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# git -C /usr/ports log --diff-filter=A --name-status --pretty="format:%aI %H" origin/master | perl -nlE '/^\d/ ? $d=$_ : print "$d\t$_"' | ack "\t[0-9a-z-]+/[^/ ]+/Makefile$"

2021-09-21T11:06:28+08:00 devel/rubygem-google-protobuf317 Ruby extension to Google Protocol Buffers
rubygem-google-protobuf is a Ruby extension that implements Protocol Buffers
functionality. It makes use of generated Ruby code that defines message and enum
types in a Ruby DSL. You may write definitions in this DSL directly, but we
recommend using protoc's Ruby generation support with .proto files. The build
process in this directory only installs the extension; you need to install
protoc as well to have Ruby code generation functionality.

2021-09-21T11:06:27+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-snowdevicemanagement Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Snow Device Management
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Snow Device Management.

2021-09-21T11:06:26+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-opensearchservice Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon OpenSearch Service
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon OpenSearch Service.

2021-09-21T11:06:25+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-memorydb Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon MemoryDB
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon MemoryDB.

2021-09-21T11:06:24+08:00 www/py-quilt3 Python client for Quilt data hub
Quilt is for data-driven teams and offers features for coders (data scientists,
data engineers, developers) and business users alike.

Quilt consists of a Python client, web catalog, lambda functions -- all of which
are open source -- plus a suite of backend services and Docker containers
orchestrated by CloudFormation.

2021-09-21T11:06:20+08:00 textproc/py-fluent.syntax Localization library for expressive translations
Project Fluent is a collection of Python packages to use the Fluent localization

The syntax package includes the parser, serializer, and traversal utilities like
Visitor and Transformer. You're looking for this package if you work on tooling
for Fluent in Python.

2021-09-21T11:06:15+08:00 textproc/py-charset-normalizer Real First Universal Charset Detector
A library that helps you read text from an unknown charset encoding. Motivated
by chardet, I'm trying to resolve the issue by taking a new approach. All IANA
character set names for which the Python core library provides codecs are

2021-09-21T11:06:10+08:00 math/py-rvlib Probability distributions mimicking Distrbutions.jl
Anyone who has used Distributions.jl will tell you how nice the interface is
relative to the "exotic" (the most polite word we can think of) interface to
distributions exposed by scipy.stats. Distributions.jl also brings better
performace, particularly when its methods are used inside loops.

For these reason we've put together rvlib, which mimics the interface of
Distributions.jl, while at the same time attaining similar performance by
exploiting numba.

This package was inspired by Joshua Adelman's (@synapticarbors) blog post
describing how to call the Rmath C library from numba using CFFI, and utilizes
his build script to set up the CFFI interface.

2021-09-21T11:06:01+08:00 devel/py-oslo.metrics Oslo Metrics API
This Oslo metrics API supports collecting metrics data from other Oslo libraries
and exposing the metrics data to monitoring system.

2021-09-21T11:06:00+08:00 devel/py-executing Get the currently executing AST node of a frame, and other information
This mini-package lets you get information about what a frame is currently
doing, particularly the AST node being executed.

2021-09-21T11:05:59+08:00 devel/py-aws-requests-auth AWS signature version 4 signing process for the python requests module
This package allows you to authenticate to AWS with Amazon's signature version 4
signing process with the python requests library.

Conceivably, the authentication class is flexible enough to be used with any AWS
service, but it was initially created to interface with AWS Elasticsearch

2021-09-21T11:05:58+08:00 devel/p5-Time-Elapsed Transform the elapsed seconds into a human readable string
Time::Elapsed transforms the elapsed seconds into a human readable string. It
can be used for (for example) rendering uptime values into a human readable
form. The resulting string will be an approximation.

2021-09-21T11:05:57+08:00 devel/p5-Syntax-Keyword-Dynamically Dynamically change the value of a variable
Syntax::Keyword::Dynamically provides a syntax plugin that implements a single
keyword, dynamically, which alters the behaviour of a scalar assignment
operation. Syntactically and semantically it is similar to the built-in perl
keyword local, but is implemented somewhat differently to give two key
advantages over regular local:
- You can dynamically assign to lvalue functions and accessors.
- You can dynamically assign to regular lexical variables.

2021-09-21T11:05:56+08:00 devel/p5-File-TreeCreate Recursively create a directory tree
File::TreeCreate was extracted from several near-identical copies used in the
tests of some of my CPAN distributions.

2021-09-20T12:44:43+03:00 devel/purescript-language-server LSP provider implementation for PureScript language
PureScript language server is an implementation of the LSP protocol for
PureScript programming language. It is a Node application features type
information, a formatting provider, code autocompletion and other common LSP

2021-09-20T16:19:44+08:00 devel/goreleaser Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible
GoReleaser builds Go binaries for several platforms, creates a GitHub
release and then pushes a Homebrew formula to a tap repository. All
that wrapped in your favorite CI.

With GoReleaser, you can:

- Cross-compile your Go project
- Release to GitHub, GitLab and Gitea
- Create Docker images and manifests
- Create Linux packages and Homebrew taps
- Sign artifacts, checksums and Docker images
- Announce new releases on Twitter, Slack, Discord and Microsoft Teams
- ... and much more!

2021-09-20T09:48:59+02:00 graphics/sane-airscan SANE backend for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scanners
SANE backend for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scanner

Similar to how most modern network printers support "driverless" printing,
using the universal vendor-neutral printing protocol, many modern network
scanners and MFPs support "driverless" scanning.

Driverless scanning comes in two flavors:

* Apple AirScan or AirPrint scanning (official protocol name is eSCL)
* Microsoft WSD, or WS-Scan (term WSD means "Web Services for Devices)

This backend implements both protocols, choosing automatically between them.
It was successfully tested with many devices from Brother, Canon, Dell,
Kyocera, Lexmark, Epson, HP, OKI, Panasonic, Pantum, Ricoh, Samsung and
Xerox both in WSD and eSCL modes.

2021-09-06T17:39:18-10:00 textproc/opensearch-dashboards Visualization dashboards for OpenSearch
OpenSearch Dashboards is the default visualization tool for data in OpenSearch.
It also serves as a user interface for many of the OpenSearch plugins,
including security, alerting, Index State Management, SQL, and more.

2021-09-06T16:50:23-10:00 textproc/opensearch Full-text search engine for Java
OpenSearch is a fork of Elasticsearch which aims to be a Distributed,
RESTful, Search Engine built on top of Apache Lucene.

2021-09-19T11:14:45-07:00 biology/py-libsedml SED-ML library for Python
Python binding libSEDML.

The libSEDML project makes use of libSBML XML layer as well as code generation
as starting point to produce a library for reading and writing of SED-ML models.

2021-09-19T11:13:21-07:00 biology/libsedml C++ SED-ML library
The libSEDML project makes use of libSBML XML layer as well as code generation
as starting point to produce a library for reading and writing of SED-ML models.

2021-09-19T12:36:57+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-treebeard Efficient tree implementations for Django
django-treebeard is a library that implements efficient tree implementations for
the Django Web Framework 1.8 and later.


- Flexible: Includes 3 different tree implementations with the same API:
* Adjacency List
* Materialized Path
* Nested Sets
- Fast: Optimized non-naive tree operations
- Easy: Uses Django Model Inheritance with abstract classes to define your own
- Clean: Testable and well tested code base. Code/branch test coverage is
above 96%.

2021-09-19T10:51:08+02:00 lang/jpm Janet Project Manager tool
JPM is the Janet Project Manager tool. It is for automating builds
and downloading dependencies of Janet projects.

2021-09-18T23:46:04-07:00 biology/py-libnuml Numerical Markup Language for Python
This is a Python binding for libnuml, the Numerical Markup Language library.

The Numerical Markup Language (NuML) aims to standardize the exchange and
archiving of numerical results. NuML originates from the numerical aspects of
the Systems Biology Results Markup Language (SBRML) with the aim of re-using it
in multiple other standardization efforts.

2021-09-18T23:15:20-07:00 biology/libnuml C++ library for Numerical Markup Language
The Numerical Markup Language (NuML) aims to standardize the exchange and
archiving of numerical results. NuML originates from the numerical aspects of
the Systems Biology Results Markup Language (SBRML) with the aim of re-using it
in multiple other standardization efforts.

2021-09-19T13:59:24+08:00 devel/py-python-application Basic building blocks for python applications
Basic building blocks for python applications

2021-09-19T13:25:41+08:00 www/py-dj32-django-modelcluster Django extension for working with clusters of models as a single unit
django-modelcluster extends Django's foreign key relations to make this
possible. It introduces a new type of relation, ParentalKey, where the related
models are stored locally to the 'parent' model until the parent is explicitly
saved. Up to that point, the related models can still be accessed through a
subset of the QuerySet API.

2021-09-19T13:25:37+08:00 devel/py-types-docutils Typing stubs for docutils
This is a PEP 561 type stub package for the docutils package. It can be used by
type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm, pytype etc. to check code that uses

2021-09-19T13:25:35+08:00 devel/py-platformdirs Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs
When writing desktop application, finding the right location to store user data
and configuration varies per platform. Even for single-platform apps, there may
by plenty of nuances in figuring out the right location.

This kind of thing is what the platformdirs module is for. platformdirs will
help you choose an appropriate:
- user data dir (user_data_dir)
- user config dir (user_config_dir)
- user cache dir (user_cache_dir)
- site data dir (site_data_dir)
- site config dir (site_config_dir)
- user log dir (user_log_dir)
- user runtime dir (user_runtime_dir)

And also:
- Is a single module so other Python packages can vendor their own private copy.
- Is slightly opinionated on the directory names used. Look for "OPINION" in
documentation and code for when an opinion is being applied.

2021-09-19T13:25:34+08:00 devel/py-backports.entry-points-selectable Compatibility shim providing selectable entry points for older implementations
Compatibility shim to ease adoption of importlib_metadata 3.6. Supplies
forward-compatibility of "selectable" entry points even on older versions of
importlib_metadata and importlib.metadata, and avoids usage that triggers
deprecation warnings.

Use this shim for libraries or applications invoking entry_points() that run on
Python older than 3.10 or where importlib_metadata is older than 3.6. In most
cases, this shim is unnecessary and the easiest thing to do is simply require
importlib_metadata >= 3.6 on all Pythons (or only those prior to 3.10a7). In
some environments, a library may be constrained on which versions of
importlib_metadata can be required, so this library bridges that gap.

2021-09-19T13:25:33+08:00 devel/p5-alias-module Alias one module as another
alias::module aliases one module name to another. It is useful if you want to
let users access a module's functionality under a different (usually shorter)

2021-09-19T13:25:32+08:00 www/llhttp Port of http_parser to llparse
llhttp is a port of http_parser to llparse.

This project aims to:
- Make it maintainable
- Verifiable
- Improving benchmarks where possible

2021-09-19T12:43:55+08:00 devel/wasm3 The fastest WebAssembly interpreter, and the most universal runtime.
The fastest WebAssembly interpreter, and the most universal runtime.

2021-09-18T07:11:13+00:00 editors/helix Post-modern modal text editor
A kakoune / neovim inspired editor, written in Rust.


o Vim-like modal editing

o Multiple selections

o Built-in language server support

o Smart, incremental syntax highlighting and code
editing via tree-sitter

2021-09-16T09:45:46-07:00 science/ascent Visualization and analysis runtime for multi-physics HPC simulations
Ascent is an easy-to-use flyweight in situ visualization and analysis library
for HPC simulations.

It supports:
* Supports: Making Pictures, Transforming Data, and Capturing Data for use
outside of Ascent
* Young effort, yet already includes most common visualization operations
* Provides a simple infrastructure to integrate custom analysis
* Provides C++, C, Python, and Fortran APIs

2021-09-15T22:37:23-07:00 security/liboqs C library for quantum-resistant cryptography
liboqs provides:
* a collection of open source implementations of quantum-safe key encapsulation
mechanism (KEM) and digital signature algorithms; the full list can be found
* a common API for these algorithms
* a test harness and benchmarking routines

liboqs is part of the Open Quantum Safe (OQS) project led by Douglas Stebila and
Michele Mosca, which aims to develop and integrate into applications
quantum-safe cryptography to facilitate deployment and testing in real world
contexts. In particular, OQS provides prototype integrations of liboqs into TLS
and SSH, through OpenSSL and OpenSSH.

2021-09-15T09:35:31-07:00 devel/hs-ormolu Formatter for Haskell source code
Ormolu is a formatter for Haskell source aiming to write code in such
a way so it's easy to modify and maintain. It implements one ?true?
formatting style which admits no configuration, result in minimal
diffs and is compatible with modern dialects of Haskell. Ormolu is
well-tested and robust so that the formatter can be used in large

2021-09-15T08:53:20+02:00 net/s5cmd Very fast S3 command-line tool written in Go
s5cmd is a very fast S3 and local filesystem execution tool. It comes
with support for a multitude of operations including tab completion and
wildcard support for files, which can be very handy for your object
storage workflow while working with large number of files.

2021-09-14T14:33:32+00:00 devel/ocaml-topkg Transitory OCaml software packager
Topkg is a packager for distributing OCaml software. It provides an API
to describe the files a package installs in a given build configuration
and to specify information about the package's distribution, creation,
and publication procedures.

2021-09-13T17:23:33+02:00 sysutils/plasma5-ksystemstats Plasma5 library to report system activity
KSystemStats is a daemon that collects statistics about the running system.

On FreeBSD, KSystemStats implements low-overhead sysctl-based
monitoring for KDE Plasma applications that report on system resource
usage (e.g. ksysguard and system-monitor and widgets).

2021-09-13T23:02:11+09:00 japanese/font-plemoljp Plex Mono Language JP
Plex Mono Language JP is a composite font of IBM Plex Mono and
IBM Plex Sans JP.

2021-09-13T23:02:11+09:00 japanese/font-plemoljp-nf Plex Mono Language JP (Nerd Fonts)
Plex Mono Language JP is a composite font of IBM Plex Mono and
IBM Plex Sans JP (Nerd Fonts).

2021-09-13T23:02:11+09:00 japanese/font-plemoljp-hs Plex Mono Language JP (Hidden Space)
Plex Mono Language JP is a composite font of IBM Plex Mono and
IBM Plex Sans JP (Hidden Space).

2021-09-13T09:47:02+02:00 www/py-django-graphiql-debug-toolbar Django Debug Toolbar for GraphiQL IDE
This package is an extension for Django Debug Toolbar which enables support
for debugging GraphiQL queries in Django Projects.

2021-09-13T07:51:18+00:00 devel/ocaml-uchar Compatibility library for OCaml's Uchar module
The uchar package provides a compatibility library for the Uchar module
introduced in OCaml 4.03.

2021-09-12T15:01:21+00:00 sysutils/bhyve+ BHyVe with unofficial extensions
A patched version of BHyVe, the BSD Hypervisor from the base system
that includes features and fixes that are not yet officially there.

2021-09-12T16:28:37-07:00 cad/opentimer High-performance timing analysis tool for VLSI systems
OpenTimer is a new static timing analysis (STA) tool to help IC designers
quickly verify the circuit timing. It is developed completely from the ground up
using C++17 to efficiently support parallel and incremental timing.

Key features are:
* Industry standard format (.lib, .v, .spef, .sdc) support
* Graph- and path-based timing analysis
* Parallel incremental timing for fast timing closure
* Award-winning tools and golden timers in CAD Contests

2021-09-12T15:44:42-03:00 devel/py-azure-synapse-managedprivateendpoints Microsoft Azure Synapse Managed Private Endpoints Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Synapse Managed Private Endpoints Client Library.

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise
data warehousing and Big Data analytics.

2021-09-12T12:28:24-07:00 devel/quantum Multi-threaded coroutine dispatcher and parallel execution engine
Quantum is a full-featured and powerful C++ framework build on top of the Boost
coroutine library. The framework allows users to dispatch units of work
(a.k.a. tasks) as coroutines and execute them concurrently using the 'reactor'

2021-09-12T11:10:26-07:00 devel/marl Hybrid thread / fiber task scheduler written in C++11
Marl is a C++11 library that provides a fluent interface for running tasks
across a number of threads.

Marl uses a combination of fibers and threads to allow efficient execution of
tasks that can block, while keeping a fixed number of hardware threads.

2021-09-12T10:44:13-07:00 devel/concurrentqueue Fast C++11 multi-producer multi-consumer lock-free concurrent queue
concurrentqueue is an industrial-strength lock-free queue for C++.

2021-09-11T22:32:13+02:00 devel/freebsd-sysroot FreeBSD ${_SYSROOT_VER} ${FLAVOR:S/_/ /} sysroot
This port is intended as a helper for lang/rust-bootstrap and
provides the necessary sysroots to cross-compile the bootstraps.

The sysroots provide target architecture base headers, base libraries,
and convenient cc and c++ wrapper scripts. Always for the lowest
supported FreeBSD version.

2021-09-11T14:07:44-07:00 devel/concurrencpp C++ concurrency library: tasks, executors, timers, C++20 coroutines
concurrencpp is a tasking library for C++ allowing developers to write highly
concurrent applications easily and safely by using tasks, executors and
coroutines. By using concurrencpp applications can break down big procedures
that need to be processed asynchronously into smaller tasks that run
concurrently and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the wanted result.
concurrencpp also allows applications to write parallel algorithms easily by
using parallel coroutines.

2021-09-11T02:24:14-07:00 science/helfem Finite element methods for electronic structure calculations
HelFEM is a suite of programs for finite element calculations on atoms and
diatomic molecules at the Hartree-Fock or density-functional levels of theory.
Hundreds of functionals at the local spin density approximation (LDA),
generalized gradient approximation (GGA), and meta-GGA levels of theory are

2021-09-11T00:12:17-07:00 science/py-pyked Package for manipulating Chemical Kinetics Experimental Data files
PyKED is a Python package that provides the reference implementation of the
interface to ChemKED files. PyKED reads ChemKED files, validates their structure
and content, and allows the user to interact with the data contained in the
ChemKED file.

2021-09-10T23:23:28-07:00 www/py-habanero Low-level client for Crossref search API
This is a low level client for working with Crossref's search API. It's been
named to be more generic, as other organizations are/will adopt Crossref's
search API, making it possible to interact with all from one client.

2021-09-10T23:14:30-07:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-issuetracker Sphinx integration with different issue trackers
sphinxcontrib-issuetracker is a Sphinx extension to reference issues in issue
trackers, either explicitly with an "issue" role or optionally implicitly by
issue ids like #10 in plaintext.

Currently the following issue trackers are supported:
* GitHub
* BitBucket
* Launchpad
* Google Code
* Debian BTS
* Jira

2021-09-10T22:54:03+00:00 games/SRB2 3D Sonic the Hedgehog fangame
Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D open-source Sonic the Hedgehog fangame built using
a modified version of the Doom Legacy port of Doom. SRB2 is closely inspired by
the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate
the design in 3D. While SRB2 isn't fully completed, it already features
tons of levels, enemies, speed, and quite a lot of the fun that the original
Sonic games provided.

2021-09-10T11:48:19-07:00 science/cantera Chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport tool suite
Cantera is an open-source suite of tools for problems involving chemical
kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport processes.

2021-09-10T16:41:44+01:00 devel/stuffbin Compress and embed static files and assets into Go binaries
Utility to compress and embed static files and
assets into Go binaries for distribution. It
supports falling back to the local file system
when no embedded assets are available, for
instance, in development mode.

2021-09-07T20:13:49+03:00 x11/sdwmbar Simple statusbar for the dwm window manager
A simple statusbar for x11-wm/dwm

Shows load averages, date-time and battery life.

2021-09-08T23:53:10-07:00 math/munkres-cpp Kuhn-Munkres (Hungarian) algorithm in C++
munkres-cpp is an implementation of the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm in C++.

The Kuhn-Munkres algorithm, also called the Hungarian method, is a combinatorial
optimization algorithm that solves the assignment problem in polynomial time and
which anticipated later primal-dual methods.

2021-09-08T16:55:17+01:00 security/gokart Go Security Static Analysis
GoKart is a static analysis tool for Go that finds vulnerabilities
using the SSA (single static assignment) form of Go source code.

2021-09-08T11:08:37+00:00 devel/R-cran-future.apply Apply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures
Implementations of apply(), by(), eapply(), lapply(), Map(),
.mapply(), mapply(), replicate(), sapply(), tapply(), and vapply()
that can be resolved using any future-supported backend, e.g.
parallel on the local machine or distributed on a compute cluster.
These future_*apply() functions come with the same pros and cons
as the corresponding base-R *apply() functions but with the additional
feature of being able to be processed via the future framework.

2021-09-08T06:01:43+00:00 devel/R-cran-future Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone
The purpose of this package is to provide a lightweight and unified
Future API for sequential and parallel processing of R expression
via futures. The simplest way to evaluate an expression in parallel
is to use 'x %<-% { expression }' with 'plan(multisession)'. This
package implements sequential, multicore, multisession, and cluster
futures. With these, R expressions can be evaluated on the local
machine, in parallel a set of local machines, or distributed on a
mix of local and remote machines. Extensions to this package implement
additional backends for processing futures via compute cluster
schedulers, etc. Because of its unified API, there is no need to
modify any code in order switch from sequential on the local machine
to, say, distributed processing on a remote compute cluster. Another
strength of this package is that global variables and functions are
automatically identified and exported as needed, making it
straightforward to tweak existing code to make use of futures.

2021-09-08T10:53:32+00:00 devel/R-cran-globals Identify Global Objects in R Expressions
Identifies global ("unknown" or "free") objects in R expressions
by code inspection using various strategies (ordered, liberal, or
conservative). The objective of this package is to make it as simple
as possible to identify global objects for the purpose of exporting
them in parallel, distributed compute environments.

2021-09-08T10:19:10+00:00 devel/R-cran-listenv Environments Behaving (Almost) as Lists
List environments are environments that have list-like properties.
For instance, the elements of a list environment are ordered and
can be accessed and iterated over using index subsetting,
'x <- listenv(a = 1, b = 2);
for (i in seq_along(x)) x[[i]] <- x[[i]] ^ 2;
y <- as.list(x)'.

2021-09-08T10:05:36+00:00 devel/R-cran-parallelly Enhancing the 'parallel' Package
Utility functions that enhance the 'parallel' package and support
the built-in parallel backends of the 'future' package. For example,
availableCores() gives the number of CPU cores available to your R
process as given by the operating system, 'cgroups' and Linux
containers, R options, and environment variables, including those
set by job schedulers on high-performance compute clusters. If none
is set, it will fall back to parallel::detectCores(). Another example
is makeClusterPSOCK(), which is backward compatible with
parallel::makePSOCKcluster() while doing a better job in setting
up remote cluster workers without the need for configuring the
firewall to do port-forwarding to your local computer.

2021-09-07T15:32:29-05:00 biology/sam2pairwise Show pairwise alignment for each read in a SAM file
sam2pairwise takes a SAM file and uses the CIGAR and MD tag to
reconstruct the pairwise alignment of each read.

2021-09-07T12:11:40-07:00 audio/phaserotate-lv2 Phase rotation LV2 plugin
x42-phaserotate is an audio phase rotation plugin. It is a simple plugin with
a single control-slider to shift the phase of the signal +/- 180 deg.

2021-09-07T09:04:24-07:00 math/dune-grid-glue DUNE framework: infrastructure for coupling of unrelated Dune grids
The dune-grid-glue module provides infrastructure for the coupling of two
unrelated Dune grids. The coupling may be overlapping or nonoverlapping,
conforming or nonconforming. The two grids are not requested to be of the same
type, and they may even be of different dimensions.

Couplings are described as sets of remote intersections. Conceptually, these
remote intersections are very close to what the regular intersections in the
Dune grid interface are, with the difference that the inside and outside
entities are taken from different grids.

2021-09-07T12:53:30+00:00 devel/R-cran-progressr Inclusive, Unifying API for Progress Updates
A minimal, unifying API for scripts and packages to report progress
updates from anywhere including when using parallel processing. The
package is designed such that the developer can to focus on what
progress should be reported on without having to worry about how
to present it. The end user has full control of how, where, and
when to render these progress updates, e.g. in the terminal using
utils::txtProgressBar() or progress::progress_bar(), in a graphical
user interface using utils::winProgressBar(), tcltk::tkProgressBar()
or shiny::withProgress(), via the speakers using beep::beepr(), or
on a file system via the size of a file. Anyone can add additional,
customized, progression handlers. The 'progressr' package uses R's
condition framework for signaling progress updated. Because of this,
progress can be reported from almost anywhere in R, e.g. from
classical for and while loops, from map-reduce APIs like the lapply()
family of functions, 'purrr', 'plyr', and 'foreach'. It will also
work with parallel processing via the 'future' framework, e.g.
future.apply::future_lapply(), furrr::future_map(), and 'foreach'
with 'doFuture'. The package is compatible with Shiny applications.

2021-09-06T07:55:49-05:00 biology/py-pywgsim Modified wgsim genomic data simulator
pywgsim is a modified version of the wgsim short read simulator. The
code for wgsim has been modified to allow visualizing the simulated
mutations as a GFF file.

2021-09-06T01:21:58-07:00 math/psurface Piecewise linear bijections between triangulated surfaces
Psurface is a C++ library that handles piecewise linear bijections between
triangulated surfaces. These surfaces can be of arbitrary shape and need not
even be manifolds.

There are two main uses for psurface. When doing adaptive finite element
simulations on grids with parametrized boundaries, psurface can store the
parametrization. Boundary parametrizations are practically mappings from the
coarse grid boundary to the actual boundary, and if that actual boundary is a
triangulated surface then psurface can handle it. This is implemented, for
example, in the dune-grid module of Dune.

2021-09-05T20:19:05-07:00 math/alberta Adaptive multi-level finite element toolbox
Alberta is an adaptive multi-Level finite element toolbox using bisectioning
refinement and error control by residual techniques for scientific

2021-09-05T14:05:56-07:00 net/openldap25-server Open source LDAP server implementation
OpenLDAP is a suite of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) servers,
clients, utilities and development tools.

This package includes the following major components:

* slapd - a stand-alone LDAP directory server
* LDIF tools - data conversion tools for use with slapd

This is the latest stable release of OpenLDAP Software for general use.

2021-09-05T14:05:56-07:00 net/openldap25-client
2021-09-05T20:29:35+02:00 net/opensips31 Open SIP Server
OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server) is a mature Open Source implementation
of a SIP server.

It includes application-level functionalities and is the core component
of any SIP-based VoIP solution. With a very flexible and customizable
routing engine, OpenSIPS unifies voice, video, IM and presence
services in a highly efficient way, thanks to its scalable (modular)

It is reliable and fast, for enterprise or carrier-grade use cases.

2021-09-03T19:19:27-07:00 math/plantri Plantri and fullgen are programs to generate planar graph
plantri and fullgen are programs for generation of certain types of planar

Exactly one member of each isomorphism class is output, using an amount of
memory almost independent of the number of graphs produced. This, together with
the exceptionally fast operation and careful validation, makes the program
suitable for processing very large numbers of graphs.

Isomorphisms are defined with respect to the embeddings, so in some cases
outputs may be isomorphic as abstract graphs.

2021-09-03T18:09:39-04:00 devel/tlsh Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hash library and utilities
TLSH is a fuzzy matching program and library. Given a file (min 50 bytes),
TLSH generates a hash value which can be used for similarity comparisons.
Similar files will have similar hash values which allows for the detection of
similar objects by comparing their hash values.

This port only includes the core C++ library.

2021-09-03T15:20:29+00:00 net-im/conduit Simple, fast and reliable chat server powered by Matrix
An efficient Matrix homeserver that's easy to set up
and just works. You can install it on a mini-computer
like the Raspberry Pi to host Matrix for your family,
friends or company.

2021-09-03T08:47:52+02:00 devel/rgxg Regular expression generator
rgxg (ReGular eXpression Generator) is a C library and a command-line tool
to generate (extended) regular expressions.

2021-09-02T17:31:07+00:00 devel/sdl12-compat SDL-1.2 compatibility layer that uses SDL 2.0 behind the scenes
This code is a compatibility layer; it provides a binary and source
compatible API for programs written against SDL 1.2, but it uses SDL 2.0
behind the scenes. If you are writing new code, please target SDL 2.0
directly and do not use this layer.

2021-09-02T10:41:29-07:00 ftp/fineftp-server C++ minimal FTP server library
FineFTP is a minimal FTP server library for Windows and Unix flavors.

You can easily embed this library into your own project in order to create an
embedded FTP Server.

* FTP Passive mode (the only mode you need nowadays)
* Listing directories
* Uploading and downloading files
* Creating and removing files and directories
* User authentication (and anonymous user without authentication)
* Individual local home path for each user
* Access control on a per-user-basis

2021-09-02T07:02:39+00:00 devel/gitty Smart terminal helper for git projects
Gitty is a smart little CLI helper for git projects, that shows you all
the relevant issues, pull requests and changes at a quick glance. It
currently only supports the GitHub API.

It requires you to set a GitHub Token as an environment variable called

2021-08-31T08:34:22-05:00 x11/coreterminal Terminal emulator from the CoreApps family
Coreterminal is terminal emulator from the CuboCore suite of simple,
lightweight Qt-base applications.

2021-08-31T08:27:24-05:00 deskutils/coregarage Settings manager for C Suite
Coregarage is a settings manager for C Suite, part of the CuboCore
suite of simple, lighweight Qt applications. Coregarage is a
centralized tool that manages settings for a variety of CuboCore apps.

2021-08-31T08:24:16-05:00 deskutils/libcprime Library for bookmarking, saving recent activites, managing settings
Licprime is a library for bookmarking, saving recent activites,
managing settings for C Suite. It is part of the CuboCore suite of
simple, lightweight Qt applications.

2021-08-31T08:14:37-05:00 archivers/libarchive-qt Qt based archiving solution with libarchive backend
Libarchive-qt is a simple archiving library for Qt mainly based on
libarchive supporting numerous compression and archive formats.

2021-08-31T11:37:45+02:00 devel/rubygem-warning Adds custom processing for warnings
ruby-warning adds custom processing for warnings, including the ability to
ignore specific warning messages, ignore warnings in specific
files/directories, include backtraces with warnings, treat warnings as
errors, deduplicate warnings, and add custom handling for all warnings in
specific files/directories.

2021-08-30T20:42:14-07:00 math/obake C++ library for the symbolic manipulation of sparse polynomials & co
obake is a C++ computer algebra library for the symbolic manipulation of sparse
multivariate polynomials and other closely-related symbolic objects (such as
truncated power series, Poisson series, etc.).

2021-08-30T20:27:46-07:00 math/py-heyoka Python library for ODE integration via Taylor's method and LLVM is a Python library for the integration of ordinary differential
equations (ODEs) via Taylor's method. Notable features include:
* support for both double-precision and extended-precision floating-point
types (80-bit and 128-bit),
* the ability to maintain machine precision accuracy over tens of billions of
* high-precision zero-cost dense output,
* accurate and reliable event detection,
* batch mode integration to harness the power of modern SIMD instruction sets,
* interoperability with SymPy,
* a high-performance implementation of Taylor's method based on automatic
differentiation techniques and aggressive just-in-time compilation via LLVM.

2021-08-30T19:21:23-07:00 math/heyoka C++ library for ODE integration via Taylor's method and LLVM
heyoka is a C++ library for the integration of ordinary differential equations
(ODEs) via Taylor's method. Notable features include:
* support for both double-precision and extended-precision floating-point types
(80-bit and 128-bit),
* the ability to maintain machine precision accuracy over tens of billions of
* high-precision zero-cost dense output,
* accurate and reliable event detection,
* batch mode integration to harness the power of modern SIMD instruction sets,
* a high-performance implementation of Taylor's method based on automatic
differentiation techniques and aggressive just-in-time compilation via LLVM.

2021-08-30T23:30:00+02:00 sysutils/snapraid File-level Backup/RAID program for disk arrays
SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. It stores parity information of
your data and it recovers from up to six disk failures.
SnapRAID is mainly targeted for a home media center, where you have a lot of
big files that rarely change. Beside the ability to recover from disk failures,
the other features of SnapRAID are:

* You can use disk already filled with files, without the need to reformat them.
You will access them like now.
* All your data is hashed to ensure data integrity and to avoid silent
* If the failed disks are too many to allow a recovery, you lose the data only
on the failed disks. All the data in the other disks is safe.
* If you accidentally delete some files in a disk, you can recover them.
* The disks can have different sizes.
* You can add disks at any time.
* It doesn't lock-in your data. You can stop using SnapRAID at any time without
the need to reformat or move data.
* To access a file, only a single disk needs to spin, saving power and producing
less noise.

2021-08-30T16:07:43+00:00 games/augustus Open source re-implementation of Caesar III
Augustus is a fork of the Julius project that intends to incorporate gameplay

The aim of this project is to provide enhanced, customizable gameplay to
Caesar 3 using project Julius UI enhancements.

Augustus is able to load Caesar 3 and Julius saves, however saves made with
Augustus will not work outside Augustus.

Gameplay enhancements include:
* Roadblocks
* Market special orders
* Global labour pool
* Partial warehouse storage
* Increased game limits
* Zoom controls
* And more!

2021-08-30T08:09:23-05:00 biology/biolibc-tools High-performance bioinformatics tools based on biolibc
Biolibc-tools is a collection of simple fast, memory-efficient,
programs for processing biological data. These are simple programs
built on biolibc that are not complex enough to warrant a separate

2021-08-28T19:44:23+02:00 net-im/signald Daemon to facilitate communication via Signal Private Messenger
signald - unofficial utility for interacting with Signal

Signal does not offer any sort of official API. Their server software is
open source and anyone can figure out the REST endpoints, but formatting the
payloads turns out to be a little trickier. Signal, unlike traditional
messaging applications, puts a number requirements around encryption and
account data storage on the client software. signald aims to handle all of
the Signal-specific requirements, exposing an API that sends and receives
unencrypted messages with other software on the same machine.

signald does not come with a user friendly frontend. Users should select an
existing client to use signald with.

2021-08-28T10:29:28+00:00 textproc/mdbook-linkcheck mdBook backend to check links
A backend for "mdbook" which will check your links for you. For use alongside
the built-in HTML renderer.

2021-08-28T12:16:48+00:00 www/cinny Yet another Matrix client for the web
Cinny is a Matrix client focusing primarily on simple,
elegant and secure interface.

2021-08-27T22:45:23-07:00 math/stan C++ package for Bayesian inference, maximum likelihood estimation, etc
Stan is a state-of-the-art platform for statistical modeling and
high-performance statistical computation. Thousands of users rely on Stan for
statistical modeling, data analysis, and prediction in the social, biological,
and physical sciences, engineering, and business.

Users specify log density functions in Stan's probabilistic programming language
and get:
* full Bayesian statistical inference with MCMC sampling (NUTS, HMC)
* approximate Bayesian inference with variational inference (ADVI)
* penalized maximum likelihood estimation with optimization (L-BFGS)

2021-08-27T20:39:48-07:00 math/stanmath C++ template library for automatic differentiation
The Stan Math Library is a C++, reverse-mode automatic differentiation library
designed to be usable, extensive and extensible, efficient, scalable, stable,
portable, and redistributable in order to facilitate the construction and
utilization of algorithms that utilize derivatives.

2021-08-26T23:26:04-05:00 comms/wsjtz Clone of WSJT-X software with additional features
WSJT ("Weak Signal Communication, by K1JT") offers specific digital protocols
optimized for meteor scatter, ionospheric scatter, and EME (moonbounce)
at VHF/UHF, as well as HF skywave propagation. The program can decode
fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails and
steady signals 10 dB below the audible threshold.

WSJT-Z is a clone of WSJT-X software by Joe Taylor K1JT


- Modified user interface, including a larger Band Activity window
- Extended filtering features
- Auto CQ and auto responding
- QRZ.COM integration
- Audio alerts
- DXCC / Continent Filtering

2021-08-27T11:49:37+09:00 mail/mew-devel Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs (Development Version)
Mew is a user interface for text messages, multimedia messages(MIME),
news articles and security functionality including PGP, SSH and SSL.

2021-08-26T19:12:05-07:00 www/openarc Open source ARC implementation
The Trusted Domain Project (TDP) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to
research and development of technologies that promote trust in the use of
domain names in on the Internet. OpenARC is an initiative of TDP, and is
primarily community effort to develop and maintain an open source library
for producing ARC-aware applications, and a "milter"-based filter for
providing ARC service.

2021-08-26T18:06:54-05:00 editors/lazarus-qt5-devel Portable Delphi-like IDE for the FreePascal compiler (QT5 devel)
2021-08-26T18:06:54-05:00 editors/lazarus-devel Portable Delphi-like IDE for the FreePascal compiler (GTK2 devel)
Lazarus is the class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi.
Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K
and more. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile
Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP.

Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to
develop Delphi-like programs in all of the above platforms. Unlike Java
which strives to be a write once run anywhere, Lazarus and Free Pascal
strives for write once compile anywhere. (devel version)

2021-08-26T08:08:57-03:00 textproc/rubygem-asciidoctor-epub3 Convert AsciiDoc documents to EPUB3
Asciidoctor EPUB3 is a set of Asciidoctor extensions for converting AsciiDoc
documents directly to the EPUB3 and KF8/MOBI e-book formats. It's a tool for
creating highly aesthetic, professional, easy-to-read e-books.

2021-08-26T08:03:07-03:00 textproc/rubygem-gepub Ruby generic EPUB parser/generator
Gepub is a generic EPUB parser/generator. Generates and parse EPUB2 and EPUB3.

2021-08-26T01:57:51-07:00 sysutils/f2 Command-line tool for batch renaming files and directories
F2 is a cross-platform command-line tool for batch renaming files and
directories quickly and safely.

2021-06-11T19:24:37+00:00 lang/zig-devel Language designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability
Zig is a general purpose programming language designed for robustness,
optimality, and maintainability.

2021-08-24T18:44:55+01:00 devel/llvm13 LLVM and Clang
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang (a C/C++/Objective-C compiler), LLD (a linker),
LLDB (a debugger), an OpenMP runtime library, and the LLVM infrastructure
these are built on.

2021-08-24T15:07:47+00:00 multimedia/celluloid-devel
2021-08-24T08:56:22-05:00 sysutils/fusefs-xfuse Read-only FUSE server implementing XFS
This is read-only implementation of the XFS filesystem, a high-performance
64-bit journaling file system created by Silicon Graphics, Inc (SGI) in 1993,
and popular in various Linux distributions.

While the implementation is in early stages, it should be useful enough for
migration purposes.

This project runs in userland through the use of the FUSE kernel module. This is
the only run-time requirement.

This project was done as part of Google Summer of Code 2021.

2021-08-24T13:24:42+00:00 net/rssguard Simple (yet powerful) Qt5 feed reader
RSS Guard is simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use RSS/Atom feed aggregator
developed using Qt framework which supports online feed synchronization
with several services: Feedly, Gmail, Google Reader, Inoreader, Nextcloud
News, and Tiny Tiny RSS.

2021-08-24T03:06:35+00:00 audio/gnome-podcasts Podcast app for GNOME
Listen to your favorite podcasts, right from your desktop.

2021-08-23T18:30:22+02:00 textproc/py-sphinxext-opengraph Sphinx extension to generate OpenGraph metadata
This Sphinx extension allows you to generate OpenGraph metadata.

The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object
in a social graph (see

2021-08-23T12:28:41-05:00 biology/bfc Correct sequencing errors from Illumina sequencing data
BFC is a standalone high-performance tool for correcting sequencing
errors from Illumina sequencing data. It is specifically designed for
high-coverage whole-genome human data, though also performs well for
small genomes.

2021-08-23T12:26:47-05:00 biology/flash Fast Length Adjustment of SHort reads
FLASH (Fast Length Adjustment of SHort reads) is a very fast and
accurate software tool to merge paired-end reads from next-generation
sequencing experiments. FLASH is designed to merge pairs of reads when
the original DNA fragments are shorter than twice the length of reads.
The resulting longer reads can significantly improve genome assemblies.
They can also improve transcriptome assembly when FLASH is used to
merge RNA-seq data.

2021-08-22T16:36:02+00:00 security/authenticator Generate Two-Factor Codes
Simple application for generating Two-Factor Authentication Codes.

- Time-based/Counter-based/Steam methods support
- SHA-1/SHA-256/SHA-512 algorithms support
- QR code scanner using a camera or from a screenshot
- Lock the application with a password
- Beautiful UI
- Backup/Restore from/into known applications like FreeOTP+, andOTP

2021-08-23T10:30:02+00:00 x11-toolkits/gstreamer1-plugins-gtk4 GStreamer GTK4 video sink plugin
GTK4 plugin features:

- gtk4glsink: A video sink that renders to a GtkWidget using OpenGL
- gtk4sink: A video sink that renders to a GtkWidget

2021-08-23T08:05:05+02:00 www/h2c Provided a set of HTTP request headers, output a curl command line
h2c stands for headers 2 curl. Provided a set of HTTP request headers,
it outputs the curl command line for generating the desired request.

2021-08-22T00:08:31-03:00 www/writefreely Clean, Markdown-based publishing platform made for writers
WriteFreely is a clean, minimalist publishing platform made for writers.
Start a blog, share knowledge within your organization, or build a
community around the shared act of writing.

2021-08-22T13:44:21+00:00 deskutils/solanum Pomodoro timer for the GNOME desktop
Solanum is a pomodoro timer for the GNOME desktop. It keeps you on
track, with frequent short breaks, and a long break after sessions of

2021-08-21T22:46:15-07:00 math/normaliz Tool for computations in affine monoids, vector configurations, etc
Normaliz is an open source tool for computations in affine monoids, vector
configurations, lattice polytopes, and rational cones. Normaliz also computes
algebraic polyhedra, i.e., polyhedra defined over real algebraic extensions
of Q.

2021-08-21T18:00:58-07:00 math/py-pynauty Isomorphism testing and automorphisms of graphs
Pynauty can be used to compare graphs for isomorphism and to determine their
automorphism group in a Python programming environment. Pynauty is a Python/C
extension module using library components from the Nauty package by Brendan

2021-08-21T23:10:58+00:00 audio/shortwave Listen to internet radio
Find and listen to internet radio stations.

2021-08-21T01:07:11-07:00 devel/py-rapidfuzz Rapid fuzzy string matching in Python
Rapid fuzzy string matching in Python using various string metrics.

2021-08-21T00:16:08-07:00 devel/rapidfuzz-cpp Rapid fuzzy string matching in C++ using the levenshtein distance
RapidFuzz is a fast string matching library for Python and C++, which is using
the string similarity calculations from FuzzyWuzzy.

2021-08-19T01:45:29-07:00 cad/appcsxcad Minimal GUI Application using the QCSXCAD library
AppCSXCAD is a minimal application using the QCSXCAD library.

2021-08-19T01:38:17-07:00 cad/qcsxcad Qt-GUI for CSXCAD
QCSXCAD the Qt-GUI for CSXCAD, a C++ library to describe geometrical objects and
their physical or non-physical properties.

2021-08-18T18:19:57-07:00 science/openems Electromagnetic field solver using the EC-FDTD method
openEMS is a free and open electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method.
Matlab or Octave are used as an easy and flexible scripting interface.

It features:
* fully 3D Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates graded mesh
* multi-threading, SIMD (SSE) and MPI support for high speed FDTD

2021-08-18T17:27:24-07:00 cad/csxcad C++ library to describe geometrical objects
CSXCAD, Continuous Structure XML, is a C++ library to describe geometrical
objects and their physical or non-physical properties.

2021-08-18T17:25:06-07:00 math/fparser Function parser for C++
This C++ library offers a class which can be used to parse and evaluate a
mathematical function from a string (which might be eg. requested from the
user). The syntax of the function string is similar to mathematical
expressions written in C/C++ (the exact syntax is specified in the
documentation below). The function can then be evaluated with different values
of variables.

2021-08-18T18:01:46-04:00 databases/redis6 Persistent key-value database with built-in net interface
Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. It is often referred
to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes,
lists, sets and sorted sets.

You can run atomic operations on these types, like appending to a string;
incrementing the value in a hash; pushing to a list; computing set
intersection, union and difference; or getting the member with highest
ranking in a sorted set.

In order to achieve its outstanding performance, Redis works with an
in-memory dataset. Depending on your use case, you can persist it either
by dumping the dataset to disk every once in a while, or by appending each
command to a log.

Redis also supports trivial-to-setup master-slave replication, with very
fast non-blocking first synchronization, auto-reconnection on net split
and so forth.

2021-08-18T01:54:21-07:00 archivers/draco Library for compressing and decompressing 3D meshes and point clouds
Draco is an open-source library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric
meshes and point clouds. It is intended to improve the storage and transmission
of 3D graphics.

2021-08-17T14:29:13-07:00 biology/py-PySCeS Python Simulator for Cellular Systems
PySCeS provides a variety of tools for the analysis of cellular systems.

2021-08-17T14:21:57-07:00 biology/py-python-libsbml LibSBML Python API
Python binding for libsbml - Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) read/write

2021-08-17T21:57:03+02:00 databases/gmdb2 Official GUI for mdbtools
This is the official GUI for mdbtools. It is a standalone
package that was ported to GTK+3.

2021-08-17T18:38:43+03:00 devel/py-lxml-stubs Type annotations for the lxml package
This repository contains external type annotations (see PEP 484)
for the lxml package.

2021-08-17T05:38:07-04:00 textproc/ripgrep-all Improved search capacities of ripgrep
ripgrep-all is a line-oriented search tool that allows you to look for a regex
in a multitude of file types. rga wraps the awesome ripgrep and enables it to
search in pdf, docx, sqlite, jpg, zip, tar.*, movie subtitles (mkv, mp4), etc.

2021-08-17T08:17:55+01:00 dns/p5-DNS-nsdiff Create an "nsupdate" script from DNS zone file differences
create an "nsupdate" script from DNS zone file differences

The nsdiff program examines the old and new versions of a DNS zone,
and outputs the differences as a script for use by BIND's nsupdate
program. It provides a bridge between static zone files and dynamic

The nspatch script is a wrapper around nsdiff | nsupdate that checks
and reports errors in a manner suitable for running from cron.

The nsvi script makes it easy to edit a dynamic zone.

2021-08-17T00:04:38-07:00 biology/sigviewer Viewing application for biosignals
SigViewer is a viewing application for biosignals such as EEG or MEG time
series. In addition to viewing raw data, SigViewer can also create, edit, and
display event information (such as annotations or artifact selections).

2021-08-16T20:17:53-07:00 misc/libxdf C++ library for loading XDF files
Libxdf is a cross-platform C++ library for loading multimodal, multi-rate
signals stored in XDF files.

2021-08-16T19:50:48-07:00 biology/biosig Library for reading and writing different biosignal data format
BioSig is an open source software library for biomedical signal processing,
featuring for example the analysis of biosignals such as the
electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocorticogram (ECoG), electrocardiogram (ECG),
electrooculogram (EOG), electromyogram (EMG), respiration, and so on. Major
application areas are: Neuroinformatics, brain-computer interfaces,
neurophysiology, psychology, cardiovascular systems and sleep research. The aim
of the BioSig project is to foster research in biomedical signal processing by
providing open source software tools for many different applications.

2021-08-16T15:00:18+00:00 audio/lewton Rust vorbis decoder
Vorbis decoder written in pure Rust.

2021-08-16T17:49:11+03:00 devel/py-types-Pillow Typing stubs for Pillow
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for Pillow
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses Pillow.

2021-08-16T17:45:26+03:00 devel/py-types-psycopg2 Typing stubs for psycopg2
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for psycopg2
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses psycopg2.

2021-08-16T16:24:33+03:00 devel/py-types-Flask Typing stubs for Flask
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for Flask
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses Flask.

2021-08-16T16:23:46+03:00 devel/py-types-Jinja2 Typing stubs for Jinja2
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for Jinja2
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses Jinja2.

2021-08-16T16:21:56+03:00 devel/py-types-MarkupSafe Typing stubs for MarkupSafe
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for MarkupSafe
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses MarkupSafe.

2021-08-16T16:21:18+03:00 devel/py-types-Werkzeug Typing stubs for Werkzeug
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for Werkzeug
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses Werkzeug.

2021-08-16T15:54:50+03:00 devel/py-types-click Typing stubs for click
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for click
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses click.

2021-08-16T17:30:05+03:00 devel/py-types-xxhash Typing stubs for xxhash
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for xxhash
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses xxhash.

2021-08-16T05:41:20+05:30 net/wifibox Wireless card driver via virtualized Linux
Wifibox deploys a Linux guest to drive a wireless networking card on
the FreeBSD host system with the help of PCI pass-through. There have
been guides on the Internet to suggest the use of such techniques to
improve the wireless networking experience on FreeBSD, of which
Wifibox tries to implement as a single easy-to-use software package.

2021-08-15T19:10:45+02:00 x11/xfce4-docklike-plugin Modern, minimalist taskbar for Xfce
This is a taskbar panel plugin for xfce4, designed to mimic the look
and functionality of docks and application bars used in Windows and
MacOS. It includes optional features like window previews and launcher

2021-08-15T22:46:02+08:00 x11/lightdm-slick-greeter Slick-looking LightDM greeter
- Slick-Greeter is cross-distribution and should work pretty much anywhere.
- All panel applets are embedded. No external indicators are launched or loaded
by the greeter.
- No settings daemon are launched or loaded by the greeter.
- This greeter supports HiDPI.
- Sessions are validated. If a default/chosen session isn't present on the
system, the greeter scans for known sessions in /usr/share/xsessions and
replaces the invalid session choice with a valid session.
- You can take a screenshot by pressing PrintScrn. The screenshot is saved in
- The default configuration is stored in dconf under the schema
- Users can create and modify /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf, settings in this
files take priority and overwrite dconf settings.

2021-08-05T15:13:43+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-rust Various GStreamer plugins written in Rust
Repository containing various GStreamer plugins and elements written
in the Rust programming language:

* generic
- file: A Rust implementation of the standard filesrc and filesink

- sodium: Elements to perform encryption and decryption using

- threadshare: Some popular threaded elements reimplemented using common
thread-sharing infrastructure.

* net
- reqwest: An HTTP source element based on the reqwest library.

- rusoto: A source and sink plugin to talk to the Amazon S3 object
storage system using the Rusoto library.

* audio
- audiofx: Plugins to apply audio effects to a stream (such as
adding echo/reverb, removing noise or normalization).

- claxon: A FLAC decoder based on the Claxon library.

- csound: A plugin to implement audio effects using the Csound

- lewton: A Vorbis decoder based on the lewton library.

* video
- cdg: A parser and renderer for CD+G karaoke data.

- closedcaption: Plugins to deal with several closed caption formats
(MCC, SCC, EIA-608/CEA-608 and timed text).

- dav1d: AV1 decoder based on the dav1d library.

- flavors: FLV demuxer based on the flavors library.

- gif: A GIF encoder based on the gif library.

- rav1e: AV1 encoder based on the rav1e library.

* utils
- fallbackswitch: Aggregator element that allows falling back to a
different sink pad after a timeout.

- togglerecord: Element to enable starting and stopping multiple
streams together.

2021-08-14T01:55:33-07:00 science/dynare Software platform for handling a wide class of economic models
Dynare is a software platform for handling a wide class of economic models, in
particular dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) and overlapping
generations (OLG) models. The models solved by Dynare include those relying on
the rational expectations hypothesis, wherein agents form their expectations
about the future in a way consistent with the model. But Dynare is also able to
handle models where expectations are formed differently: on one extreme, models
where agents perfectly anticipate the future; on the other extreme, models where
agents have limited rationality or imperfect knowledge of the state of the
economy and, hence, form their expectations through a learning process. In terms
of types of agents, models solved by Dynare can incorporate consumers,
productive firms, governments, monetary authorities, investors and financial
intermediaries. Some degree of heterogeneity can be achieved by including
several distinct classes of agents in each of the aforementioned agent

2021-08-13T20:25:15-04:00 sysutils/g15daemon Daemon for Logitech G15 Keyboards
G15daemon takes control of the G15 keyboard, allowing the use of all keys
through the uinput device driver. It also controls the use of the
keyboard's LCD display, allows multiple, simultaneous client applications
to connect, and gives the user the ability to switch between client apps
at the press of a button.

2021-08-13T20:23:27-04:00 net/ipinfo-cli Official Command Line Interface for the IPinfo API
ipinfo-cli allowing you to lookup IP deltails, ASN, IP geolocation,
IP CIDR, IP range.

2021-08-13T14:41:08-04:00 games/libretro-beetle_saturn Standalone port of Mednafen Saturn to libretro
Standalone port of Mednafen Sega Saturn to libretro.

2021-08-13T14:40:50-04:00 games/libretro-freeintv Libretro emulation core for the Mattel Intellivision
A libretro emulation core for Mattel Intellivision.

2021-08-13T12:07:22+00:00 games/ponscripter-07th-mod NScripter-like novel-game interpreter with Unicode support
Ponscripter was created as an NScripter-style visual novel game
interpreter with an emphasis on supporting games in Western languages.

This fork is intended to provide additional features to Ponscripter
that make it more suitable for releasing games on Steam. It, however,
does not have qualms with breaking compatibility in minor ways.

2021-08-13T08:34:09-05:00 biology/py-ont-fast5-api Interface to HDF5 files in Oxford Nanopore .fast5 format
The ont_fast5_api is a simple interface to HDF5 files of the Oxford
Nanopore .fast5 file format. It provides:

o Implementation of the fast5 file schema using h5py library
o Methods to interact with and reflect the fast5 file schema
o Tools to convert between multi_read and single_read formats
o Tools to compress/decompress raw data in files

2021-08-13T02:59:17-07:00 math/cado-nfs Implementation of the Number Field Sieve Algorithm
CADO-NFS is a complete implementation in C/C++ of the Number Field Sieve (NFS)
algorithm for factoring integers and computing discrete logarithms in finite
fields. It consists in various programs corresponding to all the phases of the
algorithm, and a general script that runs them, possibly in parallel over a
network of computers.

2021-08-13T01:31:30+00:00 multimedia/kooha Elegantly record your screen (development snapshot)
Capture your screen in a straightforward and painless way without

Kooha is a simple screen recorder with a minimal interface. You can
simply click the record button without having to configure a bunch of

The main features of Kooha include the following:
- Capture your screen without any hassle.
- Record your microphone, computer sounds, or both at the same time.
- Support for WebM, MP4, GIF, and MKV formats.
- Multiple sources selection.
- Optional hardware accelerated encoding
- Select a monitor or window to record.
- Create a selection to capture certain area from your screen.
- Set delay to prepare before you start recording.
- Hide or show mouse pointer.
- Choose a saving location for your recording.
- Utilize helpful keyboard shortcuts.

2021-08-12T19:06:10-07:00 math/gismo C++ library for isogeometric analysis (IGA)
G+Smo (Geometry + Simulation Modules, pronounced "gismo") is an open-source C++
library that brings together mathematical tools for geometric design and
numerical simulation. It implements the relatively new paradigm of isogeometric
analysis, which suggests the use of a unified framework in the design and
analysis pipeline. G+Smo is an object-oriented, cross-platform, template C++
library and follows the generic programming principle, with a focus on both
efficiency and ease of use. The library aims at providing access to high
quality, open-source software to the forming isogeometric numerical simulation
community and beyond.

2021-08-12T20:48:47-05:00 archivers/vbz-compression Variable byte integer encoding to compress Oxford Nanopore signal data
VBZ Compression uses variable byte integer encoding to compress Oxford
Nanopore signal data.

The performance of VBZ is achieved by taking advantage of the properties of the
raw signal and therefore is most effective when applied to the signal dataset.
Other datasets you may have in your Fast5 files will not be able to take
advantage of the default VBZ settings for compression. VBZ will be used as the
default compression scheme in a future release of MinKNOW.

2021-08-12T19:38:32-05:00 archivers/streamvbyte Integer compression with SIMD based on Google's varint
StreamVByte is an integer compression technique that applies SIMD
instructions (vectorization) to Google's varint approach. The net result
is faster than other byte-oriented compression techniques.

The approach is patent-free, the code is available under the Apache License.

It includes fast differential coding.

It assumes a recent Intel processor (e.g., haswell or better, though we provide
runtime dispatching for compatibility with legacy systems) or an ARM processor
with NEON instructions (which is almost all of them).

2021-08-11T15:50:10-07:00 science/siconos Simulation framework for nonsmooth dynamical systems
Siconos is an open-source scientific software primarily targeted at modeling and
simulating nonsmooth dynamical systems in C++ and in Python:

* Mechanical systems (rigid or solid) with unilateral contact and Coulomb
friction and impact (nonsmooth mechanics, contact dynamics, multibody systems
dynamics or granular materials).
* Switched Electrical Circuit such as electrical circuits with ideal and
piecewise linear components: power converter, rectifier, Phase-Locked Loop
(PLL) or Analog-to-Digital converter.
* Sliding mode control systems.
* Biology (Gene regulatory network).

Other applications are found in Systems and Control (hybrid systems,
differential inclusions, optimal control with state constraints), Optimization
(Complementarity systems and Variational inequalities), Fluid Mechanics, and
Computer Graphics.

2021-08-11T12:52:08+02:00 devel/rubygem-mini_portile2-25 Simple autoconf builder for developers
This project is a minimalistic implementation of a port/recipe system
for developers. Because "Works on my machine" is unacceptable for a
library maintainer.

2021-08-10T18:47:43-04:00 databases/redisjson JSON data type for Redis
RedisJSON is a Redis module that implements ECMA-404 The JSON Data
Interchange Standard as a native data type. It allows storing,
updating and fetching JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

Primary features:
- Full support of the JSON standard
- JSONPath-like syntax for selecting elements inside documents
- Documents are stored as binary data in a tree structure, allowing
fast access to sub-elements
- Typed atomic operations for all JSON values types

2021-06-10T13:32:12+00:00 graphics/vapoursynth-waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Waifu2x (waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan) plugin for VapourSynth
Waifu2x filter for VapourSynth, based on waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan.

2021-08-10T02:13:46-07:00 audio/zplugins-lv2 Collection of LV2 plugins to be bundled with Zrythm
Collection of audio DSP plugins inteded to be bundled with the Zrythm DAW.

2021-04-23T06:00:30+00:00 x11/wapanel Desktop bar for Wayfire and other wlroots compositors
Simple panel/status bar/task bar for your custom stacking
Wayland-based desktop.

- Good configurability
- Config hot reload
- Exposed API for writing custom applets
- Custom themes with CSS

2021-07-29T19:22:29+00:00 devel/vc-intrinsics LLVM intrinsics for SIMD on GPU
VC Intrinsics project contains a set of new intrinsics on top of core
LLVM IR instructions that represent SIMD semantics of a program
targeting GPU.

2021-08-05T11:29:27-07:00 sysutils/tracker3 Object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer
Tracker is a powerful desktop-neutral first class object database, tag/metadata
database, search tool and indexer.

Tracker is also extremely fast and super efficient with your systems memory when
compared with some other competing frameworks and is by far the fastest and most
memory efficient Nautilus search and Deskbar backends currently availble.

It consists of a common object database that allows entities to have an almost
infinte number of properties, metadata (both embedded/harvested as well as user
definable), a comprehensive database of keywords/tags and links to other

2021-08-09T10:31:48-07:00 math/paritwine Glue library between PARI/GP and other mathematics libraries
PariTwine is a glue library between the system for computer algebra and number
theory PARI/GP and a number of other mathematics libraries, currently GMP,

2021-08-09T23:57:23+08:00 textproc/go-yq Portable commandline YAML processor written in go
yq is a lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor in go.
yq uses jq like syntax but works with yaml files as well as json.
It doesn't yet support everything jq does - but it does support the most common
operations and functions, and more is being added continuously.

2021-08-09T17:46:24+02:00 games/vt100-art-and-animations VT100 art and animations
These are VT100 Animation files, which are meant to be thrown up raw at a
vt100-compatible terminal. ANSI-ready terminals should do fine, although the
ideal venue is a Digital Equipment Corporation VT100 Terminal connected at 9600
baud. Many of these animations will fly by at modern speeds, when they were
meant to move much slower. The files themselves are simply text with cursor
movement instructions, deleting and erasing the characters necessary to appear
animated. Usually, they represent a long hand-crafted process done by a single
person to tell a story. Some of these files may date back to the 1960's and

2021-08-09T23:06:41+08:00 net/jotta-cli Jotta Cloud Daemon and Command-Line Interface
From the Jottacloud website:

The Jottacloud Command-line Tool or Command-line Client is a
Command-line tool for Jottacloud users.

The command-line client (CLI) is capable of running on most devices
with Windows, OS X and linux systems such as desktops, servers, NAS
devices, and even Raspberry Pi.

Note: The command-line client a special software designed for running
on servers or headless systems. It is not meant to control the
Jottacloud Desktop Client.


* Automatic folder backup
* Archive files
* Custom scan interval
* Ignore files and folders with simple gitignore style pattern
* Simple webhooks
* Manage remote hosts

2021-08-09T15:53:25+01:00 x11-wm/nscde Modern CDE clone based on fvwm
NsCDE is a retro but powerful UNIX desktop environment which resembles CDE look
(and partially feel) but with a more powerful and flexible framework beneath-
the-surface, more suited for 21st century unix-like and Linux systems and user
requirements than original CDE.

NsCDE can be considered as a heavyweight FVWM theme on steroids, but combined
with a couple other free software components and custom FVWM applications and a
lot of configuration, NsCDE can be considered a lightweight hybrid desktop
2021-08-09T08:31:10+02:00 textproc/sl-hunspell Slovenian hunspell dictionary
Slovenian hunspell dictionary

2021-08-09T07:06:59+02:00 x11/i3lock-color Enhanced i3lock with higher capacity
An improved version of i3lock, with more capabilities.

2021-08-09T05:34:03+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-chimesdkmessaging Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Chime SDK Messaging
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Chime SDK Messaging.

2021-08-09T05:34:02+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-chimesdkidentity Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Chime SDK Identity
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Chime SDK Identity.

2021-08-08T23:35:32+08:00 textproc/py-latexcodec Lexer and codec to work with LaTeX code in Python
The codec provides a convenient way of going between text written in LaTeX and
unicode. Since it is not a LaTeX compiler, it is more appropriate for short
chunks of text, such as a paragraph or the values of a BibTeX entry, and it is
not appropriate for a full LaTeX document. In particular, its behavior on the
LaTeX commands that do not simply select characters is intended to allow the
unicode representation to be understandable by a human reader, but is not
canonical and may require hand tuning to produce the desired effect.

2021-08-08T22:32:38+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-rack Faraday adapter for Rack
Faraday Rack adapter is a Faraday adapter for a Rack app. Faraday is an HTTP
client library that provides a common interface over many adapters. Every
adapter is defined into its own gem. This gem defines the adapter fora Rack app.

2021-08-08T22:32:34+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-route53recoveryreadiness Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Route53 Recovery Readiness
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Route53 Recovery Readiness.

2021-08-08T22:32:33+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-route53recoverycontrolconfig Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config.

2021-08-08T22:32:32+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-route53recoverycluster Official AWS Ruby gem for Route53 Recovery Cluster
Official AWS Ruby gem for Route53 Recovery Cluster.

2021-08-08T22:32:31+08:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-bibtex Sphinx extension for BibTeX style citations
The bibtex extension allows BibTeX citations to be inserted into documentation
generated by Sphinx, via a bibliography directive, along with :cite:p: and
:cite:t: roles. These work similarly to LaTeX's thebibliography environment and
the \citet and \citep commands.

2021-08-08T22:32:27+08:00 textproc/py-pybtex-docutils Docutils backend for pybtex
pybtex-docutils is a docutils backend for pybtex.

2021-08-08T22:32:23+08:00 textproc/py-pybtex BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor in Python
Pybtex is a BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor written in Python. You can
simply type pybtex instead of bibtex.

Pybtex aims to be 100% compatible with BibTeX. It accepts the same command line
options, fully supports BibTeX's .bst styles and produces byte-identical output.

2021-08-08T22:32:18+08:00 textproc/py-nbsphinx Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx
nbsphinx is a Sphinx extension that provides a source parser for *.ipynb files.
Custom Sphinx directives are used to show Jupyter Notebook code cells (and of
course their results) in both HTML and LaTeX output. Unevaluated notebooks --
i.e. notebooks without stored output cells -- will be automatically executed
during the Sphinx build process.

2021-08-08T22:32:14+08:00 devel/phpunit9 Testing framework for unit tests
PHPUnit is a programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP. It is an instance of
the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks.

2021-08-08T22:32:13+08:00 devel/p5-Module-Installed-Tiny Check if a module is installed, with as little code as possible
To check if a module is installed (available), generally the simplest way is to
try to require() it. However, this actually loads the module. There are some
cases where this is not desirable: 1) we have to check a lot of modules
(actually loading the modules will take a lot of CPU time and memory; 2) some of
the modules conflict with one another and cannot all be loaded; 3) the module is
OS specific and might not load under another OS; 4) we simply do not want to
execute the module, for security or other reasons.

Module::Installed::Tiny provides a routine module_installed() which works like
Perl's require but does not actually load the module.

2021-08-08T22:32:12+08:00 x11-fonts/genyog Free Gothic font family derived from Adobe Source Han Sans
GenYo Gothic (源樣黑體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han

2021-08-08T22:32:11+08:00 x11-fonts/genyo Free Ming font family derived from Adobe Source Han Serif
GenYo Ming (源樣明體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han Serif.

2021-08-08T22:32:11+08:00 x11-fonts/genwan Free Ming font family derived from Adobe Source Han Serif
GenWan Ming (源雲明體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han

2021-08-08T22:32:10+08:00 x11-fonts/gensen Free Rounded font family derived from Adobe Source Han Sans
GenSen Rounded (源泉圓體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han

2021-08-08T22:32:09+08:00 x11-fonts/genseki Free Gothic font family derived from Adobe Source Han Sans
GenSeki Gothic (源石黑體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han

2021-08-08T22:32:08+08:00 x11-fonts/genryu Free Ming font family derived from Adobe Source Han Serif
GenRyu Ming (源流明體) is a free font family derived from Adobe Source Han

2021-08-08T15:21:28+02:00 www/rubygem-faraday14 HTTP/REST API client library in Ruby
Faraday is an HTTP client lib that provides a common interface over many
adapters (such as Net::HTTP) and embraces the concept of Rack middleware when
processing the request/response cycle.

2021-08-08T05:17:06-07:00 x11/dwmblocks Modular status bar for dwm
Modular status bar for dwm written in c.

The statusbar is made from text output from commandline programs.
Blocks are added and removed by editing the blocks.h header file.

2021-08-08T11:54:05+02:00 www/janus WebRTC gateway
Janus is an open source, general purpose, WebRTC gateway designed and
developed by Meetecho

2021-08-07T17:26:56-04:00 science/orthanc-mysql Orthanc plugin to use MySQL/MariaDB for indexing or storage
Orthanc-mysql is an Orthanc plugin that replaces the default SQLite
engine of Orthanc with a MySQL back-end. The plugin is compatible
with MariaDB as well.

2021-08-07T05:15:51+00:00 x11-toolkits/libdecor Client-side decorations library for Wayland client
libdecor is a library that can help Wayland clients draw window
decorations for them. It aims to provide multiple backends that
implements the decoration drawing.

2021-04-29T08:56:26+00:00 benchmarks/vkpeak Profile Vulkan devices to find their peak capacities
vkpeak is a synthetic benchmarking tool to measure peak capabilities
of Vulkan devices. It only measures the peak metrics that can be
achieved using vector operations and does not represent a real-world
use case.

2021-08-06T10:16:44-04:00 comms/py-fritzconnection Python tool to communicate with AVM FritzBox routers
A Python tool to communicate with the AVM FritzBox family of home routers.
It uses the TR-064 protocol over UPnP.

2021-08-06T08:14:42-04:00 devel/R-cran-gert Simple Git Client for R
Simple git client for R based on 'libgit2' with support for SSH and
HTTPS remotes. All functions in 'gert' use basic R data types (such
as vectors and data-frames) for their arguments and return values.
User credentials are shared with command line 'git' through the
git-credential store and ssh keys stored on disk or ssh-agent.

2021-08-06T05:34:24-04:00 net/rospo Simple and reliable ssh tunnels with embedded ssh server
Rospo is a tool meant to create reliable ssh tunnels. It embeds an SSH
server too if you want to reverse proxy a secured shell.

It's meant to make ssh tunnels fun and understandable again.

Rospo supports a cool UI, too. The UI lets you handle tunnel and
pipe configuration at runtime through a web interface. You can
start/stop new tunnels and pipes at runtime.

2021-08-06T11:25:33+08:00 textproc/py-sphinx-markdown-tables Sphinx extension for rendering tables written in markdown
Sphinx supports markdown via Recommonmark, which does not support tables.
This extension provides them.

It renders markdown tables as HTML, as defined by python-markdown.

2021-08-05T09:51:13-07:00 science/phonopy Package for phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels
Phonopy is an open source package for phonon calculations at harmonic and
quasi-harmonic levels.

The following features of phonopy are highlighted:
* Phonon band structure, phonon DOS and partial-DOS
* Phonon thermal properties: Free energy, heat capacity (Cv), and entropy
* Phonon group velocity
* Thermal ellipsoids / Mean square displacements
* Irreducible representations of normal modes
* Dynamic structure factor for INS and IXS
* Non-analytical-term correction: LO-TO splitting (Born effective charges and
dielectric constant are required.)
* Mode Gruneisen parameters
* Quasi-harmonic approximation: Thermal expansion, heat capacity at constant
pressure (Cp),
* Interfaces to calculators: VASP, VASP DFPT, ABINIT, Quantu ESPRESSO, SIESTA,
Elk, FHI-aims, WIEN2k, CRYSTAL
* Python APIs

2021-08-05T00:14:15-07:00 science/py-hiphive High-order force constants for the masses
hiPhive is a tool for efficiently extracting high-order force constants from
atomistic simulations, most commonly density functional theory calculations.
It has been implemented in the form of a Python library, which allows it to be
readily integrated with many first-principles codes and analysis tools
accessible in Python.

2021-07-02T10:35:50+00:00 sysutils/atf-fvp
Arm Trusted Framework for the Arm Fixed Virtual Platform

Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) provides a reference implementation of secure world
software for Armv7-A and Armv8-A, including a Secure Monitor executing at
Exception Level 3 (EL3).

2021-08-05T10:20:13+08:00 multimedia/py-metadata-cleaner Python GTK application to view and clean metadata in files, using mat2
Metadata within a file can tell a lot about you. Cameras record data
about when a picture was taken and what camera was used. Office
applications automatically add author and company information to
documents and spreadsheets. Maybe you don't want to disclose those
pieces of information.

This tool allows you to view metadata in your files and to get rid of
them, as much as possible.

Under the hood, it relies on mat2 to parse and remove the metadata.

2021-08-04T20:17:53-03:00 x11-wm/sdorfehs Tiling window manager descended from ratpoison
sdorfehs (pronounced "starfish") is a tiling window manager descended
from ratpoison (which itself is modelled after GNU Screen).

sdorfehs divides the screen into one or more frames, each only
displaying one window at a time but can cycle through all available
windows (those which are not being shown in another frame).

Like Screen, sdorfehs primarily uses prefixed/modal key bindings for
most actions. sdorfehs's command mode is entered with a configurable
keystroke (Control+a by default) which then allows a number of bindings
accessible with just a single keystroke or any other combination. For
example, to cycle through available windows in a frame, press Control+a
then n.

2021-08-04T08:06:01-03:00 x11/xfce4-appmenu-plugin Application Menu plugin for XFCE panel
This is an Application Menu applet providing Global Menu for the XFCE panel.

2021-07-22T14:53:48+02:00 multimedia/py-mat2 Handy tool to trash your metadata
Metadata consist of information that characterizes data. Metadata are
used to provide documentation for data products. In essence, metadata
answer who, what, when, where, why, and how about every facet of the
data that are being documented.

Metadata within a file can tell a lot about you. Cameras record data
about when a picture was taken and what camera was used. Office
documents like PDF or Office automatically adds author and company
information to documents and spreadsheets. Maybe you don't want to
disclose those information.

This is precisely the job of mat2: getting rid, as much as possible,
of metadata.

mat2 provides a command line tool, and graphical user interfaces via
a service menu for Dolphin, the default file manager of KDE, and an
extension for Nautilus, the default file manager of GNOME.

The following formats are supported: avi, bmp, css, epub/ncx, flac,
gif, jpeg, m4a/mp2/mp3/..., mp4, odc/odf/odg/odi/odp/ods/odt/...,
off/opus/oga/spx/..., pdf, png, ppm, pptx/xlsx/docx/..., zip, torrent,
svg/svgz/..., tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2/tar.xz/..., tiff, wav, wmv, ...

2021-08-03T06:46:19+00:00 security/vouch-proxy SSO solution for Nginx using the auth_request module
An SSO solution for Nginx using the auth_request module. Vouch Proxy
can protect all of your websites at once.

Vouch Proxy supports many OAuth and OIDC login providers and can
enforce authentication to Google, GitHub, Okta and many more.

2021-08-02T22:21:12-07:00 math/py-unyt Package for handling numpy arrays with units
A package for handling numpy arrays with units.

Often writing code that deals with data that has units can be confusing.
A function might return an array but at least with plain NumPy arrays, there is
no way to easily tell what the units of the data are without somehow knowing a

The unyt package (pronounced like "unit") provides a subclass of NumPy's ndarray
class that knows about units.

2021-08-02T15:21:36+02:00 sysutils/e2tools Utilities to manipulate files in an ext2/ext3 filesystem
e2tools is a simple set of GPL'ed utilities to read, write, and
manipulate files in an ext2/ext3 filesystem. These utilities access a
filesystem directly using the ext2fs library. I wrote these tools in
order to copy files into a linux filesystem on a machine that does not
have ext2 support. Of course, they can also be used on a Linux machine
to read/write to disk images or floppies without having to mount them
or have root access.

Supported functionality:

- copy files: e2cp
- move files: e2mv
- remove files: e2rm
- create directory: e2mkdir
- create hard links: e2ln
- list files/directories: e2ls
- output the last part of a file: e2tail

2021-08-02T18:46:13+02:00 games/brogue Much-loved minimalist roguelike game (community edition)
Countless adventurers before you have descended this torch-lit
staircase, seeking the promised riches below. As you reach the bottom
and step into the wide cavern, the doors behind you seal with a powerful

Welcome to the Dungeons of Doom!

Brogue is a single-player strategy game set in the halls of a mysterious
and randomly-generated dungeon. The objective is simple enough --
retrieve the fabled Amulet of Yendor from the 26th level -- but the
dungeon is riddled with danger. Horrifying creatures and devious,
trap-ridden terrain await. Yet it is also riddled with weapons, potions,
and artifacts of forgotten power. Survival demands strength and cunning
in equal measure as you descend, making the most of what the dungeon
gives you. You will make sacrifices, narrow escapes, and maybe even some
friends along the way -- but will you be one of the lucky few to return

2021-08-03T03:41:18+08:00 sysutils/damager Overrides chunks of files with garbage
Takes a small amount of ramdon data from /dev/random and writes it to
some place inside the file passed as argument. Then you can test your
FAM or checksuming system for integrity protection.

2021-07-28T10:22:51+00:00 devel/esbuild Extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier
esbuild is an extremely fast JavaScript bundler.

Major features:

- Extreme speed without needing a cache
- ES6 and CommonJS modules
- Tree shaking of ES6 modules
- An API for JavaScript and Go
- TypeScript and JSX syntax
- Source maps
- Minification
- Plugins

2021-08-01T07:14:32+00:00 sysutils/keyd Key remapping daemon for evdev
keyd has several unique features many of which are traditionally only
found in custom keyboard firmware like QMK. Some of the more
interesting ones include:

- Layers.
- Key overloading (different behaviour on tap/hold).
- Per keyboard configuration.
- Instantaneous remapping (no flashing required).
- A simple and intuitive config format.
- Being display server agnostic (works on wayland and virtual console alike).

2021-08-02T08:39:02+02:00 audio/alsa-seq-server ALSA MIDI sequencer server
ALSA MIDI sequencer server.

2021-08-01T09:26:41+00:00 graphics/corrupter Simple image glitcher for screen lockers
corrupter is simple image glitcher suitable for producing nice looking
i3lock backgrounds.

2021-07-31T20:52:39-05:00 devel/fpc-tplylib Unit for a compiler generator for Turbo Pascal and compatibles
2021-08-01T00:43:58+00:00 devel/zls Zig LSP implementation + Zig Language Server
Zig Language Server, or zls, is a language server for Zig. The Zig
wiki states that "The Zig community is decentralized" and "There is no
concept of 'official' or 'unofficial'", so instead of calling zls
unofficial, and I'm going to call it a cool option, one of many.

2021-08-01T05:27:19+08:00 databases/metabase Simple and powerful analytics tool that supports multiple data stores
Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool. It lets you ask
questions about your data and displays answers in formats that
make sense, whether that's a bar graph or a detailed table.

Your questions can be saved for later, making it easy to come back to them,
or you can group questions into great looking dashboards. Metabase also
makes it easy to share questions and dashboards with the rest of your team.

2021-07-31T05:48:15-04:00 devel/py-pycognito Makes working with AWS Cognito easier for Python developers
Makes working with AWS Cognito easier for Python developers.

2021-07-30T20:46:37-03:00 sysutils/ztop Display ZFS dataset I/O in real time
Display ZFS dataset I/O in real time

ztop is like top, but for ZFS datasets. It displays the real-time
activity for datasets. The built-in zpool iostat can display real-time
I/O statistics for pools, but until now there was no similar tool for

2021-07-31T07:48:48+08:00 math/mdal Mesh data abstration library
Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL) is a C++ library for handling unstructured
mesh data released with MIT license. It provides a single data model for
multiple supported data formats. MDAL is used by QGIS for data access for mesh

2021-07-30T19:43:02+02:00 multimedia/mlt7 Multimedia framework for TV broadcasting
MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for
television broadcasting. It provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video
editors, media players, transcoders, web streamers and many more types
of applications. The functionality of the system is provided via an
assortment of ready to use tools, XML authoring components, and an
extensible plug-in based API.

2021-07-30T19:43:02+02:00 multimedia/mlt7-qt5 Qt plugin for the MLT multimedia framework
2021-07-30T19:39:04+02:00 multimedia/py-mlt6 Python bindings for the MLT multimedia framework
2021-07-30T19:39:04+02:00 multimedia/mlt6 Multimedia framework for TV broadcasting
MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for
television broadcasting. It provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video
editors, media players, transcoders, web streamers and many more types
of applications. The functionality of the system is provided via an
assortment of ready to use tools, XML authoring components, and an
extensible plug-in based API.

2021-07-30T19:39:04+02:00 multimedia/mlt6-qt5 Qt plugin for the MLT multimedia framework
2021-07-29T16:47:07+00:00 x11/swaync Simple Wayland notification daemon with GUI
swaync is a simple notification daemon with a GUI
built for Sway (potentially any WM with wlroots).

- A panel to view previous notifications
- Show album art for notifications like Spotify
- Do not disturb
- Click notification to execute default action
- Show alternative notification actions
- The same features as any other basic notification daemon

Planned Features:
- Customization through a CSS file
- Slick animations

2021-07-29T20:26:39-07:00 devel/py-qcs-api-client Client library for accessing the Rigetti QCS API
A client library for accessing the Rigetti QCS API.

2021-07-29T01:22:12-07:00 devel/py-rfc3339 Format dates according to the RFC 3339
Formats dates according to the RFC 3339.

2021-07-23T18:59:08+02:00 finance/ticker Terminal stock ticker with live updates and position tracking
Terminal stock watcher and stock position tracker


* Live stock price quotes
* Track value of your stock positions
* Support for multiple cost basis lots
* Support for pre and post market price quotes

2021-07-28T17:53:11+00:00 archivers/unrpa Extract RenPy Archives
unrpa is a tool to extract files from the RPA archive format (from the
Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine).

It can also be used as a library.

2021-07-28T09:45:20-07:00 science/py-cirq-pasqal Cirq module to run on pasqal quantum computers
cirq-ionq provides everything you'll need to run Cirq quantum algorithms on
pasqal quantum computers.

2021-07-28T09:45:20-07:00 science/py-cirq-ionq Cirq module to run on IonQ quantum computers
cirq-ionq provides everything you'll need to run Cirq quantum algorithms on IonQ
quantum computers.

2021-07-28T09:45:20-07:00 science/py-cirq-aqt Cirq module to run on AQT quantum computers
cirq-ionq provides everything you'll need to run Cirq quantum algorithms on AQT
quantum computers.

2021-07-28T17:27:20+08:00 devel/p5-Mock-MonkeyPatch Monkey patching with test mocking in mind
Mocking is a common tool, especially for testing. By strategically
replacing a subroutine, one can isolate segments (units) of code to
test individually. When this is done it is important to know that the
mocked sub was actually called and with what arguments it was called.

Mock::MonkeyPatch injects a subroutine in the place of an existing one.
It returns an object by which you can revisit the manner in which the
mocked subroutine was called. Further when the object goes out of scope
(or when the "restore" method is called) the original subroutine is

2021-07-27T12:03:41-07:00 audio/py-zita-jacktools Audio tools running as a Jack client
Python audio tools running as a Jack client.

zita-jacktools is a part of the LinuxAudio project.

2021-07-27T11:43:08-07:00 audio/zita-jclient Library to create a Jack client with a few lines of C++
The zita-jclient library was written originally as a part of the
Python library zita-jacktools, but it can be used as well to create
a Jack client with a few lines of C++.

2021-07-27T11:18:52-07:00 audio/py-zita-audiotools Tools for audio processing
Python library for audio processing from the LinuxAudio project.

2021-07-27T06:00:14-07:00 science/py-PubChemPy Simple Python wrapper around the PubChem PUG REST API
PubChemPy provides a way to interact with PubChem in Python. It allows chemical
searches by name, substructure and similarity, chemical standardization,
conversion between chemical file formats, depiction and retrieval of chemical

2021-07-26T15:34:51-07:00 science/py-cirq-google Google Cirq adapter for IQM's quantum architectures
Google Cirq adapter for IQM's quantum architectures.

Part of the Cirq quantum computing framework.

2021-07-26T15:34:51-07:00 science/py-cirq-core Framework for Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits
Cirq is a Python library for writing, manipulating, and optimizing quantum
circuits and running them against quantum computers and simulators.

2021-07-25T04:20:50+08:00 x11-fonts/py-opentypespec Data derived from the OpenType specification
opentypespec currently provides the opentypespec.tags module, which exports
representing data from the Layout Tag Registry (section 6.4 of the Open Font
Format specification).

2021-07-25T04:20:49+08:00 devel/pytype Python type inferencer
Pytype checks and infers types for your Python code - without requiring type
annotations. Pytype can:
- Lint plain Python code, flagging common mistakes such as misspelled attribute
names, incorrect function calls, and much more, even across file boundaries.
- Enforce user-provided type annotations. While annotations are optional for
pytype, it will check and apply them where present.
- Generate type annotations in standalone files ("pyi files"), which can be
merged back into the Python source with a provided merge-pyi tool.

Pytype is a static analyzer; it does not execute the code it runs on.

Thousands of projects at Google rely on pytype to keep their Python code
well-typed and error-free.

2021-07-24T16:05:34-04:00 dns/dns-ui LDAP-authenticated PowerDNS user interface by Opera
A tool to manage a PowerDNS authoritative server in a corporate LDAP-driven

* Connects to PowerDNS via its JSON API.
* Allows login managed by LDAP server.
* Create zones; add, edit and delete records.
* Grant multiple users access to administer a zone.
* Lower access level that allows to view a zone and request changes.
* Provides its own JSON API for making changes to DNS records.
* Keeps a changelog of all DNS changes done through it.
* (Optionally) export all zones as bind-format zone files and store changes
in git.

2021-07-24T09:21:55-07:00 net/krill RPKI daemon, Certificate Authority and Publication Server
Krill is a Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) daemon, featuring
a Certificate Authority and Publication Server.

2021-07-24T12:00:12+00:00 graphics/vulkan-extension-layer Layer providing Vulkan features when native support is unavailable
There are some extensions and features in Vulkan that are not
available everywhere due to various reasons. While not available, some
extensions are capable of being done as layer and mapping to any
Vulkan implementation regardless of it supporting the desired
functionality or not.

2021-07-22T15:37:02+02:00 deskutils/plasma5-xdg-desktop-portal-kde Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal
A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal that is using Qt/KF5.

xdg-desktop-portal works by exposing a series of D-Bus interfaces known as
portals under a well-known name (org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop) and object
path (/org/freedesktop/portal/desktop).

The portal interfaces include APIs for file access, opening URIs, printing and

2021-07-22T15:13:56+02:00 textproc/py-restructuredtext-lint reStructuredText linter
This is a linter for reStructuredText files. It is being
developed in junction with a Sublime Text linter.

2021-07-22T10:56:06+09:00 textproc/R-cran-vroom Read and Write Rectangular Text Data Quickly
The goal of 'vroom' is to read and write data (like 'csv', 'tsv'
and 'fwf') quickly. When reading it uses a quick initial indexing
step, then reads the values lazily , so only the data you actually
use needs to be read. The writer formats the data in parallel and
writes to disk asynchronously from formatting.

2021-07-22T00:49:44-04:00 devel/py-thriftpy2 Pure python implementation of Apache Thrift
ThriftPy2 is a pure python implementation of Apache Thrift in a pythonic
way. It is fully compatible to ThriftPy and aims to provide long-term

2021-07-22T11:05:57+09:00 devel/R-cran-tzdb Time Zone Database Information
Provides an up-to-date copy of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
(IANA) Time Zone Database. It is updated periodically to reflect
changes made by political bodies to time zone boundaries, UTC
offsets, and daylight saving time rules. Additionally, this package
provides a C++ interface for working with the 'date' library. 'date'
provides comprehensive support for working with dates and date-times,
which this package exposes to make it easier for other R packages
to utilize. Headers are provided for calendar specific calculations,
along with a limited interface for time zone manipulations.

2021-07-22T05:12:49+08:00 devel/py-grpc-stubs Mypy stubs for gRPC
gRPC Typing Stubs for Python is a PEP-561-compliant stub-only package which
provides type information of gRPC.

2021-07-22T01:11:58+08:00 www/rubygem-http-accept Parse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers
HTTP::Accept provides a robust set of parsers for dealing with HTTP Accept,
Accept-Language, Accept-Encoding, Accept-Charset headers.

2021-07-22T01:11:55+08:00 devel/rubygem-trailblazer-option Dynamic options to evaluate at runtime
Trailblazer::Option is the one of the core concept behind traiblazer-operation's
step API, reform's populator API etc. It makes us possible to accept any kind of
callable objects at compile time and execute them at runtime.

2021-07-22T01:11:52+08:00 textproc/py-tomli Lil' TOML parser
Tomli is a Python library for parsing TOML. Tomli is fully compatible with TOML

2021-07-21T03:36:41+05:30 net-im/biboumi XMPP gateway to IRC
Biboumi is a Free, Libre and Open Source XMPP gateway that connects to IRC
servers and translates between the two protocols. Its goal is to let XMPP users
take part in IRC discussions, using their favourite XMPP client.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-drf-yasg Yet Another Swagger Generator
Generate real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 specifications from a Django Rest
Framework API.


- full support for nested serializers and schemas
- response schemas and descriptions
- model definitions compatible with codegen tools
- customization hooks at all points in the spec generation process
- JSON and YAML format for spec
- bundles latest version of swagger-ui and redoc for viewing the generated
- schema view is cacheable out of the box
- generated Swagger schema can be automatically validated by
swagger-spec-validator or flex
- supports Django REST Framework API versioning with URLPathVersioning
and NamespaceVersioning (other DRF or custom versioning schemes are
not currently supported)

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-djangorestframework Django REST framework
Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit that makes
it easy to build Web APIs.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-timezone-field Provides database and form fields for pytz timezone objects for Django
Provides database and form fields for pytz timezone objects for Django.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-taggit Reusable Django application for simple tagging
django-taggit a simpler approach to tagging with Django.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-tables2 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tables2 simplifies the task of turning sets of data into HTML tables.
It has native support for pagination and sorting, does for HTML tables what
django.forms does for HTML forms.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-redis Full featured Redis cache/session backend for Django
Django-redis is a BSD Licensed, full featured Redis cache/session
backend for Django.

Why use django-redis?

* Modular client system (pluggable clients).
* Master-Slave support in the default client.
* Used in production in several projects as cache and session storage.
* Supports infinite timeouts.
* Python 3 support in same code base.
* Facilities for raw access to Redis client/connection pool.
* Highly configurable (can emulate memcached exception behavior, for
* Unix sockets supported by default.
* Pluggable parsers.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-prometheus Export Django monitoring metrics for
This library exports Django monitoring metrics for

It provides support to monitor the following databases types:

* SQLite (via Django)
* PostgreSQL

In addition, caches can also be monitored:

* memcached
* Redis

It's even possible to export metrics of Django models and migrations.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-mptt Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal in Django
Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal with your Django
Models and working with trees of Model instances.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-js-asset Insert script tags with additional attributes for django.forms.Media
Insert script tags with additional attributes (such as "id" and "data" for
CSP-compatible data injection) for the django.forms.Media package.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-filter Dynamic filtering for querysets with Django
Django-filter is a reusable Django application allowing users to declaratively
add dynamic QuerySet filtering from URL parameters.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-debug-toolbar Configurable set of panels to display debug information
The Django Debug Toolbar is a configurable set of panels that display various
debug information about the current request/response and when clicked, display
more details about the panel's content.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-cors-headers Handles server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
A Django App that adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers to

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-cacheops Slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation
A slick app that supports automatic or manual queryset caching and automatic
granular event-driven invalidation.

It uses redis as backend for ORM cache and redis or filesystem for simple
time-invalidated one.

And there is more to it:

* Decorators to cache any user function or view as a queryset or by time
* Extensions for django and jinja2 templates
* Transparent transaction support
* Dog-pile prevention mechanism
* A couple of hacks to make django faster

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 www/py-dj32-django-auth-ldap LDAP integration for django.contrib.auth
This is a Django authentication backend that authenticates against an LDAP
service. Configuration can be as simple as a single distinguished name template,
but there are many rich configuration options for working with users, groups,
and permissions.

2021-07-20T14:18:21+02:00 devel/py-dj32-django-rq Provides Django integration for RQ (Redis Queue)
Django integration with RQ, a Redis based Python queuing library. Django-RQ is a
simple app that allows you to configure your queues in django's and
easily use them in your project.

2021-05-10T16:04:11+02:00 devel/elf-dissector Tools for inspecting, analyzing and optimizing ELF files
ELF Dissector: Static analysis tool for ELF libraries and executables.

ELF Dissector is useful if you need to do one or more of the following:

- Inspecting forward and backward dependencies, on library
and symbol level.
- Identifying load-time performance bottlenecks such as expensive
static constructors or excessive relocations.
- Size profiling of ELF files.

2021-07-19T20:21:54+08:00 databases/p5-DBIx-QuickDB Quickly start a db server
DBIx::QuickDB makes it easy to spin up a temporary database server for any
supported driver. PostgreSQL and MySQL are the initially supported drivers.

2021-07-19T01:57:47-07:00 math/colpack Graph Coloring Algorithm Package
ColPack is a package comprising of implementations of algorithms for the
specialized vertex coloring problems discussed in the previous section as well
as algorithms for a variety of related supporting tasks in derivative

2021-07-19T06:05:27+08:00 security/rubygem-net-sftp2 Implementation of the SFTP client protocol
Net::SFTP is a pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol
(versions 1 through 5).

2021-07-19T06:04:05+08:00 security/rubygem-net-scp1 Non-interactive SCP processing
Net::SCP is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SCP protocol. This operates over
SSH (and requires the Net::SSH library), and allows files and directory trees
to copied to and from a remote server.

* Transfer files or entire directory trees to or from a remote host via SCP
* Can preserve file attributes across transfers
* Can download files in-memory, or direct-to-disk
* Support for SCP URI's, and OpenURI

2021-07-19T05:43:33+08:00 security/rubygem-hkdf0 HMAC-based Key Derivation Function
A ruby implementation of RFC5869: HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key
Derivation Function (HKDF). The goal of HKDF is to take some source key
material and generate suitable cryptographic keys from it.

2021-07-18T23:36:52+02:00 security/arti Implementation of Tor, in Rust
Arti is a project to produce an embeddable, production-quality implementation
of the Tor anonymity protocols in the Rust programming language.
Arti is not ready for production use!!!

2021-07-19T01:46:58+08:00 www/py-pygsheets Google Spreadsheets Python API v4
A simple, intuitive library for google sheets which gets your work done.

- Open, create, delete and share spreadsheets using title or key
- Intuitive models - spreadsheet, worksheet, cell, datarange
- Control permissions of spreadsheets.
- Set cell format, text format, color, write notes
- Named and Protected Ranges Support
- Work with range of cells easily with DataRange and Gridrange
- Data validation support. checkboxes, drop-downs etc.
- Conditional formatting support
- get multiple ranges with get_values_batch and update wit update_values_batch

2021-07-19T01:46:54+08:00 security/py-google-auth-oauthlib Google Authentication Library
google-auth-oauthlib provides oauthlib integration with google-auth.

2021-07-19T01:46:47+08:00 devel/py-pyquery jQuery-like library for Python
pyquery allows you to make jQuery queries on xml documents. The API is as much
as possible the similar to jQuery. pyquery uses lxml for fast xml and html

2021-07-19T01:46:47+08:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-DBIx-DisconnectAll Disconnect all database connection at end of request
Plack::Middleware::DBIx::DisconnectAll calls DBIx::DisconnectAll at end of
request and disconnects all database connections.

This modules is useful for freeing resources.

2021-07-19T01:46:43+08:00 devel/p5-Test2-Harness-UI Web interface for viewing and inspecting yath test logs
Test2::Harness::UI provides a web UI for yath logs.

2021-07-19T01:46:42+08:00 devel/p5-String-Interpolate-Named Interpolated named arguments in string
String::Interpolate::Named provides a function to interpolate named arguments by
target texts in a template string. The target texts are provided to the function
via a hash, where the keys correspond to the named argument to be replaced, or a
subroutine that performs the lookup.

2021-07-19T01:46:41+08:00 devel/p5-File-LoadLines Load lines from file
File::LoadLines provides an easy way to load the contents of a text file into an
array of lines. It is intended for relatively small files like config files that
are often produced by weird tools (and users).

It automatically handles ASCII, Latin-1 and UTF-8 text. When the file has a BOM,
it handles UTF-8, UTF-16 LE and BE, and UTF-32 LE and BE.

Recognized line terminators are NL (Unix, Linux), CRLF (DOS, Windows) and CR

2021-07-19T01:46:40+08:00 databases/p5-DBIx-DisconnectAll Disconnect all databases
DBIx::DisconnectAll is utility module to disconnect all connected databases.

DBI has DBI->disconnect_all methods, but some DBD modules does not support it,
so DBI->disconnect_all is undocumented yet and unusable.

DBIx::DisconnectAll realizes disconnect_all from DBI's public API.

2021-07-18T15:19:11+01:00 sysutils/brut Multitool, Partition Editor, Manage User/Groups
Graphical user interface (GUI) for various administrative tasks.

- partition editor, disk editor
- group/user management
- date, time, timezone

2021-07-18T21:45:10+09:00 japanese/font-firge Firge is a composite font of Fira Mono and GenShin-Gothic
Firge is a composite font of Fira Mono and GenShin-Gothic.

2021-07-18T21:45:10+09:00 japanese/font-firge-nerd Firge is a composite font of Fira Mono and GenShin-Gothic
Firge is a composite font of Fira Mono and GenShin-Gothic.

2021-07-17T10:02:41-03:00 textproc/docproj-legacy Meta-port for the FreeBSD Legacy Documentation Project
The FreeBSD Documentation Project maintains the FAQ, Handbook and tutorials.

This package does not contain anything by itself -- it is a
"meta-port" that depends on other text processing packages. Its sole
purpose is to require dependencies so users can install this package only
and have all the Documentation Project stuff pulled in by the port/package
dependency mechanism.

2021-07-17T12:24:08-05:00 audio/mixxx22 DJ mixing application (previous version)
Mixxx is software for DJ'ing. You can use wave based audio files, Ogg Vorbis
and MP3 files as audio input. Mixxx can be controlled through the GUI and
with external controllers including MIDI devices, joysticks, and more.

2021-07-17T15:36:39+02:00 www/writeas-cli Command line client for / WriteFreely
Command line utility for publishing to any WriteFreely instance.
The WriteFreely CLI is compatible with WriteFreely v0.11 or later.


* Authenticate with any WriteFreely instance
* Publish drafts
* Manage multiple WriteFreely accounts on multiple instances
* A stable, easy back-end for your GUI app or desktop-based workflow
* Locally keeps track of any posts you make
* Update and delete posts
* Fetch any post by ID

2021-07-16T21:31:07-05:00 audio/portmidi Library for real time MIDI input and output
PortMIDI is a cross platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSDs which support
alsalib) library for interfacing with operating systems' MIDI I/O APIs. It was
started by Ross Bencina and Phil Burk, then maintained by Roger B. Dannenberg,
and now maintained by the Mixxx DJ Software team.

2021-07-16T21:07:26-05:00 audio/libkeyfinder Small C++11 library for estimating the musical key of digital audio
libkeyfinder is a small C++11 library for estimating the musical key of digital
audio. It is published under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.

It was written by Ibrahim Shaath who wrote it in 2011 as part of a master's
thesis in computer science. A GUI application to use it is available for macOS
and Windows, however that is no longer maintained and does not build on
contemporary Linux distributions.

In 2020, Ibrahim handed over maintenance of libkeyfinder to the Mixxx DJ
software team who incorporated it into Mixxx as of Mixxx 2.3. If you want to
discuss anything related to libkeyfinder with us, please get in touch on the
Mixxx Zulip chat. Contributions are welcome by opening pull requests and issues
on GitHub.

2021-07-16T04:31:19+08:00 devel/rubygem-flipper021 Act of enabling/disabling features in your application
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling features or parts of your
application, ideally without re-deploying or changing anything in your code

The goal of this gem is to make turning features on or off so easy that everyone
does it. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping
should be easy and have minimal impact on your application.

2021-07-15T10:57:58-07:00 games/ API wrapper for Discord written in Python is a modern, easy to use, feature-rich, and async ready API
wrapper for Discord written in Python.

2021-04-09T01:31:49+03:00 lang/python310 Interpreted object-oriented programming language (beta version)
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, and is
often compared to Tcl, Perl or Scheme.

2021-07-14T18:58:32+03:00 devel/py-types-futures Typing stubs for futures
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for futures
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses futures.

2021-07-15T01:28:41+08:00 security/rubygem-omniauth1 Generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication
A generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication.

2021-07-14T16:36:54+00:00 net-mgmt/icingaweb2-module-x509 Automates certificate monitoring with Icinga
The certificate monitoring module for Icinga keeps track
of certificates as they are deployed in a network environment.
It does this by scanning networks for TLS services
and collects whatever certificates it finds along the way.
The certificates are verified using its own trust store.

2021-07-14T23:48:44+08:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtksourceview4 Ruby binding of gtksourceview 4.x
Ruby/GtkSourceView3 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-3.x.

2021-07-14T23:48:43+08:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtk4 Ruby binding of GTK+ 4.x
Ruby/GTK4 is a Ruby binding of GTK+-4.x.

2021-07-14T23:48:42+08:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gdk4 Ruby binding of GDK 4.x
Ruby/GDK4 is a Ruby binding of GDK-4.x.

2021-07-14T23:48:41+08:00 www/py-django-hashid-field Hashids obfuscated Django Model Field
A custom Model Field that uses the Hashids library to obfuscate an IntegerField
or AutoField. It can be used in new models or dropped in place of an existing
IntegerField, explicit AutoField, or an automatically generated AutoField.

2021-07-14T23:48:38+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel-xlsx Read, manipulate and write data in xlsx and xlsm format
pyexcel-xlsx is a tiny wrapper library to read, manipulate and write data in
xlsx and xlsm format using read_only mode reader, write_only mode writer from
openpyxl. You are likely to use it with pyexcel.

2021-07-14T23:48:33+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel-xls Read, manipulate and write data in xls format
pyexcel-xls is a tiny wrapper library to read, manipulate and write data in xls
format and it can read xlsx and xlsm fromat. You are likely to use it with

2021-07-14T23:48:29+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel-ods3 Read, manipulate and write data in ods format
pyexcel-ods3 is a tiny wrapper library to read, manipulate and write data in ods
format. You are likely to use pyexcel together with this library.

2021-07-14T23:48:24+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel-io Read/write structured data in CSV, zipped CSV format and to/from databases
pyexcel-io provides one application programming interface (API) to read and
write the data in excel format, import the data into and export the data from
database. It provides support for csv(z) format, django database and sqlalchemy
supported databases. Its supported file formats are extended to cover "xls",
"xlsx", "ods".

2021-07-14T23:48:20+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel-ezodf Create/manipulate OpenDocumentFormat files
ezodf is a Python package to create new or open existing OpenDocument (ODF)
files to extract, add, modify or delete document data. pyexcel-ezodf is a fork
maintained by pyexcel.

2021-07-14T23:48:15+08:00 textproc/py-pyexcel Provide one API to read, manipulate and writedata in different excel formats
pyexcel lets you focus on data, instead of file formats. It supports csv, tsv,
csvz, tsvz, xls, xlsx, xlsm, ods, fods, json, html, simple, rst and media wiki

2021-07-14T23:48:11+08:00 textproc/py-hashids Implement the hashids algorithm in python
hashids is a Python port of the JavaScript hashids implementation. It generates
YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers. Use hashids when you do not want
to expose your database ids to the user.

2021-07-14T23:48:06+08:00 math/py-pyreadr Read/write R RData and Rds files into/from pandas data frames
pyreadr is a python package to read and write R RData and Rds files into/from
pandas dataframes. It does not need to have R or other external dependencies

2021-07-14T23:47:58+08:00 devel/py-poetry2setup Convert python-poetry to
poetry2setup converts python-poetry (pyproject.toml) to It only relies
on poetry.core, so the effect is better than any other third-party software. The
author created this library because python-poetry does not support exporting to and dephell will generate incorrectly in some cases.

2021-07-14T23:47:44+08:00 net/gupnp-tools Set of utilities and demos to work with UPnP
GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP devices and
control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup. The GUPnP API is
intended to be easy to use, efficient and flexible.

GUPnP Tools are free replacements of Intel UPnP tools that use GUPnP. They
provides the following client and server side tools which enable one to easily
test and debug one's UPnP devices and control points:
- Universal Control Point: a tool that enables one to discover UPnP devices and
services, retrieve information about them, subscribe to events and invoke
- Network Light: a virtual light bulb that allows control points to switch it on
and off, change its dimming level and query its current status. It also
provides a simple UI to control all the network lights available on the
- AV Control Point: a simple media player UI that enables one to discover and
play multimedia contents available on a network. It is strictly a control
point and therefore does not have any playback capabilities of it's own and
relies on external UPnP MediaRenderer devices for actual playback.
- Upload: a simple commandline utility that uploads files to known MediaServers.
Use Universal Control Point for discovering the MediaServers.

2021-04-28T15:20:58+02:00 net-p2p/bazarr Automatic subtitle downloader for Radarr and Sonarr
Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr.
It manages and downloads subtitles based on your requirements.
You define your preferences by TV show or movie
and Bazarr takes care of everything for you.
2021-04-28T15:20:58+02:00 net-p2p/bazarr-devel Automatic subtitle downloader for Radarr and Sonarr
Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr.
It manages and downloads subtitles based on your requirements.
You define your preferences by TV show or movie
and Bazarr takes care of everything for you.
2021-07-14T12:32:37+02:00 net/remarkable-devd Devd hotplug rules for Remarkable Tablet
Automatic IP address when connecting a Remarkable Tablet to USB. This
makes it possible to access your Remarkable tablet via ssh or its USB
web interface when it's enabled.
2021-07-04T23:36:21+02:00 security/certmgr Automated certificate management using a CFSSL CA
certmgr is a tool for managing certificates using CFSSL. It does the

- Ensures certificates are present.
- Renews certificates before they expire.
- Triggering a service reload or restart on certificate updates.

It operates on certificate specs, which are JSON files containing the
information needed to generate a certificate.

2021-07-13T20:36:03-07:00 math/py-pytorchvideo Video understanding deep learning library
PyTorchVideo is a deeplearning library with a focus on video understanding
work. PytorchVideo provides reusable, modular and efficient components needed
to accelerate the video understanding research. PyTorchVideo is developed using
PyTorch and supports different deeplearning video components like video models,
video datasets, and video-specific transforms.

2021-07-13T20:29:40-07:00 math/py-fvcore Shared code among different Facebook research projects
fvcore is a light-weight core library that provides the most common and
essential functionality shared in various computer vision frameworks
developed in FAIR, such as Detectron2, PySlowFast, and ClassyVision. All
components in this library are type-annotated, tested, and benchmarked.

2021-06-30T23:32:08+00:00 x11/nwg-bar GTK3-based button bar for sway and other wlroots-based compositors
nwg-bar is a Golang replacement to the nwgbar command (a part of
nwg-launchers), with some improvements. Aimed at sway, works with
wlroots-based compositors only.

The nwg-bar command creates a button bar on the basis of a JSON
template placed in the ~/.config/nwg-bar/ folder. By default the
command displays a horizontal bar in the center of the screen. Use
command line arguments to change the placement.

2021-07-13T11:43:49-07:00 devel/py-yacs Yet Another Configuration System
YACS is a lightweight library to define and manage system configurations, such
as those commonly found in software designed for scientific experimentation.

These "configurations" typically cover concepts like hyperparameters used in
training a machine learning model or configurable model hyperparameters, such
as the depth of a convolutional neural network.

2021-07-13T11:28:36-07:00 devel/py-iopath Library providing I/O interface among storage backends
iopath is a lightweight I/O abstraction library that provides a common
interface across storage backends.

2021-07-13T07:35:12+00:00 sysutils/batterycat Graphical battery monitoring tool
BatteryCat is a laptop battery monitoring and health tool: it monitors
the current charging state as well as the long-term degradation of the
laptop's battery by keeping history.

2021-07-12T22:45:44+00:00 sysutils/mkjail Fat jail creation script
mkjail can be used on FreeBSD to create new jails, keep them updated,
and upgrade to a new release.

mkjail requires the use of ZFS and will create each new jail in a
separate filesystem.

mkjail is not a jail manager. Jails are configured via /etc/jail.conf
and started/stopped via service jail start foo.

2021-07-12T21:09:26+00:00 devel/py-celery-progress Distributed Task Queue
Task queues are used as a mechanism to distribute work across threads or

Celery communicates via messages, usually using a broker to mediate between
clients and workers.

2021-07-12T15:54:01+02:00 sysutils/cbsd-mq-api Simplified API for creating and destroying CBSD virtual environments
Provides a simplified API for creating and destroying CBSD
virtual environments.

2021-07-11T18:52:14-07:00 audio/zita-alsa-pcmi Easy access to ALSA PCM devices
Library and tools to access to ALSA PCM devices.

2021-07-11T18:40:05-07:00 audio/zita-at1 Autotuner Jack application
Zita-at1 is a 'autotuner' Jack application, normally used to correct the pitch
of vocal tracks that are out of tune.

2021-07-11T10:49:04-07:00 audio/ebumeter Real-time audio level metering according to the EBU R-128
Ebumeter provides real-time level metering according to the EBU R-128
recommendation. The current release implements all features required by the EBU
document except the oversampled peak level monitoring. This will be added in a
future release. A separate command-line utility to measure audio files is
provided as well.

2021-07-11T10:40:37-07:00 audio/zita-mu1 Simple Jack app used to organise stereo monitoring
Zita-mu1 is a simple Jack app used to organise stereo monitoring. Originally
written for use with Ardour2, but still useful with Ardour3 (or other DAWs) as
it provides some extra functions.

2021-07-11T10:38:31-07:00 audio/zita-rev1 Reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus
Zita-rev1 is a reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus.
The Jack application can be used in either stereo or ambisonic mode.

2021-07-11T10:33:10-07:00 audio/zita-bls1 Blumlein Shuffler converter of binaural signals to stereo speaker pair
Zita-bls1 is a digital implementation of the 'Blumlein Shuffler', used to
convert binaural signals into a form suitable for reproduction on a conventional
stereo speaker pair.

2021-07-11T10:30:10-07:00 audio/zita-dpl1 Look-ahead digital peak level limiter
Zita-dpl1 is a look-ahead digital peak level limiter using some special
algorithms to allow fast response without excessive LF distortion.

2021-07-11T11:09:20+08:00 www/mediawiki136 Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2021-07-10T11:36:38-07:00 audio/jmatconvol Real-time convolution engine for dense matrix of short convolutions
Jconvolver is a Convolution Engine for JACK, based on FFT convolution and using
non-uniform partition sizes: small ones at the start of the IR and building up
to the most efficient size further on. It can perform zero-delay processing with
moderate CPU load. Jconvolver uses the convolution engine designed for Aella, a
convolution application for reverberation processing (to be announced later).
This distributes the calculation over up to five threads, one for each partition
size, running at priorities just below the the one of JACK's processing thread.
This engine is a separate library that will be documented as soon as I can find
the time.

Main features:
* Any matrix of convolutions between up to up 64 inputs and 64 outputs, as long
as your CPU(s) can handle it.
* Allows trading off CPU load to processing delay, and remains efficient even
when configured for zero delay.
* Sparse and diagonal matrices are handled as efficiently as dense ones. No CPU
cycles or memory resources are wasted on empty cells in the matrix, nor on
empty partitions if IRs are of different length.
2021-07-10T11:33:32-07:00 audio/jconvolver Real-time convolution engine
Jconvolver is a Convolution Engine for JACK, based on FFT convolution and using
non-uniform partition sizes: small ones at the start of the IR and building up
to the most efficient size further on. It can perform zero-delay processing with
moderate CPU load. Jconvolver uses the convolution engine designed for Aella, a
convolution application for reverberation processing (to be announced later).
This distributes the calculation over up to five threads, one for each partition
size, running at priorities just below the the one of JACK's processing thread.
This engine is a separate library that will be documented as soon as I can find
the time.

Main features:
* Any matrix of convolutions between up to up 64 inputs and 64 outputs, as long
as your CPU(s) can handle it.
* Allows trading off CPU load to processing delay, and remains efficient even
when configured for zero delay.
* Sparse and diagonal matrices are handled as efficiently as dense ones. No CPU
cycles or memory resources are wasted on empty cells in the matrix, nor on
empty partitions if IRs are of different length.
2021-07-09T18:48:53+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-nanopi-r4s
U-Boot loader and related files for the FriendlyARM NanoPi-R4S (4GB/LPDDR4)

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do:

dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-nanopi-r4s/idbloader.img of=/path/to/sdcarddevice seek=64 bs=512 conv=sync
dd if=/usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-nanopi-r4s/u-boot.itb of=/path/to/sdcarddevice seek=16384 bs=512 conv=sync

2021-07-09T18:28:22+00:00 www/yarr Yet another rss reader
yarr (yet another rss reader) is a web-based feed aggregator which can
be used both as a desktop application and a personal self-hosted server.

It is written in Go with the frontend in Vue.js. The storage is backed
by SQLite.

2021-07-09T07:26:58-05:00 biology/erminej Analyses of gene sets such as gene expression profiling studies
ErmineJ performs analyses of gene sets in high-throughput genomics data such as
gene expression profiling studies. A typical goal is to determine whether
particular biological pathways are "doing something interesting" in an
experiment that generates long lists of candidates. The software is designed to
be used by biologists with little or no informatics background (but if you do,
you might be interested in the CLI or the R support).

2021-07-09T13:46:48+02:00 graphics/synfig Vector based 2D animation package
synfig is a vector based 2D animation package. It is designed to be
capable of producing feature-film quality animation. It eliminates the
need for tweening, preventing the need to hand-draw each frame. synfig
features spatial and temporal resolution independence (sharp and smooth
at any resolution or frame rate), high dynamic range images, and a
flexible plugin system.

This package contains the renderer used to convert synfig .sif files to
raster images, videos and other formats. Layer types include geometric,
gradient, filter, distortion, transformation, fractal and others. Output
targets include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PPM, DV, OpenEXR, ffmpeg (MPEG1),
libavcodec (AVI), imagemagick (MIFF), yuv420p and others.

2021-07-08T17:24:18-07:00 devel/google-cloud-cpp117 C++ Idiomatic Clients for Google Cloud Platform services
Google cloud C++ librariesC++ libraries for use with the Google
Cloud platform. Google Cloud Platform provides infrastructure as a
service, platform as a service, and serverless computing environments.

2021-07-08T11:03:56-07:00 net/freebsd-telnetd FreeBSD telnetd
FreeBSD-telnetd: This is/was FreeBSD libexec/telnetd prior to its removal
in FreeBSD-14.

2021-07-07T10:37:53+02:00 x11/x-on-resize Daemon for hotplug and screen reconfigure events of X displays
x-on-resize is a simple display configuration daemon.

It is used to monitor the X display for output configuration
changes and/or screen resize events. When these occur, it can call
external programs to respond to the new display environment.

2021-07-07T08:16:45-03:00 x11/mate-applet-appmenu Application Menu plugin for mate-panel
This is an Application Menu applet providing Global Menu for the MATE panel.

2021-07-06T21:26:18-03:00 x11/appmenu-registrar Appmenu DBusMenu registrar
Provides a standalone Appmenu registrar that allows other applications
to access any active window's application menu tree.

2021-07-07T00:41:36+02:00 textproc/py-rstfmt Formatter for reStructuredText
rstfmt is a tool for automatically formatting reStructuredText files in a
consistent way.

Like Black and gofmt, the motivation is to provide a format that is reasonable
and minimally configurable to prevent teams from wasting time on style
discussions (or individuals on manually doing formatting, for that matter).

Currently, rstfmt is in a very early stage of development. Not all reST
constructs are covered and the interface or formatting may change at any time
without warning.

2021-07-07T03:14:48+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-patron Faraday adapter for Patron
Faraday::Patron is a Faraday adapter for the Patron library. Faraday is an HTTP
client library that provides a common interface over many adapters. Every
adapter is defined into its own gem. This gem defines the adapter for Patron.

2021-07-07T03:14:39+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-httpclient Faraday adapter for HTTPClient
Faraday::Faraday is a Faraday adapter for the HTTPClient library. Faraday is an
HTTP client library that provides a common interface over many adapters. Every
adapter is defined into its own gem. This gem defines the adapter for

2021-07-07T03:13:58+08:00 devel/p5-XS-Parse-Sublike XS functions to assist in parsing sub-like syntax
XS::Parse::Sublike provides some XS functions to assist in writing parsers for
sub-like syntax, primarily for authors of keyword plugins using the
PL_keyword_plugin hook mechanism. It is unlikely to be of much use to anyone
else; and highly unlikely to be any use when writing perl code using these.
Unless you are writing a keyword plugin using XS, this module is not for you.

2021-07-07T03:12:31+08:00 devel/p5-Object-Pad Simple syntax for lexical slot-based objects
Object::Pad provides a simple syntax for creating object classes, which uses
private variables that look like lexicals as object member fields.

2021-07-06T22:54:58+08:00 graphics/rubygem-red-colors Provide a wide array of features for dealing with colors
Red Colors provides a wide array of features for dealing with colors. This
includes conversion between colorspaces, desaturation, and parsing colors.

2021-07-06T22:54:53+08:00 graphics/rubygem-histogram Give objects the ability to 'histogram' in several useful ways
Generates histograms similar to R's hist and numpy's histogram functions.
Inspired somewhat by Richard Cottons's matlab implementation and the wikipedia
histogram article.

2021-07-06T22:54:47+08:00 devel/rubygem-simplecov_json_formatter JSON formatter for SimpleCov
JSON formatter for SimpleCov generates a formatted JSON report of your SimpleCov
ruby code coverage results.

2021-07-06T22:54:41+08:00 devel/rubygem-generator Templates generators
Generator gem is designed for use in Ruby projects and provides templates
generators like Rails 3.

2021-07-06T22:54:37+08:00 www/py-priority1 Pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree
Priority is a pure-Python implementation of the priority logic for HTTP/2, set
out in RFC 7540 Section 5.3 (Stream Priority). This logic allows for clients to
express a preference for how the server allocates its (limited) resources to the
many outstanding HTTP requests that may be running over a single HTTP/2

Specifically, this Python implementation uses a variant of the implementation
used in the excellent H2O project. This original implementation is also the
inspiration for nghttp2's priority implementation, and generally produces a very
clean and even priority stream. The only notable changes from H2O's
implementation are small modifications to allow the priority implementation to
work cleanly as a separate implementation, rather than being embedded in a
HTTP/2 stack directly.

While priority information in HTTP/2 is only a suggestion, rather than an
enforceable constraint, where possible servers should respect the priority
requests of their clients.

2021-07-06T07:40:02+02:00 editors/py-vim-bridge Decorator enabing transparent calls to Python functions in Vim scripts
vim_bridge is a Python-to-Vim bridge decorator that allows transparent calls to
Python functions in native Vim scripts.

2021-07-05T12:34:48-07:00 math/oink Modern parity game solvers written in C++
Oink is an modern implementation of parity game solvers written in C++. Oink
aims to provide high-performance implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms
representing different approaches to solving parity games.

2021-07-05T08:13:20-07:00 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles318 cfengine sample policies for installations and upgrades
CFEngine 3 is a popular open source configuration management system.
Its primary function is to provide automated configuration and
maintenance of large-scale computer systems.

The repository is intended to provide a stable base policy for
installations and upgrades, and is used by CFEngine 3.6 and newer.
The port installs the repository as examples which should be copied by
the user to the masterfiles directory (usually /var/cfengine/masterfiles).

2021-07-05T08:10:22-07:00 sysutils/cfengine318 Systems administration tool for networks
Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and
maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays
of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of
organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the
first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating
systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a
change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security
and adaptability.

2021-07-05T15:00:31+02:00 databases/pg_tileserv PostGIS-only tile server written in Go
pg_tileserv is a PostGIS-only tile server written in Go. By restricting itself
to only using PostGIS as a data source, pg_tileserv gains the following

- Automatic configuration. The server can discover and automatically publish
as tiles sources all tables it has read access to: just point it at a
PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.
- Full SQL flexibility. Using function layers, the server can run any SQL to
generate tile outputs. Any data processing, feature filtering, or record
aggregation that can be expressed in SQL, can be exposed as parameterized tile
- Database security model. You can restrict access to tables and functions
using standard database access control. This means you can also use advanced
access control techniques, like row-level security to dynamically filter
access based on the login role.

2021-07-04T19:37:00+00:00 security/nextcloud-twofactor_webauthn U2F webauthn app for Nextcloud
A two-factor provider for Webauthn devices

2021-07-04T21:27:25+02:00 math/lib2geom Easy to use 2D geometry library in C++
2geom is a C++ library of mathematics for paths, curves, and other geometric
calculations. Designed for vector graphics, it tackles Bézier curves, conic
sections, paths, intersections, transformations, and basic geometries.

2021-07-04T15:03:47+02:00 sysutils/fusefs-unreliablefs FUSE-based fault injection filesystem
UnreliableFS is a FUSE-based fault injection filesystem that allows to change
fault-injections in runtime using simple configuration file.

Supported fault injections are:

- errinj_errno - return error value and set random errno.
- errinj_kill_caller - send SIGKILL to a process that invoked file operation.
- errinj_noop - replace file operation with no operation (similar to
libeatmydata, but applicable to any file operation).
- errinj_slowdown - slowdown invoked file operation.

2021-07-03T08:00:55+02:00 devel/rubygem-gitlab-rdoc RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects
RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects. RDoc
includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for generating and displaying online
documentation. See RDoc for a description of RDoc's markup and basic use.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-responders-rails61 Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
Responders provides a set of responders modules to dry up your Rails app.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-redis-rails-rails61 Redis for Ruby on Rails
Redis for Ruby on Rails

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-lograge-rails61 Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request #'
Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request

Lograge is an attempt to bring sanity to Rails' noisy and unusable, unparsable
and, in the context of running multiple processes and servers, unreadable
default logging output. Rails' default approach to log everything is great
during development, it's terrible when running it in production.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-rails61 Sophisticated paginator for Rails 4+
Kaminari is a Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, agnostic, customizable and
sophisticated paginator for Rails 3

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-activerecord-rails61 Kaminari Active Record adapter
kaminari-activerecord lets your Active Record models be paginatable.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-kaminari-actionview-rails61 Kaminari Action View adapter
kaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 www/rubygem-gon-rails61 Framework to pass data to JS easily
If you need to send some data to your js files and you don't want to do this
with long way trough views and parsing - use this force!

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 security/rubygem-devise-two-factor-rails61 Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise
Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 net/rubygem-kas-grpc Auto-generated gRPC client for KAS
Auto-generated gRPC client for KAS.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 mail/rubygem-premailer-rails-rails61 Improve the rendering of HTML emails
This gem brings you the power of the premailer gem to Rails
without any configuration needs. Create HTML emails, include
a CSS file as you do in a normal HTML document and premailer
will inline the included CSS.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-redis-activesupport-rails61 Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache
Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-rails-i18n-rails61 Common locale data and translations for Rails i18n
A set of common locale data and translations to internationalize and/or localize
your Rails applications.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-peek-rails61 Take a peek into your Rails application
This is a profiling tool originally built at GitHub to help us get an insight
into our application. Now, we have extracted this into Peek, so that other Rails
application can experience the same benefit.

Peek puts a little bar on top of your application to show you all sorts of
helpful information about your application. From the screenshot above, you can
see that Peek provides information about database queries, cache, Resque workers
and more. However, this is only part of Peek's beauty.

The true beauty of Peek lies in the fact that it is an extensible platform. If
there are some performance metrics that you need but are not available on Peek,
you can find it from the list of available Peek Views and integrate it into
Peek. Even if you do not find what you want on Peek Views, you can always create
your own.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails_js-rails61 Make gettext_i18n_rails .po files as JSON
GettextI18nRailsJs extends gettext_i18n_rails, making your .PO files available
to client side Javascript as JSON. It will find translations inside your .js,
.coffee, .handlebars and .mustache files, then it will create JSON versions of
your .PO files so you can serve them with the rest of your assets, thus letting
you access all your translations offline from client side Javascript.

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-flipper-active_support_cache_store-rails61 ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper
ActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-devise47-rails61 Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 devel/rubygem-devise-rails61 Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack-rails61 Redis session store for ActionPack
Redis session store for ActionPack

2021-06-23T00:10:12+02:00 databases/rubygem-flipper-active_record-rails61 ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper
Flipper ActiveRecord is an ActiveRecord adapter for Flipper.

2021-07-02T12:35:19-07:00 audio/zita-njbridge Command line client to transmit audio over a local IP network
Command line Jack clients to transmit full quality multichannel audio over a
local IP network, with adaptive resampling by the receiver(s). Zita-njbridge can
be used for a one-to-one connection (using UDP) or in a one-to-many system
(using multicast). Sender and receiver(s) can each have their own sample rate
and period size, and no word clock sync between them is assumed. Up 64 channels
can be transmitted, receivers can select any combination of these. On a lightly
loaded or dedicated network zita-njbridge can provide low latency (same as for
an analog connection). Additional buffering can be specified in case there is
significant network delay jitter. IPv6 is fully supported.

2021-07-02T13:29:32-04:00 devel/tree-sitter Incremental parser generator
Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library. It
can build a concrete syntax tree for a source file and efficiently update the
syntax tree as the source file is edited. Tree-sitter aims to be:

- General enough to parse any programming language
- Fast enough to parse on every keystroke in a text editor
- Robust enough to provide useful results even in the presence of syntax
- Dependency-free so that the runtime library (which is written in pure C)
can be embedded in any application

2021-07-02T12:00:29-05:00 biology/py-goatools Tools for processing and visualizing Gene Ontology terms
Goatools is a python library for processing Gene Ontology (GO) terms. It
includes routines for processing, filtering, and visualizing GO data.

2021-07-02T12:42:18-04:00 devel/forge-devel Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit (Development Version)
Forge allows you to work with Git forges, such as Github and Gitlab,
from the comfort of Magit and the rest of Emacs.

Forge fetches issues, pull-requests and other data using the forge's
API and stores that in a local database. Additionally it fetches the
pull-request references using Git. Forge implements various features
that use this data but the database and pull-request refs can also be
used by third-party packages.

2021-07-02T12:40:43-04:00 devel/py-envs Easy access of environment variables from Python
Easy access of environment variables from Python with support for
booleans, strings, lists, tuples, integers, floats, and dicts.

If you need environment variables for your settings but need an easy way
of using Python objects instead of just strings. For example, if you
need a list of strings.

2021-07-02T15:03:03+02:00 textproc/kepubify EPUB to KEPUB converter
Kepubify converts EPUBs to KEPUBS. Kepubify also includes two
standalone utilities which do not depend on kepubify (and don't conflict
with Calibre): covergen (which pre-generates cover images), and
seriesmeta (which updates Calibre or EPUB3 series metadata).

2021-07-02T05:26:40-04:00 devel/py-ciso8601 Fast ISO8601 date time parser for Python written in C
ciso8601 converts ISO 8601 or RFC 3339 date time strings into Python
datetime objects. Since it's written as a C module, it is much faster
than other Python libraries.

Note: ciso8601 doesn't support the entirety of the ISO 8601 spec,
only a popular subset.

2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 sysutils/schilyutils Collection of utilities from J. Schilling
Collection of miscellaneous utilities from the schilytools, including
a variety of shells (bosh, bsh, and obosh), a traditional K&R-style
preprocessor (krcpp), improved versions of standard UNIX utilities
(scal, sod, sprintf, scut, sdd, sfind, spatch), a C/C++ style checker
(cstyle.js, Cstyle) as well as various others.

2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 net/rscsi Remote SCSI transport server program (daemon)
The rscsi command is a remote generic SCSI transport server program.
rscsi is a program that is run locally on the machine with SCSI
devices, it is used by remote programs like cdrecord(1), cdda2wav(1),
readcd(1), and sformat(1) that like to access SCSI devices through an
interprocess communication connection via libscg. rscsi is normally
started up with an rexec(3) or rcmd(3) call but it may also be
connected via an internal pipe to an ssh(1) session that was set up by
the remote user.

The rscsi command must be installed setuid root for full functionality.
For this reason it is provided as a separate package to cdrtools.

2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 misc/schilytools Collection of tools and libraries by J. Schilling (metaport)
Schily-Tools are a set of tools developed or maintained by Joerg Schilling.
This is a meta port to install all packages derived from the Schily-Tools.

Programs and tools included in the Schily-Tools bundle:

* Cdrtools (cdrecord/cdda2wav/mkisofs/...)
* The Schily-Bourne Shell
* The Schily-SunPro Make
* A K&R cpp derived from the original cpp sources from John F. Reiser
* cstyle is a C-indentation lint tool derived from the OpenSolaris sources
* spatch is derived from the last patch from Larry Wall, POSIX compliant
and using a 1-clause BSD license.
* SCCS derived from OpenSolaris sources
* star, the oldest free TAR implementation, started in 1982
* ved, A portable, easy to learn and extremely fast screen oriented editor.
2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 devel/sunpromake Parallel-execution enabled SunOS make program, enhanced to fit POSIX
SunPro Make is a parallel make program from SUN Microsystems.
This package was derived from the SunPro Make sources from
OpenSolaris. While the distributed make functionality has
never been open-sourced and is missing from this version of
SunPro Make, the parallel make functionality was succesfully
reconstructed from the present source.

2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 devel/schilybase Support files and libraries for the schilytools
Support files and libraries for schilytools, a collection
of programs by Joerg Schilling. This includes among others

* libedc -- CD sector formatting library
* libfind -- find(1) as a library
* libhfs -- library to handle Apple HFS extensions
* libmdigest -- message digest library
* libparanoia -- Portable CD Audio paranoia extraction library
* librscg -- remote SCSI transport library
* libsiconv -- NLS library for Unicode and iconv wrapper
* libscg -- portable SCSI transport library
* libschily -- portable extensions to the POSIX API
* libshedit -- bsh command line editor
* libxtermcap -- extended termcap library

2021-07-01T10:01:55+02:00 devel/sccs Source Code Control System (SCCS)
SCCS is an implementation of the POSIX standard Source Code Control
System. It provides actively maintained code based on the original UNIX
SCCS code OpenSourced by Sun as part of OpenSolaris and was made
portable to other platforms.

2021-07-01T09:38:45-07:00 audio/dmidiplayer Featured MIDI file player
Featured MIDI File Player for Linux, Windows, and macOS written in C++, and
using Qt5 and Drumstick2.

* MIDI Output to hardware MIDI ports, or any other Drumstick backend
* Transpose song tonality between -12 and +12 semitones

2021-07-01T07:23:02+00:00 x11/swayr Urgent-first/LRU window switcher for sway
Swayr consists of a demon, and a client. The demon swayrd records
window/workspace creations, deletions, and focus changes using sway's
JSON IPC interface. The client swayr offers subcommands, see swayr
--help, and sends them to the demon which executes them.

Right now, there are these subcommands:
* next-window focuses the next window in depth-first iteration order of the
* prev-window focuses the previous window in depth-first iteration order of
the tree.
* switch-window displays all windows in the order urgent first, then
last-recently-used, focused last and focuses the selected.
* quit-window displays all windows and quits the selected one.
* switch-to-urgent-or-lru-window switches to the next window with urgency
hint (if any) or to the last recently used window.
* switch-workspace displays all workspaces in LRU order and switches to the
selected one.
* switch-workspace-or-window displays all workspaces and their windows and
switches to the selected workspace or window.
* quit-workspace-or-window displays all workspaces and their windows and
allows to quit either the selected workspace (all its windows) or the
selected window.
* execute-swaymsg-command displays most swaymsg which don't require
additional input and executes the selected one. That's handy especially for
less often used commands not bound to a key.
* execute-swayr-command displays all commands above and executes the selected
one. (This is useful for accessing swayr commands which are not bound to a

2021-07-01T02:07:18+02:00 devel/py-resolvelib05 Resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones
ResolveLib at the highest level provides a Resolver class that includes
dependency resolution logic. You give it some things, and a little information
on how it should interact with them, and it will spit out a resolution result.

2021-07-01T04:27:39+08:00 textproc/rubygem-cucumber-html-formatter13 HTML formatter for Cucumber
Cucumber HTML Formatter is a cross-platform formatter that produces a HTML
report for Cucumber runs. It is built on top of cucumber-react and works with
any Cucumber implementation with a protobuf formatter that outputs cucumber

2021-07-01T04:27:34+08:00 textproc/rubygem-cucumber-gherkin18 Fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler
A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.

2021-07-01T04:27:30+08:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-messages15 Protocol Buffer messages for Cucumber
Cucumber Messages is a message protocol based on Protocol Buffers. It allows one
process to construct message objects and send them to another process. Protobuf
takes care of serialising those messages to a binary format, and deserialise
them on the other end.

2021-07-01T04:27:29+08:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber-create-meta4 Produce the meta message for Cucumber Ruby
Utility function for creating system-specific meta messages.

2021-07-01T04:27:28+08:00 devel/py-typer Library for building CLI applications
Typer is a library for building CLI applications that users will love using and
developers will love creating. Based on Python 3.6+ type hints.

The key features are:
- Intuitive to write: Great editor support. Completion everywhere. Less time
debugging. Designed to be easy to use and learn. Less time reading docs.
- Easy to use: It's easy to use for the final users. Automatic help, and
automatic completion for all shells.
- Short: Minimize code duplication. Multiple features from each parameter
declaration. Fewer bugs.
- Start simple: The simplest example adds only 2 lines of code to your app: 1
import, 1 function call.
- Grow large: Grow in complexity as much as you want, create arbitrarily complex
trees of commands and groups of subcommands, with options and arguments.

2021-07-01T04:27:27+08:00 devel/py-frictionless Framework to describe, extract, validate, and transform tabular data
Frictionless is a framework to describe, extract, validate, and transform
tabular data (DEVT Framework). It supports a great deal of data schemes and
formats, as well as provides popular platforms integrations. The framework is
powered by the lightweight yet comprehensive Frictionless Data Specifications.

2021-06-30T13:47:00+02:00 deskutils/maliit-keyboard Virtual keyboard based on Maliit framework
Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework for mobile
and embedded text input, including a virtual keyboard. It has a plugin-based
client-server architecture where applications act as clients and communicate
with the Maliit server via input context plugins.

2021-06-30T13:18:18+02:00 deskutils/maliit-framework Core libraries of Maliit and server
Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework for mobile
and embedded text input, including a virtual keyboard. It has a plugin-based
client-server architecture where applications act as clients and communicate
with the Maliit server via input context plugins.

2021-06-30T13:15:31+02:00 deskutils/qtfeedback Qt Tactile Feedback Add-on Module
The QtFeedback module offers classes that allow you to manage tactile feedback
and device vibration.

2021-06-30T13:06:17+02:00 deskutils/presage An intelligent predictive text entry system
Presage is an intelligent predictive text entry system.

Presage (formerly known as Soothsayer) generates predictions by modelling
natural language as a combination of redundant information sources. Presage
computes probabilities for words which are most likely to be entered next by
merging predictions generated by the different predictive algorithms. Presage’s
modular and extensible architecture allows its language model to be extended
and customized to utilize statistical, syntactic, and semantic predictive

2021-06-30T02:44:25-04:00 devel/py-awesomeversion Python module to deal with versions
Python module to deal with versions if it comes to comparing them.
Make anything a version object, and compare against a vast section of
other version formats.

2021-06-30T02:44:01-04:00 devel/py-backports.zoneinfo Backport of the standard library module zoneinfo
This package was originally the reference implementation for PEP 615,
which proposes support for the IANA time zone database in the standard
library, and now serves as a backport to Python 3.6+ (including PyPy).

This exposes the backports.zoneinfo module, which is a backport of the
zoneinfo module. The backport's documentation can be found on readthedocs.

The module uses the system time zone data if available, and falls back
to the tzdata package (available on PyPI) if installed.

2021-06-30T02:43:35-04:00 astro/py-astral Calculations for the position of the sun and moon
Astral is a python package for calculating the times of various
aspects of the sun and phases of the moon. It can calculate times for
various positions of the sun: dawn, sunrise, solar noon, sunset,
dusk, solar elevation, solar azimuth and rahukaalam, as well as the
phase of the moon for a specified date.

2021-06-30T02:43:09-04:00 textproc/yaml.el YAML parser in Elisp
yaml.el is a YAML parser written in Emacs List without any external
dependencies. It provides an interface similar to the Emacs JSON
parsing utility.

2021-06-29T19:25:29+00:00 security/nebula Scalable overlay networking tool
Nebula is a scalable overlay networking tool with
a focus on performance, simplicity and security.
It lets you seamlessly connect computers anywhere
in the world. Nebula is portable, and runs on Linux,
OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android. It can be used to
connect a small number of computers, but is also
able to connect tens of thousands of computers.

2021-06-28T18:16:31-07:00 net-im/tox_extension_messages Message extension library for tox
Message extension library for tox.

2021-06-28T18:14:13-07:00 net-im/toxext Extension library for tox
Tox provides a reasonable base set of features, but new features are slow to
implement, and may not be wanted by all clients. This is reasonable as any
protocol changes are API breaking and force clients to update to use them. Once
the features are in they are there forever meaning quality of the API and the
network layer have to be very strong.

An extension library with negotiation allows more experimentation with less risk
resulting in more features for tox clients.

2021-06-28T13:49:20+03:00 devel/py-types-PyYAML Typing stubs for PyYAML
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for PyYAML
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses PyYAML.

2021-06-28T13:48:34+03:00 devel/py-types-protobuf Typing stubs for protobuf
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for protobuf
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses protobuf.

2021-06-28T13:47:49+03:00 devel/py-types-requests Typing stubs for requests
This is an auto-generated PEP 561 type stub package for requests
package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, PyCharm,
pytype etc. to check code that uses requests.

2021-06-28T09:39:48+00:00 multimedia/cineencoder HDR-aware multimedia file converter
Cine Encoder is GUI program based on FFmpeg, MKVToolNix, and MediaInfo
that allows to convert media files while preserving HDR metadata.

Supported hardware encoding NVENC for codecs H265, H264 and Intel QSV
(experimental) for codecs H264, MPEG-2. The following encoding modes
are implemented: H265, H264, VP9, MPEG-2, XDCAM, DNxHR, ProRes.

2021-06-28T01:01:08-04:00 security/R-cran-credentials Tools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials
Setup and retrieve HTTPS and SSH credentials for use with 'git'
and other services. For HTTPS remotes the package interfaces
the 'git-credential' utility which 'git' uses to store HTTP
usernames and passwords. For SSH remotes we provide convenient
functions to find or generate appropriate SSH keys. The package
both helps the user to setup a local git installation, and also
provides a back-end for git/ssh client libraries to authenticate
with existing user credentials.

2021-06-27T20:26:38-05:00 databases/firebird40-server Firebird-4 relational database (server)
Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features
that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird
offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language
support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in
production systems, under a variety of names since 1981.

Firebird is completely free of any registration, licensing or deployment
fees. It may be deployed freely for use with any third-party software,
whether commercial or not.

2021-06-27T20:26:38-05:00 databases/firebird40-client Firebird-4 database client
2021-06-27T20:11:43-05:00 databases/firebird30-server Firebird-3 relational database (server)
Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features
that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird
offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language
support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in
production systems, under a variety of names since 1981.

Firebird is completely free of any registration, licensing or deployment
fees. It may be deployed freely for use with any third-party software,
whether commercial or not.

2021-06-27T20:11:43-05:00 databases/firebird30-client Firebird-3 database client
2021-06-27T19:47:21+02:00 sysutils/setsid Run a command in a new session
Small wrapper for the setsid(2) syscall to run a command in a new

2021-06-27T10:57:26-07:00 audio/spectmorph Analyze and combine samples of musical instruments
SpectMorph is a free software project which allows to analyze samples of musical
instruments, and to combine them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid
sounds, for instance a sound between a trumpet and a flute; or smooth
transitions, for instance a sound that starts as a trumpet and then gradually
changes to a flute. In its current version, SpectMorph ships with many
ready-to-use instruments which can be combined using morphing.

2021-06-27T10:11:31-07:00 audio/bangr-lv2 Multi-dimensional dynamicly distorted staggered multi-bandpass
A multi-dimensional dynamicly distorted staggered multi-bandpass LV2 plugin, for
extreme soundmangling. Based on Airwindows XRegion.

Key features:
* Multi-bandpass / distortion
* Cross-fading between four instances
* Automatic or user-controlled

2021-06-26T19:24:33-07:00 audio/psindustrializer Percussion sounds synthesizer using physical modelling
Industrializer is a program for generating percussion sounds for musical
purposes. This program is great for generating new techno and industrial
sounds. It also can produce chimes, bubbles, gongs, hammer hits on different
materials and so on.

2021-06-26T21:51:07-04:00 devel/gradle6 Project automation tool
Gradle is build automation evolved.

Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment
and more of software packages or other types of projects such as
generated static websites, generated documentation or indeed anything

Gradle combines the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency
management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to
build. Powered by a Groovy DSL and packed with innovation, Gradle
provides a declarative way to describe all kinds of builds through
sensible defaults. Gradle is quickly becoming the build system of
choice for many open source projects, leading edge enterprises and
legacy automation challenges.

2021-06-26T08:22:06+00:00 devel/libmodi Library and tools to access the Mac OS disk image formats
Library and tools to access the Mac OS disk image formats

2021-06-25T23:22:32-07:00 devel/py-jsonnet Python bindings for Jsonnet - The data templating language
Python bindings for Jsonnet - The data templating language.
Jsonnet lets you compute fragments of JSON within the structure, bringing
the same benefit to structured data that templating languages bring to plain

2021-06-25T22:39:46+02:00 textproc/snowballstemmer Snowball stemmer library for C
Stemming algorithms library for the C language provided by the
snowball project.

2021-06-25T21:33:51+08:00 devel/py-ctypesgen Python wrapper generator for ctypes
ctypesgen is a pure-python ctypes wrapper generator. It can also output JSON,
which can be used with Mork, which generates bindings for Lua, using the alien
module (which binds libffi to Lua).

2021-06-25T00:00:53+08:00 japanese/qolibri EPWING dictionary viewer
EPWING dictionary reader originally developed at

2021-06-24T12:29:51-05:00 biology/mmseqs2 Ultra fast and sensitive sequence search and clustering suite
MMseqs2 (Many-against-Many sequence searching) is a software suite to search
and cluster huge protein and nucleotide sequence sets. MMseqs2 is open source
GPL-licensed software implemented in C++ for Linux, MacOS, and (as beta
version, via cygwin) Windows. The software is designed to run on multiple cores
and servers and exhibits very good scalability. MMseqs2 can run 10000 times
faster than BLAST. At 100 times its speed it achieves almost the same
sensitivity. It can perform profile searches with the same sensitivity as
PSI-BLAST at over 400 times its speed.

2021-06-22T12:55:15-05:00 biology/sra-tools NCBI's toolkit for handling data in INSDC Sequence Read Archives
SRA tools is a toolkit for using data in the INSDC Sequence Read Archives.

SRAs operated by International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration
houses sequence reads and alignments generated by "next-gen" sequencers.
SRA tools allows conversion of .sra files, which INSDC SRAs maintain,
from/to other formats that the 'next-gen' sequenecers generate including:

* csfasta/csqual (ABI SOLiD)
* fastq (and fasta for writing)
* hdf5 (PacBio, reading only)
* qseq (older Illumina)
* sam (writing only) / bam (reading only)
* sff

The toolkit uses NCBI-VDB back-end enabling seamless access to remote SRA data
and local SRA files.

2021-06-19T22:37:54+02:00 devel/py-qt5-positioning Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit, QtPositioning module
PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Digia's Qt5 application framework.
This package provides the QtPositioning module.

The QtPositioning module contains classes to determine a position by
using a variety of possible sources, including satellite, or wifi, or
a text file, and so on. That information can then be used to, for
example, determine a position on a map. In addition satellite
information can be retrieved and area based monitoring can be performed.

2021-06-21T19:29:29+00:00 x11/nwg-menu MenuStart plugin to nwg-panel, also capable of working standalone
nwg-menu displays the system menu with simplified FreeDesktop Main
Categories (8 instead of 13). It also provides the search entry, to
look for installed application on the basis of .desktop files, and for
files in XDG user directories.

It's being developed with sway in mind, but should also work with
other wlroots-based Wayland compositors such as Wayfire.

2021-06-21T20:20:34+00:00 x11/nwg-dock GTK3-based dock for sway
Fully configurable (with command line arguments and css) dock, written
in Go, aimed exclusively at sway Wayland compositor. It features
pinned buttons, task buttons, the workspace switcher and the launcher
button. By default the launcher starts nwg-drawer or nwggrid (if found).

2021-06-21T21:36:11+00:00 x11/nwg-drawer Application drawer for sway and other wlroots compositors
nwg-drawer displays the application grid. The search entry
allows to look for installed applications, and for files in XDG user
directories. The grid view may also be filtered by categories.

nwg-drawer is a golang replacement to nwggrid from nwg-launchers.
It's being developed with sway in mind, but should also work with
other wlroots-based Wayland compositors.

2021-06-21T22:27:14+02:00 comms/rtl-433 Generic RF data receiver and decoder for ISM band devices
rtl_433 is a generic data receiver, mainly for the 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz
(SRD), 315 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM bands. It works with RTL-SDR and/or
SoapySDR. Actively tested and supported are Realtek RTL2832 based DVB
dongles (using RTL-SDR) and LimeSDR (LimeSDR USB and LimeSDR mini
engineering samples kindly provided by MyriadRf), PlutoSDR, HackRF One
(using SoapySDR drivers), as well as SoapyRemote.

2021-06-20T21:56:10-04:00 devel/R-cran-roxygen2 In-Line Documentation for R
Generate your Rd documentation, 'NAMESPACE' file, and collation field using
specially formatted comments. Writing documentation in-line with code makes
it easier to keep your documentation up-to-date as your requirements change.
'Roxygen2' is inspired by the 'Doxygen' system for C++.

2021-06-21T04:44:33+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.protocols Python Netlink library: supplementary protocols
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

Supplementary module with some related protocols.

2021-06-21T04:44:24+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.nslink Python Netlink library: NetNS, NSPopen and remote modules
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This module provides NetNS, NSPopen and RemoteSocket classes.

2021-06-21T04:44:14+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.nftables Python Netlink library: nftables
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This module provides very basic nftables API.

2021-06-21T04:44:05+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.ndb Python Netlink library: NDB module
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

NDB is a high-level network management module. It provides a transactional DB
with multiple sources, from local RTNL source to netns and remote systems. The
DB provides Python API and HTTP RPC (json and plain text), my run as a
standalone service or may be used as a Python module.

2021-06-21T04:43:55+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.minimal Python Netlink library: minimal installation
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This module provides minimal subset of pyroute2 modules. Only netlink parser,
basic netns management and some netlink protocols implementations.

2021-06-21T04:43:46+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.ipset Python Netlink library: ipset
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This module provides IPSet and WiSet classes.

2021-06-21T04:43:36+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.ethtool Python Netlink library: ethtool
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This module provides Ethtool.

2021-06-21T04:43:26+08:00 net/py-pyroute2.core Python Netlink library: the core
PyRoute2 is a pure Python netlink library.

This is the core package, it implements the netlink parser and several netlink
sockets, including RTNL (IPRoute), WireGuard, MPTCP etc.

2021-06-21T04:43:17+08:00 devel/py-telepath Library for exchanging data between Python and JavaScript
telepath is a Django library for exchanging data between Python and JavaScript,
allowing you to build apps with rich client-side interfaces while keeping the
business logic in server-side code.

2021-06-21T00:03:00+08:00 www/py-google-cloud-audit-log Google Cloud Audit Protos
The python classes generated from the google/cloud/audit protos in the
googleapis/googleapis repository.

2021-06-21T00:02:49+08:00 www/py-google-cloud-appengine-logging Python Client for Google Cloud Appengine Logging
This package contains generated Python types for

2021-06-20T16:52:03+02:00 misc/openhab Vendor and technology agnostic open source smart-home software
openHAB is a software for integrating different home automation systems and
technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation
rules and that offers uniform user interfaces.

2021-06-20T16:52:03+02:00 misc/openhab-addons Addons for openhab
Addons for the openHAB smart-home software.

2021-05-31T11:37:14+00:00 lang/elixir-devel Functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of Erlang VM
Elixir is a functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of the
Erlang VM. It is a dynamic language that focuses on tooling to leverage
Erlang's abilities to build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant
applications with hot code upgrades.

2021-06-19T08:26:47-03:00 devel/py-azure-mgmt-extendedlocation Microsoft Azure Extendedlocation Management Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Extendedlocation Management Client Library.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that
replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

2021-06-19T04:07:37-04:00 devel/R-cran-rcmdcheck Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results
Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and capture the results of the individual checks.
Supports running checks in the background, timeouts, pretty printing and
comparing check results.

2021-06-18T15:56:04-07:00 ftp/freebsd-ftpd FreeBSD ftpd
FreeBSD-ftpd: This is/was FreeBSD libexec/ftpd prior to its removal in

2021-06-18T16:56:23-05:00 biology/biostar-tools Meta-port for Biostar Handbook tools
Biostar-Tools is a metaport for installing all the tools necessary to work
through the Biostar Handbook, except for bedGrapToBigWig, which has license
restrictions. If you need bedGraphToBigWig, run

cd /usr/ports/biology/ucsc-userapps && make install clean

The handbook instructs the user to install these tools mostly via bioconda,
which then requires the user to activate the bioconda environment each time
they want to use the tools. This meta-package installs all of the tools
except emboss to the default PATH so they just work without any special
environment. Emboss commands are installed to /usr/local/emboss/bin due to
conflicts with other packages.

You can also install conda packages on FreeBSD. For details, see


2021-06-18T16:28:21-05:00 science/csvtk Cross-platform and ultrafast toolkit for CSV/TSV processing
CSV/TSV formats are basic and ubiquitous file formats in both Bioinformatics
and data science.

People usually use spreadsheet software like MS Excel to process table data.
However this is all by clicking and typing, which is not automated and is
time-consuming to repeat, especially when you want to apply similar operations
with different datasets or purposes.

csvtk is convenient for rapid data investigation and also easy to integrate
into analysis pipelines. It could save you lots of time in (not) writing
Python/R scripts.

2021-06-18T17:08:44+00:00 lang/gcc11 GNU Compiler Collection 11
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages.
This port installs the C, C++, and Fortran front ends as gcc11, g++11,
and gfortran11, respectively.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
2021-06-18T12:59:54+00:00 misc/clifm Non-curses, KISS file manager for the terminal
Unlike most of the terminal file managers, CliFM replaces the traditional
curses interface by a simple command-line interface. It is a file manager,
but also a shell extension.

Search for files, copy, rename, and trash some of them, but, at the same
time, update/upgrade your system, add some cronjob, stop a service, and
run nano (or vi, or emacs, if you like).

Those familiar with the command-line will find in a file manager based on
it a desirable addition to its functionality. The command-line is still
there, never hidden.

2021-06-18T09:16:41+02:00 devel/py-aiorpcX-legacy Generic async RPC implementation, including JSON-RPC
A generic asyncio library implementation of RPC suitable for an application that
is a client, server or both.

2021-06-17T12:06:41-05:00 benchmarks/mst-bench Maximum sustained throughput benchmark
MST-bench is a simple program to measure optimal sustained memory and disk

Unlike many benchmarks, it does not attempt to simulate naturally occurring
loads. Rather, it indicates what is the best performance you can expect out of
your hardware, providing a reference to which software can be compared.

2021-05-28T16:57:54+00:00 graphics/libjxl JPEG XL reference encoder/decoder
The JPEG XL Image Coding System (ISO/IEC 18181) has a rich feature set
and is particularly optimised for responsive web environments, so that
content renders well on a wide range of devices. Moreover, it includes
several features that help transition from the legacy JPEG format.

2021-06-16T18:21:36-04:00 chinese/linux-wps-office-zh_CN Complete office suite with PDF editor
WPS Office is a free productivity office suite. WPS Office contains
four major functional modules: WPS Word, WPS PDF, WPS Excel, and WPS
Presentation. It is accessible and compatible with doc, xls, ppt, and
other file formats. You can directly save and open Microsoft Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also easily edit WPS files with
Microsoft Office 365.

2021-06-16T18:12:16-04:00 www/grafana8 Dashboard and graph editor for multiple data stores
Grafana is an open source, feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor for
Graphite, ElasticSearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus and InfluxDB.

2021-06-16T21:30:17+00:00 net/haproxy22 Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high
availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based
applications. It is particularly suited for web sites crawling under
very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.

2021-06-15T15:26:53-07:00 editors/linux-bcompare Compare, sync, and merge files and folders (X11)
Compare files and folders using simple, powerful commands that focus on
the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. Merge
changes, synchronize files, and generate reports.

2021-06-15T13:35:57-07:00 x11-fonts/urw-base35-fonts URW core35 fonts in various formats
Recent Ghostscript versions come with a new set of URW fonts that
have additional support for the Greek and Cyrillic scripts (thus
superseding the fonts contained in the 'urw-fonts' port). Ghostscript
distributes the URW fonts in Type1 format; in addition to these
files, this port also contains the corresponding Type1 metrics files
(AFM), together with TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) versions of
the fonts.

2021-06-15T13:19:59-07:00 multimedia/navidrome Modern Music Server and Streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic
Modern Music Server and Streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic.

Navidrome is an open source web-based music collection server and streamer.
It gives you freedom to listen to your music collection from any browser or
mobile device. It's like your personal Spotify!

2021-06-15T12:27:11-07:00 x11/nvidia-secondary-driver NVidia graphics card binary drivers for hardware OpenGL rendering on secondary device
2021-06-15T12:27:11-07:00 x11/nvidia-secondary-driver-390
2021-06-15T12:27:11-07:00 x11/nvidia-hybrid-graphics NVIDIA secondary GPU configuration - Optimus Technology support
This port integrates the Nvidia graphics driver and supporting utilities with
VirtualGL, enabling use of Nvidia acceleration on a system with hybrid graphics
hardware configuration, aka "Optimus".

Applications to be run with Nvidia acceleration should be started using

2021-06-15T12:01:32-07:00 dns/hetzner_ddns Hetzner Dynamic DNS Daemon
Hetzner Dynamic DNS Daemon

A simple daemon to continuously update Hetzner DNS
A and AAAA records for your server with a dynamic IP address.

It features support for multiple subdomain records with painless
configuration and administration.

2021-06-14T21:22:16-04:00 net-mgmt/bind_exporter Prometheus exporter for BIND server statistics
BIND exporter is a Prometheus exporter for statistics from a BIND DNS server.
It uses the statistics channel support in BIND to collect the statistics.

2021-06-14T14:40:44-07:00 audio/tetraproc Tetrahedral microphone processor for ambisonic recording
TetraProc converts the A-format signals from a tetrahedral Ambisonic microphone
into B-format signals ready for recording.

Main features:
* A-B conversion using a classic scalar matrix and minimum phase
filters, or
* A-B conversion using a 4 by 4 convolution matrix using measured
or computed impulse responses, or a combination of both.
* Individual microphone calibration facilities.
* 24 dB/oct higpass filters.
* Metering, monitoring and test facilities.
* Virtual stereo mic for stereo monitoring or recording.
* Unlimited number of stored configurations.
* Jack client with graphical user interface.

2021-06-14T14:38:41-07:00 devel/clxclient C++ wrapper library around the X Window System API
clxclient is a C++ wrapper library around the X Window System API that is used
in some LinuxAudio-hosted projects.

2021-06-15T03:46:20+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-proton Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Proton
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Proton.

2021-06-15T01:32:51+08:00 lang/rubygem-ruby_language_server Language server implementation for Ruby
The goal of this project is to provide a language server implementation for ruby
in ruby.

2021-06-15T01:32:50+08:00 devel/rubygem-rubocop-rspec RuboCop plugin of code style checking for RSpec files
RuboCop RSpec provides RSpec-specific analysis for your projects, as an
extension to RuboCop.

2021-06-15T01:32:49+08:00 devel/rubygem-rubocop-performance Collection of RuboCop cops to check for performance optimizations
RuboCop Performance provides performance optimization analysis for your
projects, as an extension to RuboCop.

2021-06-15T01:32:48+08:00 devel/rubygem-red-datasets Provide common datasets
Red Datasets provides classes that provide common datasets such as iris dataset.

You can use datasets easily because you can access each dataset with multiple
ways such as #each and Apache Arrow Record Batch.

2021-06-15T01:32:47+08:00 devel/rubygem-fuzzy_match Fuzzy match using string similarity and regexp rules
FuzzyMatch finds a needle in a haystack based on string similarity and regular
expression rules.

2021-06-15T01:32:46+08:00 devel/rubygem-childprocess40 External background process controller
This gem aims at being a simple and reliable solution for controlling
external programs running in the background on any Ruby / OS

The code originated in the selenium-webdriver gem, but should prove
useful as a standalone library.

2021-06-15T01:32:44+08:00 www/py-respx Utility for mocking out the Python HTTPX and HTTP Core libraries
RESPX is a simple, yet powerful, utility for mocking out the HTTPX, and HTTP
Core, libraries.

2021-06-15T01:32:40+08:00 security/py-tls-parser Small library to parse TLS records
tls_parser is a small library to parse TLS records used by SSLyze.

2021-06-15T01:32:33+08:00 finance/py-yfinance Yahoo! Finance market data downloader
Ever since Yahoo! finance decommissioned their historical data API, many
programs that relied on it to stop working. yfinance aimes to solve this problem
by offering a reliable, threaded, and Pythonic way to download historical market
data from Yahoo! finance.

2021-06-15T01:32:32+08:00 dns/py-dns-crawler Crawler for getting info about DNS domains and services
Despite the name, the crawler gets info for more services than just DNS:
- DNS:
- all A/AAAA records (for the 2nd level domain and www.subdomain), annotated
with GeoIP
- TXT records (with SPF and DMARC parsed for easier filtering)
- TLSA (for the 2nd level domain and www.subdomain)
- MX
- DNSSEC validation
- nameservers:
- each server IP annotated with GeoIP
- HOSTNAME.BIND, VERSION.BIND, AUTHORS.BIND and fortune (also for all IPs)
- users can add custom additional RRs in the config file
- E-mail (for every server from MX):
- SMTP server banners (optional, ports are configurable)
- TLSA records
- Web:
- HTTP status & headers (inc. parsed cookies) for ports 80 & 443 on each IP
from A/AAAA records
- certificate info for HTTPS (optionally with an entire cert chain)
- webpage content (optional)
- everything of the above is saved for each step in the redirect history --
the crawler follows redirects until it gets a non-redirecting status or hits
a configurable limit

2021-06-15T01:32:32+08:00 devel/py-pint-pandas Physical quantities module
Pint-Pandas provides pandas support for pint.

2021-06-15T01:32:31+08:00 devel/py-multitasking Non-blocking Python methods using decorators
MultiTasking is a tiny Python library lets you convert your Python methods into
asynchronous, non-blocking methods simply by using a decorator.

2021-06-15T01:32:20+08:00 devel/p5-XS-Parse-Keyword XS functions to assist in parsing keyword syntax
XS::Parse::Keyword provides some XS functions to assist in writing syntax
modules that provide new perl-visible syntax, primarily for authors of keyword
plugins using the PL_keyword_plugin hook mechanism. It is unlikely to be of much
use to anyone else; and highly unlikely to be any use when writing perl code
using these. Unless you are writing a keyword plugin using XS, this module is
not for you.

2021-06-14T11:40:33-05:00 biology/peak-classifier Classify ChIP/ATAC-Seq peaks based on features provided in a GFF
Classify ChIP/ATAC-Seq peaks based on features provided in a GFF

Peaks are provided in a BED file sorted by chromosome and position. The GFF
must be sorted by chromosome and position, with gene-level features separated
by ### tags and each gene organized into subfeatures such as transcripts and
exons. This is the default for common data sources.

2021-06-14T08:55:56-07:00 devel/git-filter-repo git filter-repo is a versatile tool for rewriting history
git filter-repo is a versatile tool for rewriting history, which
includes capabilities I have not found anywhere else. It roughly falls
into the same space of tool as git filter-branch but without the
capitulation-inducing poor performance, with far more capabilities,
and with a design that scales usability-wise beyond trivial rewriting
cases. git filter-repo is now recommended by the git project instead of
git filter-branch.

2021-06-14T14:03:13+09:00 databases/mongodb50 Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database (5.0.x Branch)
Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

2021-06-13T14:05:04-06:00 sysutils/gobi_loader Firmware Loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB Chipsets
Firmware Loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB Chipsets.

- clone from
- fix CDMA firmware download failed issue
- add openwrt big-endian platform support
- trimming and initial FreeBSD port support

2021-06-13T16:10:14+03:00 deskutils/xdg-desktop-portal Portal frontend service for Flatpak
Flatpak is a technology for packaging and distributing standalone dekstop
applications. It uses interfaces called "portals" to communicate with the
rest of the system.

xdg-desktop-portal works by exposing a series of D-Bus interfaces known as
portals under a well-known name (org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop) and object
path (/org/freedesktop/portal/desktop). The portal interfaces include APIs for
file access, opening URIs, printing and others.

2021-06-13T13:32:22+03:00 deskutils/libportal GIO-styled async APIs for Flatpak
Flatpak is a technology for packaging and distributing standalone dekstop
applications. It uses interfaces called "portals" to communicate with the
rest of the system.

libportal is a small library that provides an asynchronous API to the
most Flatpak portals.

2021-06-13T15:39:33+02:00 www/py-httpx-socks Proxy (HTTP, SOCKS) transports for httpx
The httpx-socks package provides proxy transports for httpx
client. SOCKS4(a), SOCKS5, HTTP (tunneling) proxy supported.
It uses python-socks for core proxy functionality.

2021-06-13T08:15:08+02:00 x11/plasma5-layer-shell-qt Qt component to make use of the Wayland wl-layer-shell protoco
This component is meant for applications to be able to easily use clients based
on wlr-layer-shell. Here you can read about what the protocol does and how
shells work:

2021-06-12T11:54:28+00:00 audio/freac Free, open-source audio converter and CD ripper
fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for various
popular formats and encoders. It converts freely between MP3, M4A/AAC,
FLAC, WMA, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Monkey's Audio (APE), WavPack, WAV,
and other formats.

With fre:ac you easily rip your audio CDs to MP3 or M4A files for use
with your hardware player or convert files that do not play with other
audio software. You can even convert whole music libraries retaining
the folder and filename structure.

The integrated CD ripper supports the CDDB/GNUdb online CD database.
It will automatically query song information and write it to ID3v2 or
other title information tags.

2021-06-12T08:48:08+00:00 audio/boca Audio component collection and framework
BoCA is the component framework behind the fre:ac audio converter.
It provides unified interfaces for audio components like encoders,
decoders, taggers, and extensions as well as the code to support
communication between the application and its components.

2021-06-12T06:09:12+00:00 devel/smooth Object-oriented class library
smooth is an object-oriented C++ class library for Windows, macOS, and
most Unix-like operating systems. It provides basic functionality and
platform support for applications and libraries.

Features provided by smooth include:

- User interface API with various widgets
- Simple to use multithreading API
- File and network I/O interface
- Unicode and internationalization support
- Libxml2-based XML parser

2021-06-11T17:53:50-07:00 news/inn-CURRENT
InterNetNews is a complete Usenet system. The cornerstone of the package
is innd, an NNTP server that multiplexes all I/O. Newsreading is handled
by a separate server, nnrpd, that is spawned for each client. Both innd
and nnrpd have some slight variances from the NNTP protocol.

This version follows the CURRENT snapshots.

2021-06-11T00:54:50+09:00 graphics/R-cran-s2 Spherical Geometry Operators Using the S2 Geometry Library
Provides R bindings for Google's s2 library for geometric calculations
on the sphere. High-performance constructors and exporters provide
high compatibility with existing spatial packages, transformers
construct new geometries from existing geometries, predicates provide
a means to select geometries based on spatial relationships, and
accessors extract information about geometries.

2021-06-11T11:58:10+00:00 editors/sublime-text4 Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

2021-06-11T01:13:45+09:00 math/R-cran-wk Lightweight Well-Known Geometry Parsing
Provides a minimal R and C++ API for parsing well-known binary and
well-known text representation of geometries to and from R-native
formats. Well-known binary is compact and fast to parse; well-known
text is human-readable and is useful for writing tests. These formats
are only useful in R if the information they contain can be accessed
in R, for which high-performance functions are provided here.

2021-06-11T06:09:20-04:00 editors/linux-wps-office Complete office suite with PDF editor
WPS Office is a free productivity office suite. WPS Office contains
four major functional modules: WPS Word, WPS PDF, WPS Excel, and WPS
Presentation. It is accessible and compatible with doc, xls, ppt, and
other file formats. You can directly save and open Microsoft Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also easily edit WPS files with
Microsoft Office 365.

2021-06-11T06:08:17-03:00 editors/sublime-test4 Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

2021-06-10T22:25:43+08:00 www/rubygem-rack-proxy06 Request/response rewriting proxy capabilities with streaming
A request/response rewriting HTTP proxy. A Rack app. Subclass Rack::Proxy and
provide your rewrite_env and rewrite_response methods.

2021-06-10T22:25:40+08:00 devel/rubygem-weakref Allow a referenced object to be garbage-collected
Weak Reference class that allows a referenced object to be garbage-collected.

A WeakRef may be used exactly like the object it references.

2021-06-10T22:25:39+08:00 devel/rubygem-rinda Linda distributed computing paradigm in Ruby
Rinda is a module to implement the Linda distributed computing paradigm in Ruby.

2021-06-10T22:25:38+08:00 devel/rubygem-pp Provide a PrettyPrinter for Ruby objects
PP provides a pretty-printer for Ruby objects.

2021-06-10T22:25:37+08:00 security/py-pysaml26 Python implementation of SAML Version 2
PySAML2 is a pure python implementation of SAML2. It contains all necessary
pieces for building a SAML2 service provider or an identity provider. The
distribution contains examples of both. Originally written to work in a WSGI
environment there are extensions that allow you to use it with other frameworks.

2021-06-10T22:25:30+08:00 devel/py-lml Load me later, a lazy plugin management system
lml seamlessly finds the lml based plugins from your current python environment
but loads your plugins on demand. It is designed to support plugins that have
external dependencies, especially bulky and/or memory hungry ones. lml provides
the plugin management system only and the plugin interface is on your shoulder.

lml enabled applications helps your customers in two ways:
- Your customers could cherry-pick the plugins from pypi per python environment.
They could remove a plugin using pip uninstall command.
- Only the plugins used at runtime gets loaded into computer memory.

When you would use lml to refactor your existing code, it aims to flatten the
complexity and to shrink the size of your bulky python library by distributing
the similar functionalities across its plugins. However, you as the developer
need to do the code refactoring by yourself and lml would lend you a hand.

2021-06-10T22:25:29+08:00 devel/py-gapic-generator Python client library generator for APIs defined by protocolbuffers
This is a generator for API client libraries for APIs specified by protocol
buffers, such as those inside Google. It takes a protocol buffer (with
particular annotations) and uses it to generate a client library.

2021-06-10T22:25:28+08:00 graphics/p5-Geo-GDAL-FFI Foreign function interface to GDAL
Geo::GDAL::FFI is a foreign function interface to the GDAL geospatial data
access library.

2021-06-10T22:25:26+08:00 devel/p5-FFI-Platypus-Declare Declarative interface to FFI::Platypus
FFI::Platypus::Declare provides a declarative interface to FFI::Platypus. It
provides a more concise interface at the cost of a little less power, and a
little more namespace pollution.

2021-06-10T22:25:16+08:00 graphics/lerc C++ library for Limited Error Raster Compression
LERC is an open-source image or raster format which supports rapid encoding and
decoding for any pixel type (not just RGB or Byte). Users set the maximum
compression error per pixel while encoding, so the precision of the original
input image is preserved (within user defined error bounds).

2021-06-10T08:12:06+00:00 editors/rehex Hex editor for reverse engineering
This is cross-platform (wxWidgets-based) hexadecimal editor for reverse
engineering, and everything else. It features:

- Large (1TB+) file support
- Decoding of integer/floating point value types
- Inline disassembly of machine code
- Highlighting and annotation of ranges of bytes
- Side by side comparison of selections
- Lua scripting support with documented API
- Virtual address mapping support

2021-06-09T22:33:28-07:00 math/kfr C++ DSP framework, FFT, Sample Rate Conversion, FIR/IIR/Biquad Filters
KFR is an open source C++ DSP framework that focuses on high performance.

2021-06-09T19:09:58-07:00 databases/sqlitecpp SQLiteC++: Easy to use C++ SQLite3 wrapper
SQLiteC++ offers an encapsulation layer around the native C APIs of SQLite, with
a few intuitive and well documented C++ classes.

2021-06-09T15:22:55-07:00 misc/slides Terminal based presentation tool
Slides shows presentation slides in your terminal.

2021-05-08T21:51:43+00:00 sysutils/czkawka Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc.
Czkawka (tch-kav-ka, hiccup) is a simple, fast and free app to remove
unnecessary files from your computer.

- Written in memory safe Rust
- Amazingly fast - due to using more or less advanced algorithms and
- Free, Open Source without ads
- Multiplatform - works on Linux, Windows and macOS
- Cache support - second and further scans should be a lot faster than
the first one
- CLI frontend - for easy automation
- GUI frontend - uses modern GTK 3 and looks similar to FSlint
- Rich search option - allows setting absolute included and excluded
directories, set of allowed file extensions or excluded items with
the * wildcard
- Multiple tools to use:
- Duplicates - Finds duplicates basing on file name, size, hash,
first 1 MB of hash
- Empty Folders - Finds empty folders with the help of an advanced
- Big Files - Finds the provided number of the biggest files in
given location
- Empty Files - Looks for empty files across the drive
- Temporary Files - Finds temporary files
- Similar Images - Finds images which are not exactly the same
(different resolution, watermarks)
- Zeroed Files - Finds files which are filled with zeros (usually
- Same Music - Searches for music with same artist, album etc.
- Invalid Symbolic Links - Shows symbolic links which points to
non-existent files/directories
- Broken Files - Finds files with an invalid extension or that are

2021-06-08T19:20:40+01:00 sysutils/gdu Disk usage analyzer with console interface written in Go
Pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in Go.

Gdu is intended primarily for SSD disks where it
can fully utilize parallel processing. However HDDs
work as well, but the performance gain is not so huge.

2021-06-04T16:06:23+00:00 ftp/sftpgo Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP, FTP/S, and WebDAV server
Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional FTP/S and
WebDAV support, written in Go. Several storage backends are supported:
local filesystem, encrypted local filesystem, S3 (compatible) Object Storage,
Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, SFTP.

2021-06-08T16:57:17+02:00 textproc/p5-Parse-EDID Extended display identification data (EDID) parser
This module provides some function to parse Extended Display Identification
Data binary data structures.

2021-06-08T02:38:55-07:00 cad/ldview LDraw model viewer
LDView is a real-time 3D viewer for displaying LDraw models using
hardware-accellerated 3D graphics. For information on LDraw, please visit, the centralized LDraw information site.

The program can read LDraw LDR/DAT files as well as MPD files. It then allows
you to rotate the model around to any angle with the mouse.

2021-06-08T02:32:09-07:00 irc/ergo Modern IRC server (daemon/ircd) written in Go
Oragono is a modern, experimental IRC server written in Go. It's designed to be
simple to setup and use, and it includes features such as UTF-8 nicks/channel
names, client accounts with SASL, and other assorted IRCv3 support.

Oragono is a fork of the Ergonomadic IRC daemon.

2021-06-06T19:53:35+02:00 textproc/py-mathics-pygments Lexer and highlighter for Mathematica/Wolfram Language source code
This is a lexer and highlighter for Mathematica/Wolfram Language source code
using the pygments engine.

It currently supports:
- All builtin functions in the System context including unicode symbols except
those that use characters from the private unicode space (e.g. \[FormalA]).
- User defined symbols, including those in a context.
- All operators including unicode operators like U+1D70B (pi).
- Comments, including multi line and nested.
- Strings, including multi line and escaped quotes.
- Patterns, slots (including named slots #name introduced in version 10) and
slot sequences.
- Message names (e.g. the ivar in General::ivar)
- Numbers including base notation (e.g. 8 ^^ 23 == 19) and scientific notation
(e.g. 1 *^ 3 == 1000).
- Local variables in Block, With and Module

2021-06-05T21:08:09-07:00 devel/libfort C/C++ library to print formatted ASCII tables for console applications
libfort is a simple crossplatform library to create formatted text tables.

* Customization of appearance (various border styles and row/column/cell
properties for indentation, alignment, padding)
* A number of functions to fill the table (add content by adding separate cells,
rows or use printf like functions)
* Support of multiple lines in cells
* Support of UTF-8 and wide characters

2021-06-05T12:59:42-07:00 science/py-pyscf Python module for quantum chemistry
PyMOL is a Python-enhanced molecular graphics tool. It excels at
3D visualization of proteins, small molecules, density, surfaces,
and trajectories. It also includes molecular editing, ray tracing,
and movies. Open Source PyMOL is free to everyone!

2021-06-05T12:33:21-07:00 science/xcfun Exchange-correlation functionals with arbitrary-order derivatives
XCFun is a library of exchange-correlation (XC) functionals to be used in
density-functional theory (DFT) codes. XCFun follows a unique implementation
strategy which enables the computation of derivatives of the XC functional
kernel up to arbitrary order. It does so by relying on forward-mode automatic

2021-06-03T12:32:30-04:00 games/libmanette Simple GObject game controller library
libmanette offers painless access to game controllers, from any
programming language and with little dependencies.

It supports the de-facto standard gamepad, as defined by the W3C
standard gamepad specification or as implemented by the SDL
GameController. Convertion of raw gamepad events into usable ones
is handled transparently using an embedded library of mappings in
the popular SDL mapping string format.

The API is inspired by the device and event handling of GDK, so
anybody used to GTK should feel right at home.

2021-06-05T16:53:43+03:00 print/pdfarranger Split, Merge, Rotate and Reorder PDF Files
Small python-gtk application, which helps the user to merge or split
pdf documents and rotate, crop and rearrange their pages using an
interactive and intuitive graphical interface.

2021-06-04T23:19:06+02:00 databases/pgpool-II-42 Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreSQL. pgpool runs between
PostgreSQL's clients(front ends) and servers(back ends). A PostgreSQL client can
connect to pgpool as if it were a standard PostgreSQL server.

pgpool caches the connection to PostgreSQL server to reduce the overhead to
establish the connection to it.

2021-06-03T14:44:50+03:00 databases/pgbackrest Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore
pgBackRest aims to be a reliable, easy-to-use backup and restore solution for
PostgreSQL that can seamlessly scale up to the largest databases and workloads
by utilizing algorithms that are optimized for database-specific requirements.

2021-05-26T18:17:56+03:00 devel/py-setuptools44 Python packages installer
Setuptools is a fully-featured, actively-maintained, and stable library
designed to facilitate packaging Python projects, where packaging includes:
- Python package and module definitions
- Distribution package metadata
- Test hooks
- Project installation
- Platform-specific details
- Python 3 support

2021-06-03T06:35:10-04:00 devel/forge Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit
Forge allows you to work with Git forges, such as Github and Gitlab,
from the comfort of Magit and the rest of Emacs.

Forge fetches issues, pull-requests and other data using the forge's
API and stores that in a local database. Additionally it fetches the
pull-request references using Git. Forge implements various features
that use this data but the database and pull-request refs can also be
used by third-party packages.

2021-06-02T01:48:20-07:00 archivers/libzippp C++ wrapper for libzip
libzippp is a simple basic C++ wrapper around the libzip library. It is meant to
be a portable and easy-to-use library for ZIP handling.

2021-06-01T23:44:05-04:00 databases/closql Store EIEIO objects using EmacSQL
Store uniform EIEIO objects in an EmacSQL database. SQLite is used as
backend. This library imposes some restrictions on what kind of
objects can be stored; it isn't intended to store arbitrary
objects. All objects have to share a common superclass and subclasses
cannot add any additional instance slots.

2021-06-01T22:18:54-04:00 databases/emacsql High-level Emacs Lisp RDBMS front-end
EmacSQL is a high-level Emacs Lisp front-end for SQLite (primarily),
PostgreSQL, MySQL, and potentially other SQL databases.

It works by maintaining a inferior process running (a "connection")
for interacting with the back-end database. Connections are
automatically cleaned up if they are garbage collected. All requests
are synchronous.

Any readable lisp value can be stored as a value in EmacSQL, including
numbers, strings, symbols, lists, vectors, and closures. EmacSQL has
no concept of "TEXT" values; it's all just lisp objects. The lisp
object nil corresponds 1:1 with NULL in the database.

2021-06-01T22:18:26-04:00 www/civetweb Embedded C/C++ web server
Embedded C/C++ web server

2021-05-31T22:33:55+02:00 astro/py-kosmorrolib Library that computes the ephemerides
A library that calculates your astronomical ephemerides.

It can be used either from your program, or from astro/kosmorro.

2021-05-29T19:06:14+03:00 games/redeclipse16 Single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter,
built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward
a balanced gameplay, with a general theme of agility in a variety of

2021-05-29T19:06:14+03:00 games/redeclipse-data16 Data files for Red Eclipse first-person shooter
Data files for Red Eclipse first-person shooter.

2021-06-01T23:03:55+08:00 net/gamenetworkingsockets GameNetworkingSockets is a basic transport layer for games
GameNetworkingSockets is a basic transport layer for games. The features are:

- Connection-oriented API (like TCP)

- ... but message-oriented (like UDP), not stream-oriented.

- Supports both reliable and unreliable message types

- Messages can be larger than underlying MTU. The protocol performs
fragmentation, reassembly, and retransmission for reliable messages.

- A reliability layer significantly more sophisticated than a basic
TCP-style sliding window. It is based on the "ack vector" model
from DCCP (RFC 4340, section 11.4) and Google QUIC and discussed
in the context of games by Glenn Fiedler. The basic idea is for the
receiver to efficiently communicate to the sender the status of
every packet number (whether or not a packet was received with that
number). By remembering which segments were sent in each packet,
the sender can deduce which segments need to be retransmitted.

- Encryption. AES-GCM-256 per packet, Curve25519 for key exchange
and cert signatures. The details for shared key derivation and
per-packet IV are based on the design used by Google's QUIC
protocol. Tools for simulating packet latency/loss, and detailed
stats measurement IPv6 support Peer-to-peer networking:

2021-06-01T15:41:48+08:00 sysutils/tflint Terraform Linter
A Pluggable Terraform Linter

2021-06-01T03:31:31-04:00 databases/pg.el PostgreSQL Elisp interface
This is an Emacs Lisp interface for PostgreSQL.

This module lets you access the PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS from
Emacs, using its socket-level frontend/backend protocol. The module is
capable of automatic type coercions from a range of SQL types to the
equivalent Emacs Lisp type. This is a low level API, and won't be
useful to end users.

2021-05-31T20:51:47+02:00 security/gpg-tui Terminal User Interface for GnuPG
gpg-tui is a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG.

It aims to ease the key management operations such as listing, exporting,
signing by providing an interface along with the command-line fallback for
more complex operations. It is not trying to be a full-fledged interface
for all the features that gpg provides but it tries to bring a more
interactive approach to key management.

2021-05-31T08:07:32-10:00 irc/pounce Multi-client IRC bouncer
pounce is a multi-client, TLS-only IRC bouncer. It takes a simple
approach, using a multiple-consumer ring buffer and the IRCv3.2
server-time extension to communicate with clients.

2021-05-31T11:37:14+00:00 lang/erlang-runtime24 Functional programming language from Ericsson
Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft
real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its
uses are in telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and
instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for
concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

This port contains a standalone runtime environment of Erlang 24
to be used during the development of OTP applications.

2021-05-30T17:56:05+00:00 x11/py-i3-quickterm Drop-down "quake style" terminal for i3 and sway
A small drop-down terminal for i3wm and sway, supporting your preferred
terminal emulator, is multi-monitor and screen-width aware, and plays
with dmenu, rofil, and more.

When launched, it will minimize the quickterm on the current screen if
there is one. Otherwise, it will either prompt the user for the shell to
open or use the one supplied in argument.

If the requested shell is already opened on another screen, it will be
moved on the current screen.

It is recommended to map it to an i3 binding. See WWW for user config.

2021-05-30T17:56:05+00:00 devel/yaegi Elegant Go Interpreter - a REPL for Go
Yaegi is an intuitive go interpreter.

Note that you can use rlwrap, and alias the yaegi command via:

alias yaegi='rlwrap yaegi'

in your shell, to have history and command line editing.

2021-05-30T15:28:08+00:00 devel/py-reedsolo Pure-Python Reed Solomon encoder/decoder
A pure-python universal errors-and-erasures Reed-Solomon Codec, based on
the wonderful tutorial at wikiversity, written by "Bobmath" and "LRQ3000".

2021-05-31T07:42:21+08:00 www/p5-CGI-Tiny Common Gateway Interface, with no frills
CGI::Tiny provides a modern interface to write CGI scripts to
dynamically respond to HTTP requests as defined in RFC 3875.

2021-05-31T02:23:03+02:00 comms/rtl-443 Generic RF data receiver and decoder for ISM band devices
rtl_433 is a generic data receiver, mainly for the 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz
(SRD), 315 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM bands. It works with RTL-SDR and/or
SoapySDR. Actively tested and supported are Realtek RTL2832 based DVB
dongles (using RTL-SDR) and LimeSDR (LimeSDR USB and LimeSDR mini
engineering samples kindly provided by MyriadRf), PlutoSDR, HackRF One
(using SoapySDR drivers), as well as SoapyRemote.

2021-05-30T17:14:49-04:00 security/crlfuzz Fast tool to scan CRLF vulnerability written in Go
Fast tool to scan CRLF vulnerability written in Go.

2021-05-30T17:12:36-04:00 www/mirrorselect HTTP service that selects pkg(8) mirrors near to the client
Mirrorselect is an HTTP backend service that selects the pkg(8) mirrors
according to their "distances" to the client.

2021-05-31T03:52:13+08:00 textproc/p5-PPIx-Utils Utility functions for PPI
PPIx::Utils is a collection of utility functions for working with PPI documents.
The functions are organized into submodules, and may be imported from the
appropriate submodule or via this module.

These functions were originally from Perl::Critic::Utils and related modules,
and have been split off to this distribution for use outside of Perl::Critic.

2021-05-31T03:52:09+08:00 devel/p5-CLI-Osprey MooX::Options + MooX::Cmd + Sanity
CLI::Osprey is a module to assist in writing commandline applications with M* OO
modules (Moose, Moo, Mo). With it, you structure your app as one or more
modules, which get instantiated with the commandline arguments as attributes.
Arguments are parsed using Getopt::Long::Descriptive, and both long and short
help messages as well as complete manual pages are automatically generated. An
app can be a single command with options, or have sub-commands (like git).
Sub-commands can be defined as modules (with options of their own) or as simple

2021-05-30T17:31:32+02:00 devel/cpplint Static code checker for C++
Cpplint is a command-line tool to check C/C++ files for style issues following
Google's C++ style guide. Cpplint is developed and maintained by Google Inc. at
google/styleguide <>, also see the wikipedia
entry <>.

While Google maintains cpplint, Google is not (very) responsive to issues and
pull requests, this fork aims to be (somewhat) more open to add fixes to cpplint
to enable fixes, when those fixes make cpplint usable in wider contexts.

2021-05-30T13:35:19+00:00 sysutils/kvmclock-kmod Paravirtualized Linux KVM clock support
Development version of kvmclock FreeBSD driver for virtual machines.

References and prior art:

2021-05-30T08:08:26-03:00 devel/py-itemloaders Base library in Python for scrapy's ItemLoader
itemloaders is a Python library that helps you collect data from HTML and XML

It comes in handy to extract data from web pages, as it supports data
extraction using CSS and XPath Selectors.

It's specially useful when you need to standardize the data from many sources.
For example, it allows you to have all your casting and parsing rules in a
single place.

2021-05-30T08:02:34-03:00 devel/py-itemadapter Common interface for data container classes in Python
The ItemAdapter class is a wrapper for data container objects, providing a
common interface to handle objects of different types in an uniform manner,
regardless of their underlying implementation.

2021-05-30T07:57:50-03:00 www/py-protego Pure-Python robots.txt parser
Protego is a pure-Python robots.txt parser with support for modern conventions.
It is mainly used by Scrapy application when crawling websites.

2021-05-29T13:42:06+02:00 security/rubygem-declarative_policy Authorization framework with a declarative DSL
This library provides an authorization framework with a declarative
DSL With this library, you can write permission policies that are
separate from business logic. This library is in production use at

2021-05-29T13:42:06+02:00 net/rubygem-spamcheck Auto-generated gRPC client for SpamCheck
Auto-generated gRPC client for SpamCheck.

2021-05-29T13:42:06+02:00 net/rubygem-gitlab-omniauth-openid-connect OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth
OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.

2021-05-28T16:07:52+00:00 net/arataga Performant SOCKS5/HTTP1.1 proxy server
arataga is a high-performance, configurable, authenticating, throttling
SOCKS5 and HTTP/1.1 proxy server. It was developed by Stiffstream for
a customer who then abandoned the project. So as not to throw away the
result, the source code of arataga had been opensourced.

2021-05-28T13:38:57+02:00 www/redmine42 Flexible project management web application
Redmine is a flexible project management web application
written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform
and cross-database.

Feature Overview:
* Multiple projects support
* Flexible role based access control
* Flexible issue tracking system
* Gantt chart and calendar
* News, documents & files management
* Feeds & email notifications
* Per project wiki
* Per project forums
* Time tracking
* Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users
* SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)
* Issue creation via email
* Multiple LDAP authentication support
* User self-registration support
* Multilanguage support
* Multiple databases support

2021-05-27T20:43:12+02:00 textproc/py-gi-docgen Documentation generator for GObject-based libraries
GI-DocGen is a document generator for GObject-based libraries. GObject is the
base type system of the GNOME project. GI-Docgen reuses the introspection data
generated by GObject-based libraries to generate the API reference of these
libraries, as well as other ancillary documentation.

2021-05-27T18:32:36+00:00 devel/sobjectizer Cross-platform C++ actor framework
SObjectizer is one of the cross-platform and open-source actor frameworks
for C++, yet it supports not only Actor Model, but also Publish-Subscribe
Model and CSP-like channels. The goal of SObjectizer is to significantly
simplify development of concurrent and multithreaded applications in C++.

SObjectizer allows to create a concurrent application as a set of agent-
objects which interact with each other through asynchronous messages.
It handles message dispatching and provides a working context for message
processing, and allows to tune those things by supplying various ready-
to-use dispatchers.

2021-05-27T15:20:46+01:00 www/xh Friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests
Friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests.
It reimplements as much as possible of HTTPie's excellent

2021-05-27T14:01:21+01:00 games/rpg-cli Your filesystem as a dungeon
Bare-bones JRPG-inspired terminal game written in Rust.
It can work as an alternative to cd where you randomly
encounter enemies as you change directories.

2021-05-27T14:09:25+03:00 graphics/blender-lts28 3D modeling/rendering/animation package - LTS
Blender is a free and fully functional 3D
modeling/rendering/animation/gaming package.

The blender LTS releases provide two years official support.

2021-05-27T12:40:26+02:00 security/openiked-portable IKEv2 daemon
OpenIKED is a free, permissively licensed Internet Key Exchange
(IKEv2) implementation, developed as part of the OpenBSD project.
It is intended to be a lean, secure and interoperable daemon that
allows for easy setup and management of IPsec VPNs.

The portable versions take the OpenBSD based source code and add
compatibility functions and build infrastructure for other operating

2021-05-26T19:03:50-07:00 sysutils/rush Command-line tool for executing jobs in parallel
rush is a tool similar to GNU parallel and gargs. rush borrows some ideas from
them and has some unique features, e.g., supporting custom defined variables,
resuming multi-line commands, more advanced embedded replacement strings.

These features make rush suitable for easy and flexibe parallelization of
complex workflows in fields like Bioinformatics.

2021-05-26T16:46:15-07:00 x11-toolkits/libadwaita Building blocks for modern GNOME applications
GTK+ is a collection of GUI widgets. GTK+ essentially provides the
building blocks from which GUIs can be built. It is highly themable,
and its functionality is highly extensible.

2021-05-26T14:49:16-07:00 biology/taxonkit Practical and efficient NCBI taxonomy toolkit
TaxonKit allows to:
* list taxonomic subtrees (TaxIds)
* query taxonomic lineage of given TaxIds
* reformat lineage in canonical ranks
* convert scientific names to TaxIds
* filter TaxIds by taxonomic rank range
* compute lowest common ancestor (LCA) for TaxIds
* create TaxId changelog from dump archives

2021-05-26T14:39:02-07:00 biology/unikmer Toolkit for nucleic acid k-mer analysis, set operations on k-mers
unikmer is a golang package and a toolkit for nucleic acid k-mer analysis,
providing functions including set operation k-mers (sketch) optional with TaxIds
but without count information.

K-mers are either encoded (k<=32) or hashed (arbitrary k) into uint64, and
serialized in binary file with extension .unik.

TaxIds can be assigned when counting k-mers from genome sequences, and LCA
(Lowest Common Ancestor) is computed during set opertions including computing
union, intersecton, set difference, unique and repeated k-mers.

2021-05-26T11:51:32-07:00 x11-toolkits/tepl6 Text editor product line
Tepl is a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based text
editors and IDEs. Tepl is the acronym for "Text editor product line".
It serves as an incubator for GtkSourceView.

Tepl was previously named Gtef (GTK+ text editor framework). The project has
been renamed in June 2017 to have a more beautiful name. The end of Tepl is
pronounced like in "apple".

2021-05-27T02:53:26+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-em_synchrony Faraday adapter for Em::Synchrony
Faraday Em::Synchrony is a Faraday adapter for the Em::Synchrony library.

2021-05-27T02:53:23+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-em_http Faraday adapter for Em::Http
Faraday Em::Http is a Faraday adapter for the Em::Http::Request library.

2021-05-26T13:27:55+00:00 devel/py-pyzipper Read and write AES encrypted zip files
A 100% API compatible replacement for Python's zipfile
that can read and write AES encrypted zip files

2021-05-26T20:54:15+08:00 devel/py-jupyter-client Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries
Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries.

2021-05-26T20:54:14+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-apprunner Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS App Runner
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS App Runner.

2021-05-26T20:54:13+08:00 devel/py-pep562 Backport of PEP 562
A backport of PEP 562. Allows controlling a module's __dir__ and __getattr__.
Useful for deprecating attributes.

2021-05-25T12:24:23+02:00 misc/py-halo Beautiful terminal spinners in Python
Halo is a Python library for beautiful spinners. It is inspired by the
JavaScript library called ora.

2021-05-25T12:08:47+02:00 misc/py-spinners Spinners for terminal
This is a Python port of the Node library cli-spinners.
It features more than 60 spinners for terminal.

2021-05-25T11:58:46+02:00 misc/py-log_symbols Colored symbols for various log levels for Python
This Python package offers a way to add colored symbols to log messages.

2021-05-24T18:45:36+02:00 math/suitesparse-umfpack Sparse multifrontal LU factorization
This port installs the module UMFPACK of SuiteSparse.

UMFPACK is a set of routines solving sparse linear systems via LU factorization.

2021-05-24T18:45:06+02:00 math/suitesparse-spqr Sparse QR factorization
This port installs the module SPQR of SuiteSparse.

SuiteSparseQR is a multithreaded, multifrontal, rank-revealing sparse QR
factorization method.

2021-05-24T18:44:41+02:00 math/suitesparse-slip_lu Sparse Left-looking Integer-Preserving LU Factorization
This port installs the module SLIP_LU of SuiteSparse.

SLIP_LU is software package used to solve a sparse systems of linear equations
exactly using the Sparse Left-looking Integer-Preserving LU factorization.

SLIPLU Purpose: Exactly solve a sparse system of linear equations using a given
input matrix and right hand side vector file. This code can output the final
solution to a user specified output file in either double precision or full
precision rational numbers.

2021-05-24T18:44:13+02:00 math/suitesparse-rbio Read/write sparse matrices
This port installs the module RBio of SuiteSparse.

RBio can be used to read and write sparse matrices.

2021-05-24T18:43:46+02:00 math/suitesparse-mongoose Symmetric approximate minimum degree
This port installs the module Mongoose of SuiteSparse.

Mongoose is a graph partitioning library. Currently, Mongoose only supports edge
partitioning, but in the future a vertex separator extension will be added.

2021-05-24T18:43:16+02:00 math/suitesparse-ldl Simple LDL^T factorization
This port installs the module LDL of SuiteSparse.

LDL is a sparse LDL' factorization and solve package.

These routines are not terrifically fast (they do not use dense matrix kernels),
but the code is very short and concise. The purpose is to illustrate the
algorithms in a very concise and readable manner, primarily for educational
purposes. Although the code is very concise, this package is slightly faster
than the built-in sparse Cholesky factorization in MATLAB 6.5 (chol), when
using the same input permutation.

2021-05-24T18:42:48+02:00 math/suitesparse-klu Sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation
This port installs the module KLU of SuiteSparse.

KLU is a set of routines for solving sparse linear systems of equations. It is
particularly well-suited to matrices arising in SPICE-like circuit simulation
applications. It relies on a permutation to block triangular form (BTF), several
methods for finding a fill-reducing ordering (variants of approximate minimum
degree, and nested dissection), and a sparse left-looking LU factorization
method to factorize each block.

2021-05-24T18:42:19+02:00 math/suitesparse-graphblas Graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra
This port installs the module GraphBLAS of SuiteSparse.

SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS is a complete implementation of the GraphBLAS
standard, which defines a set of sparse matrix operations on an extended
algebra of semirings using an almost unlimited variety of operators and
types. When applied to sparse adjacency matrices, these algebraic
operations are equivalent to computations on graphs. GraphBLAS provides
a powerful and expressive framework for creating graph algorithms based
on the elegant mathematics of sparse matrix operations on a semiring.

2021-05-24T18:41:50+02:00 math/suitesparse-cxsparse Extended version of CSparse
This port installs the module CXSparse of SuiteSparse.

CXSparse is a version of CSparse that operates on both real and complex
matrices, using either int or SuiteSparse_long integers.

2021-05-24T18:41:20+02:00 math/suitesparse-csparse Concise Sparse Matrix package
This port builds the module CSparse of SuiteSparse.

CSparse is a Concise Sparse Matrix package. This code goes with the book "Direct
Methods for Sparse Linear Systems," Timothy A. Davis, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2006.

Note: the CSparse library is meant for personal experimentation. For system-wide
installation, please install math/suitesparse-cxsparse instead.

2021-05-24T18:40:46+02:00 math/suitesparse-config Common library for SuiteSparse
This port (previously UFconfig) installs a common library used by many modules
of SuiteSparse.

2021-05-24T18:40:15+02:00 math/suitesparse-colamd Column approximate minimum degree ordering algorithm
This port installs the module COLAMD of SuiteSparse.

The CCOLAMD column approximate minimum degree ordering algorithm computes a
permutation vector P such that the LU factorization of A (:,P) tends to be
sparser than that of A. The Cholesky factorization of (A (:,P))'*(A (:,P)) will
also tend to be sparser than that of A'*A. CSYMAMD is a symmetric minimum degree
ordering method based on CCOLAMD, also available as a MATLAB-callable function.
It constructs a matrix M such that M'*M has the same pattern as A, and then uses
CCOLAMD to compute a column ordering of M.

2021-05-24T18:39:48+02:00 math/suitesparse-cholmod Sparse CHOLesky MODification package
This port installs the module CHOLMOD of SuiteSparse.

CHOLMOD is a set of routines for factorizing sparse symmetric positive definite
matrices of the form A or AA', updating/downdating a sparse Cholesky
factorization, solving linear systems, updating/downdating the solution to the
triangular system Lx=b, and many other sparse matrix functions for both
symmetric and unsymmetric matrices. Its supernodal Cholesky factorization relies
on LAPACK and the Level-3 BLAS, and obtains a substantial fraction of the peak
performance of the BLAS. Both real and complex matrices are supported.

2021-05-24T18:39:21+02:00 math/suitesparse-ccolamd Constrained column approximate minimum degree ordering
This port installs the module CCOLAMD of SuiteSparse.

The CCOLAMD column approximate minimum degree ordering algorithm computes a
permutation vector P such that the LU factorization of A (:,P) tends to be
sparser than that of A. The Cholesky factorization of (A (:,P))'*(A (:,P)) will
also tend to be sparser than that of A'*A. CSYMAMD is a symmetric minimum
degree ordering method based on CCOLAMD, also available as a MATLAB-callable
function. It constructs a matrix M such that M'*M has the same pattern as A, and
then uses CCOLAMD to compute a column ordering of M.

2021-05-24T18:38:51+02:00 math/suitesparse-camd Symmetric approximate minimum degree
This port installs the module CAMD of SuiteSparse.

CAMD is a set of routines for permuting sparse matrices prior to factorization.

2021-05-24T18:38:21+02:00 math/suitesparse-btf Permutation to block triangular form
This port installs the module BTF of SuiteSparse.

BTF is a software package for permuting a matrix into block upper triangular
form. It includes a maximum transversal algorithm, which finds a permutation
of a square or rectangular matrix so that it has a zero-free diagonal (if one
exists); otherwise, it finds a maximal matching which maximizes the number of
nonzeros on the diagonal. The package also includes a method for finding the
strongly connected components of a graph. These two methods together give the
permutation to block upper triangular form.

2021-05-24T18:37:22+02:00 math/suitesparse-amd Symmetric approximate minimum degree
This port installs the module AMD of SuiteSparse.

AMD is a set of routines for pre-ordering sparse matrices prior to Cholesky
or LU factorization, using the approximate minimum degree ordering algorithm.

2021-05-24T22:21:29+03:00 x11/nfy Minimal and daemonless notification program for X
nfy is a minimal and daemonless notification program for X. Configuration
is done by editing a config.h file.

2021-05-24T22:53:47-07:00 sysutils/brename Tool for batch renaming files/directories via regular expressions
brename is a practical cross-platform command-line tool for safely batch
renaming files/directories via regular expressions.

2021-05-25T10:26:54+08:00 www/dooble Dooble Web Browser
Dooble, the weather bug browser. Minimal, cute, and unusually stable.

- A Web browser!
- Basic themes.
- Compact.
- Cookie crusher.
- Custom search engines.
- Custom style sheets.
- Documented.
- Domain restrictions.
- Favorites.
- Floating digital clock.
- FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, Windows.
- Gopher support.
- Multiple private instances, including downloads.
- Original implementations of AES-256, Threefish-256.
- Qt-only dependency.
- Windows portable.

2021-05-24T16:28:51-07:00 devel/py-connection_pool Thread safe connection pool for Python programs
Thread-safe connection pool for python.

It allows to cache network connections.

2021-05-24T12:17:48-07:00 x11-toolkits/gtk40 Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
GTK+ is a collection of GUI widgets. GTK+ essentially provides the
building blocks from which GUIs can be built. It is highly themable,
and its functionality is highly extensible.

2021-05-24T12:12:27-07:00 textproc/gi-docgen Documentation generator for GObject-based libraries
GI-DocGen is a document generator for GObject-based libraries. GObject is the
base type system of the GNOME project. GI-Docgen reuses the introspection data
generated by GObject-based libraries to generate the API reference of these
libraries, as well as other ancillary documentation.

2021-05-24T13:47:38-04:00 math/R-cran-maps Draw Geographical Maps
Display of maps. Projection code and larger maps are in separate packages
('mapproj' and 'mapdata').

2021-05-24T13:47:08-04:00 devel/R-cran-pkgcache Cache 'CRAN'-Like Metadata and R Packages
Metadata and package cache for CRAN-like repositories. This is a utility
package to be used by package management tools that want to take advantage of

2021-05-24T15:14:29+00:00 security/crowdsec-firewall-bouncer Crowdsec bouncer written in golang for firewalls
Crowdsec bouncer written in golang for firewalls.

cs-firewall-bouncer will fetch new and old decisions from a CrowdSec API to add
them in a blocklist used by supported firewalls.

2021-05-24T14:27:06+02:00 graphics/pikchr PIC-like markup language for diagrams
Pikchr (pronounced "picture") is a PIC-like markup language for diagrams in
technical documentation.

Pikchr is designed to be embedded in fenced code blocks of Markdown or similar
mechanisms of other documentation markup languages.

2021-05-24T10:07:28+02:00 devel/py-qstylizer Qt Stylesheet Generator for PyQt/PySide
qstylizer is a python package designed to help with the
construction of PyQt/PySide stylesheets.

2021-05-24T03:49:23-04:00 math/R-cran-tensor Tensor product of arrays
The tensor product of two arrays is notionally an outer product of the arrays
collapsed in specific extents by summing along the appropriate diagonals.

2021-05-23T22:34:46-07:00 x11-toolkits/ztoolkit GUI toolkit heavily inspired by GTK
ZToolkit (Ztk) is a cross-platform GUI toolkit heavily inspired by GTK.

It handles events and low level drawing on behalf of the user and provides a
high-level API for managing the UI and custom widgets.

ZToolkit is written in C based on pugl and was created to be used for various
plugins bundled with the Zrythm digital audio workstation.

2021-05-23T18:39:59-07:00 audio/wolf-shaper-lv2 Waveshaper plugin with a graph editor
Waveshaper plugin with a spline-based graph editor (LV2, VST, DSSI and Jack).

2021-04-27T23:43:23+02:00 games/xnethack Experimental features and improvements applied to NetHack 3.7-dev
xNetHack is a fork of the dungeon exploration game NetHack. It is a
distant descendent of Rogue and Hack, and a direct descendant of the
development version of NetHack 3.7.

The main goals of xNetHack are to take vanilla NetHack and:

- Fix gameplay balance issues.
- Remove tedious and frustrating parts of the game.
- Make uninteresting parts of the game more interesting.
- Experiment with new ideas from the community.

In general, the game design takes a conservative approach to changing
the gameplay compared to other variants, with focus on deepening
elements of the game rather than broadening them. For example, this
philosophy would prefer to differentiate monsters in a class that all
tend to play the same way, instead of adding new monsters to that class.

2021-04-27T23:43:23+02:00 games/xnethack-nox11
2021-04-23T16:18:46+02:00 games/nbsdgames 17 text-based modern games
A collection of terminal games including, Jewels, Sudoku, Mines,
Reversi, Checkers, Battleship, SOS, Rabbithole, Pipes, Fifteen,
Memoblocks, Fisher, Muncher, Miketron, Redsquare, Darrt, and Snakeduel.

The difficulty and/or dimensions are adjustable through simple command
line options, you can play a minesweeper game that take hours to
complete, or exprience hexadecimal sudoku and 8x8 fifteen-like puzzles!

Play on xterm for best experience.

2021-05-23T09:32:31-10:00 sysutils/pxp-agent PCP eXecution Protocol Agent
This is the agent for the PCP Execution Protocol (PXP), based on the the Puppet
Communications Protocol (PCP). It enables the execution of actions on remote

2021-05-23T09:28:45-10:00 net/cpp-pcp-client Client libraries for the PCP protocol
cpp-pcp-client is a C++ client library for the Puppet Communications Protocol
(PCP) protocol. It includes a collection of abstractions which can be used to
initiate connections to a PCP broker, wrapping the PCP message format and
performing schema validation for message bodies.

2021-05-23T13:43:02-05:00 astro/phd2 Guiding software inspired by Stark Labs PHD Guiding
PHD2 is telescope guiding software that simplifies the process of tracking a
guide star, letting you concentrate on other aspects of deep-sky imaging or

2021-05-23T01:42:14-05:00 astro/indiwebmanagerapp Graphical program to manage an INDI WebManager
A Graphical program to Manage, Configure, Launch, and Monitor an INDI
WebManager on OS X, Linux and FreeBSD

What it does:
- Allows easy and extensive configuration of the options for an INDI Web
Manager and an INDI server.
- Makes it easy to set up a Stand alone INDI Server on OS X.
- Allows the setup of an INDI Web Manager on an OS X machine (which was
formerly VERY difficult)
- Provides a GUI interface for Starting, Stoping, Accessing, Configuring, and
Monitoring an INDI Web Manager and INDI Server on OS X and Linux

2021-05-22T15:34:29-07:00 math/conauto Program for graph isomorphism testing & automorphism group computation
Algorithm conauto for Graph Isomorphism Testing and automorphism group

2021-05-22T15:06:51-07:00 math/bliss Tool for computing automorphism groups and canonical forms of graphs
bliss is an open source tool for computing automorphism groups and canonical
forms of graphs. It has both a command line user interface as well as C++ and C
programming language APIs.

2021-05-22T16:16:00-05:00 astro/py-indiweb Simple web application to manage INDI server
INDI Web Manager is a simple web application to manage INDI server

2021-05-22T14:04:14-05:00 astro/stellarsolver Astrometric Plate Solver built on and SEP
- An Astrometric Plate Solver for Mac, Linux, and Windows, built on and SEP (sextractor)
- Meant to be an internal library for use in a program like KStars for internal
plate solving on all supported operating systems
- Python is not required for the library
- Netpbm is not required for the library
- Internal Library, so calls to external programs are not required
- No Astrometry.cfg file is needed, the settings are internal to the program
- Directly loads the image data into SEP and then takes the generated xy-list
internally from Sextractor into, so there is no need to save
any files.
- No temporary files need to be created for solving and no WCS file needs to be
created to read the solved information. Although does monitor
for the creation of 2 files indicating that a field is solved or a cancel was
made, so these are created for now.
- The Index Files are still required for solving images, but the program or the
user can specify the folder locations rather than putting them in the config

2021-05-22T22:42:12+08:00 textproc/rubygem-html-proofer Test your rendered HTML files
HTMLProofer is a set of tests to validate your HTML output. These tests check if
your image references are legitimate, if they have alt tags, if your internal
links are working, and so on. It's intended to be an all-in-one checker for your

In scope for this project is any well-known and widely-used test for HTML
document quality. A major use for this project is continuous integration -- so
we must have reliable results. We usually balance correctness over performance.
And, if necessary, we should be able to trace this program's detection of HTML
errors back to documented best practices or standards, such as W3

2021-05-22T22:42:08+08:00 devel/rubygem-drb Distributed object system for Ruby
dRuby is a distributed object system for Ruby. It allows an object in one Ruby
process to invoke methods on an object in another Ruby process on the same or a
different machine.

The Ruby standard library contains the core classes of the dRuby package.
However, the full package also includes access control lists and the Rinda
tuple-space distributed task management system, as well as a large number of

2021-05-22T22:42:07+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-applicationcostprofiler Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Application Cost Profiler
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Application Cost Profiler.

2021-05-22T22:42:06+08:00 devel/p5-Test-MockTime-HiRes Replaces actual time with simulated high resolution time
Test::MockTime::HiRes is a Time::HiRes compatible version of Test::MockTime. You
can wait milliseconds in simulated time.

It also provides mock_time to restrict the effect of the simulation in a code

2021-05-22T12:52:03+02:00 graphics/py-pytesseract wrapper for Google's Tesseract OCR engine
Python-tesseract is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool for python.
That is, it will recognize and “read” the text embedded in images.

Python-tesseract is a wrapper for Google’s Tesseract-OCR Engine. It is also
useful as a stand-alone invocation script to tesseract, as it can read all
image types supported by the Pillow and Leptonica imaging libraries, including
jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, and others. Additionally, if used as a script,
Python-tesseract will print the recognized text instead of writing it to a

2021-05-22T12:18:21+02:00 textproc/py-jq a lightweight and flexible JSON processor a lightweight and flexible JSON processor

py-jq contains Python bindings for jq.

2021-05-21T18:19:49-07:00 security/libreswan IPsec and IKE based firewall
Libreswan is a free software implementation of the most widely supported and
standardized VPN protocol using "IPsec" and the Internet Key Exchange ("IKE").
These standards are produced and maintained by the Internet Engineering Task
Force ("IETF").

2021-05-21T18:20:13+02:00 security/openconnect-freebsd-daemon OpenConnect service daemon for FreeBSD rc(8)
A service daemon for the FreeBSD rc(8) framework. It lets the user configure
OpenConnect VPN in rc.conf(5) and use the standard FreeBSD tools to control the

- Support for starting multiple OpenConnect services.
- Support for running arbitrary commands for OTP-based authentication.

2021-05-21T13:56:26+00:00 graphics/goocanvas3 Cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+
GooCanvas is similar in many ways to GnomeCanvas and FooCanvas, but uses
cairo graphics library for rendering.

2021-05-21T08:08:56+00:00 x11/runner Fast program launch menu for X Window System
Runner is a launch menu for X Window System. It is meant to start fast
and give access to often used programs but also run any command. It is
also optimized for keyboard usage. Its features are:

- Configurable list of programs
- Integrated dialog to run arbitrary commands with arguments
- Unlimited command history
- Completion for programs in history file and PATH variable
- Keyboard support in popup menu with type-ahead filtering

2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-server PostgreSQL is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere
PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting
almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and
user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source
database available anywhere. Commercial Support is also available.

The original Postgres code was the effort of many graduate students,
undergraduate students, and staff programmers working under the direction of
Professor Michael Stonebraker at the University of California, Berkeley. In
1995, Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen took on the task of converting the DBMS query
language to SQL and created a new database system which came to known as
Postgres95. Many others contributed to the porting, testing, debugging and
enhancement of the Postgres95 code. As the code improved, and 1995 faded into
memory, PostgreSQL was born.

PostgreSQL development is presently being performed by a team of Internet
developers who are now responsible for all current and future development. The
development team coordinator is Marc G. Fournier (scrappy@PostgreSQL.ORG).
Support is available from the PostgreSQL developer/user community through the
support mailing list (questions@PostgreSQL.ORG).

PostgreSQL is free and the complete source is available.

2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-pltcl Module for using Tcl to write SQL functions
2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-plpython Module for using Python to write SQL functions
PL/Python allows one to write PostgeSQL stored functions and
procedures in Python (

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-plperl Write SQL functions for PostgreSQL using Perl5
2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-pgtcl
2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-docs The PostgreSQL documentation set
2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2021-05-20T10:53:00+02:00 databases/postgresql14-client PostgreSQL database (client)
2021-05-20T16:13:31+02:00 x11/srandrd Simple randr daemon
srandrd(1) is a tool that executes a command on xrandr output change events,
i.e., if a monitor is plugged or unplugged. By default srandrd forks to
background and exits if the xserver exits.

2021-05-20T14:41:25+02:00 devel/git-lab GitLab management commands for git CLI
git-lab is an extension for the git command-line tool that
helps with interacting with a gitlab instance (e.g.,
or GNOME or KDE gitlab instances). It adds a `git lab`
subcommand to git, which allows you to manage issues,
merge requests and more from the command-line.

2021-05-19T22:19:29-04:00 devel/py-decorator4 Decorators for Humans
As of now, writing custom decorators correctly requires some
experience and it is not as easy as it could be. For instance, typical
implementations of decorators involve nested functions, and we all
know that flat is better than nested. Moreover, typical
implementations of decorators do not preserve the signature of
decorated functions, thus confusing both documentation tools and

The aim of the decorator module it to simplify the usage of decorators
for the average programmer, and to popularize decorators usage giving
examples of useful decorators, such as memoize, tracing,
redirecting_stdout, locked, etc.

2021-05-19T18:18:41-05:00 devel/indi Implementation of the Instrument-Neutral-Device-Interface protocol
INDI is a standard for astronomical instrumentation control. INDI Library is
an Open Source POSIX implementation of the Instrument-Neutral-Device-Interface

2021-05-16T18:15:52+00:00 devel/pydio-packr Pydio fork of packr v1
This is a fork of gobuffalo's packr v1 customized by pydio team.
Its sole purpose is to be used in building the www/pydio-cells port.

2021-05-19T18:18:24+03:00 x11/kitty Cross-platform, fast, featureful, GPU-based terminal emulator
Kitty is the fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator.

kitty is designed for power keyboard users. To that end all its controls work
with the keyboard (although it fully supports mouse interactions as well). Its
configuration is a simple, human editable, single file for easy reproducibility
(I like to store configuration in source control).
kitty is designed from the ground up to support all modern terminal
features, such as unicode, true color, bold/italic fonts, text formatting, etc.
It even extends existing text formatting escape codes, to add support for
features not available elsewhere, such as colored and styled (curly) underlines.

2021-05-18T17:29:46-05:00 devel/libxtend Miscellaneous functions to extend libc
Libxtendc is a library of miscellaneous functions, the likes of which might
be found in libc or libm.

They provide some convenient functionality lacking in standard library
functions as well some more esoteric features.

2021-05-19T03:27:11+08:00 devel/py-jupyter-core Jupyter core package
Jupyter core package. A base package on which Jupyter projects rely.

2021-05-19T03:26:55+08:00 devel/py-click-default-group Extend click.Group to invoke a command without explicit subcommand name
DefaultGroup is a sub class of click.Group. But it invokes a default subcommand
instead of showing a help message when a subcommand is not passed.

2021-05-18T09:22:40-07:00 sysutils/k9s Kubernetes command-line tool
Use the Kubernetes command-line tool, k9s, to interact with
your Kubernetes clusters. K9s can help explore a Kubernetes
cluster with a text-based user interface (UI).

2021-05-18T06:07:28+00:00 benchmarks/kdiskmark Graphical HDD/SSD benchmarking tool
KDiskMark is an HDD and SSD benchmark tool with a very friendly graphical
user interface. KDiskMark with its presets and powerful GUI calls Flexible
I/O Tester and handles the output to provide an easy to view and interpret
comprehensive benchmark result. The application is written in C++ with Qt
and has minimal KDE dependencies.

2021-05-18T07:14:49+02:00 audio/pamixer Pulseaudio command line mixer
Pulseaudio command line mixer.

pamixer is like amixer but for pulseaudio. It can control the
volume levels of the sinks. Also, this project can provide you
a small C++ library to control pulseaudio.

- Get the current volume of the default sink, the default
source or a selected one by his id
- Set the volume for the default sink, the default
source or any other device
- List the sinks
- List the sources
- Increase / Decrease the volume for a device (using gamma
correction optionally)
- Mute or unmute a device

2021-05-17T20:44:03-07:00 audio/wavetral Convert between single cycle waveforms and audio spectra
wavetral is a small program to convert single cycle waveforms to spectra and
vice versa. It supports different input and output formats to export
your waveforms/spectra from one synthesizer to another.

2021-05-17T15:52:39-07:00 www/wslay C WebSocket library
Wslay is a WebSocket library written in C. It implements the protocol version 13
described in RFC 6455. This library offers 2 levels of API: event-based API and
frame-based low-level API. For event-based API, it is suitable for non-blocking
reactor pattern style. You can set callbacks in various events. For frame-based
API, you can send WebSocket frame directly. Wslay only supports data transfer
part of WebSocket protocol and does not perform opening handshake in HTTP.

Wslay supports:
* Text/Binary messages.
* Automatic ping reply.
* Callback interface.
* External event loop.

2021-05-17T23:26:36+02:00 net-mgmt/zabbix54-server Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (${PKGNAMESUFFIX:S/^-//})
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the
health and integrity of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible notification
mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based alerts for virtually
any event. This allows a fast reaction to server problems. Zabbix offers
excellent reporting and data visualisation features based on the stored
data. This makes Zabbix ideal for capacity planning.

2021-05-17T23:26:36+02:00 net-mgmt/zabbix54-proxy
2021-05-17T23:26:36+02:00 net-mgmt/zabbix54-java
2021-05-17T23:26:36+02:00 net-mgmt/zabbix54-frontend
2021-05-17T23:26:36+02:00 net-mgmt/zabbix54-agent
2021-05-17T19:54:14+02:00 textproc/slowcat Write output slowly, emulating physical serial terminal
The "Slowcat" program is intended for use with various VT100 and other
animations from, where a time delay
not unlike a terminal or modem makes the entire thing actually understandable.
This program will add an artificial 9600 baud delay while printing a file.

2021-05-17T09:52:10-07:00 emulators/magia GBA emulator written in golang
Magia is GBA emulator written in golang.

Warning: This emulator is WIP, so many ROMs don't work correctly now.

2021-05-17T14:36:24+00:00 sysutils/kdiskmark Graphical HDD/SSD benchmarking tool
KDiskMark is an HDD and SSD benchmark tool with a very friendly graphical
user interface. KDiskMark with its presets and powerful GUI calls Flexible
I/O Tester and handles the output to provide an easy to view and interpret
comprehensive benchmark result. The application is written in C++ with Qt
and has minimal KDE dependencies.

2021-05-17T01:40:34-03:00 x11-wm/leftwm Tiling window manager for Adventurers
LeftWM is a tiling window manager written in Rust that aims to be stable
and performant. LeftWM is designed to do one thing and to do that one thing
well: be a window manager. LeftWM therefore follows the following mantra:

- LeftWM is not a compositor.
- LeftWM is not a lock screen.
- LeftWM is not a bar. But, there are lots of good bars out there. With
themes, picking one is as simple as setting a symlink.

2021-05-16T20:13:36-07:00 misc/timetrace Simple time tracking CLI
timetrace is a simple CLI for tracking your working time.

2021-05-17T09:43:32+08:00 www/moodle311 Course management system based on social constructionism
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

2021-05-16T15:12:41-07:00 www/srt Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Protocol
SRT is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack that
optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure
streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over
the worst networks. The SRT Open Source project, driven by the SRT Alliance, is
a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve
lower latency internet video transport by continuously improving open-source

2021-05-16T13:52:55-07:00 www/libdatachannel WebRTC Data Channels, WebRTC Media Transport, and WebSockets library
libdatachannel is a standalone implementation of WebRTC Data Channels, WebRTC
Media Transport, and WebSockets in C++17 with C bindings for POSIX platforms
(including GNU/Linux, Android, and Apple macOS) and Microsoft Windows.

2021-05-16T09:48:42-07:00 devel/sol2 C++ header-only library binding to Lua
sol2 is a C++ library binding to Lua. It currently supports all Lua versions
5.1+ (LuaJIT 2.0+ and MoonJIT included). sol2 aims to be easy to use and easy to
add to a project. The library is header-only for easy integration with projects,
and a single header can be used for drag-and-drop start up.

2021-05-15T21:10:38-07:00 devel/py-prefixed Prefixed alternative numeric library
Prefixed provides an alternative implementation of the built-in float which
supports formatted output with SI (decimal) and IEC (binary) prefixes.

2021-05-16T23:13:11+08:00 www/rubygem-http4 Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
The HTTP Gem is an easy-to-use client library for making requests from Ruby. It
uses a simple method chaining system for building requests, similar to Python's

Under the hood, The HTTP Gem uses http_parser.rb, a fast HTTP parsing native
extension based on the Node.js parser and a Java port thereof.

2021-05-16T23:13:07+08:00 www/rubygem-llhttp-ffi Ruby FFI bindings for llhttp
This is a monorepo that includes projects for MRI and FFI. Generally speaking,
you should prefer the MRI version and fallback to the FFI version for better
compatibility. There is parity between the two implementations, but the MRI
implementation is more performant.

2021-05-16T23:13:03+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-ssmincidents Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager (SSM Incidents)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager (SSM Incidents).

2021-05-16T23:13:02+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-ssmcontacts Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts (SSM Contacts)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts (SSM

2021-05-16T23:13:01+08:00 x11-fonts/py-babelfont Abstract interface to font source files based on fontParts
babelfont reads font files into fontParts objects and writes them out again.

2021-05-16T23:13:00+08:00 print/py-vharfbuzz User-friendlier way to use Harfbuzz in Python
uharfbuzz is an awesome tool for shaping text in Python. But it wraps the
Harfbuzz C interface quite closely, so still requires you to perform a bunch of
boilerplate operations before you can get on with the shaping. vharfbuzz allows
you a slightly more high-level interface to the text shaping process.

2021-05-16T23:12:57+08:00 print/py-uharfbuzz Streamlined Cython bindings for the harfbuzz shaping engine
uharfbuzz provides streamlined Cython bindings for the HarfBuzz shaping engine.

2021-05-16T23:12:55+08:00 print/py-glyphtools Routines for extracting information from fontTools glyphs
glyphtools provides routines for extracting information from font glyphs.

2021-05-16T23:12:52+08:00 print/py-fontpens Collection of classes implementing the pen protocol for manipulating glyphs
fontPens provides a collection of classes implementing the pen protocol for
manipulating glyphs.

2021-05-16T23:12:49+08:00 print/py-fontparts API for interacting with the parts of fonts during the font development process
FontParts provides an API for interacting with the parts of fonts during the
font development process. FontParts is the replacement for RoboFab.

2021-05-16T23:12:46+08:00 print/py-dehinter Remove TrueType instruction sets (hints) in fonts
dehinter is a Python command line application that removes TrueType instruction
sets, global hinting tables, and other associated OpenType table data in font

What it does
- Removes OpenType glyf table instruction set bytecode data
- Removes OpenType and other TTF hinting related tables - cvt table - fpgm table
- hdmx table - LTSH table - prep table - TTFA table (not part of the OpenType
specification) - VDMX table
- Removes OpenType cvar table from variable fonts
- Updates gasp table values
- Updates maxp table values
- Updates head table bit flags
- Displays file sizes of the hinted and dehinted versions of the fonts

2021-05-16T23:12:44+08:00 print/py-collidoscope Brute force detection of glyph collisions
collidoscope reports on situations where paths overlap in a shaped piece of

This software tries every combination of glyphs within a specified Unicode range
and up to a specified length of string and outputs a report of all situations
where the glyphs collide. It has a number of collision tests:
- Paths in non-adjacent glyphs are never allowed to collide.
- If the cursive test is turned on, then paths with a cursive attachment anchor
are allowed to overlap with paths in an adjacent glyph which also contain a
cursive attachment anchor, but are not allowed to overlap with a path without
a cursive attachment anchor.
- If the area test is turned on, then paths in adjacent glyphs may collide so
long as the area of overlap does not exceed a given percentage of the smallest
path's area. i.e. if the area percentage is set to 25%, then two strokes may
connect, because the overlap is likely to be quite small compared to the size
of the paths involved. But if a stroke significantly overlaps a nukta, it will
be reported as a collision. (Of course, this will not detect strokes which
merely graze a nukta.)

2021-05-16T23:12:41+08:00 finance/py-mplfinance Utilities for the visualization, and visual analysis, of financial data
mplfinance provides matplotlib utilities for the visualization, and visual
analysis, of financial data.

2021-05-16T23:12:40+08:00 devel/py-stringbrewer Generate random strings matching a pattern
Patterns are specified in the StringBrewer pattern language, and are made up of
two parts: a recipe and a set of ingredients. A recipe is essentially a modified
form of regular expression; whitespace is not significant, and each ingredient
name is replaced by its definition. An ingredient is a space-separated list of
items; each item is either a character (specified either as a literal character
or as a Unicode codepoint in hexadecimal), a range of characters separated by
hyphens, or a union of items separated by commas. Ingredients may also contain
references to other ingredients.

2021-05-16T23:12:39+08:00 devel/py-sre-yield Expand a regular expression to its possible matches
The goal of sre_yield is to efficiently generate all values that can match a
given regular expression, or count possible matches efficiently. It uses the
parsed regular expression, so you get a much more accurate result than trying to
just split strings.

2021-05-16T23:12:38+08:00 devel/py-rstr Generate random strings in Python
rstr is a helper module for easily generating random strings of various types.
It could be useful for fuzz testing, generating dummy data, or other

It has no dependencies outside the standard library.

2021-05-16T16:58:54+02:00 security/vaultwarden Bitwarden compatible backend server
This is a Bitwarden server API implementation written in Rust
compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients*,
perfect for self-hosted deployment
where running the official resource-heavy service might not be ideal.

2021-05-15T09:29:48+00:00 audio/vban Command-line VBAN (audio over UDP protocol) tools
This project an open-source implementation of VBAN protocol. VBAN is a
simple audio over UDP protocol proposed by VB-Audio. It is composed of
several command-line tools allowing to stream audio coming from audio
backend interfaces to VBAN stream (vban_emitter) or play incoming VBAN
stream to audio backend interfaces (vban_receptor), or send text over
the VBAN protocol (vban_sendtext).

ALSA, Jack, and PulseAudio audio backends have been implemented. FIFO
(pipe) output is also available, to allow chaining command-line tools,
and a file output too (for writing raw PCM data).

2021-05-14T00:55:16-07:00 math/creme Randomized thermal relaxation method for MaxFS problems
Creme is an implementation of the randomized thermal relaxation method to find
a feasible solution of the Maximum Feasible Subsystem (MaxFS) problem. The MaxFS
problem consists, given a Linear Programming problem

A x <= b,

generally infeasible, in finding a feasible subsystem containing a maximum
number of inequalities.

2021-05-13T20:40:16-07:00 textproc/xlnt C++ xlsx library for reading/writing/manipulating spreadsheets
xlnt is a modern C++ library for manipulating spreadsheets in memory and
reading/writing them from/to XLSX files as described in ECMA 376 4th edition.

2021-05-13T14:48:47-07:00 www/py-fastapi High-performance Python API Framework
FastAPI is a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs
with Python 3.6+ based on standard Python type hints.

The key features are:

* Fast: Very high performance, on par with NodeJS and Go.

* Fast to code: Increase the speed to develop features by about 200% to 300%.

* Fewer bugs: Reduce about 40% of human (developer) induced errors.

* Intuitive: Great editor support. Completion everywhere. Less time debugging.

* Easy: Designed to be easy to use and learn. Less time reading docs.

* Short: Minimize code duplication. Multiple features from each parameter
declaration. Fewer bugs.

* Robust: Get production-ready code. With automatic interactive documentation.

* Standards-based: Based on (and fully compatible with) the open standards for
APIs: OpenAPI (previously known as Swagger) and JSON Schema.

2021-05-13T20:54:43+00:00 www/pydio-cells Nextgen file sharing platform for organizations
Installed on your own infrastructure, Pydio Cells provides a central place for
your users to collaborate and share files internally and externally, while
empowering your IT admins to monitor and protect your company's data.

2021-05-12T16:23:06-07:00 math/gravity Mathematical modeling for optimization and machine learning
Gravity is a Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization and Machine

2021-05-12T19:34:08+00:00 sysutils/containerd Open and reliable container runtime
containerd is an industry-standard container runtime with an emphasis on
simplicity, robustness and portability. It is available as a daemon for
Linux and Windows, which can manage the complete container lifecycle of
its host system: image transfer and storage, container execution and
supervision, low-level storage and network attachments, etc.

2021-05-12T12:05:46-07:00 math/disco Discrete Conic Optimization Solver
DisCO (Discrete Conic Optimization) is a solver for Mixed Integer Second Order
Conic Optimization (MISOCO) problems. It is developed on top of COIN-OR
High-Performance Parallel Search (CHiPPS) framework.

2021-05-12T12:03:34-07:00 math/cgl-conic Strategies for conic problems for COIN-OR Cut Generation
CGL-Conic is library for generation of conic cuts for Mixed Integer Second
Order Conic Optimization (MISOCO) problems. CGL-Conic can be considered as
a generalization of COIN-OR's Cut Generation Library (CGL).

2021-05-12T11:59:56-07:00 math/osiipopt Conic solver interface for Ipopt
OsiIpopt is a conic solver interface for COIN-OR's Ipopt solver. OsiIpopt
implements OsiConic interface, which extends Open Solver Interface (OSI) to
second order conic optimization problems.

2021-05-12T11:57:26-07:00 math/osi-conic Conic problem solver interface extending OSI to conic problems
Conic problem solver interface library. Extends Coin-OR's OSI interface to
conic problems. Inherits Coin-OR's OsiCLpSolverInterface class and adds conic
problem specific methods (querying cones, etc.).

2021-05-12T20:45:07+02:00 sysutils/py-ansible-base Radically simple IT automation
Ansible is a radically simple configuration-management, deployment,
task-execution, and multinode orchestration framework.

ansible-base contains the core engine, modules and plugins. It does not
contain community and partner supported Ansible Collections of modules and
plugins. For future versions of Ansible, ansible-base is going to be
superseded by the ansible-core Python package, available in the FreeBSD
ports as sysutils/py-ansible-core.

2021-05-12T20:44:57+02:00 sysutils/ansible2 Radically simple IT automation
Ansible is a radically simple configuration-management, deployment,
task-execution, and multinode orchestration framework.

2021-05-12T20:44:54+02:00 sysutils/py-ansible-core Radically simple IT automation
Ansible is a radically simple configuration-management, deployment,
task-execution, and multinode orchestration framework.

ansible-core contains the core engine, modules and plugins. It does not contain
community and partner supported Ansible Collections of modules and plugins.

2021-05-12T20:44:51+02:00 devel/py-resolvelib Resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones
ResolveLib at the highest level provides a Resolver class that includes
dependency resolution logic. You give it some things, and a little information
on how it should interact with them, and it will spit out a resolution result.

2021-05-12T15:00:55+09:00 devel/electron12 Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It's easier than you think.

If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app. Electron is a
framework for creating native applications with web technologies like
JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can
focus on the core of your application.

2021-05-11T18:20:55-07:00 biology/seqan3 C++ header-only library for biological sequence analysis
SeqAn3 is the new version of the popular SeqAn template library for the analysis
of biological sequences. It enables the rapid development of high-performance
solutions by providing generic algorithms and data structures for:
* sequence representation and transformation
* full-text indexing and efficient search
* sequence alignment
* input/output of common file formats

2021-05-11T16:24:05-07:00 audio/qxgedit Editor for MIDI System Exclusive files for XG devices
QXGEdit is a Qt framework GUI for editing MIDI System Exclusive files for XG
devices (eg. Yamaha DB50XG).

2021-05-12T05:14:22+08:00 textproc/rubygem-autoprefixer-rails1020 Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules
Autoprefixer is a tool to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using
values from the Can I Use. This gem provides Ruby and Ruby on Rails integration
with this JavaScript tool.

2021-05-12T05:14:18+08:00 textproc/rubygem-parse-cron Parse cron expressions and calculates the next occurence
The goal of Parse-Cron is to parse a crontab timing specification and determine
when the job should be run. It is not a scheduler, it does not run the jobs.

2021-05-12T05:14:13+08:00 devel/rubygem-google-protobuf315 Ruby extension to Google Protocol Buffers
rubygem-google-protobuf is a Ruby extension that implements Protocol Buffers
functionality. It makes use of generated Ruby code that defines message and enum
types in a Ruby DSL. You may write definitions in this DSL directly, but we
recommend using protoc's Ruby generation support with .proto files. The build
process in this directory only installs the extension; you need to install
protoc as well to have Ruby code generation functionality.

2021-05-12T05:14:12+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-finspacedata Official AWS Ruby gem for FinSpace Public API (FinSpace Data)
Official AWS Ruby gem for FinSpace Public API (FinSpace Data).

2021-05-12T05:14:11+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-finspace Official AWS Ruby gem for FinSpace User Environment Management service (finspace)
Official AWS Ruby gem for FinSpace User Environment Management service

2021-05-12T05:13:36+08:00 devel/py-pytest-checkdocs Check the README when running tests
pytest-checkdocs is a pytest plugin that checks the long description of the
project to ensure it renders properly.

2021-05-12T05:13:11+08:00 devel/py-google-re2 RE2 Python bindings
google-re2 is a rop-in replacement for the re module.

It uses RE2 under the hood, of course, so various PCRE features (e.g.
backreferences, look-around assertions) are not supported.

2021-05-11T22:31:54+02:00 textproc/p5-PDF-Builder Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
There seem to be a growing plethora of Perl modules for creating and
manipulating PDF files.

PDF::Builder is a fork of PDF::API2, which is developed with the goal
of a more aggressive schedule of new features and bug fixes, while
aiming to keep all internal methods as upwardly compatible with PDF::API2
as possible.

2021-05-11T22:29:58+02:00 x11-toolkits/p5-Gtk3-ImageView Perl bindings to the GtkImageView image viewer widget
The Gtk3::ImageView widget allows the user to zoom, pan and select the
specified image and provides hooks to allow additional tools, e.g.
painter, to be created and used.

Gtk3::ImageView is a Gtk3 port of Gtk2::ImageView.

Find out more about GtkImageView at

2021-05-11T22:23:43+02:00 graphics/p5-Graphics-TIFF Perl extension for the libtiff library
Perl bindings for the libtiff library. This module allows you to access
TIFF images in a Perlish and object-oriented way, freeing you from the
casting and memory management in C, yet remaining very close in spirit
to original API.

Find out more about libtiff at

2021-05-11T09:42:48+00:00 net/spiritvnc Multi-view FLTK-based VNC client
SpiritVNC is FLTK-based VNC viewer that allows to have many simultaneous
connections opened and allows to switch between them efficiently.

Besides regular VNC connections, SpiritVNC also supports VNC-through-SSH
for encryption and more secure connections. Also supported are reverse
or "listening" VNC connections as well as an auto-scanning function that
displays one VNC viewer for a user-defined time, then automatically
displays the next connected viewer, and so-on.

2021-05-10T17:06:00+02:00 comms/py-hid Ctypes bindings to comms/hidapi
Ctypes bindings for hidapi.

2021-05-11T07:03:06+00:00 net/p5-Net-Netcat Perl wrapper class for nc(1) utility (netcat)
This package provides simple Perl interface for nc(1) command line
utility, known as Swiss army knife of networking, to construct and
run TCP, UDP, or Unix domain servers and clients.

2021-05-10T10:58:03-07:00 games/weebsay Like cowsay but with random anime quotes
weebsay is like cowsay but it's with a random anime quote.

2021-05-10T09:16:11-07:00 x11-themes/chicago95 Classic Redmond theme
Chicago95 is a theme rendition of classic 1995 Microsoft operating system.
It includes various backgrounds, themes, and icons for consistent look.

2021-05-10T09:15:26+00:00 net-p2p/btcheck BitTorrent data checker and torrent file content viewer
BtCheck can check downloaded data integrity according to the given
torrent and it can also show the information stored in the torrent
file: announce trackers, list of files with their size, hash value,
creation date, comments, etc.

2021-05-07T10:01:08-07:00 x11-wm/fvwm3 F? Virtual Window Manager
Fvwm3 is a multiple large virtual desktop window manager, originally (a
looooong time ago!) derived from twm.

The successor to fvwm2.

Fvwm3 is intended to have a small memory footprint but a rich feature set, be
extremely customizable and extendible, and have a high degree of Motif mwm

2021-05-09T18:21:25-07:00 security/tang Tang is a small daemon for binding data to the presence of a network
Tang is a server for binding data to network presence.

This sounds fancy, but the concept is simple. You have some data, but you only
want it to be available when the system containing the data is on a certain,
usually secure, network. This is where Tang comes in.

First, the client gets a list of the Tang server's advertised asymmetric keys.
This can happen online by a simple HTTP GET. Alternatively, since the keys are
asymmetric, the public key list can be distributed out of band.

Second, the client uses one of these public keys to generate a unique,
cryptographically strong encryption key. The data is then encrypted using this
key. Once the data is encrypted, the key is discarded. Some small metadata is
produced as part of this operation which the client should store in a convenient
location. This process of encrypting data is the provisioning step.

Third, when the client is ready to access its data, it simply loads the metadata
produced in the provisioning step and performs an HTTP POST in order to recover
the encryption key. This process is the recovery step.

2021-05-09T18:05:46-07:00 net/jose Tools for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)
Jose is a command line utility for performing various tasks on JSON
Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) objects. Jose provides a full
crypto stack including key generation, signing and encryption.

2021-04-21T09:42:22+00:00 x11/showmethekey Show keys you typed on screen
Show keys you typed on screen, so your audiences can see what you do
clearly while you are streaming or recording. A screenkey alternative
that works on both X11 and Wayland.

- Key events reading via libinput
- Configurable floating window size
- Click-through but dragable floating window
- Temporary hiding support
- Keymap handling via xkbcommon
- Mouse button support

2021-05-08T12:08:56-07:00 print/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2 Epson Inkjet Printer Driver 2 (ESC/P-R) for Linux
This software is a filter program used with Common UNIX Printing
System (CUPS) from the Linux. This can supply the high quality print
with Seiko Epson Color Ink Jet Printers.

This product supports only EPSON ESC/P-R printers. This package can be
used for all EPSON ESC/P-R printers.

For detail list of supported printer, please refer to below site:

2021-05-08T18:41:45+02:00 sysutils/lxqt-powermanagement LXQt power management
lxqt-powermanagement can monitor power management events and
optionally triggers actions like e.g. shut down a system when
laptop batteries are low on power.

2021-05-08T17:58:31+02:00 archivers/lxqt-archiver Qt file archiver
A simple & lightweight Qt file archiver.
The core I/O functions are ported from Engrampa

2021-05-07T11:50:16-07:00 net/gemserv Gemini server written in Rust
A gemini server written in Rust. It features:

- Vhosts
- User directories
- Reverse proxy
- Redirect

2021-05-07T10:34:38-07:00 sysutils/chezmoi Manage your dotfiles across multiple diverse machines, securely
chezmoi manages your dotfiles across multiple diverse machines, securely.
chezmoi is helpful if you have spent time customizing the tools you use and
want to keep machines running different accounts (e.g. home and work) and/or
different operating systems in sync, while still being able to easily cope
with differences from machine to machine.

2021-05-07T17:19:51+08:00 devel/py-future-annotations Backport of __future__ annotations to python < 3.7
future-annotations is a backport of __future__ annotations to python < 3.7.

2021-05-06T20:27:53-07:00 security/gitjacker Leak git repositories from misconfigured websites
Gitjacker downloads git repositories and extracts their contents from sites
where the .git directory has been mistakenly uploaded. It will still manage
to recover a significant portion of a repository even where directory listings
are disabled.

For educational/penetration testing use only.

2021-05-06T19:12:22-04:00 security/duo_openvpn Duo two-factor authentication for OpenVPN
Duo provides simple two-factor authentication as a service via:

1. Phone callback
2. SMS-delivered one-time passcodes
3. Duo mobile app to generate one-time passcodes
4. Duo mobile app for smartphone push authentication
5. Duo hardware token to generate one-time passcodes

Duo two-factor authentication for OpenVPN

2021-05-06T15:12:12-07:00 net-im/tdlib Library for building Telegram clients
TDLib (Telegram Database library) is a cross-platform library for building
Telegram clients. It can be easily used from almost any programming language.

2021-05-06T19:28:15+02:00 multimedia/haruna KDE video player
Haruna is an open source video player built with Qt/QML and libmpv.

2021-05-06T19:09:50+02:00 mail/postfix35 Secure alternative to widely-used Sendmail
Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure, while at the same
time being sendmail compatible enough to not upset existing users. Thus, the
outside has a sendmail-ish flavor, but the inside is completely different.

Some features:

Connection cache for SMTP, DSN status notifications, IP version 6, Plug-in
support for multiple SASL implementations (Cyrus, Dovecot), TLS encryption and
authentication, Configurable status notification message text, Access control
per client/sender/recipient/etc, Content filter (built-in, external before
queue, external after queue), Berkeley DB database, LDAP database, MySQL
database, PostgreSQL database, Maildir and mailbox format, Virtual domains,
VERP envelope return addresses and others.

2021-05-06T15:07:58+02:00 lang/perl5.34 Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and
shell. See the manual page for more hype. There are also many books
published by O'Reilly & Assoc. See pod/perlbook.pod for more

2021-05-06T00:49:24-07:00 security/kuku Cuckoo hashing library written in C++
Kuku is a simple open-source cuckoo hashing library developed by the
Cryptography and Privacy Research Group at Microsoft. Kuku is written in modern
standard C++ and has no external dependencies, making it easy to compile and run
in many different environments.

2021-05-05T12:33:01+01:00 net/td-system-tools Printing basic system information and system maintenance
This package contains programs for printing basic system
information and for system maintenance.
System-Info displays basic status information about the
system: hostname, uptime, CPU, memory statistics, disk
space statistics, SSH public key hashes, and networking
information. Furthermore, it can be configured to show
one or more banners (for example, a project name).
System-Info can be configured to be automatically run when
logging in, providing the user an up-to-date overview of
the system.
System-Maintenance runs basic system maintenance tasks:
trying to repair broken package management, updating the
package management databases, installing all available
updates, checking for old kernels and removing them, trim
SSD or unmap unused storage.

2021-03-29T22:50:34+00:00 sysutils/pam_xdg PAM module to manage XDG Base Directories
Complete XDG Base Directories support via PAM, including injection of
according environment variables into user sessions, as well as creation
support for per-user $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.

2021-05-04T16:18:50-04:00 devel/R-cran-waldo Find Differences Between R Objects
Compare complex R objects and reveal the key differences. Designed particularly
for use in testing packages where being able to quickly isolate key differences
makes understanding test failures much easier.

2021-05-04T10:42:25-07:00 math/gecode Generic Constraint Development Environment
Gecode is a toolkit for developing constraint-based systems and
applications. Gecode provides a constraint solver with state-of-the-art
performance while being modular and extensible.

2021-04-19T14:35:35+02:00 net/libpfctl Library for interaction with pf(4)
Ports version of the base system pf(4) library, libpfctl.

Ports should ideally use this interface rather than manually implementing the
pf(4) ioctl() interface.

2021-05-04T13:55:29+03:00 devel/hs-git-brunch git branch checkout command line tool
git-brunch is a git branch checkout command-line tool featuring:
- Checking out local or remote branch
- Rebasing onto a branch
- Searching for a branch
- Deleting a branch
- Performing a fetch and update operations

2021-05-03T22:43:18-07:00 math/jacop Java Constraint Programming solver
Java Constraint Programming (JaCoP) solver for MiniZinc.

2021-05-03T17:39:14-07:00 math/minizinc-solvers Metaport for MiniZinc solvers
All MiniZinc solvers available as FreeBSD ports.

This is the metaport.

2021-05-03T12:24:37-07:00 math/asl COIN-OR autotools harness to build AMPL Solver Library
This is an autotools-based build system to build and install the Ampl Solver
Library (ASL) as it is used by some COIN-OR projects.

2021-05-03T11:48:29-07:00 math/chuffed Lazy clause generation CP solver for MiniZinc
The Chuffed CP solver backend for the MiniZinc constraint modelling language.

2021-05-03T10:20:10-07:00 devel/libbacktrace C library that produces symbolic backtraces in C/C++ programs
libbacktrace is a C library that may be linked into a C/C++ program to produce
symbolic backtraces.

2021-05-03T10:45:02+00:00 lang/gcc12-devel GNU Compiler Collection 12
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages.
This port installs the C, C++, and Fortran front ends as gcc12, g++12,
and gfortran12, respectively.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
2021-05-02T23:53:40-07:00 math/bcps Branch, Constrain, and Price Software (BiCePS)
Branch, Constrain, and Price Software (BiCePS), a layer of the COIN-OR High
Performance Parallel Search framework supporting the implementation of
relaxation-based optimization algorithms.

2021-05-02T23:51:44-07:00 math/alps Abstract Library for Parallel Search (ALPS)
Abstract Library for Parallel Search (ALPS), the abstract base layer of the
COIN-OR High Performance Parallel Search framework.

2021-05-02T16:15:38-07:00 math/highs Solver for large scale sparse linear programming (LP) problems
HiGHS is a high performance serial and parallel solver for large scale sparse
linear programming (LP) problems of the form:

Minimize c^Tx subject to L <= Ax <= U; l <= x <= u

2021-05-03T03:43:23+08:00 devel/rubygem-devise47-rails60 Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

2021-05-03T03:43:11+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-nimblestudio Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Nimble Studio
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Nimble Studio.

2021-05-03T03:43:01+08:00 archivers/py-brotlicffi Python CFFI bindings to the Brotli library
BrotliCFFI contains Python CFFI bindings for the reference Brotli
encoder/decoder. This allows Python software to use the Brotli compression
algorithm directly from Python code.

2021-05-03T03:42:50+08:00 ftp/cpr C++ Requests: Curl for People
C++ Requests is a simple wrapper around libcurl inspired by the excellent Python
Requests project.

Despite its name, libcurl's easy interface is anything but, and making mistakes
misusing it is a common source of error and frustration. Using the more
expressive language facilities of C++11, this library captures the essence of
making network calls into a few concise idioms.

2021-05-01T14:12:15-07:00 devel/xsimd C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics and mathematical functions
xsimd provides a unified means for using SIMD features of the CPU for library
authors. Namely, it enables manipulation of batches of numbers with the same
arithmetic operators as for single values. It also provides accelerated
implementation of common mathematical functions operating on batches.

2021-05-02T06:12:51+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-lookoutequipment Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lookout for Equipment (LookoutEquipment)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lookout for Equipment (LookoutEquipment).

2021-05-02T06:12:39+08:00 devel/p5-Test2-Plugin-Cover Fast and Minimal file coverage info
Test2::Plugin::Cover will collect minimal file coverage info, and will do so
with minimal performance impact.

Every time a subroutine is called this tool will do its best to find the
filename the subroutine was defined in, and add it to a list. Also, anytime you
attempt to open a file with open() or sysopen() the file will be added to the
list. This list will be attached to a test2 event just before the test exits. In
most formaters the event will only show up as a comment on STDOUT # This test
covered N source files. . However tools such as Test2::Harness::UI can make full
use of the coverage information contained in the event.

2021-05-01T19:07:51-03:00 math/py-matplotlib-inline Matplotlib Inline Back-end for IPython and Jupyter
Matplotlib Inline Back-end for IPython and Jupyter.

Matplotlib is a comprehensive library for creating static, animated, and
interactive visualizations in Python.

2021-04-30T19:40:19+00:00 sysutils/opendircolors BSD-licensed replacement for dircolors
A BSD-licensed replacement for GNU dircolors(1),
with support for FreeBSD's ls(1) using LSCOLORS.

2021-01-22T19:21:13+00:00 x11-themes/yaru-icon-theme Default icon theme for Ubuntu
Default icon theme for Ubuntu

2021-01-22T19:21:13+00:00 x11-themes/yaru-gtk-themes Default GTK theme for Ubuntu
Yaru is the default GTK theme for Ubuntu, backed by the community.

Supported Desktop Environments:

* Gnome-Shell

2021-01-02T17:56:19+00:00 x11-themes/qogir-icon-themes Flat colorful design icon theme for linux desktops
A flat colorful design icon theme for linux desktops

2021-03-20T18:37:35+00:00 x11-themes/qogir-gtk-themes Qogir is a flat Design theme for GTK
Qogir is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell.

Supported Desktop Environments:

* Cinnamon
* Gnome-Shell
* Metacity
* Plank
* Unity
* Xfce

2021-02-18T19:01:29+00:00 x11-themes/pop-icon-theme System76 Pop icon Theme
System76 Pop icon Theme

2021-01-17T00:09:20+00:00 x11-themes/layan-gtk-themes Layan is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell
Layan is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell.

Supported Desktop Environments:

* Gnome-Shell
* Plank
* Xfce

2021-01-02T21:27:55+00:00 x11-themes/canta-icon-theme Flat icons for Canta GTK theme
Flat icons for Canta GTK theme

2021-04-30T12:30:25-07:00 math/flopc++ Library for solving Linear Optimization Problems in C++
FlopC++ is an open source algebraic modelling language implemented as a C++
class library.

2021-04-30T21:19:03+02:00 textproc/py-python-lsp-server Python implementation of the Language Server Protocol
A Python 3.6+ implementation of the Language Server Protocol.

Language Server Features: Auto Completion, Code Linting,
Signature Help, Go to definition, Hover, Find References,
Document Symbols, Document Formatting, Code folding, and
Multiple workspaces

2021-04-30T20:48:10+02:00 textproc/py-python-lsp-jsonrpc Python JSON RPC Server
A Python 3.6+ server implementation of the JSON RPC 2.0
protocol. This library has been pulled out of the Python
LSP Server project.

2021-04-30T16:10:21+02:00 multimedia/scte35dump Dump SCTE-35 data from a Transport Stream
Dump SCTE-35 data from a Transport Stream contained
within a file or RTP network stream.

2021-04-29T22:10:23+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-mgn Official AWS Ruby gem for Application Migration Service (mgn)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Application Migration Service (mgn).

2021-04-29T22:10:19+08:00 devel/py-pylint-plugin-utils Utilities and helpers for writing Pylint plugins
Utilities and helpers for writing Pylint plugins. This is not a direct Pylint
plugin, but rather a set of tools and functions used by other plugins such as
pylint-django and pylint-celery.

2021-04-29T22:10:18+08:00 devel/py-pylint-django Pylint plugin to understand the Django web framework
pylint-django is a Pylint plugin for improving code analysis when analysing code
using Django. It is also used by the Prospector tool.

2021-04-29T22:10:17+08:00 textproc/p5-Text-Table-TickitWidget View table data on the terminal using Tickit::Widget::Table
Text::Table::TickitWidget uses the Text::Table::Tiny interface to let you view
table data on the terminal using Tickit::Widget::Table.

2021-04-29T22:10:11+08:00 devel/p5-Variable-Disposition Helper functions for disposing of variables
Variable::Disposition provides some basic helper functions for making sure
variables go away when you want them to.

2021-04-29T22:10:09+08:00 devel/p5-Tickit-Widget-Table Table widget with support for scrolling/paging
Tickit::Widget::Table provides a scrollable table implementation for use on
larger data sets.

This abstraction should allow access to larger datasets than would fit in
available memory, such as a database table or procedurally-generated data.

2021-04-29T22:10:08+08:00 devel/p5-Tickit-Widgets Abstract base class for on-screen widgets
Tickit::Widget acts as an abstract base class for on-screen widget objects. It
provides the lower-level machinery required by most or all widget types.

2021-04-29T22:10:04+08:00 devel/p5-Tickit Terminal Interface Construction KIT
Tickit is a high-level toolkit for creating full-screen terminal-based
interactive programs. It allows programs to be written in an abstracted way,
working with a tree of widget objects, to represent the layout of the interface
and implement its behaviours.

Its supported terminal features includes a rich set of rendering attributes
(bold, underline, italic, 256-colours, etc), support for mouse including wheel
and position events above the 224th column and arbitrary modified key input via
libtermkey (all of these will require a supporting terminal as well). It also
supports having multiple instances and non-blocking or asynchronous control.

2021-04-29T22:10:03+08:00 devel/p5-Parser-MGC Build simple recursive-descent parsers
Parser::MGC class provides a low-level framework for building recursive-descent
parsers that consume a given input string from left to right, returning a parse
structure. It takes its name from the m//gc regexps used to implement the token
parsing behaviour.

It provides a number of token-parsing methods, which each extract a grammatical
token from the string. It also provides wrapping methods that can be used to
build up a possibly-recursive grammar structure, by applying a structure around
other parts of parsing code.

2021-04-29T22:10:02+08:00 devel/p5-Module-Build-Using-PkgConfig Extend Module::Build to use platform libraries provided by pkg-config
Module::Build::Using::PkgConfig provides some handy methods to assist the
Build.PL script of XS-based module distributions that make use of platform
libraries managed by pkg-config.

2021-04-29T22:10:01+08:00 devel/p5-List-BinarySearch Binary Search within a sorted array
List::BinarySearch performs a binary search on an array.

The binary search algorithm implemented in this module is known as a Deferred
Detection variant on the traditional Binary Search. Deferred Detection provides
stable searches.

2021-04-29T22:09:59+08:00 devel/p5-Adapter-Async Provide a way to link a data source with a view
Adapter::Async provides a way to link a data source with a view.

2021-04-29T22:09:34+08:00 devel/libtickit Terminal Interface Construction Kit
Terminal Interface Construction Kit provides an abstracted mechanism for
building interactive full-screen terminal programs. It provides a full set of
output drawing functions, and handles keyboard and mouse input events.

2021-04-28T22:16:55+02:00 security/rubygem-ssrf_filter Gem to prevent SSRF attacks
A gem that makes it easy to prevent server side request forgery (SSRF) attacks

2021-04-28T17:58:51+02:00 dns/blocky Fast and lightweight DNS proxy as ad-blocker
Fast and lightweight DNS proxy as ad-blocker for local
network with many features.

2021-04-28T21:06:14+02:00 sysutils/discus Discus is a program to display hard drive space usage
Discus is a program to display hard drive space usage, much like the standard
UNIX command df.

Discus aims to make df(1) prettier. Features include color, bar graphs, and
smart formatting of numbers (automatically choosing the most suitable size
from kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes). Or choose your own size,
along with specifying the number of decimal places you'd like to see.

To configure Discus on a system-wide basis, edit the /usr/local/etc/discusrc
file. But you should probably change things just for yourself, by copying
/usr/local/etc/discusrc to ~/.discusrc and editing that.

2021-04-28T10:39:12-07:00 textproc/py-rst2ansi RST converter to ansi-decorated console output
rst2ansi is a library for rendering reStructuredText (RST) in a terminal.

2021-04-28T10:36:28-07:00 devel/py-phx-class-registry Factory+Registry pattern for Python classes
Factory+Registry pattern for Python classes.

2021-04-28T10:27:20-07:00 net-mgmt/py-opn-cli OPNsense CLI written in Python
A CLI Interface to communicate with OPNsense firewalls using API requests.

2021-04-28T10:24:14-07:00 comms/soapysdr-rtlsdr Soapy SDR module for RTLSDR
This is the SoapySDR module for RTLSDR, an open source software defined radio
(SDR) platform.

SoapySDR is an open-source generalized C/C++ API and runtime library for
interfacing with SDR devices.

2021-04-28T16:04:51+02:00 textproc/go-md2man Converts Markdown into roff (man pages)
go-md2man: Converts Markdown into roff (man pages).

It uses blackfriday to process Markdown.

2021-04-25T22:52:25+02:00 sysutils/zellij Versatile, extensible terminal multiplexer
Zellij is a workspace aimed at developers, ops-oriented people and anyone who
loves the terminal. At its core, it is a terminal multiplexer (similar to tmux
and screen), but this is merely its infrastructure layer.

Zellij includes a layout system, and a plugin system allowing one to create
plugins in any language that compiles to WebAssembly.

2021-04-27T13:50:18-07:00 security/p5-Crypt-JWT JSON Web Token (JWT, JWS, JWE) as defined by RFC7519, RFC7515, RFC7516
JSON Web Token (JWT, JWS, JWE) as defined by RFC7519, RFC7515, RFC7516
implements the Perl interface to:

* JSON Web Token (JWT)
* JSON Web Signature (JWS)
* JSON Web Encryption (JWE)

As defined by RFC7519, RFC7515, RFC7516.

The module implements all (100%) algorithms defined in RFC7518 - JSON
Web Algorithms (JWA). This module supports Compact JWS/JWE and
flattened JWS/JWE JSON serialization, general JSON serialization
is not supported yet.

2021-04-27T11:09:20-07:00 net/gmid Simple and secure Gemini server
gmid is a server for the Gemini protocol. It has various
features, among which Capsicum support and a "config-less"
mode akin to "python -m http.server" to quickly serve local
directories from the shell.

2021-04-27T10:58:48-07:00 sysutils/opa Open Policy Agent for policy enforcement across the entire stack
The Open Policy Agent (OPA) is an open source, general-purpose policy engine
that enables unified, context-aware policy enforcement across the entire stack.

2021-04-27T18:49:24+02:00 www/owncast Self-hosted streaming service written in Go
A self-hosted minimalistic streaming service written in Go.

It's designed for a single streamer to host his own streams.
You can utilize S3 compatible object storage to distribute
your stream and lower your own bandwidth needs.

2021-04-27T01:31:12-07:00 math/py-point-annotator Annotate data with labels based on the Mann-Whitney U test
The point-annotator package provides functionalities to annotate data with
labels based on the Mann-Whitney U test and Hypergeometric test. Currently, we
provide examples of the fast annotation of gene expression data with the cell
types based on marker genes.

2021-04-26T22:19:37+01:00 www/p5-RT-Extension-RepeatTicket2 RT Extension to repeat tickets base on a schedule
RT extension that repeats tickets based on a schedule

2021-04-26T11:15:16+00:00 sysutils/p5-App-Regather Script to perform actions on LDAP syncrepl events
regather is an LDAP syncrepl consumer which can generate (re-gather) files,
create or delete directories, etc. based on LDAP syncrepl events.

It uses Net::LDAP(3) to do all LDAP related stuff and Template to generate
files. Configuration file is processed with Config::Parser.

For example, regather can re-write each OpenVPN client configuration file
on changes to client LDAP configured data, or re-write CRL file on update
in LDAP, or change sieve script for mail user.

2021-04-26T12:14:38+02:00 science/frontistr Large-Scale Parallel FEM Program for Nonlinear Structural Analysis
FrontISTR is an Open-Source Large-Scale Parallel FEM Program for Nonlinear
Structural Analysis.

2021-04-26T00:07:05-07:00 math/py-ducc0 Distinctly Useful Code Collection (DUCC)
ducc0 is a collection of basic programming tools for numerical computation,
including Fast Fourier Transforms, Spherical Harmonic Transforms, non-equispaced
Fourier transforms, as well as some concrete applications like 4pi convolution
on the sphere and gridding/degridding of radio interferometry data.

2021-04-25T21:14:14-07:00 math/libsharp2 Library for fast spherical harmonic transforms
Library for efficient spherical harmonic transforms at arbitrary spins,
supporting CPU vectorization, OpenMP and MPI.

2021-04-26T04:11:31+08:00 www/rubygem-faraday-net_http_persistent Faraday adapter for NetHttpPersistent
Faraday::NetHttpPersistent is a Faraday adapter for the Net::HTTP::Persistent

2021-04-26T04:11:28+08:00 devel/rubygem-faraday-excon Faraday adapter for Excon
This gem is a Faraday adapter for the Excon library. Faraday is an HTTP client
library that provides a common interface over many adapters. Every adapter is
defined into its own gem. This gem defines the adapter for Excon.

2021-04-26T04:11:27+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-lookoutmetrics Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lookout for Metrics (LookoutMetrics)
Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lookout for Metrics (LookoutMetrics).

2021-04-26T04:11:26+08:00 science/py-skrebate Relief-based feature selection algorithms
This package includes a scikit-learn-compatible Python implementation of ReBATE,
a suite of Relief-based feature selection algorithms for Machine Learning. These
Relief-Based algorithms (RBAs) are designed for feature weighting/selection as
part of a machine learning pipeline (supervised learning). Presently this
includes the following core RBAs: ReliefF, SURF, SURF*, MultiSURF*, and
MultiSURF. Additionally, an implementation of the iterative TuRF mechanism and
VLSRelief is included.

2021-04-26T04:11:24+08:00 net/py-pyu2f U2F host library for interacting with a U2F device over USB
pyu2f is a python based U2F host library. It provides functionality for
interacting with a U2F device over USB.

pyu2f uses ctypes to make system calls directly to interface with the USB HID
device. This means that no platform specific shared libraries need to be
compiled for pyu2f to work.

By default pyu2f will use its own U2F stack implementation to sign requests. If
desired, pyu2f can offload signing to a pluggable command line tool. Offloading
is not yet supported for U2F registration.

2021-04-26T04:11:16+08:00 devel/py-jupyter-server-mathjax MathJax resources as a Jupyter Server Extension
jupyter-server-mathjax provides MathJax resources endpoints for Jupyter Server.

2021-04-26T04:10:42+08:00 devel/py-findlibs Search for shared libraries on various platforms
findlibs is a Python package that search for shared libraries on various

2021-04-25T13:23:08-07:00 multimedia/lms Lightweight Music Server
LMS is a self-hosted music streaming software: it allows users to access their
music collections from anywhere using a web interface.

2021-04-25T12:18:38-05:00 biology/ucsc-userapps Command line tools from the UCSC Genome Browser project
These are the command-line bioinformatics utilities associated with the UCSC
genome browser. Care has been taken to install only the freely available
tools. However, the license information at
is not entirely clear and we may add non-free utilities in the future.

Contact UCSC if you are using this port for commercial purposes.

2021-04-24T18:40:16-05:00 biology/ncbi-entrez-direct Access to the NCBI's suite of interconnected databases
Entrez Direct (EDirect) provides access to the NCBI's suite of interconnected
databases (publication, sequence, structure, gene, variation, expression, etc.)
from a UNIX terminal window.

2021-04-24T03:07:34-07:00 security/solana Web-scale blockchain for decentralized apps and marketplaces
Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship resistant blockchain providing the open
infrastructure required for global adoption.

2021-04-23T21:41:48-07:00 textproc/cpp-peglib C++ header-only PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) library
cpp-peglib is a single file C++ header-only PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars)

This library supports the linear-time parsing known as the Packrat parsing.

2021-04-23T20:54:03+02:00 devel/rubygem-ruby-magic File Magic in ruby
File Magic in Ruby.
Simple interface to libmagic for Ruby Programming Language.

2021-04-22T17:36:27+01:00 audio/visp-go Vi-like Spotify client for terminal users
Visp is an interactive console client for Spotify, written in Go.
Its interface is similar to Vim, and aims to be fast, configurable,
and practical. Visp means whisk, and just like the simple mechanical
tool it makes it easy to create that smooth and perfect mixture through
the power of manual control, and without any unfortunate lumps.

This interface has many features that involve sorting, searching, and
navigating. It's designed to let you navigate your music collection
effectively and efficiently.

2021-04-21T16:33:46+02:00 sysutils/plasma5-plasma-systemmonitor Plasma5 system monitor
KSysGuard, also known as KDE System Guard and KDE System Monitor, is designed
to make simple process control available to a user without needing to do any
special setup - the defaults are usually perfectly adequate. There are two
worksheets - the System Load page, pictured above, and the Process Table.

2021-04-21T22:15:21-07:00 misc/frugally-deep C++ header-only library to use Keras models in C++ with ease
frugally-deep is a C++ header-only library for building/training
Keras AI models.

2021-04-21T18:34:28-07:00 dns/doggo Modern command-line DNS client (like dig)
doggo is a modern command-line DNS client (like dig) written in Golang. It
outputs information in a neat concise manner and supports protocols like DoH,
DoT as well.

* Human readable output - supports colors and tabular format.
* Supports JSON format - can be useful while writing scripts.
* Has support for multiple transport protocols:
DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
DNS over TLS (DoT)
DNS over TCP
DNS over UDP
* Supports ndots and search configurations from resolv.conf or command-line
* Supports multiple resolvers at once.
* Supports IPv4 and IPv6 both.
* Available as a web tool as well:
* Shell completions for zsh and fish.

2021-04-21T22:32:22+02:00 x11-clocks/catclock Kit-cat xclock
This is a version of the X Window System xclock program, which has been
enhanced with a "cat mode".

2021-04-21T09:16:32+00:00 devel/linux-c7-libtool-ltdl Runtime libraries for GNU libtool (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2021-04-21T08:58:58+00:00 databases/linux-c7-unixODBC Complete ODBC driver manager (Linux CentOS ${LINUX_DIST_VER})
2021-04-20T17:45:37+00:00 www/py-django-reversion-compare Extension to django-reversion that provides a history compare view
An extension to django-reversion that provides a history compare view to compare
two versions of a model which is under reversion.

2021-04-20T17:40:20+00:00 www/py-django-object-actions Django app for adding object tools for models in the admin
If you've ever tried making admin object tools, you may have thought,
"why can't this be as easy as making Django Admin Actions?"

Well now they can be.

2021-04-20T17:34:56+00:00 devel/py-mime MIME types are used in MIME-compliant communications
MIME Types for Python, clone of halostatue/mime-types.
This library allows for the identification of a file's likely MIME content type.
MIME types are used in MIME-compliant communications

2021-04-20T17:24:03+00:00 devel/py-cvss Computation utilities and interactive calculator compatible
This Python package contains CVSS v2 and v3 computation utilities
and interactive calculator compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3.
run cvss_calculator --help

2021-04-20T17:21:22+00:00 www/py-django-smart-selects Quickly filter or group "chained" models
This package allows you to quickly filter or group "chained" models
by adding a custom foreign key or many to many field to your models
This will use an AJAX query to load only the applicable chained objects.

2021-04-20T17:17:57+00:00 www/py-django-ckeditor-5 Django ckeditor-5
Add to your

from django.db import models
from django_ckeditor_5.fields import CKEditor5Field

class Article(models.Model):
title=models.CharField('Title', max_length=200)
text=CKEditor5Field('Text', config_name='extends')

2021-04-20T08:18:38-07:00 textproc/py-markdown3 Python implementation of Markdown
This is a Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown. It is almost
completely compliant with the reference implementation, though there are a
few very minor differences.


* International Input
* Extensions
* Output Formats
* "Safe Modes"
* Command Line Interface

2021-04-19T21:20:35-07:00 biology/py-resdk Resolwe SDK to interact with Resolwe server and Resolwe Bioinformatics
Resolwe SDK for Python supports interaction with Resolwe server and its
extension Resolwe Bioinformatics. You can use it to upload and inspect
biomedical data sets, contribute annotations, run analysis, and write

2021-04-19T22:20:45+02:00 x11/dsbxinput Graphical tool for configuring pointing devices
DSBXinput is a graphical fontend to xinput which allows you to configure
pointing devices.

2021-04-19T16:28:34+02:00 sysutils/herbe Daemon-less notifications without D-Bus
herbe provides daemon-less notifications without D-Bus. It's meant to be
minimal and lightweight.

Some of its features are:

- Under 200 lines of code
- Doesn't run in the background, just displays the notification and exits
- No external dependencies except Xlib and Xft
- Configurable through config.h or Xresources
- Actions support
- Extensible through patches

2021-04-19T23:11:45+09:00 mail/cyrus-imapd34 Cyrus mail server, supporting POP3 and IMAP4 protocols ${COMMENT_${FLAVOR}}
The Cyrus IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server provides access to
personal mail and system-wide bulletin boards through the IMAP protocol.
The Cyrus IMAP server is a scaleable enterprise mail system designed for use
from small to large enterprise environments using standards-based

A full Cyrus IMAP implementation allows a seamless mail and bulletin board
environment to be set up across multiple servers. It differs from other
IMAP server implementations in that it is run on "sealed" servers, where
users are not normally permitted to log in. The mailbox database is stored
in parts of the filesystem that are private to the Cyrus IMAP system. All
user access to mail is through software using the IMAP, POP3, or KPOP

The private mailbox database design gives the server large advantages in
efficiency, scalability, and administratability. Multiple concurrent
read/write connections to the same mailbox are permitted. The server
supports access control lists on mailboxes and storage quotas on mailbox

2021-04-18T17:21:30-07:00 security/pkcs11-tools Tools for managing PKCS11 cryptographic tokens
pkcs11-tools is a toolkit containing a bunch of small utilities to perform key
management tasks on cryptographic tokens implementing a PKCS#11 interface. It
features a number of commands similar to the unix CLI utilities, such as ls, mv,
rm, od, and more. It also has specific commands to generate keys, generate CSRs,
import certificates and other files, in a fashion compatible with most
implementations, including both IBM and Oracle JVMs.

2021-04-18T16:15:46-07:00 sysutils/rset Configure systems using using any scripting language
rset allows to configure systems using any scripting language.

2021-04-18T19:05:10-04:00 www/R-cran-gh GitHub API for R
Minimal client to access the 'GitHub' 'API'.

2021-04-18T11:54:29-07:00 audio/nyquist Language for sound synthesis and music composition (sound is broken) # likely caused by outdated bundled PortAudio, reported to upstream Apr 18, 2021
Nyquist is a sound synthesis and composition language offering a Lisp syntax as
well as an imperative language syntax (SAL) and a powerful integrated
development environment. Nyquist is an elegant and powerful system based on
functional programming.

2021-04-18T19:49:07+01:00 misc/xplr Hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer
Hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer, stealing
ideas from nnn and fzf. XLPR strives to be fast and
minimalist, it's speciality is it's hackability. You
can configure the key bindings, different run modes,
the way it looks, and much more by modifying one single
configuration file.

2021-04-18T00:29:24+01:00 textproc/askgit Query git repositories with SQL
Command-line tool for running SQL queries on git
repositories. It's meant for ad-hoc querying of
git repositories on disk through a common interface
(SQL), as an alternative to patching together various
shell commands.

There is also preliminary support for executing queries
against the GitHub API.

2021-04-18T13:46:14-05:00 biology/snpeff Genetic variant annotation and effect prediction toolbox
Genetic variant annotation and functional effect prediction toolbox. It
annotates and predicts the effects of genetic variants on genes and proteins
(such as amino acid changes).


Supports over 38,000 genomes
Standard ANN annotation format
Cancer variants analysis
GATK compatible (-o gatk)
HGVS notation
Sequence Ontology standardized terms

2021-04-18T11:21:29-05:00 biology/bbmap BBMap short read aligner, and other bioinformatic tools
This package includes BBMap, a short read aligner, as well as various other
bioinformatic tools. It is written in pure Java, can run on any platform, and
has no dependencies other than Java being installed (compiled for Java 6 and
higher). All tools are efficient and multithreaded.

2021-04-18T08:52:41-05:00 biology/readseq Read and reformat biosequences, Java command-line version
Sequence reading library developed by the Ribosomal Database Project. It can
handle genbank, embl, fasta, fastq, sff and sto files, can read from files or
streams, and can handle indexing files.

2021-04-17T12:39:09-03:00 devel/py-azure-mgmt-servicefabricmanagedclusters Microsoft Azure Servicefabricmanagedclusters Management Client Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Servicefabricmanagedclusters Management Client

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that
replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

2021-04-18T12:55:46+08:00 devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-fis Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS)
Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS).

2021-04-18T12:55:45+08:00 textproc/py-sphinx-copybutton Add a copy button to each of your code cells
sphinx-copybutton is a small sphinx extension to add a "copy" button to code

2021-04-18T12:55:42+08:00 security/pecl-pkcs11 PKCS11 bindings for PHP
PKCS11 bindings for PHP

2021-04-18T12:55:37+08:00 devel/py-marshmallow-enum Enum field for Marshmallow
marshmallow-enum provides enum field for use with Marshmallow.

2021-04-18T12:55:36+08:00 devel/py-dataclasses-json Easily serialize dataclasses to and from JSON
This library provides a simple API for encoding and decoding dataclasses to and
from JSON.

2021-04-18T12:54:48+08:00 devel/p5-Feature-Compat-Try Make try/catch syntax available
Feature::Compat::Try is written in preparation for when perl will gain true
native syntax support for try/catch control flow.

2021-04-17T16:45:39+01:00 textproc/ov Feature rich terminal pager
ov is a feature rich terminal pager. It has an
effective function for tabular text. Previously
known as oviewer.

2021-04-17T17:14:22+02:00 multimedia/ytfzf Find and watch YouTube videos from the terminal
Ytfzf is a POSIX script that helps you find Youtube videos (without API)
and opens/downloads them using mpv/youtube-dl.

2021-04-17T15:21:18+02:00 graphics/py-ueberzug Draw images on terminals with X11 child windows
Überzug is a command line util which allows to draw images on terminals by
using child windows.

Advantages to w3mimgdisplay:
- no race conditions as a new window is created to display images
- expose events will be processed,
- so images will be redrawn on switch workspaces
- tmux support (excluding multi pane windows)
- terminals without the WINDOWID environment variable are supported
- chars are used as position - and size unit
- no memory leak (/ unlimited cache)

2021-04-16T14:08:44-07:00 textproc/py-typogrify Filters to enhance web typography
Typogrify is set of Django template filters to make caring about typography
on the web a bit easier.

2021-04-16T14:03:15-07:00 biology/seqkit Cross-platform and ultrafast toolkit for FASTA/Q file manipulation
FASTA and FASTQ are basic and ubiquitous formats for storing nucleotide and
protein sequences. Common manipulations of FASTA/Q file include converting,
searching, filtering, deduplication, splitting, shuffling, and sampling.
Existing tools only implement some of these manipulations, and not particularly
efficiently, and some are only available for certain operating systems.
Furthermore, the complicated installation process of required packages and
running environments can render these programs less user friendly.

SeqKit is a cross-platform ultrafast comprehensive toolkit for FASTA/Q
processing. SeqKit provides executable binary files for all major operating
systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and can be directly used
without any dependencies or pre-configurations. SeqKit demonstrates competitive
performance in execution time and memory usage compared to similar tools. The
efficiency and usability of SeqKit enable researchers to rapidly accomplish
common FASTA/Q file manipulations.

2021-04-16T14:01:43-07:00 textproc/py-smartypants Translate plain ASCII punctuation into smart typographic HTML
Smartypants translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into smart
typographic punctuation HTML entities.

2021-04-16T13:51:54-04:00 emulators/yaze-ag Z80 and CP/M-80 emulator
YAZE-AG is an excellent Z80 emulator, written in ANSI C, that works on many
Unix architectures. It is fast, emulates undocumented opcodes, and passes
instruction regression tests against real Z80 hardware.

2021-04-16T11:23:56-05:00 sysutils/linux-miniconda-installer Aid for installing and using miniconda
Conda, like pip and CRAN, is a popular system that allows non-root users to
install many binary software packages in their own directories. The system
includes a base "channel" (repository) as well as 3rd party community
channels, such as "bioconda". QC for community channels is generally below
that of the base channel and FreeBSD ports, but they provide users with a
convenient way to install software not yet available in FreeBSD ports.

Packages are available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Linux Conda packages
work about as well on FreeBSD as they do on CentOS, which is the basis of
FreeBSD's Linux compatibility tool set. However, Conda and its packages
require a complete Linux environment for full functionality.

Typical Conda users do not know how to configure this environment on FreeBSD.
Miniconda-installer ensures a proper environment for installing and using
Miniconda and the packages it provides.

2021-04-15T19:39:03+00:00 devel/py-sgmllib3k Python 3 port of sgmllib
sgmllib3k is a Python 3 port of the old Python 2's sgmllib stdlib module.

sgmllib was dropped from the Python standard library in Python 3. This package
provides a port of the library to Python 3.

2021-04-15T19:59:38+02:00 sysutils/ansible-sshjail Ansible connector for remote jails
An Ansible connection plugin for remotely provisioning FreeBSD jails
separately from their jailhost.

2021-04-15T14:19:31+00:00 www/py-django-admin-rangefilter Add the filter by a custom date / datetime range on the admin UI
django-admin-rangefilter app,
add the filter by a custom date / datetime range on the admin UI.
For Django 1.8+, if django-csp is installed,
nonces will be added to style and script tags.

2021-04-15T14:12:19+00:00 www/py-django-advanced-filters Django ModelAdmin mixin
A django ModelAdmin mixin which adds advanced filtering abilities to the admin.

2021-04-15T14:04:07+00:00 www/py-django-autocomplete-light Fresh approach to autocomplete implementations
A fresh approach to autocomplete implementations specially for Django.

Please DO regularely ping us with your link at #yourlabs IRC channel

2021-04-15T13:52:08+00:00 mail/py-django-mailbox Easily ingest messages from POP3, IMAP, or local mailboxes
Easily ingest messages from POP3, IMAP, or local mailboxes
into your Django application.

This app allows you to either ingest e-mail content from common e-mail services
(as long as the service provides POP3 or IMAP support), or directly receive
e-mail messages from stdin (for locally processing messages
from Postfix or Exim4).

2021-04-15T13:00:46+00:00 net-mgmt/py-pdagent-integrations PagerDuty integrations for monitoring monitoring tools
This project contains integrations for various monitoring tools with
the PagerDuty Agent.

It currently includes support for:


2021-04-15T12:42:58+03:00 x11/xpra-html5 Browser-based client for x11/xpra
Xpra gives you persistent remote applications for X. So basically it is a
screen for remote X apps.

This package contains Xpra HTML5 client that runs in the browser window.

2021-04-15T11:20:24+02:00 devel/gettext-tiny Replacements for tools typically used from the GNU gettext suite
lightweight replacements for tools typically used from the GNU gettext suite

2021-04-15T10:41:48+02:00 devel/envsubst Perform variable substitutions on input
The envsubst utility is designed to take a set of strings as input and replace
variables in them, in the same way that shells do variable substitution.
Additionally, the variables that will be substituted can be restricted to a
defined set.

2021-04-12T20:48:56+03:00 devel/hs-hls-install Helper for building devel/hs-haskell-language-server
Haskell language server is an implementation of the LSP protocol for Haskell
programming language. It features code evaluation codelens, type information
and documentation on hover, integration with retrie, code lenses for explicit
import lists.

This package contains a helper executable used to compile the server itself.

2021-04-12T20:48:56+03:00 devel/hs-haskell-language-server LSP provider implementation for Haskell language
Haskell language server is an implementation of the LSP protocol for Haskell
programming language. It features code evaluation codelens, type information
and documentation on hover, integration with retrie, code lenses for explicit
import lists.

2021-04-14T13:26:39-07:00 sysutils/helmfile Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts
Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts. It lets you...
- Keep a directory of chart value files and maintain changes in version control
- Apply CI/CD to configuration changes
- Periodically sync to avoid skew in environments

2021-04-08T14:20:30+00:00 devel/sd-mux-ctrl Control utility for Tizen SD card multiplexer
sd-mux-ctrl is a control program for the Tizen Secure Digital (SD) card

2021-04-12T18:30:30-05:00 biology/py-crossmap Lift over genomics coordinates between assemblies
CrossMap is a program for genome coordinates conversion between different
assemblies (such as hg18 (NCBI36) <=> hg19 (GRCh37)). It supports commonly used
file formats including BAM, CRAM, SAM, Wiggle, BigWig, BED, GFF, GTF, MAF VCF,
and gVCF.

2021-04-12T18:21:41-05:00 biology/py-bigwig Python access to bigWig files using libBigWig
A python extension, written in C, for quick access to bigBed files and access
to and creation of bigWig files. This extension uses libBigWig for local and
remote file access.

2021-04-12T14:18:36+03:00 devel/R-cran-git2r Provides Access to Git Repositories
Interface to the 'libgit2' library, which is a pure C implementation of the
'Git' core methods. Provides access to 'Git' repositories to extract data and
running some basic 'Git' commands.

2021-04-12T02:29:15-07:00 biology/ncbi-vdb NCBI's virtualized back-end for accessing Sequence Read Archive
NCBI-VDB is a virtualized back-end engine library for Sequencing Read Archives.
The 'front-end' API are provided by biology/ngs-sdk port.

Although the GitHub repository also contains Java and Python codes,
this port currently builds only C- and C++-based libraries.

2021-04-10T12:11:00+02:00 math/Imath C++/Python lib of 2D/3D vector, matrix, math ops for computer graphics
Imath is a basic, light-weight, and efficient C++ representation of 2D and 3D
vectors and matrices and other simple but useful mathematical objects,
functions, and data types common in computer graphics applications, including
the "half" 16-bit floating-point type.

Imath also includes optional python bindings for all types and functions,
including optimized implementations of vector and matrix arrays.

Imath was originally developed at Industrial Light & Magic in the early 2000's
and was originally distributed as open source as a part of the OpenEXR project.

Imath continues to be maintained as a sub-project of OpenEXR, which is now a
project of the Academy Software Foundation. See the OpenEXR project's for more information about how the project operates.

2021-04-12T07:48:08+08:00 www/py-django32 High-level Python Web Framework
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.

Developed and used over the past two years by a fast-moving online-news
operation, Django was designed from scratch to handle two challenges: the
intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of experienced
Web developers. It has convenient niceties for developing content-management
systems, but it's an excellent tool for building any Web site.

2021-04-11T21:24:37+02:00 emulators/z80pack Complete CP/M-80 emulator
z80pack emulates an 8080 or Z80 CPU and provides CP/M-80 and UCSD-Pascal
environments. Besides emulation of a generic CP/M system, support for
full emulation of typical ALTAIR or IMSAI systems and their specific
hardware is possible, including a graphical front-panel.

2021-04-11T17:54:14+02:00 multimedia/opentoonz 2D animation software
OpenToonz is a 2D animation software published by DWANGO. It is based on Toonz
Studio Ghibli Version, originally developed in Italy by Digital Video, Inc.,
and customized by Studio Ghibli over many years of production.

2021-04-10T08:00:35+00:00 net-mgmt/vmutils Ancillary utilities and agent for VictoriaMetrics
VictoriaMetrics is fast, cost-effective, and scalable monitoring solution
and time series database.

This package installs ancillary utilities and agent for VictoriaMetrics.

2021-04-10T07:20:02+00:00 net-mgmt/victoria-metrics Fast, cost-effective, and scalable time series database
VictoriaMetrics is fast, cost-effective, and scalable monitoring solution
and time series database.

VictoriaMetrics can be used as long-term storage for Prometheus or for
vmagent. It also supports Prometheus querying API so it can be used as
Prometheus drop-in replacement in Grafana.

2021-04-09T23:47:39-07:00 audio/mamba Virtual MIDI keyboard
Mamba is a virtual Midi keyboard and Midi live looper for Jack Audio Connection

2021-04-09T15:15:11-07:00 audio/madronalib C++ framework for DSP applications
Madronalib provides one clear path to writing maintainable audio code without
sacrificing performance. It enables efficient audio DSP on SIMD processors with
readable, brief code.

2021-04-09T14:55:15-07:00 audio/gula-plugins-lv2 Collection of guitar effect LV2 plugins
Gula Plugins is a collection of guitar effect LV2 plugins with MOD Devices user

2021-04-09T12:14:47+02:00 devel/py-guppy3 Python Programming Environment & Heap analysis toolset
Guppy 3 is a fork of Guppy-PE, a Python Programming Environment & Heap analysis
toolset, created by Sverker Nilsson for Python 2.

This package contains the following subpackages:

etc - Support modules. Contains especially the Glue protocol module.
gsl - The Guppy Specification Language implementation. This can be used to
create documents and tests from a common source.
heapy - The heap analysis toolset. It can be used to find information about
the objects in the heap and display the information in various ways.
sets - Bitsets and 'nodesets' implemented in C.

2021-04-08T19:21:48-07:00 audio/myxer Modern volume mixer for PulseAudio
Myxer is a lightweight, powerful Volume Mixer built with modern UI design for
a seamless user experience. Devices, Streams, and even Card profiles can all be
managed with Myxer, providing a complete replacement for your system Volume

2021-04-08T18:09:56-07:00 multimedia/libvlcpp C++ bindings for libvlc, VLC mediaplayer library
C++ bindings for libvlc, VLC media player library.

2021-04-08T14:34:39-07:00 audio/kapitonov-plugins-pack-lv2 Kapitonov LV2 Plugins Pack (KPP)
Kapitonov Plugins Pack (KPP) is a set of LV2 plugins for audio processing.

Currently available plugins
* tubeAmp. Advanced guitar tube amp emulator. Contains preamp, tonestack, power
amp with voltage sag, cabinet emulators. Emulation parameters of each
component are set by profile files.
* Bluedream. Booster/Tube Screamer pedal with equalizer (tonestack). Has GUI
* Distruction. Distortion pedal with equalizer (tonestack). Has GUI.
* Fuzz. Vintage fuzz pedal. Has GUI.
* Deadgate. Effective Noise Gate/Dead Zone effect plugin.
* Octaver. Analog octaver pedal.
* Single2Humbucker. Plugin for emulation humbucker pickup sound with single coil
pickup on the guitar. Useful for playing heavy-metal on Stratocaster guitar
with single coil pickups.

tubeAmp is the main and most complex plugin in the set. It can be used to
emulate the sound of any common models of guitar combo amplifiers.

2021-04-08T22:28:18+03:00 devel/rubygem-valid Standalone, generic object validator for ruby
Validator is a simple ruby validation class.

It's not used directly inside the class but rather outside.

2021-04-07T17:32:27-07:00 audio/littlefly-lv2 Overdrive/distortion pedal simulation LV2 plugin
LittleFly is an LV2 plugin performing overdrive pedal simulation.

2021-04-07T17:21:09-07:00 audio/fluida-lv2 Fluidsynth as LV2 plugin
Fluida is an LV2 plugin that uses FluidSynth to convert MIDI signal to audio

2021-04-07T12:37:02-07:00 audio/poly-lv2 Collection of LV2 plugins designed for modular/eurorack style use
PolyLV2 is a collection of LV2 plugins designed for modular/eurorack style use.

2021-04-07T17:16:42+02:00 mail/mlmmj-webview Tiny web frontend for mlmmj
Tiny web frontend for mlmmj.

Provides an index of mailing lists including a frontend to handle subscription,
unsubscription and access to the archives.

2021-04-06T19:14:04-07:00 net/astron Server Technology for Realtime Object Networking
Astron is an open-source, distributed server suite particularly well-suited
for powering MMO games. The design is inspired by a similar unrelated project
developed at the Disney Interactive Media Group, and used in-house from 2001
until 2013.

The suite consists of many components, which handle separate tasks in order
to distribute the workload of managing a multi-sharded game/application
environment with many objects and clients.

2021-04-06T17:38:11-07:00 audio/bschaffl-lv2 Groove quantizer LV2 MIDI plugin
B.Schaffl is a groove quantizer LV2 MIDI plugin.

B.Schaffl is a slider/shape-controlled MIDI amp & time stretch plugin to
vitalize sequencer-controlled MIDI instruments and to produce shuffle/swing

Key features:
* MIDI velocity amplification and timing manipulation plugin
* Swing and shuffle rhythms
* Pre-generator dynamics
* Tempo rubato
* Pattern (sliders) or shape-controlled
* MIDI filters
* Smart quantization
* Group / link individual instances of B.Schaffl
* Free and open source

2021-04-06T17:18:15-07:00 audio/bamp-lv2 Basic testing plugin for using BWidgets for LV2
B.Amplifier (BAmp) is a basic testing plugin for using BWidgets for LV2.

2021-04-06T16:51:39-07:00 audio/boops-lv2 Glitch effect sequencer LV2 plugin
B.Oops is a glitch effect sequencer LV2 plugin.

Key features:
* Multi-effect plugin controlled by a step sequencer pattern
* Apply glitch effects in live or on a sample track
* 24 effects
* Up to 12 effect slots, freely select effects and effect order
* Random effects: 3 different ways of randomization
* Autoplay, host controlled, or MIDI controlled sequencer

2021-04-06T18:26:36+02:00 databases/webdis HTTP interface for Redis
Webdis is a simple HTTP server which forwards commands to Redis and
sends the reply back using a format of your choice.

2021-04-06T17:30:47+02:00 www/p5-Mojo-IOLoop-Delay Flow-control helpers for Mojo::Promise
Mojo::IOLoop::Delay adds flow-control helpers to Mojo::Promise,
which can help you avoid deep nested closures that often result
from continuation-passing style.

2021-04-06T13:09:25+02:00 www/phpvirtualbox-legacy AJAX Web Interface for VirtualBox
An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user
interface written in PHP. As a modern web interface, it allows
you to access and control remote VirtualBox instances

2021-04-06T11:55:35+02:00 databases/mongodb49 Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database (4.9.x Branch)
Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

MongoDB 4.9 is a developer preview. It is not guaranteed to
become an official release. It probably will become the 5.0
version in the future.

2021-04-06T09:16:16+02:00 devel/rubygem-ruby-magic-static File Magic in ruby
File Magic in Ruby.
Simple interface to libmagic for Ruby Programming Language.

2021-03-30T19:13:29+00:00 net/libsignal-protocol-c Signal Protocol C Library
Signal Protocol is a ratcheting forward secrecy protocol that works in
synchronous and asynchronous messaging environments.

2021-03-30T19:11:54+00:00 devel/py-aniso86016 Library for parsing ISO 8601 strings
A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings.

2021-03-29T14:59:45+00:00 sysutils/fluxengine USB floppy disk interface for reading and writing non-PC disk formats
The FluxEngine is a very cheap USB floppy disk interface capable of reading
and writing exotic non-PC floppy disk formats. It allows you to use a
conventional PC drive to accept Amiga disks, CLV Macintosh disks, bizarre
128-sector CP/M disks, and other weird and bizarre formats.

The hardware consists of a single, commodity part with a floppy drive
connector soldered onto it. No ordering custom boards, no fiddly surface
mount assembly, and no fuss: nineteen simple solder joints and you're done.

2021-03-29T10:04:32+00:00 finance/tickrs Realtime ticker data in your terminal
Realtime analytics and charts of stock tickers, as
provided by Yahoo Finance.

2021-03-28T23:48:44+00:00 net/pecl-xmlrpc PHP extension for XML-RPC servers and clients
These functions can be used to write XML-RPC servers and clients.
You can find more information about XML-RPC at,
and more documentation on this extension and its functions at

2021-03-28T22:41:17+00:00 sysutils/sd-mux-ctrl Control utility for Tizen SD card multiplexer
sd-mux-ctrl is a control program for the Tizen Secure Digital (SD) card

2021-03-27T21:19:11+00:00 mail/mailman-postfix mailman with postfix dependency
2021-03-27T21:19:11+00:00 mail/mailman-exim4 mailman with Exim4 configuration and dependency
2021-03-27T19:00:08+00:00 editors/poke Scriptable interactive binary editor
GNU poke is an interactive, extensible editor for binary data. Not
limited to editing basic entities such as bits and bytes, it provides
a full-fledged procedural, interactive programming language designed
to describe data structures and to operate on them.

2021-03-27T17:29:28+00:00 devel/py-azure-identity Microsoft Azure Identity Library for Python
This is the Microsoft Azure Identity Client Library.

The Azure Identity library provides a set of credential classes for use with
Azure SDK clients which support Azure Active Directory (AAD) token

2021-03-26T23:27:31+00:00 textproc/halibut Free document preparation system
Halibut is a documentation production system, with elements similar to TeX,
debiandoc-sgml, TeXinfo, and others. It is primarily targeted at people
producing software manuals.

2021-03-26T22:25:51+00:00 multimedia/librist Library for Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) protocol
Reliable Internet Stream Transport is an open source, open specification
transport protocol designed for reliable transmission of video over lossy

2021-03-25T23:11:28+00:00 devel/juce C++ application framework to develop desktop and mobile applications
JUCE is a framework for multi-platform audio applications.

It is focused on audio application development and has an extensive set of
audio-related modules.

It doesn't yet support makefile export or IDE project export on Linux/BSD,
so for now it can only create .jucer projects.

2021-03-25T17:34:31+00:00 x11/libxcvt Calculate VESA CVT mode lines
libxcvt is a library providing a standalone version of the X server
implementation of the VESA CVT standard timing modelines generator.

libxcvt also provides a standalone version of the command line tool
cvt copied from the Xorg implementation and is meant to be a direct
replacement to the version provided by the Xorg server.

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-ohai15 Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON
Ohai detects data about your operating system. It can be used standalone, but
it's primary purpose is to provide node data to Chef.

Ohai will print out a JSON data blob for all the known data about your system.
When used with Chef, that data is reported back via node attributes.

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-chef15 Systems integration framework. Client part
Chef is a systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of
configuration management to your entire infrastructure. With Chef, you can:

* Manage your servers by writing code, not by running commands.
* Integrate tightly with your applications, databases, LDAP directories, and
* Easily configure applications that require knowledge about your entire
infrastructure ("What systems are running my application?" "What is the
current master database server?")

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-chef-config15 Default configuration and config loading library for Chef
ChefConfig is the default configuration and config loading library for Chef.

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 security/rubygem-bcrypt_pbkdf10 This gem implements bcrypt_pdkfd
This gem implements bcrypt_pdkfd (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF)

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-azure-activedirectory-v2 OAuth 2 authentication with the Azure ActiveDirectory V2 API
OAuth 2 authentication with Azure ActiveDirectory's V2 API. is no longer
maintained. contains
important additions.
This gem combines the two and makes some changes to support the full

The ActiveDirectory V1 auth API used OpenID Connect. If you need this,
a gem from Microsoft is available here, but seems to be abandoned.

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 net/rubygem-gitlab-fog-google Module for the 'fog' gem to support Google Cloud
Fog currently supports two Google Cloud services (Google Compute Engine and
Google Cloud Storage) via Fog::Google.

2021-03-25T13:09:38+00:00 net-im/rubygem-discordrb-webhooks Discord API for Ruby
A client for Discord's webhooks to fit alongside [discordrb]

2021-03-25T00:21:41+00:00 mail/spamassassin-devel Highly efficient mail filter for identifying spam
SpamAssassin is a mail filter which attempts to identify spam using text
analysis and several internet-based realtime blacklists.

Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail
headers and body text to identify "spam", also known as unsolicited
commercial email.

Once identified, the mail can then be optionally tagged as spam for later
filtering using the user's own mail user-agent application.

Additional drop-in rule sets are available at

2021-03-24T16:01:19+00:00 devel/py-us Easily work with US and state metadata
python-us is a package for easily working with US and state metadata

2021-03-24T13:56:09+00:00 devel/py-filetype Python port from filetype Go package
Small and dependency free Python package to infer file type and MIME type
checking the magic numbers signature of a file or buffer.

This is a Python port from filetype Go package.

2021-03-23T16:32:29+00:00 biology/vcf2hap Generate .hap file from VCF for haplohseq
vcf2hap is a simple tool for generating a .hap file from a VCF. The .hap file
is required by haplohseq. vcf2hap is extremely fast and requires a trivial
amount of memory regardless of the size of the VCF file.

2021-03-23T15:15:00+00:00 biology/ad2vcf Add allelic depth info from a SAM stream to a VCF file
ad2vdf extracts allelic depth info from a SAM stream and adds it to a
corresponding single-sample VCF file. SAM input is read via stdin and the VCF
input file is taken as a command-line argument. This allows expensive BAM/CRAM
decoding to be performed in parallel by a separate samtools process.

2021-03-23T13:14:13+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-visualization.shadertoy Shadertoy visualizer for Kodi
Shadertoy visualizer for Kodi

2021-03-23T13:11:26+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-visualization.spectrum Spectrum visualizer for Kodi
Spectrum visualizer for Kodi

2021-03-22T21:25:47+00:00 audio/vst3sdk VST3 SDK (VST3 audio plugins Software Development Kit)
The VST SDK package contains
* The VST 3 API
* VST 3 Implementation Helper Classes
* AAX, AU, AUv3 and VST 2 wrappers
* VST 3 plug-ins Examples

2021-03-22T12:07:45+00:00 net/wireguard-tools Fast, modern and secure VPN Tunnel
This supplies the main userspace tooling for using and configuring
WireGuard tunnels, including the wg(8) and wg-quick(8) utilities.

2021-03-21T15:17:27+00:00 biology/vcf-split Split a multi-sample VCF into single-sample VCFs
Vcf-split splits a multi-sample VCF into single-sample VCFs, writing thousands
of output files simultaneously. Parsing the TOPMed human chromosome 1 BCF
with bcftools takes two days, so extracting the 137,977 samples one at a time
or using thousands of parallel readers of the same file is impractical.
Vcf-split solves this by generating thousands of single-sample outputs during
a single sweep through the multi-sample input.

2021-03-21T15:10:17+00:00 biology/biolibc Low-level high-performance bioinformatics library
Biolibc is a library of fast, memory-efficient, low-level functions for
processing biological data. Like libc, it consists of numerous disparate,
general-purpose functions which could be used by a wide variety of
applications. These include functions for streaming common file formats such
as SAM and VCF, string functions specific to bioinformatics, etc.

2021-03-20T04:01:56+00:00 x11-themes/icewm-extra-themes Big collection of IceWM window manager themes
This is the collection of extra themes for IceWM window manager that are
too numerous to be included with the IceWM itself. The purpose of this
project is to act as a source of themes for distribution maintainers of
IceWM to select from when building and installing IceWM.

2021-03-19T19:45:31+00:00 net/oha Web load generator
oha is a tiny program that sends some load to a web application and
show realtime tui.

2021-03-19T19:12:25+00:00 net/wireguard-kmod WireGuard implementation for the FreeBSD kernel
Kernel module for FreeBSD to support Wireguard.

At this time this code is new, unvetted, possibly buggy, and should be
considered "experimental". It might contain security issues. We gladly
welcome your testing and bug reports, but do keep in mind that this code
is new, so some caution should be exercised at the moment for using it
in mission critical environments.

2021-03-19T10:52:17+00:00 devel/gettext-po-mode GNU gettext po-mode for emacs
GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation
and localisation of software.

This package contains the po-mode for the emacs editor.

2021-03-19T00:18:22+00:00 security/wpa_supplicant-devel Supplicant (client) for WPA/802.1x protocols
wpa_supplicant is a client (supplicant) with support for WPA and WPA2
(IEEE 802.11i / RSN). It is suitable for both desktop/laptop computers and
embedded systems. Supplicant is the IEEE 802.1X/WPA component that is used
in the client stations. It implements key negotiation with a WPA
Authenticator and it controls the roaming and IEEE 802.11 authentication/
association of the wlan driver.

wpa_supplicant is designed to be a "daemon" program that runs in the
background and acts as the backend component controlling the wireless
connection. wpa_supplicant supports separate frontend programs and a
text-based frontend (wpa_cli) and a GUI (wpa_gui) are included with

2021-03-19T00:18:22+00:00 net/hostapd-devel IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
hostapd is a user space daemon for access point and authentication
servers. It implements IEEE 802.11 access point management, IEEE
802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticators, RADIUS client, EAP server, and
RADIUS authentication server. The current version supports Linux
(Host AP, madwifi, mac80211-based drivers) and FreeBSD (net80211).

Add the following to /etc/rc.conf to use the ports version instead
of the base version:


2021-03-18T20:02:59+00:00 math/s2geometry Geometry library for manipulating geometric shapes
s2geometry is a package for manipulating geometric shapes. Unlike many geometry
libraries, S2 is primarily designed to work with spherical geometry, i.e.,
shapes drawn on a sphere rather than on a planar 2D map. This makes it
especially suitable for working with geographic data.

2021-03-18T16:06:00+00:00 net-p2p/go-prysm Go implementation of the Ethereum 2.0
Ethereum is a community-driven project aiming to decentralize the internet and
return it to its democratic roots. It is a platform for building and running
applications which do not need to rely on trust and cannot be controlled by
any central authority.

This is the Go implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.

2021-03-18T09:56:01+00:00 misc/terminfo-db Terminal Description database
Terminal description database in the "terminfo" format.

2021-03-18T07:22:11+00:00 www/rearx TUI client for the Searx meta-search engine, written in Rust
rearx is a TUI client for the Searx meta-search engine, written in Rust.

2021-03-18T06:08:18+00:00 net/frp Reverse proxy to expose local server behind NAT/firewall to Internet
frp is a fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or
firewall to the Internet. As of now, it supports TCP and UDP, as well as HTTP
and HTTPS protocols, where requests can be forwarded to internal services by
domain name.

frp also has a P2P connect mode.

2021-03-18T01:47:05+00:00 games/marblemarcher Marble Marcher: Community Edition
This is the community edition of Marble Marcher, a procedurally rendered fractal
physics marble game in which you must get to the flag in each level as fast as
you can. With 24 levels to unlock and an active speedrunning community, along
with a fully-featured level editor, there's always new features being developed.
If you complete all levels, you can use cheats to create and enhance a more
exploratory experience.

2021-03-17T22:29:37+00:00 graphics/freetype-gl C OpenGL Freetype engine library
A small library for displaying Unicode in OpenGL using a single texture and a
single vertex buffer.

2021-03-17T22:27:32+00:00 graphics/anttweakbar C library to add light and GUI into graphic apps
AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C++ library that allows programmers to
quickly add a light and intuitive graphical user interface into graphic
applications based on OpenGL (compatibility and core profiles), DirectX 9,
DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 to interactively tweak parameters on-screen.

2021-03-17T13:50:31+00:00 sysutils/runj Experimental, proof-of-concept OCI-compatible runtime for jails
runj is an experimental, proof-of-concept OCI-compatible runtime for
FreeBSD jails.

Important: runj is a proof-of-concept and the implementation has not
been evaluated for its security. Do not use runj on a production
system. Do not run workloads inside runj that rely on a secure
configuration. This is a personal project, not backed by the
author's employer.

2021-03-17T12:45:18+00:00 devel/R-cran-clisymbols Unicode Symbols at the R Prompt
A small subset of Unicode symbols, that are useful when building command line
applications. They fall back to alternatives on terminals that do not support
Unicode. Many symbols were taken from the 'figures' 'npm' package
(see <>).

2021-03-17T00:12:47+00:00 textproc/py-elasticsearch-dsl6 High level Python client for Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch DSL is a high-level library whose aim is to help with writing
and running queries against Elasticsearch. It is built on top of the official
low-level client (elasticsearch-py).

It provides a more convenient and idiomatic way to write and manipulate
queries. It stays close to the Elasticsearch JSON DSL, mirroring its terminology
and structure. It exposes the whole range of the DSL from Python either directly
using defined classes or a queryset-like expressions.

It also provides an optional wrapper for working with documents as Python
objects: defining mappings, retrieving and saving documents, wrapping the
document data in user-defined classes.

To use the other Elasticsearch APIs (eg. cluster health) just use the underlying

2021-03-16T23:30:47+00:00 emulators/qemu-guest-agent QEMU guest-agent utilities
QEMU Guest Agent for FreeBSD

Port homepage

2021-03-16T18:31:51+00:00 multimedia/filebot FileBot is the ultimate tool for organizing and renaming your media
FileBot is the ultimate tool for organizing and renaming your Movies, TV Shows
and Anime as well as fetching subtitles and artwork. It's smart and just works.

FileBot makes organizing your movies and TV shows a breeze! We'll automatically
match your files with information from various online databases. How you want
your media files to be named and organized is completely up to you. Our groovy
format engine supports pretty much anything!

Fetching subtitles is just as easy, just drop it in! Besides automatic lookup
you'll also be able to manually search and download subtitles, preview subtitles
and fix encoding problems (e.g. force UTF-8).

Use FileBot on the command-line! There is a simple CLI for core tasks like
renaming media files and fetching subtitles as well as checking or creating SFV
files. On top of that you can use our scripting engine to define more complex
automated processing. There's already shared scripts for various tasks that you
can just run right away or further customize to your needs.

Setting up a fully automated media center - extract archives, organize tv shows
and movies, download subtitles, fetch artwork and metadata, update Kodi - with
FileBot it's that easy!

2021-03-16T18:26:31+00:00 lang/mecrisp-stellaris Native code Forth system for ARM
Mecrisp Stellaris is an implementation of a standalone native code Forth
for ARM. It fits into 16 kb of flash and runs with at least 1 kb of
RAM. You can choose to compile to flash or to RAM, and it generates
native code with folding, inlining of short words and it opcodes common
instructions. Note that it doesn't need to save any pointers, so it
compiles directly into flash memory without the need for erase cycles.
Although it is in spirit of ANS, there are a few differences: Be

2021-03-16T16:35:49+00:00 x11/rofi-wayland
2021-03-16T11:45:14+00:00 math/R-cran-proxy Distance and Similarity Measures
Provides an extensible framework for the efficient calculation of
auto- and cross-proximities, along with implementations of the most
popular ones.

2021-03-16T10:39:33+00:00 editors/sly-asdf SLY support for ASDF
sly-asdf is an external contrib for SLY that enables specific support and
shortcuts for ASDF operations.

2021-03-16T10:38:16+00:00 editors/sly-quicklisp Basic Quicklisp support for SLY
sly-quicklisp is an external contrib for SLY that provides a `sly-quickload'
command (C-c C-d C-q) that prompts the user for a package to install.

2021-03-16T10:36:51+00:00 editors/sly-named-readtables Support different readtables in the same file for SLY
sly-named-readtables is an external contrib for SLY that enables
different readtables to be active in different parts of the same file.

2021-03-16T10:35:08+00:00 editors/sly Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE for Emacs
SLY is a fork of SLIME. We track its bugfixes, particularly to the
implementation backends. All SLIME's familiar features (debugger, inspector,
xref, etc...) are still available, with improved overall UX.

SLY's highlights are:
- A full-featured REPL based on Emacs's comint.el. Everything can be copied to
the REPL.
- Stickers, or live code annotations that record values as code traverses them.
- Flex-style completion out-of-the-box, using Emacs's completion API. Company,
Helm, and other supported natively, no plugin required.
- An interactive Trace Dialog.
- Cleanly ASDF-loaded by default, including contribs, enabled out-of-the-box.
- Multiple inspectors and multiple REPLs.
- "Presentations" replaced by interactive backreferences which highlight the
object and remain stable throughout the REPL session.
- Support for NAMED-READTABLES, macrostep.el and quicklisp.
- A portable, annotation-based stepper in early but functional prototype stage.

2021-03-15T21:14:43+00:00 textproc/node-re2 Node.js bindings for devel/re2
This project provides bindings for RE2: fast, safe alternative to
backtracking regular expression engines.

2021-03-15T21:04:56+00:00 devel/node-nan Native Abstractions for Node.js
Native Abstractions for Node.js.

2021-03-15T21:02:55+00:00 devel/node-gyp Cross-platform command-line tool written in Node.js
node-gyp is a cross-platform command-line tool written in Node.js for
compiling native addon modules for Node.js. It contains a vendored copy
of the gyp-next project that was previously used by the Chromium team,
extended to support the development of Node.js native addons.

2021-03-15T20:11:39+00:00 devel/inih Simple .INI file parser written in C
inih (INI Not Invented Here) is a simple .INI file parser written in C. It's
only a couple of pages of code, and it was designed to be small and simple, so
it's good for embedded systems. It's also more or less compatible with Python's
ConfigParser style of .INI files, including RFC 822-style multi-line syntax and
name: value entries.

2021-03-15T20:09:28+00:00 biology/generand Generate random genomic data in FASTA/FASTQ, SAM, or VCF format
Generate random genomic data in FASTA/FASTQ, SAM, or VCF format, suitable for
small academic examples or test inputs of arbitrary size. Output can be piped
directly to programs or redirected to a file and edited to taste.

2021-03-15T19:45:11+00:00 www/vger Simplistic and secure Gemini server
Vger is a gemini server supporting chroot, virtualhosts, CGI, default language
choice, redirections and MIME types detection.

Vger design is relying on inetd and a daemon to take care of TLS. The idea is
to delegate TLS and network to daemons which proved doing it correctly, so vger
takes its request from stdin and output the result to stdout.

2021-03-15T17:44:22+00:00 www/webtrees20 Online genealogy viewer (for PHP 7.1-7.4)
webtrees is the web's leading online collaborative genealogy
application. webtrees works from standard GEDCOM files, and is
therefore compatible with every major desktop application. webtrees
aims to be efficient and effective by using the right combination
of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.

2021-03-15T13:46:35+00:00 devel/py-hidraw Python interface to gather hidraw information
Python interface to gather hidraw information.

2021-03-14T13:50:25+00:00 x11/mxascii X/Motif Display an ASCII table
mxascii is a X/Motif program to display ASCII character set (0-127)
in decimal, hexadecimal, or octal.

This port requires Motif or equivalent to build.

2021-03-14T13:50:18+00:00 sysutils/mxkill X/Motif interface to ps with kill capability
mxkill is a X/Motif interface to ps. Inspired by xzap by xzap is an X Athena widget version
of the zap command described in Kernighan &l Pike's "The Unix
Programming Environment". I am not a big fan of Athena widget
set, so I had to write it in Motif.

This port requires Motif or equivalent to build.

2021-03-14T11:45:56+00:00 emulators/sameboy Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator written in C
SameBoy is a user friendly, powerful and open source Game Boy, Game
Boy Color and Super Game Boy emulator. SameBoy is extremely accurate
and includes a wide range of powerful debugging features, making
it ideal for both casual players and developers. In addition to
accuracy and developer capabilities, SameBoy has all the features
one would expect from an emulator from save states to scaling

2021-03-14T09:54:20+00:00 emulators/hv_kvp_cmd Hyper-V Data Exchange Service (KVP), users command line utility
Hyper-V Data Exchange Service (KVP),
users command line utility

Provides a mechanism to exchange basic metadata between
the virtual machine and the host.

2021-03-13T23:37:12+00:00 math/py-openTSNE Fast, parallel implementations of t-SNE
openTSNE is a modular Python implementation of t-Distributed Stochasitc Neighbor
Embedding (t-SNE), a popular dimensionality-reduction algorithm for visualizing
high-dimensional data sets. openTSNE incorporates the latest improvements to the
t-SNE algorithm, including the ability to add new data points to existing
embeddings, massive speed improvements, enabling t-SNE to scale to millions of
data points and various tricks to improve global alignment of the resulting

2021-03-13T21:54:58+00:00 misc/py-XlsxWriter Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
XlsxWriter is a Python module for writing files in the Excel 2007+ XLSX file

XlsxWriter can be used to write text, numbers, formulas and hyperlinks to
multiple worksheets and it supports features such as formatting and many more.

2021-03-13T21:29:57+00:00 math/py-baycomp Library for Bayesian comparison of classifiers
Baycomp is a library for Bayesian comparison of classifiers.

Functions compare two classifiers on one or on multiple data sets. They compute
three probabilities: the probability that the first classifier has higher scores
than the second, the probability that differences are within the region of
practical equivalence (rope), or that the second classifier has higher scores.
We will refer to this probabilities as p_left, p_rope and p_right. If the
argument rope is omitted (or set to zero), functions return only p_left and

2021-03-12T18:34:25+00:00 devel/libvsgpt Library and tools to access the GPT volume system format
libvsgpt is a library to access the GUID Partition Table (GPT) volume system

2021-03-12T15:59:19+00:00 security/ubuntu-keyring GPG keys for Ubuntu package signature verification
Public GPG keys used to verify authenticity of Ubuntu packages.

2021-03-12T08:41:52+00:00 dns/dnsdbflex Tool to use the DNSDB Flexible Search API extensions
Command line tool to use the DNSDB Flexible Search API extensions on
systems such as:
* the DNSDB Flex API server at Farsight Security

An API key is required for operation.

2021-03-12T05:47:11+00:00 databases/py-pgmigrate PostgreSQL migrations made easy
PGmigrate is a database migration tool developed by Yandex.

2021-03-12T03:08:52+00:00 games/minetestmapper Generate an overview image of a minetest map
Minetestmapper generates an overview image from a Minetest map.

2021-03-11T20:55:59+00:00 multimedia/tinyobjloader C++ single file wavefront obj loader
Tiny but powerful single file wavefront obj loader written in C++03. No
dependency except for C++ STL. It can parse over 10M polygons with moderate
memory and time.

2021-03-11T13:06:35+00:00 databases/pg_hashids PostgreSQL extension for generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers
PostgreSQL extension for generates short, unique,
non-sequential ids from numbers.

2021-03-11T06:31:53+00:00 databases/lua-pgsql Lua binding for PostgreSQL
Lua binding for PostgreSQL.

2021-03-10T22:11:41+00:00 textproc/redisearch16 Full-text search over Redis
RediSearch is a source available Full-Text and Secondary Index
engine over Redis, developed by Redis Labs.

Redisearch implements a search engine on top of Redis, but
unlike other Redis search libraries, it does not use internal
data structures like sorted sets.

This also enables more advanced features, like exact phrase
matching and numeric filtering for text queries, that are not
possible or efficient with traditional Redis search approaches.

2021-03-10T06:26:22+00:00 devel/rgbds Free assembler/linker for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color
RGBDS is a free GBZ80 assembler/linker package for the Game Boy and
Game Boy Color. RGBDS additionally contains 2 extra tools to fix
ROM headers, and convert PNG files to the Game Boy's planar tile

The binaries it provides are:
rgbasm(1) (assembler)
rgblink(1) (linker)
rgbfix(1) (checksum/header fixer)
rgbgfx(1) (PNG-to-Game Boy graphics converter)

2021-03-09T18:27:36+00:00 emulators/virtualbox-ose-nox11-legacy
2021-03-09T18:27:36+00:00 emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions-nox11-legacy
2021-03-09T18:27:36+00:00 emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions-legacy VirtualBox additions for FreeBSD guests
These additions are for installation inside a FreeBSD guest.

VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for
enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely
feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it
is also the only professional solution that is freely available as
Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

2021-03-09T09:57:59+00:00 x11-fonts/otf2bdf OpenType to BDF converter
otf2bdf is a command line utility that uses the FreeType 2 font
rendering library to generate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline
fonts at different sizes and resolutions.

2021-03-09T09:03:54+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-zero-plus
U-Boot loader for OrangePi Zero Plus.

To install this bootloader on an sdcard just do :
dd if=$LOCALBASE/share/u-boot/u-boot-orangepi-zero-plus/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcarddevice bs=128k seek=1 conv=sync

This version is patched so that:
* API features are enabled.
* A boot.scr (U-Boot script) that loads ubldr.bin and execute it is included

For information about running FreeBSD on Allwinner boards, see

2021-03-08T17:50:18+00:00 devel/pcg-cpp PCG Random Number Generation, C++ Edition
This code provides an implementation of the PCG family of random number
generators, which are fast, statistically excellent, and offer a number of
useful features.

There are two kinds of generator, normal generators and extended generators.
Extended generators provide k dimensional equidistribution and can perform party
tricks, but generally speaking most people only need the normal generators.

There are two ways to access the generators, using a convenience typedef or by
using the underlying templates directly (similar to C++11's std::mt19937 typedef
vs its std::mersenne_twister_engine template).

2021-03-08T17:31:27+00:00 devel/loguru Lightweight and flexible C++ logging library
loguru is a logging library that produces logs that are both human-readable and
easily greped. It can also hook into the logging process to print some of the
more severe messages on-screen.

2021-03-08T13:40:09+00:00 security/crowdsec Crowdsec lightweight and collaborative security engine
Crowdsec is an open-source, lightweight software, detecting peers with
aggressive behaviors to prevent them from accessing your systems. Its user
friendly design and assistance offers a low technical barrier of entry and
nevertheless a high security gain.

2021-03-07T22:56:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-google-protobuf314 Ruby extension to Google Protocol Buffers
rubygem-google-protobuf is a Ruby extension that implements Protocol Buffers
functionality. It makes use of generated Ruby code that defines message and enum
types in a Ruby DSL. You may write definitions in this DSL directly, but we
recommend using protoc's Ruby generation support with .proto files. The build
process in this directory only installs the extension; you need to install
protoc as well to have Ruby code generation functionality.

2021-03-07T22:10:09+00:00 print/rubygem-pdf-core07 Ruby library to render PDF documents
PDF::Core is a pure Ruby library to render PDF documents.

It supports several PDF features, such as among others:
* low-level annotation
* istream objects and stream filters
* NameTree
* object repository
* object serialization
* indirect objects
* page geometries

It is used internally by Prawn (provided in the rubygems-prawn package),
a Ruby PDF generation library.

2021-03-07T22:10:03+00:00 net/py-geopy Python Geocoding Toolbox
geopy is a Python client for several popular geocoding web services.

geopy makes it easy for Python developers to locate the coordinates of
addresses, cities, countries, and landmarks across the globe using third-party
geocoders and other data sources.

geopy includes geocoder classes for the OpenStreetMap Nominatim, Google
Geocoding API (V3), and many other geocoding services. The full list is
available on the Geocoders doc section. Geocoder classes are located in

2021-03-07T22:09:56+00:00 graphics/py-urbansim Platform for building statistical models of cities and regions
UrbanSim is a platform for building statistical models of cities and regions.
These models help forecast long-range patterns in real estate development,
demographics, and related outcomes, under various policy scenarios.

This urbansim Python library is a core component. It contains tools for
statistical estimation and simulation; domain-specific logic about housing
markets, household relocation, and other processes; and frameworks and utilities
for assembling a model.

2021-03-07T22:09:49+00:00 graphics/py-urbanaccess Tool for creating GTFS transit and OSM pedestrian networks
UrbanAccess is tool for creating multi-modal graph networks for use in
multi-scale (e.g. address level to the metropolitan level) transit accessibility
analyses with the network analysis tool Pandana. UrbanAccess uses open data from
General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data to represent disparate
operational schedule transit networks and pedestrian OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to
represent the pedestrian network. UrbanAccess provides a generalized,
computationally efficient, and unified accessibility calculation framework by
linking tools for: 1) network data acquisition, validation, and processing; 2)
computing an integrated pedestrian and transit weighted network graph; and 3)
network analysis using Pandana.

2021-03-07T22:09:42+00:00 graphics/py-pandana Python library for network analysis
Pandana is a Python library for network analysis that uses contraction
hierarchies to calculate super-fast travel accessibility metrics and shortest
paths. The numerical code is in C++.

2021-03-07T22:09:35+00:00 graphics/py-osmnet Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data
OSMnet offers tools to download street network data from OpenStreetMap and
extract a graph network comprised of nodes and edges to be used in Pandana
street network accessibility calculations.

2021-03-07T22:09:29+00:00 devel/py-orca Python library for task orchestration
Orca is a Python library for task orchestration. It's designed for workflows
like city simulation, where the data representing a model's state is so large
that it needs to be managed outside of the task graph.

The building blocks of a workflow are "steps", Python functions that can be
assembled on the fly into linear or cyclical pipelines. Steps typically interact
with a central data store that persists in memory while the pipeline runs.
Derived tables and columns can be updated automatically as base data changes,
and pipeline components are evaluated lazily to reduce unnecessary overhead.

2021-03-07T22:09:22+00:00 devel/py-openapi-schema-validator OpenAPI schema validation for Python
Openapi-schema-validator is a Python library that validates schema against the
OpenAPI Schema Specification v3.0 which is an extended subset of the JSON Schema
Specification Wright Draft 00.

2021-03-07T22:09:15+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-UnicodeBox Text box drawing using the Unicode box symbols
Text::UnicodeBox is a low level box drawing interface. You'll most likely want
to use one of the higher level modules such as Text::UnicodeBox::Table.

The unicode box symbol table is a fairly robust set of symbols that allow you to
draw lines and boxes with monospaced fonts. This module allows you to focus on
the content of the boxes you need to draw and mostly ignore how to draw a good
looking box with proper connections between all the lines.

The low level approach is line-based. A box object is created, add_line is
called for each line of content you'd like to render, and render is called to
complete the box.

Output is built up over time, which allows you to stream the output rather then
buffering it and printing it in one go.

2021-03-07T22:09:08+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Table-TinyBorderStyle Text::Table::Tiny and support for border styles
Text::Table::TinyBorderStyle is like Text::Table::Tiny with added support for
using border styles. For more details about border styles, see BorderStyle
specification. The styles are in BorderStyle::* modules. Try installing and
using the border style modules to see what they look like.

Interface, options, and format variables are the same as in Text::Table::Tiny.

2021-03-07T22:09:00+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Table-Sprintf Generate simple text tables from 2D arrays using sprintf()
Text::Table::Sprintf provides a single function, table, which formats a
two-dimensional array of data as a simple text table.

2021-03-07T22:08:53+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Table-More Generate text table with simple interface and many options
Text::Table::More uses the simple interface of Text::Table::Tiny with support
for more formatting options like column/row spans, border style,
per-row/column/cell align/valign.

2021-03-07T22:08:46+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-NonWideChar-Util Utility routines for text
Text::NonWideChar::Util provides the non-wide version of some of the routines in

2021-03-07T22:08:39+00:00 textproc/p5-Pod-POM-View-Restructured View for Pod::POM that outputs reStructuredText
Pod::POM::View::Restructured outputs reStructuredText that is expected to be
used with Sphinx. Verbatim sections (indented paragraphs) in the POD will be
output with syntax highlighting for Perl code by default.

2021-03-07T22:08:32+00:00 databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Pg PostgreSQL features for SQL::Abstract
SQL::Abstract::Pg extends SQL::Abstract with a few PostgreSQL features used by

2021-03-07T15:34:46+00:00 devel/libserdes Schema-based serializer/deserializer with support for Avro
libserdes is a schema-based serializer/deserializer
C/C++ library with support for Avro and the Confluent
Platform Schema Registry.

The library is aimed to be used in the streaming pipeline,
e.g. Apache Kafka, to perform data serialization and
deserialization with centrally managed schemas.

2021-03-07T13:35:34+00:00 net-im/libsignal-client Implementation of the Signal client protocol
libsignal-client is an implementation of the Signal client protocol in Rust.

It is under heavy development at the moment and subject to change without
notice. Its use outside Signal is not yet recommended.

2021-03-07T06:02:45+00:00 textproc/addts Prepend current timestamp to every line of input text
A small filter that prints its input prefixing each line with the current
timestamp. Typical usage is for Apache forensic log:

ForensicLog "|/usr/bin/addts -a /var/log/httpd/forensic.log"

2021-03-07T00:53:57+00:00 devel/libabigail ABI Generic Analysis and Instrumentation Library
ABI Generic Analysis and Instrumentation Library

This project aims at providing a C++ library for constructing, manipulating,
serializing and de-serializing ABI-relevant artifacts. The set of artifacts
that we are interested in is made of constructions like types, variables,
functions and declarations of a given library or program. For a given program
or library, this set of constructions is called an ABI corpus.

Thus the project aims at providing a library to manipulate ABI corpora, compare
them, provide detailed information about their differences and help build tools
to infer interesting conclusions about these differences.

2021-03-06T19:46:17+00:00 shells/modernish POSIX shell feature detection and language extension library
The programming/scripting language that incorporates the most frustrating
combination of deficiencies and awesome power is probably the POSIX shell with
accompanying utilities, which all exist in several variant implementations. Due
to said power, the shell refuses to die as a scripting language. But when
scripters are bitten by arcane grammar pitfalls, defective tutorials on the
web, or shell functionality deficits, then 'use a real programming language
instead' is generally the mantra.

Enter modernish, a new vision on shell scripting. Modernish aims to provide a
standard library that allows for writing robust, portable, readable, and
powerful programs for POSIX-based shells and utilities. It can solve the shell
language problems mentioned above, and many more. With modernish, you'd almost
think the shell has become a modern programming language!

The library builds on the POSIX 2018 Edition standard, so it should run on any
sufficiently POSIX-compliant shell and operating system. But it also takes
advantage of certain shell-specific enhancements if it detects them.

2021-03-06T14:54:48+00:00 security/openssl-quictls QUIC capable fork of OpenSSL
This is a fork of OpenSSL to enable QUIC. This fork adds API that can be
used by QUIC implementations for connection handshakes.

There is a community need for a QUIC capable TLS library. This fork is
intended as stopgap solution to enable higher level frameworks and runtimes
to use QUIC with the proven and reliable TLS functionality from OpenSSL.
This fork will be maintained until OpenSSL officially provides reasonable
support for QUIC implementations.

2021-03-06T02:08:24+00:00 math/muparserx C++ math parser library with array and string support
muParserx is a C++ library initially based on muParser enhanced with support for
arrays, matrices and strings, and with a completely new parsing engine.

2021-03-05T01:47:32+00:00 devel/llvm12 LLVM and Clang
The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and
toolchain technologies.

This port includes Clang (a C/C++/Objective-C compiler), LLD (a linker),
LLDB (a debugger), an OpenMP runtime library, and the LLVM infrastructure
these are built on.

2021-03-04T21:07:17+00:00 sysutils/p5-Filesys-ZFS-Stat Perl interface to kstat.zfs
Filesys::ZFS::Stat works on top BSD::Sysctl and provides handy access
to kstat.zfs sysctl tree.

2021-03-04T18:42:52+00:00 emulators/aranym Atari Running on Any Machine
ARAnyM is a multiplatform virtual machine (a software layer, or an emulator) for
running Atari ST/TT/Falcon operating systems and applications on almost any
hardware with many host operating systems. The reason for writing ARAnyM is to
provide Atari power users with faster and better machines. The ultimate goal is
to create a new platform where TOS/GEM applications could continue to live

2021-03-04T11:47:56+00:00 mail/py-mailsuite Python package to simplify receiving, parsing, and sending email
A Python package to simplify receiving, parsing, and sending email
* Receive emails via IMAP
* Retrieve email from any folder
* Create new folders
* Move messages to other folders
* Delete messages
* Monitor folders for new messages using the IMAP IDLE command
* Always use / as the folder hierarchy separator, and convert
to the server's hierarchy separator in the background
* Always remove folder name characters that conflict with the
server's hierarchy separators
* Prepend the namespace to the folder path when required
* Automatically reconnect when needed
* Work around quirks in Gmail/G-suite, Office 365, Exchange,
Dovcot, and DavMail
* Consistent email parsing
* SHA256 hashes of attachments
* Simplified email sending via SMTP
* Uses opportunistic encryption (STARTTLS) by default
* Easily add attachments, plain text, and HTML

2021-03-04T11:47:56+00:00 mail/py-imapclient Easy to use, Pythonic and complete IMAP client library
IMAPClient is an easy-to-use, Pythonic and complete IMAP client library.
* Arguments and return values are natural Python types.
* IMAP server responses are fully parsed and readily usable.
* IMAP unique message IDs (UIDs) are handled transparently. There is no need
to call different methods to use UIDs.
* Escaping for internationalised mailbox names is transparently handled.
Unicode mailbox names may be passed as input wherever a folder name is
* Time zones are transparently handled including when the server and client
are in different zones.
* Convenience methods are provided for commonly used functionality.
* Exceptions are raised when errors occur.

2021-03-04T05:42:15+00:00 x11/ulauncher Advanced graphical application launcher
Ulauncher is graphical application launcher written in Python and GTK.
It offers fuzzy search, custom color themes, shortcuts and extensions,
and fast directory browser.

2021-03-04T00:08:23+00:00 x11-wm/labwc Wayland stacking compositor
Labwc is a wlroots-based stacking compositor for Wayland.

It aims to be light-weight and independent, with a focus on simply
stacking windows well and rendering some window decorations. Where
practicable, it uses clients for wall-paper, panels, screenshots, and
so on.

2021-03-03T21:18:40+00:00 games/re3 Reverse-engineered GTA3 engine
Reverse-engineered GTA3 engine

2021-03-03T18:06:39+00:00 devel/py-opencensus-context OpenCensus Runtime Context
The OpenCensus Runtime Context provides in-process context propagation.

2021-03-03T18:06:27+00:00 devel/py-opencensus Stats collection and distributed tracing framework
OpenCensus provides a framework to measure a server's resource usage and collect
performance stats.

2021-03-03T15:42:09+00:00 japanese/font-hackgen-nerd HackGenNerd is a composite font of Hack and GenJyuu-Gothic
HackGen is a composite font of Hack and GenJyuu-Gothic.

2021-03-03T14:11:51+00:00 net/openrsync Implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license
This is an implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license. It's compatible
with a modern rsync (3.1.3 is used for testing, but any supporting protocol 27
will do), but accepts only a subset of rsync's command-line arguments.

Its officially-supported operating system is OpenBSD, but it will compile and
run on other UNIX systems. See Portability for details.

2021-03-03T11:29:50+00:00 www/py-adblock Brave's adblock library in Python
Python wrapper for Brave's adblocking library, which is written in Rust.

2021-03-02T05:59:44+00:00 sysutils/ipfs-go-fs-repo-migrations Migrations for the filesystem repository of ipfs clients
Migrations for the filesystem repository of ipfs clients

2021-03-01T20:06:18+00:00 devel/ros-vcstool Version control system (VCS) tool for ROS
Robot Operating System (ROS) command-line tools for maintaining a workspace of
projects from multiple version-control systems.

This is the recommended replacement for devel/ros-wstool.

2021-03-01T14:11:36+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-visualization.fishbmc Fische visualizer for Kodi
Fische visualizer for Kodi

2021-03-01T14:08:54+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-screensaver.stars Starfield screensaver for Kodi
Starfield screensaver for Kodi

2021-03-01T14:04:51+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-screensaver.biogenesis BioGenesis screensaver for Kodi
BioGenesis screensaver for Kodi

2021-03-01T08:56:24+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-peripheral.joystick Joystick support for Kodi
Joystick support for Kodi

2021-03-01T08:43:32+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-inputstream.adaptive Adaptive stream support for Kodi
Adaptive stream support for Kodi

This addon adds support for multiple manifest types and is used by
other addons to dynamically select the best audio/video quality/resolution
according to available bandwith.

For example, it is required by the MPEG-DASH functionality of Kodi's
YouTube addon to support video playback in higher resolutions than 720p.

2021-03-01T08:26:23+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr.hts Tvheadend PVR addon for Kodi
This is a Kodi PVR addon for connecting to a tvheadend backend.

2021-03-01T08:22:00+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-pvr.iptvsimple IPTV Live TV and Radio PVR client for Kodi
This is a Kodi PVR addon for IPTV Live TV and Radio

2021-02-28T21:31:09+00:00 games/OpenLara Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine
Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine

2021-02-28T19:09:18+00:00 net-mgmt/py-gstat_exporter Prometheus exporter for gstat data
Prometheus exporter for FreeBSD gstat data

2021-02-28T18:58:46+00:00 multimedia/kodi-addon-screensaver.matrixtrails Matrix trails screensaver for Kodi
Matrix trails screensaver for Kodi

This port is for multimedia/kodi-devel only.

2021-02-28T18:55:27+00:00 games/kodi-addon-game.libretro.picodrive Kodi game addon for Sega - MS/MD/CD/32X (PicoDrive)
This is yet another Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD / 32X / SMS
emulator, which was written having ARM-based handheld devices in mind
(such as smartphones and handheld consoles like GP2X and Pandora),
but also runs on non-ARM little-endian hardware too.

The emulator is heavily optimized for ARM, features assembly cores for
68k, Z80 and VDP chip emulation, also has dynamic recompilers for SH2
and SSP16 (for 32X and SVP emulation). It was started by Dave (aka fdave,
finalburn author) as basic Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Pocket PC,
then taken over and expanded by notaz.

PicoDrive was the first emulator ever to properly emulate Virtua Racing
and it's SVP chip.

2021-02-28T18:52:47+00:00 games/kodi-addon-game.libretro.pcsx-rearmed Kodi game addon for Sony - PlayStation (PCSX ReARMed)
PCSX ReARMed is yet another PCSX fork based on the PCSX-Reloaded
project, which itself contains code from PCSX, PCSX-df and
This version is ARM architecture oriented and features MIPS->ARM
recompiler by Ari64, NEON GTE code and more performance improvements.
It was created for Pandora handheld, but should be usable on other
devices after some code adjustments (N900, GPH Wiz/Caanoo, PlayBook
versions are also available).

PCSX ReARMed features ARM NEON GPU by Exophase, that in many cases
produces pixel perfect graphics at very high performance. There is also
Una-i's GPU plugin from PCSX4ALL project, and traditional P.E.Op.S. one.

2021-02-28T18:49:24+00:00 games/kodi-addon-game.libretro.genplus Kodi game addon for Sega - MS/GG/MD/CD (Genesis Plus GX)
Genesis Plus GX is an open-source Sega 8/16 bit emulator focused on
accuracy and portability. Initially ported and developped on
Gamecube / Wii consoles through libogc / devkitPPC, this emulator is now
available on many other platforms through various frontends such as:
- Retroarch (libretro)
- Bizhawk
- OpenEmu

The source code, initially based on Genesis Plus 1.2a by Charles
MacDonald has been heavily modified & enhanced, with respect to original
goals and design, in order to improve emulation accuracy as well as
adding support for new peripherals, cartridge or console hardware and
many other exciting features.

The result is that Genesis Plus GX is now more a continuation of the
original project than a simple port, providing very accurate emulation
and 100% compatibility with Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega/Mega CD, Master
System, Game Gear & SG-1000 released software (including all unlicensed
or pirate known dumps), also emulating backwards compatibility modes
when available. All the people who contributed (directly or indirectly)
to this project are listed on the Credits page.

2021-02-28T18:46:10+00:00 games/kodi-addon-game.libretro.beetle-psx Kodi game addon for Sony - PlayStation (Beetle PSX)
Beetle PSX is a port/fork of Mednafen's PSX module to the libretro API.
It can be compiled in C++98 mode, excluding the Vulkan renderer, which
is written in C++11 for the time being. Beetle PSX currently runs on
Linux, OSX and Windows.

2021-02-28T18:35:57+00:00 games/kodi-addon-game.libretro Libretro compatibility layer for the Kodi Game API
This add-on provides a wrapper that allows Libretro cores to be loaded
as game add-ons. Libretro cores are shared libraries that use the
Libretro API, so the wrapper is responsible for translating function
calls between the Libretro API and the Game API.

2021-02-28T06:39:16+00:00 astro/py-pykep Python binding for pykep, library for astrodynamics research
pykep is a scientific library providing basic tools for astrodynamics research.
Algorithmic efficiency is a main focus of the library, which is written in C++
and exposed to Python using the boost::python library. At the library core is
the implementation of an efficient solver for the multiple revolutions Lambert's
problem, objects representing direct (Sims-Flanagan), indirect (Pontryagin) and
hybrid methods to represent low-thrust optimization problems, efficient
keplerian propagators, Taylor-integrators, a SGP4 propagator, TLE and SATCAT
support and more.

2021-02-28T05:16:00+00:00 astro/pykep C++ library providing basic tools for astrodynamics research
pykep is a scientific library providing basic tools for astrodynamics research.
Algorithmic efficiency is a main focus of the library, which is written in C++
and exposed to Python using the boost::python library. At the library core is
the implementation of an efficient solver for the multiple revolutions Lambert's
problem, objects representing direct (Sims-Flanagan), indirect (Pontryagin) and
hybrid methods to represent low-thrust optimization problems, efficient
keplerian propagators, Taylor-integrators, a SGP4 propagator, TLE and SATCAT
support and more.

2021-02-27T20:01:40+00:00 textproc/py-enrich Extensions to py-rich
Enriched extends rich library functionality with a set of changes that
were not accepted to rich itself.

2021-02-27T18:29:02+00:00 astro/kosmorro Ephemerides computation
A program that calculates your astronomical ephemerides.

By default, it will give you the current Moon phase and, if any, the events that
will occur today. To get the rise, culmination and set of the objects of the
Solar system, you will need to give it your position on Earth: get your current
coordinates (with OpenStreetMap for instance), and give them to Kosmorro by
invoking it with the following parameters: --latitude=X --longitude=Y (replace X
by the latitude and Y by the longitude).

Kosmorro has a lot of available options. To get a list of them, run kosmorro
--help, or read its manual with man kosmorro.

Note: the first time it runs, Kosmorro will download some important files needed
to make the computations. They are stored in a cache folder named
~/.kosmorro-cache .

2021-02-27T18:28:18+00:00 astro/py-skyfield Ephemerides computation
Skyfield is a pure-Python astronomy package that makes it easy to generate high
precision research-grade positions for planets and Earth satellites.

2021-02-27T18:28:18+00:00 astro/py-skyfield-data Minimal data files to work with py-skyfield
Skyfield (astro/py-skyfield) is a Python library for astronomical computations.
It depends on various data files to accurately compute moon phases, planet
positions, etc. Several issues are raised by these data files:

- If they're not found in the path of the Loader, they're downloaded at
runtime. Depending on the archive you're requesting, some files might be very
large, causing a long delay (directly related to your network bandwidth). In
the case of a web server app, you'd cause a timeout on client's end.

- They come mainly from 2 sources: NASA's JPL, and the IERS. If one of them is
temporarily unavailable, you couldn't perform any computation.

- In some countries, or behind some filtering proxies, some hosts may be

- These files have an expiration date (in a more or less distant future). As a
consequence, even if the files are already downloaded in the right path, at
each runtime you could possibly have to download one or more files before
making any computation using them.

This package provides at least the most common of these assets.

2021-02-27T18:27:26+00:00 astro/py-spktype21 Supporting module for jplephem to handle data type 21
This module computes positions and velocities of a celestial small body, from a
NASA SPICE SPK ephemeris kernel file of data type 21 (Extended Modified
Difference Arrays).

You can get SPK files for many solar system small bodies from HORIZONS system of

This module reads SPK files of data type 21, one of the types of binary SPK
file. At the point of Oct. 2018, HORIZONS system provides files of type 21 as
binary SPK files by default. You can get type 21 binary SPK file for celestial
small bodies through TELNET interface by answering back 'B' for 'SPK file
format'. Also you can get type 21 binary SPK file from:

2021-02-27T18:27:26+00:00 astro/py-spktype01 Supporting module for jplephem to handle data type 1
This module computes positions and velocities of a celestial small body, from a
NASA SPICE SPK ephemeris kernel file of data type 1 (Modified Difference

You can get SPK files for many solar system small bodies from HORIZONS system of

This module reads SPK files of data type 1, one of the types of binary SPK file.
At the point of Oct. 2018, HORIZONS system provides files of type 21 as binary
SPK files by default. You can get type 1 binary SPK file for celestial small
bodies through TELNET interface by answering back '1' for 'SPK file format'.

2021-02-27T18:26:39+00:00 astro/py-jplephem Python version of NASA DE4xx ephemerides
This package is a Python implementation of the math that standard JPL
ephemerides use to predict raw (x,y,z) planetary positions. It is one of the
foundations of the Skyfield astronomy library for Python (astro/py-skyfield).

But you can also use jplephem standalone to generate raw vectors.

2021-02-27T18:25:53+00:00 astro/py-sgp4 Python version of the SGP4 satellite position library
Python implementation of most recent version of the SGP4 satellite tracking

2021-02-27T14:01:26+00:00 audio/ft2play Bit-accurate C port of Fasttracker's XM replayer
Bit-accurate C port of Fasttracker's XM replayer (SB16/WAV render mode).
It is a direct port of the original asm/Pascal source codes.

2021-02-27T12:28:21+00:00 textproc/py-wcmatch Wildcard/glob file name matcher
Wildcard Match provides an enhanced fnmatch, glob, and pathlib library
in order to provide file matching and globbing that more closely
follows the features found in Bash. In some ways these libraries are
similar to Python's builtin libraries as they provide a similar
interface to match, filter, and glob the file system. But they also
include a number of features found in Bash's globbing such as
backslash escaping, brace expansion, extended glob pattern groups,
etc. They also add a number of new useful functions as well, such as
globmatch which functions like fnmatch, but for paths.

2021-02-27T12:08:41+00:00 textproc/py-bracex Brace expansion
Bracex is a brace expanding library (a la Bash) for Python. Brace
expanding is used to generate arbitrary strings.

2021-02-27T10:16:58+00:00 devel/py-pyls-black Black plugin for the Python Language Server
Black plugin for the Python Language Server.

- Can either format an entire file or just the selected text
- The code will only be formatted if it is syntactically valid
- Text selections are treated as if they were a separate
Python file. This also means that an indented block of code
cannot be formatted
- Will use your project's pyproject.toml if it has one.

Using pyls-black while yapf and autopep8 are installed, may
lead to unexpected results!

2021-02-27T09:18:56+00:00 textproc/py-pyls-spyder Spyder extensions for the python-language-server (pyls)
Spyder extensions for the python-language-server (pyls).

Provides Spyder-specific extras for the Language Server
Protocol (LSP) on Python, such as document symbol searching
and others.

2021-02-27T09:12:37+00:00 textproc/py-python-language-server Python implementation of the Language Server Protocol
An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python.

The base language server provide Completions, Definitions,
Hover, References, Signature Help, and Symbols.

2021-02-27T00:23:16+00:00 math/R-cran-gsl Wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
An R wrapper for some of the functionality of the Gnu Scientific Library.

2021-02-27T00:06:36+00:00 net/p5-Net-Connection-ncnetstat Netstat like utility that supports color and searching
Provides a enhances colorized netstat like tool that is
capable of doing searches.

The search criteria can be any of the following.

* port
* host
* pctcpu
* pctmem
* Regex PTR
* state
* username
* wait channel

Among other unique features it can also display the full
command, PctMem, and PctCPU of the process with the connection.

2021-02-27T00:06:18+00:00 net/p5-Net-Connection-lsof Creates Net::Connection objects using lsof
Creates Net::Connection objects using lsof.

2021-02-27T00:06:14+00:00 net/p5-Net-Connection-Sort Sorts array of Net::Connection objects
This sorts a array of Net::Connection objects.

Currently the methods below are supported.

* host_f - Host foreign
* host_fl - Host, foreign then local
* host_l - Host, local
* host_lf - Host, local then foreign
* pid - Process ID
* port_f - Port, foreign, numeric
* port_fa - Port, foreign, alpha
* port_l - Port, local, numeric
* port_la - Port, local, alpha
* proto - Network connection protocol
* ptr_f - PTR, foreign
* ptr_l - PTR, local
* state - Connection
* uid - User ID
* user - Username

2021-02-27T00:06:09+00:00 net/p5-Net-Connection-Match Runs a stack of checks to match Net::Connection objects
Provides a easy to use method for checking if a Net::Connection
object mathes a series of checks.

Currently can do matching based off of the following.

* Command
* PctCPU
* PctMem
* Ports
* Protocol
* State
* RegexPTR
* Username
* WChan

2021-02-27T00:05:49+00:00 net/p5-Net-Connection Represents a network connection as a object
This module crates a object that basically serves as a means to
store basic connection information and retrieve it.

2021-02-26T20:21:53+00:00 graphics/kgeotag Photo geotagging manually or from GPX files
KGeoTag is a photo geotagging program.

Photos (e. g. JPEG images) contain metadata like the creation date, camera
information etc. Those are either stored in the so-called Exif header,
in an XMP sidecar file or in both. This data can also represent geographic
coordinates so that it's replicable where the images were taken.

Most cameras don't have GPS receivers, so, most can't save coordinates when
taking images. A common approach is to e. g. carry a small GPS logging device
along, which records a track all the time. Later on, the images' dates can
be compared to the GPS log's points' dates to figure out where an image
was taken.

If one knows for sure where the respective photo was taken, it's also
possible to assign coordinates to the images manually.

2021-02-26T20:08:40+00:00 devel/py-spyder-kernels Jupyter kernels for the Spyder console
Provides Jupyter kernels for use with the consoles of Spyder,
the Scientific Python Development Environment.

These kernels can be launched either through Spyder itself or
in an independent Python session, and allow interactive or
file-based execution of Python code inside Spyder.

2021-02-26T19:27:14+00:00 net/libproxy-pacrunner pacrunner plug-in for libproxy
Libproxy exists to answer the question: Given a network resource, how do I
reach it? It handles all the details, enabling you to get back to

This plug-in contains the pacrunner of libproxy.

2021-02-26T17:32:10+00:00 misc/py-wurlitzer Capture C-level output in context managers
Wurlitzer captures C-level stdout/stderr pipes in Python via os.dup2.

2021-02-26T12:27:53+00:00 textproc/py-textdistance Comparing distance between two or more sequences by many algorithms
TextDistance -- python library for comparing distance between two or
more sequences by many algorithms.

- 30+ algorithms
- Pure python implementation
- Simple usage
- More than two sequences comparing
- Some algorithms have more than one implementation in one class
- Optional numpy usage for maximum speed

2021-02-26T11:25:36+00:00 textproc/py-three-merge Perform a 3-way merge between strings
Simple Python library to perform a 3-way merge between strings, based on
diff-match-patch. This library performs merges at a character level, as
opposed to most VCS systems, which opt for a line-based approach.

2021-02-26T07:01:38+00:00 devel/py-orange-widget-base Base widget for Orange canvas
This project implements the base OWBaseWidget class and utilities for use in
Orange Canvas workflows.

* OWBaseWidget class
* gui module for building GUI
* WidgetsScheme the workflow execution model/bridge
* basic configuration for a workflow based application

2021-02-26T06:56:35+00:00 devel/py-orange-canvas-core Core component of Orange Canvas
Orange Canvas Core is a framework for building graphical user interfaces for
editing workflows. It is a component used to build the Orange Canvas data-mining
application (for which it was developed in the first place).

2021-02-26T06:48:49+00:00 devel/py-qasync Implementation of the PEP 3156 Event-Loop with Qt
qasync allows coroutines to be used in PyQt/PySide applications by providing an
implementation of the PEP 3156 event-loop.

2021-02-26T06:40:59+00:00 misc/py-dictdiffer Python library that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries
Dictdiffer is a helper module that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries.

2021-02-26T01:33:39+00:00 multimedia/snapcast Multiroom client-server audio player
Snapcast is a multiroom client-server audio player, where all clients are time
synchronized with the server to play perfectly synced audio. It's not a
standalone player, but an extension that turns your existing audio player into
a Sonos-like multiroom solution.

Audio is captured by the server and routed to the connected clients. Several
players can feed audio to the server in parallel and clients can be grouped to
play the same audio stream.

One of the most generic ways to use Snapcast is in conjunction with the music
player daemon (MPD) or Mopidy.

2021-02-25T15:35:57+00:00 print/limereport Multi-platform C++ report generator library written using Qt framework
LimeReport - multi-platform C++ report generator library written using Qt

2021-02-24T17:21:54+00:00 sysutils/vivid Themeable LS_COLORS generator with a rich filetype datebase
vivid is a generator for the LS_COLORS environment variable that controls the
colorized output of ls, tree, fd, bfs, dust and many other tools.

It uses a YAML configuration format for the filetype-database and the color
themes. In contrast to dircolors, the database and the themes are organized in
different files. This allows users to choose and customize color themes
independent from the collection of file extensions. Instead of using cryptic
ANSI escape codes, colors can be specified in the RRGGBB format and will be
translated to either truecolor (24-bit) ANSI codes or 8-bit codes for older
terminal emulators.

2021-02-24T16:07:51+00:00 security/uacme Lightweight C ACMEv2 client which uses external authenticators
Lightweight client for the RFC8555 ACMEv2 protocol, written in plain
C with minimal dependencies (libcurl and one of GnuTLS, OpenSSL or
mbedTLS). The ACMEv2 protocol allows a Certificate Authority (Let's
Encrypt is a popular one) and an applicant to automate the process
of verification and certificate issuance. The protocol also provides
facilities for other certificate management functions, such as
certificate revocation.

2021-02-24T10:39:04+00:00 devel/py-protobuf-compiler Compile all protobuf files and create package distributions
Python protobuf compiler can be used to compile collections protobuf files and
create a single package distribution suitable for installing with pip.

2021-02-24T09:55:45+00:00 devel/py-pytest-httpbin Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of
Pytest-httpbin creates a pytest fixture that is dependency-injected
into your tests. It automatically starts up a HTTP server in a
separate thread running httpbin and provides your test with the URL
in the fixture.

2021-02-24T09:54:19+00:00 www/py-httpbin HTTP Request & Response Service
A simple HTTP Request & Response Service.

2021-02-24T09:32:43+00:00 devel/py-jupyterlab-widgets JupyterLab extension for Jupyter/IPython widgets
ipywidgets, also known as jupyter-widgets, are interactive HTML widgets for
Jupyter notebooks and the IPython kernel. This port provides JupyterLab
extension for ipywidgets.

2021-02-24T07:39:06+00:00 science/libecpint Library for the evaluation of integrals over effective core potentials
Libecpint is a C++ library for the efficient evaluation of integrals over
ab initio effective core potentials, using a mixture of generated, recursive
code and Gauss-Chebyshev quadrature. It is designed to be standalone and
generic, and is now in its first stable release. If you experience any problems
please raise an issue here; contributions and suggestions are also welcome.

2021-02-24T02:33:02+00:00 sysutils/bacula11-server Network backup solution (server)
Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of
computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program.
Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many
advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and
recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is
scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of
hundreds of computers located over a large network.

2021-02-24T02:33:02+00:00 sysutils/bacula11-docs Bacula document set
Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of
computer data across a network of computers of different kinds.
In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program.
Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many
advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and
recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is
scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of
hundreds of computers located over a large network.

This port installs the latest documentation for Bacula.

2021-02-24T02:33:02+00:00 sysutils/bacula11-client Network backup solution (client)
2021-02-24T02:33:02+00:00 sysutils/bacula11-client-static Network backup solution (static client)
2021-02-24T02:33:02+00:00 net-mgmt/nagios-check_bacula11 Nagios plugin for Bacula
check_bacula is a plugin intended for use with the
Nagios network monitoring system to monitor Bacula.
2021-02-23T10:28:03+00:00 sysutils/cbsd-mq-router CBSD message queue router
Deliver tasks to the CBSD using beanstalkd broker. The service
acts as an intermediate link between the broker and the CBSD.

2021-02-23T07:10:34+00:00 audio/guidoar Library to browse, transform and manipulate Guido scores
A library providing a simple memory representation and a consistent
way to browse and transform Guido Music Notation scores.
It provides also a set of score level manipulation operations
(like putting scores in sequence, in parallel, stretching etc.).

2021-02-23T07:02:51+00:00 audio/midisharelight Light version of the MidiShare library
midisharelight is a light version of MidiShare.

MidiShare is a real-time operating system for musical applications. It provides
high level services to developers and ensures platform independance.

It supports:
* High level musical events, fully structured and time stamped with a
millisecond resolution. These events include both the MIDI and the MIDIFile
* An efficient scheduler, in charge of delivering events at their falling dates
to the communication manager.
* Inter-applications communication.
A communication manager routes the events to the client applications,
according to the connection set between them.
* Real-time tasks, to control the real-time behavior of an application. Function
calls can be scheduled in the future and are automatically achieved by
MidiShare at interrupt level.
* Real-time alarms. Incoming MidiShare events as well as global context changes
(new clients starting a session, modifications of the connections between
applications, etc.) can be processed in real-time by user defined alarms.

2021-02-22T23:01:54+00:00 audio/toccata-lv2 Simple wavetable-based church organ as an LV2 plugin
toccata.lv2 is a simple wavetable-based church organ as an LV2 plugin. It uses
the sfizz library to load an SFZ file containing the wavetables, and create LV2
parameters for the volume of each rank.

2021-02-22T22:55:14+00:00 audio/prelude-lv2 Simple wavetable-based church organ as an LV2 plugin
prelude.lv2 is a simple wavetable-based church organ as an LV2 plugin, similar
to toccata.lv2 but with only 2 controls akin to crescendo pedals for flues and

2021-02-22T22:38:41+00:00 audio/miniaudio C single header audio playback and capture library
miniaudio is a single file audio playback and capture library written in C.
Written from scratch, it has no external dependencies with the exception of
the C standard library and necessary platform-specific backends.

2021-02-22T08:01:17+00:00 math/py-iminuit Jupyter-friendly Python frontend for MINUIT2 in C++
iminuit is a Jupyter-friendly Python interface for the Minuit2 C++ library
maintained by CERN's ROOT team.

It can be used as a general robust function minimisation method, but is most
commonly used for likelihood fits of models to data, and to get model parameter
error estimates from likelihood profile analysis.

2021-02-21T21:14:42+00:00 graphics/drawing Drawing application for the GNOME desktop
A simple drawing application.

This application is a basic image editor, similar to Microsoft Paint,
but aiming at the GNOME desktop.

PNG, JPEG and BMP files are supported.

2021-02-21T20:52:45+00:00 databases/litestream Standalone streaming replication tool for SQLite
Litestream is a standalone streaming replication tool for SQLite. It runs as
a background process and safely replicates changes incrementally to another
file or S3. Litestream only communicates with SQLite through the SQLite API
so it will not corrupt your database.

2021-02-20T09:12:55+00:00 math/mathics-django Django front-end to Mathics
This is the Django front-end to Mathics (math/py-mathics).

Previously, it was included in the Mathics package.


+ Extensive online documentation
+ Integrated graphics and MathML mathematics output
+ Notebook-like sessions

2021-02-20T09:11:55+00:00 math/mathicsscript Terminal CLI to Mathics
mathicsscript is a command-line interface to Mathics (math/py-mathics).

Previously, it was included in the Mathics package.

2021-02-20T09:10:34+00:00 math/py-mathics-scanner Tokeniser, char tables, & conversion routines for the Wolfram Language
This is a tokeniser or scanner portion for the Wolfram Language.

As such, it also contains a full set of translation between Wolfram Language
named characters, their Unicode/ASCII equivalents and code-points.

This is used as the scanner inside Mathics but it can also be used for
tokenizing and formatting Wolfram Language code. This library is also quite
usefull if you need to work with Wolfram Language named character and convert
them to various formats.

2021-02-20T09:07:00+00:00 deskutils/py-term-background Shell scripts and Python module to figure out terminal background
POSIX shell scripts to figure out if a terminal has a dark or light background.

The Python module contained is part of a broader set of scripts.

2021-02-20T00:44:15+00:00 science/dakota Interface between analysis codes & iterative systems analysis methods
The Dakota project delivers both state-of-the-art research and robust, usable
software for optimization and UQ. Broadly, the Dakota software's advanced
parametric analyses enable design exploration, model calibration, risk analysis,
and quantification of margins and uncertainty with computational models.

2021-02-19T23:53:21+00:00 irc/catgirl TLS-only terminal IRC client
catgirl is a TLS-only terminal IRC client with tab-complete, nick
coloring, URL detection, message filtering and split scrolling.

2021-02-19T23:13:38+00:00 devel/allegro5 Cross-platform C library for games and multimedia programming
Allegro is a cross-platform library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia
programming. It handles common, low-level tasks such as creating windows,
accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc.
However, Allegro is not a game engine.

Online documentation:

2021-02-19T20:22:55+00:00 graphics/bonzomatic Live shader coding tool and Shader Showdown workhorse
This is a live-coding tool, where you can write a 2D fragment/pixel
shader while it is running in the background.

The tool was originally conceived and implemented after the Revision
2014 demoscene party's live coding competition where two contestants
improv-code an effect in 25 minutes head-to-head.

2021-02-19T17:56:52+00:00 lang/gleam ML-flavoured type-safe language using Erlang's BEAM runtime
Gleam is a fast, friendly, and functional language for building
type-safe, scalable systems.

The Gleam compiler itself is written in rust.

Gleam uses the BEAM runtime, and using the same actor-based multi-core
concurrency, with zero runtime overhead and full inter-operability with
Erlang, Elixir, and LFE.

It has all the features you'd expect from an ML derived language,
including algebraic data-types, immutable data structures, full type
inference, fast compilation, generics, no nulls nor exceptions, and a
few bonus features such as helpful error messages.

2021-02-19T15:14:46+00:00 devel/onetbb Library that provides thread building blocks
oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) lets you easily write parallel C++
programs that take full advantage of multicore performance, that are portable,
composable and have future-proof scalability.

2021-02-19T14:33:02+00:00 graphics/py-pygraph Graph manipulation library in pure Python
Pygraph aims to be an easy-to-use and functional graph library that
doesn't sacrifice advanced capabilities or usability in the process.

By implementing the library in pure Python, it can be installed without
any dependencies aside from the Python core, enabling maximum ease of

2021-02-19T11:13:02+00:00 www/gurl Terminal cURL-like HTTP tool with delightful JSON & header support
command-line cURL-like tool for humans, written in go. gURL can be used
for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with HTTP servers. It
makes using headers and JSON a delight.

A simple GET with custom header:
$ gurl x-header:custom

An automatic choice of POST, with content-type and JSON body:
$ gurl bool=true key=value

A PUT to HTTPS site from stdin:
$ gurl PUT < /etc/os-release

2021-02-18T21:06:54+00:00 sysutils/py-qmk CLI program for working with QMK firmware
A program to help users work with QMK keyboard firmware.

- Interact with your qmk_firmware tree from any location
- Use qmk clone to pull down anyone's qmk_firmware fork
- Setup your build environment with qmk setup
- Check that your environment is correctly setup with qmk doctor

2021-02-18T20:42:33+00:00 devel/py-proxmoxer Wrapper around the Proxmox REST API v2
Proxmoxer is a wrapper around the Proxmox REST API v2.

It was inspired by slumber, but it dedicated only to Proxmox. It
allows to use not only REST API over HTTPS, but the same api over
ssh and pvesh utility.

Like Proxmoxia it dynamically creates attributes which responds to
the attributes you've attempted to reach.

2021-02-18T20:22:35+00:00 textproc/py-hjson User interface for JSON written in Python
Hjson, the Human JSON. A configuration file format that caters to humans and
helps reduce the errors they make.