that the code under test
reports metrics via Metrics::Any.

Loading this module automatically sets the Metrics::Any::Adapter type to Test.

2020-05-08T08:46:49+00:00 devel/p5-Metrics-Any Abstract collection of monitoring metrics
Metrics::Any provides a central location for modules to report monitoring
metrics, such as counters of the number of times interesting events have
happened, and programs to collect up and send those metrics to monitoring

Inspired by Log::Any, this module splits the overall problem into two sides.
Modules wishing to provide metrics for monitoring purposes can use the use
Metrics::Any statement to obtain a collector into which they can report metric
events. By default this collector doesn't actually do anything, so modules can
easily use it without adding extra specific dependencies for specific reporting.

A program using one or more such modules can apply a different policy and
request a particular adapter implementation in order to actually report these
metrics to some external system, by using the use Metrics::Any::Adapter

This separation of concerns allows module authors to write code which will
report metrics without needing to care about the exact mechanism of that
reporting (as well as to write code which does not itself depend on the code
required to perform that reporting).

2020-05-08T07:39:26+00:00 dns/dnscontrol Synchronize your DNS to multiple providers from a simple DSL
DNSControl is an opinionated platform for seamlessly managing your DNS
configuration across any number of DNS hosts, both in the cloud or in your
own infrastructure. It manages all of the domains for the Stack Overflow
network, and can do the same for you!

2020-05-08T05:19:05+00:00 devel/py-cppy Collection of C++ headers to write Python C extension modules
A small C++ header library which makes it easier to write Python extension
modules. The primary feature is a PyObject smart pointer which automatically
handles reference counting and provides convenience methods for performing
common object operations.

2020-05-08T00:13:18+00:00 misc/darknet Open source neural networks in C
Darknet is an open source neural network framework written in C and CUDA. It is
fast, easy to install, and supports CPU and GPU computation.

2020-05-08T00:11:43+00:00 x11-themes/numix-icon-theme Official base icon theme from the Numix Project
Numix is the official icon theme from the Numix Project. It is heavily
inspired by, and based upon parts of the Elementary, Humanity and
Gnome icon themes. Numix is designed to be used along-side an
application icon theme like Numix Circle or Numix Square.

2020-05-07T22:51:16+00:00 devel/libopentracing
2020-05-07T11:10:39+00:00 sysutils/rundeck3 Web-console for dispatching commands and scripts to your nodes
Welcome to Rundeck, the human interface to your operations. Rundeck
features fine-grain access controls, a built-in job scheduler, and the
ability to define workflows that dispatch commands and scripts to your

2020-05-07T11:10:39+00:00 sysutils/rundeck2 Web-console for dispatching commands and scripts to your nodes
Welcome to Rundeck, the human interface to your operations. Rundeck
features fine-grain access controls, a built-in job scheduler, and the
ability to define workflows that dispatch commands and scripts to your

2020-05-07T01:50:43+00:00 finance/odoo Suite of web based open source business apps
Odoo is a suite of web based open source business apps.

The main Odoo Apps include an Open Source CRM, Website Builder, eCommerce,
Warehouse Management, Project Management, Billing & Accounting, Point of Sale,
Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc

Odoo Apps can be used as stand-alone applications, but they also integrate
seamlessly so you get a full-featured Open Source ERP when you install several

2020-05-06T15:15:47+00:00 graphics/py-qrencode Simple wrapper for the C qrencode library
A wrapper for C qrencode library

2020-05-06T13:11:49+00:00 devel/gradle62 Project automation tool
Gradle is build automation evolved.

Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment
and more of software packages or other types of projects such as
generated static websites, generated documentation or indeed anything

Gradle combines the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency
management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to
build. Powered by a Groovy DSL and packed with innovation, Gradle
provides a declarative way to describe all kinds of builds through
sensible defaults. Gradle is quickly becoming the build system of
choice for many open source projects, leading edge enterprises and
legacy automation challenges.

2020-05-06T05:11:58+00:00 devel/py-tooz1 Coordination library for distributed systems
The Tooz project aims at centralizing the most common distributed primitives
like group membership protocol, lock service and leader election by providing a
coordination API helping developers to build distributed applications.

2020-05-05T10:06:08+00:00 emulators/simh-hpdoc Documentation for emulators of classic HP 2100 and HP 3000 computers
This is the generic documentation for the HP 2100 and HP 3000
simulators. It is packaged separately to avoid conflicts and
duplications between the individual simulator packages.

2020-05-05T09:16:52+00:00 mail/mmh CLI mail user agent, fork from nmh
Mmh is a modified version of the electronic mail handling system nmh.
Nmh (new MH) itself was originally based on the package MH-6.8.3, and
was intended to be a (mostly) compatible drop-in replacement for MH.
In contrast, mmh is not intended to be a drop-in replacement for nmh,
but rather aims for the modernization and simplification of nmh,
accepting reduced compatiblity if it, at the same time, allows to
achieve greater goals from mmh's point of view.

2020-05-05T07:55:32+00:00 net-im/purple-rocketchat Rocket.Chat Plugin for libpurple
purple-rocketchat adds support for Rocket.Chat to libpurple clients, such as

2020-05-05T07:35:27+00:00 sysutils/zoxide Fast cd alternative that learns your habits
zoxide is a new cd alternative inspired by z and z.lua. It keeps track of the
directories you use most frequently, and uses a ranking algorithm to navigate
to the best match.

2020-05-05T07:21:34+00:00 lang/gcc11-devel GNU Compiler Collection 11
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages.
This port installs the C, C++, and Fortran front ends as gcc11, g++11,
and gfortran11, respectively.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
2020-05-05T03:20:54+00:00 sysutils/ebsnvme-id Exposes information about NVMe disks on EC2
This is a replacement for the "ebsnvme-id" tool in Amazon Linux, with
the addition of handling for Instance Store disks and devd+rc.d scripts
for maintaining a /dev/aws/disk/ hierarchy of useful symlinks.

2020-05-05T01:19:23+00:00 science/votca CSG and XTP: libraries for atomistic simulations
The Votca package contains two libraries:
* VOTCA-CSG, a library which provides tools to develop coarse-grained potentials
from atomistic simulation data
* VOTCA-XTP, a library designed to determine electronic properties of organic
materials from atomistic MD-trajectories.

2020-05-05T01:17:37+00:00 math/flexfloat C library for the emulation of reduced-precision floating point types
FlexFloat is a C library for the emulation of reduced-precision floating point

2020-05-04T20:47:51+00:00 math/zn_poly C library for polynomial arithmetic
zn_poly is a C library for polynomial arithmetic in Z/nZ[x], where n is any
modulus that fits into an unsigned long.

2020-05-04T19:55:51+00:00 science/plumed PLUgin for MolEcular Dynamics
PLUMED is an open-source, community-developed library that provides a wide
range of different methods, which include:
* enhanced-sampling algorithms
* free-energy methods
* tools to analyze the vast amounts of data produced by molecular dynamics (MD)

2020-05-04T19:18:43+00:00 devel/py-oslo.service1 Oslo.service library
oslo.service provides a framework for defining new long-running services using
the patterns established by other OpenStack applications. It also includes
utilities long-running applications might need for working with SSL or WSGI,
performing periodic operations, interacting with systemd, etc.

2020-05-04T19:04:20+00:00 www/librespeed Lightweight selfhosted speedtest
LibreSpeed is a very lightweight Speedtest.
LibreSpeed is implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers.
It can be self hosted with the option to store results in a backend database.

2020-05-04T11:29:18+00:00 japanese/dams Geocoder that converts address strings into latitude and longitude
Geocoder DAMS (Distributed Address Matching System) is software
that provides a "geocoding" function that converts address strings
into latitude and longitude.

2020-05-04T10:01:55+00:00 net/webalizer-geodb Webalizer GeoDB geolocation database
The Webalizer GeoDB geolocation database

This package contains the Webalizer GeoDB geolocation database
file "GeoDB.dat". This database allows the Webalizer to perform
geographical location lookups for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
2020-05-04T07:57:53+00:00 mail/cyrus-imapd32 Cyrus mail server, supporting POP3 and IMAP4 protocols
The Cyrus IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server provides access to
personal mail and system-wide bulletin boards through the IMAP protocol.
The Cyrus IMAP server is a scaleable enterprise mail system designed for use
from small to large enterprise environments using standards-based

A full Cyrus IMAP implementation allows a seamless mail and bulletin board
environment to be set up across multiple servers. It differs from other
IMAP server implementations in that it is run on "sealed" servers, where
users are not normally permitted to log in. The mailbox database is stored
in parts of the filesystem that are private to the Cyrus IMAP system. All
user access to mail is through software using the IMAP, POP3, or KPOP

The private mailbox database design gives the server large advantages in
efficiency, scalability, and administratability. Multiple concurrent
read/write connections to the same mailbox are permitted. The server
supports access control lists on mailboxes and storage quotas on mailbox

2020-05-03T20:58:00+00:00 science/py-kliff KIM-based Learning-Integrated Fitting Framework
KLIFF is an interatomic potential fitting package that can be used to fit
physics-motivated (PM) potentials, as well as machine learning potentials such
as the neural network (NN) models.

2020-05-03T20:47:08+00:00 www/rubygem-webrick HTTP server toolkit
WEBrick is an HTTP server toolkit that can be configured as an HTTPS server, a
proxy server, and a virtual-host server.

WEBrick features complete logging of both server operations and HTTP access.

WEBrick supports both basic and digest authentication in addition to algorithms
not in RFC 2617.

A WEBrick server can be composed of multiple WEBrick servers or servlets to
provide differing behavior on a per-host or per-path basis. WEBrick includes
servlets for handling CGI scripts, ERB pages, Ruby blocks and directory

WEBrick also includes tools for daemonizing a process and starting a process at
a higher privilege level and dropping permissions.

2020-05-03T20:47:02+00:00 www/py-aiohttp-middlewares Collection of useful middlewares for aiohttp applications
aiohttp-middlewares is a collection of useful middlewares for aiohttp.web

By default aiohttp.web does not provide many built-in middlewares for standart
web-development needs such as: handling errors, shielding view handlers, or
providing CORS headers.

aiohttp-middlewares tries to fix this by providing several middlewares that aims
to cover most common web-development needs.

2020-05-03T20:46:56+00:00 sysutils/py-py-cpuinfo Get CPU info with pure Python
Py-cpuinfo gets CPU info with pure Python. Py-cpuinfo should work without any
extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. It does not require
any compilation(C/C++, assembly, et cetera) to use.

2020-05-03T20:46:50+00:00 devel/py-tartiflette-aiohttp Run Tartiflette GraphQL Engine through aiohttp
tartiflette-aiohttp is a wrapper of aiohttp which includes the Tartiflette
GraphQL Engine.

2020-05-03T20:46:44+00:00 devel/py-tartiflette GraphQL Engine for Python
Tartiflette is a GraphQL Server implementation built with Python 3.6+.

2020-05-03T20:46:38+00:00 devel/py-ruamel.yaml.clib C version of reader, parser and emitter for ruamel.yaml
ruamel.yaml.clib is the C based reader/scanner and emitter for ruamel.yaml.

2020-05-03T20:46:32+00:00 devel/py-pytest-benchmark pytest fixture for benchmarking code
pytest-benchmark is a pytest fixture for benchmarking code. It will group the
tests into rounds that are calibrated to the chosen timer.

2020-05-03T20:46:12+00:00 devel/libgraphqlparser GraphQL query parser
libgraphqlparser is a parser for GraphQL, a query language for describing data
requirements on complex application data models, implemented in C++11. It can be
used on its own in C++ code (or in C code via the pure C API defined in the c
subdirectory), or you can use it as the basis for an extension module for your
favorite programming language instead of writing your own parser from scratch.

2020-05-03T19:38:33+00:00 science/py-kim-query Helper routines for querying the OpenKIM repository
Helper routines for querying the OpenKIM database hosted

2020-05-03T02:52:10+00:00 sysutils/zetaback-devel Zetaback ZFS backup and recovery management system
Zetaback ZFS backup and recovery management system.

Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. It is designed to:

* run from a central host
* scan clients for new ZFS filesystems
* manage varying desired backup intervals (per host) for
o full backups
o incremental backups
* maintain varying retention policies (per host)
* summarize existing backups
* restore any host:fs backup at any point in time to any target host
2020-05-02T19:48:32+00:00 databases/cassandra4 Highly scalable distributed database
Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed database.
It is a Java-based, highly scalable, eventually consistent, wide
column store. Cassandra database clusters are masterless with no
single point of failure. Replication can be configured across
multiple data centers.

Originally influenced by Dynamo and BigTable, Cassandra was initially
developed at and open sourced by Facebook before becoming a top-level
Apache project.

The CQL query language offers SQL-like data access and management.
Drivers are available for a number of languages.

This is an ALPHA version! It is not intended for production use.

2020-05-02T17:56:59+00:00 net/py-wsdd Web Service Discovery (WSD) host daemon for Samba
wsdd implements a Web Service Discovery host daemon. This enables (Samba)
hosts, like your local NAS device, to be found by Web Service Discovery Clients
like Windows.

2020-05-02T16:15:20+00:00 games/crispy-doom Enhanced-resolution Doom source port based on Chocolate Doom
Crispy Doom is a friendly fork of Chocolate Doom that provides a higher
display resolution, removes the static limits of the Doom engine and offers
further optional visual, tactical and physical enhancements while remaining
entirely config file, savegame, netplay and demo compatible with the original.

2020-05-02T08:02:06+00:00 devel/kokkos C++ performance portability programming ecosystem
Kokkos C++ Performance Portability Programming EcoSystem: The Programming Model
- Parallel Execution and Memory Abstraction.

Kokkos Core implements a programming model in C++ for writing performance
portable applications targeting all major HPC platforms. For that purpose it
provides abstractions for both parallel execution of code and data management.
Kokkos is designed to target complex node architectures with N-level memory
hierarchies and multiple types of execution resources. It currently can use
CUDA, HPX, OpenMP and Pthreads as backend programming models with several other
backends in development.

2020-05-02T01:35:25+00:00 net/py-smart-open Utils for streaming large files
smart_open is a Python 2 & Python 3 library for efficient streaming of very
large files from/to S3, HDFS, WebHDFS, HTTP, or local (compressed) files. It is
well tested (using moto), well documented and sports a simple, Pythonic API.

2020-05-02T01:35:15+00:00 devel/py-pycadf2 CADF Library
This library provides an auditing data model based on the Cloud Auditing Data
Federation specification, primarily for use by OpenStack. The goal is to
establish strict expectations about what auditors can expect from audit

2020-05-02T01:35:10+00:00 devel/py-oslo.middleware3 Oslo Middleware library
Oslo middleware library includes components that can be injected into wsgi
pipelines to intercept request/response flows. The base class can be enhanced
with functionality like add/delete/modification of http headers and support
for limiting size/connection etc.

2020-05-02T01:35:04+00:00 devel/py-os-client-config1 OpenStack Client Configuation Library
os-client-config is a library for collecting client configuration for using an
OpenStack cloud in a consistent and comprehensive manner. It will find cloud
config for as few as 1 cloud and as many as you want to put in a config file. It
will read environment variables and config files, and it also contains some
vendor specific default values so that you don't have to know extra info to use

2020-05-02T01:34:58+00:00 devel/py-automaton1 Friendly state machines for python
Automaton provides friendly state machines for python. The goal of this library
is to provide well documented state machine classes and associated utilities.
The state machine pattern (or the implemented variation there-of) is a commonly
used pattern and has a multitude of various usages. Some of the usages for this
library include providing state & transition validation and
running/scheduling/analyzing the execution of tasks.

2020-05-01T17:33:42+00:00 math/linbox C++ library for exact, high-performance linear algebra
LinBox is a C++ template library for exact, high-performance linear algebra
computation with dense, sparse, and structured matrices over the integers and
over finite fields.

LinBox relies on closely aligned libraries fflas-ffpack (exact dense matrix
linear algebra kernels), and Givaro (finite fields, integers, and polynomials).

2020-05-01T15:41:41+00:00 mail/py-email-validator Robust email address syntax and deliverability validation library
This library validates that address are of the form This is the sort
of validation you would want for a login form on a website.

Key features:

- Good for validating email addresses used for logins/identity.
- Friendly error messages when validation fails (appropriate to show to end
- (optionally) Checks deliverability: Does the domain name resolve?
- Supports internationalized domain names and (optionally) internationalized
local parts.
- Normalizes email addresses (super important for internationalized addresses!)

2020-05-01T14:09:35+00:00 devel/py-msal-extensions Microsoft Authentication Extensions for Python
The Microsoft Authentication Extensions for Python offers secure mechanisms for
client applications to perform cross-platform token cache serialization and
persistence. It gives additional support to the Microsoft Authentication
Library for Python (MSAL).

MSAL Python supports an in-memory cache by default and provides the
SerializableTokenCache to perform cache serialization. You can read more about
this in the MSAL Python documentation. Developers are required to implement
their own cache persistance across multiple platforms and Microsoft
Authentication Extensions makes this simpler.

2020-05-01T14:08:13+00:00 devel/py-msal Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Python
The Microsoft Authentication Library for Python enables applications to
integrate with the Microsoft identity platform. It allows you to sign in users
or apps with Microsoft identities (Azure AD, Microsoft Accounts and Azure AD
B2C accounts) and obtain tokens to call Microsoft APIs such as Microsoft Graph
or your own APIs registered with the Microsoft identity platform. It is built
using industry standard OAuth2 and OpenID Connect protocols.

2020-05-01T05:02:19+00:00 www/typo3-10 Typo3 content management system
TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes
on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while
featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules.

The current stable LTS release (for all new projects).
The latest version with Long Term Support (LTS).
It will have full support until October 2021 and security-related bugfixes
until April 2023.

2020-05-01T05:00:34+00:00 devel/py-oslo.privsep1 Openstack library for privilege separation
OpenStack library for privilege separation

2020-04-30T15:15:28+00:00 math/libhomfly Library to compute the homfly polynomial of knots and link
Library to compute the homfly polynomial of a link

This is basically a conversion of the program written by Robert J Jenkins Jr
into a shared library. It accepts as entry a character string, formatted in the
same way as the input files that the original code used. The returned value is
the string that the original program would print on screen.

2020-04-30T13:47:36+00:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-iotsitewise Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS IoT SiteWise
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS IoT SiteWise.

2020-04-30T13:47:23+00:00 devel/py-oslo.vmware2 Oslo VMware library
The Oslo VMware library provides support for common VMware operations and APIs.

2020-04-30T01:52:12+00:00 math/elemental Dense and sparse linear algebra, conic optimization, lattice reduction
Distributed-memory, arbitrary-precision, dense and sparse-direct linear algebra,
conic optimization, and lattice reduction.

2020-04-29T15:47:33+00:00 devel/py-watchgod Simple, modern file watching and code reload in python
watchgod is a simple, modern file watching and code reload in python.

watchgod is inspired by watchdog, hence the name, but tries to fix some of the
frustrations I found with watchdog, namely: separate approaches for each OS, an
inelegant approach to concurrency using threading, challenges around debouncing
changes and bugs which weren't being fixed.

2020-04-29T15:46:32+00:00 devel/py-oslo.rootwrap5 Oslo rootwrap
Oslo Rootwrap

2020-04-29T07:33:15+00:00 sysutils/onefetch Git repository summary on your terminal
Command-line tool that displays information about your Git repository
directly on your terminal, supporting almost 50 different programming

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro Meta-port for libretro cores
Meta-port to install libretro cores.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-virtualjaguar Port of Virtual Jaguar to Libretro
Port of Virtual Jaguar for Libretro.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-vecx Vectrex emulator for libretro
Vectrex Emulator for libretro.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-vbanext Optimized port of VBA-M to Libretro, a Game Boy Advance emulator
Optimized port of VBA-M to Libretro, a Game Boy Advance emulator.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-uae Libretro port of UAE
Libretro port of UAE.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-tyrquake Libretro port of Tyrquake (Quake 1 engine)
Libretro port of Tyrquake (Quake 1 engine)

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-tgbdual TGB Dual is an open source GB/GBC emulator with game link support
TGB Dual is an open source (GPLv2) GB/GBC emulator with game link cable support.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-stella2014 Port of Stella (Atari 2600) to libretro (2014)
Port of Stella (Atari 2600) to libretro (2014).

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-snes9x2010 Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo emulator (1.52)
Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System (TM) emulator (1.52)

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-snes9x2005 Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo emulator (1.43)
Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System (TM) emulator (1.43)

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-snes9x Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo emulator
Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System (TM) emulator

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-scummvm ScummVM with libretro backend
ScummVM with libretro backend.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-quicknes NES emulator core for libretro
NES emulator core for libretro

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-prosystem Port of ProSystem to the libretro API
Port of ProSystem to the libretro API.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-prboom Port of prboom to libretro
Port of prboom to libretro

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-picodrive Fast MegaDrive/MegaCD/32X emulator
Fast MegaDrive/MegaCD/32X emulator

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-pcsx_rearmed Fork of PCSX with ARM optimizations
Fork of PCSX with ARM optimizations

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-opera 3DO core for libretro
3DO libretro core.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-o2em Port of O2EM to the libretro API, an Odyssey 2 / VideoPac emulator
Port of O2EM to the libretro API, an Odyssey 2 / VideoPac emulator.

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-nxengine NXEngine is a Cave Story game engine clone for libretro
Port of NxEngine to the libretro API. NXEngine is a Cave Story game engine clone

2020-04-29T05:27:55+00:00 games/libretro-nestopia NEStopia emulator for libretro
Nestopia emulator with libretro interface