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# git -C /usr/ports log --diff-filter=A --name-status --pretty="format:%aI %H" origin/master | perl -nlE '/^\d/ ? $d=$_ : print "$d\t$_"' | ack "\t[0-9a-z-]+/[^/ ]+/Makefile$"
timestamp origin comment / pkg-descr
2013-12-31T07:56:15+00:00 devel/py-libvirt Python bindings for Libvirt virtualization API
Python bindings for Libvirt virtualization API

2013-12-31T07:01:36+00:00 devel/libsigrokdecode Framework for hardware logic analyzers, protocol decoders library
The sigrok project aims at creating a portable, cross-platform,
Free/Libre/Open-Source signal analysis software suite that supports
various device types, such as logic analyzers, MSOs, oscilloscopes,
multimeters, LCR meters, sound level meters, thermometers,
hygrometers, anemometers, light meters, DAQs, dataloggers,
function generators, spectrum analyzers, power supplies,
GPIB interfaces, and more.

2013-12-31T02:54:13+00:00 databases/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Database-Core Shared core for D1 and D2 Database plugins
Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core is a shared library for Dancer::Plugin::Database
and Dancer2::Plugin::Database modules.

2013-12-30T23:46:31+00:00 devel/libsigrok Framework for hardware logic analyzers, core library
The sigrok project aims at creating a portable, cross-platform,
Free/Libre/Open-Source signal analysis software suite that supports
various device types, such as logic analyzers, MSOs, oscilloscopes,
multimeters, LCR meters, sound level meters, thermometers,
hygrometers, anemometers, light meters, DAQs, dataloggers,
function generators, spectrum analyzers, power supplies,
GPIB interfaces, and more.

2013-12-29T20:37:27+00:00 databases/vsqlite Well designed and portable SQLite3 Wrapper for C++
Well designed and portable SQLite3 Wrapper for C++

2013-12-29T15:47:55+00:00 graphics/partio C++ library for particle I/O and manipulation
Partio is an open source C++ library for reading, writing, and manipulating
a variety of standard particle formats (GEO, BGEO, PTC, PDB, PDA). It acts
as an abstraction for the commonalities in particle models (i.e., accessing
many attributes associated with an index or entity).

Partio has a Python API and a collection of simple command-line tools.

2013-12-28T16:01:37+00:00 devel/shtk Application toolkit for POSIX-compliant shell scripts
The Shell Toolkit (shtk) is an application toolkit for programmers
writing POSIX-compliant shell scripts.

shtk provides a collection of reusable modules that work on a wide
variety of operating systems and shell interpreters. The included
modules aid developers in implementing usable and consistent CLI
interfaces, interacting with processes, parsing configuration files and
manipulating higher-level data types among other things.

shtk-based scripts are "built" by using the included shtk(1) utility,
which adds the necessary machinery to the scripts so that they can
trivially import and use the modular interfaces of shtk.

2013-12-28T04:28:43+00:00 lang/v8-devel Open source JavaScript engine by Google
V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine.

V8 is written in C++ and is used in Google Chrome, the open source browser from

V8 implements ECMAScript as specified in ECMA-262, 5th edition, and runs on
Windows (XP or newer), Mac OS X (10.5 or newer), and Linux systems that use
IA-32, x64, or ARM processors.

V8 can run standalone, or can be embedded into any C++ application.

Git repository at

2013-12-27T19:11:29+00:00 x11-fonts/bitter Contemporary serif typeface for text designed for comfortably reading
A "contemporary" slab serif typeface for text, especially designed for
comfortably reading on any computer or device. The robust design started from
the austerity of the pixel grid, based on rational rather than emotional
principles. It combines the large x-heights and legibility of the humanistic
tradition with subtle characteristics in the characters that inject a certain
rhythm to flowing texts.

2013-12-27T02:52:21+00:00 www/py-uliweb Easy python web framework
Uliweb is a Python based web framework.

2013-12-26T17:18:39+00:00 textproc/kibana Browser based analytics and search interface to ElasticSearch
Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search
interface to Logstash and other timestamped data sets stored in ElasticSearch.
With those in place Kibana is a snap to setup and start using (seriously).
Kibana strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and

2013-12-26T16:13:15+00:00 math/openfst Library for working with weighted finite-state transducers (FSTs)
OpenFst is a library for constructing, combining, optimizing, and searching
weighted finite-state transducers (FSTs). Weighted finite-state transducers
are automata where each transition has an input label, an output label, and
a weight. The more familiar finite-state acceptor is represented as a
transducer with each transition's input and output label equal.
Finite-state acceptors are used to represent sets of strings (specifically,
regular or rational sets); finite-state transducers are used to represent
binary relations between pairs of strings (specifically, rational
transductions). The weights can be used to represent the cost of taking
a particular transition.
FSTs have key applications in speech recognition and synthesis, machine
translation, optical character recognition, pattern matching, string
processing, machine learning, information extraction and retrieval
among others. Often a weighted transducer is used to represent a
probabilistic model (e.g., an n-gram model, pronunciation model). FSTs can
be optimized by determinization and minimization, models can be applied to
hypothesis sets (also represented as automata) or cascaded by finite-state
composition, and the best results can be selected by shortest-path algorithms.

2013-12-26T15:20:57+00:00 x11-fonts/alegreya-sans Humanist sans serif font with a calligraphic feeling
Alegreya Sans is a humanist sans serif family with a calligraphic feeling that
conveys a dynamic and varied rhythm. This gives a pleasant feeling to readers
of long texts.

Alegreya Sans provides for advanced typography with OpenType Features such as
small caps, ligatures, fractions, four set of figures, super and subscript
characters, ordinals, localized accent forms for Catalan, Guarani, Romanian,
Turkish and others.

2013-12-25T18:05:51+00:00 security/cyrus-sasl2-gssapi SASL GSSAPI authentication plugin
SASL GSSAPI authentication plugin

2013-12-24T16:34:46+00:00 x11-fonts/vollkorn-ttf Free and healthy typeface for bread and butter use
Vollkorn, the free and healthy typeface for bread and butter use, designed by
Friedrich Althausen.

It intends to be a quiet, modest and well working text face for bread and
butter use. Unlike its examples in the book faces from the renaissance until
today, it has dark and meaty serifs and a bouncing and healthy look. It might
be used as body type as well as for headlines or titles.

2013-12-23T21:02:29+00:00 dns/p5-URBL-Prepare Prepare hostname for URBL domain lookup
URPL::Prepare is a Perl module that prepares hostname for URBL domain lookup
and is used by Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon

2013-12-23T20:57:30+00:00 devel/p5-CBOR-XS Perl does Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049)
This module converts Perl data structures to the Concise Binary
Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049) and vice versa.

2013-12-22T16:25:58+00:00 net-mgmt/statsd Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation
A network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics,
like counters and timers, sent over UDP and sends aggregates to one or more
pluggable backend services (e.g., Graphite).

2013-12-21T15:31:11+00:00 games/bluemoon Blue Moon card solitaire
bluemoon - Blue Moon card solitaire

This 52-card solitaire starts with the entire deck shuffled and
dealt out in four rows. The aces are then moved to the left end of
the layout, making 4 initial free spaces. You may move to a space
only the card that matches the left neighbor in suit, and is one
greater in rank. Kings are high, so no cards may be placed to their
right (they create dead spaces).

When no moves can be made, cards still out of sequence are reshuffled
and dealt face up after the ends of the partial sequences, leaving
a card space after each sequence, so that each row looks like a
partial sequence followed by a space, followed by enough cards to
make a row of 14. A moment's reflection will show that this game
cannot take more than 13 deals. A good score is 1-3 deals, 4-7 is
average, 8 or more is poor.

2013-12-19T21:32:15+00:00 net-p2p/dogecoin P2P crypto currency client favored by shiba inus worldwide
Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by Shiba Inus

2013-12-19T15:21:49+00:00 sysutils/py-plumbum Shell combinators library
Ever wished the compactness of shell scripts be put into a real programming
language? Say hello to Plumbum Shell Combinators. Plumbum (Latin for lead, which
was used to create pipes back in the day) is a small yet feature-rich library
for shell script-like programs in Python. The motto of the library is "Never
write shell scripts again", and thus it attempts to mimic the shell syntax
("shell combinators") where it makes sense, while keeping it all Pythonic and

Apart from shell-like syntax and handy shortcuts, the library provides local and
remote command execution (over SSH), local and remote file-system paths, easy
working-directory and environment manipulation, and a programmatic Command-Line
Interface (CLI) application toolkit. Now let's see some code!

2013-12-19T12:57:18+00:00 sysutils/diskimage-tools Convenience tools for manipulating disk images
Convenience tools for manipulating disk images such as ISOs and flash drive
install images.

2013-12-19T09:20:01+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix22-server Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (${PKGNAMESUFFIX:S/^-//}) LTS
Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring

Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and
the health and integrity of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible
notification mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based
alerts for virtually any event. This allows a fast reaction to server
problems. Zabbix offers excellent reporting and data visualisation
features based on the stored data. This makes Zabbix ideal for
capacity planning.

2013-12-19T09:20:01+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix22-proxy
2013-12-19T09:20:01+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix22-frontend
2013-12-19T09:20:01+00:00 net-mgmt/zabbix22-agent
2013-12-19T04:05:59+00:00 www/p5-Test-Nginx Testing modules for Nginx C module development
Testing modules for Nginx C module development

2013-12-18T19:56:36+00:00 www/py-splinter Browser abstraction for web acceptance testing
Splinter is an open source tool for testing web applications using Python.
It lets you automate browser actions, such as visiting URLs and interacting
with their items.

2013-12-18T18:50:29+00:00 devel/py-snack Not Eriks Windowing Toolkit Python bindings
Python bindings for Newt toolkit.

Newt is a windowing toolkit for text mode built from the slang
library. It allows color text mode applications to easily use
stackable windows, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, lists,
entry fields, labels, and displayable text. Scrollbars are supported,
and forms may be nested to provide extra functionality.

Besides the newt library, this port provides whiptail, which may
be used from shell scripts similarly to Savio Lam's "dialog". Newt
provides the textual interface for the Red Hat and Debian boot

2013-12-18T11:12:40+00:00 math/py-fastcluster Fast hierarchical clustering routines for R and Python
This library provides Python functions for hierarchical clustering. It generates
hierarchical clusters from distance matrices or from vector data.

Part of this module is intended to replace the functions (linkage, single,
complete, average, weighted, centroid, median, ward) in the module
scipy.cluster.hierarchy with the same functionality but much faster algorithms.
Moreover, the function linkage_vector provides memory-efficient clustering for
vector data.

The interface is very similar to MATLAB's Statistics Toolbox API to make code
easier to port from MATLAB to Python/NumPy. The core implementation of this
library is in C++ for efficiency.

2013-12-17T18:37:41+00:00 devel/py-snackwich Configuration-based Console UI Framework
Configuration-based Snack/Newt adaptation for easy and attractive console UI

2013-12-17T13:01:12+00:00 games/dcross Unconventional falling block game
Unlike your common unilateral falling block games, 'Double Cross' implements
a bidirectional paradigm expanding the genre in both dimension and difficulty.

Blocks fall from the top and fly in from the side settling in a joined
"play area". Deletions occur when rows of ten blocks are completed.
A horizontal row of 10 will cause the blocks to fall down, and a vertical row
of 10 will cause the blocks to "fall" to the right.
If a vertical row is completed during a vertical drop or a horizontal row is
completed during a horizontal drop the corresponding deletion will not occur
until the next turn. This can and will lead to non-intuitive results.
Focus on the vertical alone and you will die from horizontal negligence and
vice versa.

2013-12-17T04:07:41+00:00 sysutils/rsyslog8-devel Syslogd supporting SQL, TCP, and TLS
Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd with a focus on
security and reliability.

Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering,
reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS and RELP, writing to databases
(MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully
configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps),
the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire
message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog.

It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with
the same configuration file syntax. Its advanced features make it
suitable for enterprise-class, encryption protected syslog relay
chains while at the same time being very easy to setup for the
novice user.

Tracking v7-devel

2013-12-17T00:17:45+00:00 lang/spidermonkey24 Standalone JavaScript based from Mozilla 24-esr
Spidermonkey is the JavaScript interpreter from the Mozilla project.

2013-12-16T22:59:42+00:00 editors/calligra-l10n-ia Interlingua messages and documentation for Calligra
Localized messages and documentation for Calligra.

2013-12-16T21:15:15+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-mogilefs-client MogileFS client library for Ruby
MogileFS is an open source distributed filesystem, see:
for more details. This library allows any Ruby application to read,
write and delete files in a MogileFS instance.

2013-12-16T11:11:09+00:00 x11/presentproto Present protocol specification
This package contains X.Org Present protocol specification.
2013-12-16T11:11:09+00:00 x11/libxshmfence Shared memory 'SyncFence' synchronization primitive
This library offers a CPU-based synchronization primitive compatible
with the X SyncFence objects that can be shared between processes
using file descriptor passing.

2013-12-16T11:11:09+00:00 x11/dri3proto DRI3 prototype headers
This package contains X.Org DRI3 prototype headers.

2013-12-15T17:05:55+00:00 textproc/loook Simple Python tool that search in LibreOffice/OpenOffice files
Loook is a simple Python tool that searches for text strings in
LibreOffice, and OOXML files (e.g. docx, xlsx und pptx).

AND, OR and phrase searches are supported. It doesn't create an index,
but searching should be fast enough unless you have really many files.

2013-12-14T14:35:11+00:00 russian/bugzilla44 Russian localization for Bugzilla
Russian localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-12-13T22:22:16+00:00 devel/R-cran-vcd Visualization techniques, data sets for categorical data
Visualization techniques, data sets, summary and inference procedures aimed
particularly at categorical data. Special emphasis is given to highly
extensible grid graphics. The package was inspired by the book "Visualizing
Categorical Data" by Michael Friendly.

2013-12-12T15:57:56+00:00 devel/rubygem-deep_merge Recursive hash merger
This is a deep_merge Ruby Gem that is used to recursively merge hashes,
working with Ruby 1.9 and ActiveSupport.

2013-12-12T05:15:04+00:00 security/krb5-maint Authentication system developed at MIT, successor to Kerberos IV
Kerberos V5 is an authentication system developed at MIT.

Abridged from the User Guide:
Under Kerberos, a client sends a request for a ticket to the
Key Distribution Center (KDC). The KDC creates a ticket-granting
ticket (TGT) for the client, encrypts it using the client's
password as the key, and sends the encrypted TGT back to the
client. The client then attempts to decrypt the TGT, using
its password. If the client successfully decrypts the TGT, it
keeps the decrypted TGT, which indicates proof of the client's
identity. The TGT permits the client to obtain additional tickets,
which give permission for specific services.
Since Kerberos negotiates authenticated, and optionally encrypted,
communications between two points anywhere on the internet, it
provides a layer of security that is not dependent on which side of a
firewall either client is on.
The Kerberos V5 package is designed to be easy to use. Most of the
commands are nearly identical to UNIX network programs you are already
used to. Kerberos V5 is a single-sign-on system, which means that you
have to type your password only once per session, and Kerberos does
the authenticating and encrypting transparently.

Jacques Vidrine <>
2013-12-11T19:56:21+00:00 devel/p5-multidimensional Disables multidimensional array emulation
Perl's multidimensional array emulation stems from the days before the language
had references, but these days it mostly serves to bite you when you typo a hash
slice by using the $ sigil instead of @.

This module lexically makes using multidimensional array emulation a fatal error
at compile time.

2013-12-11T19:55:21+00:00 devel/p5-bareword-filehandles Disables bareword filehandles
bareword::filehandles lexically disables the use of bareword filehandles with
builtin functions, except for the special builitin filehandles STDIN, STDOUT,

2013-12-11T04:14:50+00:00 misc/sword17 Framework for manipulating Bible texts
The SWORD Project is the CrossWire Bible Society's free Bible
software project. Its purpose is to create cross-platform open-source
tools, covered by the GNU General Public License, that allow
programmers and Bible societies to write new Bible software more
quickly and easily. We also create Bible study software for all
readers, students, scholars, and translators of the Bible, and have
a growing collection of over 200 texts in over 50 languages.

2013-12-10T19:42:07+00:00 sysutils/cmogstored Alternative mogstored implementation for MogileFS
cmogstored is an alternative implementation of the "mogstored" storage
component of MogileFS. cmogstored is implemented in C and does not
use Perl at runtime. cmogstored is the only component you need to
install on a MogileFS storage node.

2013-12-09T23:48:14+00:00 games/flare-game Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine: game data
Flare is a a single-player 2D action RPG with fast-paced action and
a dark fantasy style.

It is built on the FLARE engine (Free/Libre Action Roleplaying

2013-12-09T23:48:14+00:00 games/flare-engine Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine
Flare (Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine) is a simple game engine
built to handle a very specific kind of game: single-player 2D
action RPGs. Flare is not a reimplementation of an existing game
or engine. It is a tribute to and exploration of the action RPG

Rather than building a very abstract, robust game engine, the goal
of this project is to build several real games and harvest an engine
from the common, reusable code. The first game, in progress, is a
fantasy dungeon crawl.

2013-12-09T14:59:00+00:00 devel/py-checkmanifest Check in a Python source package for completeness
Check in a Python source package for completeness.
Are you a Python developer? Have you uploaded packages to the Python Package
Index? Have you accidentally uploaded broken packages with some files missing?
If so, check-manifest is for you.

2013-12-08T20:19:30+00:00 java/java-subversion Java bindings for Version control system
Subversion is a version control system designed to be as similar to cvs(1)
as possible, while fixing many outstanding problems with cvs(1).

This port adds Java bindings to Subversion.

2013-12-08T19:08:56+00:00 games/super_mario_bros_python Clone of the original Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros. Python is a clone of the original Super Mario Bros 1985 NES.

2013-12-08T19:04:54+00:00 games/schiff Steer your ship(s) with the keyboard
Schiff is the German word for ship.
Steer your ship(s) with the keyboard to rotate or move forward / backward.
Try to avoid enemy bullets and the floating yellow rectangles.
Become last ship floating to win the game.

2013-12-08T18:57:40+00:00 games/schwarzweiss Tank game for 2 players
SchwarzWeiss is german and means "black/white".
This game was created 2010 during a 48-hour-game-creating contest at Viennas
Metalab computer lab. The theme was "black and white" (or was it "grid"?)
and only public available resources were allowed.
Lucky for me, that included ThePythonGameBook. In effect I worked around 3 hours
in the evening and around 4 hours in the next morning.
After that I lost interest and presented the game to the other participants
in the Metalab to make use of the weekend for non-computer related activities.
While I'm proud to report that I was the first participant to present a
"playable" game (way before the deadline) I'm less proud to report the results
of test-playing against the other coders. It turned out that while my game is
playable, it is simply boring and not much fun.
Also I got beaten in my own game by people who never played the game before.

2013-12-08T14:19:34+00:00 math/py-bottleneck Collection of fast NumPy array functions written in Cython
Bottleneck is a collection of fast NumPy array functions written in Cython.

2013-12-08T14:12:47+00:00 science/py-pyaixi Implementation of the MC-AIXI-CTW AI algorithm
pyaixi is a pure Python implementation of the Monte Carlo-AIXI-Context Tree
Weighting (MC-AIXI-CTW) artificial intelligence algorithm.

This is an approximation of the AIXI universal artificial intelligence
algorithm, which describes a model-based, reinforcement-learning agent capable
of general learning.

2013-12-08T13:17:41+00:00 www/py-django-dpaste Django based pastebin for text and code
dpaste is a Django based pastebin. It's intended to run separately but its
also possible to be installed into an existing Django project like a regular
app. You can find a live example on

2013-12-08T09:55:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/vte3 Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N support
Terminal widget with improved font, internationalisation and accessibility
support for the GNOME 3 desktop.

2013-12-08T09:55:41+00:00 x11-toolkits/gnome-pty-helper utmp/wtmp/lastlog helper program for the vte Terminal widget
Gnome-pty-helper is a backend executable that provides access to the utmp
and wtmp files for vte-based terminal applications such as gnome-terminal.
2013-12-07T19:00:07+00:00 devel/py-yunomi Metrics library with rate, distribution and timing information
Yunomi provides insights to the internal behavior of an application, providing
useful statistics and metrics on selected portions of your code. It's a Python
port of the core portion of a Java Metrics library by Coda Hale.

2013-12-07T01:25:01+00:00 games/freeminer Open source sandbox game inspired by Minecraft
Freeminer is a Minecraft-inspired sandbox game.

2013-12-07T01:25:01+00:00 games/freeminer-default The main game for the Freeminer game engine
Default game for freeminer

2013-12-06T23:29:54+00:00 net-p2p/bitmessage Secure P2P communications client
Bitmessage is a decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer, trustless
communications protocol that can be used by one person to send encrypted
messages to another person, or to multiple subscribers.

2013-12-05T20:29:18+00:00 deskutils/rubygem-taskjuggler Project management tool for UNIX based operating systems
This is a port of Taskjuggler, a project management tool for Linux and UNIX
system-based operating systems. Instead of clicking yourself painfully through
hundreds of dialog boxes you specify your Taskjuggler project in a simple text
format. You simply list all your tasks and their dependencies. The information
is sent through Taskjuggler and you will get all sorts of reports in HTML or
XML format.

2013-12-05T12:36:21+00:00 sysutils/qsynergy Comprehensive and easy to use graphical front end for Synergy
QSynergy is a comprehensive and easy to use graphical front end for
Synergy. Synergy lets a user control more than one computer with
a single mouse and keyboard (and has lots and lots of extra features
on top of that). Synergy itself only comes with a GUI for MS
Windows. QSynergy was written to fill the gap for users on Mac and
Unix platforms. Of course, it runs on MS Windows as well.

2013-12-04T22:22:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-statsd Ruby port of the statsd python and node.js tools
Statsd implementation in Ruby

A network daemon for aggregating statistics (counters and timers),
rolling them up, then sending them to graphite or mongodb.

2013-12-04T14:08:03+00:00 net/libzmq2 ZeroMQ core library (Version 2)
ZeroMQ - Distributed Computing Made Simple

* The socket library that acts as a concurrency framework.
* Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, and multicast.
* Connect N-to-N via fanout, pubsub, pipeline, request-reply.
* Asynch I/O for scalable multicore message-passing apps.

2013-12-04T02:51:00+00:00 graphics/opencv-java OpenCV Java library
2013-12-02T19:40:20+00:00 databases/py-alembic Database migration tool for SQLAlchemy
Alembic is a new database migrations tool, written by the author of
SQLAlchemy. A migrations tool offers the following functionality:

- Can emit ALTER statements to a database in order to change the structure of
tables and other constructs
- Provides a system whereby "migration scripts" may be constructed; each
script indicates a particular series of steps that can "upgrade" a target
database to a new version, and optionally a series of steps that can
"downgrade" similarly, doing the same steps in reverse.
- Allows the scripts to execute in some sequential manner.

2013-12-02T08:14:25+00:00 devel/p5-File-Tail-Scribe Perl Module to tail file to Scribe server
It monitors files in a given directory (or set of directories), such as
Apache log files in /var/log/httpd, and as the log files are written to,
takes the changes and sends them to a running instance of the Scribe
logging system.

2013-12-02T08:02:31+00:00 net/ndpi NTOP-maintained superset of the popular OpenDPI library
nDPI is a ntop-maintained superset of the popular OpenDPI library. Its goal is
to extend the original library by adding new protocols that are otherwise
available only on the paid version of OpenDPI. Furthermore, we have modified
nDPI do be more suitable for traffic monitoring applications, by disabling
specific features that slow down the DPI engine while being them un-necessary
for network traffic monitoring.

2013-12-02T08:00:56+00:00 net/ntopng Network monitoring tool with command line and web interfaces
ntopng is a new generation flexible and feature-rich tool for monitoring and
troubleshooting local area networks. It provides command line and web
interfaces, the latter via an embedded web server. ntop is based on libpcap.

2013-12-02T07:58:39+00:00 devel/ntopng-zmq NTOPNG specific ZMQ library
An open source message queue optimised for performance.
This version is older than upstream and specific to ntopng.

2013-12-01T17:45:46+00:00 devel/p5-MooX-ConfigFromFile Moo eXtension for initializing objects from config file
MooX::ConfigFromFile is intended to easy load initialization values for
attributes on object construction from an appropriate config file. The building
is done in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Rule - using MooX::ConfigFromFile ensures the
role is applied.

2013-12-01T17:44:55+00:00 devel/p5-MooX-File-ConfigDir Moo eXtension for File::ConfigDir
MooX::File::ConfigDir is a helper for easily find configuration file locations.
Whether to use this information for find a suitable place for installing them or
looking around for finding any piece of settings, heavily depends on the

2013-12-01T16:05:26+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-WrapI18N Line wrapping module
Text::WrapI18N intends to be a better Text::Wrap module. This module is needed
to support multibyte character encodings such as UTF-8, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, GB2312,
and Big5. This module also supports characters with irregular widths, such as
combining characters (which occupy zero columns on terminal, like diacritical
marks in UTF-8) and fullwidth characters (which occupy two columns on terminal,
like most of east Asian characters). Also, minimal handling of languages which
doesn't use whitespaces between words (like Chinese and Japanese) is supported.

Like Text::Wrap, hyphenation and "kinsoku" processing are not supported, to keep

2013-12-01T15:11:12+00:00 devel/p5-Term-Size-Any Retrieve terminal size
Term::Size::Any is a unified interface to retrieve terminal size. It loads one
module of a list of known alternatives, each implementing some way to get the
desired terminal information. This loaded module will actually do the job on
behalf of Term::Size::Any.

2013-12-01T15:10:15+00:00 devel/p5-Term-Size-Perl Retrieving terminal size
Term::Size::Perl is yet another implementation of Term::Size in pure Perl, with
the exception of a C probe run on build time.

2013-12-01T15:07:55+00:00 devel/p5-File-ConfigDir Get directories of configuration files
File::ConfigDir is a helper for installing, reading and finding configuration
file locations. It's intended to work in every supported Perl5 environment and
will always try to Do The Right Thing(TM).

File::ConfigDir is a module to help out when perl modules (especially
applications) need to read and store configuration files from more than one
location. Writing user configuration is easy thanks to File::HomeDir, but what
when the system administrator needs to place some global configuration or there
will be system related configuration (in /etc on UNIX(TM) or $ENV{windir} on
Windows(TM)) and some network configuration in nfs mapped /etc/p5-app or
$ENV{ALLUSERSPROFILE} . "\\Application Data\\p5-app", respectively.

File::ConfigDir has no "do what I mean" mode - it's entirely up to the user to
pick the right directory for each particular application.

2013-11-30T15:43:55+00:00 audio/rubygem-ruby-ogginfo Ruby library to access to information on ogg files
Ogginfo gives you access to low level information on ogg files (bitrate,
length, samplerate, encoder, etc... ), as well as tag.

2013-11-30T12:14:02+00:00 games/pytowerdefense Tower Defense Game
An Open-Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame.

2013-11-30T12:08:15+00:00 games/pythonsudoku Text and graphical program to create or resolve Sudokus
Python Sudoku is a text and graphical program (gtk interface) to create or
resolve sudokus. It can also print a sudoku (1 or 4 sudokus in each page)
and write an image (png, jpeg, etc) with a sudoku.

2013-11-30T09:39:47+00:00 www/py-django-simple-captcha Simple, yet powerful, Django captcha application
Django Simple Captcha is an extremely simple, yet highly customizable Django
application to add captcha images to any Django form.

2013-11-30T08:19:46+00:00 devel/p5-Types-Path-Tiny Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo
Types::Path::Tiny provides Path::Tiny types for Moose, Moo, etc.

It handles two important types of coercion:
- coercing objects with overloaded stringification
- coercing to absolute paths

It also can check to ensure that files or directories exist.

2013-11-30T00:17:00+00:00 sysutils/firstboot-pkgs Install packages when the system first boots
When the system first boots, install the pkg(8) tools (if not already
installed) and packages listed in the $firstboot_pkgs_list rc.conf
variable. If the installed packages added new rc.d scripts, request
a reboot.

Obviously, this port is not useful after a system is already running; it is
intended to be included as part of the installation or disk image building
2013-11-29T23:55:54+00:00 net/openmpi-devel High Performance Message Passing Library
Open MPI is a project combining technologies and resources from several
other projects (FT-MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to
build the best MPI library available. A completely new MPI-2 compliant
implementation, Open MPI offers advantages for system and software
vendors, application developers and computer science researchers.

Open MPI is based on an open component architecture allowing modular
replacement of many system components without recompilation.

2013-11-29T20:23:39+00:00 multimedia/livestreamer Extract web streams and pipe them into video player of choice
Livestreamer is a Command Line Interface that pipes video streams
from various services into a video player, such as VLC. The main
purpose of Livestreamer is to allow the user to avoid buggy and CPU
heavy flash plugins but still be able to enjoy various streamed

Livestreamer is built upon a plugin system which allows support for
new services to be easily added. Currently most of the big streaming
services are supported, such as:
YouTube Live

Example use:

$ livestreamer best
[cli][info] Found matching plugin justintv for URL
[cli][info] Opening stream: 720p
[cli][info] Starting player: vlc

2013-11-29T20:15:48+00:00 devel/py-singledispatch Backport of functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4
This library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to
Python 2.6-3.3.

PEP 443 proposed to expose a mechanism in the functools standard
library module in Python 3.4 that provides a simple form of generic
programming known as single-dispatch generic functions.

This library is a backport of this functionality to Python 2.6 - 3.3.

2013-11-29T20:02:05+00:00 textproc/py-pdfminer PDF parser and analyzer
PDFMiner is a tool for extracting information from PDF documents. Unlike other
PDF-related tools, it focuses entirely on getting and analyzing text data.
PDFMiner allows to obtain the exact location of texts in a page, as well as
other information such as fonts or lines. It includes a PDF converter that can
transform PDF files into other text formats (such as HTML).
It has an extensible PDF parser that can be used for other purposes instead
of text analysis.

2013-11-29T15:14:08+00:00 devel/yasm-devel Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler (Development Snapshot)
YASM is a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler under the "new" BSD License.

Yasm currently supports the x86 and AMD64 instruction sets, accepts
NASM and GAS assembler syntaxes, outputs binary, ELF32, ELF64, COFF, Mach-O
(32 and 64), RDOFF2, Win32, and Win64 object formats, and generates source
debugging information in STABS, DWARF 2, and CodeView 8 formats.

2013-11-29T13:48:04+00:00 net/czmq High-level C Binding for ZeroMQ
High-level C bindings for ZeroMQ.

2013-11-29T00:40:36+00:00 multimedia/py-librtmp Python bindings for librtmp, built with cffi
python-librtmp is a Python interface to librtmp. It uses cffi to interface with
the C library librtmp.

2013-11-29T00:20:41+00:00 devel/py-cffi Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code.

2013-11-29T00:15:57+00:00 devel/py-pycparser C parser in Python
pycparser is a complete parser of the C language, written in pure Python using
the PLY parsing library. It parses C code into an AST and can serve as a
front-end for C compilers or analysis tools.

2013-11-28T21:57:01+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-vaapi GStreamer hardware video decoding via VA-API plug-in
gstreamer-vaapi is a collection of GStreamer plugins and helper
libraries that allow hardware accelerated video decoding through
VA-API. Depending on the underlying hardware, the following video
decoders are supported: JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4:2, H.264 and VC-1.
Renderers are available for X11, GLX, Wayland and raw DRM for headless

2013-11-28T19:05:58+00:00 games/fightorperish Dungeon-crawling game
Fight or Perish (FOP) is a dungeon-crawling game based on Jack Pavelich's
Atari 8-bit computer game "Dandy", which was in turn the influence for
Atari Games arcade game "Gauntlet".

Wikipedia "Gauntlet (1985 video game)"

FOP uses concepts from both games, providing one- to four-player action in
dungeons filled with creeping enemies.

Collect and use bombs to wipe out screenfuls of enemies, keys to unlock doors,
and gather food and treasure along the way to stay alive.

Choose from four characters, each with different abilities and weaknesses.
(The one with the strongest weapon also has the weakest health,
the fastest one cannot shoot diagonally, etc.)

2013-11-28T11:57:02+00:00 net/libzmq3 ZeroMQ core library (Version 3)
ZeroMQ - Distributed Computing Made Simple

* The socket library that acts as a concurrency framework.
* Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, and multicast.
* Connect N-to-N via fanout, pubsub, pipeline, request-reply.
* Asynch I/O for scalable multicore message-passing apps.

2013-11-28T11:41:56+00:00 net/libzmq4 ZeroMQ core library (Version 4)
ZeroMQ - Distributed Computing Made Simple

* The socket library that acts as a concurrency framework.
* Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, and multicast.
* Connect N-to-N via fanout, pubsub, pipeline, request-reply.
* Asynch I/O for scalable multicore message-passing apps.

Version 4 Features:

* New wire level protocol, ZMTP/3.0
* New security framework with PLAIN and CURVE mechanisms
* New ZMQ_STREAM socket type

2013-11-27T19:51:38+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Build-XSUtil Module::Build class for building XS modules
Module::Build::XSUtil is subclass of Module::Build for support building XS

2013-11-27T19:49:54+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-CheckCompiler Check the compiler availability
Devel::CheckCompiler is a checker for compiler's availability.

2013-11-27T16:53:11+00:00 devel/jenkins-lts Open-source continuous integration server
In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration
server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building
and testing virtually any project.

2013-11-27T00:11:22+00:00 www/rt42 Industrial-grade ticketing system written in Perl
RT is a battle-tested issue tracking system which thousands of
organizations use for bug tracking, help desk ticketing, customer
service, workflow processes, change management, network operations,
youth counselling and even more. Organizations around the world have
been running smoothly thanks to RT for over 10 years.

2013-11-27T00:09:28+00:00 mail/p5-Test-Email Test Email Contents
Test::Email - Test Email Contents.

2013-11-27T00:05:08+00:00 devel/p5-Set-Tiny Simple sets of strings
Set::Tiny is a thin wrapper around regular Perl hashes to perform
often needed set operations, such as testing two sets of strings for
equality, or checking whether one is contained within the other.

2013-11-27T00:04:00+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Test-StashWarnings Test your application's warnings
Plack::Middleware::Test::StashWarnings is a Plack middleware component
to record warnings generated by your application so that you can test
them to make sure your application complains about the right things.

2013-11-27T00:02:06+00:00 devel/p5-Symbol-Global-Name Finds name and type of a global variable
Symbol::Global::Name takes a reference and optional package name. It
returns the name of the referenced variable as long as it's in the
package or sub-package and it's a global variable. Returned name is
prefixed with type sigil, eg. '$', '@', '%', '&' or '*'.

2013-11-27T00:00:54+00:00 devel/p5-Role-Basic Just roles. Nothing else
Sometimes you want roles. You're not sure about Moose, Mouse, Moo and
what was that damned Squirrel thing anyway? Then there's Class::Trait,
but it has a funky syntax and the maintainer's deprecated it in favor
of Moose::Role and you really don't care that it handles overloading,
instance application or has a workaround for the SUPER:: bug. You
think a meta-object protocol sounds nifty, but you don't understand
it. Maybe you're not sure you want the syntactic sugar for object
declaration. Maybe you've convinced your colleagues that roles are a
good idea but they're leery of dragging in Moose (your author has had
this happen more than once and heard of others making the same
complaint). Sometimes you just want good old-fashioned roles which let
you separate class responsibility from code reuse.

2013-11-26T23:56:58+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Address-List RFC-close address list parsing
Parser for From, To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-To, Sender and previous prefixed
with Resent- (eg Resent-From) headers.

Mentioned headers are structured and contain lists of addresses. Most
of the time you want to parse such field from start to end keeping
everything even if it's an invalid input.

2013-11-26T23:49:20+00:00 devel/p5-Date-Extract Extract probable dates from strings
Date::Extract takes an arbitrary block of text, searches it for
something that looks like a date string, and builds a DateTime object
out of it. By design it will produce few false positives. This means
it will not catch nearly everything that looks like a date string. So
if you have the string "do homework for class 2019" it won't return a
DateTime object with the year set to 2019.

2013-11-26T22:32:54+00:00 emulators/q4wine QT4 front-end for WINE
Q4wine is an Qt4 ( GUI for wine (
It will help you to manage wine prefixes and installed applications.

General features:
- Exports QT color theme into wine colors settings
- Works with different wine versions at same time
- Creates, deletes and manages prefixes (WINEPREFIX)
- Easy controlling wine process
- Autostart icons support
- Easy CD image usage
- Supports extraction of icons from PE files (.exe, .dll)
- Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes
- Winetricks support
- More

2013-11-26T18:44:26+00:00 games/bouncy You are a hungry rabbit. Eat food to complete the level
You play Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit.

You're in a garden with yummy veggies and a farmer who's not keen on you
eating them. You can hide (and move around) under the ground.

Bouncy was written so it could be enjoyed by my daughter,
who is about to turn 3, and by older gamers. Hence it's not a violent game
and "easy" is really, really easy, and "hard" is challenging.

2013-11-26T14:02:43+00:00 audio/musicpc Command line client for the musicpd
A client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon.
mpc connects to a MPD running on a machine via a network.

2013-11-26T13:26:59+00:00 games/popstar Simple puzzle game involving floating stars
Pop Star is a simple puzzle game where you must use floating stars to
form polygons. The stars are continuously moving, which makes this tricky.
Various opportunities exist to gain bonus points.

2013-11-26T13:21:14+00:00 games/entombed One- or two-player maze game based on the Entombed
Entombed! is a one- or two-player maze game based on the classic Atari 2600
game "Entombed", 1982 U.S. Games.

Wikipedia "Entombed (video game)"

You and your team of archeologists have fallen into the
"catacombs of the zombies". There's no time for research, though;
the walls are closing in, and the zombies have sprung to life!

Fortunately, you've discovered an ancient mystical potion which allows you to
create and destroy walls. Bottles of this potion are strewn about the catacombs.
Grab them, and you can break through walls when you get stuck,
or create a wall behind you, if you're being chased.

The longer you survive, the faster you have to move.

2013-11-25T22:38:16+00:00 x11-fonts/cosmic-sans-neue-mono Programming font, designed with functionality in mind
A programming font, designed with functionality in mind, and with some
wibbly-wobbly handwriting-like fuzziness that makes it unassumingly cool.

2013-11-25T22:07:21+00:00 www/faup Fast URL decoder library
Faup stands for Finally An Url Parser and is a library and command line tool to
parse URLs and normalize fields with two constraints:
- Work with real-life urls (resilient to badly formated ones)
- Be fast: no allocation for string parsing and read characters only once

2013-11-25T16:52:21+00:00 net-mgmt/unifi UniFi Wireless Controller
The UniFi Controller allows you to manage a UniFi Wireless Network.

2013-11-24T23:33:15+00:00 www/mod_wsgi2 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache
The mod_wsgi adapter is an Apache module that provides a WSGI compliant
interface for hosting Python based web applications within Apache. The
adapter is written completely in C code against the Apache C runtime and
for hosting WSGI applications within Apache has a lower overhead than using
existing WSGI adapters for mod_python or CGI.

2013-11-24T20:23:02+00:00 sysutils/slurm-hpc Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
Slurm is an open-source workload manager designed for *nux clusters of all
sizes. It provides three key functions. First it allocates exclusive and/or
non-exclusive access to resources (computer nodes) to users for some duration of
time so they can perform work. Second, it provides a framework for starting,
executing, and monitoring work (typically a parallel job) on a set of allocated
nodes. Finally, it arbitrates contention for resources by managing a queue of
pending work.

2013-11-24T12:05:33+00:00 audio/icecast-kh Streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis audio server, KH branch
Icecast-kh is a fork of icecast, a streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis audio server.

Icecast provides nearly all the functionality of the Shoutcast server.
It will accept encoding streams from encoders like winamp, shout and ices.
It can also add itself to a directory server such as our own or Nullsoft's

2013-11-23T21:25:56+00:00 textproc/py-pyelasticsearch Flexible, high-scale API to elasticsearch
pyelasticsearch is a clean, future-proof, high-scale API to elasticsearch. It
provides features like...

* Transparent conversion of Python data types to and from JSON
* Translating HTTP status codes representing failure into exceptions
* Connection pooling
* Load-balancing of requests across nodes in a cluster
* Failed-node marking to avoid downed nodes for a period
* Optional automatic retrying of failed requests

2013-11-23T14:13:15+00:00 dns/yadifa Authoritative nameserver with DNSSEC capabilities
YADIFA is a lightweight authoritative Name Server with DNSSEC capabilities.
Developed by the passionate people behind the .eu top-level domain, YADIFA has
been built from scratch to face today?s DNS challenges, with no compromise on
security, speed and stability, to offer a better and safer Internet experience.

YADIFA has a simple configuration syntax and can handle more queries per second
while maintaining one of the lowest memory footprints in the industry. YADIFA
also has one of the fastest zone file load times ever recorded on a name

YADIFA was developed on FreeBSD and a GNU/Linux. It works on OSX and will be
soon ported to other Unix flavours like OpenBSD and Solaris. A Microsoft
Windows version is also on the cards.

2013-11-23T12:37:32+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Path Get the full path to a locally installed module
Module::Path provides a single function, module_path(), which will
find where a module is installed locally.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate "meta-port" for the MATE integrated X11 desktop
MATE is a fork of GNOME 2.

It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop to users using
traditional metaphors.


Where does the name come from?

The name "MATE" comes from yerba mate, a species of holly native
to subtropical South America. Its leaves contain caffeine and are
used to make infusions and a beverage called mate.


This metaport installs MATE base (lite, a lean desktop) plus
extras applications such as text editor, archiver manager and
etc. If you do not want to have the bloats, please install

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-terminal Terminal component for the MATE Desktop
Default terminal emulator for the MATE Desktop.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-session-manager Session component for the MATE desktop
This provides session management for the MATE desktop, and
provides the tools used to start the desktop.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-screensaver MATE screen saver and locker
Mate-screensaver is MATE-based screen saver and locker that aims to have
simple, sane, secure defaults and be well integrated with the desktop.
It is designed to support:

* the ability to lock down configuration settings
* translation into other languages
* user switching

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-panel Panel component for the MATE Desktop
This drives the MATE panel.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-menus Implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
This package is free software and is part of the MATE project.

The package contains an implementation of the draft "Desktop
Menu Specification" from

Also contained here are the MATE menu layout configuration
files, .directory files and assorted menu related utility programs.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-dialogs Display MATE dialogs from the command line
Mate-dialogs allows dialog boxes to be created and displayed from the
commandline. This provides a simple way to create a GUI for
a shell script.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-desktop Additional UI API for MATE
This is a collection of APIs not included in libmateui.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-base "meta-port" for the MATE base integrated X11 desktop
MATE is a fork of GNOME 2.

It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop to users using
traditional metaphors.


Where does the name come from?

The name "MATE" comes from yerba mate, a species of holly native
to subtropical South America. Its leaves contain caffeine and are
used to make infusions and a beverage called mate.


This metaport installs only MATE base (lite, a lean desktop) with
file manager without any of extra applications. If you want to
have the most common user MATE applications, please install the
x11/mate metaport.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/mate-applets Applets components for the MATE Desktop Environment
Panel applets for the MATE Desktop Environment.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11/libmatekbd MATE keyboard shared library
MATE keyboard shared library.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-wm/mate-window-manager Window manager for the adult in you
Marco (mate-window-manager) is a low-frills Window Manager, and
is the default Window Manager of the MATE desktop. It provides
most of the features expected of a Window Manager, but leaves
everything it can up to other components of the MATE environment.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-toolkits/libmatewnck Library used for writing pagers and taskslists
libmatewnck is a Window Navigator Construction Kit, i.e. a library used
for writing pagers and taskslists. It is needed for the MATE desktop.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-themes/mate-themes Collection of themes and icons for MATE
A collection of themes for mate-window-manager (marco) and Gtk, and some
basic icon sets.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-themes/mate-icon-theme Collection of icons for the MATE desktop
mate-icon-theme is a collection of icons and emblems for the
MATE desktop. Included are the images used in toolbars,
dialog boxes, etc.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-themes/mate-icon-theme-faenza Collection of Faenza and Faience icons for the MATE desktop
This icon theme uses Faenza and Faience icon themes by ~Tiheum and
some icons customized for MATE by Rowen Stipe.

Also, there are some icons from Mint-X-F and Faenza-Fresh icon packs.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-themes/mate-backgrounds Collection of backgrounds for MATE
This module contains a set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 x11-fm/mate-file-manager File manager for the MATE desktop
Caja (mate-file-manager) is a file manager tightly integrated into the
MATE destkop.It is also responsible for desktop and icon management, and
provides an intuitive interface for accessing files and webpages.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 textproc/mate-doc-utils MATE doc utils
The MATE Doc Utils is a collection of documentation utilities for the MATE
project. Notably, it contains utilities for building documentation and all
auxiliary files in the source tree, and it contains the DocBook XSLT
stylesheets that were once distributed with Yelp. Yelp requires MATE Doc
Utils for the XSLT.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 sysutils/mate-system-monitor MATE system monitor program
MATE system monitor program.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 sysutils/mate-settings-daemon MATE settings daemon
MATE settings daemon.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 sysutils/mate-power-manager Power management system for the MATE Desktop
MATE Power Manager is a MATE session daemon that acts as a policy agent
on top of HAL (the Hardware Abstraction Layer). MATE Power Manager listens
for HAL events and responds with user-configurable reactions.
Currently it supports laptop batteries and AC adapters. Its goal is to be
architecture neutral and free of polling and other hacks.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 sysutils/mate-polkit MATE frontend to the PolicyKit framework
PolicyKit is a framework for defining policy for system-wide components and
for desktop pieces to configure it. Mate-policyKit is a GTK+/MATE frontend
for that framework.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 sysutils/mate-control-center Control center for MATE project
Configuration tools tightly integrated within the MATE desktop.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 security/mate-keyring Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
Mate-keyring is a program that keep password and other secrets for
users. It is run as a damon in the session, similar to ssh-agent, and
other applications can locate it by an environment variable.

The program can manage several keyrings, each with its own master
password, and there is also a session keyring which is never stored to
disk, but forgotten when the session ends.

The library libmatekeyring is used by applications to integrate with
the MATE keyring system. However, at this point the library hasn't been
tested and used enought to consider the API to be publically
exposed. Therefore use of libmatekeyring is at the moment limited to
internal use in the MATE desktop. However, we hope that the
mate-keyring API will turn out useful and good, so that later it
can be made public for any application to use.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 security/libmatekeyring Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
Mate-keyring is a program that keep password and other secrets for
users. The library libmate-keyring is used by applications to integrate
with the MATE keyring system.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 net/libmateweather Library to access online weather information
libmateweather is a library to access weather information from online
services for numerous locations.

libmateweather isn't supported in the devel platform, which means OS vendors
won't guarantee the API/ABI long-term, but authors of open source apps
should feel free to use libmateweather as users can always recompile against
a new version.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 math/mate-calc MATE calculator tool based on the old calctool for OpenWindows
Mate-calc is a powerful graphical calulator with financial, logical and
scientific modes. It uses a multiple precision package to do its arithmetic to
give a high degree of accuracy.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 graphics/mate-image-viewer Eye of MATE image viewer
This is the Eye of Mate, a MATE image viewer and cataloging
application. It provides inline image viewing support for

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 graphics/mate-document-viewer MATE multi-format document viewer
Atril is a document viewer for multiple document formats including PDF and
Postscript. The goal of Atril is to replace document viewers such as ggv and
gpdf with a single, simple application.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 editors/mate-text-editor Small but powerful text editor for MATE Desktop Environment
mate-text-editor (pluma) is a Gtk+-2 text editor. Its features include:

* Complete integration with the MATE Environment, including MateMDI
* Global Search and Replace
* Dynamically loaded fonts
* Splitscreen Mode
* Printing support
* Configurable Plugins system
* Unlimited Undo/Redo

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 devel/mate-common Common automake macros for MATE
This is a collection of automake macros used for developing new MATE

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 deskutils/mate-utils MATE support utilities
MATE support utilities, including a dictionary looker-upper,
a frontend for find(1), a system log viewer, and more.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 deskutils/mate-notification-daemon Send small notifications to your desktop
The Desktop Notifications framework provides a standard way of doing passive
pop-up notifications on the desktop. These are designed to notify the
user of something without interrupting their work with a dialog box that they
must close. Passive popups can automatically disappear after a short period
of time.

This port contains the daemon.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 deskutils/mate-menu-editor Editor for the menu specification
Mozo is a simple compliant menu editor
for MATE that lets you change your menus, simply and
quickly. Just click and type to edit, add, and delete any
menu entry.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 deskutils/mate-file-manager-open-terminal Caja extension which allows you to open a terminal
Caja extension which allows you to open a terminal.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 deskutils/mate-character-map Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
mucharmap is a Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer. It uses
GTK+ 2, and supports anti-aliased, scalable fonts.

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 audio/mate-media Multimedia applications for the MATE desktop
Multimedia applications for the MATE desktop. Includes
mate-volume-control, for controlling the sound card's mixer, and
VU-Meter, to slow down your desktop...

2013-11-23T11:39:07+00:00 archivers/mate-file-archiver Archive manager for zip files, tar, etc
Engrampa is an archive manager for the MATE environment. It is only a
front-end (a graphical interface) to archiving programs like tar and zip.
The supported file types are:

* Tar archives uncompressed (.tar) or compressed with gzip (.tar.gz , .tgz),
bzip ( , .tbz), bzip2 (.tar.bz2 , .tbz2), compress (.tar.Z , .taz),
lzop (.tar.lzo , .tzo)
* Zip archives (.zip)
* Jar archives (.jar , .ear , .war)
* Lha archives (.lzh)
* Rar archives (.rar)
* Single files compressed with gzip, bzip, bzip2, compress, lzop

Engrampa also has a document viewer based on bonobo that lets you view files
of any type for which you have a viewer.

Former WinZip users may find this program useful. It serves the same purpose.

2013-11-23T11:28:55+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-FindPerl Find the path to your perl
This module tries to find the path to the currently running perl.

2013-11-23T09:21:43+00:00 devel/libesedb Library and tools to access the ESEDB format
Library and tools to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File
(EDB) format. ESEDB is used in many different applications like Windows Search,
Windows Mail, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.

2013-11-22T22:10:53+00:00 net-im/py-skype4py Skype (TM) API wrapper for Python
Skype4Py is a Python library which allows you to control Skype client

Skype4Py Python project is not affiliate of Skype or Microsoft corporation.

2013-11-22T19:07:32+00:00 math/p5-Math-MatrixReal Perl module implementing a Matrix of Reals
p5-MatrixReal is port of the perl module Math::MatrixReal, implementing a
matrix of Reals.

Math::MatrixReal needs support for operator overloading to support
operations on matrixes as though they were just another basic perl type.

In addition to the basics (+, -, *) also supported are:

matrix norm, matrix transposition, matrix inverse, determinant of a
matrix, order and numerical condition of a matrix, scalar product of
vectors, vector product of vectors, vector length, projection of row and
column vectors, a comfortable way for reading in a matrix from a file, the
keyboard or your code, solving linear equations, etc.

It also has an implementation of Kleene's algorithm for finding minimal
costs for paths in a graph.

2013-11-22T12:40:09+00:00 math/py-statsmodels Complement to SciPy for statistical computations
Statsmodels is a Python package that provides a complement to scipy for
statistical computations including descriptive statistics and estimation and
inference for statistical models.

Main Features:
* linear regression models: GLS (including WLS and LS aith AR errors) and OLS.
* glm: Generalized linear models with support for all of the one-parameter
exponential family distributions.
* discrete: regression with discrete dependent variables, including Logit,
Probit, MNLogit, Poisson, based on maximum likelihood estimators
* rlm: Robust linear models with support for several M-estimators.
* tsa: models for time series analysis - univariate: AR, ARIMA; multivariate:
VAR and structural VAR
* nonparametric: (Univariate) kernel density estimators
* datasets: Datasets to be distributed and used for examples and in testing.
* stats: a wide range of statistical tests, diagnostics and specification tests
* iolib: Tools for reading Stata .dta files into numpy arrays, printing table
output to ascii, latex, and html
* miscellaneous models
* sandbox: statsmodels contains a sandbox folder with code in various stages of
* developement and testing which is not considered "production ready", including
Mixed models, GARCH and GMM estimators, kernel regression, panel data models.

2013-11-22T02:29:55+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Stuffer More casual approach to creating and sending Email
Email::Stuffer, as its name suggests, is a fairly casual module used to stuff
things into an email and send them. It is a high-level module designed for
ease of use when doing a very specific common task, but implemented on top of
the light and tolerable Email:: modules.

Email::Stuffer is typically used to build emails and send them in a single
statement, as seen in the synopsis. And it is certain only for use when
creating and sending emails. As such, it contains no email parsing
capability, and little to no modification support.

2013-11-21T22:33:49+00:00 lang/clang34 C, Objective-C, and C++ compiler
The goal of the Clang project is to create a new C, C++, Objective C and
Objective C++ front-end for the LLVM compiler.

2013-11-21T22:33:49+00:00 devel/llvm34 Low Level Virtual Machine
Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) is:
- A compilation strategy designed to enable effective program
optimization across the entire lifetime of a program.
- A virtual instruction set.
- A compiler infrastructure.
- LLVM does not imply things that you would expect from a high-level
virtual machine. It does not require garbage collection or run-time
code generation.

2013-11-21T19:58:38+00:00 devel/cowlib Erlang support library for manipulating Web protocols
Cowlib provides Erlang libraries for parsing and building messages
for various Web protocols, including SPDY, HTTP and Websocket.

It is optimized for completeness rather than speed. No value is
ignored, they are all returned.

2013-11-21T19:06:50+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-kate GStreamer kate codec plugin
2013-11-21T19:06:50+00:00 graphics/gstreamer1-plugins-webp GStreamer webp image decoder plugin
2013-11-21T19:06:50+00:00 graphics/gstreamer1-plugins-openjpeg GStreamer jpeg2000 decoder plugin
2013-11-21T19:01:51+00:00 devel/p5-Git-Sub Git commands imported into the git:: namespace
Use git commands easily from your Perl program. Each git command
is imported as a System::Sub DWIM sub.

2013-11-21T19:00:04+00:00 devel/p5-System-Sub Wrap external command with a DWIM sub
System::Sub provides in your package a sub that wraps the call to
an external program.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 www/trytond28_google_maps Tryton Application Platform (Google Maps Module)
This port adds the Google Maps Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 german/trytond28_account_de_skr03 Tryton Application Platform (German Account Chart)
This module provides the SKR03 chart of account which is used in Germany.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 french/trytond28_account_fr Tryton Application Platform (French Account Chart)
This module provides the chart of account which is used in France.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_timesheet Tryton Application Platform (Timesheet Module)
trytond_timesheet is the Timesheet Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_supply_production Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Production Module)
This port adds the Stock Supply Production Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_supply_forecast Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Forecast Module)
This port adds the Stock Supply Forecast Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_supply_day Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Day Module)
This port adds the Stock Supply Day Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_supply Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Module)
This port adds the Stock Supply Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_split Tryton Application Platform (Stock Split Module)
This port adds the Stock Split Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_product_location Tryton Application Platform (Stock Product Location Module)
This port adds the Stock Product Location Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_lot Tryton Application Platform (Stock Lot Module)
This port adds the Stock Lot Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_location_sequence Tryton Application Platform (Stock Location Sequence Module)
This port adds the Stock Location Sequence Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_inventory_location Tryton Application Platform (Stock Inventory Location Module)
This port adds the Stock Inventory Location Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock_forecast Tryton Application Platform (Stock Forecast Module)
This port adds the Stock Forecast Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_stock Tryton Application Platform (Stock Module)
trytond_stock is the Stock Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale_supply_drop_shipment Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Drop Shipment Module)
This port adds the Sale Opportunity Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale_supply Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Module)
This port adds the Sale Opportunity Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale_shipment_cost Tryton Application Platform (Sale Shipment Cost Module)
This port adds the Sale Shipment Cost Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale_price_list Tryton Application Platform (Sale Price List Module)
This port adds the Sale Price List Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale_opportunity Tryton Application Platform (Sale Opportunity Module)
This port adds the Sale Opportunity Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_sale Tryton Application Platform (Sale Module)
This port adds the Sale Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_purchase_shipment_cost Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Shipment Cost Module)
This port adds the Purchase Shipment Cost Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_purchase_invoice_line_standalone Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Invoice Line Standalone Module)
This port adds the Purchase Invoice Line Standalone Module to the Tryton
Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_purchase Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Module)
trytond_purchase is the Purchase Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_project_revenue Tryton Application Platform (Project Revenue Module)
This port adds the Project Revenue Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_project_plan Tryton Application Platform (Project Plan Module)
This port adds the Project Plan Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_project_invoice Tryton Application Platform (Project Invoice Module)
This port adds the Project Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_project Tryton Application Platform (Project Module)
This port adds the Project Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_production Tryton Application Platform (Production Module)
This port adds the Production Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product_price_list Tryton Application Platform (Product Price List Module)
This port adds the Product Price List Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product_measurements Tryton Application Platform (Product Measurements Module)
This port adds the Product Measurements Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product_cost_history Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost History Module)
This port adds the Product Cost History Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product_cost_fifo Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost Fifo Module)
This port adds the Product Cost Fifo Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product_attribute Tryton Application Platform (Product Attribute Module)
This port adds the Product Measurements Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_product Tryton Application Platform (Product Module)
trytond_product is the product module for tryton, it define products,
categories of product, units of measure, categories of units of measure.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_party_vcarddav Tryton Application Platform (Party VCardDAV Module)
This port adds the Party VCardDAV Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_party_siret Tryton Application Platform (Party Siret Module)
This port adds the Party Siret Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_party Tryton Application Platform (Party Module)
trytond_party is the party module for trytond.

The party module defines the concepts of party, category and
contact mechanism. It also comes with reports to print labels
and letters and a Check VIES wizard.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_ldap_connection Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Connection Module)
This port adds the LDAP Connection Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_ldap_authentication Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Authentication Module)
This port adds the LDAP Authentication Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_dashboard Tryton Application Platform (Dashboard Module)
This port adds the Dashboard Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_currency Tryton Application Platform (Currency Module)
trytond_currency is the currency module for trytond.

It define currencies and exchange rate. Allow to customize the
formatting of the currency amount.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_country Tryton Application Platform (Country Module)
trytond_country is the country module for tryton.

The country module defines the concepts of country and
subdivision and comes preloaded with the ISO 3166 list of
countries and subdivisions thanks to the pycountry module.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_company_work_time Tryton Application Platform (Company Work Time Module)
trytond_company_work_time is the Company Work Time Module to the Tryton
Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_company Tryton Application Platform (Company Module)
trytond_company is the company module for tryton.

The company module defines the concepts of company and employee
and extend the user model.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_carrier_weight Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Weight Module)
This port adds the Carrier Weight Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_carrier_percentage Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Percentage Module)
This port adds the Carrier Percentage Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_carrier Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Module)
This port adds the Carrier Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_calendar_todo Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Todo Module)
This port adds the Calendar Todo Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_calendar_scheduling Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Scheduling Module)
This port adds the Calendar Scheduling Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_calendar_classification Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Classification Module)
This port adds the Calendar Classification Module to the Tryton
Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_calendar Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Module)
trytond_calendar adds the Calendar Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_analytic_sale Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Sale Module)
This port adds the Analytic Sale Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_analytic_purchase Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Purchase Module)
This port adds the Analytic Purchase Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_analytic_invoice Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Invoice Module)
This port adds the Analytic Invoice Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_analytic_account Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Account Module)
This port adds the Analytic Account Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_stock_continental Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Continental Module)
This port adds the Account Stock Continental Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_stock_anglo_saxon Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Anglo Saxon Module)
This port adds the Account Stock Anglo Saxon Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_statement Tryton Application Platform (Account Statement Module)
This port adds the Account Statement Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_product Tryton Application Platform (Account Product Module)
The trytond_account_product is a module for tryton. It defines the
link between product and account.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_invoice_line_standalone Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Line Standalone Module)
This port adds the Account Invoice Line Standalone Module to the Tryton
Application Platform.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_invoice_history Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice History Module)
This port adds the Account Invoice History Module to the Tryton Application

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_invoice Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Module)
The account invoice is a module for tryton. It defines data model
and business logic for creating invoices.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_be Tryton Application Platform (Belgian Account Chart)
This module provides the chart of account which is used in Belgium.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account_asset Tryton Application Platform (Account Asset Module)
This module provides the chart of account which is used in Belgium.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28_account Tryton Application Platform (Account Module)
trytond_account is a account module for tryton.

The account module defines fundamentals for most of accounting needs.
It include: General accounting, Fiscal year management, Taxes management,
Journal entries, Reconciliation. And with reports: General ledger, Trial
balance, Balance sheet, Income statement, Third party balance, Aged
balance and General journal.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/trytond28 Tryton Application Platform (Server)
Tryton is a three-tiers high-level general purpose application platform
under the license GPL-3 written in Python and using PostgreSQL as
database engine. It is the core base of a complete business solution
providing modularity, scalability and security.

2013-11-20T17:20:57+00:00 finance/tryton28 Tryton Application Platform (Gtk+ Client)
This is the Tryton Gtk+ client. It provides the GUI frontend to the Tryton
server (trytond).

2013-11-20T08:38:37+00:00 sysutils/puppet-mode.el Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet-mode.el is a major Emacs mode for editing puppet manifests.

2013-11-20T03:15:07+00:00 textproc/rubygem-yard-chef YARD plugin for Chef
yard-chef is a YARD plugin for Chef that adds support for documenting Chef
resources, providers, and definitions.

2013-11-19T20:00:54+00:00 devel/p5-Geo-JSON Perl OO interface for geojson
Geo::JSON converts to and from geojson using Perl objects. GeoJSON objects
represent various geographical positions - points, lines, polygons, etc.

Currently supports 2 or 3 dimensions (longitude, latitude, altitude). Further
dimensions in positions are ignored for calculations and comparisons, but will
be read-from and written-to.

2013-11-19T15:25:08+00:00 sysutils/mbgtools Drivers and tools for Meinberg PTP/GPS cards
Tools for Meinberg GPS and PTP cards including a loadable kernel

2013-11-18T19:31:36+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-Passwd-XS Full XS implementation of common crypt() algorithms
Crypt::Passwd::XS - Full XS implementation of common crypt() algorithms

This module provides several common crypt() schemes as full XS
implementations. It allows you to validate crypted passwords that were
hashed using a scheme that the system's native crypt() implementation
does not support.

The following files are adapted from other sources (primarily DragonFly BSD.)
See the copyright notices in these files for full details:

crypt_to64.c - copyright 1991 University of California
crypt_to64.h - copyright 1991 University of California
des.c - copyright 1994 David Burren, Geoffrey M. Rehmet, Mark R V Murray
md5.c - copyright 1999, 2000, 2002 Aladdin Enterprises
md5.h - copyright 1999, 2000, 2002 Aladdin Enterprises
md5crypt.c - copyright Poul-Henning Kamp
md5crypt.h - copyright Poul-Henning Kamp
sha256crypt.c - public domain reference implementation by Ulrich Drepper
sha512crypt.c - public domain reference implementation by Ulrich Drepper

2013-11-18T19:29:06+00:00 www/p5-Template-Plugin-StripScripts TT plugin to filter HTML against XSS
Template::Plugin::StripScripts is a Template::Toolkit plugin to
filter HTML and strip scripting snipets which can cause XSS.
Additionally, due to some nice features from HTML::StripScripts,
this module can work really flexibly on treating HTML.

2013-11-18T19:28:22+00:00 graphics/p5-Image-LibExif Read EXIF module
Very simple and very fast (about 30 times faster than Image::ExifTool) EXIF
extractor, based on libexif.

2013-11-18T19:27:31+00:00 textproc/p5-XML-Declare Create XML documents with declaration style
Create XML documents with declaration style.

2013-11-18T19:26:56+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-Action-Serialize-XML-Hash-LX XML::Hash::LX serializer for Catalyst::Action::Serialize
XML::Hash::LX serialize/deserializer for Catalyst (Catalyst::Action::Serialize
and Catalyst::Action::Deserialize).

2013-11-18T19:25:54+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-PerUser Per user sessions (instead of per browser sessions)
This plugin allows you to write e.g. shopping cart code
which should behave well for guests as well as permanent users.

The basic idea is both logged in and not logged in users can
get the same benefits from sessions where it doesn't matter,
but that logged in users can keep their sessions accross logins,
and will even get the data they added/changed assimilated to their
permanent account if they made the changes as guests and then logged in.

This is probably most useful for e-commerce sites, where the
shopping cart is typically used before login, and should be
equally accessible to both guests and logged in users.

2013-11-18T19:24:53+00:00 net/p5-Net-Google-PicasaWeb Use Google Picasa Web API
Net::Google::PicasaWeb - use Google's Picasa Web API

This is both a library and a set of simple scripts for
reading information about a Google PicasaWeb account.

2013-11-18T19:23:56+00:00 graphics/p5-Image-ObjectDetect Detects objects from picture using opencv
Image::ObjectDetect is a simple module to detect objects
from picture using opencv.

2013-11-18T19:23:28+00:00 devel/p5-accessors-fast Wrap fastest Class::Accessor::* into pragma
This module was created as an alternative to use fields,
and uses Class::Accessor::Fast as a base

Creates accessors at compiletime

Have own default new method: it creates object as a blessed hash,
then locks keys to defined field list, and invoke init.
So, recommended usage inside packages, is access by hash keys
(it's 3 times faster then accessor). Since keys are locked,
you will not suffer from autovivification. Public interface
recommended to be documented as accessors.

Uses Class::C3

2013-11-18T14:08:08+00:00 sysutils/p5-BackupPC-XS Perl extension for BackupPC libraries
BackupPC::XS implements various BackupPC functions in a perl-callable module.
This module is required for BackupPC V4+.

2013-11-17T16:45:44+00:00 textproc/stardict-quick Dictionaries from Quick for StarDict
Dictionaries from Quick for StarDict.

2013-11-17T16:45:44+00:00 textproc/stardict-dictd_mova Dictionaries from for StarDict
Dictionaries from for StarDict.

2013-11-17T08:30:23+00:00 devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_Git Simple wrapper for Git
Simple wrapper for Git

2013-11-17T02:51:46+00:00 www/libhtp-suricata Security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol
LibHTP is a security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol and the related bits
and pieces. The goals of the project, in the order of importance, are as

1. Completeness of coverage; LibHTP must be able to parse virtually all
traffic that is found in practice.

2. Permissive parsing; LibHTP must never fail to parse a stream that would
be parsed by some other web server.

3. Awareness of evasion techniques; LibHTP must be able to detect and
effectively deal with various evasion techniques, producing, where
practical, identical or practically identical results as the web
server processing the same traffic stream.

4. Performance; The performance must be adequate for the desired tasks.
Completeness and security are often detremental to performance. Our
idea of handling the conflicting requirements is to put the library
user in control, allowing him to choose the most desired library

2013-11-16T19:36:56+00:00 www/py-django15 High-level Python Web framework
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.

Developed and used over the past two years by a fast-moving online-news
operation, Django was designed from scratch to handle two challenges: the
intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of experienced
Web developers. It has convenient niceties for developing content-management
systems, but it's an excellent tool for building any Web site.

2013-11-16T19:26:33+00:00 graphics/opencollada Library for reading and writing COLLADA files
OpenCOLLADA is a reader and writer library for the COLLADA format, an open,
royalty-free standard for exchanging 3D asset information between applications,
digital content creation tools and libraries.

2013-11-16T17:57:22+00:00 textproc/sv-hunspell Swedish hunspell dictionaries
Swedish hunspell dictionaries

2013-11-16T12:50:57+00:00 devel/pecl-jsonc PECL extension for JSON manipulation
Support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) serialization. This is a drop-in
alternative to PHP standard json extension.

2013-11-16T12:11:27+00:00 security/masscan Very fast port scanner
masscan is a very fast port scanner.

Using masscan, you can get results similar to nmap.
And masscan is not only faster than other scanners,
also more flexible setting for address and port ranges.

2013-11-16T05:06:38+00:00 devel/py-futures Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3
Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2

The concurrent.futures module provides a high-level interface for
asynchronously executing callables.

This is described in PEP-3148 and is included in Python 3.2+

2013-11-15T20:52:16+00:00 www/pecl-yar Yar (Yet another RPC framework) is a light, concurrent RPC framework
Yar (Yet another RPC framework) is a light, concurrent RPC framework,
supports multi package protocols (json, msgpack)

2013-11-15T20:48:57+00:00 devel/p5-File-Slurp-Tiny Simple, sane and efficient file slurper
File::Slurp::Tiny provides functions for fast and correct slurping and spewing.
All functions are optionally exported.

2013-11-15T19:16:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-builder32 Facilitate programmatic generation of XML markup
Simple builder to facilitate programmatic generation of XML markup.

2013-11-15T17:00:46+00:00 databases/p5-AnyEvent-Memcached AnyEvent memcached client
Asyncronous memcached/memcachedb client for AnyEvent framework

2013-11-15T16:52:58+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-Leak-Cb Detect leaked callbacks
Detect leaked callbacks

2013-11-15T16:48:33+00:00 devel/p5-DateTime-Format-RSS Format DateTime For RSS
Format DateTime For RSS

DateTime::Format::RSS attempts to deal with those nasty RSS
date/time strings used in fields (such as <issued>, <modified>,
<pubDate>) that never ever seems to be right.

2013-11-15T16:41:49+00:00 devel/p5-Test-If Test only if
Test only if ...

2013-11-15T16:37:49+00:00 devel/p5-Variable-Eject Eject variables from hash to current namespace
Variable::Eject - Eject variables from hash to current namespace

2013-11-15T16:28:54+00:00 devel/p5-CPAN-Site Extend CPAN with private packages
The cpansite script is used to create your own CPAN server.
The logic is implemented in CPAN::Site::Index which you may
use directly.

You only need to install this module on one server in your network.

2013-11-15T16:17:05+00:00 www/p5-Toader CMS meant to be used from the terminal and integrated into a VCS for rendering static pages
Toader is a CMS that renders to static pages. It is control from
command line.

It is meant to be integrated with a VCS, allowing a source/control of
a website to be stored in the same location as the project or
projects a site is for.

2013-11-15T16:04:51+00:00 devel/p5-Script-isAperlScript Basic check for if something is a perl script or not
This does a basic check if something is a perl script or not.

2013-11-15T15:59:23+00:00 textproc/p5-Pod-WikiDoc Generate Pod from inline wiki style text
Pod works well, but writing it can be time-consuming and tedious. For example,
commonly used layouts like lists require numerous lines of text to make just a
couple of simple points. An alternative approach is to write documentation in
a wiki-text shorthand (referred to here as wikidoc) and use Pod::WikiDoc to
extract it and convert it into its corresponding Pod as a separate .pod file.

2013-11-15T15:46:57+00:00 devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Callback Perl extension adapter for Log::Any with callbacks
Adapter to use callbacks with Log::Any.

2013-11-15T15:12:58+00:00 devel/p5-String-RewritePrefix Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes
String::RewritePrefix - rewrite strings based on a set
of known prefixes

2013-11-15T14:48:13+00:00 net/p5-Net-CIDR-Set Manipulate sets of IP addresses
Net::CIDR::Set represents sets of IP addresses and
allows standard set operations (union, intersection,
membership test etc) to be performed on them.

In spite of the name it can work with sets consisting
of arbitrary ranges of IP addresses - not just CIDR blocks.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are handled - but they may not
be mixed in the same set.

2013-11-15T14:42:59+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-RSA-Yandex Perl binding to modified RSA (yamrsa)
Perl binding to modified RSA library (yamrsa) for encrypting Yandex auth token

2013-11-15T14:24:29+00:00 devel/p5-Lingua-Translit Transliterates text between writing systems
Lingua::Translit can be used to convert text from one writing system to
another, based on national or international transliteration tables. Where
possible a reverse transliteration is supported.

2013-11-15T13:48:38+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Mixin API for aliasing methods to/from other classes
Class::Mixin provides a way to mix methods from one class into another,
such that the target class can use both its methods as well as those of
the source class.
The primary advantage is that the behavior of a class can be modified
to effectively be another class without changing any of the calling
code -- just requires using the new class that mixes into the original.

2013-11-14T20:36:55+00:00 lang/nimrod The Nimrod programming language
Nimrod is a statically typed, imperative programming language that tries
to give the programmer ultimate power without compromises on runtime
efficiency. This means it focuses on compile-time mechanisms in all
their various forms.

Beneath a nice infix/indentation based syntax with a powerful (AST
based, hygienic) macro system lies a semantic model that supports a soft
realtime GC on thread local heaps. Asynchronous message passing is used
between threads, so no "stop the world" mechanism is necessary. An
unsafe shared memory heap is also provided for the increased efficiency
that results from that model.

2013-11-13T18:15:08+00:00 graphics/sdl2_gfx SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions
The SDL_gfx library evolved out of the SDL_gfxPrimitives code which provided
basic drawing routines such as lines, circles or polygons and SDL_rotozoom
which implemented a interpolating rotozoomer for SDL surfaces.

The current components of the SDL_gfx library are:

- Graphic Primitives (SDL_gfxPrimitves.h)
- Rotozoomer (SDL_rotozoom.h)
- Framerate control (SDL_framerate.h)
- MMX image filters (SDL_imageFilter.h)

2013-11-13T16:54:21+00:00 devel/tclvfs Tcl VirtualFileSystem layer
The TclVfs project aims to provide an extension to the Tcl language which
allows Virtual Filesystems to be built using Tcl scripts only. It is also a
repository of such Tcl-implemented filesystems (metakit, zip, ftp, tar, http,
webdav, namespace, url)

2013-11-13T12:01:18+00:00 devel/etcdctl Simple commandline client for etcd
Etcdctl is a command line client for etcd. It can
be used in scripts or for administrators to explore
an etcd cluster.

2013-11-12T22:15:39+00:00 emulators/fuse-roms Spectrum ROM files, for use with the Fuse emulator
This port installs some extra ZX spectrum ROM images which have been
removed after version of the Fuse emulator.

2013-11-12T20:10:06+00:00 multimedia/smpeg2 Free MPEG1 video player library with sound support
SMPEG is a free MPEG1 video player library with sound support. Video playback
is based on the ubiquitous Berkeley MPEG player, mpeg_play v2.2. Audio is
played through a slightly modified mpegsound library, part of Splay v0.8.2.
SMPEG supports MPEG audio (MP3), MPEG-1 video, and MPEG system streams.

plaympeg is simple video players provided to test the library. The C library
interface is 'documented' in smpeg.h, and the C++ library interface is spread
out over the MPEG*.h files.

This is a work in progress. Only 16 or 32 bit color depth is supported.
The player will dynamically convert to other color depths, but playback
will be much faster if your display is already set to 16 bit color depth.

2013-11-12T18:52:03+00:00 devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_Version Managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects
Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects

2013-11-12T17:30:33+00:00 games/manaplus Free open source 2D MMORPG client for athena and evol servers
ManaPlus is a 2D MMORPG client for games running on tmwAthena, evol or
eathena servers. It fully supports Evol Online, The Mana World and Land Of

2013-11-12T16:50:12+00:00 audio/kid3-qt4
2013-11-12T13:24:45+00:00 dns/nsd3 Authoritative only non-recursive name server
NSD (Name Server Daemon) is a complete implementation of an
authoritative DNS nameserver.

2013-11-12T00:11:57+00:00 devel/py-jellyfish Library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings
Jellyfish is a python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of

2013-11-11T20:38:14+00:00 security/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Extensible Extensible authentication framework for Dancer apps
A user authentication and authorisation framework plugin for Dancer apps.

Makes it easy to require a user to be logged in to access certain
routes, provides role-based access control, and supports various
authentication methods/sources (config file, database, Unix system
users, etc).

Designed to support multiple authentication realms and to be as
extensible as possible, and to make secure password handling easy (the
base class for auth providers makes handling `RFC2307'-style hashed
passwords really simple, so you have no excuse for storing plain-text

2013-11-11T20:32:09+00:00 math/py-patsy Python package for statistical models and design matrices
Patsy is a Python library for describing statistical models (especially linear
models, or models that have a linear component) and building design matrices.
Patsy brings the convenience of R "formulas" to Python.

2013-11-11T14:40:44+00:00 lang/nx Highly flexible, Tcl-based, object-oriented scripting language
NX is a highly flexible, Tcl-based, object-oriented scripting language. It is a
descendant of XOTcl and was designed based on 10 years of experience with XOTcl
in projects containing several hundred thousand lines of code. While XOTcl was
the first language designed to provide language support for design patterns and
to provide a highly dynamic programming environment, the Next Scripting
Framework (NSF) and NX add to these features support for language-oriented

2013-11-11T14:08:52+00:00 security/p5-Unix-Passwd-File Manipulate passwd and group entries
Unix::Passwd::File can be used to read and manipulate entries in Unix system
password files (/etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow) but can also
be told to search in custom location, for testing purposes).

This module uses a procedural (non-OO) interface. Each function in this module
open and read the passwd files once. Read-only functions like `list_users()` and
`get_max_gid()` open in read-only mode. Functions that might write to the files
like `add_user()` or `delete_group()` first lock `passwd.lock` file, open in
read+write mode and also read the files in the first pass, then seek to the
beginning and write back the files.

No caching is done so you should do your own if you need to.

2013-11-11T14:08:22+00:00 security/p5-Crypt-Password-Util Crypt password utilities
Crypt::Password::Util is a crypt password utilities.

Its crypt($str) works like Perl's crypt(), but automatically choose the
appropriate crypt type and random salt. Will first choose SSHA512 with 64-bit
random salt. If not supported by system, fall back to MD5-CRYPT with 32-bit
random salt. If that is not supported, fall back to CRYPT.

Its crypt_type($str) returns crypt type, or undef if $str does not look like a
crypted password. Currently known types: CRYPT (traditional DES crypt),
MD5-CRYPT (including Apache variant), SSHA256 (salted SHA256), SSHA512 (salted
SHA512), and PLAIN-MD5.

See also Authen::Passphrase which recognizes more encodings (but currently not
SSHA256 and SSHA512).

2013-11-11T14:08:08+00:00 devel/p5-UUID-Random-Patch-UseMRS Make UUID::Random use Math::Random::Secure::rand()
UUID::Random::Patch::UseMRS makes UUID::Random use rand() from
Math::Random::Secure instead of the default rand() that comes with Perl. It is
useful for creating cryptographically secure UUID's. On the other hand, as a
note, this makes generate() around 20 times slower.

After you use this module, use UUID::Random as usual.

2013-11-11T14:07:38+00:00 devel/p5-UUID-Random Generate random uuid strings
UUID::Random generates random uuid strings. It does not satisfy any of the
points listed in RFC 4122 but the default format.

If you need RFC compliant UUID strings have a look at Data::UUID.

2013-11-10T15:42:50+00:00 devel/pecl-jsmin PHP extension for minifying JavaScript
This extension provides an API for minifying JavaScript.

2013-11-10T14:02:44+00:00 devel/py-ipdb IPython-enabled pdb
ipdb exports functions to access the IPython debugger, which features tab
completion, syntax highlighting, better tracebacks, better introspection with
the same interface as the pdb module.

2013-11-10T11:01:02+00:00 biology/seqtools Tools for visualising sequence alignments
A suite of tools for visualising sequence alignments.

Blixem is an interactive browser of pairwise alignments that have
been stacked up in a "master-slave" multiple alignment; it is not
a 'true' multiple alignment but a 'one-to-many' alignment.

Belvu is a multiple sequence alignment viewer and phylogenetic tool.
It has an extensive set of user-configurable modes to color residues
by conservation or by residue type, and some basic alignment editing

Dotter is a graphical dot-matrix program for detailed comparison
of two sequences. Every residue in one sequence is compared to every
residue in the other, with one sequence plotted on the x-axis and
the other on the y-axis.

2013-11-09T23:13:34+00:00 converters/p5-JSON-Tiny Minimalistic JSON
JSON::Tiny is a standalone adaptation of Mojo::JSON, from the Mojolicious
framework. It has been adapted as a single-source-file module of under 350 lines
of code and core-only dependencies.

Key features include relaxed JSON handling, transparent Unicode support, speed,
small memory footprint, and a minimal code base ideal for bundling or inlining.

Mojo::JSON was chosen as a model because it is robust, minimal, and well tested.
Mojo::JSON's tests were also adapted to a design free of non-core dependencies.

2013-11-09T15:17:54+00:00 devel/thrift-c_glib C glib interface to Thrift
C glib interface to Thrift.

2013-11-09T15:11:49+00:00 devel/thrift-cpp C++ interface to Thrift
C++ interface to Thrift.

2013-11-08T13:04:41+00:00 games/frozen-bubble Shoot frozen bubbles to build groups of the same color
Frozen Bubble is a game in which you throw colorful bubbles and build
groups to destroy the bubbles. In 1p mode, destroy all the bubbles to
access the next level. In 2p mode, have your opponent die before you.

2013-11-08T02:05:38+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-LTSV Perl extension for Labeled Tab Separated Value manipulator
Labeled Tab-separated Values (LTSV) format is a variant of
Tab-separated Values (TSV). Each record in a LTSV file is represented
as a single line. Each field is separated by TAB and has a label and
a value. The label and the value have been separated by ':'.

2013-11-07T16:35:50+00:00 devel/p5-Alien-SDL Detect and get configuration setting for SDL
Alien::SDL can be used to detect and get configuration settings
from an installed SDL and related libraries.

2013-11-07T13:44:01+00:00 devel/pure-stllib Pure interface to C++ STL map and vectors
pure-stllib is an "umbrella" package that contains a pair of Pure addons,
pure-stlvec and pure-stlmap. These addons provide Pure interfaces to a
selection of containers provided by the C++ Standard Library, specialized
to hold pointers to arbitrary Pure expressions.

2013-11-07T13:03:50+00:00 devel/p5-Git-Repository-Plugin-Log Add a log() method to Git::Repository
Git::Repository::Plugin::Log adds a log() method to Git::Repository, which will
return Git::Repository::Log objects representing the commit information provided
by `git log`.

2013-11-07T10:45:23+00:00 graphics/p5-Color-Calc Simple calculations with RGB colors
The module implements simple calculations with RGB colors.
This can be used to create a full color scheme from a few colors.

2013-11-07T07:32:58+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Reader Perl extension to read the source of module like perl does
Reads the content of perl modules the same way perl does. This
includes reading modules available only by @INC hooks, or filtered
through them.

2013-11-07T05:37:32+00:00 devel/p5-App-FatPacker Perl extension to pack your dependencies onto your script file
Pack your dependencies onto your script file.

2013-11-07T03:55:50+00:00 textproc/p5-XML-Handler-HTMLWriter PerlSAX handlers for outputting HTML
XML::Handler::HTMLWriter is a SAX handler module for outputting
HTML, based on the rules in the XSLT specification, including things
like empty and non-closing tags, and boolean attributes.

2013-11-06T18:57:15+00:00 converters/p5-JSON-MaybeXS Use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::PP
JSON::MaybeXS tries to load Cpanel::JSON::XS, and if that fails instead tries to
load JSON::PP. If neither is available, an exception will be thrown.

It then exports the encode_json and decode_json functions from the loaded
module, along with a JSON constant that returns the class name for calling new

2013-11-06T18:56:00+00:00 converters/p5-Cpanel-JSON-XS JSON::XS for Cpanel, fast and correct serialising
Cpanel::JSON::XS converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa. Its
primary goal is to be correct and its secondary goal is to be fast. To reach the
latter goal it was written in C.

As this is the n-th-something JSON module on CPAN, what was the reason to write
yet another JSON module? While it seems there are many JSON modules, none of
them correctly handle all corner cases, and in most cases their maintainers are
unresponsive, gone missing, or not listening to bug reports for other reasons.

2013-11-06T15:04:01+00:00 databases/py-Pyrseas Framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database
Pyrseas provides a framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational
database. Its purpose is to enhance and follow through on the concepts of the
Andromeda Project (

2013-11-06T14:31:14+00:00 devel/py-stsci.distutils Packaging utilities used by some of STScI's packages
This package contains utilities used to package some of STScI's Python
projects, specifically those projects that comprise stsci_python and Astrolib.

It currently consists mostly of some setup_hook scripts meant for use with
distutils2/packaging and/or d2to1, and a customized easy_install command meant
for use with distribute.

This package is not meant for general consumption, though it might be worth
looking at for examples of how to do certain things with your own packages.

2013-11-06T11:42:15+00:00 net-p2p/libtorrent-rasterbar C++ library implementing a BitTorrent client
libtorrent is an open source C++ library implementing the BitTorrent
protocol, along with most popular extensions, making it suitable for
real world deployment. It is configurable to be able to fit both
servers and embedded devices.

The main goals of libtorrent are to be efficient and easy to use.

NB: this is NOT the same library as the net-p2p/libtorrent port!

2013-11-06T11:42:15+00:00 net-p2p/libtorrent-rasterbar-python Python bindings for libtorrent-rasterbar
The python vinfing of libtorrent, an open source C++ library implementing the
BitTorrent protocol.

2013-11-06T05:08:32+00:00 x11-fonts/py-bdflib Library for working with BDF font files
This library allows Python to read, modify, and write out bitmap fonts in
the BDF file format, such as are used as screen fonts in GNOME and KDE
(among others).

2013-11-06T01:33:51+00:00 devel/p5-Sys-Sendfile Perl extension for zero-copy data transfer
Sys::Sendfile provides access to your operating system's sendfile
facility. It allows you to efficiently transfer data from one
filehandle to another. Typically the source is a file on disk and the
sink is a socket, and some operating systems may not even support
other usage.

2013-11-05T22:02:04+00:00 devel/subversion-book Subversion Documentation HTML/PDF
Version Control with Subversion

free book about the ubiquitous Apache. Subversion version control
system and written by some of the developers of Subversion itself.

If you like the book please consider to buy a printed version and
support the subversion documentation project.

2013-11-05T18:39:09+00:00 devel/pecl-msgpack Provides API for communicating with MessagePack serialization
This extension provides API for communicating with MessagePack serialization.

2013-11-05T17:58:34+00:00 devel/pecl-uri_template URI Template(RFC6570) library for PHP
Implementation of URI Template(RFC6570) specification for PHP.

2013-11-05T16:53:59+00:00 devel/p5-LV LV for lvalue
LV makes lvalue subroutines easy and practical to use. It's inspired by the
lvalue module which is sadly problematic because of the existence of another
module on CPAN called Lvalue. (They can get confused on file-systems that have
case-insensitive file names.)

LV comes with three different implementations, based on Variable::Magic,
Sentinel and tie; it will choose and use the best available one. You can force
LV to pick a particular implementation using:

$ENV{PERL_LV_IMPLEMENTATION} = 'Magic'; # or 'Sentinel' or 'Tie'

The tie implementation is the slowest, but will work on Perl 5.6 with only core

2013-11-05T16:51:53+00:00 devel/p5-Sentinel Create lightweight SCALARs with get/set callbacks
Sentinel provides a single lvalue function, sentinel, which yields a scalar that
invoke callbacks to get or set its value. Primarily this is useful to create
lvalue object accessors or other functions, to invoke actual code when a new
value is set, rather than simply updating a scalar variable.

2013-11-05T08:59:18+00:00 devel/critcl Compiled Runtime in Tcl
The C Runtime In Tcl, CriTcl for short, is a system to build C extension
packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded within Tcl scripts,
for all who wish to make their code go faster.

2013-11-05T07:58:00+00:00 textproc/p5-YAML-Tiny-Color Perl extension to dump YAML with color
This module dumps your data structure as YAML with color using ANSI
escape sequences. To change the colors, see %theme in source code.

2013-11-05T04:15:52+00:00 devel/p5-Project-Libs Perl extension to add module directories of a project into @INC
Project::Libs automatically adds directories that may contain modules
which a project depends on.

2013-11-04T20:12:04+00:00 security/pecl-scrypt PHP wrapper to Colin Percival's scrypt implementation
This is a PHP library providing a wrapper to Colin Percival's scrypt
implementation. Scrypt is a key derivation function designed to be
far more secure against hardware brute-force attacks than alternative
functions such as PBKDF2 or bcrypt.

2013-11-04T14:29:14+00:00 www/p5-Cookie-Baker Perl extension for cookie string generator/parser
Cookie string generator / parser.

2013-11-04T14:20:39+00:00 textproc/apache-poi Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files
The POI project consists of APIs for manipulating various file formats based
upon Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format using pure Java. In short, you
can read and write MS Excel files using Java. Soon, you'll be able to read and
write Word files using Java. POI is your Java Excel solution as well as your
Word Excel solution. However, we have a complete API for porting other OLE 2
Compound Document formats and welcome others to participate.

2013-11-04T13:08:03+00:00 devel/p5-Proc-Pidfile Perl extension to manage .pid file for current process
Proc::Pidfile is a very simple OO interface which manages a pidfile
for the current process. You can pass the path to a pidfile to use as
an argument to the constructor, or you can let Proc::Pidfile choose
one (basically, "/var/run/$basename", if you can write to /var/run,
otherwise "/$tmpdir/$basename").

2013-11-04T09:41:14+00:00 sysutils/dunst Lightweight notification daemon
Dunst is a lightweight replacement for the notification-daemons provided
by most desktop environments. It's very customizable, doesn't depend on
any toolkits, and therefore fits in those window manager centric setups
we all love to customize to perfection.

2013-11-04T08:57:06+00:00 sysutils/panicmail Automatically report kernel panics
When rebooting after a panic, send an encrypted email containing basic
dump metadata along with a kernel backtrace, in order to assist FreeBSD
developers in identifying and fixing common panics.
2013-11-04T06:05:12+00:00 security/pkesh Public Key Encryption SHell script
pkesh is a Public Key Encryption SHell script. Think GPG with 99.9% less
code and without the web-of-trust mechanism: pkesh encrypts data to a key,
and it's up to you to make sure it's the correct key.
2013-11-04T01:58:30+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Builder-Conditionals Perl extension to extend Plack::Builder
Plack::Builder extension.

2013-11-03T21:21:01+00:00 net-p2p/cpuminer CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin
cpuminer is a simple daemon that performs Bitcoin or Litecoin
pooled or solo mining.

2013-11-03T16:59:07+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-attack Rack middleware for throttling and blocking abusive requests
Rack middleware for throttling and blocking abusive requests

2013-11-03T16:34:00+00:00 devel/rubygem-devise-async Send Devise emails in background
Send Devise's emails in background. Supports Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed::Job and

2013-11-03T09:49:31+00:00 devel/pecl-event Provides interface to libevent library
This is an extension to efficiently schedule I/O,
time and signal based events using the best I/O
notification mechanism available for specific platform.
This is a port of libevent to the PHP infrastructure.

2013-11-03T05:11:59+00:00 sysutils/grub2-bhyve Grub-emu loader for bhyve
GNU GRUB is a multiboot boot loader. It was derived from GRUB, the GRand
Unified Bootloader, which was originally designed and implemented by Erich
Stefan Boleyn.

This port builds the grub-bhyve binary, allowing booting of non-FreeBSD
operating systems in bhyve.

2013-11-03T05:00:53+00:00 devel/p5-IPC-ShellCmd Run a command with a given environment and capture output
IPC::ShellCmd comes from the nth time I've had to implement a select loop and
wanted appropriate sudo/su privilege magic, environment variables that are set
in the child, working directories set etc.

It aims to provide a reasonable interface for setting up command execution
environment (working directory, environment variables, stdin, stdout and stderr
redirection if necessary), but allowing for ssh and sudo and magicking in the
appropriate shell quoting.

It tries to be flexible about how you might want to capture output, exit status
and other such, but in such a way as it's hopefully easy to understand and make
it work.

Setup method calls are chain-able in a File::Find::Rule kind of a way.

2013-11-02T20:03:10+00:00 devel/p5-Types-Serialiser Simple data types for common serialisation formats
Types::Serialiser provides some extra datatypes that are used by common
serialisation formats such as JSON or CBOR. The idea is to have a repository of
simple/small constants and containers that can be shared by different
implementations so they become interoperable between each other.

2013-11-02T09:41:06+00:00 devel/p5-Path-IsDev Perl extension to determine if path resembles dev source tree
This module is more or less a bunch of heuristics for determining if a
given path is a development tree root of some kind.

This has many useful applications, notably ones that require
behaviours for "installed" modules to be different to those that are
still "in development"

2013-11-01T18:52:03+00:00 textproc/docbook2odf Convert docbook document to Oasis Open Document
Docbook2odf is a toolkit that automatically converts DocBook to OASIS
OpenDocument (ODF, the ISO standardized format used for texts, spreadsheets
and presentations). Conversion is based on a XSLT which makes it easy to
convert DocBook->ODF, ODT, ODS and ODP as all these documents are XML based.

Also goal of docbook2odf is to generate well formatted documents in
OpenDocument, ready to be used in instant, with actually considering current
rules of the Corporate Identity of organizations. Final results should not be
restricted to text like documents but also many other forms could be generated,
like presentations, charts or forms with images and multimedia.

The result is provided in a one zipped ODF file (.odt/.odp/.ods) with all
required content. There are group of utilities like docbook2odt, docbook2ods
and docbook2odp as docbook2odf is actually universally converting to these
respective formats.

2013-11-01T14:41:36+00:00 devel/p5-Class-Tiny Perl extension for minimalist class construction
This module offers a minimalist class construction kit in around 120
lines of code.

2013-11-01T13:33:34+00:00 devel/p5-MooX-late Perl extension to easily translate Moose code to Moo
Moo is a light-weight object oriented programming framework which aims
to be compatible with Moose. MooX::late provides some assistance by
enabling a slightly more Moosey surface syntax.

2013-11-01T12:03:19+00:00 deskutils/kupfer Convenient command and access tool
Kupfer is a GTK interface for quick and convenient access to applications
and their documents.

The most typical use is to find a specific application and launch it.
We have tried to make Kupfer easy to extend with plugins so that this
quick-access paradigm can be extended to many more objects than just

Kupfer is heavily inspired by Quicksilver. You can enable more Plugins,
but must have installed Applications which this Plugin needs.

2013-11-01T01:12:43+00:00 finance/vanitygen Standalone vanity address generator for bitcoin
Vanitygen can generate regular bitcoin addresses, namecoin addresses,
and testnet addresses.

2013-10-31T21:21:51+00:00 sysutils/py-halite SaltStack Web UI
Halite : SaltStack Web UI

Halite is a lightweight, event-driven web interface for SaltStack.

2013-10-31T19:45:55+00:00 devel/py-tarantool-queue Python bindings for Tarantool queue
Python Bindings for Tarantool Queue (

2013-10-31T17:29:55+00:00 devel/p5-Proc-BackOff Perl module that provides methods to backoff on failures
Proc::BackOff provides methods for a Perl script to backoff retries
when an operation fails.

2013-10-31T13:10:58+00:00 databases/php5-tarantool PECL PHP driver for Tarantool
PECL PHP driver for Tarantool

2013-10-31T02:03:01+00:00 multimedia/librtmp RTMP stream library
librtmp is the library part of rtmpdump.

2013-10-30T21:35:27+00:00 databases/py-tarantool Client library for Tarantool Database
This package is a pure-python client library for Tarantool Database.

2013-10-30T15:51:04+00:00 science/py-pydap Implementation of the Opendap/DODS protocol
Pydap is an implementation of the Opendap/DODS protocol, written from scratch.
You can use Pydap to access scientific data on the internet without having to
download it; instead, you work with special array and iterable objects that
download data on-the-fly as necessary, saving bandwidth and time. The module
also comes with a robust-but-lightweight Opendap server, implemented as a WSGI

2013-10-30T12:47:21+00:00 security/keepassx2 Cross Platform Password Manager
KeePassX is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you
to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your
passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a
key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or
insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. The databases are
encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently
known (AES and Twofish).

2013-10-30T11:28:20+00:00 x11-fonts/inconsolata-lgc-ttf Monospaced TrueType font with Cyrillic glyphs
Inconsolata is one of the most suitable fonts for programmers created by Raph
Levien. Since the original Inconsolata does not contain Cyrillic alphabet,
it was slightly inconvenient for quite a few programmers from Russia.

Inconsolata LGC is a modified version of Inconsolata with added the Cyrillic
alphabet which directly descends from Inconsolata Hellenic supporting modern

2013-10-30T00:00:50+00:00 devel/py-dogpile.cache Caching front-end based on the Dogpile lock
A caching API built around the concept of a "dogpile lock", which allows
continued access to an expiring data value while a single thread generates
a new value.

dogpile.cache builds on the dogpile.core locking system, which implements the
idea of "allow one creator to write while others read" in the abstract.
Overall, dogpile.cache is intended as a replacement to the Beaker caching
system, the internals of which are written by the same author.

2013-10-29T23:56:26+00:00 devel/py-dogpile.core Component of a larger caching solution
A 'dogpile' lock, typically used as a component of a larger caching solution.

Allows a single thread to generate an expensive resource while other threads
use the "old" value, until the "new" value is ready.

Dogpile is basically the locking code extracted from the Beaker package,
for simple and generic usage.

2013-10-29T20:44:19+00:00 textproc/py-pysrt SubRip (.srt) subtitle parser and writer
pysrt is a Python library used to edit or create SubRip files.

2013-10-29T20:38:17+00:00 devel/py-babelfish Module to work with countries and languages
BabelFish is a Python library to work with countries and languages.

2013-10-29T20:32:51+00:00 textproc/py-charade Universal encoding detector for python 2 and 3
Charade: The Universal character encoding detector

- ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 (2 variants), UTF-32 (4 variants)
- Big5, GB2312, EUC-TW, HZ-GB-2312, ISO-2022-CN
(Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
- EUC-JP, SHIFT_JIS, ISO-2022-JP (Japanese)
- EUC-KR, ISO-2022-KR (Korean)
- KOI8-R, MacCyrillic, IBM855, IBM866, ISO-8859-5, windows-1251 (Cyrillic)
- ISO-8859-2, windows-1250 (Hungarian)
- ISO-8859-5, windows-1251 (Bulgarian)
- windows-1252 (English)
- ISO-8859-7, windows-1253 (Greek)
- ISO-8859-8, windows-1255 (Visual and Logical Hebrew)
- TIS-620 (Thai)

2013-10-29T18:10:58+00:00 net/py-gspreadsheet Wrapper around Google Spreadsheets to look like csv.DictReader
gspreadsheet is a wrapper around a wrapper to get Google spreadsheets to look
like csv.DictReader.

If you're used to working with CSVs or a human, you'll find that working with
Google's Python API for spreadsheets is so frustrating. With gspreadsheet, you
can adapt your existing csv code to work with Google Spreadsheets with just two
line changes. As an added bonus, if you alter the dict, those changes get saved
back to the original spreadsheet.

2013-10-29T02:07:34+00:00 databases/luadbi Multi-backend SQL database library for Lua
LuaDBI is a database interface library for Lua. It's designed to provide
an RDBMS agnostic API for handling database operations. It also provides
support for prepared statement handles, placeholders, and bind parameters
for all database operations.

On FreeBSD, LuaDBI supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3 databases with
native database drivers.

2013-10-28T19:54:08+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rich Opinionated WYSIWYG editor for Rails based on CKEditor
Rich is an opinionated WYSIWYG editor for Rails based on CKEditor.

2013-10-28T19:52:21+00:00 devel/rubygem-rack-raw-upload Converts mimetype of application/octet-stream into normal form input
Middleware that converts files uploaded with mimetype application/octet-stream
into normal form input, so Rack applications can read these as normal, rather
than as raw input.

2013-10-28T14:53:49+00:00 www/py-tmdb3 APIv3 interface APIv3 interface

2013-10-27T11:58:23+00:00 games/arkanoidsb Arkanoid and space game
Arkanoid: Space Ball will be a surprise for the amateurs of unusual and
picturesque games as Arkanoid and space games. Everybody who wishes to spend
time perfectly will take a pleasure in Arkanoid: Space Ball too. A futuristic
atmosphere, modern techno-style graphics, a dynamical gameplay and an
excellent soundtrack give this game as a present for all Arkanoids admirers.

2013-10-26T18:50:03+00:00 devel/py-glob2 Glob that captures patterns and supports recursive wildcards
Version of the glob module that can capture patterns
and supports recursive wildcards.

2013-10-26T16:00:45+00:00 security/rubygem-sshkit Toolkit for remotely running commands on groups of servers
SSHKit is a comprehensive toolkit for remotely running commands in a structured
manner on groups of servers.

2013-10-26T10:33:34+00:00 sysutils/minimunin Tiny munin-node implementation written in pure bourne shell
A tiny munin-node implementation for FreeBSD written in pure bourne shell
providing basic plugin support

2013-10-26T06:16:19+00:00 finance/py-stripe Stripe Python bindings
Python bindings for the payment service REST API.

2013-10-25T20:11:00+00:00 sysutils/grub2-efi Multiboot EFI boot loader
GNU GRUB is a multiboot boot loader. It was derived from GRUB, the GRand
Unified Bootloader, which was originally designed and implemented by Erich
Stefan Boleyn.

This port builds the GRUB x86_64-efi boot modules, allowing grub-install
or grub-mkrescue to install with EFI support.

2013-10-25T18:33:35+00:00 devel/php-memoize PHP extension which transparently caches PHP functions
php-memoize is a PHP extension which transparently caches PHP functions, much
like Perl's Memoize module.

It comes with the following storage modules which can be enabled at compile

- memory: Simple per-request module with no dependencies.
Since this is a per-request cache, neither TTLs specified in the
`memoize()` call or `memoize.default_ttl` are used.
- memcached: Uses libmemcached or the memcached PHP extension

2013-10-25T12:27:53+00:00 www/rubygem-haml-rails Haml generator for Rails
Haml-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 3. It also enables Haml as the
templating engine for you, so you don't have to screw around in your own
application.rb when your Gemfile already clearly indicated what templating
engine you have installed. Hurrah.

2013-10-25T03:34:58+00:00 www/rubygem-gitlab-gollum-lib Simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend
A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2013-10-25T03:20:53+00:00 devel/rubygem-gitlab_git GitLab wrapper around git objects
GitLab wrapper around git objects

2013-10-25T03:01:52+00:00 textproc/rubygem-gitlab-grit Library for extracting information from a git repository
Grit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an
object oriented manner. GitLab fork

2013-10-25T02:52:15+00:00 devel/rubygem-gitlab-pygments.rb Exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby
pygments.rb exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby

2013-10-25T02:44:56+00:00 www/rubygem-gitlab-grack Ruby/Rack Git Smart-HTTP Server Handler
Ruby/Rack Git Smart-HTTP Server Handler

2013-10-25T02:28:44+00:00 net/rubygem-gitlab_omniauth-ldap LDAP strategy for OmniAuth
A LDAP strategy for OmniAuth.

2013-10-25T02:09:45+00:00 devel/rubygem-gitlab_meta GitLab meta gem
GitLab meta gem

2013-10-25T02:01:19+00:00 devel/rubygem-font-awesome-rails Provides the Font-Awesome web fonts and stylesheets as a Rails engine
The font-awesome-rails provides the Font-Awesome web fonts and stylesheets as a
Rails engine for use with the asset pipeline.

2013-10-25T01:47:42+00:00 www/rubygem-jquery-atwho-rails jQuery plugin that implements GitHub-like mentions
This is a jQuery plugin that implement Github-like mentions.

2013-10-25T01:38:47+00:00 devel/rubygem-generator_spec Test Rails generators with RSpec
Test Rails generators with RSpec

2013-10-25T01:16:42+00:00 net/rubygem-rubyntlm Message creator and parser for the NTLM authentication
Ruby/NTLM provides message creator and parser for the NTLM authentication.

2013-10-24T20:01:02+00:00 devel/rubygem-simplecov Powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
Code coverage for Ruby 1.9 with a powerful configuration library and automatic
merging of coverage across test suites

2013-10-24T19:52:42+00:00 textproc/rubygem-simplecov-html Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov
Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 1.9+

2013-10-24T19:37:49+00:00 security/rubygem-pyu-ruby-sasl Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Simple Authentication and Security Layer (RFC 4422)

2013-10-24T19:32:04+00:00 textproc/rubygem-github-markup Render any fancy markup
This gem is used by GitHub to render any fancy markup such as Markdown,
Textile, Org-Mode, etc. Fork it and add your own!

2013-10-24T19:26:13+00:00 textproc/rubygem-github-markdown Self-contained Markdown parser for GitHub
Self-contained Markdown parser for GitHub, with all our custom extensions

2013-10-24T19:11:41+00:00 www/rubygem-select2-rails Implement select2 jQuery library into Rails
Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching,
remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results. This gem integrates
Select2 with Rails asset pipeline for easy of use.

2013-10-24T19:06:02+00:00 textproc/rubygem-github-linguist GitHub Language detection
GitHub Language detection

2013-10-24T18:55:56+00:00 www/rubygem-redis-rails Redis for Ruby on Rails
Redis for Ruby on Rails

2013-10-24T18:49:46+00:00 www/rubygem-jquery-turbolinks jQuery plugin for drop-in fix binded events problem caused by Turbolinks
A jQuery plugin for drop-in fix binded events problem caused by Turbolinks

2013-10-24T18:41:12+00:00 databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack Redis session store for ActionPack
Redis session store for ActionPack

2013-10-24T18:32:24+00:00 www/rubygem-actionpack4 Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework
Action Pack is a framework for handling and responding to web requests. It
provides mechanisms for routing (mapping request URLs to actions), defining
controllers that implement actions, and generating responses by rendering views,
which are templates of various formats. In short, Action Pack provides the view
and controller layers in the MVC paradigm.

It consists of several modules:
- Action Dispatch, which parses information about the web request, handles
routing as defined by the user, and does advanced processing related to HTTP
such as MIME-type negotiation, decoding parameters in POST, PATCH, or PUT
bodies, handling HTTP caching logic, cookies and sessions.
- Action Controller, which provides a base controller class that can be
subclassed to implement filters and actions to handle requests. The result of
an action is typically content generated from views.

With the Ruby on Rails framework, users only directly interface with the Action
Controller module. Necessary Action Dispatch functionality is activated by
default and Action View rendering is implicitly triggered by Action Controller.
However, these modules are designed to function on their own and can be used
outside of Rails.

2013-10-24T18:21:31+00:00 devel/rubygem-builder31 Facilitate programmatic generation of XML markup
Simple builder to facilitate programmatic generation of XML markup.

2013-10-24T15:39:27+00:00 textproc/extract_url Perl script that extracts URLs from email in MIME or plain text format
This is a Perl script that extracts URLs from correctly-encoded MIME
email messages or plain text. This can be used either as a
pre-parser for urlview, or to replace urlview entirely.

This is designed primarily for use with the mutt emailer. The idea
is that if you want to access a URL in an email, you pipe the email
to a URL extractor (like this one) which then lets you select a URL
to view in some third program (such as Firefox). An alternative
design is to access URLs from within mutt's pager by defining macros
and tagging the URLs in the display to indicate which macro to use.
A script you can use to do that is

Main features:
- Configurable
- Handles URLs that have been broken over several lines in
format=flowed delsp=yes email messages
- Handles quoted-printable email messages
- Sanitizes URLs so that they can't break out of the command shell

2013-10-24T15:16:10+00:00 www/rubygem-turbolinks Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster
Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails
Asset Pipeline)

2013-10-24T15:00:21+00:00 www/rubygem-redis-rack Redis Store for Rack
Redis Store for Rack

2013-10-24T14:46:52+00:00 www/rubygem-rack15 Rack, a Ruby Webserver Interface
Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby
and Ruby frameworks.

2013-10-24T10:20:55+00:00 games/airstrike 2d biplane dogfight game
Airstrike is a 2d biplane dogfight game in the tradition of the
Intellivision and Amiga games 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'. It features a robust
physics engine and several other extensions of the original games.

Airstrike is a 2d dogfighting game being slowly developed by various people
around the net. It is not yet playable although there is an old version which
may be a bit fun to try.

2013-10-24T03:09:31+00:00 www/redmine-sidebar_hide Adds simple hide button for sidebar of Redmine
Adds simple hide button for sidebar of Redmine

2013-10-24T02:31:13+00:00 devel/rubygem-redis-activesupport Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache
Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache

2013-10-24T02:21:32+00:00 devel/rubygem-activesupport4 Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MVC Framework
Active Support is a collection of utility classes and standard library
extensions that were found useful for the Rails framework. These additions
reside in this package so they can be loaded as needed in Ruby projects outside
of Rails.

2013-10-23T23:29:56+00:00 net/shadowsocks-libev Lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls
Shadowsocks is a lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through

Shadowsocks-libev is a C implentment based on libev. It targets mainly on
embedded devices and low end boxes.

2013-10-23T19:10:37+00:00 www/spdylay SPDY protocol version 2, 3 and 3.1 implementation in C
Spdylay - SPDY C Library

This is an experimental implementation of Google's SPDY protocol in C. This
library provides SPDY version 2, 3 and 3.1 framing layer implementation. It does
not perform any I/O operations. When the library needs them, it calls the
callback functions provided by the application. It also does not include any
event polling mechanism, so the application can freely choose the way of
handling events. This library code does not depend on any particular SSL library
(except for example programs which depend on OpenSSL 1.0.1 or later).

This project also develops SPDY client, server and proxy on top of Spdylay

2013-10-23T19:06:32+00:00 devel/rubygem-minitest4 Minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities
Minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD,
mocking, and benchmarking. minitest/unit is a small and incredibly fast unit
testing framework.

2013-10-23T18:38:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-thread_safe Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby

2013-10-23T18:01:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-atomic Atomic reference implementation
An atomic reference implementation for JRuby, Rubinius, and MRI

2013-10-23T16:05:33+00:00 x11-toolkits/fltk-devel Cross-platform C++ graphical user interface toolkit
The Fast Light ToolKit ("FLTK", pronounced "fulltick") is a LGPL'd C++
graphical user interface for X11.

FLTK provides modern GUI functionality without the bloat and supports
3D graphics via OpenGL and its built-in GLUT emulation.

FLTK is designed to be small and modular enough to be statically linked,
but works fine as a shared library. FLTK also includes an excellent UI
builder called FLUID that can be used to create applications in minutes.

This port tracks the development snapshot releases of FLTK.

2013-10-23T10:29:10+00:00 editors/editorconfig-core-c EditorConfig core library and executable written in C
EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding
styles between different editors and IDEs.

This package provides the core library and editorconfig(1) executable
both written in C for use by text editor plugins supporting
EditorConfig parsing.

2013-10-22T16:30:35+00:00 databases/pear-Horde_Mongo Horde Mongo Configuration
Provides an API to ensure that the PECL Mongo extension can be used
consistently across various Horde packages.

2013-10-22T16:15:08+00:00 net/pear-Horde_Socket_Client Horde Socket Client
This Horde class provides abstract class for use in creating PHP network
socket clients.

2013-10-22T12:41:30+00:00 security/gnutls3 GNU Transport Layer Security library
GnuTLS is a portable ANSI C based library which implements the TLS 1.0 and
SSL 3.0 protocols. The library does not include any patented algorithms and
is available under the GNU Lesser GPL license.

Important features of the GnuTLS library include:
- Thread safety
- Support for both TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols
- Support for both X.509 and OpenPGP certificates
- Support for basic parsing and verification of certificates
- Support for SRP for TLS authentication
- Support for TLS Extension mechanism
- Support for TLS Compression Methods

Additionaly GnuTLS provides an emulation API for the widely used
OpenSSL library, to ease integration with existing applications.

2013-10-21T14:24:28+00:00 www/rubygem-raphael-rails Raphael JS as a Rubygem for use in the Rails asset pipeline
Raphael JS as a Rubygem for use in the Rails asset pipeline

2013-10-21T03:30:57+00:00 devel/rubygem-redis-store Namespaced Redis stores for Ruby web frameworks
Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web

2013-10-21T03:20:07+00:00 devel/rubygem-settingslogic Gem to use YAML and singleton design paterns
A simple and straightforward settings solution that uses an ERB enabled YAML
file and a singleton design pattern.

2013-10-21T03:10:52+00:00 databases/rubygem-seed-fu Library to maintain seed data
Seed Fu is an attempt to once and for all solve the problem of inserting and
maintaining seed data in a database. It uses a variety of techniques gathered
from various places around the web and combines them to create what is
hopefully the most robust seed data system around.

2013-10-21T02:50:09+00:00 www/rubygem-modernizr Neatly packaged Modernizr JS assets
Neatly packaged Modernizr JS assets for use in Sprockets or the Rails 3 asset

2013-10-21T02:37:22+00:00 www/rubygem-jquery-ui-rails Packaged JavaScript, CSS and image files of jQuery UI for Rails
jQuery UI's JavaScript, CSS, and image files packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset

2013-10-21T02:23:06+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-twitter OmniAuth strategy for Twitter
OmniAuth strategy for Twitter

2013-10-21T02:10:23+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-google-oauth2 Google OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x
A Google OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x

2013-10-21T01:59:58+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-github Official OmniAuth strategy for GitHub
Official OmniAuth strategy for GitHub

2013-10-21T01:40:12+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-oauth2 Abstract OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth
An abstract OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth.

2013-10-20T23:48:06+00:00 net/rubygem-omniauth-oauth Generic OAuth strategy for OmniAuth
A generic OAuth (1.0/1.0a) strategy for OmniAuth.

2013-10-20T23:35:32+00:00 security/rubygem-omniauth Generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication
A generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication.

2013-10-20T23:13:58+00:00 devel/rubygem-ref Library with refs across runtimes (MRI, REE, YARV, ...)
Library that implements weak, soft, and strong references in Ruby that
work across multiple runtimes (MRI, REE, YARV, Jruby, Rubinius, and
IronRuby). Also includes implementation of maps/hashes that use references
and a reference queue.

2013-10-20T22:20:05+00:00 devel/rubygem-rspec-spies Test spies, for rspec
Test spies, for rspec

2013-10-20T22:03:29+00:00 sysutils/firstboot-freebsd-update Update the system using freebsd-update when it first boots
Run 'freebsd-update fetch' when the system first boots; and if updates are
downloaded, install them and request a reboot.

Obviously, this port is not useful after a system is already running; it is
intended to be included as part of the installation or disk image building
2013-10-20T21:57:18+00:00 www/rubygem-underscore-rails Underscore.js asset pipeline provider/wrapper
underscore.js asset pipeline provider/wrapper

2013-10-20T21:45:06+00:00 textproc/rubygem-stamp Format dates and times
Format dates and times based on human-friendly examples, not arcane strftime

2013-10-20T21:29:32+00:00 security/rubygem-six Very simple authorization gem
Very simple authorization gem

2013-10-20T20:11:48+00:00 devel/rubygem-cucumber Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy
Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy

2013-10-20T19:28:39+00:00 devel/rubygem-multi_test Help control rogue test, unit, autorun requirements
Wafter-thin gem to help control rogue test/unit/autorun requires

2013-10-20T19:14:52+00:00 textproc/rubygem-gherkin Fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler
A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.

2013-10-20T18:19:28+00:00 net-im/rubygem-tinder Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire
A Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire, the 37Signals chat application.

2013-10-20T16:07:22+00:00 www/rubygem-gon Framework to pass data to JS easily
If you need to send some data to your js files and you don't want to do this
with long way trough views and parsing - use this force!

2013-10-20T15:56:02+00:00 textproc/rubygem-gemoji Emoji assets
Emoji assets

2013-10-20T15:29:17+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape-entity Simple facade to use with your models and APIs
Entities - a simple Facade to use with your models and API - extracted from

2013-10-20T15:18:54+00:00 devel/rubygem-foreman Process manager for applications with multiple components
A Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.

2013-10-20T15:11:56+00:00 devel/rubygem-grape Framework for rapid API development with great conventions
A Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.

2013-10-20T14:56:31+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-accept HTTP Accept* for Ruby/Rack
HTTP Accept, Accept-Charset, Accept-Encoding, and Accept-Language for Ruby/Rack

2013-10-20T14:44:50+00:00 devel/rubygem-virtus Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects

2013-10-20T14:02:15+00:00 devel/rubygem-descendants_tracker Module that adds descendant tracking to a class
Module that adds descendant tracking to a class

2013-10-20T13:45:29+00:00 devel/rubygem-enumerize Enumerated attributes with I18n and ActiveRecord/Mongoid/MongoMapper support
Enumerated attributes with I18n and ActiveRecord/Mongoid/MongoMapper support

2013-10-20T13:34:15+00:00 security/rubygem-ruby-hmac Common interface to HMAC functionality
This module provides common interface to HMAC functionality. HMAC is a kind of
"Message Authentication Code" (MAC) algorithm whose standard is documented in
RFC2104. Namely, a MAC provides a way to check the integrity of information
transmitted over or stored in an unreliable medium, based on a secret key.
Originally written by Daiki Ueno. Converted to a RubyGem by Geoffrey Grosenbach

2013-10-20T13:11:22+00:00 misc/rubygem-dotenv Loads environment variables from .env
Loads environment variables from `.env`.

2013-10-20T12:49:22+00:00 www/rubygem-d3_rails JavaScript framework for data visualization
Gem installation of javascript framework for data visualization, D3

2013-10-20T12:29:45+00:00 net/rubygem-connection_pool Generic connection pool for Ruby
Generic connection pool for Ruby

2013-10-20T05:15:19+00:00 www/rubygem-chosen-rails Box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype
Chosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype.
This gem integrates Chosen with Rails asset pipeline for easy of use.

2013-10-20T04:29:33+00:00 textproc/rubygem-compass-rails Integrate Compass into Rails 2.3 and up
Integrate Compass into Rails 2.3 and up.

2013-10-20T03:58:35+00:00 devel/rubygem-debugger-xml XML interface for rubygem-debugger
An XML interface which glues rubygem-debugger to IDEs like Eclipse (RDT) and
NetBeans. Compatible with ruby-debug-ide.

2013-10-20T03:47:09+00:00 devel/rubygem-debugger Fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger
debugger is a fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger debug.rb. It
is implemented by utilizing a new Ruby C API hook. The core component
provides support that front-ends can build on. It provides breakpoint
handling, bindings for stack frames among other things.

2013-10-20T03:32:23+00:00 devel/rubygem-debugger-linecache Ruby module for reading and caching lines
Linecache is a module for reading and caching lines. This may be useful for
example in a debugger where the same lines are shown many times.

2013-10-20T03:11:06+00:00 devel/rubygem-slim Template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to essential parts
A template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts
without becoming cryptic.

2013-10-20T02:48:58+00:00 devel/rubygem-temple Template compilation framework in Ruby
A template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts
without becoming cryptic.

2013-10-20T02:28:27+00:00 www/rubygem-bootstrap-sass Bootstrap by Twitter
Twitter's Bootstrap, converted to Sass and ready to drop into Rails or Compass

2013-10-20T02:03:29+00:00 textproc/rubygem-asciidoctor Fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain
A fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain, written in Ruby,
for transforming AsciiDoc markup into HTML 5, DocBook 4.5, DocBook 5.0 and
custom outupt formats.

2013-10-20T01:17:20+00:00 www/rubygem-carrierwave Upload files, map them to a range of ORMs, store on different backends
Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them
on different backends.

2013-10-20T00:18:16+00:00 sysutils/nfsping Command line tool to check NFS server response times
NFSping is a command line utility for measuring the response time of an NFS
server. It's basically a copy of the fping interface but doesn't share any code
with that project.

On modern NFS servers, the network stack and filesystem are often being run on
separate cores or even hardware components. This means in practise that a fast
ICMP ping response isn't indicative of how quickly the NFS filesystem is
responding. This tool more directly tests the responsiveness of the server's
operating system's NFS component.

2013-10-19T16:45:47+00:00 x11-wm/obapps Graphical editor for Openbox application settings
OBApps is a graphical tool for configuring the per-application settings
(window matching) in the Openbox window manager.

OBApps uses ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml
(or the config-file Openbox was started with) by default.
You can specify another file as an argument, e.g. .config/openbox/myrc.xml

Enter or change the name, class, role, or type settings by clicking in their
entries in the listbox.

Using the Find button to get settings by clicking on a window changes the
settings for the CURRENTLY SELECTED item in the listbox; it does not add
a new entry unless nothing is highlighted. You'll usually want to use the New
button to create a new item first.

Blank entries for name/class/role/type are ignored. If you want any of those
fields to be stored as literally blank attributes (e.g. to match only a window
with a blank role), enter "" or '' in the field.

Changes are written to the rc.xml file only when the apply button is used.
Openbox will automatically be reconfigured when this is done.

2013-10-19T15:40:04+00:00 www/csso CSS optimizer
CSSO (CSS Optimizer) is a CSS minimizer unlike others. In addition to usual
minification techniques it can perform structural optimization of CSS files,
resulting in smaller file size compared to other minifiers.

2013-10-18T23:43:34+00:00 x11-wm/lxmed LXDE Main Menu Editor
LXMenuEditor is a small, simple, free, open source, easy to use application
that allows you to customize the LXDE menu.

LXMenuEditor is very useful for people that want to create their own,
customized menus for LXDE.

This editor can also be used to customize GNOME's main menu and menus
of other enviroments, although it's specially designed for the LXDE environment.

2013-10-18T22:06:39+00:00 lang/clang32 C, Objective-C, and C++ compiler
The goal of the Clang project is to create a new C, C++, Objective C and
Objective C++ front-end for the LLVM compiler.

2013-10-18T22:06:39+00:00 devel/llvm32 The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) is:
- A compilation strategy designed to enable effective program
optimization across the entire lifetime of a program.
- A virtual instruction set.
- A compiler infrastructure.
- LLVM does not imply things that you would expect from a high-level
virtual machine. It does not require garbage collection or run-time
code generation.

2013-10-18T00:28:50+00:00 games/traingame Game about Trains
Train Game is a game about trains! Woo! You control a train which you drive
around a 3D world picking up cargo, trundle it about, and deliver it for PROFIT;
whilst avoiding disasters like falling off the rails, hitting other trains,
bad weather, or privatisation.
Imagine Elite but with trains instead of space craft.
Cant believe no ones thought of it before.

2013-10-17T23:36:50+00:00 games/vodovod Cross-platform pipe connecting action puzzle game
The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score. You get a limited
number of pipes on each level and need to combine them to lead the water from
the house at the top of the screen to the storage tank at the bottom. For each
pipe water goes through, you get 20 points and if you fill the cross-pipe both
ways, you get 60 points. At end of each level, you are awarded depending on the
skill level:

* Beginner: 100 points
* Toolman: 100 points + number of pipes remaining
* Master plumber: 100 points + 2 x number of pipes remaining

Some of the levels also have obstacles where you cannot place pipes. The game
is playable with joystick/joypad: just move it and press buttons when you go to
Options -> Configure controls

2013-10-17T19:35:22+00:00 russian/bugzilla40 Russian localization for Bugzilla
Russian localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-10-17T19:35:22+00:00 japanese/bugzilla40 Japanese localization for Bugzilla
Japanese localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-10-17T19:35:22+00:00 german/bugzilla40 German localization for Bugzilla
German localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-10-17T19:35:22+00:00 devel/bugzilla40 Bug-tracking system developed by Mozilla Project
Bugzilla is one example of a class of programs called "Defect Tracking
Systems", or, more commonly, "Bug-Tracking Systems". Defect Tracking
Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of
outstanding bugs in their product effectively.

Bugzilla has matured immensely, and now boasts many advanced features.
These include:

* integrated, product-based granular security schema
* inter-bug dependencies and dependency graphing
* advanced reporting capabilities
* a robust, stable RDBMS back-end
* extensive configurability
* a very well-understood and well-thought-out natural bug resolution
* email, XML, console, and HTTP APIs
* available integration with automated software configuration
management systems, including Perforce and CVS (through the
Bugzilla email interface and checkin/checkout scripts)
* too many more features to list

2013-10-17T13:44:04+00:00 databases/p5-Bucardo Asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system
Bucardo is an asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system, allowing for both
multi-master and multi-slave operations. It was developed at by
Jon Jensen and Greg Sabino Mullane of End Point Corporation, and is now in use
at many other organizations. Bucardo is free and open source software released
under the BSD license.

2013-10-17T09:14:41+00:00 graphics/graphos Vector drawing application centered around bezier paths
Graphos roots are directly set in GDraw, written by Enrico Sersale and released
in 2000. Version 0.1 of Graphos is a direct descendant of GDraw: the interface
is almost unchanged, but the application has been refactored, reorganized,
debugged, rewritten and updated.

The main changes were the transition from post-script to NSBezierPath drawing,
total rearrangement of the objects into Drawable Objects and their Editors
organized hierachically and the porting to Macintosh.

2013-10-16T21:59:31+00:00 security/fpm2 Program that allows you to securely store the passwords
Figaro's Password Manager 2 is a program that allows you to securely store the
passwords using GTK2 interface. Features include:
- Passwords are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.
- Copy passwords or usernames to the clipboard/primary selection.
- If the password is for a web site, FPM2 can keep track of the URLs of your
login screens and can automatically launch your browser. In this capacity,
FPM2 acts as a kind of bookmark manager.
- You can teach FPM2 to launch other applications, and optionally pass
hostnames, usernames or passwords to the command line.
- FPM2 also has a password generator that can choose passwords for you. It
allows you to determine how long the password should be, and what types of
characters (lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols) should be used.
You can even have it avoid ambiguous characters such as a capital O or the
number zero.
- Auto-minimise and/or auto-locking passwords database after configurable time
to the tray icon.

2013-10-16T21:50:40+00:00 games/pangzero Clone of Super Pang
Pang Zero is a clone of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves
popping balloons with a harpoon. The intention of our effort is to create
a fun, open-source game that many (currently up to 6) people can play

2013-10-16T21:37:38+00:00 net/wlan2eth Convert packet captures in 802.11 format to Ethernet format
A simple tool to convert packet captures in 802.11 format to Ethernet format.
Lots of tools can only understand Ethernet link types, so I wrote this
tool to convert captures to a format that they can understand.
Note that this tool is really only useful for encrypted traffic.

Specify a wireless packet capture as an input file, and the name of the
desired Ethernet-format output file. Wlan2eth will only convert data frames
to the output file, which will likely result in a significantly smaller output
packet capture file. Note that wlan2eth will only convert unencrypted frames.

2013-10-16T20:21:52+00:00 security/broccoli Bro Client Communications Library
Broccoli is the Bro client communications library and lets you
create applications that can speak the Bro communication protocol.

2013-10-16T10:17:49+00:00 security/py-potr Pure Python Off-The-Record encryption
This is a pure Python OTR implementation; it does not bind to libotr.

2013-10-16T07:16:57+00:00 emulators/dolphin-emu Gamecube and Wii Emulator
Dolphin is a free Gamecube and Wii emulator.

2013-10-15T16:02:57+00:00 games/legend-of-edgar 2D platform game with a persistent world
The Legend of Edgar is a platform game, not unlike those found on the Amiga and
SNES. Edgar must battle his way across the world, solving puzzles and defeating
powerful enemies to achieve his quest.

A 2D platform game with a persistent world.
When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy
night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorcerer who
lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp.

Donning his armour, Edgar sets off to rescue him, but his quest will not be

2013-10-14T20:19:19+00:00 security/py-stem Python controller library for Tor
Stem is a python controller library for Tor. Like its predecessor, TorCtl, it
uses Tor's control protocol to help developers program against the Tor process,
enabling them to build things similar to Vidalia and arm.

2013-10-14T13:59:30+00:00 devel/sdlskk SKK like library for input Japanese, based on SDL
SKK like library for input Japanese, based on SDL.

2013-10-14T13:48:33+00:00 games/bombz Simple 2D puzzle game with bombs
Bombz is a simple 2D puzzle game. It doesn't really have a plot. The object is
to blow up all the bombs on each level then escape off the edge of the screen.
To blow up a bomb, push it to where you want to cause an explosion, then collect
a match (originally a detonator in the Archimedes version) and touch the bomb
again and quickly get out of the way. A bomb destroys everything surrounding it
except the metallic walls; if it blows up another bomb, that takes out
everything around it too so you can set off chain reactions.

2013-10-14T13:33:03+00:00 graphics/ampasACES-container ACES Container Reference Implementation
ACES Container Reference Implementation

This folder contains a reference implementation for an ACES container
file writer intended to be used with the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES).
The resulting file is compliant with the ACES container specification
(SMPTE S2065-4). However, there are a few things that are not demonstrated by
this reference implementation.

Stereo channels
Arbitrary attributes and naming validations
half type attributes
keycode value validations

2013-10-13T23:53:57+00:00 net/freeradius3 Free RADIUS server implementation
FreeRADIUS is the most widely deployed RADIUS server in the world. It is the
basis for multiple commercial offerings. It supplies the AAA needs of many
Fortune-500 companies and Tier 1 ISPs. It is also widely used in the academic
community, including eduroam. The server is fast, feature-rich, modular, and

2013-10-13T03:56:21+00:00 graphics/rubygem-fastimage FastImage finds the size or type of an image
FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its uri by
fetching as little as needed.

2013-10-10T14:08:01+00:00 lang/yap-devel High-performance Prolog compiler
YAP is a high-performance Prolog compiler developed at
LIACC/Universidade do Porto and at COPPE Sistemas/UFRJ. Its Prolog
engine is based in the WAM (Warren Abstract Machine), with several
optimizations for better performance. YAP follows the Edinburgh
tradition, and is largely compatible with the ISO-Prolog standard and
with Quintus and SICStus Prolog.

2013-10-10T02:27:48+00:00 devel/p5-Doxygen-Filter-Perl Input filter for Doxygen enabling support for Perl code documentation
Doxygen Filter is an input filter for Doxygen enabling support for Perl code
documentation. Doxygen is quite a powerful code documentation system that
already has built-in support for multiple programming languages.

2013-10-09T13:23:18+00:00 devel/valgrind-devel Memory debugging and profiling tool
Valgrind is a system for debugging and profiling un*x programs. With the tools
that come with Valgrind, you can automatically detect many memory management
and threading bugs, avoiding hours of frustrating bug-hunting, making your
programs more stable. You can also perform detailed profiling, to speed up and
reduce memory use of your programs.

The Valgrind distribution includes 10 tools:
- memcheck, the primary tool, a memory error detector
- helgrind and drd, thread error detectors
- callgrind and cachegrind, execution and cache profiling tools
- massif, a memory tracker
- dhat, a memory content profiler
- lackey, an example of using the framework
- none, does no instumentation and can check that Valgrind runs correctly
- exp-bbv, and experimental profiling tool using sampling

Valgrind was initially ported to FreeBSD by Doug Rabson.

2013-10-08T19:31:32+00:00 science/fisicalab Physics simulation program for educational use
FisicaLab (can be pronounced as PhysicsLab) is an educational application to
solve physics problems. Its main objective is let the user to focus in physics
concepts, leaving aside the mathematical details (FisicaLab take care of them).
This allows the user to become familiar with the physical concepts without
running the risk of getting lost in mathematical details. And so, when the user
gain confidence in applying physical concepts, will be better prepared to solve
the problems by hand (with pen and paper). The latest release of FisicaLab have
the following modules:

- Kinematics of particles 2D.
- Circular kinematics of particles 2D.
- Static of particles 2D.
- Static of rigid bodies 2D.
- Dynamics of particles 2D.
- Circular dynamics of particles 2D.
- Heat, calorimetry, ideal gas and expansion.

2013-10-08T19:24:30+00:00 multimedia/ffmpeg0 Realtime audio/video encoder/converter and streaming server
[ excerpt (with adaptations) from developer's README ]
ffmpeg is a hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder, a streaming
server and a generic audio and video file converter.

It can convert a standard video source into several file formats
based on DCT/motion compensation encoding. Sound is compressed in
MPEG audio layer 2 or using an AC3 compatible stream.

What makes ffmpeg interesting ?
- Simple and efficient video encoder: outputs MPEG1, H263, Real
Video(tm), MPEG4, DIVX and MJPEG compatible bitstreams using the
same encoder core.
- Hyper fast MPEG audio layer 2 compression (50 times faster than
realtime on a K6 500).
[snip -> rest on website below]

ffmpeg is made of two programs:
* ffmpeg: soft VCR which encodes in real time to several formats.
It can also encode from any supported input file format to any
input supported format.
* ffserver: high performance live broadcast streaming server based
on the ffmpeg core encoders.

2013-10-08T18:46:19+00:00 games/solarus Zelda-like 2D game engine
Solarus is an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine.

2013-10-07T04:46:52+00:00 sysutils/wemux Enhances tmux to make multi-user terminal multiplexing easier
wemux enhances tmux to make multi-user terminal multiplexing both easier and
more powerful. It allows users to host a wemux server and have clients join in

* Mirror Mode gives clients (another SSH user on your machine) read-only access
to the session, allowing them to see you work, or
* Pair Mode allows the client and yourself to work in the same terminal (shared
* Rogue Mode allows the client to pair or work independently in another window
(separate cursors) in the same tmux session.

It features multi-server support as well as user listing and notifications when
users attach/detach.

2013-10-06T23:52:26+00:00 net/gtknetcat GTK GUI for netcat
GtkNetCat is a Graphic User Interface for netcat. Netcat provides system
functions as a computer networking utility for reading from and writing
to network connections on either TCP or UDP.

2013-10-06T19:43:13+00:00 games/hoichess Not-so-very-strong chess engine
HoiChess is an xboard compatible chess engine. HoiChess plays
at easier levels than most modern engines, making chess games
actually winnable for regular human beings.

2013-10-06T09:47:11+00:00 graphics/glfw-devel Portable framework for OpenGL development
GLFW is a free, Open Source, portable library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES
application development. It provides a simple, platform-independent API for
creating windows and contexts, reading input, handling events, etc.

Version 3.0 brings a new API with many new features such as multiple windows
and contexts, multi-monitor support, EGL and OpenGL ES support, clipboard text
support, an error description callback, gamma ramp control, layout-independent
keyboard input and UTF-8 for all strings.

2013-10-06T06:45:45+00:00 sysutils/graffer Utility to render graphical statistics
Graffer is a small utility that collects numeric values from external programs
and produces graphs like mrtg, pfstat or alike.

2013-10-06T04:23:20+00:00 devel/rcs57 Version control system (as was in FreeBSD prior to removal)
The Revision Control System (RCS) manages multiple revisions of files. RCS
automates the storing, retrieval, logging, identification, and merging of
revisions. RCS is useful for text that is revised frequently, including source
code, programs, documentation, graphics, papers, and form letters.

This port is gnu rcs 5.7. It is compatible with the rcs that was in FreeBSD
prior to its removal in FreeBSD-10.0. Some ports will not work with changes
made to rcs (e.g. changes to command line syntax) following the rcs 5.7

2013-10-04T21:54:39+00:00 irc/py-fishcrypt FiSH/Mircryption-compatible encryption for HexChat
FiSH/Mircryption-compatible encryption for XChat/HexChat.

Encrypt/decrypt private conversations
Encrypt/decrypt channel conversations
Choose between ECB and CBC
Automatic DH key exchange (private conversations only)

2013-10-04T17:19:41+00:00 emulators/mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2 Glide64mk2 video plugin for Mupen64Plus
2013-10-04T11:09:38+00:00 devel/etcd Highly-available key value store and service discovery
A highly-available key value store for shared
configuration and service discovery. etcd is
inspired by zookeeper and doozer, with a focus on:

* Simple: curl'able user facing API (HTTP+JSON)
* Secure: optional SSL client cert authentication
* Fast: benchmarked 1000s of writes/s per instance
* Reliable: Properly distributed using Raft

Etcd is written in Go and uses the raft consensus
algorithm to manage a highly-available replicated log.

2013-10-03T22:03:04+00:00 games/lostfeathers Help a bird to recover his magical feathers
The Lost Feathers

You control a boy and his bird named Py. Your goal is to recover Py's
magical feathers, which were stolen by Evil Businessman.

Help a bird to recover his magical feathers.

2013-10-03T21:58:56+00:00 games/lugaru 3D arcade with unique fighting system and anthropomorphic characters
3D arcade with unique fighting system and anthropomorphic characters.

Lugaru's primary feature is its unique combat system. Instead of relying
on confusing button combinations to perform moves, Lugaru's moves are all
logical and context sensitive. For example, if an opponent aims a roundhouse
kick at Turner's head, you can crouch and then stand up under the attack to
grab your assailant's leg and kick him away. If you try and punch an opponent
and he tries to throw you over his shoulder, you can crouch to roll painlessly
out of the throw. This new combat system makes fights look and feel much more
intense and believable than in any other game. You can see it in action with
the gameplay movies above.

2013-10-03T21:54:23+00:00 games/wizznic Implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic
A Puzznic clone which makes adding levels, graphics and sounds easy!
It is made very easy for non-programmers to contribute Levels/Graphics
and sounds.

2013-10-03T14:03:29+00:00 deskutils/mirall Qt based sync client for OwnCloud
Mirall is a tool to synchronize files from ownCloud Server with your
computer. It uses OCSync as its syncing backend.

2013-10-02T19:08:41+00:00 databases/cppdb Platform and database independent SQL connectivity library
CppDB is a SQL connectivity library that is designed to provide platform and
database independent connectivity API similarly to what JDBC, ODBC and other
connectivity libraries do. It supports Sqlite3, PostgreSQL, MySQL and as many
RDBMSs as possible via cppdb-odbc bridge.

It was written with performance, simplicity in use and locale safety as the
primary goals in mind. It also provides both explicit verbose API and brief
and nice syntactic sugar.

2013-10-02T18:26:57+00:00 devel/libolecf Library and tools to access the OLE 2 Compound File (OLECF) format
Library and tools to access the OLE 2 Compound File (OLECF) format

2013-10-02T17:03:26+00:00 deskutils/lxshortcut Small utility used to edit easily application shortcuts
LXShortcut is a small program used to edit easily application shortcuts
created with Desktop Entry spec.

It’s mainly designed to be called by other LXDE components, and not directly
used by the users. If you want to use it manually, see

lxshortcut --help

2013-10-02T15:11:54+00:00 graphics/py3-cairo Python 3 bindings for Cairo
Python 3 bindings for Cairo.

2013-10-01T21:51:38+00:00 games/xgalaga-sdl Classic single screen vertical shoot em up SDL
XGalaga-SDL is a port of the popular X11 game XGalaga, a clone of Galaga,
using the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library.
XGalaga was originally written by Joe Rumsey.

2013-10-01T17:10:14+00:00 devel/p5-Exporter-Tiny Exporter with features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies
Exporter::Tiny supports many of Sub::Exporter's external-facing features
including renaming imported functions with the -as, -prefix and -suffix options;
explicit destinations with the into option; and alternative installers with the
installler option. But it's written in only about 40% as many lines of code and
with zero non-core dependencies.

Its internal-facing interface is closer to, with configuration done
through the @EXPORT, @EXPORT_OK and %EXPORT_TAGS package variables.

Exporter::Tiny performs most of its internal duties (including resolution of tag
names to sub names, resolution of sub names to coderefs, and installation of
coderefs into the target package) as method calls, which means they can be
overridden to provide interesting behaviour.

2013-09-30T22:03:41+00:00 multimedia/ffmpeg2 Realtime audio/video encoder/converter and streaming server
FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream
audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec

This version is from the 2.0 release branch.

2013-09-30T20:05:10+00:00 net-mgmt/icli Command line interface to Icinga
Command line interface to Icinga.


- Listing of service/host states, check queue or downtimes
- Detailed service/host info
- Scheduling of service rechecks, acknowledging of problems
- Detailed filtering (host(group)/service name, state, passive, acknowledged,
- Mostly nagios-compatible

2013-09-29T17:01:41+00:00 graphics/libglesv2 OpenGL ES v2 library
This package contains the GL ES v2 utility library.

2013-09-29T17:01:41+00:00 graphics/libEGL OpenEGL library
This package contains the EGL utility library.

2013-09-29T16:30:49+00:00 games/duckmaze Game about a duck that is in a maze
duckmaze is a game about a duck that is in a maze.
The duck can move walls, but only if there are no walls in the way
(it makes sense when you try it).

It's a simple puzzle game which starts with easy levels but progresses
to some quite tricky ones.

2013-09-29T09:00:04+00:00 net-mgmt/pnp-icinga Icinga performance data collector and grapher
2013-09-28T16:48:34+00:00 www/php55-opcache
2013-09-27T16:00:34+00:00 math/R-cran-sspir glm-like formula to define dynamic generalized linear models
A glm-like formula language to define dynamic generalized
linear models (state space models).

Includes functions for Kalman filtering and smoothing.

Estimation of variance matrices can be performed using
the EM algorithm in case of Gaussian models.

2013-09-27T12:04:42+00:00 databases/riak Open source, distributed, noSQL database
Riak is a distributed database designed for maximum availability:
so long as your client can reach one server, it should be able to
write data. In most failure scenarios the data you want to read
should be available, albeit possibly stale.

2013-09-27T10:09:15+00:00 sysutils/pcbsd-utils PC-BSD Command-Line Utilities
PC-BSD Shell Utilities

2013-09-27T10:09:15+00:00 sysutils/pcbsd-utils-qt4 PC-BSD Qt4 Utilities
PC-BSD QT4 Utilities
2013-09-26T04:30:14+00:00 www/rubygem-geminabox Sinatra based gem hosting app
A sinatra based gem hosting app, with client side gem push
style functionality.

2013-09-24T20:58:58+00:00 sysutils/patchelf Utility to modify the dynamic linker
PatchELF is a small utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF

2013-09-24T03:55:41+00:00 www/rubygem-sinatra-r18n Sinatra extension that provides i18n support to your web application
Sinatra-r18n is a Sinatra extension that provides i18n support to translate your
web application. It is just a wrapper for R18n core library. It has nice
Ruby-style syntax, filters, flexible locales, custom loaders, translation
support for any classes, time and number localization, several user language
support, agnostic core package with out-of-box support for Rails, Sinatra and
desktop applications.

2013-09-24T03:54:24+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-contrib Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities
This package includes a variety of add-on components for Rack, a
Ruby web server interface.

2013-09-24T03:54:10+00:00 devel/rubygem-r18n-core i18n tool to translate your Ruby application
R18n is an i18n tool to translate your Ruby application. It has nice Ruby-style
syntax, filters, flexible locales, custom loaders, translation support for any
classes, time and number localization, several user language support, agnostic
core package with out-of-box support for Rails, Sinatra and desktop

2013-09-23T20:47:27+00:00 devel/stxxl Standard Template Library for Extra Large Data Sets
STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard template library STL
for external memory (out-of-core) computations, i. e. STXXL implements
containers and algorithms that can process huge volumes of data
that only fit on disks. While the closeness to the STL supports
ease of use and compatibility with existing applications, another
design priority is high performance.

2013-09-23T16:01:19+00:00 sysutils/linux-crashplan Backs up data to remote servers or hard drives
CrashPlan backs up data to remote servers, other computers, or hard drives.

2013-09-23T12:34:10+00:00 www/radicale Python based CalDAV/CardDAV server
Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV (calendars, todo-lists) and CardDAV
(contacts) server, that:

Shares calendars through CalDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Shares contacts through CardDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Supports events, todos, journal entries and business cards.
Works out-of-the-box, no installation nor configuration required.
Can warn users on concurrent editing.
Can limit access by authentication.
Can secure connections.
Works with many CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
Is GPLv3-licensed free software.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.synchronize Simple decorators to support synchronized methods
This package provides a simple decorator to help synchronize methods across
threads, to avoid problems of concurrent access.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.schemaeditor Provides through-the-web editing of a zope schema/interface
plone.schemaeditor provides a through-the-web interface for modifying Zope 3
schemata (interfaces).

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.rfc822 RFC822 marshalling for zope.schema fields
This package provides primitives for turning content objects described by
``zope.schema`` fields into RFC (2)822 style messages, as managed by the
Python standard library's ``email`` module.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.resourceeditor Resources for integrating ACE into Plone
This package contains resources for integrating ACE ( into
Plone, with a file manager that can edit ``plone.resource`` resource directories
in the ZODB.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.namedfile File types and fields for images, files and blob files with filenames
This package contains fields and wrapper objects for storing:

* A file with a filename
* An image with a filename

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.formwidget.namedfile Image widget for z3c.form and Plone
This package provides z3c.form widgets for file and image upload/download,
with the option of keeping the existing file or replacing it with a new one.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.dexterity Flexible CMF content
Dexterity is a system for building content types, both through-the-web and
as filesystem code. It is aimed at Plone, although this package should work
with plain Zope + CMF systems.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.behavior Infrastructure for maintaining a registry of available behaviors
This package provides optional support for "behaviors". A behavior is
a re-usable aspect of an object that can be enabled or disabled without
changing the component registry.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.batching Batching facilities used in Plone
Batching facilities used in Plone.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/ Text field with MIME type support
This package provides a zope.schema style field type called RichText which
can be used to store a value with a related MIME type. The value can be
transformed to an output MIME type, for example to transform from structured
text to HTML.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/ Flexible CMF content
Dexterity is a system for building content types, both through-the-web and
as filesystem code. It is aimed at Plone, although this package should work
with plain Zope + CMF systems.

2013-09-22T22:21:57+00:00 www/py-plone.alterego Low level support for dynamic modules
This package defines a dynamic module type that lets you create objects in the
dynamic module on demand.

2013-09-22T20:00:07+00:00 devel/p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl Quick implementation of the minimal interface to Readline libraries
This is a quick implementation of the minimal interface to Readline

2013-09-22T18:03:55+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Role-Matcher Generic object matching based on attributes and methods
MooseX::Role::Matcher - generic object matching based on
attributes and methods

2013-09-22T18:02:55+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Able-Runner Use Test::Able without a bunch of boilerplate
Provides basic test runner via use_test_packages by base package or a list
of test packages. Allows you to choose your test paths.
Use Test::Able without a bunch of boilerplate.

2013-09-22T18:01:49+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Able Xunit with Moose
An xUnit style testing framework inspired by Test::Class and built using Moose.
It can do all the important things Test::Class can do and more.
The prime advantages of using this module instead of Test::Class are
flexibility and power. Namely, Moose.

This module was created for a few of reasons:

To address perceived limitations in, and downfalls of, Test::Class.
To leverage existing Moose expertise for testing.
To bring Moose to the Perl testing game.

2013-09-22T17:59:41+00:00 russian/p5-Text-Hyphen-RU Determine positions for hyphens inside Russian words
Determine positions for hyphens inside words based on Text::Hyphen

2013-09-22T17:59:36+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Hyphen Determine positions for hyphens inside words
Determine positions for hyphens inside words
This module implements Knuth-Liang algorithm to find positions
inside words where it is possible to insert hyphens to break a line.

2013-09-20T21:50:39+00:00 net-im/ekiga VoIP and video conferencing application
Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source
VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME.
Ekiga uses both the H.323 and SIP protocols.

2013-09-20T09:00:12+00:00 net/p5-Net-APNs-Extended Perl extension for APNs that support the extended format
Client library for APNs that support the extended format.

2013-09-20T08:58:54+00:00 www/p5-HTTP-Session-Store-DBI Perl extension to store session data in DBI for HTTP::Session
Store session data in DBI for HTTP::Session.

2013-09-19T14:14:54+00:00 math/clasp Answer set solver for (extended) normal logic programs
Clasp is an answer set solver for (extended) normal logic programs. It combines
the high-level modeling capacities of answer set programming (ASP) with
state-of-the-art techniques from the area of Boolean constraint solving. The
primary clasp algorithm relies on conflict-driven nogood learning, a technique
that proved very successful for satisfiability checking (SAT). Unlike other
learning ASP solvers, clasp does not rely on legacy software, such as a SAT
solver or any other existing ASP solver. Rather, clasp has been genuinely
developed for answer set solving based on conflict-driven nogood learning.
clasp can be applied as an ASP solver (on SMODELS format, as output by Gringo),
as a SAT solver (on a simplified version of DIMACS/CNF format), or as a PB
solver (on OPB format).

2013-09-18T18:10:59+00:00 sysutils/mptd Monitoring daemon for mpt RAID controllers
Monitoring daemon for mpt RAID controllers

2013-09-18T18:09:11+00:00 sysutils/mfid Monitoring daemon for mfi RAID controllers
Monitoring daemon for mfi RAID controllers

2013-09-18T13:28:06+00:00 math/minisat Minimalistic, open-source SAT solver
MiniSat is a minimalistic, open-source SAT solver, developed to help
researchers and developers alike to get started on SAT. It is released under
the MIT licence, and is currently used in a number of projects.

Some key features of MiniSat:

- Easy to modify. MiniSat is small and well-documented, and possibly also
well-designed, making it an ideal starting point for adapting SAT based
techniques to domain specific problems.

- Highly efficient. Winning all the industrial categories of the SAT 2005
competition, MiniSat is a good starting point both for future research in SAT,
and for applications using SAT.

- Designed for integration. MiniSat supports incremental SAT and has
mechanisms for adding non-clausal constraints. By virtue of being easy to
modify, it is a good choice for integrating as a backend to another tool, such
as a model checker or a more generic constraint solver.

2013-09-18T03:26:42+00:00 math/octave-forge-ltfat Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is ltfat.

The Large Time/Frequency Analysis Toolbox (LTFAT) is a Matlab/Octave toolbox
for working with time-frequency analysis, wavelets and signal processing. It
is intended both as an educational and a computational tool. The toolbox
provides a large number of linear transforms including Gabor and wavelet
transforms along with routines for constructing windows (filter prototypes)
and routines for manipulating coefficients.

2013-09-16T17:51:34+00:00 devel/py-sdl2 Python bindings to the SDL2 libraries
PySDL2 is easy to learn and a powerful multimedia programming framework.
It is a wrapper around the various SDL2 libraries and as such similar to the
discontinued PySDL project.

2013-09-15T19:03:55+00:00 ports-mgmt/dialog4ports-static Console Interface to configure ports (static version for chroots)
dialog4ports -- a dialog for FreeBSD ports. This is a static version that
can be used in chroots, for example in Tinderbox.

2013-09-15T01:52:53+00:00 games/capicity Qt client for the Monopd server
Capi City is a client for the online server monopd.
You can play Monopoly like games with it online.

Integrated Capid to be able to start a server for LAN.

2013-09-14T21:44:14+00:00 multimedia/libav Realtime audio/video conversion library
Libav provides cross-platform tools and libraries to convert, manipulate
and stream a wide range of multimedia formats and protocols. It originates
from the FFmpeg codebase, but goes its own way these days, providing its
users with reliable releases and a clear vision how to go forward.

2013-09-14T07:03:10+00:00 databases/postgis21 Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL databases
PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational
database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the PostgreSQL server, allowing
it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic information systems
(GIS), much like ESRI's SDE or Oracle's Spatial extension. PostGIS follows the
OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been certified as
compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.

PostGIS development was started by Refractions Research as a project in open
source spatial database technology. PostGIS is released under the GNU General
Public License. PostGIS continues to be developed by a group of contributors led
by a Project Steering Committee and new features continue to be added.

2013-09-14T06:56:19+00:00 textproc/libunibreak Implementation of the line and word breaking algorithm for Unicode
Liblinebreak is an implementation of the line and word breaking algorithm
as described in Unicode 5.1.0 Standard Annex 14, Revision 22. It breaks
lines that contain Unicode characters. It is designed to be used in a
generic text renderer. FBReader is one real-world example.

2013-09-14T06:39:51+00:00 devel/p5-Mo Micro Objects. Mo is less
Mo is the bare minimum needed for Perl OO. Many times you'll want just a couple
more features. Don't worry. Mo's got you covered.

Mo simply loads the feature classes Mo::build, Mo::default, Mo::builder,
Mo::coerce, Mo::is and Mo::required. The first one supports BUILD constructing
and the other three add their magics to has. A Mo::Feature module can enhance
new, extends and has, and also add new export subs, or remove existing ones.
Features can also be combined for a single accessor. See Mo::Features for a list
of all the features and for an explanation of the Feature API.

2013-09-14T06:20:28+00:00 devel/p5-Hash-AutoHash-Args Object-oriented processing of keyword-based argument lists
This class simplifies the handling of keyword argument lists. It replaces
Class::AutoClass::Args. See "DIFFERENCES FROM Class::AutoClass::Args" for a
discussion of what's new. See Hash::AutoHash::Args::V0 for a subclass which is
more compatible with the original.

2013-09-13T21:59:06+00:00 sysutils/py-analyzemft Analyze the MFT from a NTFS filesystem is designed to fully parse the MFT file from an NTFS filesystem
and present the results as accurately as possible in multiple formats.

2013-09-13T13:26:31+00:00 www/py-django-tinymce Django application to use TinyMCE editor
django-tinymce is a Django application that contains a widget
to render a form field as a TinyMCE editor.

2013-09-12T16:09:14+00:00 sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin Graphical representation of the disk IO
Panel plugin to display a graphical representation of the disks IO.

2013-09-12T15:46:58+00:00 www/py-django-registration-defaults Default templates and settings for django-registration
This module provides a full set of default templates and settings for
django-registration to ease the process of creating Django apps that
require user registration.

2013-09-12T11:44:05+00:00 databases/py-apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
APSW provides an SQLite 3 wrapper that provides the thinnest layer over the
SQLite database library possible. Everything you can do from the SQLite C API,
you can do from Python. Although APSW looks vaguely similar to the PEP 249
(DBAPI), it is not compliant with that API because instead it works the way
SQLite 3 does.

2013-09-11T21:25:13+00:00 www/py-selector WSGI request delegation (a.k.a. routing)
WSGI request delegation. (AKA routing.)

This distribution provides WSGI middleware for “RESTful” mapping of URL paths to
WSGI applications. Selector now also comes with components for environ based
dispatch and on-the-fly middleware composition. There is a very simple optional
mini-language for path expressions. Alternately we can easily use regular
expressions directly or even create our own mini-language. There is a simple
“mapping file” format that can be used. There are no architecture specific
features (to MVC or whatever). Neither are there any framework specific

2013-09-11T21:23:11+00:00 devel/py-resolver Resolve specially formatted statements to Python objects
Resolve specially formated statements to Python objects.

Turn strings like "packagename.modulename:Eval().the_rest()" into
whatever you would get back by performing a similar sequence of
imports and calls. This is useful for config files and situations
where you would like to import things in a lazy way. Later this
package will probably provide a way to restrict resolution for safety.

2013-09-11T10:17:53+00:00 devel/py-memoryprofiler Line-by-line and process memory consumption analysis
memory_profiler is a python module for monitoring memory consumption of a
process as well as line-by-line analysis of memory consumption for python
programs. It is a pure python module and has the psutil module as optional
(but highly recommended) dependencies.

2013-09-10T22:44:04+00:00 net-mgmt/omping Tool to test IP multicast functionality
Omping (Open Multicast Ping) is tool to test IP multicast functionality
primarily in local network.

* Similar user experience as classic ping tool
* Ping multiple hosts at once
* Implementation of RFC Draft draft-ietf-mboned-ssmping-08
* Any-source and Source-specific Multicast

2013-09-10T18:07:44+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Types-URI URI related types and coercions for Moose
MooseX::Types::URI provides Moose types for fun with URIs.

It has slightly DWIMier types than the URI classes have due to implementation
details, so the types should be more forgiving when ducktyping will work anyway
(e.g. URI::WithBase does not inherit URI).

2013-09-10T14:05:23+00:00 net/dropbox-uploader BASH script for the Dropbox backup service
Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, delete,
list files (and more!) from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and
backup service.

2013-09-09T18:24:24+00:00 devel/p5-IO-SessionData Supporting module for SOAP::Lite
IO::SessionData is a supporting module for SOAP::Lite.

2013-09-09T18:19:55+00:00 textproc/checkbashisms Debian script that checks for bash-isms
Debian script that checks for bashisms

2013-09-09T18:19:50+00:00 security/gpgdir Recursive directory encryption with GnuPG
gpgdir is a perl script that uses the CPAN GnuPG::Interface module
to encrypt and decrypt directories using a gpg key specified in ~/.gpgdirrc.

2013-09-09T18:19:46+00:00 net-mgmt/p5-GRNOC-Config Module to allow everyone to access config files
A module to allow everyone to access config files in a fairly standard
way. Uses XML::XPath and XML::Simple to parse our XML files, and
stores all configs it has access to in this module.

2013-09-09T18:19:41+00:00 net/p5-SOAP-Transport-HTTP-Plack Transport for Plack PSGI toolkit
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack - transport for Plack [1] PSGI toolkit for
SOAP::Lite module.

The module is quite similar to SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache.

Docs were stolen completely from SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Nginx.


2013-09-09T15:14:39+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain Sphinx domain for HTTP APIs
This contrib extension, sphinxcontrib.httpdomain provides a Sphinx domain for
describing RESTful HTTP APIs.

2013-09-08T15:46:36+00:00 devel/p5-Test-Warnings Test for warnings and the lack of them
If you've ever tried to use Test::NoWarnings to confirm there are no warnings
generated by your tests, combined with the convenience of done_testing to not
have to declare a test count, you'll have discovered that these two features do
not play well together, as the test count will be calculated before the warnings
test is run, resulting in a TAP error. (See examples/ in this
distribution for a demonstration.)

This module is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement for
Test::NoWarnings: it also adds an extra test, but runs this test before
done_testing calculates the test count, rather than after. It does this by
hooking into done_testing as well as via an END block. You can declare a plan,
or not, and things will still Just Work.

2013-09-08T14:50:34+00:00 multimedia/libdvbcsa Free implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm
libdvbcsa is a free implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm
DVB/CSA - with encryption and decryption capabilities.

As libdvbcsa implements a standard, it is completly legal to use it.

2013-09-08T08:19:13+00:00 devel/py-astroid Abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support
The aim of this module is to provide a common base representation of python
source code for projects such as pychecker, pyreverse, pylint... Well, actually
the development of this library is essentially governed by pylint's needs. It
used to be called logilab-astng.

It provides a compatible representation which comes from the _ast module. It
rebuilds the tree generated by the builtin _ast module by recursively walking
down the AST and building an extended ast. The new node classes have additional
methods and attributes for different usages. They include some support for
static inference and local name scopes. Furthermore, astroid builds partial
trees by inspecting living objects.

2013-09-07T14:09:38+00:00 www/py-django-tables2 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tables2 simplifies the task of turning sets of data into HTML tables.
It has native support for pagination and sorting, does for HTML tables what
django.forms does for HTML forms.

2013-09-07T10:23:37+00:00 devel/p5-Function-Parameters Subroutine definitions with parameter lists
Function::Parameters extends Perl with keywords that let you define functions
with parameter lists. It uses Perl's keyword plugin API, so it works reliably
and doesn't require a source filter.

2013-09-07T10:19:20+00:00 devel/p5-Type-Tie Tie a variable to a type constraint
Type::Tie exports a single function: ttie. ttie ties a variable to a type
constraint, ensuring that whatever values stored in the variable will conform to
the type constraint. If the type constraint has coercions, these will be used if
necessary to ensure values assigned to the variable conform.

2013-09-07T07:54:25+00:00 www/mediawiki121 The wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2013-09-07T04:19:12+00:00 databases/postgresql-plv8js PL/v8js procedural language for PostgreSQL database
PLV8 is a trusted JavaScript language extension for PostgreSQL, using Google
V8 Engine. It can be used for stored procedures, triggers, etc.

PLV8 works with most versions of Postgres, but works best with 9.1 and above,
including 10.0 and 10.1.

2013-09-06T21:02:12+00:00 textproc/py-openpyxl Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files
OpenPyxl is a Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files.

2013-09-06T15:53:13+00:00 devel/py-bcdoc Tools to help document botocore-based projects
Tools to help document botocore-based projects.

2013-09-06T12:29:56+00:00 games/netradiant Fork of GtkRadiant v1.5 FPS games map editor
NetRadiant is a fork of the well-known map editor for Quake 3 based games,
GtkRadiant 1.5. The focus is put on stabilizing and bugfixing the included
map compiler, q3map2, so it can become a reliable tool for map authors.

Fixes include:

- Better decompiling by q3map2 (texcoords no longer get lost)
- Fixed 3D display in the Windows XP software renderer
- Fixed deluxemapping when a surface is lit from both sides
- Fixed some buffer overruns
- Fixed the "expand selection to whole entities" feature
- Fixed the origin of mirrored eclassmodel entities
- Key bindings no longer disappear when using an international
keyboard layout
- Plane snapping fixed (no more fall-through holes in imported
model terrain)
- Various other map compiler fixes

Original, classic GtkRadiant 1.5 is available as `games/gtkradiant' port.

2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgdamm5 C++ wrapper for libgda5 library
This is a set of thin C++ wrappers for libgda v5 library.

2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5 Provides uniform access to different kinds of data sources
GNU Data Access (GDA) is an attempt to provide uniform access to
different kinds of data sources (databases, information servers,
mail spools, etc).

It is a complete architecture that provides all you need to access
your data, defined by a set of CORBA interfaces as generic as possible
(but very powerful at the same time) so that any kind of data source
can be accessed through them.

libgda is an interface to the GDA architecture, providing a nice
wrapper around the CORBA interfaces, for both the client and the server
parts. It also provides a bunch of tools to help you both in the
development and management of your data sources, all done through
the GDA model's set of CORBA interfaces.

libgda was part of the GNOME-DB project, but has been separated from it
to allow non-GNOME applications to be developed based on it.

2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-ui The libgda 5 ui library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-postgresql Provides postgresql access for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-mysql Provides mysql backend for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-mdb Provides mdb backend for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-ldap Provides ldap access for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-jdbc Provides Java DB Connector backend for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T11:43:34+00:00 databases/libgda5-bdb Provides Berkeley DB backend for the libgda5 library
2013-09-06T07:31:12+00:00 math/ogdf C++ class library for the automatic layout of diagrams
OGDF (Open Graph Drawing Framework) is a self-contained C++ class library for
the automatic layout of diagrams. OGDF offers sophisticated algorithms and data
structures to use within your own applications or scientific projects.
The library provides:

* A wide range of graph drawing algorithms that allow to reuse and replace
particular algorithm phases by using a dedicated module mechanism.
* Sophisticated data structures that are commonly used in graph drawing,
equipped with rich public interfaces.
* Self-contained code that does not require any additional libraries
(except for some optional branch-and-cut algorithms).

2013-09-05T16:20:13+00:00 math/abacus Branch-And-CUt System
ABACUS is a software system written in C++ that provides a framework for the
implementation of branch-and-bound algorithms using linear programming
relaxations. Cutting planes or columns can be generated dynamically
(branch-and-cut, branch-and-price, branch-and-cut-and-price).

ABACUS allows the software developer to concentrate merely on the problem
specific parts, i.e., the separation of cutting planes, column generation, and
primal heuristics. ABACUS supports the Open Solver Interface (Osi) developed
by the COIN-OR (COmputational INfrastructure for Operations Research) project
which means that every solver supported by OSI can be used to solve the

Moreover, ABACUS provides a variety of general algorithmic concepts, e.g., a
list of different enumeration and branching strategies from which the best
alternative for the user's application can be chosen.

Finally, ABACUS provides many basic data structures and useful tools for the
implementation of such algorithms. It is designed both for general mixed
integer optimization problems and for combinatorial optimization problems. It
unifies cutting plane and column generation within one algorithm framework.
Simple reuse of code and the design of abstract data structures and algorithms
are met by object oriented programming modules.

2013-09-05T12:28:02+00:00 security/p5-Digest-Bcrypt Perl interface to the bcrypt digest algorithm
Provides an interface to the bcrypt digest algorithm.

This module subclasses Digest::base and can be used either directly or
through the Digest meta-module. Using the latter is recommended.

It is mostly a wrapper around Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt.

2013-09-04T18:04:48+00:00 www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-ExtDirect Dancer plugin for implementing ExtDirect APIs
Dancer plugin which provides an easy way implement ExtDirect APIs.

2013-09-04T17:28:02+00:00 www/p5-LWP-Authen-Negotiate Perl extension to enable LWP to authenticate using negotiate
LWP::Authen::Negotiate is a authentication plugin for LWP to
support WWW-Negotiate.

2013-09-04T06:39:10+00:00 sysutils/brebis Fully automated backup checker
Brebis is a fully automated backup checker that compares archives and file
trees' contents against description files to detect errors.

2013-09-03T23:08:45+00:00 www/rubygem-redmine_acts_as_taggable_on Allows multiple Redmine plugins to use tags safely
Allows multiple Redmine plugins to use tags safely

2013-09-03T22:49:57+00:00 devel/rubygem-redmine_plugin_support Collection of tools to make redmine plugin development easier
This libarary is a collection of rake tasks and other scripts that will
make Redmine plugin development easier.

2013-09-03T22:48:37+00:00 textproc/rubygem-ya2yaml Yet another YAML converter, includes complete UTF8 support
Ya2YAML is "yet another to_yaml". It emits YAML document with complete
UTF8 support (string/binary detection, "\u" escape sequences and Unicode
specific line breaks).

2013-09-03T22:47:41+00:00 textproc/rubygem-redcarpet Fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser
A fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser.

2013-09-03T15:08:46+00:00 devel/p5-Pithub Github v3 API
Pithub provides a set of modules to access the Github v3 API in an object
oriented way. There is also Net::GitHub which does the same for all the
versions (v1, v2, v3) of the Github API. Pithub supports all API calls so
far, but only for v3.

2013-09-02T11:27:42+00:00 science/py-pupynere NetCDF file reader and writer
Pupynere is a Python module for reading and writing NetCDF files, using the same
API as Scientific.IO.NetCDF and pynetcdf. It depends only on Numpy, so you don't
need to have the NetCDF library installed.

2013-09-01T16:44:50+00:00 devel/py-docopt Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile
docopt helps you:
- define interface for your command-line app, and
- automatically generate parser for it.

2013-09-01T12:56:33+00:00 databases/py-sqlalchemy-migrate Database schema migrations for SQLAlchemy
Inspired by Ruby on Rails' migrations, Migrate provides a way to deal
with database schema changes in SQLAlchemy projects. Migrate extends
SQLAlchemy to have database changeset handling. It provides a database
change repository mechanism which can be used from the command line as
well as from inside python code.

2013-08-31T11:31:30+00:00 textproc/p5-Pod-Readme Convert POD to README file
This module is a subclass of Pod::PlainText which provides additional
POD markup for generating README files.

2013-08-30T20:20:53+00:00 devel/p5-Syntax-Keyword-Junction Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5
This is a lightweight module which provides 'Junction' operators,
the most commonly used being any and all.

2013-08-30T19:24:37+00:00 net-im/licq-msn MSN plugin for Licq
Adds support for the Jabber (XMPP) protocol to Licq. Still in early
development, but capable of sending and receiving messages.

LICENSE: GPL2 or later with execption to link with OpenSSL

2013-08-30T19:24:37+00:00 net-im/licq-icq ICQ plugin for Licq
Adds support for the ICQ protocol to Licq.

LICENSE: GPL2 or later

2013-08-29T15:39:49+00:00 devel/py-serpent Simple serialization library based on ast.literal_eval
Serpent is a simple serialization library based on ast.literal_eval.

Because it only serializes literals and recreates the objects using
ast.literal_eval(), the serialized data is safe to transport to other
machines (over the network for instance) and de-serialize it there.

2013-08-28T11:59:02+00:00 mail/pear-Horde_Imsp Horde IMSP library
Horde_Imsp provides an Horde API into an IMSP server for address books
and options.

2013-08-28T11:44:47+00:00 mail/pear-Horde_Smtp Horde SMTP Client
This Horde package provides interfaces for connecting to a SMTP (RFC 5321)
server to send e-mail messages.

2013-08-28T04:10:02+00:00 sysutils/sysvbanner SysV banner
sysvbanner prints SysV style banners.
Prints out the first 10 characters of text in large letters.

2013-08-27T17:15:28+00:00 devel/p5-Specio Type constraints and coercions for Perl
The Specio distribution provides classes for representing type constraints and
coercion, along with syntax sugar for declaring them.

Note that this is not a proper type system for Perl. Nothing in this
distribution will magically make the Perl interpreter start checking a value's
type on assignment to a variable. In fact, there's no built-in way to apply a
type to a variable at all.

Instead, you can explicitly check a value against a type, and optionally coerce
values to that type.

The author's long-term goal is to replace Moose's built-in types and
MooseX::Types with this module.

2013-08-26T04:19:17+00:00 editors/openoffice-4 Integrated wordprocessor/dbase/spreadsheet/drawing/chart/browser
Apache OpenOffice is an Open Source, community-developed, multi-platform
office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications,
such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing
program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other
office suites.

Components include:
* A universal word processing application for creating business
letters, extensive text documents, professional layouts, and HTML
* A sophisticated application for performing advanced spreadsheet
functions, such as analyzing figures, creating lists, and viewing data.
* A tool for creating effective eye-catching presentations.
* A vector-oriented draw module that enables the creation of 3D

2013-08-25T22:38:47+00:00 devel/vera++ Tool for verification of C++ source code
Vera++ is a programmable tool for verification, analysis and transformation
of C++ source code. Vera++ is mainly an engine that parses C++ source files
and presents the result of this parsing to scripts in the form of various
collections - the scripts are actually performing the requested tasks.

2013-08-25T12:54:34+00:00 devel/py-xmltodict XML parser that returns python dictionaries
xmltodict is a Python module that makes working with XML feel like you are
working with JSON.

2013-08-25T05:15:39+00:00 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Lite Simple CPAN package extractor
Archive::Any::Lite is a fork of Archive::Any. The main difference is this works
properly even when you fork(), and may require less memory to extract a tarball.
On the other hand, this isn't pluggable (this only supports file formats used in
the CPAN toolchains), and this doesn't check mime types (at least as of this

2013-08-24T21:57:23+00:00 devel/p5-Config-Model-Tester Test framework for Config::Model
Config::Model::Tester provides a way to test configuration models with tests
files. This class was designed to tests several models and several tests cases
per model.

2013-08-23T17:39:54+00:00 ports-mgmt/chucky Port installed version check/report with shar archival
This program reads /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite and compares install timestamp
with date in $FreeBSD header in the Makefile of the port. If there is no
$FreeBSD header then it is assumed to be a beta port.

Chucky also features a shar file backup feature, which is normally used to
backup 'beta' development ports.

2013-08-23T13:52:39+00:00 sysutils/filewatcherd Daemon that watches files and runs commands when they change
filewatcherd is a daemon inspired by cron, that run commands based on file
changes instead of time.

In principle it is similar to incron, but it's simpler, more limited,
and does not depend on anything outside of FreeBSD base.

2013-08-22T23:25:49+00:00 archivers/zip-ada Zip compressed archive file format library written in Ada
The Zip-Ada library is written entirely in Ada, allowing compression
operations without any OS-dependent external calls on streams and files.

In addition to the library and command-line demos, it has these tools:
* zipada - create compressed Zip archive
* comp_zip - utility to compare contents of two Zip archives
* find_zip - utility to search for text stream of Zip archive
* rezip - tool for recompressing Zip archives towards optimal compression
* debzip2 - tool to decompress BZip2 compressed files (.bz2)

2013-08-22T22:48:04+00:00 x11/libxkbcommon Keymap handling library for toolkits and window systems
xkbcommon is a library to handle keyboard descriptions, including loading them
from disk, parsing them and handling their state. It's mainly meant for client
toolkits, window systems, and other system applications

2013-08-22T19:54:51+00:00 devel/p5-IO-Pipely Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another
IO::Pipely - Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another.

Pipes are troublesome beasts because there are a few different, incompatible
ways to create them. Not all platforms support all ways, and some platforms may
have hidden difficulties like incomplete or buggy support.

2013-08-22T16:40:33+00:00 databases/redigo Go client for the Redis database
Redigo is a Go client for the Redis database. It supports all Redis commands,
pipelining, publish/subscribe and connection pooling.

2013-08-22T15:28:16+00:00 net/p5-Net-Works APIs for IP addresses and networks
Net-Works provides a APIs for IP addresses and networks
similar to NetAddr::IP, but claims to be cleaner.

2013-08-22T15:19:00+00:00 devel/rubygem-graf Simple git log analyzer gem
Graf is a simple git log analyzer gem.

2013-08-22T14:44:05+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Class-CustomPrefetch Custom prefetches for DBIx::Class
DBIx::Class onle allows joins for prefetches.
But sometimes you can't use JOIN for prefetch.
E.g. for prefetching many related objects to resultset with paging.

Also you can use this module to create cross-database prefetches.

This module provides other logic for prefetching data to resultsets.

2013-08-22T14:41:50+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Class-VirtualColumns Add virtual columns to DBIx::Class schemata
This module allows to specify 'virtual columns' in DBIx::Class schema
classes. Virtual columns behave almost like regular columns but are not
stored in the database. They may be used to store temporary information
in the DBIx::Class::Row object and without introducting an additional

Most DBIx::Class methods like "set_column", "set_columns", "get_column",
"get_columns", "column_info", ... will work with regular as well as
virtual columns.

2013-08-22T12:20:07+00:00 www/uwsgitop uWSGI top-like app
uWSGI top-like interface.
Run your uWSGI server with the stats server enabled, for example:

uwsgi --module myapp --socket :3030 --stats /tmp/stats.socket

Then connect uwsgitop to the stats socket

uwsgitop /tmp/stats.socket

2013-08-21T20:05:58+00:00 devel/commit-patch Commit patches or partial workspace changes to a VCS repository
Normally version control systems don't allow fine grained commits.
commit-patch allows the user to control exactly what gets committed by
letting the user supply a patch to be committed rather than using the
files in the current working directory.

commit-patch supports Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Subversion,
Monotone or CVS repositories.

Also included is an Emacs interface to commit-patch. It allows you to
just hit C-c C-c in any patch buffer to apply and commit only the
changes indicated by the patch, regardless of the changes in your
working directory.

2013-08-21T14:43:47+00:00 security/p5-CryptX Crypto toolkit
CryptX - Crypto toolkit (self-contained no external libraries needed)

Currently available modules:
* Ciphers - see Crypt::Cipher and related modules
* Block cipher modes
* Authenticated encryption modes
* Hash Functions - see Crypt::Digest and related modules
* Message Authentication Codes
* Public key cryptography
* Cryptographically secure random number generators
* Key derivation functions - PBKDF1, PBKFD2 and HKDF

2013-08-21T14:42:17+00:00 net/py-netlib Collection of network utilities
Netlib is a collection of network utility classes,
used by the pathod and mitmproxy projects.

It differs from other projects in some fundamental
respects, because both pathod and mitmproxy often
need to violate standards.

2013-08-21T14:00:43+00:00 games/tomenet Online multiplayer rogue-like role-playing game
TomeNET is an online multiplayer rogue-like role-playing game,
derived from MAngband (Multiplayer-Angband).
TomeNET loosely bases on the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien mainly
"The Lord Of The Rings", hence the name "the Troubles of Middle
Earth" or alternatively "the Tales of Middle Earth".

2013-08-21T11:24:07+00:00 www/gstreamer1-plugins-neon GStreamer neon http source plugin
2013-08-19T14:52:18+00:00 net-p2p/shx Text based Hotline Communications client for Unix
This is a text based version of the popular hotline client for
Macintosh. Hotline is a chat/ftp/news protocol. It's setup almost
like an IRC client, but with the ability to do commands such as cd
into a directory with /cd and more file transfer oriented functions.

2013-08-18T21:15:26+00:00 www/mod_authnz_crowd Apache 2.2+ module to use Atlassian Crowd for authentication
Apache 2.2/2.4 connector for Atlassian Crowd to provide authentication and
authorization support using Basic Auth.

2013-08-18T15:39:34+00:00 multimedia/xbmc-addon-pvr XBMC PVR addons for various backends
This is a add-on for XBMC to add PVR support for various backends.

It adds support for Live TV watching, replaying of Recordings,
programming Timers and EPG TV Guide to use on same computer or over
the Network.

2013-08-17T19:10:59+00:00 lang/python3 The "meta-port" for version 3 of the Python interpreter
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, and is
often compared to Tcl, Perl or Scheme.
This is a meta port to the Python 3.x interpreter and provides symbolic links
to bin/python3, bin/pydoc3, bin/idle3 and so on to allow compatibility with
minor version agnostic python scripts.
Do not depend on this port.

2013-08-17T19:10:59+00:00 lang/python2 The "meta-port" for version 2 of the Python interpreter
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, and is
often compared to Tcl, Perl or Scheme.
This is a meta port to the Python 2.x interpreter and provides symbolic links
to bin/python2, bin/pydoc2, bin/idle2 and so on to allow compatibility with
minor version agnostic python scripts.
Do not depend on this port.

2013-08-17T15:49:21+00:00 textproc/go-text Go package for manipulating paragraphs of text
Go package which provides rudimentary functions for manipulating text
in paragraphs.

2013-08-17T15:49:21+00:00 devel/go-pretty Pretty-printing package for go values
Go package which provides pretty-printing for go values. This is useful during
debugging, to avoid wrapping long output lines in the terminal.

This package also provides a convenience wrapper for each function in
package fmt that takes a format string.

2013-08-17T08:28:01+00:00 x11/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin Alternate menu for the Xfce Desktop
Whisker Menu is an alternate application launcher for the Xfce Desktop.

2013-08-17T02:24:38+00:00 archivers/lz4 Fast compressor using LZ4 algorithm
LZ4 is a very fast lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed
at 300 MB/s per core, scalable with multi-cores CPU. It also features an
extremely fast decoder, with speed in GB/s per core, typically reaching RAM
speed limits on multi-core systems.

2013-08-16T23:53:08+00:00 math/octave-forge-netcdf Octave-forge package ${OCTAVE_PKGNAME}
The octave-forge package is the result of The GNU Octave Repositry project,
which is intended to be a central location for custom scripts, functions and
extensions for GNU Octave. contains the source for all the functions plus
build and install scripts.

This is netcdf.

A MATLAB compatible NetCDF interface for Octave.

2013-08-15T23:01:27+00:00 math/sfft Optimized Sparse Fast Fourier Transform
sfft is a library to compute discrete Fourier transforms of signals with
a sparse frequency domain, using an algorithm that is more efficient than
other known FFT algorithms. It was developed by Haitham Hassanieh, Piotr
Indyk, Dina Katabi, and Eric Price at the Computer Science and Artifical
Intelligence Lab at MIT. Performance optimizations were developed by J.
Schumacher at the Computer Science Department of ETH Zurich in 2013.

2013-08-15T21:37:32+00:00 www/py-cssmin Python port of the YUI CSS compression algorithm
This is a Python port of the YUI CSS Compressor.

2013-08-15T06:12:48+00:00 devel/pasm TI PRU Assembler
TI PRU Assembler. For use with Texas Instruments Programmable
Realtime Units.

These materials are intended for do-it-yourself (DIY) users
who want to use the PRU at their own risk without TI support.
"Community" support is offered at

2013-08-15T01:59:51+00:00 databases/rrdmerge Utility to merge existing RRD data from backups into new RRD files
A simple utility to merge existing RRD data from backups into new RRD files
that have started gathering data already. Useful for getting historical data
back while performing disaster recovery.

2013-08-14T15:33:14+00:00 sysutils/syslog-ng33 Powerful syslogd replacement
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

The official home page of syslog-ng is:
2013-08-14T04:53:13+00:00 devel/pecl-yac Shared memory user data cache for PHP
Yac is a shared memory user data cache for PHP

it can be used to replace APC or local memcached.

2013-08-13T16:47:38+00:00 databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Helpers Simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class
DBIx::Class::Helpers is a collection of tools to help simplify the
common tasks in DBIx::Class.

2013-08-13T13:04:55+00:00 lang/perl5.18 Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and
shell. See the manual page for more hype. There are also many books
published by O'Reilly & Assoc. See pod/perlbook.pod for more

2013-08-13T00:59:25+00:00 net/py-ec2-cli-tools Helpful CLI utilities for querying and connecting to EC2 instances
Helpful CLI utilities for querying and connecting to EC2 instances

2013-08-12T14:21:36+00:00 net/polyorb CORBA, SOAP, Ada 95 Distributed System Annex middleware
PolyORB is a middleware implementation providing development tools and an
innovative runtime library architecture for collaboration of application
components using open standards for distributed systems.

Key Features:
* Support of standard application personalities: CORBA, Ada DSA (Annex E)
* Support of standard protocol personalities: GIOP, SOAP
* Interoperability between hardward platforms and operating environments,
between distribution models
* Support for multiple tasking profiles (full Ada tasking, Ravenscar
tasking, no tasking)
* Support for security and realtime extensions
* Tailorability to application and platform specific requirements

2013-08-12T07:56:01+00:00 lang/angelscript AngelCode Scripting Library
The AngelCode Scripting Library, or AngelScript as it is also known, is an
extremely flexible cross-platform scripting library designed to allow
applications to extend their functionality through external scripts. It has
been designed from the beginning to be an easy to use component, both for
the application programmer and the script writer.

Efforts have been made to let it call standard C functions and C++ methods
with little to no need for proxy functions. The application simply registers
the functions, objects, and methods that the scripts should be able to work
with and nothing more has to be done with your code. The same functions used
by the application internally can also be used by the scripting engine, which
eliminates the need to duplicate functionality.

For the script writer the scripting language follows the widely known syntax
of C/C++, but without the need to worry about pointers and memory leaks.
Contrary to most scripting languages, AngelScript uses the common C/C++
datatypes for more efficient communication with the host application.

2013-08-12T06:20:27+00:00 emulators/i386-wine 32-bit Microsoft Windows compatibility environment for 64-bit FreeBSD
Wine is a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer (or program loader)
capable of running Windows applications on i386 and compatible CPUs.
Windows programs running in Wine act as native programs would, running
without the performance or memory usage penalties of an emulator, with
a similar look and feel to other applications on your desktop.

Many applications already work, more or less, including versions of
Microsoft Office and many games.

If you receive a message of "Did you reconfigure your kernel with
"options USER_LDT"?" add the line
to /boot/loader.conf and reboot.

2013-08-11T17:27:22+00:00 lang/pypy3-devel Fast, compliant implementation of the Python language
PyPy is a fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language
(2.7.1). It has several advantages and distinct features:

- Speed: thanks to its Just-in-Time compiler, Python programs often run faster
on PyPy.
- Memory usage: large, memory-hungry Python programs might end up taking less
space than they do in CPython.
- Compatibility: PyPy is highly compatible with existing python code. It
supports ctypes and can run popular python libraries like
twisted and django.
- Sandboxing: PyPy provides the ability to run untrusted code in a fully
secure way.
- Stackless: PyPy can be configured to run in stackless mode, providing
micro-threads for massive concurrency.
- As well as other features.

2013-08-11T17:10:41+00:00 lang/pypy-devel Fast, compliant implementation of the Python language
PyPy is a fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language
(2.7.1). It has several advantages and distinct features:

- Speed: thanks to its Just-in-Time compiler, Python programs often run faster
on PyPy.
- Memory usage: large, memory-hungry Python programs might end up taking less
space than they do in CPython.
- Compatibility: PyPy is highly compatible with existing python code. It
supports ctypes and can run popular python libraries like
twisted and django.
- Sandboxing: PyPy provides the ability to run untrusted code in a fully
secure way.
- Stackless: PyPy can be configured to run in stackless mode, providing
micro-threads for massive concurrency.
- As well as other features.

2013-08-10T17:04:02+00:00 textproc/p5-String-Compare-ConstantTime Perl extension for timing side-channel protected string compare
This module provides one function, equals (not exported by default).

You should pass this function two strings of the same length. It will
return true if they are string-wise identical and false otherwise,
just like eq. However, comparing any two differing strings will take
a fixed amount of time, unlike eq.

2013-08-10T16:40:46+00:00 net/p5-POSIX-getpeername Perl extension to provide getpeername(2)
POSIX::getpeername provides getpeername(2). perl's core getpeername
needs a open file handle. POSIX::getpeername allows you to get
peername from sockfd.

2013-08-10T15:30:16+00:00 net/p5-POSIX-Socket Perl extension for POSIX socket low-level interface
The primary purpose of this is to use file descriptors instead of file
handles for socket operations. File descriptors can be shared between
threads and not need dup file handles for each threads.

2013-08-10T14:49:45+00:00 mail/libcmime Lightweight C mime library
libcmime is a lightweight mime library, written in C. It attempts to
be a general library for parsing and creating mime email messages and
is designed to provide an easy to use and easy to integrate interface
for developers. libcmime is a pretty fresh project so the library is
still in beta state and there will be early and frequent releases.

2013-08-08T18:24:44+00:00 multimedia/spotify-websocket-api Websocket API and client for Spotify
A library, client, and some examples written in Python to access the
Spotify web API. Note that this is still premature and missing some

A Premium account is required to use this port.

2013-08-07T23:39:33+00:00 multimedia/plexmediaserver Plex Media Server component
Plex Media Server is used to host the content and plugins that are then
streamed to Plex Media Center and Plex mobile app clients, either on the
same machine, the same local area network, or over the Internet. Content
may be transcoded by the server before it's streamed in order to reduce
bandwidth requirements, or for compatibility with the device being
streamed to.

2013-08-07T23:39:28+00:00 x11/xcb-util-cursor XCB cursor library
The xcb-util module provides a number of libraries which sit on top of
libxcb, the core X protocol library, and some of the extension libraries.
These libraries provide convenience functions and interfaces which make the
raw X protocol more usable. Some of the libraries also provide client-side
code which is not strictly part of the X protocol but which have traditionally
been provided by Xlib.

The util-cursor module implements the XCB cursor library, which is th XCB
replacement for libXcursor.

2013-08-07T23:34:55+00:00 devel/py-jira Library to ease use of the JIRA 5 REST APIs
A Python library designed to ease the use of the JIRA REST API. Some basic
support for the GreenHopper REST API also exists.

2013-08-07T22:31:48+00:00 math/gkmap Simplification of Boolean Functions using Karnaugh Map
GKmap is a free K-Map disclosure software, which is developed to solve
the Digital Electronics design problems. Along with design it also helps
in analysis of information flow in the digital circuits.

2013-08-07T22:22:17+00:00 graphics/luxrays Accelerate the ray intersection process by using GPUs
LuxRays is library dedicated to accelerate the ray intersection process by
using GPUs.

Uses a Data Parallel Model: it doesn't reduce the time spent to trace a single
ray but it is able to trace many thousands of rays in parallel.

Supports Hybrid CPU/GPU mode where only the ray intersection task is off load
to the GPUs while everything else run on the CPU and can be written with usual
tools and languages.

2013-08-07T20:25:31+00:00 converters/p5-plutil Perl implementation of Mac OS X plutil
Perl implementation of Mac OS X plutil. Converts .plist files between binary
and UTF-8 (editable) text formats.

2013-08-06T07:28:00+00:00 www/p5-Dancer2 Lightweight yet powerful web application framework
Dancer2 is the new generation of Dancer, the lightweight web-framework for
Perl. Dancer2 is a complete rewrite based on Moo.

2013-08-05T06:25:51+00:00 devel/dasm Macro assembler for 8-bit microprocessors including MOS 6502, MC6803
dasm is a versatile macro assembler with support
for several 8-bit microprocessors including:

MOS 6502 & 6507
Motorola 6803, 68705 & 68HC11
Hitachi HD6303 (extended Motorola 6801)
Fairchild F8

2013-08-04T13:57:30+00:00 devel/py-biplist Library for reading/writing binary plists
biplist is a binary plist parser/generator for Python

Binary Property List (plist) files provide a faster and smaller serialization
format for property lists on OS X. This is a library for generating binary
plists which can be read by OS X, iOS, or other clients.

2013-08-04T13:40:11+00:00 devel/py-defusedxml XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules
Defusing XML bombs and other exploits

The results of an attack on a vulnerable XML library can be fairly dramatic.
With just a few hundred Bytes of XML data an attacker can occupy several
Gigabytes of memory within seconds. An attacker can also keep CPUs busy for
a long time with a small to medium size request. This library prevents
such issues.

2013-08-03T07:33:15+00:00 devel/acme Crossassembler for 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors
ACME is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License.
The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors.
It also supports some of the undocumented ("illegal") opcodes of the 6502.

2013-08-01T10:05:27+00:00 devel/android-tools-adb Android debug bridge command line tool
Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command line tool that
lets you communicate with an emulator instance or connected
Android-powered device.

2013-07-31T12:51:11+00:00 devel/p5-interface Simple compile time interface checking for OO Perl
Compile-time interface complaince testing. Inspects the methods defined in your
module, and compares them against the methods defined in the modules you list.
Requires no special or additional syntax.

2013-07-31T11:57:45+00:00 x11-toolkits/pangox-compat Deprecated pangoX support
Pango provides a framework to render and control the layout of
internationalized text, and is the backend for right-to-left text.
Pango is an integral part of the GTK+ and GNOME projects, but its
code is platform- and toolkit-independent.

This port supplies the deprecated pangox interface which was removed from
the pango port.

2013-07-31T11:57:45+00:00 graphics/colord-gtk Manage color profiles to accurately color input/output devices
Gtk3 widget for the colord system service.

2013-07-31T07:45:04+00:00 devel/xa65 Two-pass cross-assembler for MOS 6502 and compatible CPUs
xa is a high-speed, two-pass portable cross-assembler. It understands
mnemonics and generates code for:

NMOS 6502s (such as 6502A, 6504, 6507, 6510, 7501, 8500, 8501, 8502, ...)
CMOS 6502s (65C02 and Rockwell R65C02) and the 65816

Key amongst its features:

- C-like preprocessor (understands cpp for additional feature support)
- Rich expression syntax and pseudo-op vocabulary
- Multiple character sets
- Binary linking
- Supports o65 relocatable objects with a full linker and relocation
suite, as well as "bare" plain binary object files
- Block structure for label scoping

2013-07-31T07:11:46+00:00 devel/dxa65 Disassembler for MOS 6502 and compatible CPUs
dxa65 is a disassembler for MOS 6502 and compatible CPUs
NMOS 6502s (such as 6502A, 6504, 6507, 6510, 7501, 8500, 8501, 8502 ...)
CMOS 6502s (65C02 and Rockwell R65C02)

2013-07-30T03:10:03+00:00 databases/rubygem-redis-namespace Ruby client class for Redis with namespace support
Adds a Redis::Namespace class which can be used to namespace calls to Redis.
This is useful when using a single instance of Redis with multiple, different

2013-07-29T20:21:09+00:00 net/rubygem-network_interface Get network interface information from Ruby
This gem was originally added to the Metasploit Pcaprub gem. It's been spun
out into its own gem for anyone who might want to programmatically get
information on their network interfaces.

2013-07-29T00:04:33+00:00 sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone-eabi U-Boot loader for BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black
U-Boot loader for BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black.

This version is patched so that:
* ELF and API features are enabled
* U-Boot binary is called BB-UBOOT.IMG
* It loads env from BB-UENV.TXT (an empty file suffices)
* It loads BBONE.DTB if running on an older (white) BeagleBone,
or BBONEBLK.DTB if running on a BeagleBone Black
* By default, it loads ELF ubldr from file BBUBLDR to address 0x88000000

Note: prefixing the boot files with 'BB' allows building
images with boot bits for more than one board.

For information about running FreeBSD on BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black, see

For general information about U-Boot, see
2013-07-28T23:20:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-github_api Wrapper that supports all of the GitHub API v3 methods
A Ruby client for the official GitHub API.

Supports all the API methods. It's built in a modular way. You can either
instantiate the whole API wrapper or use parts of it i.e. if working solely with repositories is your main
concern. Intuitive query methods allow you easily call API endpoints.

2013-07-28T20:37:23+00:00 math/ent Entropy calculation and analysis of putative random sequences
ent applies various tests to sequences of bytes stored in files and reports the
results of those tests. The program is useful for evaluating pseudorandom
number generators for encryption and statistical sampling applications,
compression algorithms, and other applications where the information density of
a file is of interest.

2013-07-28T16:51:54+00:00 security/libscrypt C library for the scrypt key derivation function
Although the creator of scrypt has written an "example implementation", it
doesn't satisfy the "simple library" requirement that prompts developers to
implement it. Therefore, I've written my adaptation, which quite simply pulls
the relevant parts from the original implementation, then adds a number of
harnesses and simplified interfaces. The hope is that through this, any
developer can utilise scrypt.

2013-07-28T16:45:59+00:00 devel/arm-eabi-gcc
2013-07-28T16:45:22+00:00 devel/arm-eabi-binutils GNU binutils for vanilla ARM cross-development
GNU binutils for vanilla ARM cross-development
2013-07-26T17:27:42+00:00 x11-toolkits/mygui Fast, simple and flexible GUI system for games and 3D applications
MyGUI is a library for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
for games and 3D applications. The main goals of mygui are: speed,
flexibility and ease of use.

2013-07-26T15:15:10+00:00 devel/py-wheel Built-package format for Python
A built-package format for Python.

A wheel is a ZIP-format archive with a specially formatted filename and the
.whl extension. It is designed to contain all the files for a PEP 376
compatible install in a way that is very close to the on-disk format.
Many packages will be properly installed with only the "Unpack" step (simply
extracting the file onto sys.path), and the unpacked archive preserves enough
information to "Spread" (copy data and scripts to their final locations)
at any later time.

The wheel project provides a bdist_wheel command for setuptools (requires
setuptools >= 0.8.0). Wheel files can be installed with a newer pip from or with wheel's own command line utility.

2013-07-26T12:44:03+00:00 security/py-ed25519ll Low-level ctypes wrapper for Ed25519 digital signatures
ed25519ll is a low-level wrapper for the Ed25519 public key signature
system. It uses Extension() to compile a shared library that is not a
Python extension module, and then uses ctypes to talk to the library. With
luck it will only be necessary to compile ed25519ll once for each
platform, reusing its shared library across Python versions.

This wrapper also contains a reasonably performat pure-Python
fallback. Unlike the reference implementation, the Python implementation
does not contain protection against timing attacks.

2013-07-26T12:38:21+00:00 devel/py-dirspec XDG Base and User directories implementation
A Python library which provides support for handling directories as described
in the XDG Base Directory and User Folders specifications.

2013-07-25T18:53:30+00:00 comms/jsdr SDR tools for RTL2832-based USB sticks
SDR-J (formerly Jsdr) is a suite of four programs provided under a
LGPL open source license for playing around with sdr (software
defined radio). The software can be used directly with the PM-SDR
kit and RTL2832U based dongles, and in the 32 bits Windows version
with other kits as well.

The suite contains four programs:

- a full blown "short wave" receiver, which provides tuning in the
range of 100K .. 165M using the PM-SDR (although above 55 M with
reduced performance) and from app 55 MHz to app 900 Mhz or above
using an RTL2832U based dongle. The receiver provides quite a number
of decoders for amateur modes.
- am/fm receiver covering the same frequency bands as the sw receiver,
however, with am bandwidths selectable, with fm mono and stereo
decoding as well as with rds decoding.
- spectrum viewer for use with the RTL2832U based dongles, showing
spectra of up to 3 Mhz bandwidth.
- mini receiver, a stripped version of the fm receiver, a gadget
for listening to WFM using DAB sticks.

2013-07-24T21:02:11+00:00 www/p5-RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition Extension to require core and ticket custom fields on status changes

This RT extension enforces that certain fields have values before
tickets are explicitly moved to or from specified statuses. If you list
custom fields which must have a value before a ticket is resolved, those
custom fields will automatically show up on the "Resolve" page. The
reply/comment won't be allowed until a value is provided.

2013-07-24T11:22:09+00:00 www/rubygem-rabbirack Tool to control Rabbit from web browser
RabbiRack is a tool that controls Rabbit by Web browser.

You need to use keyboard or mouse to show the next page. It means
that you need to stand in front of your computer in your talk. You
can control Rabbit by Web browser with RabbiRack. So you don't need
to stand in front of your computer. You can talk at the center of

The speaker position is at the corner of stage in many conferences.
To talk the important thing, you will want to talk with body language.
But your body language at the corner of stage will be ignored. You
need to use body language at the center of stage. Let's leave from
your computer and talk the important thing to audience.

2013-07-24T11:22:09+00:00 net/rubygem-rabbiter Twitter client for Rabbit
Rabbiter is a tool that collects tweets related to the talk and
sends them to Rabbit as comments.

In public conference such as RubyKaigi, audiences tweet comments
about the listening talk to Twitter. To show the comments to your
slide showed by Rabbit, you can use Rabbiter.

If you have room to breathe, you can reply to the comments to reflect
audiences' opinions. An audience can listen your talk with some
different points of view because an audience can know other's
comments. Note that you have a risk that audiences are interested
in audiences' comments rather than your talk. You should ready your
talk to make very interesting talk rather than audiences' comments.

2013-07-24T11:22:09+00:00 misc/rubygem-rabbit RD-document-based presentation application
Rabbit is an RD-document-based presentation application.
Rabbit has some features which set it apart from other presentation tools:
* Use plain Ruby to define the look of your slides
* Lots of keyboard commands
* Mouse gesture support
* and more...

2013-07-23T21:16:10+00:00 net/owamp Implementation of the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol
OWAMP is a command line client application and a policy daemon used
to determine one way latencies between hosts. It is an implementation
of the OWAMP protocol as defined by (When referring to the
protocol within this document, "OWAMP" will be in italicized. In
all other instances, "OWAMP" will be referring to this implementation.)

With roundtrip-based measurements, it is hard to isolate the direction
in which congestion is experienced. One-way measurements solve this
problem and make the direction of congestion immediately apparent.
Since traffic can be asymmetric at many sites that are primarily
producers or consumers of data, this allows for more informative
measurements. One-way measurements allow the user to better isolate
the effects of specific parts of a network on the treatment of

2013-07-23T21:02:49+00:00 databases/hashtypes Hash data types for PostgreSQL
SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, MD5 & CRC32 data types for PostgreSQL
A fork of the shatypes extension which adds additional
data types along with some fixes.

2013-07-23T20:35:11+00:00 mail/cyrus2dovecot Convert Cyrus folders to Dovecot
Cyrus2Dovecot is a full-featured command line tool for converting the
e-mails of one or more users from Cyrus format to Dovecot Maildir++ folders.
It allows for performing a server transition which is fully transparent to
both POP and IMAP users.

2013-07-23T16:11:09+00:00 x11-fonts/lohit Lohit fonts
In 2004, Red Hat has released five Indian language fonts as open source
licensed under the GPL. In 2011 Red Hat relicensed fonts under SIL OFL 1.1
license. The fonts named Lohit which means Red in Sanskrit. Currently, the
font family supports 21 Indian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Devanagari
(Hindi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Sindhi, Santali,
Bodo, Dogri), Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi,
Tamil, and Telugu. Now, Fedora Project and its contributors took the
responsibility to consolidate the further efforts and improvements of
the Lohit fonts.

Lohit Fonts are Unicode 6.0 compatible.

2013-07-23T16:10:10+00:00 x11-fonts/andika Andika TrueType fonts
A font family designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the
needs of beginning readers.

2013-07-23T11:23:59+00:00 devel/p5-MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric Moo types for numbers
MooX::Types::MooseLike::Numeric provides Moo types for numbers.

2013-07-22T18:02:57+00:00 science/xfce4-equake-plugin Earthquake monitor plugin for the Xfce panel
Equake is a panel plugin which monitors and displays earthquakes each time
a new one occurs.

2013-07-22T17:18:01+00:00 security/py-itsdangerous Various helpers to pass data in untrusted environments
Various helpers to deal with untrusted sources.

2013-07-22T17:06:58+00:00 net/libilbc Internet Low Bit Rate codec (RFC3951)
iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) is a FREE speech codec suitable for robust
voice communication over IP. The codec is designed for narrow band speech and
results in a payload bit rate of 13.33 kbit/s with an encoding frame length
of 30 ms and 15.20 kbps with an encoding length of 20 ms. The iLBC codec
enables graceful speech quality degradation in the case of lost frames,
which occurs in connection with lost or delayed IP packets.

2013-07-21T19:08:20+00:00 devel/rubygem-metaclass Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects
Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects

2013-07-21T15:09:42+00:00 www/rubygem-haml-coderay Adds a CodeRay syntax highlighting filter to Haml
Adds a CodeRay syntax highlighting filter to Haml

2013-07-21T14:35:00+00:00 x11-toolkits/qtada Ada2005 language bindings to Qt4 framework
QtAda is an Ada 2005 language binding to the Qt libraries and a set of
useful tools. Qt versions 4.6 and later are supported.

QtAda easily enables powerful cross-platform graphical user interfaces
completely on Ada 2005. QtAda applications work on all popular platforms
without any changes or platform-specific coding. QtAda applications have
the platforms' native look and feel.

It is possible to develop custom widgets and integrate them into the Qt
designer for rapid GUI development.

QtAda has excellent support for localization and internationalization, and
usings native safe threading for transparent integration with Ada tasks.

2013-07-21T14:29:46+00:00 devel/ahven Ada unit test framework
Ahven is a simple unit test library and framework for the Ada programming
lanugage. It is loosely modelled after JUnit and some ideas from AUnit.

Simple API
Small size
JUnit-compatible test results in XML format
Strict coding style enforced by AdaControl
This allows integration with tools like Jenkins and CruiseControl
Limited to Ada95 language features
Permissive open source license (ISC)

2013-07-21T14:26:31+00:00 lang/adacontrol Tool for detecting use or non-use of specific Ada constructs
AdaControl is a free (GMGPL) tool that detects the use of various kinds of
constructs in Ada programs. Its first goal is to control proper usage of
style or programming rules, but it can also be used as a powerful tool to
search for use (or non-use) of various forms of programming styles or design
patterns. Searched elements range from very simple, like the occurrence of
certain entities, declarations, or statements, to very sophisticated, like
verifying that certain programming patterns are being obeyed..

Which elements or constructs are searched is defined by a set of rules; the
following table gives a short summary of rules currently checked by
AdaControl. The number in parentheses after the rule name gives the number
of subrules, if any. Considering all possible rules and subrules, this makes
452 tests that can be performed currently by AdaControl!

2013-07-21T14:22:24+00:00 textproc/adabrowse HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications
AdaBrowse is a javadoc-like HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit
specifications. It can also generate XML output; a DTD is included in
the distribution. AdaBrowse produces a fully cross-referenced HTML
rendering of Ada 95 specs without bodies. It is a command-line utility.

2013-07-21T14:17:04+00:00 lang/asis GNAT implementation of Ada Semantic Interface Specification
The Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) is an interface between an
Ada environment as defined by ISO/IEC 8652 (the Ada Reference Manual) and
any tool requiring information from this environment. An Ada environment
includes valuable semantic and syntactic information. ASIS is an open and
published callable interface which gives CASE tool and application
developers access to this information. ASIS has been designed to be
independent of underlying Ada environment implementations, thus supporting
portability of software engineering tools while relieving tool developers
from having to understand the complexities of an Ada environment's
proprietary internal representation.

ASIS 95 is the ASIS interface to Ada 95 (ISO/IEC 8652:1995).
ASIS 95 is now available as ISO/IEC 15291:1999.

2013-07-21T14:12:28+00:00 lang/gnat_util Library used to build GNAT tools such as ASIS
Gnat_Util is a library uniting a number of GNAT sources that are used by
different tools. At the moment Gnat_Util provides GNAT sources needed by ASIS,
GNATCOLL and Gprbuild. Its main purpose is allowing to simultaneously use
tools like ASIS and GNATCOLL (and other ones based on GNAT sources, if they
are to come), which would normally cause name conflicts between the same GNAT
sources that they use. Building both of them using same set of sources that
is Gnat_Util solves this problem.

2013-07-21T13:09:02+00:00 textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-adadomain Sphinx Adadomain Extension
This extension adds Ada domain support to Sphinx.

2013-07-21T06:17:34+00:00 sysutils/screenfetch Bash Screenshot Information Tool
screenFetch is a "Bash Screenshot Information Tool". This handy Bash script can
be used to generate one of those nifty terminal theme information + ASCII
distribution logos you see in everyone's screenshots nowadays. It will
auto-detect your distribution and display an ASCII version of that
distribution's logo and some valuable information to the right. There are
options to specify no ascii art, colors, taking a screenshot upon displaying
info, and even customizing the screenshot command! This script is very easy to
add to and can easily be extended.

2013-07-20T21:37:46+00:00 net/packetdrill Network stack testing tool
The packetdrill scripting tool enables quick, precise tests for entire
TCP/UDP/IPv4/IPv6 network stacks, from the system call layer down to
the NIC hardware. packetdrill currently works on Linux, FreeBSD,
OpenBSD, and NetBSD. It can test network stack behavior over physical
NICs on a LAN, or on a single machine using a tun virtual network

2013-07-20T07:49:56+00:00 devel/py-pbr Python Build Reasonableness
PBR is a library that injects some useful and sensible default
behaviors into your setuptools run. It started off life as the chunks
of code that were copied between all of the OpenStack projects. Around
the time that OpenStack hit 18 different projects each with at least 3
active branches, it seems like a good time to make that code into a
proper re-usable library.

2013-07-20T03:58:42+00:00 devel/libfortuna Fortuna PRNG Library
Fortuna PRNG library for generating random numbers

libfortuna is a C library based on code extracted from BSD licensed PostgreSQL
sources. It generates numbers with decent randomness.

2013-07-18T15:36:01+00:00 www/zend-framework1 Framework for developing PHP web applications
This is a port of the Zend Framework. The Zend Framework aims to
provide an architecture for developing entire applications with no
other library dependencies. This code will always be actively developed,
tested, and supported by Zend and the PHP Collaboration Project.

2013-07-18T10:25:29+00:00 astro/boinc-setiathome-v7 Setiathome Enhanced for BOINC
SETI - Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence -- Version 7

Use your unused CPU cycles to aid in computations analyzing radio
telescope information for possible signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

The port automatically optimizes for the host CPU using the CPUTYPE
variable in /etc/make.conf

2013-07-18T08:24:08+00:00 devel/libdouble-conversion Binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles
This project (double-conversion) provides binary-decimal and decimal-binary
routines for IEEE doubles.

The library consists of efficient conversion routines that have been extracted
from the V8 JavaScript engine. The code has been refactored and improved so that
it can be used more easily in other projects.

2013-07-17T23:20:21+00:00 sysutils/logstash Tool for managing events and logs
Logstash is a tool for managing events and logs. You can use it to collect
logs, parse them, and store them for later use (like, for searching). Speaking
of searching, logstash comes with a web interface for searching and drilling
into all of your logs.

2013-07-17T19:27:53+00:00 devel/gearmand-devel Gearman C Server and Library
Gearman provides a generic framework to farm out work to other
machines or dispatch function calls to machines that are better suited
to do the work. It allows you to do work in parallel, to load balance
processing, and to call functions between languages. It can be used in
a variety of applications, from high-availability web sites to the
transport for database replication.

2013-07-17T16:08:41+00:00 multimedia/tvheadend TV streaming server supporting DVB, IPTV, SAT>IP and more
A TV streaming server and recorder for Linux, FreeBSD and
Android supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T,
IPTV, SAT>IP, HDHomeRune and other formats through the unix
pipe as input sources.

2013-07-17T04:12:10+00:00 ftp/p5-curl Perl interface to libcurl
This module provides a Perl interface to libcurl. It is not intended to be
a standalone module and because of this, the main libcurl documentation
should be consulted for API details at

2013-07-17T04:08:49+00:00 www/p5-WWW-Shorten-Yourls Perl interface to www/yourls, Your Own URL Shortener
A Perl Interface to shortening URLs with www/yourls. Your Own URL Shortener.

2013-07-16T20:35:20+00:00 dns/hostdb Generate DNS and DHCP config files from single source
HostDB is a system for generating internal DNS zones, external DNS zones,
and DHCP configuration data from the same hostlist.txt file.
Keep your configurations consistent by generating them all from the same

A system for generating internal DNS zones, external DNS zones, and
DHCP configuration data from the same simple repository.

2013-07-16T17:54:53+00:00 security/please Execute a command as root
Please aims to be little sudo without bells and whistles. Only pam
authentication and executing command.

Name please fits into Unix naming conventions. Where we have daemon instead of
background process. We are killing processes, not closing processes. Now we can
please to run privileged process.

2013-07-16T17:52:47+00:00 multimedia/mpv Free and open-source general-purpose video player
Mpv is based on the MPlayer and mplayer2 projects which it greatly improves.
It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and
subtitle types. Special input URL types are available to read input from
a variety of sources other than disk files. Depending on platform, a variety of
different video and audio output methods are supported.

2013-07-16T06:30:29+00:00 security/orthrus One-Time Password System (OTP) alternative to OPIE or S/Key
Orthrus is a C library and user interfaces for RFC 2289,
"A One-Time Password System (OTP)", also known as OPIE or S/Key.

2013-07-16T05:43:56+00:00 www/trac-watchlist Watchlist feature for wikis and tickets of Trac
This plug-in adds a watchlist for wikis and tickets.
Every logged-in user can watch any wikis and ticket.
The watchlist is provided under [/watchlist] which
is also added to the main navigation bar.

2013-07-16T05:43:05+00:00 www/trac-tracdragdrop Provides extends attachments list of Trac
This plugin extends attachments list in Trac.

Drag-and-drop to attach files using HTML5 drag-and-drop,
XMLHttpRequest Level 2 and File API.
Progress bar while uploading the files using XMLHttpRequest
Level 2.
More than one file for selecting attachment files.
Attach an image from clipboard.
Auto-submit on select a file to attach.

2013-07-16T05:41:40+00:00 www/trac-subtickets Offers sub-ticket feature for managing tickets
This plugin offers sub-ticket feature for managing tickets.

2013-07-15T14:59:14+00:00 mail/trojita Fast cross-platform IMAP e-mail client using Qt 5 toolkit
Trojita is a fast cross-platform Qt IMAP e-mail client.

Some highlights are:

* It is a pure Qt application with no additional dependencies
* Robust IMAP core implemented using Qt's Model-View framework
* Standards compliance, resources efficiency, interoperability and high
productivity are primary design goals
* Integrates well into any reasonable desktop environment
* On-demand message list and body part loading
* Offline IMAP support
* Support for bandwidth-saving mode aimed at mobile users with expensive
* IMAP over SSH -- in addition to usual SSL/TLS connections, the server could
be accessed via SSH
* Safe and robust dealing with HTML mail

Trojita is neither a full PIM suite nor a POP3 client.

2013-07-14T21:17:21+00:00 net/avahi-header Install an avahi-gtk* header to avoid conflict
The net/avahi-gtk and net/avahi-gtk3 install same header, avahi-ui.h. To
avoid both ports to get conflict with the each others. Avoid both ports
to install avahi-ui.h then have both ports to depend on here.

2013-07-14T21:17:21+00:00 net/avahi-gtk3 Gtk+ 3 library to the Avahi mDNS system
Gtk+ tools and bindings to the avahi mDNS service discovery system.

2013-07-14T21:11:16+00:00 archivers/qpress Portable file archiver using QuickLZ
qpress is a portable file archiver using QuickLZ and designed to utilize fast
storage systems to their max. It's often faster than file copy because the
destination is smaller than the source.

2013-07-13T21:30:51+00:00 devel/rubygem-sequel3 The Database Toolkit for Ruby
Sequel is a database toolkit for Ruby.
* Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise
DSL for constructing database queries and table schemas.
* Sequel also includes a lightweight but comprehensive ORM layer for
mapping records to Ruby objects and handling associated records.
* Sequel supports advanced database features such as prepared
statements, bound variables, master/slave configurations, and database
* Sequel makes it easy to deal with multiple records without having
to break your teeth on SQL.
* Sequel currently has adapters for ADO, DB2, DBI, Informix, JDBC,
MySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite3.

2013-07-13T21:10:25+00:00 devel/py-sysctl Wrapper for the sysctl system functions
Python wrapper for the sysctl system functions.

It provides a very simple interface to query for sysctls and to change
their values in a pythonic way.

2013-07-13T17:51:39+00:00 print/hplip-plugin Binary plugin for some HP Printers and All-in-One devices
Firmware and binary drivers for some HPLIP supported printers.

2013-07-13T16:03:23+00:00 devel/py-paver Easy build, distribution and deployment scripting
Paver is a Python-based software project scripting tool along the lines of Make
or Rake. It is not designed to handle the dependency tracking requirements of,
for example, a C program. It is designed to help out with all of your other
repetitive tasks (run documentation generators, moving files about,
downloading things), all with the convenience of Python's syntax and massive
library of code.

2013-07-13T13:24:27+00:00 audio/py-discogs-client Python interface to Discogs website
Official Python Client for the Discogs API

2013-07-12T18:16:13+00:00 x11-toolkits/linux-f10-qt45 RPM of QT4 (Linux Fedora 10)
Qt is a C++ toolkit for application development. It lets application
developers target all major operating systems with a single application
source code.

Qt provides a platform-independent API to all central platform functionality:
GUI, database access, networking, file handling, etc. The Qt library
encapsulates the different APIs of different operating systems, providing
the application programmer with a single, common API for all operating systems.
The native C APIs are encapsulated in a set of well-designed, fully
object-oriented C++ classes.
2013-07-11T19:55:46+00:00 textproc/rubygem-zmq Ruby ZeroMQ gem
The Ruby binding (C extension) to the ZeroMQ library.

2013-07-11T15:23:44+00:00 www/trac-attachmentpolicy Provides delete permission to Trac normal user
Adds permission TICKET_ATTACHMENT_DELETE for exclusive right
to delete and replace attachments, regardless who added/changed it.

Everybody who has permission TICKET_ATTACHMENT_DELETE can delete
or replace attachments, regardless who added / changed it.

2013-07-10T17:32:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-paperclip Easy upload management for ActiveRecord
Easy upload management for ActiveRecord

2013-07-10T17:31:46+00:00 devel/rubygem-cocaine Small library for doing (command) lines
A small library for doing (command) lines

2013-07-10T17:30:25+00:00 devel/rubygem-climate_control Modify your ENV
Modify your ENV

2013-07-10T16:13:00+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-CSV-Hashify Composition and decomposition of comma-separated values into hashes
Text::CSV::Hashify is designed for the case where you simply want to turn a CSV
file into a Perl hash. In particular, it is designed for the case where (a) the
CSV file's first record is a list of fields in the ancestral database table and
(b) one field (column) of which functions as a primary key, i.e., each record's
entry in that field is distinct from every other record's entry therein.

Text::CSV::Hashify turns that kind of CSV file into one big hash of hashes.
Elements of this hash are keyed on the entries in the designated primary key
field and the value for each element is a hash reference of all the data in a
particular database record (including the primary key field and its value).

2013-07-10T14:42:21+00:00 emulators/ucon64 Multipurpose video game ROM image and backup utility
uCON64 is the video game backup tool and emulator Swiss Army knife program.
It supports almost every system (Consoles, Handheld, and Arcade) with very
verbose ROM information, ROM and SRAM convertion to various backup tool
formats, IPS/APS/BSL/PPF patching, bad dump detection via RomCenter DAT files,
and more.

2013-07-10T14:01:42+00:00 www/rubygem-tinymce-rails Seamlessly integrates TinyMCE into the Rails asset pipeline
Seamlessly integrates TinyMCE into the Rails asset pipeline introduced
in Rails 3.1.

2013-07-10T11:25:44+00:00 devel/libc++ LLVM C++ standard library with c++11 support
libc++ is a new implementation of the C++ standard library made by the
llvm project targeting C++11.

2013-07-08T21:31:53+00:00 net/owncloud-csync Csync fork for Owncloud
Csync is a lightweight utility to synchronize files between two directories on
a system or between multiple systems.

It synchronizes bidirectionally and allows the user to keep two copies of files
and directories in sync. csync uses widely adopted protocols, such as smb or
sftp, so that there is no need for a server component. It is a user-level
program which means you do not to be a superuser or administrator.

2013-07-08T18:18:59+00:00 deskutils/py-send2trash Small package that sends files to the Trash
Send2Trash is a small package that sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin)
natively and on all platforms.

2013-07-08T15:11:18+00:00 devel/mongo-cxx-driver MongoDB Legacy C++ Driver
Official Mongo C++ Driver

Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

2013-07-08T11:21:37+00:00 graphics/delaboratory Unique image postprocessing application
Delaboratory is a color correction utility for digital images.
It features:

- Floating point precision (not 8-bit like Gimp, not 16-bit
like most raw processors)
- Native support for multiple colorspaces (sRGB, ProPhoto RGB,
- Non-destructive editing (adjustment layers)
- KISS design, realtime preview
- Basic operations: CMYK curves, CMYK levels, RGB curves, RGB
levels, white balance in LAB, saturation in LAB, LAB curves,
BW curve, HSV equalizer, LCH equalizer, recover shadows/highlights,
vignette, local contrast, LAB/BW/RGB/CMYK gradients
- Expert operations: levels, curves, equalizer, exposure, saturation,
white balance, fill, tone, local contrast, auto_dodge/auto_burn,
sharpen, vignette, gradient, gaussian blur, recover highlights,
recover shadows, channel mixer, high pass, c2g, copy
- Many blend modes (multiply, screen, overlay, inverted overlay,
dodge, burn, add, grain extract, grain merge, sub, difference,
darken, lighten), color/luminosity blending for RGB and CMYK
- RAW support (via dcraw), up to 5 color samplers, histograms and color
matrices, etc.

2013-07-05T19:43:36+00:00 devel/mongo-c-driver C Driver for MongoDB
Official Mongo C Driver

Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source,
schema-free, document-oriented database. A common name in the
"NOSQL" community.

2013-07-05T18:27:50+00:00 security/openssh-portable-base
2013-07-04T23:34:32+00:00 security/ksecrets Secrets management infrastructure for KDE
KSecretsService is a secrets management infrastructure aiming to
replace kwallet.

2013-07-04T14:10:25+00:00 graphics/entangle Digital camera tethered control and capture program
Entangle is an application which uses GTK+3 and libgphoto2 to provide a
graphical interface for tethered photography with digital cameras.

It includes control over camera shooting and configuration settings and
"hands off" shooting directly from the controlling computer:

- Trigger the shutter from the computer
- Live preview of scene before shooting
- Automatic download and display of photos as they are shot
- Control of all camera settings from computer

2013-07-03T20:13:37+00:00 www/redaxo REDAXO content management system
REDAXO is a modular, extensible PHP and MySQL based CMS, providing
multi-language support and accessibility in an easy to use way.

2013-07-03T18:42:54+00:00 devel/p5-JSON-Path Search nested hashref/arrayref structures using JSONPath
search nested hashref/arrayref structures using JSONPath

2013-07-03T18:22:27+00:00 devel/p5-Lvalue Add lvalue getters and setters to existing objects
Lvalue takes an object produced by some other package and wraps it
with lvalue functionality implemented with the object's original
getter and setter routines. Lvalue assumes its object uses the
relatively standard getter / setter idiom where any arguments is a
setter, and no arguments is a getter.

2013-07-02T16:54:14+00:00 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Plugin-Rar Wrapper around Archive::Rar
Wrapper around Archive::Rar.

2013-07-02T15:38:36+00:00 devel/p5-AnyEvent-Worker Manage blocking task in external process
Manage blocking task in external process.

2013-07-02T15:24:11+00:00 devel/p5-AnyEvent-RPC Abstract framework for RPC clients
Abstract framework for RPC clients.

2013-07-02T14:51:55+00:00 devel/p5-AnyEvent-Connection Base class for TCP connectful clients
Base class for TCP connectful clients.

2013-07-02T06:21:24+00:00 devel/libvirt-glib Glib bindings for Libvirt virtualization API
Glib bindings for Libvirt virtualization API

2013-07-02T02:13:49+00:00 net/rubygem-bunny060 Another synchronous Ruby AMQP client
Bunny is an AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) client, written in Ruby,
that is intended to allow you to interact with AMQP-compliant message
brokers/servers such as RabbitMQ in a synchronous fashion.

It is based on a great deal of useful code from amqp by Aman Gupta and Carrot
by Amos Elliston.

You can use Bunny to :
* Create and delete exchanges
* Create and delete queues
* Publish and consume messages

Bunny is known to work with RabbitMQ versions 1.5.4 and above with version 0-8
of the AMQP specification.

2013-07-02T02:09:53+00:00 textproc/rubygem-fast_xs073 Systems integration framework. Expander
fast_xs provides C extensions for escaping text.

The original String#fast_xs method is based on the xchar code by Sam Ruby:


_why also packages an older version with Hpricot (patches submitted). The
version here should be compatible with the latest version of Hpricot code.

Ruby on Rails will automatically use String#fast_xs from either Hpricot or this
gem version with the bundled Builder package.

String#fast_xs is an almost exact translation of Sam Ruby's original
implementation (String#to_xs), but it does escape "&quot;" (which is an
optional, but all parsers are able ot handle it. XML::Builder as packaged in
Rails 2.0 will be automatically use String#fast_xs instead of String#to_xs

2013-07-01T20:07:20+00:00 devel/ocaml-opam Source-based package manager for OCaml
OPAM is a source-based package manager for OCaml. It supports multiple
simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and
a Git-friendly development workflow.

2013-07-01T19:18:17+00:00 devel/matreshka Ada framework for information systems development
Matreshka is an Ada framework to develop information systems. It consists
of five major components: League, XML processor, Web framework, SQL access,
and the Modeling framework.

High level abstraction of localization and internationalization. Also
provides calendrical calculations, regular expressions, and JSON.

XML processor:
Sax reader and writer, supports XML 1.0 and 1.1 as well as namespaces.
It also has an XML catalogs resolver.

Web framework:
Supports FastCGI, SOAP 1.2 and has a WSDL to Ada translator.

SQL access:
Database abstraction of MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Firebird.

Modeling framework:
provides implementation of Meta Object Facility (MOF) written entirely
in Ada. Extension modules assist in the analysis of UML modules and
extensions (MOF, OCL, and UML testing profile) and diagram definition.

2013-07-01T16:36:08+00:00 security/libsparkcrypto Cryptographic library implemented in SPARK
libsparkcrypto is a formally verified implementation of several widely used
symmetric cryptographic algorithms using the SPARK programming language and
toolset. For the complete library proofs of the absence of run-time errors
like type range violations, division by zero and numerical overflows are
available. Some of its subprograms include proofs of partial correctness.

The distribution contains test cases for all implemented algorithms and a
benchmark to compare its performance with the OpenSSL library. The achieved
speed has been found to be very close to the optimized C and Assembler
implementations of OpenSSL.

2013-07-01T12:53:39+00:00 dns/ddns Lightweight UDP-based dynamic DNS updater
ddns is a lightweight UDP-based dynamic DNS updater.
It consists of a client that regularly sends UDP packets and a
server that updates a bind zone file or runs a command using the
peer IPv4 address of recieved UDP packets.

2013-07-01T12:01:05+00:00 devel/py-country Python API for ISO country, subdivision, language and currency
pycountry provides the ISO databases for the standards:
-- 639: Languages
-- 3166: Countries
-- 3166-2: Subdivisions of countries
-- 4217: Currencies
-- 15924: Scripts

The package includes a copy from Debian's pkg-isocodes and makes
the data accessible through a Python API. Translation files for
the various strings are included as well.

2013-07-01T05:57:32+00:00 x11-toolkits/py-kivy Python NUI library for rapid application development
Cross platform
Kivy is running on Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android and IOS. You can run the
same code on all supported platforms. It can use natively most inputs
protocols and devices like WM_Touch, WM_Pen, Mac OS X Trackpad and Magic Mouse,
Mtdev, Linux Kernel HID, TUIO. A multi-touch mouse simulator is included.

Business Friendly
Kivy is 100% free to use, under LGPL 3 licence. The toolkit is professionally
developed, backed and used. You can use it in a product and sell your product.
The framework is stable and has a documented API, plus a programming guide to
help for in the first step.

GPU Accelerated
The graphics engine is built over OpenGL ES 2, using modern and fast way of
doing graphics. The toolkit is coming with more than 20 widgets designed to be
extensible. Many parts are written in C using Cython, tested with regression

2013-06-30T21:30:52+00:00 mail/opensmtpd-devel Security- and simplicity-focused SMTP server from OpenBSD
OpenSMTPD is a FREE implementation of the server-side SMTP protocol as
defined by RFC 5321, with some additional standard extensions. It
allows ordinary machines to exchange e-mails with other systems
speaking the SMTP protocol.

This port packages the development snapshots released by OpenSMTPD team.

2013-06-30T15:54:09+00:00 devel/py-olefileio_pl Python module to read MS OLE2 files
OleFileIO_PL is a Python module to read Microsoft OLE2 files (also called
Structured Storage, Compound File Binary Format or Compound Document File
Format), such as Microsoft Office documents, Image Composer and FlashPix
files, Outlook messages, ...
This is an improved version of the OleFileIO module from PIL, the excellent
Python Imaging Library, created and maintained by Fredrik Lundh. The API is
still compatible with PIL, but the internal implementation has been improved
significantly, with new features, bugfixes and a more robust design.

2013-06-30T14:51:11+00:00 devel/py-binplist Binary plist parser
Binary property list (plist) parser module written in python.

2013-06-30T13:44:49+00:00 www/py-praw Python Reddit API Wrapper
PRAW, an acronym for "Python Reddit API Wrapper", is a python package
that allows for simple access to reddit's API. PRAW aims to be as easy
to use as possible and is designed to follow all of reddit's API rules.

You have to give a useragent that follows the rules, everything else is
handled by PRAW so you needn't worry about violating them.

2013-06-30T12:44:35+00:00 net/rubygem-packetfu Mid-level packet manipulation library for Ruby
PacketFu is a mid-level packet manipulation library for Ruby. With it, users
can read, parse, and write network packets with the level of ease and fun they
expect from Ruby.

2013-06-29T18:10:30+00:00 x11-fonts/comfortaa-ttf Stylish, modern and free sans-serif true type font
A stylish, modern and free true type font.

Comfortaa is a simple, good looking, true type font with an amazingly large
number of 596 different characters and symbols.

2013-06-29T02:37:35+00:00 www/rubygem-kaminari Sophisticated paginator for Rails 4+
Kaminari is a scope & engine based, clean, powerful, customizable and
sophisticated paginator for modern web app frameworks and ORMs.

2013-06-29T02:31:50+00:00 mail/rubygem-exception_notification Exception notification for Rails apps
Exception notification for Rails apps

2013-06-29T02:24:26+00:00 www/rubygem-tinyatom Small and easy to use ruby Atom feed generator
Small and easy to use ruby Atom feed generator

2013-06-29T02:22:50+00:00 dns/rubygem-public_suffix Ruby domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List
PublicSuffix can parse and decompose a domain name into top level domain,
domain and subdomains.

2013-06-29T01:46:11+00:00 www/rubygem-jruby-rack Java and Ruby library that adapts the Java Servlet API to Rack
JRuby-Rack is a combined Java and Ruby library that adapts the Java Servlet API
to Rack.

2013-06-28T20:55:58+00:00 security/axTLS SSL/TLS client/server library implementation
The axTLS project is an SSL client/server library using the TLSv1
protocol. It is designed to be small and fast, and is suited to
embedded projects. A web server is included.

2013-06-28T20:45:36+00:00 net/hanstunnel Hans makes it possible to tunnel IPv4 through ICMP
Hans makes it possible to tunnel IPv4 through ICMP echo packets, so you
could call it a ping tunnel. This can be useful when you find yourself
in the situation that your Internet access is firewalled, but pings are

Hans runs on Linux as a client and a server. It runs on Mac OS X,
iPhone/iPod touch, FreeBSD and OpenBSD as a client only.

2013-06-28T19:55:52+00:00 mail/opendmarc DMARC library and milter implementation
OpenDMARC is an open source implementation of Domain-based Message
Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, or DMARC. It builds on the
successes of technologies such as DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
and the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to create an infrastructure
that enforces policy on domain names that are visible to end users,
and creates a feedback framework for identifying and tracking
fraudulent use of domain names in email.

It includes a library for handling DMARC record parsing,
a database schema and tools for aggregating and processing transaction
history to produce DMARC reports, and a filter that ties it all together
with an MTA using the milter protocol.

2013-06-28T19:38:58+00:00 math/cloog Code generator in the polyhedral model
CLooG is a free software and library generating loops for scanning
Z-polyhedra. That is, it finds a code (e.g. in C, FORTRAN...) that
reaches each integral point of one or more parameterized polyhedra.
CLooG has been originally written to solve the code generation problem
for optimizing compilers based on the polytope model.

2013-06-28T18:28:49+00:00 www/zikula MVC web application framework (PHP/MySQL)
Zikula is an open source MVC web application framework,
released under the LGPLv3, that allows you to rapidly build websites
for any application including all forms of content management.
Zikula is fast and flexible and easily extendable
via a system on plugins, themes and extensions.

2013-06-28T04:04:49+00:00 devel/rubygem-shoulda-context Context framework extracted from Shoulda
Context framework extracted from Shoulda

2013-06-28T04:04:08+00:00 devel/rubygem-shoulda-matchers Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes

2013-06-28T00:02:47+00:00 security/p5-File-KeePass-Agent Application agent for working with File::KeePass objects
File::KeePass::Agent - Application agent for working with File::KeePass objects

2013-06-27T13:37:03+00:00 textproc/xorg-sgml-doctools Stylesheets and entities for X.Org documentation
This package provides a common set of SGML entities and XML/CSS style
sheets used in building/formatting the documentation provided in other
X.Org packages. It's typically only needed by people building from
source who want to produce formatted documentation from their builds,
or those who have installed the HTML version of the documentation,
which refers to the included common xorg.css stylesheet.
2013-06-27T08:56:18+00:00 textproc/p5-texcount Perl module for LaTeX statistics
TeXcount is a Perl script that counts the number of words in the
text of LaTeX files. It has rules for handling most of the common
macros and provides colour coded output indicating which parts have
been counted.

2013-06-27T08:32:04+00:00 editors/gummi Simple LaTex editor for GTK users
Gummi is a LaTeX editor. It was designed with simplicity in mind.

2013-06-27T06:59:30+00:00 devel/rubygem-structured_warnings Implementation of structured warnings for Ruby
This is an implementation of Daniel Berger's proposal of structured warnings
for Ruby. They provide dynamic suppression and activation, as well as,
an inheritance hierarchy to model their relations. This library preserves
the old warn signature, but additionally allows a raise-like use.

2013-06-26T22:46:34+00:00 sysutils/acpica-tools Tools from the ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) project
The ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) project provides an operating
system (OS)-independent reference implementation of the Advanced
Configuration and Power Interface Specification (ACPI).

This port provides utilities bundled with the ACPICA release.

2013-06-26T20:52:19+00:00 net/proxychains-ng Redirect connection through proxy servers
ProxyChains NG is based on ProxyChains.

ProxyChains NG hooks network-related (TCP only) libc functions in dynamically
linked programs via a preloaded DSO (dynamic shared object) and redirects the
connections through one or more SOCKS4a/5 or HTTP proxies.

Since Proxy Chains NG relies on the dynamic linker, statically linked binaries
are not supported.

Adjust ~/.proxychains/proxychains.conf for your Proxy and use ProxyChains NG

proxychains application

2013-06-25T19:50:26+00:00 www/rubygem-ethon Very lightweight libcurl wrapper
Very lightweight libcurl wrapper

2013-06-25T16:22:46+00:00 x11-wm/compton Feature-rich compositing window manager for X11
Compton is a compositor for X11, which was forked from Dana Jansens' fork
of xcompmgr, and heavily refactored.

Most prominent changes from the original xcompmgr:

- OpenGL/GLX backend in addition to the old XRender backend
- Inactive window transparency and dimming
- Titlebar/frame and menu transparency
- Shadows for ARGB windows, e.g. terminals with transparency
- Colored shadows; new fade system
- Blur of background of transparent windows, window color inversion
- Configuration file support with blacklisting

2013-06-25T13:31:45+00:00 devel/concurrencykit Lock-free data structures for high performance concurrent systems
Concurrency Kit provides a plethora of concurrency primitives, safe memory
reclamation mechanisms and non-blocking data structures designed to aid in
the design and implementation of high performance concurrent systems.

2013-06-24T20:55:09+00:00 www/cakephp23 Framework for developing PHP web applications
This is a port of the CakePHP web application framework. CakePHP is a
free open-source rapid development framework for PHP. It's a structure
of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure for programmers
creating web applications originally inspired by the Ruby on Rails
framework. Our primary goal is to enable you to work in a structured
and rapid manner - without loss of flexibility.

2013-06-24T18:38:25+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SMTP-TLS Email::Sender with Net::SMTP::TLS (Eg. Gmail)
Email::Sender replaces the old and sometimes problematic Email::Send library,
while this module replaces the Email::Send::SMTP::TLS.

2013-06-24T18:36:18+00:00 net/p5-Net-Google-SafeBrowsing2 Perl extension for the Google Safe Browsing v2 API
Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2 implements the Google Safe Browsing
v2 API.

The library passes most of the unit tests listed in the API
documentation. See the documentation
for more details about the failed tests.

The Google Safe Browsing database must be stored and managed locally.
Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2::Sqlite uses Sqlite as the storage back-end,
Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2::MySQL uses MySQL. Other storage mechanisms
(databases, memory, etc.) can be added and used transparently with this module.

You may want to look at "Google Safe Browsing v2: Implementation Notes"
a collection of notes and real-world numbers about the API. This is intended
for people who want to learn more about the API, whether as a user or to
make their own implementation.

2013-06-24T18:32:07+00:00 textproc/p5-String-HexConvert Convert ASCII strings to hex and reverse
String::HexConvert It is a wrapper around pack and unpack of perl to convert
a string of hex digits to ascii and other way around.

2013-06-24T18:23:04+00:00 net-mgmt/p5-Net-IPAddress Perl functions used to manipulate IP addresses, masks and FQDN's
Net::IPAddr is a collection of helpful functions used to convert
IP addresses to/from 32-bit integers, applying subnet masks to
IP addresses, validating IP address strings, and splitting a FQDN
into its host and domain parts.

No rocket science here, but I have found these functions to very,
very handy. For example, have you ever tried to sort a list of IP
addresses only to find out that they don't sort the way you expected?
Here is the solution! If you convert the IP addresses to 32-bit integer
addresses, they will sort in correct order.

2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 www/php55-tidy
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 www/php55-session
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-xsl
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-xmlwriter
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-xmlreader
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-xml
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-wddx
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-simplexml
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-pspell
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-dom
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 textproc/php55-ctype
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 sysutils/php55-posix
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 sysutils/php55-fileinfo
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 security/php55-openssl
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 security/php55-mcrypt
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 security/php55-hash
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 security/php55-filter
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 net/php55-xmlrpc
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 net/php55-sockets
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 net/php55-soap
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 net/php55-ldap
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 net-mgmt/php55-snmp
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 misc/php55-calendar
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 math/php55-gmp
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 math/php55-bcmath
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 mail/php55-imap
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 lang/php55 PHP Scripting Language
PHP, which stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" is a widely-used Open
Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for
Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C,
Java, and Perl, and is easy to learn. The main goal of the language is to
allow web developers to write dynamically generated webpages quickly, but
you can do much more with PHP.

2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 lang/php55-extensions "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
This is a "meta-port" to install the extensions for PHP 5.5.

Defaults to:
ctype, dom, filter, hash, iconv, json, pdo, pdo_sqlite, phar, posix,
session, simplexml, sqlite3, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader and xmlwriter.

2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 graphics/php55-gd
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 graphics/php55-exif
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 ftp/php55-ftp
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 ftp/php55-curl
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-tokenizer
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-sysvshm
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-sysvsem
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-sysvmsg
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-shmop
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-readline
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-pcntl
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-json
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 devel/php55-gettext
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-sybase_ct
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-sqlite3
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pgsql
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_sqlite
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_pgsql
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_odbc
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_mysql
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_firebird
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo_dblib
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-pdo
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-odbc
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-mysqli
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-mysql
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-mssql
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-interbase
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 databases/php55-dba
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 converters/php55-recode
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 converters/php55-mbstring
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 converters/php55-iconv
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 archivers/php55-zlib
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 archivers/php55-zip
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 archivers/php55-phar
2013-06-24T14:32:11+00:00 archivers/php55-bz2
2013-06-23T20:49:39+00:00 textproc/rubygem-loggability Composable logging system built on the standard Logger library
A composable logging system built on the standard Logger library. You can add
Loggability to large libraries and systems, then hook everything up later when
you know where you want logs to be written, at what level of severity, and in
which format.

2013-06-23T19:22:41+00:00 www/mod_qos QoS for Apache
mod_qos is a quality of service module for the Apache web server implementing
control mechanisms that can provide different levels of priority to different
HTTP requests.

2013-06-23T13:30:28+00:00 devel/rubygem-docile Docile turns any Ruby object into a DSL
Docile turns any Ruby object into a DSL. Especially useful with the Builder

2013-06-22T22:32:14+00:00 devel/py-pygit2 Python bindings for libgit2
Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library,
libgit2 implements the core of Git.

2013-06-22T10:43:26+00:00 net/py-pynsq Official Python client library for NSQ
The official Python client library for NSQ

It provides high-level nsq.Reader and nsq.Writer classes for building
consumers and producers and two low-level modules for both sync and async
communication over the NSQ Protocol (if you wanted to write your own
high-level functionality).

2013-06-22T09:00:50+00:00 math/py-graphillion Fast, lightweight graphset operation library in Python
Graphillion is a Python software package on search, optimization, and
enumeration for a graphset, or a set of graphs.

- Lightweight data structures for handling x-illions of graphs
- Search, optimization, and enumerate large and complex graph sets
- Efficient implementation extending Python with C/C++
- Working with existing graph tools like NetworkX
- Open source MIT license
- Well tested: more than 600 unit tests
- Fast prototyping, easy to teach, and multi-platform

2013-06-22T03:41:32+00:00 devel/p5-experimental Experimental features made easy
This pragma provides an easy and convenient way to enable or disable
experimental features.

2013-06-22T03:38:42+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex Regex DispatchType
Regex dispatch types have been deprecated and removed from Catalyst core. It is
recommend that you use Chained methods or other techniques instead. As part of
the refactoring, the dispatch priority of Regex vs Regexp vs LocalRegex vs
LocalRegexp may have changed. Priority is now influenced by when the dispatch
type is first seen in your application.

2013-06-22T02:41:08+00:00 print/rubygem-pdf-reader PDF parser conforming as much as possible to the PDF specification
The PDF::Reader library implements a PDF parser conforming as much as possible
to the PDF specification from Adobe

2013-06-22T02:40:34+00:00 print/rubygem-afm Read AFM files and use the data conveniently
A simple library to read Adobe Font Metrics files and use the data conveniently

2013-06-22T02:39:57+00:00 devel/rubygem-ascii85 Encode/decode Adobe's binary-to-text encoding of the same name #'
Ascii85 provides methods to encode/decode Adobe's binary-to-text encoding of
the same name

2013-06-22T02:38:31+00:00 devel/rubygem-hashery Tight collection of Hash-like classes
The Hashery is a tight collection of Hash-like classes. Included among its many
offerings are the auto-sorting Dictionary class, the efficient LRUHash, the
flexible OpenHash and the convenient KeyHash. Nearly every class is a subclass
of the CRUDHash which defines a CRUD model on top of Ruby's standard Hash
making it a snap to subclass and augment to fit any specific use case.

2013-06-22T02:37:58+00:00 security/rubygem-rc4 Pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm
A pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm

2013-06-22T02:37:02+00:00 print/rubygem-ttfunk Font Metrics Parser for Prawn
Font Metrics Parser for Prawn

2013-06-21T23:51:42+00:00 misc/rubygem-vpim Pure Ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data
A pure-ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data

2013-06-21T22:46:12+00:00 comms/dcf77pi DCF77 receiver/logger/analyzer and library for the Raspberry Pi
Yet another DCF77 decoder. This one is intended for the Raspberry Pi
platform but might work on other devices using GPIO pins too.

The received data can be logged for later playback/analysis.

The software is written as a library for easy reuse into other software.

2013-06-21T19:56:27+00:00 net/sdl2_net Small sample cross-platform networking library
This is a small sample cross-platform networking library, with a sample chat
client and server application. The chat client uses the GUIlib GUI framework

2013-06-21T19:56:27+00:00 graphics/sdl2_ttf Library to use TrueType fonts to render text in SDL applications
SDL_ttf is a TrueType font rendering library that is used with the
SDL library, and almost as portable. It depends on freetype2 to
handle the TrueType font data. It allows a programmer to use multiple
TrueType fonts without having to code a font rendering routine
themselves. With the power of outline fonts and antialiasing, high
quality text output can be obtained without much effort.

2013-06-21T19:56:27+00:00 graphics/sdl2_image Simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces
This is a simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces.
This library supports BMP, PPM, PCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, and TIFF formats.

#include "SDL_image.h"

SDL_Surface *IMG_Load(const char *file);
SDL_Surface *IMG_Load_RW(SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc);
SDL_Surface *IMG_Load_RW(SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc, char *type);

where type is a string specifying the format (i.e. "PNG" or "pcx").
Note that IMG_Load_RW cannot load TGA images.

An example program 'showimage' is included, with source in showimage.c

2013-06-21T19:56:27+00:00 audio/sdl2_mixer Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
SDL_mixer is a sample multi-channel audio mixer library. It supports any number
of simultaneously playing channels of 16 bit stereo audio, plus a single
channel of music, mixed by the popular MikMod MOD, Timidity MIDI and SMPEG MP3

2013-06-21T15:27:01+00:00 lang/dragonegg47-33
2013-06-21T15:27:01+00:00 lang/dragonegg46-33 GCC plugin to use the LLVM backend
DragonEgg is a gcc plugin that replaces GCC's optimizers and code
generators with those from the LLVM project. It works with gcc-4.6
or gcc-4.7, can target the x86-32/x86-64 and ARM processor families,
and has been successfully used on the Darwin, FreeBSD, KFreeBSD,
Linux and OpenBSD platforms. It fully supports Ada, C, C++ and
Fortran. It has partial support for Go, Java, Obj-C and Obj-C++.

2013-06-21T12:35:50+00:00 net/turses Python Twitter client for the console
A Twitter client for the console. The goal of the project is to build a
full-featured, lightweight, and extremely configurable Twitter client.


- Multiple timelines (buffers)
- Multi-column
- Tweet, Reply, Retweet, Delete tweet
- Follow/Unfollow
- Favorite/Unfavorite
- Direct Messages
- Open URLs in browser
- Thread view
- Unread count
- Search
- View users tweets
- Fully customizable
- Multiple accounts
- View user profile

2013-06-21T10:51:35+00:00 graphics/py-graphillion Fast, lightweight graphset operation library in Python
Graphillion is a Python software package on search, optimization, and
enumeration for a graphset, or a set of graphs.

- Lightweight data structures for handling x-illions of graphs
- Search, optimization, and enumerate large and complex graph sets
- Efficient implementation extending Python with C/C++
- Working with existing graph tools like NetworkX
- Open source MIT license
- Well tested: more than 600 unit tests
- Fast prototyping, easy to teach, and multi-platform

2013-06-21T10:10:08+00:00 x11/arandr Another XRandR GUI
ARandR is designed to provide a simple visual front end for XRandR. Relative
monitor positions are shown graphically and can be changed in a drag-and-drop

2013-06-21T06:37:05+00:00 games/java-games-suite Simple Java games collection
Simple Java games collection developed by Greg Cawthorne

Current game list is:

Tetris: Tetris, currently in beta
MM: MasterMind
Reversi: Commonly known as Othello.
Mine: MineSweeper
RT: Reaction Tester
Number: Number guessing game

2013-06-21T05:58:33+00:00 sysutils/ori Ori distributed file system
Ori is a distributed file system built for offline operation and empowers the
user with control over synchronization operations and conflict resolution. We
provide history through light weight snapshots and allow users to verify the
history has not been tampered with. Through the use of replication instances
can be resilient and recover damaged data from other nodes.

2013-06-20T22:21:36+00:00 japanese/bugzilla44 Japanese localization for Bugzilla
Japanese localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-06-20T22:21:36+00:00 german/bugzilla44 German localization for Bugzilla
German localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.

2013-06-20T22:21:36+00:00 devel/bugzilla44 Bug-tracking system developed by Mozilla Project
Bugzilla is one example of a class of programs called "Defect Tracking
Systems", or, more commonly, "Bug-Tracking Systems". Defect Tracking
Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of
outstanding bugs in their product effectively.

Bugzilla has matured immensely, and now boasts many advanced features.
These include:

* integrated, product-based granular security schema
* inter-bug dependencies and dependency graphing
* advanced reporting capabilities
* a robust, stable RDBMS back-end
* extensive configurability
* a very well-understood and well-thought-out natural bug resolution
* email, XML, console, and HTTP APIs
* available integration with automated software configuration
management systems, including Perforce and CVS (through the
Bugzilla email interface and checkin/checkout scripts)
* too many more features to list

2013-06-20T14:47:51+00:00 databases/pear-DoctrineORM Primary package containing the Doctrine ORM
The Doctrine ORM package is the primary package containing the
object relational mapper.

2013-06-20T14:42:30+00:00 databases/pear-DoctrineDBAL Database abstraction layer used to power the ORM package
The Doctrine DBAL package is the database abstraction layer used to
power the ORM package.

2013-06-20T14:24:06+00:00 databases/pear-DoctrineCommon Shared code for Doctrine PHP object relational mapper
The Doctrine Common package contains shared code between the other packages.

2013-06-20T13:52:08+00:00 devel/pear-channel-doctrine PEAR channel ${PEAR_CHANNEL_HOST}
PEAR channel for the doctrine project

2013-06-20T13:30:49+00:00 devel/pear-Symfony_Component_Console Symfony2 Console Component
Symfony Console Component

2013-06-20T04:15:59+00:00 security/rubygem-jugyo-twitter_oauth Fork of Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby
A fork of Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby

2013-06-20T01:59:25+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-nx Remmina plugin for NX
2013-06-20T01:59:25+00:00 net/remmina-plugin-gnome Remmina plugin for GNOME Keyring
2013-06-19T21:42:55+00:00 sysutils/jvmtop Lightweight console application to monitor running jvms
Jvmtop is a lightweight console application to monitor all accessible, running
jvms on a machine. In a top-like manner, it displays JVM internal metrics
(e.g. memory information) of running java processes.

It's tested with different releases of Oracle JDK, IBM JDK and OpenJDK on
FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and Windows hosts. Jvmtop requires a JDK - a JRE
will not suffice.

2013-06-19T21:13:34+00:00 devel/subversion17 Version control system
Subversion is a version control system designed to be as similar to cvs(1)
as possible, while fixing many outstanding problems with cvs(1).

2013-06-19T18:00:51+00:00 devel/fmake Legacy FreeBSD pmake
This contains the traditional FreeBSD pmake, which is installed as fmake.
2013-06-18T19:01:08+00:00 textproc/p5-ElasticSearch ElasticSearch API
ElasticSearch is a thin API which makes it easy to communicate with
an ElasticSearch cluster.

2013-06-18T18:57:26+00:00 textproc/p5-ElasticSearch-SearchBuilder ElasticSearch Query Builder
ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder - A Perlish compact query language for

2013-06-18T18:40:13+00:00 security/fbopenssl GSS-API and SPNEGO extensions for OpenSSL
fbopenssl is a library containing extensions to OpenSSL,
including support for:

- GSS-API (RFC 2743)
- SPNEGO (RFC 2478)

2013-06-18T17:58:58+00:00 devel/p5-constant Perl pragma to declare constants
This pragma allows you to declare constants at compile-time.

2013-06-18T17:32:36+00:00 www/p5-Any-URI-Escape Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
URI::Escape is great, but URI::Escape::XS is faster.
This module loads URI::Escape::XS and imports the two
most common methods if XS is installed.

2013-06-18T14:45:21+00:00 games/linux-rtcw Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Linux version)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a remake of sorts of the id's early, seminal
first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. However, with the advances in graphics
technology and gameplay design since the original game, without the name and
the occasional in-game references, it would be unrecognizable as a remake.

Unlike the original Wolfenstein 3D, only a handful of the single player
missions in Return to Castle Wolfenstein takes place in the infamous castle
and prison.

2013-06-18T11:03:41+00:00 devel/py-d2to1 Distutils2-like setup.cfg files with setuptools
d2to1 (the 'd' is for 'distutils') allows using distutils2-like
setup.cfg files for a package's metadata with a distribute/setuptools script.

It works by providing a distutils2-formatted setup.cfg file containing
all of a package's metadata, and a very minimal which will
slurp its arguments from the setup.cfg.

2013-06-17T19:59:44+00:00 x11-fonts/gohufont Monospace bitmap font well suited for programming and terminal use
Gohufont is a monospace bitmap font well suited for programming and terminal
use. It is intended to be very legible and offers very discernable glyphs for
all characters, including signs and symbols.

The small 11 px version is perfect for laptops and netbooks as it enables to
fit more text into their small screens. The 14 px is ideal for desktop screens
where you sit farther away from it and the 11 px would be too small.

2013-06-17T14:10:23+00:00 devel/libqxt Extension library for Qt
LibQxt is an extension library for Qt providing a suite of cross-platform
utility classes to add functionality not readily available in the Qt toolkit.
The following modules are available.

* QxtBerkeley - provides a Qt interface to the Berkeley DB.
* QxtCore - extends QtCore and contains core non-GUI functionality.
* QxtGui - extends QxtCore and QtGui.
* QxtNetwork - extends QtNetwork with RPC functionality.
* QxtSql - extends QtSql with serializable queries.
* QxtWeb - provides tools for creating web services using Qt.
* QxtZeroconf - implements configure free service discovery.

2013-06-17T06:59:01+00:00 comms/gqrx Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt
Gqrx is an experimental software defined radio receiver implemented using GNU
Radio and the Qt GUI toolkit. Currently it supports the following devices:

- Funcube Dongle Pro and Pro+
- RTL2832U-based DVB-T dongles (rtlsdr via USB and TCP)
- OsmoSDR
- HackRF Jawbreaker
- Nuand bladeRF
- RFspace SDR-IQ, SDR-IP and NetSDR
- Airspy
- any other device supported by the gr-osmosdr library

Gqrx can operate as a traditional AM/FM/SSB receiver with audio output or as
an FFT-only instrument.

2013-06-17T03:08:41+00:00 www/p5-Catalyst-Model-Tarantool Tarantool interface for Catalyst based application
Tarantool interface for Catalyst based application

2013-06-16T19:54:10+00:00 devel/hs-bytestring-show Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings
Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings.

2013-06-16T17:48:40+00:00 databases/p5-MR-Tarantool Driver for an efficient Tarantool/Box NoSQL in-memory storage
A driver for an efficient Tarantool/Box NoSQL in-memory storage.

2013-06-16T14:29:59+00:00 devel/kyua-atf-compat Kyua (automated testing framework) - ATF compatibility tools
Kyua (pronounced Q.A.) is a testing framework for both developers and
users. Kyua is different from most other testing frameworks in that it
puts the end user experience before anything else. There are multiple
reasons for users to run the tests themselves, and Kyua ensures that
they can do so in the most convenient way.

This module, kyua-atf-compat, provides tools to ease the transition from
ATF to Kyua. In particular, this includes is a tool to convert Atffile
files to Kyuafile files in an automated manner, and drop-in replacement
wrappers for atf-run and atf-report.

2013-06-16T14:22:13+00:00 devel/kyua Testing framework for infrastructure software
Kyua is a testing framework for infrastructure software, originally
designed to equip BSD-based operating systems with a test suite. This
means that Kyua is lightweight and simple, and that Kyua integrates well
with various build systems and continuous integration frameworks.

Kyua features an expressive test suite definition language, a safe
runtime engine for test suites and a powerful report generation engine.

Kyua is for both developers and users, from the developer applying a
simple fix to a library to the system administrator deploying a new
release on a production machine.

Kyua is able to execute test programs written with a plethora of testing
libraries and languages. The library of choice is ATF, for which Kyua
was originally designed, but simple, framework-less test programs and
TAP-compliant test programs can also be executed through Kyua.

2013-06-16T14:10:35+00:00 devel/kyua-testers Kyua (automated testing framework) - Testers
Kyua (pronounced Q.A.) is a testing framework for both developers and
users. Kyua is different from most other testing frameworks in that it
puts the end user experience before anything else. There are multiple
reasons for users to run the tests themselves, and Kyua ensures that
they can do so in the most convenient way.

This module, kyua-testers, provides scriptable interfaces to interact
with test programs of various kinds. The interface of such testers
allows the caller to execute a single test case of a single test program
in a controlled and homogeneous manner.

2013-06-16T10:37:34+00:00 devel/runsnakerun GUI Viewer for Python profiling runs
GUI Viewer for Python profiling runs. Provides explorability and overall
visualization of the call tree and package/module structures.

2013-06-15T19:39:56+00:00 net/py-pysphere Python API for interaction with the vSphere Web Services SDK
Python API for interaction with the vSphere Web Services SDK.

Among other operations, it provides easy interfaces to:

- Connect to VMWare's ESX, ESXi, Virtual Center, Virtual Server hosts
- Query hosts, datacenters, resource pools, virtual machines
- VM: Power on, power off, reset, revert to snapshot, get properties, update
vmware tools, clone, migrate.
- vSphere 5.0 Guest Operations: create/delete/move files and directories.
Upload/download files from the guest system. List/start/stop processes in
the guest system.
- Create and delete snapshots
- Hosts statistics and performance monitoring

An of course, you can use it to access all the vSphere API through python.

It's built upon a slightly modified version of ZSI (that comes bundled-in)
which makes it really fast in contrast to other python SOAP libraries that
don't provide code generation.

2013-06-15T19:08:39+00:00 science/py-coards COARDS compliant time parser
Coards is a parser for time values represented using the COARDS convention.

2013-06-15T17:21:40+00:00 benchmarks/iorate General purpose storage I/O benchmarking tool
Iorate is a general purpose storage I/O benchmarking tool.

Iorate was created in 1997 by Vince Westin of EMC while working with Cliff
Burrell of FedEx to fill a need to perform a set of storage I/O benchmarks.
Though Iorate was developed by EMC staff with EMC resources there are no
EMC-specific pieces to the testing, it just tests storage.

2013-06-15T11:29:10+00:00 finance/electrum Easy to use Bitcoin client
Electrum is an easy to use Bitcoin client. It protects you from
losing coins in a backup mistake or computer failure, because your
wallet can be recovered from a secret phrase. There is no waiting
time when you start the client, because it does not download the
Bitcoin blockchain.

2013-06-14T20:40:09+00:00 security/rubygem-metasploit_data_models Database layer for Metasploit
MetasploitDataModels exists to do several key things:
- Allow code sharing between Metasploit Framework (MSF) and the commercial
versions of Metasploit (Community, Express, Pro -- usually referred to
collectively as "Pro")
- Give developers a lightweight entry point to MSF's backend for use in
developing tools that gather data intended for later use with Metasploit
(e.g. specialized scanners)
- Make it easy to keep commercial stuff private while increasing the
functionality of the open-source tools we provide to the community

2013-06-13T23:02:59+00:00 devel/py-meliae Python Memory Usage Analyzer
Meliae is a library meant to help people understand how their memory is being
used in Python.

2013-06-13T11:57:19+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-parallel Run any kind of code in parallel processes
parallel runs any kind of code in parallel processes.

2013-06-13T11:56:03+00:00 net-im/rubygem-hipchat Ruby library to interact with HipChat
hipchat is a Ruby library to interact with HipChat.

2013-06-13T11:54:04+00:00 net/rubygem-dropbox-sdk Library of the Dropbox API web endpoints
dropbox-sdk is a library that provides a plain function-call interface to the
Dropbox API web endpoints.

2013-06-13T11:13:57+00:00 x11-toolkits/py-SquareMap Hierarchic visualization control for wxPython
Hierarchic data visualization control intended for use with structures where
"parents" hold collections of weighted children.

2013-06-12T18:00:45+00:00 sysutils/cfengine35 Systems administration tool for networks
Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and
maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays
of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of
organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the
first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating
systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a
change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security
and adaptability.

2013-06-12T13:05:01+00:00 net/py-twitter-tools API and command-line toolset for Twitter (
The Minimalist Twitter API for Python is a Python API for Twitter, everyone's
favorite Web 2.0 Facebook-style status updater for people on the go.

Also included is a twitter command-line tool for getting your friends' tweets
and setting your own tweet from the safety and security of your favorite shell
and an IRC bot that can announce Twitter updates to an IRC channel.

2013-06-11T18:50:29+00:00 lang/clang33 C, Objective-C, and C++ compiler
The goal of the Clang project is to create a new C, C++, Objective C and
Objective C++ front-end for the LLVM compiler.

2013-06-11T18:50:29+00:00 devel/llvm33 Low Level Virtual Machine
Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) is:
- A compilation strategy designed to enable effective program
optimization across the entire lifetime of a program.
- A virtual instruction set.
- A compiler infrastructure.
- LLVM does not imply things that you would expect from a high-level
virtual machine. It does not require garbage collection or run-time
code generation.

2013-06-11T18:25:17+00:00 security/py-ecdsa ECDSA cryptographic signature library (pure python)
This is an easy-to-use implementation of ECDSA cryptography (Elliptic Curve
Digital Signature Algorithm), implemented purely in Python, released under
the MIT license. With this library, you can quickly create keypairs (signing
key and verifying key), sign messages, and verify the signatures. The keys
and signatures are very short, making them easy to handle and incorporate
into other protocols.


This library provides key generation, signing, and verifying, for five
popular NIST "Suite B" GF(p) curves, with key lengths of 192, 224, 256, 384,
and 521 bits. The "short names" for these curves, as known by the OpenSSL
tool (`openssl ecparam --list_curves`), are: prime192v1, secp224r1,
prime256v1, secp384r1, and secp521r1. It also includes the 256-bit curve used
by Bitcoin, whose short name is secp256k1. No other curves are included, but
it would not be too hard to add more.

2013-06-11T18:24:08+00:00 security/py-slowaes Implementation of AES in pure Python
Implementation of AES in pure Python.

As such it will be slow (hence the project name) but still useful when
faster ones are not available (for example, for JavaScript clients in
browsers, and Python servers on Google App Engine).

2013-06-11T15:41:13+00:00 devel/py-fsm Pure Python Implementation of a Finite State Machine
Python Finite State Machine implementation with a pygraphviz hook.

2013-06-11T13:49:32+00:00 textproc/tinyxml2 Small C++ XML Parser
TinyXML-2 is a simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser that can be easily
integrated into other programs. It attempts to be flexible, but correct. It
does not rely on exceptions or RTTI. It has UTF-8 support, but does not parse or
use DTDs or XSL. It doesn't have the STL support of TinyXML-1, but uses less
memory, has a proper namespace, and is faster.

2013-06-11T10:55:16+00:00 devel/tradcpp Traditional (K&R-style) C preprocessor
tradcpp is a traditional (K&R-style) preprocessor.

It has the particular property that it doesn't (for the most part) trash
whitespace, so it can be used on makefiles.
2013-06-11T08:15:22+00:00 databases/db6 Oracle Berkeley DB, revision ${BDBVER}
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of open source embeddable databases
that allows developers to incorporate within their applications a
fast, scalable, transactional database engine with industrial grade
reliability and availability. As a result, customers and end-users
will experience an application that simply works, reliably manages
data, can scale under extreme load, but requires no ongoing database
administration. As a developer, you can focus on your application and
be confident that Oracle Berkeley DB will manage your persistence

Note that Berkeley DB 6 changed license to the
Affero GNU General Public License v3 (AGPL v3).

2013-06-10T22:47:21+00:00 devel/librest Easy access to RESTful web services
librest is a library that was designed to make it easier to access RESTful
web services.

It comprises of two parts: the first aims to make it easier to make requests
by providing a wrapper around libsoup, the second aids with XML parsing by
wrapping libxml2.

2013-06-10T01:27:05+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rdtool RD to HTML/man/etc. converter (RD is to Ruby as POD is to Perl)
RDtool converts RD to HTML, man, etc.

RD is a multipurpose documentation format created for documentating
Ruby and output of Ruby world. Briefly, RD is to Ruby as POD is to

2013-06-10T01:21:22+00:00 textproc/rubygem-rttool RT into HTML and plain text converter
RT is a simple and human-readable table format.
RTtool is a converter from RT into various formats.
RT can be incorporated into RD.

At this time, RTtool can convert RT into HTML and plain text.
To convert into plain text, you need w3m.

2013-06-10T01:08:08+00:00 textproc/rubygem-hikidoc Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
'HikiDoc' is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. HikiDoc
allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text
format, then convert it to structurally valid HTML (or XHTML).

2013-06-10T00:26:24+00:00 devel/rubygem-safe_yaml Parse YAML safely
Parse YAML safely, without that pesky arbitrary object deserialization

2013-06-10T00:22:34+00:00 devel/rubygem-pygments.rb Exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby
pygments.rb exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby

2013-06-10T00:20:14+00:00 devel/rubygem-commander Complete solution for Ruby command-line executables
The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables.
Commander bridges the gap between other terminal related libraries you know and
love (OptionParser, HighLine), while providing many new features, and an
elegant API.

2013-06-09T21:41:28+00:00 textproc/rubygem-cssmin Ruby library for minifying CSS. Inspired by cssmin.js and YUI Compressor
Ruby library for minifying CSS. Inspired by cssmin.js and YUI Compressor.

2013-06-09T21:38:59+00:00 textproc/rubygem-jsmin Ruby implementation of Douglas Crockford's JSMin JavaScript minifier
Ruby implementation of Douglas Crockford's JSMin JavaScript minifier.

2013-06-09T18:54:19+00:00 x11/rubygem-gnome2 Meta port for all Ruby Gnome2 Gems
Meta port for all Ruby Gnome2 Gems

2013-06-09T18:53:57+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtksourceview3 Ruby binding of gtksourceview 3.x
Ruby/GtkSourceView3 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-3.x.

2013-06-09T18:53:36+00:00 graphics/rubygem-goocanvas Ruby binding to GooCanvas
Ruby/GooCanvas is a Ruby binding of GooCanvas.

2013-06-09T18:53:14+00:00 www/rubygem-webkit-gtk Ruby/WebKitGTK is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+
Ruby/WebKitGTK is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+.

2013-06-09T18:52:56+00:00 www/rubygem-webkit-gtk2 Ruby/WebKitGtk2 is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+ for Gtk 2.0 Toolkit
Ruby/WebKitGtk2 is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+ for Gtk 2.0 Toolkit

2013-06-09T18:52:34+00:00 multimedia/rubygem-clutter-gstreamer Ruby binding of Clutter-GStreamer
Ruby/ClutterGStreamer is a Ruby binding of Clutter-GStreamer.

2013-06-09T18:52:18+00:00 multimedia/rubygem-gstreamer Ruby binding of GStreamer
Ruby/GStreamer is a Ruby binding for GStreamer.

2013-06-09T18:51:59+00:00 graphics/rubygem-clutter-gtk Ruby binding of Clutter-GTK
Ruby/ClutterGTK is a Ruby binding of Clutter-GTK.

2013-06-09T18:51:30+00:00 graphics/rubygem-clutter Ruby binding of Clutter
Ruby/Clutter is a Ruby binding of Clutter.

2013-06-09T18:51:10+00:00 devel/rubygem-cairo-gobject Ruby binding of cairo-gobject
Ruby/CairoGObject is a Ruby binding of cairo-gobject.

2013-06-09T18:50:46+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtksourceview2 Ruby binding of gtksourceview 2.x
Ruby/GtkSourceView2 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-2.x.

2013-06-09T18:50:23+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-vte Ruby binding of VTE
Ruby/VTE is a Ruby binding of VTE.

2013-06-09T18:49:19+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-poppler Ruby binding of poppler-glib
Ruby/Poppler is a Ruby binding for Poppler.

2013-06-09T18:48:31+00:00 graphics/rubygem-rsvg2 Ruby binding of librsvg 2.x
Ruby/RSVG is a Ruby binding of librsvg2.

2013-06-09T18:47:46+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtk3 Ruby binding of GTK+ 3.x
Ruby/GTK3 is a Ruby binding of GTK+-3.x.

2013-06-09T18:47:21+00:00 devel/rubygem-gio2 Ruby binding of gio 2.x
Ruby/GIO2 is a Ruby binding of gio-2.x.

2013-06-09T18:47:04+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gdk3 Ruby binding of GDK 3.x
Ruby/GDK3 is a Ruby binding of GDK-3.x.

2013-06-09T18:46:35+00:00 devel/rubygem-gobject-introspection Ruby binding of GObject Introspection
Ruby binding for GObjectIntrospection

2013-06-09T18:46:05+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-gtk2 Ruby binding of GTK+ 2.x
Ruby/GTK2 is a Ruby binding for GTK+2.

2013-06-09T18:45:12+00:00 graphics/rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2 Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf 2.x
Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 is a Ruby binding for GdkPixbuf2.

2013-06-09T18:44:25+00:00 x11-toolkits/rubygem-pango Ruby binding of Pango 1.x
Ruby/Pango is a Ruby binding for Pango.

2013-06-09T18:43:27+00:00 graphics/rubygem-cairo Ruby binding for GLib2
Ruby/Cairo is a Ruby binding for Cairo.

2013-06-09T18:42:38+00:00 accessibility/rubygem-atk Ruby binding of ATK
Ruby/ATK is a Ruby binding for ATK.

2013-06-09T18:41:37+00:00 devel/rubygem-glib2 Ruby binding of GLib 2.x
Ruby/GLib2 is a Ruby binding for GLib2.

2013-06-08T02:27:21+00:00 net/urtwn-firmware-kmod Realtek RTL8188CU/RTL8192CU firmware kernel module
Firmware for the Realtek Wireless FreeBSD driver urtwn(4).
2013-06-07T15:02:44+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-config-expander Fluent plugin which provides directives for loop extraction
ConfigExpanderInput and ConfigExpanderOutput plugins provide simple
configuration template to write items repeatedly. In section, you can
write actual configuration for actual input/output plugin, with
special directives for loop controls.

2013-06-07T13:35:54+00:00 devel/py-tvrage Python client for the XML API
tvrage is a python based object oriented client interface for's
XML based api feeds.

The tvrage package consists of three modules:
- feeds module provides a wrapper function for each of tvrage's XML-feeds
- api module provides an clean and object oriented interface on top of those
- quickinfo module is a simple pythonic wrapper for tvrage's quickinfo api.
Values are returned as python dictionaries rather than dedicated objects
for tv shows and episodes

2013-06-07T12:36:07+00:00 sysutils/liburcu Userspace read-copy-update (RCU) data synchronization library
liburcu is a LGPLv2.1 userspace RCU (read-copy-update)
library. This data synchronization library provides
read-side access which scales linearly with the number
of cores. It does so by allowing multiples copies of a
given data structure to live at the same time, and by
monitoring the data structure accesses to detect grace
periods after which memory reclamation is possible.

2013-06-07T02:06:48+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-tail-asis Gems for fluent plugin to read whole line into single key
TailInput exteded plugin for fluentd. It assumes that this plug-in is
used with "fluent-plugin-tail-alternative".

2013-06-06T22:03:20+00:00 devel/lua-lunit Unit Testing Framework for Lua
Lunit is a unit testing framework for lua, written in lua. It provides currently
27 assert functions, 8 type checking functions and a few miscellaneous functions
for usage as an easy unit testing framework.

2013-06-06T12:56:22+00:00 devel/py-jsonschema JSON Schema validation for Python
jsonschema is an implementation of JSON Schema for Python

- Full support for Draft 3 and Draft 4 of the schema.
- Lazy validation that can iteratively report all validation errors.
- Small and extensible
- Programmatic querying of which properties or items failed validation.

2013-06-06T12:35:19+00:00 devel/p5-Devel-GlobalDestruction-XS Faster implementation of the Devel::GlobalDestruction API
Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS is an XS backend for Devel::GlobalDestruction.

2013-06-06T09:19:57+00:00 archivers/pixz Parallel, indexing version of XZ
Pixz (pronounced 'pixie') is a parallel, indexing version of XZ.

2013-06-06T01:48:46+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-plugin-file-alternative Gems for fluent plugin of alternative implementation of out_file
File output plugin alternative implementation, is 100% compatible with
fluentd built-in 'out_file', and added many options to format output
as you want.

2013-06-06T01:22:30+00:00 sysutils/rubygem-fluent-mixin-plaintextformatter Fluentd plugin to include format values into json, tsv or csv
Fluent::Mixin::PlainTextFormatter is a mix-in module, that provides
'#format' instance method and its configurations to Fluentd
BufferedOutput Plugin and TimeSlicedOutput Plugin, to output plain
text data (to file, REST storages, KVSs ...).

2013-06-06T01:08:39+00:00 textproc/rubygem-ltsv Parser / Dumper for LTSV
LTSV: A Parser / Dumper for Labelled Tab-Separated Values (LTSV).

2013-06-05T21:45:17+00:00 graphics/goocanvasmm2 C++ bindings for the goocanvas widget for GTK
Canvas widget for GTK+ via cairo rendering

2013-06-05T21:42:53+00:00 graphics/goocanvas2 Canvas widget for GTK+ 3
Canvas widget for GTK+ via cairo rendering

2013-06-05T14:36:24+00:00 textproc/rubygem-colorator Colorize your text in the terminal
Colorize your text in a terminal with a simple API

2013-06-04T22:18:15+00:00 sysutils/ddpt dd tool that specializes in files that are block devices
The ddpt utility is a variant of the standard Unix command dd which
copies files. The ddpt utility specializes in files that are block
devices. For block devices that understand the SCSI command set,
finer grain control over the copy may be available via a SCSI
pass-through interface.

2013-06-04T22:14:58+00:00 archivers/php-horde_lz4 Horde LZ4 Compression Extension for php
PHP extension that implements the LZ4 compression algorithm - an extremely
fast lossless compression algorithm.

2013-06-04T21:42:41+00:00 www/pear-Horde_Dav Horde library for WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV
This Horde package contains all Horde-specific wrapper classes
for the Sabre DAV library.

2013-06-04T21:14:20+00:00 databases/pear-Horde_HashTable Horde Hash Table Interface
Horde API to access various hash table implementations.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-quickcheck-io Use HUnit assertions as QuickCheck properties
This package provides an orphan instance that allows you to use HUnit
assertions as QuickCheck properties.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-mmorph Monad morphisms
This library provides monad morphism utilities, most commonly used for
manipulating monad transformer stacks.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-extensible-exceptions Extensible exceptions
This package provides extensible exceptions for both new and old versions
of GHC (i.e., < 6.10).

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-data-default-instances-old-locale Default instances for types in old-locale
Default instances for types in old-locale.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-data-default-instances-dlist Default instances for types in dlist
Default instances for types in dlist.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-data-default-instances-containers Default instances for types in containers
Default instances for types in containers.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-data-default-instances-base Default instances for types in base
Default instances for types in base.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-data-default-class Class for types with a default value
A class for types with a default value.

2013-06-04T18:53:40+00:00 devel/hs-asn1-types ASN.1 types
ASN.1 standard types.

2013-06-04T18:45:47+00:00 print/latex-ifluatex LaTeX package that provides the \ifluatex switch
ifluatex –- provides the \ifluatex switch

The package looks for LuaTEX regardless of its mode and provides the
switch \ifluatex; it works with Plain TEX or LATEX. The package is part
of the oberdiek bundle.

2013-06-04T18:14:34+00:00 deskutils/osynctool Command line client for the OpenSync framework
A command line client for the OpenSync framework.

2013-06-04T15:08:02+00:00 sysutils/qjail2 Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails
This is the last version that handles both the 8.x and 9.x install
media formats.

Qjail [ q = quick ] is a 4th generation wrapper for the basic chroot jail
system that includes security and performance enhancements. Plus a new level
of "user friendliness" enhancements dealing with deploying just a few jails or
large jail environments consisting of 100's of jails.

Qjail requires no knowledge of the jail command usage. It uses "nullfs" for
read-only system binaries, sharing one copy of them with all the jails.

Uses "mdconfig" to create sparse image jails. Sparse image jails provide a
method to limit the total disk space a jail can consume, while only occupying
the physical disk space of the sum size of the files in the image jail.

Ability to assign ip address with their network device name,
so aliases are auto created on jail start and auto removed on jail stop.

Ability to create "ZONE"s of identical qjail systems, each with their own
group of jails.

Ability to designate a portion of the jail name as a group prefix so the
command being executed will apply to only those jail names matching that prefix.

2013-06-03T22:13:11+00:00 dns/opendnssec13 Tool suite for maintaining DNSSEC
OpenDNSSEC was created as an open-source turn-key solution for
DNSSEC. It secures zone data just before it is published in an
authoritative name server.

2013-06-03T19:22:34+00:00 security/rubygem-origami Ruby framework to parse analyze and forge PDF documents
Origami is NOT a PDF rendering library. It aims at providing a scripting tool
to generate and analyze malicious PDF files. As well, it can be used to create
on-the-fly customized PDFs, or to inject (evil) code into already existing
- Create PDF documents from scratch.
- Parse existing documents, modify them and recompile them.
- Explore documents at the object level, going deep into the document
structure, uncompressing PDF object streams and desobfuscating names and
- High-level operations, such as encryption/decryption, signature, file

2013-06-03T11:49:08+00:00 www/rubygem-http-cookie Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies
HTTP::Cookie is a Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265. It has
with security, standards compliance and compatibility in mind, to behave just
the same as today's major web browsers. It has builtin support for the legacy
cookies.txt and the latest cookies.sqlite formats of Mozilla Firefox, and its
modular API makes it easy to add support for a new backend store.

2013-06-03T04:26:24+00:00 net/pxe-pdhcp Preboot Execution Environment server
An implementation of Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) server.

pxe-pdhcp works with DHCP server running on another host. The DHCP
server doesn't need to be configured for any PXE specific
options. This means that you can set up network boot environment
without re-configuring existent DHCP server.

2013-06-02T17:41:00+00:00 x11/xfce4-embed-plugin Embed arbitrary windows into the Xfce panel
Xfce4-embed-plugin is a plugin that enables the embedding of arbitrary
application window into the Xfce panel. The window is resized into the
panel space available, and the associated program can be automatically
launched if it is not open.

2013-06-02T13:23:41+00:00 irc/hexchat IRC chat program with GTK and Text Frontend
HexChat is an IRC chat program.
It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at
the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc.

HexChat is based on XChat, but unlike XChat it's completely
free for both Windows and Unix-like systems.
Since XChat is Open Source, it's perfectly legal.

2013-06-02T09:39:19+00:00 net/turnserver STUN/TURN Server; IPv6, DTLS support; RFCs 5389, 5766, 6062, 6156
This a BSD-licensed version of the Coturn TURN Server implementation,
with IPv6 and DTLS extensions.

2013-06-02T07:50:44+00:00 devel/py-grab Site scraping framework
Grab is a python web scraping framework. Grab provides tons of helpful methods
to scrape web sites and to process the scraped content:

* Automatic cookies (session) support
* HTTP and SOCKS proxy with and without authorization
* Keep-Alive support
* IDN support
* Tools to work with web forms
* Easy multipart file uploading
* Flexible customization of HTTP requests
* Automatic charset detection
* Powerful API of extracting info from HTML documents with XPATH queries
* Asynchronous API to make thousands of simultaneous queries. This part of
library called Spider and it is too big to even list its features in this
* Python 3 ready

2013-06-01T15:14:12+00:00 www/rubygem-selenium-webdriver Tool for writing automated tests of websites
WebDriver is a tool for writing automated tests of websites. It aims to mimic
the behaviour of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the

2013-06-01T14:32:02+00:00 www/rubygem-websocket Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol

2013-06-01T14:31:40+00:00 www/rubygem-selnium-webdriver Tool for writing automated tests of websites
WebDriver is a tool for writing automated tests of websites. It aims to mimic
the behaviour of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the

2013-06-01T14:30:18+00:00 www/rubygem-rack-openid Provides a more HTTPish API around the ruby-openid library
Provides a more HTTPish API around the ruby-openid library

2013-06-01T14:29:43+00:00 devel/rubygem-capybara Integration testing tool for rack based web applications
Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It
simulates how a user would interact with a website.

2013-06-01T14:28:58+00:00 devel/rubygem-xpath DSL for generating XPath Expressions
XPath is a Ruby DSL for generating XPath expressions

2013-06-01T14:27:22+00:00 archivers/rubygem-rubyzip Ruby module for reading and writing zip files
Ruby module for reading and writing zip files

2013-06-01T13:05:48+00:00 www/ajaxplorer Ajax web file management system
AjaXplorer is a software that can turn any web server into a powerfull
file management system and an alternative to mainstream cloud storage

2013-05-31T21:09:20+00:00 net/rubygem-pcaprub Libpcap bindings for ruby
This goal of this project is to provide a consistent interface to LBL's libpcap
packet capture library. This does not provide packet processing functionality,
it simply provides the interface for capturing packets, and passing yielding
those packets.

2013-05-31T17:08:22+00:00 www/p5-Dancer-Logger-Log4perl Dancer logging adapter for Log::Log4perl
An interface between Dancer's logging engine abstraction layer and the
Log::Log4perl library.

2013-05-30T16:07:21+00:00 security/py-cracklib Python bindings for cracklib
This CPython extension provides Python bindings for cracklib.
It contains a pythonic interface to cracklib's functions and
some Python convenience functions.

2013-05-30T15:17:29+00:00 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel Package manager
Package management tool

2013-05-30T12:51:11+00:00 databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-More Extension of SQL::Abstract with more constructs and more flexible API
Generates SQL from Perl datastructures. This is a subclass of SQL::Abstract,
fully compatible with the parent class, but it handles a few additional SQL
constructs, and provides a different API with named parameters instead of
positional parameters, so that various SQL fragments are more easily

This module was designed for the specific needs of DBIx::DataModel, but is
published as a standalone distribution, because it may possibly be useful for
other needs.

2013-05-30T04:23:48+00:00 net-p2p/litecoin Virtual Peer-to-Peer Currency Client (QT)
Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant payments to
anyone in the world. It is based on the Bitcoin protocol but differs from
Bitcoin in that it can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware.
Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmations (2.5 minutes on average) and
uses memory-hard, scrypt-based mining proof-of-work algorithm to target the
regular computers and GPUs most people already have. The Litecoin network is
scheduled to produce 84 million currency units.

One of the aims of Litecoin was to provide a mining algorithm that could run at
the same time, on the same hardware used to mine bitcoins. With the rise of
specialized ASICs for Bitcoin, Litecoin continues to satisfy these goals. It is
unlikely for ASIC mining to be developed for Litecoin until the currency is
widely used.

2013-05-29T19:00:34+00:00 textproc/docbook-xsl-ns Namespace-aware DocBook XSLT stylesheets
These are namespace-aware XSLT stylesheets for the DocBook DTD and its
derivatives (Simplified DocBook, etc.).

2013-05-29T14:48:27+00:00 www/pear-Horde_Css_Parser Horde CSS Parser
This Horde package provides access to the Sabberworm CSS Parser from within
the Horde framework.

2013-05-29T05:23:13+00:00 mail/py-authres Python module for RFC 5451 Authentication-Results headers
This is python module for RFC 5451 Authentication-Results Headers
generation and parsing.
It also supports Authentication Results extensions:

RFC 6008 DKIM signature identification (header.b)
RFC 6212 Vouch By Reference (VBR)
draft-kucherawy-dmarc-base-00 DMARC

2013-05-29T00:47:41+00:00 databases/rubygem-tarantool Tarantool KV-storage client
It's ruby client for Tarantool Key-Value Storage.

2013-05-29T00:46:26+00:00 devel/rubygem-murmurhash3 Implementation of murmur3 hashing function
This is an implementation of MurmurHash3 - noncriptographic hash function.

2013-05-29T00:44:15+00:00 devel/rubygem-sumbur Consistent spreading for server balancing
It is an implementation of Sumbur consistent spreading algorithm.

2013-05-29T00:42:21+00:00 net/rubygem-iproto Ruby implementation of Mail.Ru iproto protocol
Wrapper for Mail.Ru simple network protocol IProto. Support 2 modes: block via
Ruby's TCPSocket and non block via EventMachine with fiblers. Wrapper used in
Tarantool ruby client and private libs.

2013-05-29T00:40:56+00:00 devel/rubygem-bin_utils Extracting binary integers from binary string and packing back
It is specialized versions of methods for working with binary data.
It were written cause:

- MRI's #pack and #unpack seems to be slow
- result of #pack is often appended to a string at the very next step.
- usually we need to drop unpacked string head

2013-05-29T00:36:46+00:00 security/py-keyczar Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
Keyczar is an open source cryptographic toolkit designed to make it easier and
safer for developers to use cryptography in their applications. Keyczar supports
authentication and encryption with both symmetric and asymmetric keys. Some
features of Keyczar include:

* A simple API
* Key rotation and versioning
* Safe default algorithms, modes, and key lengths
* Automated generation of initialization vectors and ciphertext signatures
* Java, Python, and C++ implementations
* International support in Java (Python coming soon)

Keyczar was originally developed by members of the Google Security Team and is
released under an Apache 2.0 license.

2013-05-29T00:35:48+00:00 security/py-SecretStorage Store passwords using the SecretService DBus API
SecretService provides a way to securely storing passwords and other secrets in

It uses DBus Secret Service API that is supported by GNOME Keyring (>= 2.30) and
KWallet (>= 4.8).

It allows to create new passwords, delete and search for passwords matching
given attributes. It also supports graphical prompts when unlocking is needed.

2013-05-29T00:34:17+00:00 devel/py-fs Python filesystem abstraction
Pyfilesystem is a Python module that provides a simplified common interface to
many types of filesystem. Filesystems exposed via Pyfilesystem can also be
served over the network, or 'mounted' on the native filesystem.

Pyfilesystem simplifies working directories and paths, even if you only intend
to work with local files. Differences in path formats between platforms are
abstracted away, and you can write code that sand-boxes any changes to a given

2013-05-28T18:54:09+00:00 textproc/py-rst2html5 Produces HTML5 documents from reStructuredText sources
rst2html5 generates HTML5 documents from standalone reStructuredText sources.
It's complet rewrite of the docutils rst2html.

2013-05-28T14:06:14+00:00 devel/libeio Full-featured asynchronous I/O library for C
Libeio is a full-featured asynchronous I/O library for C, modelled in
similar style and spirit as libev.

Features include: asynchronous read, write, open, close, stat, unlink,
fdatasync, mknod, readdir etc. (basically the full POSIX API), sendfile
(native on Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, FreeBSD, emulated everywhere else),
read-ahead (emulated where not available). It is fully event-library
agnostic and can easily be integrated into any event-library (or used
standalone, even in polling mode).

2013-05-27T16:47:39+00:00 astro/osmium C++/Javascript framework for working with OSM files
Osmium is a C++ framework for working with OSM data files. Osmium
can read OSM data in XML or binary format (PBF) and can call different
handlers for each OSM object.

2013-05-27T03:07:20+00:00 devel/chruby Changes the current Ruby
Changes the current Ruby.

2013-05-27T02:16:43+00:00 net-mgmt/devmon-templates Device templates for use with devmon
Device templates for use with devmon.

2013-05-26T23:39:05+00:00 www/rubygem-addressable22 A replacement for the URI implementation
Addressable is a replacement for the URI implementation that is part of Ruby's
standard library. It more closely conforms to the relevant RFCs and adds support
for IRIs and URI templates.

2013-05-26T08:57:18+00:00 mail/p5-Email-Address-Loose Perl extension to make Email::Address->parse() loose
Make Email::Address->parse() loose.

2013-05-26T08:50:35+00:00 www/p5-Monoceros PSGI/Plack server w/ event driven connection manager, prefork workers
Monoceros is PSGI/Plack server supports HTTP/1.1. Monoceros has a
event-driven connection manager and preforking workers. Monoceros can
keep large amount of connection at minimal processes.

2013-05-26T07:22:39+00:00 www/p5-Plack-Middleware-InteractiveDebugger Perl extension for Awesome Interactive Debugger ala Werkzeug
Plack::Middleware::InteractiveDebugger is a PSGI middleware component
that provides an awesome JavaScript in-browser interacive debugger.

2013-05-26T07:15:17+00:00 devel/p5-Eval-WithLexicals Perl extension for pure perl eval with persistent lexical variables
Pure perl eval with persistent lexical variables.

2013-05-26T01:39:59+00:00 devel/p5-IO-FDPass Perl extension to pass a file descriptor over a socket
This small low-level module only has one purpose: pass a file
descriptor to another process, using a (streaming) Unix domain socket
(on POSIX systems) or any (streaming) socket (on WIN32 systems). The
ability to pass file descriptors on windows is currently the unique
selling point of this module. Have I mentioned that it is really
small, too?

2013-05-26T01:24:21+00:00 devel/p5-Module-Functions Perl extension to get function list from package
Module::Functions is a library to get a public functions list from
package. It is useful to create a exportable function list.

2013-05-25T23:57:11+00:00 devel/p5-Type-Tiny Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint
Type::Tiny is a tiny class for creating Moose-like type constraint objects which
are compatible with Moo, Moose and Mouse.

Maybe now we won't need to have separate MooseX, MouseX and MooX versions of
everything? We can but hope...

This documents the internals of Type::Tiny. Type::Tiny::Manual is a better
starting place if you're new.

2013-05-25T23:46:59+00:00 devel/p5-Sub-Exporter-Lexical Export lexically-available subs with Sub::Exporter
Sub::Exporter::Lexical provides an alternate installer for Sub::Exporter.
Installers are documented in Sub::Exporter's documentation; all you need to know
is that by using Sub::Exporter::Lexical's installer, you can import routines
into a lexical scope that will be cleaned up when that scope ends.

2013-05-25T20:01:57+00:00 sysutils/rsyslog7-devel Syslogd supporting SQL, TCP, and TLS
Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd with a focus on
security and reliability.

Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering,
reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS and RELP, writing to databases
(MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully
configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps),
the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire
message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog.

It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with
the same configuration file syntax. Its advanced features make it
suitable for enterprise-class, encryption protected syslog relay
chains while at the same time being very easy to setup for the
novice user.

Tracking v7-devel

2013-05-25T18:26:12+00:00 www/p5-CGI-Struct Build data structures from CGI request parameters
CGI::Struct lets you transform CGI data keys that look like perl data
structures into actual perl data structures.

2013-05-25T16:27:41+00:00 databases/epgsql Erlang PostgreSQL Database Client
A PostgreSQL client library written in Erlang.

2013-05-25T14:41:37+00:00 databases/p5-DR-Tarantool Perl driver for Tarantool
This module provides a synchronous and asynchronous driver for Tarantool.

The driver does not have external dependencies, but includes the official
light-weight Tarantool C client (a single C header which implements all protocol
formatting) for packing requests and unpacking server responses.

2013-05-24T16:34:29+00:00 sysutils/cbsd Yet another FreeBSD Jail, XEN and Bhyve Management Utility
Yet another FreeBSD jail and bhyve management tool.

2013-05-24T15:43:16+00:00 astro/libosmpbf Library for handling binary OpenStreetMap data
Library for handling binary OpenStreetMap data

2013-05-24T10:16:58+00:00 net/grive Open source client for Google Drive
Grive is an independent implementation of Google Drive client. It uses
the Google Document List API to talk to Google's servers.

2013-05-23T20:53:11+00:00 www/cowboy Small, fast and modular HTTP server written in Erlang
Cowboy aims to provide a complete HTTP stack in a small code base. It
is optimized for low latency and low memory usage, in parts because it
uses binary strings.

Cowboy provides routing capabilities, selectively dispatching requests
to handlers written in Erlang.

Because it uses Ranch for managing connections, Cowboy can easily be
embedded in any other application.

2013-05-23T20:31:42+00:00 net/ranch Erlang socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols
Ranch aims to provide everything you need to accept TCP connections
with a small code base and low latency while being easy to use
directly as an application or to embed into your own.

Ranch provides a modular design, letting you choose which transport
and protocol are going to be used for a particular listener. Listeners
accept and manage connections on one port, and include facilities to
limit the number of concurrent connections. Connections are sorted
into pools, each pool having a different configurable limit.

Ranch also allows you to upgrade the acceptor pool without having to
close any of the currently opened sockets.

2013-05-23T19:40:08+00:00 databases/py-sqlalchemy-devel Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper
The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that
gives application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL.

It provides a full suite of well known enterprise-level persistence
patterns, designed for efficient and high-performing database access,
adapted into a simple and Pythonic domain language.

2013-05-23T09:31:55+00:00 devel/lfcbase Collection of basic c++ classes, used for databases/cego
This is a collection of basic c++ classes, used for devel/lfcxml
and databases/cego and probably other applications.

Many more details are available at:

2013-05-23T03:53:41+00:00 sysutils/hfsutils Utilities for accessing Apple's HFS volumes
HFS is the "Hierarchical File System" used on modern Macintosh computers.
With this package, you can read and write Macintosh-formatted media such as
floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and SCSI hard disks on most Unix platforms. You can
also format raw media or file into an HFS volume.

This package contains a number of different tools:

- Several command-line programs (hmount, hls, hcopy, et al.)
- Tk-based front-end for browsing and copying files through a
variety of transfer modes (MacBinary, BinHex, text, etc.)
- Tcl package and interface for scriptable access to volumes
- C library for low-level access to volumes

Support for Apple's new Extended Format (HFS+) is currently not available.

2013-05-22T18:07:53+00:00 security/botan110 Portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
Botan is a crypto library written in C++. It provides a variety of
cryptographic algorithms, including common ones such as AES, MD5, SHA,
HMAC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and ECDSA, as well as many others that
are more obscure or specialized. It also offers X.509v3 certificates
and CRLs, and PKCS #10 certificate requests. A message processing
system that uses a filter/pipeline metaphor allows for many common
cryptographic tasks to be completed with just a few lines of code.
Assembly optimizations for common CPUs, including x86, x86-64, and
PowerPC, offers further speedups for critical tasks such as SHA-1
hashing and multiple precision integer operations.

Botan is licensed under the same permissive terms as FreeBSD itself.

2013-05-22T15:01:02+00:00 www/p5-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler Perl extension to compile a log format string to perl-code
Compile a log format string to perl-code. For faster generating
access_log line.

2013-05-22T09:04:54+00:00 mail/gmime26 Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
GMime is a set of utilities for parsing and creating messages using
the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) as defined by the
following RFCs:

* 0822: Standard for the Format of Arpa Internet Text Messages
* 2045: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One:
Format of Internet Message Bodies
* 2046: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two:
Media Types
* 2047: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Three:
Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
* 2048: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four:
Registration Procedures
* 2049: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five:
Conformance Criteria and Examples
* 2183: Communicating Presentation Information in Internet Messages:
The Content-Disposition Header Field

2013-05-22T09:04:54+00:00 mail/gmime26-sharp Mono bindings for gmime
C# assemblies for gmime

2013-05-22T08:26:53+00:00 print/texlive-docs TeX Live Typesetting System, documentation
TeX Live documentation.

2013-05-21T20:58:07+00:00 devel/meck Erlang library for building mock modules
With meck you can easily mock modules in Erlang. You can also perform some
basic validations on the mocked modules, such as making sure no unexpected
exceptions occurred or looking at the call history.

2013-05-21T10:16:53+00:00 devel/p5-MooseX-Has-Options Succinct options for Moose
This module provides a succinct syntax for declaring options for
Moose attributes.

2013-05-21T07:38:08+00:00 devel/pear-channel-phpdoc PEAR channel ${PEAR_CHANNEL_HOST}
PEAR channel for the phpDocumentor project

2013-05-21T06:12:41+00:00 devel/pecl-judy PHP Judy implements sparse dynamic arrays
PHP Judy implements sparse dynamic arrays (aka Judy Arrays). This extension
is based on the Judy C library. A Judy array consumes memory only when it is
populated, yet can grow to take advantage of all available memory if desired.
Judy's key benefits are scalability, high performance, and memory efficiency.

2013-05-20T17:00:57+00:00 x11-wm/transset Make your windows transparent
A patched version of's original transset, supporting
several different 'select methods'.

2013-05-20T15:06:17+00:00 math/matlab-R2012a-installer Mathworks(r) Matlab installation tool
This port installs the prerequisites for Mathworks (r) Matlab R2012a for Linux
and an installer script matlab-2012a-installer, which automates the somewhat
tricky process of installing Linux Matlab.

It requires installation media and a license file from Mathworks, Inc.
2013-05-20T13:52:56+00:00 devel/linux-f10-ncurses-base Terminfo database required by Linux ncurses programs
Terminfo database required by Linux applications using ncurses, such as
Matlab (r).

2013-05-20T06:11:46+00:00 www/moodle25 Course management system based on social constructionism
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

2013-05-19T15:37:18+00:00 finance/trytond_stock_supply_production Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Production Module)
This port adds the Stock Supply Production Module to the Tryton Application

2013-05-19T15:33:28+00:00 finance/trytond_production Tryton Application Platform (Production Module)
This port adds the Production Module to the Tryton Application Platform.

2013-05-19T14:10:30+00:00 astro/garmindev Drivers for using Garmin GPS units with QlandkarteGT
These drivers are for using certain Garmin GPS units with QLandkarteGT.
Supported devices are:
- Etrex Legend series (C, Cx, HCx, ...)
- Etrex Summit HC
- Etrex Venture Cx, HC
- Etrex Vista series (C, Cx, HCx)
- Forerunner 305
- GPSMap60 series (C, CS, CSx, Cx)
- GPSMap76 seriex (CS, CSx, Cx, S)
- Quest
- Rino 120

2013-05-19T12:29:18+00:00 devel/pear-phing PHP project build system based on Apache Ant
From the Phing homepage:

PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a PHP project build system or build tool based on
Apache Ant. You can do anything with it that you could do with a traditiona
build system like GNU make, and its use of simple XML build files and
extensible PHP "task" classes make it an easy-to-use and highly flexible build

Features include running PHPUnit and SimpleTest unit tests (including test
result and coverage reports), file transformations (e.g. token replacement,
XSLT transformation, Smarty template transformations), file system operations,
interactive build support, SQL execution, CVS/SVN/GIT operations, tools for
creating PEAR packages, documentation generation (DocBlox, PhpDocumentor) and
much, much more.

2013-05-19T12:12:26+00:00 devel/pear-channel-phing PEAR channel ${PEAR_CHANNEL_HOST}
PEAR channel for Phing

2013-05-19T04:19:15+00:00 devel/lutok Lightweight C++ API for Lua
Lutok is a lightweight C++ API library for Lua.

Lutok provides thin C++ wrappers around the Lua C API to ease the
interaction between C++ and Lua. These wrappers make intensive use of
RAII to prevent resource leakage, expose C++-friendly data types, report
errors by means of exceptions and ensure that the Lua stack is always
left untouched in the face of errors. The library also provides a small
subset of miscellaneous utility functions built on top of the wrappers.

Lutok focuses on providing a clean and safe C++ interface; the drawback
is that it is not suitable for performance-critical environments. In
order to implement error-safe C++ wrappers on top of a Lua C binary
library, Lutok adds several layers or abstraction and error checking
that go against the original spirit of the Lua C API and thus degrade

2013-05-19T03:02:19+00:00 devel/py-blinker Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling.

Blinker provides a fast dispatching system that allows any number of interested
parties to subscribe to events, or "signals".


- A global registry of named signals
- Anonymous signals
- Custom name registries
- Permanently or temporarily connected receivers
- Automatically disconnected receivers via weak referencing
- Sending arbitrary data payloads
- Collecting return values from signal receivers

2013-05-18T13:33:41+00:00 net-im/yoono Client for Twitter and other social networks
Yoono is an easy to use application that allows you to connect to all your
social networks and instant messaging services - in one place. Get all your
friend updates, update your own status, and easily share stuff with your

Supported services:

* Facebook
* Flickr
* Foursquare
* FriendFeed
* GTalk
* Linkedin
* MySpace
* Twitter
* Yahoo Chat
* YouTube

This port installs the Linux client for desktop.

2013-05-18T13:06:47+00:00 devel/oserl SMPP library for Erlang
The Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) in telecommunications is an
open, industry standard protocol designed to provide a flexible
data communication interface for the transfer of short message data
between External Short Messaging Entities (ESME), Routing Entities
(RE) and Message Centres.

The oserl library provides an Erlang framework to interface with
SMPP entities.

2013-05-18T13:02:11+00:00 devel/common_lib Library of commonly used Erlang functions
common_lib is a library of Erlang functions used by oserl and other

2013-05-17T17:09:05+00:00 archivers/snappy-java Fast compressor/decompressor library
Snappy-java is a Java port of snappy, a fast C++
compresser/decompresser developed by Google.

2013-05-17T13:55:37+00:00 science/py-obspy Python framework for seismological observatories
ObsPy is an open-source project dedicated to provide a Python framework for
processing seismological data. It provides parsers for common file formats,
clients to access data centers and seismological signal processing routines
which allow the manipulation of seismological time series (see Beyreuther
et al. 2010, Megies et al. 2011).

The goal of the ObsPy project is to facilitate rapid application development
for seismology.

2013-05-17T13:10:11+00:00 comms/gr-osmosdr GNU Radio OsmoSDR module
OsmoSDR is a 100% Free Software based small form-factor inexpensive SDR
(Software Defined Radio) project.

2013-05-17T02:00:55+00:00 net/libnids-libnet11 Network monitoring library with TCP/IP reassembly using libnet11
Libnids is a library that provides the function of one of the NIDS
(Network Intrusion Detection System) components, namely E-component. The
libnids code watches all local network traffic, processes received
datagrams a bit, and provides convenient information on them to analyzing
modules. Libnids performs:

a) assembly of TCP segments into TCP streams
b) IP defragmentation
c) TCP port scan detection

This slave port builds with libnet11 by default.

2013-05-16T08:09:21+00:00 sysutils/replicant Replicant is a tool for creating replicated state machines
Replicant is a tool for creating replicated state machines

2013-05-15T22:21:30+00:00 ports-mgmt/pkg-rmleaf Remove leaf packages
A little script for removing leaf packages (requires pkg).

2013-05-15T14:11:48+00:00 devel/busybee High-performance messaging layer
BusyBee provides a messaging abstraction on top of TCP sockets.

BusyBee is a refined version of the HyperDex event loop. It exposes a
"messaging" abstraction on top of TCP and automatically packs/unpacks messages
on the wire. At the core of BusyBee is a thread-safe event loop that enables
multiple threads to send and receive messages concurrently.

2013-05-15T00:17:20+00:00 games/openxcom Open-source reimplementation of the original X-Com
OpenXcom is an open-source clone of the popular
UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense in USA) videogame by
Microprose, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL.

2013-05-14T21:35:28+00:00 www/R-cran-shiny Web Application Framework for R
Shiny makes it super simple for R users like you to turn analyses
into interactive web applications that anyone can use. Let your
users choose input parameters using friendly controls like sliders,
drop-downs, and text fields. Easily incorporate any number of outputs
like plots, tables, and summaries.

No HTML or JavaScript knowledge is necessary. If you have some
experience with R, youre just minutes away from combining the
statistical power of R with the simplicity of a web page.

2013-05-14T21:34:42+00:00 converters/R-cran-xtable Export tables to LaTeX or HTML
Functions converting an R object to an "xtable" object, which can
then be printed as a LaTeX or HTML table.

2013-05-14T21:33:29+00:00 devel/R-cran-caTools Tools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
Contains several basic utility functions including: moving (rolling,
running) window statistic functions, read/write for GIF and ENVI
binary files, fast calculation of AUC, LogitBoost classifier, base64
encoder/decoder, round-off error free sum and cumsum, etc.

2013-05-14T21:31:07+00:00 www/R-cran-httpuv HTTP and WebSocket server library for R
httpuv provides low-level socket and protocol support for handling
HTTP and WebSocket requests directly from within R. It is primarily
intended as a building block for other packages, rather than making
it particularly easy to create complete web applications using
httpuv alone. httpuv is built on top of the libuv and http-parser
C libraries, both of which were developed by Joyent, Inc.

2013-05-14T18:28:25+00:00 devel/libe High-performance data structures and utilities for C++
This is a library provide easier to write robust applications.

2013-05-13T21:23:51+00:00 comms/libmodbus Modbus library
Libmodbus is a C library designed to provide a fast and robust
implementation of the Modbus protocol. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X,
FreeBSD, QNX and Windows.

2013-05-13T13:25:37+00:00 net-im/telepathy-sofiasip SIP (sofia-sip) Connection Manager for Telepathy Framework
Sofia-SIP is an open-source SIP User-Agent library, compliant with the IETF
RFC3261 specification (see the feature table). It can be used as a building
block for SIP client software for uses such as VoIP, IM, and many other
real-time and person-to-person communication services. The primary target
platform for Sofia-SIP is GNU/Linux. Sofia-SIP is based on a SIP stack
developed at the Nokia Research Center. Sofia-SIP is licensed under the LGPL.

2013-05-13T12:38:41+00:00 www/py-requests-oauthlib OAuthlib authentication support for Requests
This project provides first-class OAuth library support for Requests.

OAuth can seem overly complicated and it sure has its quirks. Luckily,
requests_oauthlib hides most of these and let you focus at the task at hand.

2013-05-13T12:22:29+00:00 games/live-f1 Native client for the official Formula 1 Live Timing service
The official Formula 1 website includes a Java client, which during races,
qualifying, and practice sessions, displays the Live Timing information from
the race track.

Live F1 is a native client for viewing the same Live Timing feed without the
need for a Java-enabled web browser. A user account on is still

2013-05-13T02:29:11+00:00 devel/pecl-APCu APC User Caching
APCu - APC User Cache

2013-05-13T02:27:56+00:00 devel/pecl-pthreads Compatible Threading API for PHP7.0+
A compatible Threading API for PHP7.0+

2013-05-12T22:13:57+00:00 games/pyspacewar Game loosely based on the original Spacewar!

Two ships duel in a gravity field. Gravity doesn't affect
the ships themselves (which have spanking new anti-gravity
devices), but it affects missiles launced by the ships.

You can play against the computer, or two players can play
with one keyboard. There is also a Gravity Wars mode, where
the two ships do not move, and the players repeatedly
specify the direction and velocity of their missiles.

2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-server
PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting
almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and
user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source
database available anywhere. Commercial Support is also available.

The original Postgres code was the effort of many graduate students,
undergraduate students, and staff programmers working under the direction of
Professor Michael Stonebraker at the University of California, Berkeley. In
1995, Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen took on the task of converting the DBMS query
language to SQL and created a new database system which came to known as
Postgres95. Many others contributed to the porting, testing, debugging and
enhancement of the Postgres95 code. As the code improved, and 1995 faded into
memory, PostgreSQL was born.

PostgreSQL development is presently being performed by a team of Internet
developers who are now responsible for all current and future development. The
development team coordinator is Marc G. Fournier (scrappy@PostgreSQL.ORG).
Support is available from the PostgreSQL developer/user community through the
support mailing list (questions@PostgreSQL.ORG).

PostgreSQL is free and the complete source is available.

2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-pltcl
2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-plpython
2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-plperl
2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-pgtcl
2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-docs
2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-contrib The contrib utilities from the PostgreSQL distribution
This is the port for all stuff that comes in the contrib subtree of
the postgresql distribution. This subtree contains porting tools,
analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core
PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or
are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does
not preclude their usefulness.

Each subdirectory contains a README file with information about the
module. Some directories supply new user-defined functions, operators,
or types. After you have installed the files you need to register the
new entities in the database system by running the commands in the
supplied .sql file. For example,

$ psql -d dbname -f module.sql

The .sql files are installed into /usr/local/share/postgresql/contrib

For more information, please see

This software is part of the standard PostgreSQL distribution.

2013-05-11T23:46:30+00:00 databases/postgresql93-client PostgreSQL database (client)
2013-05-11T15:16:00+00:00 devel/pear-Horde_Queue Horde Queue
Queue layer for the Horde Framework with various storage backends and runners.

2013-05-11T14:47:33+00:00 mail/claws-mail-spamassassin SpamAssassin plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin enables the scanning of incoming mail received from a POP,
IMAP, or LOCAL account using SpamAssassin. It can optionally delete mail
identified as spam or save it to a designated folder, and also can be used
to train a local SpamAssassin (or a remote one if SpamAssassin >= 3.1 is
installed both locally and remotely). According to your SpamAssassin server
configuration, it can show worse performance than Bogofilter, (slower,
eating more CPU), but can catch spam with better accuracy.

2013-05-11T14:39:48+00:00 mail/claws-mail-pgp PGP plugins for Claws Mail
The GPG plugins (PGP/Core, PGP/Mime and PGP/Inline) provide digital
signature and encryption features:

- Checking signatures of received emails
- Decrypting received emails
- Sending signed and/or encrypted emails
- Creating new key pairs easily
- Optionally, caching your passphrase or using gpg-agent.

S/MIME plugin handles S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails.

2013-05-11T14:34:13+00:00 mail/claws-mail-bogofilter Spam filtering plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin enables the scanning of incoming mail received from a POP, IMAP,
or LOCAL account using Bogofilter. It can optionally delete mail identified
as spam or save it to a designated folder. Bogofilter is a pure Bayesian
filter, therefore it has better speed performance than SpamAssassin but might
catch less spam.

2013-05-11T01:16:50+00:00 devel/uboot-mkimage The mkimage utility of the u-boot bootloader
mkimage adds a header to a kernel image with information and checksums for
the u-boot bootloader used in embedded systems.

2013-05-10T20:44:03+00:00 devel/py-colorama Cross-platform API to print colored terminal text from Python applications
Makes ANSI escape character sequences, for producing colored terminal text and
cursor positioning, work under MS Windows.

ANSI escape character sequences have long been used to produce colored terminal
text and cursor positioning on Unix and Macs. Colorama makes this work on
Windows, too. It also provides some shortcuts to help generate ANSI sequences,
and works fine in conjunction with any other ANSI sequence generation library,
such as Termcolor.

2013-05-10T20:43:14+00:00 devel/py-jmespath JSON Matching Expressions
JMESPath (pronounced "jaymz path") allows you to declaratively specify how to
extract elements from a JSON document.

2013-05-09T23:05:56+00:00 textproc/rubygem-phone Phone number parsing, validation and formatting
Phone is a Ruby library for phone number parsing, validation and formatting.

2013-05-09T22:42:49+00:00 textproc/xml-format XML beautifier
xml-format is an XML beautifier that indents and formats XML files for
consistent line length.

2013-05-09T21:38:13+00:00 www/py-django-mezzanine Content management platform built using the Django framework
Mezzanine is a content management platform built using the Django framework. It
resembles tools like Wordpress, with an intuitive interface for managing pages,
blog posts, form data, store products, or any other type of content you can

2013-05-09T20:01:19+00:00 print/tex-dvipsk Convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
The program dvips takes a DVI file [.dvi] produced by TeX (or by some
other processor such as GFtoDVI) and converts it to PostScript,
normally sending the result directly to the laserprinter. Fonts used
may either be resident in the printer or defined as bitmaps in PK
files, or a `virtual' combination of both. Dvips will automatically
invoke METAFONT to generate fonts that don't already exist.
2013-05-08T16:37:43+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-TestBase Parser for Test::Base format
Text::TestBase is a parser for the Test::Base format.

2013-05-08T01:27:26+00:00 japanese/font-jisx0213 Japanese jisx0213 fonts
Japanese jisx0213 public domain fonts

2013-05-07T19:31:47+00:00 security/py-plaso Automatic creation of a super timeline
Plaso is the Python based back-end engine used by tools such as log2timeline
for automatic creation of a super timelines. The goal of log2timeline (and thus
plaso) is to provide a single tool that can parse various log files and
forensic artifacts from computer and related systems, such as network equipment
to produce a single correlated timeline. This timeline can then be easily
analysed by forensic investigators/analysts, speeding up investigations by
correlating the vast amount of information found on an average computer system.

2013-05-07T08:44:32+00:00 print/tex-dvipdfmx DVI Previewer(kpathsearch) for X
The dvipdfmx (formerly dvipdfm-cjk) project provides an eXtended version of
the dvipdfm, a DVI to PDF translator developed by Mark A. Wicks. The primary
goal of this project is to support multi-byte character encodings and large
character sets for East Asian languages by CID-keyed font technology. The
secondary goal is to support as many features as pdfTeX developed by Han The
Thanh. This project is a combined work of the dvipdfm-jpn project by
Shunsaku Hirata and its modified one, dvipdfm-kor, by Jin-Hwan Cho.

2013-05-07T00:35:40+00:00 comms/py-libimobiledevice Python bindings for libimobiledevice
2013-05-07T00:17:21+00:00 devel/py-libplist Python bindings for libplist
2013-05-06T18:39:43+00:00 www/p5-Text-MultiMarkdown-ApacheHandler Module for processing files with MultiMarkdown syntax for Apache
Processes files containing MultiMarkdown syntax into HTML files and serves
them, optionally applying CSS styles according to rules in your httpd.conf
or (more likely) .htaccess files. Optionally applies SmartyPants
post-processing using Text::Typography.

2013-05-06T18:30:15+00:00 textproc/p5-Text-Typography Perl module to markup ASCII text with correct typography for HTML
This module is a thin wrapper for John Gruber's SmartyPants plugin for
various CMSs.

SmartyPants is a web publishing utility that translates plain ASCII
punctuation characters into "smart" typographic punctuation HTML
entities. SmartyPants can perform the following transformations:

* Straight quotes ( " and ' ) into "curly" quote HTML entities
* Backticks-style quotes (``like this'') into "curly" quote HTML entities
* Dashes (-- and ---) into en- and em-dash entities
* Three consecutive dots (...) into an ellipsis entity

2013-05-06T14:10:45+00:00 textproc/mysqlviz MySQL and SQLite Database Visualisation Tool
Render a graphical representation of a MySQL or SQLite database
from a mysqldump or sqlite3 .dump file.

- Can infer foreign key relationships if you do not have them defined
- Handles partial dumps (FK to tables that are not defined within the dump)
- Fast! Uses sed and grep for data extraction (MySQL only)

2013-05-06T06:06:11+00:00 devel/R-cran-Rcpp Seamless R and C++ Integration
The Rcpp package provides C++ classes that greatly facilitate
interfacing C or C++ code in R packages using the .Call() interface
provided by R.

Rcpp provides matching C++ classes for a large number of basic R
data types. Hence, a package author can keep his data in normal R
data structures without having to worry about translation or
transferring to C++. At the same time, the data structures can be
accessed as easily at the C++ level, and used in the normal manner.

The mapping of data types works in both directions. It is as
straightforward to pass data from R to C++, as it is it return data
from C++ to R.

2013-05-06T06:01:32+00:00 math/R-cran-RcppArmadillo Rcpp integration for Armadillo templated linear algebra library
RcppArmadillo provides an interface from R to and from Armadillo
by utilising the Rcpp R/C++ interface library.

2013-05-06T03:03:30+00:00 math/R-cran-fracdiff Fractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of a fractionally
differenced ARIMA(p,d,q) model (Haslett and Raftery, Appl.Statistics,

2013-05-06T03:00:57+00:00 math/R-cran-forecast Forecasting functions for time series and linear models
Methods and tools for displaying and analysing univariate time
series forecasts including exponential smoothing via state space
models and automatic ARIMA modelling.

2013-05-06T02:56:30+00:00 math/R-cran-ChangeAnomalyDetection Change Anomaly Detection
It is a R package for the detection of the point of a sharp turn
of the behavior of the time series.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/texlive-texmf TeX Live Typesetting System, texmf Tree
TeX Live macro packages and fonts.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/texlive-infra Basic TeXLive infrastructure
This package contains the files needed to get the TeX Live
tools (notably tlmgr) running: perl modules, xz binaries, plus
(sometimes) tar and wget. These files end up in the standalone
install packages, and in the tlcritical repository.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/texlive-full TeX Live, Full Version
TeX Live is an easy way to get up and running with the TeX document production
system. It provides a comprehensive TeX system. It includes all the major
TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software,
including support for many languages around the world.

TeX Live is the de-facto successor to teTeX.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/texlive-base TeX Live Typesetting System, base binaries
TeX Live binaries and manuals.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-xmltex Non-validating XML parser, written in TeX
xmltex implements a non validating parser for documents matching
the W3C XML Namespaces Recommendation. The system may just be used
to parse the file (expanding entity references and normalising
namespace declarations) in which case it records a trace of the
parse on the terminal. Normally however the information from the
parse is used to trigger TeX typesetting code. Declarations (in
TeX syntax) are provided as part of xmltex to associate TeX code
with the start and end of each XML element, attributes, processing
instructions, and with unicode character data.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-xetex TeX System with Unicode and Modern Font Technologies
XeTeX is a typesetting system based on a merger of Donald Knuth's TeX
system with Unicode and modern font technologies.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-xdvik DVI Previewer(kpathsearch) for X
Xdvik is a program for displaying DVI files (generated e.g. by Troff or TeX)
on the X window system. It is based on the regular (non-k) xdvi of the same
version number.

This package includes pTeX support. A fontmap file for xdvi is installed as

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-ptexenc Library for Japanese pTeX and its tools
ptexenc is a useful library for Japanese pTeX (which stands for
publishing TeX, and is an extension of TeX by ASCII Co.) and its
surrounding tools. ptexenc provides a better way of handling
character encodings.

ptexenc is not an official product of ASCII Co., so pTeX and other
tools need some patches to make use of it. Some patches are included
within this archive.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-luatex Extended version of pdfTeX using Lua
LuaTeX is an extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded
scripting language. The LuaTeX projects main objective is to provide
an open and configurable variant of TeX while at the same time
offering downward compatibility.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-jadetex TeX backend for Jade, DSSSL processor for SGML/XML documents
This is JadeTeX, a TeX backend for Jade.

JadeTeX enables you to produce formatted output of documents written
with the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). JadeTeX uses
tex to produce Device Independent (DVI) output; from there, you can
produce high quality hardcopy. JadeTeX also uses pdftex to produce
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of your documents,
complete with hyperlinks, and suitable for distribution on the World
Wide Web and other media.

To use JadeTex, run your SGML document, its Document Type Definition
(DTD), and its Document Style Semantics and Specification Language
(DSSSL) specification, through jade with the "-t tex" option. Then,
to produce a DVI file, run

etex "&jadetex" <file>.tex

To produce a PDF file, run

pdftex "&pdfjadetex" <file>.tex

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-formats Formats for basic TeX engines and the 'latex' command
Format files for basic TeX engines.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 print/tex-aleph TeX Engine including Omega and e-TeX features
Aleph, formerly known as e-Omega, is a project whose aim is to
provide an extension to Knuth's TeX comprising both Omega 1.15
and e-TeX 2.1 features. Its main goals are stability, speed and
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 japanese/tex-ptex ASCII Japanese pTeX
This is pTeX, TeX system with Japanese support. This package installs
Japanese specific executables and other files.

This system depends on teTeX 3.0, which contains TeX, LaTeX2e, and
various other TeX related programs.

2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 devel/tex-web2c TeX implementation translating WEB to C
Web2c, a system which converts TeX, Metafont, and other related WEB programs
to C. By itself, it is not a complete, ready-to-run, TeX distribution, nor
is it a general-purpose Pascal-to-C or WEB-to-C translator.
2013-05-06T00:44:22+00:00 devel/tex-kpathsea Path searching library for TeX
Kpathsea is a library to do path searching. It is used in the Web2C
implementation of TeX and friends. The library's fundamental purpose
is to return a filename from a list of directories specified by the
user, similar to what shells do when looking up program names to
2013-05-05T23:39:59+00:00 devel/goffice010 GLib/GTK+ set of document centric objects and utilities
Goffice is a set of document centric components for GLib and GTK+.

There are common operations for document centric applications that are
conceptually simple, but complex to implement fully.
- plugins
- load/save documents
- undo/redo

Goffice provides a single library for performing such operations.

2013-05-05T19:52:27+00:00 math/R-cran-gss General Smoothing Splines
A comprehensive package for structural multivariate function estimation using
smoothing splines.

2013-05-05T14:20:12+00:00 lang/erlang-runtime16 Functional programming language from Ericsson
Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft
real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its
uses are in telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and
instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for
concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

This port contains a standalone runtime environment of Erlang R16
to be used during the development of OTP applications.

2013-05-05T13:04:34+00:00 lang/erlang-runtime15 Functional programming language from Ericsson
Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft
real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its
uses are in telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and
instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for
concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

This port contains a standalone runtime environment of Erlang R15
to be used during the development of OTP applications.

2013-05-04T06:24:53+00:00 databases/phpmyadmin35 A set of PHP-scripts to manage MySQL over the web

phpMyAdmin handles the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can:
* browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields and indexes
* create, copy, drop, rename and alter databases, tables, fields
and indexes
* maintain server, databases and tables, with proposals on server
* execute, edit and bookmark any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
* load text files into tables
* create and read dumps of tables
* export data to various formats: CSV, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 -
OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, Excel and LATEX formats
* import data and MySQL structures from Microsoft Excel and
OpenDocument spreadsheets, as well as XML, CSV, and SQL files
* administer multiple servers
* manage MySQL users and privileges
* check referential integrity in MyISAM tables
* using Query-by-example (QBE), create complex queries
automatically connecting required tables
* create PDF graphics of your Database layout
* search globally in a database or a subset of it
* transform stored data into any format using a set of predefined
functions, like displaying BLOB-data as image or download-link
* track changes on databases, tables and views
* support InnoDB tables and foreign keys
* support mysqli, the improved MySQL extension
* communicate in 57 different languages
* synchronize two databases residing on the same as well as remote

2013-05-03T20:42:50+00:00 security/rcracki_mt Rainbow table based crack tool
Modified version of rcrack which supports hybrid and indexed tables.
In addition to that, it also adds multi-core support.

2013-05-03T20:39:58+00:00 net/tcpsplit Breaks a libpcap trace along TCP connection boundaries
The tcpsplit utility breaks a single libpcap packet trace into some number
of sub-traces, breaking the trace along TCP connection boundaries so that
a TCP connection doesn't end up split across two sub-traces. This is useful
for making large trace files tractable for in-depth analysis and for
subsetting a trace for developing analysis on only part of a trace.

2013-05-03T20:26:49+00:00 dns/p5-Net-DRI Perl library to access Domain Name Registries/Registrars
DRI stands for Domain Registration Interface and aims to be,
for domain name registries/registrars/resellers
what Perl DBI is for databases.

Net::DRI offers a uniform API to access services.
It can be used by registrars to access registries.
It can be used by clients to access registrars and/or resellers.
It can be used by anonyone to do whois, DAS or IRIS DCHK queries.

2013-05-03T12:46:30+00:00 graphics/iccexamin ICC profile viewer and colour visualisation
ICC Examin is a small utility (Unix name: iccexamin) for the purpose
of watching the internals of ICC profiles, measurement data (CGATS),
colour samples (named colour profiles), gamut visualisations (vrml),
video card gamma tables (Xorg/XFree86/osX).

2013-05-03T12:26:17+00:00 graphics/oyranos Colour Management System (CMS)
The Colour Management System (CMS) Oyranos (gr. sky) allows the coordination of
device specific Informations (ICC profiles) and system wide settings. Features:
. configuration for cross application colour agreement;
. plugable and selectable modules (known as CMM's);
. pixel conversions;
. profile handling;
. named colours;
. device profile assignment.

2013-05-03T06:41:43+00:00 net/p5-Net-Syslog Perl extension for sending syslog messages to a remote syslogd

Net::Syslog implements the intra-host syslog forwarding protocol. It is not
intended to replace the Sys::Syslog or Unix::Syslog modules, but instead to
provide a method of using syslog when a local syslogd is unavailable or when
you don't want to write syslog messages to the local syslog.

2013-05-03T06:35:17+00:00 misc/p5-Asterisk-FastAGI Perl module for FastAGI handling

Asterisk::FastAGI provides a preforking daemon for handling FastAGI requests
from Asterisk.

Read the Net::Server for more information about the logging facilities,
configuration, etc.

2013-05-02T21:47:33+00:00 net-im/kde-telepathy KDE integrated instant messaging framework
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This is the meta-port grouping all the components.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/plasma-applet-ktp KDE instant messaging Plasma applets
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

These applets integrate intant messaging into KDE Plasma Desktop.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-text-ui KDE chat window application
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This is the traditional text chat application.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-send-file KDE instant messaging file transfer application
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module provides a Dolphin/Konqueror context menu plugin for
sending files easily to contacts.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-kded-integration-module Module for integration of instant messaging into KDE Workspaces
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module provides several plugins like auto-away, the infamous 'Now
listening to...' and also an error handler.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-filetransfer-handler KDE instant messaging file transfer handler
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This is the file transfer handler.

It basically does two things:
* sends files to your contacts;
* receives files from your contacts.

It doesn't set any filter on the MIME type, therefore, it should catch
all the file transfer channels that aren't received by any other
handler filtering on MIME type.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-contact-runner KRunner integration module for KDE Telepathy
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module makes KRunner capable of showing contacts.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-contact-list KDE instant messaging contact list application
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This application provides a traditional contact list, similar to the
one provided by Kopete.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-common-internals KDE Telepathy internal library
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module provides the internal library needed by all other modules.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-auth-handler KWallet integration module for KDE Telepathy
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module handles KWallet integration, and prompts/sends passwords
to connection managers when requested.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-approver KDE instant messaging notifier
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This module notifies you when an incoming message or a file transfer
request arrives and hangs in the system tray until you're ready to
check it.

2013-05-02T21:42:57+00:00 net-im/ktp-accounts-kcm KDE instant messaging account management module
The KDE Telepathy project aims to integrate real time communication
deeply into KDE Workspaces, and to provide an infrastructure to aid
development of collaborative features for KDE Applications.

This is a KControl module which handles adding/editing/removing
Telepathy accounts.

2013-05-02T21:28:26+00:00 net-im/telepathy-logger-qt4 Qt binding for Telepathy Logger
Qt wrapper around the Telepathy Logger client library.

Telepathy is a D-Bus framework for unifying real time communication,
including instant messaging, voice calls and video calls. It abstracts
differences between protocols to provide a unified interface for

2013-05-01T23:27:09+00:00 emulators/javatari Multiplayer Atari 2600 emulator written in pure Java
A multiplayer Atari 2600 emulator written in pure Java.
No external libs.

2013-05-01T23:19:46+00:00 converters/rubygem-bsdconv Ruby wrapper for bsdconv
BSD licensed charset/encoding converter library with more function than
libiconv. (Currently, only a few codecs are supported)
This port is a ruby wrapper for bsdconv.

2013-05-01T16:56:25+00:00 www/squid33 HTTP Caching Proxy
Squid is a fully-featured HTTP/1.0 proxy which is almost (but not quite)
HTTP/1.1 compliant. Squid offers a rich access control, authorization and
logging environment to develop web proxy and content serving applications.

2013-05-01T12:53:25+00:00 devel/p5-Date-Piece Perl5 module containing date manipulation routines
This module allows you to do nominal math on dates. That is, rather
than worrying about time zones and DST while adding increments of
24*60**2 seconds to a date&time object, you simply discard the time
component and do math directly on the date. If you need a time-of-day
on the calculated date, the at() method returns a Time::Piece object,
thus allowing you to be specific about the endpoints of a nominal interval.

2013-05-01T12:49:16+00:00 textproc/py-xlutils Utilities for working with Excel files that require both xlrd and xlwt
Collection of utilities for working with Excel files. Since these utilities may
require either or both of the xlrd and xlwt packages, they are collected
together here, separate from either package.

2013-05-01T11:35:25+00:00 www/mediawiki119 Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia, and other projects.
It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing
too rigid a structure or workflow.

2013-05-01T06:37:47+00:00 sysutils/fusefs-fusepak Mount packed data files of various games (PACK, WAD, etc.)
Fusepak is a small program that makes it possible to mount PACK or WAD files
(used in many games, most notably by id Software) under a directory. This
is achieved by using FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace). The following formats
are supported:

- WAD, can be found in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny games
- PACK, can be found in Quake, Quake2, and other games based on
id Software's Quake engine
- WAD2, can be found inside of PACK files
- LGP, can be found in PC version of Final Fantasy VII
- PAK, can be found in Dune 2
- KSGRP, can be found in Duke Nukem 3D

Secondary goal of fusepak is to provide simple framework which allows one to
quickly add support for another file format.

2013-04-30T21:56:40+00:00 devel/rubygem-term-ansicolor Term::ANSIColor for Ruby
Small Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences.
It's possible to use constants:

print red, bold, "red bold", reset, "\n"

or unary functions:

print red(bold("red bold")), "\n"

Blockforms do also autoreset at the block's end:

print red { bold { "red bold" } }, "\n"

It's also possible to use this module as Mixin for classes of objects that
respond to :to_str, e.g. String.

class String
include Term::ANSIColor
print "red bold".red.bold, "\n"

2013-04-30T14:43:25+00:00 devel/p5-String-Dump Dump strings of characters or bytes for printing and debugging
This module dumps strings of characters (or bytes) for printing and debugging.

2013-04-30T12:19:00+00:00 www/aws-demos Adacore Ada Web Server demos
This is a collection of demonstrations for the Ada Web Server. The server
itself is located at www/aws.

2013-04-30T12:03:14+00:00 devel/gprbuild Adacore multi-language software build tool
GPRbuild is an advanced software tool designed to help automate the
construction of multi-language systems. It removes the complexity from
multi-language development by allowing developers to quickly and easily
compile and link software written in a combination of languages including
Ada, Assembler, C, C++, and Fortran. Easily extendable by users to cover
new toolchains and languages it is primarily aimed at projects of all sizes
organized into subsystems and libraries and is particularly well suited for
compiled languages.

2013-04-29T10:19:15+00:00 graphics/icat Displays images in 256-color capable terminals
Displays an image in a 256-color enabled terminal with UTF-8 locale, such as
gnome-terminal, konsole, uxterm or rxvt-unicode (urxvt).

2013-04-28T17:53:47+00:00 multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-rtmp GStreamer RTMP stream source and sink plugin
2013-04-28T17:34:17+00:00 comms/dabstick-radio DAB/DAB+ and wideband FM receiver for RTL2832-based USB sticks
While preparing for a release 4.2 of the sdr-j software package,
we created two new programs

a DAB receiver
a broad spectrum version of the FM receiver

It is quite obvious that one can use a DAB stick to receive DAB
programs. However, the DAB software presented here is a real SDR
in that it uses the 8 bit I/Q samples of the DAB stick.

2013-04-28T16:59:29+00:00 print/ghostscript9-agpl Ghostscript 9.x PostScript interpreter
Ghostscript is the well-known PostScript interpreter which is available for
all common and most esoteric platforms and supports many different printers
and some displays.

This is distributed with the GNU General Public License, which allows
free use, and free copying and redistribution under certain conditions
(including, in some cases, commercial distribution).

This port includes add-on packages (not part of the official gs release)
o HP8XX driver for HP DeskJet 880C/882C/895C
o PCL3 driver for HP DeskJet series
o DJ970 driver for HP DeskJet 970CXi
o Special drivers for verious printer models
- Alps, Canon, Epson, NEC, Lexmark, Ricoh,...
o Additional contributed uniprint driver profiles for
- Epson Stylus Color 740 and Epson LQ-1170

2013-04-28T16:59:29+00:00 print/ghostscript9-agpl-nox11
2013-04-28T16:00:13+00:00 www/joomla31 Dynamic web content management system (CMS)
Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems
on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple
websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install,
simple to manage, and reliable.

2013-04-28T15:11:37+00:00 print/html2ps HTML to PostScript converter
- Much from HTML 4.0 - that is relevant for printing - is supported
(incidentally, the PostScript and PDF versions of the HTML 4.0 draft,
were generated using html2ps). For example, all character entities
(except &zwnj;, &zwj;, &lrm;, and &rlm;) are supported.
- Many possibilities to control the appearance. Starting with this version,
this is mostly done using configuration files.
- Support for processing multiple documents, also automatically by
recursively following links.
- A table of contents can be generated, either from the links in a document,
or automatically from document headings.
- Configurable page headers/footers, that for example can contain
document title, URL, page number, current heading, and date.
- When converting the PostScript document to PDF - using some other
program such as version 5.0 or later of Aladdin Ghostscript, or
Adobe Acrobat Distiller - the original hyperlinks in the HTML
documents will be retained in the PDF document.
- Automatic hyphenation and text justification can be selected.
2013-04-28T09:25:08+00:00 archivers/par Archiver for Quake I and II packed data files
This is par, an archiver for Quake I and II packed data files (pakX.pak).
It supports listing, extraction, and creation of .pak archives.

2013-04-28T03:20:32+00:00 devel/R-cran-gdata Various R programming tools for data manipulation
gdata package provides various R programming tools for data

WWW: https://cran.r-projec