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# git -C /usr/ports log --diff-filter=A --name-status --pretty="format:%aI %H" origin/master | perl -nlE '/^\d/ ? $d=$_ : print "$d\t$_"' | ack "\t[0-9a-z-]+/[^/ ]+/Makefile$"
timestamp origin comment / pkg-descr
1973-11-29T21:33:09+00:00 graphics/dify Fast pixel-by-pixel image comparison tool in Rust
Dify is a fast pixel-by-pixel image comparison tool in Rust.

- .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .bmp format supported
- Compares different format, .png vs .jpg for example
- Compares different dimensions
- Anti-aliasing support
- Blockout areas support
- Supports macOS, Linux and Windows